Earthquakes increase in end times.

The last day prophecies say that earthquakes will increase. How is the current pattern of earthquake increase lining up with this prophecy?


Below is a graph showing how the number of “all size” magnitude earthquakes has grown over the past 30 years or so.


All earthquakes of 7.0 is reflected in the next chart. This report has been based on data available from USGS (NEIC) and other online sources, such as Wikipedia, in an attempt to cover as much of the available data as possible. .

1863-1900 38 years 12
1901-1938 38 years 53 Reference list 1901 to 1938
1939-1976 38 years 71 Reference list 1939 to 1976
1977-2014 38 years 123 (to Jan 2008) Reference list 1977 to date
predict >180 in total

Apart from the “long-term” trends shown above, which show an show an ongoing persistent increase, it is perhaps more stark to record that earthquakes across the planet show a marked increase in activity since 1997. There are more major earthquakes occurring now, and this on an ever more frequent basis.

Trends since 1986, correlated with the solar cycles

11 year periods : earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 or greater

1986 and 1996 (incl), solar cycle 22, 15 earthquakes.

1997 and 2007 (incl), solar cycle 23, 99 earthquakes

This is more than a six-fold increase on the previous similar period – and is a stark increase on any earlier decades in 20th century too.

2008 and 2019 (incl), solar cycle 24, 600 ??? (another 6 fold increase?)

For more about solar cycles: Click here

The trends in nature here, particularly from 1997 support the wider realization of prophesy about the “End Times”, namely that an increase in earthquake activity is a pre-requisite for the “second coming of Jesus Christ” foretold in the bible. It does not indicate how close we are to this event, but suggests it is not too far away.

Future Trends

Past performance cannot necessarily be taken as a clear indication of future trends . However, it is clear we are currently living in a time when earthquake frequency has increased, it will be interesting to see if the immediate future maintains this trend.

Reference ( personal opinion?):

Watch for major earthquake within 24 hours of May 20th, 2008.

(***Correction on 5-15-08- I should have said within a week here. I am not a geologist. I feel much heartache for the Chinese people at this time)

Major zone of earthquake activity for the Pacific area.


Subduction Zones (blue curves) and tectonic boundaries (brown curves) with filled circles showing locations of known earthquakes of M7.5 or greater since 1900. Credit: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute/Robert McCaffrey

Amazing “live map” of sites around the world Earthquake Epicenters from 1999 to 2003

Do you live near an earthquake epicenter?  Since earthquakes are also related to volcano activity, see this link:

Earthquake watch- past 7 days Click here

The next major earthquake on the Hayward Fault – inevitable anytime now, experts say – will be the San Francisco Bay Area’s own Hurricane Katrina, affecting more than 5 million people

Since earthquakes are also related to volcano activity, see this link:

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God has promised to “shake the nations” in the last days.

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Tsunami Risk for the East Coast of the USA

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March 20, 2008 Thursday 7.2 Major EQ
Location: 35.424N, 81.386E
140 Miles SE from Hotan, Xinjiang, China
235 Miles ENE from Leh, Kashmir
385 Miles ENE from Srinagar, Kashmir
1930 Miles W from Beijing, Beijing, China
[23.1 Miles Deep]


Bernama – Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia
KUALA LUMPUR, March 21 (Bernama) — A strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 on the Richter scale was detected around the Philippine islands, http://www.bernama. v3/news.php? id=321722

update: 4-18-08 , 5.2 earthquake in midwest USA along New Madrid Fault. Unusual spot for an earthquake. last time was in 2002. Last time severe activity was back in 1811-1812.

update: 4.7 Reno, Nevada

“Strong earthquakes in the New Madrid seismic zone are certain to occur in the future,” states a USGS fact sheet. “There is a 9-in-10 chance of a magnitude 6 to 7 temblor occurring in the New Madrid Seismic Zone within the next 50 years.” (

more information on the new madrid fault activity;

UPDATE: May 13, 2008 – size 7.8- Toll from China quake estimated at 20,000

UPDATE: May 16, 2008 -size 5.5- aftershock in China causing more damage.

UPDATE: May 25, 2008 – size 5.8 – aftershock in China. Toll now 80,000. heart breaking.

Yellowstone earthquake swarm 12-30-08 a danger to Utah and Nevada? ……,2933,473925,00.html

1-11-09 news…about yellowstone …

Honduras earthquake  7.1  on 5/28/09


Earthquake warning for China,  Areas in danger from July 22 to July 28, 2009

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  2. Earthquake in Jerusalem….could be very significant for the end times. The mosque has to be destroyed so that the next temple can be built. Maybe God is getting ready to remove it.

  3. ‘icrease in number of earthquakes’ may be misleading – there is plainly more equipment, and it’s sensitivity increased. altrough there is indeed some correlation , and personally i speculate it might be plainly related with link of planet’s magnetic fields with sun’s magnetic field (and their inter-relationships) – influencing internal currents and magnetic ‘components’ of earth. those ‘small’ changes in fact represent gigantic amounts of energy which can accumulate either as some kind of charge, pressure, or temperature… unfortunatelly i don’t know enough about all of this, i would like to see more precise magnetic model of our solar system

  4. Curious,

    Thank you for your comment. what you say is true. I would like to find out more about it. There is something called the Alfven Resonance in the earth, that is actually different from the atmospheric Schumann Resonance, and I am trying to find out more about that now. The Schumann is affected by the solar, but I am not sure how the Alfven ties in. Independent vs inter-dependent activity?

    thank you

  5. that is a real eye opener

  6. Hi kyle

    Be glad you do not live in an earthquake zone. It is good to see you reading.


  7. Hi Marianne,
    nearly all earthquakes are in exactly the same deepth,
    seems to me its man-made…
    please watch

  8. hi Silvanus

    maybe….it can disturb the atmosphere and the earth…but those fault lines were there before HAARP. I may be a mix of human and nature together….did you see the weird things on this page? I added more pictures at the bottom of the page.


  9. Yeah you have sent me pictures…
    I’m really scared, although i should be happy that the time is near…
    I’m so glad i found you and your site.. Thank you so much for doing this here!
    I have to tell peoples and friends around me about it, and whats going on with our world, and tell them from the real savior!
    Its not much time left, and i have to get many people as possible to be saved!

  10. Hi Silvanus.

    Keep working and telling people. I am in a read target zone. If we have war, I am dead. So my website will still be around when I am gone.


  11. For more on the end time, read The Prophecised End-Time or 2008-God’s Final Witness. For those in the US and Canada, the mortality rate is 96.66%. For those in Europe and Asia, I advise you to escape, for an Armageddon is coming. I was once a devout aethiest, but these book have greatly changed my faith. Keep faithful, pray to God, and watch for God’s two prophets.

  12. Hi Wordless prayer,

    Unfortunately for most people, there is no where to run to. People will have to accept that they will either die, get raptured, or experience a very terrible time.


  13. Hey Wordless Prayer, I love to hear about conversions such as yours, Jesus bless you.

  14. Looking at 30 years of data and extrapolating a historically large upward shift in earthquake frequency is a form of sampling error. You are not drawing from a large enough set of data to make such a sweeping determination. How do you know that the pattern right now is not similar to the pattern in 1200BCE or 83CE? Answer: You do not because you do not have access to this data. The absolute most information you could have access to, if we are extremely generous, is a few hundred years.

    30 years is a nanosecond of geological time and does not provide adequate sampling data. Your conclusion is like being blindfolded while riding in a car, being allowed to sneak a peek for half a second while driving through a tunnel, and then assuming that all of America from Atlantic to Pacific looks like the inside of a tunnel. Your sneak peek is far too small a visual sample of the country from which to draw a determination just as your sneak peek at seismic records is too small a sample from which to draw your conclusions about earthquake activity.

    • Hi William,

      It does seem, in our own slice of time, that earthquakes are increasing, at least for us.

      But do you have better data that I can use to give a more balanced picture? I would be glad to use it.

  15. It may be that over the last 30 years earthquake activity has increased. When discussing geological time, 30 years is too small a period of time to make a judgement about whether or not earthquake activity is increasing or decreasing over any geologically significant time span. It may be a statistically anomaly.

    If you flip a coin 10,000 times, the odds are that there will be some periods in which the coin will land on heads several times in a row. If you only have acess to the data regarding flips 535 through 540, all of which are heads, you would be incorrect in extrapolating from that tiny sample of total flips that every time you flip the coin it will land on heads or even that landing on heads is more likely than landing on tails. This is an example of an inadequate sample size creating a statistical anomaly. In the same way, your seismic sample is not large enough to make any reaonable conclusion regarding the increase of seismic activity in terms of geological time.

    While you may be correct in saying that over the last 30 years, there has been an increase in seismic activity, that does not mean that similar short term increases have not occured many thousands of times over the history of the planet.

    I do not have access to any additional data. In fact, I doubt that such data exists. The technology and infrastructure to collect such data is a fairly recent development.

    I am not suggesting that your data is incorrect. I am simply pointing out the fact that it is inadeqate to reach the conclusion that you are proposing.

  16. Now that I have demonstrated the invalidity of your conclusion, are you willing to acknowledge that your methodology is flawed?

    • Hi William,

      Not really. While I cannot compare earthquake data to 6000 years ago, and say the rate is higher, I can say for the time period I specified, that earthquakes have increased.

      • Your data does support the conclusion that earthquake activity has increased over the past 30 years. To extrapolate from this, without additional data, that this is a unique or significant occurence is to make a hasty generalization, which is a formal logical fallacy. If you are unfamiliar with this fallacy, I would recommend doing a google search and becoming more familiar with the concept.

        Additionally, from reading the handful of earthquake references in Revelation, (8:5, 11:13, 11:19, 16:18, 16:20, and 6:14), it would not be unreasonable for people during virtually any historical period to infer that they are living in the “end times,” since there have always been destructive earthquakes. As far as I can tell, the text neither specifically states nor strongly implies that there will be an increase in the frequency of earthquakes, merely that there will be some large ones that cause extensive damage.

        Here is an interesting paragraph from the Wikipedia article on earthquakes:

        “The number of seismic stations has increased from about 350 in 1931 to many thousands today. As a result, many more earthquakes are reported than in the past, but this is because of the vast improvement in instrumentation, rather than an increase in the number of earthquakes. The USGS estimates that, since 1900, there have been an average of 18 major earthquakes (magnitude 7.0-7.9) and one great earthquake (magnitude 8.0 or greater) per year, and that this average has been relatively stable.[13] In recent years, the number of major earthquakes per year has decreased, although this is thought likely to be a statistical fluctuation rather than a systematic trend. More detailed statistics on the size and frequency of earthquakes is available from the USGS.[14]”

        Here are the footnotes referenced by the Wikipedia article.

        ^ “Common Myths about Earthquakes”. USGS. Retrieved on 2006-08-14

        ^ “Earthquake Facts and Statistics: Are earthquakes increasing?”. USGS. Retrieved on 2006-08-14.

        • Hi William,

          The bible just refers to a few catastrophic earthquakes, but because they are very large in size, there is no need for many of them. They are described as being felt all over the earth, not in just one location.

          What is asked now is this: is it possible that one of these could occur soon?

          What I imagine, reading the scriptures, is an earthquake that is way off the scale ( ie >10.0).

          What I also ask: is the earth’s crust in such a condition now, that a quake of global proportions could occur anytime in the near future?

          Possibly the increase in frequency of earthquakes, in the time we know now, weakens the crust enough to make it susceptible to some greater force in the future.

          Thanks for your challenges.

  17. The earthquake data alone, in addition to being too small a snapshot, could be very misleading–according to the Bible itself. In Matthew, chapter 24, Jesus says wars and earthquakes are just the beginning–and of course we have had those for thousands of years. Verse 9 lets you know when things really get going, i.e. “then they will hand you over to be tortured and will put you to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of my name….many false prophets will arise…etc” He is talking to his followers of course. And right now people who claim to be his followers are in positions of power where they torture other people, so it seems you have a way to go before “all the world” is persecuting Christians. That is, unless you believe, as well you might, that false Christians are persecuting real ones in a metaphorical sense right now. Problem with that is, you have brought in the idea of metaphor, which may ruin your whole scheme of things. My fear is that people like you will make the apocalyptic end a self-fulfilling prophecy, that you will make the myth come true because you want it to. There are people of other faiths who seem to be attracted to this social dementia as well, and they may help you and those like you bring about a horrible end to the planet. I hope not. My advice, read some books of comparative religion, mythology, and the like, and learn how these kinds of tales have been around in various cultures since the dawn of civilization. Then, look at some of the real problems of the world and do your part to fix them, instead of cheering them on.

    • hi jeff,

      I can assure you that I am not desiring to be hit with an earthquake. I do not like to suffer. 🙂 So I am definitely not trying to “make it happen” in a self fulling prophecy.

      Earthquakes are just part of our existence on earth, and being aware of one as a potential danger, or seeing a pattern of increase, just seems smart.

      People who torture others are not Christians. A christian is one who follows what Jesus taught. Many and most do not do this.

      But you have indirectly raised some good points:

      1. in the last days, there is predicted to be a great falling away from the faith.
      Matthew 24:11-12, 24,
      2 Thessalonians 2:3
      Mark 13:22

      This apostasy will give a negative view of the faith, and cause many to hate the true believers, thinking all Christians are alike.

      2. People who are of the “synagogue of Satan” (false believers) will definitely persecute true believers in the faith.
      Rev 2:10,
      Mark 13:9-12
      Jhn 16:2 They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.

      3. In Revelation 2-3, Jesus speaks prophetically to the 7 different church types. Smyrna is the church of the martyrs. Their heaven reward is assured, because they have given their lives rather than deny Christ. Philadelphia is considered of little strength, but faithful. Their heaven reward is assured.

      The others have issues, and need to repent. They are in sin, and present a false witness to the world.

      So, even in the bible, there is predicted the true and the false divisions of believers.

  18. Perhaps my most important point was the need for you to look at both the history of this “end-time” hobby within the Church and also to study the texts of other religions/myths so you might have some sense of how common these notions are. For someone, somewhere, we are always living in the “end times.” Some Biblical scholarship is in order as well. In the Biblical time period, people were not using arabic numerals like we do for numbers, they were using letters of the alphabet. This led to a common practice of “hiding” certain things in numbers—but not hiding them very much. The early readers of the book of Revelation knew exactly who the author was talking about when he referred to the “beast” and his number 666. If you transpose the Greek “Kaisar Neron” to Hebrew letters, and then use the typical numbering system of that day, you come up with a total of 666. The beast was the Roman Emperor Nero, and his “mark,” that is his face on the coinage was everywhere. Because of their religious practices the Jewish people often referred to Rome as the new Babylon. There is nothing secret or hidden or mysterious about any of this. At a metaphorical level of course, there is always a “beast” somewhere in the world, and we have had quite a few in history. One could make a good argument that the leader of the U.S., whoever he might be at any moment would qualify, seeing that we have the world’s largest military, still the most powerful economic clout (though that may be disappearing), and our mark (the dollar) is still widely used. I hope that one day you and others will see the folly of trying to deduce fortunes from these texts and being so literal minded. There may be lessons in them, but not the ones that most of these “end-timers” are focused on. The Bible was written by humans and should be treated as such.

    • Hi Jeff,

      I think what you are assuming is that if a human agent is involved, either directly, as an originator of a writing, or indirectly, as an intermediate between God and man, that, somehow, the information that results is in error.

      I just contend that something is either true (correct), or it isn’t, no matter whether you are “religious” or not.

      We depend daily on others, who are human also, to give us information, and we hope that the information is correct.

      The bottom line to me is: will these events occur, as predicted? It should not matter if a geologist makes a prediction or the bible does, if you are in the middle of an earthquake. The quake still happened, so the information is true.

      I think “end times” can occur on several levels:

      1. the individual – who only has about 70 years on this earth anyhow. I can see “beasts” and Antichrists, and “floods” and “earthquakes” in my own life that I have had to contend with.

      2. by society – some societies have had terrible times – look at Darfur.

      3. by generation – look at the World wars that have been fought, and it affected everyone, almost, on the planet.

      The people 2000 years ago thought the apocalypse was already upon them. Many believers were thrown to the lions to be devoured. Many others were crucified and killed in other multiple ways.

      We live in a fallen world, on a planet that occasionally presents upheaval – tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, drought, disease, etc.

      So, do we wait until a future time to prepare, or do we give all this some thought ahead of time and prepare?

      I live in an area where we get ice storms in the winter. I have kerosene lamps, and extra blankets. I am ready.

      Whether you have a secular view of this time in history, or a religious/spiritual one, you have to see that this world has issues, that have been predicted to some degree.

      Nuclear weapons could destroy this entire planet in a single day.

      So to think that the disasters were all fulfilled by Nero is to leave oneself open and vulnerable. Each age will have its Nero.

      So, this is all food for thought. The issue is whether the information is correct or not, and how will we respond.


  19. Just a final note of clarification. I do not assume that if something is written by a human being, that it is in error, but I do assume that it may have errors. But more importantly, you are assuming that you know how to read these prophecies, and you seem to give them the same amount of credence, or more, as you would to information based on experience, research, testing, etc. By all means, if a geologist tells you that you live on a fault line that is about to cave in, consider moving. But if, through strained interpretations of texts by multiple authors, in different times, written 2000 or more years ago, and modified by later “translators,” you find something that suggests that you live on a fault line that is about to cave in, please rest easy. You have a fairly good reason to believe the geologist in this matter (though he may be in error), but you have no reason to think the Bible will be nearly as reliable in this subject.

    • Hi Jeff,

      The bible does not have “errors.” It is general information at times, and specific at other times. It may not tell me where the fault would be, as a geologist would. It would just tell me to expect a large earthquake around a certain time frame, when other events are also happening, and certain conditions in the world are true.

      However, the bible does predict an earthquake along the Syrian – African Rift. Now, how would early people know about that, and which way the continental plates would slide?

      You are presenting a traditional “the bible is wrong and has been modified” argument, when there is no credible data to back this up. This is an empty argument with no proof. It is a position motivated by unbelief, not substantial, credible evidence. Documents written hundred of years later by heretics, to refute the bible, are also not acceptable evidence.

      God is the author of the bible, the writers are only his agents.

      I give credence to prophecies because the bible has proven credible to me and to others, over time. History has documented many, many prophesies that have come true. Other predicted events are in the making, judging by the signs of the times. Just the re-establishment of Israel, first predicted by Jeremiah, and then by Jesus, is a testimony to credibility. It would take up too much space to list every prophecy that has been fulfilled.

      I have spent 40 years reading and reflecting upon what the bible says. I do feel confident about most of my interpretations. In other cases, I present my interpretation as opinion. At any time, people are welcome to present a different interpretation, if they have some proof.

  20. Absolute bunk. Science is truth for life. Religion is an anachronistic pile of crap. Science and technology have increased human life from 35 to almost 80 years. No religion has ever cured a disease or created a technology to cure, transport, inform, or send pictures and words magically around the globe in seconds. Religion wants to squash the truth: the persecution of non=geocentric discoverers in the 1500’s, the discovers of biological evolution today. (Hey, stupid religious f***…when your child is in the hospital are you just going to call on your invisible friend, or…ask a doctor for a drug to counteract the EVOLVED infection that no longer is killed by penicillin? SCIENCE IS THE ONLY SELF-CORRECTING TRUTH. Your religion is no better than Zeus, Muhammad, Buddha, or the oak tree on my lawn.

    • Hi Malcolm

      This post is science oriented in nature. What is “bunk” about it?

      I am not against science. As a biochemist, I find it quite useful, and I have worked on those new drugs you mentioned.

      BTW, infections do not evolve, they just grow bigger if not treated.

      It sounds like someone has given you a hard time.

    • You are an un-scientific moron who has invested dogmatic value in the ideology of empiricism. In short, you are just as bad as any theologian.

      By the way, here is a quote from Buddha:

      “Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”

      WOW, he just described the fucking SCIENTIFIC process.


  21. July 15/09
    The magnitude 7.8 quake twisted South Island, the more southerly of New Zealand’s two large islands, out of shape and moved its southern tip 30 centimetres closer to Australia, seismologist Ken Gledhill said. (Google Maps)
    Southern New Zealand has moved slightly closer to the east coast of neighbouring Australia as a result of a massive earthquake last week off the country’s South Island, a scientist said Wednesday.

    The magnitude 7.8 quake, centred in the ocean near Resolution Island in the country’s Fiordland region, twisted South Island out of shape and moved its southern tip 30 centimetres closer to Australia, seismologist Ken Gledhill said.

    Gledhill, director of government-owned GNS Science’s “GeoNet” national earthquake monitoring project, said the island’s geographic shift showed the immensity of the forces involved.

    “Basically, it’s taken us closer to Australia,” he told National Radio. “The country is deforming all the time because of being on the plate boundary, but this has done it in a few seconds, rather than waiting hundreds of years.”

  22. Now here is a fairly new term “Supershear’ .
    And here is the story …
    Lightning-Fast Earthquake Could Hit Southern California
    That 7.6 earthquake was measured as spreading five kilometers per second. (Five kilometers is about 3.1 miles. The speed of sound is 343 meters per second.)

    It certainly would occur before you heard it!
    Or your dog.

  23. Just 2 hrs and 22 mins. ago Japan was rocked.
    Here is the story so far …

  24. Just 1 hr. and 1 min. ago a 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit India.
    Tsunami alert issued.

    • According to the geological survey, a 6.4-magnitude quake struck near the south coast of Honshu, Japan, 12 minutes after the Indian Ocean quake. The Japan Meteorological Agency issued a tsunami advisory following that quake, but said that the expected wave would be under 2 feet

  25. Another quake today … A 6.5 quake , up to a 7. in some locations.
    It was the first time since 1944 that a quake stronger than 6 was observed in Shizuoka Prefecture.

  26. Another quake …
    TAIPEI (Reuters) – A strong earthquake rattled much of Taiwan Monday, prompting a tsunami warning from neighboring Japan, but there were no immediate reports of casualties or damage.

  27. Have you read the report at Steve entitled ‘Anak Krakatau Alert?’
    This and the recent news of the quake in Indonesia is NOTEWORTHY.
    Marianne try to read that report.

  28. hi class yes it is me Christina Dahdal i hope u enjoyed what i sent u!!!!:D

  29. A small quake but it causes injuries.

  30. viewing the proof and dis proof of wether or not the prophicy is true or not i think that it shouldnt matter how many people or how big the quake is. to make me belive for sure of this particular aspect of the end prophicy i would need to see a masive amount of earthquake activity in many areas. that may in clude the New Madrid fault that hasent treated us with a major quake in years.

  31. Haiti 7.0 Jan 11 , 2010

  32. one hour ago …
    From IRIS Seismic Monitor 15-JAN-2010 15:18:25 4.0 OKLAHOMA / 15-JAN-2010 20:04:11 4.6 HAITI REGION / 15-JAN-2010 18:00:48 5.6 NEAR COAST OF VENEZUELA

    It’s far from being over.
    There are changes inside the earth.

  33. I think the core of the earth is heating but …
    Maybe I should know my limits?

  34. Huge quake hits Chile; tsunami threatens Pacific


  35. And do not forget Japan.. also.. They had an earthquake at the same night with different time.

  36. Magnitude 7.0 – RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN

    2010 February 26 20:31:27 UTC

  37. This 8.8 quake … a thousand times more powerful than Haiti’s last month’s quake was actually felt across the continent of South America. Something to think about …
    And here is a raw footage of the quake …

  38. I thought this was important since Japan now awaits a possible tsunami from Chile quake.

    • abigail

      It looks like the earthquake was accompanied by lightening and a tornado. Very strange.

      Luk 21:11 And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

      So here, signs from heaven are involved with the earthquake.

      • Hi Marianne,
        Is it me or the man beside the car at 1:31 seems very tall?
        Even if the car had not been partly crushed … I don’t think he would fit in it.
        And yes another strange earthquake …

        • I think it is the angle (downwards, at the wreck), and type of car, which is also smashed. When I stand beside my Toyota, I am taller than it is.

  39. PARIS A violent late winter storm with fierce rain and hurricane-strength winds battered France, Spain and Portugal Sunday, leaving at least 16 people dead. Most of the 12 victims in France drowned, while others died when hit by parts of buildings or trees and branches that were ripped off by the wind. Nearly 900,000 people in France were without electricity. Rivers overflowed their banks in Brittany, and the threat of avalanches in the Pyrenees Mountains and the Alps due to wind and wet snow.

  40. Remember the Russians and the U.S. Dec. 30 /09 (or so) were speaking of Apophis the Asteroid/meteor coming at us?
    I think they both said that impact would be 2029? Anyways … maybe this wanderer rock is closer than they are willing to admit.
    And maybe it is responsible for the recent earthquakes and global weather freaking storms.
    Here is a prediction …

  41. A little bit of extra information …

    • hi abigail

      While the footage shows obvious lighting up of the skies, it cannot prove the source. Chile and Japan are both in the ring of fire earthquake zone.

      The USA has no political problems with these two countries, so it is not convincing to me that the USA would intentionally attack them.

      I would be more suspicious if this occured in Iran, Russia, or Afghanistan.

      • I agree with you … I don’t think it was an attack of any sort.
        I simply am amazed at the ‘obvious lighting of the skies’ especially in Chile.
        And particularly the eve of the quake.
        Goes without saying the orange light ring is impressive.
        And I also would add that I know nothing about HAARP except maybe how to spell it.

        Personally I have last summer seen atmospheric rainbowed colored clouds in my region and there never was an earthquake associated with it.

        No suspicion on my part whatsoever … I am not easily drawn to assumptions nor to conclusions.
        So tell me why you wrote what you wrote? As if …

        • I thought it peculiar about the lightening of the skies…I had commented on that before….lightening at the same time as an earthquake….is not typical…..I think God, or the aliens, or aliens + with God’s knowledge, may be behind many of the upsets we see now.

          Jesus is quoted as saying this:

          Luk 21:11 And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

          Isn’t this what we see now? we see signs in the heavens before an earthquake.

          • Exactly … it would be interesting to know how the animals behaved prior to the quake.
            Like birds, cats, dogs or even wild animals.

            The quake might have been caused by aliens? I don’t know …
            Maybe in time we will find out … and then maybe never.
            I think we have at least 2 more like this and maybe 3.

            We are certainly living in strange times, we better put on the full armor of God … Peace

            • It seems like alien technology could affect the atmosphere. Whether this is connected to the earthquake, I do not know. Although it would be interesting if the aliens were trying to warn earthlings of an impending disaster with a sky warning.

      • It might be worth reading up on the Haarp chem trails, sounds and colors that are seen before so many earthquakes are manmade and not aliens etc. I suspect these countries are fooling around with the sound waves and things they shouldn’t be. I believe the Haarp high frequency sound waves are the new deadly ‘what atom bombs once were’ and they are being practiced on many countries. China has had the same thing. There is no other explanation and they certainly arn’t forthcoming.

  42. In the first 2 photos of this article … there also seems to be a greenish light in the waves.
    Maybe I’ve sat on my computer too long … 🙂

  43. Ants hide before rain comes.. frogs disappear before earthquake.. Animals do sense the danger includes any threatening weathers or earthquakes.. their behaviors will be like panicky.. out of characther that you know their true gentle nature or predator nature.. is excat how you would know…

    Sorry, I am an animal lover.. I love all animals.. I understood their mind and behaviors better than my own LOL.. I used to grow up with wild or tamed animals.. and love them dearly. If a cat family sense a danger.. it will attempt to wake me up to verifity.. sometimes people do not always pay attention.

    I am not surprise about signs in heaven.. it is expected..except.. careful on which one tho.. because Satan is a copycat of God.. except one smallest secert that can verifty the difference. I cannot say it or that beast will attempt to steal. So let him figure out til God takes him out.

    Take care and many blessings to all.

    • Tamara … why apologize for loving animals?
      Animals senses the world different from us. We for example operate on a very small segment of the light spectrum and infra /ultra sound scale.
      Most animals senses the world on a wider segment of the electromagnetic field.
      Also animals are better equipped with seeing, hearing and smelling and etc. than we are because for example a dog has more muscles in the ear than we.
      Now in my life I have experienced earthquakes and I know how my dog acted way before the quake … because he could hear the underground grinding which of course I couldn’t hear. The sound was aggravating his inner ear and he was trying to find a place where he could cover his ears. Actually he hid under my front steps.
      And sure enough came the quake.
      Animals will exhibit unusual behavior before a ‘normal’ quake.
      So i was musing on this phenomenon and wondering how the animals behaved prior to this quake.
      Even sea animals will behave differently … like the killer whales for example.
      Or sting rays or zoo animals etc. etc.
      Just one more thing here wasn’t there a whale incident last week?
      Distance does not necessarily matter because sound even travels and is amplified better in water than air.

  44. *smile* Ah, I normally apologize simply because I was brought up to have good manners.. some conversation can annoy one or the others.. some can see beyond its words. My mother always says, ” See real beauty and true goodness shines out from within than outside in visible general to others “…

    I agree about animals… As far as for whales…and sea creatures… I can give that interesting information since I am deaf.. I do not hear.. but can feel things.. especially in water… I remember when I was 11 years old.. when I went with my mother and her ex to Palm Springs, CA for vacation on their business… ha ha.. what a memory..
    Truth to tell, I was in swimming pool… and Palm Springs had an earthquake during that same time… It feels same.. normal as if you flow with the water rather than water enforcing you… ha ha.. I remember seeing my mother telling me to get out of the pool… because of earthquake.. I was like ” huh ? You got be kidding ” then I looked around.. seeing people running out of the pool… and I was only one in the pool.. flowed with its water with no fear… however, I did felt the soft rumbling underbeneath..yet water was more gentle and sloshing…
    My mom thought I was total crazy for not fearing the disaster or nature causes.. I found it beautiful.. I see things differently. Feel differently.. I feel things and see things by sensing… I look at things men created… I found it beautiful because God uses their hands to create things for us.. yet we the people abused it for greed and power cause..

    Anyway, I must be sleepyhead for rumbling nonsense myself * smile sheepishly *…The sea creatures do hear and feel through water and its very unique sounds in very lowest frequency… I still find it fantasiticing how God create marveal things with animals and the earth and in space.. I can never stop looking every tiny beauty God puts on its earth and I cherish every bit of it.. Hard to explain on my personality. LOL..

    Hope I learn more since I still find Heaven Awaits have such rich sharing informations and learning and understanding.. beautiful thing I see.. 🙂

    Good night.. I am off to bed before.. I slip my foot.. *giggle*

  45. “Thank God it didn’t rain crocodiles.” … but it did rain fish in Australia.

  46. Marianne,

    I have found a prophecy from an American woman … Until today I had never heard of her … but because of something The Lord said to me today, I have searched the net and came upon this.
    It is worth reading …
    Virginia Berg’s unedited prophecy showing the line numbers.

    “Turn your eyes toward Memphis, for out of it shall come the great confusion!
    The author of Confusion is even now marshalling his forces for this Great Confusion!
    He is gathering his forces from a great nation and Eastern nations, friends that will join with him.
    So sudden will be the Great Confusion, that it will cause a mighty widening of the eyes of those who have not discerned the signs of the times.
    But be ye not deceived!
    Be prepared!! And be not deceived by the Great Society, for it will come to travail and then bring forth the Great Confusion! Be prepared!
    Even now, the skies are red, red with warning, and black, black with clouds gathering for the Great Confusion which is almost upon you!”

    And here is a little history about this person …

    She was raised by a minister, and was extremely wealthy, but her faith was overthrown (2 Timothy 2:18-19) in “Bible College.” She traveled the world and finally was seriously injured in an accident. (Webmaster: Her back was broken when her husband who was carrying her slipped and dropped her on a curbstone.) She laid on her back for 5 years during which time she withered away to a 70 lb. tuberculean, paralyzed skeleton, breathing and eating through a plastic tube, and every organ of her body damaged in some way. One day she called out to God, and the next thing she knew, her paralyzed arms were reaching toward heaven, and her paralyzed, emaciated body was resurrecting itself from a 5-year death sleep. She WALKED OUT of that home, and from that day (30 years old) she dedicated her life to God. Her ministry reached tens of thousands of souls from coast to coast. She had a gift of prophecy and when she prophesied it always came to pass with amazing detail (Jeremiah 28:9) She died at age 83 in 1968, and the day before, she was giving out sandwiches to the hippies, and preaching, “By their fruits ye shall know them.”

    • It would be nice to know what she meant. … definition of the “great confusion.”

      • Well it is like she says … The Lord woke her up and instructed her to write. She obeyed and so these words are not from her but from The Lord.
        ‘Turn your eyes to Memphis … for out of it shall come the ‘great confusion’
        I am french so I read this as the ‘great terror.’ And the author of this is the devil.

  47. Here Marianne … I’ve found a video on this subject.

  48. And here is another …

  49. And in this short clip describing the 1800 earthquake the narrator quotes how it caused ‘confusion’ to the people.

    • And actually if one has ever experienced an earthquake … it is very confusing.
      What you thought was solid ground … suddenly starts shifting and everything around falls apart.
      In places the earth opens up … etc. etc.
      I can understand why a prophet would describe it as a ‘Great Confusion’ especially so …
      if the prophet witnessed a continent falling apart.
      ‘So sudden will be the Great Confusion, that it will cause a mighty widening …’
      She is saying this without saying it …
      This is the way of the prophet because the words ‘especially the written words’
      delivered by The Lord are powerful indeed!!
      When will you all understand?

  50. I do understand, Abigail. Just had the message left in other post in ” The Radical Future of Amercia as it turn its back on God “… I hope you would take time to read what I posted.. Ya see, it missed and slipped over it seems.. I had this the very day before Chile strikes… That tells one good warning.. it is coming.. nearly upon us all.. Everyone who have an ear to hear.. not be afraid, faithful ones, have pure trust in the promises our Father gave us.. trust him.. with all our hearts..

    Anyway, I better hush and go to bed.. lol.. Good night all.

  51. Turkey earthquake 2010

    Turkey earthquake 1999

  52. Thanks Marianne,

    The Rapture is a false doctrine. The only rapture happens at the second Coming of the Lord Jesus. Those who died in the Lord and those who are His at His second coming and are still living will meet Him in the air and He will receive them just as the bridegroom receives the bride. The rapture theory is leading so many Christians to believe that they will avoid tribulation. Absolutely not. All Christians muct be tried by the fire of the Holy Spirit and chastened by the Father as legitimate sons and daughters. Read KJ 1611 AV letter to the Hebrews: Chap 12.

    • I beg to differ if only because of Noah and his family “escaping” the flood and Lot and his family “escaping” G-d’s destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. G-d is a loving G-D and why would he want his children to go thru such horrible things-would you put your children thru what is to come if you had a say in the matter?

  53. Marianne … have you read this latest article?

  54. No need to worry … according to seismologists …
    ‘Seismologists say that although one powerful quake can conceivably raise the risk for others elsewhere, the recent string of quakes is probably just coincidence.

    Bob Holdsworth, an expert in tectonics at Durham University, said Monday that “I can definitely tell you that the world is not coming to an end.”

  55. Pffftttt… Sorry but the real truth.. I do not listen to scienists because they THINK they are right… far above us.. have all answers… which is fake.
    God knows what he is doing.. His plans is now underway… So, yes earthquakes will be here and there all cross global… and intense it shall grow and shake the ocean like drunk soggy… that can effect tsuamsui..

    Again, heed not to people.. heed the real surroundings.. what is unseen that shall be seen to only ones who understood… earth I consider as a mother nursing children through our Father.. just picture earth as a mother being in labor.. and ready to give a birth… That is something to think about.

    I cannot look at things the way people look.. I do understand completely.. but I am more looking at spiritual things that remind unseen to others whom does not heed… Think God as a light… flickering alive in the end of dark tunnel… we, the people, are struggling to reach to that flickering light and some of us get there successful.. some of us don’t which requires some help from high above.

    Okay, I better hush.. I am rambling.. shame on me. lol… Sometimes I do not make sense to others.. it just.. pour.. *shrug*…
    Have a great weekday, everyone… and many blessings…

    • Would love to be able to “understand completely”….would love to hear “read” what you know and understand through our Holy Spirit…-In laymans terms if you please…LOL

      Would also love to know if you or anyone else has seen a “second sun” in the sky lately….I didn’t give much thought to the youtube versions until coming out of the bank on Wednesday and there it was….I thought I was crazy…then a cloud came and covered up “our sun” and the other one was still there …wow!

      And I do keep “sensing” even more strongly lately that his return is gettting ever so close…I know people have been saying this for years and years but I truly “sense” it—-call it intuition or whatever. I “see” and actually “feel” the “shock” that we will experience when He arrives. We have been reading about it and hearing about it for centuries upon centuries and then WOW! There He is!

  56. 4.4 Hawaii
    4.0 california

  57. (CNN) — The magnitude-8.8 earthquake that rocked the west coast of Chile last month was violent enough to move the city of Concepcion at least 10 feet to the west and the capital, Santiago, about 11 inches to the west-southwest, researchers said.

    10 feet … an entire city was moved 10 feet to the west …
    An interesting story to say the least …

  58. Just Now!!

    Strong 7.2 aftershock hits Chile ahead of inauguration.

  59. Strange?
    Wonder why?

    SANTIAGO, Chile – A blackout has plunged millions of Chileans into darkness and rattled a country already anxious after last month’s 8.8-magnitude quake.
    The director of the Interior Ministry’s emergency office says a 1,200-mile (2,000-kilometer) stretch from Taltal in the north to Chiloe in the south has been affected.
    Most of Chile’s 17 million people live in that area. Many left their homes and went into the streets. The outage hit Sunday at nightfall and did not coincide with an aftershock.
    Presidency official Cristian Larroulet said it would take several hours to restore power. Authorities are investigating the cause.

  60. After 200 years a volcano in Iceland …
    The volcano near the Eyjafjallajoekull glacier began to erupt shortly after midnight, leading to road closures in the area.

  61. Good Photography from the air.
    Hundreds are evacuated.

  62. Hi Marianne,
    The Iceland volcano is quite a threat according to scientists and to historical records.
    Copied and pasted.
    Scientists say history has proven that when the Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupts, Katla follows — the only question is how soon. And Katla, located under the massive Myrdalsjokull icecap, threatens disastrous flooding and explosive blasts when it blows.
    Iceland’s Laki volcano erupted in 1783, freeing gases that turned into smog. The smog floated across the Jet Stream, changing weather patterns. Many died from gas poisoning in the British Isles. Crop production fell in western Europe. Famine spread. Some even linked the eruption, which helped fuel famine, to the French Revolution. Painters in the 18th century illustrated fiery sunsets in their works.
    The winter of 1784 was also one of the longest and coldest on record in North America. New England reported a record stretch of below-zero temperatures and New Jersey reported record snow accumulation. The Mississippi River also reportedly froze in New Orleans.

    And then we have Oklahoma … 1st quake. OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) – The U.S. Geological Survey reports recording three earthquakes in central Oklahoma in a span of less than seven hours. A 3.7 magnitude quake was recorded near Prague in Lincoln County about 9:35 p.m. Sunday.
    I have read somewhere that there has bee a couple of quakes today.
    Just thought to keep you informed … in case you haven’t had the time to read or watch t.v.

    • Thanks Abigail. The situation is serious for Iceland. It is a tiny island in the middle of a very cold sea. Nowhere to escape to. They might have to leave the country. They have my prayers.

  63. ROME (AFP) Europe’s largest undersea volcano could disintegrate and unleash a tsunami that would engulf southern Italy “at any time”, a prominent vulcanologist warned in an interview published Monday.”It could even happen tomorrow,” said Boschi, president of (INGV).”Our latest research shows that the volcano is not structurally solid, its walls are fragile, the magma chamber is of sizeable dimensions,”All that tells us that the volcano is active and could begin erupting at any time.”

  64. 7.0 Baja California ….
    just now

  65. It actually stated in motion, when Isreal became a nation, about 60 years ago (only a generation to go till the end of the age of grace)
    Re-read Matt:Ch 24…..we are missing only one last sign…….world wide persecution of christians.

    We are guarded in the US that such persecution will probably not get too physically dangerous,
    but already our Satanic controled CBS, CNN, NBC, and ABC are deciding that right wing christian groups are all lunatics,
    and need to be CIA or FBI investigated.

    Whether this current administration knows it or not ( I doubt they belive in end times prophechies)..
    …they are certainly tools of Satan and part of Gods end times like it or not…
    .. a case of the wrong place at the wrong time I suspect

    • hi jimi

      The “deaths” of Christians may be more subtle in the USA.

      Christians in other countries are openly christian, and die physically, or suffer oppression or persecution for their faith. But they are united, and support each other in their committment. Their enemies are very open about doing this because they are Christians.

      In the USA, the enemies rarely say it is because of faith, since that is illegal. They use other false reasons, so that the harm is justified.

      Christians are lied about in their jobs, get fired, falsely accused, have laws passed against them because what they represent is “evil,” have their parental rights denied by child services, the schools, and the courts, and are now labeled as “christian identity” terrorist suspects by FEMA. This will get worse.

      This is social death. There is also a worse death, which is the pollution of the soul by the world and the church, which has turned worldly and sinful in many ways. Many christians have left the faith, disillusioned.

      Losing our souls is worse than losing our lives. We need to support each other in prayer.

  66. This information is extremely biased and misleading. I don’t know if the creators of this site are being purposely misleading or if they are unaware of their ignorance. The reason the USGS is reporting more earthquakes is because technology has increased over the last several decades (duh). Many more earthquakes can be detected now than thirty years ago. Also, with the increased technology in communications, people learn about earthquakes in various parts of the world more quickly and efficiently. If you want to learn more about the frequency of earthquakes simply go to the USGS website and there is information on their homepage. The information presented here is worthless and is simply propaganda being utilized by religious zealots to illicit fear.

    • dear Lance,

      Technology to detect earthquakes has been around for quite a while now.

      Whether one has a religious interest, or a secular interest, it is still relevant that, by modern methods, earthquakes are increasing.

      It is a safety issue, and people that live in earthquake prone zones should prepare themselves for emergencies.

  67. A few years ago I heard a voice half asleap half awake, said, twice the trouble earthquakes will double? Not the kind of thing I think up before I knod off at nap time. Now I have beggun to wonder if there was a real message there?

    • maybe God is telling you something….he forewarns those he elects for deliverance or protection. I am guessing you are in an earthquake prone area if He told you that.

  68. Sigh,…thanks Marianne. I c the ring of fire as extremely active at present, and I live in southern California, LOL. I am guessing that the USGS in CA are not going to be the ones to worn me. None is arguing with u lance duh. Far be it for anyone to disagree that all the quakes are just the same old dope.

  69. Don’t you think the increase of earthquakes over the past 100 years has to do more with the technology we have now to monitor such events?

    • maybe or maybe not. The best judges of the increase in earthquakes are the residents of earthquake prone zones.

      If it is increasing for them, irregardless of how slow it might be elsewhere, then there is an increase.

      If it is just a very bad earthquake, as compared to no prior activity, then it is an increase for those who have to suffer through it.

      Whether you use an instrument or not to measure, you can feel the earthquake tremor. This is just my opinion.


  71. The LORD God Almighty Jesus Christ did not say that earthquakes would increase in number. (This is something taught but it is not in God’s inerrant and infallible Word.)

  72. 30 quakes in 2009 in California for the entire year.
    70 quakes in 2010 in California for the entire 3.5 months.
    But scientists says ‘there is no way to predict earthquakes so … all these quakes are not a precursor to the big one.’ hmmmm? That seems to me to be a contradiction.
    * But it is just a youtube news cast so don’t believe it.
    After all a you tube film is not a reliable form of communicating.
    It holds no facts ….

  73. For the archives …

  74. 4.9 quake in Utah.

  75. Watch your lungs.

  76. […] a link here not only to the belief that a perceived increase in seismic activity is a sign of the end times, but also to the abiogenic-oil question. Belief in the recent creation of dinosaurs often coincides […]

  77. Vatican moving to Africa because of volcano wiping out Italy?

  78. A 6.6 mgnitude state of Arkansas

  79. Noticing a pattern in April 2010……..


    Sept 11, 2001: Terrorist attack the WTC

    April 9th 2003: Saddam Husseins’ statue is taken down

    Dec 29/30, 2006: Saddam Hussein was hanged

    Feb 15th 2008: Earthquake in Lebanaon,Syria and Israel 5.4 magnitude….crater opened at foot of the Dome of the Rock

    August 1st 2008(AV 1): Partial Solar Eclipse/Jewish Holy Day( see below)

    Nov 9th 2008: Obama is elected (HS says “it has begun)
    *note 7 years since 9/11

    Jan 20th 2009: Obama officially takes office ( Born in Kenya-Faith is Muslim)

    March 2009: Euphrates River dries up (6th seal?)
    Isaiah 11:15 The LORD will dry up
    the gulf of the Egyptian sea;
    with a scorching wind he will sweep his hand
    over the Euphrates River. [f]
    He will break it up into seven streams
    so that men can cross over in sandals.
    16 There will be a highway for the remnant of his people
    that is left from Assyria,
    as there was for Israel
    when they came up from Egypt.

    July 22nd 2009 (AV 1): Partial Solar Eclipse/Jewish Holy Day

    December 2009: Europe/Obama seeks to divide Jerusalem (could have been earlier)

    January 12, 2010: Haiti Earthquake 7 magnitude

    Feb 2010: HS told me to learn the Jewish Holidays…told me again just before Passover

    Feb 27th 2010: Chile Earthquake 8.8 magnitude

    March 19, 2010: QuarteApril t urges Israel settlement freeze…want Peace Treaty by 2012

    March 23-26th, 2010: PM Netanyahu meets privately with Obama and was “humiliated”

    April 4, 2010: Baja California Earthquake 7.2 Magnitude
    April 13, 2010: Southern China Earthquake 6.9 Magnitude
    April 14, 2010: Iceland Volcanoe disrupts
    April 15, 2010: US District Judge Barbara Crabb ruled that National Day of Prayer was unconstitutional
    April 15, 2010: Huge fireball over Madison Wisconsin (Without warning I might add)

    Again, Joel said:

    “And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.

    “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the LORD come” (Joel 2:30,31). And Matthew 24, Jesus says that AFTER the TRIBULATION the sun 7ill turn to dark and moon to blood…..

    April 28, 2010: Gulf Oil Spill

    May 2010: Marianne hears Shofar; confirmed by 1 person in California and another, Susie, who heard it as well (Jewish Holy Day-Pentecost)

    May 2010: Israel boards Flotilla gaza ship
    May 27, 2010:Magnitude 7.1 VANUATU

    May 16, 2010:Magnitude 5.8 PUERTO RICO

    May 9th, 2010: Magnitude 7.2 NORTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA

    June 7, 2010: Earthquake in Santa Monica, California 3.7
    June 12, 2010: Magnitude 7.5 NICOBAR ISLANDS, INDIA REGION
    June 13, 2010: Earthquake in Northern Japan 6.2
    June 13, 2010: Earthquake in Indian Ocean 7.5
    June 13, 2010: Earthquake in Indian Ocean 5.1

    July 11, 2010 (AV 1): Partial Solar Eclipse/Jewish Holy Day

    ***The four lunar eclipses will occur on:
    Passover, April 15, 2014
    The Feast of Tabernacles, October 8, 2014

    Passover, April 4, 2015 and
    The Feast of Tabernacles, September 28, 2015

    2 solar eclipses

    Adar 29/Nisan 1, March 20, 2015
    The Feast of Trumpets, September 13, 2015

    * “In the Jewish calendar, they are all on the first of Av, the day when Jews lament the destruction of their temples. As the story goes, Moses caught the people worshiping the Golden Calf on Tammuz 17. Therefore, the three weeks from Tammuz 17 to Av 9 are called “the dark time” and “between the straits.” It is the most sorrowful time of the year for Jews. From Av 1-9, no bathing is allowed; no comforts; no clean clothes; the Jew takes his shoes off; sits on an overturned chair and reads the book of Lamentations.”


  80. The capital city of Canada shook …

  81. just shut the c** of end of world and jesus returning. bull s***


    • Hey Hindustani….it’s rough knowing YOUR TIME IS SHORT…In Jesus Name!

    • Therefore God has also highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven and of those on earth, and those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” (Philippians 2:5-11)

    • do u want to know what bull sh** is it is u do not do that to god and his son u need to stop that read the bible some time

  82. 7.0 in Papa New Guinea

  83. China landslide death toll rises to 700

  84. No One Knows When The End Will Come not Even Jesus, Only God Knows!

  85. BEware of erroneous “computer generated” reports.. that have strange unvierified data….whose computer generated this one?

    A magnitude 14 earthquake would shake the entire earth.

    here is the report:

    I KNOW THIS IS COMPUTER GENERATED BUT ARE NOT THEY MADE TO BE CORRECT … rid=189861 (this had been removed 10 min after post)

    Preliminary Earthquake Report
    Notice! This is a computer-generated report – this event has not reviewed by a seismologist!
    Megosztás Follow RSOE_EDIS on Twitter
    EDIS Number: EQ-00000000-189861-CG Common Alerting Protocol
    Magnitude: 14 😯
    Mercalli scale: 12
    Date-Time [UTC]: 00 November, 0000 at 00:00:00 UTC
    Local Date/Time: Tuesday, November 00, 0000 at 00:00 at night at epicenter
    Location: 1° 0.000, 17° 48.000
    Depth: Lassen Pea km (0.00 miles)
    Region: Africa
    Country: Republic of the Congo
    Distances: 265.0 km (164.66 miles) of Makoua,
    Source: USGS-RSOE
    Generated Tsunami: Not or no data!
    Damage: Not or not data!
    Additional information (Radius of 100 km)
    Nuclear facilities: There are no nuclear facilities nearby the epicenter.
    Location Airport ICAO Type Distance
    Congo Impfondo Airport FCOI 44.10 km
    Volcanoes: None volcano in the 100-kilometer radius.
    The potential impact of the earthquake
    Almost everything is destroyed. Objects are thrown into the air. The ground moves in waves or ripples. Large amounts of rock may move.
    Map data ©2010 Google – Terms of Use
    20 mi
    50 km
    Radius: Red Circle = 10 km, Orange Circle = 50 km, Yellow Circle = 100 km

    Copyright © RSOE EDIS 2004-2010

    Notice the date is November 0 , 0000

    and then it says “no data”

    depth is 0 km

  86. what does that mean

  87. 🙂 😕

  88. 😛

  89. :”{:{

    • katie

      It means that it was a fake earthquake report.

      November 0 , 0000 is not a date…..this is a computer glitch.

      • well….. than i should have nown that 11 0 0000 was not real so are the person that came up with this website. well if you are then i think this is the most coolest thing in the world i mean for a 13 year old to be into this. my friend says michael jackson is thier hero………….. GOD IS MINE thank u 4 your time

  90. why whould there be a date of 11 o oooo

  91. ok

  92. so what r we to do in the end times what will god do. will i get taken to heaven. what does it take to be a good christan

    • There is nothing you can do.

      A person is only saved by the grace of G-d and through the sacrifice that his son, Jesus Christ, made on the Cross.

      That is the entire message of salvation-you can’t save yourself-you can’t ever be good enough because everyone sins and falls short of the glory of G-d.

      G-d cannot look upon any of us unless we are covered under the blood of his son-Jesus/Yeshua. “no one goes to the father except through me (Jesus)”

      Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6 🙂

      • well how do i get saved

        • katie,

          first, you need to understand what sin is, and then repent of your sins, and turn away from them, and trust jesus to forgive you. Give him your heart.

          • so do i have to go to a church and ask them to pray over me or osmething i just got into this god thing but i dont understand what to do.

          • do i have to give up like not christan stuff like, music games ect.

            • katie

              If you are really sorry for anything bad you have done or thought, and want to make your heart pure before God, then all you need to do is ask Jesus to forgive you.

              I suggest you get a bible, maybe one for young people, which has explanations in it for you to study. Read the book of John first. It is all about the love of God. Then go back and read the New Testament.

              Finally, when you are ready, you can read the old testament, but that will take much longer, since it is very long.

              Get some Christian music and listen to it. Learn to worship God in your heart.

              it might be a good idea to find a local church, so you will not feel alone, and you can find some christian friends.

  93. i wonder if we are about to have another earthquake

  94. so…………………………….

  95. ang earth quake ay malakas dahil ahg mga tao namamatay doon

  96. yahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the earth quake studie now

    • mahal Shakira

      Aking mga panalangin pumunta sa Filipino mga tao. alam ko na lamang nagkaroon ng lindol. Isinasamo ko sa Diyos pinoprotektahan ka at tumutulong sa iyo sa oras na ito ng pagkabalisa.

  97. earthquake is a very dangerous degaster may cause destroy of property,life,agriculture etc.

  98. note from dorien:

    It’s about the Hadron Collider in Switzerland. After they reopened the installation on September 11th, 2009 remarkable things started to happen on earth:

    CNN reported on that day: “A magnitude 6.9 earthquake rattled Japan on Thursday, within minutes of a magnitude 6.6 earthquake in Indonesia, the U.S. Geological Survey said”.

    Text under video reads: “Yes it sounds too good to be true but it’s right here!The LHC is definitely a device for breaking through the Van Allen Belt. What you will see in this video is astounding. There are brazen masonic clues”.

    I wonder: Earthquakes open the earth’s crust. Could it be that it causes evil spirits to come out of the earth, and into our world?

    Here’s the video:

  99. new Madrid Fault line activity

    • Awesome, I can’t wait for the apocalypse!

      Maybe you’ll be the first alarmist to be right about it!

      • hi Hurpper,

        You don’t need to be alarmed if you belong to Jesus, and you are ready. 🙂

        • I don’t know if I belong to Jesus. I’m not aware if he has bought me or not.

          But I’m a good individual, so I know I’ll be accepted regardless. 🙂

          The sooner to St.Peter the better.

          This is why we shouldn’t worry about the various plights of Earth. Soon it will be all over, and those who currently die morally, are lucky to be judged earlier.

          • hi Hurpper

            It sounds like you need some assurance. If you have repented of your sins, turned away from them, and given your heart to Jesus as your Lord, then you are saved. If you have not done this yet, you still have the opportunity to do so.

            I write a lot about prophecy to make people – especially those who need to repent – aware of the events about to happen. It is sort of a wake up call, and an effort to educate.

            Also, sometimes it is temporal information for people’s safety.

            • Wow, your so quick to respond Marianne.

              That is some opaque advice you give. I try my best to remain pure.Though, in this regard there is something bothering me, which someone as yourself may be able to help me with.

              As divinely created human beings we have control over our actions, and thus our ability to sin. This can very clear and immediate if I decide to deprive my child, dump my garbage in the river, or even envy my neighbor. The choice to not take part in these activities is an obvious one, and help me remain in the grace of God.

              But my question is, does sinning count if one takes part in it indirectly? Let me give an example. Lets say as a patriotic citizen I go to my local box-store and purchase several items to use around the house. This action in itself seems fairly innocent. However, these said products were produced in a third world factory by malnourished children, sent to America via a polluting vessel and were only bought and supported by me due to envy induced by television advertisements.

              This type of sinning seems inescapable in our current age. Maybe if you lived isolated in the far reaches of a forest and were completely self-sufficient you could avoid it, otherwise, unless my so called “indirect” sinning is disregarded in the eyes of Jesus I sometimes fear the majority of God’s servants will be punished.

              I appreciated your help.

              • Hi Hurpper

                I think you are trying to make yourself responsible for everything that goes wrong with the world.

                You are only responsible for your own behavior.

                You cannot be responsible for everyone elses.

                that is like saying, for example, that I am hiking along a path and see a rock. I decide to leave it there.

                Someone else comes along and uses the rock to hit someone in the head and kill them.

                Now I am a murderer, because I let the rock stay there.

                God judges our hearts by the motives that are in there.

                If your motives are good in buying a product to use around the house, then you are innocent. If you are the slave driver that abuses people on the other side of the earth to produce the product, you are not innocent.

                God expects us to respond in a reasonable fashion to injuries around the world. We can use diplomacy, trade regulations to ban imports that use slave labor, direct charity to the mistreated peoples, etc. We can support missionary or charitable organizations that can take on these tasks.

                For example, I cannot stop how the poor are abused and ignored in Africa. But I can support a ministry that drills water wells for the people, and brings food and medicine.

                While you are not responsible for the evil in the world, you can still balance out the evil with good.

  100. New Zealand – 5.6 earthquake

  101. “Someone else comes along and uses the rock to hit someone in the head and kill them.

    Now I am a murderer, because I let the rock stay there.”

    No. Hurp’s example would be analogous to one financially or otherwise supporting the person who commits murder with the rock. My advice to you Hurp, is to educate yourself. Points such as the one you raised are the first steps towards a critical analysis of Christianity and its numerous hypocrisies and flaws. Not with the goal of disbelief, but the goal of being aware of the evil tumors that grow from the religion’s potential virtues. Fundamentalism is an ignorant force that breeds hate and division, avoid its trap at all costs.

    “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” – Sinclair Lewis

    • dear Horus

      “Fundamentals” are unique to each thought system. You cannot say they are all the same. If they were, then there would only be one thought system in the world and there would be no disagreements.

      The “fundamentals” of Islam is extinction of Jews and Christians and submission to Allah and the prophet Muhammed – by force with the sword, or diplomatic persuasion. Non- compliance requires death by beheading. This requires a Muslim to be on the offense, and initiate attacks. The fundamentals directly oppose Christian principles.

      The “fundamentals” of Christianity are grace, love, peace, charity, forgiveness of sins after true repentance, and salvation through accepting the self sacrifice of Jesus for our sins. Jesus said to love your enemies, not behead them. In fundamentals, Christians are not to initiate evil, like Islam requires, but does allow self defense.

      The “fundamentals” of secularism is unbelief in a God, and the elevation of man as a god unto himself, being “master of his own destiny.” This indicates not a submission to a god, then but a rejection, or rebellion, against God. Man makes his own rules as he sees fit. The problem with his is that how people see fit varies greatly, and you will have disagreements and wars over ideologies, and priorities. That is where you seem to be at.

    • Horus
      Fascism is a secular movement, not a religious one. Theocracy is what is the result of the combination of church and state. True Christianity believethat we are “in the world but not of the world”. Any attempt by the church to merge with the states power structures will result in hypocracy. We as Christians are however allowed to be a moral voice in our country.
      Fascism is movement of the left, or the secular side of politics. It is not much different from communism, with the exception that it is a nationalist movement rather than a globalist movement. Both systems are based on gaining more centralised power and control. The church should not be about gaining control, power and or dictating to people how they should think or act. Its Role is to express the will of God vs. the sinfulness of man, so as to lead to repentence to God. The true leaders,or elders of the church are those with no desire to be in the role of authority, for they see themselves as sinners like the rest of the people in the church. The church therefor will point out the sin of the world, and tell them to repent, but it cannot force them to repent, for this would not be true repentence to God.

  102. Largest earthquake in 35 years hits Arkansas

  103. 5.4 quake

  104. 8.0 quake

  105. 8.0

  106. Damage of Christ Church earthquake: 88 pictures

  107. Japan 8.9 …7th most powerful ever recorded….followed by 5.8 and other smaller quakes.


    Triangle shaped UFO over Haneda Airport, Tokyo Japan, March 3, 2011 ..

    sept 2009…..8.0 in Japan

    sept 2003…..8.0 in Japan

    history of earthquakes in Japan

  108. sent by Luisa”

    Piers Corbyn: Massive Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Were Triggered by Solar Action
    Meteorologist, astrophysicist, consultant, and owner of the business Weather Action, Piers Corbyn, talks with Alex about the Japanese tsunami.

    Piers says “The massive Japan Earthquake and Tsunami were triggered by massive events on the Sun and there are more to come in the next two years”

    He Says:

    • “The Earthquake was preceded by an X class solar flare and a significant hit of the Earth by a Coronal Mass Ejection – reported by nasa –

    • “We warned after the New Zealand Earthquake on 21 Feb that the solar-lunar scene is set for more Earthquakes for the next two years:

    • “Many of these Earthquake events, as well as weather events, will be very extreme.

    • “Actual Earthquakes are very difficult to predict but major aftershocks will come after this one. more

  109. from CJ:

    This is interesting, It’s a church at that publishes videos of prophetic messages on it’s own website, and also on youtube by the name of HarvestArmy. It appears that the prophecy about the earthquake and Tsunami in the eastern country is clear and accurate.

    Here’s a link to the prophesy page of their website:

    And this is a link to a prophecy about the Japan earthquake 12 days before the event happened:

    Japan Apocalyptic 8.9 EARTHQUAKE TSUNAMI 12 Days after Prediction(Feb.27,2011) 10,000 feared

    by Janet for everyone


    Posted by Real News Reporter on March 12th, 2011

    A new report released today in the Kremlin prepared for Prime Minister Putin by the Institute of Physics of the Earth, in Moscow, is warning that the America’s are in danger of suffering a mega-quake of catastrophic proportions during the next fortnight (14 days) with a specific emphasis being placed on the United States, Mexico, Central America and South American west coast regions along with the New Madrid Fault Zone region.

    This report further warns that catastrophic earthquakes in Asia and the sub-continent are, also, “more than likely to occur” with the 7.3 magnitude quake in Japan today being “one of at least 4 of this intensity” to occur during this same time period.

    Raising the concerns of a mega-quake occurring, this report says, are the increasing subtle electromagnetic signals that are being detected in the Earth’s upper atmosphere over many regions of the World, with the most intense being over the US Western coastal and Midwest regions.

    Important to note are that Russian and British scientists are at the forefront of predicting earthquakes based on these subtle electromagnetic signals and have joined in an effort to put satellites in space to detect more of them.

    More ominously in this report are Russian scientists confirming the independent analysis of New Zealland mathematician and long-range weather forecaster, Ken Ring, who predicted the deadly Christchurch quake and this week issued another warning of a quake to hit on or about March 20th.

    Ring explains his methodology for predicting earthquakes as follows:

    “The planets very much affect the earth, indirectly, by having an effect on the Sun. Some planets are very large. If the Sun was a basketball the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn would be the size of grapefruits, and the Earth would be, on that scale, the size of a peppercorn.

    Jupiter and Saturn cause extra tides on the Sun when they get on either side of the Sun (as with Moon – Earth-Sun when the moon is full) and when these gas giants get on the same side as the Sun, (as with Earth -Moon – Sun when the moon is new). These greater solar tides become sunspot activity and solar flares and can be understood as akin to the increase in tides caused by the Moon when it too gets alongside Earth or opposite Earth.

    At the moment we have Jupiter and Saturn on either side of the Sun and creating a tug of war with Earth in the middle. That started last September and will continue until about May. In September the Earth was right in line with Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun too.

    That’s why there were several 7+ earthquakes around, it wasn’t just us.

    For instance there was one in Pakistan on the same day as Christchurch. This Jupiter/Saturn alignment continues until about May, and the Earth comes back into line as well in March. It is why there may be an extreme event, perhaps a large earthquake, around 20 March, which is when the Moon may be again in a trigger position.”

    According to this report, however, where Ring is correct in assessing blame for our Earth’s earthquakes on the Sun and Planets, his substituting of Perigen Spring Tides (also known as King Tides) for the low pressure systems associated with them may be incorrect.

    The mention in this report of massive low pressure systems being associated with catastrophic earthquakes is especially dire to the United States Midwestern region, which even today is continuing to be pounded by horrific rainfall amounts, and most especially impacting the New Madrid Fault Zone State of Arkansas which has suffered over 800 earthquakes in the past 6 months alone.

    Equally in danger, this report continues, is the South American Nation of Bolivia which has, likewise, suffered catastrophic low pressure system storms that in the past week have killed over 52 people.

    Most ominous in this report, though, is its warning that the fault-riddled State of California may be about to suffer its most catastrophic earthquake in decades as new reports for this region show the mass death of millions of fish [photo bottom left] is now occurring, and just like the mass stranding of whales on New Zealland beaches days prior to the February 22nd destruction of Christchurch.

    Making the situation for our Planet even grimmer are the reports that our Sun is continuing to spew forth massive solar flares, the latest warned to hit our Earth today or tomorrow thus prompting the Hermanus Space Weather Warning Center (SWWC) to issue a Solar Flare warning for the Southern Hemisphere.

    Interesting to note in all of these events is the United States Army announcing this week that it is holding a rare training event involving the US Military, the CIA, Canadian officers, US Treasury and State departments, the US Agency for International Development, the Defense Threat Readiness Agency and the International Red Cross between March 21-25 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and which should the worst happen they will certainly be prepared for it.

    As this report concludes, that as of yet, “no firmly reliable” method for predicting earthquakes has been scientifically recognized, it is well worth noting the too many to be ignored anomalous coincidences leading up to catastrophic mega-quakes are breaking out all over the World and should only be ignored at ones peril.

    In other words, it is always best to be prepared should disaster strike, wherever the warning comes from.


    For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes. But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs.
    -(Jesus) Matthew 24:7-8 [NASB]

    Birth pangs are characterized as increasing in frequency and intensity the closer they get to the final event. Because of that, many have explained that these events mentioned by Jesus will also become worse, and happen with greater frequency the closer we get to the end. Some teach it has always been getting worse, but with earthquakes at least, that is not conclusively proven by the evidence. Others teach that Jesus was simply speaking about what would happen as we approached the end. They explain that these events would begin to increase in frequency and intensity as the end approached. After all, most pregnancies do not include birth pangs for all nine months, but just as the end draws near.

    If you’re wondering, USGS statistics for big quakes over the last 10 years go like this:

    Year – Number of Earthquakes 7.0 or higher
    2000 – 15
    2001 – 16
    2002 – 13
    2003 – 15
    2004 – 16
    2005 – 11
    2006 – 11
    2007 – 18
    2008 – 12
    2009 – 17
    2010 – 22
    2011 – ?? (so far 8, on pace for about 25-30)

    It does appear that there have been a few more quakes recently. Three of the last four years have had the most big earthquakes for the decade. Last year was THE most in at least thirty years, and this year we are on pace to beat it again. What does that mean?

    By itself, nothing. If we had 50 such quakes in one year, I think geologists might start asking questions, but for now, we’re still in the normal range. 2010 might have had the most in the past thirty years or more, but it only beat 1995 by 2.

    Biblically speaking, there are things for us to consider. Yes, there might be some prophetic significance given the state of the world. What Jesus said above, has some parallels with what Revelation 6 describes with the seven seals which are unleashed on the earth, especially the four horsemen.

    Take three of the horsemen for example: the second rider takes peace from the earth, the third brings famine and economic distress, and the fourth brings death in various ways which could include natural disasters.

  112. Video about comet Elenin’s effect in Japan

  113. 6.8-magnitude quake strikes NE Myanmar; 1 dead6.8-magnitude quake strikes NE Myanmar; 1 dead


    How do you reconcile this with your belief that earthquake has been increasing?
    A Christian too, but just playing the devil’s advocate.

    • hi syu

      Sources can differ in conclusion because they might differ in data or when the data was collected.

      The source I had was given.

      Your source also says

      Although it may seem that we are having more earthquakes, earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 or greater have remained fairly constant.

      A partial explanation may lie in the fact that in the last twenty years, we have definitely had an increase in the number of earthquakes we have been able to locate each year.

      Since we can detect quakes better now, we will detect more that occur, but it does not negate that quakes could have occurred before and we did not detect them. And the opposite is also true, there could have been less quakes before as well.

      I do not see the date on the article you gave. THe conclusions can change also with new data.

      your source says there is only about e big earthquake per year, 7.0-7.9. So they are restricting their data to this size range.

      If you include quakes from 6.0 up you would get different conclusions. 6.0 can be just as deadly. Or if you include all deadly quakes above and below the 7.0 range you will get different results too.

      my source says

      between 1986 and 1996 (incl), a period of 11 years, there were “just” 15 earthquakes listed by USGS of magnitude 7.0 or greater. This is not markedly different (albeit a slight decrease) from previous (similar periods) of 20th century, where an average of about 18 might be expected.

      But between 1997 and 2007 (incl), a period of only 11 years, there were 99 earthquakes with magnitude 7.0 or greater : This is more than a six-fold increase on the previous similar period – and is a stark increase on any earlier decades in 20th century too.

      this source discusses deadly earthquakes

      there have been
      2011 – 4 so far
      2010 – 5
      2009 – 7
      2008 – 19
      2007 – 21
      2006 – 18
      2005 – 24


      So the data you use can change the conclusion. I try to consider any quake that causes severe damage or causes loss of life.

  115. Written 40 years ago this endtime song is for today.

  116. On 5/10/2011 8:55:06 AM UTC (about 20:07h local time) an earthquake of magnitude 7.1 occurred in the unpopulated region of New Caledonia…

    6.3 Mw – WEST OF MACQUARIE ISLAND Preliminary Earthquake ReportMagnitude 6.3 Mw Date-Time 9 May 2011 18:54:42 UTC 10 May 2011 04:54:42…

  117. Thanks for all the info. This answered all the questions I have been having. I’m amazed that this hasn’t woken people up, much les ask the other natural disasters happening right now. Keep up the good work. May God bless you and help you get this word out to the lost.



    volcano in Ethiopia.

  120. East Coast rocked by strongest quake since 1944 – America

  121. Hi,

    I am John. Some images uploaded by you are really awesome. I do lots of small media collaborations, mainly for my own amusement. However, for a video I am creating, I need a number of images.May I use a few from here?

    You can check here to know more about what I do-

    Thanks & Regards,
    John F. Groom

    • dear John

      My images come from the public domain. They are not copyrighted, as far as I know. I tend to avoid copyrighted images, although since I am not for profit, there is not much harm if I use them.

      So, as far as I know, these images are free to be used. The only ones I have created my self would be a bit obvious as home made, where you can see I have combined images, or drawn them out by hand. Even then, I would not care if you used them.

  122. russia 9.5

  123. russia 9.5 = 6.6

  124. Matthew 24:8 All these events are the beginning of birth pains.

  125. Your earthquake data is incorrect. According to the USGS earthquakes have always remained about a constant. It seems like more because of seismograph stations. See

    • “have always remained about a constant.” How would one know that is correct without seismographs in the past? The information provided only deals with the last 20 years. Before that, there is no way to tell. Do you agree?

  126. The information on the page I listed does not cover just for the past 20 years. I went back and read all the information again and there is nothing that would even hint to only a 20 year coverage. Please read again. as a matter of fact read the last line “According to long-term records (since about 1900), we expect about 17 major earthquakes (7.0 – 7.9) and one great earthquake (8.0 or above) in any given year.” According to my math that line alone accounts for 112 years.

    The USGS has been around since 1879. They know what they are doing and have over 130 years of data and experience. I would venture to say their data is correct.

    The Bible is a book written by men and not by a God. Surely a God who was able to create a Universe and an Earth then fill it with life would NOT need man to write for him. After all the Bible claims that God wrote the 10 Commandments himself and gave them to Moses. It has many times been clearly demonstrated that the Book of Revelations was referring to the Roman Empire and Ceaser himself. Therefore it was not really discussing an end of time more over attempting to give Jews hope in the face of oppression.

    The Bible itself has NEVER actually accurately predicted anything. It is very easy to make vague prophecies and in time something similiar happen. Such as Earthquakes in diverse places. Earthquakes are not on the rise that is false. They have always happened in pretty much the same places which we now know are primarily along geological fault lines.

    Better communication such as the Internet make spreading news at light speed possible. Therefore you simply hear about earthquakes that years ago you simply would not have heard about.

    Now as for the legitamacy of the Bible itself. Anything that continues thoughout its pages to contradict itself cannot be trusted. See:

    A great example of a Biblical falsehood is the story of the Tower of Babel. According to the Bible God destroyed it because man was in one mind and one accord and was attempting to build a tower to heaven. According to the Bible God destroyed it because since they were in one mind and one accord, they would have done it. So he then made man speak different languages so that man could never be of one mind and one accord again.

    Now we have not only left Earth we have travelled to the far reaches of our solar system. So the idea they could have actually built a tower to heaven, we now know was an impossibility. We have been into deep space and yet we still cannot find it.

    Most of the Bible’s stories are actually of Samritan origin such as the creation story and the story of the great flood. Those stories are not of Hebrew or Aramaic origin and predates the Bible by well over 1000 years. DNA and genetic testing clearly shows that human life began in Central Africa. I could go into great detail but I will leave that research to you. Expand your mind. Religion tends to close minds so that your thoughts becomes narrow. You may choose to believe how you wish. We are of free will.

    • “The Bible is a book written by men, not by God.” This web site, and most of those here believe the Bible is G-d inspired. It appears your agenda is to stop by, and throw some crap.

      What I was refering to was the amount of data collection. In the last 20 years the collection is 8000 systems vs 350 systems 20 years ago. Yes, collection has occured for more than 20 years. However, only in the last 20 years has that collection been able to state if earthquakes are the same, or about the same amount.

      I support you right to believe as you wish.

      BTW, DNA, and genetic testing show human origin around 200,000 years. It does not state where. Even if I am wrong, my writing shows I have expanded my mind better than yours.

      Perhaps, you should make grammar, and tone a goal of yours.

  127. LOL That is funny! DNA testing can actually show what area of Africa your earliest ancestors are from by matching to the current indigenous peoples. Also, since obviously you believe humans originated 200,000 years ago you are discrediting the Bible! According to the Bible’s timelines, the Earth is only approx 8000 years old.

    No my intention was not to throw any “crap”. I will make this my last post. You can go on believing in fantasy and mysticism. I stopped when I stopped believing in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.

    • Where in the Bible does it read the earth is 8000 years old? Some individuals have stated the earth is only so old, but the Bible has not stated so. Not to my knowledge.

      The Bible states we are a created creature with free choice. Some of the ancient Temples both Roman, and Greek have fondation block stones weighing over 100 tons. The Greeks, and Romans did not move them, but built on top of them.

      The Bible also states it will be on earth as it was during the time of Noah when the word made flesh returns. I realize you do not believe in a global flood, but there are giant structures underwater off the coast of Japan, and Cuba. There is also about 300 cities underwater in the Medtieritian.

      This shows approx 17,000 years ago something happened that reflects the flood stories of almost every culture.

      Like I wrote, I support your right to believe as you wish, but you do not have to be an arse.



  129. NO DOT DO IT

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