Old man Dying in the Hospital


This testimony reflects the daily mysteries in God’s plans for our lives: He can provide healing for us, while at the same time, bring others into that healing, and faith and peace in God.

By Catrina Engle

Just the end of last year I had to be hospitalized for pneumonia and asthma for almost a week or somethin…(I’m only 24 and in good health so this is realllyy strange to get so sick outta nowhere like that..) Not to mention I’m praying for days and even weeks for healing…I mean I’m walking around speaking scriptures over my healings and asking God for a healing and rebuking demons that are trying to make me sickly, OK? And allll the time I’m walking around feeling TERRRIBLE. (I just recently learned that you are supposed to do these things so it was all new to me…but when I was not getting the healing, I felt I was doing something wrong or had made God mad in some way, or even maybe my faith wasn’t good enough and maybe it made God mad that I didn’t have enough faith???)

So finally as I was lying on the floor in the front room near the front door, gasping for breath, feeling like I am about to pass out and possibly die…My husband forces me to go to the emergency room! (Let me just add here that it had barely just gotten this bad- It had NOT been this bad all those weeks but progressively getting worse!!! Let me also add that I was hoping to get better on my own because we did not have health insurance and could not afford a ER room visit and had just filed bankruptcy not even a few months before this so we had NO DEBT on our records and I DID NOT want to put fresh debt in our names!)

So anyhow, I go to the emergency room and they are surprised I am even still walking around and whatnot…I see the doc and he tells me they DEFINETLY need to check me into the hospital because I’m basically in terrible shape! They have to get me on all kinds of breathing treatments & IV antibiotics…   (they ALMOST put me on a ventilator but Praise God I didn’t need one cuz the breathing treatments worked, plus they had me on oxygen) Anyhow…Listen up cuz I’m getting to the point…  lol  😉

So I get checked in to the hospital and shortly thereafter (within the first day or two maybe) I hear a man that’s constantly screaming… And he is screaming:

I mean he is moaning and screaming half the day on and off… Well, I ask a worker who comes into my room what is wrong with that man and she says, ‘Oh…He’s just a crazy old man.’ But yet he is still on my mind unrelentingly-And still moaning & screaming…

When my husband comes to visit me after work, I tell him about the little old man and the whole situation of him moaning and screaming in pain for half the day…And he gets real concerned you know- Really concerned about the little old man.

I mean even if you don’t know someone, if they are screaming out saying those things you naturally would feel bad about them…

My husband immediately felt the need to go pray for/with the old man, but didn’t know if he was allowed to… Well my mom had brought me these flowers in a vase, and I said something along the lines of…”Why don’t you go take him those flowers as a gift and maybe while you are in there you can pray for him. Maybe the nurses will let you take him the flowers and then while you’re in there you can pray…Who knows what he is going through spiritually, you know? Maybe he never accepted Jesus and is about to die and is being tormented by demons…”

Anyhow,shortly after my husband asks the nurses permission to go pray for this little old man and take him the flowers, they ‘OK’ the situation… (The nurses are desperate to do whatever to get the old man quiet at this point, I think…)

So my husband goes in there and casts out any demons that may be harrassing the old man IN THE NAME OF JESUS as well as commanding that they leave him alone and that he will have PEACE in THE NAME OF JESUS, and the little old man gets real calm and quiet… Just SO still, you know…

Well my husband comes back into my room and is pretty much crying and looks very emotional (which is pretty rare)…He told me that this little old guy looked like he was dying- his little toes were all curled up, he was ALL ALONE (no family or anything there with him) and he lookeed like he was dying…

Well, then my husband tells me something like ‘Do you think I should go say the salvation prayer with him?” And I said something like “ya,you know cuz who knows if this little old guy has ever accepted Jesus and this may be his last chance!”

So he goes back into the room and prays to God and asks that God give this man another chance and he was just interceding for the old man, asking that Jesus would come into his heart and give him peace and save him. Well, as my husband is saying all this and asking that God would forgive the old man (let me just mention here that the little old guy can’t even open his eyes or even talk… Maybe cuz he’s so near the end of his life?) But the old guy leans forward in his bed and starts shaking his head and groaning and almost like crying and nodding in agreement, and my husband was like ‘Yes God, you know his heart and you can see he is agknowledging You Lord.” Well he finishes the sinners prayer(aka the ‘salvation prayer’)with the little old guy and leaves the room…

And we do not hear the little old guy scream out or moan from then forward… He was just SOOO peaceful after the prayers and acceptance of Jesus…Just so peaceful and quiet.

I got well and left the hospital shortly thereafter, but I just can’t help but think that maybe this all happened for a reason? I mean, there was NO ONE else there for that old guy and The LORD does say that he does not desire for not ONE soul to perish!

Anyhow, I should also mention here that after prayer for the LORD to take care of the more than $14,000 hospital bill I inquired, it was reduced to $50!!!! 🙂 WOW!!!

All we have to do is ASK and the LORD DOES take care of us!

As soon as we let go of our problems, stresses and worries and let HIM take it all over and ASK Him to- He is faithful and just to take care of us…For He says’My yoke is easy and my burden is LIGHT’!!!

Also, I wanted to tell you here (This is the part I was getting to) that shortly after getting home from the hospital (within a day or two or so) I was lying in bed and I felt the symptoms of the pneumonia/ashthma start to come back… After I had already BEEN healed!!!! (Well I read a Kenneth Hagin book where he talked about the devil trying to trick him into thinking he was sick AGAIN-after already being healed-putting symptoms on him….Because if the devil can trick you into really believing the symptoms, well then you are basically biting the bait and putting your faith in that infirmity and not what the Word of God says, you know?)

I knew that the devil was testing my faith and trying to trick me too!!! And I just laughed it off like Kenneth had, and went on with my business without even giving it a second thought!! LOL…And guess what? It LEFT within minutes!!!






Sincerely, Catrina Engle

*~Live for Jesus cuz HE died for you~*

15 Responses to “Old man Dying in the Hospital”

  1. […] for us, while at the same time, bring others into that healing, and faith and peace in God. Click here for […]

    • Hello Mrs Engle
      What a powerful testimony for you and your husband to experience and willing to share.
      I love Brother Kenneth Hagin and the ministry / anoiting the Lord allowed him to flow in. Is his wife still alive?
      I like your honesty sharing your personal business to encourage other believers.
      Many times believers are apprehensive in sharing real life scenerios that God takes them through. We don’t always have Mountain Top experiences.
      Thank you so much Joseph
      Do reply at your discretion

  2. gee, that is a nice story. 🙂

  3. Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  4. Dear Catrina,
    Have you been to the site :
    www . imageevent.com strangedays strange skies ?
    Maybe you will understand why you where sick, but the Lord change the curse for his glory

  5. Hi Friends! 🙂

    I believe in my heart that we were brought there to direct this little old guy to Jesus… There was no one else there for him and I believe he was on his deathbed. I really feel God was using us being in the hospital so that my husband could minister to him… God is SOOOO very very merciful, isn’t he?! 🙂 He heard that little old man crying out and gave him another chance! Our God IS a God of second chances.

    I believe God gives us ALL these sorts of opportunities! I think if we are willing…He WILL use us-doesn’t matter WHO you are! All we have to do is ask Him.It’s not in our OWN ability, it is by the power of The Holy Spirit. And The Holy Spirit will let you know when someone needs to be ministered to. (It’s not the pastors who are going to affect your co-workers, grocery sales clerk, guy at the drive-thru, person at the gas station, or your own personal friends or family…)Usually the people who need to hear about Jesus the MOST don’t show up at church- We gotta go to them…And I think God will give us the words to speak if we are willing to do His work. I’m still learning… How we conduct ourselves is important too because the world is watching. God wants us to be ‘set apart & separate’ from the world…

    Curtis Beatrice: No I don’t think I’ve been to that website- I’ll check it out!

    Joseph: Yes, I agree! I think we should all share our testimonise with eachother cuz it’s just such a good faithbuilder, you know? It is just awesome to hear how God works in everyones’ life!
    (I like http://www.InsightsofGod.com and http://www.spiritlessons.com which have TONS of amazing testimonies, which I love to read)

    In Christs Love, Catrina

    • Catrina, This story so amazes me. Only God sees the end from the beginning. I have had similar circumstances, and I have found myself repenting for my impatience with our lovely Savior. He wants to bless us so that we become a blessing. When in Paradise God may send that old man, (who won’t be old anymore, but of a vibrant youthful vigor) to embrace you with thanksgivings to our redeemer for your obedience to be faithful to give him Christ. When you all went into the old mans room, what he saw was Jesus Christ, for that is what he got. He became what he was beholding, but now he will see Jesus face to face thanks to you. The Lord would have you know that He will use you in greater measures than what you have descibed, because you have been faithful in little, He will grant you greater responsibilities. Yes signs, and wonders and miracles will be done thru you in Jesus name. Even now as you read this the spirit of the living God in imparting that Holy anointing to do just that. The fire of God is to penetrate you and thru you like living electricity. Oh how fortunate you are to be used this way. Continually seek Him and press into Him in greater degrees. You will then soak in His presence. God Bless you

  6. In light of this, I couldn’t help but think about this. I am reading again, after 30 yr or more, the book called “The Normal Christian Life” by Watchman Nee. I am being shown by God, (all those years ago I didn’t have the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him that Paul prayed for all to have in Eph 1), that He sees us differently than we do, and that is because we haven’t grasped yet, by knowing, reckoning, presenting ourselves to God, and walking in His Spirit. So often we pray as Nee says, for things that God is trying to show us, that we already have in Christ.

  7. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Watchman Nee! I need to check out his book(s)…

  8. Hi Catrina: Thank you for sharing your testimony while in the hospital. What an awesome experience!!! God Bless you, and see you in heaven someday!

  9. Loved It!

  10. While it is sad that people live & die from this earth w/out anyone in their lives to see them off this business about Jesus this & Jesus that, Moes hit me with a baseball bat is really getting old.

    Gawd-DUH is not watching over YOU & skipping over others; no one is watching you except for Homeland Security & they know everything there is to know about you already.

    Just live your life as best you can, care for others as best you can but give me a break on the life after death garbage. We laff at the antics of the ancients over their death rituals & the nonsense they believed. YOU will be laffed at by future explorers too (and for your info we’re laffing at you now).

    Religion is the root of all evil.

    Allah is a donkey.

  11. It is good to remember that Mohammed said atheists serve God in reminding us that God cannot be defined or limited by man. Thank you, Shaif, for serving God, and for reminding those who need it that God lives in donkeys, who bear His cross in their fur. Here’s a wonderful Sufi joke:
    Musaf answered the door to find his friend Josef asking, “Can I borrow your donkey?” Annoyed, Musaf said, ” I loaned him out already!” At this time a loud bray was heard in back of the house. “There! I hear your donkey myself…loud and clear!” Musaf drew himself up with dignity, “Who are you going to believe, me or a donkey!”

  12. This is good you went and prayed,this what he want the rest of us to do is to respond through the spirit.If a person ask you to do something that’s jesus going through that individual.Or it might be times Jesus will send you in a direction for one thing and once you’re there you are needed for what jesus need you to do in that place.He will move you in different ways only you will see as time go’s on in different situations.Thanks,GP

  13. God bless both you and your husband Catrina. That little old soul was once somebody’s baby, somebody’s child. No doubt God brought you both as a couple into that situation for a reason. Oh that I pray to God that He would find me useful enough and worthy so as to spread some of His message and love to somebody on the edge of eternity – and with that, hand me the discernment to recognize the ones in need and the hour on their clocks. I wasted so many years after starting off on fire for Jesus. The turmoil of the last two years has been an unequivocal blessing. I want to live and die for Jesus. I thank God for drawing me unto Him…….

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