Pets and Insomnia



For those with insomnia, sleeping with pets may help, or not help.

I have had drug induced insomnia for 8 years.

I recently got a puppy, who sleeps with me, and now I get more sleep than I used to.

This is AFTER she was house trained.

Yes, she hogs the bed and sleeps at my feet, and gets in my way, but I am able to wake up long enough to move her, and go right back to sleep.

Overall, the amount of sleep is more, and it is better quality.

For those with insomnia, this may be a helpful solution, to sleep with a pet.

Obviously, this would not work for everyone.

The opposite may be true, and you should remove the pet from your bed, and get him his own bed.

During the day, pets are known to be stress reducers, as long as they behave.

So with less stress by nighttime, we might be able to sleep easier, whether they are in bed with us or not.


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7 Responses to “Pets and Insomnia”

  1. Helps me! Pets are spiritually healing.

  2. I have had severe insomnia for a decade (maybe close to two.) It is one of the most hideous thing to have to live with. I am all for anything that helps that does not involve drugs or other intrusive remedies.

    Personally I have to twin sister cats I got as kittens from the shelter 3 years ago. They are wonderful to have around at night to reach over and just stroke them when I wake up, or to hear their purrs that can lull me to sleep at times.

    Some people have pet allergies and this can become an issue – for them to sleep some have to ban their animals from the bedroom. I find I hesitate to move them when I wake up, but like you say, you can go right back to sleep as do the cats. They don’t seem to mind my shifting them from time to time (too much.)

    • Denise,

      I have had a lifetime of insomnia so feel for you; mine has improved these last few years, thank God, I get results with Chamomile. Was making the tea but recently started using the powdered capsules bought at any health food store. I empty 2 & put in boiling water before bed, I sleep much better. Also powdered magnesium I add, it helps too and reduces the severity of migraines.

      • Susan – thank you for the suggestion, I have tried Chamomile but not magnesium.

        Instead of getting upset like I used to about not being able to fall asleep and / or stay asleep, I take that time now and focus on our Lord – not so much praying and asking for something (like sleep!), but, listening. Sometimes God has an answer to a question I didn’t think to ask.

        And I thank God for those two special beings who chose me as well as my choosing them. They have rescued me more than I in bringing them home from the county shelter. 🙂

        • Amen, both my dogs & parrot were gifts from above, All rescue too. I also say the same; they chose/ rescued me. They are not demanding and have innate ability to assist me in my health needs.

          I know everyone is different when it comes to what helps sleep; when using the powdered Cham. capsule emptied in hot water; it made a difference, combined w/ mag. Some benefit from Melatonin, does nothing for me. I hope you find an alternative to help, likely you have tried most; this remedy for me is recent.
          I pray too when I awake today,very early(then later back to sleep again.)
          Directing my thoughts calling out to God, listening as you; a precious time…
          Yes, we are to be thank full in ALL things…bless you~

  3. My 2 little kiddies, small breed dogs are the most affectionate and loving companions I could imagine! They actually hug me and love to cuddle. Yes, big stress relievers awake and sleeping. 🙂 They are perfect, loyal, friends. Both are now beyond the puppy stage thank goodness a challenge to train them but they grow up and become loyal, wanting to please; our bond deepens. They have to be a gift from The Father! 🙂
    Your pup is cute Marianne, will she be big, looks part German Shep? If I could, I would have more dogs, all sizes. : )

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