Sinner’s Prayer


Have you prayed this prayer yet, and meant it?

27 Responses to “Sinner’s Prayer”

  1. Of course I have, and been water and fire baptized!

    • 🙂

      • This case has been elevated to the Christian law association. would like for someone to pray for a situation & people that don’t take life-Christ seriously. Shoresh David also Beit Tehila n tampa, fl a ministry exposed a high level witch coven that used what a rabbi rosenberg of shuvah ministry notified as fact they did necromancy on someone possibly more for profit & personal gain.

  2. i have been baptized with holy spirit bt not water

  3. Well, this prayer is criticized a bit because many think, they are saved after that, no matter what they do, even if they join the Foreign Legion on a killing spree.

  4. Amen

  5. It just feels like he’s coming soon and we better make sure we REALLY know Him! I believe there are people inside the church who think they are Christians, but don’t live it. I’m so happy to see your post…way to listen to the Lord here.

  6. Hi Marianne,

    I did not receive a copy of this with my bible. Should I request a refund or
    insist on a printing of this vital information(?); just kidding…seriously, this is typical of the denominational hype that serves only to entice people into the churches, and keep them ensnared in the sinful state, on the pretext that salvation is guaranteed on the utterance of a prescription prayer. God only hears a beseeching heart which actually intensifies as we grow closer to God
    and become increasingly aware of our hopeless fleshly condition, leading to greater consciousness of our spiritual need, resulting in absolute reliance upon
    Him, and the guiding light of His Word.

    Repentance is a daily on-going process from a contrite heart, and as you say it is all about sincerity, which God will reward by guiding us to true repentance and faith, leading to salvation.

    Jesus gave us the model prayer, and his words alone are sufficient.

    Thank you for the article, but I believe “the sinners prayer” should be considered an addendum to God’s Word at the very most; or ideally, discarded as being misleading at the very least!


    • p.s. Marianne; would just like to add that you obviously presented this with
      every good intent and in good faith for the benefit of sincere seekers coming to
      this website; and with correct follow-up teaching (the truth), will bear fruit; which is generally not the case throughout Christendom. Forgive me if I sounded harsh.

  7. I have a recording of Perry Como singing the act of Contrition…very moving.

    O my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee.
    I confess all my sins because I dread the loss of Heaven and the pains of hell…but most of all because I have offended Thee, my God, Who art all good and deserving of all my love.

    I firmly resolve, with the help of Thy grace, to confess all my sins, to do penance, and to amend my life. Amen

    It’s very important to back confession with action in the old catholic faith….mysticism and emotion are not enough.

  8. Allow me to add something to the above:-

    “what you sow you shall reap” we all know this verse, but how many times do we fail to realize the significance of this little verse specially in these days that there is so much attention in the media about terrible things that is going to happen.

    Firstly it causes fear and the Word tells us “not to fear” then furthermore, we allow this fear filled thoughts, to enter our minds and we dwell on them. So what are we really doing? we are planting thoughts of fear.

    All things that we create comes as an idea/thought first, then we create that idea/thought in the physical, IE that idea becomes then the harvest of that idea.

    You people follow my “drift”, thus, be careful what you allow to enter into your thought life, and if anything untoward does come in, acknowledge it and let it go, don’t allow it to nest there and lay eggs.

    Rather think on those things that is good and beautiful, such as, that you are a child of the amazing, only, true living God, that you were created in His image and He loves you, even with all your shortcomings, that He has promised to keep you and guide you, even should you go through the valley of death.

    If we together, can all stay positive and adopt that attitude, will we then not be able to produce a much better outcome as harvest? I am just asking! think about it!!

  9. Johan – couldn’t have said it better – Shalom

  10. MATT 24:19

    Christians, ” How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers!”?

    how to interpret this verse and apply to current time end time ?

  11. To all,

    I happen to think that overall time is short before something very significant is going to happen.

    I think that there have been enough people that are feeling this in their heart, to take it very seriously.
    There are too many in the church that don’t place their first priority in life, as being Yeshua as their Lord and Savior, and that they will unfortunately regret that soon.
    I think those of us that have the opportunity to encourage our brothers and sisters in this should do so.
    We need to be disciples not only to the world, but to our own brothers and sisters as well. (James 5:20.)

    Just something that I felt the need to post.
    Praise Yeshua our Precious Savior. Our KING of kings and LORD of lords.

  12. even so come LORD JESUS

  13. Richard is correct when he wrote, “Thank you for the article, but I believe “the sinners prayer” should be considered an addendum to God’s Word at the very most; or ideally, discarded as being misleading at the very least!”

    The sinner’s prayer is neither commanded nor taught in the Bible. Instead, it is a tool used by people who may care for the salvation of others. However, salvation through a Prayer is not compatible with the Biblical truth that salvation is by faith alone – not through a work, including a prayer.

  14. Is it sinful to lust sexually over non living things such as a teddy bear or car or the walls?

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  16. Did you know this is not in the Bible anywhere .It is something someone made up years ago. Jesus prayed in the garden,but it was not a sinners prayer.

  17. jesus will come soon and the signs are there you just have to look closly.i am a 14 year old kid and i have sinned more than i ever thought i would when i was 7. as i got older i believe satin was trying hard to convince to me god is not true . but i believed him until about 3 months ago.on the last day of third grade my best friend moved away i was so sad and questioned my existence.i started praying to god to show me a sign. but it was a long time i thought jesus did not like me because when i heard people saying jesus talked to them.i thought it was a physical type of talk and i would hear with my own ears. so when i prayed for my best friend back he knew i was looking in the wrong place for an answer so he switched it up on me.i now have my best friend back and we talk about god all the time we are in fca (fellowship of christian athletes )i told him about the whole god never talks to me and i never here him talking to others . he said god is in your heart and he talks to you there. that sounds fake but its true and it has changed my life and i want to influence people to spread the word so please screenshot this and text it to someone and ask them to forward it to others on and on and on . if you have a way you perfer to send or spread please do.

    God Bless You All and remember god will always love you

    NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dear aiden

      thank you for your precious story. you are right, god is always there an will always love us. you are very grown up for your age, and I think god is going to use you in a wonderful way. 🙂

  18. Thanks for witnessing

  19. I have prayed that prayer and sometimes like every day I have to remind my flesh tha my soul belongs to God. Amen

    • cindy

      faith is a growth process. we do not “instantly” become perfect after saying a prayer. if you want god, he wants you back, you are going to be ok.

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