Religious Spirits

The manifestation and activity of religious spirits require a friendly union between “flesh” (the fallen human nature) and demons. It is not solely demonic activity, so being around them requires a different spiritual response.

Jesus had no trouble with demons. Demons bowed and fled. He easily cast them out. But the Pharisees were a different matter. Religious spirits do not bow down and obey, because of the human free will element involved.

To interact with them, is like dealing with a hybrid of demonic and human. The human component makes it difficult to remove the demonic, because the human part is enjoying the fellowship, and power the demonic gives it, and does not want it to leave. Deliverance will not happen without the human will agreeing to it.

How to recognize them:

Religious spirits oppress and persecute others, usually true believers. They do this in the name of God.

they criticize others almost constantly, and recruit others to join them.

They are controlling, and legalistic, rigid in opinion.

Very unforgiving about what they accuse you of doing wrong

Their religious zeal, spirituality, and righteousness is not of God. They have no personal relationship with God, just a religious agenda they want followed, with them in control.

focus on perfection, not progress

are proud and arrogant

find fault with others but not with themselves

know how to tear down, but not to build up.

unable to receive correction and instruction

they will not listen to man, only God.

will not submit to any human authority, unless that authority exalts them

believe that God has appointed them to fix you. God cannot do it without them. They are appointed to fix everything wrong in your life. But they fix you by tearing you down, by destroying you, and criticizing everything they think is wrong with you.

will not tolerate weakness or failures in you. Bible says to bear one another’s burdens

always want recognition

suspicious of every move of God as being from the devil. They watch and study and do not believe it. Spread doubts. If God did not do it before, then He cannot be doing it now. God is not allowed to do anything they do not understand. They forget that the devil copies God. God does not copy the devil.

they glory in yesterday, but not today, unless they are in the center of it

they will not join in any group outside of theirs and will forbid you to do the same. “We have all the truth.” Cult thinking. You cannot go anywhere else except their church, or you will be defiled.

they do not understand the work of grace in someone’s life

they take false stand on dreams and visions, theirs are ok, not but yours

no room for God working in their life. they are already perfect.

may have started out as spirit filled, but they think they can perfect themselves in the flesh.

they will put religious curses on innocent people

if unchecked, they will progress to the demonic, and then will need deliverance

they make false accusations, then justify then with irrelevant scripture, to “sanctify” the evil that is spoken. This can be the most twisted and confusing experience.

Example: they accuse you of being a “snake” or a “scorpion” because you do not agree with them (you happen to be correct). Then they pull some scripture that talks about something NOT related to your “error,” but has to do with why you will go to hell, or need to repent. They say the sky is red, and you say it is blue. They then quote this passage, which is irrelevant:


[1] I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom;

[2] Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.

[3] For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

[4] And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

What does this passage have to do with the color of the sky? Nothing! It is there to mentally confuse you, and keep you in spiritual chaos. The scripture is a trap, not to enlighten you, but to get you to concede to them. So the devil is inappropriately using the Word of God as a sword against you, and you need to recognize this strategy, and either reject and expose what he is doing, or be well armored with the Word of God yourself, and fight back with more than he has.

Intensely unforgiving. They recall past “mistakes,” even from 20 years ago. They will never let you forget the mistake and will bring it up to condemn you. It may not even be a mistake, but they think it is. They use the mistakes to prove that you are evil or wrong, and need their advice.

Why are they so prevalent?

1. some have always been around, through history, example, the Pharisees in Jesus time. It comes from a desire to be important.

2. the modern charismatic movement opens the door for false spirits.

a. those which desire power, to prove they are “anointed” of God, when they are not called of God. So they are fakes. They become false teachers and false prophets, etc. Some are self- deceived, and do it to gain acceptance. Others are just corrupt, and do it for money, power, etc.

b. those which may or may not be “anointed,” or have a ministry calling on their lives, but who criticize others who actually ARE called of God, as fakes. Limited in their understanding, they actually attack true teachers of the gospel, and true prophets (who are rare) and claim they are fakes when they are real. Example: the persecution of the prophet Jeremiah by the leaders in his day. They claimed he was a false prophet, but he was real, and telling the truth.

What to do

1. beware of them . Jesus said to “beware the leaven of the Pharisees.” (Matt 16: 8)

2. resist them, as “God resists the proud” ( James 4:6)

3. recognize them (Rom 10:2-4) as those with convictions, zeal, and righteousness that is not of God

4. if you have the authority in a church, as in pastoral standing, etc, dismiss them. If you don’t, they will cause you a lot of trouble, including trying to have you dismissed, because you are not up to their standards.

5. if you do not have any authority over them, just leave them alone, or leave the church environment, if the pastor will not do anything. Given enough time, they will attack you and cause you spiritual harm. Remember, they crucified Jesus. Imagine what they would do to you, if given the chance.

6. be realistic. These are the last days. You will find religious spirits everywhere. If you leave one church, you will find more in another. So if you pick a big enough church, if you want one, then you will have a better chance of finding some nice people to associate with.

7. Pray for wisdom, and the ability to discern spirits, for your own protection.

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    • this is so true because ive had this very experience several some smaller churches i can attest to because this where i was confronted in a negative way.i thank GOD for the spirit of discernment and im sure if i didnt have some knowledge about these dark things i would have been non the wiser.these people prey on the weak and most vunerable

  2. Doing a study on ruler spirits now. Very interesting blog

  3. Hi Bernett,

    Thank you for the kind words. Feel free to look around more. There are related topics here.


  4. Thank you for your message, I think I have been attacked by these Church religious people before, and now. I am Christian, I am new at it still. Say five years, and still learning to search for God and use the real messiah. I moved into a suite and shortly three months later an Old lady moves in with illnesses. She is a( catholic) but also said “She didnt believe in Jesus anymore” She complains about alot of things I do, like laundry or wearing hair spray. I was fine, now last month and this month I find I am getting spiritual attacks. Pins, screws in my neck, and oppression, ears ringing all the time. She is an old lady and very angry one. She then pretends to be Kind. Wolf in Sheeps clothing. She had got people to pray against me and I never did anything to her. I know cause she gave me a doll and I threw it out, I also had a dream of her licking my face and also snakes and spiders. My son also had a dream similar then we began to feel weak and headaches, and aching bones. Even my mind is numb, I can’t think. She was digging in our garbage a couple months ago for hair that was outside and she might have given it to someone who is using this hair against me. Anyone know how to cast this out. I have been praying for so long, that I am actually tired and hurt all at once. I have been prayed for but it is still lingering.


  5. Dear Brandy,

    She is your roommate, or she just lives in the same building as you?

    The woman is a whacked out witch, and you need to put physical distance between you and her. Can you move?

    You need to pray simple prayers
    I cover my self with the blood of Jesus
    I reject all curses, in Jesus name

    Get someone – maybe your son – to agree with you. THere is spiritual strength with 2 people agree.

    When you get this message, you will get my email address. You can hit the reply button and we can discuss this more.

    Do not give up. You will be ok.


  6. No, we are not roommate’s, we do share a door to come into the building , we might as well be roommate’s. Other then that she lives right next door. There are tow Suites close together. However, I did get some Box’s as I am ready to just move.
    next month.

  7. Hi Brandy,

    If you can find another place, that would be best. The woman picks on you because she is aware of you. If someone else lived where you are at, she would turn her attention to them instead. You are just convenient. You are next to her, so you make a good target. Avoid her, not because there is any reason to fear her, but so her attention will not be towards you.

    Repeating what I said earlier:

    You need to pray simple prayers like this:
    “I cover my self with the blood of Jesus”
    “I reject all curses, in Jesus name”

    Get someone – maybe your son – to agree with you. There is spiritual strength with 2 people agree.

    let me know what happens next.


  8. One thing I do notice with people with religious spirits they tend to isolate their bible verses and use it against you, for example one ministry uses James 4:4 and they won’t fellowship with you if they think your promoting the world. One thing I do notice is you can never apologize to people who have religious spirits because they withhold forgiveness and isolate you. If a Christian makes a mistake in their eyes your gone and they isolate you. When you are isolated these people do in fact stay away and hide from you.

  9. Hi Barry,

    What you said about the unforgiving attitude is true. I should add that. Thanks.


  10. Nothing is better than God because he created us and we owe him entirely. We must love God with all our hearts, spirits and souls. With respect and show our love for Christ by keeping his commandments. This is not to offense – just to share my perspective.

  11. Hi Cornelia,

    Religious spirits can be very stressful to deal with, especially if it is in the family, as well as the church. You are welcome to contact me by email. Just hit the reply button when you get my response.

    • Hi Cornelia,

      Religious spirits can be very stressful to deal with, especially if it is in the family, as well as the church. You are welcome to contact me by email. Just hit the reply button when you get my response.

  12. Yes, I saw this in my last church. They were alwsys supposedly hearing from God, but if I said that I did, they would try to convince me it was probably the devil. One person even commented to me that I was not mature enough in my faith to be able to hear from God properly.

  13. Marianne,

    Sound familiar. I do forgive but I do not forget if I was harmed by others simply because I was waiting patiently for their apologies. My flesh father who I never would get along.. loves to critize me or anyone else.. and even worse spreading all lies about me to set against my own mother to break. Believe it or not, he used to be priest himself. I remember asked him once about seeing Jesus Christ… he told me I was seeing the Devil. I knew he was wrong because my question is still with me even nowadays.
    I have many flaws and knew I am no perfect but a sinner. NO ONE on this earth is perfect in flesh nor in spirits. It took me a long long time to learn how to merge my flesh with spirit to understand and to listen and to feel closely to track.
    Frustrating, yes. Lost, yes. I kept myself distance from people nowadays.. simply reason is.. I am extremely too sensitive every time I step out of the door… the impact of invisible energy would bowl me over and vibes through and through.. Mix between good and evil.. intense wars that is unseen. I cannot see them.. but I can feel and sense and knows it is everywhere and getting worse.

    The only one thing I can say… for this page about religion spirits.. I do not know which I belong at all. But it does not matter to me at all. It might matters to you or God or everyone else.. It doesn’t bother me at least. I learned the pain and hurt and abuse for too far long years until my best friend/ex hubby is patiently work with me.. I do have very terrible temper every time anyone try to tell me WHAT to do or WHAT I SHOULD DO with myself or my life.. or worst.. telling me HOW to raise my kids.. THAT is THEIR mistake. To me, it is MY own free will that I wanted to learn the flesh and spirit and how to balance them and merge them to become one to understand myself and God better. I have accepted for a long long time is that I ain’t blessed nor chosen.. but more likely a curse in entire family because they always pity me and spoil me thinking it is WHAT I need.. which isn’t so. lol.. I do love them all dearly no matter how much they pity or hate me.

    It is a matter of soul searching to know myself.. and yes, I am stubborn to a fault whom always have hard time listening to men… I abousately hate man’s laws on earth.. because way TOO many laws that seem endlessly… yet I do my best to follow without break it.. as much as I try to follow God’s laws.. see ?? I also accepted that if I am destinated to go to hell.. that’s okay because it does not mean I stop loving God everyday.. I understood his laws and accepted his plans or his conquences set for me.. I have NO idea what holds me in the future.. only God does know.

    talk and pray constantly

    🙂 I know I say too much but.. it just need to get off my chest so I can move on without hold it all inside. And no, I do not need anyone to feel sorry for me if I accept God’s plans or conquences. I am holding on to my faith and to God as best as I am able is all I needed.

    Many Blessings…Big hugs to everyone.

    • Dear Tamera

      You are one of the sweetest, most sincere people on this website. Do not even think that you would ever go to hell. You love God, and He loves you back.

      Evil people and spirits are the causes of hell on earth. But if we keep the faith, and ask God to protect our souls, we will go to heaven when it is time.

      You have much good inside you. You can be a great help to others in pain. You are going to be OK……

  14. I’m confused. I admire your website and have agreed with everything I have read so far, but one statement in this article is very troubling to me. You said that 2 Tim 4:1-4 was irrelevant. Did I read that wrong? Could you please clarify what you meant?

    I have a son-in law that left the Catholic church and recently gave his heart to Christ. Every since, his family has “gone to war” with my family so to speak. I feel like they are “praying” curses upon us. Do you think that the Catholic church is full of religious spirits?

    • hi Stan

      Nothing in scripture is irrelevant, unless it is intentionally and inappropriately applied, in order to justify evil, instead of good.

      If you look carefully at the post, I am referring to the person with the religious spirit, quoting scripture to justify condemnation of a saint.

      The USAGE of the scripture is irrelevant to their argument, as it actually describes them, not the one they are criticizing. They are abusing scripture for an evil motive.

      2 Tim, and all other scripture is pure, and people should heed the guidance. They should not twist it, and use it as a weapon to harm innocent people.

      Your son in law made a positive decision. According to the Catholic Church, he is now a fallen away Catholic, and headed for hell, because he has left the “true” church.

      Protestants would act the same way if he left them, and converted to Catholicism.

      He is going to have to show them that his relationship with God is still intact, and that he is still headed for heaven.

      He can start by using the Bible to show that he IS saved, and maybe witness to his family at the same time.

      They may be very devout Catholics, and are afraid for him. They need assurance that all is well with him.

    • The Catholic Church is evil – that doesn’t mean that the people that follow it are, they don’t know any better, but the worship of Mary is idolatry, they teach lots of false doctrine, have lots of disguised satanism and mockery of Jesus and his death… A person going from atheism to Catholism is a positive step as they are pursuing God, but they should then be guided from this path to the correct path of reading the bible, praying to and worshipping the one True God, creator and most high, accepting his son as the messiah and accepting the sacrifice for our sins…

      The problem with triune and Mary / statue / cross worship is that it praises demons and allows them “legal” entry into you, and this is why so many devout Catholics appear so nasty, they believe they are good people and don’t understand that they are following a false, pagan doctrine and are open to unpleasant influence…

      Your son in law is in a great place! One thing to be sure of though is that he understands that Jesus and God are separate entities and that you do need to accept Christ into your heart but you pray to and worship only God- there is no biblical evidence for a trinity except fallacies in translation from the Greek and Latin that are pushed by the Catholic Church, I’ve had terrible experiences from believing the lie of the trinity.

  15. The enemy has conspired against this great God fearing nation and the nations of the earth:
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  16. Is their a difference between a spirit and a demon?

  17. Marianne
    Just read this post. I don’t totally agree with you that this is always a spirit or demon that controls these people, but rather their sinful nature. I believe that some of these people may even be Christians, but have not had that sanctifying work of G-d in their lives. I myself was brought up in the church, and had a genuine conversion experience as a child. I had a zeal to follow G-d and do his will. I was even teaching some youth groups in my church. But with all this authority , my pride began to show, I began to put myself on a pedestal above those others. G-d then had to “knock me down” off that pedestal. Through His sanctifying work, and by his grace he took me away from this church setting, and the positions of authority I was in. In the process of humbling me he also showed his immense love towards me, as well as making me see the errors of the church to which I belonged and was part of the inner circle. I was always certain of my faith and conversion, but it was at this point that my relationship became vibrant in him. I began to see people that did not know Christ as humans like myself rather than something less, and others in Christ as brothers and sisters in Christ, not as those to be controlled. The souls of those who do not believe are to be loved as much as those whose souls are saved. The best way to love is to share this good news with others in mutual respect for each other.
    In my experience, many who have been saved out of adverse conditions such as alcoholism, or other addictions and afflictions often condemn those that succumb to these afflictions. this is not an evil spirit, but rather their fear of falling back into that lifestyle and an expression of their knowledge of what these things can do. In their experience there can be zero tolerance for these things, which makes them seem overbearing and controlling. Instead of seeing this as demonic, we should respect them and their position, and let them know that G-d works differently in each person.
    The best example I can give of what our attitude should be, is that of Paul the apostle, who had every right to boast about his life, yet G-d put a “thorn in his side” that he might remain humble and be in touch with his humaness. We do not know what this thorn was, But we do know that G-d chose not to remove it.
    I think the thing that should be condemned with respect to people with these weaknesses, is the institution of the church which often gives authority to people who are easily prone to the sin of pride. Then we have a Jimmy Swaggert moment, and the hypocracy of the church shows.
    “the first shall be last and the servant the master.”
    P.S. Thank you for this site, it really has me thinking out of the box, and strengthening my faith.

    • hi dru

      What you say is true. I tend sometimes to really narrow in on a topic, so that I can be brief. This narrowness can exclude exceptions to what I write like what you point out. I do not mean that all difficult people have demons, but to just focus on those who do – at least for this post. Maybe to balance it out, I should just have a post on difficult people.

  18. I find myself religious and as I read the above I see that I am all that. How do I get out of this?

    • hi Gina

      You do not seem like that from what i know of you.

      But the basis for religious spirits is pride, something we are all tempted with. We want to be important and to have value. this opens the door to spirits who will make us feel exalted.

      the best way to fight this is to humble yourself before God, and let him work with you. reject all sin and let God handle big situations. be satisfied with not being important, and then God can actually use you.

  19. i am born again , i had first hand experience with my husband for13 years till i started questioning whats really going on.. God thru His word showed me it believe was a religious spirit not born again .. although i had suffered great harm and my kids i thank God that i am separated he has been spoken to by my church elders and didn’t like them speaking about where he had gone wrong in marriage .. this may all lead to divorce also .. this information was so true this is exactly my
    experience .. thank you ..


  20. My husband has a religious spirit. He constantly attacks me and my walk in God. It has gotten to the point of my having him arrested for being so cruel! He also has a mind controlling and lunatic spirit. It’s a general curse on his family. His mom,sisters and a brother all have been treated for mental illness . He was medicated at one time but refuses to get back on meds. He goes from church to church wanting to pray and spread his wisdom. He thinks God is speaking to him but it’s satan. He hates me and tells my daughter and son n law how evil I am but I’m the prayer warrior, Jesus is Lord in my life and that spirit hates that. I just need help. My pastor and church members say all I can do is pray and worship. I’ve been married to him for 26 years and it has been mostly bad memories . I’m praying for God to release me from this marriage . I don’t know what else to do I need a supernatural miracle from my Savior, JESUS CHRIST

    • patricia

      at least your church is on your side, instead of being deceive by him

      I am sending you some prayers against witchcraft and spirits, and for strength.

      print them out and say each day. I will be in agreement with you.

      also, take action…if you need a lawyer, then get one

  21. wow, very good article. I recently encountered it and felt discouraged but now i feel much better with more understanding on this topic.

  22. Hi Patricia
    I’m so thankful for your posting. I also have a husband who is moved by a religious (phareciacal) spirit. He left me after 2 years of marriage. It’s an awful situation how he was deceitful ab. The way he left. He had me believing that the Lord He left cuz I was such a sinful person.
    He goes thru long periods of fasting….and loves legalistic, religious practices. Then he acts like he’s to good to be with me.
    I’ve been in a place of almost loosing my faith in God due to the oppressing force of his presence.
    I’ve, been speaking truth to him, uncovering the lies that he has believed, so I just realized that this is not a natural discord between spouses, but instead I’ve become his enemy, cuz he hates to listen to truth or correction. It is indeed very spiritual warfare.
    I can use some prayer support from this forum. Please, I need your help against this disgusting spirit. The one that crucify the Lord!

    • elizabeth

      I can send you the prayer against witchcraft (print out and say each day) and agree with you in prayer

      remember what is important is God’s opinion of you, not your husband’s delusional opinion.

  23. That religious spirit is VERY strong enemy to expel. Only the truth and knowledge of God the Father and our Lord Jesus can suppress this demon. I see it here on this site and other places.

    Hold on to the truth and HE will set you free. Only through the Gospel can he(husband) be set free and if he does not want to hear it then maybe …. Ask him to read or study Romans and Hebrews over and then Galatians, Ephesians. If he doesn’t get it then maybe he can’t receive it.

    That kind of work is NOT of the Spirit but of the flesh.


  24. Marianne, thank you so much for the prayers you sent to me. I’ve been praying them, but I still some difficulty getting to pray…. But I’m seeing so much clearer now…Praise the Lord! I didn’t realized the great oppression I was under. I stop communicating with my husband a few days ago, cuz his text messages were very accusatory, even ….”that I have drift away from the Lord…!, I can’t keep hearing his condemning comments.
    He has a lot of knowledge of the Word in his head, but not in his heart….please support me praying?….
    I appreciate your column Marianne, this forum is great!

  25. Hi Marianne,
    This has happened to my best friend! I love her so dearly! We have traveled together and worshipped together, as well as studied together for 16 years. She rejected the Word because she preferred the lie, so it opened a door and now she is lost, I am single and the loss of her is heartbreaking, I know the Lord doesn’t want me to get too close to her in this condition, I would love to have her back, but she persecutes me and is getting madder and madder at me the more I try to solve this problem. She won’t let me near her. I can’t call, text or email her. We go to the same church and she won’t even let me be in the same class as her. I want so much to fix this, but I just don’t know what to do. I love her but she hates me. Is there a way to take care of a demon remotely? I mean from afar? I have been praying, but it hasn’t helped. Thanks for your help in advance! This is so awful!

    • pathseeker

      you need to talk to the pastor. leaving this unaddressed in his church would be negligence.

      in the meantime, I can send you a prayer against witchcraft and other spirits….there is a space where you can add specific spirits….you can bind and rebuke it, and declare the bondage broken from a distance…but do not confront her or she will report you to the pastor as the evil one, and then you will be mistreated, if he falls for the deception

      if the pastor fails to act, then he also has a spiritual problem. if she is a good thither, he may be willing to tolerate her, rather than address the issue. if he does this, then you need to find a new church home

      sad to say, but most pastors will tolerate religious spirits because they are afraid of them and are compromised by the need for tithe money.

      people with religious spirits typically enjoy their “power” and are not interested in deliverance, so they won’t repent

      be very careful in any environment where a religious spirit is….they will turn on you and attack you behind your back and to your face, in front of others, making you the ‘problem” who needs “prayer”

      there is a time coming very soon when many pastors will betray their flocks to the government…..disasters and civil unrest will occur and crisis clergy will direct their members to FEMA camps as safe havens, and a place to get food and shelter.. but in fact, they are sending people to their deaths….

      prayerfully consider removing yourself from any church environment….persecution is coming soon, and people identified in churches will be eliminated.

      • Thanks for the prompt response! She has already reported me for Apostasy. We are in meetings with the Pastor. He knows me and has seen me do much service in the congregation, so he is not likely to do anything to me. She is a prominent psychologist, so he’s not likely to do anything with her either. I which I didn’t love her so much, then I could just move on. I would love the prayer. I’m going to start working hard to get this thing out of her. Fasting and praying, plus keeping myself clean and unspotted. Yes, thanks, I’m aware of the coming events. I’m following the Lord’s direction closely. I will do whatever He directs, that’s for sure. I will look for the prayer in my email. Thanks again for your advice. I appreciate it very much!!

        • pathseeker

          then he should do something about her. if you confronted her in front of him, telling her she is sociopathic, and tell her how her behavior has changed, that might send a signal to him. sometimes you have to use the right language to get the point across. tell pastor you are going to fast and pray for her

  26. oh my , I have live through this, and have survived, thanks be to GOD and my faith in him. did not see it coming at first but when it started to get stronger I recognised the demons, it is sad that we have people like this that have all these hidden agendas , and if they do not succeed with one person they move on to another. when someone tells you they answer their own prayers, leave the demons to theirselves.

  27. This post finally puts a name to what I’ve been struggling with for almost a year now. The irony is, this is the very person who brought me to Christ in the first place. The only way I’ve been able to understand how someone could be so terrible, and yet show me God’s love is to realize that God can work anything to good, and use anyone. It’s just still mind boggling how after a lifetime of atheism, there very person that showed me how wonderful and loving God is, how worthy and beautiful I am in God’s eyes, is the very person who now tries to make me feel unworthy and persecuted. The hand that makes him sin that needs to be cut off. When he instigated the “sins”.

    Your article seems to say just give up and stay away… but there has to be something that can be done? I feel like the real true version of him is in there fighting to get out, held prisoner. It’s so sad.

    I know myself it’s hard to tell visions from God and from elsewhere. I believe he has visions and prophecy from demonic sources. But he’d never admit it to himself. I felt wonderful prophecy from God, and he wouldn’t accept them. Though he came to similar realizations on his own later.

    I had one vision of me being ripped away from him… like I had to go up with God, and leave him there to deal on his own. But now I question if that was from God, or if that was from demons to scare me from him. To stop the progress I had made…

    Any help is appreciated.

    • relating…

      yes it is very possible that someone religious and inspiring can be afflicted with a demon. we have to remember that such a “host” is a victim ….

      usually, there is sin in their life, but nothing like murder etc…it is their ego that gets them in trouble….many times, the need to be important gets too great, and this opens the door for demons to enter….why this particular need? maybe when they were a child, their self esteem was injured, or they were made fun of, so as an adult, it becomes an obsession to be respected and admired for their “superior” ideals and gifts.

      the demonic wants to control….the person and others around him.

      you are not responsible for his sins…..he is…

      but his ego cannot handle this truth.

      usually these people go on the attack to protect this false front they have of being perfect, so t hat is why I suggest to avoid them.

      ( it was religious spirits in the pharasees that demanded that Jesus be crucified…so they can be very vicious and aggressive)

      they don’t usually want to change and repent either

      this is because they will have to go back to being someone unimportant. and they do not want the rejection associated with that

      whether you continue this relationship is up to you, but realize what you are dealing with, and do NOT accept blame for someone else’s failings….

      in psychology this is called projection…where they project onto you their faults so they can remain “innocent”

      either you stay or leave…..

      but one thing you can do is pray for him to open his eyes and receive deliverance from this very strong spirit, pray the blood of jesus over him, bind and break all fears and curses in jesus name.

      You are a good friend to be concerned. he will need someone when he finally cracks open and falls.

      I am sending you a prayer for deliverance from spirits you can say on his behalf.

      best to print out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer.

  28. God bless you a sister in christ. Please do you have a topic about fasting and prayers. I was taught fasting will cause aulcer if practisce.

    • gideon

      I do not have a specific post about fasting. it cannot cause an ulcer…which would be more likely if acidic food was present. if you have stomach problems, it might help you, but take the first 3 days with apple juice or milk, to help your stomach make the transition between food and no food.

      • God blessed you. But I want to how can I overcome fear and doubt. In ghana before I became a christian, I hear a lot about witchcraft and other evil in our land how wicked and fearful they. I want to get it out of my mind

        • gideon

          fear and doubt are spirits…reject them…they are there to drive away your faith, which is of the holy spirit.

          the bible says “greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

          if you are a christian, the devil should be afraid of you, because you can put him under your feet….be bold, and fearless. show the devil you are boss, not him, because you have the blood of jesus covering you…

          god is greater than witchcraft, which is control, and rebellion against god….god is self control and freedom….

          read your bible, and pray every day

          I am sending you a prayer against withcraft and curses, and also a daily prayer covering for safety and strength.

          say these every day

          I will agree with you in prayer

  29. sorry,there adress was wrong. I have corrected it. Thnx

  30. Ex-congregants reveal years of ungodly abuse

  31. What if your spouse has a religious spirit? Do you leave or cast it out?

    • allison

      no demon can be cast out if the host is willing to have it there….so your spouse would have to want it out

      you can choose to live with it, which will be ultimately detrimental to you, or leave,

      people with religious spirits think they are holier than you, so they think you are the one with the problem, not them

      in the meantime, pray that he becomes willing to receive deliverance

  32. Ms Marianne – I found this in the right hour. I did have a few dreams, leading me on to research this subject. Being raised Catholic, now born again and saved through Grace, I cannot emphaside on how much freedom I enjoy now. Yet at times, I wonder if I get religious and your article was so helpful. I am waiting on the Lord for something, and in two dreams, and a vision, He spoke to me about the Bulls of Bashan and I am still asking the Lords wisdom on this. I did some research and I see these are religious spirits and spirits of idolatory in my bloodline vaginal- I have to rebuke them. I will be very grateful if you can send me a copy of the deliverance prayers and if you have any insights on the Bulls of Bashan, I request you to please do share with me. Thank you much in advance. God bless!

    • vini

      I am sending you the prayers of deliverance. there are blank areas where you can fill in anything not mentioned…like the bulls you mentioned

      as for more information, I do not have that specific content on hand, but you can go to google search, and type in your topic. I just did, and it brings up plenty to read.

    • Yes me too😃

  33. AMEN AMEN 😱😰😢

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