Lavender, Spices, and the Prodigal Son


Will the prodigal be redeemed at the end?


I remember in high school, that the parable of the Prodigal Son was a thorn in my side.

I would argue that it was unfair that the faithful son (representing the born again child) got nothing special from his father (representing God), but hard work each day in the field.

In contrast, the younger prodigal son, was not required to work, but allowed to wander away from home, squandering his inheritance in sinful activities.

Only when the money was gone did the younger prodigal son feel regret, and want to return.

As long as he had money, he was happy to stay away from home, and enjoyed himself.

So the younger prodigal son returned home, prepared to apologize, and at least be restored as a servant to his father.

The father saw the prodigal son coming down the road, and ran out to meet him, ordered a feast to be prepared,  new garments and a ring to be placed on the son’s finger.

The father was overjoyed, but the older son was not.


All those years, the older son was faithful, and worked each day. Yet, the father never celebrated him, or gave him a party with his friends.

The younger son’s inheritance was being restored, and since the original money was gone, it would be logical to take away from the older son’s share to once again provide for the younger one.

So the older son suffered twice because of the younger son: once, by having to do all the work, and twice, by having to share his inheritance with the wasteful, younger brother.

While it is understood that the father was happy that the younger son came home, it seemed really cold of the father that he did not treat his older son with the same joy and generosity.

I have seen explanations that the older son was not the nice one, and was unforgiving. I have also read that he should be accused of also being a prodigal, but in a different way.

I do not accept this. He had been slighted by the father, and his feelings were hurt.


With all the prayer requests I get for salvation of unsaved loved ones, I know this is a big issue with many: to see the prodigal come home.

I have unsaved family members like many other people.

I have made promises to other family members, or just to God Himself, that I would pray for the salvation of the lost one.

Many people are praying for those who are actually hurting them, examples: a lost wife or husband, or adult child on drugs or in a life of crime.

This complicates the psychology of the situation.

In the parable, the younger son just went somewhere else and sinned, until he was worn out.

But for many people, the prodigal is with them, or close by enough, to have their sinful choices cause damage to the “older son.”

The saved individual has to not just pray for the lost one, but at the same time, protect themselves from injury, due to the actions of the lost one.

They have a sword so to speak, or a lawyer, in one hand, and a prayer book in the other.

The lost one has done much to damage or destroy the life of the saved one.

So having to control their anger, and anguish over the injuries, they continue to pray, sometimes for decades.

This is exhausting, especially when the saved one sees their blessings stole away, or destroyed by the lost one.

It is hard to sincerely pray sometimes.

And it is tempting to just let the lost one go.

And it is also tempting to think that God does not care about the saved one, who is stuck with all the work, while the lost one enjoys themself.


This goes back to the reality that good people suffer, and have more work responsibility and even blame, than wicked people.

The challenge is how to handle this on a daily basis, and also try to keep a close relationship with God, who seems to be allowing all the pain, loss, and suffering to occur.

One can start to feel unloved by God, and numb at the same time.

Somehow, they are “second place,” or of lesser value or priority, than the wicked one to God.

The wicked one is “blessed.” The saved one feels lacking.

Why bother being good at all?

Live a life of sin, and just remember to repent before dying!

Then there is the old argument that we do not know when we will die, but that is true for everyone. And this does not seem to be enough motivation to stay the course.

Being saved in a lost world can be a VERY lonely path.



Lately, I had been musing over all these thoughts, and all the people I prayed for.

I have felt the exhaustion, discouragement, anguish over the constancy of the lives prayed for.

They showed no signs of repentance.

I was uncertain of whether my prayers were doing any good, especially when there is no feedback or communication from anyone.

Or, I would hear news that indicated, after so many long years, that the person was still the same.

I stood on my back porch, and quietly just kept thinking.

Was I praying the right way?

I was tired of praying.

Maybe the fatigue, or irritation over injuries, made my prayers ineffective.

But I still felt responsible to do the right thing, and keep my promises.

The big question haunted me: if they die and they are still lost, did I waste my time praying for them?

What was the use?

All this stress, and I could have been happy doing something else.

Also the frustration: I who had nothing had to pray, at times, for others who had everything.



A huge breeze came out of nowhere.

The fragrance of lilac and lavender, and all sorts of spices filled my lungs and my mind.

It was so wonderful to smell.

I was caught up in it, and enjoyed the comfort it seemed to bring at just the right moment.

A few hours later, it happened again.

There are no such flowers in my back yard, or in my house.

The Holy Spirit had come to comfort me.

He relaxed me with the beautiful, heavenly fragrance.

I felt more peace come into me.

He gave me the assurance that my prayers were heard, and not for nothing.

God had read my heart, and seen my tears.

He saw the saved one anguish and cry over the lost one.

He saw the injuries that were received, and how that did not stop the prayers from going up.

Someday, my tears will be turned into rejoicing, as I meet those in heaven that were prayed for.


For those who pray:

Do not give up.

To some is given more responsibility because they have proven faithful, and are willing to serve God.

God needs our prayers for our lost ones.

He sees our tears, and our fatigue, and our frustrations.

God tells us that we ARE our brother’s keeper.

The reward may not be in this life.

We may only experience pain and affliction.

But soon, someday very soon, we will feel the joy that comes with loving service to God.

We will experience God’s joy, in the salvation of the lost one coming home.


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  2. WOW! The most beautiful “sermon” I have ever read. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I have gotten around the irony of the prodigal by reminding myself that it’s MY prayers that God hears – not the prayers of one who does not pray. I tell myself that the prodigal’s salvation is between him and God; that praying for him is the least I can do as someone who is already in God’s Hand, a gift greater than any temporary sin that disappears into the wind and leaves nothing behind, including hope or faith or the knowledge of the Holy Spirit. I’m blessed in the knowledge and love of God and no matter how I suffer, continue to seek the Kingdom of God, because I know there’s a place reserved for me, an invitation I willingly and gratefully accepted. When it comes to my carnal emotions, however, I do at times feel the sting of struggle and pain of not having more “things” in my life, and especially of not being able to influence those whom I dearly love. So I think about the shepherd who would leave his flock to bring back the one that’s lost and I understand it because I, too, was lost. And I think about the story of the workers who were promised one talent for a day’s work, while those who worked all day were paid the same as those who worked only one hour. Then I remind myself of the work I did do and saw the fruits of my labor. If I had worked only 1 hour, I’d have produced few, if any, fruit – lol. At times, none of this helps, but with this article which I will print and re-read as often as I need to, I’ll get by – just as you do. What isn’t worth the fragrance of lavender – when there is no lavender that we can see…

    • marlene

      thank you so much for your comment.

      the prodigal son parable has been an issue with me for 50 years now.

      I hope it has finally found an answer.

  3. Salvation is not a burden but a joy. The longer one remains in salvation, continually reaping of that joy, they’d not envy the status of the prodigal, in his period of wickedness. And God does reward loyalty. For in the prodigal son’s story, the father is quick to remind the loyal son, that all they have belong rightly to that son. And they all should rejoice that the prodigal, whose way was lost, has retraced his steps to begin a new.

    In tallying material wealth, just how much does one require to live a comfortable life? Is it in millions, or trillions? No! Just the will and pleasure of God. Billionaires die as does the pauper. Neither has any further guarantee in life, save to know God.

    What extra reward would one ask for being loyal to their Creator? Just being loyal is reward sufficient. And the prodigals return is added blessing, especially to the loyal son, who now will have a brother of like mindendness.

    And the nature of eternal rewards remain the secret of the Creator. Being grudgeful of ones repentant brother is indication that one is not yet spiritually matured. Desiring to practise ‘prodigality’ from the Father and truth is utter lunacy.

    For their is no benefit in exercising evil. Only death.

    Lastly, do not be deceived, God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Last minute repentance, as in ones deathbed, is no repentance at all. Its bred of hypocrisy. For God tries the hearts and reins of men and knows their nature. Grant this dying repentant another lifetime, and they’ll exercise evil as afore. To await again to cheat at their death bed.

    The prodigal son on the other hand returns and repents when as yet there is time. Neither does he return with demands but supplication, humility and true repentance. Given the opportunity, he would never dare retread his former paths. That’s true repentance. While as yet he was still young and healthy, not on his death bed and old age.

    God is not mocked.

    • john

      apparently, you have not been in this situation.

      as an extreme example, just to make a point, imagine a victim being tortured daily for 20-30 years….and they pray for their persecutors….

      you think they have a grudge because the persecutors are not going through the pain that they suffer?

      what do the christians sow that entitles ISIS to behead them?

      what did the battered wife do wrong because her husband beats her daily and threatens her life?

      what did the employee do wrong when they are slandered on the job?

      maybe they just want respect and fair treatment

      what the saved one would like to have is happiness and peace, which the lost one takes away from them

      yet the saved one prays for those who hurt them….and you say they are not mature?????

  4. Life is not dosed out to us in terms of what we consider to be fair, balanced, or right.

    When I was growing up with one older brother, he got the TV or stereo (new of course) and I got hand me downs from him. He got a new car when he graduated college. I received nothing graduating from the police academy, and 1st in my class.

    My brother had left home for college and couldn’t get away fast enough. I stayed close by as my mother was in an abusive relationship with my father (alcoholic) – when I was growing up, he hit my Mom, once. I ran as fast as I could to stand between them, yelling at my Dad. He never hit my Mom again. They divorced when I was 19.

    My older brother went on to have a family, wonderful wife, 3 children, and now has 3 grandchildren. He is constantly busy with family commitments and celebrations. Since divorcing my Dad, (who has now since passed) Mom has outlived 2 more husbands. Due to conditions I won’t bother every one with here, when I retired from law enforcement I moved up near my Mom as I knew she would need help soon. I had made a promise to my Mom many years ago that I would do my utmost to see that she does not end up in some sort of care home, if I could help it.

    Mom told me that those many years ago when I was growing up and my brother got all the new toys, and I had the hand me downs, or nothing, she said she saw to that on purpose. My Mom said that she knew the lesson of having to work for what you want would end up being more valuable in life, than just having things handed to me.

    No one in my family is saved, nor speaks of God, or even any “higher power” something greater than them. They basically believe that we are all here by coincidence, or mistake, having evolved from some cesspool of misc. ingredients. I’ve even used the old comparison with them that our being here today, without something greater than ourselves, is as likely as a hurricane going through a junk yard and coming out with a new 747 jet.

    Yes, being saved can be a very lonely path, or, not. As much as I know that God is in my life, I, too, am here, and I make decisions and choices, for myself, and yes, mistakes. Though not having a group of people to meet eye to eye with, studying scripture, or just celebrating in gratitude, gives me angst sometimes.

    Then, like you with the lilac and lavender, I will notice a small bird come land on a branch right in front of me; or a hummingbird of all things will stop right in front of me, its wings beating to keep it afloat. (One even buzzed me in my ear once, it tickles!)

    All I can do is smile and laugh. We are not alone.


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    Sorry, folks.

    • sorry you are having trouble….there is also a FOLLOW button at the bottom right, but that is to receive emails about each new post

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        This time, even checking the boxes, I do not get that follow up confirmation e-mail, where I check to confirm, and then will receive any follow up posts. But, the e-mail never came, nor am I receiving follow up posts.

        It may be my comp.

        • All good now – the confirm follow e-mail somehow ended up in my spam folder. Not sure why, but all good now. Thanks, Marianne.

  6. Thank You Marianne…this was such a needed message! I too, like many have a number of people I pray for and anguish over daily. From my husband who is a ‘lukewarm’ Christian [if at all :(] to a sister who is an avowed atheist to my eldest daughter who is gay and living that lifestyle. There are so many prayers being said, yet I don’t really see any changes in them. I ask the Lord, ‘is this even helping?’ at the same time I feel so defeated. Of course the enemy is there taunting me, which makes it even more burdensome. But I love these people so desperately that I must pray and I personally know there is POWER in prayer! Besides knowing what I know of the love & beauty of my Father if I were in their shoes, living their lives, I would want people to be praying for me too! Again, thank you and God’s blessings to you.

    • elaine

      you have some very heavy burdens. I agree with you in prayer for their salvation.

    • Elaine, I find that sometimes when I am praying for others, usually those in my life that I have substantial contact with – though I am praying for them, I find that I am the one who is changed.

      I have more patience with them,
      I have more time for them,
      I find myself listening more to them than thinking what I think is best,
      I don’t take things as personal (that is a hard one) –
      and, I find blessings where I found none before.

      The other person may or not change to what my vision of them is that I think they should change to be. But, I am changed, and I am blessed.


    • very informative. i have listened to this several times

    • there is another longer one 1 hour and 30 mins. too

    • Marianne,

      could you transcript what will happen in the future things what the boy said ? thanks

      • why don’t you do this?

        from memory:

        war will start in a few months

        obama is gog and will lead 70 nations against Israel

        war will be short.

        millions killed

        almost time for messiah

        messiah will be there when mt of olives is split in half

        teacher quoted zechariah 14, to support testimony,

        it read that the Lord would split mt of olives

      • obama is gog, what does it mean ? he is a/c ?

      • Marianne, what do you think ???
        I watched the link you gave, the video is 38 minutes long and seems to
        have footage cut off at the end. I’m concerned that the Mashiach, the
        Messiah, the boy talks about isn’t Jesus as we know in the NT. The boy
        says that the Mashiach is already here now and we’ll all be surprised
        when it’s revealed who he is.

        Throughout the video the answers to questions about how one will be
        saved make no mention of Christ but of reading the Torah and works.
        Lots of good works, more good works than bad works will save you (plus
        the Torah reading) also wearing some article of clothing.

        Since there was no mention of Jesus the Christ and a stress on works I
        don’t think that this boy’s message is a good one. I think it’s a deceptive
        message from the enemy that is setting people up to fall for the
        antichrist. ???

        • good points

          possibly a deception, or information was withheld from boy, as he has too seek messiah on his own, just like all of us

          the salvation spoken of was only physical salvation from their enemies. that is part of the jewish covenant, so that would be legitimate

          they have a messiah that shows up when the mt of olives splits….if this was describing a false messiah, he should show up way before then

          and yes, they will be surprised who he is because so far, they have rejected him. if he is there now, it is in spirit, protecting Israel from its neighbors

        • thanks

  8. 21 Goals of the Illuminati and The Committee of 300 😮
    (off-topic but damn interesting)


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  11. Thank you Marianne! May Yahveh bless you!
    This is so comforting:
    “Do not give up.
    To some is given more responsibility because they have proven faithful, and are willing to serve God.
    God needs our prayers for our lost ones.
    He sees our tears, and our fatigue, and our frustrations.
    God tells us that we ARE our brother’s keeper.
    The reward may not be in this life.
    We may only experience pain and affliction.
    But soon, someday very soon, we will feel the joy that comes with loving service to God.
    We will experience God’s joy, in the salvation of the lost one coming home.”

  12. Celebrating Genocide – The Real Story of Thanksgiving!!! 😦
    …how many of you knew this??? 😮

  13. Marianne or anyone,

    question : have you seen people spin around in circles in the church,

    they said Holy Spirit make them spin. i saw many times, in different location.

    what is your thoughts ?

    • ask

      that is not typical behavior of a true spirit filled person.

      spinning just makes people dizzy

    • i think so,

      when God touch us, we could felt satisfaction.

      but spinning, just felt nothing or confused and doubt.

      thanks for clarify

    • Marianne, another question,
      if in a church , people had banner/worship flag, drum, tambourine ,
      shofar/ horn team , key of david (a key symbol, not real one },
      everything, but the leader was a person with control / manipulation spirit ,
      so when we saw the manifestation , what is the source of the manifestation ? from Holy Spirit or devil ? any thoughts ,
      rally like to check the fruits of the tree .

      • ask

        what the people do may have nothing to do with the spirit of the leader.

        just because the leader is bad does not mean having a banner, flag, horn, key etc… wrong.

        holy spirit manifests only holiness.

        if the leader or any person starts acting negative, then it is a demon

      • Marianne, thanks for answer, yes, there is nothing wrong to do with those things-.banner, flag, .., we only had 3 persons in this group, later found out the leader was a person with control spirit , and she always like to ask us to spin around in the circle with her. after found out the person with control spirit, i have a lot of doubt , what is the source of the manifestation , just felt confused about the spinning. do not feel any touch by Holy Spirit. on the contrary , since she laid hand on us, i worry about if there is any witchcraft involved.
        any thoughts

        • she may have tried to transfer her spirit onto you by touching you.

          ask god to remove any demon on you in jesus name.

          tell others what you think and get rid of this controlling person

        • thanks , i am working on, since found out the thing, it was subtle ,and found this kind person they were aggressive and ambitious to have every charismatic things ,,.such as banner, flag, Roar of Lion,.. what is the trend , fashion in the christian circle, they will have it to prove herself on the track . i was with another group, the people there do not need to have/acquire everything to prove who they are ..
          we only need is Jesus, and the presence of God,
          i repent i follow her to buy many things, God quicken my heart, that is greed , greed for anointing,(outward thing } , that is not right motive.
          what we really desire ? God Bless

          what is your thoughts, pls correct me and give me input , thanks

  14. Messianic Jewish apostle Asher Intrater received a correlated dream from the Lord.
    Drinking the Harlot’s Cup—by Asher Intrater
    Recently I had a disturbing dream. There was a large building like a church or a conference center. Most of the people there were believers. People were there from all levels of authority within the church.
    People started giving out little sealed plastic cups. Each sealed cup contained a clear liquid, which could be swallowed in one large gulp. This liquid was a spirit of immorality. To some it was sexual immorality; to others it was “spiritual adultery”. It was a variety of lust, greed, popularity, influencing people, making connections, gathering honor through manipulation, even being “intoxicated” with one’s own “ministry.”
    All this “spiritual adultery” was connected deeply with a spirit of “deception.” When someone drank the liquid, their face would be shiny; they looked good; they were smiling, attractive, positive, energetic, and prosperous. It all seemed so good, almost wonderful, like it was an “anointing” of the Holy Spirit or some kind of charismatic gift. Yet it was demonic. That spirit deceived people, causing them not to see their sin and spiritual adultery. Almost everyone was caught up in the deception; there did not seem any way to correct the situation.
    In the dream, sadly, I too was trying to be part of all the spiritual adultery, trying to get hold of one of the cups to drink the anointed liquid myself. Suddenly, in the dream, I saw my Dad, who had gone to be with the Lord about a decade ago. He asked to spend some time with me. I said, “Sure, sure.” But I kept slipping away from him, trying to find someone to give me one of the cups to drink and partake of the spiritual immorality.
    My Dad kept looking for me and asked why I was avoiding him. It was at that moment I realized I was avoiding him because I was seeking the cups. I began to see that I was deceived and in sin. Then I realized how virtually everyone there was deceived.
    Then I became angry and started to point my finger at people and scream at them to get out of the deception. There was a call to repent, to be delivered. The effect was like an explosion or an earthquake. Most people responded positively when directly confronted and were powerfully delivered.
    A few would not listen. Those who had planned and worked on the distribution of the cups, selling for profit, done on purpose, ignored my cries. I shouted and pointed but they refused to repent, some dropped dead on the spot.’’
    When I woke up, I realized that my Dad represented the Heavenly Father who was seeking me out to break my deception and sin. The liquid was like the cup that was in the hand of the great Harlot.
    “…With whom the kings of the earth committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication. The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication” (Revelation 17:2,4).
    I also realized that this liquid drink of the Harlot was the same as the spirit of Jezebel and Balaam (Revelation 2:14, 20); that the Harlot and Jezebel were the same spirit, and that I had allowed this demonic spirit to influence me (Revelation 2:20).
    “Repent or else I will come to you quickly and will fight against them with the sword of My mouth” (Revelation 2:16).
    “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues” (Revelation 18:4).
    Jezebel’s Table
    Asher’s dream shows us just how revolutionary disengaging from Jezebel’s table really is! Nations and end-time alliances are affected. Perhaps even the power base of an antichrist spirit will be affected! That’s what Revelation 17 conveys—an end-time alliance that unites the global political, financial and religious realms under the rulership of an antichrist spirit.
    As western believers, we are much more cognizant of sins related to Jezebel’s seductive offering of sexual immorality than to eating food sacrificed to idols. The spiritual among us will probably avoid “Jezebel’s Pizza,” or the local wiccan grocery store. But food sacrificed to idols is more than this. Let’s look at it from a different perspective—again, God wants to deliver us from supply lines tied to compromise. Where we feel we must compromise our integrity to receive our daily bread.
    Let’s perceive how this plays out in the end-time alliances mentioned above. Remember that Elijah is a prototype for the end-time Crown and Throne ministry. The challenges of his world can make ours much more clear.
    Similar to the way Moses confronted Pharaoh, Elijah was sent by God to confront Ahab, challenge the prophets of Baal, and bring spiritual revolution to his land. You know the back story on this. Jezebel ascended as queen of Israel through marriage to Ahab. She worshiped Baal, and taught all Israel to do the same, baptizing God’s covenant land in a flood of occult alliances, sexual immorality and abortion. First Kings 18 records how Elijah confronted Ahab and the prophets of Baal.
    And when he confronted Ahab, Jezebel’s table showed up as a topic of conversation.
    Now then, send and gather to me all Israel at Mount Carmel, together with 450 prophets of Baal and 400 prophets of the Asherah, WHO EAT AT JEZEBEL’S TABLE (1 Kings 18:19).
    Remember that God had judged the whole land by sending a drought—a harsh economic downturn—due to their idolatry. To this primarily agrarian society, no rain meant no crops, and no economic increase. In the midst of this economic judgment, Jezebel and Ahab had the audacity to prepare a table for the prophets of Baal. In other words, they channeled government funding to sustain and empower them!
    Funding the Power Brokers
    Jezebel’s table was governmental. Funds were channeled through the government of Israel to resource those who perpetuate an ungodly influence in society. This meant it was actually the taxpayers of Israel who were funding them!
    By this government funding, the prophets of Baal were able to sustain and increase their influence—in God’s covenant land! The people of Israel were experiencing famine. The true prophets of God were hidden in caves. Yet the prophets of Baal were growing in wealth and influence at the peoples’ expense.
    What was the enemy doing? In every sphere of society, he was launching the prophets of Baal to overtake thrones, thereby removing Israel from covenant alignment with God. That is exactly the goal of power-brokers tied to idolatry today. Beloved, at all levels of government and business, we must perceive where people are being positioned, and funding is being channeled to empower idolatry, sin and injustice. It’s time to take a stand!…
    Two Thrones in the Land
    This will help you with your discernment. Right now there are two thrones emerging in America. They are present in every aspect of society, but especially in the governmental realm, the financial realm, and the religious realm. On one hand we have Jezebel’s table, and on the other we have the Table of the Lord.
    Jezebel’s table and the Table of the Lord both are altars of worship. They represent two opposing thrones of governance, two tables of provision, two seats of judgment, and two covenants sealed in blood. To an extent, they now are even coming to represent two geographic territories, state by state and nationally.
    They are at the core two forms of payment for your soul.
    I prophesy to you that one throne will ultimately prevail. Those who were purchased into compromise will soon discover they sold their souls to slavery, degradation and subjugation. And there will indeed be a Third Great Awakening, a Great Return where multitudes will disengage from Jezebel’s table and return to the Table of the Lord.

  15. question,
    my friends rent a room to have prayer meeting once a week, they do not have place, so they rent a room from a local church. they will go there once a week, to have 2 hours prayer meeting.
    later they saw something weird, there are buddhist monk with their uniform and hinduism people with uniform came in that place. they found out that is a liberal church invite the pagan to church to “worship ” .
    will you stay in that place or just leave that place , never go back ?
    anyone have thoughts , thanks

  16. at the 00:31:00 around 31 mints, pastor Terry Bennett said this China will challenge antichrist (a/c} in the end, WOW !!!

    ihop-kc pastor Mike Bickle said the same word , WOW !!!

    • fyi

      that is in the bible …

      that the king of chittim will challenge the end time “vile leader.” daniel 11

      rev 16;12

      kings of east cross euphrates, to come against antichrist in jersusalem

      Isaiah 41:2
      “Who has stirred up one from the east, calling him in righteousness to his service? He hands nations over to him and subdues kings before him. He turns them to dust with his sword, to windblown chaff with his bow.

      rigiht now, putin is the new leader of the free world, not us

    • thanks !

  17. Capstone and Cornerstone ?? NIV change the bible, ??
    here , the author use capstone many times,
    Marianne or anyone, could you check this , ? are they biblical ? THANKS
    God Bless

    for knew illuminati ,pyramid ,capstone relate to each other.

    Haggai 2′s message was addressed to three “types”: 1.) Zerubbabel 2.) Joshua 3.) The Remnant. Zerubbabel symbolizes the apostolic kings who are anointed to build the end-time House of God as wise master builders with plumb line revelation. Joshua represents the Golden Altar high priestly worship and prayer anointing. The Remnant represents the end-time prophetic bride of Christ who sees through the eyes of the LORD and serves Him faithfully as His kings and priests unto God. Together, these three “types” form the “” capstone””” that finishes the bridal Mountain of God. Zechariah 4:10 “……………………………………………
    Mountains in scripture can symbolize kingdom authority and cultural influence. The Zechariah 4 “””capstone””” is the top of the Mountain of God. This Mountain rises above all other mountain’s as the Micah 4 governmental center of the world from which Jesus and His bride rule and reign together. The “” capstone””” on this mountain is now being placed in our generation! Fulfilling Jesus’ prayer in John 17 for complete union, this glorious remnant forms the Bride-and-Bridegroom “”” capstone””” in which the Psalm 24:1 / Micah 4:1 “Mountain of the House of the Lord” is completed and makes way for Father God to come and dwell in His house with His people and grant them peace. You, the Bride of Jesus Christ, are the set-apart remnant called to work to this end. The Cloud of Witnesses are pouring into the earth to actively witness this crowning day. Will you perceive them?

  18. I dont know if you you ever heard of Kenneth Hagin. He tells of a similar story about praying for his brother. He had prayed for years that he would be saved and there was no change. Then God reminded Kenneth Hagin of 2nd Peter 3:9 that its not his will that any perish but that all should come to repentance. God is more powerful than anything the devil can bring. He told him to stop crying about his brothers salvation. To just break the power of the Devil over his brother and claim his brothers salvation in faith in Jesus name! He said about two weeks later his brother got saved! We need to use our authority over the Devil in the name of Jesus. Because we already have Gods will on the matter. Its 100% his will that the lost love one be saved!!!

    • ricardo

      thank you for that story.

      2nd Peter 3:9 that its not his will that any perish but that all should come to repentance.

      that really hit home for me.

  19. Armageddon: Self Fulfilling Prophesy for Comic Book Christians 😮
    …(difficult to swallow)

  20. 11 O thou afflicted, tossed with tempest, and not comforted, behold, I will lay thy stones with fair colours, and lay thy foundations with sapphires.

    12 And I will make thy windows of agates, and thy gates of carbuncles, and all thy borders of pleasant stones.
    Isaiah 54

    2In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. John 14

    • This dream could also be another sign that we will be citizens of Heaven very soon. Cause if Izzy -the little girl dreamt that she was moving into parents’ mansion, then that could mean that she will still be a child at the time of the rapture. Hence the reason why she got a new room in parents’ heavenly home.

      but I believe we will be citizens of Heaven very soon! I had a dream that we all got new birth certificates in the mail! I hadn’t ordered them or anything. They just showed up. I think it represents becoming citizens of Heaven :)

    • lady has sweet children. blessed with dreams

  21. Is Yahweh the Devil? Truth Must Be True – The Greatest Story Never Told 😮
    (just sharing…WTF?).

  22. RV – I have been telling people for years that God – has HIS OWN police department when HIS Bride steps into sin. God will let EVIL rule as a judgment to them. Sometimes the Lord will send a Evil King to rule HIS own seed in line with the WORD of God. Because most believers after a while become lukewarm Rev. 3:14-22
    God made 2 seeds only – One Evil – One Righteous – Their is no boogy man. Mankinds spirit is the boogy man. Its mankind that starts wars and kills and brings famine to the land. When Mankind left the Garden. Their was only Adam and Cain blood lines – only 2. God uses evil mankind to get His own Seed into line with the WORD of God. That is why we have to Study and Pray. Isaiah said God created Evil as well. Evil had to be a CREATION along with RIGHTEOUSNESS.
    When mankind sinned in his soul and spirit. It was a creation of evil controlling man. The devil is mankind. I have taught this for many years. But very very few can understand my words. God Uses mankind in Evil forms and Righteous forms. Eze. Saw both kind of Eyes roaming the earth. It was Gods eyes and Satans=mankinds eyes seeking whom they may devour.
    Read St. John 10:9-15 – then read Verse 12 over and over again. Satan has a rapture as well. NOTICE the WOLF CATCHETH = evil raptures people as well into the dimension’s of sin. Catcheth is the same word as RAPTURE in other scriptures.God raises us up into HIS CHARACTER = MARK OF GOD.
    God bless you in your studies.

    August 22, 2008 · by Richard Lehman ·

    in (1) Ephesus, Light of the World, Revelation 2, The Candlestick. ·
    “Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.” (Revelations 2:5)

    What will happen if the candlestick is removed from the temple of the Lord – removed from your heart?

    If the light of the candlestick is not there, then evil things (evil people and false doctrines) can be sneaked in, and you will not discern it!

    “No man, when he hath lighted a candle, covereth it with a vessel, or putteth it under a bed; but setteth it on a candlestick, that they which enter in may see the light. For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. Take heed therefore how ye hear: for whosoever hath, to him shall be given; and whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he seemeth to have.” (Luke 8:16-18)

    It may seem like Jesus is your first love, but if not: “…and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.” Except you repent of not keeping Jesus as your first love, your vision and understanding concerning Jesus, and his one true church, will become darkened! People with works of darkness and tainted teachings will become part of your understanding of “Jesus” and “church”.

    “My son, keep thy father’s commandment, and forsake not the law of thy mother: Bind them continually upon thine heart, and tie them about thy neck. When thou goest, it shall lead thee; when thou sleepest, it shall keep thee; and when thou awakest, it shall talk with thee. For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life: To keep thee from the evil woman, from the flattery of the tongue of a strange woman. Lust not after her beauty in thine heart; neither let her take thee with her eyelids. For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread: and the adultress will hunt for the precious life.” (Proverbs 6:20-26)

    A false evil woman (a false bride of Christ – a false church condition) can sneak in corrupt bread (a corrupted bread of life, a corrupted communion supper) if you don’t have the light of the candlestick to clearly see by! Important: this is why, in later church ages, we will see false worshipers start to sneak in (see Revelations 2:9) and we will see the evil woman, who claims to be the church, deceiving souls (see Revelations 2:20).

    Without light, we cannot discern who is right and who is wrong: so we will not be able to discern who we should have true fellowship with, and who we shouldn’t!

    “This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth: But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.” (1 John 1:5-7)

    When we are not true and faithful to our first love, we are not able to see because our spiritual eyes become dim.

    “The joy of our heart is ceased; our dance is turned into mourning. The crown is fallen from our head: woe unto us, that we have sinned! For this our heart is faint; for these things our eyes are dim.” (Lamentations 5:16-17)

  24. check around 52:00 , Pastor Nevile Johnson mention obama.

  25. Ihop-kc justin rizzo

    summary of this message, False prophets produce bad fruit
    The Fruit of the True Prophet
    Grapes = Vessels of Restoration/Blessing,
    Figs = Repentance, Freedom from sin,
    the LEAVES of the fig tree symbolize a covering. The FRUIT of the fig tree symbolizes repentance.Genesis 3:7 when adam and eve sinned in the garden of eden, they sewed fig leaves together to cover their nakedness.
    The Ministry of the Grape/Fig,
    both the vine and the grapes ON the vine
    both the fig tree and the figs ON the tree.
    The Fruit of the False Prophet, Thorns & Thistles work together,
    to choke the Word planted in your heart.Genesis 3:17-18, Cursed is the ground for your sake;…Both thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for you,….
    Thistles damage the growth of the Word, Thorns choke the Word,
    Mark 4:18-19
    Now these are the ones sown among thorns; they are the ones who hear the word, and the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, and the desires for other things entering in choke the word, and it becomes unfruitful. (also see Matthew 13:22, Luke 8:14)…..

  27. Communicating in the Kingdom of God.
    (“repent for the kingdom of God is at hand”)
    “My Power and Glory”,IS HERE FOR YOU, IN YOU !

    Our communication is PRAYER. . .AN ACT OF BEING. Being God’s. Knowing who you are.

    The state of “ Being ” is understandably linked to having to have come into some form of existence.

    “Knowing we are God’s”, makes our “being” the value of our creation,
    . . .by the hand of Almighty God, in His image and likeness, Most Valuable!

    Knowing this. . .knowledge must lead us to SAY. . .“because we are His”, His creation, we are His very own. . . in all power and glory!

    A key identifying point for us, is our very breath and heartbeat, without which, we don’t exist. All comes from God. God breathed His Life into us. . .and we live, our Life.

    He is our Life.

    God isn’t in pieces, His Life, His Love is All His Power and Glory. IN US.

    Jesus said, “I AMTHE LIFE.”

    Jesus said, “that they may behold My Glory and have My JOY made full in them.” ALL POWER AND GLORY.

    It is evident then, our interaction with God, our communication, should be powerful and as natural as taking a breath and experiencing our every heartbeat, what power.

    That is what prayer is. . . our state of being, our Life.
    Made by God, of God, all of and in His Power and Glory.

    Jesus said “why are you afraid, where is your faith (ALL POWER AND GLORY), why don’t you believe?”

    Living should “BE” all about God.

    The wonderfulness of being God’s (His very OWN) we enjoy total dependence and reliance on Him. A good thing, coming from the standing point that He is the greatest power source AND IS FOREVER !

    It should be easily admitted then, that the genesis of our beautiful communication with God, is our prayer, our very creation, and you can see it is already designed by our God to be most close and intimate.

    Linked by our life’s beginning, our very breath and heartbeat we have the most real talk with God. Our prayer begins there, from that inner most part of us, our very breath, our heartbeat, the very stirring of our heart.
    God, Himself causes the stirring.

    Each day God quietly, comfortably, awakens us, by a yawn and a deep breath , all signs of His Life in us!
    We take for granted being alive, our marvelous existence, even our
    heart-beat which is by God, by great power and the life of God, His Power and Glory.

    This surge of life, our deep breath, a heartbeat, and eyes wide open, each day is real, a prayer, our response back to God- our life itself.

    Yes, so powerful !

    Our ‘ state of being’, being alive, all defines us and our prayer, we are Yours God. Perfect communication, perfect experience, perfect prayer, in His Power and Glory.

    It is the same thing for everyone . . .a very natural thing. . .it comes from God. A vital and repeated episode we perform, the core of our being . . . we live.

    Prayer then is communicating God in us, and how wonderful God is in us. His life in ,expresses it all. . . how great it is to be alive! Our very sense of who we are, our life. . .God’s very own.
    So important understanding. ALL POWER AND GLORY.


    If we are God’s, everything IS in His Power and Glory, therefore perfect.

    Our life, and our selves are well taken care of.
    After all, we are God’s very Own!

    Our very existence is perfect in God, and Him being so a part of us, our prayer, is completely complete. Any need is already met, exceedingly abundantly. We are without lack, want or need. We are filled up beyond
    anything we could want, think, or dream of. A most important conversation, for all of us.

    Prayer becomes our ultimate connection with God. Our every gratitude is overwhelmed by this KNOWLEDGE of fullness and perfectness of a most powerful God, Our God. His most delicate but powerful touch on us everyday, ALL THE TIME. We are never ,never alone !

    There is a GOD, Our God. . . no other more intense interactive and closest experience we can have, with anyone, with anything !
    Our Holy God and Father, our life! It is an un-measureable experience !

    God Bless.

  28. Why lead a righteous life? Because the more you sin, the deeper it ensnares you. Each deadly sin committed without repentance hardens your heart a bit more, making it that much harder to repent. Those who presume upon God’s mercy by expecting to repent on their deathbed after a life of sin are courting God’s judgment. These are the two punishments that God inflicts upon those who presume His mercy: 1. To be taken by death suddenly and without warning, lest they are able to make a mockery of God’s justice, or 2. To be aware that they are dying, and yet so stubborn that even so, they still won’t repent despite their plans. Oh what a terrible sin is presumption, for it prevents true repentance! Even so, do not despair even for the most presumptuous sinner, but rather pray earnestly, that he be brought to repentance even in the hour of death, for though presumption is a terrible sin, among the worst a man can commit, even this God will pardon with sincere repentance, and the fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much, sometimes even converting hardened, presumptuous sinners in the hour of death.

    Furthermore, God is just even in His mercy. The father said to the faithful son, “Everything I have is yours.” The prodigal son was restored to his status as son and clothed in fine garments, a biblical symbol for righteousness, but he had no further claim on his father’s estate. Those who live a life of sin and repent only in the hour of death will indeed be saved and eternally clothed in righteousness, but except for martyrs, their test of fire will not be a pleasant one. They shall suffer greatly when their works are tested by fire and nearly all burned up, and they shall be counted the least in the Kingdom of Heaven.

  29. Hi Marianne

    My partner has passed away unexpectedly. I’m so so distraught and I’m hoping you can give some validation ASAP to cure my worries.

    My partner believed in God, was baptised as a child and raised in a Christian home.

    But he always had a problem with alcohol. A few horrific things happened to him when he was a child that scarred him deeply and alcohol eased the pain. Alcohol started to grab hold of him after he found out more bad news 1 year ago, but he insisted he was in control of the alcohol even though I was 90% certain that alcoholism had set in without him realising.

    We aren’t overly religious, but we thoroughly believed in God. Towards the end he said he was angry at God for the horrific things that had happened but he never denied believing in him.

    My partner was the most kindest, generous, gentle, loving soul I’ve ever known. He had a good heart, God knows this. But I’ve been reading that someone must accept Jesus as their saviour before they did otherwise they will burn eternally in the fire of hell. My partner and I believed in Jesus but we never could understand why Jesus dying on the cross saved us. We did accept it, but couldn’t truly understand it. So I’m not sure he truly accepted Jesus as his saviour. Christians tell me that believing in God is not enough, you can only get to heaven through Jesus.

    It’s killing me to think he could have gone to hell. I can’t accept our God would overlook a good heart and punish us for not knowing everything. I also can’t get on with my life if I think there is a chance that he is suffering.

    If you have any words of comfort that can help me to know he’s not in hell, I would be so grateful.

    Thank you

    • niki

      I wish I could go to heaven and see if he is there for you. but since I cannot, you will have to trust God on this one.

      Jesus said, in heaven, there are many mansions….he was indicating that there was many levels in heaven, based on rewards, or lack of them, for one’s life.

      you lived a life of uncertainty, based on a lack of understanding of God’s word…. you were never taught properly,

      and your partner had a weakness for alcohol, which could be considered a bondage he was living in…technically, he was sick in spirit, but he had some level of faith as well

      you used the term “partner” instead of husband…were you married or living together…if just living together, this was wrong. I have met many who did not even know this was a sin. if this is true for your situation, god may consider you married if you were faithful to each other…this is his decision. and again he is merciful.

      you both accepted jesus dying for you…did this prompt you to not sin and lead a better life?

      jesus had to die because of the gravity and seriousness of sin…all through the old testament, blood of animals had to be sacrificed to atone for man’s sin….the person had to watch his animal die, and understand this could have been his own punishment for sin…..the bible says that the punishment for all sin is death….

      but the blood of animals was insufficient…they had to keep killing their beloved animals over and over, because they kept sinning, even though seeing all this death should have prompted them to stop sinning.

      the animals had to be perfect, without flaw or blemish,, and they had no choice in their own death

      so mankind needed a stronger and better sacrifice….jesus volunteered to give up his life and die for us, to take our punishment once and for all….his pure sacrifice, as he was free from sin, was done in love for us…he did not have to do it but he did.

      jesus was also without sin or blemish…and he had a choice….and he chose his own death for our sins, so we could avoid hell, which is eternal death, and we could be with the father in heaven forever.

      this was the greatest act of mercy and love in the history of mankind.

      while I cannot be 100% sure where your partner is, as I am not God, I can assure you that God looks at our hearts, not our mistakes….if he sees we are sorry, then he forgives us, if we trust jesus as savior

      it sounds like you both had a minimum level of belief, which may be enough, so again I assure you god will consider this….people go to hell because they are evil, not because they are ignorant.

      I suggest you trust in the mercy of God, and spend your time making yourself more informed, so you won’t have the same anxiety over your own eternal destiny.

      read the bible, go to a good church that teaches you and helps you grow, talk to god, pray, there are prayers in the bible called psalms, if you don’t know what to say. listen to good praise and worship music, and feel the presence of god …the holy spirit is there to lead you in your life, and show you scriptures that will help you.

      I am sending you a prayer for salvation, and a daily prayer covering, to say, to help give you clarity in your faith.

      say it and let it sink into your spirit as you say it.

  30. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

    I would never question whether God would accept me into heaven, I have no doubt that he would.

    I have a strong relationship with Jesus, I know him, he knows me, he’s in my life daily and I couldn’t live a day without him.

    My unrest is not my distrust in God, but my inability to understand the bible makes it difficult to know what I should believe. Example: Some verses say that the dead sleep, then the believers are resurrected at the second coming. Other verses say the spirit goes straight to God once we die. Every pastor I speak to has a different opinion.

    My partner and I seeked to understand why Jesus had to die for our sins, but it couldn’t sink in for me. I appreciate that he did die for our sins though, even though I don’t completely understand it.

    My partner who is my fiancé preparing to marry. We weren’t living in sin.

    Have you ever lost someone so close to you? Someone who you care for deeply? Trust me, no matter how perfect you are, you would want reassurance that your loved one is safe with God, especially in my case where my fiancé was killed suddenly with no opportunity for us to prepare, say good bye and pray. I have a relationship with Jesus and I know he’s closest to those with broken hearts but I’m so overcome by grief I can’t hear him, I can hardly breathe.

    After sending the identical message to the pastor at my local church, I’m amazed at the different reply I got compared to yours. I’m so grateful that I got their message first.

    For reference, this is the pastors response to the same message I sent you:


    The Bible says if we believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and that He died for our sin, then we have eternal life. Simple as that. If you read the story of the cross, there was a thief hanging on a cross next to Jesus. He asked Jesus to save him, and Jesus answered him, “Today you will be with me in paradise. He did nothing but believe and he was accepted into heaven.
    It’s not difficult to get to heaven. Just believe. God wants us there with Him more than we do. There are no hoops you have to jump through, no rules and expectations.
    So I believe your partner is in heaven. And you can ask God for reassurance. He is happy to help you and hears your every cry. He is your father in heaven, loves you deeply and weeps with you.
    Trust Him and see how He works in your life.
    Sorry if I am answering in brief. We are at our niece’s wedding so I hope I am making sense.


    • niki

      remember, your pastor knows you and I do not

      I could only go by what you wrote. you never said you went to church, or had strong faith yourself. I could not tell if you were saved or not. you said you were not “overly religious” which sounds like you were outside a church family. people who are born again usually describe themselves in a more passionate way than you did.

      I did not know if you were living in sin, living separately, or what. you did not say. I had to address all angles since you did not specify. when someone refers to “my partner” instead of fiancee or husband, it usually indicates two people living together without being married.

      you also said

      We aren’t overly religious, but we thoroughly believed in God. Towards the end he said he was angry at God for the horrific things that had happened but he never denied believing in him

      I’ve been reading that someone must accept Jesus as their saviour before they did otherwise they will burn eternally in the fire of hell. My partner and I believed in Jesus but we never could understand why Jesus dying on the cross saved us. We did accept it, but couldn’t truly understand it. So I’m not sure he truly accepted Jesus as his saviour. Christians tell me that believing in God is not enough, you can only get to heaven through Jesus.

      this makes you sound like you know who god is, and know who jesus is, but see yourself as an outsider, since you quote christians, as if they are different from you.

      there is a difference between “believing in God” and having a loving relationship with him,

      you spoke as someone who had a superficial understanding of god etc, but you did not express any intimate loving bond with him. the bible says even the devil believes in GOd and knows who jesus is.

      so the words you used helped to make things less clear for me.

      you indicated you did not understand salvation, or why jesus died….so I had to explain that….

      there are many “good people” who are not saved…..

      it is my desire that all be saved, if they are not saved.

      so if I did not care about this, I would just give you assurance without really trying to understand your spiritual status….maybe you are just not good at expressing your faith…if this pastor is your pastor, it is his job to explain what I did, to be sure you understand the questions you asked…and what the answers are.

      I disagree with your pastor, he says just believe, no hoops to jump through and no requirements or rules. the bible says we must repent of our sins, and reject sin and evil, and give our hearts to god. if he has a “just believe” approach, and does not explain the need to repent or make sure someone has repented, then he is not doing his job.

      I just went through this with someone close to me…I was checking to see if they understood salvation, and had repented, when the person rejected what I said, and told me all that was required was a desire to get close to god. a chuch told her this.

      we cannot get close to god with un-repented sin in our lives.. she did not think repentance was necessary….so this church was baptizing her without any requirements….and today, she is a “good person” who has never repented of her sins, and turned away from them

      So I am glad you clarified some issues about your faith, but you did sound like a nice, but unsaved person who was worried about their alcoholic , and possibly unsaved partner.

      I do my best to understand people when they write…..and apologize if I misinterpreted what you said.

      I would rather err on the side of caution and explain things that may not be necessary than to make the mistake of letting someone stay lost.

      I know “good people” who are hindus, and believe in god, and know who jesus is, but they are not saved.

      by the way, the thief on the cross expressed his guilt and sorrow before he died.

      also, I do understand losing a loved one. this post was about my brother who died last year.

      I wish you the best.

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