The Jezebel Spirit and the Single Woman in the Church


**this page deals exclusively about incorrectly identifying who in the church has the Jezebel spirit. The spirit is demonic, so an error here could lead to much distress, and lack of success in stopping it. There are other pages on this site that discusses the Jezebel further.

In the Bible, Ahab was a wicked, but passive, king over Israel. He had an aggressive, hateful, hot tempered, controlling, witch of a wife named Jezebel, who was more  wicked than he was.

Jezebel, as queen, derived her power and authority from her relationship with her husband, the king. If she had not been married to the king, she would have had very little authority, or influence.

If she had been a single woman, or a widow, she would have had no authority whatsoever. In a male dominated culture, the woman derives her strength and influence from how important her husband, or father, is.

Little has changed in 4000 years. Even now in the secular world, women cannot succeed very well, unless they have the support of husband and family, or they are single, and have no obligations, like conflicting child care issues.

But in the process somewhere, they have the support of men who control everything, or the support of women, who originally had to have the support of men.

Modern churches allow women to minister to some extent, but there are restrictions which are in practice, but maybe not in writing.

Many churches do not see women as ministry material, because they consider women to be in a submissive, and supportive, role to men only. It is the husband who is the minister, and the wife just supports him.

In some cases, we see women ministers, who have the support of their husbands, and therefore support of the church.

Sometimes, we may see elderly women as ministers, who have been widowed, who had a successful marriage, before their husband passed away.

Usually, women’s roles are confined to cleaning the church, child care during services, the choir, musician, or office work.

What you will rarely, or never, see is a divorced woman, or a single mother with children, being allowed to minister in any fashion, especially in a leadership role.

They are not considered ministry material, but instead, are considered in need of being ministered to themselves.

They are spiritually deficient, and incomplete. They are not qualified. They are many times portrayed as women who have failed spiritually, or who are on the prowl for other women’s husbands.

Most churches are designed to accept intact families, young people, and the elderly.

Divorced women are outcasts, and many times stereotyped as sinful women, unable to keep a man, despite any evidence to that effect.

At best, they are treated as pathetic creatures, not leaders. They are women of lesser value than the married women.

They are usually shunned by married women, or ignored, and not invited to any gathering of a more personal nature.

They are held responsible for their failed marriage, even if it was the ex-husband who was at fault.

Married women are considered more pure.

A divorced man will be accepted more quickly than a divorced woman, even if he was the one to commit adultery, and ruin the marriage. He is somehow forgiven. He can even remarry, and go into ministry.

But the victimized wife basically becomes a fallen woman.

The pastor will avoid her too, and not talk to her, unless his wife or another “more respectable” woman is present.

Divorced women are to be prayed for; they are not to minister.

This is not to assert that all divorces are due to the man, but to just describe treatment of the woman who was not at fault in her failed marriage.

Divorced women are lepers.

They are seen as women who sex drives must be unsatisfied, and therefore out of control. (When did a wedding ring guarantee that people behave themselves?)

It never occurs to the church that such woman may actually be leading a very pure, and holy life. The stereotype is that married women are pure, and divorced women are not, or not likely.

This happens to be very traumatic and demeaning for the decent woman who may either have leadership ability, wonderful thoughts to share, or who is just someone who would like some friendship.

If her children are small, or still with her, then she is nothing, and may not get much kind treatment, unless it is Christmas time, and people want to be “charitable.”

Maybe she can redeem herself if she remarries, or becomes successful in the secular world.

If she remarries, then maybe her sex drives are more under control, and then maybe she can be treated as respectable. She is now more pure.

This would add status to her position in the church if she pays tithes, but it will not change the opinion of the married women about her as a person, as long as she is single.

If she gives large offerings, it might be seen as trying to gain the pastor’s affection or attention, and be viewed secretly with resentment.

There is a lot of personal testimony to back this statement up.

Somehow, sex and holiness are linked in a twisted way. Sex in marriage does not make one holy.

And someone who is not married, is not necessarily leading an unholy life.

Someone who is married can be a very nasty person. The same is true for the unmarried.

People should not be stereotyped, and should be considered on their individual merits or limitations.

In this current church social structure, therefore, divorced women do not do well, and have no opportunity to contribute their talents, authority, or influence over what goes on the in the typical church. If they are welcomed there at all, they are just “there.”

Their money offerings are always welcome. In the church, as with any social group, there can be administrative problems.

One complaint some churches have is that there is a tendency for some individuals to want to control the pastor.

In recent times, it has been popular to coin the term, “the Jezebel spirit.”

The Jezebel is usually thought to be a woman who is out to destroy the church with rebellion.

The divorced woman is seen as a rebellious Jezebel, who has refused to submit, or cannot submit, to a man, which is why no man “wants her.”

It is disregarded that she may have been betrayed, mistreated, or abandoned, victimized and abused, by her ex-husband.

She is seen as one who would rebel against male authority.

It may not be relevant to anyone that the reason that men don’t want her now, is because they do not want her 4 kids, or because she has lived too many years raising her own children by herself, and now she is old, and tired.

She just does not look that good anymore.

A life, without the support of others, has worn her down. If she gets old enough, or ugly enough, then the church might accept her back, because she will not be a sexual threat anymore.

But will she still be a “rebellious woman.” and a threat to the pastor?

This assignment to the powerless individual as a scapegoat is unfair.

Usually, the accuser is actually the Jezebel, but is too “holy” to be suspected.

We must recall that Jezebel had gotten her authority as queen, from her husband the king, who passively let her do whatever she wanted.

Jezebel was a rebellious witch against God, yet she was properly married.

How can one reconcile the role of Jezebel spirit in the church, and the powerless, and many times despised, divorced woman.

This woman is shunned.

How could an outcast influence anyone in the church?

While it might be true that the divorced, both men and women, may not act properly, and could be rebellious, it also has to be admitted that these people usually do not even attend church.

If they do, they do not have the ability to overturn the pastor’s authority, or hold a position of influence. And who is to legitimately claim that married people cannot be equally rebellious?

People need to get past the misconception that marriage guarantees holiness, and that the unmarried are automatically sinful.

Holiness is closeness to God, and walking in obedience to His ways, with a loving heart. Holiness is available to all people who devote themselves to God in depth and sincerity.

The church must not pick out the powerless and make them scapegoats for problems they feel they are having in the church.

Their marriage status should not be important.

Each person’s commitment and faithfulness to God should be viewed fairly.

It is wrong to put artificial labels on people anyhow.

It is worse to use God’s Holy Word to justify unfair accusations.

The divorce rate in modern society is somewhere around 50% of couples.

Many people will become lost, and leave church, if they are not loved, and accepted, in the church as equals.

Most divorced people do not even attend church. People need to be more kind.

If the church does not treat them properly, these people will seek provision and support elsewhere.

Usually, they look to the government, and any political party which will offer them financial and social benefits, even if it compromises their morals.

There is no support or acceptance in the church for these emotional outcasts. They are not secure.

Even though both political parties in America support civil rights and aid to the poor, the outcasts are looking for more: acceptance and security.

They then look to their political party or the government as their God and provider, and feel compelled to turn their back on moral issues like abortion, homosexuality, pornography, and all the anti-Christian, anti-American, and godless legislation that many current politicians represent, just to gain acceptance and financial help.

So they vote for whomever may give them favor.

They are also prey to secular thinking, and false religious theories and doctrines.

The outcasts react, and look for a solution to their rejection by the church. The church should not have pushed them in this direction.

God will hold all believers responsible for the plight of these “fallen angels.”

***the point : the Jezebel Spirit is real….She can be single or married…….but be careful, and responsible, about identifying who has this spirit. It would be very destructive if an accusing finger was pointed at the wrong person. An innocent person would be hurt, and alienated, and the guilty party would still be free.

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279 Responses to “The Jezebel Spirit and the Single Woman in the Church”

  1. I am a single, divorced woman of 10 years and am in my late 30’s. My former Pastor’s wife and many of the members of that congregation took it upon themselves to tell me just what you are describing here…. not pointing a finger to a “Jezebel” spirit but to the fact that I am depraved or incomplete because I do not have a husband. Paul and Jesus did not spouses. Neither did Mary or Martha and Jesus came to them first after His Resurrection. I was amazed at how these women took it upon themselves to pray for me to have a husband, and did not take the time to hear from God on the matter. God’s plan for me in my life is to remain single just as Paul talks about in Corinthians Chapter 7!!! If, they had spent time in their prayer closet, in intimacy with God, rather than worrying about my “incompleteness” they would have known that God has not purposed it in His heart form my life ,during this season of my life. How pretnetious is that?
    You made some very good points in your post and I appreciate you addressing this. Paul said he had learned to “be content in whatever state he was in” I am content in the place that God ahs me right now. I am content in His care, content in His mercy, content to be a daughter of the King!!

    May God continue to bless you! Thank you for your post

    • Hey Leslie, I am Leslie too! I have been saying these words for almost a decade myself. The author of this post has walked in my shoes and somehow has been reading my mind. If someone would have told me that people would treat me in this fashion after I became divorced, I surely would not have believed them. I had grown up in the church and I myself would never treat someone like this. But, they did. And through the years, I have told my friends who were doing through a divorce, to expect this.
      Thankfull I kept my faith in Jesus and learned to just rely on Him alone. He was rejected. He was lied about. He gave to get nothing in return but pain. He was blameless, but condemed instead. Not that I can compare myself to His holiness or sacrifice, but He walked in my shoes and understands my sorrow and pain.
      And I suffered deeply due to the treatment I received from the church, which was exactially as the post above describes. I am thankful for the lesson to lean on Jesus and depend on Him alone.


      • hi leslie B

        Well, my name is not Leslie. 🙂 It is Marianne. I am the one who wrote this.

        Just stick to your values and principles. When God comes for his bride, you will be part of the elect.

        • Thank you Marianne for this post!
          Yes , there are Jezebel women in the Church as they are found outside the Church and they are propped up by the big titles and high positions / connections of their Ahab husbands. Jezebels are married women who use their bad characters to wreck havoc in the Church of Jesus Christ .1 Kings 21:25.
          These Jezebels wiIl, eventually, destroy their own lives and the lives and ministries of their husbands like Jezebel did.1 King 21:23.
          Take a good look at these Jezebels and you would find that they have achieved NOTHING on their own personal merits.
          As your post says , it is true Jezebels wear their husbands’ ranks and they hide their inadequacies behind their husbands’ anointing and positions in the society and in the Church. Jezebels do not possess the anointing of the Holy Spirit and so they are very manipulative as all witches are.! Many of these Jezebels preach, teach, speak in tongues and even prophesy ( Lord have mercy!).
          Some of them have even written books( lol!) ; “books” which would not have sold more than 20 copies , but for the Jezebels’ connections and their Ahabs’ positions in the Church!.
          Take away their Ahabs or take away his exalted office and position; an d watch these Jezebels fall down into nothingness with a loud band !
          Jezebels and all insecure women who depend on their husbands, know this fact and that explains why they see every single and attracti ve woman as a threat to their marriages!
          If you were an old , wrinkled and shabbily-dressed single / divorced woman , they would not be hostile and nasty to you.
          Would the Church change her policies and attitudes towards single and divorced woman?
          No hope for that . As long as there are Jezebels and Ahabs in the Church, single women would have to take all the bad attitudes in their stride, ignore them or leave the Church.
          God will require of the blood of every single woman who have been hounded out of the Church, from the hands of these Jezebels and their Ahabs!

      • Leslie , I have experienced some of these shameful attitudes in the church because I am divorced ,36y/o with two children.
        I love the Lord Jesus, I am working for Him and I want to be used by Him for the rest of my life .His grace is sufficient for me,
        I have no intentions of reconciling with my ex or marrying any man ; because I believe “Once is enough!”.
        According to some people in the Church , that is my crime !
        One of these Jezebels even had the audacity to ask me in church , one day, ” Where is your husband ? What is your mission here?!”
        She said it with a sweet smile in a friendly way , but I got her mind frame and I replied her, with a sweet smile too, “What is YOUR mission here? Is it to build for God or to build a CULT of husband-worshippers , inside this church ?!”
        On another occassion , they called for a Women’s Prayer meeting. During which one of the women leaders made an altar call that all the single and divorced women and single mothers should come out , kneel at the altar so that all the married women would stretch their hands towards them and pray for “their fallen sisters”, to be delivered from the shame and reproach of being single!
        The caller went further to say all single women should kneel at the altar and ” confess their sins and ask God for forgiveness of their sin of rebellion against male authority and God’s authority!”.
        It fills my heart with great joy and my mouth with laughter whenever I remember the look on the faces of those pride-filled married women in that prayer meeting ; as they watched hundreds of single women , stand up and walked ; not towards the altar for absurd prayers; but towards the front door !
        Most of the single and divorced women who walked out that day , never returned to the church.

        • amen and bravo to the GODLY women for leaving the holierthan thou types. I have seen it time and time again, and it is why many women want nothing to do with the “church”. It isn’t much better if you are a young widow, somehow you are judged for not praying hard enough against the circumstances that took out your spouse. That is what the holierthanthou women basically communicated to me. And when I remarried and it happened again, I was shunned as some kind of secret sinning entity. Because there must of been something wrong to be a widow not once but 2X-even the pastors told me I should repent.

          • Job’s friends told him that he should repent too. By the end of the story, God was telling THEM they needed to repent.

    • Before I read all this here,I was thinking that SOMETHING, must be wrong with me and that God was against me for being a divorcee , even through no fault of mine. It is so comforting and assuring in my faith in the Lord Jesus to read here that I am not alone in my bewilderment at the way people in the church have treated me and there is nothing wrong with me!
      But EVERY fault and shame lies in the very bad attitude of the Church towards single women.
      Just as single women feel the pain , so does the Holy Spirit.
      God will surely judge and cleanse His Church from this sin and unrighteousness.
      Everybody who knows my story knows that I went through a traumatic marriage experience for 6 years due to my ex’s attitude and I went through an acrimonious divorce case.
      But even the hurt , trauma and rejection I suffered from my marriage and divorce case pale into insignificance when compared with what I have got from “church people!”, especially from church women!
      I have spent many years in different churches , and one after the other, as a divorced woman, my bitter experience in Church has been the same.
      Divorced men fare better in church because, as usual , men get away with murder, even in the Church!
      My ex husband has been attending church with his live in-partner , openly, and no one condemns them.
      The unjust preaching in the Church is that: ” every wise woman builds her home!”, but nobody in church condemns the unwise ex husband who did not give the wise woman any peace or support ; neither did her allow her any space to do any home-building!

      My experience in church has been very bitter, exactly as this blog has set out and especially the very strange bit that the tithes and offerings of divorced and single women are not regarded as “unclean , unsubmissive and rebellious ” but we are regarded as such by every church
      I think instead of the hypocritical facade of smiling faces and lip service paid to “love and fellowship”; churches, should put up large banners at their gates showing ” SINGLE AND DIVORCED WOMEN , KEEP OFF!!
      Church people, especially married women, become very hostile once they hear that you are single or divorced and worst still , if they hear you say you have no intentions, EVER, of reconciling with your ex.
      hey would immediately conclude you are “dangerous to all marriages” , you are in church to seduce and hunt for a husband, any husband , including their own “precious” husbands!
      Word would pass round the church grape vine that : “Beware, a Jezebel and seducer of men, seeking whom to devour , is on the prowl!”
      Some people in church, would even point at you and say, “there she goes; one of them has joined the church again!”
      In Church, I have suffered terrible snobbery, gossip, ridicule, false accusations of “trying to seduce men in the church, especially seducing ALL the church leaders, ”
      Even when I saw none of the men in the church as worth snatching!
      I have been accused of seeking attention and recognition and seeking to attract men by dressing fashionably and by excelling in my assignments in the church and because I give financially and generously !
      There have been cases where I started doing assignments in church , and soon after , without any explanation to me , I was stopped and shoved aside. As if I was being told, ” You do not qualify! Go and get married , first!”
      I found out that each time that happened, some people , especially married women had gone to complain that the church must not allow divorced and single women to hold church offices!
      People I complained to , over the years have been advising me to dump the Church , but I refused to listen ,
      But , fourteen months ago, I made up my mind, AT LAST; to stop going to any church and to fellowship on line and on cable TV; and to serve the Lord with my gifts, my talents and my money OUTSIDE the Church.
      Since then, I have been having a glorious ,fulfilling Christian life.
      Thank God that we are blessed by so many Christian TV channels and we can be a blessing to thousands of people outside the Church.
      If not for these avenues of fellowship and service to the Lord , where would divorced and single women like me find the comfort in the Word of God , and be enjoying peaceful fellowship and service without all the meanness and nastiness which goes on in churches?

      • well. Grace, you are safe here……!

        • Thanks Marianne. Yes , I am safe and happy now.
          Thank God for His grace and His love showered upon us all.
          It takes God’s grace for any woman to possess the guts and the ability to escape from the horrors of an abusive husband and then remain as a divorced single woman / mother , in today’s Church .
          Many married women wish they could opt out of the mess in their marriages ; but they cannot do so when they see how divorced women are treated by the society and by the Church.
          So these women have remained, suffering in silence , in their unpleasant , sad marriages; just because they don’t have the guts and the empowerment to leave their lousy husbands.

    • I understand so well, what it is like for women to not welcome me at church. I have even had men flirt with me in front of their wife, then later treat me like it is my fault. This hurts, I would never flirt with or, go after someone’s husband. How dare they even think that!

      • dear pure

        you will find that being in church does not make a man holy, just like sitting in a garage does not make you a car.

        stay out of churches that treat you like that.

    • Mary had Joseph as her spouse not in fornicating but she had a spouse: Matthew 1:18 Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Ghost. Plus it’s God who will reveal your husband. It I’m scripture that is not for man to be alone either!!

    • great cor 1. 7 talkes about singleness i am in a church and i have watched people try to match make me seduce bully me against my will just because im good looking people think im up for what ever they think
      i read derek princes book GOD is the matchmaker he decides wether your to remain single married or it can be your choice for holiness
      the problem i had i gave GOD the chice jesus being lord which i opend myself up to deception and much heartache anger because the person i loved id gone to GOD and told him about the feeling and asked for conformation as feeling can be from satan lust of the eyes and all that so i fasted prayed GOD showed me to cherish this person via a dream and a person in the dream was hold the board up with the inscripion on some time later i asked GOD to confirm it next day he gave me habacuk 2.3 wow i though i was so happy but the woman concerned does not feel the same way 6 years of pain this caused me . the girl concerned doesent want to be a lost house wife.! but still goes round showing her hips of in church with her tight jeans .

      • stephen

        I cannot say what is going on for sure, but I pray that all your frustrations and pain goes away. and I pray you get the love you are looking for.

    • This is the truth and I don’t go to church to protect myself from this very thing I am afraid that I will be asked my status so what do I say to it I even lied at one point said I was a widow but then I thought I am not going to church because who needs this from anyone….judgmental religous garbage

  2. Hi Leslie,

    I understand your viewpoint. I have been divorced since 1984, and I have been through the same thing. Married women just assume divorced women have “unmet sexual desires” which would be a threat in a church, so they want to marry you off, so they feel secure around their own husbands, who might be attracted to you. That is fleshly thinking.

    In other ways, the married women are not that happy in their marriages, and they are actually jealous of you, because you are still single and attractive. So to destroy that, they want you to me married, and unhappy, like them.

    Life, and people, are strange. In the same way, we are to drive defensively with our cars, do the same in church.


  3. Hi Leslie,

    I understand your viewpoint. I have been divorced since 1984, and I have been through the same thing. Married women just assume divorced women have “unmet sexual desires” which would be a threat in a church, so they want to marry you off, so they feel secure around their own husbands, who might be attracted to you. That is fleshly thinking.

    In other ways, the married women are not that happy in their marriages, and they are actually jealous of you, because you are still single and attractive. So to destroy that, they want you to me married, and unhappy, like them.

    Life, and people, are strange. In the same way we are to drive defensively with our cars, do the same in church.


  4. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you once again. I’m a member of a Christian Church here in Ontario California. I’ve been a member since Oct 2003. I have serious issues with men however my Divine Holy Spirit is leading my steps towards healing. On the 14 of January 2009, I attended Bible Study where our Pastor was speaking on the topic of “Getting your heart right”. He stated that there were a lot of strife and unforgivness amongst the saints in the church and requested for all whom felt as though they fell in this category to come down for prayer. Soon after this took place; he close his eyes and waited for the Holy Spirit to revealed more unwanted spirits. True enough he stated “JEZBEL Spirit. We have a Jezbel Spirit in this church so please come down to get prayer”. No one moved. I became very uncomfortable and turned to the man that was sitting behind me and asked “does this include manipulation without having sex”? He stated yes!!! The Pastor was still requesting women to the altar come to the altar and then he stated” I bet no one comes forth”. By this time I proceeded to the front of the church and just stood there. The pastor then looked at me and then looked back at the congregation and said “every woman in this church come down to the altar. He bind the Jazel spirit in every last one of us and then we all proceeded back to are seats. I was so angry when I got home due to I felt as though I really didn’t have a Jezbel spirit. I immediately went to my computer and type in “meaning of Jezbel “. This is when I located your website. I studied and reviewed the information posted and came to grips that I do indeed have this ugly oppressed spirit dwelling within me. I have taught my daughter that you don’t need a man for nothing but three things which I know in my heart was wrong. However I never in a million years would have thought Jezbel. At the age of 40 years of age, I’m still getting healing from the lost of my parents. My father was very abusive since I was born and when I turned 17 years of age my dad shot my mother. Once in the back and twice in the chest. Then he shot himself leaving my brother and me. I do understand how this spirit could have enter, I just want rid of it NOW. Yes I have been praying the prayer that is posted in your website for healing and I thank God for locating you all. However do you suggest any other kind of assistance I should seek? I still have issues with men in relationship. Still healing from PAIN……

    Ontario Ca

    • Dear Kim,
      As I can see you´re a very strong woman. Even with all this situation suffered by you, you´ve remained seeking for God. I believe God is going to work hard in you and through you! All the blessings of God upon you in Jesus Name.

    • hi problem is poor teaching i am a man sorry about that .but i have seen the same thing in my church woman who come into the church useing manipulation in sly ways its origin is to control another s personality its witchcraft staring gossiping slander seduction dressing to see the shape of hips and crotch acting in sly way to get a man then getting at the man if he resists being seduced . is all from the pit of hell or the world and desroys the church like a wolf coming into the church taking sheep adultry and fornication are serious in GODS eyes

      the victims are children and dads cast of as dirt and children with wound of rejection if you study satans character is a good way of exposing him men have it as well but not as many 5377 hebrew nasha lead astray seduce deceive .7852 satam lurk persecute attack accuse adversary resist
      twisted hebrew 6617 perverted crafty dectiful proverbs 8.8 .devil one who trips up slander

      as jesus came to expose satans kingdom thats what im doing here derek prince had a ministry of delivering demons and you can go through the process self deliverance your self on youtube do you have demon derek prince . i have done it my self and have daily proclimations a person with sly manipulation control slander and seeks to bully coherse anothers personality has the spirit of witchcraft .

      if your a christian then you love jesus and you need to fall in line to scripture as your following jesus now not spirit of the world eg galations 5.24 coll 3.5 eph 4.22 1 tim 2.9 2 tim 2.21 2 tim 4.2 are some scriptures to help crucify the flesh as only you can put the nails in the bibles clear so to flesh reap destruction it apply s to men and woman . the devil seeks to fasinate through the eyes lust epitumia 1939 greek and read Shakespeare sonnet on description of lust

  5. I’m single, never-married and I am 40 y/o. While I do plan on getting married eventually, I’ve also experienced the subtle judgement from others in the church. I also happen to be attractive and I get tired of married women acting like I’m a threat or a potential husband-snatcher. Actually, I don’t date much, don’t hang out in clubs or bars, and I try my best to live a Godly life. If I wore anything that was even remotely flattering, I was counselled to tone it down. Believe me, I don’t dress trashy at all. I couldn’t even have a friendly, platonic converstation in church with the married men without the wives feeling threatened. It is very lonely when people treat you like this. I would love to have more friends in church but the married women treat you like a threat. At my age, it’s not always easy to find alot of single people in the church. Also, some of the meanest, nastiest women I know are married.

    • hi stacey

      You are absolutely right. Most church jezebels are married women who resent the unmarried, and pick on them. They also dominate their wimpy husbands, and try to have their own way in the church.

      To top it off, many of them think they are anointed prophetesses of God…and babble off whatever they hear in the gossip (oops “prayer”) discussions.

      Do not let them get you down. Their hate is
      their sin, not yours.

      Continue to lead a pure life, and God will bless you.

    • hi there is also hurting men who fear GOD and there first covnant they made hasent been cancelled but they are devorsed and dont want to commit adultry .but women dont see that but still flirt at them thats so hurtful when it happens over again in church thats why i hate seduction its based on lust which leads men to hell

  6. Yes, I am divorced..Ive been alone, raising my child, for many years, I’ve been treated like an outcast and leper, more than I’ve been treated like a Child of God. I don’t want anyone’s husband, I would like, however, genuine caring Christian fellowship. Something that seems to be lacking at church’s for the single/divorced woman. They do want your money, like this article says. The last church I was a member of, had women’s meetings in another state. I could not go, they had no childcare, I had no way to get there. It was more like a tight knit, exclusive social club than a woman’s bible study. I never got to go.
    Yes, I get tired of being treated like a leper. THat is why I just stay home now. Maybe I should have just stayed with my abusive, adulterous husband, who also committed bigomy against me, I would have much more respect from the so called Christian community. I have Jesus though, that is all who matters.

    • dear LiberatedEagle,

      I have been through your situation for about 30 years now. I completely understand. I have found most Jezebels in the church are married women, because they need a man to gain status and be successful.

      They then point the finger at the single women, to divert attention away from their own witchcraft. An unmarried jezebel would not last long, without latching on to a man. This is where the married Jezebels get suspicious.

      Since they already know the man is important, they immediately assume that other women are doing the same thing they are, and they condemn the other woman.

      Stay away from churches, unless they have a high percent of divorced, and NOT remarried people.

      Divorce and remarriage is adultery, unless for fornication, as Jesus said. many of the Jezebels in power in the church have also been married more than once. Yet they are given power by the Ahab pastor.

      Keep your money. Your child needs it more than they do.

      • The last home fellowship I tried, one of the women (married) treated me pretty badly. The one before that, the leader’s wife played alot of games…I’m just tired of it. Tired of the games, the lies, the games the lies and the games. Would Jesus approve? no, not at all.

  7. Believe it or not, i’ve had some problems with trying to fellowship online. All the problems are mainly with married women or the spiritual leaders they control. lol.

    • LiberatedEagle

      I cannot speak for every website but my own. If you follow the comments, you may find someone like minded to be a friend to. Just let me know, and I can guess somewhat if it might be a good friendship match.

  8. Im a young single women 26 no children Im very attractive as well but humble…My thing is i have always felt like i was a threat in the church alot of the other women that attend are either Married or in a relationship…and here i am this pretty little single thing I cant even walk in the church without ALL the married or single men staring at me…I cant help that!! Then the wives get jealous..The bible does say that a single women is better off staying single because we dont have all the extra baggage that comes with having a husband and family and we have more time to do gods work. And contrary to belief i honestly think single women are in general happier than married women Yeah they may have the man but we have the freedom.

    • hi nubian

      If you are attractive, the married women are most likely jealous of you. Marriage can bring many problems, and bring a woman down. Many women wish secretly that they could be free, but the social advantages seem to outweigh the oppression they feel.

      For you, I would just be careful to dress modestly, and keep your attention on Jesus. But if they are mean to you, then leave them. You owe them nothing, and do not need them.

    • to nubian yes good but remain humbly not flirtacious of seductive and plain dress dont show the shape of our hips off if you have any iy you were glasses dont lower them and stir deeply into mens eyes
      its a sin for women to seduce and stir at goodlooking men better have your bible a word song or something from the lord rather than a smile which could meen anthing
      there is so much of the world in the church now its hard to remain single for men because women sceme and match make far as im concerned 1 cor chap 7 is eccellent those who do get married will have many troubles

      • The match-making depends on who you are. You have to be accepted into the ladies “clique” for that. NO ONE has ever in all my life tried to help find a mate for me. And whenever a man has taken an interest in me there were always a group of women who set out to break it up.

        At least when lady friends try to introduce men and women it is usually because someone cares that a friend is lonely and wants the companionship and a mate. When ladies set out to interfere and break you up it is just plain EVIL! Could be jealousy, but I believe it is much wickedness.

  9. very interesting

  10. I am trying to fit in to a church we have been visiting. I’ve noticed alot of shunning by married women already. I don’t want anyone’s husband (someone did that to me)….I had one woman come and sit by me one time and give me an extremely dirty look…and some other things. I noticed she does alot in the church. She has never had a conversation with me. Maybe I should have stayed iwth my ex and I could say “oh, he lives with his other wife” maybe they would treat me better? I dunno.

    • dear Hanna,

      The woman who came and sat by you was a Jezebel. She was looking you over, to see what she could say about you to others. I would go elsewhere.

      church option:
      Either find a huge church, where you get lost in the crowd, and Jezebels have no time for you, or a tiny church, where people seem friendly. But if you encounter Jezebels, you may as well leave, especially if they have you marked.

      private option:
      Find other ways to fellowship. Find christian TV for inspiration. This way, if you see something wrong, you can just change the channel, and not get hurt. Read the bible for yourself, and teach yourself, instead of depending upon a pastor to present ideas. Private time with God. Teach your children what you learn. It is quite a journey. You will find eventually you have outgrown the church environment.

  11. What do you mean, she has me marked? what does that mean, exactly? Isn’t the Lord stronger than that, though? Can’t God deal with them somehow? Prayer changes things.

    • Hi Hanna

      I just meant that she observed you, saw you were a nice person, and identified you as a potential victim. The dirty look she gave you let you know she did not like you. Jezebels do not like nice, sweet people. They get jealous and attack.

      Yes, the Lord can handle her kind. You can pray for her, but it is wise to avoid her. She is trouble.

  12. Oh ok, the look I got seemed more like hate…lol. Yes, I will try to avoid her, no problem doing that.

  13. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I don’t know what churches you women may be going to, but get out and get real! Seek God and find the place that God wants you at. Don’t suffer yourself to be abused, unless of course you know beyond the doubt that’s where God wants you.

    Let’s not forget, the Jezebel spirit is there before one is married. So, if there’s a woman that is married that has a Jezebel spirit, it was there before she got married. How do you think Jezebel got her husband? By using that spirit of manipulation and control, and lets not forget, her beauty (maybe I’ll get back to the beauty part later.). As a matter of fact, it seeks out men like Ahab. Please, it operates and uses anyone who has a desire for control and authority with a lack of submission.
    My experience is this, I’ve seen it in many forms and have had times when I needed to do a checkmate within myself.
    As a wife and Pastor, married to a wonderful Apostle husband, boy we’ve had our share of Jezebel.
    To be honest, I’ve seen it mostly in single and divorced women. (Experienced it with men too.) I’ve seen it tear up marriages but most of those marriages were Ahab men. Most of the women have this desire and need for attention (married women to) and are attracted to authority. Although, they maybe attracted to it, they find it hard to submit to it once married that authoritive person. But that’s the simple, baby stuff. The Spirit of Jezebel is bigger and disguises herself much more carefully than one would think. I’ve see it operate in some of the most seemingly humble, holy, and quite personalities.
    To go around pointing out that a person has a Jezebel spirit without consulting and seeking God, is very dangerous and can do more harm than good. A lot of the time, what has been singled out as Jezebel, is just a person whom has suffered hurt, and abuse in some way, that just needs healing, a lot of it.
    To say it’s better to stay online is wrong, we should not forsake the assembly of the brethren, there’s something very important about physical contact with people that can not be gotten online. Remember, there is no perfect church. Everyone is not going to receive you in a welcoming manner. But, if you are uncomfortable, leave and find the place for you. Even if you have to drive miles to get there, find the place God wants for you. Once found stay there plug in and submit to your leaders. If you have to go through the ridiculousness of immature Christians, then do it. In due season, God will raise you up. God forbid anyone judge according to appearance, everyone has a story, and needs to be delivered from something.
    ……On the other hand, just because some married women may be jealous of your youthful beauty, don’t let that hinder you and don’t mistake jealousy as jezebel. There are a lot of jealous married women in church. They need healing and love, just like the divorced single woman, or the one that’s never been married. A lot of married women are suffering from very unkind, uncaring, unmanly husbands. A lot of them suffer from the disease of lack of self worth and no confidence of who they are in Christ.
    Now here, I am married and suffer from some of the same treatment some of you women have mentioned, and yes I’m a Pastor, but I don’t wear my title on my jacket. So I’ve had my share of experiences among groups of women, and have been unrightly judged in unkindly manners(LOL).
    I sometimes would ask myself, is it the way I dressed, is it because I’m not dressed like I got stuck some where in the ’80s, or maybe it was because I wore some make up? Who knows and who cares?
    Yes, it may hurt a little, but dust yourself off, maybe they just lost their blessing; of having what could have been one of the very best friends they could have ever had.
    Blessing to you all and stay encouraged in Christ, for He knows all our sufferings, and suffered before us.

    • hi Vanessa

      You ended up on the “single jezebel” page. I acknowledge on the introductory page that jezebels can either be married or unmarried.

      Since most divorced women do not attend church, because of the way they are viewed, there are not too many divorced women who are jezebels in the church. However, this does not mean they are not outside the church, doing damage.

      There are also male jezebels, who really can cause trouble.

      The idea is to not judge people by their marital status. Each individual has the potential for holiness, and this should not be stifled.

      I think church can offer social and spiritual benefits to others, as long as people are fairly treated. My personal experience is that churches will immediately label (innocent) middle aged single/divorced women as jezebels, and so, for the most part, church may not be the place for them. The ones that did the name calling were the married women whose husbands were elders in the church.

    • Vanessa, I enjoyed your response. I have been single for almost 40 years and it seems like more and more people in the church don’t know what to make of my staying single. I was reminded again as I read your post that it doesn’t matter what they think!
      And that they are struggling with their own insecurities when they distance themselves from me or judge me or project some misunderstandings about the “Jezebel spirit” on me simply because I am a single woman who finds stregth in the Lord instead of a man.
      I feel very much like I’m living outside the box the church would carve for me and I will trust that it is exactly where God can continue his work in me.
      It’s easy to take that hurt in when you feel rejected and start feeling like God is the one cutting me out of the church when it is really just people not to different from me. After confronting the situation, I’m looking for a new church but not very optimistic anymore that I’ll find a place where I’ll feel accepted. I go with an attitude of worship towards God, but no longer excpect any connection with his people in this context. I do volunteer work and travel a lot, and just made up my mind to look for the church outside the box (institutionalized church). And I am finding it.

      • hi cindy

        Just a word of support from me. I have also been single for 40 years.

        You have a place, and an appointment, in God’s kingdom, just like everyone else.

    • Amen thank u

    • no such thing as women pastor in new testement i bet the devil is laughing her head off.

  14. Well I have been hearing about Jezebel spirit alot and a church sister was praying for me and asked God to rebuke the Jezebel spirit from my life so I came on here today. Cause I am still not sure about this Jezebel spirit.

    I am a single woman I carry myself ok. I speak loud and may sound like I am quarrelling I want to control it and its difficult. is this Jezebel spirit.

    • HI Sim

      Being loud does not make you a jezebel. A Jezebel is a very selfish, dishonest, cruel woman who controls other people. She is a witch. For someone to pray that over you is really an insult, if it is not true. Continue to read on this site about jezebel.

  15. My wife read the book Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit.
    Now we are in a separation heading for a divorce!
    We’ve been married 25 years. After reading this book she became very secluded
    and had violent outburst! She somehow won both of our kids over on her side against me. The night I had to leave the house my wife and both kids were unleashing a violent out burst on me. It was very un-nerving and scarey!
    Felt like I was in the Devil’s House! My wife now has taken me to court on spitful issues that the judge only dis-missed! She is now spreading untruth all over town about me. I’ve never hit or abused my wife or children!! I’ve been faithful to my wife our whole marriage! Now I am in total shock over this serious of events!
    I’ve lost 30 pounds and constantly think about this separation 24/7.
    Note: I was a evangelist early in the marriage but had to quit due to my wife not surporting me. She made it a pure hell to come home at times. Is this jezebel Spirit in my marriage and Wife? Please give me your opition!! Thank you!

    • Dear Mike,

      There is a responsibility for anyone who is discussing this spirit to make sure the reader understands it is wrong and they need to repent. Otherwise, the discussion only makes the spirit manifest. I think John Paul Jackson is a New Age dreamer, and is not the best source of information. But, that is history now.

      What happened is instead of the book making the spirit repulsive to her, it made the spirit attractive to her instead.

      It sounds like some of the text hit a nerve in her somewhere, and she felt neglected and in need of attention. Thus, her behavior changed to compensate for a hidden sense of in jury.

      I cannot say more because I have not read the book.

      You have to stand up to her. get a support group and counter the false claims she is making. You have to be aggressive (in a positive way) with this spirit. You have to take control.

      Try to get the children away from her, if you can.

      You can write back if you want.

      I am putting you on my prayer list.

  16. Hi Marianne,
    I just wanted to point out that what you describe as the reaction to divorced women in the church is also the way women are treated if they are in a bad marriage. It seems that it is entirly up to the wife if a marriage works or not, regardless of what the husband does or does not do. This is a large reason why divorced women do not go to church (or find a new church) – because of the lack of support they received before their broken marriage failed.

    I have a friend who went to her pastor over a year ago because her husband was engaging in several un-christian behaviors that were destroying their marriage. As of today the pastor still has not talked to the husband (he said that he would), and the husband is STILL a vital part of the churches “worship” team. The wife, who is a Bible college graduate and devoted to Christ, has been pushed out of every ministry at the church. This is only one example of this exact behavior that I have witnessed in this Pentecostal church. It seems that the Jezebel Spirit manifests itself in men as well – even ‘men of God’. I know that Christ is weeping over this, just as these women are. I wonder if this would be classified as “spiritual abuse”?

    • hi Shelly

      Definitely….this is spiritual abuse, and the pastor, and the husband have no right to be even in the church, until they repent. This is not righteous leadership.

      The pastor is unfit for service, to allow ungodly people to be leaders in the church.

      He is forgetting that the church belongs to Christ, not him, and he is to abide by standards of holiness and righteousness, not the “good old boys network.”

      The wife needs to get away from that environment.

  17. Hello Sisters and Brothers!!! I just wanted to say thank you for this blog!!! I am first off Saved,Sanctified,and filled with the Holy Ghost!!!! I must say; that JESUS is still the only one and true king in my life!! I have never been married and considered nice looking by both Christians and Non-Christians! I truly believe in tithing and giving offerings because of my love for my GOD! I have been known to give donations to certain boards and all of that! TRUST ME; I have always done these things in secret; because it is a blessing to give and especially when I have gone without myself! Even though these things were done in secret only my wonderful Pastor and a couple of other leaders knew. But now some of the people are even treating me worse than they had in the beginning! My Pastor is truly a prophet of GOD and his wife is a blessing! My problem has been getting rejected even though I am called nice. One of my friends who used to go to our church left because she said; she didn’t like the way that I was being treated! This is an older woman by the way. She even told me that “I know you are saved,because you are sticking it out”! I had to remind her that it’s not about me,but it is about JESUS! The servant is not greater than his LORD. I have tried to reach out and make friends with people @ church but to no avail! I am not talking about being ‘too common’ hanging out @ their houses or anything just maybe go out and eat dinner after church my treat even!!! It’s true, married women usually view ‘single’ women as trying to obtain their man! I don’t want anyone’s husband. In fact; the majority of men in our church are married! We might have about 2-3 single men and that’s it! They are really not my type and we haven’t connceted despite having good conversations. I really feel like I am supposed to be in another area sometime this year if the LORD says the same. This time, I am going to stick with a big church where no one tries to snoop into your business! Lo-Siento about the long post,but I have been crying the last few days needing to make some decisions! GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND STAY ENCOURAGED!!!

    • hi Miss.Love

      Do not feel alone. I have been through the same thing. It is called jealousy and suspicion.

      Somehow, the word gets out about what you have donated, and others resent you, thinking you are trying to “buy” or influence the pastor, or you are out to get him romantically.

      Then the gossip starts, on “who do you think you are, anyhow?” And the reasons you gave from your heart get twisted into bad motives.

      Just prevail. Stay, if you feel led, but be ready to move on.

      Remember, Jesus is your real pastor, not a man, so the church does not really matter.

      • I have only joined one church in over 40 years as a Christian. I seemed secure in this church as a divorced woman though I didn’t bother trying to fit into the women’s group. I tithed and gave offerings faithfully. I communicated with several pastors via email and always asked their advice with decisions. I consider this now a mistake. But ‘all hell broke loose’ shortly after receiving my inheritance. I gave 20% and was devastated at the spiritual attack that ensued. Isolation was done through direct comments said to me from the pulpit, evil eye stares from various members of the leadership and through comments made online watching LIVE services. After 5+ years I still find that I cannot attend any church for very long. I feel the stigma of being divorced (and inferior) even more than during the 1990s. I still give over 10% of my income to God’s work but mostly to non-local outreaches.

    • hi im in church where women ar favourd and can do as they want by crying to the pastee ive been there ten years eg ive been fathfully serving lord ten years in my church single women come in to church chat me on 1 occasion waggling her backside at me in local shop stalking me in church constant stiring for over a year i said to her about lust of the eyes is from the world and she went crying to the pastor and also got false witness and beetween them carefully bypassed the word of GOD for the sake of her emotions to pastors took her side as ive been married before to a christian who used me its a sin for me to be married again the service i did in the church for years wasnt taken into consideration as they must have seen my character single men also are badly abused 1 cor 7

  18. Hello Marianne,I’ve visited this forum before, and i took your advice..But i want to comment on what The pastors wife Vanessa said, and i quote..”Everyone is not going to recieve you in a welcoming manner”..We’ll if thats the case why do you think so many single women like myself dont attend church…Im so fed up with going to these evangelical churchs with a great state of mind im always willing and wanting to hear the word of god..But its like as soon as you walk in ALL EYES ARE ON ME..What did i do???These women have NO idea who i am..I even found out my pastors wife ran a background check on me!! Whats the point of that!! In all of her sermons shes allways talking about women in the church and how you need to follow such and such rules to be there…Its just sickening to me..They really need to relax they do everything in their power to lure you into their church and once you get settled in the scrutinize,castrate, and judge your nothing UNTIL your forced to leave….Relax old women I DONT WANT YOUR HUSBAND!

    • dear Nubian

      Do not feel alone. Most single women do not attend church now for the same reasons. Jealous Jezebel women think you are out to get their worthless, wimpy husbands.

      Jesus is your pastor. He will be faithful. You can learn directly from Him.

  19. Hi, my name is Manda. I can certainly understand everyone’s difficulties with this as I too have had the same scenarios happen with me.

    Since I left my abusive husband the counsellor (who isn’t a certified counsellor) at the church I previously attended said I had a Jezebel spirit because I chose to leave my ex-husband and not stay in a volatile situation. My spirit was already crushed due to the years of abuse by my ex-husband and now my spirit was crushed even more. After three years now of being single with my children and becoming very strong spiritually I am attending a small church, serving the Lord and helping in ministry. Yet I still see the same problem starting to surface with others at the church. Many want to pray for reconciliation of me and my ex-husband….how terrible it is that I am alone. Marriage counselling has been suggested numerous times and I’ve been questioned on why I won’t go. I am looked at like I am half a person with nothing to offer. That somehow I must have done something wrong to cause all this, more than likely rebellion of some sort. Then when they find out that I have a strong street ministry with youth that I’ve been involved with for three years I then feel a very strong, jealous spirit. I mean how could God possibly bless this rebellious woman who destroyed and refuses to be with her ex-husband.

    I really pray people would seek God FIRST before they open their mouths condemning another person. They don’t realize the damage they can cause if allowed to continue to do so.

    Blessings to all who have overcame this type of behaviour from others.

  20. Oh yes, I forgot to say…I am contented where I am at with the Lord in my single life serving Him and I am going to continue to do so no matter what these people say. As far as I’m concerned my personal life is none of their business and they are just busy bodies who help themselves to gossip and untruths. I’m not in highschool anymore. Are we not suppose to be mature adults lending each other a helping hand?

    • hi Manda

      The people at your churches are ignorant and do not understand the criteria for a jezebel. You are also encountering the traditional condemnation of a single divorced woman. Status in church is based on sex. You really have to be married to have “power” and acceptance in the church.

      Do not depend on church for approval or support that much. That social structure is set up for intact families, and young people.

      Single parents have it harder in this structure, and there is less support for them.

      Churches who are jealous of someone honoring God with their service are not really worth the allegiance given to them. Consider a change to a more positive environment.

      You are doing a wonderful job, and I encourage you to keep at it. You do have a real pastor named Jesus, so you have the best there is for support. Find other single parents to fellowship with, and this will help you and your kids.

  21. Manda;
    I was married for 12 years, divorced for 14 and remarried to my ex for 6 yrs now. Divorce is more accepted now than it was in the 80’s and 90’s. My husband went up and accepted the Lord at an alter call in 1976 at Calvary Chapel, but he’s never walked with the Lord. I can really relate to what you are sharing. I felt very ostracized and judged back then. I’m glad James Dobson, came out with his book “Tough Love”. Reconcilliation is not for everyone and if you are happy where you are at stay there. Pleasing the Lord is more important. Paul says that.

    I’m at a small church of 176 people and there are a lot of broken homes. I feel very accepted. Some of the Godlist people in the church are in the their second marriages. I don’t understand why things happen the way they do. I started going to a Christian singles fellowship but it wasn’t meant to be. I really believe if God wants you to be with someone he will bring them into your life. I wanted my family to be together, but there is a price that is to be paid when you make that choice. Sometimes I question if it was the right one, except I use everything that happens in my life as a witness of Jesus Christ and circumstances brought me an my ex-husband back together. . Find fellowship where you are accepted just as you are.

  22. Naked buttocks LOL

  23. Well, I have been involved with the church I attend in some way for a few months, and I am experiencing exactly the same thing. I am divorced and easily the most attractive person there. The interesting thing is that with the activity I am involved in, ALL the single people that were involved (male and female) have now left, except for me – perhaps because I am older, and frankly because I enjoy the activity and just don’t care. To be honest I feel that God knows me anyway and operates through me even without my needing to go to church – I am highly creative and feel that I wouldn’t be so creative if God didn’t love me. I have had some open bitchiness and ostracism from other married women but I effectively say (in more polite terms) “ki$$ my a$$” – since there is no-one there that I would remotely want to go out with in any case. Actually, I react by provoking them even more, wearing really flattering/attractive stuff and just being myself. I am not baptized or confirmed and do not receive Communion, but I do count myself a better Christian in principle than some of these fakers. I do have to say I have found a lot of churchgoers to be the least openhearted and most concerned with hierarchy and appearances of all the social groups I mix with. Now that I have acknowledged that I feel much better about the whole situation. So I don’t sweat it, I just cruise through – and there are plenty of other social groups I mix with, so although I contribute to church a lot, it is not the only activity in my life and I would certainly not rely on it for social connections. I do whatever activities I do for it because I want to, I don’t really care about receiving anything back and I almost don’t care whether I do receive anything or not, I do the activities I do because it fulfils me to do so. In a way, this is quite selfish, but I actually think it is a lot less selfish than some of these snobs you mention. Love, Kathi.

    • hi Kathi

      I am glad you are adapting, but since you will never be accepted by the married women, there will always be some trouble and rejection in future activities. Gossip too. Do not provoke them, or this will justify their opinion of you. Your attire should be modest and ladylike. best wishes.

    • hi jesus said the poor are rich in faith and gospel did come to the poor but there are some thing which desturb me as you said your a cruiser or a church floter or hopper this isnt biblical you havent been baptised in water jesus clearly said repent and be baptised for forgivness of sin in acts you dont take bread or wine remember the lords death and before we take it we must confess any sin otherwise we drink juement upon our selves also you havent recieved the baptism of the spirit i would strive for the greater gifts jesus tells us when you have all these you can press into your calling in GODS kingdom and find your place in the body eph6

  24. Wow! I felt both angry and both relieved with your article. I do not have any of these self-esteem issues of the divorced woman. I feel complete in my singleness with God. But, that explains why I am being treated this way in the church. Why my children and I are outcasts. Even among my family. But they are complete hypocrites because in my culture over 70% of the households are headed by single women. We make up most of the congregation in the church. So, are all of these households Jezebels? I doubt it. Yes, there are many single woman in my culture and community and very few married women. For the married woman to feel she is more holier or more pure before God is blasphemous. Holy and purity only comes through Jesus. Wow! I feel just great and if a church is going to seek to displace me spirituality than that will not be a church to me at all. Also, if this is the way churches are then I know they do not operate with God’s spirit.

  25. whatdoesitmatter , you are not alone. The proof is from the comments of the single and divorced women here , which are just a tiny fraction, a pin- head sample , of the experiences of single and divorced women who have been treated as lepers by the Church , especially by MARRIED WOMEN , with the support of their husbands and the church hierarchy who disrespect and despise single and divorced women in the Church.
    Divorced and single men fare much better in the church and in the society.
    Yes, I know because who feels it knows it .
    My experience of cruelty and ostracism inside the Church towards single and divorced women like me, has been, to say the least T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E !
    I came into the Church as a very beautiful childless divorcee over 10 years ago , and in the first church I attended, immediately , I started to sense hostility from women in the church and disrespect and ridicule from the men !
    I dress decently and my behaviour is impeccable, but that stopped nothing! There were ridiculously mean attitudes from people in the church towards me and other singles that should be unheared of , any where in the world ! Every church I worshipped in , I met with the same hostile attitudes.
    The common practice in Church , which is supposed to be a place to find love and fellowship , is that married women, pointedly, shun non-married women and look down their noses at them!
    I noticed that married men in the church would answer the greetings of divorced and single women only when their wives were not within ear-shot and when nobody was looking at them!
    Also , married women would glare at you if you dared chat with their husbands , even if you were chatting about church matters !
    At first , I thought I must have done something wrong to deserve such treatment in church of all places, so I sounded the opinions of other singles , divorced and even widowed women ( poor widows!), and they had the same horror experiences in the church as mine!
    So, I stopped greeting both married men AND their wives.
    If and when married men smiled and greeted me in church, I would response , only if their wives were there!
    Married couples did not invite me to any of their parties or homes and I did not invite them to mine either. I cut off all contacts with married couples.
    God has bestowed me with all the five ministerial gifts , but any attempts by me to manifest them by contributing to church work , were swiftly stifled and I was shoved aside and replaced by not-so-anointed married women ; just because they wore their husbands’ rank in church!
    Since the past one year, I have stopped going to church because there is no point being in an atmosphere where I and my anointing are rejected and despised , but where my tithes and offerings are welcome.
    Now, I find joy, fellowship and fulfilment in serving God through on line and TV fellowships and doing charity work in my community and abroad .
    I give my tithes and offerings to any of these that I am led to give them to . Since I took these decisions I am happy and having a wonderful time with my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ , who loves and appreciates me.

    • hi Grace.

      I was reading your testimony, and you have my empathy.

      same experience for me.

      Divorced women are blamed for failed marriages, even if it was the man who was to blame.

      they are considered “hot to trot” and their flesh is considered “unsatified” and on the prowl for a man….they are also considered as not being willing to submit to a man.

      so it is a power and sex issue.

      women who have a man to have sex with are considered pure and under control

      women who do not have a man are considered losers, hopeless, and in lust all the time.

      sick, isn’t it?

      Children reared in this kind of atmosphere will grow up with the same desires to manipulate the lives of those around them. Divorced women many times have strong Jezebel spirits. The same spirit is obviously at work in the lives of many who are not divorced but whose marriages are filled with strife and whose children are full of rebellion.

      People seem to forget that Jezebel in the bible was a married woman, not a divorced one.

      • People who think that single / divorced women are desperate and they come to hunt for men in the Church ; choose to forget that single / divorced women have CHOICES, when it comes to “hunting for men!”. Single/ divorced women do not have to limit their “hunt” ( if any), to men in any church , only!
        In any society, outside the Church, there are lots of single or divorced men who are eligible , very decent and eager to be loved who would love to meet very attractive , “hunting” single and divorced women!
        How can the Church preach the “unequal yoke with unbelievers” to a single woman who has been a victim of bigotry inside the Church?
        Nowadays, there is little difference in the moral values of men in the church and those who do not attend church.
        As for wimpy married men who pretend to be deaf and dumb because they dare not respond to a single woman’s greetings, or be seen talking to a single woman when their wives are present , but they would become very jovially and chatty with single women when their wives are not present ; such men are not worth greeting or talking to.
        If such wimpy men greet me or talk to me in their wives’ ABSENCE, whatever their position in the Church, I would return their insult by refusing to answer them and walk away from them !

        • good girl!

        • Dear Natalie

          I truly believe you wrote something truly wonderful God brought me to this website to learn about what I was experiencing at one of the Catholic church I attend I thought I was the only one who was an out cast in the world my case is a little different it was about spirit and my heart Blessed all of us when people insult us persecute us and falsely say all kinds of evil against us rejoice and be glad because great is your reward in heaven, for the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you honesty we all are in sharing our stories God love everyone even the single and the divorce ones to him it does not matter we are his creatures too. I also learned from someone I also respect and honor for keeping us safe in America he is an important person and his philosophy in empathy and God has empathy for everybody it is always in God’s heart this person said “Empathy is always at his heart of his moral code “stand in somebody else shoe and see through their eyes” his book “Audacity of Hope” I believe in God and the Kingdom come and to prove it at eight years old my little sister and I was playing in the mountains I slip and fell from the end of the mountain I fell of the edge from a very high mountain and I landed on my knees in a praying position broke the bone on my knees and he came and heal it .

          • isabella

            I can relate to your sincerity, but I strongly urge you NOT to put any trust in the one who wrote that book

            Put your trust in God, not man.

        • Dear Natalie I meant creation we are God creation he love all of us

    • hi grace i have the same treatment and im a man single and devorsed it been great alone 12 years you dont have to be married because of all th trouble as jesus is coming for his bride the church i be married to him amen . i served the lord doing the church garden as i get rid of weeds in the garden i think im also changeing the people in the church as my farther is a gardener GOD many times i feel rejected my people in the church as they got good jobs and ive been snarled at by elders told i was a peice of chewy by a lovely elder well we shall be called to account for every idle word my bible says the pastor says thanks for the garden but im doeing it for jesus ive had much rejection and hurt but i keep reading my bible as we walk in the light we are wased in the blood and cleansed from evil if any we hurt ones should should show we as much worth as the rich christian with good upbringing and 3rd genaration christians we are accepted in the son so we shouldent feel rejected

  26. After my divorce from an abusive and adulterous man I was excited to return to the church I grew up in. With my little daughter in tow I was certain that my life was about to get better and that my old friends would be welcoming. While I did notice a tad of judgement and questions about my marriage at first, it seemed things were going well and I began to settle back into church life.

    Then I was ask to join the Ensemble which was a hand picked singing group I had participated in my youth. I was placed in my old first soprano role again and began attending practice faithfully. But someone wasn’t happy. The very woman that had been my best friend growing up became jealous. It didn’t take her long to destroy me and my place in the church. And it didn’t take a few more long to join in on the escape-goating.

    Once again I found myself in an abusive situation. This time within the mist of Gods followers. In my confusion I blamed God and stopped going to church. Over the next ten years I remarried badly and became divorced again with another child, search through other belief systems and got into some metaphysical paths, got involved with the party crowd, was almost killed in a car wreck and many more things that all stemmed from my bad decisions and also the churches shunning of me. All the while I was being told what a sinner I was by church goers.

    Looking back now I see why I strayed. I was young. I had been through a hellish ordeal being beaten and used by both husbands, I was poor and I was hurt. And when I came to the church to change my life for the better I was shunned and pushed away like trash. So I turned into trash for a while.

    Now my heart is right with my Lord and the church can’t claim they helped in that. All it would have taken was the women in the church accepting me back. I was a good person who never wanted to hurt a soul. But because of one woman felling threatened and my already fragile state I turned to the dark side for help and support.

    The most important thing I have learned from this is that when you deal with Gods people you will be disappointed from time to time. Evil lurks within the church as with anywhere else. When you try to improve yourself even church people can be vehicles for pain, judgement and shunning. When you deal with God you go straight to the top. Always go straight to the top and don’t waste you time trying to prove yourself to God followers. After all, whether they admit it or not, their just trying to prove them shelves too.

    • and one wonders why there is a “falling away” in the church…..

      many from sin

      the rest get pushed out.

      god bless you, and keep you strong in the knowledge that you are chosen by him, no matter what anyone else thinks.

  27. Sadly, bigotry against divorced and single women exists in many churches.
    It is like racism. People in the church know the discrimination against single women exists in the Church ; but deny its existence on their own turf.
    Such bigotry is widespread in churches ; many Christians and Church leaders are unrepentant about it because they think they are doing God a service by ostracising divorced women.
    When told that divorced and single women were complaining about the way the church treated them, a pastor was heard saying that, ” Well, if they are unhappy about it, good!. They should go and reconcile with their ex-husbands or go and get married . ASAP!” “Two are better than one!”
    Which is like saying , a woman’s acceptance , or non -acceptance in the Church of Jesus Christ is tied to her marital status!
    No sir PASTOR , it is not , should not be so and never will be tied to her marital status.
    Yes , the Bible says “two are better than one” , but the Bible did not say “one is not good”.
    A single or divorced woman has the right to choose to remain single , rather than get hitched to just any husband.
    Of what use and value is anyone’s disregard or disrespect to a woman who has decided to remain single ? No value and no use , whatsoever.
    If she decides to get married , it should be because she DESIRES and NEEDS marriage in her life and not to please anybody or because she wants the “acceptance and respect” of anyone inside or outside the Church!

    • hi natalie

      Actually the bible says that a single woman’s heart is to the Lord, while a married woman’s heart is to please her husband, so the single woman is closer to God. That is why married women are jealous of the single women.

      paul also recommended the single life, he said it had less trouble in it.

  28. If the Church refuses to recognize single or divorced women in their own right , then single women have choices; they would find acceptance and fellowship elsewhere; as thousands of them are doing already and enjoying it.
    I have realised that for a happy and fulfilled life, the divorced or matured single woman must ,first of all , know who and what is not important to her.
    She must learn to shun the company of those who reject and disrespect her.
    Happy is that single woman who has risen to that level where her life and her decisions are not dependent on the respect or acceptance of anybody .
    After all, our Salvation is centred not on any man or woman’s opinions about us ; but our Salvation and Eternity originate from and is centred on Jesus Christ , who loves and accepts us, just as we are. “It is finished!”
    With or without a husband , a believing woman is COMPLETE in Him.

    • the path of holiness is more open to single people who focus on God than married people whose lives are focused on their jobs, careers and family….all they have to do is walk in it.

  29. I found this blog by searching for the topic of Jezebel spirit. I must say I was surprised to read notes from other women who have experienced what I have in the church.. I am a divorced woman, who left a marriage that was emotionally abusive , as it was headed towards physical abuse and adultery had taken place. Until the time comes when God graces me with a Godly man to marry, I will be single. I have two children. I left a mega church because once I was no longer married, my children and I became invisible in the church. I even suggested to one of hte associate pastors that the church outgh to have an outreach ministry for single moms and he looked at me like I spoke blasphemy! They are only interested in intact families, young singles and eldery couples. The were very few single mom led families in that church and those of us that were there were treated like ghosts. I visited other spirit filled churches and felt the same things..unwelcome or just pity. I am not bad because I chose to leave a man who cheated and threatened physical violence to me and my kids. Now I have a very srong call to do mininstry. God is wanting me to step out and share his love with others. I have been doing personal ministry online but am being called to minister in public, speaking about God. I wonder how well I am going to be received with this big “D

    • (sorry, fingers slipped)
      this big “D” for divorce on my forehead! I do know that God knows what he is doing. I pray that the people I am called to serve, accept me and allow me to share my love of God with them, regardless of my current status

    • hi Karla

      Welcome to the club. The churches are rejecting godly people now, especially women, who do not fit their social agenda.

      It would be one thing to say they have nothing for you, but it is another thing to treat you like you have something spiritually wrong with you. All the while, married men are fooling around in the church and holding positions of respect. Do not worry. God sees everything.

      the bible says the woman who is single belongs to the Lord, but the married woman first belongs to her husband, who she has to focus on pleasing.

      you are now free to go deeper with God….he will heal your wounds.

  30. Wow, should I list the Scriptures about God specifically setting apart the orphan and widow, which would mean a fatherless child and woman without a husband. This sounds exactly like the churches in Bristol,CT. I can’t wait for the Real Jesus to come back and get away from these fakes. They are jealous and do not follow the Scriptures and we are better Christians because we know it. More importantly,God knows it, and He is our rewarder and acknowledgment from Him. Whatever, the people feel and shun, is what God has chastised in themselves for their own wrongs.
    I know JESUS LOVes me and hates the hypocrites!!! He says it will be better for them to put a millstone around their necks and be thrown into the river…for it.

  31. Plus, Jesus says in the end times the hearts of many will grow cold, and even those who are lukewarm, He will spit out. It’s because they are jealous that I am homeschooling my son, and gave up everything and now they have to look at their fake lives of getting their nails done or letting Johnny get the guest house when he’s 18, and never really sacrificing to live their lives for CHRIST. We were homeless and I wasted money on a hotel and not one of 5 churches had any place for me to even pay for one child and me………wow, no room at the inn!!! really?????
    Come, Lord Jesus,PLEASE!!!! I hate all the fake hypocrisy, and they act like they don’t want their kids to be friends with my son….oooooogh because we are real Christians. How, do I stay involved to help train my son to be a goldy man in a fake church world, when the world is at least exactly how they are suppose to be, but Christians…the church, not so much. I am training him to not be like that, yet, he will not have any peers who are.

    • dear missy

      Your situation is a heart breaking one, and familiar to me. I went through the same thing, except with 2 children.

      At the time, there was even less available to me.

      Now, there may be some hope, if you can locate others on a social networking site, or find activities in town that might bring you and others together that have similar interests. You might be able to connect with other single parents and have the kids get together.

      If not, just hang in there, and explain to your son what is right, so as he grows, he will meet and select out the best companions for himself.

      I really think Jesus is coming soon, so be encouraged.

  32. That’s why people call the church a cult…they only let themselves in!!! Except, the Church, JESUS, HE came for those who sincerely seek Him, and Need Him, and want to serve Him1<

  33. Of course, not all Christian churches are against unmarried women (be they widowed, divorced or never married). Sure, man Protestant churches might look down their noses, both the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches tend to be churches with longstanding traditions that positively recognize the spiritual gifts of unmarried women (albeit no woman, married or otherwise, is allowed to be a priest.) The early Church is rife with stories of unmarried and formerly married women who became monastics, and some even became saints. Almost too many to print here, but I’d recommend to any single, divorced or widowed women to consider either of those churches for their church home.

  34. Sabrina, yes, God Bless you sister!! You are correct. When I was in the Episcopal church, there was wonderful fellowship, opportunities, and the best priest, this side of Protestants!! Although, many organized religions these days, especially why we have left the Episcopal church, because of heartbreaking, are using nonbiblical practices, which, God had therefore, called us away from.

  35. I experienced a Jezabel like spirit in the Anglican Church in Canada (Episcopal church in the States) It was deep – vicious betraly – lies- back stabbing – We broke bread with them and they lifted their heel against us!

  36. I don’t know if this has anything to do with with this subject but, I was with a man for 7 years and we weren’t married or anything, he was my first, we broke up 9 months ago, because I decided to be closer to the Lord Jesus, and ever since then I know God has delivered, showed, loved me the right way, the love I have always looked for, now my question is, My ex was a believer but didn’t have the same desire as me, now, I have this lust problem, and I still find myself wanting re-unite with him and get some council from my church, is this a dangerous move, but I remember reading the word of god, I cant remember exactly where, but it talks about bride-price, when a man commits adultery with a virgin he has to pay the bride price. I don’t know what to do, because I don’t want to just back with him, I want to help him know God.

    • dear Ornella

      If you want to stay closer to the Lord, you need to read His Word, especially about relationships before and after marriage.

      While you seem unaware of this, I need to tell you, so you do not repeat past mistakes.

      Living with someone you are not married to is a sin. Your boyfriend was not a believer, if he lived in sin with you. It sounds like he had a spirit of lust, and he transferred it to you.

      You can overcome this …just give your heart to Jesus, and rely on him to help you. Find pure things to think about. Learn the bible and listen to beautiful worship music, to help strengthen your spirit. Avoid lust situations, like talk, porn, TV, movies, music…etc.

      Your boyfriend is not interested in paying a bride price. He got you for free for 7 years. Try to focus on your future with Jesus and forget him.

      Make friends at church and find new relationships that will help you.

      • Thank you so much, I knew that deep down I didn’t need him, because I’ve grown since the broke through Christ, I feel like Ive disappointed Christ now, because I text my Ex last night, just messaging about normal stuff, and now I feel like ive given him a foot hold into thinking I still want him, when deep down I know I dont.
        I’m crying right now because I should of waited for God and listen tot the Holy spirit. I know we were just texting, but this is the first time in 9 months, and I feel like I failed God, I want to get over him, but now he can see im talking to him, he thinks that I am going to give him more of me, but I don’t want to and to give the Lord everything of me.
        Maybe I should just change my number all together, so he doesn’t message me, because I know any day he will. but thank you, you have opened my eyes, I am a very vulnerable when it comes to “romance, relationship” stuff like this, and even in my dream the enemy always use this against me.I am thankful to the Lord that he has used you to speak to me like this. I was doing so well, I don’t know what happened, I don’t want to beat myself up for it because I don’t want to give the enemy an a advantage to get to me, but hopefully I will move on from this relationship of my ex, for once and for all.
        Thank you so much darling and may Yah Bless you.

        • Ornella

          Changing your number would be a good idea.

          There are still good men out there who would love you and respect you, and treat you the way Jesus would.

          Give yourself time to heal, then look around for someone better.

          • Hello Marianne.
            I wanted to thank you for your concern over my break-up. Even though this blog was about the Jezebel spirit I read it again and now I understand it better than I had first read it. And thank you so much for the advice you had given me in back in July. It has helped my walk a lot, ive grown alot since then so thank your for taking up your time to reply to all, may the grace of God be with you sister.

  37. I am so happy to say that as a single woman (never married, and I am now 50), I found a church where NONE of this goes on! I am loved and accepted as is, praise the Lord! The Pastor’s wife told me I am an amazing woman…and according to what I am reading here that is unusaul. So, I am super duper thankful for my church, Cascade Chapel in Burlington, Washington!!! There are a few of us single gals, and we are like one big family and so supportive of each other (it’s a small congregation at this point).

    I have seen divorced women end up in horrible second marriages because they are so eager to remarry. Is this what they want? I am waiting on God as to my Boaz or I will remain single if he doesn’t come into my life. But I will not jump into marriage because of over zealous married people who want me to be happy (or is it miserable, I sometimes wonder) as they are. Someone thinks I am under a generational curse because I’m single!!! How absurd! Paul said it’s better to “remain” single as he did…so how can it be a curse?

    Don’t you just want to scream sometimes??? I am not single because I hate men or refuse to be under the authority of one. I am under the authroity of my Pastor, who is a man…and I am under Jesus’ authority, and He is a man (or was on earth). I am under the authority of the man who is owns the prayer site I pray on. I just haven’t heard God tell me any of the men who were interested in me were right for me to marry. I am walking in obedience to God, plain and simple.

    I wonder how many get married just because it’s “the Christian thing to do”? I was raised in the idea that I would be a stay-at-home Mom and homemaker….but now 50 and single, I am not that. We need to get the word out that we are not out of God’s will, and we are not out to steal your husband, and we are not rebellious. At least I never had anyone act as if I wanted to steal their husband. But sometimes I just want to shout: “I’m single, and it’s OK!” I have never been in a sexual relationship, and I believe sex is for marriage only, just as the Bible says…so I am no way looking for a man to secude!!! I wish people would just leave singles alone as far as “When are you going to get married?” and the like…. They ARE NOT helping!!!

    Anyway…God bless all of you for the comments and the eye opening article. I never realized the plight of the single divorced woman to be so difficult. I haven’t seen it much in the churches I have attended, for which I am greatful.

    Enough said…. I get pretty passionate on the subject of singleness.

  38. Having read all the comments here, I have to say that we are told in Scripture not to forsake the assembling of ourselves with other believers…in order to stir each other up to love and good works. That is Bible. So, keep on looking, gals. Do not give up. God led me to the most beautiful, Spirit filled church….

    We had fellowship at the home of a married couple the other night, and the wife encouraged me to come as did most everyone in the congregation. Marrieds and singles, alike, were there and we had so much fun and good fellowship.

    This is a church where the Pastor is secure in his calling and doesn’t allow people to tell him otherwise (such as Jezebel spirits murmuring in his ear). He does not feel threathened or his wife by stuff like this… These are just the most warm, loving accepting people (pastor and others). I hope you all find the same! It was the most awesome blessing to find this church…first one I ventured into when God led me to search for a new church.

    The Presence Of The Lord is the number one thing stressed in this church, and maybe because they desire God’s Presence, above all, they don’t have time for this pettiness. I connected with them because of their passion to be in the Lord’s Presence, because of their desire to seek Him and do as He asks above all.

    The problem in the body of Christ is that people commit idolatry — they make a person (their mate) and marriage their idol. People think they can’t be happy if they are single. So many will say things like “This guy is treating me really bad…but pray I can marry him.” People don’t care if they are miserable; they just want to be married. Someone even told me she would rather be miserable with a man than happy without one! IDOLATRY!

    We are to have no other gods before Him, but marriage is a god in the church. Marriage is people’s fist love, not Jesus. If I tell someone she can divorce because he is unfaithful, I am treated as though I sinned in saying it. They don’t dare utter it or hear it, for then it negates thier “standing” for their marriage. Some are with guys who have had numerous affairs but can’t accept that God might be releasing them from this marriage. Jesus permits divorce in this case, but no-one wants to believe it. I just can’t understand why marriage is peoples god and alter.

    Paul said it’s better to remain single. Do people not read their Bible? I am a happy, fulfilled single…not becuase of anything I “do,” but because I love Jesus and I am secure in His love for me. Jesus is my husband, my all, my everything!!! He is THE BEST!!! Why would I ever expect a human could fulfill me the way Jesus can? Yet, this is what people are expecting from marriage. And, I tell many a single, “Not so! Jesus is supposed to be ‘all that’ to you…not this person you so desperately want.”
    The old saying, “I realized I was happy. But then I was married amd it was too late,” comes to mind.

    People, seek the Lord; get filled with the Spirit; find the love, peace and joy He floods into our lives…Spend time in His Presence on a daily basis. Read His Word. SEEK HIM! The way He satisfies and fulfills me is beyond anything a marriage could ever hope to bring into my life! We are to keep Jesus as our first love; no earthly relationship should replace Him. He is to be on the throne…not a person. I love the Lord SO MUCH, I can’t even begin to explain. Most of us singles are so busy focusing on the Lord (Who else do we have?), we don’t have time to foucs on a man, let alone someone’s husband…at least that’s my personal experience. I go to church to SEEK GOD, not a mate. If I am going for any other reason than to meet with God, then why go? Then, that other agenda is my god and GOD is not my god. And I don’t want any other gods before Him!!! I just want to encourage people to get passionate for the Lord; fall in love with Him all over again and as never before!!! Let him be the center and love of your life, not a marriage partner or prospective marriage partner.

    You have to be confident in Jesus Christ that you are called to be single, and you have to stand your ground that no pushy person is going to talk you into getting married just because they think you should be married. IGNORE this kind of talk! Women are miserable in marriages because they didn’t await God’s choice for them or accept that they were called to be single…and men, too. Be encouarged, singles, God has great plans for you. You can be single minded unto Him, and He will open doors of opportunity for you to minister for him. If Jezeble spirits are pushing you out, don’t dispair. You were not meant to be there ministering there. God has a place for you.

    As you walk as close as possible to Jesus and get more and more intimate with Him, He will be Who you minister wherever you go. This is our goal: to get so close to Him He is just flowing out of our lives to all around us. We are not called to “do” ministry. We are called to be ministers…ministers of Jesus to everyone we come into contact with. I certainly have not gotten that close, but I keep on with constnatly trying to get more intimate, so one day this will be the testimony others have of me — that Jesus is just evident coming out of my life everywhere.

    My Pastor says Jesus is borrowing our bodies…and we are to ask Him “Where’s the body going today?” I pray I can get there! I am still often telling Him my plans for the day rather than waiting on Him to tell me His. I am supposed to see what the Father is doing and do only that…just as Jesus did (why He prayed all night before going out to minister).

    So, if Jesus isn’t telling me to get married, this body is not going to be joined in marriage. That simple.

    As to being in an unequal yoke, yes God meant it. So what if that unsaved man might be nice? (My complaint is some unsaved men are nicer than “Christian” men.) The Word is plain that my husband is to love me as Christ loved the church, and how can he is he is not in love with Jesus and learning how Jesus loves the church? This area is a matter of trust. Do things my way or God’s way? Trust God to bring me a Godly mate or take things into my own hands and disobey just so I can be married? No, we prove our love for Him through obeying Him (if you love me keep my commands). So, no unequal yokes, please, friends.

    Well, I do get wordy, and sorry for that….

    I long have wanted to minister to singles, and here is another outlet to do that. Thanks for the opportunity. Someitmes, this stuff just poors out of me in my passion to express to singles that being single is OK and gives us the greatest opportunity, ever, to be close the Lord in life changing ways. And to say, above all: Please do not rush into marriage and mess up your life. Stay single and be happy with Jesus until He brings that quality, Godly person He has chosen for you!

    • hi JeriRose

      Good comment. Yes, the singles are just as holy in their calling as the married ones are.

      May God bless you in your life and pursuits, and I hope He opens a door for you to minister to singles.

    • hi if you read gensis woman was made for the man not the other way round and GOD is the matchmaker he formed eve for adam out of adams rib and it also says in cor chap7 not to look but serve the lord and find his will for you were you and husband can work togrther MAN IS HEAD OF WOMAN JESUS IS THE HEAD OF MAN GOD IS THE HEAD OF CHRIST AMEN

  39. Dear Brethern,

    Receive much greetings in the Lord. We are happy to inform you that through internet we have come to know you and your Church which were so much interested about . After some days, we came together as a the church members and decided to contact you so that we can affiliate with you in spreading the word, and we wish you to come to Kenya to have meetings on matters related to the word of God so that we understand fully. Send us teaching materials if possible. We know God is able for you to extend.

    We are from Kenya in Western Kenya in Kisii region Gucha district. Our group is known as Kenya Christian Group Church which was started 3 years ago. We work among the widows and orphans who do not know what the future hold for them. We have 4 Christian groups within the region. We also keep 18 orphans and needy children at our Center who needs your prayers.

    For this time we do not have much to say but we pray the Lord to open the doors for you to come to Kenya to see us.

    We await your response soon as the Lord allows

    Pastor Zachariah

  40. What about this? I am a single 44 year old woman – never married and have no children. I have been treated and told some of the same things a divorced woman has heard. I’ve been told that I dont know how to keep a house because I dont have a husband and children. Can you imagine how dirty my home is and will probably remain that way unless the Lord sorries for me and He Himself gets tired of hearing it too? I am told I can work late at the office becAuse I dont haVe a family to go home to. Even worse one female cousin told me that all I can breed is DOGS. Why? I have dogs instead of children because I have chosen not to sleep around and get pregnant. The teasing goes on. Any way, guess who has been standing by my side all 44 years – none but my Father. The One who knows how to keep me. He doesnt see me as unworthy or ugly. I am free to be who I am in front of Him. I get dressed up and look pretty if I feel to and when I dont dress up Father God doesnt fall off His Throne.

    • christine,

      sweetheart you are the bride of Christ , not man, and they cannot stand that.

      do let them ruffle you.

      the bible even says that a single woman is focused on the Lord, but the married woman seeks to please her husband.

      you took the higher path.

      they took the common path

      keep on loving the Lord, and let them eat their hearts out.

  41. i also experienced ostracism by so called woman minister. i went to spanish church. this church says the woman not to wear pants. well, i do. a visiting woman minister started shredding me for wearing pants in front of about 7 people in service. she called me sinner and said that she asked a group of boys if they like woman in pants-she said that they said it made a woman look too sexy? i was hurt-permanantely to where i dont go to any church. the pastor followed me outside, because i left crying. he consolled me, but he still allows that so called minister to teach.these two are not married, but live together as husb-wife. im talking about the pastor and his minister who is female, the woman minister dislikes me so much that she is also gossiping about my business to everyone who will listen. i know she is jelous of me-that i have a home and she doesnt,amongst other things. i am trying get over my humiliation, this happened almost 2 years ago. i am a child of God and i know that He does not judge me or look down on me. i am a child of God no matter what. thank you for your story and letting me share my horrifying experience with a so called minister.

    • dear Sharon

      What a hypocrite they are. They are committing fornication and they are more concerned with your pants than repenting of the sin they are in.

      Just brush their dust off your feet and keep walking.

      You have learned how much satan has invaded the churches. It is a horrible shame, to have this bad witness known also to unbelievers, who look and point the finger at how sinful the christians are.

      God has something much, much, much better for you.

      Look forward, not back. Keep going. Your spiritual destiny is one of goodness and blessings. You are wiser now.

  42. I have become more and more alarmed at the growing popularity of dealing with the jezebel spirit. It is not that I do not think there are evil spirits at work but rather there are but we have free will to choose our actions and none of us each day, I believe, do not sin or do something outside of the perfect will of God thus allowing evil influence. Jesus said to one of his disciples get ye behind me Satan after all. I think we all, especially me, have to understand in reality we ALL sin and fall short of the Glory of God and it is the same grace and blood of Jesus that covers someone who commits adultery as to someone who tells a white lie.

    I am not advocating sin but rather trying to show that as believers we can be hypocritical in our dealing with people and often I have noted, but again am open to correction, some people seem more favoured than others in the church even after behaving in the same manner. Often this is because they come from a ‘better family’. I really feel we should look, and this is where I agree with a lot of what is said above, at just why people end up open to attack by the Jezebel spirit which would have become affective at some point and why when it attacks a woman we see that woman as evil and controlling but as soon as it is deemed to be attacking a male leader we see the leader as being under attack and needing defending and support.

    SIsters and brothers we really need to look at our heart. If Jezebel comes in on the back of fear we have to ask ourselves as a body of believers what have we done or not done to protect the woman ( I know it is not always a lady) affected and so what responsibility do we have as a body of believers for the person’s demise? If perfect love casts out fear why do we not take some responsibility for a brother or sister not duly loved from being left open to such attack? We are an army after all?

    We must be careful because each of us because of sin can move in the same area as another. Correction of another is to bring them relief and deliverance because they are in torment and not just to prevent the leadership from being attacked although obviously this is important but the individual is no less important.

    In the world leaders are put at the top and followers underneath. It is not so in the Kingdom. It is with love we must deal with people and if for some reason we do not have the power of the Holy Spirit to bring deliverance to someone then let us not add more to their burden by blaming them. Some people I believe need deliverance which the church of God just is not moving in. I am not blaming anyone, or maybe I am a little as I feel angry about a certain matter in my own circle of believers, what I am saying is we are a team. We are an army. If one is hurting we all are hurting. This name and shame way of dealing is alien to me. Jesus gets along side and loves and sometimes a person needs much more loving than others and doesn’t get it. When they then ask for it, maybe they realise their need, and don’t get it from the ‘church’ they are then labled as demanding. Maybe even they have become angry. I was in a situation like this where I was very angry and God is and has dealt with me over this but it did not make my request wrong and me anymore in need than another it was just maybe others had their needs met?

    We kid ourselves if any of us think we can see clearly on matters and in that grace we need to walk. I have been attacked and been personally influenced in my behaviour by the Jezebel Spirit, I can see that, however we move on and as we are obedient we are delivered.I see others trapped in that behaviour but because others are more comfortable with the way they move in control it is allowed.

    We are here to serve Jesus Christ and Him alone. We love Jesus we serve God and we welcome the Holy Spirit moving through us and comforting us. Pick up thy bed and walk means just that. If there is something in your life that is hindering you then Jesus can free you and then you just need to stand up and walk on. Healing from any form of behviour , thought process, presumption of being right etc sometimes takes years. No one is perfect. Let us love each other as Jesus loved us. He washed his disciples feet. He was whipped til flesh hung off, He was beat black and blue, and He took every sin ….every sin….for us.

    Jesus died to set us free. If a brother or sister is caught in any form of wrong doing then we need to lovingly get alongside. For me I was pondering all thing. That is why I was lead here..Wanted to look into it without going round gossiping and also cos I am no good at confrontation but what comes out for me is if we were all more focussed on worshipping our Jesus daily together in reality. If we were pro-actively caring for those less able or less loved. If we touched the lives of the disabled more regularly and spent time with those who are mentally ill showing unconditional love we would give less of a platform for these spirits because they would be largely driven out. Exposed by love as we all walk on learning how we should live and encouraging each other in it.

    There is a culture of blame which is a great concern and I would just invite people,especially me to examine my own heart, to spend more time learning about and worshipping Jesus so TOGETHER we can make a stand against the enemy.


    your sister, getting there, Emma

  43. This article helped me to understand the strange behavior from the members of my church. My husband divorced me after 14 years of marriage. While I was in the hospital recuperating fromt he birth of my daughter I got a phone call. I thought it was my brother who likes to play jokes. Quickly I recognize the voice it was my Pastor. He asked me how I was doing and asked me how I felt. Because its a rare occasion to speak with him or set up a couseling session because my husband divorced me while I was seven months. I took the time to share with him the events of my failed marriage and my ordeal at the hospital. Suddenly I heard another voice on the line. His wife butted in and cut the conversation short. I was mortified because I had called her when I was admitted in the hospital three days earlier and asked for her to pray for me and my baby. I thought that the cold shoulder routine was over now that I really needed spiritual guidance because I was now divorced. Later we were evicted from our rented home and I had to move in with my mother who was disabled. My mother constantly fought with my step daughter who would never leave me because we were so close. One day I was at worked and my mother started a fight with her while she was taking her little sister (my new daughter) to daycare on the way to school. My mother snatch my baby from her and pushed her out the house and yelled for her to get out. This is my blood and you are not related to me. My mom was jealous of our relationship because she felt that now that she was ill that I should take care of her to pay her back for having me. She thought that with my step daughter always in the picture I would never take care of her. My mothers pace maker when off and she was rushed to the hospital. She told the whole family that my stepdaughter attacked her and made her have a heart attack. When I refused to take my mothers side she called me from her hospital bed and told me to take my stuff and my bay and get out. To go into a shelter.
    I called the Pastor. I got no replys back. When I attended a womens workshop that Saturday the Pastor and his wife had prayer for each women in the meeting. When it was my turn for prayer the Pastor with his wife told me to forgive my mother and God will heal my baby from the condition she had which was Excema and severe allergies. (Okay I receive that but we are about to be homeless.) I was so hurt that the tears would not stop. My tears were not of forgiveness they were of pain because no one understood the plight I was in.
    Because my daughter was ill a lot and I had to take most of my five week worth of vacation days to take her to the doctor. The job that I held for twenty years was about to be over. The pressure of keeping everything together was hard. I left my job took my retirement and we started ovr in another part of the city. I visited the church once and a while but I can tell that they are just playing a role.
    In short no one from my church cared. Even my long time married girlfriend who I had known for over twenty five years.
    No one called me and when the care call folks called to pray after I shared with them my situation they quickly hung up and never called back.
    I would go on facebook and see the different parties and activities that some of the members were having but my daughters and I were never invited. I finally left three years ago. Sometimes I may see the posts of the church members on facebook and when I try to spark a conversation its never any response although I see the responses they make to each other everyday.

    • alicia

      the pastor is a bad one and so is your mom.

      Sometimes in life, we get bad people in our lives, and we just have to learn to do things without them, and replace them with better people.

      it is sad when it is our family or church, but the devil is everywhere influencing people.

      You cannot control their behavior. they are repsonsible for the bad things they do, not you. You just take care of yourself, and do good things.

      Look for better church and companions. the body of true believers is your real family. we are out here. so do not give up hope.

      also, do not look back to those who do not care. look forward, and find good people who do care.

  44. i can relate to pastor and wife giving you cold shoulder. Your story is horrible and I pray that God be with you and your children. The bible says that the elders of the church are supposed to help when sickness happen. Bible also says to stay away from people who are jeolous and are selfish. The church I went to berated me so i never been back. I was humiliated by pastor concubine for wearing pants,saying i am a sinner and i was to wear a scarf over my head which i never did. She wants me to not succeed and has gossiped of me to people and it got back to me. This person does not belong at pulpit and she herself will be judged as it says in Romans.

  45. Ok…so I read all of the comments and went through an emotional roller coaster of…”that is soo true” ….”so now I have an excuse to not got to church…yahoo!”…”but, my Lord God rescued me from a horrible situation, shouldn’t I honor Him by being around His people…no matter the treatment!”
    Hmmm! Many comments talked about loving the Lord with all their hearts…great!
    I agree with how uncomfortable people can make us feel. I do choose to stay home from church some weekends because I feel too weak …I am tired of being strong in my convictions. So, I stay home and get strong again …then the urgency to worship with God’s people always returns.
    I am learning to put a gentle voice to my concerns. When I am strong, I can even blow off comments…even joke about it.
    I am constantly asking my Lord God what I should do. There times that He says to stay away….times He says to go. Both are good! Times of growing and gaining wisdom.
    Life has turned “left” for many of us. Empathy can only come through experience. If I can encourage someone else on the weekends that I do attend church…fantastic! If I can be a light to unchurched people on the weekends that I am also unchurched…amazing!

    • hi Jamie

      the Lord Jesus told the samaritan woman at the well, that someday people would not worship in a particular location, but in spirit and in truth. this is because we are now the temple of the holy spirit.

      we are also o fellowship with each other. to encourage each other.

      so you can stay home and fellowship or go to church and do it.

      just pick a godly church… that avoids error and there is no greed in it if you want to attend one.

  46. I guessed you must be in the USA, because let’s face it: American churches are full of cr*p!

    • jonathan

      do you have anything enlightening or intellectual to say, or is that the best you can do?

      I am not in a american church, but at least americans do not bow down to allah yet and turn their churches into mosques.

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  48. I came across your site, all I can say is you have so accuratly articulated exactly what I have experienced in churches. Wow! it’s painful to go to churches seeking fellowship and people (though friendly at first) then later ignore you and treat you as a parriah. I am divorced, my two children are in college and the youngest is a junior in high school. I’m trying to find a church but the ones here are heavily legalistic or emergent churches.

  49. I have been divorced for over 2 decades and celibate since 2000. I stayed away from the Christian church and ‘really’ backslid’ into New Age for a short time during the 1990s. Then I tried for about 7-8 years to return to the church. Everything in this post was VERY ACCURATE in terms of my experience. Around 2008, after making a sizable donation to my church from my inheritance, ‘all hell broke loose’ ,and I found myself becoming ostracized and isolated. This has gone on now for over 5 years. Rejection from my church was done all through comments from the pulpit and technology (i.e., watching LIVE services online). I’ve not been able to bounce back being quite devastated by the only church I became a member of in over 4 decades as a Christian. I now mostly give tithes and offerings to ministries and outreaches that are non-local. In many ways I am living an even more holy life and perhaps God used this suffering to sanctify me further, but the ‘stigma’ of being divorced seems even BIGGER and I no longer find I can attend any one church for very long.

    • cindy

      I understand perfectly, and wrote this from experience, being on the same path as you.

      all hell broke loose for me when the women, who were jealous and suspicious of me, being the REAL jezebels, were also in charge of the books…..

      I guess they figured I would win the favor of the pastor, so they began to gossip against me.

      I give outside the church now too….to those I know are decent ministries.

      there are too many demons in the church now….it is better than you distance yourself from them and have peace at home.

  50. This article is full of generalizations. As a single woman with a child out if wedlock. I can’t day that I’ve experienced such.

    • dear sherrie

      I am happy to hear this has not happened to you. But it does happen. I hope you continue to experience favor in church environments.

  51. dear friend
    i am very happy to you. my name is Elijah from Kenya grace mercy and peace will be with you from God the father and from the Lord Jesus Christ the son of the father in truth and love. Please for your kindness i request you to join together for our project and spiritual needs. nice day.

    God bless you my friend
    Elijah O. Ondiba
    P.O BOX 47-40200 Kisii county Kenya

  52. It makes me very sad that so many single people are treated so badly in church. I’ve attended various pentecostal churches over the years and have had similar experiences of rejection and I’m married but my husband is non-christian and doesn’t attend church. So in away I’m viewed in the same way as singles or divorcees in that I attend church alone and don’t fit into a neat family unit. In the past at least 2 pastors’ wives have been unpleasant and ‘snobby’ towards me – obviously they have jealousy problems. I always dress tidily and make an effort to talk to other women but never talk to the men. I live ‘downunder’ and churches in my city are only just getting on their feet because we had several major earthquakes 2-3 years ago. Many churches fell down or had to be pulled down. I’ve come to the point where I’ll go to a large church, stay on the fringes and not get too involved in house groups etc or just watch christian content on-line and do my own thing. Jesus was such a gentleman and would never treat others the way some of these nasty people treat others in church. There are alot of insecure people out there and they take their insecurities out on people who are more mature and kind-hearted. God Bless Single Women!
    Cheers from Jo

  53. Hi Marianne
    Thanks for your message of encouragement and I agree with your suggestion of maybe starting my own fellowship group. Yes I’ll hang in there and above all I know that God is faithful and good.

  54. To call these people in these “churches” “christians” perpetuates their evil. What did Christ call the Pharisees? To identify these hateful, people as “christian” insults Christ. They are not followers of Christ but of their father who is a liar. Can’t we “man up” and rebuke these behaviors?

    • jean

      I agree. Christ is not in churches that act like this. It would be wonderful to see real men stand up and take charge, but there are too many ahabs supporting the jezebels.

  55. All I can say is that the Truth nor Love are able to attack! We are Truth and God is Love. Jezebel would simply be untrue the same way that a may would be untrue if he sees not the Truth in Love. No need to make it a women thing and continue hatred or false illusions of women. We are all either True by knowing the Holy Spirit or we are still perceiving with our eyes and are not yet able to see the vision of Truth and Love. Remember that Love and Truth do not attack because of their nature. All of this is attacking and cannot be seen as anything else but error.
    Truth and Love do not need anyone to protect them, they only need us to share them with others.
    God Bless everyone including the Jezebels because we are all from one universal mind and claiming other brothers to be Jezebel Spirits is nothing more than seeing an Ego instead of seeing a brother in need!

    • danny

      both men and women can be jezebels….we are NOT from universal mind….believers in God have God’s mind, and jezebels have the mind of satan….it is not ego, it is a demonic spirit.

      • What is the difference between satan and the ego? If it is not true it cannot be of God. Everything of God is Holy which means unified or Oneness and is eternal . Everyone of Gods children are here to find the Truth which God has placed in all of us.

        Sin, guilt and fear has been bombarded upon our brothers and some have not been able to handle it all so well. Loosing themselves into the fear of the Ego or Satans trap.

        Your eyes are only for perceiving and give only a belief at best of being able to trust what you see. Thanks to Jesus we have a vision of the Truth through Christ to follow rather than a belief our own eyes perceive.

        This is the Truth that does not Judge at ALL. Once you Judge you immediately block off the Peace and Love which is our natural state of Being.



  56. Never in my entire life have I’ve read an article that portrays so-called church women that are married the only ones worthy because they are married, and that older single women and divorced women are hot to trot and after their men. -What nonsense! What types of churches are these? I’m a divorced woman and remarried. My sponsor who was assigned to me to help me convert from protestant to Catholic was a woman, rest her soul. She and her husband were a great help and very supportive of me. However, I underwent an ecclesiastical divorce through the Catholic Church. For those of you who are single moms or divorced, I say come on over to the first church. I belonged to an African Methodist Church and the pastor who counseled me at the time said I needed to divorce my ex. I will never understand any religion that would want any one to stay in an abusive and adulterous union. These types of unions are detrimental spiritually, mentally and physically. This article sounds more like religious fundamentalist attitudes that are down on women.

    My current husband is Catholic. We married at the grand old age of 56.

  57. I need to make a correction to my reply. I meant ecclesiastical annulment.

  58. Thank you – my heart has been crushed….somehow reading this article made me feel validated…God Bless you

    • dear cass

      it sounds like you have had a hard road to walk. know that man’s opinion does not matter, if it does not line up with God’s opinion of you…

      god is with the brokenhearted, and he binds up their wounds.

  59. I found this article by googling “pretty women in church”. Lol

    However, the way beautiful women are perceived and treated in the church environment is no laughing matter at all. I am not single, but married to a very loving and kind man, however, I’ve often attended small non traditional ministries alone off and on for years and I am often perceived as single since my husband is not with me. This subject is very sensitive and difficult to discuss and I thank you for addressing the very obvious problems and I have found total relation with everything you’ve spoken here. Not only single women or divorced women, but if a woman is beautiful, she is also treated as a threat. Add strength to that mixture and any of the spiritual gifts of The Lord and now she’s “Jezebel”. As a young single woman I was never received in the circles of women, pushed out and often gossiped about. Sometimes flat out lies were said of me. I am 5’7″ with long hair 27″ waist and naturally large breasts. I never wore anything that was inappropriate just dressed nice. The women would hate me and the men would treat me like Potifer’a wife. I feel very isolated around the church crowd like there is a red tape around me saying “danger…don’t talk to this seductress.” If I just relax and be myself, crack a joke or reach out and try to connect I am treated like I am flirting. The women are always jealous and lookin for the slightest mistake to accuse me. I once was attacked (from behind lol) by two single women who literally never heard me speak 3 words to them. These women went around church telling others that they perceived I had some kind of “spirit” that was evil. It really hurt. Even God doesn’t punish us unless we have actually performed the action of sin. Pretty women are treated like lepers in church period. I feel for these young ladies on here that are pretty and single or divorced. Where is there for them to go and be loved and welcomed without prejudice? My heart goes out to them all.

    It is all very frustrating for me and I often get very discouraged and am tempted to just quit altogether. If a man notices me in any way, I am blamed even if I am wearing nothing different than the other women. I am very blessed however To have people in my life that are spiritual leaders that encourage me to be everything that God created me to be Despite what others say. I just wanted to say thank you for this very relatable article. Just to know that other women Out there have had the same experiences and that it’s not just in my head Is very comforting. God bless you my sister For telling it like it is. 🙂

    • dear rosie

      I had the same thing happen to me.

      I am older now, and not as attractive, but I was also gossiped about in church, and I did nothing to deserve it.

      yes, married women are treated like this also, if they show up alone, un-escorted by their husband. People assume you are single, or “not able to hold your man.”

      they think you are out to get their husbands.

      usually the gossips are fat ugly women, but other women can mistreat you also.

      somehow, sex is power. if you have a mate, you have your desires “under control.” If you show up alone, married or not, you are deemed alone, so you are on the prowl for sex, as you are “out of control.”

      do not stay in this sick atmosphere….

      find a good fellowship or make friends online.

      if God made you pretty, then it is a gift to you, and god does not make mistakes.

      find those who appreciate both your beauty and personality and good spirit….and leave the nasty critics behind you.

  60. Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ ,

    I am Evangelist Shan Gulzar from Pakistan. I am working in children to Share Jesus Christ with and help them to get free education. I have non profit Ministry and volunteer working for God. I also reached to families of children with Good news of Pakistan. All Glory to be God for He is using me in Pakistan. It is very hard life to live as Christians in Pakistan.. we want more and more work for the LORD and for children’s here in Pakistan and here in Muslim country.
    We work with these ministries in Pakistan. we need your love and prayer””

    Formal Education School ( Free Education)
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    Help widows and poor families

    Keep us in your prayers. Need your prayers and love for more Good news work in Pakistan as it is Muslim country.

    God Bless you

    May the Peace and Grace of Jesus Christ be with you

    Evangelist Shan Gulzar

    • dear Sahan

      peace to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ

      what part of pakistan are you from? My impression is that christians in pakistan do not have access to computers or electricity.

  61. Hi Marianne,

    I have attended my church for over 30 yrs. Throughout my life I have not always been a Christian. I have been married 2X & had a child out of wedlock, so at my church I am seen as a Jaded Jezebel, Evil Eve & Devilish Delilah all rolled into one! But I am “Saved” & the Lord has blessed me so much. My 15 y/o son also loves the Lord & he knows of my mistakes & sins & I have taught him to love the Lord & walk in Jesus’s footsteps! He has seen how God has blessed us & even though there is no husband or father in the home, we are extremely rich with Our Father’s blessings!
    Unfortunately, my church has never welcomed or accepted me. My son was attending another church which was very loving toward him but he wanted to come to my church so that we could worship together as a family. At the time I was against him joining my church because of the treatment I received. But the church got a new youth pastor & they were excited for him to attend, even though he was the ONLY youth. Now this is what you need to understand, my 15 y/o loves the Lord, has been baptized twice & loves to go to church!!
    Since the last 3 yrs. my son has attended the church the members have questioned my discipline, said we can’t afford season tickets to Chief’s football games (split season tickets w/another church member from our sister church), knocked down my son’s ambition to be a lawyer (said lawyers were crooked) (my father was a lawyer), says he watches too much TV & watches the wrong things (watches My 3 Sons) etc. They’ve also questioned him being homeschooled even though there is a married couple that homeschools their children & they never, of course, question them. Really the list is endlist & goes on & on.
    My child is very smart & the only tween/teen that attends church, the other tweens/teens do not attend the church or church events!!!!
    For the last few months, we’ve attended a morning bible study & now my son has seen how the members treat me. Whenever I give a testimony the pastor & another married female member always respond with a sanctimonious response & how I have sinned even thru my testimony & everything we watch on TV etc. is all wrong (even though I’ve informed them we have stopped cable for more educated choices) (they all, incl. pastor, have cable). Another single parent member has told the bible study group that she drinks, smokes, watches “Family Guy” & everything disgusting on TV & they do not say a word contrary to her & they just love her! She, of course, is very over-weight & not very attractive.
    Through the yrs I have accepted their behavior towards me & have found other ways to worship the Lord (internet, devotions etc.) but my son has been so hurt & is no longer enthusiastic for the Lord!!! What to DO??

    • Lezlie

      Why are you there?

      this is a bunch of losers, and they don’t even have any friends there for your son

      move on to somewhere else…. you owe them NOTHING !!!!

      you are an asset to them with your testimony, and they don’t even appreciate you.

      in fact, they disrespect you…..

      they are worthless nobodies.

      just leave….

      find another church that is much bigger, with lots of friends for your son….

      usually a big church does not have time to pick on single mothers….they are too busy with other things.

      shake the dust off your feet and keep moving….

  62. Marianne
    Thank you so much for your website & response. I have finally decided to leave this church! Out of despair I googled “single mother/divorcee unhappy in church” & found your website. I had no idea many other women were having similar experiences. Most of my single parent friends don’t go to church! You are a blessing & thank you for witnessing to others in need thru your website & I’m definitely a follower now! God Bless You!!

  63. I can’t believe you know all this I just looked through this exact thing I’m separated been married 35 years very abusive marriage now that I don’t have to live with him pretty nice he never went to church with us me and my daughters so even if I wasn’t separated he wouldn’t becoming to church so I’d still be alone there anyways and the preachers wives they never like me and the other women at the church just the bone hard stairs and then they just look the other waywith friends are invited megave a lot of money so it first they treated me well for him his wife sake now they haven’t been going much so I’ve been going alone and I’m realizing they’re only nice to me if he is there anyways this is been going on for years and years and years one time I went to a church they said what is your name I said Linda they said oh no that’s the preacher’s wife name Linda and they acted like I committed the unpardonable sin sure enough when I met Queen Linda I was out of there not welcome so anyway I get dressed up I like to dress up but I’m extremely modest but I dress up fancy you know like a country hoop skirts in hoop earrings and flower in my hair that kind of dress up but very modest because I don’t think women that come in there half clad and they do I don’t think it’s right distracting 2 people to everyone it’s just kind of tasteless you know do that at the beach anyway I don’t get why they’re doing alright they’re single is because they go I ng; packs I go in alone and whatever I go to a lot of trouble to look nice and I enjoy being kind tp everybody to me it’s a blast like little kids little boys little girls teenagers Old Men old ladies people my age I just love that I’m like a meet and greet person or Dolly Parton part in person you know like that kind of personality and so after while all I get a scowl you know from everybody so therefore I don’t want to go back and then they get what they want they want to get rid of me anyway I had my own ministry once it was very successful it was the street ministry I had the best building on the corner across from the town square right by all the bars all the people love me because I love them all every one of them they show up smelling like urine they smell like booze they would smell like barf but I never turn people away they would smell like they had had a bath in a year I love the mall people who had seizures wanted prayer people who had demons in their house wanted me to come and bless their house that’s what they call it but I actually kick the demons out in the name of Jesus Christ anyway it was a great ministry it was called God rocks Main Street I loved it but thank you for this wonderful post very insightful and true god bless you because I was so sad and then I found this made me feel I wasn’t quite so lonely love you god bless you

    • dear linda

      do not go to that church anymore…they are a bunch of rats…..if they mistreat you it just shows they are not christians…..go somewhere where people love you and appreciate you….god will meet you there….and you can get your ministry back

  64. when is everyone going to start letting others get along? gosh.

  65. hi marianne, please send me an email need your help kind regards yolo xx

  66. Hello Marianne,

    Several years ago we spoke privately. There was a jezebel spirit harassing me at that time. That person finally left me alone after many years.

    Again, about 3 years ago there was a far worse jezebel attack against me. A false prophet and another preacher that I had a brief relationship with instigated an attack on me like a typhoon. It has become exactly what you stated here:

    “be careful, and responsible, about identifying who has this spirit. It would be very destructive if an accusing finger was pointed at the wrong person. An innocent person would be hurt, and alienated, and the guilty party would still be free.”

    I have made the mistake again of trying to defend myself against the lies. These jezebels have their eunuchs and followers all ganged up on me blowing the whole situation up even worse. The church is in such a blind state of apostasy that the majority of people do not have the spiritual knowledge or discernment (or even know what the word ‘discernment’ means) in order to be able to recognize the truth speaker from the liar. Of course, that was jezebel’s plan to confuse people.

    I left all social networking because of the damages done to my reputation and people trying to set me up and entrap me. I lost my job. I live in seclusion. I am completely alienated with no one to talk to except for my mother, and these jezebels even attempted to send their eunuchs to turn my mother against me, but it did not work because she saw through them.

    The “guilty party” as you said has gone “free.” That is until judgment day.

    • devotionalfortheday

      I am sorry to hear you lost your job. that has happened to me also. take the seclusion and turn it into something positive…find a way to use your talents at home and pick up extra money.

      judgment day is around the corner.

      and be sure you ask god each day to bless you, and to cancel the curses placed upon you.

  67. Let the Lord Jesus be glorified n magnified in our lives..we r saved n loved by Him as individuals, married or single, divorced or widowed!

    God always look into our hearts and Jesus has already justified us at the Cross .. He died for the ungodly .. And we , as individual, personally response to His great love n perfect sacrifice for us 🙂 which we r 4ever grateful .

    Be a fren n a blessing to those divorced women/single mums n share Jesus love with them..then let the Holy Spirit work

    Should any believer judged them they will be dealt with by God Himself

  68. I’ve just had my heart broken by such a church. In my opinion, people who treat other people like that ought not call themselves Christians. If God can forgive the single mother or the divorced woman, then those people have no right to judge his children. I actually cried over the way my ex church treated me. The worst part is that I was abused and abandoned by the “men.” Ug, it hurts to even write this comment, but this was a good article.

  69. […] to be. I found peace through prayer, Bible reading and talking with believer friends. I found this interesting article on WordPress earlier about how some people view the single female with child or the divorced female in the […]

  70. Timiarah,

    It probably won’t mean much from someone you don’t know, but I can relate to how poorly the church treats single women who are dumped by men. My parents have been divorced all of my life and so I have always been an outcast within the church for that alone. Men have used and abused me all of my life. They treat me like a piece of garbage. Most men are pigs. Now that I am old and unwanted I have come to the place where if any man tries to come near me now I would harm him good. I cry a lot too. Does not seem right. I will never understand why God would allow such horrors to continue.

    Marianne is so right though. The one most important thing I have learned out of it all is what it truly means to be a Christian and that leaving the churches was GOD’s BLESSING!!!!!!!!!!!

    While I am alone these fake church people cannot take my salvation or destroy my relationship with the Lord unless I allow them to. The people in the churches are not real Christians. They are hung up on traditions, the social aspects, and everything superficial but they fail to understand what it means to really follow Christ. They are all headed for hell and are too blind to see it. If they were real Christians then they would not remain sin infested and they would have godly love for others.

    • devotionalfortheday

      you are right…although I hate to hear every story like this… should not be crucifying its most vulnerable members.

      there is a god who loves us, and he will pull us through!

  71. Marianne,

    That is exactly it… “the church should not be ‘crucifying'” its members. Christian people are supposed stick together, pray for each other, help each other through times of whatever the need may be…. LIKE A FAMILY is supposed to do. But instead of helping each other they dump whatever gets in the way of one’s personal happiness. This is a crucial aspect exemplifying their antichrist spirit.

    It is just so hard to believe what I see happening before my eyes. While I have witnessed this ‘don’t get in my way’ and ‘don’t interfere in my happiness’ attitudes I still sit back and keep asking God “Why? What is wrong with these people?” I know what’s wrong but it is just so unbelievable. It’s like watching a horror movie. The counterfeit church people are feeding the Christians to the lions, so to speak.

    I recently posted this to my own website. I think it’s very good. The wounded, forgotten sheep many of us are. Read Ezekiel 2. The following is quoted from David Wilkerson:

    “Ezekiel had to have been be one of the most discouraged preachers in the Old Testament …Israel’s most discouraged prophets by what he saw because they were trusting in their own righteousness. God told them they were trusting in their own righteousness while they’re still living in their sins. He said they’re trusting in their own strength. Here is exactly what God said to him about his people he had been preaching to. Ezekiel, they HEAR the words but they won’t do them. For with their mouth they show much love but their heart goes after their COVETOUSNESS. They hear you but they will NOT OBEY. The church of his time was in total disarray. The SHEPHERDS were all out for themselves. They were cheating the people living off the fat while the people were starving. The SHEEP were SCATTERED over all the hills and Ezekiel said there were no shepherds willing to go out and find them. He said they are WOUNDED and there was nobody to heal their wounds. The shepherds were all out looking for themselves. They’re all out trying to make it BIG. They’re all looking for SUCCESS. They’re all looking for WEALTH. They’ve forgotten the sheep.

    Folks, that is what I hear from people all over this nation and around the world. The sheep were scattered all over the hills and the shepherds aren’t even going after them. They are taking care of their own needs first. ” -David Wilkerson, “The Indwelling Power of the Holy Spirit” sermon, June 6, 1999-

    • amen to that

    • I too have been treated unkindly in a former church by the pastor and often felt ignored and alone just because of having gone through a divorce. The church God led me to next has been friendlier and more understanding, though i at times feel singled out because i don’t come to church with a husband. The sad thing is not too long ago one of the single divorced moms was trying to get a support group going, but not very many would come and then she wanted to start a group for healing from our past marriages so that we each could grow and then heal and look to finding men to date and maybe get married again someday! When i told her i was not interested in ever getting married again, having been through an absuive marriage and abusive relationship before that in the past, she couldn’t believe i felt that way! Well, the group never came together and she hasn’t really wanted to be friends much after that, though we still go to the same church. I wonder if she feels this way because she feels pressured by other married women in the church and wants to be accepted by them. It is hard enough being a single divorced mom and at times i too wonder if God cares about me as much as others.

      • denise

        I am always sorry to hear stories of single divorced women in the church. do not wait for someone else to form a group…you do it…and bring together those in like spirit with you.

      • I have been to many churches in different states. I grew up in church. I have seen the same ignorant attitude from church people all of my life. And today, many of the very same people that I grew up with in church STILL SNUB ME!

        All I ever wanted in life was to be a good wife and mom. I wanted to make a big family that I never had. That dream and prayer was too big for God apparently. The hatred from men, the abuse and mistreatment, the kicking me to the curb by men and by church people whom I tried to make friends with (man or woman), has now made me hard. Every time I think of the last man who hurt me all I can hear in my head is screaming “GO AWAY! GO AWAY! GO AWAY!”

        Men, I always thought, were supposed to make a woman look beautiful but men have made me look and feel ugly. The men of our generation have become so FEMINIZED that most of them no longer desire women or they have hateful and unhealthy attitudes about women. This has been the plan of Satan to prevent healthy heterosexual relationships.

        At the same time, there are many women who are jezebels… women who hate men and try to control them.

        Tonight is one of those nights that I am so hurting and depressed that I just bawl. If life were not bad enough being hated, repulsed, despised, publicly humiliated by men, the church who should be giving me emotional support and encouragement has rejected me too. And if the Lord does not come soon far worse things are in store for me and I cannot bear what I have already been dragged through.

        Young ladies do not like to hear things like this, but if they are genuine Christians who want to remain pure they would be far better off staying away from the men because 9 times out of 10 the men will only cause trouble and ruin their life. The days of when men were crazy about women, respected women, went out of their way to help women… ALL WOMEN, not just someone they think is cute, and wanted to marry and have a family… those days are long gone.

        We are in a spiritual war in these last days and the days are ugly.

        • devotionalfortheday

          I hope you have left that church. the bible says “come out of her.”

          you are better off alone than with people like that. the nicer church of the past has turned into a synagogue of satan.

          please be comforted that jesus will come soon, and that there are many others like you. you just have to find them.

          also, you do not need anyone’s approval to continue on. you have god’s approval, and his opinion is the only one that counts.

          focus on god and nature and good things. you can probably find nice secular people to associate with, and with some searching and prayer, you can find nice REAL christians to be with….but you won’t find them in a church…maybe in your own community.

  72. the church is full of hurting people who dont get fixed and they hurt each other and devour on another because of all the diffrent doctrines which are taken from diffrent greek hebrew aramayic latin interpritations of scripure and people being ignorant selfish proud introverted extroverted we should all fall in line to the word of GOD and follow jesus
    and hes the one we follow he is high priest for ever made perfect paid with his blood did joe bloggs pay for your sin no .
    when your in a sinking ship bail out the ship is the church full of wordly people who have lost contact with jesus and are now following uncrucified nature or donkey nature emagine the church full of bukerrooing donkeys
    why every one would be getting hit

    • amen

    • stephen

      the church unfortunately is no longer the place to seek god without bumping into the devil.

      the real church has gone underground, as in the early days of the church…they hid in tombs under the ground to pray, as the real christians were being persecuted and killed.

      what you see now is the “great falling away” predicted in the bible.

      this is to happen right before the antichrist reveals himself.

  73. hi its basically full of the world rather than real faith and believing in GODS word i am suprised at my church and what ive seen in elders and members is very desturbing i friend who made a stand for the word lies dieing in bed in a care home he hasent been anointed with oil by elders i was suprised if you want to live godly you shall be persicuted i was interogated by elders for the word of GOD im still in the church and wondering what i can make a stand for next and were i fit in

    let GOD add the numbers as getting anyone into the church makes it sink as people dont repent but some are wolves and jezabel who weap and cry to pastor get false witness and the pastor belives it they inside church sly wolf but sheep dog crys out because it can sniff but shepherd cant sniff out
    jesus used his gifts clearly but local churcheanity these gifts are classed as exentric

  74. SADLEY the anyone born of the spirit of GOD cannot stay in the rc church as the pope thinks he can has authority over the word of GOD and can do as he please my high high priest is jesus made perfect for ever andhe is able to intercede for me forever hebrews 7.28 jesus true bride is the one faithful to jesus

  75. An interesting article that describes the deceptive nature of the jezebel spirit. The end result of this article is that it fails to identify the nature of a jezebeel spirit apart from circumstance. The nature of the jezebeel spirit and her power lies exactly in the circumstance of life. In other words at the end of this process no capacity remains to distinguish between who is at fault? It is recognised that a serious breakdown took place. Ie divorce. The heart of a jezebeel spirit lies in the circumstance of a relationship. Where neither the facts or the emotions prevail. Her power in her ability to usurp authority is precisely her deception.
    The concept of equal yoking is at the heart of a salvation reality for two Christians in marriage. Equal yoking has nothing to do with the relationship of the spouses to each other. It has everything to do with scriptural truth. There is a clearly ordained scriptural authority laid down with clearly ordained scriptural responsibilities to be expressed and realised according to the roles of each party in the marriage unification. ‘The two become one flesh’. May scriptural truth define who is at fault according to the breakdown of a marriage.

  76. I am speechless, humbled and profoundly thankful that I found this article and blog. The shaming and outcasting of single and divorced women in the church is very real. I can attest that it happened to me. I was married in my early twenties to my high school sweetheart who was a bad boy in every sense of the word, but I loved him and thought that love would save and change him. Yes, I was young and dumb for believing that and our short marriage of two years ended bitterly after he became physically abusive toward me.However,I had a precious baby boy to love and care for. I did just that all through my son’s growing years, working and taking care of us both without any help from his father or handouts from others. I had a loving family that supported me and felt blessed that we always had food, a nice home, and a means to survive. During those years of being a single mother, I often dreamed of having a second chance at marriage and finding a great step dad for my son. I rarely dated, however, and stayed at home a lot. When my son turned 18 things changed drastically for me. Suddenly, he was grown and wanted to join the armed forces. I could not hold him back but the empty nest syndrome coupled with the thought of being alone, caused me to dive headlong into a search for a husband and I did find one quick and in a hurry …at church. My second marriage occurred just as my son was entering boot camp! Anyway, to
    get this up to speed, three years into my second marriage, things turned sour. I realized that my ex husband and I married way too quickly and we were both looking for someone to save the other from dire circumstances in our lives. He had no stability. I had stability but did not want to be alone. At the urging of a Christian counselor, we joined another church that we had attended only a few times. However, even attending church could not save our marriage. My ex had only attended a few times after joining and once we separated, he stopped completely. I was the one that continued attending church during and after the divorce. As time went on, I became aware that other church members knew about our situation and that it was my second divorce. I felt pity at first by them and then over time suspicion
    As if they were trying to figure out what kind of woman I was to have lost two husbands. No one, not even the pastor or associate pastors, ever took the time to talk with me about my life, my story, and how I got to where I was today. They did not know about my past history of domestic violence and that it was well over 18years when I decided to marry again. During my alone time at this church, I began to notice that every activity was directed toward couples or young singles. I began to feel more and more isolated there and disconnected. I’m not a person that likes to tout my own horn, but even suffering through a divorce, I managed to present myself well while attending church. Meaning, I dressed nicely, paid money in every Sunday offering, drove a decent clean car, and kept up my home. I had been feeling all along that I was suspect even being gossiped about but I shrugged it off. I remember vividly however, the Sunday that the pastor preached about needing to own up to your faults and he came out of the pulpit, shook his finger, and used the example that he could understand being divorced once, but twice, he didn’t understand. There must be something wrong with you he said. If you’re on your third marriage, there is a problem with you! and the church exploded with applause and Amen. All the while, I am sitting there, the only one I know of that fits the description of being divorced twice. I remember the shame and gut punching sensation I experienced that day. I cried for a week afterward and decided I could not return to that church ever again. Since then, I learned from another person that attends there, that all divorced people were asked to hold up their hands during one of the sermons and some kind of book for divorcees was given out to them. There are only a handful of divorced people there mostly women. I found that embarrassing and appalling. I am still searching for a place of worship where Christians don’t judge me for my mistakes and for being human. Sorry so long, Thanks for letting me vent.

    • mikki

      I have been through the same thing, which is why I wrote the article.

      while they seem to hate is your divorce status, there are other emotions coming into play here.

      The women think you are out to get their husband ( telling you how happy their marriage must be). they are stuck with their boring husband, having to “perform” for them, and they resent your purity. they stay with their husband for financial and status reasons.

      The men think you are an easy woman, and are actually lusting after you, but transfer the blame for the lust onto you, as the seductress. they are denying their own lust.

      that pastor should have had his face slapped for what he did.

      I personally do not go to church anymore. While being older now makes me less appealing, and so “safe” for others to be around, I am repelled by their lust and suspicions and accusatory nature.

      I do not need people like that in my life. they are a bunch of unholy sinners.

      I would say the church is not good enough for a pure older (vs a 20 year old) woman to be in.

      most of the “church” is apostate anyhow.

      I know the sense of isolation you feel, because I have gone through this also, but accept the break with the church for now, and spend some time alone with God.

      You will find much peace doing this, and a word directly from Him is much better than a word from a preacher.

      In time, you will find others like yourself, and get the fellowship you need.

  77. hi you know its not about church attendance in acts GOD calls us to repent be babtised so you can receive the holy spirit i am a man and get harrassed by women coming into the church looking for someone to fill there void well jesus is the one to fill the void to go to church with a double motive is wrong
    as marriage is a covnant covnant covnant and is for belivers who are willing to lay down lives for each other if GOD hasent brought you together then you shouldent be together read 1 cor7 on marriage note paul says you dont have to be married because you will have a lot of trouble
    GOD teaches that remarrige is adultry unless adultry has taken place
    you must stay single .i would say get all the information on marriage you can derek prince david pawson . the basic fact is if we want to walk with GOD then sin stops the relationship disobedience and not hearing his voice and failing the test as the lord test you
    as i read in genesis GOD created woman for man not the other way round
    as women now use men and are there own help meets !


  78. What an interesting site. I am female,old, divorced, my family that I passionately loved and hungered for is broken. The faith that gave me immense courage is sorely challenged and I definately don’t fit in to Church anymore.

    • anne

      I want you to know you are not alone.

      many saints are now having trouble with their families, either discord, rebellion, or just “not caring. the devil attacks us through our families.

      so, do not give up. pray the peace of god over your family. you may be the only one they have to pray for them.

      hopefully you do not fit into church, which is mostly apostate now….

      you are set apart, and the bride of christ, who has never divorced you.

      I am sending you the armor of god prayer and a prayer for blessing and family, since it sounds like you need encouragement.

      you are going to be ok. and so is your family. god knows what you need, and his work may be a mystery and veiled, but things will be accomplished in your life…in his perfect and sovereign timing.

    • anne,

      Marianne is right. My family is broken as well. They have all disowned me and my mother without any cause. They won’t even communicate about why they don’t want to be family. Mom’s sister and my cousin passed away years ago and their family never bothered include us or acknowledge as family in the obituaries. And we are all children of a pentecostal preacher.

      Satan has attacked us so hard. My life is ruined because I allowed myself to become ensnared in his traps. People are getting uglier everyday…ugly, mean, wicked, heartless and giving their souls away for temporal pleasures.

      I am almost completely closed off from the outside world but every peek I get my blood pressures rises to boiling. I have been listening to Ed Hindson all day and so it is fresh on my mind about how cold and evil people are becoming in these end times.

    • hi stand strong on the lords words the war has been won confess his promises which is the sword which applies the blood and apply the helmet of hope dont forget they hated jesus for his good works .and yet they say they are christian but dont believe his word or acknowledge jesus name but tradition

  79. Great work. God bless you. I am a Tanzania (African) woman, aged 39 years old, left by my husband, leaving me with my three daughters (11, 7 and 4 years old) after been terminated from World Vision work where they found him gilt of commiting adultery.
    I am attending a Lutheran church where most the women including my Evangelist (woman) look down to me, speak bad words, I thought about stopping going to church but I don’t want my kids to be lost. I am working earning $ 700 a month which is very little to pay the school fees, personal bills and meet our basic needs, then I decised to pray alone every mid night, real I see God streghtening me and my kids and i am sure he will open the door of victory.
    God bless you,


    • Elianchea.

      you should not be in that church, or any church, that does not treat you well.

      it is better to have your children at home than to have them exposed to you being mistreated.

      my own children saw that happen to me 15 years ago, and they have not been to church since, and do not want to go.

      you can have your own bible study at home. that is what I did.

      but for the sake of your children, and their need to fellowship, I would look around for a small church with others like yourself there.

  80. Thank you Marianne. This is the last and valuable decision I have to meke immediately. Thanks and God bless you.

  81. Thank you for this piece. As a divorced mom of a 5 year old boy with 2 disorders (which are not seen as he looks normal). After years of abuse, adultery and much prayer my pastor and his wife led me to leave. They actually supported me and gave me scripture and clear teachings from God that it was ok for me to leave the abuse and adultery; as my then 15 month was also being subjected to emotional and verbal abuse. 4 years later I live a total celibate lifestyle, which some may see as prudish. I do not believe in sexual immorality as it is something sacred between a husband and wife. The sad part is the world sees divorced women as desperate, we are seen as out on the prowl. I am involved in many anti-abuse campaigns and teach that you do get good men, good fathers, providers like Boaz. The sad part is we are seen as not worthy. Only God can give you worth. After divorce and abuse it takes a lot to heal and that is only the work of the Holy Spirit. Having lived with a Psychopath and Narcissist I strive to teach women and girls how to see what is before them and to pray for the ONE God wants them to spend their lives with. Divorce is never easy, it’s a shameful position but we serve a loving Elohim. He allows you to get to know yourself again, draw close to Him and where He says “Your maker will be your Husband” He becomes that. The word is quite clear that you should rather stay single if you can but if Father chooses to direct your life differently listen to him. Thank you for this piece it makes me realize how much work there is still to be done for the church to see the worth of a divorced woman and her substance, which is in Yeshua (Jesus Christ).

    • olivia

      you have my complete support.

      I am also a single mom who was treated that way

      remember also the bible says a married woman desire is to please her husband, but a single woman’s desire is to please and serve god

    • hi im a man i have been alone for over ten years and celabate my marriage was hard my wife devorsed me after she got every thing i wasnt perfect and stopped going to church because of control and lack of self worth no confidence and shyness anger deppression but i was told GOD was going to heal me and then i leardnt i got to heal my self by beliving his word and same confession as the high priest jesus and faith to belive its going to happen i read derek princes book GOD is the matchmaker when GOD showed derek his second wife in adream they met by him praying for her back he realised this was the woman in his dream exactly
      but GOD never told the woman .as the woman church eccepts the gifts of the holy spirit this woman eccepted the gifts derek brought her but there was a time when they tested it 3 months and it died only to be raised again . note they were both in ministry and freed from the law of marriage biblically so they were free to marry and it was GODS plan .lust infatuation lonliness flirtation peer presure deception jezabel uncrucified flesh is rapant in the church which confuses and tests GOD choice for us 1 cor 7 is pretty good advice as men dont have be married but the chice is yours devorse and remarriage is rapant in the church but GOD says it is sin and sin cuts us of from GOD

      • dear stephen

        It is very good to hear from male singles. they have a story to tell as well.

        divorce does not define you.

        church does not define you either.

        you are a unique person with a gift from god, and your worth is priceless in god’s eyes.

        it is wonderful that you received a healing from Him.

        I have heard of derek prince, but I have never read his material. I guess I was too busy with my own

        I think there are a lot of lonely people in the church now, and that is the church’s fault for ignoring them

        god sees this.

        I pray god keeps you strong in his word and in his presence.

        you are faithful, and this pleases god.

        may god bless you always.

  82. men get used as well and abused by women only wanting things and children when they got them husband is dumped not honerd as head lust feelings infatuation flirting seeing someone you like across the room is satan acting to lust of the eye is a false heaven that leads men to hell when these are brought into the church it destroyes it lust always wants never gives jesus true bride is the one exepts the gift of the holy spirit and hold fast to testmony of jesus and his word

  83. I can relate to the sentiments expressed here. There be bitches everywhere who are wary of any single woman around, even those of us who are much older. I’m beginning to think the thing to do is stand and fight. Don’t leave your churches because of the bitches but stay and outclass them at every turn. Pile the hot coals upon their heads. They are the insecure ones in need, not us.

    • cont’d –
      I have recently been bothered by my church’s Biblical interpretation of divorce and remarriage and their treatment and attitude toward divorced people, especially women. They are not supposed to hold leadership positions yet there are so many other sins that have committed by Christians that are overlooked in consideration of leadership qualifications. Many times the reasons women divorce are entirely justifiable and they know it in their hearts even if the churches refuse to acknowledge as much, likely for their own selfish purposes.

      • margie

        God gives the leadership qualifications, not man.

        you are in the great falling away in the church…. you have an uphill battle if you try to stay and fight..

        the witches you mention usually control the pastor.

        • It’s not even that I am interested in any leadership position, I just can’t stand the anti-divorced woman in any sort of leadership position bias in the church. If we are all sinners, why should some sinners be singled out for shunning and others not.

          You have certainly given the subject a lot more thought than I have as I have only been thinking about it for a few days so perhaps you’re right that the battle is futile within the church.

          Thanks for your speedy reply.

          • it isnt scriptural for women to be in eldership as faith is to void of feeling and emotion like members of the body they have there place and the qualities of elders is high biblicaly but i would say a good grounding in the word of GOD as deception is rampant in the church now and getting worse due to a great confusion in the authority of the word of GOD and churches ransacked by jezabel spirit and lack of repentance a wolf cannot be seen by a sheperd but his sheep dog can smell them and then barks at them then jezabel will cry and get false wittnesses to protect it self and the sheep dog will look like hes the one in the wrong lookinto derek princes material and devote your life to one sound biblical teaching rather than a mixture dont get me wrong all scripture must be tested and checked thats why you have to know your bible bless you

      • so long as it all grounded in the word of GOD and you have tested it your self to see what it says acts 17.11

  84. Thank you for your ministry to hurting singles. I also have witnessed the “undertones” or outright negative attitudes affecting many of your other readers. About a month ago, before I found this blog, it was put on my heart to address the issues dealing with the “falling away” of singles in my own community. Thankfully, I received a muted blessing from my church, and our singles group will meet next month for the first time. I’d love your prayers as we seek to engage and build up our single brothers and sisters.

    • dear sis

      I applaud your efforts. I hope your group goes well. this could be a way also to bring in singles from outside the church.

      you have my prayers and support.

      I am sending you the prayer for singles. you can print it out and share it with others.

      it is for women, but can be used for men as well.

  85. we got to realise that satan is the enemy and his army of liars psalm 8.2-3 says out of the mouth of infants and nursing babes thou has established strengh to confuse our revengeful enemy

  86. First off, this article, way over uses, the comma, which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to follow. I’m sorry you have had a bad experience with the church. May I suggest a more positive attitude, and try looking for the good rather than the bad. You may find the results surprising.

  87. thinking positive is good ,there are still problems to address in the church as paul had problems were wolves entered into the flock and there were false brethren and false teachers false doctrines thinking postive. dident solve them he had to deal with them as demons need to be dealt with by expulsion .people vent there anger off here as it isnt always possible in the church ,respectability and sunday church face
    the beatitudes talks of those who are poor in spirit and these people can feel left out of a middle class domination congrigation who show partiality

  88. Christians like you fall into judgment for making false accusastions against Single women. Jezebel was a married whore and witch according to the word and to imply she is more holier because of marriage is a LIE.

    Sister, read what Jesus says about Jezebel in Revelation 2:20. To be unmarried, not SINGLE, which is a “worldly” term and is not scriptual is a blessing.

    1 Corinthins 7:34 explains the difference between an unmmarried woman (eg. Single, Celibate, or Asexual) and her importance to the Lord. Married people care about each another and how the world preceives them. The unmarried woman doesn’t care about the things of this world, because she is too busy reading and implying the word to show herself approved. Sister, can you explain 1 Corinthians 5:11-13? If being Single supposed to be a burden unto the church than what about the other factors that cause a church to stumble? Married folk commit fornication too (Matthew 19:9, but God judges the marriage bed (Hebrew 13:4). The word also says a woman should cover her head when she prays or prophesy. Do you, a married woman follow this holy law in 1Corinthians 11:5-6? I am an unmarried celibate woman that abides by scripture. I believe a married woman is more of a burden to the church than the unmarried because so many follow the way of the world with a touch of godliness. My opinion. God bless you.

  89. theres a lot of hurting people in the church men and women thats why we need revival sometimes the best thing to do is pray and fast and hope GOD does something good to see people who read there bibles as it is a magnificent books i have had my share of stones in the brook rounding me off it hurts
    but tribulation is for a short time and it is painfull being cut back

  90. Forget divorced, try just being a single woman. LEPER.

  91. This sounds like third world garbage to me! I cannot believe I even took the time to read as much as I did … smh! There are plenty of single mothers, and divorced mothers in our church and no one gets treated like this! If you do you need to get out of that ‘religion’ and find you a Holy Spirit filled church!

  92. Well, in all honesty it seems you have an axe to grind. Different than you, I have had a completely different experience in church and life. However, it seems today according to current studies, women have finally outpaced men in the workforce. However, as a man I have experienced women who will not let you get ahead just because you are a man and will do all they can to destroy you even if it involves leveling untrue accusations on you. As well, for the most part most about half of the women seem to be extremely petty with one exception, most of the older women that I worked for who were mothers with older children, especially male children, tended not to be like this. I am not sure why but it might be a cultural difference being they were raised in a different generation. However, in the gospels (Matthew 13) Jesus speaks of tares being scattered among the wheat. Many imperfect people do come to church. However, based on that story from the Lord in the gospels it is obvious that there are individuals, men and women, who are there for one reason and one reason alone, to mess up your spiritual walk with the Lord. This is where a person must be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and allow the Lord to lead you in dealing with people like this. One thing I have noticed is that these people are pawns of the devil. They will typically claim to be Christian but there is no fruit from their Christian walk in their life. Yes, they will have some of the points you mentioned: allegiance to a political party before the word of God despite if that political party goes completely against the bible with such things as false justice (social justice, economic justice, environmental justice) outside what the bible calls justice, abortion, or homosexuality; just to name a few. However, of the most prevalent things that I have found in their life is they have no conviction of sin! They sincerely believe that they can do whatever they want and God will not be mocked (look it up in Galatians 6). But here is the thing people who come to church who are desperate and really want help will get it. You never know, what the devil may have meant for harm, God can turn around and use for good. Someone like that might benefit from discipleship and see the error of their ways. However, if you are confronting a person like that do it in a Spirit of gentleness (Galatians 6) and if they don’t listen pray for them and leave it to the Lord.

  93. hi Robert your right women have taken over the role in many cases not sure on the spiritual forces don’t want to talk here take to long but would rather ask GOD to deal with it and pray for those who persecute me in the church i think people come to church with a point to make wanting to be someone or trying to find there place in the body or that section of the body as the body only has one head and is one man
    the character of a Christian or fruit bearing can be a long process love is a hard thing to get as you have got to let GOD refine you as gold and this can be heart breaking crushing . to get at the fruits 2 Samuel 22.27 purity check this word in the Hebrew . ecc 3.18 1 peter 4 goes through the process end one there is love

    verse for 4 holds the key to are walking in the spirit and escaping lust in the world and inside the church got to take GOD seriously because he carnt be mocked the late Derek prince does good teaching on you tube false religions tares, wolves, casting out demons humility by fasting and prayer .d L moody would see others as better than himself good place to be as it is mine it avenge sayeth the lord

  94. i was told when being harassed in my church by women i was the one with the problem and they favour the one who is acctually harrassing in my case she fancied me constant staring i know it sounds petty but if you are alone you dwell on things ! 2 peter 1-4 i wonder if paul was at fault when he sent some one to deal with problems in his church he had planted i sad how i was treated by just following the word of GOD other things have happend in the church by women as it isnt an issolated insident were women can do as they please and get others to stand with them in there delusion crying weeping to get sympathy as they go no wonder the church has more women than men

  95. When you are a single or divorced woman, you need to keep your thoughts and some of the tougher elements of your life, close to your chest. There are fewer people you can talk to, or share with, or trust in general. While there is hope, a single woman who is divorced has to be particularly careful. In obedience to God, we should seek out fellowship and worship with other believers. And divorced women have a particular challenge to remember that it is not about us. It is about Christ Who Himself was rejected and despised and eventually killed. He suffered on the cross understanding what is like to be maligned and misunderstood. But He is blameless, sinless. Yes, it will probably remain very unfair for single women in the church. No, I have no good answers. I have been burned by the church myself, but I am not without my own sin as a church member. Yes, church exhausts me and it can be a very hurtful experience. But we are to seek out other believers and be committed along with them in our journey to follow Christ. Perhaps we are the best people at reaching out to others who are maligned and misunderstood. For some of us, maybe that is now our ministry. To reach out to others on the fringes of acceptance, as we are. But I repeat, it is not about us. It is about magnifying Jesus Christ. And it is easy to forget that. I too often do.

  96. Brilliant article. So true. Also true of single women who have been abused by their fathers and have issue trusting not only men but people generally. My abuser was in Christian ministry so you can imagine what that did to my concept of God and of male authority! Trouble is that abuse survivors (especially when its verbal and emotional) can have issues with rejection and abandonment and can seek to fill that hole with affirmation and attention. They may push people away that get too close to them or self harm or threaten or attempt suicide. In other words, things that look very like a Jezebel Spirit. That manipulation is sin and needs repenting of but the root of it is fear and self hate not desire to be top dog or pride. So people like me with PTSD from years of abuse are labelled Jezebels by prophets and preachers. Maybe I do have a jezebel spirit. But if I do it doesn’t manifest itself in desiring leadership. I just am someone like the Persistent Widow- someone with a need who won’t be denied love or compassion ever again. I’m learning I cannot force it out of people and I try to be more gentle now- the Holy Spirit has helped me so much- but I will not act like all church leadership is 100% infallible. Only God is. And if a church leader treats me or anyone in a way that is less than love or compassion that Jesus showed I walk away. I no longer fight or break down. I walk away and find somewhere else

    • imsetfree82

      you don’t have a jezebel spirit. it is not in your manner as you write.

      you are a recovering victim, with an understandable defensive shield around you

      and you are smarter than you were before.

      i wish you complete healing, and relationships that do not betray or disappoint you

      sometimes I think they can only be found in heaven…or if here on heaven, they are rare, but should be cherished if found.

  97. I don’t think the solution is to leave the church. That’s not biblical. Jesus said he came to build his church.

    There is a lot more sin going on in church than just self-rightousness, if one left every time theyr treated badly thered be no church left. People in church are fallen, leaders too. But it is up to each of us to stay and allow God to deal grow our character and be an example to others in everything that is of God.

    • I don’t think much of what goes on in the name of “church” now even fits the definition if you align it with the Book of Acts. Get fellowship, certainly, get Godly Biblical instruction-a must, but to put yourself in situations that wound and hurt you by people who are NOT loving, NO sense in that! Many have morphed into Pharisees, and Jesus didn’t cotton to those types at ALL. Antonio, I love a healthy growing useful Body of believers, that is scriptural, but those are becoming extinct. Better to be out of that, but still building the Kingdom, serving the Kingdom in healthier climes. Never in scripture in the NT, does it say build monuments to your greatness, but many denominations are caught in this crazy Jone’s mentality to be the biggest, best, most expensive impressive structure, with the most programs, seminars, concerts, etc. Give your best, I am not saying that, but the whole prosperity slant is WRONG. Where is the church’s humility these days? It is all about show, show, entertain, be extravagant. Boast sure, but of Jesus, not of man’s ability to acquire STUFF. Build stuff, have stuff, and buy yet more stuff, and the whole haughty attitudes that go with it, sigh. I dare to say your example would be better served outside of that misguided approach. The lust of the eyes won’t permit them to see anything wholesome, loving, genuine, or true. I speak with authority here, honest. I have worked in and for many, many prominent ministries, know the BIG guns in Christendom. They are serving themselves in so many cases. Ministry is about profit margin, not about souls. The remnant is wising up, they are exiled, and yet forging ahead on the highways and by ways. The church will NEVER die out, but the model in America and some of the other countries needs serious adjustment!!!! God will always have loyal, humble, servants spreading His gospel, and reaping a harvest until the End!

  98. Wow, you guys are really comfy casting those first stones aren’t you? How
    Far have you strayed from the forgiving and accepting taught by Christ. I think, possibly, so far that you can never find your collective way back. I’m sad for you. Enjoy the tithes. Just remember not to think of them as taxes (even if that’s exactly what they are).

    • hi sal revelation chap 2 to chap 3 here GOD says about various problems in churches some is quite heavy rev 2.16 and 20 of course GOD wants us to repent 3.18 says buy gold of jesus .
      of course we are not perfect but should sin increase in the church i think you should say no some one got to say something ! psalm 19 at the end says i think its david who can under stand his errors cleanse me from secret faults then read on isnt it good to say that each day zeph 2.3 says seek the lord all the humble of the earth who have carried out his ordinances seek righteousness seek humility that you may be hidden in the day of the lords anger
      2 tim 4.2 says preach the word reprove exort with patience and instruction
      2 tim 4.2 cleanse himsalf from these things he will be a vessel for honer sanctified useful to the master
      did it occur to you that some are standing in the gap for others and have made themselves fit for the masters use !
      if a theif broke into your house and stole goods would you give him more and he kept coming back steeling because you let him of wouldent you say something
      1 cor 13.5 says love doesent take into account a wrong sufferd which is good but v6 says love doesent rejoice in unrighteousness but rejoices with truth his word is truth .
      if the church was a ship and water sin if the ship is taking on water [sin] the ship will sink . i know mercy triumphs over jugement 2 peter 1.4 to 9 it might occur to you that these are tests and end result is love but how many tests have you over come without jumping off the potters wheel
      bless you i hope this helps you to see that we are to know his word and be holy sanctified

  99. I have to say that this is the most extensive message board “telling it like it is”. I have been blessed to be part of a sweet church that doesn’t stereotype divorced women. However, I recently tried attending a mega church to see what it wad like there. Believe me, stereotype up the wazoo. Was welcomed immediately back into my former church. And the mega church I attended for a bit is one of the most recognized churches in America.
    Even as much as I think singles ministry is needed, I found a tactful solution to demographic small groups. I.e. Singles women group under 40, singles women 30-99
    I asked my senior pastor at the church who loves me to break the small groups geographically instead. By zip code. This way people aren’t singled out. I found this worked at our church very well where we have 35% divorced yet still active in church ministries. This permits all folks to blend in a small group that is closer to their homes etc.

    I have been fortunate to be treated respectfully since my divorce. I encourage all on the board to work hard to find a church that loves you. It’s worth it.

    Jesus has only the best laid plans for us. I am at peace with my divorced status and feel assured that all who are touched by my life will continue to see Holy Spirit at work. At least that is my humble prayer.

    Be encouraged, be blessed.

  100. Man oh man, this is so true. Mine is a different scenario, but not without pain. I lost my 1st spouse in a freaky accident. Ok, let me tell ya, having grown up in church and married into global ministry, it isn’t JUST the church. If you are a young attractive widow, you get treated very strangely. People distance themselves from you, because that isn’t supposed to happen. Ok, then you find another mate, later, and life hands out another blow and that one is taken. Ok, 2X widow in her 40’s whoa…then comes the committees, the Pastors that wonder what “secret” sin has to be going on, why didn’t you PRAY harder for protection for your spouses. I could go on and on. And the flip side, is I was propositioned and told I could be “helped” through these hard times by MANY of the Pastors, Deacons, etc. It wasn’t JUST one church folks, it was rampant everywhere. It was gross, and I went to friends, who were NOT christian but GOOD people to ask if I was putting out a vibe. I never wore anything seductive in my life. I am the girl next door, and I am NOT interested in taking anyone’s mate. Then the unthinkable happened, I lost my kids in a series of bizarre incidents. Ok, the wrath of all Christendom was released in the way of well meaning people KNOWING, SENSING, SEEING that I certainly caused this. Really, I couldn’t believe the accusational stuff I endured. There had to be underlying “reasons” for all that happened. I was most certainly a “fake” and committing or involved in some kind of sin. If you haven’t walked in LOSS, SHUT UP, because you have NO idea what a desolate place it truly is. All I can say is thank goodness for Anne Graham Lotz, and her book on Wounded by God’s People. It helped me so much. Being single is NOT a curse to God, but it is in the circles of Christianity…churches can and will be brutal to those that are different. I kept trying to ADJUST me, and really, finally I understood it wasn’t about ME. Everyone has trials, everyone has stuff that isn’t easy to walk through, but STAY away from people who try to focus on the events, and not HELP you the person. We are ALL working it out, NONE of us have arrived. So please, take heart, and don’t allow wrong behavior on the part of those in the Church to do damage. I had to get out of the “church” for my sanity, for my health, for my peace of mind. Do NOT isolate yourselves, find like minded people to fellowship with, be a good witness. I think much of the “church” today isn’t doing anything for the Kingdom. But mostly, try not to further the sick cycle of wounding. People NEED the Lord, they don’t necessarily NEED what is going on inside much of the buildings labeled as church. If you can’t use your gifting, talents, or fulfill your calling. It is a BIG world, find a place to put those in USE. If the “church” gave more of itself to the world, I think we wouldn’t have so much hate and evil abounding. Find somewhere to minister, look around, if you can’t find one situation, or one person that you can help then I think you are part of the issue. It isn’t about being fed, it is about feeding others worse off than you. Be a BodyPART and go out and do something that gets SEED going in your community. Plant it, tend it, and see if God doesn’t grow it up. Programs, entertainment, and Bible Studies, do they really promote the Kingdom??? Are people gonna be changed, saved, and blessed by that stuff those people have been marinating too long and have soured. My Bible doesn’t mention seminars, buying messages, it says Be a Witness, GOOOOOOO be that witness to a hurting, dying world, it bodes way better than warming a pew. Besides, you usually care less about yourself when you realize there are people in need you could mentor, assist, feed, clothe, lend a hand with. I love the church, but I don’t think it is found in 4 walls anymore, it needs to be the SERVANT of all, outside the walls. I see people that have GOOD seed on here, ok, get out there and put it to use. Do feel bad if it can’t be sown inside a building. HOORAY. Blessings to those who have been injured in the church, but get healed and go do something WORTHY. When I say healed, I mean rise above the junk, God uses open vessels. Pour that new wine where it does some good. Did you ever think that maybe it happened to get you out and being a blessing. That is the REVELATION I had. The pastors I encountered didn’t need newer cars, larger homes, more stuff, so I said, ok, where can I plug in my tithe to BLESS someone who truly NEEDS help. I don’t wanna bless a building anymore. I want to change a life. Women HAVE the HEART of God, so women of purity, holiness, beauty and TALENT, go plant where that investment will reap a bounty. Be blessed my sisters, you have SO much going for you, you got it freely, NOW GIVE, and KEEP GIVING, because you can’t OUT GIVE GOD. Hallelujah!!!!! Get out and DOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The Kingdom is counting on ya!!!

  101. I just found something that was from my past -40 Brave Soldiers for Christ-you can google it. If you listen to that poem/song and still want to worry about warming a pew, making nice, nice with the church community I would wager you need to repent. Hear my heart ladies, the days are evil, we are in desperate times. We need to have the attitude and the mindset that we are in this heated BATTLE. Be the warrior, all you NEED to do that is a strong relationship with Jesus, a strong prayer life, constantly studying the WORD, and people who will STAND with you. If you can’t find anyone FOR you, who has your back spiritually, prayerfully, etc. Get out and find someone, because together you can make a difference. If you could get a force of 40, praise GOD, but you don’t need that many, but you need a sister, friend, mom, someone who believes as you do. Don’t waste precious time in places that don’t have people like that!!!!!!!!! I wasted years trying to fit in, until finally I realized how that wasn’t Godly living, that was pleasing man, and God didn’t care about it, and wasn’t impressed with it. He said to me, BELOVED, I created you, I fashioned you, I loved you, I know your tapestry, and it isn’t completely, it might not make sense to you, but that isn’t the point. You are REDEEMED so it is me ALONE, fashioning. Once I got that into my spirit my purpose became clear. I wasn’t fulfill MY mission and no doubt y’all aren’t either. But, you are still gems-lights-very precious and valuable, who your Heavenly Father WANTS to use, just probably not in the polished, clean, organized church building type setting. and that is OK. It isn’t about YOU anyway. Once I got that deep down in my soul, I broke away, I sold out, and moved, to a smaller community where I know I can be used. That is my story, but we all have different ones.

    I just want to encourage you, not to listen to the voices of defeat, that flag your failures, or your differences, and get stuck there. Hark unto the voice of your Heavenly Father, the Potter, who wants to reshape your every waking hour to do His bidding. We were never to make nice, nice, imho…we were to go get dirty and do the stuff others wouldn’t in LOVE-because He gave to us. If you bake, go make a cake and give it to the shut in, if you sew, make something cuddly for a child that never had a stuffed toy. Walk a dog for a cancer patient doing chemo. There is ALWAYS a need somewhere. Isn’t that more worthy of your time? It doesn’t have to be teaching VBS, or sunday school, or choir practice (I am not knocking those things at all, just let the nice, nice church people do that stuff) I am just pleading, and interceding that the women use their giftings in ways that aren’t so “churchy” that could express the LOVE of God to someone who probably doesn’t have anyone to turn to. Wouldn’t you rather have Jesus say well done good and faithful servant, from being the hands and feet to people who no one else even noticed or touched? Isn’t that the goal? Wouldn’t you truly feel better about yourselves if you took an hour to do that stuff, rather than to go where you feel defeated, abused, confused, and judged for stuff that is not even true???? Think about it 🙂 Blessings to the single woman, her ministry is far reaching if she would just embrace the call.

  102. sometimes all you can do is pray fast interceed for church country after you have taken few logs out of your own eye of course .
    its not unusual to suffer in church for wanting to be holy as jesus did say make yourself into a clean vessel fit for the masters use revival isnt cheap

    but i think you should confront if its right and GOD has told you make stand if possible its hard standing up to bigots when they dont understand and there is a few of them its hard to encourage your self when so many voices pull you down as are great high priest said to satan it is written so we must have the word ready to and humilty because GOD doesent use proud men but repentant rebellion is as witchcraft the bible says

    which is serious 2 peter 1 verse 5 apply diligence in your faith moral exellance then knowledge then self control then perseverance or endurance godliness then brotherly kindness then love read all the chapter as quoting scripture verse can be deceptive im talking about my self here obviously because i havent got it but you can follow to

    remember jesus he was intercessor nobody seen what he did going through the veil interceeding for sinners beaten rejected humiliated and he was naked on the cross that should have been me there

    1 tim 2 .9 likewise i want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing modestly and discreetly not with braided hair and gold or pearls
    or costly garments
    1 cor 7 .27 are you bound to a wife do not seek to be realesed are you realesed from a from a wife do not seek a wife vice versa

    verse 26 is good verse 39 is good to read too

    epithumia is the lust of the eyes greek 1939 collosians 3.5 which is rampent in church these days which is from the world

    as a man a least no one can match make me here as thats up to GOD he decides not women and i carnt be seduced either after becoming friends through fellowship .

    the fear of the lord brings life proverbs 19 verse 23
    the reward of humility and the fear of the lord are riches honer and life
    The woman who fears the lord shall be praised proverbs 31 .30

  103. Wow! This is exactly what happens in churches today! The are favourites,big fishes,those who qualify to be cleaners,slaves,scapegoat and those who must rule,special sensitive treated,every lofty opinion/suspicion/perception should be obeyed and if you don’t=an outcast or rebellious!
    TODAY THE INNOCENT(un-holly/pure but not commiting adultery,every opinion/suspicion raised must be punished,sinful,don’t deserve marriage,slaves,e.t.c) PERISH AND FADING LIKE DUST,WHILE SINNERS ARE EXONERATED(holly,pure but commit adultery inside the church&an item will be approved and go unpunished,deserve marriage,favourites,masters,e.t.c)


  104. i think the word is churcheanity sorry if spelling insnt spot on i have seen it in my church i think it is a big issue to deal with {compromising} . a degree phd in favour of the gifts of the spirit . the flesh isnt crucified so that comes in to church devorse and remarriage .lack of the fear of the lord humility

    the antidote to false teaching is good biblical teaching

    humility can be time looking at self

    there can be confusion about grace forgivness is it ok to sin

    i heard some one say GOD is the same but can we except his discipline he is a farther after all Jeremiah 9.24 says GOD exercises righteousness loving kindness justice for i delight in these things

    david was disciplined when he sinned 2 samuel chap 10 and GOD gave him three choices 7 years of famine fleeing from your foes for 3 months or 3 days of pestilence 70 thousand died by an angels hand

    david pleads for the people and stands in the gap and asked GOD to put it on him and his family 2 samuel 24.17 verse 25 the lord was moved by entreaty for the land and the plague was held back from Israel

    jesus acted on are behalf as intercessor none seen it except those in heaven rev 5.6 amen

  105. Beloved whoever you are, your write up has brought tears to my eyes. Am facing divorce by my pastor husband who became entangled by a single lady in the church. I was pushed out of his church and i returned to the former church we pastored together. Am experiencing what you have written. For five years nobody has assigned me anything to do despite the fact that they know my story. Am hurting and praying for God’s direction to another church. Am tempted to stop going to church.

    • cordelia

      that is because they blame the woman victim for the adultery, instead of the unfaithful husband and his mistress.

      both of them have a place in hell waiting for them

      always remember that Jesus is your real pastor, and the body of christ, not the members in a building, is your real congregation.

      find those who are like you, and associate with them

      you are welcome on this site, many un-churched come here, but are nice people.

      don’t be discouraged. there is still love out there, but the good ones are like precious jewels, and you have to seek them out.

      • I have found overall that church people seem to like to keep others in a box that aren’t in their particular situation. It’s almost as if comparative salvation is going on – “I’m doing better in God because I’m not having thus and so going on.” I’ve experienced shunning, cold shoulder, even before my divorce simply because I exhibited some strength of character.

        During my toughest times of trial, Jesus revealed himself to me the strongest. I know that I know that i know that I know He loves me.

        Jesus loves you more than the deepest ocean and the highest mountain.

        People in church are the worst example of love and acceptance. Stick by the one who sticks closer than a brother.
        Divorce is not the end, it is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Rejection by short sighted people who don’t see the beautiful person you are in God are to be ignored.

    • Never do so,don’t let the mundane activities of life get in between your relationship with God! Just pray for those people and ask God for direction,who knows maybe you are sharing the pain with God that he went through when he was crucified and that might be a way for you to please God.

  106. arr so sad to here that i have a scripure i say daily because i dont know were im going or what do psalm 25.4 make known thy ways o lord teach me thy paths lead me in thy truth and teach me for thy are GOD of my salvation

    best thing to do is forgive husband and mistress this may be hard and its ok to be angry providing you dont sin the pain of rejection may hurt but jesus hasnt rejected you

    2nd peter 1.4-5 teaches us he has granted us precious and magnificent promises that by them we might become partakers of the divine nature having escaped corruption in the world caused by lust sadly lust is in the church and the only antidote to it is good teaching

  107. I am single and felt like an outcast by this group of so called women at my church. They definitely don’t make me feel welcomed. These rude jezebels make people like me not want to share my faith with them. I definitely look towards other outlets instead of dealing with their inner demons. I had enough.

    • jennifer

      the bible says to come out of her…do not stay around a church infested with jezebels. it means the men are worthless also. find kindred spirits and associate with nicer people.

  108. Many today’s women are rebellious in and out of the home. This includes a lack of gender fairness on men who try to love them as they take part in a society that bafooniz men and diminish them. Many women’s peers promote this and out of the home. Ironically in a bazaar twist on occasion women get inkling to go to church and listen to an estranged male from outside the home with the title “Pastor”. Some husbands suggest prayer in the home with family participation. The rebellious wife ignores him and would rather watch marathon episodes of “Criminal Minds”. Church become a reality when the matriarch of the family is ready.

    so do your job as head and woman should follow if not then GOD deals with people we have a free will but GOD brings judgement for sin because he isn’t a farther christmas but GOD of justice mercy and discipline

    the devils love is cheap baited lust which leads men to hell in these days you have got to be a warrior as GODS day of wrath draws near as it will be like fullers soap and who can stand it

    zeph 2.3 says seek the lord all the humble of the earth who have carried out his ordnances seek righteousness seek humility that you be hidden in the day of the lords anger and rom 5.3

  110. I am an elder’s wife and reached out to a single hurt and divorced woman in my local pentecostal church. I thought she liked me and early on in our friendship I received red flags from the Holy Spirit to move on from her in a nice way. What happened after that was frightening. She defamed my character in the church and I started to feel despised hated and rejected. With God’s strength I remained strong and blessed in my anointing for over 3 years. Yesterday was the first service of our merged new Church. I am concerned she is going to do it again. Thank God my ministry for God is accepted by the new Church. Am I dealing with a jezebel spirit? Please help.

    • jean

      if she is backstabbing you, then she is malicious…..and yes she is a jezebel.

      why is she there?

      you should meet with the other elders and discuss your experience with her

      if she is a false believer, she should be asked to leave

    • this can also be a character test for the pastors wife 1 peter 4.13-17 numbers 12 .1 note miriam and Aaron spoke against moses because he married a cushite woman who did the disciplining here and note moses was very humble he dident try to vindicate himself
      and its best to cast the devil out of the church rather than the person providing they want deliverance . when the devil is exposed he seeks revenge or can inflict people with tumors so sheild of faith and the amour of GOD must be in place

  111. All this talk of shunning those who are bigotted by you isn’t loving thy neighbour. It isn’t blessing those who persecute you. It stirs up bitterness in your heart thus destroying your spirit.

    I read this in apprehension as haven’t found my Church yet. Have visited two churches for the last three weeks and haven’t found my home yet… partly due to my youngest being a toddler. Have arranged childcare and hopefully all goes well this time. I really do hope that I don’t need to go through what you ladies have endured.

    Much love.

    • samantha

      to avoid negative people and situations is wisdom, and not due to a lack of is unnecessary to remain a target in a bad situation…

      .it is best to move on and find a positive environment….I wish you the best in your search.

      • Thanks huni 🙂

        I can’t shun people, it breeds bitterness in me. I work better with a shield up when talking to people and viewing them with sympathy for their failings.

        I don’t know what I would do… I look frumpy just now so hopefully I will be safe from being judged for a while > . <

        • samantha

          shunning is a negative behavior, intended to cause emotional harm.

          avoiding is a smart behavior, like staying out of the woods so you won’t get bit by a snake….you never encounter the jezebel, so there is no way to shun.

          also, most single women who experience the attacks by jezebels are usually young and attractive….this makes the jezebels think the women are out to get their husbands, and so they attack.

          if you are “frumpy” you may be safe, but be aware and sympathetic when you see attractive women get attacked, and know this is why

          • Yeah I understand u now 😀 I’m at least going to pluck my eyebrows for church tomorrow. Maybe now isn’t the time to cast off my frumpiness.

            I will of course be aware and on the look out for this kind of behaviour towards others and befriend any lonely lady christian I come across. I never knew that this went on in Churches until I stumbled across this.

            May God bless you and comfort you and others through struggles like this. Xx

            • samantha

              you never know… your “frumpiness” may be the key to your popularity…. you are not a threat, and your good nature is endearing….

              you will find your way….just smile and be humble and nice, and you can win hearts..

              when I was younger I got attacked, but now I am older and frumpy too. 🙂

              people like me better now… you never know! just be yourself and you will attract the right people.

              and you never know, you might find yourself in a position to help others after you gain their trust.

              • May God bless you Marianne, you seem lovely. It’s really funny how the column gets narrower with every reply lol xx

  112. all i know is GOD wants women and men to be holy if you read your bible and fear GOD thats likly to happen faster .what spoils it is when people love world and money lust control anger and bring them into church then we have a potential tare what you have got to recognise is witch craft always seeks to control manipulate bully harass stalk a person i have seen this in my case with a woman church elders have done nothing about .so a potential time bomb in the church for me and for others

  113. Great piece. Way to keep the focus on faith and love for God above all. He is what pulled me through my nasty divorce with a bigot of a man. Anyone going through divorce, I recommend using the free tools at to help you plan. Try to keep discussion with your spouse civil so you can get through divorce without a court battle! I’m grateful to God for giving us the strength and maturity to not let this divorce turn truly ugly!

  114. hi devorse for me was a night mare 13 years on and its GODS promises that have kept me going and good friend who is now at work in the heavenley realms with new body last time i saw chance of civil talking for me as wife changed drasticley after twins birth . but i have managed to remain friends for 13 years 200 mile apart and good contact with my children super dad.
    i think one of the mysteries of GOD you can never know him his thoughts are higher than ours all we have is his word here GOD will test you to see how much you love him he is a jealous GOD

    marriage is a mystery ordained by GOD there is always a condition WHEN these arnt fulfilled chaos follows GOD is the head of christ. christ is head of man, man head of woman only so there is order

    because GOD isnt a GOD of confusion but order ,christ is the head of his bride the church and we must do as he says

  115. I am full of words, i had 19 years of marriage, my son caught her mother with another in sex with her in my marital home. He ran to my office to inform me of the development and advised me to check his mother. I did and begged my ex-wife from 8.46pm till 5.48am the reasons for such act in camera and what does she want, she shown arrogance and did not bow down. I gave her time to change. Following week, she did not come home for two days without informing me, I called the same night she left, she did not pick my call almost 67times, I only observed she has packed her luggage and I informed my mother-in-law, she replied that I should forget about the relationship. All my efforts to get my ex-wive were abortive, she changed all her phone nos and location. I do not even have access to her, she left 3 children for me and went with my last son. I am fed up and do not know what to do. Please advise and guide me. LOOKMAN OLUYOMI

    • lookman

      I am sorry to hear this happened to you.

      if your wife has cut off all contact you, and even her mother thinks the relationship is over, there is not much you can do but pray for your wife to repent, and pray that she returns.

      in the meantime, you have 3 children to take care of, so focus on them, and pray also that God will help you care for the children.

      check with your family, and see if anyone can help you.

      I will agree with you in prayer for your relationship, and you and your 3 children

  116. hi lookman sorry to hear that my heart breaks for you your wife has made a decision to follow flesh its her choice as GOD has given us free will we choose good or evil if we dont have enough of the word in us we fall into traps i can only agree with you thats GOD will bring her back and she come to her senses and repent and GOD will protect you and the kids and you may be angrey hurt but try to forgive her as it hurts even more if you want revenge but i pray for your ultimate happiness read 1 corinthians chap 7 if your in a church speak to the elder get lots of prayer and counsel your not alone but as joseph said what you ment for evil GOD ment for good

  117. Hi, this type of thing is in every church my DH and I have attended. He had 23 yrs. in the military and we moved a lot so we got much experience with this. The hateful women and horndog men make church hell for widowed, divorced, remarrieds and singles. We never attend church anymore except for family events like weddings, funerals, or baptisms. We are so disgusted with them we don’t even want a preacher at our funerals. Jesus can guide us home just fine without their help.

  118. yes spin and hype my church is dominated by Jezebel women elders wont do anything about it and now it worse pastors son devorsed his wife quotes scriptures from Ecclesiastes drink and merry and dictate pure bully .my friend died confronting them and became angry but stayed the hole hog .got to realise we are sinners as well must look at are selves when i came to church i was just as ignorant be reading his word as taught me

    its as if the things i did GOD is alawing them to happen to me for me to see were i have hurt others ignorance

    could this be 2 peter 1-4 being worked out a spasm david prayed when he was on the hills wandering for years spasm 19.v 13-14 keep back thy servant from presuptuous sins let them not rule over me then i shall be blameless and equited of great transgression let the words of my mouth and the meditation of the heart be acceptable in the sight o lord my rock and redemer

    tares and weat grow together then are burned at the end of age i guess if we arnt refined we carnt be pure either is another way to look at it hard words but GOD isnt a farther chrismas but a GOD of justice as well as the others people quote love grace to do what i want

  119. My friend sent me this article because I been telling her what I have seen happen to me for the pass 15 years in church. I am struggling with my faith to the point I afraid of losing it. I feel a need to study this more, because I couldn’t understand even thought I had a very strong relationship with God, no one really understood or cared. When I would try to minister to others, I felt I wasn’t good enough. My walk with the Lord was irrevealant to them and after all I wasn’t a minister or minister’s wife. God has been faithful to me even thru my prayer life is weak. I need to come to a better understanding of this so I can overcome, please pray for me. Thank to everyone who has shared their experiences, it help me to realize there is a real problem and I’m not evil to see what is happening. I had no one to talk to that understood.

    • lee

      i am not clear on your problem.

      what does the jezebel spirit have to do with you ability to minister or why you feel inadequate?

      do you think you have the spirit?

      do you think someone else does?

      are you single, and people do not accept you?

      you do not have to have a title to be a minister for god. that is bogus church thinking, and it causes many not to even try. we are ALL called to minister, whether we have a title or get paid or not.

      so please answer my questions so I can see if I can help you straighten this out.


  120. Hi,
    just happened to see your website. I am a 32 year old woman innocent divorcee without child. i live in India. Your articles are so nice and so encouraging to me. Thanks. I lived with my husband very shortly and got separated because of his mother who has a jezebel spirit. She is having many illegal affairs. Because of her only i got separated. Now I am a divorcee for nearly 5 years. My parents brought me up in a very godly way. But I dont know why this happened to me. i am facing a lot of sufferings. Even my friends, relatives, family members are talking very bad about me. just because i am a divorcee. Please pray for me. My parents are seeking alliance for me now. Please pray. But God has called me for His ministry. He spoke to me through Isaiah 40:9,10. But i am afraid to do MINISTRY. Because i am a divorcee. Please pray for me. Thanks.

    • pauline

      it is almost impossible for a single woman, anywhere in the world, to be in an open ministry, where she is at the head.

      this is not because of lack of talent, but because of society bias against women, that has been established for thousands of years.

      women do not seem to get approval unless they have a man around, a husband, a father, an uncle etc. who ministers with them

      however, you can minister in quiet, less obvious ways, like I do this website.
      no one sees me, they just see the posts I provide, and even if they do know I am a female, they do not know if I am married or not

      you can study and teach others in small ways, help the poor, visit the sick, help the disabled, pray for people, etc. while this sounds like a low calling, remember this is what Jesus did. he did not have a radio program, or a church building, or a salary

      starting out small does not mean you will stay that way. I started this website when I was sick and disabled, and could not go anywhere. I am also divorced, and would not be accepted. that was in 2008. no one knew me, and there were millions of websites. why would anyone come to mine? no one knew who I was…

      it is now the end of 2016. over 12.7 million people I have never met have come here. only God can do this.

      So I advise you to go ahead in your own small way, and God will open up your efforts to many, over time, if you are dedicated and faithful

      it may be your efforts that attracts the next man in your life. Goodness and good actions attract good people

  121. hi this question is sensitive one as careful study of scripture about women ministry is different than mans and God has set rules as women are not to have authority over men AND if they are married then the husband is prophet king and priest if the woman tries to usurp that position then thats rebellion in GODS eyes and classed as witchcraft 1 tim 2.12
    you know Jesus humble and despised and died a criminals death naked .thats a real picture of humility and self denial he made himself nothing

    philipians 2.6-9 and later jesus is raised to highest heaven revelation 5.6 i remember a pastors wife she did dent seek to at the front and make a name for herself but i seen her scrubbing the staircase one by one humility
    servant attitude 1 tim 3 .12 says deacons are to be husbands of one wife and titus 1.5 i as scripture teaches the quality of teachers is high and they will be judged more strictly im a male but small spirited as in 1 thess 5.14
    and find it difficult to fit in to church life as i only do the garden and feel very little encouragement in the church for people like me and most time feel left out among middle class people with good jobs i have to get angry some times just to pray out

    • stephen

      we are all worthy to serve the Lord….he does not show favoritism and just pick a small few. he died for all of us, and gave us all the commission to spread the gospel

      if your church makes you feel insignificant and only meant to do non ministry tasks, they are wrong and you need to either tell them you can do more, or move on to someplace that treats you better.

      you are just as useful and important to God as everyone else….God does not choose people based on their income…he uses people based on how good their hearts are

  122. the heart is deceptive its actually the spirit we follow the regenerated spirit
    which controls the soul .

  123. Your Article, Thank you for sharing the Truth about the hold matter I my self have been visually attached and thus attach cause flares upon my children’s been accused of the accusers they was never undress or never expose To God be the Glory to you may the truth be told God Bless

  124. That is from the Old Testament

  125. Excellent!!! I am a holy woman. Try to overcome all God shows me that does not aliign with His word. Yet once again I was pointed out; either I get witch, zezebel , ungodly. IWill never step into another church!!! This has been from 1989. So ive searched my heart motives attitudes.I have sinned like all. But repentance & turning & change is vital. So as imperfect human shall I continue to sin? No. But the law was a schoolmaster. We who are born again. Respect love God have our hearts pricked ask forgiveness & change. We forgive our enemies bless them do good to those who harm. That takes Gods’ power. Holy ghost conviction.
    So as I have as an act of my will forgive. And when pain from the humiliation romps through my mind I will again forgive ask God to bless.
    Ok but Gods men who are supposed to represent the heart – love of God, justice & judgement; continue in this lack.of love mercy goodness& turn to wrong discernment; destroying one who could love & bless others. May God have mercy.teach them true discernment & Gods ways.😂😯😢😡😳😔😌

    • barbara

      like the saying goes, the devil does not attack his friends….you have developed great strength from this, and god will use you to help others


  127. as some one said he is a against all humanity seeking to rob kill and destroy his helpers are only used squeezed then thrown away

  128. What a crock…church can have some really judgmental women. They act like everybody wants their husband. Personally I have better places to spend time. Like college, work and comfortable places to spend time with kind peoole.

  129. It never ceases to bother me that christians insist on judging people by their outward appearances just like the world does. This is very lazy and dishonest. christians are supposed to apply and practice and exercise their discernment in order to ‘look on the heart’ of people and issues, not sit lazily and judge people by the way they appear.

    My best friend now is a single mom with three kids. Her husband was very abusive to her and left her for an older woman who had more money. This is just terrible. But not only has my friend had to bear the burden of rejection and betrayal and abandonment from her husband, she has had ZERO help or support from any christians or christian churches she has reached out to. She long ago stopped thinking that any good will come to her from christians, because christians are known to judge people without mercy more than the world does.

    • the jezebel spirit seeks to control manipulate in a passive way or another way seekret formes of witch craft which they may be unaware of as the occult meens hidden it seeks centre of attraction for its self and authority over men a attractive women preaching not married because shes scared of giving birth and was hurt in past but likes to flirt and play round with men in church and if one takes the bait shes goes to elder ship for protection but there there is no help for the victims of those who have been cought by her eye lids and push pull teckneques and her friends help her and protect her
      but no help for men they teach on dovorse and remmariage but jeaus teaching doesent say that anywere as erasmus changed certain word from not to exept creating a clause or confusion regarding remmariage
      can i carnt i and the holy spirit wouldent teach that you can be remmaried when it wasnt jesus teaching at all .
      this opens the way for jezebel spirit to thive and lust and seduction and stalking you know one of satans characters is stalking and harrassing check all his names in greek and hebrew and some pastors will just laugh at you . ha ha they say thats what happent to me in my church.

      my wife left me but i have always helped her for 17 years now i dident remarry and neither did she i read all my bible on REmarriage AFTER DEVORSE and came to the conclusion it was a sin before i found out about the scripure erasmus changed in mathew 19.9 in 1522 before the reformation

      im sure this man has been seduced and will reget what he has done later on LORD GOD uproot the jezebel spirit in this situation and bring this man back to his censes restore this family o lord glory to your wonderful name THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. happy new year everyone

      • Amen to that. Thanks, Stephen. I’m sorry to hear that your wife left you.

        At this point, I’m not worried about the Jezebel spirit anymore. Jezebels are afraid of me anyway, especially female Jezebels. They can hinder and oppose and harm me in small ways, but they pose me no real threat. God has called me to a minister that is far greater than dealing with Jezebel (though every ministry of God’s deals with Jezebel in one way or another). Everywhere I’ve gone, Jezebels have been scared of me.

        All females are born with the seed of Jezebel in them (seed meaning ‘origin, beginning, seed that can grow) just as all men are born with seed of Ahab in them. Females in particular have been afraid of me on a MORAL level; they are often scared that I will lay hold of their man or husband or the men around them and cast them into the original calling from God for men– that men MUST walk before God (follow God) and not women. All women who are not being sanctified in Jesus, due to the Jezebel seed in them, want men to live to please them rather than God, therefore they naturally want men to be Ahabs in some way or another.

        I once was in a prayer group led by a male Jezebel who was also an Ahab (any male who abandons God’s call to lead is under the influence of the ahab seed in them). The Jezebel didn’t want me in the meeting because Jezebels intend to turn people as far away from God as possible, but I wanted people to turn more to God. One day in the prayer meeting, Jezebel (one of the principalities over that area) began to pray through the male Jezebel, saying that there was “an Achan in the camp” who had to die if God’s will could flourish there. Jezebel said I would die by spiritual means which is how witchcraft often operates. She was boasting about being powerful and trying to scare me as Jezebel did Elijah. (He and Jezebel were saying I had to die for Jezebel’s agenda through the man to flourish there.) I’m just not the one to threaten, and I stopped the prayer, looked at the Jezebel man and said to Jezebel speaking through him, “Why stand there waiting then? Come and GET me.” At this, the Jezebel principality took off (flew off) and left the Jezebel man there alone, blubbering for words, confused, and afraid that he might have to face some kind of judgment. His pomp and courage melted away when Jezebel– who has no courage at all– took off and left him. He had nothing to say then and months later had to lie to a pastor to throw me out of the meeting since he was too scared to do it himself.

        Jezebel has a lot of authority as a spirit because of the power people give her. Jezebel alone is not powerful AT ALL. I won’t give any of my energies to Jezebel. I’m called to something ‘higher’– spirits that have power in themselves and don’t need people to give them power– and the Jezebel spirit is 100% likely (if it were up to me) to suffer TERRIBLY if she comes anywhere near me when I begin walking in this calling. AND SHE KNOWS IT. If you noticed in the Bible, Jezebel wouldn’t go near Elijah nor did she send her prophets of Asherah to Mt. Carmel though she let the Baal prophets go. She didn’t go to kill him directly but sent a message to convince him to run from her. That is because she knew that she would die if she went near him. Later in the Bible, you see that two groups of 100 men who came to arrest Elijah like Jezebel threatened to do were killed when God’s fire fell on them. Jezebel foreknew that Elijah would kill her. She had to depend on a threat to get him to run. She bluffed. And won. She won’t win with me because I’m called to something far higher than she is and therefore she doesn’t factor into my world (but must factor herself in forcefully because she means nothing to me). When Jehu went to kill Jezebel, she tried to bluff him too. (She thinks she understands masculine nature perfectly.) It didn’t work. Jehu had the weakest people in the land– even her followers– kill her. He probably didn’t look at her. Looking at the story and his attitude towards her (he even paid respect to her as a princess), you can tell that she meant nothing to him at all.

        My concern is human nature. It is at the fountainhead of all this nonsense. Carnal people make way for all these principalities and powers to have rule over so much of this world. The REAL issue is carnal man, not Jezebel. The place this is best seen is among christians because christians have direct commands in the Bible and do not obey them. On the other hand, the world has no commands from God to obey at all, therefore, their carnality and disobedience of God’s commands– which are not given to them and therefore they are not under obligation to obey them– are not as apparent or as scandalous as the disobedience and negligence of christians. That’s why Jesus said it’s best to “count the cost” before becoming a christian.

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