Missing God – Wrong Response



Sometimes, you can make it worse, rather than getting the point.

On Shavuot, a Jewish holiday where they celebrate receiving the 10 commandments, Orthodox Jews meet at midnight and “study Torah” until morning, THEN they stay and have services until noon.

This, to me, is a highly self abusive schedule.

This is also an abnormal pattern of pursuing God, so I asked why they don’t just have the Torah study during the day, while people are actually awake. That way, more people could participate.

It was explained to me that Moses was supposed to come down at 6 am, but all the Jews were late.

So, now, as an act of penance, they come 6 hours early, at midnight, to be sure they are there on time.

For one thing, the bible does not say Moses came at 6 am. They did not have clocks, so how would they know the time?

Second, Moses did not set up an appointment for them to meet him when he was finished, and establish an exact time.

Third, when he did come down after 40 days, he found them there, but they were dancing around the golden calf, at least the first time.

He broke the tablets out of anger, and had to go back up for another 40 days.

For all we know, Moses arrived in the middle of the afternoon.

Jesus spoke about man’s traditions, and how they encumbered men, inflicting heavy burdens.

I think this 6 am missed meeting is a fantasy, even if it is established oral tradition.

The Torah says nothing about 6 am.


What we have here is that Jews missed the point.

Instead of realizing they “missed God” by resorting to pagan ways with the golden calf, they decide they “missed God” by arriving after 6 am.

So, for 3,328 years they have been showing up at midnight so they won’t miss God?



Missing God

God does not hold a grudge.

All we have to do is repent, and mean it, and then life goes on again.

We do not have to do penance for 3,328 + years.

People miss God more when they show they do not understand Him or His ways.

They miss the opportunity of being with Him, and fellowshipping with Him.

They are so bound up in routines, that they have no time to receive anything intimate.


In the Shavuot situation, it would have been better to get a good night’s sleep, then come in at a normal hour, and discuss the 10 commandments, so that everyone could listen, and participate.

The way they were doing it, only a handful would benefit, and after 6 am, they would all be brain dead from lack of sleep, and not appreciate anything else during the morning service.

We have to learn to accept God’s forgiveness and get on with our lives.

We should not let the past keep us bound in repeated acts of compensation and repentance.

It is like denying God’s forgiveness.

And we should not be so consumed about trivial aspects of the past.

If we ARE concerned about a past mistake, we should focus on the main issue, and learn from it, not get sidetracked on some inconsequential aspect.


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  2. Great post, Marianne.

    Since I do not belong or follow any particular church at the moment, what I do have is a deep personal relationship with our Lord. And when I screw up, something mundane such as swearing in the moment, or possibly my holding a grudge about the actions of another, I immediately stop myself in the moment and ask for forgiveness.

    During the day when interacting with others, or even with animals, birds, pets, etc., I cross paths with, I do my best to carry our Lord’s torch and act as a vessel for Him to work through me.

    And, every night before going to sleep I remember all the good things in life to be thankful for and all the blessings I have been given through the grace and mercy of God.

    Not every day, and not every night, do I get it right. But I do acknowledge where I could have been better, and then, yes, move on with life. It is my belief that if we can not stop, acknowledge, ask forgiveness, and then move forward with life, we are not available to serve our Lord.

    Just my two cents.

  3. great post….great for Bible study…and not just for those of the Hebrew faith. Sometimes it takes me a while to recognize ‘man’s’ traditions in my own life for what they are. This post gives me new insight, and as always, the Bible is the Reference point.

  4. Thank you for a thought-provoking and informative post. A good reminder of some things I forget sometimes, like repeatedly asking for forgiveness that I’ve already been given.

  5. We know the traditions of men can be a heavy burden just as Yeshua said. Many times they only serve to confuse and alienate man from Yahveh. Its not just Judaism, the Roman church is famous for giving penance galore.

    Yes the golden calf incident is not addresed by midnght bible study but then again Christianity also has its golden calf such as christmas. Either way its the confusion of men for lack of knowledge and we know what the bible says happens for lack of knowledge…

  6. Man’s problem is with his “narcissistic personality disorder”- everything is a concern about himself !

    It is true. . if we would concentrate on the beginning, we would find the meaning of the end. . . and everything in between.

    If we would “stop” at. . . God made us!
    We could search all the unfathomable Love and Riches of His Love for us!

    We should be satisfied, complete and overwhelmed with the greatest Joy realizing We are HIS !

    Jesus said, “I know My own and My own know Me. . . they hear My voice.”


    We are perfect in His image. . .beautifully and wonderfully made in His very hands PERFECT! NOTHING GREATER FOR US. . .PERFECT!





  7. Interesting observations.

    But don’t all of us invent Man’s traditions ?
    Ask yourself !
    Always sit in roughly the same spot in church ? (I could quickly provide an exhaustive list).

    Point is that because the Jews missed God, lets always be READY for that important opportunity to meet or join God…… always be completely READY. 100% ready.

    No tradition or ritual or habit is going to open the gates. We’ll be there completely alone. No advocate other than Jesus, when the Book of Life is opened and discussed.

    Confess, Repent, Forgive and be set Freeeee

  8. Marianne,
    Do you know what is “LASHON HARA”. I can see that you got great pleasure in writing this article, but it is “Lashon hara” (SLANDERING) against the Jewish people merely for praying and there is Divine retribution for that.
    If YHVH did not spare His own, why would He spare you? Don’t you have anything better to do than to write this blog to slam the Jewish people on this great Holy Day of Shavuot, so that you can earn money on every hit – at their cost? Have you forgotten that it is the Jewish people who suffered the most for millenniums to preserve the TORAH so that the world including you could have a copy of the Torah translation which when translated into English was changed to “Bible”? Has it ever occurred to you that what was explained to you (by whoever) ref. your 5th & 6th paras could be wrong? WOW!! I can’t believe you call them “crazy” for praying at those times. That is the Jewish way of life – they have a culture, What about you? Do you?
    However, if they are wrong or right in what they do, YHVH will deal with them for THEY are His Chosen People placed above all the gentiles on this earth.

    Now do these Scriptures ring a bell to you:
    YHVH’s promises to Abraham – Genesis 12:3 I will bless those who bless you, and WHOEVER CURSES YOU, I WILL CURSE. Through you every family on earth will be blessed.”
    Psalm 105:15 “DO NOT TOUCH MY ANOINTED ONES, And do My prophets no harm.”
    1 Chronicles 16:22 “”DO NOT TOUCH MY ANOINTED ONES, And do My prophets no harm.”
    Marianne you are playing with fire, you certainly have something very serious to consider here, do you want to be blessed or do you want to be cursed? By slandering the Jewish people you have actually cursed them.

    Here are a couple of incidences of Lashon hara where YHVH did not spare His own –
    (1) “When Miriam spoke negatively about her brother, Moses, she was rebuked by YHVH and afflicted with the skin disease of “tzaraat” *** as a punishment. Due to Moses’ prayers, she was cured soon after, but still needed to remain outside of the camp for seven days. Aaron, who had listened to her negative speech without protesting, was also punished, but not as severely”. [***In the Bible, “tzaraat” is not just leprosy but a skin disease that can take many different forms, and in particularly bad cases can manifest itself on one’s clothing, belongings, and house, in addition to the skin. According to the rabbis, TZARAAT IS CAUSED BY SIN. This makes it a disease like no others; part medical condition, part spiritual pathology.]
    ……… Marianne, you have sinned against the Jewish people for writing such things about them. Better repent.
    (2) Unfortunately, the spies who were sent soon afterwards to Israel did not take a lesson from this story, and they too spoke negatively—about the land of Israel. The result was that the Israelites of that generation all died in the desert.

    So instead of criticizing the Jewish people about how and when they pray, why don’t you stop celebrating, Christmas, New Year, Easter, and all other pagan celebrations and stop eating pagan foods i.e. pork, seafood and other pagan foods that are forbidden by and an abomination in the eyes of YHVH of Israel and teach your Catholic and Christian friends to do the same? Surely, you should take the LOG out of your eye rather than try to take the splinters out of the Jewish people.

    Lastly, isn’t it amazing that for 3,328 years the Jewish people have continued faithfully to pray at those precise times – What about you, could you even pray half or quarter of that time?

    • bethany

      I do not think you understand the concept you present yourself an expert on.

      it is not slander to correctly relate what people do, to slander them is to lie about what they are doing.

      I express an opinion of a particular behavior, which I have a right to do….to fatigue oneself unnecessarily, when it is based on a legend not backed by scripture.

      I admire the Jewish zeal for prayer. I just think the time of day makes it impossible for many to join in. one would think they would want as many people as possible to join in, so more could benefit.

      God never told them to do this. this is a man made tradition.

      even the man who explained this to me admitted the morning service was difficult after being up all night.

      this is a voluntary practice, starting in the 16th century, so I stand corrected on the length of years i stated.


      it is admitted in this link that someone who HAS slept through the night should lead the morning service, as the others are too tired.

      here is more

      this is based on folklore, not facts

      and this is something seen in other religious circles, christians included.

      a custom is established on some quaint thought, with good intentions, and then it becomes a ritual to many

      rituals can be meaningful, or just tiresome. so we see most do not participate in this midnight learning….which is too bad….my point was they could do this at a better time, so everyone could participate.

      these people are my friends. my intention is to see them receive what they need from God better

      • You: – it is not slander to correctly relate what people do, to slander them is to lie about what they are doing.
        Me: – Not so. Slander has many meanings including gossip, tainting someone’s reputation etc. speaking evil/ill of – Lashon hara is also saying or writing negative things about a person/persons etc. you have written ill about them and there’s mockery in the article too.
        You: – I express an opinion of a particular behavior, which I have a right to do….
        Me: – Really? Who gave you the right to? Or are you playing God?
        You: … to fatigue oneself unnecessarily, when it is based on a legend not backed by scripture.
        Me: – How is it affecting you? Do you go to the synagogue and pray with them all night and day? Do you even follow Shabbat or is that another man-made tradition to you? What is your problem if they get fatigued or not?
        You: – I admire the Jewish zeal for prayer. I just think the time of day makes it impossible for many to join in. one would think they would want as many people as possible to join in, so more could benefit.
        Me: – Why should it be your worry if others can join in or not? Are you a Jew? If others cannot join with the praying ones and if they pray at another time, do you think God rejects them? No He does not.
        You: – God never told them to do this. this is a man made tradition.
        Me: – There are a lot of prayers that were written by their early scribes, prophets, rabbis etc. that even Yahshua used to pray the same prayers. He would go 3 times a day to the Temple to pray. Are you going to slam Yahshua too? If it’s a man-made tradition, then so be it, for its good that they are involved in prayer and not murder and terrorism like other religious maniacs.
        You:- even the man who explained this to me admitted the morning service was difficult after being up all night.
        Me: – Why is he complaining, he has a choice to pray with the group or not pray. God is not a dictator, He is merciful and understanding. Sadly, most Jews do not understand the heart of the Almighty therefore, we have to lift them up to HIM and not talk against them. Just because they don’t come forward and confront for what is being said about them, do you think they don’t get hurt emotionally? Emotional hurt is so much worse than taking a slap on the face. Christians can’t take one word from anyone, they come with sticks and stones but the Jewish people remain silent. I know this for a fact.
        You: – this is a voluntary practice, starting in the 16th century, so I stand corrected on the length of years i stated.
        Me: – You are almost right. No comment.
        it is admitted in this link that someone who HAS slept through the night should lead the morning service, as the others are too tired.
        Me: – Good, so there is understanding here and no punishment for not praying in throughout the night.
        You: – here is more
        this is based on folklore, not facts and this is something seen in other religious circles, christians included.
        Me: – Sure, I agree that a lot of prayers and worship songs are based on folklore in mostly Christianity, Catholicism and Judaism and maybe in other denominations too like JW, Mormonism, 7/Day Adv. etc.
        You: – a custom is established on some quaint thought, with good intentions, and then it becomes a ritual to many rituals can be meaningful, or just tiresome. so we see most do not participate in this midnight learning….which is too bad….
        my point was they could do this at a better time, so everyone could participate.
        Me: – Well, if they are brought up in a certain religious way, that’s the way they will go until God intervenes and turns them in the right direction and this has happened and is still happening to many Orthodox Jews today because of the loving ways of Christians who make an effort to study in the Hebraic perspective finally leading them to their Messiah. It’s very touching to see many Orthodox Jews embracing Yahshua as their only Messiah.
        You: – these people are my friends. my intention is to see them receive what they need from God better
        Me: – Your intentions are good but don’t write things to hurt them, they have emotions and they hurt like all human beings. They are a people that are most hated by the world just like Yahshua is hated and they have been persecuted for the Torah and for their Set-Apart way of life since millenniums. Also majority are always under the impression that they are hated by the Christians that it was the Christians who persecuted them so when they read stuff like that they are only going to shy away. The orthodox study a lot, they know their Torah well but what they don’t know is who their Messiah is – Yahoshua – not Jesus, because when the name Jesus is mentioned their minds turn to the Romanized Jesus in brightly colored clothes with a halo around his head, looking sickly as ever with severe arthritis, who hardly looks like the Messiah who can save them.
        Well, that’s that and I hope you reach out to them with loving words that will lead them to their Messiah and develop a different mindset towards Christians.

        • bethany

          have it your way. you appear to have a critical spirit, so nothing I say will matter to you anyhow. I reject your condemnation.

          • You think you are always right but you are wrong because you don’t even know exactly what happened on Mount Sinai, your KJV will not give you all the explanations as Hebrew explanation. The Scriptures are a clue, you’ve got to dig deep to find the gems.
            I don’t want to have my own way but I am defending and always will defend Israel, the Jewish people and the Great and Only God (YHVH) of Israel.
            For a long time I stopped commenting on your blogs because I noticed your weird beliefs and your several articles of dreams and visions and visionaries that have no Scriptural basis, and that only ring-maidens would blabber or write about. However, this particular article really caught my eye that compelled me to defend the Jewish people.
            If you think I have a critical spirit, you are wrong again –I am no “Barbie doll” I am very “defensive” to defend the Creator and what belongs to Him and that also includes my own home and family and even those that are vulnerable.
            You instead have the spirit of condemnation of the people of God, clearly an anti-Semite spirit (that projected hostility and discrimination towards the Jewish people).
            When you speak or write negative things about the Jewish people just because of their prayer life, it is the hate that emanates from the heart. Therefore, whoever hates or hurts them in any respect whatsoever, hates Israel and the God of Israel … PERIOD!!! …. Are not majority of Christians noted for this; they love “Jesus” but hate the Jews? This has been going on for 2 millenniums now.

            And btw, after ALL the horrible things that are happening in America, you should be on your knees praying for the American people but it is indeed surprising that you as a Christian can find time to write and criticize the Jewish people than your own apostate Christians.

            Well, the weekend is over I said whatever I had to say, time to get back to business, so I prefer to conclude this conversation now.

            Don’t play with FIRE for YHVH (God of Israel) is FIRE and not a man though He holds all the Power to take on the form of man.

            • bethany

              you have imagined an injury where there isn’t any. there is no antisemitic motive or feeling.

              I spend more time evaluating christian practices than what jews do. I am not saying anything yahshua would not have said..he had commented on their man made traditions, which may have had positive intentions, but were made so hard that most people could not do them….

              your warnings are unwarranted. and unnecessary.

              how do you think I am aware of these jewish practices? I am a jewish believer . I am not attacking the creator or the people of god…they can do what they want….but it is not all based on scripture. it is based on the teachings of one rabbi in the 16th century… it is not antisemitic to evaluate a man made teaching.

              • When I said YHVH is Fire – I did not say anything about “hell fire”. The average Christians, as their first choice, would not associate the word “Fire” with the Creator Himself. Their first thoughts would be Hell-fire, the Lake of Fire, or Sodom and Gomorra.
                Though YHVH is known as the Consuming Fire, yet He can create and or destroy as the case may be e.g. (a)the sons of Korah, (b)when Elijah called Fire down from Heaven and so on. YHVH is the Spiritual Fire, the Light of the World.
                YHVH manifested Himself in various forms of fire on many different occasions. Some of these manifestations are found in the making of the Covenant with Abraham (Gen. 15:17), the burning bush (Exo. 3:2-4), pillar of fire (Exo. 13:21), on Sinai (Exo.19:18), in the flame on the altar (Judg. 13:20), and Yahweh answering by fire (1 Kings 18:24, 38).

                Can you call this Heavenly FIRE “hell fire” … Certainly Not!! … Maybe you can do a blog on this and leave the Jews alone for God to deal with them for what you think they are doing wrong.
                As for “hell fire” you know exactly what it is so no point in me explaining, you won’t agree anyways.

        • I’m sure when Jesus said, “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence”, that He “hurt” a lot of people’s feelings, people who were just trying to do what they were commanded to do. Jesus was correcting ritualistic behavior, whether it was commanded or man-made. If a person sincerely wants to pray at midnight, that’s terrific…but if it’s all done out of fear of ‘missing’ God or whatever other fear there is, then the person is garnering judgement upon himself. We are to to have reverent fear of the Lord, which is different from terror that if we fail to wash our hands sixteen times before a meal we are condemned. Mercy triumphs over judgement (James 2:13). There was no ‘judgement in Marianne’s post…it was a ‘teaching’, and as with any teaching, take it or leave it.

          • ww

            thank you

            actually it is 6 times before a meal 🙂

            you pour water 3 times on the left , then 3 times on the right.

            for such small issues, there should be no spirit of offense.

            we have bigger worldly issues that are much more threatening, to our lives and safety, and morals that should offend us, and move us into action.

            the midnight prayer and study is a mitzvah, and some practice it….most cannot do it, so they get left out.

            if there was an issue in a christian church, like ladies having to wear long dresses and pin their “must have” long hair up in a bun, I might have a similar concern….

          • WW Liberatore – Hello!! Well, Yahshua was and is God and Creator He holds ALL the Power & Authority so He can correct them. Yahshua was not passive as catholics present him nor was he agressive as many in the world present him to be rather He was Assertive. Who knows how many lives were changed hearing His Words of correction? or are being changed today of their descendants by coming to know Him.

            The point is Marianne should not have criticized them – anyone interfering with the Jewish people, are playing with Fire – The Warnings are crystal clear in the Torah / Bible.

            • bethany

              so you are saying if we make an observation about jewish practice, it is bring hellfire, but it is ok to criticize christians?

            • Bethany, thanks for your reply. The Bible talks about blessing and cursing Israel. I am pretty sure Marianne’s comments were not meant to, nor could be misunderstood to be cursing Israel or Hebrew ways. The teaching in the blog was to help us, Jews and Gentiles, to ‘think’ about some of the ‘religious’ things we may do which are based in fear, not love.

              For instance, I was told at a Christian seminar once that I should spend one hour a day in prayer. It all sounded good. It wasn’t that much time, really, to offer to the “God who Loves Me and has Forgiven Me,” So I diligently began setting aside an hour a day. But, alas, some days I was interrupted by young children, or emergencies, or because I was tired and couldn’t complete (or even begin my hour). Then, all of a sudden I was a failure. I was unworthy of God’s gift.Etc… You see, I was so intent on keeping the “law of one hour” that I failed to realize that I was coming to God without love. Now my prayer time is not so regimented and is far more loving.

              Not all sacrifices offered to God Almighty, whether of our money or time or whatever, are acceptable. Unless they come out of love for the Father and are freely given out of an abundance of that love, they are worthless. As I said in my previous response, if someone wants to pray all night, that’s great. But if it’s just to perform some ritual, it has no lasting meaning. That’s not being critical or slanderous or mean-spirited. It’s an observation, actually based in Scripture (1Cor13:1, for instance).

              You are right, Jesus was given the authority to teach us and when He corrected people, it often seemed harsh (at least to my reading); some received His correction, others did not. After His death, Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to, among other things, be our Teacher and Counselor. When we feel the Holy Spirit stirring up something that might be a helpful teaching to others, we have the right (and perhaps even the obligation) to pass that teaching on.

              You are free to stop reading Marianne’s blog anytime, of course, but I hope you won’t because much of the things she writes about are written with sensitivity to the Spirit and compassion and a passion for Truth. I don’t have to agree with everything she says to know that most times she hits the mark.


    • Open discourse is an essential element in a free society. It is a fine line between a person’s freedom of speech and another’s right to not have statements made that causes harm to another’s reputation or livelihood. Slander is defamation that is spoken.. Libel is a written or published defamatory statement, that is false, and intently or negligently made with malice, causing harm to another’s reputation or livelihood. A private blog, open to the public, false under publication. However libel has several layers to be deemed libel speech.

      – Statement is published
      – Statement is false
      – Intently or negligently made
      – Acted with malice.
      – Causes injury

      Both sides here (or other sides) might feel “slighted” by someone else’s opinion. But, what we have here, in my humble opinion, is open discourse, in, albeit a broken one, but and open society. I have enjoyed reading both views.


  9. Great and informative article as usual Marainne.

    Really sad that anyone should miscontrue the postulation or yourself as antisemitic. Clearly they have missed out on the subject of the article, and many others of your defenses of the Jewish people.

    Bethany, its irrevocable that God elected the Abraham for his faith and gave promises concerning his seed, that of faith, as well as that of the flesh. In regard to that seed, God sent to them many prophets to warn and correct them from any of their ways of error. The scriptures is full of such instances of reproof and correction. Yet these scriptures can in nowise be supposed to be antisemitic, including such as that which prophesied of the destruction of Jerusalem.

    Bethany also does state that its through the Jewish people that the scriptures have been given/preserved. Whereas that is true, what is the vessel to the potter? Itis God who has given the scriptures, and should gave preserved them through any other means, had he found it ecpedient, in case the first vessels appointed had defaulted.

    Anything a Jewish person does, as much as a Gentile, that is contrary to the law of God, is a sin in equal measure. It should be reprooved in equal terms in either case, and that does not warrant any anti-racial sentiments. Its simply a reproof of an errorneous way of whoever holds onto it.

    If a Jewish person for intance adopts a licentous lifestyle, he ought to be reprooved of his error as one would with any other person. There is no antisemitism in that.

    Lastly, if we should so humbly consider, that we all are the children of Adam, and of Noah, who both predated the time of Abraham. The scriptures that have reached us from the Jewish lineage indeed ascribe a special place to the Jewish people. Philosophically, every nation upon earth extol their own nation’s relation to God to be in a class of its own. Yet that too holds some water.

    For God is over all of His creation, and I would be so bold to state, (and can quote scripture as well as nature) that we all as his children are equally relevant to him.

    For God so loved the world (not just the Jews, but the entire world races), that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him (of Jew and Gentile), shall not perish, but have eternal life.

    And alot more.

  10. http://www.pray4zion.org/SealedUntiltheEndTime.html

    The New Testament pictures the condition within the professing church at the “End of the Age” by a system of denials:

    (1) Denial of God – Luke 17:26; 2 Timothy 3:4-5

    (2) Denial of Christ – 1 John 2:18; 4:3; 2 Peter 2:6

    (3) Denial of Christ’s return – 2 Peter 3:3-4

    (4) Denial of the Faith – 1Timothy 4:1-2; Jude 3-4

    (5) Denial of sound doctrine – 2 Timothy 4:3-4

    (6) Denial of the separated life – 2 Timothy 3:1-7

    (7) Denial of Christian liberty – 1 Timothy 4:3-4

    (8) Denial of morals – 2 Timothy 3:1-8, 13; Jude 18

    (9) Denial of authority – 2 Timothy 3:4.

  11. Marianne,
    I thought I had made a mistake but no, it was your comment check it out.

    [ bethany
    so you are saying if we make an observation about jewish practice, it is bring hellfire, but it is ok to criticize christians? ]

    Anyways, as I mentioned before, I’m off this blog.

    • ok I was talking about preaching hell fire for commenting about jewish practices…not the fire of YHVH

    • why don’t you answer my question?

      • Did I just learn something new about you, that you are an impatient woman?
        I don’t work in an office glued to my chair for hours but always moving around doing several things that’s the nature my work.

        Anyways re. your question: “so you are saying if we make an observation about jewish practice, it is bring hellfire, but it is ok to criticize christians?”
        According to scriptures anything reckless written or spoken or physical action against the Jewish people has resulted in Divine Retribution so now you read the Bible and figure it out yourself for you seem to be a smart person who knows everything. Good Luck with that.

        One last thing: My focus is not on (majority) of the western christians, they are too proud, they are apostates. They are not a set-apart people hence can’t be compared with Jews though my heart goes out to christians (as well as other innocent folks) in the the Middle East, Pakistan, India, Africa, Mexico, elsewhere, these poor people truly deserve help and prayer. May Yahshua be with them.

        O, btw, will you dare writing negative things about the Islamic Jihadist? I don’t think so .. because you know the result of that – but the Jews you can condemn because you know they won’t come after you.
        But the God of Israel never slumbers nor sleeps – He’s watching … so Beware!!

        • bethany

          I think I am being quite patient with you. after all, you are criticizing me, I am not criticizing you.

          you cannot answer my question. both jews and christians are people of god now, but you call the western christians apostates, while the jews have nothing wrong?

          this post has nothing to do with Islam….or islamic jihadists…if you want that topic, i have pages for that. just use the search box.

          I have not condemned the jews. I just commented that the midnight to 6 am prayer to repent for being “late” for the 10 commandments is not just inconvenient, and limiting, but has no basis in scripture……

          I am a western christian, but I am not apostate…any generalization is automatically an error…

          your attitude is to criticize christians and to make jews so holy they are untouchable even for small observations. this is idolatry. FYI….most jews, even orthodox, voted for obama….I guess that is because they are the chosen people. and that is ok

          maybe you should change religions?

          I do not sit here all day, I have a busy life, with lots of physical activity.

          all I can do is extend the love of yahshua to you, and hope you open your mind more to discussion, rather than criticism.

          • You are being patient with me? What a joke!! In fact I am tired of you because everything I write, you misunderstand and change it to something else maybe you are doing it on purpose so you can accuse me and be the victim. I’ve come across a lot of people who are like that.
            I can see that you like showing yourself to be like the innocent victim because you keep mentioning over and over again that I am criticizing you when I really just responding according to your feedback.
            When you were writing this article, you should have used your wisdom to know that someone reading it, is not going to like it and maybe after I unsubscribe there will be more folks reading it and will definitely be displeased with you, so get prepared.

            Anyways, are you not the one who started the criticism against the Jews just because they pray the way they do? Was it really necessary to do that? When the whole world already hates them for who they are, you go proudly writing a blog to further tarnish their image. Plus you added mockery in there by calling their prayer time “crazy”. You can criticize, write or do anything you wish, then you expect every reader on your blog to agree with you with thumbs up to please you? This is what is called CRAZY!

            The Torah clearly states that there are consequences to bear for every wrong we do unto others and when it’s a wrong done to His people, you better watch your back.
            It is YHVH who chose them and He alone will correct them and lead them in the right direction. No one in the world has a right to hurt them. You will be surprised as to how many Orthodox people are coming to know their Messiah when they are told that Yahshua is His Name – check out on youtube – it brings tears of joy to the eyes.

            Btw, re. Western Christians, I am sure any person even wearing reading glasses will see that I mentioned “MAJORITY” of western christians – this clearly does not mean (( ALL )) western christians because there are many devout Christians who love Israel and the Jewish people and show their firm support and never criticize them like you have done and thru these Christians many orthodox Jews have begun to follow Yahshua – So I fail to understand why you took it upon yourself as the apostate Christian. Apostate Christians are wolves in sheep’s clothing, false prophets, traitors etc. — You like being in that group of Apostates go ahead, I’m not holding you back. It’s a matter of choice.

            And btw, I don’t follow a religion nor a denomination like you do so don’t tell me to change my religion – Religions have caused a lot of schisms and among denominations there are only divisions and no unity. Everybody does their own jig.

            There is only ONE God YHVH, He alone is the Creator, He is the Elohim of Israel whom ALL the World MUST worship – Has it ever occurred to you as to WHY there are more than 40,000 Christian denominations and roughly 4,200 religions in the world? And ALL these presume that their religion is the true religion – What a bunch of crap, it’s like a den of wild beasts I wouldn’t even want to be near there.

            I find joy in my set-apart life worshiping the One Creator, the Elohim of Israel (Not 2 gods or 3 gods) – and it is not a religion but His own written INSTRUCTIONS on how to live our lives. He NEVER EVER created religions and denominations – He Elohim created a ((RELATIONSHIP)) BETWEEN HIMSELF AND HIS BELOVED HUMAN BEINGS when He created them. In the first chapter of Genesis itself we can understand that.

            Why you flitting from one issue to another about voting for Obama etc? I don’t give a darn about him or that the Jews voted for him, stick to the subject. Majority of Jews that voted for the big “O” are the ones mentioned in Rev.2:9 and 3:9 – The ones I am defending are the Orthodox – No the former group is not the same and the orthodox.
            I should actually call them Hebrews, so don’t mix them up. Anyways, maybe even you voted for the big “O” but since things are gone so wrong that now you are pointing fingers at these Jews.

            So I’m unsubscribing from your site and at the same time taking you off from my email list. I will not respond to you or anyone. You and your followers here on the blog can take the please to include me with the Jews to be slandered, criticized, cursed, condemned or whatever, I don’t care because the ALMIGHTY is watching!! … Goodbye Marianne.

            • bethany

              yes I have been patient with you. I try to explain and you just get angry. you misinterpret everything said, even when others explain, you do not understand them either. there has been no slander againt jews, so there is nothing to repent of. I wish you well

            • Bethany, I admit I do not know you nor Marianne well, but from I have seen on her blog, Marianne is one of the most fierce supporters of the Jews I’ve seen. It’s not they she has a problem with, it’s the traditions of men. The Messiah had very little patience for those who put tradition over compassion, especially when that tradition twisted the word of God. Perhaps you would agree with this, yes? So wouldn’t it be more compassionate to allow more to learn about their Elohim and His commandments, during a time when more are able to attend and keep awake? I agree that it isn’t our place to judge, but we ought to speak up when something isn’t right. It is out of love that we ought to speak, for we know that tradition cannot lead to a proper relationship with Yahweh. Rather, it would obscure them. Furthermore, it is no good to allow people to follow a lie… Especially about their Elohim! Ask yourself, would Yahweh, the One who would not even have His Name blasphemed, be happy if His people thought something was true about Him if it were not? And would He be happy if those who knew better said nothing? Or would not their blood be on our head, as Ezekiel also was warned? And in any case, the New Testament says there is no Jew or Gentile in the Messiah, but all are part of His body. Elohim shows no partiality, not even to the Jews if they reject His truth.

  12. Excellant Marianne….the gate to heaven is very narrow and many will not pass though and wonder why…Matthew 7:13, “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.”

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