Tav in the Sky



Hebrew letter Tav at the end of a lightening bolt.

Courtesy of Secureteam at youtube.

Hebrew letter Tav originally meant cross or mark.

So why is this in the sky?

Your thoughts?



23 Responses to “Tav in the Sky”

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  2. This is what I see’ the symbol looks like a shepherds crook’ stick – inside the crook/ stick is someone standing looks like with an outstretched arm, at the right of the crook/ stick is a mans face with a beard, to the left of crook/ stick, a face of a wolf like face, inside that face looks like a woman kneeling at a desk, with her hands on a child seated on top of the desk

  3. Why is the rapture on yom Teruah (Sept 10th, 2018) with the vanishing of 400 million with an axial poleshift and earthquake of 3.0 to 20.0 globally.

    When was the picture taken? The day of the picture is important. If it was on the Sabbath than that is a Sign from God to look up one week from now. If Monday, then look for the rapture on Monday.

    • the picture was taken about a week ago

      • It was taken August 29 on the first Day of the Week. Creation began on the first Day of the week. Gen 1:1 in the Hebrew forms a Menorah and the 4th candle is called the Christ Candle or Servant Candle. The Aleph-Tav is in the 4th place from right to left and in picture form means Head of the Cross so underline it and put 4000 here. Lamid Aleph-Tav is in 6th place so put 6000 here.
        When you do date setting, every date counts. 14 days from the Tav picture is Sept 9th, 2018. Hopi Blue Star shows up at this time frame. Nibiru is seven days later.

        • Correction: it occurred on the 4th day of the week which was the creation day for the Sun, Moon, and Stars.
          So I will be looking at every 8:29 today to see if there is a story in the Bible. Also the 18th of Elul/Av.
          When you do date setting, every date counts. I have about 2 dozen 4th day events recorded since i started my research into date setting using Astronomy events.
          The one thing I learned about this 10 year study is that God does events on His days and to watch on the earth the increase of volcanic eruptions around the globe and earthquakes in Israel to tell the timing of the Second Advent of the Messiah and to understand that Elohim has time lines in the Bible such as the dates/days of the Flood, The timeline in Psalms 1 to 119 for 1901 to 2019 especially those years tying to Israel and the Antimessiah beginning in 2009 to 2016 with USA as Babylon the Great and the time line in Isaiah pointing to the same year (2018).

  4. This is another sign of the end of times. There has been a lot of climatic horrible things going on in a lot of countries also and people are suffering because of this plus people killing each other which could be the another sign of the end of times. The world is getting worse day by day.

  5. To the right of it is a demonic face with hair on top a line down the middlw to tip of nose eyes blackened lips/mouth with full cheeks and chin. A demon without a doubt. On the left could be some kind of wolf but it seems to have pigs ears it’s fisturbing. Other than that the rams horns pitchfork is cute.

  6. Seen any meaningful clouds lately?

  7. How should we interpret the old paleo-Hebraic alphabet up to the Hebraic alphabet today? Are they really pictorial? I just watched a video by Dr. Brown explaining how the paleo-Hebraic alphabet is not pictorial at all but, he claims, people are reading their fantasies into it.

    If the Hebrews decided to use a pictographic alphabet wouldn’t that be making a graven image?? So, wouldn’t it make sense for them to develop a Hebraic writing/alphabet that did not have pictorial connotations to avoid making “graven images”?

    Are we wrong to interpret modern day Hebraic letters using the pictures we think coincide with them?

    But then again don’t the thamudic writings found on the rocks near Mt. Sinai in Arabia prove that the Israelites did indeed use pictures to communicate??

    Here is the video by Dr. Brown:

    Here is the video depicting briefly about halfway through the pictures the Israelites left imprinted on the rocks.

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