Jezebel wife and mother

** the reverse can be true also, it can be a jezebel father and husband, so as one reads, consider the opposite going on, and it is the man doing the controlling, instead of the mother.

For the lips of a forbidden woman drip honey,
and her speech is smoother than oil,
but in the end she is bitter as wormwood,
sharp as a two-edged sword.
Her feet go down to death;
her steps follow the path to Sheol;
she does not ponder the path of life;
her ways wander, and she does not know it. Proverbs 5: 4-7

***Men who have married and fathered children with Jezebel (sociopathic) women face special challenges. They deserve all our love and support. The courts often do not recognize that a sociopathic woman is incapable of functioning as a mother. Fathers are left to helplessly watch as precious children suffer at the hands of their mother.

The courts would be wise to get smart and take heed because studies of adopted children reveal a terrible truth about female sociopaths. Female sociopaths carry stronger genes for the disorder than do males. A mother is more likely to pass this trait to children she has never met, than is a father.

Psychologists, and the court system, because they are fundamentally humanists, and not religious, do not see the demonic aspect of the Jezebel, and so label her as a sociopath, or as anti-social. Therefore, the success of counseling by an atheistic or agnostic therapist will have some, but limited, results. Therapy will also take a lot longer. Years longer.

The victim really needs prayer, deliverance, and to get away from the Jezebel, unless they are going to tackle the challenge of delivering the Jezebel spirit out of her to restore the family.


Controlling, irresponsible, dishonest, will lie without remorse

inability to love, and put others first – selfish

never wrong, so never sorry about anything

may either be the aggressive type, or the sneaky type

non-stop turmoil in the family, through multiple generations, and is a charming and frightening menace.

makes singularly vile false allegations, and calls the police

emotional blackmail

originally, may have become pregnant with or without marriage—then uses the child to sponge off of the father for as long as possible.

may emotionally damage the child, trying to turn him or her into a manipulative mini-me. In the most despicable cases, the children are exploited.

may allow a new partner to sexually abuse the child

may cause traumatic stress disorder in innocent family members

creates a sense of frustration and hopelessness in victims

Courts are unlikely to take the child away from the mother, unless she does something terrible, and it can be proven. That may not happen. Jezebels are skilled at going up to the legal limit but not crossing it. They know just when to stop so they can keep the support check coming.

uses the children to control the husband

husband will feel constantly drained in every way – emotionally, financially, mentally, physically, etc.

will make the husband or children feel like they are to blame for anything wrong that happens at home.

very critical, venomous

will lie to the children about the father

children can become withdrawn, or end up like mom when they grow up- this may seem opposite logic, but it will be the opposite sex child, rather than the same sex child. This is because the opposite sex child will innately desire the approval of the Jezebel parent, and will subconsciously try to mirror the parents’ behavior in order to get that approval. Or the child can go in the opposite direction, and become an “Ahab See post about Ahab.

children can become alienated from the father, being influenced by the mother.

can end up making others support her, as if it is their eternal duty to her- parasitic.

I have heard this in one case- where the children were divided between the 2 parents. the mother took the healthy one, and left the father with the sick one, and did not offer to help with the sick one’s expenses.

she may file false police reports on husband to prevent him from seeing children

father will get dragged through the courts multiple times in a few years. Each case can involve hundreds of pages of documents that he has to answer, repeated submissions of ‘new’ evidence or complaints, and many days in court at a huge cost, sometimes forcing the husband to borrow money.

accuses spouse of not caring about child. changes the access arrangements at the last minute, and when husband is not available, or can’t get to changeover that quickly, she tells child that husband doesn’t want the child.

many petty actions to make life difficult

children can have frequent nightmares, and need frequent reassurance from father. After extended holiday contact with her mother, child can return very clingy, and sleeps in father’s bed for a couple of nights, until she/he settles down. Child is very easily frustrated, and is very hard on herself, since she has been made to feel guilty about just about anything.

child will eventually learn that the jezebel parent is lying, and will consider them cruel, mean, and neglectful. The child will learn not to trust the jezebel parent.

in case of a remarriage – the step mother jezebel may be viewed as the “wicked step mother” by the children. She will not care about them, but will interfere with the real biological mother’s rights or relationship with the children.

jezebel parent will cause relationship problems with the spouses’ parents.

Suggested Corrective actions

Document all negative activity, and get witnesses to back you up, esp for court situations..

if the father will provide the child with as much love and affection as he can, this will help him counteract the negative influence of the sociopathic, jezebel mother. And if the woman really starts to become dangerous, his documentation will help him save his child.

Explain to the child…..“Yes, dear, I know your mother doesn’t like me very much right now since the divorce. She is angry at me right now, and I understand that. Sometimes when people become angry at another person they say or do bad things. Anger is not an excuse to do bad things, but I do understand how she feels. I hope that she will resolve this anger and that she and I can be friends. I am your dad and I will always love you, even if I am angry at you, I will never quit loving you.” etc.

The father should also validate the child’s feelings on this by maybe saying, “I love you, and I think that sometimes when you talk to me on the telephone it upsets your mother. You do not have to choose between me and your mother. It is okay with me for you to love your mother even though we don’t agree on things. Just because she is mad at me doesn’t mean that I am angry with her or that I want you to quit loving her.”

Important for the child to know that they do NOT HAVE TO QUIT LOVING ONE PARENT in order to please the other one.

It is very important to support the child, and build up her self-esteem to counteract all the put-downs and criticisms received from the jezebel parent.

It is important to support the child’s relationship with the other parent because they do love them, despite the way they are treated.

In case of (your) broken promises…… reassure child that you will not deceive her, or break a promise, unless you explain to her why you had to break the promise, and that you will make it up later. Like if you have to break a promise to take her to the zoo, because your car needs repair.

If deliverance, rather than separation, is desired, read the following:

The Roots of Jezebel…. …. Click here for more

The Sneaky, Charming Jezebel… Click here for more

Identify and remove the Jezebel spirit.. Click here for more

Healing for Jezebel…. Click here for more

Testimony from someone with a Jezebel (sociopathic) mother

I wish I could find some books to read about how to heal from this horrible nightmare of growing-up.

I really don’t want to refer to her anymore as my mother. So for reasons of communicating this, I’m calling her my birth incubator. Sorry if this label seems cruel you just don’t know the hell I went through.

Since birth, she was neglectful per my Grandparents and Aunts and Uncle. when I became a toddler, she started becoming physically and mentally abusive (my relatives have harbored guilt feelings for not intervening).

During my growing-up years I don’t recall hearing of this behavior, and people normally didn’t interfere into other families business.

Plus sociopaths freak most people, because sociopaths don’t have a conscience. My therapist is educating me on how demented sociopaths are.

***note: therapists can only help a certain amount here. They do not understand this is a demonic spirit. They just consider the jezebel a mean person.

They view the world as one big game, revolving around themselves. People are viewed to a sociopath as pawns and victims.

I decided to write in this when I had read a message from a previous topic about a mother who has been deceitful, and lied much about her child’s father.

I grew-up with the feeling of looking in from the outside so to speak about my family. There were occasional negative remarks about her hating my father, and yet when my sisters would remark to her why does she make those types of statements to me and not to them, she would reply that she loves their dad, but hates mine.

She had many times put me in harms way.

There was Christmases when I was young that there wasn’t a gift under the tree for me, and yet there was much for the rest. She would pull me aside and make a comment that my dad didn’t give her money for me (I was a young child then).

She would never explain to me what she meant, and told me if I cried that I would be punished, and that if I told anyone what she said, then she would tell them I’m crazy.

I’m dealing now with a lot of awaking from suppressed memories of my childhood with her.

I’ve dealt with depression most of my life and not knowing why (there is loads of suppressed memories).

The worst of it all is that not only was I raped a couple of times when I was sixteen, but that she knew about it, and I believe she set me up all because of her hate for a man I don’t know.

This information I’m writing about is only a small percent of the hell I lived through with her.

I think now that she can’t deal with the fact that she was unfaithful to her husband while he was a sailor (Navy) out on duty, and that I must look a lot like my biological father, that instead of her behaving maturely about her human weakness, she has projected all this on me.

For years, I never discussed any of this, until my sisters apologized for taking part in the abusive games that the birth incubator had them participate in.

My Grandparents and Aunts and Uncle are apologizing, for not stopping it. This, and other, reasons have made me look closer into why, and how to deal with the emotions I had to suppress to survive.

A few years ago, a man contacted me on the telephone and told me he’s my biological father, and that he’s sorry for how I was treated, and unwarrantedly, he blames himself.

I’m her scape goat and I refuse to allow him to be hers as well. This woman needs to grow-up, and yet never will. I don’t have a relationship with this man, and I wish I could. He wouldn’t give me his name.

And when I had asked the birth incubator about my legal birth documents being sealed, she has told everyone that I’m crazy. And refuses to allow my dad who raised me take a DNA test to prove paternity.

There is no shame for her. I pray that God will reveal all the truth no matter how ugly it may be. I can just imagine how pathetic I must sound when this message is being read. However, I know I’m not the only one who has had the unfortunate contact with one of these sick types.

Interesting science: testimony from the husband of a Jezebel (serum testosterone levels !!):

***note: values ranging from the low 200s to over 1200 ng./dl. is considered normal for men, and from 15 to 70 ng./dl. is considered normal for women.

It’s not theory. We got the labs tests to prove it! Serum is much thicker than water.

From my experience I can tell you that the female sociopath I was conned by was tested and she had more testosterone than I! She complained to me that her level of 300 was, like everything else, MY fault!

For a time I required adjuctive testosterone therapy because my body was making none! And Maria claimed that my topical gel was responsible for her elevated levels of testosterone. [I took all necessary precautions and should her levels have gotten even higher, there’s no telling how aggressive she may have become! She never came in contact with the gel per the instructions on the packets.]

***stress has a known effect on hormone levels

Never mind that she was addicted to uppers & downers and she lied to our physician about taking drugs!

My T levels are now normal and my body makes it own. Still, it is nowhere as high as M’s were back then.

It is going on 2 years now and I am finally coming out it.

BTW, the sex wasn’t so good. At least not for me, but I am certain that it was for her.

Come to think of it, she complained about it lasting too long and being unnatural to go that long. No woman had ever previously complained to me about that!

But, seeing how she worked as a prostitute for a decade in the in the “ritzy area” of St. Louis as Her Own Mother put it, I guess anything over 5 minutes and/or beyond premature ejaculation was “abnormal” to Maria.

God, THANK YOU for taking her out of my life. The cost has been tremendous. At times, almost unbearable. But I am starting to see my way out of it.

Doctors response to ex-husband:

Perhaps the stress of living with a female sociopath actually reduced your testosterone level. I am very glad to hear you are seeing your way clear. That can often take a long time. I also thank God every day that I lived through this with the strength to recover. Those of us who have had this experience share a common bond.

Books to read:

“Small Sacrifices” by Ann Rule (a sociopathic mother)
“If You Really Loved Me” by Ann Rule (a sociopathic father)

See also the Jezebel series (note that there is more than one page):

Click here for more


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  2. Marianne I was looking at a couple of videos about a brave muslim woman named Wafa Sultan on you tube. After the video was finished I accidentally clicked on the wrong video, and in this video, a woman yelled uncontrollably at everyone in the house, her three daughters and husband were accused of not being prayerful etc… basically there was nothing that they could say to convince her otherwise and the whole scene was just abusive. The husband comforted the youngest daughter and shook his head in disgust, but other than that, he didn’t make any attempts to confront his wife’s ungodly behavior. I personally believe that that behavior is a result of an individual not taking their sins and the sins committed against them to God and over time it just gets worse. And I agree with you, I see this in a lot of men. But I disagree with labeling sin with the term “Jezebel”. It equates the sin of “controlling” to be female, and the sin of “cowardice” to be male. Christ does not call the sin of “lording over” female or equate it to the female gender. That thinking has it’s source in the enmity of the serpent against the woman. Sin is neither male or female.

    • I would appreciate it if you could sent me the website of the video regarding the woman yelling at all in the house.

  3. Oh Marianne there is an author named Stormie Omartian who shares from her heart a similar story and her journey to healing as well. I think the promise of God to give you beauty for ashes describes both of your testimonies.

  4. Hi Diane,

    I agree. A Jezebel can be either male or female. It just happens that a female name is used to denote the type of behavior seen.

    The Jezebel name comes from the Bible, I guess you know, where someone acted like this. I also have some posts where I am calling men this, when they act a certain way also.

    If you look above, I am not calling the husband cowardly, although that might be one response. I AM calling him oppressed.

    Spouses have many conflicts about divorce, since they are worried about their children, and do not really want to break up. They want the family unit to work. So there might be delays in finally separating. This does not make them cowardly, but just conflicted, as to what to do.

    The stress with this kind of abuse can really affect hormone levels, and make the victims sick.

    Do you think I need to make this more clear above?


  5. I apologize, if I gave the impression that I was referring to the man in the story above, I’m not, and I agree that oppression is definitely what people suffer when in a relationship described above, and need encouragement, prayer and support. I also apologize for possibly coming across without compassion regarding a person being in conflict about what to do, I have been in that place many many times, but I know that at some point you have to rise up in the Spirit of God and confront. On the video it is not possible for me to see the response of the father after the event, so it is possible that he is confronting the issue. Thank you for pointing that out to me, I stand corrected. My use of the term “cowardice” was directed to people being considered an “Ahab”. (I can’t remember what post that was used in – but again I’m referring to “sin” being labeled “Ahab” male)

    What I disagree with, is sinful behavior being labeled ‘female’ with the name “jezebel”. My understanding is that there are 2 women named Jezebel in the Bible, (there could be more, I am just not aware of them). One who was married to Ahab and the other who taught Gods servants to commit sexual immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols in the Church in Thyatira. I don’t see where Christ uses a female name in denoting “controlling” “lieing” “manipulative” behavior, nor does Christ use a male name to denote “wimpy” “spoiled” behavior.
    Though I know you are definitely addressing “controlling” “lieing” and manipulative behavior and mean no harm, labeling that behavior ‘female’ is harmful.

  6. Hi Diane,

    this is the Ahab link. These guys really do not care what is going on. They just let it happen.

    Oh well, I just used the name because it is in the bible. If it was a man that acted like this, and his name was Benjamin, then I would use the expression Benjamin spirit, just because it was used in a certain way. The situation could have been the other way or around, and Ahab could have been the controlling one, and Jezebel could have been passive. In that case, I would use the expression the “ahab spirit” to mean lying and manipulative.

    here is a post where I use the expression Jezebel to mean a man, not a woman….

    I hope this helps. Women do get most of the blame for things. That is why hurricanes were named after women for a long time before someone complained.


  7. Marianne you said “if it was a man that acted like this…”

    There are many evil men in the bible who fit those characteristics, and they are mentioned more times in the bible for those sins than women.

  8. Please forgive me for writing comments that you may perceive as ‘negative’, I’ve just been spending some more time on your site, & there are certain things coming to mind as I’m reading that I believe I’m to share with you…
    …One thing that jumped out at me in this article, (& numerous others where you’re advising how to deal with wicked people) is your advice to ‘write down everything, keep a record of everything…” & yet the Bible says that “Love keeps NO record of wrongs!”
    If the battle is the Lord’s, & HE is our defender, (so we don’t need to defend ourselves) & we’ve laid down all our rights, & NOTHING can happen to us that He doesn’t allow (unless we’re out of His will, & allowing people/situations into our lives that are sinful…though even then, He promises to work ALL things together for GOOD for those who love Him, & are called according to His purpose…following our repentance & restoration, of course…) then it’s clear that He will protect us, lead us in our relationships, show us how to get those out of our life He doesn’t want there (though sometimes He may bring/allow ungoldy poeple into out lives simply for us to shine the light to them…)

    Unfortunately, many believers get used, abused, taken advantage of…but we’re to love our enemies, pray for those despitefully using us, etc.
    We are not victims, but are to be victors!
    We need to see ALL people, even the most wicked sinners, through the eyes of love, even if we need to ask God to remove them from our lives, (which can sometimes mean Him showing us what to do…but I believe it should be HIM leading in this, & our depending on Him in the face of abusers.

    I also believe having such intimate descriptions of this man’s previous sexual relationship with his wife totally inappropriate to a forum like this….think of those struggling to stay pure, think of single people, & married, & the affect those words could have!
    I also believe that, justified or not by the context of your post, his words are slanderous to her, & not written in love. He used to be one with her! Jesus died for her! What kind of witness would it be to her (or anyone coming across this site) to see Christians, who are told to love their enemies, writing things like this?
    I fear that psychology, & the victim mentality, has affected, corrupted how we deal with problems of abuse in the church.
    Actually, even to use the term ‘sociopath’ is promoting their way of labelling people…there are only 2 kinds of people, as far as I see…
    …saved, & lost! & God is willing that NONE should perish!

    I really appreciate your list of ‘suggested corrective actions’, especially letting the child know that they can (& should!) love BOTH parents…not allowing your child to be put in the middle is a true act of love!

    I watch numerous people try to influence their child to prefer them over their other parent, & the damage done is astounding….{only God can heal it!}

    Thanks for letting me share my thoughts here, I hope I haven’t offended…
    “Give no offense in anything…”
    “The righteous shall not be offended…”

    • To Anastazia….the things you said were
      valid to a point, however
      I think you missed the gist of this article.
      When dealing with someone, male or female,
      who is abusing children or making life miserable
      for them, then certain steps must be
      taken to protect those children at all cost.
      They are the defenseless ones and God calls us
      to defend those that cannot defend themselves.
      Would you not protect an unborn
      child from abortion if you could do it in the
      most godly way possible because, after all, God
      loves the abortionist too! Would you not do what you
      can to defend the woman being
      raped in your presense because, after all, God loves
      the rapist too. What you are saying makes no sense.
      I once read a book, a true story, of one of the most
      horrendous cases of child abuse ever perpetrated
      by a mother, while the father
      became more and more ineffective in doing
      anything to protect
      the child. The book is called “A Boy Called It”…I
      don’t usually read those kinds of books as I am
      drawn to Christian based
      books more than anything else….but I felt God
      telling me to read that book. He has to have been
      grieved at the sins of that
      mother towards her biological child; she treated
      all the other kids in the house well. He was starved
      for days at a time; he was the only one that went
      without Christmas gifts and
      was even told to clean the bathrooms with ammonia
      and bleach solutions while she closed the door
      and left no ventilation. She
      was obviously trying to kill him; she was disappointed
      when he didn’t die. The father kept promising to
      take him to safety, yet when the father left the house
      he kept the boy there with the mother
      (classic signs of Jezebel and Ahab) and
      didn’t attempt to get him any help. He moved out
      to make it easier on himself while neglecting to protect
      his flesh and blood son. Do you realize it’s evil
      to know someone is being
      harmed and do nothing to help that person, under the
      guise of “Christian love?” Can you imagine Jesus
      just standing by and watching a child or even an adult
      being abused and doing nothing to stop it.
      I say take as many notes and dates
      and details down as possible and use them to
      protect someone who can’t defend themselves against
      a bully, no matter what
      form they come in! How loving is it to stand by
      and say you love someone while doing nothing
      to lift a finger to help them. Of course we are to
      love our enemies….but do you realize the
      most loving thing you can do for them is to show
      them how far off they are to hopefully bring them to
      repentance and the saving knowledge of Jesus?
      Giving them false assurance that they
      are okay is useless. Bullied
      and abused children often grow up to believe
      that God is like their abusive parent and want nothing to
      do with Him. Do
      you think that’s a good thing? Remember, Jesus
      loves everyone and yet when it came to the religious
      crowd in the temple he became
      so angry that He overturned the tables.He called the
      Pharisees broods of vipers. He didn’t speak that way to
      sinners, but rather to the
      religious bunch who sought approval of man more than
      God. Their pious ways were all for show.
      These were the ones
      who pretended to care about others, and
      instead of helping them
      they were the perpetrators of abuse. They never
      lifted a finger to help anyone else. It was all about
      them. And they thought
      they were doing it all in the name of God, while God
      had nothing to do with that!

  9. Hi Anastazia

    I appreciate the spirit behind your comments. The testimonies were repeated as they were written. I thought not to delete anything, in order to let people know exactly what was like, so they could match up their own experiences and compare. Both people had been through hell. No impurity was intended. Maybe I should take the highlight out in places to de-emphasize certain things. They are trying to recover from it all.

    The documentation I recommend for court in either a divorce case or a case with a job. It does not have to do with a lack of love, but rather self-defense, because the Jezebel will lie and cause more damage. If you have your career or your children at stake, you have to be able to protect them by protecting yourself.

    thanks and blessings

  10. First time coming across your site. No real comment other than to Anastazia. There is never an instance ( that I can find or recall) in scripture that as “true christians” we have to take on a pacifist personna when confronting the enemy of our soul.When our Savior hung on the cross the bad guy on His left said ” I believe” remember me( faith/repentence).The bad guy on His right said “IF” you are who they say you are? get us out of this fix(unbelief/unrepentent).Without repentence, their is no forgiveness and when the deciples asked Christ as to, HOW MANY TIMES MUST WE FORGIVE? His answer was simple ” as many times as they ask for forgiveness or “seventy-seven times seven”.
    I was married to a women with the spirit of a Jezebel for 25 years. No love, no compassion, no mercy, no consceince. Could give you and the world a permanent “Toni” with stories of all the evil and venom displayed by a confessing “Born Again Believer”. Only my love and faith in Our Lord and Savior Jesus and the power of His Might has kept me sane, faithful and looking forward to the hope of my salvation. This person is truely a witch in the 1st degree, and gives new definition to the word SOCIOPATH.I fear less she repents and allows Gods Holy Spirit to do a mighty work in her life,eternal punishment will be her wages. Do I need to forgive and forget? Not without her repentance. So whenever we are confronting the schemes Satan has employed, I believe we are never to stand by passively and take abuse, but are to stand firm and let the Lord do our bidding, while letting the abuser know that their behavior is totally unexceptable. Not neccesarily liking the warfare, but having enough faith to will God to win our battles, all the while putting on the “Full Armor” (Not Easy)

  11. Hi David,

    Thank you for your valuable insights. It is sad to hear that you have also been through this Jezebel experience as well.

    You are right. Forgiveness follows repentance. With this particular spirit, there is usually no repentance, since their conscience is damaged. Only the Holy Spirit can do the repair job. That is all we can pray for.

    In the meantime, we need to protect ourselves, and distance ourselves from the abusive person.


  12. How i may contact admin this site? I have a question.

  13. Dear tuttThesque,

    You will get an email. Just hit the reply button to communicate with me.


    • Hi Marianne,
      My wife has had terrible behaviors like threatening suicide, faking hyperventilating, lying, putting a toothpick in my tofu puff in my work lunch, putting scissors in the table and a lot of other things. I recognize that she acts out when she doesn’t get what she wants and feels like she’s under attack.
      Through setting boundaries, enacting consequences, and unfortunately letting her have control of the bigger decisions (like church) she has stopped her major behaviors. However, I know that she has not faced her issues, refuses to go to counseling, and has consistently avoided and attacked people who would help her with them (even now she refuses to go to a AOG Japanese church because she made up some lies.)
      I used to not have any confidence, looked at others for who I was, be obsessive, terrified, indecisive, pretty much all that Ahab was. Despite her best efforts, I have changed and have largely shook all that off.
      All the people in america that she fooled I have shined the truth at and they see it, She has one friend who is into witchcraft and another friend here who left the AOG church in America but has a lot of friends in Japan that I cannot isolate her from. God has really used her to change me.
      But her heart has not changed. Her actions largely have (but not all). I have two kids that are 3 and 5 years old. I know she still likes tarrot cards and oiji boards but I won’t allow her to do those things in the house.
      My thinking is to target her rebellion that is in her heart and force her to make a choice. However, doing that will likely set her off again and I don’t want me or my kids seeing that. She is in Japan for a month visiting and sometimes I just want to tell her not to come back here. But my kids are there with her. I am not sure what to do.

      • crazynomore

        you have taken the first step in recognizing the problem.

        but things will continue until you put your foot down, assume your male authority, and be the boss in the house.

        do not tolerate this. you owe it to her, your kids, and yourself

        you are just too nice to her. you have to use tough love on her. get in touch with your male hormones and use them.

        make a list of rules, like she HAS to go to counseling, and decide that negative behaviors will not be tolerated. create consequences (punishments) in case she acts negative. take away things she likes when she is negative. reward her for being good.

        she will respect you more also, for doing this. jezbels, like most women, secretly admire power in a man.

        make sure the kids understand that sometimes mommy does something wrong and she has to fix it, and be better. she is like a child, and wants her own way, but this is not good for her or the family.

        this way the children will not be tainted by her thinking and actions.

        this is all if you want to stay with her…

        if you don’t, then take the kids, since you are unequally yoked, and get a lawyer to insist that she is unstable so she will not get them, and ruin them.

        in the meantime, always pray.

        I am sending you prayers against jezebel and ahab spirits, occult and witchcraft.

        i suggest you print it out and say it each day

        I will agree with you in prayer

        • Thank you. Reaching my male hormones was a huge key but also loving her like Jesus. I now get angry at evil behavior and won’t tolerate it. Her behavior has improved but is not there yet. Do you have all those emails we sent me earlier? For some reason they dissapeared shortly after I got them.

  14. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
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    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  15. Hello !! 🙂
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    Piter Kokoniz, from Latvia

    • Hello Piter

      I started this blog to teach others about how evil can be inside of people, and to be aware of the dangers. I also sue this blog to teach about the bible.

  16. Marianne, I have to share this with you.. it kinda makes me a bit confused and not sure what it was all about. Yet I felt like being tested or otherwise. I just woke up from nap. Here it goes…
    I was half sleep and half awake.. and seeing myself on bed tossing and turning.. can feel the troubled one nearby approaching my way.. and ready to attack… the bed shakes and my mouth just opened and scream out the first thing was God’s name and confirmed that God is my lord of lords and king of the kings along with a prayer in loudest voice possible… Then I felt my body was in shock shell yet my spirit just fight and shines.. and the troubled one left me as suddenly as it appeared. All those woke me so aburptly and feeling confused.. unsure why..
    It is too weird because I can always feel spiritually or physically any troubles or evil nearby.. but what shocks me the most is… I never ever seen myself react so quickly and so strongly .. NOT even ever scream out anyone’s name in my sleep… ever.. That is a first for me. Help me out on understanding this and cut the confusion to the chase and I wouldn’t go sleep without answers.. because it would keep me up for days until answer hit in my face.. LOL.. naturally it happens from time to time. But this time feels a bit too important so.. here I am .. sharing with you and.. asking for your insight on this issue.. THAT part I never experience like that. Thank you for your insight.. I still come back every day to see any news or anything new for me to learn daily, even thru people 🙂 Bless you and everyone in name of Jesus … Amen… 🙂


    • hi Tamera,

      It sounds like your spirit is so ready to fight that it is keeping watch while you sleep. When something comes near, your spirit reacts before your body can get used to what is happening, since it has not been awake, but asleep.

      So your body is confused, but your spirit knows what it is doing.

      Also, when you go to bed, put yourself in the care of the Holy Spirit. He can fight for you too.

      You will be ok……you are just hyper vigilant due to the negative and dangerous world we live in now.

  17. Hiya back, Marianne.

    Thank you.. that confirms on what my thought was after a few hours thinking to makes sense out of it. 🙂 Thank you. It helps to confirm it all. LOL.. hyper vigilant fits well in one way.. but that should includes stubborn and sometimes playful.. * joking * 😉 Can’t resist a small truth humor in it. Indeed, the world have gone mad with full of negativity and dangerous that puts me on the edge and watchful alert. I guess in small way reason why I stay indoor a lot more than I ever done in lifetime.. Going outside makes me feel so dispassionate for life and all around me. Watching others how they talk and behave and thinks… and how things comes and goes.. You name it… I seen it all.. except never been in war physically which is truthful enough 🙂

    Is there any news coming up that might come in our ways so we all can eagerly learn more from you, Marianne ? I would love to.. it kinda soothes me whenever I come visiting 🙂 Thank you from bottom of my heart..


    • hi TAmera

      news? well, who knows what will happen next.

      do not take the flu vaccine… I hear it killed the poor rats in Germany. Just stay in side and take vitamins..keep your mouth covered with a cheap mask.

  18. Last time I took the flu vaccine last year.. and that would be the last one because it kept making me sick every time I get it. So did my kids.. So I fed up with it. vitamins.. of course.. Viamin d and fish oil to be added too.. lol.. I have been aplenty being lectured by my very own mother about health and things.. LOL.. she used to be RN nurse.. So yup I know all too well. hahaha..
    Cheap mask ? Ah chemical in air ? or something ? I thought about that part too.. we are pretty much gathering canned food and canned water bottles..and even soda lmao.. I know it is silly.. but we are working on gathering needed items to cook with.. such as dutch iron or so 🙂 I also destory ALL the papers from files.. except just keeping ssn cards birth certificates.. valuable things that was given or rare… along with food and clothes. That’s about it. I might be insane doing the papers to be destoryed but it is smartest thing if to do so .. so no one can be traced.. I trust nothing.. lol 🙂 Avoid new shoes too, Marianne.. heard that govenment and others are thinking about putting GPS in shoes.. beside everywhere else. I also heard about new Tamiflu shots.. eewww.. I do not think I will need any shots.. Kids does… Oldest one just completed all hers.. second… looks like one last shot.. and last child.. eh.. 4 more years to complete all his. ( I am not sure if I should stop letting kids go for their shots nowadays… never know what might show up down the road )
    Remind me to post for the solar moons about July of this month there will be 3-4 esclispes in one total month.. and I had dates written down. I forgot doing this earlier but I must go to bed 🙂 so tomorrow morning.

    Blessed be and sleep well.

    • Tamera

      I think the traditional shots that have been given for the last 70 years are ok, if your children need them – polio, diphtheria, etc.

  19. I am a christian who has been involved with spiritual warfare issues for several years. I have also been in a relationship with a sociopathic individual and have run across several in my lifetime. As christians, myself included, we want to believe that every “bad” individual is behaving that way because of a demon. I don’t think it’s that simplistic. There are people who do evil because they themselves choose to do so without the help of any demonic spirit. That’s very hard for good, decent people to understand. We want to project our values onto other people and when they do things that are terrible we have a hard time understanding why so we want to look for some outside reason as the cause when that’s not always the case. That’s like saying “the devil made them do it” which is an attempt to take away personal responsibility. Sociopaths have been using that excuse for ages.

    I’ve also worked in the mental health profession and have come to the personal conclusion from my observations that some patients do have demonic problems, some have chemical imbalances, and others do the things they do based on personal choices. We have to keep a balance here and not assume that every “bad” person has a demon. However, I do believe that demons can hitchhike onto a person who has sociopathic tendencies and exploit them.

    • Hi stacy

      If you read through enough of the posts on this site, you will see that I do not indicate all people are possessed by demons who act this way. People can be influenced by spirits, without ever being possessed. The damage is about the same.

      Basics are that good is good, and bad is bad. We have to deal with the bad the best way we can.

  20. Marianne,
    Whew ,is the length of this illegal ? So wish I had seen this info years ago. Feel I have had a major underlying battle with a Jezebel spirit operating in me after Dad left at 12 and Mom let this operate in her toward me as I was apple of Dad’s eye and reminded her of him, except he was controlling and abusive himself. To be controlling and manipulative always scared me, have actually erred with less control as a parent. With a strong prophetic call on my life and a 3 year season arm in arm with God on a job that allowed for 8 hours of worship, bible study and heaven sought intercession Mom demanded I “get a real job” regardless of my joy and fruit there, forbid me to minister full time,etc and ignored me from 12 on so I was clueless as a Mom myself and with poor life skills since I then married that familiar spirit and divorced after too much damage done. As with Mom we lived in isolation and moved constantly. Made mistake after divorce to come to same area as Mom (compelled-“lured” as one pastor friend called it). Got stuck here though I had wanted to move out of state where there was a church with clued in pastors I trusted enough to be accountable to knowing I needed parenting examples and mentors for kids’ huge calls in the prophetic and miraculous as evidenced in their young answered prayers. Been more and more screwed up as time has gone by here unable to find a church in a very religious jezebel ruled small closed community majoring in Jr high variety rejection and have met my greatest fear-that further isolation and being left to my own poor devices I would join my mother; and have to my immense grief and regret. (Though she was a perfectly functional pillar and I am a train wreck now.) As you’ve outlined I’ve missed the 3 opportunities God has made for our Exodus style departure to further my grief and our loss including losing kids’ trust and respect for their former nurturing, valiant, dependable, fruit and faith filled mom. I have always felt jezebel on the periphery of my soul and showed some signs (impulsive, poor judgement, strong libido,) but at the same time a loving, giving, teachable, impassioned believer. I used to spend hours in doe-eyed worship with a strong fear of God. After the poorest choice of letting former spouse, down on luck as usual move in , precisely following marching orders to prepare to leave, we were hit with instant stupor and apathy (the year we wished to especially devote to the Lord ) I with insomnia, nightmares,spir attacks and soon near incapacity so he stayed on for near a year and I now display every trait I left him for , all Jezebel,sociopathic; I never knew, though I do possess grief for the effects of passive abuse from neglecting the kids from my spir/emotional shut-down has overwhelmed my once very vigorous,healthy body (though was told last year that spirits here wanted me dead or insane.) I knew from a dream last year it was pivotal we get out by May and I was pushed to the mat again. Shocking apathy. Unconscienable. So aware and so unmoved. Three times a spiritual event or other’s intercession has wrought a window of opp that I have not seized like it was the life or death matter it apparently is all to the shock and disdain of my friends and family , understandably and all too geographically distant to lend aid. Just been slowly leaking the fight and discipline and diligence that I have walked in, become weary in well doing and suffered the consequence. Kept feeling a desire to move us in with an older couple who just moved here whom we worked for since I could feel myself spiraling into a deeper depression and just wanted to be around people and folks to speak encouragement to the kids as I as turned 180 to become like Mom: fearful, critical, pessimistic, guilt-evoking or silent to avoid such. I was only cheerful, grateful at the least provocation and optimistic before. With so much heavily compromised at this point: desire,love for God,faith, mental and emotional function and now frame -so feel death crushing in after years of unusual health is there a place to go for help ? Kids have now been isolated here when I sooo wanted lots of people in their life, unlike mine and just have jezebel Dad to be with. Now they have it coming and going, all because I was misadvised to come here to start with and was not more careful knowing the dangers of the spiritual and social atmosphere, knowing we needed the exact opposite but possessed of a pride that wanted to rise to the challenge. I can never blame God. Three times in my life over 20 years I felt strongly urged to travel to this strong, patient, loving male acquaintance of my youth to then be blinded or distracted en route and of late, this couple. Fear of rejection after so much in my youth may cost us all. I used to speak things that were not into being at Father’s behest. Now I don’t want to face God after dropping the ball with my kids and my call and giftings all. Is even writing this lengthy spot selfish ? Mom became introspective here too in her last days in this land of pretense. I finally succumbed to offense but I have seen this locale eat and spit out, even kill apostles and prophets. Your info is most enlightening and much needed. We came here with so much and now soo little. Any ministry you might know to help is appreciated. Bless you and your readers

    • hi Tory

      1. move away from mom
      2. find an older Christian couple ( you mentioned one) and ask them to mentor you – they will be like parents to you, discuss childhood, your present life.
      3. find a strong, moral christian man who can help heal the jezebel inside….you need to trust someone to protect you, so you will not feel like controlling everything, in order to protect yourself.
      4. focus on your children, and giving them tons of love.

      you can heal from this.

  21. I know several men who are in horrible marriages to jezebels. I have a friend whose wife has physically assaulted both him and his mother. The last time I saw him he had a black eye. What I can’t understand is why he feels he has to stay and put up with it. It just seems to get worse. I’ve been on other Christian web sites where men write in who are in similar marriages. The general advice always seems to be the same–if you pray to God hard enough, he will fix your marriage. I know quite a few people in abusive marriages who have done all of that and still ended up having to leave to protect their life and sanity. Does the covenant of marriage always override our physical and spiritual safety? I couldn’t imagine any loving human father wanting his child to remain in such a situation. I especially cant imagine God, who loves us even more than our earthly parents, expecting us to do the same.

    • Hi Stacey

      An abusive spirit can either be in a man or woman. And, no, the victim does not have to tolerate it. Instead, if it is able, it should resist it and fight it.

      In the case of men, they should assert their male authority in the home. They need to learn to say “NO” to the jezebel, and put her in her place. The tolerance for rebellion and abuse should be zero. If she persists, he should take the kids and leave.

      In the case of women, they might get hurt, if they resist. They should just leave.

      In both cases, the victim should quickly recruit support from friends and family, because they will need it. The Jezebel will be doing the same thing, to bring charges against the victim.


  23. How do I cover a child in prayer who is being raised by a Jezebel mother and Ahab father? Jezebel and Ahab are quite comfortable in their sin (because they believe they do not sin, of course). There are too many stories to go into here about their envy, manipulation, etc. In keeping with the spirit of Jezebel, they use their child as a weapon-he’s available to the eunuchs, but I am just “too Christian”. The child, Zachary, is my Godson. Their games are escalating, and more eunuchs are being recruited. Jezebel is very crafty-for example, when we show up for birthday parties, he is instructed to give everyone a kiss, each person named, except for me. Each gift that we (Zachary’s Godfather and I) give him ends up in the trash or remains hidden in the closet. She even got mad one time because I promised Zachary a cookie (no sugar biter biscuit), so she hid them behind the dishes at my house. More and more stories beyond these. Zachary was adopted, and just turned 6 years old, and for the first time, his Godfather and I were not invited to the “private” birthday party, which they refer to as “family” birthday party. The majority of the “family” is athiest, and several of them live together out of wedlock. Ahab once told me that if I didn’t teach Zachary that all paths lead to heaven, it’s ok to practice homosexuality, etc. that my relationship with him would be “limited”. Of course, I didn’t comply with his request. The last little gift that I got him was a Veggie Tale DVD entitled “God Made You Special”, and it was trashed. How do I cover Zachary in prayer? Do I have authority over these demons when it comes to Zachary?

    • kay

      cancel the negative with the positive.

      every opportunity you have with the child, let him know you love him and pray to jesus for him, that he will be ok. let him know of your attempts to give him presents, and what happened.

      you will have to assert yourself with the jezebel, but you will need a support system since she has an ahab to back her up. ( they usually do)

      divide and conquer.

      slowly gain the support of others who now support her. Gain their trust. be positive to them.

      this weakens her stance against you, and eventually you can get others to back you up.

      she is weaker when she is outnumbered.

      once all her support system is on your side, then you will be able to oppose her better, and win.

      you will have to be assertive with her. let her know you have your own personal authority as much as she does. they respect power in others.

      this may take a long (or a short) time, but if you do not get started on this, you will never be successful

  24. The article written states that psychologists do not understand the Jezebel spirit and mislable it as “anti-social behavior”. Narcissism is known as a psychological disorder,( I believe that anti-social behavior is a by-product of narcissism) when it is the physical manifestion of a Jezebel or controlling spirit. In turn, the Jezebel spirit is the spiritual manifestion of narcissism. The writer on this site, Marianne, is very enlightening.

    • hi Ray

      I reason I said psychologists do not understand this, even if they can put a definition to it, is because the common “therapeutic” approach is to put their clients on drugs for every issue. This is a spiritual problem, in which they are not well versed, and not a biological problem, where a biological solution is needed.

  25. please subscribe me to your mailing list.

  26. I had my children, minus my middle one, last night.
    Their father(Jezebel-man) insisted my middle son was going to the Chiropractor at 5. I called the house yet all 3 kids were there. When I showed up at 5:30, middle was not there but with his step mother, coming back but could be a while.
    Last time he said it was a Chiropractor appt, my son said no mom it’s the Dr at Dad’s work. To control the Dr’s notes and reports, he takes him to a Dr that does not specialize in what he needs but a DR who is on SITE at his job.
    But now they won’t say anything but “whatever dad says is where he is”.
    He is hiding the fact that he reduced son’s medication that reduces his anger/aggression level. Covering up that my daughter got choked by middle son and she is afraid of him. Yet dad does not believe my version of what happened.
    I asked if I could have time with “middle” on a different day. DAd says NO that is up to middle… Empowering the child who says anything against me. Last week, middle claimed I HIT him, versus spanked him for choking.

    SO it is the twist of the TRUTH, the manipulation, and MY FEAR that if I say something, he reduces my time with the kids. (Judge flip flopped the custody last Aug. after this sitting there and dad mentally and emotionally pulling the kids so far they wanted to kill them selves if I did nto let them live with their father. He had a good lawyer that is good at saying, WELL that is “he said, she said” ……But what to the kids want?

    Please pray for safety of daughter. Wisdom of who to go to, to report the actual FEAR, ABUSE, Twist of Truth, defending and approval and attention to boys ONLY when they hurt someone, and it’s a positive attention then.
    OLDEST see’s dad’s attentiveness when I AM The bad guy ANd FEELS STUCK. Yet if he is ever sick ….he needs his dad’s awareness that he is worthy of that inconvenience, to be taken care of.
    He has his family all believing he is right, the ones that I often would watch their children while he sat behind a computer on family holidays….etc .

    Thank you for your prayers and divine wisdom in this Court system situation that I feel in prison to…..
    Truth and not lies or deception and the ability to walk out and favor for the judge to see what is really going on.

    Hidden things of the darkness be brought to LIGHT and to JUSTICE!
    Prayers to you all,
    JS in Tulsa…

    • JDS

      You have a legal right to be part of any medical or therapeutic treatment of your children, and to give input. If they refuse, this is a legal offense. Demand an appointment with anyone you husband brings the children to.

  27. KAY:

    My kids can not take my gifts, coats, toys, etc…into their father’s(and step mother’s house). My kids know this and when things are calm and not so focussed on that(they do try to sneak things in at times…).
    That is when he is on a kick of trying to set up video camera’s on the front porch to prove that I attempted entry on a Tuesday, after I was allowed to get the kids on Tuesdays…he refused, this was after my daughter begged me and cried to not make her go back, BEGGING ME….
    The next time he refused the visit and filed a police report…
    So she is scared to be afraid and scared if i do something or say something, she knows I was in risk of losing my “Thanksgiving” (in November).
    If I eat lunch with her, she tells her step brother do not tell…she can get into trouble.
    I called DHS and reported. Also her teacher understands the situation. But right now i need money to get another lawyer, after he got custody in Aug. They claimed i was a jealous ex wife and causing problems…and he has money and legal paid for by his work. so…..
    God has to be bigger than all of this.

    But they also know if their dad thinks they are afraid, then he is MEANER than ever.
    They have to appear happy and perfect. The video camera in my daughter’s room covers her and the 1 yr old. Just to tell me she hates this, caused me to lose my Tuesday last week, also.
    He can take away anything because the current court order stated I still lived across state line(i did with the kids by agreement but he changed mind after we moved)….

  28. Hi! I’m looking for help concerning the Jezebel/Ahab spirits. I believe both of my parents are inflicted and in need of some help/advice. I would rather not post everything on this website, so if someone could please e-mail me/private message me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much!! God bless.


  29. Praying against the lies that my kids are starting to believe.
    They know the truth but it is to scary to believe it. If so, then why did i leave them in that scenario….why didn’t i beg for more money to pay lawyers or why didn’t I do something to keep them safe… No one believed me for one thing. I was fighting it alone. He was good at manipulating even my mother…even though there were threats of “supervised visits” if I talk about him anymore. yet he was doing crazy things that scared the kids, we question our own sanity and our own fear. One time my son said, “even if dad would try to kill is, we would still GO to his house….he is our daddy”.
    This haunted me! I tell lawyer but they don’t feel it’s GRIP over them like me…and then if i get a emergency protective order, then when they go bak, he will get even! Believe me, his game is always smarter(he’ll get kids to say worse and take them to a psychologist to document the lie….

    I wish there were a support group for this thingin Oklahoma.
    I just laid handso n my kids and prayed over them like never before….as DHS is investigating the lies they told about me! Boys did not want dad to know they caused trouble so they said it was my fault…I am the one who started them saying….to make your dad happy, or if he gets frustrated that you are with me….just tell him something bad about me, i don’t care….”dad we like your house…or you have more wii or x box’s or tv’s or bigger,…bla bla bla”…..
    so he took this and believed they truley wanted him….it just back fired from there into him filing a report based on whta the kids had said ….(motion to modify that won)…against a judge who doesn’t like mom’s taking kids to another state….I did by agreement though!
    Praise you Jesus you are keeping my kids safe and my life safe, my freedom is in tact and no weapon formed against me or my kids will prosper!!

    • hi JDS

      I have a friend who is going though something similar as you.

      An agreement between you and the father is not valid unless the court approves it.

      All you can do is stick up for yourself with DSS and court, until you can get a lawyer to represent you.

      Court will not be fair or reasonable. It is based on politics and rules of the court. So the only way to win is to have a lawyer.

      Legal aid cannot help you?

  30. I disagree that Jezebel will never say sorry. She will say “sorry”, but only if it gives her great or greater advantage in a given situation. The Jezebel in my life would say “sorry”. This made me drop my guard and soften towards her. Until I realized that, once again, I was being had by her.

  31. We go to court again Tuesday unless the 2 attorney’s decide something between themselve as to a set schedule for us. My ex did not allow the kids my Easter weekend, as he thinks it is his. The schedule flip flopped and he convincingly insists that we should not flip flop the schedule for holidays because this would not be fair to him….since i had Easter last yr…he shouldhave it this year…I was willing to give him Easter day but not the entire weekend.
    Well he was not home the friday i came to get kids, and kids said they did nothing Easter day to celebrate. No baskets, no eggs no ressurection sunday, etc etc.
    So he got his Easter but did nothing with it.
    Which is frustrating because I wanted to take them to church and do the Easter thing…
    So we did our “thing” Tuesday.

    I am having a hard time not thinking very extreme negative thoughts toward him….
    Yet the new lawyer i have said…well we need to have the schedule SET and go from there…
    I am like….but he is in contempt by refusing my weekend..
    Anyway Hoping there is light at the end of the tunnel, as my kids just want to come home and the Judge is one that sides with the “Dad’s”….and since my son already talked to the judge to convince him of his father’s “values”….hoping to keep him happy….
    he realizes his father thinks no more of him now than he ever has. He used him to get the kids away from me.

    Please pray that he battles the negative thoughts that i see very clearly surrounding his mind!
    He is depressed! And if I save him or take him home…he will say i kidnapped him…this was said already. my son has no mental strength to fight….
    He will as I know he is in God’shands but I fight with my own thoughts on obeying the laws of the land, and obeying God’s word and helping my kids in a nasty situation…

    Prayers are so appreciated!

    • do you have a lawyer ?

      If so, ask him to request an expert witness who can evaluate your son for undue influence, brainwashing, and alienation from you.

      This would win your child(ren) to you

  32. Hello to Christian Single Moms! I bet this will be such a surprise. A church I have been a member at for almost 7 years with my son, who is 14, has some serious demonic spirits or something really hindering the people. I needed to move out of my home several months ago due to lack of work and income resulting in foreclosure over a 3 year period, which the church could not do anything. I asked about jobs, apartments, renting, anything. It took 3 months of staying in and out of a hotel and still not finding work, even though, I had tithed at this church for over 6 years, and am on 2 ministries serving, and found a place on my own. The church secretary had me fill out a benevelonce form, but nothing. This place is more expensive than I anticipated my savings lasting.

    That’s one thing. The other is, my son was working 3 days a week, for volunteer, on a horse farm, whom the owner goes to the same church. One gentleman that works on the farm and lives there as well, one day had made sexual advances and grabbing me, then exposed his erection to me, all on the farm in the open and I would be shocked that no one saw him. He even sent sexual explicit messages with photos of himself masturbating, (though I only opened one, because it was appalling and I am assuming the others would have been the same).

    Because the church is connected, I didn’t know how to handle it at first. I tried to talk to the gentleman about it, and he said’ go ahead, tell Buck,(owner) I don’t care’. Then I talked to the owner and a witness and the gentleman and basicallly, the owner just brushed it under the rug, like it was no big deal.
    I went to the pastors of the church, because now I don’t feel safe and do not want my son at the farm anymore. Plus, a friend told me I would be liable if anything happened to other young girls at the farm.

    The pastor said it is normal and I shouldn’t talk to young men alone, because they get the idea if I am nice to them that that would mean I like them. And then a week later the owner of the farm gave the pastor a horse. They still let the other gentleman do ministry work at church which has hindered my son and me from our ministries and from feeling safe and comfortable at our church. I explained that to them and that this could go to the police, but they have not responded or respected my families needs in this incidence.

    Any suggestgions?!

    • missy

      get out of that church!

      there is a spirit of lust there, and the pastor is part of it.

      go elsewhere or stay home.

      monitor your son, and teach him as best you can about these dangers.

      your son needs deliverance, if he has been affected by these spirits.

  33. Hello Marianne,

    I have so much to ask you… do you come in contact with the Jezabel spirit, who if confronted, trys to turn it around and make me sound like I am the crazy one. I have a long suffering story. My daughter and I are children of God, I have been attacked by my family for so long… now I am afraid for my daughter. I want to cry and scream because she is so defensive and evil. She gossips, gangs up the rest of the family and makes me the black sheep…. she betrays me, she is so full of hate and anger and …why? why? what is it that they want? Life insurance money??? My daughter took my rosary and swung over her head and said that is what grandma did with a needle and thread?? She has not hurt my daughter who is just 5… but is this the start? my story is so long..I am afraid. Please help us.

    • hi shelby

      How old is your jezebel daughter? She needs discipline, and you need help doing this. Who are your support systems? It needs to be a united effort, to give her the message that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated, and that she needs to repent, and get herself right with God.

  34. Hello Marianne,
    (here is my story)
    I am so grateful for your site. I have been searching for this kind of support and validation for almost 10 years. Marianne, I agree that Jesus Christ is Lord. I am Catholic. I am the only religious person in my family. I converted in 2003. Why, why why why what do they want. Money? to kill me for insurance money? power? My daughter is baptized and is 5. Marianne I am working through the fact that my Mom, my dad, my step mom ……..why??? I am so sad. I did not want to see that my mom was sick… I love her so much and my heart is breaking. I have no one I can trust. The last 2.5 years has been a healing time for my daughter and me. My step mom told me I was sick before I was. Acute liver failure? count 1700 at UCSF the dr told my mom i was going to die. 1 in 2000 across the nation recover. I was on the UNOS transplant list. I lost a 17yr mortgage business, my marriage, home, finances, bankrupt, forclosed, despised, hated, abandoned confused, i ended up on a papoose board. I got to UCSF, 11-01-09. my daughter was 2. My mom oh my gosh….this is such a long story that goes back to when i was born.. my mom brought me home from the hospital and could not stand to hear me breath and pushed me outside the door. My dad very verbally abusive and I have lost chunks of my childhood. I cannot remember. I know I was never defended. My parents divorced, and she came. In. Her eyes change color and she growls. I am hated and mocked for loving Jesus Christ. When I got to UCSF, I asked for a rosary and a priest. He walked in to ICU, I knew Him. Marianne, I knew HIM. I had undergone the hardest demonic trial that led to this. It started with the market, and it went from there. Details so long. Bottom line my companion Kody my Springer spaniel always by my side, would stand at the sliding glass door and shake and cry. I put my dogs and daughter into the car and went to the parish and waited out long nights in the chapel and at adoration. I cried at the Mary and Jesus statue and begged for her assistance. Marianne, I would like to talk about this later, it upsets me so much. Bottom line, I have been a member of my family for years. Enduring name calling by my step mother who referred to me as the c word…. the ugliest words, controlling, hate… pure hate..Conflict, I got so sick when I lived with them, like, mono on steroids.
    When I woke up and talked to the priest in UCSF, I told him I want to go home; my daughter is only 2… They told me I was dying, I want to go home. He told me to obey my doctors, gave me communion and anoint of the sick. He said not today, I will see you tomorrow. I made a full recovery and was released from the hospital 9 days later. It was divine healing. I was healed head to toe and the love and beauty and the knowing that I am not alone. Well this has freaked my step mom and dad completely. She has not spoken to me since October 2009. I kept hearing in my head over and over and over….: and mine enemies said why can’t she just die” over and over…….
    Just recently, I understand demonic confusion and what happens in the house etc… I thought I had morgellons at one point … crazyzyzyzyy!!!
    My mom is a part of this too. I have super isolated my daughter, we live a very clean sober I try not to have secular TV on and I am finishing my BS in health admin. 7 classed left… after what I went through I have changed my career to the health field.. I just became a cert. EMT.
    *****please help me, my daughter picked up my rosary and held it by one end and started to swing it. She told me mema, my mom, does this over her head, then kisses her cheek… I am so hyper vigulant on zero toleranc witch craft. I have had thrown everything away from my dad and step mom. My mom convinced me I was crazy and gets so upset and makes fun of me. She loves my daughter… she asks why she does not want to sit on grandpa’s lap… I choked on my gum over her for saying it like that to make Abby afraid. I get that gut feeling… I am alone I feel this is happening again. I have spoken to a priest he blessed a medal and to concentrate on Mary and the baby Jesus. I have seen a person at midnight, an older lady, completely out of place. I just got back doing a milk shake run for a- long night of homework. standing in my neighbor’s yard calling me a devil person… I thought she was just off her meds and called 911. So many many weird constant, terror, oh my the terror… I cannot stand that my family is starting to hurt my daughter. I have made this a very clear issue and my mom gangs up the neighborhood and distant relatives that think I am nuts. I am very vigilant no pokey man or dream catchers or Halloween…Yes maybe I am overdoing it; I have a daughter who I am trying to protect. t it… … my home is one you walk in and there is no mistake that I love the Lord….,my mom,.. She has only hate burden down by resentment, unforgivness and she drinks vodka…every night. I am rambling, I am so sad, I want my mom and dad, but now I feel I have to delete my mom from Abby and I we are down to us. My very first worry would be what is going on with the needle and thread over my daughters head. Her best friend is a pagan who is mom is like poor me, vitom, she feels sorry for herself a lot.. My mom makes me feel rude if I do not accept her gifts…. What is going on with the old tapes from troll recording and old DVD about rats and mice and this weird child show with these fury dust balls. These are the kind of things….my mom…I am working on this and why does she deny when I can put evidence from art work mask, sun worship art, the lady with moon over her head.. Scales? My daughter has been back at our family home of 30 years… I do not like it here, my grandma died here and my beloved dog Kody died 9-14-11, in my arms.. I am looking to leave my mom’s home as soon as I am finished with my degree my mom and step dad lives in san Diego and my dad and step mom lives only 3 miles, this is a rental for her and the help is not really help it is obligated hell. I do not want to give up on her. I love my mom.

    • so it is your mom, stepmom who are the biggest problems, and your dad does nothing to stop it?

      They are all godless. You will have to isolate yourself from them as best you can, unless you can move out.

      Can you get christian friends to support you since your family is completely lost. ?

    • hey u may want to know that some of all this things u talk about are spiritual attacks. half the bancrupcies in the US are either health related and if u know really well health is something even the devil fights.
      i recommend u read the ‘passion prayer book ‘ by elisha goodman and ‘prayer cookbook by the same author. u will be saved and get back ur business and have health. read it and learn to wage warfare at midnight

  35. So, I am currently going through divorce with women you described above. You described her perfectly. She lied much about her past and has a classic case, she is always the victim. Very very very ……. Controlling and manipulative abs to make things worst, very beautiful. I asked the court to give her a psyche evaluation and it said she had abandonment issues, very narcissitic, anger when she dosent get her way and can’t handle stress, and they still won’t even give me 50/50. I pray for her everyday, but my question is this. She pretend to be a Christian, lied and out on a front just to get me. How can someone be delivered if they are happy with who they are and does not believe in Christ. Once again in her mind she is perfect, and even after counselor told her, her issues will negatively affect her daughter, she said she is fine with the way she is.

    • dear Joseph

      I feel for you. She will continue to think this way because “she” is a spirit / demon that has taken over your wife.

      Demons don’t repent.

      Her past history indicates a trauma that let the spirit into her, and it gives her a sense of control where she felt she did not have it before.

      Her ego needs the demon to feel better, because she has nothing else, in her mind, that does.

      Right now, everyone else is the victim, not her, although she thinks SHE is the victim, another reason to cling to her views.

      The only way for this to break would be a greater trauma, in which the demon was exposed, and she was face to face with it, and it terrified her.

      Or a trauma where she was so desperate for God that she was finally willing to receive deliverance in order to make it.

      So, in other words, when this demon fails her, she will need something more (God).

      Right now, the only thing you can do is oppose her selfishness, and not give into it ( saying no makes her angry, but too bad, she needs to hear that), tell her she has a demon to plant a seed in her that she needs deliverance, call her on what she is ( a hypocrite and a fake,) to dent her ego, and then pray for her.

      Also, keep your daughter away from her, or re-program her after every contact with the wife. this way you will no have 2 of them.

  36. From your experience the women (or men) who pray : does the sociopathic spouse and courts prevail or do they prevail (the non sociopaths)? who wins in the majority of cases? And if the woman with the non sociopath has a highly paid attorney does she generally win? Does having a pi help? Thanks. I’m finding these postings very insightful.

    • dear Sherry

      The one who wins is the one best prepared.

      The sociopath will lie, and even have false documentation, or false witnesses, or deceived ones.

      So the non sociopath has to be prepared to prove what the other side has is false, and provide the true facts, and show they are true.

      You can have a highly paid attorney who is lazy and does not do their job.

      So the attorney who works the hardest will win.

  37. My dad was a real control freak. You describe him very well. I always thought that the woman could only have a Jezebel spirit, but I am sure that a man can have a Jezebel spirit, also. Here is more about what I went through with my dad:

    “The Jerry Shey Family”

  38. So, I have emailed you in regards of my wife before. She had a very troubled childhood, that included abuse, abandonment, and an abortion. This obviously has all open many door ways. She was also raised catholic, and her family is a godless bunch of individuals. I met her in college where I taught bible study and ” She gave her life to Christ,” I believe it was an act to get with me. Down the road we got married and she lost her mind. Destroyed the household. But everytime I want to divorce her, I see that helpless little girl inside, that has so much pain and confusion in her life. I know you must be firm with the Jezebel spirit, but how can you help so one who dosent have a clue about there issue

    • hi joseph

      You are going to have to teach her the difference between right and wrong.

      You will also have to teach her that she can end up in hell, based on her current behavior.

      You will also have to take more control over what happens there, and restrict her.

      I admire your devotion to her. It might be that you are the Jehu she needs to change.

  39. ‎.
    Has anyone here ever encountered a person who
    suffers (or causes others to suffer) from an odd
    case of ‘Golden-Uterus’ Syndrome (GUS)?

    • dear Allpeople Gifts

      That is an interesting description, and a jezebel spirit is behind it.

      Jezebel come in different “versions,” it is all the same narcissic spirit.

      They are incurable, unless they experience a major shock which wakes them up to what they are, and this would also require divine intervention.

  40. Hi Marianne,
    I was searching for bible study tools online regarding sowing seeds when I came across your blog about tithing in the church and the Holy spirit led me further to this page on Jezebel. I must let you know that as soon as I read your blog, I instantly could relate it to the Jezebel spirit working in my mom. she has been a source of misery to me and my siblings and whenever shes around, there is always trouble and strife.
    My mom lies without impunity and sometimes gets very aggressive and confrontational. She constantly accuse people’s mothers of being a witch. This has caused untold embarrassment especially to me and I am sick and tired of her antics.
    While we were growing up, it was my grandmother who was responsible for raising us and later we all attended boarding schools because of the divorce which by the way was caused by the strong Jezebel spirit in her.
    In my culture which is Africa, we have great respect and adoration for our parents especially mothers and so sometimes she uses such sentiments to make people believe her own story whenever she lies and gather sympathy. My mother is very manipulative and controlling to the point that she assaults my fiancee whenever she comes to visit me, calling her names and trying to dig into her parent’s occupation.
    Also, due to her former position as a police officer, she has developed the tendency to be mean and cruel using that power and authority to deal with anyone who confronts her.
    Now she has succeeded in breaking up my engagement because my fiancee feels she cant cope anymore with my mother’s cruel behaviors. As I am writing this, she went as far as forging a letter purporting to be from my Dad’s family whom she hasn’t been in contact with for over 8years, addressed to the parents of my fiancee and warning them that my Late Dad’s family members are not in support my intended marriage and that they will not be part of the ceremony.
    Can you actually believe one’s mother can go as far as doing such wicked and evil act?
    I have continued to pray for her even though I can sense the evil presence whenever she comes visiting and I have been told by my spiritual mentor that I need to be aggressive as well with her and I should expose all her antics and evil ways to people who know her.
    My mind is very worried right now because my Fiancee has endured alot of bad treatment, insults and abuse from my mother and she also persuaded my sisters to dislike her. I really love my fiance but at the moment, her family have decided that they will not hand their daughter over to a cruel mother-in-law.

    • hello Zeeko

      first, apologize to your finance’s family and tell them what your mother is like.

      you can tell him she is sick, which she is, since her sickness is spiritual.

      then tell your mother you will never speak to her again, if she continues to be evil to everyone..

      tell her also, that until she improves her behavior, you will have no part of her.

      tell her also to find jesus in her life, because she is going to hell, in the shape she is in.

      then it is up to her.

      sometimes you have to use “tough love” to correct someone.

      make up with your girlfriend, and tell her you still want her.

      and tell her you will not let your mother hurt her anymore.

  41. Thank you very much for your reply Marianne. I will surely do what you suggested by using toughness and boldly rebuke that spirit of Jezebel which tries to destroy and evokes strong negative energy around her presence. I will also be mindful and keep my distance for now since she has been telling my siblings that I was very cruel to her the last time she came visiting me.

    Another thing I noticed whenever she comes to visit me is that after she leaves, There seems to be some strange negative things that would happen to me. either I would lose my job or I would start having money problems or some other bad luck so I have decided to keep away from her indefinitely for now. As a believer, I know that I need to always plead the blood of Jesus whenever I sense the presence of evil and that is what I did while she came visiting.
    But I will continue to expose her wicked and evil manipulations for everyone to know what a mean and cruel woman she is even if its a bit embarrassing for me.
    I will like you to intercede for me concerning this issue.
    thanks and God bless.

  42. hello,
    this is in regards to anyone that may be able to help me figure some things out spiritually.

    Let me start off by saying that I came across this website by accident and from the jezebel entry I just read I believe that it may have been gods will for me to land in this peticular section.

    Forgive me if I make wrong assumptions or statements as I am not familiar with any of this. I believe my mother to be a “jezebel”. I am a 23 year old woman and I have dealt with things I would never wish on my worst enemy. My mother and I rarley speak, maybe 3 or 4 times a year. My childhood was not normal to say the least. I lived with my grandmother [her mother] until I was 10 when she passed. During that time my mother was in and out of my life and my father was nowhere to be found because according to her he did nothing but beat and berate her. As early as I can remember my mother has been a severe alcoholic and perscription drug abuser. When I was 10 I moved in with her and her boyfriend who later became my stepfather. Some of the abuse I endured went like this:
    -I was around 7 and we had ordered delievery from a burger place. It came to the house and as usual my mother was drunk. We were sitting there getting ready to eat and as she takes her first bite she spits it out and throws it on the floor it landed in a box of cat litter. she said the burger had not been cooked thoroughly. at this point she looks at me with this creepy grin and tells me to eat it or shes going to “kick my ass”. I ended up with parasitic intestinal worms as a result that went untreated for 10 years.

    -she liked to lock me out of the house and stare at me with that creepy grin when it was the middle of winter and I had nothing on but a tank top and underwear. she would stand at the sliding glass door and laugh at me while I was on the back porch. at the time I believed her cruel behavior was caused by alcohol.

    -from the ages of 11 to 16 she would drink a bottle of rum and tequila with my stepdad each night. After he would go to bed she would come upstairs and wake me up only to bring me downstairs to mentally or physically abuse me. usually it was both. around 15yo I had gotten fed up and on one of these nights I had told her that I was going to kill myself. She responded with “go get the knife ill do it for you”. When I gave her a knife she pretended to fall onto it, and when i went to see if she was alive I pushed her back and she started laughing in a low “evil” tone along with that creepy smile she has.

    My stepfather I later found out endured much of the same physical and mental abuse. I became addicted to perscription medication when I was 16 after finding out she was sleeping with guys that I would bring home and introduce to her as “potential” boyfriends for myself. Shortly after that I met my Biological father and a few weeks before turning 17 I moved in with him when my mom was at work.

    shortly after my stepdad filed for divorce. Neither him nor my mother would talk to me and my biological dad really wanted nothing with me except to use me as a pawn to get back at my mother. His new wife is also very similar to my mother except she doesnt drink. she pushed my father down the stairs and broke both metal rods in his back and has had him jailed many times. She kicked me out a week after i turned 18 for not cleaning out the ferret cages. My father did nothing to stop her. We are estranged.

    I dropped out got my own place and became heavy pot smoker. I have had two suicide attempts and the last one landed me in the phsyc ward. Its been three years since that occured and about just as long since i quit using drugs. I wont take what they prescribed to me.

    I lead a better life now but Ive always believed that what was wrong with my mother and I had to do with chemical inbalances in our brains. She has been diaganosed with schizophrenia, bipolar type 2 and manic depressive along with phsyical problems.
    I have been told that I am major depressive and bipolar.
    Now from what I’ve read I believe maybe this has something to do with a demonic entity.
    I do not come from a religious background but I do believe in god. With that said I see alot of the traits described above in my mother and myself.
    I am seeking any input and as I said above forgive me if I have missunderstood anything because this is my first time hearing about jezebel. I am not looking for negativity or pity just more of an understanding as to why my mother acts the way she does and a way to keep myself for going down that path. Sorry for the length of this post I could write all night just to give you more insight on this but Im going to leave it here for now.
    thank you =]

    • dear very confused

      You actually do not sound confused at all, but sound very aware your situation, and relate your history in a very clear way.

      I also want to say, which will be inadequate, that I am so deeply sorry to hear what happened to you. It is truly tragic.

      Yes, any behavior this destructive and distorted has demonic origins.

      The drugs and alcohol open doors for demons to enter.

      Once they enter, they then do their damage.

      Psychologists have secular descriptions for this, because they are not religious people, usually.

      So they treat with drugs, which only suppress the symptoms, but never cure the person.

      If being bipolar or schizophrenic was really biological in origin, then a biological solution would work.

      But drugs cannot cure the presence of demons.

      Your mother was possessed.

      You were and have been oppressed, and there is a difference.

      Your mother welcomed the presence of demons, and cooperated with them.

      You are oppressed, because you are a victim, and have spiritual and emotional injuries which need to heal.

      Since you do not have a religious leaning at this moment, I will just answer your questions for now. I want you to feel comfortable.

      If you want to go further in understanding Jesus and the love and deliverance of God, please feel free to contact me again.

  43. The Line of destruction from jezebel goes much farther then what is being told. Men often sin a sin because of jesebel for revenge to wife such as cheat or another form of revenge. murmering, that is deception or rummers. Its not just the wife . She just starts the calamity . He will carry the sin along if it is not seen for what it is. Also the father and mother can cause the children to be none Christian and blind by the sprit, She is an elusive , visious, beast that needs more preaching and teaching about. in our Churches. She is the biggest problem in our churches an in socity today.

  44. I have been battling with a Jezebel wife and divorce process for over a year now. To reason with a Jezebel or to believe they care for anyone else besides themselves is pointless. Also in the leagl system they are masterful liars and prey on others emotions. The only weapon I have found to work against this spirit is prayer. I mean praying without ceasing type of prayer. I bind the spirit and I have found much relief since I have given my situation to good. I am still battling in the courts for my daughter because I thought wont the Jezebel Spirit to get her. So I ask for your prayers and I shall pray for y’all as well as we all sound know that we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age…… Eph 6:12

  45. It has been my experience that when dealing with the jezebel sprite dont think of the person that is overtaken by the sprite but deal with the sprite with strengh of the living God,What I mean is. Dont joust with it,Dont let it twist meaning to have its way. Be direct,Look it in the eyes as if to say I know who you are and you dont scare me because I know who I am in Christ.. Show no fear as you would a big dog and be on the aggresive side.. The jezebel spirite is affraid of the sprite of God and you will see that when you push. No matter what the situation is. Do not be affraid of an out come, Do not let it push you at all and always look it in the eyes. and fear Nothing because the lord will be right there and you will feel the lord being there. I know.I deal with it every other day also. Have no fear of what the situation will turn out if you push. The lord hates that sprite and will guide your situation in your favor.

    Peace be with you sister and I am praying for your strenght.

  46. I am glad to find this site. I have been married to a man that was a sexual sinner, more than pornography. When I met him I was very attracted to him and found that many women are always attracted to him. Years later, he said he accepted Christ, and when we started going to church, I was shunned and they adored my husband and made him a leader right away. More and more while we were at church, I was shunned more, my husband didn’t see what was going on, I stayed because I was confused and thought I was terrible and it must be me and my husband kept telling me that if everyone is treating you this way then the problem must be me. Later, My husband lost his job and he started doing freelance work. I later found out he was pursuing a woman at this place..we tried speaking to the pastor, but it was such a weird experience,we started going to another church. But the problems continued, I noticed as he was being prayed for, my children and I started to take on his problems, but I didn’t tell anyone. After a few years of him being in the program he met with a pastor and after meeting with the pastor, I was awakened in the middle of the night with my husbands spiritual body levitating over mine and then went into me. The next day I woke up with obsessive thoughts that I could not stop. As I learned to deal with it each day then I started taking on physical problems and so did my children. As my husband was being healed, we started taking on his physical ailments. While I feel like I am going crazy, my husband is thriving. When ever I get help, it is like someone is oppressing me or my children and then things get worse. It seems like someone is protecting him and it seems like every night we are doing a body exchange. I don’t know how to stop it and have no power. It wakes me up every night. We were going to a man therapist, but we did not receive any help. We just feel more drained and we stopped seeing him, but every time I drive near his therapy practice, it feels like I am being drained. He kept insisting that I had a physical ailment. He said he was a Christian, but was always burning incense in his office. Is burning incense bad? When I drive near his office I feel energy and then I feel something hitting my body, is this the normal Christian experience?

    I grew up in a home where my father had trouble with sexual sin. I always sensed my sisters spirits over me and to this day I still do. Are we supposed to feel other peoples presence?. They always think they know what is going on with me. They even say what is physically wrong with me.

    These last couple of weeks have been tougher and i just dont believe Gid wants me to live this way. Things are getting bad and I am started to have sexual thoughts about women and I am starting to look at women in a sexual way.

    I don’t know who to turn to. I feel like I am becoming my husband. When I try to tell people I am just laughed at. I don’t know who to turn to and I don’t want to be a victim anymore. I just prayed the prayer the witchcraft prayer before writing this and will be praying it everyday. Because it does seem like withcraft things are happening. It seems like a dark cloud over are home.

    I have received help in the past for myself, but then what was attacking me full blown attacks my children. I need help.

    • Denise

      you really need to separate yourself from him.

      you and your children are experiencing a “transfer of spirits.” and you are all under demonic attack.

      a spirit of lust and perversion is attacking your family and none of you are safe around your husband.

      dump your therapist… he is too out there… church also

      your marriage is over, get a lawyer and have your husband removed from the house, and file for child support.

      get your husband out of the home, unless you are willing to pack up you and the kids and leave yourselves.

      • Marianne, thanks for your response. I believe that there is transfer of spirits, it is good to finally hear someone telling it like it is. Last night he came home and was extremely angry with me. I left, and when i came home he has calmed down, but then things were not right at home. I told him I have to move away, but he just told me that it won’t be better without him.

        Things were bad last night. I was awakened again, but prayed the witchcraft prayer and I could feel things rolling off of me. I would like to be close to the Lord. If i leave him will I always be attacked and have to take his stuff?. Is there a way to have a spiritual divorce? What do I do about my sisters? They have blamed me for a lot of the problems, they don’t know what is going on. Is there somewhere I can go to receive healing? My kids want to stay with my husband!

        • denise

          I can understand the children’s feelings.

          they are still legally entitled to see him on visitation, but I would recommend with supervision, that is, unless you can.

          You still need to get away from him.

          a divorce is a divorce.

          why wouldn’t it be better without him? that is just his opinion.

          your sisters can also keep their opinion.

          you do not have to bow to others, you can make your own choices.

          healing starts with the Lord in a place safely away from your husband’s presence.

  47. Jezebel is a latent name for Semiramis, who was the brothel keeper and woman with Nimrod. When Semiramis conceived by Nimrod ( babylonian king), he covered up her prior prostitution by proclaiming she had a virgin birth. It develops further in this dysfunctional family by multitudes as the generations of Nimrod to present day.

  48. My mother is a jezebel….she has a great career in an executive position but she has affairs with so many married man, and tells us, her children that it is our fault that she is in that life and she regrets having us and that also it is her work that makes her so stressed so we should not question her life decisions.Funny thing is that she is still with my father. My father knows all this but he is so strong in his faith in God,that he just leaves her, and says nothing.That i cant seem to understand,since she treats him like crap, asks for money off him, while she lives in another city working and only comes home when she needs something from my father. Once she took my sister to one of her social functions, and didnt even budge when a man started harrasing my sister.She actually encouraged my sister to go along with that man and talk to him. When her own mother confronted her about her affairs and the new man she was seeing and the embarrasment she was causing the family, she got so angry that we her daughters told her mother about the things we had seen about her affairs, that she actually got the hot water kettle and threw the water in the kettle at me. I am lucky that it wasnt boiling water. She go the golf club and went after my sister who was lucky that our grandmother was in the house,so my mother couldnt touch her. Her eyes looked like she wanted to kill someone, and she was shouting anfd going into a rage when my grandmother confronted her.She was supposed to drive us that day and said, she would kill all of us if she drove us back to our house , so my brother drove us. She told us her daughters , never to call her mother again, and 2 days later,she was back at our house being nice to our father,and once again we played nice families. What a weird situation we are in..I am glad that i have my own life to go back to, but i feel sad for my siblings especially my sister. I dont know why but she has a deep hatred for females, and treats my sister like crap, always shouting at her and manipulating her, since she knows my sister depends on her.She is at the height of her career and i never expected her to become like this. I am never going to look at her the same again after she threw hot water at me, and i definetly keep her away from my family. I feel nothing but bad vibes from her, and never a good comment, unless the conversation is centred on her. I see her as a stranger now, its such a weird life, so i stay away in another country to keep away from her.Thank God i leave again in 4 weeks.

    • dear kieran

      Unless she has her eyes opened and repents, she is in danger of losing her soul. Your father is not helping any, as he does not oppose her. She would be different if he had stood up to her, and put his foot down. But what he has done is turned all his male authority over to her, and she is running wild with it.

      So you have a dysfunctional relationship between the two of them and it affects the whole family. It will not heal until your father finds his male hormones and assumes his role as head of the family.

      Keep a distance from your parents, pray for both of them and any victimized siblings in their path, offer support to your sister. your mom sees her as a threat for some reason.

      Also, in any contact with your mother, do not be afraid to stand up to her, and tell her off, and tell her what she is. She will get mad, but so what?

      in any contact with your father, tell him he is a failure and the reason this is happening. tell him to act like a man for a change. maybe you can get some other men to talk to him and wake him up.

      in dealing with jezebels, the group approach is best. that way you have more support and a united front is easier than going it alone. jezebels back down when they are opposed by groups, because they respect power, and a group is more powerful than one person

      pray for all of them. pray that your siblings have the wisdom to get out of there also.

  49. First off, I live your blog. It speaks truth bout a spirit that has reck havoc on my life. I have a wife and have been battling her and the courts for some time now. Jezebel has a extreme whole of her and she is very blinded by it. To my most recent discovery, God gave me a vision and an understanding, that its not just her, but her entire family. No Woman in her family is married, the men are weak and are easily controlled and manipulated by women. I now see how my wife inherited the spirit, but the worst part is that she needs mental help. However, her family supports her in all her craziest, like its normal behavior. I believe firmly in the prayers of the righteous. Therefore I ask for prayer for my strength to continue this fight for custody of my daughter against this family that Jezebel has a firm grasp on.

  50. The Bible calls this Enmity; Wiki “The state or feeling of being actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.”

    My belief is in this incarnation we are in one of the final steps of synthesizing life in this system. Man. Singularity. God figured it out along time ago; make everything out of everything and keep throwing it back at itself until it figures out it is made of all it loves and hates. The biggest war will be in your head. Your health is in your heart.

    My mother was much like these women. She is old now and i feed her everyday and I am loving her. She will get this wired eyed something something something bad mean tough look that turns into a smile when she looks at me and it’s like we are finally on the same team and I get down and tangle with her and she doesn’t even know anything the whole fight is a tape loop God gave her and she just needs respect now. Only a run on sentence can say it right.. Lol

  51. Hi Marianne, without having to go into detail, I was the victim of serious abuse in every way by my mother from practically birth to 15 years of age when I was old enough to call the police myself or to leave home. All my relatives were full of guilt too for not doing anything or much. My mother now in her 70s and has still not apologised for anything in her life. And both my brother and sister are lost in space with her and was getting victimised by them also in the last 10 years. Only 3 years ago I finally received the strength from the Lord; who also had given me my husband for support at this time, to cut my ties permanently to all of my family who also had never apologised to me for anything and I find the 2 teenage nephews were becoming abusive like their parents also, I was 46 and almost dead from a lifetime of smoking since I was 17 and stress and anxiety since I can remember from parents who used to beat eachother, so me being the eldest the abuse would go down the chain of command from father to mother then to me. I was also looking after my sister and brother too, to protect them as well.

    At high school the Lord made me a master of gymnastics so with this miracle the beatings began to cease as no one could catch me or run as fast as I could. I was super fit in those days and had some years reprieve till I was 18 when I married for 18 months to get some protection only to find my husband 23 was equally violent & abusive from drugs and alcohol, he died round 15 years later by receiving a hit to the back of his head then being placed on lithium he committed suicide 12 months later.

    It was along time indeed to hold great pain, fear, anxiety etc. However, what I can say with all this experience now behind me, is what we Greeks have always known, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”…

    And don’t you know the Lord is a jealous God, you must be very precious to him indeed, he will not tolerate anything to come between you and him. ALL else can become idolatry to the Lord even your family members, should they get in the way between you and him.

    What absolutely worked for me and is when my healing came, was when I finally decided to STUDY THE BIBLE EVERY DAY, just began to open and read it and did not stop till I was too tired to read & study anymore. I placed no time limits on my study with the Lord and I would make a big heartfelt prayer of conversation with the Lord before each time I would commence my study and invite the Holy Spirit to guide and lead my study. Just like how I would study for university, exactly the same. Except my lecturer and mentor was Yeshua.

    Then what began to happen was the Lord redirected my focus away and off my emotional &/or psychological torments and tormentors and fixed my focus only on him, the Father, Son & Holy Spirit, through his word and my prayers. That was it, then within 3 years (the time of unripe fruit) things started to heal and change (renewal) within me, then revelations & miracles began to happen regularly especially around the times of his Feast Days. Then he told me in a dream I was receiving the mantle of Elisha, which was pretty awesome, but indicated to me I was up and running and on my way, standing on my own two feet and running to my restoration and new life with all the blessings of the Holy Spirit running with me. My life has been saved and I have not looked back at all and what’s more to date I have had no kids but like Sarah the Lord had promised I would have two children a son & a daughter, … I am 49 years old, but I can say I had been so restored so far and this process continues, I have just received my black belt, I swim an hour 5 days a week, my husband whom the Lord had sent me is 25 years old Jewish evangelists who also loves the Lord. Importantly, we study bible together. And the Lord had also revealed to me aging & menopause is only a disease and he is intending for us to live way longer as we did in the past. He was increasing my faith throughout this process as this is what overcomes fear & anxiety. Praise the Lord. And the funniest thing just the other day, in order to help me overcome my struggle with faith like Sarah, the Lord had shown me on the internet the latest research by fertility clinics where they were able to create eggs from a womans own stem sells in her ovaries, that were successfully fertilised. The Lord made me aware that I would not need this but only showed me this to help me overcome my own periodic doubtfulness that come in waves like depression. In fact the two go hand in hand as you heal, but the Lord understands fully and will hold your hand to help you through that, you only have to ask with all your heart.

    I pray my testimony will help…

    • dear crystal

      thank you for sharing your testimony.

      you have been through more than many can imagine, and the Lord has brought you out of it, and made you his…

      may God bless you in your walk in life. and may your life bless others.

  52. Thank you Marianne, your blessings mean more to me than you know.

    • “overcome my struggle with faith” means expanding your thinking on things which is very limited and limiting – expanding your tent. In order to do this the Lord make you face and walk you through your fears, this is how he teaches you to walk on water like Peter. And is how we overcome but in the knowledge that the Lord is with you and has you by the hand.

      • The Lord also showed me this is all about throwing your children or first born child to the fire, it is what parents and families do for their idols, false gods and idolatry, anything thing they desire instead of or above the Lord. And he detests it…

        Christian or no, you are nothing to him in this condition but chaff ready for the fire when the Lord will say he never knew you.

  53. There are father worst than mother so please stop this bullshit … against mothers.Some father are beating up and raping their pwn daughters and sons.

  54. I need some insight. My husband was married before and says his wife was operating with a jezebel spirit. He has friends that confirm the things he says about her so I don’t doubt that. He also has alot of unforgiveness towards his mother because he feels like she was controlling and shaming when he was growing up. My problem now is that he says that God told him I am deceived and operating under the jezebel spirit. Anything I say is just proof because he feels if I say I am not I am lying and trying to manipulate him.

    I have not thrown away his “revelation” though. I have periodically revisited it over the four years of our marriage, always asking God to show me if I am missing it…if I am walking in deception. I have read the books my husband has recommended…researched on the internet the characteristics…even gone to three separate people telling them what he has shared and asking them to be totally honest with me and tell me if they see any of what he is seeing. Two of the individuals are people I pray with and look up to spiritually and the other is a christian friend that I am not as close to. The two that pray with/for me were adamant that I was not being deceived and was not operating under this spirit. The third wasn’t familiar with the jezebel spirit but said they never sensed any sort of manipulative striving or conflict seeking qualities in me.

    The upside is that I have been actively seeking out the things in me that are not of God, and God has shown me so much that I didn’t realize was in me over the past four years…but I don’t believe I am operating under what my husband says I am.

    I feel like my husband is dealing with the very things he is accusing me of…he is so angry all the time and puts me down and talks about me to his family and friends. He gets great joy when his friends badmouth me with him. It is so hurtful, but at the same time his friends don’t know me personally…just what he tells them. He won’t take me around his friends or his co workers. He says because of the jezebel spirit in me he can’t trust me around them. But the fact is, I have never been around any of them…so I don’t understand what he thinks I will do?

    Also, he blames everything on me and the spirit he believes is operating through me. If my son is afraid of something, it is my fault. When my 2 year old daughter has a tantrum, he says it is because I am a jezebel. I have to be so careful with everything I say and do because he reads it all with ulterior motives…and when I respond trying to share with him that I love him and didn’t mean whatever it was the way he took it…he gets so angry and calls me names and goes back to the jezebel accusations. He lies about what he does and hides things because he says I am controlling. He never apologizes for anything he says because he says I deserve to be called names because that is what I am. My apologies cause his anger because he thinks they are false.

    I have asked him to at least consider he might not have heard correctly, but his response was that he knew without a doubt that he was not wrong about me.

    How do you handle a situation where a husband has had an experience with a jezebel in the past and now interprets everything through that fear? I almost feel like he is now dealing with it himself.

    It is keeping us from any sort of marriage…and I don’t know what to do.

  55. I come asking for prayer. I have been at war with a Jezebel for almost 2 years. I have lost everything and at times even faith in God. However my faith has been restored and I am bout to make my last final stance against the worldly courts and this women. I have prayed for her this whole time, but she refuses to change. I am fighting not just for my life, but for my daugther as well. I pray for strength, favor, and wisdom in detangeling all her lies and to expose her to the world, so I can receive sole custody of my daugther and raise her to be primarily a godly mother and wife. I believe that the praying of the saints availeth much. So I ask that you pray for me.

    God Bless!!!

  56. Whoever wrote this needs serious help – it sounds like the rantings of a psychotic. You need real prayer and serious psychotherapy. and medication. Wow. I hope whoever really thinks this keeps away from women. Scary. This has to be a joke…sad when ignorant people twist scripture – or just add to it their own weird delusions. Creepy.

  57. Hi please pray for my Mom’s deliverance from the spirit of Jez, and my delvierance and protection from the effects of it , I have Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God as my Jehu and enuichs so please “Go For The Victory Complete” In Jesus Name ,I am weary I just want this dealt with once and for all, Lord have mercy please hurry Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Lord please stand up for me against this spirit in my family, please protect me in every area of my life. The strife is unbelievable, I fear the snare of the fowler. Lord help me with that, I fear that spirit trying to ruin my testimony and getting me to behave similarly . When I am being verbally attacked , the snare that I have got caught in before is being deeply offended and I try to stand up for my self and it gets worse. I need God’s grace for those times , but I pray God alert me and shelter me from being offended. Lord please protect me from this spirit and deliver my family from it In Jesus Name Amen! Help me trust You are with me Lord , I read and stand on all of Psalm 91 for myself Lord help me live in victory for Your Glory Lord, please don’t let me live like a slave. Jesus in my life is suppose to change this . Help me God defeat this spirit of Jez once and for all from attacking me Lord. I need human companionship that ,I can trust You Lord with that that spirit is kept completely far far away , In Jesus Name Amen.

    • wendy

      you SHOULD stick up for yourself, when dealing with a jezebel. Do not just stand there and take it, then go back and pray. Tell her off.

      you are given the power to tread on snakes and scorpions.

      use your authority.

      tell her that she is a jezebel, rebellious against god, hateful and nasty. that she needs to stop acting like a devil, that she will go to hell if she does not repent and change her ways.

      and that you will not tolerate her abuse.

      and that you are covered by the blood of jesus and anything she says will not work anyhow.

  58. No , God has shown me to put His Armour on and the garment of Praise, have a back like a duck , the scripture in Luke 10:19 is in prayer for sure. The enemy wants strife and division. The snare is when “a button is pressed” in a verbal attack. The Lord is strong in my weakness, so one day I’ll have “no buttons to press”. I have to do what God says and make the choice to FORGIVE her for she know not what she do. She’s a senior and I’m praying for her Salvation. She is not “SAVED YET”. And from what I’ve been experiencing in my life with this spirit is that , so far in my journey if it can find an empty vessel with a person in my life , especially someone I love , it will use it. Also I have observed that it can try to show up in ME !!! Thank God for HIS GRACE ! I know that God called me to watch and pray over my family. So I’m not blaming the vessel and running from this thing, that is what was happening for alot of years in my life. That would be just exactly what the enemy wants to see me out in the street with nothing and no one. Round these parts , the church goers , would run if you ever mentioned anything about this spirit. So the church family thing, isn’t there for me in this. So please just pray for the Holy Trinity to intervene and complete this victory and deliver me and my family from this In Jesus Name Amen. Please pray for deliverance and Victory and for the Lord to keep me ALERT to the stratedgies of the devil In Jesus Name Amen. Lord be a wall of fire round and about me Your Glory in my midst. Zechariah 2:5 and ALL of Psalm 91 and Cover us in the Precious Blood of Jesus Lord I pray Amen. Lord I choose to forgive and ask for forgiveness when I mess up, please Lord help me keep myself as a vessel that Your LOVE CAN FLOW FREELY THROUGH LIKE A FRESH MOUNTAIN STREAM , YES LORD LET YOUR LOVE FLOW AND DROWN THE SPIRIT OF JEZEBEL IN OUR FAMILY ONCE AND FOR ALL JAMES 4:7 SUBMITT TO THE WILL OF THE LORD , RESIST THE devil, AND THE devil WILL FLEE , so FLEEEE devil IN JESUS NAME I COMMAND you FLEE ! LORD I AS FOR PSALM 133 (THE MESSAGE VERSION) Lord please help me and my family every member be like Psalm 133 to each other In Jesus Name Amen! HALLELUJAH PRAISE THE LORD FOR THIS VICTORY AMEN!!!!

  59. Thank you Marianne ! God Bless you with life in abundance in every area of your life and I pray In Jesus Name for that and for my self too In Jesus Name Amen!

    PS I do “tell off ” that ol spirit of Jezebel in PRAYER IN JESUS NAME ! There has been only a few times that the Lord has guided me and revealed to me the by giving HIS SPIRIT OF MIGHT AND MADE ME BOLD AND COURAGEOUS to speak to the vessel the spirit of Jezebel was using. However I was not permitted to speak to them about that spirit , as they wouldn’t understand what I would have been talking about. It would have played right into the devil’s hand , if I had of done that in my family’s circumstance as they do not know the Word of God and are not “SAVED” .
    It would have caused more damage , for them and the possibility of accepting the Lord into their lives. They would have been “weirded out” and driven further away from the Lord ! Remember the Lord got the Victory with my Dad the last year of Dad’s life! HALLELUJAH , PRAISE THE LORD !!!!!!!! And Dad was the only believer in the family, but was not a “MATURE CHRISTIAN” , so he could also be used as a vessel for the wrong side. The last year of his life though when he was battling cancer, the Lord shielded us and allowed time for Dad and I to heal our relationship and have the LOVE OF GOD FLOW THROUGH ME TO MY DAD , IN TAKING CARE OF HIM, HELPING HIM, PRAYING “WITH” HIM, GIVING HIM SHAVES, RUBBING LAVENDER LOTION ON HIS LEGS AND FEET, TAKING HIM FOR DRIVES AND IN THE END I GOT TO BE AT HIS BEDSIDE, THE ONLY PERSON WITH HIM AND SANG HYMNS FROM A HYMN BOOK FOR THE LAST 2 HOURS OF HIS LIFE . HE WENT HOME TO BE WITH THE LORD THAT WAY . I WAS CONSTANTLY WIPING HIS FOREHEAD AND MOISTENING HIS LIPS AND MOUTH WITH A LITTLE DAMP SPOUNGE AND TELLING HIM ” I LOVE YOU DAD !” , in between hymns ! That time is like a precious rich treasure to me and I’ll always have that memory. Nothing can rob me of that , time the Lord “PROVIDED” for me and my Dad to share ! I want the same or similar or even better with the other members of my family. MY ” HEART’S DESIRE” IS TO HAVE PSALM 133 ( THE MESSAGE VERSION) with all of them ! HALLELUJAH, PRAISE THE LORD FOR THE STRENGTH HE HAS GIVEN ME TO ENDURE AND PERSEVERE THIS LONG SUFFERING ! IN JESUS NAME WE PRAISE YOU LORD AND THANK YOU LORD FOR LIFE IN ABUNDANCE , AMEN!

  60. I need some advice ..ive got mad at god today ..I need to know from him wether its me or my mum that’s a jezebel..or any kind of a control mum has blamed me for everything in life ..I have a bad temper only when provoked an I believe my mum knows this an provokes me..just an example today ..I asked my dad for some money hes always been easyer to approach..he told my mum just in when I got there she went I went mad an foamed at the mouth which people say is an evil spirit or I just get a lot of mouth fluid when im angry ..I don’t know..i try my best an ask god dailt to change me coz I don’t feel genuine about him..i think coz I was brought up in the church my dads a paster an my mum made me go to things I didn’t want to an stuff I struggle with my feelings to god .but I know we cant rely on emotions etc..I hated having my mates round as a kid coz they didn’t like my mum the way she was .an I have never liked her ..she always goes on about I need to honor her can I?? when she does things like today acting like a 2 year old just coz I didn’t ask her for money an asked my dad instead but she says its ‘their’ money …but what I need to be prayed for is why I get mad at god is coz it seems like im always the bad guy ..ive always felt an odd ball ,bullied at school then everyone moans when I snap..i get gut feelings of evil all the time I hate it..especaily when around bad people..god can see all this going on and why im confused an mad at him I beg for help an still I asked god today to tell me if its my mum or me that’s the problem..yes I do take him for granted but that’s coz I was forced by my mum as a child an now I struggle surly god can understand this?…also i most of the time feel like a heavy spirit an my mum made me go for deliverance when i was about 13 .saying ive got this an that is this right??…i never feel free coz ive always got to answer to my mum an im 34 ….thank you

    • sarah

      It sounds like your mum has an anger problem, and you inherited it from her.

      talk to your dad about your mum and the problems you have with her.

      then you need to talk your your mum also, and explain that you cannot handle her anger.

      since this is a church family, it might be that no one thinks they are wrong, so it is your fault.

      if this happens, then you need to get someone outside the family to intercede for you and work with you….maybe a christian psychologist that works with families.

      your mum might need a little deliverance herself. but then you do also.

  61. Hi Marianne,

    Thank you so much for your site!!! Reading all these messages makes me realise that I am not alone in this sort of situation and that *I* am the insane one !!

    I have been living with a Jezebel husband for the last 22 years of my life and it has been absolute HELL ON EARTH to put it nicely!!

    He is controlling, intimidating, compusive liar and manipulator. In the few years of our marriage, I became a christian and boy did my spiritually get tested left right and centre… Unfortunately, I sort advice from church leaders and pastors only to put myself in bondage even more. I was advised that maybe I am the one with the problems and that I should just keep praying for an outcome. I was always blamed for the things that went on in the household not only from my husband by my leaders at church as well!! I beat myself up for years thinking that I was the one with the problem.

    All the while, I had the Ahab spirit who just pretty lie down and let the Jezebel do whatever he pleased!!! I never gave fought him because I hated conflict and arguments esp infront of my kids!!! I only wished that I had found your site soooner because then I wouldnt have suffered so much like I am now. I now voice my opinions and stand up this jezebel in the face!! I know it is not enough!!! Many times God has spoken to me about what I needed to do… 😦 They only thing that is keep me in this marriage is my 4 sons . I came from a family of the Jezebel(mother) and Ahab(father). My parents seperated how many times and it really took a toll on me and my brother. As an adult I promised myself that I would never put my kids through what my parents put us through…. I am not so sure now that I made the right choice coz when looking at my life with my husband–it is no diff to my parents growing up…

    I am sooooo soo lost right now, my spiritual life is gone out the window. Please pray for me and my family… any advice you have for me would be much appreciated at this crucial time for me as I am at a cross roads

    Thank you for listening 🙂


  62. *NOT …the insane one

    • dear Shirlee

      Living with a male jezebel really is hell for a believer, because the male carries more natural authority than the female, who is expected by society to submit to him.

      The time is short now, before things “go to hell in a handbasket ,” in this world, so just stay in prayer, and pray for the salvation of your husband and the protection and provision of you and your kids. Pray also that God’s presence comes and replaces the presence of what is there now.

      I am sending you some prayers for deliverance. print them out and say each day. a jezebel spirit is a witch…and this is what the prayers focus on. also I will send some prayers for strength….and you can always read the psalms as prayers…pick out some that apply to you.

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer. I pray against jezebel spirits every day.

      and remember….never, never, never give up!…..

      he will get worse before he gets better…….so just expect that…the demons do not want to leave and they will put up a fight.

      also, in the meantime, we are about to have large disasters in this country and in the world, so gather extra food and water for your family…as much as you can…and seek God when things get bad… is the trouble before the Lords’ return, and I want you safe and provided for.

  63. […] I have been accused of fake relationships.  Fake relationships have no difficulty.  Beware of those who say their relationships with others is perfect and that they never “butt heads”.  Don’t misunderstand – it is great these people have decent relationships.  I’m not knocking that one bit.  The difference is, I have no problem admitting my young’ns and I have had difficulty and I know by detailed fact my critics have imperfect relationships.  What makes me the better wife/mother/person is I don’t attempt to capitalize on those situations (and fail, of course, like this individual always does).  These are the “feet that are swift in running to evil…” mentioned in Proverbs 6 under the things the Lord HATES.  Truth is, I don’t demand blind loyalty from my family.  For one thing, since I am not insecure, I don’t have an inherent need for it.  Secondly, I recognize they have a right to their individuality.  Thirdly, for every angry rant, I can show you ten cards, posts, letters, pictures, videos, etc. of love between us.  (Hard to believe people are really THAT stupid.)  Just because I don’t advertise disagreements and just because their relationships aren’t all they’re making out to be doesn’t mean my relationships are the same.  They’re just itching for something bad to happen to us or for something to go wrong in our lives.  It’s their porn.  While working the concession stand, in between serving the customers and stealing the concession stand funds, this person was told, “There’s medication for people like you.”  You can read here for almost identical situations: […]

  64. Hello! to whom It May Concern; Thank you for your material and research presently I am experiencing alot of the behaviors with my wife, daughter, male and females on my job this material will be a great tool help assist me on interacting with my family and co-workers. Thanks. Elder T.Davis

  65. So, you don’t believe that ‘Jezebel’ is an actual ‘spirit’?

  66. I’m have identified the root of Jezebel spirit in the ex Husband. What is it called if the father is the sociopath that lies and tries to take advantage of the children ?.?

  67. I lived with a sociopathic wife for fourteen years. She is mother to my two sons now aged 33 and 40. After my wife and I divorced, they both suffered broken noses from her. They weren’t treated by a doctor because she feared police charges.

    • dennis

      that sounds typical. I hope you are recovered now, or are still recovering. God can heal your wounds. Sometimes it takes awhile….jezebels are like scorpions, and the sting lasts awhile.

  68. What does one do who has a mother with the jezebel spirit? She is not my biological mother, however she is legally. I’ve been raised by her but now, as an adult, I find it extremely difficult to deal with her. I would really like to sever our ties and have nothing more to do with her. However, the Bible commands us to honor our parents. How does one honor someone who has all of these vicious traits?

    • dear L

      You can give her respect, but do not have to submit to attacks, or associate with her.

      Let her know, privately, that you want to sever ties, and will be willing to change in the future, if she changes her behavior toward you.

      If anyone asks, just tell them you and she do not get along right now, so it is best to keep a distance until a resolution can be achieved. This is the best way to show love and respect for now, to keep the peace.

  69. I entered the wrong email. It is I would like to receive your Heaven Awaits Posts .

  70. Hi Marianne, I just wanted to give you all a praise report. About 3 years ago, I wrote on here to discuss issues I was having about my daughter n law (jezebel and my son (Ahab). My son was not in my life because of all of the damage Jezebel had done.

    I want to tell you that my son is now divorced from her and with prayer and God’s help, he is back in our lives!!! There are children involved and she does have full custody but we are hoping that my son will eventually gain custody of the children.
    He does see them when he wants too however.
    She informed me the other day that she is moving into my neighborhood (about 3 houses down) and I’m not sure her motive, but I feel I am no longer affected by her choices. She still tries to get to us and I presume she will until she has Jesus in her heart. Thank you for the prayers and support, you have no idea how encouraging you have been in my life!! If you have a jezebel in your life, don’t give up on the people who are in their life, keep praying!!!

    • hi Tonya


      She is moving back close, so she can regain control…and put division between you and your son.

      so you let her know who is boss…

      and it is not her!

      the kids can come over but not her.

      you will handle the arrangements for any visits from the kinds, NOT your son.

      explain to your son why it is important to do it this way.

      keep him out of it….he should make sure he has a private phone number so she cannot call him and complain that you are being mean to her.

      when the kids come, enjoy them, and show them how much love is in your house…

  71. […] Jezebel wife and mother […]

  72. Hi” I just want to say my compassion goes out for your painful childhood, I’ve also have had a few bad moments as a very small boy, my Father was a alcoholic abuser, and my sister was In and out of jail, my older brother was gone and I was alone, my mother tried to comfort me but was unsuccessful and i had to block out alot from my memories to this day, and im now 37 yrs old and had alot of troubles myself in my youth and as an adult, and until about 2 and a half yrs ago I gave myself to CHRIST!!
    And am now currently studying in ministry, and came to realize that all the things in my lifetime does NOT define who I am, but GOD DOES!! I hung my past iniquities on the CROSS WITH JESUS, and began a renewed living, I appreciate your story and pray it reaches the ones it needs too . There’s always HOPE IN CHRIST!! for prayers email me at GOD BLESS…..

  73. I consider this to be a very slanted article against women whom most, the majority in my experience are oppressed, manipulated and deceived by men. Man is head over woman. God’s order. Man will manipulate and deceive to make look like woman’s fault, when he won’t step foot into a church, pray or read the bible. The man in my past.

    • jan

      this article on jezebel mother is one of a series, you would have to see all of them to realize it is not slanted.

      jezebel can infect anyone….including mothers….unsaved women are just as vulnerable to attack as anyone else.

      there is a whole list of potential hosts for jezebel….a mother is just one of them…




      work colleagues


      any family member



      any church member

      medical staff


  74. Jonas Clark had some great material. It helped me get over a lot of bad childhood trauma.

  75. I thank God for articles like this. Keep it up!

  76. Hi, this hits me hard. I am walking through a divorce and I have seen the devastation of my own hands as a Jezebel wife. I learned about Jezebel about 7 months ago. I thought, “hmm…does that mean I am with an Ahab”…not long after I got my answer. My husband was an Ahab. He was a great man but lacked any authority and love for God. He left all of that to me. The structure of home, finances, and what we did or didn’t do. I landed us in some dark and twisted stuff, debt and now a divorce. The divorce was not my idea. I went to faith based recovery program to get help and to change. He divorced me and remarried 2 weeks after the divorce. It speaks that he is hurt and is need of a Jezebel to run his life. I want to change and it hurts to see this stuff in my life. My mother is a Jezebel and my grandmother is one too. This thing is deep in my roots. I know my ex-husband’s new wife….I would have never guessed she has the Jezebel thing in her but the union of them two makes me pretty sure that is in operation in them both Jezebel/Ahab. I can’t wait to break this junk off me and move on and find a relationship where this is not in operation.

    • crystal

      this is a very sad situation…the spirit you have or have had has destroyed your marriage, and there is no hope of recovery since he has remarried.

      there is hope for the jezebel host victim however.

      you need someone to come in that is a strong figure and deeply close to god, to help remove the dark side and help you find your real self again.

      but start where you are at, and do not lose heart….rejecting this spirit is step 1….

      you need healing and strength for recovery

      I am going to sen you some prayers for deliverance and healing….print them out….you can take a marker and mark out anything that does NOT apply to you…..then say these prayers each day…..

      I will be in agreement with you.

    • Crystal,
      I am not trying to be harsh but your refusal to accept blame and admit guilt is a problem. You need to stop it and let it go. Stop saying, “he needed someone to control him.”
      It has been my experience that this kind of control is rebellion and as the Bible says, “rebellion is like the sin of witch craft.” (1 Samuel 15:23).
      You are opening yourself up to demons and the power of the enemy when you do this. It will not only destroy yourself but others like the people you love and your children who are innocent! “For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice.” (James 3:16)
      You can not speak for your husband and stop making it about him. as well, if your former husband did repent and began to act like right in accordance with the Word of God then would you have let act that way? I seriously doubt it. I think you would have fought him “tooth and nail” and resorted to using anything at your disposal to stop him. Repent and stop talking about him. Ask the Lord to help you and most importantly stop trying to control people. My second question is this, if left unchecked this behavior (the ungodly desire to control someone against their will) usually develops into full blown Occultism or Witchcraft. If you have started dabbling into that then repent! That will do nothing but utterly destroy your life and I know some Christians don’t believe this but you may be throwing away your salvation worst of all. (Matthew 24:48 But and if that evil servant shall say in his heart, My lord delayeth his coming; 49 And shall begin to smite his fellowservants, and to eat and drink with the drunken; 50 The lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of, 51 And shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.)
      You need to understand that behaving this way is extremely savory to the enemy; that is the way he (the devil) acts and behaves. The Lord never forces anyone to do anything.
      I pray and hope you repent and keep your eyes focused on Jesus.

  77. hello, my name is lisa
    and there is a jezeabel women or young girl trying to destory my marriage. my husband has been cheating with this person for a very long time, 2008 and he tells her everything about me, i had a part time job at one time and she went to my job, and gave me this look, like i will not give up until he is mine. and she would pass by my home and park across the street, just so much, and i pray and i will pray, and remember that god is with me. and my husband has become another person, one yr he blasted our lord name in vain, saying things i would have never would believe, did he just say that!!! omgosh…and till this day, he is still seeing her, and now he is recording me and being ugly with me, and i feel that, he is only trying to prove to her that he dont love me. but when he is with me he is a different man, he will say he loves me and that he wont ever leave us. but…listen to this, when this all started she would call my home, my cell, and i had to change the number so many times…. and when i would confront him.. he would yell at me scream at me and be verbal abusive with me and turn his phn off also for two days and then call me and say he is sorry and that he loves me, and it was like clock work everyweek same day, he would find a reason to yell at me and turn his phn off. and he also go a prepaid phone and god with me, i call net10. and a rep there did tell me , he has a account there but 2″ account one under his name the other as unknown..i told my husband and there he goes again yelling at me cussing me out making me cry. he did this forever…blasting god , jesus and the holy sprit, and back in 2012, this unknown lady (sale person) whom i never met, she seen my husband and i together, and she just kept lifting me up, telling nice things, cause my husband never tells me nice things ..and one day i felt in my sprit to call her, and just ask a simple question, but when i call her i ask her if she remember me, and she kept repeating my name,,, over and over and then she said yes, i do…she said lisa its not to much longer lisa, not to much longer, and i started to cry,,, and tears…she said dont cry lisa, he is out of your hands lisa, there is nothing you can do for him, he is out of your hand..keep praying lisa, and i was so shock.. but happy cause i feel god has been listening to my prayers….and she said do not dispair lisa. you will have the victory!!!! and then in august again of 2013 my husband started to blast god name again and i was crying asking god when is this gonna end, well that day we my husband & myself heard two loud trumpets blow in our car and we were 62nd street and as we continue to drive we got to 82nd street and we heard the third one sound off.. and we just look at each other, and i started to tell him thats a warning joe, but he still continue to cuss at people and with his cheating and blasting god. and when i took pictures of my husband i started to notice there is a thick mist over him that follows him, and i started to orbs all around him, and i can feel the bad things he carrys around him, for thanksgiving, i took a pic of my husband and there was a demon over his face, and another one standing by him, so ugly… he has open doors, and then he said he repented but he didnt with a 100% good heart cause he is still i keep telling myself what is that thick mist over him??? and it dont even look like my husband.. so pray for me pleaz thank you

    • lisa

      this has been going on too long. he has been committing adultery all this time.

      divorce him, get child support if you have children, and then you can pray for him separately. as long as you are with him, he does not have to change.

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and for the salvation of unsaved loved ones. print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you.

  78. thank you, and yes i do need to leave him, he has done many bad things behind my back, and he trys to say, it aint god showing you all this. but i know it has been god, and he lies sooo much, and then when i want to leave him, he will say things like, your not gonna leave me or we are here for better or worst, he has lied to me, and lied to others about me, and when i get close to him, i can smell something, like a foul, my husband has been living in so much sin, he is just playing a game with me and no we have one kid together and he is 23″ so god has been warning me and given me the discernment, but thank you

  79. our grown son lonely and desperate married a jezebel that he met on an online christian dating service. 8 months after they started dating and after she divided our christian family he married her, physically abused his sister for standing up to him conserning this unhealthy relationship and had two children to her. he never would have or has behaved in such an abusive and destructive way. she got what she wanted and has moved 4 times in 5 years farther and farther from us. he has not and will not speak to us since then. either her or our son has any remorse. he walked away and sold his great grandfathers farm house (my husband’s granfathers) it was not good enough for her. i could go on and on about her and his behavior but devestated to say the least and could not wrap our brains around what out son did at the command of this jezebel. she got what she set out to conquer. we continue to pray especially the scripture “refrain your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears, your work will be rewarded, they will return from the land of the enemy, so there is hope for your future , your children will return to your own land. still standing on that promise.

    • chris

      I am sending you some prayers against witchcraft to add to your arsenal of prayers for your son.

      print them out and say them each day.

      I will be in agreement with you.

      It will be a long fight, but do not give up

  80. hello yes my name is dean need prayer im divorced 7 years ago my ex wife im in okla my 2 kids are in florida the ex wife her name is lisha but shes jezebel i think wants to see me suffer continually ,and shes greedy just wants taken care odf at anyones expense can i get prayer as she wants me down any which way ,i already had this growing up from my mother the jezebel spirit of them suppresing me and they wont support me nothing its all about them ,its pretty evil can i get prayer on this

  81. i recently talked /confronted my mom ,to have better relationship with her ,but shes not really wants ,but i did bring out hows shes always been cold person and hard to get close too ,she tried well telling me its only my feelings ,and she said i have sour grapes i said so what if i do ,i said i could never get close to you growing up ,her coldness i told her im not being mean about this but tired of not even knowing if shes even on my side and even family distance ,she didnt lie listening to the truth area ,she basically told me im not wanted and to leave ,i got up to leave and i said how about a hug ,she shook her head no ,so i left ,can i get prayer on this suppressed mom ,jezabel area ,theres no real support from her really never was its about her only geeeting it from me if i explain my thoughts she doesnt want to hear it so i confronted the jezabel in her ,her name is lavon ,im t .dean

    • dear dean

      It is so sad to hear your story. it is a common one, which is heartbreaking.

      once your mother mistreated you, you were injured, and so ending up with someone just like her who also mistreats you. your mom ruined your self esteem, and you took a wife that was not worthy of you.

      to make it worse, your 2 kids are now exposed to this.

      I am sending you prayers against jezebel spirits, witchcraft, and other spirits…and curses….also prayers for blessing and for family

      print them out and say each day. I will be joined with you in prayer.

      do not give up. you have to pray for the protection of your children

      just trust god, and let him deal with the jezebels,… do what is right and good before him, and live a faithful life…..give him your whole heart, and you will be blessed.

      also there are still loving women who can act as mothers to you, and sisters in the lord…. you do not have to be alone.

  82. thanks yes its sad as when this happens u really dont get the motherly love support and care as a person needs causes trust and psycological issues and these types of women dont budge to help u ,in any way but they of course want help from you

  83. Dear Marianne, this website was a blessing while discovering, in last months, how much my life was ruined by Jezebel, and be set free from her. I’d like to share a brief victory experience, with those men who know Jezebel’s influence. Thanks to the Lord, He and only He can set us free.
    You CAN overcome Jezebel. You can be free from that spirit’s influence.
    But you have to CHANGE. You have to bow down, completely, to the Lord, and obey Him, and the Lord will make all is necessary to set you free. Also He will give you instructions what you have to do to be set free.
    When Jezebel is your mother, you have to cut that bondage and cut her influence and control over your life. When Jezebel is your mother, you will suffer a lot to be set free. It won’t be a victory without big suffering. But, in the end, you will become a MAN, and what you will gain is your soul, and it is the most important thing that you will gain.
    If you are married and your mother is a Jezebel, your marriage will be ruined. Not by her, but by you permitting her to control and influence your marriage and your children. Cut off that bondage and her influence. You will save your soul (so, your eternal life with the Lord) and your family, and their souls (you, husband, are called to be King and Priest in your home, as Jesus did (Eph.5).
    You have to ask for discernment to the Lord, because, by instinct, you believe your mother could never purposely harm you. Bad news: she can. Ask for discernment. If you ask it sincerely, because you want to obey Lord’s will than your mom’s will, the Lord will give you.
    Then, ask the Lord for courage, and for instructions, and to provide you what you and your family need.
    The Lord will make you like an Elijah and like a Jehu, but only if you want with all your heart to make Lord’s will instead of your mom’s will.
    This is the battle, a battle for your soul. You will suffer, because there is your love for your mother in the middle.
    But give your soul to the Lord and become a MAN for the Lord. You will know it’s the best thing.

    • eliu

      I was good to read your testimony.

      It is heartbreaking when you cannot even trust your own mother.

      may god strengthen you and give you great wisdom in your continuing mission to get this truth out.

      the world needs good strong men.

      • Yes, it’s really heartbraking.
        But losing your soul while bounded to a Jezebel (wife or mother) is MUCH MORE heartbraking, now and for eternity.
        The Lord permits bad things happen for a higher purpose and to prepare for that higher purpose. The Lord is great,

  84. deeply hurts

  85. eliu,

    God bless you. Thank you for sharing your experience and deliverance.

    “May the God of peace who brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, the great shepherd of the sheep, by the blood of the eternal covenant, equip you with everything good that you may do His will, working in us that which is pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen” (Hebrews 13:20-21, ESV).

  86. hard to believe moms ,ex wives can be like this

    • denz

      most moms and wives are good….but there are still some bad ones

    • Sadly, some moms can be bad.
      Devastating to learn, as son. But never learn it is much more devastating.
      But if we love mom more than the Lord, we’ll have big problems.
      If so, maybe the Lord will never show us our mother is a Jezebel ruining our life under our nose while we can’t see it.

  87. hmm but u wonder some men after having that psycological devastation in there lives and the messed up no supportive love from there moms but abuse in all ways that they get attracted to other guys and stay away from damaging jezabels

  88. All demons can be cast out by Jesus. What is needed is for the demon to be cast out like they were in the Bible. I believe these oppressed people need to be delivered not shunned. The sins of Jezebel are no worse than any of our sins. We all sin but as believers we repent. Let the Jezbel repent and then cast the demon out. They must be weak in the Lord or baby believers to have become prone to such oppression and so need to grow in the Lord too. I was labelled a Jezebel spirit but for me I became that way through being immature in the Lord and not keeping myself unclean. Also I was codependant on relationships that were bad for me.
    Self sabotaging or self destructive behaviour seems common in Jezebels. I self harmed not only physically but allowed myself to get into wrong relationships becaise I wanted to be loved and affirmed and feel safe. It is possible that Jezebels are very vulnerable people with low self esteem and if the root of this is tackled then it will help them. Also Borderline PD diagnosis goes hand in hand with these individuals

    • CA

      I agree that jezebels can be saved, if they repent.

      but if they are jezebels, they are not baby believers or weak in the Lord…they do not belong to the Lord at all.

      if you were self sabataging you were not a jezebel…..or a victim of wrong relationships where you were harmed, you were not a jezebel..

      you were mislabeled.

      it sounds like the one who labeled you a jezebel was either ignorant, or a jezebel themselves, casting the blame for a failed relationship on you.

      jezebels are ruthless, cold hearted, evil liars, that victimize other people in a grab for power. they had great self esteem, and are full of pride. they rarely repent, most dont because they believe they have a right to do whatever they want and are NOT sorry….

      they are not self sabatoging…they sabotage others, not themselves.

      they want total control and will hurt anyone in their way.

      jezebels are witches, and wish evil on anyone in their path who does not agree with them…..they tear people down.. they enjoy hurting people…it is a game for them, and they like the power that comes with winning

      they cheat, lie and steal…they love to steal credit for work done by others, and frequently slander others to destroy their reputation.

      they “fake” christianity to gain influence and power inside the church environment… they are not saved, and really do not want to be saved….they will back stab real christians

      PD diagnosis? what is that? pakinson’s disease….that is a physical issue, not spiritual…

      you have been misinformed about yourself…i would be suspicious about whoever told you that you were a jezebel…..

  89. I have been battling a Jezebel spirit for some time. I learned that only through prayer and consecration I am able to withstand it. Now the Lord showed me that a Spirit of Belial is now coming against me. This was my first time ever hearing of this spirit. My question is, what is the correlation between these two sprits?

    • joseph

      Belial is the devil.

      jezebel works for him as a high priestess and prophetess.

      I am sending you some prayers against witchcraft and for strength.

      think of them as prayer aides

      print out and say each day

      I will be in agreement with you in prayers

      also look around you and evaluate your environment and clean house….there are people around you that you need to get rid of

      if it is personal, or a work situation, document everything you do….you might be facing false accusations and need to defend yourself…..if you have witnesses to support you, make sure they are lined up to help you

  90. […] […]

  91. Wow! After reading the traits I knew this was about my mother. Just about everything described she has done to me and the man I grew up with knowing as my father (My birth certificate has “no name” listed for the father, but the man I knew as my father is listed on my sister’s certificate. My mother’s excuse, “I don’t know why he did not sign it. I handed the form to him to do so. And, “I told him where to go down the hall in the hospital to sign the birth certificate. I guess he didn’t do it. I don’t know why.”) I have not gotten up the courage to ask him about my birth certificate. In my heart, I believe he is not my father. I remember as a child an argument between them about why she would not give my sister and I his last name, and he has always treat me a little different from my sister.

    I had been describing her as a narcissistic mother for the last 8 months. My heart really goes out to the author of this article. I completely understand. After a self created disaster on my mother’s part where she is now separated from her husband and with no place to live. I, with my family living almost six hours away, received all the blame by all of her family. They wanted me to take her in, but we cannot. My husband got laid off and we have four children with one on the way as we are trying to get back on track. She wanted us, my husband and I, to pack her up, move in with us, pay to store her things, and to take care of her financially. With a lot of Bible study, prayer, fasting and time with the Lord I decided to walk away from our relationship. (There really wasn’t one anyway. Just a take and take relationship and manipulation of emotions for power and gain on her part.) I no longer talk to her at all as of December 2014 . I realize she is not a mother nor does she deserve the title. She was as this author call their mother an incubator.

    It has been painful to a degree, because who does not want a mother and daughter relationship? For my own health and sanity I forgave her, because I do not believe she is in charge of her own self. I believe there are other forces at hand. I had no one to really talk to at my church about this. Not one time has this subject EVER come up in twenty years as being a Christian. It is sad. I left home at 16 years old to get away from her, and decided years later that since I was going to get married I should reconnect with her so some day she could have a relationship with me, my husband and her grandchildren. BIG mistake! Not only have I, but my husband and children have felt her wrath at some point.

    I thank the Lord for saving me and guiding me through this, and holding me when I needed it to get through such a horrible trying time. I pray for her on a regular basis and hope one day she will know the Lord and Christ as the Savior. if anyone reading this is going through the same situation I beg you to pray and read the Lord’s Word. You will have to walk away to save your own self. Some people cannot be helped, unfortunately, by other people.

    • HardestyMom01

      you lost me a little when you said your father did not sign the birth certificate

      if the woman is married, the husband is automatically assumed to be the father and his name is put on there

      if mother is single, the father may have to sign a paternity form first.

      when my daughter was born, I was the only one who had to “sign”

      my husband’s signature was not required.

      maybe the rules are different in different states…..I am in NC

      I am guessing that if your mother was married at the time of your birth, your “father” would have automatically been added to the form, without his signature.

      Did your husband have to “sign” birth certificates for your children?

      it has been a long time since you were born. to solve the mystery, just ask your “father” and see what he says.

      your mom sounds like a mess…..but you turned out ok.

      the whole world around you can be your family….just choose those worthy to be around you, and you will be blessed.

  92. This is really, really common and its not just in the churches but in society with ‘temple prostitutes’ and the whole 9 yards. The scriptures in Ezekiel, Samuel, so many Old Testament books reveal these behaviors where men fail to follow God. You first see the Python spirit in Genesis where Eve offers Adam the “fruit” of her sin. There really is not anything new under the sun. Jezebel will attempt to supplant God’s will by bringing a reproduction of the real thing so as to derail God’s timing which is always perfect and is the promised thing.
    I know several females who are so thoroughly entrenched in this spiritual depravity but they refuse to leave it so deliverance is not possible.

  93. […] Source: Jezebel wife and mother […]

  94. Marianne, I enjoyed the read. It was very informative, and full of valid points. Jezebel is referred to as the woman who has enticed many men to lie with her. We can use her to refer to women, the nation Israel, and the nation Judah, all of whom, except the nation of Israel, are, in a general sense, married to the Lord, God. Israel. on the other hand, has been handed a bill of divorcement, by God, HIMSELF, yet Judah has been worse. These women all have birthed male children, who, by very nature, human, are included in the term Jezebel. There is no man/woman who is good. Treachery is in our nature since the fall. We must thank our DAD for allowing His Son to take our punishment due us. JEZEBEL? Look in the mirror.
    As with us, we, as dogs ( GENTILES ), received a crumb from the table and found favor to have that crumb land on our plate. We must pray for those caught up in this spiritual madness that surrounds us. We have more power than we really know. Jesus walked on water, does Jesus reside in you?
    Personally, not directed to you, but have read some other responses that need the reminder, and encouragement to use the power of His Word which will never return void, JOHN 6:63. The apostles realized this when they received the Holy Ghost and began speaking the Words of God; and most were speaking in different languages so all in Jerusalem could not say that they did not hear the Word of God.
    So true, the kingdom of God is at hand. Dad’s will, will be done on earth as it is in heaven, AMEN!

  95. Oh yes there is a jezebel spirit. I had one so close to me x sister in law.
    Who my brother left her. For another women and married lovely person
    I felt so sorry for her that he left her. Big mistake of my life I made
    I would baby sit for her for 10 years we would go shopping together
    We were so close on the phone her crying for my brother she would still go out with him sleep with him she would black mail him and I did not know
    All of this. Use her kids against him. The kids were not to be allowed to see
    His new wife . Mean while I did not know anything what she was doing to my brother cos me and him were not talking she made sure of that cos she was manipulating me for the last 10 years. I would fight with my family for her. Cos he left her. Now I know better she played me with evil
    Manipulation she always got her way with my brother. In 2014
    My partener tells me he been sleeping with her for 10 years behind my
    Back. That’s jezebel . I was like what! So not only she was sleeping with my brother she was sleeping with my partener . And everyone else
    I must say she was good she would cry for my brother for10 years
    How can a person do that to sameone that cared for and her
    Children. Mind u jezebel spirit have no heart no moral
    No respect for herself has a women she would go to his
    Warehouse at work 2 o’clock in the morning to have sex in a dirty
    Toilet that men would use . No class at all for her self
    Her crocodile tears were no real tears for 10 years
    In ten years this x sister in law used me controlled my partener
    With her lies manipulation . Jezebel is gone out.
    Please becareful ladies with a jezebel spirit I learned the hard

    • Angela, Esau cried when Jacob received the blessing, but his tears weren’t of repentance. A perfect example of a Jezebel spirit in a man. Many, many, countless times, that spirit will blind, and make deaf the person it possesses. Devils, and demons are real as you and I.
      I, as well, know someone close that allows that spirit to manipulate their thinking in taking sides with the world view of relationships. As it was with our King, True God, and Eternal Life, our Lord Jesus Christ, I JOHN 5:20. Our Lord even told the man that wanted to follow Him that, ” He had nowhere to lie His head.” No home, no job, no transportation, and the world would say, ” You’re worthless, and a drain on society.”
      A human soul is priceless, whereas everything in this world WILL perish. As it is said in the book of Proverbs, ” Don’t demand an audience with the king, or push for a place among the great. It is better to wait for an invitation than to be sent to the end of the line, being publicly disgraced.”, PROVERBS 25:6, 7. And in verse 28 of the same chapter it states that if you can’t control your own spirit, you are no different than a destroyed city.

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  98. Wow…I just came across your site randomly when I saw this ! I can understand why some may scoff or even try to target some of the language you use here, however, your words are right on target. The dangers of a sociopathic woman are not easily identified in our culture because my anti-social behaviors engaged in by women are condoned as relatively “normal”.

    Yet, what often goes unnoticed is the incredible destruction that follows in the path of these individuals. Yes, of course it can be a man or a woman but female narcissistic sociopaths are by far the most dangerous of all because of the inability of most people to detect their true nature until it’s far too late.

    Such was the case with my Ex-wife. Your description was eerily exacting. When I finally got away our daughters were 18 and 19 but in a very short period of time I realized they had the exact same traits. When I finally escaped I thought things would be rough for a time but I was in no way prepared for things to get increasingly worse.

    10 years later my entire life has been left in ashes. A successful national business, gone. A promising ministry…gone. My health…gone. And she is still going. The ability of this spirit to con others to do her bidding is far beyond anything I could ever explain here. An expert in manipulation would be putting it mildly.

    I can’t even begin to tell anyone the scope of the devastation I’ve endured. It’s like I have to carry around tens of thousands of official documents to and defend myself at every turn because the lies even appeared in national and INTERNATIONAL MEDIA AND PRESS.

    I’m glad you posted this information even if some here just felt they had to try and distract from the original message. When men behave in this fashion they are easily identified but when it’s a woman…it’s almost like no one is allowed to suggest such vial behaviors are clearly wrong. I can affirm and testify that the dangers are real and identifying such women is becoming increasingly more and more difficult until it’s too late. At this point in my life the only hope I have rests in Gods power and His faithfulness alone.

    Again, Thank you !

    • gregg

      male jezebels have the authority to do more damage on a physical level, like waging wars and bombing nations; they also can give power to female jezebels. and the females will submit to them, males are usually open about what they are doing.

      but females acting alone are very sneaky, and deceitful.

      I am sorry you went through this. I have been attacked by females also. it is hard to undo what they do, since everything is accomplished before you realize what they have done. slander and legal battles are very common.

      I wish you healing and restoration. we have little time left here, so focus on your restoration, and continue to serve god in any way you can. you still have rewards in heaven for making efforts.

  99. HI there, struggling with a Jezebel mother myself. I thank the Lord He let me see what condition I was in with my mother. She hates my husband, although she admits to not knowing him! From the start she was against him, because of various things that she saw as unfit to her standards. Under the guise of worry about me she was constantly against us and interpreting every situation as his wrongdoing and ill-meaning. At the same time she is not interested when I tell her we are happy and love each other.
    Recently I confronted her, this was going to be the last time for me, that it was hard for me he never gets invited to my parents’ house, whilst my sibling’s partner’s are, and that she did not come to our wedding. We were on the phone and she got completely aggressive , asking if I had any idea how hard it was for her, and that she wouldn’t listen to my reproaches and if I didn’t have anything pleasant to say I would not be welcome. After this I felt a strange relief, because she had finally shown her true face. Now I know why my sister is an emotional wreck with an eating disorder who use to physically and verbally abuse me. I’ve forgiven her, but I can’t count on her. As for my brother, he treats my husband as if he was some kind of second class person. My father is an Ahab who I am sorry for. I could do with some advice in how to tackle the situation because the mother: called me to say that she would like to meet me in a cafe to talk about it because everything had been said ” in such a hurry”. Note: no apology! And the whole meeting will be about wish-washing away the true face that she showed and now is desperately trying to change so as to lure me to stay loyal to her. I don’t want to go to that meeting but I already said I would go…

    • lisa

      cancel the meeting

      even though she is your mom, she has spiritual issues, and it is best to keep a distance. let her know she has behavior and attitude problems which has contaminated others in the family

      tell her that her real talk needs to be with jesus , not your.

      she needs to repent, and get deliverance before you can get close to her.

      she wants acceptance now without changing her behavior.

      do not be surprised if she suddenly wants your sympathy. that is a manipulation.

      that is not kosher

      wish her well and tell her you will pray for her

  100. Pls. Prince is my name i’m waitin fr the prayers promised me by u.

  101. Wife and Mother?

  102. Hello, Lisa here again, I posted last year. How do I honour my parents when they are feeding off the pain they cause me?
    I am actually afraid to confront the Jezebel mother? Since The mother thought she could ignore my husband by acting like I wasn’t married, I told her I don’t like it to always be invited without him. So invitations stopped largely, which was fine with me.
    Since I thought a little visit on the birthdays wouldn’ t hurt, I went to my parents house to give my mother her birthday present. There my Jezebel /Ahab parents wanted me to sign something that would literally disinherit me. I said no and left quickly but this was a hard blow in the face. I don’t Care about the Money or houses but this is literally kicking me out of the Family. Since they hate my husband and I stayed true to him, this seems to be their next scheme. Of course, they said it was because the assets were so hard to divide between 3 and they didn’t want us to quarrel over the inheritance.
    My question is: I feel I mustn’t let them know I ‘m hurt because they feed off my pain. But it doesn’t feel right to Act as if nothing happened,either. I would like to break contact with them but that would reveal too much plus I’m confused wether that is biblical, because they’re still my parents, right? Note that I don’t expect anything from them and more I just don’t want more negative things coming my way, but this is probably not realistic. I will definitely reduce even the scarce visits now because I can’t afford to get hurt like this, it’s too much stress. But I don’t want to do a dumb thing by showing too much of my hurt now, either.

    Can you recommend literature on how to deal with jezebels?

    You helped me a lot last time, maybe you have an idea.

    God bless!!!


    • lisa

      I am not sure what you were supposed to sign to disinherit yourself, but it sounds like if anyone needs loyalty, it is your husband, not them.

      I suggest you just get “too busy:” for your parents, to show them they are not top priority in your life. you do not have to be rude, just busy. If they want to see you, they should come to your house, and be there in your husband’s presence

      going to their house puts you on their turf, where they have control

      let them ,or invite them, to come to your house, (your turf, where you have control)

      do not worry about “inheritance”…this is some kind of game with them. you could play along with them and still lose.

      in your house, you and your husband are the boss….retain this authority if they do come visit, although i do not think they will come

      that way, any neglect in communication or contact is on them, and you have no “guilt”

      I cannot recommend any books, you can search around and see what you can find..look under psychology, not jezebels. look for books on sociopaths

  103. I guess my mother is the sneaky, outwardly religious kind of jezebel. My father is a pastor in the Lutheran church, now retired, she used to be modestly dressed and kind in public and slander the “simple people” at home. She would talk bad about lots of people. Worse, she influenced my dad, who used to have a sound theology, into liberalism, accusing biblical people of wanting power over her and putting pressure on her (probably she was rebuked at some point )and being narrow minded and too extreme. She really built her own religion and that is achievement, status, being academic. She never cared who we kids really were, she only wanted us to function and get good grades. She would be demeaning and yell at us when we couldn’t do it. We also had to share her views all the time. She claims to be so totally good when she just looks down on everybody. She lies about almost everything. There was always severe fighting between my parents and I always things we weren’t allowed to tell outside the family.
    As for the father, he got mostly passive, apart from raging outbursts. There was no more Jesus in the house, like it used to be when I was little. His outbursts led to him retire earlier and some people in his church not being sorry for his leave after 15 years at that church. So he got all the blame. Talk about Jezebels in the church.
    Mother claims to be loving and kind but that is only a means to lure us into loyalty. She has no friends because nobody can live up to her standards. I became atheist when I was 16, not much reaction from the parents. No real love, also. Only the kind that you have to pay for with sacrificing your views, your dreams. I got tricked into believing that what she thought was good was good. Never got a chance to be me.
    Eventually I got closer to the Lord and repented and got humble. And he taught me about Jezebel. When I met my husband we both got treated maliciously and bad, lots of wrong accusations. When we tried to be kind we got reported as mean, dishonouring and evil. My husband is totally kind, but they treat him like he’s a criminal. The only reason being that I don’t live my life according to her any more, and that the husband stands in her way of controlling me. She is totally not interested in how I feel and that I have been a good daughter most of the time. It’s this evil maliciousness that I can’t get my head around. I only pray I can get over this some day.

  104. I am a husband of a wife who has the Jezebel Spirit over her. I will continue to read what you have here but I am alone(physically) in this battle. I have no group or personal friends but….. I have been Born Again, spirit filled for 35 years and KNOW that I have authority over satanic influence. I have known she had been a control freak but now I see it as a Jezebel spirit. It’s just incredible how she has had control over everything including conversations. I am praying that Jesus sends someone in her life to open her eyes through God! I am hurting because I still love the woman I initially met that I believe still resides in her.

    • robert

      It sounds like you are the passive partner….which is permitting her to continue

      you need to stop and take charge. you are the head of the house, not her.

      and if she wants to control the conversation, tell her to shut up….

      get in touch with your own male hormones, and be the boss..

      tell her what she has, and to repent and change her life

      • Shut up or manliness won’t work (for we wrestle against principles of darkness and not flesh) only a Biblical consultation will do – pray that GOD will direct you to a church where you’d take a counseling so that GOD can reveal HIS glory through the appointed men and women of GOD

  105. Bingo! This is an exact description of what my wife and her mother are. They sweet talk in front of me but right after I am off of home then starts the real tearing apart (profane conversation with her mom). What I need to do here gets decided by her mom and my wife. They controlled so much that one NO or an objection to her would immediately propel in either harassment or suicide. It is for this reason I decided to apply for divorce – but yes GOD hates divorce and at the same time HE even hates an abusive & disrespectful marriage. Can someone add some insight into this? Thanks and GOD bless!

    • jegan

      your wife and her mother do what you let them do.

      you have to say NO, let them threaten, too bad for them

      get rid of the mother , and tell your wife to behave, or she has to leave also

      bible counseling will not work with jezebels…they will just blame you for everything

      if you are weak, they will abuse you

      if you are strong, they will respect you

      • You are right Marianne – thanks for your input. I already filed for divorce and she’s contesting my decision. The moment she left my home in year 2015 (7 months after an abusive and traumatic marriage) there were so many blessings financially and spiritually. And their blame game doesn’t end in any way – they still claim I am the reason for the marriage to fall apart. I know the sphere of influence is strong & Elijah experienced the same thing but he was kept alone by GOD. Also it is very strange that she has such a heavy influence in my family (not my mom and my sibling) that everyone feels I am the rotten apple due to the fact that we are Christians whereas they are not. How awesomely Bible foretold the tricks that this spirit plays. When I confronted her and said she is possessed by spirit of Jezebel, she turned the whole place upside down albeit the communication happened over email she accused my family of all wrong things which doesn’t matter in any way. Honestly its funny to see the devil unable to attain his ultimate goal of destroying GOD’s people! Elijah didn’t lose but jezebel did.

        • jegan

          make sure that your lawyer sees that she gets NOTHING in court.

          • Oh yes! Perhaps she had a tiff with my lawyer too at the court for showing faces and dissent…Her claim is Bible says NO for divorce so I counter asked if its okay to abuse your husband..She’s picked up all these traits from her mom who dominates the whole neighborhood..I see no change even after 3 years but I realized evil doesn’t change, right?

            • bible also says to honor and respect your husband and submit to him

              • She says she’d submit…but all she needs is an entry into my home..I choose to forgive her but not intending to risk my relationship with GOD which gets compromised due to an unhealthy (Matt 6:1-3) lifestyle..

  106. Hey, is there a meet up discussion group for this topic. I would be interested in talking with folks about my experience with this spirit. I guess I get the replies from this I would be able to connect some way some how??

    • avid

      there is no group on this site for this topic. people just come in and leave comments, to me and for others

      • I was just wondering seems like a big topic effecting lots of people..I’ll start something then, in facebook. Would people here be interested in joining?

  107. Marc

    Since you have all these feelings and experiences with your mom, it is good that you have physically separated from her presence, so you can deal with your own issues.

    I think you are dealing with an unresolved question about early molestation which causes great anxiety. Because your mom asked you if you were molested, it may not mean she did anything herself. It may mean she asked if you had been molested because your behavior as a child may have matched some symptoms she had read about, or was told about. Maybe she was suspicious of your dad, or her new romance. That is hard to say from my perspective. Somehow, it seemed she was preoccupied (maybe obsessed) with this question, and this created doubt in your mind as well.

    I remember giving my mom a hard time when I was a teenager, and then my own kids gave me a hard time when they were teenagers, so I cannot address the teenage years too well. You may have had some part in your mom’s reaction that you described. That is, you did something to irritate her. But maybe you didn’t.

    You describe her as inconsistent, wanting to care for you one minute, and complaining about it the next. she needed you to depend on her, even though it was too much stress for her.

    A jezebel will intentionally lie, to the point of creating harm and destruction, and not care about the effects it has on others. Jezebels are fairly consistent, and controlling. They can also get a man if they want, because they are seductive. Your mom may have some of this in her, but there are other spirits at work as well.

    You did not say if you still had contact with your dad, but if you do, ask him to describe her behavior, to help further identify any other forces at work. also, you mentioned a spouse. what does she think?

    Your mom brought you to therapists from what you say, wanting to “heal” you. It could be that she was just a very confused, insecure person who imagined things wrong, and she inflicted all these insecurities on you. she could not trust you to be successful on your own, so she showed up at work to check on you. maybe she felt she was a failure in life, living in a one room studio apt, and transferred this spirit of failure to you. it was your fault, not hers, so she is free from guilt. It sounds like she is still alone? also, if she did molest you, she has a lot of guilt and fear to suppress.

    you also had a negative boss. think about changing your occupation so you can start fresh.

    you have gone from a low place to a better place. put your past behind you. you are a new creation, now that you belong to the Lord.

    start to see yourself as someone with UNLIMITED potential, which can be used in this world to create financial, job, and personal security for yourself, and service to the Lord who loves you and saved you.

    I have seen over and over again that former abuse victims make the best counselors and ministers, because of their great compassion for those still being victimized. They understand and feel what others just try to do.

    Work on your own healing, and pray for your mom’s healing and deliverance. Trust the Lord to help you. I think all this tragedy can be turned into a victory for both of you.

  108. hello, first time visitor. Inadvertently come across this site, apparently our two sites have a similar image. Not only that, but more interesting is that we both deal with spirituality, -Jezebel Spirit.

    Mind you, I have only scanned through two posts- ‘Jezebel wife and Mother’- and the next one ‘Roots of Jezebel’

    From reading, I already intend to share this /repost as a link to help others learn/ have access to/ this detailed information.

    We even kind of have the same approach in some ways. Without reading your history, perhaps you yourself have been through it like me.

    And still going through it.

    If the person isn’t willing to examine/analyze themselves to begin considering they are suffering from an ‘attachment’ … FOLKS- you might as well give up.

    But stubbornness indeed is jezebel.

    What good is deliverance to a person? If they care nothing about it. Two days later they will be right back in the mud mire and needing deliverance again.

    Childhood has a huge impact, ON ALL KINDS OF SPIRITUAL ISSUES WE HAVE AS ADULTS.

    I am definitely looking forward to reading more of your site. I dont need to say this- because it is obvious from the comments, interactions, that you have done and will continue to do GREAT THINGS BY GOD’S POWER.

    it is disheartening to try to help those with this spirit, especially, if you’ve lived with one, or have had a relationship with one. Nobody wants to see someone lose salvation, or wind up in hell.

    We never know what a person has done, at times GOD SHUTS THEIR EYES SO THEY CAN NO LONGER SEE.. as a consequence of their crimes .. yet even so, they will meet others along the way who will talk to them, offer advice, counsel,

    This is what you need to do- take it to God Himself, go speak with Him, use your knees, bow, SEEK ALMIGHTY GOD- HIM ALONE.

    but they refuse. sometimes as hard as it may be to understand this- WE EACH ARE ALREADY IN ONE PILE OR THE OTHER.

    some destined to death and hell
    some destined to heaven and glory

    ALONG THE WAY WE MEET people who are one or the other.

    but how can we change or open the eyes of one who has had them shut by God for them reproaching him? that’s a losing battle.


    thank you for all the work you do. God keep you protected, blessed, and full of His authority, and power, in Jesus name, Amen.

    • Thank you Ben for your kind comments. Unfortunately I’ve met the Jezebel spirit in many forms over the years. I think posts like this and the posts that you have on your site only come when someone has had to live through it themselves.

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