EMP Watch Alert


This is a confirmation of what I was told early this morning.

that the military is gearing up for a possible EMP event in the next week (between now and the 18th of January 2017)

this would destroy electronics and knock out power.

however, it is not 100% possible….just a very increased likelihood.


John Moore is an Army veteran with continued government contacts

if the power goes out, you need to be prepared

government anticipates a CME ( coronal mass ejection) from the sun

since it is a high likelihood, people are encouraged to prepare for a power outage…this could be anywhere on earth, not just the USA

food, water , medical, lanterns, blankets, etc.

unplug devices when not in use.

the video is long but the announcement is made within the first minute

see video:



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  2. 1~12~5999 (out of 6000) in this Doomsday Apocalypse.
    Last Evil Days of “Manmean”. Yahshua the Son of Yahweh
    Returns VERY SOON! Pray NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM.
    Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

    Thank you for this warning! Also, Russia may attack, Trump may be assassinated OR come in and enforce “The Mark of the Beast”. The economy may collapse. Martial Law may be declared and B.O. may then enforce “The Mark of the Beast”. LOTS OF POSSIBILITIES!

    Isn’t it WONDERFUL that NOTHING and NOONE can destroy our
    divine connection to the Father and Son (YAHWEH and YAHSHUA)!


  3. 9Nania and others are pointing to watch the Heavens between January 15 to 22 to watch for events from the Heavens such as an Asteroid and Meteor storms (My thoughts on Rev 8:7) as well.
    Jardalkalatgmail.blogspot.com Tevet 5777 January 17 on Tuesday. Others are saying Jan 18 and 19 as well by the you tube video headlines.

  4. Hi Marianne’
    I had a similiar thing yesterday, where I thought what would we do when there is no power’ I then said to my brother last night, what we would do with no power’ he fortunately has been trained previously 20 years Army’ to live with no power: Wow, maybe the Lord was telling me something

  5. A idea came to me out of nowhhere this week, maybe last Monday:

    Maybe the dinosaurs were’t exterminated by fallout from a comet, but rather an EMP-type event that their nervous system “didn’t agree with”.

    We may have to suppose that large reptilian brains are prone to overload by resonance with certain wavelengths of energy, the same way a microwave oven works on water dipoles.

    If this is so, another event could similarly wipe out the current population of beings with large reptilian brains.

    There aren’t any real reptiles with large brains anymore. A crocodile brain is, what, the size of a walnut?

    No, the larrgest ones extant are those of human psychopaths and their kind. Brainscans show more reptile features than human, with all the primitive behaviour that entails. And they got this way by practice.

    Thi is all fun pseudoscience, but think of it! A real Judgement Day event that burns out the (wicked/evil) pathological elements of mankind in one flash.

    I wonder whether the rest of the cluster B are prone. I suppose the radiation wouldn’t distinguish much. Anyone who practices the behavior will have the same brain features.

    • 1~12~5999 (out of 6000) in these Last Days of this Earth Age

      Hi Dee! Personally, I believe that the dinosaurs were wiped out by The Great Flood, when this earth was turned on its axis (roughly at the 2000 year mark ). Fukushima radiation is now killing life in the oceans. Uncensored News: http://www.ENENews.com

  6. “food, water , medical, lanterns, blankets, etc.”

    Other items that some don’t think about is that pumps at gas stations may not be working in such an event – keep your vehicles filled up. Also, ATMs won’t work – keep cash on hand.

    “unplug devices when not in use.”

    I read somewhere that even if devices are off but plugged in, they will be damaged. It is good to keep electronics unplugged when not in use.

    However, it has also been reported that in the event of an EMP, car batteries will also be fried. So, all one can do is as much as possible to be prepared to be self sufficient.

  7. NORTH KOREAN NUKE ATTACK ALERT (JAN 12, 2017): Geneva-Based CIA Likely Plotting North Korean EMP/Nuclear Terror Attack this January 12-19, 2017, Possibly Targeting Guam, Taiwan and/or the Philippines


  8. Greetings Marianne! Glad to see your well. Just wanted to say Happy New Year till next debate. Blessings!

    • hi warlock

      greetings to you as well. happy new year. I do not think there will be more debates 🙂 events are happening now that will change the world very soon. my time here is almost up. I am at peace.

  9. Here is something we need to think about from a biblical standpoint.
    If someone attacks the US (other than the sun) it will certainly start a world war, which the bible predicts. The problem I have is with the timing. If it happens and is biblical then it must be the 2nd seal. Forgetting that we haven yet seen the 1st seal, if this starts the tribulation then there is the following problem.
    If you believe in a 7 (or 10) year tribulation, then Jesus must return in mid-january. If you believe in a 3-1/2 year tribulation then He must return in mid-July. So anyone who knows that Jesus must fulfil the Feast of Trumpets and return on that date, January or July simply don’t work.
    To me this sounds like just more fake news. I’ve seen these YouTube videos many times in the past and obviously none of them have ever been true. Comets, asteroids, Solar Flares, pole reversals, Nibiru etc. have all been predicted 100 times over on YouTube. I stopped falling for these warnings years ago.
    Bad stuff is coming, but I just don’t think this fits any biblical time line. We shall soon see.

    • it

      yes we shall soon see.

      but re-read the post.

      I had a military contact call me. the army really is gearing up for a POSSIBLE, but not 100% certain, EMP by getting back up power systems going.

      he then called later that night and gave me the video link to John Moore relaying the same intel.

      there is nothing fake about seeing a possible danger and preparing.

      it would be worse to be unprepared.

      america is trying to provoke a war with russia, very bad idea

      the “EMP” may also be contrived , and blamed on russia, just to justify a war with Putin

      I have considered that if this happens, it would disrupt the upcoming inauguration of Trump, which is what this current administration wants.

    • it

      the first seal was opened in 2009 when the current president received a nobel prize for peace, when he had done nothing to earn it, and has done nothing but wage war since.

      • If the tribulation began in 2009, how long do you plan on it lasting? Or are you one of those people who believe there seal could have been opening ever since Christ left us? I believe in a 3.5 year tribulation beginning with the first seal. If you believe Obama is the Antichrist / False Prophet then he has been in power for the last 8 years. Once he is a private citizen he no longer commands the military or the National Guard so ho do you expect him to control the world and institute the mark of the beast? How soon do you expect this to happen?
        You know, I’ve been following the Obama- Antichrist theorists almost as long as the 2017/2018 crowd. I’m curious how the Obama crowd are going to react on inauguration day when their figure all of a sudden loses the ability to rise to the New World Order Dictator status. There are many but I will follow you since you are right here, along with DJ. I know you were smart enough to opt out of the 2017 group but that was a no-brainer after 2014 (except for a few). So I’m just curious how your belief system will change after the 20th. I’m sure there will be plenty of conspiracy theories suggesting how he might take over the planet so I’m curious if you will follow these or abandon Obama in favor of a new candidate.
        How about Trump? The rumors are already flying.
        I’ll keep in touch.

        • it

          well that is one theory. not mine.

          it all depends on what we see and how we interpret it. it is certainly true, obvious, that god made this a mystery

          it seems more definite if we see the antichirst in the temple of god, creating the abomination of desolation. that is a better starting point.

          obama is working very hard at this moment to cancel the inauguration by creating anarchy and insurrection and crisis. he is claiming the russians hacked the election and so trump is not a legitimate president elect. he has american soldiers on the russian border ready to attack russia. if he is not the AC, he is still insane. we have an EMP warning here, and FEMA is collecting 3 x the normal food and water to be delivered to FEMA centers around the country by Jan 18th.

          he may stay in by treachery and destroy the inauguration….which is the 20th jan. we do not need a real EMP to stop the country. obama just has to turn off the power grid.

          I have to wait and see how this week ends

          trump is not insane, and would be a big improvement, but still I trust in God, not man.

          my original thoughts were that a middle eastern leader would be AC

          • Hi Marianne, I love your strong faith and musings but remember.

            “Teacher,” they asked, “when will these things happen? And what will be the sign that they are about to take place?”

            Jesus answered, “See to it that you are not deceived. For many will come in My name, claiming, ‘I am He,’ and, ‘The time is near.’ Do not follow them. When you hear of wars and rebellions, do not be alarmed. These things must happen first, but the end is not imminent.”

  10. Sep /23/17 and 1260 days , just reference , watch it

    • ok

    • we need the tribulation first

    • I’ve seen this Steve guy before. Classic reverse-engineer. Trying to fit comet strikes on Jupiter in 1993 and space shots with rhyming names and all sorts of other ridiculous connections that mean nothing. His interpretation of rev12 is atrocious. We all should know that the serpent is Satan the Devil, right from the bible. And the third of stars are the fallen angels, not falling stars or meteors. Again, defined in the bible.
      He also believes in the pre-trib rapture and Nibiru which is phony news. He also fails to make any date commitments and is between this year and 40 years from now. With all his so-called clues he seems to know nothing as to what will happen. He hints at 2017 but fails to commit.
      Tis is just a way to stay relevant on the web. Committing to a real date creates an end-point for your believability. Its why most Nibiru and asteroid strike YouTube videos no longer pick a date. Many show a precise orbit but can’t seem to be able to calculate any arrival date. They seem smart but are actually clueless.
      Marianne is right that the tribulation must happen first. Forget meteor showers, lets look for the signs given by Jesus Himself and elsewhere in the bible. I think she believes the Jewish temple must be rebuilt before the Antichrist takes over. I don’t believe in an Antichrist nor a 3rd temple. But we shall see about that.

      • in the bible, there is one incident, when Jesus crucified , the sun is blocked by the moon ?? there is no light at all,
        this steve said that planet x ? (thing from other space ?} come to help to accomplish the work,

        suddenly , the alarm in my heart is on , i do not trust what he said.

        i do not think God need thing from outer space to help God to finish the work, God is Almighty God. please

      • but also want to give steve some credit, some of his word is correct .

        • god could do it different ways

          wait and see

        • Hi q,
          The darkening of the day for 3 hours when Jesus was on the cross couldn’t be the moon because the moon was eclipsed that night so it had to be a full moon. Since the moon can’t be in 2 places at once it couldn’t be what caused the darkness.
          As for Nibiru causing an eclipse, I don’t believe that either. I’ve studied the possibilities and it appears that an eclipse lasting 3 hours wouldn’t be possible from a passing planet. And if there were a planet passing by astronomers of that time (the Greeks and romans and Chinese had many) would have recorded the event like they did for many comets. I would assume that such a planet would be quite large and should have been visible for many months just as the comets were. So a giant shadow was cast for 3 hours and nobody saw anything? Surely the bible writers would have looked up and noticed a giant planet for 3 hours, yet not a word.
          So who could cast a giant shadow, perhaps just over the city of Jerusalem? Maybe a million or more angels hovering above? How might God do such a thing? Maybe just snap His fingers.
          So you’re right, God does not need anything to do His will. I prefer to think of it as a miracle. A real sign from God to show mankind He is in control of the world.
          I hate it when people try to explain away a miracle from God as something that would have happened anyway even if God were dead or never existed. Many of the 21 last judgements are supernatural. Even the Pharaoh tried to explain away the plagues of Egypt as natural and not from some unknown Hebrew God. But the fire and ice and the death of the firstborn could not be explained away. They made him a believer, at least for a while.
          So the tribulation will be God’s introduction to the non-believers. And those with the mark will know for all time that they were doing something wrong and what it and what it was.
          As for Steve, very little of what he teaches is true. teaches is true. He sounds like he knows what He’s talking about but when I’ve tried to verify his claims I can’t find reliable people to back him up. Someday he too will have to eat his words but I doubt he will ever go away.

          • Hi

            AMEN , thanks for your explanation. agree with you!

            i never try to explain God’s work, For He is God,
            God can do whatever He want , sometimes, human can not understand/

  11. Amazing dream from LeAnn Squier at Glory of Zion International’s celebration service this past Sunday.

  12. trump inauguration threats

    what will they do next?

    violent democrats to destroy inauguration, trump life threatened, leader over security dismissed

  13. roger stone, advisor to trump, and witness against hillary in wikileaks russia hack hoax, has been poisoned

  14. ben fulford , he might be the insider of globalist/illuminati
    he did knew something . but just for reference , can NOT believe the whole thing , some info is true.,
    he call them Khazarian mafia/elite/jewish zionist /

  15. i just watch this video, a woman who knew berry in teenage year at 1977 , she said berry is not “intellectual” person., not ” smart” person . those college record (columbia univ }. could be a makeup, no one met him in the political science class .

    have impression regarding to berry . he is lunatic , mentally ill person. did not see that he is a smart person

    Marianne, i just bring this to you, for many people think obama is the a/c,

    he is puppy not the handler ?

    i thought a/c is a smart person ? does obama pass the test?

    just curious ?

    in the history, hitler , stalin , …. dictator are all lunatic people,

  16. http://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/kevin-zadai/

  17. q,
    If you look to history you will find that no one has ever conquered the entire world, just what was peripheral to their kingdoms. In today’s modern world it is still impossible. People have been looking towards an American president since he weilds more power than anyone on earth, but truth be told, we can’t even beat ISIS or the Taliban so how could anyone conquer the planet? It defies common sense.
    Also, if the Antichrist really did control the earth for 7 years, who starts WW3? If the world were unified under on powerful person, there would no longer be separate nations to war against one another. It would be as if the Antichrist is fighting himself.
    The truth is that there is not one person on earth that could possibly do what people believe the Antichrist will do. And every past candidate going back to Napoleon has failed to come anywhere close. I don’t understand how anyone could think someone can.
    So I suppose now we are in for a whole new batch of Antichrist candidates. All sorts of proof as well. And no way to prove otherwise. Not as long as people believe everything they read on the web.

    • it

      it could be that te AC conquers or at least controls his portion of world, as though agreement or cooperation, without a conquering war.

      look at europe. it united without a war, one person could easily take charge, as I think germany, under merkel, is doing now.

      it says in the bible that there is a limited number of kings that comes under the AC rule, 10 or less…..but it is for a short time. the kings of the north and a south oppose him, news from the east disturbs him. so they are not part of his “kingdom”

      therefore, he is not the king of 126 nations, but just a few, and causes trouble for others.

      and there is plenty of room for warring nations to oppose each other.

      we did not beat the taliban or ISIS because obama was one of them, sending money and weapons, and refused to really oppose them.

      Putin did more in 2 weeks than obama did 1 year. even the king of jordan made a significant effort after his pilot was burned to death by ISIS.

      there will always be antichrist personalities, but there will be one specific AC that is above all of them…worse than Nero, napoleon, hitler, obama, sadam hussein,…..

      the bible says that the tribulation saints get beheaded for their faith…that is a big clue.

      • 1~22~5999 (out of 6000) in this Doomsday Apocalypse
        Last Evil Days of “Manmean”. Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! Pray NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

        PROPHECY EXPLAINED: The Two Horned Beast of Revelation 13:11-18 (The U.S. Government) turns its power over to the first beast (that has become the Vatican), Revelation 13:1. This president enforces the worship of the image (idol) of the Vatican: CHRISTIANITY (which has always been pagan).
        Revelation 13:18 Greek Diaglott, Free on The Web
        The #666 translates to Christos Zeus containing a CROSS, X as in Xmas meaning Zeus the Savior A.K.A. “Jesus Christ”.
        Will President Donald John Trump enforce “The Mark of the Beast”?
        Sadly, he WILL if he is the last president. He is Roman Catholic and he has a large beautiful looking statue of Apollo (the son of Zeus) in his New York City apartment. There is a Simpsons cartoon from the year 2000 that pictures a figure very much like Trump descending an elevator with his thumb up, a sign in the back from a campaign. That scene in real life has been shown in 2016. Has he been waiting in the wings for a long time for the LAST time?
        Actually Napoleon was GOOD because he took the papacy’s power away in 1798 not to be restored until 1929. That fact and the one about the U.S. Government being The Two Horned Beast were written about in the book, “The Great Controversy” by Ellen G. White in 1888.
        And, the tribulation saints (144,000) DO NOT GET BEHEADED. They SURVIVE because they are SEALED and have victory over the beast (Vatican and/or U.S. Government) and his image (idol): CHRISTIANITY! Earlier saints in the dark ages were beheaded.
        Yahshua’s FIRST advice: “Let no man deceive YOU!” Matthew 24:4



        • Donald Trump is not nor has he ever been a catholic. He is Presbyterian. That makes him a Protestant and the Catholic church claims all protestant will burn in hell, so why would the pope give Trump power over Catholic church?
          He’s been POTUS for 2 days and already he is the new Antichrist. Just as I expected. After 8 years of Obama being Antichrist now all of a sudden we have to look to Trump to fill the job. Wonder who will come next.

          • It was reported on a news station that Trump is Roman Catholic. Catholic = Christian. I have read that all of the recent presidents were Roman Catholic even if they called themselves something else. The prophecy is about the ruler of The Two Horned Beast (U.S. Government) which turns its power over the first beast (Vatican). Christian false shepherds teach that The False Prophet is in Christianity. Most anyone on the street can see that Mohamad (of Islam) is that false prophet, a religion also started by the Vatican.
            Bible Eschatology teaches that Yahshua the Messiah will come at the end of the 6000 years unless Yahweh shortens the time. My understanding is that will be on Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement, 2018.
            Revelation 14:4 states that the sealed are “the first fruits”. This may indicate that “The Mark of the Beast” (Revelation 13:18) may be enforced at the time of the Feast of Weeks (First Fruits) which is in May or early June. Just think. This CAN happen this year!
            It, in my opinion, you should stop wondering and start to believe
            THE TRUTH.

            • I think you are attributing too much negativity to the US, and that the US is the 2 horned beast is just an opinion…the vatican is not that relevant anymore, and has less influence on politics now, as compared to the middle ages….

              the beast from revelation is the same as the 4th one in daniel, and I see no USA symbolism there…..4th beast is islamic according to the imagery….usa may be involved, but may not take the lead.

              • Marianne, I have been teaching about the U.S. GOVERNMENT not the people. If you do not believe that this government has made horrendous decisions in the past you really should check out its history. Years ago when thinking about this prophecy Yahweh sent me the idea that John the Revelator saw a bison (only found in America). No one else that I know of has mentioned this. The “little horn” in Daniel 7 represents The Vatican which eventually took over the whole Holy Roman Empire . Daniel 7:25 specifically speaks about the Papacy which has tried to change Yahweh’s times and laws. Islam is just another Vatican spawned religion used by it especially now in these end times. The wise will understand. Really, Marianne, do you think that Trump’s government will enforce Islam??

          • i did not see any a/c attribute in Trump, could you explain why you see new a/c ?

            trump is patriot .

            i can see the a/c character in obama,
            Ps Netville Johnson and Sadhu said that obama now is seeking for the position to control UN, he is trying to be the head of UN, he did not stop.
            actually, trump is the enemy of globalist/illuminati/elite ,

            could you explain why you said he is new a/c, thanks

            • q, my second to last comment explains a little of my position. I believe that he may be the one because of the time frame. Trump is NOT an outsider. A table was shown with dozens of folders concerning his companies and it was stated that these were not all of them. He is a big player in this New World Order under The Vatican. With a Republican (and mostly Christian) controlled Congress, he can now enforce the final agenda. For me, he is a reminder of Antiochus Epipafanes who originated The Abomination of Desolation by enforcing Zeus (a.k.a. Jesus Christ) worship on Yahweh’s people. Yes, Trump says that the Bible is his favorite book. However, that veneer of profession is now beginning to wear thin. It is those of us NOT accepting Christianity who will be persecuted!

          • it, go to You Tube and click on, “Is Trump a Jesuit?” and “Will Trump Enforce The Mark of the Beast?” I was really surprised to see that both Trump and Clinton are Jesuits and attended an annual Jesuit dinner (after one of their debates) smiling with Cardinal Dolan standing and seated between them! Now to be Jesuits it seems that they must be Roman Catholic. But actually, every Christian today practices Roman Catholicism whether they know it or not. That’s one reason WHY these are the LAST of days!

            • $,
              I went to YouTube and typed in “Donald Trump is a clone” and got at least 4 hits, all proving he is dead and was replaced by a clone. So what? If its on YouTube its probably fake. The fact that you use YouTube to prove your interpretation tells me you are wrong.
              If Trump were a Jesuit catholic you would find him at mass every Sunday. Never been. He goes to a Presbyterian church (his whole life) and has stated on the campaign trail several time (that I’ve seen) that he is Presbyterian. He met with all manner of religious leaders in order to curry votes. It doesn’t mean he follows any of those religions.
              Anyone can say anything they want about anyone on the web. They all said Obama was the Antichrist and would take over the world shortly after he received his peace prize. Guess what. It never happened. Tens of thousands of people believed it and it was a hot topic on YouTube for 8 years. That didn’t make it any less of a lie.

              • it, they say a picture (or photo) is worth a thousand words. The photos show both Trump and Clinton (with Cardinal Dolton between) all smiling at this Vatican Jesuit annual dinner. This dinner took place after an earlier debate where both candidates verbally thrashed each other. Trump stated that he has been going to this annual dinner for many years, and liked it, first brought there by his father.
                All Jesuits go to Sunday mass? Did Marx, Lenin, Fidel Castro, and Jim Jones, all Jesuits, go to mass??
                I looked up your reference about Trump being cloned. Frankly, I have never thought about that. The person uploading some of the videos uses Yahweh’s Name.I have seen plausible videos about B.O. and Hillary being cloned, especially Hillary. There have been some odd videos about her, Really, Trump probably has been in the Vatican’s pocket for a very long time and does not need to be cloned.For me it’s really SAD how the beast (Vatican) is so thoroughly deceiving everyone with its image (idol) named “Jesus Christ” and his CROSS!
                In cards, the “Trump Card” is the final winning card played. ( And, Trump was not the original family name.)
                Yahshua said, “Those who shall endure unto the end shall be saved.” I am thinking ALOT about these words.

      • Marianne,
        You seem to finally be zooming in on the real truth here.
        You are correct about Germany. It will militarize the European Union and start WW3. The 10 nations that give their power to the beast will come from Europe. The leader of Germany / European Union will be the “man of fierce countenance…” but he will not be an Antichrist. Rather he will join forces with the Vatican giving the pope ultimate religious power over the 10 nations. Nations that will be filled with unruly Muslims that these countries will be anxious to get rid of. Most of what many people attribute to the “Antichrist” like a peace plan, ruling the earth, chipping the world and many others will never happen.
        Now that Obama is gone many people will be re-evaluating their bible prophecy, hopefully for the better. As the real events unfold many will get the hints and forget about the 70th week of Daniel, a Muslim Antichrist and many other wrong beliefs.
        Next to go, the 2017 second coming story… another big one which will create much disappointment. Then the 2018 believers will go. Then we will see what develops next. Can’t wait.

        • obama is NOT gone, ps Neville Johnson and Sadhu said that obama is seeking to control UN, UN and EU are the forerunner of a/c .

      • AMEN to your word. Marianne,

        china, russia will not be part of a/c at the end.

        ps Neville Johnson and Irvin Baxter said that we need to pay a lot attention to EU, germany, the beast system is developing .

  18. to 4 Yahweh,

    i am with Nita Johnson’s prayer group for a long time, she is the expert with a lot info of iluminati, iluminati try to kill trump, they still trying, so we pray for trump a lot , trump is not part of elite.
    obamacare, tpp… climate change are all elite agenda,
    that is good and right to oppose these globalist agenda. there is nothing wrong.
    jfk is killed by illuminati.

    Nita Johnson, neville johnson, sadhu, all received prophetic word, trump is
    king cyrus type person, there is a short period time of window, revival is coming to USA, trump is not savior, but he is tool that God will use to help USA.
    God Bless

    • obama is NOT gone, ps Neville Johnson and Sadhu said that obama is seeking to control UN, UN and EU are the forerunner of a/c .

    • Prayer to Yahweh through His Son Yahshua is GREAT. The Illuminati is another group under The Vatican. In my opinion, there has not been a true “election” since 1980 when Bush Sr. took over the leadership when Reagan was wounded and also afflicted with Alzheimer’s. Web Search: “Bush Nazi Family Connections”. Trump was most likely saved to the last because he seems to have been in the public’s eye and in the wings for a very long time. Yes, we are in the revival but we are now coming to the END of it. It seems to me that I have been in the revival since 1968 and it really PAINS me to experience the willful ignorance of most Christians I have experienced during all of this time. When presented with the saving truth of salvation through faith in Yahshua the Son of Yahweh, they wholeheartedly reject HIM in favor of the anti-Messiah and his pagan cross. Yes, Trump is a “tool” but WHOSE??
      For decades ,by the grace of Yahweh, I have given out thousands of cards and literature with the Names of Yahweh and Yahshua, also contending for the faith in posts like this.
      Yes, soon there will be the final harvest. The tares are first gathered into bundles (groups? religions?) to be burned. However, the “wheat” is gathered into Yahweh’s barn. Matthew 13:30 Which ONE will you be in?

  19. obama is not done yet, Phanuel
    My understanding based on revelation is the following. Obama isn’t the final anti Christ but has a strong anti-Christ spirit. The election of Trump was by divine intervention to lead America into its true endtime destiny (in becoming a SHEEP and REFUGE nation). This is our last chance, as time will delay no longer. If the true remnant church fervently prays with fasting we will get to our destiny. It will be very difficult but we can overcome through our Lord Jesus Christ.
    That is my understanding too. The only avenue left for BHO to come back to world stage is through UN secretary generalship which is not vacant for next 5 years. Besides 5 permanent members have veto power over the selection.Terry Bennet was told to look to France,Germany,Spain and Greece for AC.Europe will have its own army as this administration is US first. The Litmus Test for AC is peace treaty with Israel,so we will have to wait.
    To add to this … before John Paul Jackson passed I had a conversation with him about the a/c. He had an encounter and saw the back side of the a/c. He also answered a specific question during one of his Q/A sections and said obama wasn’t the final a/c. When I saw obama “fall” in two visions. he looked so powerless


    • james Bailey
      Obama is a descendant of the tribe of Dan through his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. The tribe of Dan settled in the city of Dan, which is located to the north of Israel at the base of Mount Hermon, on the border of Lebanon and Syria. There are lots of scriptures showing the antichrist comes from the tribe of Dan.

      Z3er Carl Manning shared a testimony of a vision received by his ex-wife. While watching Obama during the 2008 Presidential debate, she saw the word “Lebanon” written on his forehead. She did not understand at the time, but it confirms his ancestry from the tribe of Dan.

  20. 4 Yahweh,
    I think your bison vision has led you astray. The second beast of revelation is clearly a Christian “kingdom” but not the true church. It is the beast the woman rides. This beast is the Vatican, not the U.S. The Roman Catholic Church is the “Mystery Babylon” that will be destroyed due to its false teachings. But the beast it rides is the Vatican, not America. You are doing all you can to make America fit your bison-inspired interpretation. But claiming every U.S. president for the last 40 years was a secret catholic with a catholic agenda is a HUGE stretch. Plus the U.S. constitution forbids any state-sponsored religion so your “mark of the beast” would be completely impossible. If you believe that the first beast of revelation was the Holy Roman Empire, which you clearly do, then the second beast of revelation which had all the power and authority of the first beast has to be the revived “little horn” which became a kingdom (beast) in 1929. The Holy Roman Empire did not just “become” the Vatican. It received a deadly wound by Napoleon but was revived by Mussolini. The U.S. is not and will never be a religious kingdom. It doesn’t fit scripture either.
    Like too many people you have created an interpretation and you are willing to believe impossible things and all sorts of conspiracy theories to convince yourself that you are correct.
    I don’t know how long you have believed in a 2018 second coming date but it has passed its prime. If so we would be right in the middle of the tribulation with all sorts of biblical events taking place. And according to you the Antichrist should have taken power years ago, if there really is to be one, which I don’t believe. It wasn’t Obama and it is too late for Trump to be the Antichrist since he must take power at the first seal.
    I don’t know about anyone else here but I believe that when the tribulation starts it will go down precisely as stated in the bible. No fudging of scriptures or history will be necessary. No tweaking of reality. No conspiracy theories needed. It should be quite obvious to anyone who reads the bible. And it should at least be possible.
    To me, if common sense tells me that a scenario is too fantastic to be true then I can’t put my faith in it. I have faith that God’s word is not so clouded in mystery that almost no one will recognize it when it happens. And I don’t believe that the second coming can be “calculated” using math, generations or astronomy. In the end all of these methods will fail.
    Forget the bison, you need to reevaluate your whole interpretation and get in line with reality. You can do it now voluntarily or wait until real life forces you to do it later on.

    • It, you really confuse your Biblical beasts! Christianity did not exist in John’s day but as a unified religion only began in the Third Century under Constantine the Terrible. The “woman” actually (all of) CHRISTIANITY rides the FIRST beast in Revelation 13:1, what becomes The Vatican. No. The little horn (the Papacy) is on the FIRST beast not the SECOND. The Two Horned Beast turns its power (government) over to the first beast, The Vatican. Yes. the whole world wonders after the beast.
      So you don’t believe that we are now in the tribulation? Folks are being nuked to death by Fukushima melt downs (3~11~11). And, the readings are even WORSE now! Uncensored News: http://www.ENENews.com This was brought to you by the government of The Two Horned Beast. as was 9/11 and many other curses. If you were Native American, Black, Japanese, or even Jewish, you might believe that the U.S. Government is The Two Horned Beast. Maybe you will when this Christian government enforces “The Mark of the Beast” (CHRISTIANITY!) but, then, it may be too late for YOU! Yahweh works in mysterious ways, and so does the Evil One! To me, sadly, it’s as if you are all tangled up in a ball of prophetic yarn and cannot connect any of it correctly!
      The first seal? Revelation 6:1 That rider has been riding since the Third Century because it represents the Papacy. If you had lived THEN maybe you would have believed it.
      And, you don’t believe that Yahshua’s Return can be calculated? Yahweh said, “My Spirit shall not always strive with man for he is but flesh: Let his days be an hundred and twenty years.” Genesis 6:3 One interpretation is this: 120 X 50 (Jubilee year) = 6000 years These years are almost up even though YOU may believe the false years given for Yahshua’s birth and death. Because we are so close, it will not surprise me if this government enforces “The Mark of the Beast” by June (Feast of Weeks /First fruits).
      NONE of us are FORCED to believe THE TRUTH. Those that LOVE THE TRUTH will seek it and embrace it. This is the KEY to SALVATION.
      May YOU find it is my prayer!

      • O.K. I get it now. You are one of those people who believe that all the seals have opened long ago and hardly anything else needs to happen before Christ returns. This idea has become very popular with anyone who thinks the second coming will be in the next couple of years. I suppose you think the two witnesses are the Old Testament and New Testament and were “killed” by the French Revolution. I’ve heard all sorts of alternate realities when it comes to bible prophecy. They usually require you to ignore 90% of the bible verses on the topic. That is true for the witnesses as well as the U.S. being the 2nd beast.
        Apparently you believe the Fukishima disaster will be what kills ½ the earths population in the end-times. Again you managed to find any number of doom and gloom web sites to confirm you interpretation but you should read the following article:

        Here is the headline:
        “5 Years Later, Deaths Caused by Radiation Leak at Fukushima: 0“
        So how can we believe that between now and Sep 2018 that 4 billion people will die from radiation poisoning? There are only 2 kinds of people who could believe that. Morons and bible interpreters with a stubborn and inflexible agendas.
        As for your calculations, if the Hebrew calendar isn’t correct, how can your calculations going back 6000 years be accurate to one year? If you were correct then it would be common knowledge and considered factual – like Armageddon will be a real war. Or do you think that has also already happened?
        You make a bold claim that by this June Trump may enact a law forcing Catholicism on everyone in the U.S. I guess the rest of the world (everyone free and bond) gets a free pass. Why is God only interested in one country? Makes no sense. If you are correct then Trump needs to propose an amendment to the U.S. constitution right away if it is to pass by June. Or maybe he will invent a time machine and go back to the time of the founders and get the constitution altered from the very beginning. I’ll bet there is a YouTube video on that too. Both of these scenarios have an equal possibility of happening… zero.
        You are going down the same path as the 2017 second coming believers. Right now they only have a few months to wrap up the tribulation and begin the great and terrible (year) of the Lord which should have started 4 months ago. They predicted all sorts of biblical events would happen all of last year. Again… nothing.
        Their time is nearly up and yours will follow soon after. And your best proof we are near the end is a lie about the Fukishima disaster. Did you claim the same was true about Chernobyl? Many did, calling it the biblical “wormwood.” Many were wrong, as usual.
        I’ve found that when it comes to bible prophecy most people are willing to believe in impossible events, as if God will make them happen through miracles or magic. While there will be a number of miraculous events in the trumpet and vial judgements, the prophecy relating to the acts of mankind won’t be. God has predicted what man will do, but man has free will to do as he chooses. And if man can’t possibly do something then it can’t be the true prophecy.
        I can’t understand why so many people ignore this simple idea.

        • You are lying about the Fukushima meltdowns! Yes, there is a cover-up but you can find reports about many deaths, even U.S. sailors who were near there when it happened. They weren’t given potassium iodide which they should have been. We have potassium iodide (65 mg.) in case we get exposed to deadly radiation. Killer radiation keeps on eliminating life in the seas. You CAN find reports about this if you LOOK for them! AMA medical doctors are forbidden to even mention the radiation to patients.
          The Day of Atonement, 2017 through Day of Atonement, 2018 should be very telling. If it is the last year it will be called, “The Day of Jacob’s Trouble”. Because of all the presidential acts, a national crisis can suddenly put them all into play.
          THE TRUTH is common knowledge?? No. DECEPTION is common knowledge and YOU seem full of it!
          No. The enforcement of The Mark of the Beast (CHRISTIANITY) will become worldwide after it’s first enforced in the U.S. It will be like a snare trapping so many deceived Americans! The wise, those with understanding will now have their faith in Yahweh and His Son Yahshua!. HalleluYah!

          • 4,
            Oh no, not again. Not another cover-up.
            Frankly, I am fed up with the idea of huge cover-ups.
            First scientists were covering up the dangers of the end of the Mayan calendar. Then NASA, every observatory and astronomer in the world are covering up Nibiru. And let‘s not forget the aliens that are secretly running the world from their starships hidden behind the moon. And all the asteroid and comet collisions that you can find all over YouTube. Now you say that every recent president was secretly a catholic, even Obama who many claimed was a secret Muslim. And then you claim that the Fukishima disaster will kill half the worlds population but every news agency and every scientist and politician are all in on a big cover-up.
            Deception, deception, deception.
            You know, anyone can claim anything by simply posting a YouTube video and claiming there is a giant cover-up that is keeping everyone from learning their “truth.” And don’t forget that for every conspiracy theory that seems to prove your interpretation there are a dozen more that “prove” something different.
            I am a student of psychology and I am fascinated with the “YouTube phenomenon” as I call it. In WW2 and the cold war it was called propaganda and millions were fooled by it. Now it is misinformation and fake news on YouTube and the web. And while most of the general public isn’t fooled by this it seems that many Christians fall for any story that reinforces their beliefs. I don’t know why they are so willing to believe impossible things.
            Speaking of impossibilities, are you really expecting countries like China and India to force 2-1/2 billion Hindus and Buddhists to switch over to a religion they know nothing about? Same for Muslim countries and even Israel? Trump has no control over these nations and none of their leaders are Christian. So just how do you propose that these nations will be forced into Catholicism? Do you not understand the outrageousness of this idea? You seem to think that anything is possible if it helps your interpretation.
            The web was full of videos that claimed Obama would never leave office and millions believed it because they needed him to become the Antichrist, and yet it was all a giant lie. Your lies are no better. I have a simple mantra; If something is impossible, it won’t come true. It seems to me this is simple common sense. When you throw that away you’ve got nothing left.
            Except for one thing: wishful thinking.

            • jim

              there really are coverups, and you help.

              it is mainstream media that does most of it, at the government’s bidding.

              not all youtube is wrong. some is speculative, but others are very correct

              obama is not a secret muslim, he is open about it., in your face about it.

              he is not gone. he is around and will continue to contribute to the anarchy, hate and murder attempts in the country, and like I said before, he is an antichrist personality

              I agree about everything dubious not being ‘catholic’

              • You say Obama has proclaimed he is a Muslim but there is no video of it. Check out this real video which I remember seeing on TV years ago and other similar ones.

                If Obama were a Muslim and ten said what he did in this video he would be considered an infidel which would mean his death under Sharia law. No real Muslim would act so foolishly.
                During Obama’s campaign there were many reports on his long time preacher Rev. Wright who was considered to be too radical a Christian. Obama has a long documented connection to Rev. Wrights church but was never seen in any mosque.
                You believe he is a Muslim because you need him to become the Antichrist and you require a Muslim Antichrist, so he is the best and only real candidate. You believe the propaganda because it fits your agenda. You reject everything else no matter how clearly it illustrates the real truth. You believed the stories that Obama was going to cancel the election, then you believed the videos that said he would call Old Testament the National Guard and stop the inauguration. Now you continue to believe in an Obama Antichrist no matter how unlikely the scenario would have to be in order to get him back in power so that he might become the Antichrist. Many people will come up with many crazy explanations and many people will continue to believe them.
                But I’m not one of them. Sorry.

                • I heard obama say he was a muslim, more than once. he just said he was a christian to get elected. rev wright was not a christian either, he was a black liberation theologist, who studied islam in south africa.

                  obama mocked christianity and judaism, and there are videos on this as well.

                • obama won’t give a straight answer, refuses to admit, although the interviewer points out all his pro Islamic behavior

                  • Obama heaped praise on the Muslim religion in a failed attempt to stop Islamic terrorism simply by being nice to them. He quoted from the Koran but only the verses that made them seem peaceful. So what. He never actually said “I am a Muslim” and he never prayed in any mosque. He was raised in a non-religious household but he chose Christianity after studying most of the world’s religions.
                    From a web article:
                    Pointless scrutiny of Obama’s church attendance
                    02/23/15 04:54 PM
                    By Steve Benen
                    President Obama is a Christian. His wife is a Christian. They’ve baptized their children as Christians. The Obama family were members of a Christian church in their hometown of Chicago. At his inauguration, Obama was sworn in on a Christian Bible, and as president, he’s proceeded to speak many times with pride about his Christianity.
                    He left his Chicago church in 2008 and has not joined another church to this day. Nor any Mosque. If you are still waiting for Obama to declare he is a devout Muslim and then get the Islamic world to install his as world dictator you’re going to have an awful long wait with the way things are right now.
                    I think we are going to have to put Obama on the back burner for now. Depending on how long you are willing to wait, you may have to start looking elsewhere to find a viable candidate. But for now the immediacy of Obama’s ascension to world power is gone. Whether it ever comes back again remains to be seen.

                    • obama is a liar and a deceiver….and you are defending him.

                      when asked point blank if he was a muslim, he refused to deny it…he SAID to muslims, he was one of them….I heard him

                      and he HAS prayed in mosques, and promoted islam in the government and white house

                      he is not a christian, and has NO qualities of a christian

                      he will still be around, just like bill clinton is still around

                      you are a government troll…

            • 1~28~5999 (out of 6000) Sabbath in these Final Years
              Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON!
              Pray NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
              HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

              it, so you are Jim , the deceived,and feel that you have to change your name? Instead, why don’t YOU change your false beliefs and get saved?
              People here can keep choosing to go in circles listening to false shepherds, the blind leading the blind. BUT TIME IS MARCHING BY! March 11, 2017 is Purim (also the 6th year since Fukushima meltdowns). By then , and certainly by Passover we shall see where this U.S. Government is heading! Purim represents the government power coming against Yahweh’s people, the Jews at that time.
              All the countries you mention (even China) have long been infiltrated by the Jesuits and undermined by the Vatican except possibly Israel.
              Jim, what are YOU going to do when this U.S. Government enforces “The Mark of the Beast” i.e. Christianity? Will YOU still believe it is the TRUTH? Do you know that there isn’t any reward for false belief?


              • You are wrong that I am “Jim” but you are right that time is marching on. All I need to prove my points is for time to destroy your interpretation.
                Right now Christians are being persecuted all over the world. Worse than any time in history.

                Jesus said that in the time just before His return Christians would be hated for our faith in Him. You are saying that the whole world will embrace Christianity. You deny current events and you deny our Lord. All in an attempt to create your end-time scenario.
                So, are you predicting that by Mar 11th it will become clear that our government will begin to convert the country to Catholicism? We should expect to see a presidential order to that end? Surely it will be all over the news that everyone must become catholic in the near future. So what else must Trump do as the Antichrist? What about a peace treaty with Israel? What about the Abomination of Desolation? How will he prevent people from buying or selling if they refuse the mark? Will it be a chip? Then the banking system must be revamped and the people must be chipped.
                Do you see the problem with your prediction? There is so much baggage associated with it there is no way it could all go down in 2 months. That is simply being a pragmatist. Using common sense with a touch of bible knowledge.
                I don’t think anyone here believes you either. I just seem to be the only one who will speak up to you and other false prophets that fill these blogs. Again, Jesus warned us of False Prophets before He returns so it isn’t surprising that there would be many on YouTube and WordPress and many other places.
                So I think I’m just saying here what most people are already thinking. So when you call me names you are saying the same to many others. It doesn’t bother me but you may want to consider all the others you may be hurting through your comments.

                • I do not see any name calling in the last comment….if there is, it must stop. I do not allow it.

                • Marianne called you “Jim”, that’s why I used that name. There was a Jim on several of these threads and I was thinking that you are him. He was against YouTube videos just like you and you sound very much like him. That’s why I wrote what I did. I did not call you any names but said that you seem very confused by Bible prophecy. I said the Two Horned Beast government would turns its power over to the first beast (which has become the Vatican) and would enforce The Mark of the Beast. The number of the image (idol) of this beast is 666. Revelation 13:18 Greek Diaglott Free on The Web. It translates to Christos Zeus, Zeus the Savior, a.k.a. “Jesus Christ” with a CROSS, X as in Xmas! All Roman Catholics are Christians. All Christians are Roman Catholic. CHRISTIANITY IS PAGAN AND ALWAYS WAS! It is the great antiMessiah religion that has deceived the whole world. If YOU really knew anything about history you would now KNOW that “The Abomination that Maketh Desolate” was and WILL BE the enforcement of Zeus (Christian) worship or at least its MARK to be able to buy and sell. This first happened with Antiochus Epiphanes, circa 168 B.C. in ancient Israel. This has NOT been a short time of final events unless you call 50 years short. It, it really does not matter to me how many here are choosing to believe the truth. (I became immune to that concern very early on.) As long as I BELIEVE THE TRUTH and TEACH IT, I am BLESSED! HalleluYah!

  21. Click to access Our_Finest_Hour_Vol2_1.pdf

    here , Ps Neville Johnson talked about Trump and end time message.
    trump is not a/c

  22. Hi Marianne or anyone , any thought regarding to this ?

    found out one thing, in the life journey , the thing most trouble , my dilemma ,
    it is very hard to find one human being to being on the same page with us.
    God told me that do not try to find human being, God want us to being on the same with God.

    i did not mean to find a husband or wife, gf, bf . nothing to do with it.

    i mean that in the church circle, find a christian friend who we could communicate the spiritual thing.

    i might need to read the Pilgrim’s Progress – A Journey to Heaven again.

    thanks , God Bless

  23. http://www.charismanews.com/opinion/watchman-on-the-wall/62623-jonathan-cahn-s-last-words-to-obama-and-charge-to-president-trump
    Jonathan Cahn’s Last Words to Obama and Charge to President Trump

    • q

      what he says about the beast MAY be true, if using modern country symbols.


      in daniel, the leopard was greecian empire, the lion was babylon, and the bear was medo persia….today these are all islamic countries

      • thanks so much !!

        Marianne, i also found out that chinese leader Xi Jinping Tuesday at world economic forum at Davos: he support globalization

        i just doubt if he is a globalist ?
        according ps mike bickle and ps terry bennett, they both receive word from God that china will be a country oppose a/c.

        so it look like their prophecy or thoughts contradict to the current event,
        for Xi look like to be a globalist.
        do you have any thought ?
        thanks , i am confused.

  24. q,
    As far as globalization and China goes, don’t confuse Economic globalization with political globalization. You are wondering if China will accept or reject the Antichrist as part of a global New World Order if I read you right. What China is trying to do now only involves trade with other nations.
    But the truth is that there won’t be a global New World Order with one man in charge, Antichrist or otherwise. You are confused as to what might happen because it is simply not possible. You try to imagine various scenarios that would allow it all to happen but you simply can’t. All you can do is to keep believing it will happen and go no further, perhaps just waiting to see what will unfold. But trying to use current events and tweaking them to fit your theory just won’t work. If something isn’t possible then no amount of tweaking will ever make it make sense.
    You only have 2 choices. You can wait forever for the thing to happen or you can look onto alternative interpretations that do fit current events, no matter how radically different they may be.

    • thanks for your explanation, Economic globalization with political globalization. yes i was confused .
      God Bless

  25. it

    the beast is not just a kingdom, as in daniel 7, but will be represented by a man, as in daniel 8:23 ( king of fierce countenance), and rev 17:8 (The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition).

    kingdoms do not arise out of the bottomless pit and go into perdition (hell). demonic spirits or devils do.

  26. Marianne, don’t forget there is going to be a total eclipse this year. This is a fascinating time for people who watch the skies! 🙂

  27. http://www.elshaddaiministries.us/livestream.php
    4 cups in the passover

  28. globalist tool, Justin Trudeau,

  29. the lyric is very prophetic !

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