Dream – Food in 2017


Maybe with all the discussion about what will happen in 2017, this caused me to have this dream.

However, what I dreamed seemed to be inconsistent with what most, even I, expect.     Angel

**Note:  this is now February 12, 2018.  My impression of the date is off, but I feel the other content may be valid.

***note: now it is October 2019.  not sure why 2017 was indicated unless that was the date on the food.

May 23, 2015


There is a place where free food is given out.

Each person gets a shopping cart, and can fill it up with what is available on the shelves.

This is a once a month offer.

They have a choice as to what to put in the cart.

There are also non food items like blankets.

I see some canned foods with date 2012 on it, but they are still usable and offered to us.

There is not much fresh meat.

I see a sign about 2017?

I also see boxes of cereal for $47, so those must be the  prices in 2017, unless that is the expiration date on the food.

I am glad I don’t have to pay that price.

These seem to be donated foods and items.

As I leave, there are some relaxing, friendly guards to oversee the orderly check out.

There is no “chip” or “mark” required to get this food.

I mention the bible to them, and they seem accepting.

This food bank, I am guessing, is offered by a ministry of some sort?

I do not know who offers it, but I am grateful for it being there.

End of Dream



God provides for those who trust in Him.

This dream gives hope to those who are unable to prepare for economic collapse and hardship.

Everywhere, we will find believers who will be willing to share with others, as they have the heart of Jesus.

** right now, they are few in number

And each of us should be part of that group that is sharing with other believers.

Red heart


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  2. This is a very unique dream!!! God bless you!!!!!!!

  3. Even with all the turmoil we have had as a species and leading up to today, I still have a belief in humankind. Regardless of how hard the times have been, and are, there seems to always be someone who steps up, even where the government doesn’t or can’t, and help provide for those in need. And, God is watching, and God provides.

  4. I believe now is the time to come together as True Believers because The Lord said “He will pour out His spirit in the last days on all flesh” http://bible.us/jol2.28.nlt “Then, after doing all those things, I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy.  Your old men will dream dreams, and your young men will see visions.

    I was attacked so bad in my mind with bombarded negative thoughts like never before and it vexed me so but I gave it and still give it to Him…The enemy is on the prowl and Yes we must prepare our minds…as well as our way and means of survival…like Noah was prepared for the Flood…but I know God will make sure we are protected Psalms 91…Keeps me assured and over all just His Word and Who He is…Our Father…

    A Shift has definitely taken place and we have entered the time of the Supernatural move of God even more…..

  5. Regarding the note about believers all over who are willing to share, how can that be when they don’t share now. In fact, many turn you away with kind words or don’t respond at all. As I say this now on Saturday, May 23, 2015, at 4:51p.m., tears roll onto my pillow. It’s all talk, babbling.I KNOW because I live it now.

    • onewsy

      if they are true believers, they will share.

      90% of “christians” are not true believers… they will pay for their fake life

      jesus will look at them, and say “I never knew you.”

      then they will be cast into hell for destroying his testimony and dishonoring his name

      they need to change their ways, get saved or perish

      • 5~23~5997 (out of 6000) Sabbath Eve of Yahweh’s Feast of Weeks
        Last Evil Days of “Manmean”. Yahshua Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! Pray NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

        My answer is here because this blog title came to my e-mail.
        “90% of Christians are not true believers” because CHRISTIANITY IS PAGAN. Undoubtedly, you have read this many times. Yahshua the Messiah will say to them, “I never knew you.” because they never knew HIM!

        If you expect SALVATION, PROTECTION, and even food in THIS FINAL TIME, you NOW need to be in HIS PROGRAM!


    • Yes it’s true and sad…but I never categorize every person because of his or her belief being similar or the same in the same category as every person that’s a christian who has done something unkind or said something unkind because I don’t know everybody who is or isn’t a christian..i barely know all my neighbors…So to same one neighbor has the same attitude that another neighbor has because they share the same Faith..is some what narrow thinking in my personal opinion “we” all will answer to the same God regardless…


    He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again. PROV 19:17

    Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard. pROV 21:13

    • We are ordered to help the poor and the traveler. Deuteronomy

    • rolls eyes old hag with delusions of grandeur ,old spinster obsessed with her self importance and actually not doing anything but feed her ego,a real witch fake Christian sad….sad if people only knew how unchristian she is…you’re a nasty backstabbing jealous bitter twisted horrible person who masquerades as a lamb but is a wolf

  7. rolls eyes old hag with delusions of grandeur ,old spinster obsessed with her self importance and actually not doing anything but feed her ego,a real witch fake Christian sad….sad if people only knew how unchristian she is

  8. Interesting dream, and it has the mystical number 47 in it. Have you yet ventured into this number’s true meaning? Cos am still grappling with it as often as I encounter it.

    My last encounter just last week seemed to mean caution, beware, after I’d bought a microwave oven and the reciept number ended with 47. I sought to understand how the unit works, and its history, and encountered that it was in 1947 that microwave ovens were first introduced for public use. Then all the dangers associated with their use. And I understood the 47 as a shield identity in spiritual terms. Whatever has the number is to be taken in cautionary measure, as its an agency for death and deciet. I recall last year I worked for a cient who out of the blues had informed me he was turning 47 the same year and had goals set to achieve by then. Its now past six months and he has yet to pay me over sixty percent of the agreed charges.

    A place where free food is given, sounds as where God asks us to go buy foid with money, spiritual food. Its God’s food bank, and apparently the 2012 spiritual application lingers still. The year 2017 could be it, the hour of redemption, and the key focus of your dream. In the meantime, the Spirit testifies of what nature of survival He’s getting us through till that hour.

    Indeed the Lord testifies is interesting, mysterious ways.

    • Above typo, rectify to buy food without money.

      As for the curse by the snakes eyes watching, be informed that the 47 is the tie they would kill for to keep it still in hoods. But God now wills that his children come to understand even the ways of darkness, whereupon they may amplify defense against all manner of evil.

      • john

        I never heard of 47 as a mystical number

        • It is, of all numbers, probably the most mystical of all. Do your research and you shall find it so.

          I wrote to you once in email about this number, and you replied you’d look into it.

          Like how Obama Snr died in a car crash at age 47, only for his son Barrack to become president at precisely that same age of 47 years. Examples abide widely and true. Numerous… Inventer of the AK47 gun dies at twice 47 in age…. 94 years old. And so did Mandera in the south. Both tied in their lives to the mysticism of 47. Manderas was more prominently known as 67, but thats only a convcealment of 47, adding 20.

          Its indeed a price tag for the soul. The 47 identifies in the lives and deaths of persons employing certain sorcery, or in their victims’ suffering.

          I have encountered numerous witness of the use of this number in sorcery, in both high and low places, with persons, as well as societies and even with entire countries.

          The so styled terrorism and war against the same for instance strongly features the actions of Sorcerers in sacrificing innocent blood to the demon heirachies, and without being observed for what they truly are.

  9. Hi Marianne,

    I think its about three or four nights ago when I had this dream. In the dream, I visited a stable full of healthy horses and like was gifted with two. So I led them westward of the stable area, where there was supossed to be a water dam of sorts for a drink. Other people had brought other livestock too to the place. But the dam was dry, and even the well had no water in it. Then all of a sudden, the sun, which was at about the position of 3pm, rained pieces of itself upon the ground, beginning from the location we were, the dried up dam area. Each fire drop was almost covering up to two to about four metres diameter scorch, and whomsoever it would land upon would be momentarily roasted.

    Of course I did not stop to observe all these, but was also running with everybody else eastward, hoping and skipping to avoid the fire drop ground target. I also observed that where the fire dropped in the plain, it did not continue raining the fire, if only one would backtrack amidst the chasing fire drops, the already scorched area would be the safest from the fire.

    At that point I awoke, and consindered the dream. I marvelled if it was the literal forth plague when the sun is given power to scorch men with fire. And as the dream pertained horses, which is symbol for whats reserved for the day of battle, and the horses given to me had been two, then I marvelled that that day of battle, when the sun scorches men with fire has been ascertained.

    My position in the dream, being chased by the fire was nevertheless disturbing, yet comforting as I seemed to escape the drops, though being in their very centre.

    I wouldnt bother posting this or any other dreams, since mostly I consider most to be private communication or tuition.

    But last night as I watched CNN, they reported of heat waves tormenting in India, already with a casualty figure past 1400 people, and counting. Also they reported that the temperatures are melting tarmac and geting to as high as 47 degrees celcius. 47……. And am ever attentive at anything holding this number. For I have encountered it also as a number signifying judgment.

    We have destroyed our environment, draining marshes and water bodies, which otherwise combats the fire from the sun to create the habitable environment. As in the Norse mythology of the Ygdrasil, the dragon at the base of the tree living in a pond of water, the hawk at the tree top representing the ravenous heat of the sun. The squirrel running up and down the tree to incite the two represents the dynamism of the hydrological cycle. If the pond in which the dragon (wisdom) lives is lost, then the sun will prey mercilessly on the inhabitants of earth. Thus by draining on marsh at a time, and each inland pond/lake, earth has been courting its own annihilation.

    I think from the dream, the orientations that I recall, that the heat waves will migrate west in the heat of summer. And they’ll continue, plus what generally people term global warming, until and unless we get back to the ancient wisdom of balancing the ravages of the sun with the waters of the planet.

    • john

      interesting dream….there is high solar activity and solar flares in the news as well.

      it is during the bowl / vial judgements that the sun scorches mankind…..

      this problem in India looks like a prelude to a situation which will get worse.

      47 C ??

      that is awful…I feel sorry for them

  10. Dear Marianne,

    I hope You and Yours are doing well.

    Your dream makes me think of the story about what had been
    in the news….It was about a ninety year old man and I believe
    there were two preachers with him….He had a mission of feeding
    the homeless and this was in Fort Lauderdale Florida…

    Apparently, He had been doing this for years….

    I quess a law had been passed that had made this illegal to
    do….There He and the Pastors were being arrested for
    doing this….They said they would not stop…..They were
    doing this with Jesus in their hearts to feed the hungry.

    Freedoms seem to be going away in the usa.

    I had had the opportunity to help with a church group to
    feed the hungry homeless men women and children in
    a park….A Pastor would come and give a message…
    Two came and played the guitars as we sang praises
    to Our Lord Jesus….Women from this church made
    big pots of soup and and there was salad and the meal
    and desert….iced tea, water coffee etc.

    Apparently, someone complained….The next thing You know
    told no longer could do.

    Freedoms seem to be going away in America

    God Bless You and Yours
    Love, In Jesus
    Praying Carol

    • good is evil now, and evil is good.

      which is why god retired me….I would have gotten killed if i had stayed longer in my last job….nasty people

      • Dear Marianne,
        Your answer is so true, it’s upside down…I for one am
        so grateful God retired you so you could start this blog…
        God’s favor and Blessings to keep you from harm..
        Meaning as You shared of Your last job….Difficult to
        work with nasty people….They can really do a number
        on You …. I’ve walked a few miles myself in nasty people
        land…. Thankyou Heavenly Father for Loving Us
        in Jesus

        Site: Bible Code Matrix Rapture Tables Slam Dunk Sept. 13,14, 2015

        I Pray this is a Blessing to other’s as this was for me.
        Look Up, as the word say’s Your redemption draweth nigh

        Love, In Jesus Praying Caro

        • carol

          I do not believe bible code

          the 6 seals and the 2 witnesses have not started yet and where is the abomination of desolation?

          • Dear Marianne,

            The Bible Codes are very interesting. The folks who have
            a sincere desire to take the time to use today’s technology
            for this particular purpose are sincere Christian Brother’s
            and Sister’s.

            I believe the first 5 seals have already been opened and the
            sixth seal is close at hand.

            The temple institute has everything ready for the building
            of the third temple.

            September being a Shmitah The fourth blood moon and
            the Pope coming to America seems quite a lot for the
            month of September.

            I had researched the doctrine of the nicolations site
            still learning and reading.

            Love in Jesus
            Praying Carol

          • 6~2~5997 (out of 6000) in this “Final Apocalypse”.
            Last Evil Days of “Manmean”. Yahshua Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! Pray NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM.
            Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

            The six seals HAVE NOT STARTED? It is too bad that you do not seem to have the spirit of prophecy because that is “the testimony of Yahshua”. Revelation 19:10 Holy Name Bible Original Hebrew
            The riders on those four horses (first four seals) have been riding for a very long time! They represent different sides of the Vatican. The rider on the white horse with no arrows represents the Vatican (Papacy). He does not have an army. The armies of ruling nations serve him. (Red Horse ~ world powers including Communist Russia
            All have/had some form of the CROSS: Christian, Crooked Swastika, Hammer & Sickle, etc.) Black Horse ~ Jesuits including the Inquisition Pale Horse~ Plagues, Nuclear Disasters like Fukushima, 3~11~11.
            In the mention of the 6th seal, the moon became as blood, Revelation 6:12 BLOOD MOON No doubt we are living NOW in
            THIS TIME. We are in THE SEALING TIME and have been for MANY YEARS! Revelation 7


            • I guess some clarification here.

              I believe the seals have been partially open for 2000 years. the antichrist spriit was mentioned in the NT. war, famine, pestilance, disease, death and martyrdom have been around too.


              what I see coming is a huge CLIMAX, where the seals become global events and it is on a much bigger and more intense level

            • Forgot to mention the crescent moon/star Islamic symbol another VATICAN invention/tool!

            • Dear 4 Yahshua,

              Thankyou for sharing with boldness concerning the
              Scriptures and the times we are in.

              Shine the Light….

              I had listened to this lady about Cern and Bible Prophecies…

              Site: Nostradomus & Bible Prophecies on the CERN LHC
              causing a Black Hole Doomsday utube

              She had Read Revelation 19 Revelation 17:5 and 8 and Nine

              She had really brought things to light as I listened and watched.

              9 44
              All should leave Geneva
              Saturn turns gold to iron
              the contrary positive ray (RAYPOZ)
              will exterminate everything
              there will be signs in the sky before this

              Love in Jesus
              Praying Carol

      • Yes I agree what was good is now evil I known this awhile now is in my own family what once I seen that was good thy now is as evil and what’s evil thy is as good its as though I am in a middle of people not like them don’t under stand them any longer don’t fill I fit in any longer my eyes can’t believe what thy are seeming its as though want to bed got up the world has change don’t under stand what’s happens to this world

  11. Hi Marriane,

    About the $47 cereal that you were glad you did not have to pay for, and was in the same store where everything else apparently was being given for free, indeed food for thought.

    There was this Silicon valley CEO a Mr Dave Goldberg who passed on at 47 about a month back. After all the glamour and success this world could offer. One widely reported death at that age. Then yesterday was the death of Beau Biden, reportedly at the age 46, but doing the maths correctly, he was in his 47th year. He was indeed four months years. Now these are just two deaths, and corellating them to the mystery of 47 may seem out of place to most. But when more of their lives is revealed, then indeed the relation is proven true. With the Biden case, I only discovered today that his father the vice president just happens to be the 47th von of the USA. Just how much of coincidence that happens to be, when he serves as the VP to a president who ascended power in his 47th year, the same age at which his father had paid the price of death. With this Joe Biden fellow, now it’s his son who has to pay the price at his 47th year, that’s of course after the other deaths of his wife and daughter early in his ascendance to power.

    Calling a spade by its name, this character, the USA vice president is proven, just as with his master, to employ the sorcery associated with the number 47. And he’s been a first in many aspects of his life, like being the first Catholic U.S. vice president, or the youngest senator of the US by his time.

    In India, the sorcery of 47 is almost a common joke, and by it they carry out exploits but at the expense of their soul. For any sorcery that requires human sacrifice is the forfeiting of one’s conscience for the exchange of worldly glory. It’s therefore befitting that the deaths they eventually face have to tie up with this same number. Such is as in the temperatures recorded in last week’s heat stroke, the high of 47°C. Or as in the lost Malayan flight that disappeared 47 minutes into its flight.

    This 47 is a portent issue, and its well known by sorcerers the world over. As such, when they receive judgement according to their measure, as its written that he who kills by the sword shall die by the sword, then terror grips their house for it dawns that the day of reckoning is at hand.

    They therefore will try to conceal the truth, such as when reporting that Beau Biden has died at 46, or that Mandela had died at 95, where he’d died at 94, that is twice 47.

    It’s true, that glamorous success is attainable by buying the cereal box at $47. But blessed and happy is he who opts not for that path, but rather chooses the free gifts of God, of which we are invited to buy without money cost.

    A cousin of mine turned 47 this year, and her son was turning 27. Last month the son perished in presumed road carnage. I learned the maths and just looked upon the situation with perplexity. She would pretend to morn the son, but the evidence speaks otherwise.

    What all these sorcerers know not, from the least of them, to those of kingly statutes, is that the time of their sorcery is up, and the era of reckoning is now at hand.

    • Dear John
      I had no idea, thankyou for this writing.

      I had just finished learning about ancient Babylon….

      Site: Babylon Bible Prophecy ISIS Secrets Revealed
      a utube….

      Many things I know not of and am learning….

      Love, In Jesus
      Praying Carol

      • Hi Carol,

        Its our duty in the world to share the relevant important revelations and knowledge that’s given to each one of us. For the edification if the people of God. As you are also sharing as we all learn.


  12. Dear Brother’s and Sister’s

    I just thought I would share as I hadn’t known of this…..

    I had recently learned

    Solomon’s Temple Brazil is “Landmark for whole world”//R$E

    I hadn’t known that there was a Huge Solomon’s Temple Built
    in Brazil….

    Just thought I would share
    Love, In Jesus
    Praying Carol

  13. Did not know of this as someone had shared of this

    April 21, 2014
    UN peace envoy denied entry to church of the Holy Sepulchre
    by Israeli Police?????

    This information to learn of was upsetting as I hadn’t
    known of this….

    Just thought I would share
    Love, In Jesus
    Praying Carol

    • i don’t know what that means…

      • Dear Marianne,

        The way it looked, it seems Christians, were being kept from
        making a pilgrimage to certain sites there….I believe one
        was the tomb of Lazerus and I guess other sites:

        Surely didn’t seem like a peaceful thing to me….

        Surely didn’t sound like freedom…..

        Love, In Jesus
        Praying Carol

  14. Marianne, maybe You are right with all that is going on there.

    I am sorry I hadn’t written back concerning the Abomination of

    The Abomination of Desolation has been revealed.

    I had done some research and had learned from this.

    Antiochus Epiphanies The Temple back in the day this had
    happened. When everything was taken from the temple
    and the alter had been descretated with pigs blood.

    Also it reads about setting up a Statue of Zeus

    It is a good read and I had learned from it.

    I have read of those who have said the Two Witnesses
    Are the Menorah and the two olive trees

    Just thought to share as I read and learn

    Love in Jesus
    Praying Carol

  15. 6~4~5997 (out of 6000) in this “Final Apocalypse”.
    Last Evil Days of “Manmean”. Yahshua Son of Yahweh Returns
    VERY SOON. Pray NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

    Carol, you are RIGHT! That was the documented event (in 1 and 2 Maccabees conveniently LEFT OUT of the Christian Bible) of the enforcement of “The Mark of the Beast”. The number of days exactly mentions those in Daniel. The hog was sacrificed by that evil king to Zeus on December 25.

    Revelation 13:18 Greek Diaglott, Free on The Web. The #666 in Greek means “Christos Zeus” (Zeus the Savior). This “morphed” name is now
    “Jesus Christ”, the pagan name of the image (idol) of the beast (Vatican).

    “The Mark of the Beast” will happen when the U.S. Government enforces Christianity and its CROSS (X as in Xmas!) Some are saying that the
    Jade Helm event (beginning 7~15~15) will be like “Martial Law”. See political cartoon on http://www.Rense.com warning about Jade Helm. This site has news events. I do not agree with any anti-Israel anti- Jewish bias promoted on Rense. By the way, It’s really a GREAT time to re-think your worship in the name of “Jesus”!


  16. Yahshua Messiah

    Learning each day seek and find.

    I had learned much from listening to a man named David Ike
    and History over in England. Still learning…Yahshua taught to
    Love Oneanother. He had said, The Greatest of these is Love.
    Though You can speak in the tongues of Angels and Have Faith
    to move mountains if You have not Love, You have nothing.
    Yahshua had spoken.

    The prophet Daniel and was supposed to be sealed up
    until the end times….Have been unsealed and happening
    now…..The prophets had spoken and much is happening
    as was written.

    Yes, I too am aware of this Jade Helm….

    a Third of the foul of the Air a Third of the Fish in the Sea
    a Third of the trees ……

    The foul are falling from the skies and strange diseases
    Fish are dying all over the world and beaching themselves
    Dolphins and Whales…..I had also seen where there were
    waters turning to blood red color in places….and the Scriptures
    speak of the earth wearing out like an old rag and in the
    end times, the earth will wobble like a drunkard….

    I am wondering if this CERN will have something to do with
    the wobble…?


    The Horses have been riding…Clearly seen and wars and
    rumors of wars pestilence disease all of this….

    Love, in Yahshua
    Praying Carol

  17. Greetings Carol,

    How WONDERFUL to read your use of Yahshua’s Name! Here is the site mentioning the list of mass deaths in 2015:


    Much of it has to do with the Fukushima meltdown(s) in 3~11. It only gets
    worse as time goes on.

    Supposedly CERN caused the earthquake in Nepal. There has been HAARP for quite a while and of course chem trails which they seem to be revving up again here in Southern CA. The SAVED and SEALED in Yahweh and Yahshua will survive all of this and MORE! HalleluYah!


  18. Carol I am lead to warn you about Nostradamus. I have read that he kissed the Pope’s robe so I do not put much confidence in his writings. I also read that he used sorcery (the black arts?) to get his information. In fact, his predictions make very little sense to me and can be easily used to support any person’s ideology.
    I have much MORE belief in John’s writings.
    Revelation 13 is the history of the Vatican (birth, verse 1, deadly wound of power and land taken away by Napoleon in 1798, verse 3, “deadly wound healed” in 1929, verse 3) Rise of Two-Horned Beast, possibly a buffalo (U.S. Government) beginning in 1776, causes worship of first beast (Vatican’s Christianity) by enforcing “The Mark of the Beast” Verses 12 – 18. Revelation 14 is about those of us SAVED and SEALED in Yahweh and His Son Yahshua. Yahshua the Messiah Returns VERY SOON!
    HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”


  19. Hi Marrianne,

    Thankyou for Your writing here. Just found it interesting….
    No I hadn’t known of this and the kissing the Pope’s robe.
    I had once watched a movie about His Life….

    Yes, very very soon!

    Site: The Obamination of Desolation utube

    Thought I would share as this was brought to my attention.

    This morning it had come to mind
    Obama – Nation and I had never thought about this before
    just thought to share.

    Love, in Yahshua Messiah King of Kings
    Praying Carol

  20. My heart cries out daily, fo r those who are hungry and homeless, as iv’e been there myself! I also have a desire to build a homeless shelter in the Alburquerque, N.M., area. I am a born again christian, of going on 25 years now. Im eagerly awaiting the rapture, and i knowthat there is a better place for me, than this current world, as it is now.

  21. Dear Gerry,

    I join your Heart Cry and in such a rich country as America has
    always touted itself, why would we have homeless and hungry
    people here….I am so very very sorry to hear of You having
    been homeless…So many today….I had taken in at onetime
    folks who were about to become homeless to help and try
    and get them on their feet…..They needed a hand up and then
    they were ok through a tough time……

    I would also help- you with a shelter if I could…Yes I too look
    forward to the rapture and Our Savior coming back
    all of the time day in and day out…..this cold wretched world
    with the enemy Satan still running the show….His time is
    short and the return of Our Savior Messiah is coming I believe
    and others very soon…..The end of days the word speaks
    of the waring out of the Saints and weariness seems to be
    happening to many…..Plus the Believers dying for their
    Faith horribly unmercifully for their Faith in the middle east
    Brothers and Sisters and Children….

    Like the four horses of the Apocolypse spoken of loose

    Standing with you Gerry for the Hungry and Homeless
    in Heart….You are not alone…

    God Bless You
    Love in Yeshua
    Praying Carol

  22. 6~18~5997 (out of 6000) in “Secret Apocalypse”.
    Last Evil Days of “Manmean”. Yahshua Son of Yahweh
    Returns VERY SOON! Pray NOW to be SAVED and SEALED
    in THEM! HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”.

    There are rumors that grocery stores in U.S. will close down by
    last week of August in preparation for evacuation by the elites
    to underground bunkers by 9~24~15. This is to protect them
    from a planetary body hitting earth on that date. Jade Helm 15
    is also rumored to be concerned with this. I might guess
    that it will be for a “round up” of legal firearms, registered gold,
    and etc.for them to take with them underground.

    This could also be for the Northern Attack of Ezekiel 38-39
    because it is on one of Yahweh’s Appointed Days.

    All I know for sure is that date this year is Yahweh’s Day of
    Atonement (Yom kippur). The unstable weather, increased
    volcanoes/ quakes of the last year or more are said to be
    evidence of an eminent planetary body striking earth.

    It is WISE now to stock up on items you will need in the coming
    months. Some shelves are already empty when I go to look
    for an item.


  23. This is an interesting dream. You must realize though God said “it is not for you to know the times and seasons.” The reason is we lose the sense of urgency allow the date of the end to consume us and forget to be steady instead of the date of the beginning!! (Heaven) It is clear what will happen will happen soon considering the things around us, but how soon? No one knows, until it actually begins to take place. Abide in the peace of Christ 🙂

  24. “Now learn this parable from the fig tree: When its branch has already become tender and puts forth leaves…when you see all these things, know that it is near—at the doors! Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place…” (Matthew 24:32-35).

    Can we know what is the length of this “generation” that Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24:32-35?

    And can we know exactly what He meant by the fig tree “putting forth leaves”?

    There are 7 definitions and 7 is the number of completeness.

    1) According to Gen. 6:3 it may be as long as 120 years.
    2) Genesis 15:13, coupled with Gen. 15:16 indicates 100 years.
    3) Psalms 90:10 indicates a possible 80 years.
    4) Psalms 90:10 also indicates a more likely 70 years.
    5) Matthew 1:17 may indicate around 50 years
    6) Psalms 95:10 indicates 40 years.
    7) Deut. 2:14 indicates 38 years.

    2017 – Using ALL 7 generations, based on the premise of ISRAEL being the fig tree Jesus spoke about in the end times:

    1) 2017 counting back a 120 year generation = 1897.
    Significant event: The first ever Zionist congress was held in Basel, Switzerland in 1897.

    2) 2017 counting back a 100 year generation = 1917.
    Significant event: The first official political act paving the way for Jews to return to their land was the Balfour Declaration of November 1917.

    3) 2017 counting back a 80 year generation = 1937.
    Significant event: The Peel Commission published a report that for the first time recommended partition of Palestine, and the land under it’s authority be apportioned between an Arab and Jewish state. The plan was declared unimplementable.

    4) 2017 counting back a 70 year generation = 1947.
    Significant event: The United Nations general assembly voted in favour of the Partition Plan that actually created… the State of Israel!

    5) 2017 counting back a 50 year generation = 1967.
    Significant event: The Jews regained Jerusalem, fulfilling“when the fig tree putteth forth leaves.”

    Choosing a 50 year generation requires some explanation. Some people have reckoned on a 50 year generation, starting with 70 using Psalm 90:10 for an average age, and then taking away 20, because those under 20 years old who came out of Egypt were not counted, as mentioned fifteen times in the book of Numbers, Chapter 1.

    6) 2017 counting back a 40 year generation = 1977.
    Significant event: The State of Israel reaches the Jewish “age of maturity.” In the Old Testament Bible, priests could not work in the tabernacle until age 30. See Numbers 4:3.

    This was when they were considered mature. Modern Israel was born in 1947.

    Now do the calculation: 1947 + 30 = 1977.

    “When the fig tree putteth forth leaves” could be considered as another way of saying “when Israel becomes mature.” An example of this maturity is that the Liqud political party came to power in Israel in 1977. The Hebrew word Liqud means ‘The Consolidation’ in English.

    7) 2017 counting back a 38 year generation = 1979.
    Significant event: Israel signs a peace treaty with Egypt. Other than the events already mentioned I’m thinking this would be considered the other most positive historical step towards modern Israel’s expansion, showing “the fig tree putting forth leaves”. It led to many long term benefits, such as providing for the free passage of Israeli ships through the Suez Canal.

    And is 2017 really significant?

    See the years of Jubilee (Leviticus 25:8-11).

    2017 is the Jubilee when counting back to 1967.

    In 1967, Israel gained control over Jerusalem for the first time since the days of King Solomon.

    1967 + 50 years (Jubilee) = 2017 (Jubilee).

    Seal 1-5 are open. The 6th seal is in the process of opening.

    Hebrew year 5776 is very, very significant to those who worship the all seeing eye. The son of perdition is about to be revealed (2nd Thess. 2:3).

    Rev. 12:11

  25. Praise God!

    #2 Best Videos of Encounter with Jesus, Holy Spirit and Healing
    Heaven & End Times (Sid Roth)

    Wonderful Stories for such a time as this

    Enjoy! Hebrews 11:1

  26. Dear Marianne,

    Seems many people these days are having dreams
    and visions I keep hearing of….. I believe because
    Our Savior is coming back soon and visiting people

    I had found it very sad, that here in America right there
    in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, of the man in His nineties
    and the two pastors trying to feed the homeless on the
    street and then to be arrested for serving Our Savior
    here, in America and apparently this man in his nineties
    had been feeding the hungry for years.

    I guess a law was passed there in Ft. Lauderdale to stop
    this…..In America, Land of the Free????

    just sharing

    When I had tried to help a wonderful Church Group going
    to feed the homeless in a Park, and then they were
    asked to move, In America, Land of the Free??????

    just sharing

    years ago, with my children in a Christian School and
    was asked to be class mother for the 8th grade class
    that year…I had said yes, and I had know these children
    since nursery school…..The little school only went to
    8th grade…….I wanted so to make it a great year
    for the children…….I had a heart to start a program with
    them called Caring Counts and take it from there
    I was continually kept from this and throughout the
    year with every idea I had wanted to do with the children.

    I kept being blocked…..When it was time for graduation
    I had decided not to ask anymore and to follow my
    Heart to give the children gifts and prayed to ask God
    what He would have me give……The children were very
    appreciative…….One of the teachers there, commented
    only to me, with a question, “How much did this cost?”
    I did not answer, for I gave from my Heart….

    just sharing

    Be Blessed

    • carol

      there are those who don’t want god anymore….but there are too many who need him and would appreciate what we have to offer

      so the poor and the children are the biggest victims

  27. Marianne,
    Sadly, Marianne of your words and yet so true.
    Yes, We Need God We all Need God like the Prodigal Son
    Story, which I Love so very much….God Loves Us so very
    much and waiting for His Children to come Home to Him.

    The Lazerus story when He was so poor and homeless
    and hungry and full of sores and God brought Him Home
    to Heaven….They were feasting at their table and very rich
    and didn’t want to even give Him scraps from the table

    He asked God if He could go back and tell them and God
    said, “No, as they wouldn’t listen anyway….
    So sad, as they were so hard hearted and stiff necked
    and arrogant…..

    Yes, you are so right Marianne, the poor and the children…
    God sees and God knows and clearly Loves them so very
    very much ……

    so sad, that this was a Christian School….
    I just walked away sad of the leaders
    The joy were the grateful children in receiving the gifts

    Love, In Yehoshua Jesus The Christ Our Savior Our Lord God Almighty

  28. well, it is 2017 now….what will happen before end of the year?

    is this the year, food prices go up?

    or is 2017 the last date for safe , uncontaminated food?

    this dream could actually take place in a future year, during a food shortage, and only food with a date equal to or earlier than 2017 is acceptable for consumption

    wait and see

    • I re read your dream here. I also feel a sense of hope in the dream as everything seems orderly and peaceful. I also believe as you stated: “Everywhere, we will find believers who will be willing to share with others, as they have the heart of Jesus.”

      We will take care of one another as many of us already do today.

      As for contaminated food . . . . . it seems to me that there are more and more recalls of all kinds of food from lettuce to beef to other packaged goods, where people are getting sick and some dying.

      There has been some discussion in the news lately about what happens if a 20% tariff is added to products (any) coming into the United States. Some say that will cause prices to go up. Others say that it will even out the import / export, cause the dollar to be stronger, and actually cause the reduction of prices.

      I am so lost when it comes to world economics,and when I have tried to understand, it just makes my head hurt as there are so many variables.

      Which leaves me with what I am doing now, to be self sufficient, from solar power, to food, water, medicine, and security amenities. But one can only prepare so much, and in the end what happens is at the discretion and pleasure of our Lord. Besides, I would rather put my trust at the feet of our Lord than in a can of tomatoes.

  29. https://heavenawaits.wordpress.com/wp-admin/upload.php?item=23522

    water in houston after hurrican harvey

    24 pack for $42.72

  30. The Third temple being built is the body of Christ ! Since Pentecost in Acts.
    Don’t you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit ?
    Your confusing the kingdom of Christ and A worldly kingdom.
    Jesus said his kingdom was not of this world .
    He was the perfect acceptable sacrifice , there is no other .
    Matter of fact those animal sacerfices became a stinch in The Fathers nose ,it was a temporary offering that was repeated , but it did not change hearts . I think your confused .
    Jesus Christ came to seek and to save that which is lost , to give new hearts to the children . To take away hearts of stone .
    After all you can’t but new wine in a old bottle .
    The abomination of desolation happened along time ago .
    Can’t you see It was during that generation Jesus was born in and talking directly to them .
    Daniel spoke of it

    It is finished it is done .

    • Tiffany, there was an abomination that maketh desolate at Xmas time in 168 B.C. under Antiochus Epipafanes lasting 3 and 1/2 years. There was another abomination that Maketh desolate when the Roman armies sacked Jerusalem in 70 A.D. The righteous Jews who believed in Yahshua the Messiah escaped with their lives when the Roman armies inexplicably withdrew for a short time. These Jews remembered Yahshua’s words and got out., Soon, there will be some enforcement of “The Mark of the Beast” by the U.S. Government which may well be the final abomination against true believers In Yahweh the Father and Yahshua His Son. I have explained many times. According to the Greek Diaglott translation (Free on The Web)for Revelation 13:18 the #666 contains a cross, X as in Xmas in the pagan name Christos Zeus (Zeus the Savior) which finally morphed in to the pagan name Jesus Christ, the name of the image (idol) of the beast (Vatican). In Revelation 13:18 those who have wisdom UNDERSTAND and have figured it out.


      “Come out of HER My people!” Yahshua the Messiah in Revelation 18:4


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