International Earthquake in Future?


Predictions about earthquakes in America and in Finland raise the question about them happening on a more global, or international scale.

A man named Kristian, in Finland, received a message last Autumn about an earthquake, and a need to store food and water for 3 months. This is very similar to the message Scott received for America.

See also:

( also mentions something that would split the USA in half – so we assume earthquake)

(involves the USA, but the crash of the dollar, and war with Iran will affect all nations)

Usually, it is the Pacific region that is plagued with earthquakes, not the Atlantic region.

Will there be an event in the Atlantic, affecting only these 2 countries, or will other countries be affected as well?

I do not mean isolated, localized quakes, but one major event affecting multiple countries.


This is the message received from Finland. I ask people to read it and pray about this, and do as the Lord leads you to do:


Jesus is my Lord and God. I don’t intend to speculate on anything, tell only what I have received. If I add something it would be from me and not from God.

I was before 3/19 earthquake which occurred 20 miles from my home in a very deep crisis. I was wondering whether God knows what’s going to happen tomorrow.

I told this doubt even to my wife 3/17 “looking at everything what is happening to me as a believer who is supposed to walk under leadership of God, even God doesn’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.” 

I did not doubt Jesus’ divinity  or that our Creator were not acting still in the creation process. My doubts about God’s limitations did not mean that I had not been His own. My doubts had reasons of its own.

In the evening 3/18 I was surfing in internet on chatting pages.

Suddenly came a clear thought into my mind “tomorrow after 1 pm the land is trembling in Finland and it is a result from trembling elsewhere in the world and is only reflection from there.”

I wrote it immediately to chatting page of Suomi24, I underline that I have never done this before and I had no motive..

The following day 3/19 at 13.21 happened earthquake. I had written the time of 13.02 because I knew it would happen after 1pm. I checked it out later and found a big story of the event.

I knew that thru my crisis God effected so that I with an honest heart doubted the limits of omnipotent God and I received a strong message that everything which happens in the world is already beforehand in His knowledge and He tells about them in advance to His chosen.

For me the event was a strengthening of my belief what I needed as the believer rooted in the word of God, knowing only the LORD whom I know can tell to His believers the earthquake of the next day.

At the same time I felt similarly that stronger earthquakes are coming to Finland and remembered a very clear dream I saw last autumn about next summer of the coming of a stronger earthquake.

It will happen at daytime early summer (normal reference to June), day is sunny and warm.

Earthquake is trembling and strong waving.

Encouraged of God’s talking very accurately to me of the earthquake which are very rare in Finland , I informed and warned people about the coming crisis of which I know very little.

I only know that it’s better not to go out and food should be reserved for three months, children and elderly should be taken care of especially.

This advice deals with Finns, about other nations I don’t know.

I only know that in Finland the land is waving and elsewhere it is waving more strongly.

My church is Assemblies of God in Kerava and I have suggested to congregation of acquiring special food storage. The “ball” is in their hands.  I have informed also Nokia Mission.

I don’t intend to speculate anything and also I don’t know more than this.

I live normal life going to work and building our house, taking care of kids and my obligations, we collect food storage mainly milk powder, canned food, rice, pasta, vitamins and water.

I believe that the Lord in the Holy Spirit informs His owns and encourages to lift their heads when the signs of the Day of the Lord are visible as for believers it’s the time of final deliverance.

I feel especially dear OT prophets and prophecies and warnings for example of breaking the marriages and marriage institution.

We have been warned but also it has been said that apostasy has to happen at first.

It is also the question of separating and cleaning of the righteous before gathering.

On the other hand the word of God needs to be taken to all countries in all languages.

How the things are going to be tomorrow knows only God and when needed He informs His prophets, that I have learned.

The most important now is to be rooted in the word of God and pray as much as possible.

I wish blessings and protection of the Lord



Marianne’s note:

Notice the Kristian did indicate the year, just the season.

Scott also indicated that something would happen when the (fig) leaves start to sprout.

This would be late spring, or early summer.

The description of “trembling and strong waving” reminds me of Isaiah:

Isa 24:20 The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again.

There has been some other news regarding a comet/planet named Elenin that is passing by in late summer or early fall. I am not sure if this is the cause of the earthquake. (There is also Nibiru that people mention, which is expected in the winter, maybe?)

If so, it would have a more global effect, unless it only affected the side of the earth that is facing the object as it passes by.

Or, as always, God does not need an object to cause an earthquake. He can create one out of nothing.

I think in the future, as man becomes so much more addicted to this world, that the world he is addicted to will fall apart, and become a source of disappointment.

He will need to learn to seek God in his life, for it to have any meaning.

I ask all that read this, to seek God while He still may be found, and seek to understand the salvation offered by Jesus.

In Jesus alone, God has reserved salvation, and in Him alone will you find safety.

Fall on your face, repent of your sins sincerely.

There is nothing to fear if your trust is in God, for He will forgive you if you are sincere, and will hide you in the day of trouble.

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43 Responses to “International Earthquake in Future?”

  1. Dear Marianne,

    For years I’ve been interested in David Lowe’s interpretation that when the “dead in Christ” arise a worldwide earthquake will occur. He has written that the energy to raise the many dead will cause earthquakes.
    One of his books is called “Earthquake Resurrection,” and there are others. I have read one of them and they are scholarly interpretations of Bible passages.

    Right now the intensity of earthquakes in Japan continues, with major quakes and tsunami warnings continuing today. Stan Deyo and others have warned that magma beneath the surface is rising and can be interconnected between diverse spots, such as Japan and Yellowstone.
    A magnitude 9 is expected by many scientists for the Pacific Northwest
    region of America, which has an offshore geology similar to Japan’s.
    One of the worst Eastcoast scenarios would be a mid-Atlantic quake, perhaps at the Canary Islands, on the Mid-Atlantic ridge, which would send a tsunuami toward the East Coast of the United States. These are but some of the earthquakes which are possibilities, world-wide.

    Yes, I believe there could be a worldwide quake. I don’t have a season or date in mind. I think it could be Fall as easily as Spring.
    I don’t have three months food and water stored, possibly enough for
    half that. I should stock more, but I tend to think the Lord will take out His own when He chooses. However, I will get more storage in, reminded by you and others such as the Deyos.


  2. Hi,
    I just read through this on a friends page and some of these things being written have been questionable by churches who have read this. Predictions are just predictions, it doesn’t mean they’re going to happen. If we really trust in Christ what is the need to “warn” everyone about what COULD happen? I trust that God will take care of me even in the darkest of times and if I need to prepare for them and hoard food articles then there is a serious problem with trust and there are other people in our world, communities that could benefit. Just saying!!!!!

    • dear Latrice

      That is true, that we should trust God anyhow.

      But also remember that God had Joseph store up 7 years of food for a famine in Egypt.

      And he had Noah spend 100 years preparing for the great flood.

      Then there is the opposite:

      Elijah stored nothing and God sent him birds with food to feed him.

      So which way does God want us to respond?

      that is up to you. one way or the other, there should be no fear for those that trust God.

  3. Marianne
    In the finnish language the word for “earthquake” sound very similar to “Earthorganizing”. My dad used to joke about this everytime we heard about earthquakes. It is kind of ironic how it implies that there is a divine hand at work “organizing the earth” when we have earthquakes. Just a thought.

    • hi dru

      That would make perfect sense, since man has created chaos on the earth with his recklessness. So God is creating order (organization) out of chaos. 🙂

  4. Psalm 32:7: “You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble; You shall surround me with songs of deliverance. Selah”

  5. Isaiah in chapter 26, verse 20: “Come, my people, enter your chambers, And shut your doors behind you; Hide yourself, as it were, for a little moment, Until the indignation is past.”

  6. I just did some research, the Quake Kristian was speaking of was a Magnitude 2.6. (Very weak). There was a 4.6 and 4.7 in the same area earlier in march. Finland is not in a very seismically active zone, These are probably normal seismic activities.

    Did you know that scientists have found that the weight of the glaciers from the ice age caused a “dimple” in the earths surface, which is still expanding in parts of the US. They discovered this when they were trying to figure out why the water level in the great lakes appeared to be going down in the northern parts of the greatlakes, while rising in the southern greatlakes where there supposedly was no ice sheet. Chicago, being low in elevation has been dealing with this for many years.
    It also takes some of the “millions” of years out of the eqation for the formation of the Niagara Gorge.

    • hi dru

      Do you think this dimple will have any relevance in future geological stability?

      • I don’t know for sure, i think possibly the great lakes spilling over their banks, but the rate is sloooowww.
        It could possibly tie in to the New Madrid quakes, and the dividing of the country???? a chain reaction so to speak.

        • Dru

          I hope nothing bad happens up there. I have family there. But it may be possible that it would cause a division from the north downwards, toward the Gulf.

          • The Mississippi river already forms a divide from great lake to Gulf of mexico, I don’t see why this divide could not be expanded. Canals are what connect the mississippi river to chicago. could make Chicago the next venice. Time to buy stock in gondolas!!!!

      • now that you mention it, finland kind of ties scandinavia to mainland Europe, and if you look on a map, the gulf of Bothnia and white sea in russia are the narrow part of the connection, a logical place for a break???? There is of course no science to back it up (a brainstorm)

        • dru

          looking at the fault lines see map:

          I can see how Finland might break away from Europe.

          Look at southern Europe. That would be a real mess.

          • I see the faults are connecting the two gulfs.
            Finland would be cut at the waist. Before ww2, Finland was shaped like a woman wearing a dress, hence the waist anology

  7. As far as the danger from the release of the over-pressure from the last ice sheet, there is almost no major danger, especially in North America. Unlike plate tectonics which is constantly being fed by forces deep below the earth’s crust, the slow rising of the crust will eventually dissipate when the readjustment is completed. So the quakes will generally drop in magnitude, not increase.
    Now, the entire North American plate is being pushed toward the west by the mid-Atlantic ridge, and there are a few fault zones such as the New Madrid which can produce somewhat large quakes, but usually spread over a large area compared to most of the faults here in California.
    The thing to remember is that the frequency of large quakes on any fault are in the order of hundreds of years, so the odds of numerous faults world-wide all activating at the same time by natural means is very slim. And the odds that it might happen in the near future are even slimmer.
    As for Finland splitting in half, you can forget about it. Same for the U.S. The tectonic plates are only moving at a rate of 2” per year, so we won’t be seeing any of this happening until long after the second coming.
    So if re is going to be an “international earthquake” it will not occur naturally. But that is to be expected – God will make sure everyone knows it was an act of Him. He may not even bother to use existing faults.

    And as for comet collisions and Nibiru, check out what sane people are saying on the following Wikipedia page:

    So there you go…

    • hi james

      The bible predicts an object called Wormwood which crashes into the sea at some point and causes the waters to become bitter.

      Is there anything known to exist at this time, which might be on its way, that would fit this description?

  8. Hi, I can only speculate future earthquakes, hopefully from a healthy fear of our God, and I am thinking mostly about their being “one big final earthquake”.
    Rev 16:18 And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great.
    ESword studies say the earthquake is commotion on the earth. I think for now it is logical it means a geat earthquake.
    Some good advice may be to watch The Two Witnesses who are preaching from the House of Yahweh in Abilene Texas. The claim they are who they say they are seems to be well substantiated with the scriptures they provide. Attempts have been made on their lives and proof will be whether their prophecies come to pass on the earth during the tribulation time which, I can only guess, may begin very soon when the agreement to divide Jerusalem? is signed, maybe in the end of this year? The claimed, and I believe they are who they say they are, have also rewritten a bible named The Book of Yahweh which seems to be a more advanced interpretation of ancient Hebrew scripture bringing us nearer to the words spoken by the prophets. The word seems may reflect my recent coming to God seeking redemption to him. My little experience of the scripture interpretations have me agreeing the interpretations in the Book of Yahweh are nearer the original meanings than even the King James version. I am only just beginning to learn to pray to God and I believe he is beginning to teach me how to pray to him. I am weak and he is strong, and right now I can not think at all any more about these guesses but I do think being prepared is for a good reason.

    • The Two Witnesses ? are NOT in Abilene,Tx. LOL… If you read the word, the two witnesses are not man, the are the church and Israel,I would be speculate that .. I receive mail from this church, the last one I received said, it would not do one any good to worship and keep the feasts alone anywhere besides there with them in Abilene,,,be very afraid when you make such bold statements like that, My Father love me right where I am… to think that I would have to travel to Abilene to be accepted by Yah?????? I praise him. that we can be loved by him anywhere… Wasn’t it David that said ,He could feel his presence and love anywhere?? why Abilene?????

      • Hi, I do read poorly, but sometimes I read chapters and I think that is when the Lord shows me scripture. When you say you are quoting someone, quote them. I believe God dos not want me to presue I kow anything and so I can keep a watch and not form opinions or guess at tings I read and it is the same with the Two Witnesses. I had seen on the internet Israel and the church are the Two Witnesses. This means the “church” who are those who are born again I presume. I would make my mind up about the Two Witnesses during the tribulation period. Watsh for the prophecies and whether they come to pass or not and watch for fire to proceed from their mouths…their mouths.

        Rev 11:3 And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.
        Rev 11:4 These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth.
        Rev 11:5 And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed.
        How would fire proceed from Israels mouth or from “the church” for the same matter?

        • mmmm, I don’t know, got a lot of studying on this subject.. learning something everyday.. you make a good point, so lets just study the word more…

  9. I believe that our Lord prepares us for such events. After having strayed from God in my adult life, I was born again early last year. Since then, I’ve had a compelling need to learn how to grow, can and preserve foods. I have done everything within my power to store foods, to prepare my cellar, to save seeds, to stockpile ammo for hunting…etc. Last summer was my first year to plant a garden and learn how to can. I also purchased supplies and began making jerky from the meat stored in my freezer. Of course last summer, there wasn’t the warnings and publicity that there is now, so I learned quickly to be choosy as to who I told I was doing these things. My own husband even made jokes at my expense. I can’t say that God spoke to me, all i can say is that there was an overwhelming need to learn how to do these things. I’ve since planted a larger garden this year, found additional storage for store bought foods, and intend to can 3 times the amount that I did last summer. Just today I cleaned out my dishwasher so that I can store additional foods in it. Lately I have found that when I share this with friends/family, most of them feel the same as I do. I don’t know whether its the publicity or if they are having the same feelings that I am. I do know that they don’t look at me like Im crazy anymore. Furthermore, I have recently found that more and more of my family and friends are finding God again, my husband included, as he is now ‘on board’ with my preperations (if thats what you want to call them??!?!) I feel that God sends us warnings, and I’ve learned that although some things that others say may seem strange, it is our duty as God’s children to share these things with as many people as possible and to also keep an open mind when others feel the need to share.
    As for Elenin/Nibiru, below is the easiest explaination I can find.

    • Good for you and your family, I don’t worry about me so much as I do my children and grandchildren… I feel the need to put up food too, water… Yah bless you and family…

  10. You know when Yahshua was raised, many of the dead in him were raised too with an earthquake too… astounding……

  11. Marianne,

    I have been updating on your many sites… except ONE that definate caught my attention is about Angelica’s message for heaven and hell. It is unfortune that everyone says things that I do KNOW the fact is bologna..much to my regert to speak in such manner….. NO one can mock Jesus nor God Almighty nor Holy Spirit for the truth is ALWAYS there and exists… IT IS US who will not accept the REAL truth.
    Yes, he is definately coming rapidly… and ANYTHING ELSE IN AN IODIL or such things are WORTHLESS… EVERYONE belives that they are saved are NOT saved..And that is the truth.. Watch and look at this world nowadays…People have gone insane and war of wars…and earthquakes.. and more happenings to come…

    DO NOT LET ANYONE ELSE tell you any difference on MANY issues.. BUT never wrong on learning… and let GOD do HIS WILL to move us all into ONE HARMONY or others……

    You have done beautifully job.. that I can speak truth except… there are full of demons worming into people lives nowadays… and I kid you not.

    Demons have bee stalkingh me for years from birth to even nowadays and WILL I surrender ?? NEVER !!! I rather to suffer and bleed for Jesus than I would surrender myself to ugliest demons.. pardon my strong speaking…


    Ouch, I said too strongly.. * sigh * Forgive me for my speaking.. I only know the passionate and very simple basic needs that God CAN DO!! But WILL NOT DO for anyone who ask GOD for POWER and GREEDY includes 7 levels of SINS..

    Ingore me.. 🙂 I am only speaking when it is needed…. I am on Angelica’s side and her story for I CAN NOT DOUBT HER WORDS THRU ALMIGHTY GOD.. I just cannot ingore the TRUTH message.. so I support on that issue………

    Believe it or not, I am NO PERFECT… I am much sinner myself as anyone else cross this world.. am I ashame to confess that I am a sinner ?? Apparently NOT… Am I ashamed of my flesh behavior? DEFINATELY!!! because I know it is kinda POISIONING the SOUL and SPIRIT… til SPIRIT falls.. so will the flesh into hell.. That is the real truth…

    Marianne, forgive me for my truth from bottom of my heart… ANYONE can disagree with me… that I welcome with NO fear… :)… Therefore, if anyone agrees, then they are blessed…

    {People need to stop being in la la dreamland and face the real reality that people loved to judge mental people who have oddest pictures… yet I understood them without asking nor knowing… it is… simply just THERE….) Honey,… yes… He is coming rapidly and keep watching.. Bless you and your website for I enjoy to know people from cross the world and to KNOW that.. God is RIGHT on the score……People are not.. what they are always seem….

  12. It might be very much possible that HAARP earthquakes follow the timing determined by Elenin alignments. And as mentioned in video the next target might be New Madrid fault.

  13. Hi Marianne,

    There is a pastor in WA state who is interested in earthquakes and he has a 6 part series on Youtube exploring the topic if you are interested.

    Take care and hope you keep blogging.

  14. I note that Kristen, liek most who seek attention, always give the past as evidence of a word from God.

    Sorry but that just always the case.

    A 2.4 quake is so small it’s not worth noting. You could say Finland is not on tectonic plates. Well either is Australia and yet it had a 5.5 and then a 6.4, both in areas with few inhabitants and they caused no damage. Whoa evidence of the end times, I hear you say. Actually Australia (which is not in an earthquake zone) gets earthquakes every 5 years or so and has done since the 1820’s. Of course we all know that the end times are coming and more violent and more frequent quakes will occur and that includes places not known to get quakes. Just wait for the one in Wales U.K. (now that is predicted and on recoird before it happens)

    However, we must be warying of takeing heed to people who post things saying “you know that disaster that occurred yesterday… God told me it would happen. They never tell you before hand because they don’t have the faith in what they hear yet now they want recognition. Ignore those people.

    • hi brent

      I posted this because it seems to match another post from someone who did not know the man in Finland. It also seemed to have a positive effect on him.

  15. We’ve known for a century at least that certain secret, powerful coteries want to eliminate large populations of poor people.

    HAARP may be their brilliant idea, since “God” can take the blame for anything that happens in nature.

    What concerns me right now is not atheistsa and apostasy, because where I live almost everybody is a Christian or Jew. Instead of saying “Have a nice day.” the most common greeting is “Have a blessed day.” So I don’t really see more “sin” and apostasy than the world has had for most of history anyway.

    What concerns me is the FRIVOLITY and passion for light entertainment that bumps off serious subjects. For instance, instead of interest in the young soldiers and their very sad and expensive injuries…people are fascinated with Charlie Sheen and his bimbos. Are young people in denial about the seriousness of their situation, their futures? Why do they fall for such stupid things and ignore things that will affect their whole lives and the lives of their grandchildren?

    If the Bonesmen and their ilk are using the USA for genocide, then America’s citizenry will be judged guilty, like Germans were, for willful ignorance. So the moral and perhaps material destruction of the USA is also a target. Are we guilty of “business as usual” while our leaders murder populations? What a horrible thought.

    It’s Easter…let us all pray for better times, better people in our government. And be thankful we know the living God and His mercy.

  16. hi bros and sis in Christ.
    Just would like to share something…
    I believe God is not menacing us by these catastrophes and disasters, I believe all these are wake up call for Christians and even non-Christians. I would like to share to this wonderful Messages from God. I firmly believe it to come from God Himself. The Messages are message of Love and Peace, there are prophecies too. you can find them on this website

    Please read them, I find urgency in them. and as you read them read with full faith IN CHRIST ALONE.

    I have also posted some on my scribd page. they are free for everyone. as I believe that God’s Messages are supposed to be given freely to everyone and not take advantage of it to make some sensation to it or earn profit from it so here is the page

    Just careful note to the author of this blog that not all revelations or prophecies are real. God sends His prophets for our times so is the devil Satan sends also his false prophets to confuse all of us. Have a discerning spirit when reading revelations and prophecies from random people. Not all are real. I found already one from your recent blog post.

    God bless everyone!

    • Hi Nicole,

      The links you provided are from a Mystic. It is always best to read exactly what Jesus says in the scriptures instead of listening to someone who is “hearing” from a “spirit”.

      I agree that there are many false prophets….Vassula Ryden is one of them. And her “spirit guide” is mostly likely a demon going by the name of “daniel”.

      • Yes there are false prophets.. but as well as prophets really sent by God. we can test the spirit if it is really from God or from the evil one. I’d say the revelations from the True Life in God are authentic. I believe that the messages are God-given.

        many have testified and many lives have already been changed by it and I am one of them…Vassula was even given recognition by different religions and organizations from different nations. Find out from the website have we forgotten what Christ instructed us about testing the spirit and discerning??? if it bears good fruits like love, peace, deeper faith, hope and other virtues then know that it comes from God but if it brings confusion, unrest, disunity, division, then know that it is not from Him.

        According to one testimony I read from Dr. Kaszowski
        “the work of reminding, leading to the truth and announcing things to come did not end after the New Testament was completed. The Holy Spirit has continued His Work in the Church-work manifested also through the gift of prophecy

        private revelations encourage bible reading, meditation and deeper understanding of scripture… authentic private revelations lead to hunger for God’s Word”

        Also from John 16:12-13
        ““I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear. But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth.”

        So…it is wrong to speak of an end to Revelation and treat it as a deposit of sentences. The Word of God is alive and active and God will continue to manifest Himself through the Holy Spirit… and one of the gift coming from the Holy Spirit is the Gift of Prophecy…

        Christ is the full and complete revelation of the Father…But that does not mean that Jesus have given us His last word (–which is the Holy Bible).

        Christ is continuously at work, and will continue to reveal His Great Power, His Will and His Plan for His people….

        The book True Life in God is not revealing anything new, everything that is in it is to be found also in the scriptures.. God is revealing Himself through it to awaken His people and to make us understand Him and His Words even better…

        I just want to extract something from the book True Life in God and this is for all of those who are in doubt or for those who have not yet read the whole volumes of the book… God said: “all he has to do is read My message, then, let him decide……not all of them obey Me; many of them are tempted, and want to win the approval of men rather than mine…many are more eager to please men before Me their God and for some it is only self-interest that makes them disobey Me;”

        • hi nicole

          I would agree with what you say.

          I disagree with what Dr. Kaszowski said, that predictions to come only occurred after the New testament. All the prophets in the old testament accurately predicted events.

          • Thank you Marianne….

            Oh i think you misunderstood or misinterpret what Dr. Kaszowski said.. What he meant to say that yes all the prophecies in the old testament up to the new testament are all TRUE!…. he was just pointing out that the Holy SPirit doesn’t stop working… that the revelation of things ends in the new testament… prophecies is continually working coz the Holy Spirit is alive and is still at work.

            Keep inspiring people, God bless you!

          • Thank you Marianne….

            Oh i think you misunderstood or misinterpret what Dr. Kaszowski said.. What he meant to say that yes all the prophecies in the old testament up to the new testament are all TRUE!…. he was just pointing out that the Holy SPirit doesn’t stop working… that the revelation of things DOES NOT END OR STOP in the new testament… prophecies is continually working coz the Holy Spirit is alive and is still at work.

            Keep inspiring people, God bless you!


  17. My name is sulaimon from nigeria,i am waiting for(earthquake)the day to come.


  19. software program for viewing seismic activity

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