Dream 12 – Hiding Before Escape



November 30, 2014



I am with some people who are hiding from the Nazi soldiers (foreign military in the USA).

We have some food stored as a group, but as the soldiers are approaching, we are clearing out the supply in order to take it with us.

There are 3 refrigerators.

We first hide inside the third one.

We see the soldiers coming.

They are too close.

We realize that there is no time to escape without being caught.

They come, and start looking in the refrigerators where we are hiding.




My thoughts are that too many people who need to move now, will not try to escape until it is too late.

The Lord has told some to relocate, and some to stay where they are.

Both groups are to prepare physically and spiritually.

If we do not obey, we will be caught and most likely killed.

If the Lord has directed some to move out of the path of danger, then they should do it now, rather than waiting for a sign that it is time.

Those that are to remain where they are should be planning hiding places now, not later.

Procrastination will have deadly results.

54 Responses to “Dream 12 – Hiding Before Escape”

  1. Wow, Marianne, you sure have the most intense dreams. Though this one was “short” it gave me the shivers.

    I was compelled to move 3 years ago out of Southern California and head north. I am slightly inland and at about 1400ft elevation. I’ve got all the food, water, medical supplies, heating, solar, etc. for several months.

    As for actually “hiding” somewhere, well, that’s what I have Smith & Wesson for. 🙂

    • denise

      I had not thought much about hiding either….until now…..I need to look around….perhaps the woods behind the house or the crawl space….??

      • I suppose it is probably good to have an escape place or a plan B of sorts. But, as for me, so far I feel where I am is where I take a stand, and come what may.

        • i agree….but for some, they should do this…..

          personally I will not last long in the woods, or under the crawl space.

          I am not in good enough shape to hike around…..so I pray I can stand safe where I am.

          but if necessary, I will be looking around for someplace nearby to stay in a short term way, if we have door to door searches….

          my children can move better than I can. I will look on their behalf.

          • Don’t you live in the sticks of N. Carolina? It will take a while for any door to door searches. If there is any kind of large problem, try and gather your neighbors that you can stand. Cook up some food and talk about closing off access to your neighborhood/homes. Run night patrols.

            Make sure your bathtub is clean. Fill it with water if there is a problem and make sure your night patrol is a squared away fella with a large dog. Someone, that will not sleep on the job.

            If there’s a problem. Don’t be in a city. Unless, your ready to take the fight to the enemy.

            Stay calm. there is a lot of Jar-heads and Airborne Rangers discharged armed to the teeth.

            • Leatherneck

              I wish i lived in the sticks…..I live outside the capital city of Raleigh in a suburb. I do not know any vets here. my neighborhood is full of blue collar workers and yuppies.

  2. Middle of the year this year, I heard the Lord clearly say to me, “go buy a camper trailer, kit it out and be ready to go when I tell you. I asked Him how long I had to accomplish this to which he said I have time enough. It has taken me till about 3 weeks ago to get it all together.

    I don’t think we are just fleeing from people but we need to be safe from what God himself is about to do. I feel in my spirit and have heard The LORD say that he will deal with those that murder His people. He has the ability to do anything He wants.

    We are between blood moons. Be aware that these are signs and wonders from Yahweh. Prophets are warning that disaster with strike between the two sets which is anytime really. But from now on, be prepared if you have heard to get something in order to either save yourself or flee to the hills so to speak.

    I live in Australia. I believe whatever happens will be global. And finally I to receive dreams and visions. I pray in the name of Yeshua, we listen and obey our Lord before he comes.

    Prepare diligently, Obey lovingly and be the hen that gathers her chickens under her wings…..May God Bless you all mightily and open your ears and eyes to His understanding. xx

    • kadiya77

      God bless you for sharing that.

      • I just tell it as it is. Thanks Marianne. And thanks for the heads up on the radiation leaks at Fukushima. I wasn’t aware of that, the media are gagged here too! That may account for 1/3 of the sea life dying which is bible prophecy.

        We live in interesting times to say the least. Blessings xx

  3. This is Bizzare as in, this just jogged my memory to a similar dream I had about 2-3 months ago and mentioned to my Sister.
    I was in a room hiding with others, it was an old place similar to war torn.
    There was a knock at the door, I opened it and there was a girl whom worked for me some years ago. I invited her in to stay with us, as she seemed as though she was hiding as well. She left at some stage. An Angel said, leave now, we all left. I then saw a vision of her returning with Soldiers entering the room of this house, we had gone, they shut the door, she was raped and assaulted. End of Dream.

  4. I must re- iterate, this was a vision.

  5. What a dream!! I haven’t heard from the Lord that I should run or hide… I have had dreams lately that I am running from something yet I haven’t figures out what it is. I wasn’t thinking it was about this type of threat but maybe it is… I seem to wake up before I know I am safe or not & that is perplexing to me. I live in a very comfortable area as far as any type of trouble is concerned. I often wonder rather than police, etc, it might be a natural disaster type event as an earthquake since I live in coastal Southern California. I have not bought a lot of supplies. I wonder why?!!! I really need to get some food & water stored up. I’ve done this a little in the past but then nothing happens & I don’t want to keep things too long so I use it!! I am in really good shape & can walk or run, if need be, long distances… But w/no food I wouldn’t last long just like anyone else! I need to pray more for guidance in this area. I can’t figure out why I don’t do more of this…let’s all pray for each other, that we hear specific instructions from the Lord…He says He will take care of us….,

    • elle

      you need to prepare a bug out bag.( like a back pack)…it has supplies in it that you take with you in case you need to leave. it might be that you might need to go somewhere else for a few days, until your area is clear again…and you need to think about where that would be..unless you have a secret hiding place within your current dwelling.

  6. So you had another dream about something you already knew is going to happen. Does the dream confirm your belief of is it the bible? Did God really have to send you a dream to warn you about bible prophecy? Or did your subconscious create a dream from what your brain already believed?
    Call me a skeptic but I don’t think this dream was of any valid importance.

    • james

      I am not making any supernatural claims here.

      our mind has been given to us to work out issues we see in our lives…

      there is danger all around us, and I do see that….foreign troops are already here for martial law, which was passed in 2012.

      foreign troops are not here to be nice to us…they are here to enforce the NWO.

      you can prepare or not prepare, or believe something will go wrong soon, or not believe it…that is your choice.

    • ps.

      love you james!

    • James,

      You are probably right, but can you please come here with love in your heart first. Christians are just writing each other in a time of great murder and hate.


      BTW, I have been saying my prayers for years. The Lord put in my heart to arm myself to the teeth, work hard, go to the gym and keep my bathroom clean.

  7. Good idea Marianne, a bug out bag is now on my list. I read about these things but will now do it! In my dreams I have been running and dodging people and objects. When I wake up I can a only remember the actions and not specific images. I was thinking it may be due to some other things like work chaos, etc…but perhaps not.. I have no hiding places and if there was some type of disaster, such as an earthquake, I may have to leave on foot because cars and roads could be crushed or blocked, etc…thanks & be safe…

  8. “Bug Out” bags are great, I actually have a few of them. One “master” one that is pretty much all complete, but I also have a lighter one right by the front door in case I do not have time to gather the larger one, and I always maintain one in my car. Mine were created mainly in the event of an earthquake. (Northern California here.)

    But, please remember. If chaos breaks out, if you are not used to camping in the woods, a bug out bag will not take very good care of you. Also, water is one of the most important resources and it is very heavy to carry. So, for my own comfort, I have made my home my place of retreat. As a secondary back up, my car, which will only take me so far when the gas runs out.

    I also whole heartedly believe our Lord will care for His own. That doesn’t mean I sit back in a lounge chair and watch the world unfold. But I make the necessary preparations and use common sense. And, if all I can grab is my Bible, then that is what will sustain me.

    • very appropriate song.

      psalm 91 says whoever says “the lord is my refuge” will escape harm.

      • Psalm 91 kept me safe from ALL harm when I was in the midst of a natural disaster forest fire in 2012!

        So many promises to claim = HIS Word!

  9. Amen Marianne, we have an everlasting Love from Our Heavenly FATHER!

    Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the

    LORD thy God, HE it is that doth go with thee; HE will not fail thee, nor

    forsake thee. Deut. 31:6

    We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and

    to be present with the LORD! 2nd Cor.5:8

  10. I haven’t heard anything from the Lord concerning moving, stock piling, etc. I trust that the Lord will provide the manna I and my family need in the time of need if it should become an issue for me or my family members. God is our protector and if we believe and trust in Him, He will hide us in His shadow under His wings. Sometimes I think people get too carried away and focused on the excitement in “preparing” for whatever may come than just trusting in God. I believe that if it’s our time to go then so be it, but if it isn’t, no matter what the case may be God’s hand isn’t too short to save us. No offense to anyone here. I love reading these posts. I just felt lead to share my thoughts on this one as I never have before. God bless.

    • cwwindley

      try to see the big picture….yes we trust in God for provision…..but he has ordered many of us to prepare……maybe it is because when God provides for you, he will be working through some of us.

      preparation is not essentially ego centric in purpose……yes it provides for self, but also will provide for others.

      do you want to be of service to others in time of need, or just be home, and let others provide for you, on Gods behalf?

      preparation is done with the intent of sharing……when we show mercy to others, God also shows mercy to us.

      if you are able to prepare, and don’t, then your future options may be more limited.

  11. Hey Marianne. Thanks for your comment. No I certainly do not want to be a burden to others by them providing for me or my family. I know God speaks to everyone in different ways and asks and requires different things for all of them/us. All I was saying basically was that God hasn’t asked me to do any of the above as of yet. I am not sure if He will. Sadly right now I couldn’t prepare financially if I had to because the finances aren’t there. Hopefully God will make a way in the near future that my income will increase so that I can not only help myself and my family, but also others as well. I love to be a blessing to others and do whatever I can if the opportunity presents itself.

    • cw

      that is why we are one body in christ…..if you are not able, then God will not tell you to do this….others ARE able..

      you can prepare other ways….be ready to help others with your services, if you do not have provisions to share.

    • CW – You can prepare, now. Much of preparing is walking around your house and gathering items you already have. The Red Cross has a great check list (with suggestions of things you may need to buy) over a 21 week period. 5 months. 5 months and you could be up to Red Cross suggested readiness. Here is a link to their check list.

      Click to access 21_weeks_to_prepare_red_cross2011.pdf

    • cw just another thought….preparation is overwhelming when we first think about it…..

      consider this…..

      if you save 10 cans of food a week, in 52 weeks ( one year) you would have 520 cans of food. this is about $8 a week to invest depending on what you buy

      • Marianne – I went shopping at our local Safeway this morning and I could not believe how much canned goods have gone up. I was lucky to get some generic pineapple at $1 / can. But, canned veggies was crazy, like, $2.50 / can. We have a Dollar Store here so I will be checking there! Also a Grocery Outlet. Food has just gotten outrageous. Northern Cal anyway.

        • here in NC the canned veggies are about 67 – 85 cents a can

          • That’s a great point Marianne. I live in NC also and I love to shop at Wal-mart. They have cheap prices on their brand can foods. Also Piggly Wiggly sometimes runs great sales on their can goods. Like 10 – 20 cents per can but it depends on what it is and it only happens a couple times a year 🙂 .

            • dang ……. I live in the wrong part of the country. My retirement would go so much further in NC! 🙂

              • you state has had at least 3 years of drought…..most likely the reason for the higher price of produce and food

                • True, true. Boy, are we getting the rain now. Many SF Bay Area cities are now above “normal” for rain fall. Won’t totally get us out of the drought but well on our way. Water falls are now flowing again in Yosemite. Thank you, Lord!

            • you are not far from me 🙂

              I am in raleigh

              • No I am not. I am about 2 hours east of you :-).

                • that is close … in my view….when you think of all the people around the world who use the internet, just to find someone 2 hours away is actually fairly close. denise is from california, so she is far away compared to you. 🙂

                  • That sure is a long ways away. And yes it is amazing to see how well connected we can be no matter where we live in the world due to the internet.

  12. Denise, Marianne, all here,

    Just reading the Red Cross prepare list has brought back memories of the fire of 2012 & the following yr. flooding as a result, made me aware of my fragile existence. I learned so much about the Lord’s provision when my physical. mental, emotional, strength was so very depleted.
    Listening & heeding to HIS voice is obedience.
    In the midst of this disaster the Lord told me I was double minded> seeking the advice of men(causing me more danger.) I repented & again was brought to safety & rest.

    I pray I / we all move forward now as called; heeding to HIS voice.


    • Susan – Glad to know you eventually made it out of your fire situation in 2012. It’s one thing to have the power, lights, and heat go out for several days. It’s another to become displaced.

      The Red Cross list is a very basic list, but just about anyone should be able to do most if not all of it. If people start in the New Year, by May they will be much more prepared than not at all. Then, all you have to do is check your bag twice a year. No big deal.

      This Red Cross list is only for 3 days for a family of four. Just about all government and NGO’s are suggesting to be prepared to be on your own for two weeks without any help from emergency agencies should there be some sort of wide spread emergency – however it may come. But, it is 3 days that you and your family can be better off than those not prepared at all. And, hey, if nothing serious happens, nothing serious happens. You can rotate the food, water, medicine, etc. every 6 months, or so, and nothing is really wasted.

    • susan

      i pray we all are prepared when the time comes…God will be our refuge in times of trouble.

    • Hi Susan. So thankful God carried you through that very tough time. He is always with us, desiring to help us in whatever ways we need. Prayers for you and your family as you continue to move forward from those past memories.

      • TY CW and bless you for your concern, a solo experience for me causing me to Trust & know such Love, a real gift!

        I no longer respond to the fire in a PTSD way as before. I am healed from the memory as a traumatic event but it took time, Trust, rest. Actually I knew something disastrous was going to take place a few days before Colorado’s worst fire stuck during record setting June temperatures. So many people were in denial of the severity at the time. Then, Our loving Creator intervened in a most miraculous way, through it all… It was human caused but another mystery regarding who & will not be solved. This again I feel I know( with evidence,) the area surrounding here, having 5 military sites.

        • You are welcome. Thank God for completely healing you. That is awesome!!! God always protects His own. God bless.

          • Hi CW : )
            It took this “disaster” to personally know HIM, the Good Shepherd’s Love> much deeper. All Glory is the Lord’s, thank you for rejoicing with me, bless you!
            This scripture comes to mind:

            To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty

            for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the

            spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness,

            the planting of the LORD, that HE might be glorified. Isaiah 61:3

  13. Yes it was a life changing experience I will never forget> the fire. I had a Red Cross overnight stay & then held up in a comfortable AC hotel room for 10 days accepting my 2 birds & dogs, a true God send & almost all paid for by home owners insurance due to my health & the proximity of the fire to my home. .

    Now I try almost every time I go to the grocery store to but a gallon of water & have a supply of canned goods I add to. Like you & Marianne. my home will likely be my refuge. Should this happen I have room for others’ in need.

  14. Hi to All,

    In the dream narrated by Marianne, the striking imagery of hiding in the third refrigerator of a series of three should not be lost. In my understanding, it a time related dream, revealing to us that we are now in the third winter-refrigerator, since the last countdown for the planet commenced, with the sign of super-storm Sandy.

    It seems there will not be a fourth winter before the revelation of the year of the Lord is unveiled.

    What is the danger that threatens the world? Nazi soldiers and the regime was well known for its practice of sorcery in its warfare. The present cause of world unrest is likewise found in dark sorcery of the neo-Babylonian regime. They instigate bloodshed and unrest with the sole aim of altering the law, so as they will be enabled to legally persecute whomsoever will see through their deceptions and in speaking out is a threat to them.

    The Puerto-Rico prophecy by now may seem to have been delayed or lost in its fulfillment. Or so many would suppose. The time was to be at 2.AM Each year holds two definite seasons, for when the sun is in the southern hemisphere, and for when its in the Northern hemisphere. From September to March, the sun sweeps across the North, and is back at the equator again in March, whence it crosses to make its trip across the south.

    The natural current year thus began in September 2014, and its second phase will commence in March 2015. The 2.AM would thus be in March 2015. Likewise, the Thika meteorite weight of 14.2kg would refer to the similar, that is the culmination of the events of the 14th earth generation begins in the second phase of the natural year 2014.

    I guess once again its my ramblings, but in the dream posted here, of three refrigerator, and its well known that the 2014/2015 astronomic winter ends in March 2015, I observe the convergence of many prophecies is indicated.

    And the Russians are burning with anxiety of when to commence the next war for which they use the weapons of destruction entrusted to them. and which they were delayed for an prophetic year, and a month and a day and an hour. As this prophecy comes to a close in mid February 2016, that is form the time of the Tsar Bomber, its really prophetically fascinating that all events are falling into place perfectly.

    For the day of the Lord is not delayed but will dawn as God has always required it to be.


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