Diseases / Plagues on way to USA


The 4th seal deals with plagues and pestilences, and death.

Much will be due to human negligence, or intentional crime, as in genetic engineering, so we cannot blame completely Satan for this one.

In many countries, disease is already there.

From lecture of medical doctor:



MDRTB – multi drug resistant tuberculosis

TB about eliminated from USA due to good drugs. 6 months and $2000 to treat.

Now 38,291 cases alone in California.

MDRTB in 38 hospitals- mostly people from Mexico and Philippines.

It resists 2 of the antibiotics

Now costs 250,000 to 2 million dollars to treat.

60% fatal.



Chagas Disease – Latin America origin – 18 million people with it.

50,000 people a year die from it

Currently infecting blood supply and organ transplants.

It infiltrates major organs, causes them to expand, and explode


Leprosy – Hansens’ disease – From India, brazil, Caribbean, and Mexico.

Destroys flesh, face, fingers and toes

Was rare in USA.

900 / 3 years

Now 7000 cases

Endemic to Northwest USA now


Dengue Fever

Was rare.

In 2003, Outbreak on Texas / Mexico border


Usually kills.


Hepatitis A – transmitted by feces

Now 3000 people exposed to die in Pittsburg

600 in Ohio


Polio – eradicated but coming back

Malaria – eradicated but coming back



Kawasaki disease

4000 children under the age of 5 every year in this nation

Red eyes, strawberry tongue

Cardiovascular infection

Children have heart attacks and drop dead


Gonorrhea , syphilis, STDs

Many illegal immigrants are sexually violent predators

Immigration has program called operation predator due to this

2003 – 2600 sexually violent predators deported and some came back

2004 – 6,085 sexually violent predators apprehended, 1800 of this were on the Megan’s law list. They tend to attack children. Many attacked and killed, cases of some being buried alive.

Arizona – 207

Illionois – 282

Texas – 545

California – 1,578 ( San Diego – 685)


Marianne’s note:

There is also bubonic plague appearing the USA.

Also, the Ebola virus is spreading.



CRAG – close and police the borders!!!

Rescind the citizenship of anchor babies


Aiding and abetting illegal aliens is on the books – a crime so punish it.

, so we cannot blame Satan for this one.

In many countries, disease is already there.

64 Responses to “Diseases / Plagues on way to USA”

  1. Can’t blame Satan??? Do you not know he works through his followers who spread this stuff???

    • michael

      OK. we can give him some blame….I changed the post a little to this effect.

      but much disease is due to lack of sanitation, and human actions, like spreading venereal disease through promiscuity.

      • Obama isn’t the anti-Christ, but he’s certainly and agent. 😉

        Anyway, there is definitely a convergence of signs happening that cannot be ignored(well, I guess they could be ignored). It’s virtually certain that the abomination of desolation is standing where it ought not.

      • Those are acts of satan!! For example, promiscuity is not of God. The Lord gives us choices, good and evil..people are to blame as they allow satin in their minds.

  2. satan has his hand in evil event. however, he preys on those with spiritual weaknesses. He has put his disciples in high places to rule over us with his desire to kill, steal and destroy. we need to get rid of these spiritually weak and dangerous policy makers in the white house. we need to pray and turn back to our God for His armor of protection and salvation or we will perish. “if My people will seek my face and humble themselves and pray, I will heal their land.”

  3. An estimated 36,000 people die each year in the US from the flu. This year’s H3N2 is a more complicated and viral a strain, yet not much has been in the news.

    Here’s one short clip: “The type of flu that is going around is called Influenza A (H3N2), which is often linked to more serious diseases than other flu varieties. People could get more complications from this particular strain, which would make them sick for a longer period of time.”


  4. I disagree. Satan’s plan for the world system is in full swing by the 100-150 people who control 50% of the world’s resources. They out right worship him, or worship themselves and money. Either way, the world is on fire with a open US southern border. Old Knob’s agenda is in full swing causing disease to spread/grow.

  5. I added an extra clarification about humans being responsible for disease….

    we have scientists which create or reproduce disease in the lab, then release it to the general population.

    we also have border control agents that either intentionally allow diseased people to enter, or they are under orders to let infected people into the country….

    • I don’t have the links right here at my fingertips but apparently during / after Katrina many “secure” labs were no longer secure and a lot of “stuff” went missing. Whether on purpose or due to an “accident” the labs are quite the threat. There is also some island off of the east coast that is used for “testing” and some unusual creatures were located a while back outside of the lab (dead) that were suspected to have been from that lab – cross type creatures combining various species.

  6. Thanks,ha!ha!this is serious, we really need to pray hard.

  7. Polio isn’t gone. It’s been renamed and has many names due to the vaccines not working. Gullian Bare syndrome, meningitis, Lou Geris disease and many others.

  8. Stmichaelstore.com has a book entitled “preparations and remedies given by our Lord and Mary Our Mother for the end times”. There are remedies for the illnesses prevalent today.

  9. The Kingdom I am living for doesn’t have borders, there is no difference between nationality, male nor female, nor rich nor poor. Self-preservation is not a Christian attitude or outlook on life. I live or die for Christ.

  10. The “border crisis” is just that. Sick people coming to a “Christian” nation who rejects them. I believe God is giving this nation a huge opportunity to witness, spread the gospel and reach people for Christ and this is how the church reacts: very American attitude: Don’t disrupt my comfort as you languish and die and end up in hell. Nice….

    • What and where is this hell of which you speak?

    • cropchick

      do you notice that only sick people are coming?

      or gangsters?

      while we are christian, we cannot handle this burden….we cannot cure them or afford them.

      it would be more responsible for their own countries to keep them, and the USA to send medicine to their hospitals.

      their own doctors should take care of them

      • They are lost souls in need of salvation.
        God provides.
        You might want to check out all the Old Testament law and where God uses sojourner, look at what HE has to say about how to treat those wandering in a land not their own.

        Personally I haven’t been sick in 2 and a half years. If God wills, you can ask for protection and He keeps you safe.

        Jesus spent a lot of His ministry HEALING. Today Christians spend a lot of their time freaking out and running.

        God does not change.

        Marriane, in this instance you make a fantastic American, but Christianity comes before nationality.

        • they are draining the poor to help poor that do not belong here.

          why doesn’t their own countries do something?

          is it because it is easier to dump their poor in our country….they should made to accept responsibility for their own people.

          the american poor should not be sacrificed to aid the poor who belong to someone else.

          charity begins at home.

          • I agree Marianne,

            What this “administration” is doing is thrusting this illegal alien “invasion” upon us and posing it as a virtue, when it is nothing but a shield for hidden agenda. It’s obvious.

            No one put’s a rotten apple in a barrel with good apples and tells all to “just make nice”. That’s fundamentally CRAZY.

            I say, complete the border fence. Double or triple border agents ranks. Build an Ellis island “south”. Hell, build several of them. Build border hospitals that all can access. I’ll freakin volunteer! The cost of all of this would be less that the price of what we’re facing if we don’t implement something to stop the influx of illegal aliens. I fell for them, I really do. My suggestions for a solution are better than most I’ve heard.

            Charity does start at home. Home is the source of real wealth. When the integrity of the home is compromised, everyone suffers; especially those aliens who were recipients of the charity from our homes.

            So yes! Triple the height of border fences. Ship in Coast Guard reinforcements. Arm to the teeth, those the protecting the borders. Build those border field hospitals. Build the field kitchens. Build border schools. Pass out clean water and blankets. Give them tents. If I were one of those illegals, I’d be grateful for such charity. 3 squares and cot. Not bad.

            Further Cropchick, let as many as can, immigrate. But legally, according to reasonable health and safety standards. Legal immigration was once a strength of America. Illegal immigration is a false ethic, and weakens the host. For those unfortunate enough to buy Obama’s false ethics, I pity you. Do you not see what’s really going on? So don’t label others as unchristian, simply by pointing out the obvious.

            Again Cropchick, if you feel so strongly about your position, then I would expect you emails to reflect IP addresses from somewhere on the border where you are volunteering. And I don’t mean the Canadian border either.


  11. ALL you wanted to know about Ebola…very detailed article (with informative links too) 😮

  12. And Marianne, it is a lie that only sick people are coming. At least 200 kids are in my state, attending school and NOT sick.

    • then there is no respect for the law….or those who have to pay for all this…

      many americans are without jobs….and they do not get the help the illegals are getting.

      veterans have been denied medical care and a small increase in monthly pay to pay their bills, yet the illegals drain millions of welfare and medical aid from the system

  13. Somehow I don’t think Satan wants to kill people. He wants two things. To mess up God’s relationship with His church and to get others to worship him as a replacement. A God who kills all his people has no one to worship him. That makes no sense.
    As for all the diseases mentioned here, I doubt that any of them are part of the 4th horse of Revelation. The 3rd and 4th seals are directly related to the 2nd which is a nuclear war. A worldwide nuclear winter will follow causing the famine and more death, and the unburied bodies will cause the diseases of the 4th seal. The diseases of today may still be around, perhaps some get cured, other may get worse, but they probably won’t all flare up at the same time and become what the bible predicts to follow the other seals.
    So I wouldn’t consider them to be signs of bible prophecy.

    • Unless Satan knows that he has a short itme…

      If I were Satan, I’d likely know by now that there is no winning this controversy except by hurting the adversary as amuch as possible. The way to hurt Jesus is to torture and kill as many as possible.

      Satan knows that he’s no god.

    • God wants no one to perish, yes, He wants every lost soul…but how do we deal with it…??? I really don’t believe the leaders of our country care a out saving people, sadly…. What is their real reason for this infiltration? I think most of us are point on here…blessings and peace. Psalms 91 is a grwat word to share…

  14. This whole issue about the US southern border and the up tick in the deluge of people crossing – may be the sick, the criminal, and coyotes taking advantage for the money – – – there was a story way back when, when this was just hitting the news at the beginning of the year, that this deluge was orchestrated as a distraction, for Al Qada, Hamas, ISIS, whomever you wish to call them, to penetrate the southern border with their own agenda. And, yes, satan.

  15. Well Marianne and Dan,

    Leviticus 25:35
    “If your brother becomes poor and cannot maintain himself with you, you shall support him as though he were a stranger and a sojourner, and he shall live with you.

    Leviticus 24:22
    You shall have the same rule for the sojourner and for the native, for I am the Lord your God.”

    I could go on…..

    And no Dan, I did not fall for Obama’s lies. I heard the Lord’s truth.

    How would Jesus treat one of them? The least of these?

    Oh, it’s how you treat the least of these is how you treat Jesus….

    Disagree with God then.

    • you do not ask a poor man in need of help himself to give away what he has left to another poor man.

      this is not a charity issue…..it is intentional exploitation

      their governments can help them….we can send what we can., but it is unfair to take away from our own poor , leaving them in need, to help someone else;s poor, just because they deny responsibility.

      you seem to think america is rich. it isn’t. it is broke, and the over spending is resulting in the imminent crash of the dollar.

      american poor should not sacrificial victims for other people

      • Bravo Marianne, you’ve hit the nail on the head

      • Indeed, Dan, Marianne has. I have personally never been “rich” – at least not by the standards of this society. But I have always had everything I have needed, and most of what I have wanted. I have always believed in, “Pass the plate.” Take what you need then pass the plate along. The plate always comes back around.

        It seems the more people “have” (or think they have) the tighter they hold on to it. I have always seen money as a form of God energy. It certainly is a gift. It is meant to be kept free flowing. To ask, or demand, those to give who for the most part do not have enough for themselves or family is so off balance.

        One of the most treasured impressions I have from my few trips to India . . . where many who live in card board shacks have even less than those in poverty here – for many there was / is this light in their eyes. They can be the poorest of the poor, and yet, in my travels, many would want to still offer tea to those who visited them. Their wealth lies in their relationship to God, religion aside. And hospitality to another is so commonplace there isn’t even a second thought.

        But, when it is forced, (inappropriate taxation, pilfering of resources) it no longer comes from the heart.

        This world is so backwards.

    • Please Ms. Cropchick,

      Everything that you’ve said is not inconsistent with what I’ve said.

      Give them everything that we can, in a logical sense. Hospitals, soup kitchens, tent cities, schools, etc is not wrong. Clean them up for immigration to the US.

      Ms. Cropchick, you are an ideologue. You need to get a grip.

  16. Ebola Could Reach the U.S. By the End of This Month


    • I believe it already has, Marianne. In addition to the two returned to the US who have recovered, there is a third doctor who has returned here infected. And, quietly in the news there are reports here and there of persons detained in NY, Boston, and some other cities who, after traveling, have returned and believed to be possibly infected. All it takes is one person, intentional or not, to come to our shores undetected, and Ebola is here, out, and thriving.

    • Sounds like courier delivery service from Amazon or eBay! 😉 😉

  17. If Ebola has already reached us, than it’s a blessing to those who die, because the horror of the methane threat, if true, is far worse.

    Things are ramping up

  18. Barack Obama The Trojan horse
    From whence come all this evil
    There are no words to describe how evil Barack Obama is
    And the people that voted for him
    Are the Bible ignorant
    I’ve heard it said well he has done some good
    No he has not
    Paul the Apostle said
    A little Leven Levens the whole lump

  19. It is a deception to think that other countries are more sick than America. We have the highest rate of vaccines and more children are dying from them than any other country. Many of the diseases that are not discussed are actual diseases that we created vaccines for that don’t work and actually she’d after injection and cause others to get the disease. More newborns die from the initial hep B injection than any other country. Many young girls are being injured for life from the gardisil vaccine. We have more cancer and other diseases that originated in the us from vaccines in this country than any other.

  20. Everybody is blaming on Satan now…poor guy! As if we all are angels!

    What are these then? 😦

    We forget soooooo easily that, when we point finger at others, the rest of the four points back to us! 😉

  21. Though off-topic, but quite interesting… 😉
    McDonald’s Finally Tells Truth About ‘Pink Slime’ And Other Harmful Ingredients In Their Food!!!

  22. Marianne – (or, whomever wishes to chime in):

    What’s with this “enterovirus” “EV-D68” ??? Recent in the news it has hit in several states (10 states in mid west), children mainly (several with asthma issue), sending many kids to the ICU. It has the symptoms of a really bad cold but is creating respiratory and gastrointestinal problems in those it affects the most severely.

    CDC is reporting high incidence of “clusters” and issued a health alert about 2 weeks ago. Viruses are common, there are more than 100 types affecting 10 – 15 million + people every year. This particular one (D68) was first discovered in the 1960’s, and is supposed to be a “rare” strain but it is more serious than most. And it is the number of those seen in the ERs and unprecedented hospital admittances among children that raised the red flag at CDC. There is no vaccine. Greatest spikes have been in the Kansas City and Chicago areas. Though Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Utah, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky also reporting to CDC. Other countries are also reporting spikes.




  23. Vaccine Brain Damage Cover Up Implodes! 😦

    (…an one hour video though)

  24. Govt OK’s Growing Rice for Public Sale Within Fukushima Contamination Zone!!! 😮

  25. Massive radiation plume from Fukushima heading toward U.S. West Coast according to a scientific report!!! 😦

    • sunny

      I thought it was already here?

      well this seems to coincide with the plagues in revelation 6 where there is death and disease… maybe a confirmation that we are in tribulation, or on the verge of it.

      let us pray in the meantime that God protects us and gives us wisdom as to where to live, our food choices ( affected by contaminate water, etc)…and other things that might be affected.

      • Marianne – the “plume” has reached the west coast in the ocean waters and the air borne plum has been drifting over the western states for some time now. But the larger portion, or greater density, is yet to hit us, though it is just about here.

        The isotopes in the plume include iodine-131, cesium-134, and cesium-137. I read some articles in local papers here months ago that stated the tuna caught off the coast here have higher radiation levels than the “norm” – and as always, “officials” state the radiation levels are within the designated “safe” levels. Some believe that radiation counters in the west coast have been “turned off” so as not to properly record the levels and others believe that some government officials are stock piling potassium iodide which inhibits the thyroid gland from absorbing radiation.


        You can “google” a ton of articles, some say it is here, some say it isn’t quite here yet, others say, regardless, the level has dispersed to the point it isn’t harmful. (Yeah. Right.)


  26. California Drought hits home for the super rich 😉

  27. There Will Be Pestilences: Why Are So Many Deadly Diseases Breaking Out All Over The Globe Right Now? 😦

  28. “We’re Screwed” Major Garrett open mic briefing U.S.response to Ebola Outbreak Oct 3 2014

  29. […] Source: Diseases / Plagues on way to USA […]

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