You Will Use Your Talents


This word is for someone, or some persons, who think they are out of time.

I just had this message in a dream, so I am relaying it here.

The message is for those who wish to serve God, but think there will be no opportunity.


You have a talent but you feel you are facing death, or nonuse.

This may be due to a health issue, or the world situation quickly becoming dark and dangerous.

You have a talent or gift, but you think you will never be able to use it.

Your talent may be practical, such as an education, resources (material things), or a skill.

Or it may be spiritual, such as a gift to be used in service of others.

This applies to

1. talents not yet utilized, because of lack of opportunity, or

2. talents one has buried, where the opportunity was there, but the person has not acted yet.

God does not give us talents and gifts for nothing.

He intends that anything he gives us be used for His glory.

He is not going to give you a talent, then just let you die, and not fulfill your purpose.

So, you will not die, or leave this world, until you have been given an opportunity to use your talents and gifts.

For some, it will be the first opportunity they have had.

For others, it will be their last chance.


We are all going to die, or leave this world.

If God has put a dream on your heart, with a talent to accomplish it, then it will happen.

Then we will not come before the Lord empty, when we do die to this world.

We will then have our crowns to cast at His feet, in worship.


So please take heart, that all your efforts at developing your talents will not be wasted, due to adverse circumstances.

You will have a chance to use your talents, as it is for God’ glory.

God bless you.

He will make a way for you, even if there seems to be no way.

21 Responses to “You Will Use Your Talents”

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  2. Since as far back as I can remember, I have always felt that I was here on this earth for 2 things: (1) to learn something; (2) to teach something, and I would be here until both were accomplished.

    I re read 1 Peter and 2 Peter, they are such short chapters though full of encouragement. Thank you for the reminder that we serve with the strength that God gives us, and in everything God be praised.


  3. I think this was for me, and probably many others who might have lost hope. THANK YOU! I was just about to get up from the computer and I saw this, ONLY THIS ONE, so I opened up. WOW! Ok, so I’m motivated again, as the signs are popping up everywhere. Thanks again 🙂 I’m gonna go start my day – AND TODAY, I’m gonna be productive. Have a good one! God Bless!

  4. This message will help many people if they open their eyes & heart to The Lord & keep the faith. God Bless!

  5. marianne; i already know what god has given me, you already know this also. just waiting now.

  6. It seems I HAVE used my talents. So this encourages me to think my life did have a good purpose. I do not foresee much more use of my talents, but God alone knows what will come. Last week he gave my grandsons a miracle which I had just prayed for, and they knew I had prayed, so that may influence them to decide for Christ.

  7. I had to come read it again. I’ve just been so panicky, like I get really short of breath, I’m tired all the time, and here lately I’ve been scared that I’m gonna die BEFORE I accomplish what I’m suppose to. I’ve not been pushing myself to do anything let alone go around anyone as the world has just become a mean place, and I’d rather stay in my own safe space where I KNOW I won’t be attacked in any verbal form as opposed to going out somewhere, getting my feelings hurt, and coming home. And I wasn’t realizing how much my thoughts were affecting me until this morning, while reading the newspaper, I read where they’re gonna try to send some robot thing up to somewhere near Jupiter, BUT that they’re not doing it until around 2024 – and the first thing I thought was, “great, I’ll never know what they find” – THEN I got panicky again – it was actually RIGHT AFTER I read that article that I THEN clicked on my emails and your’s was the only one to come up – THANK GOD I CLICKED ON IT! Because I actually had to come read it again. I am SO OPEN to receiving anything from God and it was SO confirming from going from that newspaper article and my own negative thoughts, to the post you sent. Thank you for all of your encouragement and all you do with YOUR gift – you are truly helping MANY MANY people. Take care and God Bless 🙂

  8. Yes this is a very good post Marianne – I think that All Christians will have these thoughts as said above at one time or another in their life. It is good to hunger and thirst to do Gods will. It makes you blessed just hungering for Him and seeking His will.
    Having a desire and a vision in life for Christ is what we all need more of.
    We all should want to be Good Servants in His vineyard. Our Motive should be Love – cause Faith=revealing of Gods truth and will cometh by Love — Gal. 6:2.


  9. Today I found in my bible a word focus portion on “Sealed” and it noted that people such as Daniel used a seal on his envelopes. I’ve been sealing my envelopes all along. It is funny how God can set something into our hearts before we even find it in scripture.

    Always be observant about the little things you do for God because quite often it is that subtle irony God uses to communicate to us. Consider your talents and gifts fully, but only apply them to the truthful lessons learned from scriptures. Our own words can only go so far, but when we use our words to modernize the Word of God, then we are backing God’s Word with our own.

    Quite often we act too soon on behalf of a dream or vision and when expressed, it doesn’t fully represent supported scripture. Keep a journal full of vivid detail, and when you discover the applicable scripture, then the moment comes when you can present a divine piece of truth.

    Time spent contemplating the Word of God day and night is how a spiritual warrior gets results. Patience is truly a virtue. Luck is also a nice gift as well. Sometimes when you’re reading scripture the night before, God will give a vision that night when He is trying to tell you something. Always act fast when God comes or else you risk losing a potentially divine message.

  10. I have a lot of things that I would like to do, employ, and oversee. I have not yet begun, but the season is changing. It has been a very hard time, and I will be happy to see good fruits born from it. Moreover, I look forward to knowing God here on this planet and making Him known here on our earth so people don’t have to ‘wait till Heaven’ and groan and pine needlessly till they die or ‘the end’ comes to see or meet Him. “Your Kingdom come; Your will be done on [this] earth as it is in Heaven.” Amen.

  11. Plase pray for myself and my family. For the past couple of months I have felt an extreme pressure and weight upon myself and have seen this also evident in my husband and children. Each of us have showed personality traits and habits that are not normal, as well as extreme fatigue. I was also under attack while trying to pray continually and seek gods word. Each time I would fall asleep. My daughters have also been doing the same and I see rebellion growing within my sons hearts. My husband has finally been able to return to work after 3 weeks of not having a job and our finances have been depleted. Our son who is special needs has also been saying that he is scared every night. I somehow found this page last thursday and have been praying the prayer against witchcraft. I can feel a shift within these past few days where I no longer feel as bogged down in the mind and spirit but I know that myself and my family are still being attacked. Please I pray that you join us in prayer. Thank you for creating this website, thank you for sharing the Power of God with others. May the Lord Bless and Keep You Also. Amen~ Sherry Ann

    • dear sherry ann

      It sounds like the enemy has seen the stress in your family due to finances, and has added a “spirit of heaviness” to the home.

      print out and Say the prayer against witchcraft each day.. see if you can include your husband and children in prayer….when mentioning spirits, include the spirits of heaviness and rebellion to pray against…

      I will be in agreement with you.

      I am sending you some extra prayers also.

      God bless you

  12. if you have the holy spirit of god within you, you do not half to worry about witchcraft or any other evil power. for the lord himself said; i give you power over all the enemy. he that is within you is greater then he who is within the world. (lucifer and all his angles) i will remember you right now in my prayers. the enemy is attempting to place pressure upon you so you will loose faith. he does this to all christians, resist him and he will flee.

    • Thank You so very much. I can feel the power of the Holy Spirit upon us and I am deeply humbled. Praise God to the highest. I have not felt this stirring for such a long time.. Thank You Thank You Lord & our sweet Savior Jesus. May you continue to bless my brothers and sisters in Christ who have joined me. My spirit is once again singing in praise and worship. Amen!! Instead of all the lies and thoughts of fear and doubt that I have been hearing it seems that my spirit is now singing in worship and praise to the Almighty.. Amen

  13. Amen… Beautiful Marianne, you read my mind as you have done so many times over the years!! Bless you my sister in Christ…:)

  14. Ann,

    You may also find the prayer over your house a benefit and blessing.

    Please read the comments/replies within the page too.

    Psalm 27

  15. I like ur work

  16. This was encouraging, thank you. You said:
    God does not give us talents and gifts for nothing.

    He intends that anything he gives us be used for His glory.

    He is not going to give you a talent, then just let you die, and not fulfill your purpose.

    I believe that applies to eternal life for those who are justified by faith in Jesus. He doesn’t go through all the trouble of birthing us again for nothing. He paid for us by his own blood, without which there is no remission of sin. He will perfect all that which concerns us no matter how terrible the circumstances and obstacles and enemies are.

  17. Timely.

    Blessings to you in Jesus’ name.

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