Imminent Predictions about the USA


With some thought, I have decided to release some predictions I have received in emails about the future of the USA. Prudent judgment and discernment should be used in interpretation. If correct, then they will come true very soon.

*** I am taking a “wait and see” approach here. .

*** update 1-20-09.  The prediction about Obama has proven not true, but I will leave this here, so we can think about anything else said.  I have found and included a letter from Scott about his failed prophecy at the end of this post. 

I have “sat” on several predictions, as I did not know how reliable they are. I do not like to submit pure speculation. There has to be some viable content to them.

What I do is compare what is predicted to what the Bible says. If it is consistent, or a repeat of scripture, I accept it.

If there is no direct correlation to a reference in the Bible, then I will wait until I see confirmation from another source, or I see that some part of what is predicted has come true.


1. How many…….. is “many?” Mumbai and the USA. Here I consider this prediction, because at the 5th seal in Rev 6, it says:

Rev 6:9 And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:

Rev 6:10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?

Rev 6:11 And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellow servants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they [were], should be fulfilled.


Divine Light published on 10/3/2006 12:00:00 AM By Bro. John Rabindranath , Thirunelveli

The Lord revealed to this slave two great events that will take place before his second coming.

Death of Christians:

1. A very large number of Christians will die in the city of Mumbai.

2. Many holy people suffering for the sake of Christ will also die in U.S.A

From Wikipedia:

The November 2008, Mumbai attacks were a series of ten coordinated terrorist attacks across Mumbai, India’s financial capital and its largest city. The attacks, carried out by armed men using automatic weapons and grenades, began on 26 November 2008 and ended on 29 November 2008 At least 173 people were killed and at least 308 were injured in the attacks.

Mumbai has suffered several terror attacks starting 12th March 1993 when there were serial blasts across the city.

Mumbai Christians affected by attack:

Additional attacks in Orissa:


2. Obama and the USA- update- this has proven, at least in part, not to be true.  Apologies….I leave this so people can learn, and think…..I tried to research it first.

I have found and included a letter from Scott about his failed prophecy at the end of this post.

This is not a political commentary. It is possibly a prophetic one. The welfare of the country, as well as Obama’s personal welfare, is respected here.

Pending issues:

The Obama birth certificate as “valid” or not valid.

Connection with Illinois Governor senate seat scandal

US – Israel conflict with Iran- Russia

Stock market crash, and the Madoff scandal – final effects?

a. Prediction from Utah – the “Parowan Prophet”

Obama will not get into office due to a “disaster.”,0,2231803.story

b. Email Subject: Prophecy (original experience – March 8, 2001)

Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 00: 46: 57 -0600

Scott Walkington (Illinois farmer, piano tuner and repairman) experienced a life after death experience on March 8, 2001. His church and local area is aware of his heavenly experience that he had as a result of this.

Jesus gave Scott seven events that were to happen before the rapture. (1st Thess. 4:13-17; 5:1-4.)

there are other links about this:

phone interview:

radio interview:

you tube:

I listened for 2 hours to the radio interview. I am persuaded that Scott is genuine and sincere about his experience. We have 5 weeks to see if his impressions and memory of his experience is accurate.

If it is possible that a crisis will occur in the next month, then I would be negligent NOT to say something. If the information is not correct, then there is no harm done by posting it.

We should all be vigilant anyhow, due to threats of terrorism that still prevail, and the current economic crisis, which could worsen. I decided that what was predicted was at least reasonable. We will see in the next 5 weeks what the degree of accuracy is.

Scott’s prediction based on his memory of his heavenly experience:

The 2008 election was the LAST presidential election we will ever experience before the rapture.

Here is what’s yet to happen – 7 signs before the rapture.

1. Coming in January (inauguration) … Due to a “problem”, Obama will NOT be sworn in as the next president. He will never take that office. Why? I don’t know. This is the missing piece to the puzzle. We must wait in anticipation to see whatever this “problem” might be.

2. Bush will be forced to extend his presidential term until this “problem” can be resolved. Remember, Jesus told me, “The president you know right now (meaning Bush) will be the last president you will know at the time of the rapture.”

3. Violence will erupt within our nation due to this “problem”. What might this be? Rioting? Demonstrations? Terrorism? We will wait and see.

4. Jesus told me, “Your troops will be brought home from around the world, but this does not mean peace.” Then my minister, Rev. John Rice, (in heaven) said, “When this happens, stay off the airplanes, the trains and the interstate highways. If you must cross a river, use a less traveled bridge or a ferry. When driving, use as many back roads as possible.” Then Jesus told me, ” Your nation will need all the help it can get to defend itself.

5. World War III will erupt. All the nations will turn against this nation, blaming Bush for this “problem”, but by the time the world realizes that Bush was not to blame, it will be too late.

6. Missiles will be dropped on cities on the east coast, then the west coast, making 9/11 look very minimal.

7. Then by the time we see missiles and fighter jets flying above us in all directions right here at home and you feel like it can’t get any worse than this, that’s when you know the rapture is about to take place .

Our nation will lose this war badly. It will be the end of the United States. At this time the one world government and the antichrist will take over.


All these things I learned from my heaven experience. Jesus also told me, “These are all in God’s plan. As horrible as these events may seem, these events must happen in order for the rapture to take place.

But you must fear not, for as you see these things happen, you must realize these are merely milestones as we get closer to the rapture. Just do your works as normally as you possibly can. Then when this time comes, I will call you and everyone else on My list, in the twinkle of My eye, just that fast.

Timing of rapture.

This, I concluded from the radio interview that I listened to.

It will be in winter. The temperature will be warm, maybe from the bombing. The time of day – for the USA time zones – will be “in the night.”

Scott heard the ground rumble as mushroom clouds came up over the nation. Kansas City, Indianapolis, Chicago, and St Louis are some of the cities.


Both Bro. John Rabindranath, and Scott Walkington predicted the persecution of believers in the USA. Scott predicted the media bias against Christians, causing a deep division between belivers and non-believers. Brother John predicted that many Christians would die in the USA. How all this develops will be soon evident.

Letter from Scott about the failed prophecy.

Lisa (22 Jan 2009) “A Letter from Scott Walkington”

We must remember most of what Scott was told in heaven has already happened.

Soon we will find out how the elligibilty issue will be resolved.

Be ready!

Hi Lisa!
Thanks for your email of encouragement. I got a lot of negative email last week. Today has been quiet. Mostly emails of encouragement.

Something you may find of interest though. Last week I prayed, asking the Lord if I was misquoting Him. I got no response. I asked if I was doing wrong. No response. I even asked for forgiveness if I doing something against His will. Still no response. Everything I asked, I got no response.

Finally Saturday night, I decided that I wasn’t asking the right questions. So I asked if He wanted me to stop talking about this story since I surely must have misunderstood or did He want me to continue speaking about this story. Finally I got this response, “Patience. Just be patient.”

Today a minister/friend from the St. Louis area called and asked how I was feeling. I told him what I just said. He said he had some words of encouragement. In the St. Louis newspaper today, there is a story about Chief Justice John Roberts starting the case against Obama’s birth certificate in Supreme Court on January 23rd. On January 26th is the official date that documents would be signed making the President, officially President. That date will be put on hold until his birth certificate and his citizenship can be proven. As their newspaper said, according to this minister, if the Chief Justice finds Obama not a legal US citizen, then this whole Inaugeration Day was a sham and, according to the Constitution, Bush would automatically become President.

I have seen so many times when our Lord will hold things out till the longest time possible. I believe it is His way of testing us, testing our faith in Him. But remember, I’ve always said that things may be different than we’re expecting or completely take us off guard.

When Jesus described the Second Sign (which became 9/11/01) to me, I imagined fighter jets and missiles. I never dreamed it would be passenger jets.

When the Fifth Sign was beginning, our troops were in Kuwait waiting for orders to cross the border into Iraq. Afterwhile though, it looked like Bush might call off the war and bring the troops back home. Everyone here at home thought I had missed it…missunderstood. I began to believe the same thing. Folks called me phoney, stupid, ignorant, as well as unmentionable names, made jokes about me. On a Wednesday night or Thursday night (or don’t remember which), I was working at a Presbyterian church where I was organist, pianist and choir director. The pastor and some of the congregation knew about my heaven experience. The night we had choir rehearsal at about 8:30 pm the choir was getting tired so I decided to adjourn rehearsal. The pastor decided to close with prayer. Right at that very moment, I remember hearing the Lord speak to me, “The war has started.”

For some reason I never heard the pastor’s prayer. When everyone looked up, the choir members exclaimed, what’s wrong Scott, are you okay, are you feeling okay. It must have been the look on my face. I told them that the Lord had spoke to me, that the war had started. Most of them including the pastor did not believe me. A few said they would check their TV or radio.

It was exactly 8:30 PM Central Time. Afterwards when I got home, my mother was watching TV. She said, “Tom Brokaw just came on with a news bulletin that the troops crossed the border at 9:30 PM Eastern Time (which of course would be the same time as 8:30 PM Central Time).” That gave me chills.

Then on Sunday morning at church, the Presbyterian pastor said he had not prepared a sermon for wartime and asked me to take the pulpit and explain to the congregation why we were in war.

What I find interesting though, within the last two months since my story went on the internet, I have talked to about a dozen others who have had the same heaven experience as mine. All were told the same seven signs, including the part about the president-elect not getting into office. A lady minister from John Hagee Ministries (Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, TX) told me that another minister that works there, Jessie Duplantis, had the same heaven experience about 2 or 3 years ago. He told John Hagee about it and mentioned that Jesus said that the president-elect would not make it into office (exactly what I was told).

So I think, if there was at least a dozen of us (and who knows how many more who have never come forward) with this same experience, how could we have got this so wrong or misinterpretted the same way. And then if you forget about the president-elect part, just think about this one statement that Jesus gave us back then, “The president you know right now is the last president you will know at the time of the rapture,” how many different ways can you/we re-interpret this?

So I believe whether or not this court hearing is the Seventh Sign or not, we must do as He told me. Just be patient. Although it is human nature to try to figure it out, we must wait and see what the Lord has in store for us. As one of my aunts put it, “If God told us everything He was going to do, He wouldn’t be much of a God, would He?”

Just be patient.
God bless, Scott

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78 Responses to “Imminent Predictions about the USA”

  1. […] discernment should be used in interpretation. If correct, then they will come true very soon. Click here for […]

    • Maybe it was a Trump … cause it seems more likely… building walls, cutting America off … just a thought.

  2. In all due respect, as the Preacher says,”Do not listen to the Devil!” Well….I believe this information about missiles on USA, Christain persecution, and other devestating signs are scare Tactics of the Devil. I know (working in Secret part of my life) can establish that such attacks on America are improbable, and nearly impossible by air. By a Dirty Bomb “suit case” scenerio….yes, that is the most probable. Yet…still a tough one tp pull of. Keep awake and it won’t happen.

    The Devil is very much alive and we are guilty in being deceived by him, as shown at times from the evidence in our lives. Frankly, in all due respect, I find the comments on this subject to be wrong from the Bible and personal prior eveidence from my “secret” experiences.

  3. Hi Ken,

    I certainly agree with you that fear is a tactic used by the devil. No matter what happens in this world, we should never be afraid, but trust in God, instead.

    Throughout history, both nations and individuals have gone through challenges, so it is always good to be prepared – both in the natural, and in the spiritual.

    What kind of secret experiences do you have?


  4. Very interesting, Marianne. As I see it then, this means pre-trib rapture, huh? For decades I have felt that the rapture would occur while nuclear missiles are on their way between Russia and the USA. And that this war would start because of Russia moving down on Israel with the Arab allies.

    The confusion of widespraed war would give doubts of where so many disappeared to, the lie of the anti-christ. Then the world would be set up for the EU to fulfill the end of days tribulation period. While I have always called this my speculation theory, sometimes I am certain it will happen this way. Elsewhere on this site I have put in many more details of this event’s possibility. …DavWms

  5. Hi David,

    Maybe pre-trib, maybe somewhere afterwords. THe book of revelation is full of events. My impression is that Christians are not around for much of them.

    The predictions above seem to imply that there will be Christians that will die, and not get raptured. But death is a scenario of any war, of any age.


  6. Interesting. It could happen. I rejoice in these times. So many Warnings (Signs) have been given. Hale Bopp Comet, Shoemaker-Levy Comet and Jupiter and so many more. I’ve been studying Jewish Calendar and the Feast of Our Lord related to events. Israel is now in it’s 7 year sabbatical cycle. With 7 signs in the sun and the moon, with the last of the 7 being a blood moon , during this 7 year sabbatical cycle. I love the way GOD works, GOD is perfect. After Israel 7 year sabbatical cycle. Possibly, Gog and Magog War in the Year 2014-2015 (Russia led attack on Israel). Israel greatest supporter (America), weakened, possibly totally gone away before that time. Israel now then not having the support of another nation, but under the power and awesomeness of GOD. It fits. Whatever GODS will Is, I am fine, I love Jesus, I look to the Heavens. It does break my heart in these times, of so many that are blind out of freewill.


  7. Hi David,

    You are right. God is in control of this whole situation.


  8. Does anyone know where the 3rd prophet is? I’ve found two so far. Brother Stair at and Go West Young Man. God Bless.

  9. Hi Philip

    I do not know what you mean by the third prophet. I listed only 2.


  10. Marianne,

    Funny I see it going down very similar to you have there with some exceptions. First and foremost the reason for Obama not taking the presidency will be the work of Bush. If this is the case Bush would be the beast of revelation.

    Other than that I believe the rapture to be at the end of time. I can give your scriptures to support that. Look at Revealtion’s last three chapters.

    Also you have to throw in Revelation 11 and the two witnesses.



  11. Hi John

    I cannot see how Bush can contribute much more. He leaves office in a month. He has already had 2 terms, and is not allowed to have any more.

    If obama does not get it, it might be his own fault…like the fake birth certificate issue…or we just get attacked over the nuclear issue by either Russia or Iran.

    I do not think we are in the time of the antichrist yet…..

    we will find out in one month if this is true.


  12. Marianne,

    Hi hope you are well.

    Funny you feel that way there are many things Bush can do.

    A dirty bomb blowing up or something of that nature would put the country in shock. If Obama does not become president there will riots in every black community. Bush could bring the mercenaries back from Iraq. The country would be defenseless against this tyrrany especially with so many of our national guard away over seas.

    As regarding a nuclear war, I really don’t think it will occur, though there may be a limited exchange. (God forbid.)

    Bush admits that he accepts evolution and creation by God. This statement proves he does not hold the Bible as the Word of God.

    Israel also may attack Iran, especially before Obama would get in power. Unless of course they knew they he wasn’t going to get in office.



  13. Hi John

    I do not think Bush needs to do much of anything…this country is already in crisis..

    stock market collapse

    Madoof scandal

    israel and iran want to fight

    russia has alrady threatened to attack before obama gets in

    I agree that blacks will riot over obama…but obama would be the cause of it….it would help if the guy had a real birth certificate, instead of a fake one, and he did not have more arabs for friends than americans.

    God help us. People need to pray.


  14. Marianne,

    Give me a web site for the russians attacking.



  15. why do people look foward to the end of the man?

  16. Hi kyle,

    It is not the end of man. It is the end of evil that we look forward to.


  17. I have felt from the very beginning that Obama may be directly linked to the anti-christ as he has many affiliations with the middle east. I think we are living in very intresting times and will be amazed at what will unfold in the very immediate future. I also agree with Marianne that this will be the end of the evil that evades every inch of this world and a new beginning.

    May the lord be with you

  18. This prophecy of Obama not becoming president conflicts with another prophecy I have seen and cannot find anymore, which said that he was chosen to rule the US for a time and a season.
    Bush having already served two times is no obstacle. After a major catastrophe whatever kind he could suspend the constitution and continue his rule ad infinitum.
    Currently there are strategic bombers from Russia in Venezuela and with a diversion of some kind they might sneak into the US and bomb it. I doubt that the US have any real defense against nuke missiles.
    But I agree that Bush continuing to be president could cause a riot, especially when private weapons will be confiscated.
    Be happy, should a rapture occur soon, but be not devastated if it won’t. Do not be so much fixated on that that you will have no oil in your lamp and you will miss it that way. Just because there might be a rapture does not mean you will be a part of it. As scripture says:”One will be taken and the other left behind”
    A pretrib rapture is definitely out of the question because Jesus said that we would first suffer many things.

  19. Ken,
    while true Christians should not be afraid because they only could lose their earthly life, you show a false sense security. Have you already forgotten 911, regardless of it being an internal or external attack? This may be a sign of a unwarranted trust on the military strength of the US. We should not trust in chariots and horses but in the name of our Lord as the song goes. Remember, pride cometh before the fall.
    “Mene mene tekel upharsin” was once written on the wall in Babylon. That night the boastful, false gods worshiping king was killed. The big walls of the city were no protection against the cunning of the Medes and Persians.
    So, be not proud but fear God and be safe in His hands.

  20. Hi GYOD

    Thank you for both your comments. I really pray we do have more time. Even for myself, as much as I long for the rapture, I may not be as ready I think. Just yesterday, as I wrote the last post about the sheep and the goats, I started to cry. I thought, am I guilty too? Have I ignored opportunities, or let them pass, to how mercy to others? God forgive me.

    I feel that no matter how much suffering there seems to be in a war or other problems in the future, it is still an act of mercy for God to allow us to continue here. In this way, He allows us to examine ourselves, and see if we are REALLY ready, for Him and his judgment of our lives.


  21. HI Deb

    I heard one prediction that war could even happen before Christmas, since the country would be off work, and soldiers will be with their families, instead of being on duty.

    WE need to pray for the days ahead. They are certainly getting dark.



  23. Shalom Nhel,

    What beautiful and courageous words. May they inspire others to face the challenges ahead as well. There is nothing to fear. True believers know their final destiny.

    Chag Sameach


  24. Marianne,

    Still no web site for the Russians attacking.

    Oh, well is it just hype?



  25. Hi john,

    I apologize, I have been so overwhelmed with work, holidays, personal commitments, and not feeling well. One person contacted me and said he had accessed a security website, and found some plans to do this….A friend said she thought this was old news…..I googled russians attack USA, and looked through results…too many to look at….there is hostility between the USA and russia….russian ships are in Cuban waters at this time….intentions are unknown…..

    this is something that you would have to google yourself, and see if you can find anything….I did once and ended up with 3 million results…
    Israeli PM Olmert is referring too, he is warning the world about the coming Christmas Day attack against Iran.
    ( once war starts, russia + iran against USA + Israel)

    Bush is quite slow off the mark, Russia have already sold the S-300 missiles to Iran, they are being delivered and put in place right now.

    these are not the best….I do not have time to research this one tonight…..maybe over the next few days, i can.


  26. Marrianne,

    I just googled Russia suprise nuclear attack. I was reading one aritcle. It was very convincing about details of a Russian suprise nuclear attack. After reading it I went back to the article and saw the date 1999. So much for that theory. I could only find Russia threatening Poland over western cooperation.

    I recall history when the press was saying there was a missle gap. There were only three missles in the Soviet Union.

    Gotta run.



  27. Marianne,

    Hi I’m back.

    I doubt Russia or any other country would launch a missle attack on another. I think during the Cold War both sides used each other. The West used the so called Russian threat to create a massive build up in arms. I believe the west could have easily defeated the Warsaw Pact milatarily. I say this because of the superiority of our weapons as proven during the last Isreali Arab war, the Vietnam War and the first Gulf War. But if we were marching on Moscow I could see the Soviet Union using nuclear weapons.

    The Soviet Union also used the West. They used our threat to clamp down on freedom and to oppress their people. Without the western capitalist the Soviet system of state capitalism would not have lasted.

    As a historical note I think Krushev will go down in history as the greater man than Kennedy. JFK was willing to risk a nuclear war over missles in Cuba. The whole idea of us being upset with nuclear weapons in Cuba was unjustified because we had nuclear weapons in Turkey. Any way the Cuban government was ready to start a nuclear war. After the blockade Krushev showed great restraint by backing down to the American blockade.



  28. Hi John,

    I guess we will see what happens next. We have different rulers now over countries, and their ideas and reactions may be different from their predecessors.

    Interestingly enough, the bible describes hand to hand combat in the last days. Maybe a way to get around detection by radar?


  29. This might seem out there, but perhaps host using angels and disembodied nephilim showing up in flying crafts masquerading as benevolent primate evolving aliens and saviour elohim during time of disaster would be far from surprising to me. Been noticing more and more alien stuff and UFO stuff and caveman stuff and dying planet stuff in the media? I would like to learn more about sections called Genesis 6:4 and 2 Chronicles 33:2-3 and Isaiah 24:21 and Jeremiah 10:10-15 and Daniel 11:38-39 and much more perhaps. -Jacob (

  30. hi jacob,

    I guess it is possible that something like you describe could happen. We have certainly heard enough about it. The gods indicated in the scriptures I had always assumed were imaginary ones, that people thought up. But the one passage about God coming against the “host of heaven” does make one think.

    Somehow, Bush is blamed, according to this latest prediction. Of course, he gets blamed for everything anyhow. The “problem” above seems to indicate that at least on the surface, the issue is related to something he is doing. For example, the current conflict between Israel and Gaza could be considered as supported by Bush (for Israel), so if things go badly there, then it is his fault.

    Only 2 things could create a reaction by other nations as strong as an attack on the US: a huge economic collapse, or an attack that people assumed America initiated.

    The economy has already collapsed a lot, and I do not see an attack over that yet, and I think that was really America’s fault, since US businessmen were corrupt that started it. That is not Bush’s fault, but he is blamed. Actually, the world needs the USA to be strong, so they can be also.

    The only other thing left is some sort of stray attack from out of the blue. The source of the attack could be from secret operations of another government that go wrong. Or, it could be like you said, something really bizarre as the “gods” attacking.

    In my imagination, I see any possible contribution that the “gods” could have as further along in time, and closer to the day of wrath. The Isaiah prophecy does sound like either the 6th seal, or maybe the end of the time of wrath.

    We have 2 weeks left to find out if any of this is true. !!


  31. Looks like time is running out for this to be true…..8 days and counting

  32. Hi Alan,

    Yes, I am waiting too. I personally hope it is not true. Disasters are unpleasant. As I noted in the post, if I do not say something, and then people are hurt, I will feel responsible. If nothing happens, then I am just relieved.


  33. John,
    Russia has made great progresses in weapons technology and is perhaps more than capable of running a surprise attack on the USA´, especially when they are diverted to another front like maybe Taiwan or due to internal problems like riots.
    Times have changed and the advantage of the USA in technology maybe smaller than perceived by many Americans.

  34. Well Scott walkington proved to be a false prophet,,,,, lots of them …..

  35. Hi Deb,

    True what you said. I really did investigate him first, as you can see all the links above. He seemed sincere, so I gave it a chance. I was more concerned about ignoring something that might be true, and warning people, so they would not be hurt.

    I do not hide my mistakes. There still may be some valid content to what is here, so I leave it. Also, it is a record of something that did not happen, as predicted. This should make us more alert.


  36. The only predictions we need be concerned about are those which are found in scripture.
    Everything we need to know is contained therein. Anybody who makes a failed prediction has lost all credibility and anybody who
    endorses it also. A person who has failed in
    this way will then go on to justify the failure. The Holy Spirit does not fail-so what
    “voice” spoke to them? Hopefully it was their
    own wishful thinking, but I’m not so sure.
    Is it not strange how “God” convicts them of inconsequential worldly events, but never seems to convict them as to the timing of a major biblical event. No,because to get the attention they are craving,they have to come
    up with something outlandish. But in the end,
    they have achieved what they set out to do,and
    that is to make a name for themselves. These
    people may not know it, but they are unstable
    in all their ways, as scripture says, and it is better for own integrity and credibility to let them get on with it. It does not even
    matter if they are right, because the foreknow
    ledge they dissipate is not going to initiate
    any changes to what God has already consented to happen.

  37. Marianne, I would like to clarify the above comment
    “Endorse” is to mean: believe the prediction
    to come true. No offense intended

  38. And what does the Bible say about false prophets? I hope you realize that this is a serious issue. False prophets were stoned to death so God doesn’t take this lightly.

    False prophets of any sort should not be endorsed or promoted by Christians.

    Everything we need to know is in the Bible already. There is no need of modern day so called prophets. To protect yourself stay away from these charlatans pretending that they have special visions and revelations from God. Read the Bible instead.

    • Hi Contender

      I think Richard and I agree with you that any prophecy that is to come true is already described in Scripture.

      If you look around my website, you will see in general, that I do not promote modern prophets. I focus on the bible.

      I only posted this to alert people in general that we are in these times, not to promote the “prophets” themselves.

      Also, if there was any grain of truth in it, I felt responsible to say something – to at least put it out there, and let people decide for themselves. To allow people to be uninformed and hurt, would be irresponsible of me.

      I also added a note just to wait and see and think about the content of what was said.

      Even true believers need to prepare to some degree for any disaster.

      I think it is also good to look at a “prophecy” from beginning to end, and see if it fails.

      If it does, then it makes us more aware of false prophets.

      Thank you for your critiques.

      They help to sharpen our swords of truth for the battle with the real enemy, who is Satan.

  39. Hi Contender, Your comments were a breath of fresh air. It’s so good to hear this straight-down-the-line type of rebuke. But one moment, in no ware my comments aimed at Marianne Tioran. They were
    intended for all including myself as a reminder. I sensed that your
    comments were a rebuke to Marianne. Would you clarify this please ?
    Forgive me if I have mis-understood you. Thank you.

  40. You might be interested in A. A. Allen’s vision of America’s final days.

  41. Randy,

    Thank you for the link. It helps a lot confirming several dreams I have had for so long. Aye, I knew the huge woe is coming upon Amercia.. which I hate to say because I do not want to see anyone harmed nor death.. But it has to be done in God’s will… It has been written in bible years ago before us.
    Thank you once again.

  42. Any prophecy that does not begin with the message of God’s love, of the incarnation and Gospel, of living each day in faith…in short, that doesn’t begin with comforting words of Mercy and hope…is false. Too many are wringing their hands in glee at impending punishment…schadenfreude is the German word for this state of heart. Heaven is about the charm of beautiful desires for other people…that came to me one Easter Sunday in prayer. We are Christians! When hurt, when hit, we are rubber balls, we bounce higher! Our times are no worse than those of Christ and the apostles. Besides, aren’t our own sins the only ones that should shock us? Does a message or prophecy chill the heart, tempt us to feel superior and gloat? Is the tone that of a harsh and bitter schoolmaster? Is is clannish and narrow, even stupid? The true words of God are so clear and perfect, they separate the bone from the sinew. And you never forget them. If the words are corrective, (Thy Rod and Thy Staff, they comfort me.) they feel sweet and satisfy the soul deep down. Not to know Jesus is the worst thing that can befall anyone…what worse punishment is there?

  43. Interesting reading…Marianne already knows this but thought it was appropriate to add it here. The night that Obama won the election the HS said so clearly to me “it has begun”. That was all that he said. I became physically ill-nauseated. To date I still do not have a clear understanding as to what actually “begun” as of that night. Just wondering if anyone else was told the same thing or felt something in their spirit as I did.

  44. St. John said anti-Christ was the spirit that denies God came in the flesh. I believe this close friend of Jesus was speaking in the Holy Spirit and take his word for it.

    This spirit is abroad wherever our incarnate God is scorned and denied. It infects a lot and must be resisted. I’m not at all sure this spirit will be one person, since John defined it pretty clearly.

    One big bad meanie is good box office like a John Wayne western. But the reality is much more banal and common, lying in wait around every corner, in every commercial and news broadcast.

  45. Somewhat repetitious…so just listen to the first few minutes.

  46. Marianne;

    You feel about Barak Obama the way I did back in the 90’s when the Clintons were in office. I was so relieved when George W. Bush was elected. What a joke! Johnny Eugene Stewart put together some charts in the 80’s during that time tht make perfect sense now. He was trying to warn people exactly about what’s happening now.Unfortuantely, they weren’t listening then and they aren’t listing now. All our President have been controlled since the 60’s. The United States is the New World Order.

    By Eric Samuelson, J.D.
    Johnny Stewart didn’t buy the saying that “If you don’t vote you can’t complain.” After considerable research on the ruling clique of elites in the U.S., his conclusion was that both parties at the top were controlled and that all major ballot candidates were picked by international bankers.
    He left behind his wife Adela, four children and four grandchildren and his pioneering effort to provide the people of the United States with the information they needed to know about “the insiders”.

    Johnny Eugene Stewart was born on December 19, 1924 in Livingstone, Texas. He served in the Pacific for twenty-two months in World War II (1943-1944).

    In 1978 Stewart awoke from his political sleep when he became convinced that the United States was being pushed into socialism and was slowly being destroyed.

    Socialist Norman Thomas stated in 1947: “The creation of one world under one government might conceivably deprive lovers of liberty of any asylum from tyranny, any area of fellowship beyond the reach of the God — or Devil — state. From far corners of the globe men who dreamed of liberty would echo Elmer Davis’s cry, ‘No world if necessary.’ The solution requires more than emotional fervor for a world united under federal government.”(1) In 1953 Norman Thomas, who was the Socialist candidate for President in 1928 and for every election thereafter for twenty years, said: “(H)ere in America more measures once praised or denounced as socialist have been adopted than once I should have thought possible short of a socialist victory at the polls.” (2) Thomas, a six-time Socialist party candidate for President, in 1957, said that “the United States is making greater strides toward socialism under Eisenhower than even under Roosevelt (FDR).” (3) In 1962 Norman Thomas added: “The difference between Democrats and Republicans is: Democrats have accepted some ideas of socialism cheerfully, while Republicans have accepted them reluctantly.”

    On September 23, 1978, Human Events ran a story on Johnny Stewart, a businessman, taking on “big labor” and winning mainly by buying newspaper ads and exposing labor campaign contributions.

    In 1979-1980 Stewart created F.R.E.E. (Fund to Restore an Educated Electorate) to provide the public with an educated understanding of the workings of government, how the system operates and how it might be improved. In his information sheet, Stewart stated that “both major political parties are controlled at the top by an international network, represented in the United States by The Council on Foreign Relations.” He promised to reveal the “ingenious techniques used to deceive the public and create the widespread myth that there is truly a difference in the two parties at the top.” Only after becoming informed would citizens be in a position to improve the system “working at the grass roots level.” The solution was to get the facts to every American home bypassing the “CFR controlled media” with what Stewart called “mind conditioning” “news”.

    Stewart described the TC and CFR as “private organizations based in New York City which formulate and implement U.S. foreign and domestic policy without public knowledge.” He wrote: “Both parties are infiltrated by Rockefeller people. Some pose as ‘conservative’ patriots and others wear the ‘liberal’ label. Every four years, voters are privileged to choose between a CFR Democratic and a CFR Republican, or candidates surrounded by CFR ‘advisors.’ Voters never realize that they are given no real choice.”

    As examples, Stewart said that in 1952 and 1956 voters were given the choice of CFR Stevenson or CFR Eisenhower. In 1960 it was CFR Nixon versus CFR John F. Kennedy. In 1968 CFR Nixon defeated CFR Humphrey. Then in 1972 it was CFR Nixon versus CFR McGovern. In 1976 Trilateralist Jimmy Carter ran and won against Gerald Ford (who was surrounded by CFR advisors including Henry Kissinger).

    Choices for President in 1980 included John Anderson (CFR/TC), Howard Baker (CFR), George Bush (CFR/TC), James Earl Carter (TC charter member), Ted Kennedy (member of the Boston CFR affiliate) and several other non-members including Ronald Reagan. After Reagan won the election, Stewart identified some 57 elites that had been mentioned as being considered for appointments by Reagan.

    Students, said Stewart, were “not taught who runs the government.” He said that a comfortable merger with the Russians was under consideration by the “Planners” and that Zbig’s book, Between Two Ages, showed they would “do anything to establish their NEW WORLD Order.”

    Stewart advised: “Keep CFR/TC membership lists handy when watching TV and when reading your local newspaper. Note that many of the leading news readers and columnists are CFR members.”

  47. Nice writing Kittii Doherty
    I’d like to add a few things. The near future will turn darker and darker meaning Satan’s power increases. He is the god of NWO Jesus is needed to come and fixes the mess.
    Paul Warburg (CFR and architect of the FED) spoke to US Senate 2/17/1950 saying:”We shall have World Government whether we like it or not. The only question is whether WG will be achieved by conquest or or consent.
    Rotschild’s quotation is famous:”Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”
    Baron Nathan Mayer Rotschild quotes ” I care not which puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, the man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire. And I contol the money supply.”
    Chicago Evening American quotes “Rotschilds can start or prevent wars. Their word could make or brake Empire.”
    David Rockefeller (Private Banker, CFR):”We are greatful to the Washington Post, the NY Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discreation for almost 40 years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. The supranational sovreignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferrable to the national auto-determination practised in past centuries.
    N. Rockefeller:”The goal is to get everybody in this world chipped with an RFID chip.”
    What are these plans? A good picture can be read in the link
    Obamas NWO Plans for American People

    NWO Plans for 2012
    Our So-Called Leaders Plans For US

    The biggest mistake in American history has been the creation of FED owned and operated by private bankers. Bernanke runs the country, not Obama. Bernanke is only happy that Obama keeps on spending. It makes his job easier in the creation of NWO. Congress and President do not even know what is happening in the money world

  48. Seppo;
    I can’t write. Eead the link. It’s very long. Thanks anyway.

  49. Most modern “prohets” are suspect. Our scriptures never gave the green light to continue believing in someones predictions once some were proven to be false. God demanded 100% acccuracy. Anything less is a false prohet and should be thought of as such. I am amazed that so many otherwise sincere Christians continue to look to these people as guides.If satan is the authour of confusion, what better way to show his work than conflicting prophecies.

    • hi MArk

      Sometimes the only way to see if a prophecy is true is to wait and see if it happens.

      The one about Obama – I think- initially came from a valid experience, but then the person put his own interpretation on it, which made it come out wrong. Jesus never told him about Obama. He made an assumption from what he was told about the then current president, which was Bush.

      IF God tells us something, we should just repeat it as given, and not add or subtract from it.

  50. Troops to be called home in January……predicted above.

    It will also be winter, as predicted. Time of attack on east coast?

    wait and see

  51. I have talked with Scott on the phone about what he had seen in heaven and what Jesus said about Bush being the last president we would know. You know what, that”s correct. Obama released a fake bitrh certi. doc. on the white house web site. Experts looked at it and said “its fake”. Different letters and numbers from different typewritters and every computer numbers and letters. If you use a 1961 typewritter, the numbers and letters are not from differnet ages.
    So the statement “Bush will be the last known president” is 100% correct. That also means before the person that is elected as the next real president takes office, the rapture will happen. How cool is that…

    The bible is hard to understand concerning future events. Most of the time it is never understood until it is very near and God will open our eyes to it. The enemy can’t stop God, but the enemy can stop us. Make sure you are as the five wise virgins, knowing God by reading the Word and in prayer letting God form us.

    • hi steve

      If you know his phone number, it would be great to get an update from him.

      I had an email from him once, but after that it did not seem to be working.

      I agree with you, and him too.

  52. 10,000 American troops pulled out of Afghanistan ahead of schedule

  53. Scott Walkington can write as man letters as he desires to but I read the “prophecy.” He had details and those details did not come to pass. To try to change the details at this date or say there are nuances of interpretation is ridiculous. The prophecy was false and there is no reason to believe anything else he says. “Patience” doesn’t get him off the hook. We can deal only with language and its conventions; if one says that George Bush will be extended as President in 2009 because of a problem with Obama and that doesn’t happen, we can’t hide behind “patience.” What he said was to happen did not happen. He is a false prophet, and for us to believe anything else from him is foolish and against the scripture’s mandate that if what a “prophet” says does not come to pass, clearly,and literally, that man IS NOT A PROPHET OF GOD.
    To let the “prophets” change their prophesies after the fact, when we all understand, clearly, the language only brings total confusion to the body of Christ and to the world, we look like fools.

    • dear Charles

      I post things of interest to people at the time they are said. I intentionally left this here, and made note that it did not come to pass as he said, about Bush. However, there are other things he said, which I do see coming to pass.

      Troops are coming home, there are protests in the nation which will increase as the economy collapses and natural disasters occur, and we are on the verge of WW 3 with Iran.

      Why he was wrong about Bush was due to his own interpretation. Bush is the last American President we have had, Obama is NOT an American. I have heard him admit he was born in Kenya.

      I take a wait and see attitude to anything said. My approach is to allow comments and predictions, just to be on the fair side, in case any of it is true. Then we are prepared. But if they are not true, then we have lost nothing.

      I also leave posts like this here for people to learn that not all prophecies are accurate. I do not hide from mistakes.

  54. Dear Marianne, just today I saw a clip about moldova nuclear trafficking on youtube. In it a man went through a city with a suitcase in his hand and in it a nuclear bomb. This made me shudder as I thought of a dream a few years ago. I was flying in a helicopter, seeing a seaside town, with beaches and houses. Then I saw scenes of police frantically searching for a suit case with a nuclear bomb. I saw the location where it was placed. It was left in a small restaurant under a seat in a booth. They failed to find it in time. It got even weirder when I heard the same sounds as on 24 before the whole scene blanked out and I just can guess that the bomb went off.

  55. God is letting this nation slip off its footing as a great nation. He can’t let the little baby’s cries that were aborted (30 million) go unheard.

    And yes Bush to date was the last president…..Obama is not constitutionally

  56. The re-election of NObama is a portion of what we prophesied at ETH in May, 2005, and is on our website included in several teachings back then and thereafter that “the Democrats will sweep both houses of Congress in 2006 and after the next Presidential election (2008) America will go downhill really fast.”

    On 911 (the afternoon of) I received a vision within a vision within a vision which was published in my book, Revelations from God in 2007; the main part of the vision is that the USA and Washington, D.C., will be attacked by a Muslim army.

    Like many in the Church we feel that the rapture of the Bride is close; however, it has been delayed at least 3 years (maybe longer) because the Bride is not ready. Revelation declares that the “Bride made herself ready” and the Lord told me in 1998: “When the Bride is ready then the Bridegroom will appear” so I believe we have hindered His Second Coming by not being ready and we should attend to this task.

    Apostle J.P. Timmons

  57. The Judgment against USA is similar to other nations who depart from God except that we have had “greater light.” In my writings I share an experience back in April, 1985, while praying and preparing to do our radio broadcast, Kingdom Living. I saw the USA on a graph with about a 40 degree decline.

    I began to weep and asked the Lord: “Why is America going downhill so fast?”

    He replied: “A nation is like a person. The more they open themselves up to the devil the more he comes in and occupies. The two greatest spirits in operation in the earth today are religious spirits and deceiving spirits.”

  58. I never thought of it before, but the fires predicted could be due to comet passing and large showers .. first part of video… current comet has caused MArs to light up

  59. Well for what it’s worth, I had a dream that O is going to go bye bye. Don’t know when, but I pray for the guy to get his heart right still because that is what scripture says for us to do. He’s not the Antichrist either but his time is short I feel.

  60. Many prophecies didn’t come true,because they were not from God.

    But God revealed to me this. WW3 is near,in the WW3 all false religions will be destroyed and after WW3 only true religion of God will remain in earth and all people of that true religion of God.That religion is what i would call non-feminist protestantism-that is christians who reject idolatrous practices like intercession/veneration of saints and unbiblical practices like female pastors,no head covering for women who pray or preach/prophesy in the public.

    After the WW3 the temple of God will be rebuilt in Jerusalem and animal and other sacrifices will be offered there in tribute of eternal sacrifice of Messiah Yashua/Jesus Christ on the cross for the sins of all mankind some 2000 years ago.The Jerusalem temple will be called as the house of prayer for people of all nations as Jesus himself said ,quoting old testament prophecy.People from all nations of earth will come to the Jerusalem temple with prayer and sacrificial offerings.

    Only after this when people are in a state of peace and security,when all people of earth have heard the Good News of Lord Jesus Christ then ,the rapture will occur-that is Jesus will come in midheavens to take his believers and leave the hypocrites-namesake christians on earth for the 7 year wrath of God.

    God bless you,this is what God revealed to me as i studied and meditated on his words-scriptures-Bible.

  61. It is still possible that Bush may be in office with the lady in purple since Sarah Palin has also been seen in purple (as well as Hillary) and Jeb Bush is running. Obama may try for a 3rd term… and that would be a problem.

    • willie

      anything is possible. right now, I cannot see any elections past 2016, but maybe they will happen. also, people can be in power and influence events without actually being in the office of president.

  62. My mother and I was talking about Seer van Rensburg, last night. So I started google more, and find myself reading what is refered to the 7 signs. When I was about 13 years old I had a dream where my brother told me: when the rocks turn 7 times, we will fall of the earth…

  63. Scott’s prophecy hasn’t failed, it just hasn’t happened yet. Obama will come back to power soon. The Lord told me this last summer. Patience!

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