God according to Jesus


So, who is Jesus, in His own words?

Some modern Protestant theology is based on Catholic dogma, not the Word of God.

This is because some doctrine is so simple, and easy to understand, that man has made it complicated, with their own reasoning.

They find one verse, ignore others, and formulate a doctrine.


Putting ALL other scriptures aside, the church has focused on this one passage to define who is God and who is Jesus:

John 1

1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

2 The same was in the beginning with God.

3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

Let us take a closer look.

From the above passage, it is concluded that Jesus (the Word) is God, even though twice it says the Word was WITH God.

Why doesn’t it say the Word was with itself?

Why didn’t the passage just say, the Father and Jesus were BOTH GOD? And why did it omit the Holy Spirit? Why does it not mention the Father?

Further down, in the same chapter, it says:

18 No man hath seen God at any time, the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.

In the above passage, it is clear that only the SON has seen GOD. The Son’s normal place is in the bosom of the Father.

They are separately described, and the Son is with God, and not called God himself.


So, back to verses 1-4

Who is the Word?

Jesus says in John 12:49

For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak.

So the Word starts FIRST with the Father, and Jesus just REPEATS what he is told.

The Father is the origin of the Word, and Jesus carries the Word to us.

So there is a Word # 1, and a Word # 2.

Back to John 1

Maybe it should read like this:

1 In the beginning was the Word (Father), and the Word (the Son Jesus) was with God, and the Word (Father) was God.

2 The same (Jesus) was in the beginning with God (Father).

3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.


Who does Jesus say is God?

17 These words spoke Jesus, and lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, Father, the hour is come; glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee:

2 As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him.

3 And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.

4 I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which you gave me to do.

5 And now, O Father, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was.

Jesus is stating in the above passage that he had the glory of God before the creation of the world, meaning he was WITH God in the beginning, and around when the world was created.

This is not a human- God relationship. He is indicating that his relationship with the Father is a long standing spiritual one from “everlasting.”

He is stating he is God’s REAL Son. This gives him a divine nature, not a human nature.

He is stating here that ONLY the Father is God.

Also here in John 20:

17 Jesus said unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.

Here, Jesus is not saying that he is God, like his Father is God, but only the Father is God.


How does Jesus relate to God?

John 17, as Jesus prays for his disciples:

That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. V 21

3 notes from this passage:

1. God is his Father

2. They are ONE, in unity,

3. This oneness does not mean “sameness” but united, as the believers can share in this oneness.


In Judaism, there is the Shema:

Hear, Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One. (Deut 6:4)

Repeated in Exodus 20:

20 And God spoke all these words, saying:

2 “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.

3 “You shall have no other gods before Me.

As a devout Jew, Jesus could not, or would not, violate the Shema.

Jesus claims that the Father is God, and that he is the divine Son of the Father. He is also saying there is only ONE GOD, who is the Father.

Jesus also said,

“the Father is greater than I” (John 14:28)

He would never claim to be another God, or take glory away from the Father, as His God.

However, as God’s divine Son, he is entitled to that glory.

There is one passage, where it refers to Jesus being “equal with God,” but look at the context:

“For this cause therefore the Jews were seeking all the more to kill Him, because He not only was breaking the Sabbath, but also was calling God His own Father, making Himself equal with God,” (John 5:18, NASB).

So, to the Jews, Jesus calling God his own Father was making him equal with God. This is not the same as calling himself GOD.

They did not understand the Son ship concept.


Jesus died for our sins, so that we could have the same relationship with the Father that He had.


Final Thoughts

For many, even questioning the “Jesus is God” concept is heresy.

Jesus is still the Son of God, Savior, and Messiah, now, and to come again.

Jesus is divine, as his Father God is divine.

Just like you are human,  as your own earthly father is human.

I hope we can get past this knee jerk reaction, and discuss the real points made here.

After all, we want the Truth, not unquestioned, spoon fed doctrine.

This could be an important witnessing point for believers, as they share the gospel.

They need to be expert in adequately answering challenges as they preach, giving convincing replies.

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  1. Excellent teaching on who is who 😊

    Rabbi Berkson presents his case that Yeshua is YHWH and that The Father hasn’t been seen or heard since Genesis 1 and that its been the Son who has been dealing with us the whole time, from Genesis to Rev 21, when The Father returns after sin and death are destroyed along with the renewed heaven and earth.

    In John 5:37, Yeshua tells us that no one has seen the Father nor heard His voice.

    We read in John 1:18 and 1 John 4:12 the same.

    We know that YHWH appeared and spoke to many.

    We know that YHWH steps foot on Mt of olives, Zech 14. Ask anyone who is returning and stepping foot on Mt of Olives and they will tell you Yeshua.

    YHWH is only Redeemer and Saviour.

    Both Yeshua and YHWH are described as the Aleph/Tav, beginning and the end.

    Both are desribed as being light, light of the nations (Yeshua) and everlasting light (YHWH, Isaiah 60)

    Yeshua has to be YHWH, and this makes sense once we understand that the Father Elohim hasn’t been seen or heard since Genesis 1. 😊

    • lyndsey

      possibly on sinai there was a sign that yeshua was already involved.

      God ( the Father) was in the burning bush, but the angel of the Lord was standing there for moses to see and talk to

  2. Click to access Peter_Whyte-Come_Out_Of_Her_My_People.pdf

  3. JPS Tanakh 1917 – PROVERBS 30.4
    Who hath ascended up into heaven, and descended? Who hath gathered the wind in his fists? Who hath bound the waters in his garment? Who hath established all the ends of the earth? What is his name, and what is his son’s name, if thou knowest?

    Of course, He is the One in simple vesture reading the Torah in the second image (and NOT the old man above 🙂 He is the Handsome Righteous Holy King, the Zedek, YAHSHUA YHVH! Praise & All Glory be to His Holy & Precious Name!!

  4. 1 John 5:7 (KJV)

    For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.

    How do you explain this?

    • nina

      just the same way jesus explained oneness in john 17…..see how jesus relates to father above section

      John 17, as Jesus prays for his disciples:

      That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. V 21

      3 notes from this passage:

      1. God is his Father

      2. They are ONE, in unity,

      3. This oneness does not mean “sameness” but united, as the believers can share in this oneness.

      so just as we as believers are ONE in the Lord, the holy spirit, father and son are ONE with each other

      also just a man and wife become one, they are still individuals, united in spirit and purpose.

      you can have a doctor, nurse and lab tech united as one team, and they work together..but it does not mean doctor = nurse = lab tech

    • The Holy Spirit, Ruach Hakodesh, is Yeshua as well. Yeshua tells us that He will send the Spirit of TRUTH. Yeshua is the Way, TRUTH and life.

      As Yeshua was saying these words to the apostles, He was the one standing there WITH Them and telling them that He would be IN them, John 14:17
      17the Spirit of the Truth, whom the world is unable to receive, because it does not see Him or know Him. But you know Him, for He stays with you and shall be in you.

      18“I shall not leave you orphans – I am coming to you.

      • Well said. Jesus makes it plain that all Three are One God. He says He will come to them but says it will be ‘another comforter’ like Himself. He also says both He and the Father would abide with the one who obeyed Him.

        • one thing I want here discussed is the definition of ONEness 🙂

          and what it means to be IN another

        • where does jesus say that all three are one god?

          • This is how I’ll answer your questions:

            1. First, I don’t believe this is an exercise to get believers to think. From some of your other posts, it’s apparent you’ve been departing from the faith for quite a while now. The Spirit operates from the believer’s spirit or heart, not mind. You can’t convince anyone that Jesus is God. You tell them and leave it to the Spirit to show them. What you’re doing reminds me of illuminism and humanism. Again, my dad is a satanist in his real life, not in public where he’s a Christian to others; he’s an art professor and is always trying to ‘stir people to think’. But what he’s really doing is a.) showing off his knowledge, and b.) leading them away from God. In his case, he does the latter on purpose. What about you.

            2. For all other questions you have, see my latest post which includes part of an article that proves that Jesus is God.

            To say you just want to stir us to think is patently false, because the Bible tells us that the Spirit teaches us and gives us wisdom on how to answer people who question the Bible. If you don’t have or get the answer in the moment, then you don’t have it. The Spirit makes a Christian ready, not the intelligence or teaching of men.

            • I think this post is over your head

              I am not departing from what jesus taught.

              you need to be less accusatory

              • You think this post is over my head? You mean it’s too intelligent for me to grasp? REALLY?

                Sometimes false teachers teach truth long enough for people to follow and believe them; then they introduce lies and people keep following them. You’re teaching pure heresy, Marianne. I’m not one of the sheep who follows you and is timid about saying it. One second you say that the Bible never says Jesus is God; the next you say you’re just getting people to think. I was trained in a lot of things growing up; one is an uncanny ability to read between the lines of what people write and say. I’m sure that’s way over your head, but I’ll still give one example:

                My dad had a mature Jezebel and was a satanist and didn’t want my younger brother married but wanted him to serve and be loyal to him (dad) with his whole life and time. My dad then worked through my mom (to remain in the shadows) to break up my brother’s marriage. But before this happened, my dad set the stage by manipulating my mom’s beliefs about my brother’s wife. My mom hated her but without solid reason. One day my mom cried and complained about a letter my brother’s wife wrote her, claiming she’d been attacked in this three-page letter. I refused to blindly side with my mom and asked to instead see the letter and read it for myself. This was because I was aware of my ability (though I didn’t at the time know it was uncommon) to read subliminal messages in print. My mom refused to let me read the letter, so I refused to believe her. This went on about three days; when she couldn’t convince me to take her (really, dad’s) side against my brother’s wife, she grudgingly let me read the letter. I read all three pages carefully and wasn’t surprised. My brother’s wife had never had anything against my mom; and there was not the tiniest hint in three pages of her letter of any offense, attack, malice, anger, disdain, ill will, or anything negative towards my mom. (Rather, she wished her well.) I then told my mom that my brother’s wife had not written anything at all that she could at all construe as being malicious. Of course, she wasn’t happy with me. Neither was my sister when she tried to send me on her ex for breaking up with her and I got his story instead and told her that he’d done nothing wrong (to which she replied, “You didn’t take my side?!”). If I didn’t side with own mom or sister, do you think I’ll be quiet about your heresy?

                This article flies under tree cover of “you must be spiritual or intelligent to get it” and isn’t simply to get Christians to think at all; whether or not you believe it, you are pushing a doctrine straight from hell at the worst and at the least trying to broadcast your ‘knowledge’. The Bible calls Jesus God from Genesis to Revelation. Go fight with God about it; to propagate satan’s doctrine– along which doctrinal lines of “Has God really said?” my satanist dad agrees with you on as he’s written at least one book on it targeting, as satan is apt to do, the IDENTITY of God (http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/s/ref=is_s?k=Emeka+Anonyuo)– is asking for judgement. Blessed, Jesus said, are those who do right and teach others to do the same; but those who preach another gospel will be accursed, cut off from God. You still think your pathetic theology is over my head? In the area of brains and thinking, you can leave that all alone and just be content with God has given you. Believe me.

  5. Jesus both calls Himself God and is called God by others without denying it, agreeing with them that He is God. He called Himself ‘I Am’ which was God’s Name, and when He rose, Thomas called Him, “My Lord and my God.” If He wasn’t God, He would’ve told town Thomas not to call Him that just as the angel in Revelation twice told John not to worship him but God alone.

    Jesus said the Father is greater, but this doesn’t mean that only the Father is God. Even the main Hebrew word for God, ‘Elohim’, is plural but speaks of that one Godhead of Three, clearly calling all Three ‘God’. God The Father is first in order, not in Godhood. The NT says very little about the Holy Spirit being God; but He is also God. We shouldn’t make doctrines from what the Bible doesn’t say or make plain. Furthermore, if all Three are the only Ones who are eternal and are One, it’s senseless to say that only one is God among Them. Again, the Hebrew ‘Elohim’ and the fact that Jesus didn’t discourage anyone from calling Him God are probably the best arguments in favor of the fact that Jesus is not God the Father (or God the Holy Spirit) but is in fact God.

    • jesus did not call himself god, but the son of god, and the son of man

      thomas said what he did as he saw jesus in glorified body, and his remark meant he was divine, but not the father, as he was taught

      jesus taught he was lesser than god, so not equal to him

      • You’re now teaching unbiblical doctrines; and what a time to start in these last days. One sure sign that you’re hearing a false doctrine, in our days, is that it firstly targets or addresses the IDENTITY of Jesus Christ. I’m astonished that the enemy is always primarily after Jesus’ IDENTITY as that’s the most important thing. In the wilderness, satan said to Him several times, “IF You are the Son of God…” To the apostles, Jesus said, “Who do men say that I am?” Them He also said, “Who do you say that I am?” Muslims say Jesus wasn’t God or the Son but a prophet; Catholics push Him off the priestly pedestal of High Priest and give it to Mary; Mormons believe Jesus and satan are brothers and are possessed by Hell itself in their beliefs; Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t believe that Jesus is God; Buddhism thinks Jesus was just a wise teacher; some people think He was a sorcerer; other religions don’t believe Jesus was God or the Son; the secular world doesn’t believe God even exists. Now, you’re saying Jesus isn’t God. Any doctrine that targets Jesus’ IDENTITY is from Hell. Paul said that if even an angel of God preaches a different gospel, they should be accursed (sent straight and only to Hell). Do you think it’s wise to start propagating this doctrine in the very exact days when the Bible says false doctrines will fill the land and the churches?

        And to be clear, Jesus wasn’t in a glorified body when Thomas saw Him. Even if He was, Jesus did NOT discourage Thomas from calling Him God. The Bible has integrity: Jesus and the angels never received glory from men unless the glory was given to the right person. When the guy called Jesus “good teacher”, Jesus said, “No one is good but God.” But then He receives the IDENTITY of God and the worship that belongs only to God several times. What’s the meaning? Simple: He’d said to call no man father or teacher, yet He allowed people to call Him such, and the apostles said they were fathers. He was dealing not with the terms but the heart. Jesus told the guy that only God is good because the guy called Him “good TEACHER.” In other words, the guy didn’t see His identity as God but as a human teacher. Jesus then said in paraphrase, “No HUMAN BEING (which is all you see Me as) is good but only God.” BUT if the guy had received revelation that Jesus was God and then called Him “good”, THEN He would’ve received it. Jesus didn’t teach that He was lesser than God. He said the Father is greater, but this isn’t the way we define it. Relate to the great mystery He spoke when He, telling His disciples that the greatest among them must be the servant, said somewhere in Luke, “Who is greater– he who sits at the table or he who serves?” EVERY Jew knew that the greater is the one who sits and the lesser the one who serves; yet Jesus finished, “Yet, I am AMONG YOU as one who serves.” What a MYSTERY. How can He be greatest and be least? He didn’t consider equality with the Father something to be held on to but humbled Himself even to the shame if crucifixion. Paul, called the greatest apostle, called himself “the least of the saints”. Do you still think that “the Father is greater than I” means “the Father is God and I’m not”? What then about the Spirit? If the Father alone is God and ‘greater’ than Jesus, is Jesus greater than the Spirit, and if so in what way? In ending the debate is the religious against Him, Jesus quoted where David called Jesus God, a statement that shut the mouths of His opponents. If Jews understood that David calling Jesus God meant that Jesus was in fact God, do you still think that “the Father is greater than I” means “the Father is God and I’m not”? The Bible is replete with the fact that there are Three who are all called one God. I think you should scrap this false doctrine quickly before you depart much farther from the faith than you already have.

        • then explain why jesus denied he was god, in the passages quoted

          to me this is not hard to understand, because i read and understand

          you come in with ideas taught you, and your mind is closed.

          Jesus is the son of god,

          read the post for the first time, and read the words of jesus

          • Marianne, you’re in a very precarious place. The OT and NT call Jesus God. Every argument you have the Bible refutes. One of the marks of a lie or of deception is that it’s never clear; no one knows exactly what’s being said or what’s meant. But truth has a clarity about it so that even if people don’t understand it, its meaning or message is clear. Your argument is multi-sided; having been born into an occult family and learning about their MO and ways, I can say with complete assurance that the doctrine you’re presenting is demonic: it’s not clear but confusing; it doesn’t give further light but darkness; it doesn’t strengthen one’s relationship with God but challenges it; and it’s a multi-sided argument, directly indicative that it’s from satan and not God.

            (On this last point, the Bible says that Jesus spoke finally for us and our justification on the cross; but the Bible says that satan is the accuser of the brethren “who accuses them before our a God day and night.” Jesus spoke; satan continues to argue against what He already decided. Doctrines from God can be explained but are clear, one, whole. satanic doctrines are all over the place and multi-sided.)

            The Bible and the Spirit have taught me; the Bible is not for private interpretation. The Spirit can teach anyone who has Him. Your argument is deceptive, therefore, you can’t hear. Jesus called Himself the ‘I Am’. Do you need it spelled out? Again, Thomas called Him God, ‘the very God of Israel’ at that! Your argument here is that He was in resurrected form; but my question remains to you: if Jesus was not God, why did He not correct Thomas for calling Him God? Which argument will you use to answer that?

            Also, someone mentioned above, and I concur, that Jesus called Himself the Alpha and Omega. How do you get around the fact that this name was only used for God the Father?

            You’ve learned too much and now think your knowledge can beat the Bible’s. God preempted all lies already in that Bible. Everyone who tries to use the Bible to argue against the Bible is a fool. The angel In Revelation tools John not to worship him but to “worship God” alone. But we see Jesus receiving the worship of people as God. This proves that Jesus is either God or He’s a liar and, worse, a conman and identity thief of the very worst level. God reserves special judgment for people who try to steal His glory or identity. (Ask satan. But then again, you can’t expect any truth from him.) The Bible has already proven you wrong; you’ll be wise if you humble yourself and agree with it rather than thinking that because you’ve learned things that many others haven’t learned, you’ve also become wiser than God. You’re doing the very same thing lucifer did before he was booted from Heaven; you apparently are already too proud to see, admit and acknowledge it.

            • this is the knee jerk reaction I said would happen with some people

              you have to integrate the scriptures

              jesus did not lie, and I quoted what he said.

              you are coming to false conclusions about something I did not say

            • as the son of god, jesus is entitled to call himself alpha and omega…he was present with the father in the burning bush, and with the father and spirit at creation, and with them before that.

              thomas made one statement….and jesus allowed it because it acknowledged that he was the image of the father…

              but why do you ignore the words of jesus himself in john 17?

              there is nothing demonic about what I said….I quoted jesus, unless you think jesus said something wrong.

              you are quick to condemn

            • bible and jesus call the father god, and jesus the son of god

              • Your real identity seems to have finally come forward… Unless you have different alternate identities. So, who do you work for? The Vatican? Which arm of the secret societies are you a member of? Job’s Daughters? Might sound funny to some, but on serious. You’re talking EXACTLY like my dad, and he was trained in the art of fooling Christians and reeling them in with enough truth only to finally introduce his real beliefs. You’re actually bypassing the Bible verses that say that Jesus was God in the flesh and that this same God ascended back to Heaven. You seem to be an agent of the Vatican. Most Christians don’t believe this kind of infiltration happens everyday among Christians, but I’d strongly encourage anyone reading this to scrutinize what you’re saying here (and to take ESPECIAL notice of your double-tongue in saying you’re just trying to get people to think but then actually defending the stance your set forth just like satanists posing as Christians do!), to decide for themselves whether or not it’s true, and then to EXERCISE their own discernment to see where you’re coming from and what you’re up to. Peter and Jude both said that people would come in secretly with false doctrines; and Paul told the Church in Acts that after he (a genuine shepherd who lays down his life to defend and feed the sheep) left, wolves would come in to deceive and destroy the sheep. Unless you are literally under some kind of trance and someone else is writing through you, I have to say you’ve definitely tipped your hand and are showing yourself to be an agent of satan. And before you cry that I’m accusing or condemning you, you should stop accusing the Bible falsely and condemning what is written. We really are in the last days.

                • you are condemning me for quoting jesus.

                  I am sorry to hear of your abusive past, but that has nothing to with me

                  for the third time, read the post carefully , it all matches and it is all jesus talking

                  jesus prayed to the Father in heaven:

                  3 And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.

                  4 I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which you gave me to do.

                  17 Jesus said unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.

                  what part of this is heresy?

                  this is jesus talking

                • I am a child of God.

                  jesus is the son of God and my personal savior.

                  you are going off the deep end here

          • Marianne : IF from the beginning the doctrine that Jesus was Christ was false . by now after 2000 yrs many believe this to be true. and if you say or teach anything but this . they will reject you, sobeit , they did the same to the profets and those also in the NT. YOU ARE BLESSED because my FATHER told you this and it is true

            • eduardo

              not sure what you mean…..

              • Mabe you can understand this : those that can hear and see let them see this and understand . WHEN you know the voice of your FATHER . when you hear any outher voice you will know they are not HIS voice . and no one speaks like him . And HE will tell you things not you or anybody else knows . besides HE will prove it to you

            • Read what it says and what it says is the truth

      • – in fact jesus did call himself god (john 13:13), which used word kyrios means god in hundreds of new testament verses
        – if you have seen the son you have seen the father
        – read isaiah 9:6 …..mighty god, everlasting father
        do you think we christians are fools? your doctrine is like jehovah witnes.

        • Isaiah 9:5
          5.For a child has been born to us, a son given to us, and the authority is upon his shoulder, and the wondrous adviser, the mighty God, the everlasting Father, called his name, “the prince of peace.”

          • then why did jesus say he was NOT the Father?

            • Because he was not, he is the son of his father. IN the very far past a man or men . i should say two men, came up with this ideal. IF we take everthing out of the scriptures pertaining to the natureal father . [i am makeing this short{ of Jesus and place it with the word GOD . This way we have a new reglon, so they and it has lasted 2 thousand yrs. according to Gen GOD created males and females to reproduce their kind . everyone knows that it takes the egg of a women and the sperm of a man to create a women or a man. THEN thats when the creator inters the child if its male or felmale.HE my FATHER created out of dirt the first male called ADAM and EVE in them he created in each of them what the outher did not have. AND he then told them to reproduce thats how cain and able were born. and so was jesus AND his father they both had a natural father and mother : THIS is the way my FATHER said it in the begining and we are still doing it this way today. Without a natural father and mother The man called Jesus would not excest not even today

          • looking at tenach now, chabad

            the child is not called these things….

            the wondrous adviser, the mighty God, the everlasting Father calls the child the prince of peace….

        • donal

          why did jesus, then, say he was NOT the father?

          13 Ye call me Master and Lord: and ye say well; for so I am.

          Lord and Father God are not necessarily the same meaning

          Lord means owner…the man of the house in hebrew is addressed as Lord, sarah called her abraham lord

          how do you discount what jesus said, in this post?

          he said that the father was the only god, and he was the lord that was sent.

          jesus is the image of the father, but he is not the father….that is why jesus said if you have seen the son, you have seen the father, because he is the image of the father

          • – luke 1:68, praise kyrios the god of israel.
            – john 13:13, you call me teacher and kyrios
            so who is kyrios here?

            the father is in heaven while son sent for a mission.

            Gen 1:1 also mention about spirit of god why didnt just called god instead? those 3 actually same person but doing 3 different “function” another example i skip doing my job just to write this, i am a worker now?no, i am a netter now but i still same person. just think about water,ice and oxygen

            Isaiah 9:6
            For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace – jewishvirtuallibrary

            For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and called his name Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace – interlinear bible, biblehub

            please don’t manipulate this verse for your own purpose.

            • donal

              I am not manipulating any verse.

              this is what I have from the original hebrew, WITH the reference

              5For a child has been born to us, a son given to us, and the authority is upon his shoulder, and the wondrous adviser, the mighty God, the everlasting Father, called his name, “the prince of peace.”

              look at verse 5 in link:

              • I know not many will understand this, transladed from Hebrew into english : the everlasting FATHER, called his name ED, which is the prince of peace——– Joshua 22:34 —24:27— Rev.1:4-5 — Rev.2 :17— 3 : 12 — 21:7 —- 14:1 ——- try to prove me right then every one can see the truth . At least concider this because it can be true and if anyone reject this they will never know if its true or not

              • don’t quote from chabad it is wrong try to find interlinear hebrew with english translation word by word.

                father, son and holy spirit actually only one person with 3 “function”. as god can appear in many places at same time and still one there is no contradiction here you have to understand god is so powerful that he can “cloned” himself and still a monoteism god. remember jesus is ascended with his body so don’t confuse just because he sit with father means there are 2 gods, only one god.

                isaiah 40:3,…. prepare the way of YHVH
                mat 3:1-3,…..prepare the way of the kyrios
                john 13:13,…..iam teacher and kyrios

                jesus is YHVH, god is YHVH….it is same person, son of most high is just a term to describe god that transform into flesh

      • IT would be wise to dig deeper all of us to get all of the truth that are in the scriptures. What i have seen no one wants to hear . sobeit . it is true that the son called Jesus is : not was the son of GOD . Jesus also said he had a father and HE was GOD . however to be born as a human male or female THERE must be a natural male and female to produce the off spring. Matt. 1 : 25 says that joseph was the step father and it was he who called the son of Mary Jesus . Everbody knows that he was not the natural father of Jesus . GOD was his natural father, and Mary is his mothers name . IF GOD created man in his emage and he did . GOD to has a natural body of flesh . Just like us we have a natural body and a spiritual body and so does our creator

  6. Although I agree that Jesus is a separate entity of God, the scripture does in fact read: “and the Word was God.” Which to me, means exactly that, The Word is the power of God’s omniscient intellect.

    Jesus being the first begotten son of God and faithful to God’s word, a guiding reflection of Gods Words.

    As far as man made organized religion, Let no man teach you, but be led by the spirit, not of man. It’s all there in black n’ white written in the Gospels.

    1 John 2:27: “But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.”

    John 16:13: “But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.”

    Romans 8:14: “because those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.”

    • In the begining GOD our FATHER spoke and everthing HE said was true and IF it hasent happened yet it will in the furture when the right time is here HE never lied and HE never will . In the begining HE blessed us and all his creation And at the end he will prove it to us. WHEN he said something or says something to day HE never changes is mind . HE is the same in the begining and HE is the same today HE did not create us to JUDGE us : HE created us to live in us and love us because we are his children and he always will . Man teaches us GOD will judge us in the end . BUT my FATHER your FATHER says he will not The question is who is telling the truth ? I trust no man because i trust in my FATHER because he never lies to me. But man does even when he thinks something is true when it is not its still a lie. My FATHER never lies and he never forgets what he said

  7. For sure I have enjoyed this place and appreciated you Marianne a great deal .
    That being said , this particular piece gives my spirit a big RED flag and the spirit has enabled me to be pretty discerning at times.


    Click to access Peter_Whyte-Come_Out_Of_Her_My_People.pdf

    JASPER is opaque but impure quartz found in metamorphic
    rock. It denotes process of change, and every believer undergoes
    this metamorphosis from the moment we are born of God’s
    Spirit. Although it is precious and beautiful, Jasper is lacking in brilliance
    and rarity, being found in abundance, just like the millions who believe in the
    Lord. It always contains impurities, just like all of us.
    SAPPHIRE means free from enchantment. It shows that we
    are no longer bewitched by the charms of Babylon. It also
    denotes repentance and indicates that we have given up all our arguments with God, and abandoned all the religious traditions that were once so important to us. Repentance is an on-going attitude, a permanent characteristic of the overcomer.
    CHALCEDONY denotes progress to less impurity. It is less
    cloudy than Jasper. As we respond to the call of God to be Holy
    as He is Holy, we reject all impurity of thought and deed. The more
    intimate our personal relationship with the Lord, the more we grow like Him,
    and the more we hate and reject sin. The Bride makes herself ready, and
    clothes herself, by her righteous acts, in fine linen, bright and clean.
    (Rev. 19:7, 8)
    EMERALD discovers false friends and ensures true love.
    It denotes ability to discern the false from the real, and this
    ability is given to us by our Lord as He sees the sincerity of our hearts toward Him. True love for Jesus can only be given when we are no longer deceived and captivated by the beauty of the whore city, and He has not only the first place, but the only place in everything. We can also come to a point in our spiritual growth when we are able to see through those who profess to be friends but are not.
    SARDONYX is believed to ensure conjugal felicity,
    success in love and wedded happiness. This speaks of the Bride’s
    faithful relationship to Jesus. Adornment with this stone means that we have no further adulterous relationships with Babylon. We enjoy an intimate
    personal love relationship with Jesus, which fills us with joy, and makes
    everything else unimportant by comparison.
    SARDIUS (RUBY) is found in the breastplate of Aaron.
    (Ex.28:20). Every believer is a priest, and can intercede with God,
    for those without Christ, and can also proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom.
    As we function as priests for the unbeliever, we are adorned with this
    first priestly stone.
    CHRYSOLITE is supposed to be the antidote for madness and denotes freedom from evil passions. When we are entirely free from the subtle form of religious madness that held us in Babylon, and which is not The Way, we are freed from the evil passions which made us love her, and with which we loved her. Then we are adorned with Chrysolite.
    BERYL is the second stone found in the breastplate of Aaron. As
    our fellowship with Father matures we progress in understanding and ability
    to function as the priests of God. We function like Jesus functioned in His
    humanity, representing and revealing God to others when we are adorned
    with Beryl.
    TOPAZ denotes fidelity and friendship, which grow out of a long and
    close personal relationship with the Lord. “You are My friends if you do what I command you. No longer do I call you slaves, for the slave does not know what his Master is doing: but I have called you friends, for all the things
    that I have heard from My Father I have made known to you.”
    (Jn.15:14-15) Topaz is reserved for the completely loyal and
    trustworthy friends of Jesus, who also unconditionally love one another.
    CHRYSOPRASE shines in the dark. Jesus said that His disciples are
    to be the light of the world. We can only be the light of the world when
    Christ has been formed in us, and He is manifest in our lives to those about
    us. Many Christian activities in Jesus Name do not glorify God and we
    sometimes act and speak in an ungodly manner.
    Chrysoprase is reserved for those who reflect Christ in their attitudes and
    behavior, and thereby shine in the darkness of the world.
    JACINTH is translucent, allowing the passage of light,
    but the stone diffuses the light so that the bodies beyond it cannot
    be clearly distinguished by the person looking at them through the
    Jacinth. Every prophet is adorned with Jacinth being able to receive
    directly from God and reveal His light and truth to others. Those who receive it through the prophet do not see or hear these things quite so clearly. Before we can be adorned with this precious stone we have to grow in fellowship with God, until we can receive the things that the eye cannot see and the ear cannot hear.
    AMETHYST denotes sincerity and is a preventative from
    violent passions. In all of us there is a desire to appear
    spiritual in front of other believers. We may speak or act unspiritually when
    unobserved by our brothers and sisters, and the degree to which we do this
    reveals the hidden insincerity in our hearts. As we mature in God we cease
    to worry about the opinions of others and overcome this desire to be well
    thought of and of good reputation. At this point we become truly sincere
    and allow our true nature and inner feelings to be seen by all. Then if
    there is unrighteous anger, impatience, intolerance or other sinful
    impurities hidden inside us, they are revealed and our violent passions exposed. Those that love us and care for our souls can then help us to overcome these things, and be delivered from their spoiling effect on our inward walk. Only those who have willingly become of no reputation and have truly died to self can be adorned with Amethyst.

  9. Isaiah 9;6; New International Version
    For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

    ‘a child… a son’..is reference to Jesus. ‘counselor’ is reference to the Holy Spirit, ‘Everlasting Father’ is reference to the Father, ‘Prince of Peace’ is reference to the Son’…. clearly labeling Jesus as all three….which we call the Trinity.

    i’m not clear on what this post is saying…if Jesus is NOT God in flesh, then i need to seriously re-think everything i have thought up to now. I believe there is ONE God, but revealed in three persons…

    maybe I misunderstood what this post was saying…

    • ww

      so are you saying that jesus is god, and there really is no father or holy spirit aside from him?

      then why does jesus sit at the right hand of the father in heaven, instead of sitting alone on the throne?

      the father is god, according to jesus

      jesus is the son of god

      he is the image of the father

      does that not still make him divine?

      trying to make you think….

      • i am appreciative of your reply and i am thinking about it…

        i might try to compare and egg to this for simplicity and comparison.

        if you break an egg open and put the yolk in one bowl and the white in another and the shell in another…the three are all part of an egg tho they appear in 3 different forms.

        my understanding..and i admit i am not wise…is that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, even tho they are One, can and do work ‘independently’ of each other….i don’t mean they do their own thing…i mean they each have their own purpose but are unified in that purpose…Jesus, in the Book of Revelation is identified as the one in John’s vision who speaks to John. Jesus identifies himself as both The Alpha and Omega, which we attribute to God the Father AND the Lamb of God, which is attributed to the Son. If there is only ‘one God,’ who is from everlasting, then only He is the Alpha and Omega, without there being a second, even a Son. if the Son is present from eternity, but is not God himself, then there must be two Gods, because being called Alpha and Omega implies the beginning and end. Jesus could be considered divine regardless of whether He is God or a created being. ….angels are called divine….jehovah’s witnesses claim Jesus is a created angel and therefore divine…

        but, to use the scripture you posted,

        in the beginning was the Word
        and the Word was with God
        and the Word was God…..
        and the Word became flesh

        the only way i can see to make Jesus NOT God but a separate entity is to do what the jehovah’s witnesses do, and insert ‘a’ between ‘ Word and was’ and change the capital G to small g…’and the Word was a god…..

        if the Word was with God from the beginning, if the Word was God, and if the Word became flesh as indicated in the above Scripture, then the Word and God are one and the same.

        i welcome your response. i have enjoyed your post, and i will keep thinking about this.

    • ww

      also if jesus is all 3, then there is only him, with 3 names.

      so why did he pray to the father, instead of himself?

      why did he say he would send the holy spirit, instead of saying he was coming back himself?

      yes there are 3 , but what are the 3 to each other?

      jesus said the father was greater, so this mean inequality, not equality.

      if there is a trinity with 3 persons, then this really means there are 3 gods.

      if there is only one jesus, and that is it, then why bother mentioning the others, why not say jesus for everything?

      • ….my understanding is that it’s not 3 ‘names’…for there are many more names associated with God…healer, creator, mighty God, savior, redeemer, Emmanuel, etc….rather three ‘Persons…three identities’

        so why did he pray to the father, instead of himself?

        jesus came as both the Son of God AND the Son of Man, revealing both His divine nature and his humanness….2 distinct and different purposes. if God had come to earth as God, in all his Power and Glory, and ‘died’ on the cross, how could he experience life and death as a human and therefore relate to us and us to Him. before the Word came to earth, He had to ’empty himself’ of all that. when he prayed to the ‘Father instead of Himself, he was doing what He came to earth to do…model for us how we should respond to life’s circumstances.

        why did he say he would send the holy spirit, instead of saying he was coming back himself?

        the holy spirit was to be the invisible presence to teach and guide us while we remain on earth. Jesus did say He was coming back to gather us at the end of the age… in the meantime, those who lived while he walked on earth had the privilege of seeing with their own eyes God in flesh, while we, born after the cross, know of His presence through the Holy Spirit.

        jesus said the father was greater, so this mean inequality, not equality.

        again, Jesus said this while having emptied himself to become human….he is again modeling our response to God…in the end, God the Father puts all things under His Son’s feet….

        if there is a trinity with 3 persons, then this really means there are 3 gods.
        no it doesn’t. my human father is also a son and a husband but he is 1 person.

        if there is only one jesus, and that is it, then why bother mentioning the others, why not say jesus for everything?

        the old testament reveals God the Father and alludes to a coming Savior and Messiah and King.
        the new testament reveals the Son and after the resurrection of Jesus promises the Holy Spirit will be with us from the Cross to the End times
        eternity reveals all three together as one.

        • Son they are all 3 in the same body of flesh , THATS why he is GOD and also our salvour . one GOD not 2 . In the begining was GOD and everthing he said came true . and if it hasent happened yet it will in this generation . if you believe it or not .

        • According to Rev. 1 :4 and 5 he has not yet come . and most people believe he has allready come. Did John lie to us the answer is no

    • Everone one should go back but this time look for the truth that only your creator can teach us

  10. this post is supposed to be a brain teaser

    trinity is taught as 3 equal persons in one god……which is the same thing as saying 3 persons, or 3 gods, make a team.

    but jesus said they were not equal

    and bible says there is only one god, not 3

    the oneness explanation is that all 3 are the same person, with different roles or manifestations….but is god that schizophrenic?

    why not just manifest as the same person all the time?

    and why didn’t jesus just pray to himself…?

    if there is ONE FATHER GOD

    and there is a son of God, who shares his authority and glory, and as his son, shares the divine nature

    and a divine, holy spirit that is powerful and serves the father who is greater

    doesn’t that make more sense?

    • father , son , and holy spirit FATHER son and holy spirit .these two are not the same. the first father is the father of the sons one called David the outher is called Jesus . and only his father calls him by this name . His mother calls him Daniel . It is their father which is called GOD or the son of man or a son of a man . GEN3 : 20 — 4 :1-2 — 2 :23 — 1 :27 — Gen 22:8 HE is the son called GOD and he is a man like any outher man . with no special powers. he also is the body of our creator : I left out scriptures Matt. 22:42-45 —— Matt 1:25 one good question are we not the temple of the creator ? Does he not live in us ? and does his spirit give us life ? and when he leaves does not our body DIE ?———— father and the son called god is the same person and he is flesh . However the spirit that gives him life is the spirit that created everthing includeing you and me . IF he lives in us then we also are gods . But he calls us his children and when he is finished we will have a spirtual body that will not grow old and die——————– this is not what you have been taught . IF you ask your creator he can only tell you the truth and IF you ask the one who is called GOD he can only tell you what HIS FATHER told him . So now i am telling you if you believe this or not its up to each one of you

  11. marianne, if i didn’t see your picture as part of your post login, i would think someone else is writing this blog for you….it is so unlike your other ones..as far as scripture and truth…

    • but, there is another way to look at this blog…the Bible teaches that we are to be ready with our testimony.. you are asking questions that ‘the world’ asks…if we have not answered these questions according to scripture before the world asks them to us, we will not have the answers ready and others may be lost…. so forgive me for perhaps jumping to conclusions in my previous comment.

    • this is meant to be a brain teaser 🙂

    • I am intentionally playing the opposite view here, to get people to think.

      most traditional explanations are not convincing.

      can we convince muslims and jews, who believe in one god, that there is a triune god?

      • well, i must say, i am relieved… i received this post at 5;30 am and believe me, it was not a way to be woken up…. but i believe it did serve your purpose and get us to think. i also appreciated you sending me the Hebrew translations of Isaiah 9….i found that to be interesting.

        • so now that you have ‘had your fun’ how would you answer these questions to unbelievers.

          • as I stated in the post…..there no denial of the divine nature of jesus…as his Father is, so is he..but it is jesus who called his father the only god..traditional thinking makes him God equal to the father, and this is against what jesus taught..there is a hierarchy in heaven, and the father is at the top, and jesus is at his side

    • It is true what you see and mabe not believe is with my right hand it also his my FATHERS hand because we are one and the same . HE tell my body which is HIS body what to write . And it comes from his spirit within me and my carnel mind doesnt know what he is doing . Intell he tells me to read what we wrote . And sometimes its hard to believe what was written and its things i did not know . And the scriptures prove what was said

  12. I believe that we’re in the last days and that all the things that were urgent in the early days and Church are much more urgent now. Jude talks about defending the faith ONCE FOR ALL delivered to the Saints. I feel pressed to do this here and expose this fallacy of a teaching with direct scriptures. My dad is a satanist but also an ordained pastor and teaches the Bible and has written his own books… but twisted with deception that’s easy to miss if one doesn’t know what to look for. Both Peter and Jude (witness, confirming the urgency of this truth) say people would secretly bring in destructive doctrines and heresies into the Church, “denying the Lord who bought them.” Below is an excerpt from an important article that proves that Jesus is indeed God from the Bible itself. The link for the whole article is at bottom. In these last days, there’s zero time to philosophize, theologize, theorize, or give heed to doctrines that are not that faith delivered with finality to the Church; rather, the Bible says to build each other up in the truth more diligently as we see that Day approaching:

    And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory. 1 Timothy 3:16

    Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his nameImmanuel.  Isaiah 7:14  (written: 712 BC (Before Christ) 

    Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call His name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us. Matthew 1:23

    For unto us a Child is born, unto us a son is given; and the government will be upon His shoulder: and his name will be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.  Isaiah 9:6 (written: 712 BC (Before Christ)

    And there came a fear on all: and they glorified God, saying, That a great prophet is risen up among us; and, That God hath visited his people. Luke 7:16

    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1

    because he had not only broken the sabbath, but said also that God was his Father, making Himself equal with God.John 5:18

    Jesus said:
    I and my Father are one. John 10:30 

    The Jews answered him [Jesus], saying, For a good work we stone thee not; but for blasphemy; and because that thou, being a man, makest thyself God. John 10:33

    When many were about to stone Jesus for blasphemy (John 10:30-39), He said to them that said he blasphemed “because I said, I am the Son of God?” (John 10:36).

    You call Me Teacher and Lord; and ye say well; for so I Am. John 13:13 

    But he held his peace, and answered nothing. Again the high priest asked him, and said unto him, Art thou the Christ, the Son of the Blessed? 
    And Jesus said, I Am: and ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven. Mark 14:61-62

    The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool. Psalm 110:1

    he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Shew us the Father? John 14:9

    “Do you not believe that I am in the Father, and the Father in me?  The words that I say to you I do not speak on my own authority; but the Father who dwells in me does his works.” ( John 14:10) 

    And now, O Father, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was. John 17:5 

    And Thomas answered and said unto him [Jesus], My Lord and my God. John 20:28 

    …lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. 2 Corinthians 4:4


    • jesus is the son of god, just like he said

      • VERY true and Jesus is the son of the one OUR creator chose to be his son and his body of flesh . Thats why it is written the son of god which is called Jesus . however his fathers name is not called Jesus. Is fathers name is the same as the creator. shall i say his new name look it up starting in the book of Rev . And dont say why should i because you think you know . because nobody knows who he is or his name and his FATHERS name only his FATHER and he knows and to those that the son tells

        • father’s name is yahweh YHVH

          • I was refering to HIS new name which you did not catch . when its time to reveil him self this is the name HE will use . At least the jews will know it is HE . But those who do not know the name will call him Jesus. However a true jew are those who listen to their creator and never doughts what HE says

    • For unto us a Child is born, unto us a son is given; and the government will be upon His shoulder: and his name will be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6 (written: 712 BC (Before Christ)


      here, in the correct translation , it is the Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father that calls the child the prince of peace. he is not all 3 of them

      5For a child has been born to us, a son given to us, and the authority is upon his shoulder, and the wondrous adviser, the mighty God, the everlasting Father, called his name, “the prince of peace.”


      we are also in jesus, and jesus is in us….does that make us jesus?

      • thanks to internet now there is interlinear bible that chabad is wrong
        marianne try to check for yourself type interlinear bible and hebrew then see

      • We are gods with a fleshly body and when my FATHER is finished WE will have a spiritual body that cant die get sick or judge anybody. Just like it is in heaven this is were are spirit came from

  13. He is everything!

  14. Good comments Marianne, the church at large has inherited many lies from the Greco- Roman system that interposed their own thinking over what Yahveh said, including the pagan name christian which is how the pagan followers of Serapis Crstus were known as. There is much heretical influence that has to be undone.

  15. Why does it seem useless to speak on Spiritual things. We have dissected the “Godhead” more than once that is for sure.
    Then it seems people say oh yea I see it now. Their is only ONE God – Then the Devil comes back later to you and just steals away all your revealing of the Godhead, Rapture, Eternal life, Eternal Hell, Anti-christ is so easy that a baby could understand it yet the bible scholars do not.

    God must of not wanted ALL to understand it. Its like a Husband and a Wife that do not want their “sacred Love known to the whole world”. I believe the Lord does not play games with people. Just read the Book of Isaiah and it will tell you over and over again about the ONE GOD only. Their is no other god sitting beside HIM or anything else. It’s plain even to the Literal man that most of you are of. I got the scriptures if you want them. But I have gave them to you before.

    It makes me so sad anymore to even try to explain it over again. It just goes over peoples head. I love you all. But even Jesus Could not straighten out the Jews of His generation either. They laughed, called him stupid and bad names. And the Sanhedrin was the brightest Scholars in the world and they did not understand simple things. The Literal concepts of mankind with the Bible today. Is helpless in understanding the real truth. Cause its a Mystery. Paul said it. I believe it. God is as mystery along with Jesus Christ. Hope you the best in this study. Im sure most will come out with 3 gods again.

    The Bible is to simple for the average man today.

  16. As per John 14 , Jesus state own his own identity . Read these verses, they speak for their own meaning, The Holy Spirit is ever known part of God since the beginning, Now they are three. Three in one and one manifested in three. As you read the bible you got the whole good feeling.

    Thomas said to Him, “Lord, we do not know where You are going, and how can we know the way?”

    6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

    The Father Revealed

    7 “If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also; and from now on you know Him and have seen Him.”

    8 Philip said to Him, “Lord, show us the Father, and it is sufficient for us.”

    9 Jesus said to him, “Have I been with you so long, and yet you have not known Me, Philip? He who has seen Me has seen the Father; so how can you say, ‘Show us the Father’?

    10 Do you not believe that I am in the Father, and the Father in Me? The words that I speak to you I do not speak on My own authority; but the Father who dwells in Me does the works.

    11 Believe Me that I am in the Father and the Father in Me, or else believe Me for the sake of the works themselves.


    • ortizjon5

      yes that is true what jesus said, as he is the truth. as the son of god, he is the way to the Father in heaven……so if only jesus is god, why go to the father, if jesus is enough?

      jesus is the image of the father in bodily form….so yes, he looks like his father, but he is NOT the father.

      he describes his unity in spirit with the father… in the post, he also describes the SAME unity with believers.

      • GOD his the FATHER of Jesus but we must seach the scriptures intell we know HIS new name. then we can understand what HE is doing and not get confused or even make a mistake . This is when your creator starts teaching us. instead of man

  17. My phone won’t let me reply to the post directly so I’ll paste and reply. Marianne, you wrote:

    “you are condemning me for quoting jesus.

    I am sorry to hear of your abusive past, but that has nothing to with me

    for the third time, read the post carefully , it all matches and it is all jesus talking

    jesus prayed to the Father in heaven:

    3 And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.

    4 I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which you gave me to do.

    17 Jesus said unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.

    what part of this is heresy?

    this is jesus talking”

    Me: Jesus talking. Clever. satan quoted Ps. 91 to Jesus, a passage that first applied directly to Him. I see you’re still trying to argue around the Bible. I highly encourage everyone reading here to not only discern your fatally false doctrine and your double tongue in pushing it while saying you’re just trying to get us to think.

    So, you’re just quoting Jesus, yeah? Jesus also said to human beings, “You are gods.” They better make me president tomorrow, because Jesus said I’m a god. While quoting Jesus, you’re sneaking around what the rest of the NT says and where Paul plainly says that Jesus was God in the flesh. Do you want me to find that for you again? You’ve read it already.

    I’ve never seen you act with such snake-like subtlety and deception for the about five years I’ve been on this site. You’re crawling in the grass with satanic deception, pushing it and disregarding the rest of the Bible. So, how much do they pay you? Which branch of the secret societies are you a part of? Or do you have different personalities and have suddenly switched to one who holds totally unbiblical beliefs? Because, except for sudden demonization, those are the only two other things that make any sense of this situation.

    I had a very long stint living with a satanist and am pretty adept at perceiving lies (when something is just a LITTLE off), dishonesty, insincerity, and deception when I see or hear it. I also have a gift of discernment too, so that certainly doesn’t hurt. And for your information, infiltrators, who are usually either satanists/illuminists or Vatican agents, never come out and admit it. To imply that you would indeed admit it if you were an agent of satan is laughable and a very grand lie. An agent of satan won’t admit it on pain of death (often extended torture to death) by their own group, so why act like it should be obvious that you aren’t an agent of the enemy? When you quote the whole Bible and not just some of it, then any discerning believer might actually listen to you; but picking this and that verse to push a satanic doctrine is reprehensible (unless you’re an agent of satan, then it’s just what you do), and only babes in Christ, the confused, and the afraid can fall for such blatant error. Go back and read where Paul says that Jesus is God so when you deny it right here publicly, then everyone, not just me, can see you for at least the satanic doctrine you’re pushing if not for who you are.

    • I do not belong to any groups you mentioned

      I am going to have to ask you to control yourself. or I will block you

      I quoted jesus and reasoned through, based on other scriptures, what he meant.

      if you have a problem with that, talk to jesus

  18. Marianne, you wrote:

    “I am a child of God.

    jesus is the son of God and my personal savior.

    you are going off the deep end here”

    Me: You either went off the deep end long ago (which I’ve observed in many of your comments and even articles and just wondered) or you’re an agent of satan. Firstly…

    luciferians put their people in top positions as experts to get the churches and population to believe and follow them unwittingly. Tom Hawkins, a man who used to minister to people escaping multi-generational occult and illuminati families was said to be such an agent of satan. His site: http://www.rcm-usa.org. He was trusted as the top authority in the area; but if he was a satanist, he’d simply prevent healing with cunning and deception. Unfortunately, several people, two of them Christian therapists, also agreed that Hawkins was an agent, and witnesses came forward… But Hawkins threatened one therapist with a libel/slander suit if she continued to talk. Strange way for a Christian to act. But if I was a luciferian, I’d put my people in the top and trusted places too. In this way, ‘we’ would control everything and in the churches PREEMPT revival and the formation of Jesus Christ in the people. This is EXACTLY what they do and is a major but hidden reason behind the decline of Christianity today and the absense of spiritual awakening in the churches.

    In California alone, over one hundred daycare centers have brought children forth with allegations of abuse at the hands of satanists who owned the centers; the longest running criminal trial in US history was about satanic abuse of children in the McMartin Preschool of Manhattan Beach, CA– the alleged abusers a ‘Christian’ family (Christian to the public) that ran the school. HUNDREDS of children (between 3 and 5) whose parents didn’t know each other corroborated detailed stories across the board of torture and sexual acts that many adults don’t even know– abuse in the school at the hands of these agents of satan posing as good people. This is besides the other hundreds of uncovered and reported satanic infiltration in other daycares and preschools across America. So, don’t act like infiltration doesn’t happen EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    Secondly, please explain in this passage how Jesus is not God so that you can get everyone seriously thinking about the old but mostly unknown truths I’ve been recently sharing here about ‘the hidden hand’ of satanism in America and in every strata of society and every area of our in person and online Christian communities:

    “And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory” (1 Tim. 3:16).

    Without controversy, God was manifest in the flesh… and then was received up. In the OT, God came down in the flesh several times, and one could argue that it was the Father… But this verse says that in this case God was also “received up”. This can mean no one other than Jesus Christ. The defense rests.

    • arendale

      ok , I warned you and you did it again.

      very inappropriate to falsely accuse me and compare me to satanists.

      I have NOTHING to do with anything like that.

      I have to block you for your hostile attitude.

      at least until you can manage to disagree in a more civil manner

      since jesus is the image of the father, who is god, then god was manifested in the flesh of jesus, and jesus was brought back to heaven to sit at the right hand of god

      jesus is the son of god, and is part of the father as he rests in the bosom of the father when he is in heaven

  19. Didn’t Jesus simply say, when You have seen me You
    have seen the Father….
    God in the Flesh came down to us to be the sacrificial
    lamb….to shed His blood for us….atonement for Our Sins
    No more animal sacrifice….Ended once and for all
    the cross….was and is and always will be ….Holy Spirit
    baptism …

    Be Blessed
    Love, In Yeshua Jesus King of Kings Lord of Lords
    Praying Carol

    • yes he did say that. but he also made it clear that he was NOT the father….he is the image of the father to mankind…..jesus is son of god, holy redeemer.

  20. just 3 examples of Jesus as God…in these scriptures, the Father is ‘today’ begetting his Son’; ie for the purpose of Jesus, becoming flesh to come to the earth…Jesus as indicated here was ‘separated’ into the 2nd person of the Godhead in order to be Son of man, while retaining Son of God at same time.

    New International Version heb. 5;5
    In the same way, Christ did not take on himself the glory of becoming a high priest. But God said to him, “You are my Son; today I have become your Father.”

    ps. 2;7 english standarf version
    I will tell of the decree: The LORD said to me, “You are my Son; today I have begotten you

    new living translation
    acts 13;33
    and God has now fulfilled it for us, their descendants, by raising Jesus. This is what the second psalm says about Jesus: ‘You are my Son. Today I have become your Father.’.

    i hope this will solve, once and for all, that Jesus, while coming in human form, is God…God in flesh is how the scripture puts it.

    • I guess one way I see to view this, and I could be wrong, just thinking…:

      imagine a large piece of paper..imagine it as the only piece in existence in the universe

      then tear off a small piece of it…..both the big piece and the little piece are still paper….the same substance.

      jesus said his father was greater, and in heaven he lives in the bosom of his father…so jesus is the little piece, and the father is the big piece

      they are both divine, but the father is “bigger”

      there has t be a reason why jesus said that the father was HIS God.

      maybe this is it….the father is greater

      but they are both divine

  21. Dear Marianne,

    All I know is God is Soverign and some things we will know
    and some things are God’s because He is God….All I know
    is the word says,” lean not to your own understanding but
    in all ways acknowledge God and He will direct Your paths.”

    Also, Marianne, the Pharisees were always trying to trip
    up Jesus with their laws, and they had also shouted
    about Jesus healing people and the miracles and the
    Pharisees had stated, only God can heal people….
    They were totally blind and could not see, nor understand
    the rules and law is what they knew….Jesus wasn’t
    doing things their way…..yet, Isaiah 53 from their own
    prophet clearly describes Jesus…..Their long awaited

    Isaiah 58 is a good one to read as well.

    God Bless You and Yours
    Love, In Jesus
    Praying Carol

    • god bless you too.

      someday all our questions will be answered

      • Dear Marianne,

        Thankyou…..Just a thought, Jesus Hung on that cross
        and looked down on them and had said,” Forgive Them
        for they know not what they do…..” I have thought of
        those words so very many times….I believe Jesus knew
        that the thoughts of their minds were so imbedded there
        as in this world and though Jesus was trying to reach
        them, He knew they couldn’t get it…So He looked down
        with His Great Love and Mercy and Forgiveness….
        Upon them…..I think they are known as strongholds
        in the mind…..Kinda like, computer software, recorded
        in the brain…and hard to change the software…does
        not always compute…I guess kinda like, when Jesus
        shared of the old wineskins, and that they would burst.
        It is new software…or when a radio channel is stuck
        in the same channel and it is not moving to a new
        channel….much radio static…or the frequencies are
        disrupted ….the input is not computing…

        The room is dark until the light is put on….

        God Bless You and Yours
        Love, In Jesus
        Praying Carol

      • IF we ask our creator to teach us the truth with a sincere heart . HE will start teaching you today. AND answer all of your questions not just a few. And i dare you to do this, because it works I know

  22. It truly does help to study the history of the Roman Catholic Church. Compare the churches traditions to what the Gospels share in devotion and faith. e.g. Jesus never said to hand your sins over by saying ten hail mary’s. http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/False%20Religions/Roman%20Catholicism/hail_mary_hail_satan.htm

    Matthew 23:9, “And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.”

    • Dear Acecool,

      I wasn’t raised Roman Catholic….Though I know there are
      Catholic’s who love Jesus…Who believe Jesus is the
      Messiah….They may not be the Bible read ones…and know
      all of the Scriptures….or have this understanding….I do understand
      what You are saying….and Yes, I too am aware of Mathew 23:9
      One thing I do know, and that is people respond to Love…
      Which is Jesus….
      God Our Heavenly Father….

      I had once seen a movie of Mother Theresa, She had an assignment
      to teach and was on a train….God spoke to Her, to go minister
      to the poorest of poor….She obeyed God and the first person
      she encountered was a man lying in a gutter….He was helpless
      minus arms and legs….She picked Him up in Her arms, and He
      asked Her why she did this…She told Him, Jesus…

      See what Love can do….She had heard from God and obeyed
      God and God’s wishes….

      Just some thoughts

      God Bless You and Yours
      Love, In Jesus
      Praying Carol

  23. Blessings,

    Site: Father’s Love Letter: Will You Be My Child? I am
    waiting for You!

    I Pray You will be as Blessed by this as I was…
    I will share this, I cannot listen to this without tears

    God Bless You and Yours
    Love, In Yeshua Jesus

    • When i was 12 and 3 mos I was by my self and no one heard or seen what i seen . I heard in the heavens angels singing so buithfull the sound then i look up and saw 3 white doves flying over my head. then a voice without a body said this is my son in whom i and well pleased . then everthing went back the way it was before . Many yrs later HE reveiled to me is new name and its the same as mine. I am not crazy , and i know that this happened to me. And everthing i say my FATHER told me . AM i wrong to say this happened to me when i know it did. OR shall i denie what HE has taught me is a lie ? NO i cant do that because my FATHER has proven to me everthing he has told me . and i believe him: This was not a dream and it is not a lie . Because i know it happened to me. DO i think i am GOD the answer is NO ,Because my FATHER is , DO i think i am the son called GOD no . Because my FATHER is , ALL i am is HIS fleshly body which will die at the right time . And after 3 days and nights 72 hrs after i died i shall raise again . then those who died before me shall raise . just like Job said in 19:25-27 then death will be no more

  24. Hi all,

    Its called the mystery of redemption for this same reason. That the salvation of man, could only be effected by one, the Creator and he that had passed judgement against the evil of man. But for the father and judge to become also the saviour, he had to get himself a new identity. This is the identity that is called the son of God. And in this identity, as much as he remained God in all his fulness, he had to live and die, and for our sake, to give us the perfect example, even talk to the ‘father’. But in reality, he was both the father identity, as well as the son.

    Thus, no one can come to the father except through the son, cos they are one and the same.

    And the father is in the son, and the son in the father.

    Whoever has seen the son had seen the father.

    In algebra, we begin with unknown values for which we solve by the known and given equations. The algebra on God is not the initial declarations but the final answer to that parable.

    Once the equation is resolved, that the father, plus the son equates to the One Lord, the we recount in all instances that the Father is the Son.

    The identities only made different for the mystery of redemtion to work out. For the father identity is a judge and Lord of all. The judge becomes saviour only by setting aside his tools of judgment for a time, and obeys the limitations set aside in the judgment. This only the Lord could achieve in the identity of the son.

    When the son sits in the right hand of the father, after victory is semantic that he ascended to heaven to return to his original glory as the father. For he that sits at the right hand is greater, than all they to his left.

    All and any spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ is God is of the will and providence of God.

    Its that of the antichrist that sows doubts and ideas denying the fullness of the God in Jesus Christ.

    Its then for each of us to determine what spirit works within us, by this key discernment of the spirits.

    Btw, Marianne, locking out Arendale for voicing his conviction is unlike you, or the Christ we ought to represent. Who said let the tares and wheat grow together….. and who is longsuffering….. bore jests and abuse even unto death….. and declared, that they, the evil spiritual leaders shall lock you out of the synagogues/internet forums. It would be wise to emulate Christ in this matter. Also I think Arendale is saying out loud what certainly is elicited from this particular posting.

    Remember, Jesus rebuked Peter as a Satanist, when he tolld him….. get behind me satan…. but to Peter it served as exhortation. (Unless of course Jesus had been requesting Satan to become a follower)

  25. Good post John –

  26. There is a lot to digest in this blog. I wanted to sign in on it so I get any follow up postings.


    question what is IMITATION OF God’s LOVE,. fake love,
    what does it look like ?

    • good words to think about…thank you

    • question what is IMITATION OF God’s LOVE,. fake love,
      what does it look like

      • fyi

        I guess it could take different forms.

        selfish, uncaring, no passion

        passionate but lust oriented

        temporary, does not endure through trials.

        pretends, until you challenge them, and then they attack you suddenly

        based on lies and deception


      • ok, thanks

    • Fake promises same as lieing promises that men say that our creator is going to do to us if we are not obentente to him . No greater love than our FATHER . longsuffering and forgiven us for everthing we do. AND all his promises HE has made to all of us . And all of them are good and there is not judgement in them

  28. For example : Some Christians have no desire for the Bible , but they desire to see mystical vision , pursuit of personal mystical experience , actually the hidden motive of curiosity is pride. so, they often become satan’s prey who was deceived and captives . Moreover , their pursuit is also contrary to the teachings of the Bible , because the Bible is inspired by Holy Spirit and the Bible is God s guidance to children of God

    • very true

    • amen passby –

    • Who chose you to be a judge? Find the truth then you can help them. they need help and so do you. From a small child we were taught what to believe. what to think, and what we shoud do. and if we break the rules we are a sinner” The only enemy your creator has is his carnel-mind thats why he tells us not to use it. because it makes mistakes but the mind of Christ which is the mind of your creator is perfect in ever way . Many pray to him and hope he will listen. BUT a good question for everone out there . How many of you ever heard him talking directly to you ? I am not speaking thru someone else or thoughts which comes from your mind. HIS voice is very solf something like a sisper. when you listen HE tells you things you dont believe before HE tells you . HE is attemping to teach you what HE knows which is true and can be proven by facts and not just believe . One can believe something is true, but it could be false and you do not know it. OUR creator will never tell us something HE would not do himself . and this is a fact not a belif For a exzample most people think that Moses wrote the first 5 books of the bible . But this is not true, IT was Abraham and the scriptures prove it. Abraham told his son that GOD would be the sacrifice. Isaac was not the sacrifice nor the son of god called Jesus . BUT many believe it was the man called jesus . When we acept the truth , it will correct the mistakes that we think is true——- WHAT does Rev. 1 : 4-5 tells us . this is not what we were taught by man, check out verce 8 then go back to Gen 22 : 14——- WE all have been brainwarshed : Thats why everything we believe is not true . Because it did not come from our FATHER which can not lie . Because HE knows the truth HE does not need to lie

  29. http://sermons.worldchallenge.org/en/node/1256



    awesome teaching of David Wilkerson

  30. eduardosiders,

    If you have something to share, I would appreciate
    it, if you would share it publically on this blog of


    Love, In Jesus
    Praying Carol

    • Dear Carol i thought i was ? So far everthing my FATHER has told me . HE has it written in her blog. please go back and check it . IF you cant find it ask Marianne to help you and me if there is a problem ? you two are my sisters and i am your big bro only because i am the oldest

      • Carol i was just reminded by my FATHER, a few months ago I found a blog of hers there is much more there . However i at this time do not remember which one it was . Ask your sister she might know . Or I will ask my FATHER he never falls . What my father tells me i do not store it in my brain it comes from the spirit in my chest. my spirit bypasses my carnel mind . and this way it keeps me humble and my FATHER gets the creit and thats the way it should be . Because this is what HE told me. besides it all comes from him not me——– BEST WISHES

  31. Prayers for the Families and Friends
    of those who lost loved ones in
    Paris Last Night…

    Horrible Nightmare

    Love, In Jesus
    Praying Carol

  32. Wait till you hear the angels sing Twice i have heard them and waiting for the third time when i do i will be leaveing this world with a new body . And so will all of you . Heb.1:1-3 —-2 :7-9 —-4 :7-13 —7 : 13 — 8 :12 —– Heb 9 :24-28 —- ACTS 13 :41———- these scriptures were given to me to give to all that share this blog

    • Sis check out the refferences that were given you ok ? you dont need to believe me . BUT the scriptures thats up to you .

      • sorry you havent been able to understand the comment that was made . IT was done this way to protect those out there that seek the truth which comes only from our FATHER. thats why the man called Jesus spoke in parables . IF you said Jesus was not the christ or me ? those who believe this would reject you even if it was I who said it . And shut you down . So far your the best blog I have found . So please ask your FATHER ok ?

        • you certainly have been enthusiastic today with comments! 🙂

          • Not I my FATHER, I am his body and it is he who uses it for his plesure . He thinks, talks, and acts at his pleasure. And if i had a choice which I do not . i would do the same, but its not me doing these things its the spirit of my FATHER which lives in the chest of this body of flesh . And he knows all the mysterys which are the answers to every question , and problem that anyone can ask . HE also lives in each one of us. and it is his desire to do the same to every human that he has created and will before he is finished Correction if I had a choice which I do not. IT would be my carnelmind makeing the choice. and not my FATHER , and it would chose to do it its way. speaking, acting ,and thinking what it thinks is good.—— But please concider this because its true

          • This is the thrid time i have been able to reveil what our Father thanks . twice on your blog. and one that you dont know. But not many reply not even you. sorry to say this but its true.

            • I will not nor can i defend what I say. BUT the truth does and it comes from the spirit that gives us life . The only doctrine I teach is what my FATHER teaches me . and only HE knows the truth.—– Acts 17 :11— Rom 10:2-3

  33. Marianne – I know it is a lot to digest

    it all started with the quotes from jesus where he calls the Father the only god, and where he says the father is HIS god
    so what does that mean?

    God, Son, Holy Ghost — all same SEED singular – with just different manifestation
    Father the WORD, Son the WORD, Holy Spirit the WORD – ALL ONE

    God the Word – Jesus the Word – Holy Spirit – the SAME Word. NOT 3 different kinds of Word Messengers but the SAME WORD in ALL. That is why Trinitarian are so confused today. My God it has taken over the pulpits of the whole world. They add to GODHEAD – they will be judged for it.

  34. Marianne – you had a Beginning, then you have Middle life, then you get Old, But you all the same person. Yet these are 3 manifestations of just YOU singular. ONLY ONE PERSON – YOU
    Maybe you get Married and have a child – then you also called a Mother — you get Married and you are called a WIFE – You are a Aunt – A cousin – Its all the “same personality” in you . Surely you can see it after all these years.

    Bro. Tom – The Beacon

  35. IS it possible to have a blog called THE GOSPEL OF GOD ACCORDING TO GOD ? the only way would be IF his children would listen. and they do not know how . They have eyes to see and ears to hear with. BUT they only want to see and hear ,what they want to see and hear and believe .MY thoughts are not your thoughts and your thoughts are not mine . Only because you do not listen to me . When i tell you the truth you call me a lier , just to let you know it doesent make me mad . and want to send you to a lake of fire. thats what man says but never from me.

    • My thoughts concerning my creation is good and i never change my mind

    • eduardo

      yes, it is possible to have a blog with that name.

      you like to write… you could start your own blog.

      see here


      • would you be the first to listen ? and search the scriptures to see what I see ? and listen , what I know is good for everbody . And only my spirit that gives you life is the only one that can show it to you and prove it to you . Then and only then can you know the truth which comes from your creator . But i must tell you the truth I am the one you have been waiting for . M y name is not Jesus I am his father and David also his my son . Matt.20 :28 ——22:42-45 ——— I can truthly say I have no disciples Because no one as yet believe or listen to what I say. The question will you be the first one?

  36. The Ten Commandments,
    First written on Stone
    Secondly, written on the Heart
    “Love Thy neighbor as Thyself
    Love the Lord Thy God with All thy Heart,
    Soul, and Mind and Love Thy neighbor as

    Now here in America, they are slowly removing the
    Ten Commandments and replacing it with an
    Evil Statue….Our Country is seemingly loosing
    its moorings and is like the Titanic adrift at sea…..

    America has thrown God out of this nation little
    by little, started years ago….Unless the Churches
    of today, teach them, they will be lost forever here.
    Unless the dusty Bibles which sit in Homes get
    read and if the enemy comes to remove those
    Bibles and the Word is not in the Hearts of
    the people and they try to live by it….Lost just Lost
    The Bible also says’ Your Righteousness is a filthy
    Rags, Jesus the Righteous one sent to save us
    by the covering of His Death on the Cross, there
    is no hope of Salvation…..The word says’ Believe
    on the Lord Jesus Christ and though shalt be saved”

    The man on the cross next to Jesus had said, ” I
    believe You Jesus, and Jesus had turned to Him and
    said, “Today You will be with me in Paridise.”
    He had believed….Obviously, He didn’t earn it and
    not by works, Faith! Believe…..

    Many try to earn Salvation by Good Works….
    Good Works are Good, and if done out of a Heart
    to the Lord, as giving unto Him, and the Glory to

    The Muslim’s go by a book called the Quran…Not
    the Bible….They are still waiting for their Savior
    The Jews who go by the Old Testiment only and
    not the other half of the Book, called the New Testament…
    They are still waiting for their Savior….

    I have heard of Muslim’s receiving Jesus through Dreams
    and Visions….God can speak any way He wishes to
    bring others to Jesus….God’s ways are not Our Ways
    or how we think it should be according to us….We are
    not God The Beginning and the End….

    Lean not unto Your own understanding and in all
    ways acknowledge Him and He will direct Your
    Paths….as the Scriptures State….

    God’s Plan not mine….Just a Believer in Jesus
    Jesus Death, covers my Sins….No matter how perfectly
    I would try to follow and if I fell down, God would pick
    me up…..Just as a Loving Father would pick up His\
    child, and brush Him off and send Him on His Way.
    The Father would bandage the child up and eventually
    it would Heal with Love and Proper care.

    I Love the Story of the Good Samaritan…..
    That story speaks leagues….Especially since the \
    ones who walked by, the highly educated religious ones.

    God Bless You and Yours
    Love, In Jesus
    Praying Carol

  37. to everyone

    Again, I quoted jesus….

    he said

    that the father was the only god

    that the father sent him

    that he was going back to his father and our father, to his god and our god.

    see post where I quoted this


    what did jesus mean?

    I took him literally….

    he said this, not me 🙂

    • BUT what does the FATHER say ? I and the son called GOD are the same person in the flesh . but nobody but he knows the truth because no one wants to know. only because they think they already know the truth

      • Go back to John 1 : 1-14 and stay there untill you understand . By listening to what it is telling you

  38. Peace Marianne,

    I don’t think a little baby, who may not have learned
    Hebres and dies as a Baby, is not home with
    God….A little baby who has yet, not learned to
    walk or talk is held in the arms of a mother and
    dies unexpectly, is home with God….This is a
    simplistic way of saying things….

    I don’t need to analize, everything, I just need to
    to believe….God makes it simplistic, man complicates
    that which is simple…to understand….The Sanhedren
    became angry with Jesus, because He wasn’t following
    \their legalistic rules, the Pharicess, were always trying
    to trip Jesus up and walked away confused, Jesus even
    knew who would betray Him, for money, and yet,
    Jesus came to give His Life as a Lamb to the Slaughter
    He Gave….for us all…..

    There is a song called I’m clean So clean, because I’m
    wahed in His Blood….The Blood of Jesus….Covers and
    Cleans, It is done….

    Just Believe and Receive
    Simplicity is best…

    The question is, who’s measuring stick is one trying so
    desperately to live up to and be perfect, perfectionism
    breaks people, because it is impossible….
    That is where the letter of the Law brings death
    and the Spirit brings life….

    God Bless You and Yours
    Love, In Jesus
    \Praying Carol

    • carol

      true, god looks at our hearts and how hard we try

    • You must know the truth so that when you hear a lie you will not be deceived. And if you believe something that is not true. How can you know if it is the truth or not ? Just because you believe doesnt work. Your creator knows,HE does not need to believe . and there is a difference between knowing and believeing you must know the truth and then the truth will set you free from the lies that were told you and you believed them

  39. Marianne,

    Yes, He does….Scriptures say, man looks on the outside….
    God sees the Heart

    Song The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
    I’m clean

    Song Halllelujah To the King

    both songs are sung by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

    The Lord God has said, He inhabits the Praises of His People


    God Bless You and Yours
    Love, In Jesus
    Praying Carol

  40. Marianne
    May God Bless You

    Just as curious questions. Because I know that you accept the Trinity concept as Father ,Son and Holy Spirit, as your belief and that is very clear that there is a hierarchy among them . But, If there is just one God in the Trinity not three? What about the Son? What about the Holy spirit? How do you consider them. God , gods, or nothing?

    Please Make it clear to everyone of us. Don’t says just Son of God ,please.

    • In the NT it said Jesus had aleast 4 brothers , THE brothers are named but his sisters were not . The question is this what were their names ? IF anyone knows tell please .

    • ortiz

      I will copy some comments I made…maybe that will make it more clear…understand this is a sincere attempt to understand the word of jesus.

      I quoted jesus….
      he said
      that the father was the only god
      that the father sent him
      that he was going back to his father and our father, to his god and our god.
      see post where I quoted this
      what did jesus mean?
      I took him literally….

      just the same way jesus explained oneness in john 17…..see how jesus relates to father above section
      John 17, as Jesus prays for his disciples:
      That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. V 21
      3 notes from this passage:
      1. God is his Father
      2. They are ONE, in unity,
      3. This oneness does not mean “sameness” but united, as the believers can share in this oneness.
      so just as we as believers are ONE in the Lord, the holy spirit, father and son are ONE with each other
      also just a man and wife become one, they are still individuals, united in spirit and purpose.
      you can have a doctor, nurse and lab tech united as one team, and they work together..but it does not mean doctor = nurse = lab tech

      as I stated in the post…..there no denial of the divine nature of jesus…as his Father is, so is he..but it is jesus who called his father the only god..traditional thinking makes him God equal to the father, and this is against what jesus taught..there is a hierarchy in heaven, and the father is at the top, and jesus is at his side

      I guess one way I see to view this, and I could be wrong, just thinking…:
      imagine a large piece of paper..imagine it as the only piece in existence in the universe
      then tear off a small piece of it…..both the big piece and the little piece are still paper….the same substance.
      jesus said his father was greater, and in heaven he lives in the bosom of his father…so jesus is the little piece, and the father is the big piece
      they are both divine, but the father is “bigger”
      there has t be a reason why jesus said that the father was HIS God.
      maybe this is it….the father is greater
      but they are both divine

      does this help?

      i made more comments similar to this

      also some posts where I am thinking this out



      • Marianne ,

        I has been reading what you appointed me and I did realize that you are in the same path of Arius , a priest during the first half of the fourth century. I’m wondering if you has listened about that controversy, but if not, start first browsing information on this theme.

        A short summary:

        The Arian controversy was in reality a series of controversies, related to Christology, that arose between Arius, a priest and theologian, and Bishop Athanasius, a Church Father. The most important of these controversies concerned the substantial relationship between God the Father and Jesus Christ. These disagreements divided the Church into two opposing theological factions for over 55 years, from the time before the Council of Nicaea in 325 until after the Council of Constantinople in 381. There was no formal schism; the matter remained an internal conflict of the Church

        We acknowledge your point of view. It was regarded as a heresy by that time. Today days it is taught by Jehovah Witness Watchtower Society, and it is totally separated of all the Christians Churches, and contrary to a sound Christianity teachings.

        Now, I’m going right on the issues that there are ongoing ,

        First it is really true an verifiable that ALWAYS Jesus call the Father his God, and ALWAYS CALL GOD THE FATHER ,not YHWH, and that was because He is His God. As Paul said in Philippians : “who, being in the form of God”, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: 7 but made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: 8 and being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. 9 Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: 10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; 11 and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

        Second, not forgetting that Jesus was in a human nature and body , even after He resurrected of the death. He acted in a complete humble manner as is clear in the Gospel, as you knows.
        He acted in the right way. I wouldn’t expect nothing else but that. Always keeping in mind the works he was doing He never failed in his mission as a man..

        Third, correctly understanding Jesus , His eternal mission as being the Son of God ,we can’t deny any part of the scriptures to sustain a different position other than what is written. Christ being the only Lord is clearly shown in the bible teachings. The Gospel is all about Jesus.

        Fourth, we should look very carefully in some bible teachings and verses to grasp a real and ample view of the Christ..

        Fifth, John 1:1 Having in mind that it refers to Jesus as the Word. Only Jesus is the Word . The complete chapter 1 confirms that Jesus is the Word. Let see in John 1:1 1:11 ,1:14 and John l:18, to be accurate.

        Sixth,1 Timothy 3: 14 Paul said : These things I write to you, though I hope to come to you shortly; 15 but if I am delayed, I write so that you may know how you ought to conduct yourself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth. 16 And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness:

        God was manifested in the flesh,
        Justified in the Spirit,
        Seen by angels,
        Preached among the Gentiles,
        Believed on in the world,
        Received up in glory.

        All that Paul said was about Jesus the Son of God.

        Fifth, Isaiah 9:6 -Take a look dry and coldly and accepts all the titles given to Jesus.Interpreting it at the light of all translation you can find. , including Jehovah Witness translation and chabad bible that correctly call Jesus everlating Father and prince of peace and accepted it as it is.

        Sixth, Isaiah 43:10 -That call two witnesses.” You are My witnesses,” says the Lord, “And My servant whom I have chosen,
        That you may know and believe Me,And understand that I am He.
        Before Me there was no God formed, Nor shall there be after Me.(Various scholars see in this verse a portrait of Israel and the Messiah Jesus Christ as witnesses, because the servant is use in singular )

        I’m not of those modern Protestant whose theology is based on Catholic dogma, not the Word of God. Because some doctrine is so simple, and easy to understand, that man has made it complicated, with their own reasoning. They find one verse, ignore others, and formulate a Divine Theory. We do belief that The term Divine in bible always is in reference to God or pertaining or coming from God.

        According to your theology theory Jesuschrist is divine. This simple fact tells that Jesus is God too. A God begot God, not other divine beings, and not merely other divine creature,angels, archangels and even do not suggest in any way that He ,Jesus was created. It means He is part of God as is part of God the Holy Spirit. Forming a triune divine God. In consecuence we are baptist in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost . Keeping all three of them gathered together since and from the eternity.

        Seventh, Jesus Christ was begotten in the earth not in heaven as a human being and was the firstborn parting from the earth where His ministry was done.
        And He is before all things as Colossian 1:17 states. Also Roman 8:29 states that He is the firstborn. 29 For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.

        There are a lot more of bible verses that could be mention , but I think it’s not necessary, not pertinent in this occasion. I’m pretty sure that you has heard of them before, in this or other postings .

        Thanks for the posting. It has strengthened my faith in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as a triune one God.

        Blessings a lot for you and yours.

        • there definitely is a father, son and holy spirit….
          all are divine…and united in spirit..

          it is good to discuss this, because of the need to witness to jews and muslims who “only believe in one god.” we have to sort through all the nuances in order to better understand ourselves, so we can explain our faith.

          the lord knows our limited minds, and sees how diligently we pursue the truth….he judges our minds and hearts, not our intellectual musings.

          • May God Bless You


            The Gospel of Jesus is above all other things in this world at a point that we must take it through the whole life , spreading the true Gospel. That God himself was made as a man to redeem us by shedding his own blood for the salvation of whoever believe that Jesus is the Lord, and the only way , the truth, and the life, and no man come onto the Father, but by Him. This is the true Gospel. God was manifested in flesh and gave Himself for us. Whoever believe in his heart that Jesus is the Lord and that He was raised from the dead shall be saved.

            Knowing the true Gospel , I’m feeling from the bottom of my heart, that no Jews or Muslins can be saved just by believing that there is One God and not accepting the wholeness of Him as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. They must recognize Jesus as a new and only way to look at God . There are old and new rules in the Gospel that must be preached to the world. Since God revealed Himself and gave a new covenant , and anyone, who the Father chose to come at the feet of Jesus Christ will be saved. Honor Christ deserve to be worship as the Father is worship for all praying have to be in the name of Jesus. Honor Jesus as Honor the Father and Holy Spirit. All of them have their own personality to the point that no blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven. The holy spirit is not a force , He is the third person of the one triune God.

            That fault , not believing the new revelation of God was the cause of the rejection of Jesus as savior and redeemer. There’s no other way to teach the Gospel. For that reason we cannot deny any core teaching of the Gospel and I can’t foresee the way you could preach to Jews or Muslims all the greatest trues contained in the following statements in the bible without embracing it in full. Jesus exist at the same level of God and as the same level of the Holy Spirit. As a fact there is just one Holy Spirit , they can’t be united just in spirit because there is no god, spirit or created divine being beside the God. That is what the bible teaches.

            In the new testament are shown in full all the powers of God taking place in Jesus Christ . Giving and making Him everlasting and mighty as same as God Father. Making Jesus Christ substancial and consustancial in the fullness with the Father and worthy to be called God and not just divine , eluding to call Jesus God and not acknowledging the fullness bears , given to Him by the Father. No matter to whom is taken the message.

            Bible verse copied out of KJV:

            A) Colossians 1:19-For it pleased the Father that in him should all fullness dwell.

            B) Matthew 1:23 -Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.

            This prophesy was fulfilled by Jesus, as the bible states, immediately when Jesus was born.

            C) 1 John 5:20-And we know that the Son of God is come, and hath given us an understanding, that we may know him that is true, and we are in him that is true, even in his Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God, and eternal life.

            D) 1 Timothy 3: 16- And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.

            E) Isaiah 9:6 -For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

            F) 1 Timothy 6:14.15,16- That thou keep this commandment without spot, unrebukable, until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ:

            15 Which in his times he shall shew, who is the blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords;

            16 Who only hath immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man hath seen, nor can see: to whom be honour and power everlasting. Amen.

            G) Revelation 1:8 – I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

            H) Revelation 17:14- These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.

            Anyone who teach and preach all this thing is to be found preaching the true Gospel. I pour my heart out to say preach the fullness of God =Father ,Son and Holy Spirit.

            Respectfully, this came out from the bottom of my heart.

            May the fullness of God be with you.

            Matthew 20:28

            • GOD OUR FATHER said in the old testment my children are dieing without knowing the truth . WHY ? they form doctrines , and teach outhers what they believe and my doctrine they dont know anything about

            • Col.1: 9 —- Who is the Father? is it not GOD himself . It does not say Jesus —— Rev.GOD the FATHER is comeing to this earth in his own body of flesh : and when he does or did { will or has } a son called Jesus. and his wife {is or will} be called mary

            • jon

              i agree with you….also, explaining this to jews and muslims will be a challenge

  41. A Little Child,

    Site: Akiane on the The Katie Couric Show

    4 years old and the incredible paintings
    as clearly seen what she was hearing and seeing
    and her amazing gift for us all to see….

    Her parents were none believers


    Love, In Jesus
    Praying Carol

  42. Genesis 1:26

    And God said, Let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

    John 20:28, “Thomas answered and said to Him, “My Lord and my God!”

    Heb. 1:8, “But of the Son He says, “Thy throne, O God, is forever and ever, and the righteous scepter is the scepter of His kingdom.”

    Jesus is God. of course he willing offered himself for us because of his love..God knew that man would fall ,his love for us caused him to volunteer himself to come down to save us…

    Also Jesus was never created By the Father he always existed as Equal only to lessen himself to proove his love as the supreme example. even the Father did not die on the cross for us..we of course worship the Father because of Who he is but we Worship Jesus because of What he Did…

    I know God also is not one to look stupid and wipe everyone out. and start all over for it to happen over and over for ever…

    Moses prevented that one…

    • byron

      no argument there, but jesus did say the father was his god…..and that teh father was greater….but this did not take away from his own divinity…. people teach that the godhead is equal to each other, and what jesus said indicates a hierarchy within the godhead

      • Marianne,

        congrats to you, After thinking about what you said and being a student of The Bible I Think you are Right…

        having read the word already a lot I see what you are saying.

        People need to study and read it out…

        That Being said it makes sense about when Jesus Said the Father is seeking worshipers in Spirit and Truth..

        I had like a lot of Peope focused on Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I would leave the Father out except in asking for things or help…

        And the tons of worship songs to Jesus and invatations to the Holy spirit..

        There is Hardly none to The Father…

        after this I said to the Father That He has found me to be a worshiper in Spirit and truth…

        I repented of leaving him out. and the Worship has been sweeter ever sense then..

        sometimes I just Bless him in my mind or out loud in my own song or hymn…

        I don’t leave out Jesus or the Holy Spirit but Realized that The Father Is The Most High and He Is Worthy to Be praised…

        • byron

          thank you for that, it was an instruction of jesus to always pray to the Father in his name,

          many ignore this, and focus only on Jesus, or like you said, the holy spirit.

          may we all grow in wisdom, and heed the will of God.

    • IF our creator said he was going to destroy us ,and save the world and start over again . ” Moses could not have stop him ” OUR creator blessed us in the beginning . And he also will prove it to you when HE is finished. ON this earth we are born flesh , then die . ON the new earth which is waiting for us. is already finished just like the scriptures says . There you will never die. ON this you get sick, on the new earth, nothing can hurt you , ON this earth lies, lies, lies it is all moust impossible to know what the truth is . But not on the new earth, there is no lies . etc —————– LITTLE children you study the scriptures and then tell outhers what you think it means. this is not the way. YOU also take the good and the bad and mix them together. And when you are finished you no not know the truth from the lies . Will you not lisen to me when I tell you and have I not told you before in the scriptures : WHEN i destroy this earth ,and the heaven you can see with your own eyes . YOU will not be here on this earth when this happens / WHEN i am finished everthing that has happened on the earth good or bad will fade away like a bad memery ,and faded away as if nothing happened. This is what I promised you . And this is what I am doing ,whithout you even knowing it. I gave you your body, and gave you my spirit, and have taken care or you all of your like, and when you were in troble and no one to help you I was there and solved your problem . THEN you tell outher the KINGS OF KINGS is going to judge the sinner , when to to are a sinner, WHAT else can I do , so that else can i do to convence you . I judge no one , and I love all of you good or bad

  43. Re-gathering of Jews back to Israel “will occur right before the return of the Messiah” 😮

    …something different from somewhere else (just sharing)

    • leo

      I believe that. the way the muslims are targeting jews in different countries, and the governments doing nothing to protect the jews, I can see a mass migration back to Israel.

      • Anyone can try to devide the spirit that gives us life . from the son called GOD but you will come to a dead end . why ? its because they are one and the same person. ONE is SPIRIT the outher is his body of FLESH : just like all of us, you have a spirit and also a body which is flesh. can you understand this ? Can you have children ? Do you have a son ? IF you can why not GOD ? he to has a body like you.HAS a man ,can he not call his son Jesus . thank on this intell you understand the truth THE father and the son are the same person. and he is a man like any outher. But is son called Jesus is the flesh of his flesh . which came from his loins. and his wife is called Mari same name as Mary just spelt different, And its the holy spirit that gives him and you life because it lives in you and all of his creation . And when it leaves we are dead . The creator promised himself and all of his creation .His body can not decay, but ours can and will . But after 72hrs earth time His body shall return from being dead. HE will be the first . then after him all those who died before him . Because the scriptures says HE will be the last to die and first to came back. no one in their right mind can say this has happened . ALREADY : Why its because we all suffer and die . how many wars have you heard of in your dayly life ? only after the resurrection of the messiah can we have eternal life . and we will: before this earth is destroyed . YOUR GOD AND YOUR FATHER is alive on this earth right now. In HIS body of flesh that he spoke of in the beginning . And he has a wife called Mary and a son called Jesus. And he is yet to die and be resurrected . when this happens we all will leave this earth , and will arive on the new earth you call heaven. IF you say i dont believe this ?doesent matter , I DONT NEED YOUR PERMISSION.

      • If Jesus Was Born Into Today’s World?
        …(another anti-Semitic article 😉 )

  44. can someone tell me where this quote came from

    Jesus disclosed to His disciples that the lower world is under the control of a great spiritual being which had fashioned it
    according to the will of the Eternal Father. The mind of this great angel was both the mind of the world and also the
    worldly mind. So that men should not die of worldliness the Eternal Father sent unto creation the eldest and most exalted
    of His powers–the Divine Mind. This Divine Mind offered Itself as a living sacrifice and was broken up and eaten by the
    world. Having given Its spirit and Its body at a secret and sacred supper to the twelve manners of rational creatures,
    this Divine Mind became a part of every living thing. Man was thereby enabled to use this power as a bridge across which
    he might pass and attain immortality. He who lifted up his soul to this Divine Mind and served It was righteous and,
    having attained righteousness, liberated this Divine Mind, which thereupon returned again in glory to Its own divine
    source. And because He had brought to them this knowledge, the disciples said one to another: “Lo, He is Himself this
    Mind personified!”

    • I to would like to know. who will answer this question ?

    • i don’t know, never read this before

    • All I can see in theses statements stated above is GOD OUR FATHER IS SPEAKING CONCERNING HIMSELF. A nd his boby of flesh

      • And because HE is also the son called GOD. FATHER and SON because they have the same body of flesh. THE father is the son and the son called GOD is the FATHER . applying Heb.1 :2-3 would tell us HE in the last gen. of this earth would come in HIS own body of flesh . The FATHER and the SON looks alike because they are the same person . concerning their flesh they look the same and are the same person. now concerning their spirit they to look the same . conferming GOD there is only one not two which most people call Jesus. IF the doctrine of GOD is our creator HE also is our salvour. which is true : Jesus cant be the son called God because he is the son of GOD . and not the FATHER

  45. And the word became flesh and dwelt among them
    Prayers and Blessings
    Love, In Jesus
    Praying Carol

  46. Hi Marianne, I only read the first article for now. (G-d according to Jesus).

    I would have to mostly agree with you. According to the new testament, Jesus was not a trinity. In a way that nobody can understand he was “divine”. The son of god or the devar (word).

    Most NT passages agree with what you say. The word god in Greek can be translated, just as the Tanakh Hebrew word Elohim. It can refer to mighty people or gods. So John 1 would not necessarily mean that he was G-d.

    I have a few concern with some bible verses though. Revelation 22:13 looks like Jesus is speaking. How can he be the alpha and omega. I know some will say that it was not Jesus speaking, but we that argument is hard to believe.

    Also, Isaiah 45:23, every knees will bow down to G-d, not to Jesus. But in Philippians 2:10, they all bow down to Jesus.

    Finally, G-d does not need an intermediary, G-d saves, and he is the savior of Israel. G-d does not need anybody to help him. If Jesus is not G-d, then why would we put Jesus “in the face” of G-d. For me that would also contradict the Shema, even if you do not agree.

    You would have to consider if believing in a “second” god is not polytheism…. When I came to the conclusion that the Trinity was false, I was left with 3 options. Oneness was one option, but it made not much sense. The other was Jesus was “the son of god” “d’var” or other equivalent. For me, it was adding another god to the L-rd, and that would have been equal to worshipping 2 gods. Or just accepting the salvation of one god (Jesus) and worshiping the other god (the father). Finally, there was the third option, the New testament was false and the Jews were right to refuse to worship Jesus. There was a lot of preconceived idea that made it hard to accept. How could I be right with G-d, what about Genesis 18 and many other passages that show Jesus in the old testament, and the prophecies that Jesus “fulfilled”. But after examining, I realized that my conception of G-d was solely based on the New testament and modern preachin, and I saw the old testament with the NT lenses, instead of reading the Tanakh.

    See now that I myself am he! There is no god besides me. I put to death and I bring to life, I have wounded and I will heal, and no one can deliver out of my hand. Deuteronomy 32:39 (Not even Jesus)

    I, even I, am the LORD, and apart from me there is no savior. Isaiah 43:11
    How can Jesus be THE saviour! The whole Tanakh portray YHVH as the Saviour, why would he need Jesus in the New Testament?

    I am the LORD, and there is no other; apart from me there is no God. I will strengthen you, though you have not acknowledged me… Isaiah 45:5
    (If Jesus is not G-d, the why would every knee bow to him?)

    Do not tremble, do not be afraid. Did I not proclaim this and foretell it long ago? You are my witnesses. Is there any God besides me? No, there is no other Rock; I know not one.” Isaiah 44:8
    (Jesus cannot be the rock, G-d is the Rock, how can you trust in someone else than YHVH as your rock and salvation?)

    • remi

      salvation in the OT had to do with physical salvation. god saved them from their enemies, not hell.

      the role of jesus as savior in the NT was spiritual salvation and eternal life.

      imagine a large piece of paper….that is God the father, god of everything.god of the shema

      imagine a small piece of paper torn off the large piece….that is jesus

      both pieces are made of paper, same substance, same form, same energy, look the same but one is bigger and the other one smaller

      jesus looks like his father because they are both made of the same “stuff” which is their divinity

      since they are made of the same stuff, if one is alpha and omega, so is the other one….

      if one is divine , so is the other

      jesus is part of who the father is…..like the little piece of paper came from the big piece, and when he returned to heaven, he went back to the same spot he left from, just like putting a piece of a puzzle back in the main picture.

      the father is all present all knowing, all powerful…jesus is a smaller version of his father, to bring to mankind this presence of god, and he is the image of god, so man could relate, communicate and see what there is of the father to love and understand…..

      that is why it is ok to bow to him…..he is the image of the father…..

      and he admits that the father is his god.

      • Yes, but it is nowhere to be found in the Tanakh. How do we know if a theory makes sense? Let’s start on common ground. We both agree that the Tanakh is inspired. How can we know if Jesus, was part of G-d or not. Let just see what the Tanakh says:

        They will perish, but You will endure;
        Yes, they will all grow old like a garment;
        Like a cloak You will change them,
        And they will be changed.
        But You are the same,

        I the LORD do not change.

        How can unchangeable G-d, who is perfect change. Any change would render G-d less perfect. It cannot render Him more perfect, because that is one of His attribute. So I have to reject what you say.

        G-d is One, and He is perfect. That mean, Jesus could not be what you say, logically speaking. He still cannot be a Trinity and I still see no

        I read that passage yesterday, and I still have no reason to believe that Jesus was not a “new arrival”…

        They provoked Him to jealousy with foreign gods;
        With abominations they provoked Him to anger.
        They sacrificed to demons, not to God,
        To gods they did not know,
        To new gods, new arrivals
        That your fathers did not fear.
        Of the Rock who begot you, you are unmindful,
        And have forgotten the God who fathered you.

        • jesus is “around” in the tenach

          there were hints, but it was not his time yet, so there was not an explanation.

          there were angels that occasionally appeared in the tenach, but there was one special being titled “The angel of the Lord” who was different from the others..

          he forgave joshua his sins, appeared in the burning bush to moses, and showed up when the 3 hebrews were thrown into the fire.

          the “son of man” had already appeared in Daniel in a vision, where he had received the kingdom, but had passed it onto the saints which is what jesus did.

          jesus is not 3 people. he is himself, and was with the father from before the beginning of creation….he said the father sent him here (through virgin birth) to teach man about the father…

          it was not his mission at the time to fulfill the regal role of messiah as jews understand it, he was only to set up the spiritual kingdom that god had given him….

          he then said he would return for “part 2” the time when the spiritual kingdom becomes physical on earth…..

          he first had to get men’s hearts right first…once that was accomplished, then the world would be ready for a godly reign on earth.

          • “The angel of the Lord” Go look for yourself in BlueletterBible. This is the: הַ, this is an angel of the Lord: מַלְאַךְ יְהוָה and this is the angel of the Lord הַמַּלְאָךְ יְהוָה. The was added and upper cased in most cases. Without the article, there is no Specific angel who is also G-d. A messenger (malach) can speak in the name of G-d like prophets do.

            the “son of man” had already appeared in Daniel in a vision…
            Why would you take the son of man as literal but not the beasts? The explanation clearly put the “son of man” as plural, thus it is clearly Israel.

            The virigin birth is a pagan myth nowhere found in the Tanakh.

            Obeying these commandments is not something beyond your strength and reach; 12 for these laws are not in the far heavens (for your Jesus to go and grab it for you), so distant that you can’t hear and obey them, and with no one to bring them down to you; 13 nor are they beyond the ocean, so far that no one can bring you their message; 14 but they are very close at hand—in your hearts and on your lips—so obey them.

            It is not impossible to follow what G-d say, again, what the bible say?

            Come now, and let us reason together,”
            Says the Lord,
            “Though your sins are like scarlet,
            They shall be as white as snow;
            Though they are red like crimson,
            They shall be as wool.

            When you believe in Jesus?


            If you are willing and obedient,

            Why should Jews follow Jesus, when the solution against sins is something totally different in the Tanakh?

            • i agree the “Ha” is not always with the word angel.

              there are places where the angel is also called the Lord., like in judges 6

              in ezechiel 1, there is a man on the throne in heaven…how did he get there?

              there is a man in daniel 10 who is called Lord by daniel…

              Isaiah 6 also sees the Lord on the throne in heaven.. I thought scripture says no one can see gd and live. exodus 33:20

              daniel 7-10 indicates there is the ancient of days (GD) and a son of man in heaven.

              judges 13, manoah and his wife meet an angel who they later say was the Lord.

              genesis 18:22 , the LOrd appears to abraham as a man.

              in psams 2, nations meet messiah, according to RAshi, and here in v 12, he is called “the Son”

              these are a few examples

  47. Remi 4321 —- I loved your comment they are based on what our FATHER has said to all of us. But not many listen, because they think their verson is correct . TO know the truth we must think and ask the same questions you did . And then comes the truth but not the way we thought it was. And we are not to believe every thing that we read in the bible .IT must be proven first to be true if it does not dont except it and call it the truth when it is not . I would like to know more of what our FATHER has taught you . And HE is teaching me the same way as you . MABE he has taught you something that HE wants to teach me threw you

    • IF the father of Jesus is god, which HE is : then Jesus is not GOD but the son of GOD ——- And also the son can not create the father but the father can have a son , AT the same time call his son Jesus . the understanding of this a son can not give birth to his father impossible : But a man can have a son and call him Jesus. BUT the man that our FATHER chose to be HIS son at the same time be the body of flesh . { meaning our creators body of flesh } MUST and does have a son called David and at the same gen. have a son called Jesus . And this is only one way our FATHER has given us so we can know who HE is when GOD comes in HIS body of flesh. and IF he is GOD he must and does have the name which is the name that was ingraved in the ROCK . AND then given to Joshua and it was HE who reveiled HIS name not Moses . WE all are now liveing the scriptues and the time is short . BEACUSE we all are about to leave this world and go to a place man calls HEAVEN . AND it does matter IF you believe this or not its still the truth

  48. Jesus will return and every eye shall see Him and every knee
    shall bow and if on earth someone claims to be Him do not
    believe this……He shall return as He left….and the Holy Spirit
    always was and gave to the Prophets through the Holy Spirit
    of God the inspired word of God…..including the prediction
    of the the Messiah Jesus as the Prophet Isaiah had predicted…

    Genesis 6:4 is when the fallen Angels mixed with Human women
    and had created a Hybrid blood line, the Giants and therefore
    God was very sad He had created man upon the earth….
    So Noah and family were spared and the Ark was being built
    for Noah was not a Hybrid…..God was going to start over
    once again…..I had always wondered about Genesisi 6:4 which
    I had read about in seeking, and had always wondered why
    the preachers had not discussed this further…..

    I had come to find also, that in the original Scriptures, the
    early Bible in Ethiopia, that the Book of Enoch was in there
    and over time, here it was obviously removed…..also I had
    learned of the Apocrapha, and of the Book of Jasher….
    Of which I had never heard of……Hence….really began a
    search of wondering why? seek and you’ll find the word says
    knock and the door will be opened as the Scriptures

    The prophets of old, we are living and many are still coming
    to pass as I write…..

    In Acts, Jesus spoke to Paul, and asked why are You persecuting
    me….and than was struck with blindness…..He apparently
    had written to the Synagogues in Damascus and had wanted to
    bring the believers in chains to Jerusalem and had wanted
    to destroy every Christian….. and Simon wanted to buy the
    Holy Spirit…..as He wanted power….and what Peter and
    John had been given the gift of the Holy Spirit…..

    The Holy Spirit always was….

    Look Up!

    Love, In Jesus
    Praying Carol

  49. Fr William Meninger The Cloud of Unknowing & Contemplative Prayer

    The Cloud of Unknowing (Audio Book)

    Johnston, William The Cloud of Unknowing

    Click to access cloudunknowing.pdf

    • be careful, totally wrong, totally wrong, THE PICTURE IN THE FIRST VIDEO, one world religion, they worship everything, devil, demon hidduism../buddah….what ever ……..

      Lord Jesus Help us , we do not have anything to do with this ,

  50. Just a disclaimer on the above post

    “In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and in the bond of love I beg you not to read, copy, or look at this book unless you are ready. Furthermore I beg you not to copy it, loan it out, or give it to anyone else to read unless they, too, are ready for this depth of spiritual growth, lest they misunderstand the things written herein and fall into error.”

  51. I am sorry, I have not become God as this FR Speaks….
    Sounded very sweet the words, and I had only listened to
    the short version…..I for one, will never claim to be God.
    Satan’s temp;tation in the garden of eden was, You can
    become as God’s…..The apple….The tempter….Around
    the world folks may worship other God’s and not the
    God of the Scriptures…..Pharoh worshiped the sun god
    Ra….planetary worship….as did the Romans….interesting
    to listen to…..No mention of Jesus I had noticed….

    Love, In Jesus
    Praying Carol

  52. I think you have to trust the teacher if you do not then just walk away. I’ve been very lucky in the people/masters that I have listened to and trusted in regards to spiritual progression or dissolution very lucky, alot of gratitude and completely undeserved.

  53. Marianne,

    Yes, learning is a Journey, however, sometimes it’s easy to
    be lead astray if it is the wrong teaching, many teachers out there,
    Jesus is the Master teacher….sitting at His feet and spending
    time with him….that is how I can only learn to discern….This
    world today many voices, and sheep are easily lead astray
    as they are known not to be the smartest of animals and
    sometimes wander and end up in a ditch…..Wisdom from the
    word and to learn….

    Thankyou Marianne for this place to come to and learn

    Love, In Yeshua Jesus Christ
    Praying Carol

  54. Marianne,
    You are deceived by spirit of Satan and Holy Spirit doesn’t speak through you; As concerning scriptual paradoxes like when Torah says that there is only One God, while New Testament speaks of different hypostates like “Son of Man”, “Son of God”, “Word”, “Holy Spirit” and etc…everyone who poseses Holy Spirit know that Jesus is YHWH and are not perplexed when Jesus allinates himself from the “Father”, because Holy Spirit in me says that the reason for this is because Jesus was MODEST AND HUMBLE (!!!), and while being God the Father, called himself “son of man”; MODESTY/HUMILITY, as Holy Spirit says, is the key point in understanding that Jesus and God of Israel are the same (“I and my Father are one and the same”); Thus, we can conclude that MODESTY/HUMILITY is the attribute of God and key in understanding this paradox, while PRIDE and ARROGANCE are the attributes of Satan, this is why Satan calls himself GOD while NOT being GOD, while Jesus calls himself SON OF MAN while in reality He is YHWH; Jesus solves this PARADOX to Philip in Gospel: “If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also: and from henceforth ye know him, and have seen him.
    [8] Philip saith unto him, Lord, shew us the Father, and it sufficeth us.
    [9] Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Shew us the Father?
    [10] Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.”

    • gavriel

      I did not think Jesus is that confused or schizophrenic that he has to call himself one thing, when he is something else. He does not need to give himself 10 different names.

      yes he was humble, but he prayed TO the Father, not to himself, and instructed others to do the same.

      he said, in the quotes above, that the Father was God, and he was who the Father had sent.

      I do not think it is satanic to believe his words.

      if you knew me personally, you would also know my own father, because I am just like him in thought and personality and attitudes on life and people.

      jesus is part of the father and reflects his character and glory, but they are not the same person.

      jesus also prayer that WE also be one in HIM and the FAther, but that does not mean we lose our identity and become God. we are united in spirit.

      does that not make sense?

      • Marianne,
        You insult The Father by saying that He is not The One and Only God and that there is NO OTHER BESIDES HIM;

        You insult The Son by saying that he is inferior to The Father, because Jesus prayed to God not because he had a need of it, but because for the sake of those that stood around Him as in case of Lazarus’ ressurection, and he also prayed in Gethsamene because he was afflicted with agonies of body with which He was clothed and identified himself with all mankind;

        You insult Holy Spirit which declares that Jesus is YHWH!

        This is how Syriac Church Father Mar-Narsai explains it:

        “A reasonable Temple the Holy Spirit built in the bosom of Mary, (and) through (Its) good-pleasure the whole Trinity concurred. The natures are distinct in their hypostases, without confusion: with one will, with one person of the one sonship. He is then one in His Godhead and in His manhood; for the manhood and the Godhead are one person. ‘Two natures’, it is said, ‘and two hypostases is our Lord in one person of the Godhead and the manhood.’ Thus does all the Church of the orthodox confess; thus also have the approved doctors of the Church taught, Diodorus, and Theodorus, and Mar Nestorius. He was laid in a manger and wrapped in swaddling-clothes, as Man; and the Watchers extolled Him with their praises, as God. He offered Sacrifices according to the Law, as Man; and He received worship from the Persians, as God. Simeon bore Him upon his arms, as Man; and he named Him ‘the Mercy’ who sheweth mercy to all, as God. He kept the Law completely, as Man; and He gave His own new Law, as God. He was baptized in Jordan by John, as Man; and the Heaven was opened in honour of His baptism, as God. He went in to the marriage-feast of the city of Cana, as Man; and he changed the water that it became wine, as God. He fasted in the wilderness forty days, as Man; and Watchers descended to minister unto Him, as God. He slept in the boat with His disciples, as Man; and He rebuked the wind and calmed the sea, as God. He set out and departed to a desert place, as Man: and He multiplied the bread and satisfied thousands, as God. He ate and drank and walked and was weary, as Man; and He put devils to flight by the word of His mouth, as God. He prayed and watched and gave thanks and worshipped, as Man; and He forgave debts and pardoned sins, as God. He asked water of the Samaritan woman, as Man; and He revealed and declared her secrets, as God. He sat at meat in the Pharisee’s house, as Man; and He forgave the sinful woman her sins, as God. He went up into the mountain of Tabor with His disciples, as Man; and He revealed His glory in their sight, as God. He shed tears and wept over Lazarus, as Man; and He called him that he came forth by His mighty power, as God. He rode upon a colt and entered Jerusalem, as Man; and the boys applauded Him with their Hosannas, as God. He drew nigh to the fig-tree and shewed that He was an hungered, as Man; and His mighty power caused it to wither on a sudden, as God. He washed the feet of His twelve, as Man; and He called Himself Lord and Master, as God. He ate the legal Passover, as Man; and He exposed the treachery of Iscariot, as God. He prayed and sweated at the time of His passion, as Man; and He scared and terrified them that took Him, as God. The attendants seized Him and bound His hands, as Man; and He healed the ear that Simon cut off, as God. He stood in the place of judgement and bore insult, as Man; and He declared that He is about to come in glory, as God. He bore His cross upon His shoulder, as Man; and He revealed and announced the destruction of Zion, as God. He was hanged upon the wood and endured the passion, as Man; and He shook the earth and darkened the sun, as God. Nails were driven into His body, as Man; and He opened the graves and quickened the dead, as God. He cried out upon the cross ‘My God, My God’, as Man; and He promised Paradise to the thief, as God. His side was pierced with a spear, as Man; and His rod rent the (Temple-) Veil, as God. They embalmed His body and He was buried in the earth, as Man; and He raised up His Temple by His mighty power, as God. He remained in the tomb three days, as Man; and the Watchers glorified Him with their praises, as God. He said that He had received all authority, as Man; and He promised to be with us forever, as God. He commanded Thomas to feel His side, as Man; and He gave them the Spirit for an earnest, as God. He ate and drank after His resurrection, as Man; and He ascended to the height and sent the Spirit, as God.
        This then is the confession of the Apostles and the Fathers, and everyone that agrees not with their faith is without hope. This is the truth which the Fathers preached and taught; confess with them, that ye may receive life immortal.”


        • gavriel

          that is all fine “as a man”

          but that is avoiding the issue.

          there is no insulting jesus if I am quoting him…

          you are saying he is insulting himself.

          you said:
          “You insult The Father by saying that He is not The One and Only God and that there is NO OTHER BESIDES HIM;”

          I never said that….that is a lie.

          why don’t you READ the post, instead of accusing me of things I did not say?

    • Shalom Gavriel, I applaud you. The SHEMA explains it all. Christians don’t pray the SHEMA hence they do not understand it’s meaning. YAHSHUA is YAHVEH period. He is YAHVEH YAHSHUA HaHAMASHIACH the Holy One Who is returning soon.

      I didn’t want to comment but I did so in support of what you said.

      Shabbat Shalom & Blessings!!

  55. You also ask why Jesus sits at the right hand and not on the throne itself…this means you lack spiritual understanding of the scriptures and knowledge in hebrew tongue; In hebrew, “sitting at the right hand of Power of God” means literally sitting on the throne, and not physically sitting in right direction of the throne, it is absurd to think that two entities sit on one throne, such thinking derives from deceptful spirits of satan…

    • gavriel

      good to hear from you

      what you said is illogical

      • Truth is not always logical; Faith and Spirituality are also not always logical;

        Truth is that YESHUA HA’MASHIAKH IS YHWH, and there is plenty of prove for this in Original Hebrew Old Testament and Original Aramaic New Testament, but you don’t know neither Hebrew nor Aramaic to check this, so the only way you can perceive this truth is through The Holy Spirit, but you are deceived by non-Christ spirits; Sorry for being rude, but I say this unto you only because I want that you would be saved and inherit life immortal!

        • gavriel

          I am already saved. thank you.

          Yeshua is part of YHVH. But he is not the Father. he is part of him, according to Yeshua himself.

          He made it very clear that he was NOT the Father, but the image of the Father. and the son of the father.

          • Yeshua never said that he is “part” of YHWH or his image (Adam is the image of YHWH), He rather said to the Jews:
            “I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am (YHWH) he, ye shall die in your sins.” “I am” can only be referred to YHWH, as he revealed Himself to Moses in the vision of the bush (“I am who I am”); If we do not beleive that Yeshua is YHWH we will die in our sins;

            • gavriel

              you know very well from hebrew that at sinai, YHVH never said ” I am,” but “I shall be that I shall be.”

              so jesus was not quoting YHVH.


              Jesus the Light of the World:

              …23 And He was saying to them, “You are from below, I am from above; you are of this world, I am not of this world.
              24″Therefore I said to you that you will die in your sins; for unless you believe that I am He, you will die in your sins.”
              25 So they were saying to Him, “Who are You?” Jesus said to them, “What have I been saying to you from the beginning?…john 8:24

              he does not say here that he is the FATHER GOD

              he just says he is from above, and not of this world, which is true….he is the son of god, and existed before creation

              • “I shall be” (Eheyeh) if just future tense of “I am”, while “YHWH” is present tense of “Eheyeh” and Jesus wouldn’t say “I am He” if he were not God…

  56. how do you explain saying of Jesus: “I and My Father are One.”???

    • you know every well that echad means one , as in unified, not one in number (yachid)

      why don’t you explain to me the comments jesus made himself that are quoted in the post….like why did he tell the father that he , the father, was the one true god, and jesus was whom the father sent?

      • In the same manner you can argue that Jesus is not Son of God, because he calls himself servant and “son of man! I explained why he calls himseld so – because he was humble and modest and was in the image of servant and clothed Himself with the flesh; Jews didn’t want to stone Jesus because of calling himself “son of man” or “son of god”, because in Torah all Jews are called “sons of God”, but rather because he made Himself EQUAL with God! While Jews made this accusation Jesus didn’t say to them – “hey, you misunderstand me, I don’t make myself equal with God, He just sent me”.
        Echad doesn’t mean unified, unified in hebrew is “meukhad”; Echad in facts means one in numder, Yachid means “the only one” like “ben yachid” the only son;
        Jesus refers Himself as “Son of God” only while being on the earth, but after Ascention he reveals Himself to John in Book of Revelation as “Alpha and Omega” – “The First and The Last”; Only YHWH calls Himself “The First and The Last” in Book of Isaiah;

  57. Or why didn’t Jesus rebuke Thomas when Thomas said to Him: “My Lord and my God!” if he wasn’t God?

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