What is a Christian?


Do we really match the description?

While there are many that claim to be Christians in these later days, many will “remain behind” because they have assimilated into the world and its values, and not “gone forward” in their faith and passion.

Jesus said that we, faithful believers, will face tribulation in our lives.

Only those who endure to the end will be saved.

Are we focused on this world, and its values, or the next life in heaven with our Savior?

Are we focused on doctrine, and interpretations of the Word, or His Presence?

When we open our mouths, and speak, do people hear the words of Jesus, or our words?


What makes a Christian?

Jesus is not coming back for the “Church Christian.”

He is coming back for a pure and spotless bride, one full of his love and holiness.

Heaven is not a cheap deal for the passive, who want to get in on lip service to God.

Heaven is for those who have put their lives on the line for what they believe, and are willing to be tested, and are willing to sacrifice everything for the God of their hearts.

They are obedient when it makes them lose in the world.

They are pure when all around them is compromised and carnal.

They are faithful when it looks like God has rejected them in their needs.

They continue to believe and pray when God does not seem to answer.

They have joy during times of persecution and trial.

They share their love when others hate them.

They keep their eyes on their Savior and Lord, Jesus, when there is no reason to keep on living.

They are here to witness to His Love and Mercy to a cruel and horribly sinful world.

They have died to self, and have no goal in life now except to witness to His presence and salvation.

It is like they no longer exist, and only He exists.

They spend more time on their knees than they do trying to succeed in the world.

They live for His glory, not theirs.

They have passion, purpose and love that cannot be quenched, because Jesus lives in their hearts, and the presence of the Holy Spirit covers them.

They are the ones who think of him all day, and even on their bed they think of Him.

He is their only focus.

Everything that is of the world is only temporal and secondary.

The real believer will fall on their knees in worship at the very mention of the Lord.

The Lord is holy and worthy of the greatest praise.

Faithfulness through testing, persecution and trials,

Unrelenting love, passionate,

Obedient to the death,

with a “pure heart and clean hands,”

Being the light of Christ to a dark and dying world.

41 Responses to “What is a Christian?”

  1. How very beautiful and true…..

    • Yes, but the meaning of ‘a Christian’ in English usage is nothing more than ‘a person belonging to Christian Church’, not specially to do with ‘Christ’. See various Christians, e.g. Catholic, Protestant, Mormon, Pentecostal Christian, etc.

  2. amen

  3. The question was..

    “Do we really match the description?”

  4. While I do not follow alot of that I still love and respect Jesus and I can’t wait to see his presence!

    But if we don’t do all that because we aren’t perfect and ask for forgiveness do we still make it to heaven?!

    • dear serilei

      God just expects us to do our best, and to love him and love others.

      How blessed we are in this life will depend on our relationship with Jesus.

      The more we go to HIm, and away from worldly things, the closer we will be and the more miraculous our lives will be.

      But even if we do not do a “perfect” job in this relationship, it is still ok.

      We do not make it to heaven because of anything we can do, because we are weak, and fail every day.

      We make it to heaven because Jesus died for our sins, and we accept what he did for us.

  5. Marianne!

    Well I do understand and I still hope to hear from Jesus one day, want to hear it in my ear! 🙂

    I’m trying to turn away from worldly things like certain music and what not!

    I am weak and when i can’t control an urge it bothers me! I feel the urge and I even say to myself not to feed it but it’s hard to break away!

    Not sure what is bad sometimes and what isn’t! Don’t watch much tv! But I like videogames and art and such! I’d like to make a career out of it! But are they bad things or just forms of entertainment?!

    The entertainment of today isn’t like it was 1000’s of years ago.. So I was never sure if animation and art and game design and such a bad thing!

    I heard of people playing games and doing it for a living and still be in Christ!

    I wonder :p

    • Serilei,

      We sang a hymn today at church that sums it up:
      Turn your eyes upon Jesus
      Look full in His wonderful eyes
      and the things of earth will grow strangely dim
      in the light of His glory and grace

      The first commandment says to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.”

      After coming to God, knowing that we are only saved by His grace through faith, we must then let go of the world and allow His transforming power to renew us and make us new in His image–“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new” (2 Cor 5:17). As we learn to love Him more, and we rely on Him and Him alone for all of our needs and cares and desires, the things of this world become strangely undesirable because all we want is Christ and His will for our lives.
      “the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever.” (1 John 2:17)

      • I love those old hymns! They say so much more than some of the songs we are singing in churches now. People really knew how to write back then.

  6. We are alive today due to G-d’s grace. Each, and every professed Christian is on a path towards Christ. We will never be perfect in this life, and that is why grace is so important. One does not have to do anything to earn it other than accept G-d’s love for mankind.

    Do we match the description? Sometimes, Christians match the description of Christ’s example to humanity. Most of the time, Christians are what G-d died for.

  7. Try imagining a life without Christ in it and the answer will tell you if you are ‘good enough’. Serilei. I would imagine that you will get away with art and videogames but as you say, they are just forms of entertainment. That just about sums this world up! 🙂

  8. Amen, Leatherneck! We live in the age of Grace, thank G-d! To even imagine we could do anything to save ourselves by any works of our own without Jesus is totally unimaginable. None of us could make it. No not one.

  9. Jesus didn’t come to make Christians. He came to build a kingdom.

    Kingdom people are sons of God. We are brothers to Christ in spirit.

    Being human, we are of the humankind or mankind. But when our spirit is renewed be are born again, no in body, but in spirit. We are therefore of the spirit kind. Jesus has a resurrected body and a spirit. One day we will too, but right now we are of the god kind in spirit at least. We are gods, if we would believe what Jesus said.

    If we live at that level then things change.

    But if you just live as a ‘christian’ it seems that all I hear is grace and suffering.

    What about power and victory? No wonder the church is dying. We even have people that can’
    t say God, only G-d. How pathetic. I am a son of God, I call my father -father! Jesus is my brother. I have all he has at my disposal if I can expand my faith to work it all.

    Kingdom is not what most of you speak here. Get out of lame christian thinking and into what Jesus came for.

    Most I hear speak about what Jesus did on earth and try to emulate tat. That is good, but I don’t serve the historical Jesus, I serve the Christ, who is seated in heaven. He didn’t die so we can follow his example as much as he died so we might have his power.

    If any of you have a tug on your heart you might be on the way to discovering why Jesus can’t come back yet. He wants to come back for a victorious church. If you are in a church and cannot say your in a victorious church you are actually in a religion group meeting. You love God but aren’t actually building his kingdom.

    Christ came to establish kingdom. Kingdom has order, rank, and authority and purpose. Those that belong are subject to it, pay tribute to it and are protected by it. Jesus only came for kingdom. If you vote in your pastor, your not in a kingdom church. Democracy is not Gods way. If you pastor says “let move this way”, and you disagree with him and disobey, you are not a kingdom person, you are a disobedient person.

    Christians let society dictate to it. Kingdom churches stand up for what is right, regardless of the cost. Christians have jobs to make money for themselves are a church is extremely lucky if people even give 10%. But kingdom people have jobs to sow into the kingdom and realize that their life is not their own. Those that disagree are weak examples of Christians, who are weaker than kingdom focused people.

    If you think I’m wrong, consider how impactive your church is in your community. Has it brought drug dealers and criminals into the life of the kingdom. Does it have respect for it’s fruit even thought the enemy has media slam you as radical. Would you live your life for it, die for it? How much would you sow into it in time and money. Do you serve your pastor or is he there for you. Do people change year by year or is it full of people no far ahead in God than 20 years ago?

    Christian churches are full of families with maybe mum and 2 kids. This is because they are not taught that God is for generational growth. A kingdom church will have, or will teach, that church is for life and that a family should be represented by grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren. This is because generational growth reign supreme in growth of Gods people. Parents with children overseas have allowed the world to dictate to their children. If they are still christian (first hint) they are nominal at best because they serve the mighty dollar. (don’t tell me they didn’t go overseas for better income)/. What’s their goal as a believer? to hop form church to church as a result of where their job takes them. Jesus did not die for this sort of service.

    Are you under persecution for your stand for Christ. If your not, you’re probably doing nothing for Satan to be worried about.

  10. It’s not meant to be harsh, although for some it will be, but for consideration. Read what Jesus said he came to build. Read the hard things he said, they still apply.

    Can you really give up everything for God?

    If you can’t or wont, therein lies your faith.






  12. I would rather take up my cross and follow Jesus through the valley of the shadow of death, than to deny Him and be without Him for any moment of any day.

    I may hurt, but I don’t want for comfort.

    I may hunger, but am always fed my daily bread.

    I may cry out, but am always heard by my Father.

    I may falter, but am always steadied by the Rock.

    I may be wounded, but by His stripes I am healed.

    I may feel the sting of rejection, but am never alone.

    There is joy in suffering for the One who gave so much.

    This earth is my hell. It is others’ heaven. This is as good as it gets for them. I ask for the grace to persevere and I ask for a stronger back so that one day I may bear the weight of a crown of righteousness.


    48 hours before the masacre inNorwegia..
    dont forget, the killer is ALIVE !! Just the hell can accept the fact, that the killer was not shooted by police. They was watching the killing of 95 youngsters. As much deaths, as good for their policy.

  14. Brent

    I don’t think Christ cares where anyone is. Why do you?

  15. Being a Christian is the hardest job in the world and I believe that Our Heavenly Father just wants us to TRY and keep on TRYING to change our evil ways. The best prayer you can offer to Our Father is that you won’t stop TRYING until your last breath. P.S. I wonder if the message posted earlier this year (that we should store up a few months’ worth of food and water) relates to the crisis coming out of the debt talks in D.C.

    • hi G Levine

      The food crisis is deeper than that.

      Money is always part of it however. The dollar will be dead by 2012. it is already planned.

      There will be less food as pollination has dropped about 75%, and natural disasters will increase as America’s judgement increases.

      Look at how the government came in and opened the levees along the Mississippi river, and flooded farm lands, forcing people to move.

      War (more of it, not less) is also in our future, and we could be attacked on our own soil. Any war is devastating.

      Martial law is already in place, and will be enacted at the whim of the government.

      Foreign troops (UN) are already here. Food rationing during “emergencies” will occur.

      There is no way the average person can turn their house into a grocery store or Walmart, so future lack can only be met by God.

      We need to be on our faces before God now.

  16. the dollar will be so devalued, we are going to be yelling and screaming for a new currency we will then trade in our dollars at pennies on the dollar. It is a form of con artistry on a grand scale. All this talk of the debt limits and whatnot is because the US fed reserve is broke and cannot print any more money without increasing debt. This is what happens when you have dept. of the Govt. with zero oversight, zero audits, and a con man at the helm.

    Throw into that mix that the govt. is probably storing up food for itself and their cronies in underground bunkers around the country, and you will have famine.

  17. Brent. Nice lecture. I didn’t take notes, but if you care to check it, we live in a fallen world. Yes… We spirit filled Christians go through all manner of trials and tribulation on this earth. So do the unbelievers. The only difference is, we Christians are saved by grace and our GOD lives within us, and until the day HE returns, we will honor HIM, love HIM, and obey HIM to the best of our ability. Meanwhile, better hold on tight… it’s going to be a very bumpy ride, especially from 2012 on.

  18. Beautiful thoughts, Marianne…and all true. God is challenging our hearts, calling us to repentance, and desiring that we ‘follow.’

    Brent, you are correct. The true Church is an impowered Church..the Body serving its Head…Christ. That’s what the Gospel of the Kingdom is about. ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.’

  19. Internet elias
    John 17: 20-23 Part of Jesus prayer for the body of Christ.

  20. Amen, druz.

  21. I hope this word will bless you all.

    Living A Victorious Life

    How do we live a victorious life in Christ Jesus? Now that we are saved we no longer want to do the things that we did in the past, but more than likely we find ourselves committing the same sins that Jesus delivered us from again, and we feel so defeated, our joy in the Lord disappears and our Christian walk becomes a continual struggle.

    Well, the Word of God has the answer, we must remember that Jesus not only took all our sins upon the cross, and all our sicknesses, but also made provision for us to live the rest of our lives on earth victoriously.

    Let me explain, if you find that you are doing things that you do not want to do because the flesh is weak, then cry out to Jesus, and make this your prayer,

    “Jesus, take this evil away from me, I cannot stop, my flesh is weak, but you are strong, my spirit is willing, but my flesh is weak, for no longer I live, but you live in me, my life is crucified with you, and I cannot live without your grace in me. So you Lord Jesus break this sin that tries to make me obey it, and set me free, for if the Son shall make me free I shall be free indeed,” Amen.

    Dear Loved Ones, we are not the first Christians to fail, but remember it is Christ’s faith, power and strength, yes, His grace that will get us through, call out to Him, because you cannot defeat sin or sickness in our own strength, the Bible says that the flesh profiteth nothing, it is the Spirit that giveth life, and the Spirit is Jesus, and it is Jesus that wants to reign in you, and give you the power to live victoriously.

    The scriptures that we quote from the Bible are written for one reason and one reason only, and that is to point us to Christ, from Genesis to Revelation it cries Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. He was the answer for your salvation, and healing and He is the answer for you to live a good victorious Christian life. Jesus said, “without me ye can do nothing.” {St John 15 v 5}.

    The Bible says in Philippians 1 v 6, “Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ,” which means that the Holy Ghost has called you in the beginning to accept Christ, and it is He that will bring us through to the time of Jesus return. For He is the Spirit of promise, and He is our guarantee that He will never ever leave us or forsake us.

    Let us always remember that when we accepted Jesus as Saviour, the Bible says that our old life was crucified with Him on that cross at Calvary. But now we live, yet not ourselves but Christ liveth in us, and the life that we now live in the flesh, we live by the faith of the Son of God who loved us and gave His life for us.

    My song shall be of Jesus; His mercy crowns my days, He fills my cup with blessings,

    And tunes my heart to praise; My song shall be of Jesus, The precious Lamb of God,

    Who gave Himself my ransom, And bought me with His blood

  22. Hello Marianne I really need prayers am so confused for about 3 months now anytime I dream its about death the first time my mum then my sister and me and the picture isn’t that clear just last night I had a dream that someone told me two people are going to due in my family so he pasted some black mark on my forehead that when I die people will have to put a mark on my picture I just don’t get it please I really need prayers to save me from this bondage and sometimes when I dream I see women making love to me sometimes women who have make organs sometimes I don’t even see the face at all please help me……

    • hi Henrietta

      It sounds like there is some kind of curse being spoken against you and your mother and sister. Do you know anyone like this, especially a woman would might be “too friendly” with you?

      say this prayer each day, or more than once a day, especially before you go to bed:


      Print it out so you have it in your hands anytime you need it. Modify it to fit your situation so it is a perfect prayer for you.

      I put you on my prayer list. I will agree with you in prayer.

  23. 15 dead, and 40 wonded in Kenya Church. Attacked by the religion of peace.

    G-d’s speed to the dead, wonded, and families of same.

  24. i do not think we want to be labeled we are not a denomination but are a nation. Yahshu7a came only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel ( the ten tribes scattered through out the nations. Read Yerimyah and Hosea for the history of the gathering. By the way there has never been a J sound in any language until the 1500’s What was JESUS name before the 1500’s ?? Or do we understand that he was a isralite from the tribe of Yudah.

  25. Laurie, a long time into 2013, but go to site

    I have also learned something today. Thanks

  26. Christianity was always a pagan religion started in Egypt 200-300 years before Yeshua ministered as Second Adam. Not one of Yeshua’s disciples were crestianus “christian”). The Roman imperialists saw to it that it ,along with many of the other pagan religions in their wicked empire, were amalgamated. Thus they created a new state religion, the ROMAN universal (catholic) church claiming that they were replacing the ONLY church, assembly or bride of Messiah; Israel. Sadly most christian churches today are daughters of the whore and are so into it don’t even realize they have inherited fallacies from the name christian to the changing of Yahveh’s Sabbaths and feasts that HE established since He made this heaven and earth. Ignoring the fourth has become the norm and not the exception.

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