King in the Field



This is Elul, which begins the time of repentance 40 days before Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement.

Elul started August 23 rd of this year.


Our rabbis note that the name Elul is an acronym for the biblical phrase

ani le dodi vedodi li—

“I am my Beloved’s, and my Beloved is mine.”

In other words, the intense love between G‑d and the Jewish people comes to the surface during Elul.

This particular verse also indicates that during Elul, it is man who takes the initiative in his relationship with G‑d.

In chassidic thought this verse is contrasted with a similar verse, “My Beloved is mine, and I am His,” which reflects a different expression of this love relationship.

“My Beloved is mine” suggests the initiative is taken by divine revelation, which then evokes a response from man.

“I am my Beloved’s,” by contrast, suggests an expression of love initiated by man, to which G‑d responds.


In Likkutei Torah, the Alter Rebbe describes the tightening of the bond between G‑d and the Jewish people in the month of Elul with the following parable:

Before a king enters his city, its inhabitants go out to greet him and receive him in the field.

At that time, anyone who so desires is granted permission [and can] approach him and greet him.

He receives them all pleasantly, and shows a smiling countenance to all…

This parable appears to contradict the direction suggested by the phrase, “I am my Beloved’s,” for the parable seems to indicate that in Elul it is G‑d Who initiates the relationship, by revealing His Thirteen Attributes of Mercy.

*see footnote below for 13 attributes

In contrast, the verse “I am my Beloved’s” indicates that the initiative is taken by man.

In chassidic thought, this difficulty is resolved by explaining that the revelation of the king in the field, i.e., the expression of the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy in the month of Elul, generates the potential for the initiative to be taken by man.

Otherwise the people of the field, ordinary men whose spiritual attainments are modest, would be incapable of turning to G‑d with the inspired commitment expressed by the phrase, “I am my Beloved’s.”

Though the potential is initially granted from above, the nurturing of the love relationship depends on man’s initiative.

The revelation of the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy is merely a catalyst.


In going out to the field, the king makes himself accessible to his people.

It is the people, however, who must take the step of turning to him.

A field is a place where grain grows.

Growing grain and converting it into the food which sustains us requires a great deal of effort. And this effort symbolizes the full scope of our activities within our mundane sphere.

The value of these activities can be seen from the fact that most of our time is spent dealing with our material needs and earning the means by which to provide for them, as it is written, “Six days shall you work, and the seventh day shall be a Shabbos unto the L‑rd, your G‑d.”

Faced with this state of affairs, we are inclined to wonder why G‑d designed a world in which man is forced to involve himself primarily in material rather than in spiritual activities.


The reason for this seemingly problematic apportioning of time is that it reflects the purpose of creation.

G‑d created the world so that He could have a “dwelling place in the lower worlds.”

In accordance with this desire, our service of G‑d has to center on the ordinary details of existence for the purpose of infusing them with G‑dliness, and not on the purely spiritual as it exists on an abstract plane.

In light of this, we can appreciate the significance of our parable to the month of Elul.

The king’s presence in the field represents the ultimate purpose of creation.

Our efforts must be directed towards bringing G‑dliness into our material world.

G‑d’s presence must be found not only in the royal palace, i.e., where spirituality is manifest; rather, even the lowest realms of existence must be transformed into a dwelling place for Him.

The parable of the king in the field expresses the importance of our divine service within the framework of the ordinary, but it also underscores the unique relationship between the king and His subjects.

In the field, “he receives them all pleasantly and shows a smiling countenance to all.”

In the “field,” G‑d allows His subjects to relate to Him as His presence is manifest.

Throughout the year, we emphasize the importance of carrying out our service of G‑d in the field with the intent that this should lead to the revelation of the King’s presence.

In Elul, which marks the culmination of this service—and the preparation for the coming year—our efforts are rewarded by the perceptible revelation of the King’s presence.


Preparing to meet our King

We sin 3 ways:

Against God

Against others

Against ourselves

Elul is a time of introspection and repentance.

We examine our ways and compare them to the Word of God.

We ask God to reveal our faults and weaknesses to us, so we can make amends.

The next step is to go where God is, which spiritually means we leave our physical and mental mindset behind, and look at our life from God’s point of view.

We enter his “field.”

He is there to welcome us, and help us, not to condemn us.

It is a time of joy, and being relieved of burdens associated with sin.

It is an intimate time of fellowship with, and learning from, our Divine Creator.


When the time is up, we enter back into the physical world together.

For God, He has had the opportunity to bless us, as he loves us greatly.

For us, we are refreshed, enlightened, and pardoned of our sins.



God wants you to come into His field, to learn, repent, and share His joy.

I pray you accept His invitation.


13 attributes of mercy

יְהוָה Adonai: compassion before a person sins;

יְהוָה Adonai: compassion after a person has sinned;

אֵל El: mighty in compassion to give all creatures according to their need;

רַחוּם Rachum: merciful, that humankind may not be distressed;

וְחַנּוּן VeChanun: and gracious if humankind is already in distress;

אֶרֶךְ אַפַּיִם Erech appayim: slow to anger;

וְרַב-חֶסֶד VeRav chesed: and plenteous in kindness;

וֶאֱמֶת VeEmet: and truth;

נֹצֵר חֶסֶד לָאֲלָפִים Notzer chesed laalafim: keeping kindness unto thousands;

נֹשֵׂא עָוֹן Noseh avon: forgiving iniquity;

וָפֶשַׁע VaFeshah: and transgression;

וְחַטָּאָה VeChata’ah: and sin;

וְנַקֵּה VeNakeh: and pardoning.

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  2. According to Elul 1, 5777 was August 23rd. So, if it really were August 21st:
    I can’t help but wonder if the eclipse was a warning to this country like Jonah walking through Nineveh saying, “In fourty days and Nineveh will be overthrown.”
    The Jewish readings for 27 Av, last Torah readings prior to Elul 1, is Deut. 11:26-16:17. These deal with carefully following the laws of the sanctuary, avoiding idolatry and unclean animals, tithing, Sabbatical Year, consecrating the firstborn, and observing the appointed feasts.
    If we pray fervently perhaps the Lord will hear us and heal our land. (2 Chronicles 7:14)
    That’s my plan.

  3. Irvin Baxter ‘s ministries ,

  4. horrible, be careful, the EU and cern ceremony , horrible. , be careful

    it is informative

  5. love this one, IHOPKC laura Hackett


    Pastor Danny Nalliah is upright pastor. illuminati/ globalist use LGBTQ gay right agenda to persecuted church and christian.s it happen all around the world, it happen in USA, , now in Australia…

    • skip their worship.. just listen to messages

      • summary?

        • will do it later.

          • From the video 37 minutes,

            pastor Daniel talk about their prayer spiritual warfare on the mount Ainslie , on 2009. Australia had serious famine . God told Daniel that there was satanist build a alter of devil on the mount , when the full moon, the satanist sacrifice human blood and goat blood on the alter, and curse the parliament of Australia.

            Ps Daniel with 200 intercessors went to the mountain side to pray against the witchcraft.
            The Satanists intimidated and frighten them before they went ,
            They did not withdrawal, at the foot of mountain, they confront about hundred satanist. The sataists are all under 30,

            Most of ps danile and 200 intercessors are all 60 or above
            Those Satanist all dressed occult uniform , they are witches, and sexual perverts, lesbian and gays , they carried iron bar and stick
            Pastor Daniel and 200 intercessors carried bible, shofars , tambourines , flags .

            They occult leader confront ps Daniel, face to face, and the evil spirit manifest,

            Thank God, the occult leader just step away before people,
            there are bulldogs around the steps.

            The Christians dnaiel and 200 intecessors sang this song and went up to the mountains,
            They sang
            Oh when the Saints go marching in
            When the Saints go marching in
            O Lord, I want to be in that number
            When the Saints go marching in

            And when the sun refuses to shine
            And when the sun refuses to shine
            O Lord, I want to be in that number
            When the Saints go marching in

            As they sang and worship God, the bulldogs ran away, and the
            people who opposed them just step away , the Christians went up to the mountain, God told them to confess and repent , ask God’s forgiveness, broke the curse, witchcraft, smashed devil alter, and keeping worship God., blow the shofar, God told them to pour the oil all over the place. After that , there are small cloud came up. And it rain !!!!

            THANK GOD , Praise the Lord,

            The occult leader later after few month, repent and convert to God,
            He told ps Daniel that he seldom saw Christians with guts ,
            He never saw Christians stand up, ps Daniel, you are the first one who stand against us. There was 3 times we want to hit you on the mountains said,
            But something happen to my hands, I could not raise my hand ! your God is real !!


      prayer mission on mount aissile ,

      • yes I know this….does not take a “prophet” to say this

        • yes, you could hear from God and agree with GOD.

          there are still some christians do not think trump to be tool of God .
          they think trump is bad guy or a/c whatever. anyway they ” do not agree” to have trump elected to be president .

          actually Trump’s job is very difficult . drain the swamp.

          I guess that is why those people still need to have prophetic word to tell them , i guess

        • Marianne, i mean you have discernment from God ,
          God Bless

    • rvine Baxter said this Holy Roman Empire will rise again in the end time. when you check the map , you will found
      The EU & the Holy Roman Empir are overlapped

      • that is not the original roman empire…..look at this

        this area is currently under muslim control, including spain, and muslims are flooding into europe right now, the damage will be complete soon

        • thanks, globalist/ geman pm merkel bring muslim people into europe,
          to prepare the stage for a/c
          do think the roman empire or holy roman empire will rise again?
          the said 4th reichs ?


        • Pergamonaltar and the Ishtar Gate, a/c – GERMAN BABYLONIAN ASSYRIAN, There are also muslims in Germany. There is a muslim mayor in London. a/c is certainly a globalist, Merkel makes the statement that Germany will be an Islamic nation,
          Daniel chapters 9, 10 and 11). The ‘Little Horn’ (not Antiochus Epiphanes) comes out of the area once occupied by Seleucid (one of Alexander the Great’s four generals) i.e. modern day Syria, southern Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and western Iran.

          any idea ?


  8. Jesus Is Tested in the Wilderness

    The first temptation had to do wit
    h knowing what is most important in life–obeying the word of God–and not living only to satisfy the flesh, or making a living, or using spiritual resources just to meet physical needs. Living by obedience to God has fallen on hard times today when so many are only interested in security of life through investments and entitlements, or indulging themselves in the good things of life. Seeking the good life can truly crowd out the spiritual things.
    The sons of God will be the same. They will not be motivated by their personal needs. They will have learnt to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and leave God to provide for their physical needs. They will not be slaves to their temporal work. Neither will they be slaves to their “spiritual ministries.” They will have no need to please man in either case, as they will not be depending on man. Their lives will be totally tailored to God’s requirements. I believe there is a deliverance yet to come from the economic, political and religious bondage in which to a large extent we are at present compelled to live.

    The second temptation had to do with trusting God. Those who truly know God and experience the reality of their faith daily do not need to find something spectacular to convince themselves and others. Today there is a growing pre-occupation with miraculous signs. Now God will do miraculous things–when He chooses to do them. But if people seek the spectacular in order to believe, or to convince themselves of the faith, it betrays a weak faith. Remember how in the vision of the rich man and the poor man Lazarus in their rewards, and the rich man asked Abraham for Lazarus to be sent to his family to warn them, thinking that they would believe if one came back from the dead? The answer was, “If they do not listen to Moses and the prophets [Scripture], they will not be convinced even if one rises from the dead” (Luke 16:31).

    Sons of God must learn to live by faith. For Jesus, it was enough that God had said, ‘This is my beloved Son …’ He needed no sign to prove it. Signs will certainly follow those who believe, but those signs will be for the benefit of others who need them, not for them themselves.

    The third temptation had to do with fulfilling the commission or plan of God with a shortcut, not doing God’s way. This is the common temptation to avoid the means to get to the ends, or as is said, the end justifies the means. But with God there is a way to accomplish His plan for your life, and it calls for absolute devotion and obedience to Him. But Satan always offers shortcuts, that if looked at carefully, will ruin your life.
    Adam and Eve thought they saw a short pathway to their appointed destiny. Right in the middle of the garden stood a tree which could make them wise. What could be more appropriate or necessary for those called to rule God’s creation?. There was only one problem: God had said no. It was not his will or his way. They went ahead, but it was a pathway, as in the book of Proverbs, seeming right to man, whose end was death.

  9. start from video 4:00

  10. Hi Marianne or anyone feel want to answer ,

    psalm 84

    (5) How happy the man whose strength is in you,
    in whose heart are [pilgrim] highways.
    7 (6) Passing through the [dry] Baka Valley,
    they make it a place of springs,

    why they call the way to Zion is highways ?

    should it be a narrow road ?


    God Bless


    check this out, How blessed is the man whose strength is in You, in whose heart are the highways to Zion! Passing through the valley of Baca they make it a spring” (Ps. 84:5-6). God can brings good out of evil,
    the very place we suffered , it could the very place we become blessing .

  12. does this point 4 sound right ?? ?? it sound strange ?

    4. Wolves will act one way around those they think matter and suddenly change behind closed doors. I was once on a prophetic team with a man who I came to later know was a WISC. He was one of the nicest of people when relating to leadership, and he was to me until conflict happened. We were once in a room prophesying over a woman. When the woman left the room, he turned to me and told me that the “devil had been telling him all about me.” This man changed quickly from appearing to be a sheep prophesying to someone who was ready to attack me. quote

    7 Recognizable Traits of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing


    The Antichrist Is Ruling Germany From Pergamum Where The Seat Of Antichrist Is

    Germany Will Be An Ally To The Antichrist Nations, And Will Be Enemy Of Christendom. Be Prepared For Germany by Ted o

    • quote from the link above
      When knowing our Lord said we would know them by their fruits though, I see bad fruit in Germany all through history. Also we can remember that Berlin has the satanic Pergamon Altar now, I don’t know what that means entirely but it’s a bad sign for Germany no doubt and a symbol of the union they share with “Turkey” .

      the country of Germany are the ones most active in advancing Islam in the Christian world.

      also sure that the existence of the Pergamon Altar in Germany is no coincidence and serves as a sign that Germany is a ” goat nation” and enemy of God.

      Gog” is a common surname in Germany.????

      any thoughts, i think this is interesting

  14. Hi Marianne,

    i have question, i heard that people went to the christian saints graveyard
    to pray (such as jonathan edward, catherine kuman ,

    i think if we need anything we could pray to God directly,

    it is NOT necessary to go to someone ‘s graveyard to get it. that is nonsense.

    what do you think ?

    • We should always pray to God directly .that is what Jesus instructed us to do .however we can get inspiration from the lives of others by looking at pictures or visiting a grave site. imagine going to your father or mother’s grave site and thinking wonderful thoughts . well the same can be said about Christians visiting Graves, but they should not pray to the dead person .that would be silly

      • thanks,

        someone people went for the anointing and mantle of that saints , they claim , i think the motive is so strange

      • i think something wrong with the people want to get anointing or mantle of the saints, they think the anointing or mantle in the graveyard of the christian saints.

  15. this video is filmed before 2015 ,

  16. Ahab clinton

    Jezebel hillary
    \ Jehoram , obama

    Jehu trump

    “I saw in my spirit German troops marching, but it wasn’t Hitler they were marching by. It was Obama.”
    does this mean that obama move to germany ? maybe

    Neville just a few days ago said God was going to expose Hillary evilness. he said she is very evil person.
    1:11:00 mark in video.


    the last picture regarding to Eden, it is very interesting

    • good references for the water source

    • in last temple, messiah will enter from the east also

      • amen,

        the speaker said there are 3 parts of Eden,

        west eden – the source of River of God – holoy of holy
        garden – inner court , garden is one part of Eden,

        i never know that Eden has 3 parts, i think eden is a garden before.

        East Eden – outer court , field.

        the speaker also mention, to climb the mountain of God ,

        the spiritual journey

        the top of mountain is holy of holy, there are 3 parts .


  19. Someone had a dream,

    Hi Marianne,

    If you have any thoughts, thanks

    This person dream that he almost finish his doctor program, and he also paid off the tuition. he did not own any money to school.

    Other people told him that there was a government agency that they offer scholarship and grants , go to check to see if your name on their lists.

    So the person went to this place and check if his name on those lists and pages.

    He look again and again , and he could not find his name, he forget the time, and all the people are gone, finally the door is locked. Suddenly he found he is locked in the room without any notice.

    He was scary , and there was gangster broke into the room, the door was open.

    The dream ended.

    if you have any thoughts, thanks

    • q

      no real thoughts on this, except when one is in graduate school, it is very intense with lots of pressure, and money is tight. this may reflect not a future concern about money but a past one, so he needs to let go of all that worry

  20. yom teruah – day of awakening blast – announces Messiahs ; appearing at the last shofar – trump ,today afternoon is Jewish New Year
    Trump’s name is very prophetic,

    Happy Rosh Hashanah

  21. i just read a article, 2017 PRAYER GUIDE

    many believe we are in the year 5986 , leaving only 14 years until the changing the sixth prophetic day to the seventh,

    2017+14 =2031

    i also heard that Neville Johnson said that Jesus is coming back around 2030. (+ or -}

    Terry Bennett said this

    ECONOMIC SHAKINGS: 2015 until the end of 2021.
    GOVERNMENT AND POLITICAL SHAKINGS:2015 until the end of 2021.

    RELIGIOUS SHAKINGS: 2022 and ending at the end of 2028

    it look like , their concept is very similar.

    what do you think? thanks

    • it is possible, i keep expecting something and nothing happens…maybe too early?

    • PhillipSeptember 21, 2017 12:10 am
      Abram was born in 1948BC and Israel became a nation once again in 1948 AD. 1 day equals 1000yrs and vica verca. 7day creation will therefore be 7000yrs. Therefore the point of reference on this timeline will be Jesus birth in 3967BC and His death 33AD.

      We are in the year 5984 (3967+2017) 7000 -5984 leave us with 1016 yrs future of which a 1000yrs will be sabbathrest of His millineum reign. And minus 7yrs tribulation leaving us with 9 yrs between 2017 and beginning of 7yrs tribulation.

      BUT. …Satan gets unbound after Christ millinium reign for short while. No one NO ONE knows how much time Satan will get so no one know how many years to deduct from this 9yrs to determine when will it be time to go HOME to our Fathers house and for the tribulation to begin.

      If Satan also gets 3,5yrs to mislead the nation as with his time with Israel then deduct 3,5 from 9 yrs 5,5yrs before tribulation and rapture. But we almost at the end of 2017….so the years 2021/2022 very import.

      This word is for us for those years.from 2017 to 2022. During those yrs america must become irrelevant and Israel must become very religious so that they will be eager to built the 3rd temple. (Gogh magog war?) And we the bride must become without spot or wrinckle or any such thing. So yes thanks this word will encourage everybody who is part of the bride.
      Yose Ben ?? A important rabbi In 160AD discovered that indeed Jesus is the Messiah and he did not like that. So he altered the Jewish calendar with 200 yrs plus that finale week of Daniel (7yrs tribulation 70th week) Thats why the Jewish calander is off with 207 yrs. The year 5777 AD. is actually 5984 AD.

      Take courage from this rhema word and let’s press in to be found worthy when the trumpet of the Lord shall sound and time (for us the bride ) shall be no more. Let’s practice intimacy above opportunities.

  22. Hi Marianne,

    when the 3rd temple is build, could we confirm that we enter into the final 7 years ?


  23. Saturday, September 23, 2017: Listen (Ha’azinu) by El Shaddai Ministries

    Click to access 2017-09-23-Sat_notes.pdf

  24. Hi Marianne,

    regarding to song of moses Rev.15, some people say that is Duet. 32 or Exodus 15 , ? exodus 15 has same verse as Rev.15 ?

    Luke 11:34 evil /bad eye, some people said that ayin hara mean jealous eye, stinginess , selfish, greed, self-centered, selfish ,

    what do you think, thanks , God Bless

  25. 2016 Judge roy moore is the one who is against same sex marriage ,

    due to this reason his job was suspended .

    2003 he also refuse to take down 10 commandment , due to the reason he lost his job .

    THANK GOD , this time he wins , he is man of God with guts !

  26. Hi Marianne,

    if people dream of baby (few months old} , what does the dreams mean ?


  27. i have another question,

    when i saw a man A , his look remind me someone else – man B,
    so i ask other people. do they look alike, they told me that they do not look alike.

    then some thoughts come to me, they look alike spiritually or mentally.

    man b has depression,

    once i saw a woman C , her look remind me woman D,

    woman C was a person with controlling spirit , manipulation spirit.

    and woman D is same as that .

    is it possible that we could feel people look alike spiritually or mentally ??



    Pastor John Kilpatricks church service:
    only a few minutes long

  29. Marianne,

    if we seek anointing first, we will fall into the trap of false teaching, false teachers very easily,

    if we seek God first, it can prevent us to go to the wrong way,

    do you agree?

  30. they only use old testament to preach gospel. amazing,


    in the article , they said “Speak to B’nei Yisrael thus: In the seventh month, on the first day of the month, you shall observe complete rest, a sacred occasion commemorated with loud blasts.” Leviticus 23:24 (The Israel Bible™)

    Two types of shofars were blown: bent ram’s horns and straight ibex’s horns. (Elan Shecter)
    Accompanied by an anointed priest and blowing two types of shofars (rams’ horns) along with silver trumpets in the Biblically prescribed manner, representatives of the nascent Sanhedrin gathered on the Mount of Olives on Thursday to count the third year of the Jubilee cycle in the most Biblically-accurate way possible.

    anyone know , ??
    the third year of the Jubilee cycle ?? do we have 3 consecutive jubilee years ?????

    Top 10 End-of-Days Stories of 5777 Show Messiah Is on His Way


    Matt NZ October 8, 2017 5:34 pm
    Just an idea on the 2060 concept. Biblical years vs Solar years. a Biblical year is 360 days a solar year is 365.25 days. 2060 x 360 = 741600 days / 365.25 = 2030.39 Biblical year 2060 would be the same as Solar year 2030.
    Solar year mean gregorian calendar

  34. Hi Marianne,
    what do you think of this lady’s teaching ? thanks !!

  35. Hi Marianne,

    can Christians use essential oil, not breathing or inhaling in ,

    just apply to the skin (not for beauty , for healing } , i heard someone said that essential oils sometimes involve witchcraft. some people “blessed”‘ the oils during the manufacturing , what do you think ? can we break the curse , and use the oils. or just do not use at all.

  36. The Gihon Spring- City of David

      • Where is the real temple mount location in Jerusalem where Solomon originally build the first temple and where the Tabernacle was located? Was the temple located on the Haram Al-Sharif under the Dome of the Rock? Where is the real temple mount? Is the temple located in the City of David? Does the Gihon Spring give us a cue to it’s location? What about the excavated area known as the Millo (fill), does this give us a clue? What about Fortress Antonia? Where did the tenth Roman legion of 10,000 soldiers live? Does the writings of Josephus help us on our quest? Is the model located in the Israel Museum even close to accurate or was Fort (Fortress) Antonia actually located on the dome of the rock Harem Al-Sharif? Don takes us on a visual tour from the Mount of Olives and discusses the evidence for the real temple location that was first popularized by Dr. Ernest Martin. As Bible prophecy comes alive, the key to the Temple location is incredibly important to building a final temple. Join Randy Folliard and Don Esposito on this fascinating video tour of the real temple mount.

  37. A Word to the Women of God
    (En Español)
    My Mother’s Prayers
    I personally know the power of a woman’s prayer: my mother’s. In the late sixties, I was a very lost young man living in sin and rebellion. Judging from my appearance, I looked hopeless. Yet in spite of my outward condition, my dear Catholic mother stood before God for me. Resist as I did, in spite of my sin, divine power was uniquely released to my heart through my mother’s prayers. The calling of God began to hunt me down. My mom’s cries were relentless and unceasing; often she would pray through the night for me. She was pregnant with prayer for her son. In 1970 God finally answered, and during the Jesus Movement revival, I came to Christ.
    Years later I asked the Lord about the Jesus Movement revival. As you may know, it has been part of my assignment to help engender citywide unity and establish prayer, things that precede revival. Yet, to my knowledge, no citywide unity or organized prayer fueled the Jesus Movement. So I asked the Lord how revival could occur without a prayer movement at its source. The Lord quickly corrected me, saying that there was a great prayer movement: He had heard the prayers of a million praying mothers, each crying to Him for their children.

    From all denominations, in a “unity of desperation,” God heard the cries of believing mothers. His heart was touched, and as a result, multitudes of sinful kids found repentance and salvation in Jesus Christ. This is the army God desires to release again today, but now with more vision, more power from the Holy Spirit, and with the support of men as well!
    Women of God, the fact is, Heaven needs you! You have been created by the Almighty to birth breakthroughs on planet Earth! God has uniquely designed you with a latent ability to release life through your intercession. Together with you, we men are learning to pray, but you have a special grace to release new spiritual beginnings. Whether your prayer focus is for your husband or church leadership, whether you are interceding for your children, city or nation, you possess in your spirit the seed-realities that, through prayer, can release God’s life into the world.
    Yes indeed, a battle rages; there still exists “enmity between [the serpent] and the woman” (Gen. 3:15). Satan especially hates you because it was your seed that bruised the serpent’s head. It is amazing to me that God chose to bring His Son into the world, not through the heavens nor even through a woman impregnated by man, but through a woman made pregnant by God! God Himself came to earth through the woman’s power to give birth!

    Today the Lord is giving women a new grace, a new confidence against the powers of hell. Out of their oneness with Christ, these godly women will prayer-birth powerful ministries on earth, both male and female. They will release new beginnings to the body of Christ.
    I also want to commend and personally thank the many women’s ministries and prayer groups that have stood with me, interceding for my life, my family and my ministry. Many, many times I have suddenly experienced divine protection or unexpected spiritual breakthroughs. When I questioned the Lord, He’s said, I’m answering the prayers of [such-and-such] ministry. To each of you, I say a special thank-you. In a unique way, you have been a mother to me. May the Lord multiply His grace toward you and give you the desires of your hearts!
    Finally, Revelation 12:1 speaks of a “woman clothed with the sun.” This word is not only talking about Israel or the church. It also reveals how the Most High sees spiritual women: They are honored and crowned with distinction — pure and clothed with the glory of God. With confidence, they tread upon the powers of night. Dear army of praying women, it is your inherent destiny to birth that which shall rule the nations.
    Francis Frangipane

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