Prayer list

If you need prayer, leave me a message. I will put you on my prayer list. I will keep a record of your name, email address, and specific request.

I will then occasionally check with you, to let you know you are not forgotten, and I will ask how things are going for you.

You are also free to communicate with me, as you will get my email address when I contact you.

Your contact information will remain confidential.

God bless you


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  1. Marianne please add me to your prayer list. I believe my husband to be having an affair and believe the woman (who is my neighbor) is a jezebel. I am having trouble finding specific information on how to deal with this.

    • Hi My Name is Shabina and I would like to leave my name on the prayer list but can’t find nowhere where I can write my prayer request :(( Please help. My email address is . facebook ‘priya seeboruth’

      • Hi Shabina, I will pray for you! God Bless you. I too was looking how to add a name to this prayer list, I would like prayer for my granddaughter, Allie. New city, no friends, in college, on the floor, air mattress (won’t hold air), scared. I could go on & on. PLease pray for her, too! Thanks.

        • hi cindy

          allie is far away in location but I love your closeness in spirit and your care for her.

          let us pray she makes friends quickly and gets a better mattress.

          tell her to put herself in god’s hands and she will be ok

    • Hello my name is Takita Burrus. Im 23 live in Indianapolis Indiana and i come to you in the need of prayer for me and my family. See my family years ago somewhat use to be a church going family. My Dad (which) is separated from the family and lives out of state) is a GOD fearing man..but as for for me and my mother, sisters and brother we have lost touch. Im in desparate need of prayer…i feel at times im lost when i know im a child of GOD, its just LIFE and its difficult at times. I think about doing crazy things to myself that i know i will regret later, ive done wrongful things and told terrible lies…i somewhat dont feel like me anymore…im just trying to find my ground again back within Jesus. I knows its the demonic spirits within me. Im just ready to be free and start over on a new leef with the lord. I need strenght, guidence and answers i need help! 😦 please pray for me.

      • hi takita

        I hope you are in touch with your dad, he sounds good for you.

        I will put you on my prayer list for strengthening.

        I suggest you spend some time each day, reading the bible, the new testament and the psalms….

        ask the lord to help you find him again….he will understand.

        • Hi Im Takita feom back then…i wanted to ask if you guys can delete that stat i put up. I search my name on google and this comes up

          • takita

            I have a few comments either from you or to you. do you want them all deleted? I do not see one with a “stat” in it.

    • Please pray for me I have a cocaine habit Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior

      • larry

        I am so sorry to hear of this terrible burden on you.

        the Lord jesus loves you and wants you free.

        You have my prayers for healing and deliverance.

        get some local help as well.

    • Thank you very much for your time and the wonderful news you giving us.please am a student and I want to be brilliant and also help me out of enemies

  2. Dear Dee,

    You are added. This appears to be an epidemic. Many write in with similar problems, so do not feel alone.

    Also, fight fire with fire. Either you, or a friend, or someone else spy on them, and see what is going on. You do not have to be a victim. If this is true, confront them and take serious action.

    Remember, Jezebels’ lie, so just because someone denies something, does mean you have to believe them. Also, if you have a pastor, or someone there you can consult with, include them in your concerns, so you will not feel alone, until this issue is resolved.


  3. i need need to be debt free,prayers,for my families,

  4. Pray for my daughter Ashley -19 years old of Abilene TX – for her to be reconciled with the Lord Jesus Christ and that ALL ties are severed with this boy she is currently dating, he (Terrence) is not the boy for her. He has brought discord and division between my daughter and me, he has shown disrespect to Ashley and to me, he is prideful and arrogant, even if he were to change his ways he is still NOT the boy God has for my daughter as her future husband. As her mother God has shown me that this boy is not the blood line she is suppose to marry into. Please pray for this relationship to be severed permanently and that my daughter Ashley will get her life right with God. That God will also remove her worldly friends and send her godly relationships that will show her the love of Christ and a young man that will treat her with the love of Christ and will treat her with love and respect, someone that will love her as Christ loved that Church that he gave himself up for her, a young man that knows and loves the Word of God, I young man with wisdom and character and humility and bold for Jesus Christ , a young man that add to her life not take away. A young man that is not ashamed to show and express his love for Jesus Christ, a young man who does not compromise the Word of God. Someone that will show her the difference between a real man of God and an artificial and superficial, shallow boy who appears to be real.

    Thank you
    Her VERY concerned Mom

  5. Dear Araceli,

    I have been through the same thing with my daughter. I know exactly what you are saying. It is a long hard battle. I will add you to my prayer list. Expect it to take awhile. Affirm her as a child of God to her face, let her know that Jesus loves her, even if she does not act interested. You are planting spiritual seeds in her that way. She has a mind blinding spirit. She cannot “see” what is wrong with the boyfriend. Pray against that. and bind it in Jesus name. Cover her with the blood of Jesus.


  6. I need prayer for wisdom how to get through my financial crisis and how to deal with the difficult situation at home with my mother.

  7. Hi Michael

    Yes, I would be blessed to put you on my prayer list. Stay in touch, and let me know if there is anything else I can do.

    Do not feel alone. Many Christians are going through trials right now.


    • Please pray for me
      I am a teen and I am very skinny and people often call me a toothpick which hurts my feelings. I see other girls my age who are bigger and I’m just tall and lanky. Will you please pray for me that I start to gain weight and fill out as a young woman …thanks 🙂

  8. Dear Marianne
    please pray that God grant me the desire of my heart and get me another job at the country of His will.Is it possible to know my ministry or gifts of the Holy Spirit as deep in me i wish to be a servant of the Lord.

  9. Please pray for me. I am born again, saved. I want to stay “on fire” for Christ. I feel like I am continually under attack in my mind. Doubt, fear, shame, guilt…confusion regarding what is the voice of God and what isn’t. I want to please God. God clearly lead me to a specific church to be baptized but I do not feel like I fit in there.
    My children are also under attack since I started praying for them.
    I feel I need prayer of protection.
    Thank you for your website.

  10. Dear DS,

    Do not feel alone. This is a time of trial for many believers. if you look around this website, you will find many going through tribulation. Our faith and our fire is being tested now. The voice of God may seem faint now, because we have to walk by faith, not by experiential things, like sight, sound, etc. -physical reinforcements (comfort, friends, obvious answers to prayer) may not be there for many.

    God may be taking you from one place to another to teach you. each place is limited, and there is much to know in a short time to come. Do not regret where you have been, you may not fit in anywhere anymore, and that is normal right now. Children will be under attack as you grow.

    Plead the blood of Jesus over them daily.

    The enemy will use them to hurt you. But remember, you are the only hope for your children, so do not give up, and pray for them. Many attacks on children are severe right now, to try to force the parents to give up their faith.

    You will be on my prayer list. You will get an occasional email from me, to let you know that I am still thinking of you, to reassure you.

    The attacks you are going through will produce the fire you are talking about. It only comes through picking up your cross, and facing your tribulations. You may feel alone in this, but there are believers everywhere going through this also. Do not give up. Read your bible and pray daily, even if just for a few moments. Stay in touch.


  11. I am devastated after another relationship has fallen apart. I want total transformation and restoration of this relationship or if it is not God’s will that I would be healed and can move on with my life. Thank you

  12. Please pray for my healing

  13. Hi Caroline,

    I will put you on my prayer list. It must really hurt for you right now. Just trust God, and healing will come. This is a time of losses for those in faith. It is part of our final testing. Feel reassured that whatever we loose now, will have a better replacement in the future. Take care of yourself, and get some rest.


  14. Hi Marianne could you pray for my right eye. I have problems seeing clearly. I have never had this problem with my eyes before. I will also pray that God will continue to use you. Thankyou and God Bless you.

  15. Hi Ella

    yes, of course. I will add you to my prayer list. And I will now also agree with you in Jesus name, that whatever this eye problem is, that its source be discovered and cured. I pray for a quick remedy and healing, and may your vision be good and clear. Amen

    Check also with an eye doctor to have him check it.


  16. Salvation for stubborn Germans that have been raised in an atheistic home upbringing with much abuse(The whole Family)-

    Thank you for your prayers! They all desperately need em! I pray that they will all accept Jesus Christrepent! (In Love-Catrina)

  17. Hi Catrina

    Ok..I recorded the names, but took them from public view.


  18. Please pray for my dear friend, Miles. He desperately needs to accept Jesus as his Savior. He was raised in a Christian home, but rebelled and then went through some very hard times. I have spoken with him about God (as much as God seemed to want me to say) and he seemed receptive. I know that he has begun to speak to his family about God and church and even discusssed with his dad a Christian film he had watched. I have been fasting and praying that he would be born again and that God would have His will in our relationship. Right now, Miles is extremely confused and doesn’t know whether he wants our relationship to continue or not, but I know that God brought us together and that, above all else, Miles needs to be right with God. I believe that God is working a miracle. Please pray for Miles (and me). Thank you so much for your website. It is a blessing!

  19. Dear Charity,

    I would be happy to do put him on my prayer list. And I agree with you, in Jesus name, that the Holy Spirit will continue to draw him, and work with him, to bring him to salvation.

    I pray that all doubts about God be satisfied and answered, so he approaches God with complete confidence in His presence and Word.

    I pray that Miles will be inspired to draw near the Lord, in love and service, and that your relationship with him will be blessed, according to God’s will for both of you.


  20. Am…..I allow to add in your prayer list Marianne?

  21. Please pray for me to be saved, born again and recieve Lord Jesus Christ from Nazareth in my life to be my personal saviour and God.
    Break all generation curses in my life and cover me with the blood of Jesus Christ and the fire of the Holy Ghost so I from now can stand against the attacks from satan and his evil demons.

    • Hello Ina,

      I do agree with you that all generational curses in your life, and any other curses over you be broken in Jesus name. I pray that you are surrounded by supportive, faithful people who will keep you in their prayers, that blessings overcome any past curses, that healing will begin in all areas of your life.

      I pray that you learn greatly about the authority you have in Jesus, that the holy spirit direct you as to how to use this authority, and that you stand on this authority against any attacks that may come against you. You have the power, in Jesus name, to step on snakes and scorpions, and defeat them.

      You are now, that you have accepted the salvation of the Lord, the temple of the holy spirit. He lives within you, to teach and empower you. Read your bible, and listen for his inspiration over each word you read. I pray that the words become alive to you, and give you special meanings that will help you see all that is really there – all levels of meaning that were intended.

      God bless you always

  22. Just happened to come across your site while searching for ‘praying against witchcraft attack’. I have being under consistent witchcraft attacks for years. I decided by God’s guidance to begin spritual battle against witchcraft strongholds in my family, who have for years denied me of my progess, spitually, materially and family-wise. Please, support me in your prayers. God bless.

  23. Marianne, I would appreciate if you could edit my name asap and use LN instead. I tried to do that but discovered the function wasnt available. Thank you.

  24. Hi Marianne. I have been going through alot of emotional stress. I also have been having alot of dreams. Sometimes i wake up with marks on my body. I beleive that there is some kind of curse on me. I’m confused all the time. I believe in god. But i have done so much ungodly things, that i started to believe he just took a death ear to me. I want to do the right things, but it’s hard. I pray at night and slept with the bible on me the other day to protect me from being attacked in my sleep. I haven’t told anyone because they won’t believe me. But i feel that something is not right spritually with me. I also believe something has been placed on my realtionships as well. Please pray for me. Thank you.

    • Hi Kimberlee,

      You seem to be oppressed by demons. Either through mistakes you have made, or by curses made by enemies.

      It sounds like you are trying, and this is in your favor. God knows that you try. What you need to do now is ask forgiveness for any wrong doing, and then forgive yourself. You carry much guilt with you, which keeps the door open for spiritual abuse.

      DO not feel alone. There are many others afflicted at this time, because the devils’ time is short.

      What you need to understand now, is that if you have given your heart to Jesus, that you now have more authority than the devil does.

      Bind and rebuke him in the name of Jesus, and command him to leave. Do this as often as you can. Do not worry, because you are going to come out of this, and be ok.

      I will also add you to my prayer list.

      Go to this page, and use this prayer as a guide. You can change it to suit yourself. Print it out and read it out loud, so the spirits around you can hear you.

      Also, I am not sure how old you are, but physically, your stress level has depleted important vitamins and minerals in your body. Take Vitamin C 1000 mg, and Calcimate with Vitamin D and K (found in GNC stores). This will help with the bruises.

      stay in touch with me……I will not forget you in prayer…. I keep a written record of everyone…..and I will not take you off my list, until you write and tell me you are ok.

  25. Dear Marianne,

    A lot of women are oppressed by evil spirits. And there is a reason for this. I would like to post this short video that explains a short version of why this occurs. I hope it helps your guests with an understanding of the root problem.

  26. Hi Marianne, i’m Esther from Indonesia. Please pray for me, i have lists:
    1. I want to be a good person
    2. Jesus will take me, you, my family to Heaven.
    3. The best soulmate for me
    4. The better future in my life.
    5. Jesus gives me The Holy Spirit to me.

    Thanks a lot, i also will pray for you…
    God Bless 😀

  27. I would like prayer for my daughter’s father. My heart’s desire is to see him saved and our family restored. He is always trying new things, mountain climbing, new girlfriends, new projects to fill a void inside of him that only God can fill. He is unhappy and blind to the fact that God is the answer. He has hurt me so badly that my family and friends can’t stand him, so, I have no one to believe with me.

  28. thank you so much for prayers on this website are power full.I am on in need of delieveranc am severely damaged in my soul because of witchcraft.I was given witchcraft portion to drink when i was 19yrs,iam 49yrs now and 2years ago 20006 I found out that all my life I was possed by pls am asking for help in prayer for deliverance. I do vomit alot when i pra and my whole body just pains.but through all this l am still a winner because yeshua (Jesus Christ)is sitted on the throne amen.

    • hi Beatrice

      I wish I was closer to you. I will put you on my prayer list.

      Know that if you are saved in Jesus, then you have authority over the demons that bother you. Rebuke it all in Jesus name.

      When you are too tired to pray, just say the name Jesus over and over until you feel relief. The demons hate his name, and will leave because they do not want to listen to you.

      Do you have anyone near you or with you that can stand with you in this?

  29. Hi Maryanne
    Please add me to your list. Sometime I do need the prayer when I’m down. Thank you

  30. please add me to your prayer list

  31. I know my time is about to run out. I am 66 years old. I would like to know the truth, but I think I all ready do. My life has been pure hell from the day I was born as my dad cursed me constantly. People have told me though the years I have a black cloud hanging over my head. I be married 4 times and all have been pure hell after a while as it is with this one as she drinks day and night and it is constant hell living with her.

    I have been smoking for over 50 years and have tried every thing there is to stop and now I have a tumor on my tongue and was told to quit be doctors. I have had the hiccups day and night for over 2 years been to 13 doctors and they do not know why.I also have A.D.D. I have tried praying to God, fasting, being still, had people pray for me, used prayer cloths, beat my chest, went to a guy who was a deliverance minister, I gave Him my life and would do anything in my power to serve Him. And would do anything, if I understood what to do.. If I knew and had been taught this, I would have lived my life differently for sure! As I have found out to late that there is only one power, had I been born to different parents my life would have been different.

    I do not want to be lost forever, just thinking about it makes me cry. All I do day and night is think about him and things get worst every day. It says ” as a man think in his heart so he is” I know in my heart I am a no good for nothing piece of crap and I hate myself, I was born no good and God hates me, I set an tremble at the thought of dying without know Him, if He would only tell me why,or what my ancestors done I would try to make it right or ask again for mercy. It says in Romans that it not of him who wills or runs it who God shows mercy. I believe I am a vessel of destructing! It says \”life and death are in the power of the tongue\” and I am damming myself for telling the truth! And 4 women can\’t be wrong and all those others can\’t either, including my dad as He never curse my brother and sister like he did me, as they all say I am not fit for the dung pile. Jesus said there would be gnashing of teeth and mine are worn out from it, He also said it would be !
    better than some were not born, and I wish I wasn’t. It is hard to love a God who would do all this to me for no reason, at least Job knew God, I do not,but I am no one to question Him. I guess it would no make any difference what I do as far as He is concerned, if I quit taking my meds or whatever, I will do anything to escape this place if I could. I just cannot walk away and leave my wife with all the bills, please let me know what you think as I think? Why am I not good and will be destroyed? or is there any hope ????Jesus said who ever hears my words and does them, God would send them the Holy Spirit, If I could do what He says,I would not need the Holy Spirit. thank you for your time…and please do not think I am feeling sorry for myself as I don’t and I would die right now if I knew I was not lost…will He remember me in thr resurerection? the old saying everone want to go to heaven but no one wants to die, well I do..charley s

    I WOULD drive to get help! if it is possible that someone could help me! I need these demons cast out of me!

  32. Dear Marianne, pls add me to your prayer list, my mother in law is a jezebel and has a very strong influence on her son,this has seriously affected me,my children and our marriage and has made life very miserable for me,to the extent that they have even cut me off from my family and friends. pls i need you to pray that my hubby be delievered from this strong influence of witchcraft and dictates of evil so that i might be free to fulfil Gods purpose for my life.Thank You.

  33. Dear,Marianne, please add me to your prayer list.My Husband Alvaro is being attacked by witchcraft.he left me without warning almost 4months ago,I found out a month ago he met this women a yr ago and that he now lives with her.this women he lives with practices witchcraft. from putting things in food,drinks,spraying stuff on her self,to sexual things she does please help me I am so confused,stressed,depressed,worried about my husband..thank you

  34. Hi Marianne

    Will you add me into your prayer list.. I was backsliding with Jesus christ and his people in the heaven for awhile. now I am coming back. Can you pray for me to stay with Jesus and Planning to baptize someday ..

    pray for my purity, cleansing, reduced my sins or remove ii. I live alone, living on disability, going to college in January an d pray for me that I will make it through as surviving for Jesus Christ as Yeshua and May Elohim bless me in every move I do.. also I am scared for future what Goverment is trying to hurt disability people like me who live on SSI and SS , Medicare and Medicaid also extra help for prescription drugs.

    Im Deaf and single lady.. living in Dallas Texas.. Thanks for the opportunity add me into the prayer list.

    May Elohim bless you!


    • Hi Dawn,

      Yes, I will put you on my prayer list. And do not worry about finances. God has money that the government knows nothing about, and can’t get its hands on! 🙂

  35. Marianne.
    PLease pray for the Deaf communities all over in United States because FCC will take over our deaf s right to have Relay Services to reach Dr’s office, Medical reasons, Pharmacy , families etc.. it will hurt Vocational Rehabliation as well. Pray that God will protect our deaf communities and our rights . we are lot more suffereing than what FCC has realize.. I think its time for FCC to wake up how many deaf people are very depending on devices like Relay Services. Closed Captioned on TV etc. its horrible if they take away our rights. how can we survive in this hearing world..


    • hi Dawn

      I did not know that about the FCC…..WHY would they do such a thing? I will pray.

    • Marianne – In the 5 or 6 years I have been visiting here, I can’t believe I never visited this section of your web site before, and I certainly had never heard about the FCC trying to reduce or altogether remove the relay services for our deaf and hard of hearing. They rely on this phone service to reach doctors, family, etc. It is such an important life line!

      (Why is it that when government needs to balance budgets or take money from one area to give to another, it is always from the poor, the elderly, and otherwise disenfranchised in this country?)

      Whatever was going on regarding this service at the end of 2009, it apparently did not get any approval to go forward. I just looked at the FCC’s web site ( and as of June of this year it is still an active service. Plus people can use 7-1-1 to connect with the relay operator anywhere in the country (so people don’t have to remember all the phone numbers for all the different states.) They also have mandatory minimum standards.

      Prayers worked! 🙂


  36. I married a jezebel and now i cant see my son. she is telling my friends that I abandoned him and not taking care of him. I dont know where she is and have not seen my son in 4 months. Now i am summoned to court for maintenance. she was using me and packed my clothes and throw it out before i got home. I am fasting and praying and living a celibate life with jesus now. I ask for repentence . I would never go back with her and I am so much happier. Please pray for me with a group of god People as I have court on 22/09/2009. I cant believe the hell that I went through. I fought with her all the way for the 3 and half months and never accepted her control of me so I had to go. I did take care of my son but cant now cause I can`t see him or contact her. god is in control and she would never repent.

    • dear Ian

      I will put you on my prayer list, and put you on my calendar for the 22nd.

      Make sure your lawyer indicates that you have been denied access to your son, and you need equal time with him. Try to get joint custody.

      If there is any behavior you can use against her to prove she is neglecting the boy, or emotionally harming him, use this as a basis for a complaint. As soon as you get an address on her, file a complaint with social services as to mental instability.

  37. Dear Marianne,

    I have been battling with Lupus for awhile, and I have been taking a lot of medications and been really sick. I have a 7 year old son, who really needs me and I need to be there for him. I want to get better for me and my child. As for my husband we been separated since I was pregnant with my son. I want him to be a part of my son’s life and be a father to my child. My son only saw him once in his life. My son longing to have a father to be by his side. As he watches other kids with their father, he feels a bit jealous. I wish my mother would forgive my husband what he done in the past and move forward to the future. My mother really hates my husband for what he has done to me. When I was pregnant to my child he said he wasn’t ready to be a father and left. We wasn’t married back then. We got married in 2006 cause he wanted things to work out. But it didn’t. He lived in the mainland and I remained here in Hawaii. Please pray for me to get better and things get better with my husband and my mother to forgive my husband.

    Thank you for listening,

    • hi rowena

      I will certainly put you on my prayer list, and keep your special situation in my thoughts and prayers. Being a single mother is really hard. And then when you are sick too, it is even worse. I was also a single mother of 2 children, so I understand what you are feeling right now. I learned early on, that when the natural father leaves the home, Jesus will come in and replace him. Just trust Jesus, and teach your precious son about him. Let him know how much Jesus loves him. I pray that your family heals, and can come back together.

  38. Marianne,

    I lost my job 2 weeks ago. I have not got another job as yet. I am a Content Writer. I am married and have a 2 year old son. I am running out of bank balance. I tithe regularly and have fulfilled my offerings commitment, though a bit late.

    Pl pray as i need a job with equal or higher pay urgently. I have not received an increment in 19 months. I am currently freelancing, but that hardly pays me anything. Pl pray so my testimony does not go haywire, as I am the only one saved in my household.

    • hi ketan,

      You are already on my prayer list. I will add this need to the current request. I am so sorry to hear about you losing your job. I pray you get another one very soon.

  39. Marianne ,
    Please keep me in your prayer at this moment i am in need of a finance blessing . I just pray that God will remove all that do not need to be apart of my life and my son life. I pray that me and my son will always stay close to God. So much has happen in least that a week and my mom just tonight is worryied about what has happen and i told her that every thing is going to be okay because God is going to make a way for me to get the money by 5 pm 2orrow i told her she has to put her trust and faith in God like i have then she said by you know how these people is in our town and i told her that God has all power over them.

  40. Hi Marianne,

    I am the only born-again Christian in my family. The rest are Hindus. Now my in-laws keep teaching my 2-year old son Hindu songs and hymns. My father-in-law also performs some small rituals on my son’s forehead etc. when my wife and son go to her parents’ place. We live in Mumbai (Bombay), India and they live 800kms away, in a Hindu stronghold.

    I had become a believer and still married an unsaved girl, despite warnings from pastors and elders in the church. I did this because i did not want to hurt my parents. I now realise that i hurt my Father in Heaven by doing so. I have repented of this sin of mine, but it has not ended my suffering. My parents are open-minded and do pray to Jesus everyday. But my in-laws have cast such an influence on my wife that she does not dare say anything to them. She even loves them more than she loves me. Although love does not companre, but it’s not love – it’s victimisation. Her un-Godly attachment to them is destrying our marriage.

    A pastor here has advised my to confront my in-laws when needed and even talk rough (yet decently) if needed. He says “do they think about you and your son when they do all this?”. My son is a miracle baby – his birth waas prophsied by several pastors etc. I have dedicated him to the Lord in church. Please suggest what I should do. Until now, I was suffering in silence and so was a nice guy. Now I have begun to speak out a little bit. My concern is that if I too apply pressure on my wife, she may think of suicide. I want to save her, but she is still in her father’s power operationally (though not officially, as our marriage is registered in Indian courts of law).

  41. Carrying on…my wife already feels that she will need psychiatric treatment (or maybe she’s tring to scare me). Also, I tell my son stories from the Bible and sing Gospel songs, to divert my son’s sttention when he starts singing Hindu songs. But of late, he has begun to sing those songs all the more mischievously.

    • dear Ketan

      The family’s passing on of songs to a 2 year old boy is understandable. This is their way of nurturing him, and showing love for him.

      It is also normal for a girl to be attached to her family, unless you think they are being controlling. They are not christians, so they are showing attention in the only way they know.

      You may have to limit contact with them, and when you are with them, explain that you also have songs you would like to teach him. Try to teach them all the songs. When they touch his forehead, come behind them with a blessing for him, in Jesus name. be gentle about it.

  42. Please add me to your prayer list, I sure believe I am battling an Ahab within me and a Jezebel on standby. I walk in constant intimidation and cowardness and yet I am a pastor

  43. I need prayers for deliverance

  44. Add me to your daily prayer list. i am battling an Ahab with me and Jezebel. I am stagnant in ministry and very intimidated

    • hi caleb

      I have added you to my prayer list. You have to look inside yourself and see why this is going on. Perhaps you had an aggressive mother, who made you shy. But you can recover from this.

      If you don’t, you will have much trouble in your church. Ahab pastors cannot hold a good congregation. People will keep quitting.

      Get support for yourself….people who will back you up who are humble and holy, and have them pray with you….you need to find your courage….and get your male hormones back and use them properly for leadership.

  45. so much has happened to me am pursuing a job and studyin china and living my 4year old son with my bro after separation with my hubby

  46. THANK YOU MARIANNE THATS EXACTLY WHAT IT IS STRESS AND RESPONSIBILITY MAY GOD EMPOWER YOU. MY husband was addicted to alcohol and drugs he is now living with the mother, i have really had a difficult time, the mother sides him not the real mother she is barren told him to forget us, i would like to move on am a born again christian.

    • hi cate

      You can only control your own behavior, not everyone’s in the world. Their (mom and husband) behavior is their responsibility.

      Just take care of your little son and yourself, and put yourselves in God’s hands. He will be faithful.

  47. THANKS

  48. Marianne,

    My friend needs urgent help, especially from God.

    He is in St.Petersburgh, Russia, and is threatened by some criminals with death threats, he cannot enter his house because they are chasing him and took his passport. His mother is in Israel and she and I try to do everything to get him to Israel;

    Please put him on prayer list, so that he safely returns to Israel, his name is:

    Mikhail Kruchkov-Titov, born 27th May 1982.

    Thank you.

    • gavriel

      I will do this immediately. May God be with him, and provide the help he needs. I hope he has reported the stolen passport.

      • He told me that he is afraid to report it to the police, because he is afraid of revenge. It is a mess in Russia. He also told me that those people entered his house and stayed there, but he is also afraid to report on this, because the doors in his house are broken and they can re-enter at any minute. In short, it’s a mess, and I feel that he is not quite telling me everything. One thing is for sure – he is in real danger and needs to get immidiately out of Russia and come to Israel, but first he needs a new passport and then his mother and I will send him money for the ticket (he also has financial problems);

        So, he need’s God’s help until he escapes that terrible situation.
        We grew up together and he is like brother to me! I will not survive if anything happens to him, God forbid…every day is crucial.
        Also take into account that his faith is poor and needs yet to be saved spiritually (I owed to make more effort to save him once he gets back to Israel with God’s help);

        Thank you Marianne, your prayer has helped me, hope our common effort to pray for him will help him too.


  49. That’s what I told him to do, but foreign passport takes a lot of time to do, otherwise he would be getting a ticket already.
    He told me he has place to stay, fortunately, but he is afraid even to get close to the street where he lives.
    Situation seems weird just as it seems dangerous.


    • hi

      I just added you to my prayer list. Best wishes on finding a good job. I pray you get the perfect one, that will provide for you, and give God the glory.

  51. I pray to Jesus for my spouse to be delivered from a male homosexual influence (an older man) – a spirit that is drawing my mate away from me by using money fame and saying he is a “mentor” and expensive toys to entice him. My mate is not himself and cutting off from me. Jesus please protect my relationship. I ask for deliverance prayers to help. Amen.

    • dear c

      I put your husband on my prayer list for deliverance. And I will pray for your victory and strength in this matter. This has become an evil world. We will pray together that the Holy Spirit will touch your husband’s heart, and help him see this sin, and repent.

  52. please add me to you prayers list, i lost my husband and he was not a believer…….and i’m worry about his him

    • dear alta,

      I have put your husband on my prayer list. But what do you mean, you “lost” him?

      Did he leave you?

      Did he die?

      Please explain what happened to your husband.

      thank you`

  53. Please pray for my wife Toral’s salvation. Her twin sister keeps interfering in our affairs and her mom keeps putting immense pressure on her to not follow Jesus etc. and to not trust pastors etc. My parents too are unsaved and so don’t have a stand of their own. Instead of letting my wife create happiness in her marriage and family life, these two women give incessant negative training (mind control) to my wife (who does not realise this).

    Pl pray!!!

    • Dear Ketan

      You are already on my prayer list, so I will add your family’s salvation to your original request. Be strong. Everything will be ok.

  54. Marianne,

    I believe that Alta means that her husband is non-believer and a lost soul.. need help on prayer for her husband to have a smallest grape seed into his heart for God to manifest and work with him to change that.

    If it is the case, I would be glad to request Him with prayer..

    If I am wrong.. I can always give you a club to knock my head.. * twinkle eyes *

    Only helping 😉

  55. First thing, I am gonna to need a prayer. Because of the scene that has been created at Wal-mart parking lot puts me in shock shell.. and I am still in shock. Very bewildred at the person’s insane behavior. It happened yesterday.
    I took two children of mine.. youngest ones.. to visit my mother for a bit then went to Wal-mart.. and I was pulling up into parking but the cart was in the way.. and I asked my daughter to move it.. but she glanced out then shake her head “no”.. and told me why.. I looked up and glanced.. saw an attuide woman giving me dirty look aggressively.. I only shake my head slightly.. then I talked to my daughter for a moment.. then I got out of the car to move the cart.. and that woman came at me without touching me.. screaming and threatening at me .. I only say nothing.. just moved the cart.. at the same time, in back of my head says ” Only if she would have asked nicely what she needs.. I would have helped.. but her behavior is something I will not toerlate. And she is wasting her breath on screaming because I cannot hear … completely deaf to it ”
    I walked away and put my hand up as ” back off “.. and got into my car to move it forth into parking position.. unfortunely, that lady stood in front of my car pushing with her knees.. and I was amazed that she can act like this with HER own 2-3 years old son in present… so, I only gentlely push her backwards without harming.. and she screams and threats that I harm her.. I only ingored her.. and knows there is another lady in other car watching the action.. I finally positioned my car into park.. and then the lady attacked attempting to open my car’s door.. I locked right before she reaches.. I calmly talk to my kids to keep them stay calm.. And she runs around my car.. screaming into my kids’ faces… I waited patiently until she moves out of the way.. realizing that she is getting nowhere with me..
    I got kids out of the car.. and making sure they got in the store safely.. and I was shaken to bones is because I was so tense and ready to defense if she attempt to start physcial fight in public.. and I had to text my husband and he came took a picture of her and her car license in case… I explained to him all details. He was surprised that I would go through it all so calmly.. with no words.

    It troubled me since because first of all, I do not like it when people act such rudeness and in open public with no shame… I walked into the store and I noticed everyone stared at the crazy lady because of her screaming and threatenings.. and looked at me wonderingly how can I walk away from someone like that so calmly.. Most would end up screaming matches.. I didn’t.. One manager at Wal-mart pulled me aside asked me a question but discovered that we are deaf family.. and he smiled… excused us instantly…

    I honestly do not know if I did right thing or nay.. All I know and thought of is protecting my children and they do not need bad actions to be learned.. so I tried my best to provide the good behavior example for my kids that fighting is not the issue.

    Yet, I feel confused and unsure why I am being tested yesterday.. It is very very unusual situation and never had that fair experience before in such public in my life. 😦

    • HI Tamera

      The woman is crazy and full of demons. Do not worry about her. She cannot prove that you hurt her. The fact is, that there are demons everywhere now, so we should not be surprised anymore when they show up.

      My prayers are with you for comfort and continued victory.

  56. Morning 🙂

    Last Monday after my son got home from school.. He said something so odd.. I wasn’t surprised yet.. at the same time, I just didn’t want to know. … He came home with his cute friend.. and his friend gave me a sad look and told me to ask Teddy.. my son.. So I asked my son straight up what is sad face all about…
    My son said, ” Mom, you are going to die in one year. God told me. ”
    And I just heard that and sighed.. I said to him gentlely , ” Honey, if I must go then so be it. But remember to treasure every moments everyday. ”
    Yet, his words bothers me a bit because that is not what I expect to hear. So, I am gonna to ask straight up tho…
    Does children are able to see and hear where adults do not always do ? I have my suspecious about my children. All three are gifted themselves.. It ran in the family. * sigh * But.. teaching my children with nothing but truth in everything is toughest thing I ever able to manage.. yet it doesn’t stop me to stop my children with truth. Oftentimes, I was torn between to hold truth back til they are proper age.. yet I cannot because they are too intelligent themselves. lol.. Sorry, thinking of how children are.. makes me smile at times no matter how bad things seem.. I often had to smile at each situation..

    Anyway, beside all that.. How can I .. give my children the strength with knowledge and give them comfort if.. my son truly believes I will die next year.. ? I just need the right words to give them but none came to my mind here…

    Help would be much appreicated 🙂 Blessings and thank you.

    • hi TAmera

      We all may be gone in one year. The time is close for Jesus to return.

      Just tell Teddy to pray for you, and him too.

      Tell him if you leave the earth first, Jesus will come, and get him later, and bring him to you in heaven. Then you will be together again very soon.

  57. Marianne I would like to pray for you. So I got my bible and opened to Proverbs 31:12-31. I have truly enjoyed your site. What a sweet sister you Christ you are.

  58. Please pray that my wife be saved. She has been deceived to turn away from the Lord and is having an adulterous affair. Moreover, Satan has even convinced her that it is God’s will that she is doing this. I just want her to be saved, to get to know the awesomeness of the Gospel and Jesus as her personal Savior. Thank you!

    • hi Jeff

      I have put you and your wife on my prayer list. For you, faith and strength. For her, holiness and salvation.

      I am so sad to hear when this happens. May your marriage be restored.


  60. Dear Sis In Christ,

    So sorry if my email is long but I need to give some history for better understanding. I really need prayers and I mean literally need God’s intervention in our crisis at home.

    I’m 67 years old and have 3 children, I live with my single 44 year old daughter. Have 2 boys, 1 is 39 years old & havent seen him for 14 years, he married the daughter of a medium and cut ties completely. My youngest is 23 years old and my daughter and I live in constant fear of him. My ex-hubby was and is very much into witchcraft (whole family is). My 2 boys were physically abused, my daughter and myself faced mental abuse 365 days till I was saved (To God be The Glory) and God opened a way for me to take my youngest son and go into hiding. My daughter, my son and I hid for 10 over years. We (duaghter and I) tried our best to bring up my son, Seth (youngest) in the ways of the Lord but various Churches said that he was ‘too messed up’. In his late teens Seth joined with several street gangs and got into so much trouble that my daughter had to evict him for our safety. He has come back many times promising me that he will change his ways. 3 months ago he came back saying that he has a job nearby our rented home and will stay only for a month. However after a month, we found out there was no job and when confronted, he threatened bodily harm to me and my daughter. He continues to extort money from us knowing that we are afraid of him. My heart breaks even as I say this, Seth is totally consumed with evil, as he blasphemes the name of Jesus Christ, continually mocking me when I pray or read the bible. Frequently he says he wants revenge against me and my daughter for what his life has turned out. I love my children and I have exhausted all avenues to help Seth. I have lost 1 son – Jesse to witchcraft and I dont want to lose Seth too but it is clear that his behaviour is demonic. Nobody can talk to him. Please pray to Jesus to have mercy on me and my children. No mother wants to see their children destroyed.

    Again I’m sorry for the lengthy email.

    God bless you. Annabelle W.

    • hi Annabelle

      I am so sorry to hear all of this. I have put you on my prayer list. Please do not consider either son lost to the point of being hopeless. Consider them “under fire.” You are in a battle, and God will give the victory. Just tell Seth God bless you and Jesus loves you when he threatens you. Tell him you are praying for him. I will agree with you in prayer.

  61. I need and will greatly appreciate being on your prayer list. It is even too painful to discuss. I just have to call on Jesus…..that is the best thing I know to do. This concerns 2 of my children and it is breaking my heart.
    Thanks so very…very much!

    • hi Sara

      I put you on my prayer list for a “private need regarding 2 of your children.” I think family problems are the hardest to bear. God will heal your heart, and your family.

  62. i need a prayer for my dear friend that was life flighted last night, his heart isn’t working and he already has had blockages fixed so we need lots of prayers

  63. The LORD told me “Do my work and I’ll bless you”, and I have been anointed to do the work of God, Yet now since October 3 1993 when I preached my first licensed sermon I have Prospered except in small small small ways. I’ve been yoked and anchored to the congregation I am in now by Salt Covenant. My wife and i were given a vision while praying consciously awake of a Church i would Pastor/Apostle and a new home we would have since 1995, Where is the blessing? Where is the new home? Where is the church?
    Pray with me (Us) please?

    • Dear Rev Marshall

      I could not access your blogspot very well, as it kept transferring me to a different page.

      But from what I could gather, you are a prosperity preacher, “craving” or demanding blessings and money from God.

      Your interpretation of “blessing” is materialistic, not spiritual.

      A demand for $100,000 is presumptuous, and that is not how God works. You should not have gotten in that much need or debt to be asking for that.

      You give the impression that you think God owes you money, when He already gave you something more than money. He doesn’t owe anyone anything.

      you do not need a new house, or a new car. Used homes and cars can be blessings.

      Stop listening to “Words” people give about money and property. 99.999% of it is fake and made up.

      You need to evaluate where you may have gone wrong in your finances, and ask God for good employment to provide for yourself and family.

      You give the impression that you are in ministry for the money. You need to get to know Jesus for who he really is, and ask for his presence, not his wallet.

      Seek first the kingdom of God, and all else will be added to you.

      You can turn this around, and be blessed. You just need to be realistic, and accept that what God has is more important than what is in the world.

      I will pray that you get in touch with the true will of God for your life, and that your basic needs are met.

    YAHUWSHUA , JE’SUS invite me into your mind? Who shall ascend into the hill of YAHUWSHUA , JE’SUS?Who shall stand in YAHUWSHUA, JE’SUS holy place? He that hath clean hands and a pure heart who hath not lifted his soul unto vanity nor sworn deceitfully; Clean my hands(give me clean hands) and a pure heart YAHUWSHUA , JE’SUS ,and keep my soul from being lifted up unto vanity-keep me from swearing deceitfully YAHUWSHUA , JE’SUS; Let me receive the blessing from the Elohim of my salvation. Let the secret(intimacy, secret counsel) of the LORD YAHUWSHUA , JE’SUS be with this thy servant that fear (yaw-ray) Reverence YAHUWSHUA , JE’SUS , and show me thy covenant JE’SUS; INVITE me to look into inside of your MIND, O’ YAHUWSHUA , JE’SUS ; Let the MIND OF YAHUWSHUA , JE’SUS be revealed opened up unto me the one you told “Do my work and I’ll bless you”, (the one YAHUWSHUA , JE’SUS AND HIS five angels anointed with the double portion anointing of an apostle! In the name of YAHUWSHUA , JE’SUS MESSIAH I CRAVE, ASK,DEMAND,PRAY,REQUIRE, BEG,AITEO HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! Amen , Amen , and Amen! Carl Ray Marshall Sr. 10/11/2010

  65. יאהאוושאה ישו מזמין אותי לתוך המוח שלך עכשיו באמן של שם של ישו

  66. Please add to your prayer list. I need prayer to deliver me from the spirit of Jezebel that has been my busines patner for five years now.

    • dear Kunle,

      I put you on my prayer list. Having a jezebel for a business partner is very difficult. You cannot just walk away, because you will lose your business. What is this person doing to you?

  67. JOb complained and ask questions of God Job 7:11,(this is not taught or mentioned in any circle).Because said now you stand like a man and I will enquire of you. And God began to question Job for multiple chapters. It was during the second wave of attack of the enemy that Job broke,and praise turned to complaining,and even cursing the day he was born.(only those who have experienced it can understand it).After God questions Job,Job finally puts his hand over his mouth and says in Chapter 42. I heard of thee(God) by the hearing of the ear.(He read or heard teaching or testimony), then JOB says a Key phrase thats overlooked by many. “But now MINE EYE SEETH thee”. He had a face to face experience with God. God will visit in a similitude of some sort and He will meet with you:Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God ,right? You can’t read the Bible.I can’t read the Bible and not want whats written therein for me and everyone on earth if they desire it. We need an “mine eye seeth thee” experience with God now!Today! I need it. Love letters is nice and it sustains a relationship, but after a wall there is going to need to be some voice communion, and after that some face to face. No husband or wife has a relationship by letter only, or by voice only.. they have to have some face to face,and the bride of Christ needs some face to face today. Pray that I get some face to face with Jesus Yehuwshua…Carl Ray Marshall Sr. of Conroe Texas

  68. Yehuwshua,All believers, all souls of the Most High Yehuwshua, Pray with me,meditate this with me: My prayer is that If you need one-on-one Pastoring? If you need someone who really cares about you and your needs, hopes, and desires, If I be the man of God,If I be anointed by Jesus and five angels poured over me “supernatural spirirutal ” Heavenly” oil November 20th,1996 at the 7pm hour, for your benefit, then write me, call me,email me,Now with your prayer request (1 Samuel 9:6-9,10);Matt 18:18; Question/or need; and We will pray with you for your need; and we will see what the LORD of Hosts, The Most High God will do? It is my prayer to serve you, and the Most High God (Acts 16:16) Pray that this comes to pass for us all! In Jesus Christ ,The Almighty, name (Rev.1:8).

    Rev.Dr.Carl Ray Marshall Sr.D.D.,Pastor
    Deliverance Tabernacle Tax ID# (EIN)26-4811974
    13648 Forest West Dr Suite 77
    Conroe,TX 77304


  69. Helo I’ve been on your website and have been reading evrything.I dnt know where to start with what im goin thru ive just lost hope and feel so broken,it wasnt by accident that i came across ur websyt i was just about to give up but something pushed me into researching certain things that have been affecting my life.

    As a child my dad was an alcoholic and abused my mother and i.I also witnessed him trying to comit suicide twice.My mother with then take out her frustrations onto me very badly.I was 11 when i first tried to kill myself aftr my mother upset me which was the norm.My big brother Ashveer and I were so close and i always had him watching over me and protecting me.I was a hindu but would often dream about Jesus as a young child over and over again and would have visions of him.My dad eventually quit drinking and became the best dad evr but my mum continued with her behaviour towards me my second attempt was when i was in grade 12,i had a nervus breakdown and spent a few days in hospital.Later that year i was molested by a christian policeman just before my birthday and my final exams.I was broken.I had to write my papers but had to rewrite 2 that i had failed and passed in jan that year only after asking Jesus for help.I was also plaqued by visions of witchcraft done to my family over and over again.To add to that i used to see things at night al the time like a black dog at the foot of my bed or a black hand or this black shadow that would be standing nearby or a short man that had a monkeys body but human head,when it grabed my throat i had to have an op becoz my tonsils shattered in my throat and doctors had to scrape it out which they couldnt understand how it hapened.

    The folowing year i started university i was studing law,the day before my papers my childhood best friend died,i couldnt handle that i had to request to rewrite my exams in jan.We then moved due to all the the things that had hapened and al the things that were troubling me at night,my mum was being suportive,my dad however had started drinking again.Before leavin to our new house whatevr was troublin me told me i am going to follow you to ur new house and 3 days after moving into our new house i saw it hovring above me.When it came time for me to rewrite my papers my beautifl big brother whom i loved and adored died 21st jan 96 til this day we dnt know what hapened to him i was shattered and so were my parents my dad had to identify his body.I rem that night thinkin why is Ashveer so late but nevr mind Jesus wil save him i dnt no why i said those words i was stil hindu and didnt no what the concept saved meant.My parents were devastated i had to wake my youger brother up and tell him that Ashveer was gone,i also had to find a suit for my late brother to wear for the funeral.i had to look after my parents and younger brother make sure there was something to eat for him as my mother was locked in her room for almost a year and i was still studying and mourning myself,it was so dificult.From that day on my mother kept us like prisoners in the house we wernt allowed to go anywhere and we couldnt do much,and there were so many things i wanted to do with my life but my mother always held us back,its been like that for 14 years i dont evn know what its like to be independant.Before my brother died i was also raped i didnt tel anybody because i had another tragedy to deal with,my boyfriend forced himself on me i told him to stop but he didnt.Aftr my brother died both my granddfathers died also a day before exams and then my two fav uncles before my finals,i had to keep repeating but i got distinctions in my last year and evntually gt my degree.My dad stopped drinking but was getting very ill,i was a real dadys girl,he died soon aftr on 9th june 2002 i was devastated i went mad with grief but i had 3 major visions Of Jesus including the last suppr and i was fully awake when it happened i decided to give my heart to the Lord which was very dificult due to all my family members being hindi so i was like an outcast.I attended bibl college and joined the choir.Those things that used to trouble me at night and would sometyms take the form of my brother all stoped the day i gt baptised.Aftr that we lost our home and were homeles for 2 mths my relative let us live wit him in his bachelor flat,i rem living out of a suitcase and my brother and i shared 1 room and my mum slept on the floor.We lost most of our possesions whatevr we had left we kept in storage.We evntually found a smal flat.I had met a christian guy whom i thawt was nice he seemed so nice in the beginin but turned out to be an abuser he tried to kidnap me would folow me and eventualy tried to run me of the road.Took awhile to get over that.I sufered frm slight tremors the day my dad died but it turned into seizures aftr what this guy did to me.Finding a job was always so hard i was always abused by my boses when i did take jus bout anything just to get a job.I eventualy decided to go into teaching and got a job in a christian school.They abused me so much I had to make lunch for the whole school and so the washing up and stil go back and teach but i nevr complained,im a quiet persn by nature thats y i get taken advantage of.The principls daughter was jealous of me i dnt know why and took my clases tests and erased their answers and adjusted them and i caught her and asked what she was doin she told me to go away.I then told the principle who took her daughters side and said the answers looked to good my friend also decided to betray me and steal my job and they wanted me to do admin i quit aftr that.The next job i had teaching again the priciple used to make me sweep the classrooms and the lunch area and in both jobs i wasnt earnin mor than R2000 but again i didn complain because i needed the evperience.Again two workers betrayed me and the principle slandered me and put the blame on me for a mistake that she had made and the 2 workers there who were my friends lied right to my face,I could see they were so ashamed they couldnt look me in the face and tried to apologise and explain straight after but i refused to listen.I was basicly slandered by the principle to al the parents for a mistake she had made and she put the blame on me but what you so you shal reap.The frnd that stole my job phoned me a year later to say sory and that they treated her the same way that they had treated me but worse.In this 2nd school the parents started realising the principls tru colors and took their kids out and the workers quit.My 3rd teaching job the same thing happened!I was abused by the h.o.d. and degraded by her evryday and put dwn by her but i had to take it.I was also studyng my post grad in education,when i asked for study leav which they refused and told me i wnt get paid at al for it, my friend who had an affair with 1 of the teachers stole my job while i went on study leave.When i came back i found out i didnt have a job nemor and al the wrk she had to do while i was on leave she had not done and they made me do evrything and piled me with wrk evn tho they didnt pay me.
    During that time i sowed a seed for my studies evry sun it was a smal amt R2 but i ended up geting distinctions and got my postgrad.I had also sent a prayer request for 3 things,1 for my family to be saved,2 for a good husband and 3 to pass my studies. We also find strange tings by our door like a lamp with dogs hair and black powdery things will be smeared on our door and car
    Two weeks later aftr i sent my prayer request i met someone and we fell in love.Evrything was wonderful in the begining he seemd to be all that i wanted.But he now verbally abuses me but i feel its not him,my wedding date is set for the 8th of jan next year and im getting sworn at and told how dumb and pathetic i am and im a nothing an i have nothing to ofr and he keeps bringin up my past and gets so vulgr and hurtful to me and nevr says sori and is now so cold to me but what have i done thats so wrong to deserv such harsh words thrown at me like im a witch i look ridiculus when i have seizrs and i only sap him of his energy and i provoke him and evrything hes worked so hard for i am ruining and i must shutup and im so disgusting and pathetic and know nothing.I love this man ,what happened its like hes not himself he never used to be like this his voice evn changes iv enclosed a pict of both of us to pray ovr,i feel completely broken and torn apart why has he changed and whats causing this?I’v prayed for God to deal with him but iv nevr felt so much hatred coming towards me as i do now.My cousin who was also very close to me has also hurt me during this time while i was siting in church he brought tears to my eyes.I introduced him to my friend and they are now engaged but not once did they say thanku,iv helped him and defended him when she complained to me about him and i also helped her when he complained about her and she told him a lie about me and caused division between us.She now has evrything,things are good for her but im suffering yet iv done nothing wrong i couldnt bear to go back to church after that because it hurt so much doesnt this girl feel bad about what shes done and at the same time my fiancee is being so cruel to me its like hes possessed and i love him but what is goin on i just cnt take it i feel like ending things i truly give up i cry evryday my mum also says horid things to me that takes days to get over i cant handle my life too much has happened,this is my last resort pls help me,im so unhapi.Pls pray that God would turn my life around and that i will have a hapi marriage which is in a few weeks but my fiancee and i are not even talking hes been searing me just about everyday but he never used to be this way Iv had visions of a serpent creature with a crocodiles mouth while talking to him iv also had a vision of him standing outside church in a blue suit pray that i get treated good which iv never had much in my life and that i will get a job where i will be hapi and fruitful in.I keep reading and reading about all the great things Jesus does and i listen to sermons as well but i want to experience Gods power as well.Also pray in agreement with me for the salvation of my mum Omela,brother Yeshnil and fiancée Dilip gets saved


    • Dear Tanusta

      You have been through a horrible time. The problem is that you are the only good one, in a group of bad people.

      And just because someone says they are a Christian, does not make it true.

      Instead of churches that may not be true, spend time with a bible and read what it says. Read it every day, and pray and ask Jesus to make you strong, so that you can fight back when evil attacks you.

      You must learn to reject all evil in Jesus name, and cover yourself with the blood of Jesus to protect yourself.

      To understand what is happening, read this:

      Also read the links at the bottom of each post.

      Do NOT marry your boyfriend in January. Tell him he is evil and you do not want him, as long as he acts evil to you. Tell him he is full of demons and he has to repent of his evil, get rid of his demons, and change his life, and be good to you first.

      God has given you the gift of discernment to help you see what is evil in your life so that you can avoid it.

      Use this gift to protect yourself. Do not get involved with abusive people.

      I will put you on my prayer list. I will pray that you find real Christians to associate with, and you remove the fake Christians, and the bad family from your life.

      I understand they are your family, but they do not treat you fairly, so you should reject them until they improve their behavior.

  70. LORD JE’SUS in whose name I’ve been baptized in for the remission of my sins,NOTWITHSTANDING the nature of my sinful flesh,the weapons Satan has formed against me,my ignorance of your work,all the sin of my ancestors ,my children, and my house,even my own sin;forgive me and my house of all our sin,and the sin of my ancestors 70 times 7 for one offense in one day;because of what Jesus Christ did for me on the cross on Golgotha’s Hill under Pontious Pilate(NOTWITHSTANDING ALL THIS): GIVE me total and complete revelation and understanding of your work ‘The work of God’ that I might give to the work of God, and Do your work that you said to do saying “Do my work and I’ll bless you,” that I might do your work(FULFILL ALL YOUR DESIRE)walk and move in and through the anointing you and your five angels anointed me with November 20th,1996 at the 7pm hour, and recieve the blessing you promised me in 1992 in Je’sus name, HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! Amen, Amen, and Amen.
    1/3/2011 Rev.Carl Ray Marshall Sr.D.D.

  71. LORD Yehuwshua in whose name I’ve been baptized in for the remission of my sins,NOTWITHSTANDING the nature of my sinful flesh,the weapons Satan has formed against me,my ignorance of your work,all the sin of my ancestors ,my children, and my house,even my own sin;forgive me and my house of all our sin,and the sin of my ancestors 70 times 7 for one offense in one day;because of what Yehuwshua Messiah did for me on the cross on Golgotha’s Hill under Pontious Pilate(NOTWITHSTANDING ALL THIS): GIVE me total and complete revelation and understanding of your work ‘The work of God’ that I might give to the work of God, and Do your work that you said to do saying “Do my work and I’ll bless you,” that I might do your work(FULFILL ALL YOUR DESIRE)walk and move in and through the anointing you and your five angels anointed me with November 20th,1996 at the 7pm hour, and recieve the blessing you promised me in 1992 in Yehuwshua name, HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! Amen, Amen, and Amen.
    1/3/2011 Rev.Carl Ray Marshall Sr.D.D.

    • dear rev Carl

      He will bless you, but you will have to roll up your sleeves and work very hard. Feed his sheep. Feed his lambs the True Word of God. Feed the lost, and preach salvation to them. Rescue the poor, and help those in distress. You will have this opportunity in the very near future. Do not see it as an obstacle to your blessing. See the trouble as your opportunity to do God’s will.

      • Thank you! I have written it down on the back of my updated version of this prayer request namely:
        LORD Jesus Christ Almighty MOST HIGH in whose name I’ve been baptized in for the remission of my sins,NOTWITHSTANDING the nature of my sinful flesh,the weapons Satan has formed against me,my ignorance of your work,all the sin of my ancestors ,my children, and my house,even my own sin;For your name’s sake and for your goodness’ sake Because of the Salt Covenant of David; forgive me and my house of all our sin,and the sin of my ancestors 70 times 7 for one offense in one day;because of what Jesus Christ of Nazareth did for me on the cross on Golgotha’s Hill under Pontious Pilate, April 3, 33 A.D. at 3:00PM (NOTWITHSTANDING ALL THIS):For your name’s sake & for your goodness’ sake Because of the Salt Covenant of David;Keep me from evil; GIVE me total and complete victory over my flesh,the Devil,Satan, for souls that ‘The work of God’ Might go forth conquering and delivering like never before now and forever.You said “Do my work and I’ll bless you,” Empower me ,
        Help me, and Make me to (FULFILL ALL YOUR DESIRE)walk and move in and through the anointing you and your five angels anointed me with November 20th,1996 at the 7pm hour, and recieve the blessing you promised me in 1992 in Je’sus Christ name, HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! Amen, Amen, and Amen.
        1/3/2011 Rev.Carl Ray Marshall Sr.D.D.

        I will heed your words, In the name of Yehuwshua Messiah, Amen.

  72. My husband died and i have no work and a lot of finance problems, cant sleep dont know if i can pay my rent or buy food. I have pray a lot….but need as much prayers as possible.

    Gods know why this is happening…..but i think we are here on Earth to help each other in bad times.

    God blessed you all!!!

    • dear Altagracia

      I am so deeply sorry for your circumstances. I have put you on my prayer list.

      Do you have family, or friends you can ask? Does your government have any social aid programs?

      I pray that you get financial help, and personal comfort and support.

      • Thanks for you answer me and prayer, all people i thought was my friend and family….are gone..they are busy with them life to get more money and forgot me.The Government will not help people any more because of the crises. But i’m praying to the lord Jesus Christ to give me work so i can help myself.
        God blessed you with you work your doing.

        • Altagracia

          I think you are shy about asking for help. Contact your friends and family and tell them you need a place to stay.
          Do not expect them to offer. You take the first step and contact them. God bless you, and may he open a door for you to meet your needs.

  73. Email from California – concern about possible large earthquake.

    Massive Prayer Alert!!! 01/05//2011

    Dear friends and fellow prayer warriors,
    We are sending this out as a serious call to mobilize prayer. As I write this, I
    am praying for a spirit of wisdom and revelation to breakthrough any barrier of
    our hearts to receive this and act with productive clarity. As you proceed, please
    regard these scriptures:
    o Amos 3:7 “Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless He reveals His secret
    to His servants the prophets.”
    o Job 33:14-18, “For God does speak-now one way, now another-though no one
    perceives it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on people
    as they slumber in their beds, he may speak in their ears and terrify them with
    warnings,to turn them from wrongdoing and keep them from pride, to preserve them
    from the pit, their lives from perishing by the sword.”
    Key Visions:
    Yesterday, January 4th, I was called by a key intercessor in Santa Ynez. (Please
    note as you proceed, yesterday was the same day prop 8 was sent to the California
    Supreme Court) She reported two visions from separate individuals in the area:

    A pastor of a large Nazarene Church had a dream of a very large earthquake on the
    central coast. He shared this at the Christmas gathering for all the Santa Maria
    Pastors and 5 cities area. Because of the destruction and intensity of the quake
    he thought he should tell the Pastors so they could pray into it.
    Another intercessor in the area had a dream and saw a map of California. She noticed
    on the map how Pt. Conception juts out into the water. As she looked she saw an
    8 with a circle beside it in the waters off Pt Conception.

    Regarding these dreams the issue of 8 is significant:
    Yesterday, January 4th, Prop 8 went to the California Supreme Court.
    December 8th, 1787 was when the Mission near Point Conception was founded.
    The earthquake the pastor sensed from the Lord would be 8.0 or larger. You can
    Key issues regarding Point Conception:
    It is a point known in geographic terms as a “Triple junction.” Three faults converge
    there. One of the faults is a large East-West fault and extends into Kern County.
    An earthquake along this fault would divide the state in half.
    Point Conception is where the Chumash people believed the souls of their dead could
    pass between their mortal life and heaven and thus is significant spiritually. (see: []

    Prop 8 is a foundational covenant issue, i.e. issue of marriage, in the state. If
    the state supreme court does not uphold it, a covenant issue is broken with God.
    Judgment is looming. Also, of note yesterday it was announced on the radio and
    sent to me by another intercessor that in San Diego, there is a Korean war memorial.
    A judge has ruled that a cross that was dedicated in the 1950’s, cannot be there,
    as it is, because it stands for the the government embracing “a religion”. The implication
    was that it had to be “modified”. She stated in her note to me, “the MOMENT I heard
    this I had a “sinking feeling” in my heart and said out loud in my car. God will
    not contend this any longer, judgment is coming.”
    Many are feeling the weight of this hour and time. There has been a very real assignment
    of death and destruction as many have faced health issues, even serious ones. We
    are at a critical “hinge point” and much will depend on our prayers and actions
    now. An earthquake from Point Conception would divide impact the state in three
    major fault lines and could potentially divide the state in half. We pray this
    stirs your hearts towards God’s purposes. Our hope and trust is in Him.
    Some Prayer points from our hearts to yours: (You will certainly have your own,
    but am relaying some points to stir our hearts)
    Pray for all in authority, particularly our judges, (1 Timothy 2:1-3).
    Action: Contact our justices. A good approach to this in contacting any official
    is to exhort them to uphold the “voted on” will of the people regarding prop 8.

    Defying such a vote annuls basic foundations of our nation. Address for the State
    Supreme court: 350 McAllister Street, San Francisco, CA 94102-4783.
    Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye
    Associate Justice Joyce L. Kennard
    Associate Justice Marvin R. Baxter
    Associate Justice Kathryn Mickle Werdegar
    Associate Justice Ming W. Chin
    Associate Justice Carlos R. Moreno
    Associate Justice Carol A. Corrigan
    Pray into and build the Houses of Prayer in your regions. We cannot fight this battle
    in our individual houses. It is an hour to CONVERGE and close the gaps on the wall.

    Action: Look to see how you or your prayer group can help build the wall in your
    region by linking and connecting. “The work is great and extensive, and we are
    separated far from one another on the wall” Nehemiah 4:19.

    Worship is key for the hour of trial and difficulties we will be facing: 2 Chronicles
    20 (ALL of it!). “Now when they began to sing and to praise, the Lord set ambushes
    against the people of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir, who had come against Judah; and
    they were defeated” (2 Chron 20:22)

    Action: Mobilize corporate worship times if you are not already doing it and as
    above, build into corporate worship expressions in your community. The battle requires
    a worshiping army!
    Pray for a move of God’s Spirit to ignite our hearts afresh that we may be strong
    in Spirit and humble in heart in the days ahead.

    Word from Steven Johnson, San Diego:
    “We have been travailing in prayer and must move into prevailing in prayer !!!
    In order to see the birth of this next generation movement of God’s Spirit.
    They are being birthed even now to govern with Christ in the nation. They come with
    a sword and fire to counter all the counterfeit movements of satan out there. They
    will not bend nor yield during a time of warfare unknown in the last generations.
    God’s Hand of Protection is upon them and they will overcome the enemy that has
    held sway for so long in California. They will stand where we have fallen and rebuild
    the ruins that have lain desolate and barren. From their bellies will flow rivers
    of Living Water that will change the very landscape of the State. The boundaries
    are being redrawn. Even territories we have long held will change with the flow
    and strength of this gusher of the Holy Spirit. Our prayers have paved the way
    and changed the atmosphere. There was an atmospheric breakthrough last year that
    you actually feel in the heavenlies. This is the year to win in war in the atmosphere
    and let the ground troops come forth arrayed in Holy Splendor of King Jesus. The
    rains are a sign of where this movement will break out in California. Look to see
    where the rain hit the hardest and flowed like never before. We must prevail in
    these areas that will have great influence in the coming days.”

    Word from Bakersfield Prayer Room, Pastor Victor Castaneda, Remnant Ministries 1/5/2010:
    “And it came to pass, when Joshua was by Jericho, that he lifted his eyes and looked,
    and behold, a Man stood opposite him with His sword drawn in His hand. And Joshua
    went to Him and said to Him, “Are You for us or for our adversaries?” So He said,
    “No, but as Commander of the army of the Lord I have now come.” And Joshua fell
    on his face to the earth and worshiped, and said to Him, “What does my Lord say
    to His servant?” Then the Commander of the Lord’s army said to Joshua, “Take your
    sandal off your foot, for the place where you stand is holy.” And Joshua did so.”
    Joshua 5:13-15
    Standing with humbled heart and focus to prevail,
    Committed to building a “Living Wall” of relationships,

    Sue Rowe


    PHONE . 3016956333














    • dear Benjamin

      I am not sure who these people are you are cursing or demanding punishment for, but it is unwise to put their names in public. Since I do not know the circumstances, I cannot agree with you in prayer to have people put in the bottomless pit. I pray that God’s will be done in your life.

  75. Το άλας Σύμφωνα των ΗΕ και το αίμα συμβάσεις της ζωής μου προστατεύουν πάντα!
    Carl Μάρσαλ

  76. I want God to bless me with finance to start all the projects He has lay on my heart.

  77. pray for me to be healed

  78. Please put my son Travis on your pray list. Ask God to heal him and let him feel good again. And let his business be o.k. Ask God to take his problems with his business and make them better. Please ask God to just keep him in his loving arms and not let other people hurt him. He has tried so hard to live a good Christian life and people are making it hard for him. Let Jesus take care of everything and let Travis be blessed. Let these other people have Jesus come into their hearts. God Bless

    • hi Linda

      I so can relate to your prayer request. I have the same prayer for my own son, who has his own business also.

      This is a time of trials for those who believe. But we must continue in faith, and see God’s hand in everything that happens. He is more than able to turn every bad situation into a good one.

      I have put Travis on my prayer list. I will agree with you in prayer that God guides his every step, and allows favor to come upon him.

      More important than the favor of the world, which could be compromising and unreliable at times, is the favor of God.

      I pray that as God’s favor covers him, only good business opportunities come his way, and God blocks any bad ones.

      And most of all, I pray that the presence of God descends upon Travis, and makes him a light and inspiration to everyone he meets, in the business world and in his personal life as well.

      May God bless you as well, for your love and prayers for Travis.

  79. please add me to your prayer list. I am 31 and suffering from hand tremor since infancy. I know you can.

    • dear edgar

      I added you to my prayer list. I am so sorry to hear about your tremor. I will agree in Jesus name that you be healed of this. You will stay on my prayer list until you tell me you are better. May god bless you.

  80. Dear Marianne, please add us to your prayer list. My sister has cervical cancer and is very ill and my husband has the demonic strongholf or lust and adultery and it is ruining our marriage. He is not this sort of person. Please pray to unbind the spirit that is within him. In Jesus name. Amen. Thank you and God please you

    • hi Kandy

      I put you on my prayer list.

      I wish you comfort, healing and deliverance for your sister and your husband, and strength for you to hold them up in prayer.

  81. Hello,
    I am 8 months pregnant and need God to listen to my prayer request of granting me a healthy baby boy.Kindly please pray for me that i have a healthy son,as everybody in the family besides my husband is eagerly looking forward to have a boy.This is my last chance at being pregnant due to health reasons.Please keep me in your prayers.Thanks.

    • Hi Jess

      That is so sweet. I will agree with you in prayer, in Jesus name, that your precious baby boy is born healthy, and that he is all you want him to be. That the delivery goes well, and the doctors are skilled and do a good job. That the nurses are quick and kind, and a joy to have help you.

  82. Hello,
    I’m asking for prayer and to be honest I’m really not sure what I should pray for. I know I’m in a battle of sorts and I know I have fallen away from God. I’m to the point where I’m scared to pray because I’m not sure if it’s really the Holy Spirit. I’m praying for true deliverance and a real covering. Have some past issues to deal with. Need help. Thanks

    • hi Tetra

      I would suggest you go to the book of psalms…there are some very good prayers, and there are a variety of topics covered in the psalms…..spend some time there, and find the words that fit your situation.

      Do not be discouraged. These are difficult times for all of us. We can make it to the end if our hearts are in the right place, and we turn to God for what we need.

  83. Thanks

  84. I, came across your site and was about closing the browser when a little voice halt me to take a second look. behold i was amazed on what i saw, this is what every true child of God has been dreaming to encounter and here am touched by every word of encouragement you have been delivery. Please pray that God almighty to help me to achieved my goals in every fields in life. and may God bless and strengthen you as you work for him for the benefit of all mankind. Amen.

  85. Please continue to pray for me for am going through a lot am getting better everyday, but I have so many needs that only God can intervene on my behalf. Am also thankful to God for his continues protection and guidance he gives me and my familiy. Am facing lots of challenging situations in my life but am getting through it by HIS GRACE.

    • hi Catherine

      I understand completely. The same thing happened to me that happened to you. The challenges never cease. We have no choice but to give our burdens to God. Disappointments in others reveal to us that only God can make us really happy, so we need to focus in that direction.

  86. hello please help me to pray that my husband Tony will be sent home for our son’s 3 birthday, My husband was kidnapped 5 moths ago and we need him home now! Thank you and may God bless

  87. hi my name is Perla,
    i have been many questions and concerns but i would rather not publish them i’m very shy about putting information out there but. i was really hoping if you could email me && i would be more than glad to explain you my troubles.
    here’s my email
    i really want help but i don’t know where to turn to thank you && may God bless you.!

  88. alright well i will start off with my name && age. My name is Perla and 18 yrs old. the reason i want this to be private is because it’s actually a lot im going to ask for,not just for you to pray for me but also to lead me into prayer i really don’t know much; i haven’t gotten into the habit of doing so, so it’s hard for me to say a prayer. But my first concern would be my sister i have been reading on jezebel and it seems to me that she may be tormented by this spirit or possessed I’m not sure what it would be but in certain occasion we have gotten in arguments because my parents always let her do what she wants because when someone tells her no she gets mad and I’ve never let her get her way im not sure why but i never have. so in one occasion we argued and i noticed it wasn’t here speaking anymore so i questioned whatever was speaking and i said “why do you do the things you do?” and it responded to me “because i’m trying to take your sister away don’t you get it?” and i said “my sister does not belong to you she belongs to God.” but then my sister began to cry and i said why are you crying and she said “i feel scared but i don’t remember anything of what i said.” this about 2 months ago after that i asked my youth leader about this and he said to pray & fast for whatever it is i told my mom and she started doing it. i don’t do it because i have sinned against God and i don’t know i don’t feel right. i have fornicated and recognize it i have trouble in this area and i’ve prayed and i’ve fasted but everytime i do pray or fast it seems like i get tempted even more to the point where i can’t resist i go to church i like church & i want to know God and i want to be filled with his holy spirit my desire to know about God is GREAT i have many questions i attend a bible study that just began a week ago i really like but i don’t want to keep committing the same sin over and over again knowing it breaks my relationship with God. My boyfriend also goes to church and i tell him we can’t be doing stuff like that because it’s a sin. we both know it but we both can’t resist. another thing im worried about is that he says that when he sleeps at night he feels someone next to him and he feels them touch him he says he can’t sleep because he is scared my sister also feels the same things she can’t sleep because she’s scared. she falls asleep when my mom pray for her but i want to know how i can help them and myself as well. i also wonder if i can be forgiven even though i know what i do is wrong? should i feel guilty of my actions or should i confess them and forget them? Thank you! i would tell a member from church but my confidence with them is really low i guess i’m just scared of what they may think even though i shouldn’t care. Well i hope to hear from you soon. God bless you i’m sure you have been a blessing to many people through this site.

    By the Mighty power of resurrection in the name of Jeus Christ, I decree superior grace and an authentic financial open heavens upon your life and ministry. Amen

    Best regard

  90. Please pray for my daughter Somly. She is only 18 and she has been going out with this 24 year old boy who is the not the right guy. He is a bit old for her and there is too much destruction in her life and he had done a lot of bad things in the past. My daughter Somly starts her university studies next year and that she should connect to someone her own level and someone connected to god who can give her wisdom in growing the right way. Please pray hard that my daughter dissolves this relationship and connects to our almighty god’s people. Please pray

    • hello veneeta

      I will put Somly on my prayer list. I understand. I have a daughter also. Just keep praying for her, and let her know that God loves her. Also, be honest about the boy. Tell her he is not right for her.

  91. Hi Marianna,

    Please pray for me (veonna), my mum teresa my sister lorrelle who is in a relationship with a muslim boy who treats her not how a boyfriend should, hes very controlling an she tries to keep it very quiet an is very secretive. She lives with my mum is a born again christian who prays every day, goes to prayer meeting an church all the time an it seems nothings changing but things are just geting worse. My mum did use to be in an occult (The woman she saw for about 10yrs or more was a spiritualist, a candanian woman who is very big in this game) My mum didnt relise, as stupid has it sounds but she didnt an defo didnt know even abit about god an what he can do but the woman would threatern my mum with gods name, she paid this woman thousands. Mu mum has been away from this woman now for just over a year now an she is still causing problems. Im trying to a christian but ive got no friends not even 1 nor has my mum, my sister and even my nan, i dont feel my prayers are getting answers but keep having dreams where im in darkness an people hugging me an babys etc which isnt a good sign, people dont get on with me in churches an outside on the streets im always being pick out for someone to start with.. Believe me, im hot temped thru an flip on them an the problem goes away till the next day or a different shop i take them all on. We need to cut the controll this woman has we’ve been eveywhere an it seems to deep for anyone to help. The whole thing is becoming a joke. My mum speaks to her father who passed over, but to me shes got something in her house (sprit) that is not him but an evil thing that is messing things up by what she confines to it.. To me, its not him its llike an imposter. As much as i dont want it to happen, as i watched my mum being beaten for years (this is why she found that woman mention above) Im going end up ending someones life if things dont cool down an back off… Please pray for me, veonna my sister lorrelle an my mum whos getting from all over aswel her kids an my ill nan who eat and is talking about doing stuff that she must of done in her past her name eileen and my brother marvin whos gone his own way but has no insight to what is really going on! Thank you very much for any help via prayer, we’re getting all prayed out with nothing but bad luck. thanks again!

  92. Hi Marianna

    Please pray for me. I have an addiction that I want to stop but I can’t. I know it makes God sad every time I do it, but I can’t help it. I want to save myself and my family. Please help me.

    • hi curtis

      I am sorry you are having problems. I will put you on my prayer list. May God help you each day to be what you and He want you to be.

  93. It’s seems only a few get prayers, what a shame..

    May God Bless You All.

    • hi Marianne

      There are prayer requests on other pages as well. Esp the jezebel and witchcraft pages, where people report problems. There are about 450 – 500 people on the prayer list now. a lot to keep up with, but it is a blessing.

  94. Dear Marianne,

    I am in dire need of a good job that I can do physically (I’ve been ill for many years) and a clean, healthy, safe and good place to live. I’m homeless and almost broke. I need prayers desperately.

    • hi Debbie

      Is there a rescue mission, or christian homeless shelter near you? I will put you on my prayer list. How do you live now? are there charities near you that can help? Can you relocate if there is a job?

  95. I have no idea about what shelters are around. Right now I’m staying with a friend but that can not continue much longer. I can relocate – I still have a car. I can see where you are going though – I need to start looking for some resources before it’s too late.

    • hi Debbie

      Since you have internet right now, google rescue missions as one option. these are church run, and are safe. you might have to put up with rules, but they can also help stabilize you until you find something. also check with local crisis centers and social services.


    • hi Wilhemina

      I am putting you on my prayer list. You have a difficult situation. Since your mother is not convincingly of sound mind and body, anything she does now will be contested in court.

      The siblings left off the deed may need to gather now and get an attorney to help include them in the death benefits. Your mom may be have to be tested for limited competency, and maybe the attorney can help push through this needed change.

      Also, I will pray that the left out siblings will continue to reason with the included siblings, and that they can come to a legal agreement to share, if it is not possible with your mother.

  97. My name is Melani and my prayer request is to be reunited with my ex-husband Jim. We were maried for 20 years, but he is married to someone else now. I truly believe God brought us together and we were meant to be together. My sincere thanks and God bless.

    • hi Melani

      Your request is a difficult one to address. You are asking to break up a marriage so that you can be reunited with your ex.

      This would be adultery for him and you now.

      I am not sure why a 20 year relationship ended, but I am sure it was a very sad event.

      You cannot go back to a past relationship unless his current marriage dissolves, through death of spouse.

      I would encourage you to focus on having a healthy relationship of respect with both him and his wife, and if you want to be in his world, then be the best friend you can be to him. and be fair to her.

  98. My name is Ligia, I am from Romania, Europe, and my prayer request is for health for me and my dear husband. Both of us are chronically sick, I am sick pensioner at the age of 33, got Lyme disease 4 years ago after a dear tick bite. I bless God for finding you here. I want to learn more about deliverance prayers.

    May God bless you and answer your prayers. Thank you very much. Ligia

    • dear Ligia

      I am so sorry to hear you are so sick and so young also.

      I am putting you on my prayer list for healing.

      Here is one prayer you can use for deliverance. You can print it out and say it each day.

      May God comfort you and your husband, and may your healing come soon.




      Those that prophesied wealth over you were false prophets. I had someone do that to me also.

      this is why they cannot help you with any curses. They are fakes.

      Stay with Jesus. He is the only prophet you need.

  101. Hello Sir/Madam,
    Praise the lord! I need special prayer for the folling topics-
    1. I may stand on the sayings of the “BIBLE”. Not only as areader or listener, but a person experiencing the truth of the “Word of GOD” in life practically.
    2. I have a study loan of about Rs. 3-4 Lakhs increasing with 12.75% rate and the time also is limited(3 years),it is impossible of my own.Please pray so that “JESUS- JEHOVA JERRY” must show his mercy in providing job and I may glorify him .
    3. My mother is having joint pains, bone pains, vein pains please pray.
    4. My elder sister also need a job.
    5. I may be a true witness not for myself but for all and shine forth the light of “JESUS CHRIST”.

    Thanking you
    Ch. Aditya Bikram Bepari

    • dear Ch. Aditya Bikram Bepari

      I have put all your prayer needs on my prayer list. I will also ask my church to pray for your needs as well.

      You are right. Jehovah can provide for what we need.

      May God bless you and help you in every way.

  102. I am in college and I been have a hard time focusing and also I am try to get a job with the city department in my town. It dont matter what job I apply for I alway be denied. I need this job for the benefit. Your see I was work with the State but they laid me off and brough in a contract, we dont have no benefit and the woman that over up is hell. She is the devil from hell. I been try to get a job wirh the City of Tuscaloosa for 13 year and I have not have any luck so will you pray for me to get a Job back with the State or with The City thank you

  103. Pray for me to get a job with The State of Alabama or the City of Tuscaloosa.

    • hi Linda

      I will put you on my prayer list for financial help. If you are a college student, there should be many other options for employment besides the city you are in. Look around, and the first job might lead to better jobs later.

  104. Hi Marianne,
    Please pray for my daughter Patrice has just informed me that she is interested in a transgender woman. A few months ago she said that she had a gay relationship and had changed. Now this, I asked her if this is the will of God and if she does not change she will go to hell. She is very upset, that I told her this. What is worse, is that she has been in church from birth, she knows the scripture more than any of the other children and now this life style. About a year ago she stopped going to church with us and started going to episcopal church.

    • dear Enid

      the episcopal church allows for gay relationships. She must have gotten the “ok” there to do this.

      I am not sure how old she is but she needs to stop going to that church, or she will go to hell.

      I understand the heartache of a parent, whose children are swayed outside the home to go against the teachings of the parents.

      She will be upset with you that you told her the truth. But is it best that you continue to do this, because you may be the only one on earth that cares enough to do this.

      I added her to my prayer list.

  105. Hello,Marianne just feel a little discouraged today.because every other person you know practice some form of witchcraft.This bother me I feel defeated.And these people seemly are do better than i.I feel the only way i can conquer these negative vibes is to do like wise.One person said she burn candles and stuff so she can attract positive things of life ,or just to have good luck.And the things she does she will never do to harm others.We christian looking broke ,busty and disgusted.But the people even says at the candle shop they laugh at us because we are so religion that we missed out on the things of life.Another said she burn the candles for protection to keep the evil forces at bay.HElP Like now i need a financial breaktrough or should say a miracle from the lord.

    • hi wilhemina

      things are going to be ok for you. the house issue got resolved. so other things will be also.

      do not listen to those stupid witches. if they really were successful, and had the money they needed, then they would NOT have to burn candles.!!

      this is all superstition.

      the demons of witchcraft do not fight each other, and do not keep each other “at bay”

      only God can keep evil at bay.

      have you applied locally for any financial assistance from your county?

      what kind do you need?

      I added your financial need to your previous prayer request.

      do not be discouraged. we are all going through this economic stress together. we just have to keep looking to god as or provider. at some point, all will collapse, and we will have to rely on him also.

      when things collapse in this country, the candle burning witches are going to starve to death, because their faith was in the wrong place.

  106. thanks i found like this ^_^ please help me to pray.. i have left eye problem(RETINA PROBLEM) i can’t read and see properly with my left eye:( i wish and hope that GOD heals my eye…. and little deaf..

  107. Please pray for the restoration of my marriage and family. My husband has been working overseas and has not come home for years. Our relationship was fine eventhough we live miles apart due to his work, we communicate regularly via internet. Until he told me last year that he is in love with someone else and they had a son who is older than our sons. I am his real wife, we are both christians. I have repented all my contributions that lead to the demise of our marriage. Please pray that the Lord will lead his path home to us his real family instead of coming home to those counterfeit. I also thought that witchcraft is involved in this situation because it is very unlikely for my husband to just throw us away and throw his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ out of his life. He really changed a lot – for worse. As for me, I walk closely to the Lord together with my kids and thank God everyday for giving me His strength to get through this. Thank you!

    • dear milady

      I am putting your marriage on my prayer list.

      Why is he overseas? Is he in the military? when is he due home?

      the person he is in love with – is this the mother of his oldest child?

      if so, this means his relationship with her is older than the one he has with you, and possibly, more permanent.

      there has to be a time when your husband finally comes home, so you can deal with any issues face to face.

      i pray that happens soon, as the world is changing quickly, and dangerous times are upon us.

  108. Hi Marianne. I have a prayer request. For the past couple of months I was pressed with heavy burdens of not having a high school diploma. It seem before this feeling came over me, everything seem to come against me, as if I was inside an hourglass flowing with the sand. I lost my job due to company transition.All I could think of was. “WHAT IF I HAD MY DIPLOMA, WHERE WOULD I BE”? A lot of things from my childhood to adult hood came against me to where almost 20yrs. slipped by. I got up the courage to study these past couple of months to pursue my GED. Today I go in to take a practice test to see how far I came in math. Marianne, my prayer request is that while I’m taking this test, I seek prayer for clarity over the test questions before me. To also be able to reach inside and pull out the knowledge and abilities to know by faith that I can pass this test with the passing score required. I really need to get into college to pursue my calling. I have felt led to work in the nursing field. I’ve tried to pursue other jobs, this one always come back to me stronger than ever. I have even seen myself visually in this field of work. I have the compassion and ability to serve the hurting and the sick. God only know what I have been through. I want to take the compassion I have on the inside of me that I gained from hurt to help heal others, The reason why I’m saying this is because I had to forgive those who mentally and physically hurt me in the past. By doing that, I became a better me in my heat and soul. The only road blocks I have are passing the math practice test so I can advance to take the actual GED math test and pass that one too. After I do that, I’m off to college! It took 20 year late, I have faith though. I want to thank you in advance Marianne for all that you are. May God continue to Bless and inspire you.

    • dear luvof1

      I have put you on my prayer list. Your text and composition is clear enough to prove that you are intelligent and can pursue your goals. Mixed with your compassion for others, you would make a fine nurse. Do not let the past hold you back. Education is , also, only part of success. I had 3 college degrees, and still struggled as a single mom with 2 children. Just believe in yourself. Your spirit is your greatest asset.

  109. My wife lies a lot. She lied about her age, even in the church when we got married. I found out her real age a few months ago (after 22 years) and she is not ashamed about it. She is older to me by 2 years. Her father has changed the ages of all family members. Mother and one older sister died. The family is suffering. We do not have children because of her selfish pursuits. She wants to elevate all her family members using her money, but her siblings don’t care a bit. I do not know who to go for help. She is very fearful all the time. She wants to be rich and famous, too much makeup. Though she has brown skin, she wants to be white. Her name is Priya. She listens to her father and brother and violently protects them. I have begun to see what they have been doing all these years. She does not allow anyone to get close. We do not have friends becaue of that. She finds fault with every minister and his wife. My finances and job are affected. I am concerned. Please keep me in your prayers. Thanks and god bless your ministry.

    • hello Arun

      It sounds like she is in control of the house and events, not you.

      you will have to change that.

      Establish rules, and tell her you will enforce them.

      her family cannot come there. they are dishonest and violent.

      they cannot call there. Set up a block to their calls, or change your phone number.

      she cannot wear makeup, if she tries, you will take it off of her.,or make her wash it off

      you decide, not her, who comes to the house. If you think she will be a problem with guests, send her off somewhere until they leave.

      tell her her opinion does not matter because she has a negative, dishonest personality and a jezebel spirit.

      tell her she needs to repent, and until she does, you will not give her your approval of anything she wants.

      she needs to see that she is in sin and is under the influence of a demonic , lying spirit. Church is useless and a waste of time, because she is not saved. so she needs to repent and get saved.

      you are the man of the house. take your authority and use it.

      I am putting you and her on my prayer list.

      remember, faith and prayer need action as well.

  110. I Pray for a life partner, God fearing and loving husband.

  111. I would just like to give a word of encouragement to all in need of prayer. James 5:16…Confess your faults one to another and pray one for anohter, that ye may be healed. THE EFFECTUAL FERVENT PRAYER OF A RIGHTEOUS MAN AVAILETH MUCH. Live your life diligently seeking the Lord and he will answer your prayers. DO NOT DOUBT…tell Satan to flee in the precious name of Jesus if doubt even creeps in…he must flee at the mere mention of the name of Jesus. During these last days he wants God’s faithful servants to have doubt, fear and lack of faith. DO NOT GIVE UP. I have been through a lot in my life and sometimes I barely had the faith of a mustard seed..and our God is faithful. Claim victory over every prayer you are asking! Jesus prevails.

  112. Hi, can you please add me on your prayer list please. I am struggling to find God. I don’t understand the Word of God and try very hard to understand it. Every time I read the Bible my eyes turn red and starts to burn, as well when I hear the word of God. I would like to learn of God. I would like to ACT: Acknowledge that King has come. Confess Him as Saviour. Trust Him as Lord. But to be honest I have no idea how to do this. Can you please help?

    • hi tammy

      I would be happy to put you on my prayer list. It sounds like you might be trying too hard. Just relax and just take a little bit at a time. Start with the book of John.

    • Hi Tammy,

      Maybe I can help you out a bit here too.
      If you read John chapter 3, you will read where Jesus says to Nicodemus, (one of the priests of the Sanhedrin), that you have to be “born again”.
      This being “born again” is one of the easiest things that you could ever do, and you can do it all by yourself.

      It basically has everything to do with your heart.
      First of all, you didn’t make this decision to seek out God all by yourself. God actually seeks you out first, (because He loves you), and we actually respond to Him and His love. He wants you to become a member of His family, and to do that you simply tell Him that you believe that Jesus is His Son, and that you believe that Jesus died for your sins, (which we all have by the way). You ask Jesus to be your Savior, and He accepts you just as you are.

      The rest is growth process that takes all of our life, and it is an wonderful experience to serve our God, the creator of everything. God knows your heart and He knows exactly what you are asking for, so you don’t need religion to do this at all. The whole point is to establish a relationship, and the more you seek Him in your life, the more intimate it becomes.

      Hope that this helped you out.
      And take Marianne’s advice as well. Just relax and allow for God to do His thing. You can never go wrong in trusting in God.

      Be Blessed.

  113. I do not know where to put this on this forum but I ask for prayer for Pollard who is serving 27 years in an American prison for a what is normally a 7 year sentence and his is endless for spying or getting information about the Palestinians! I have a hard time with this since the American Presidents have demanded Israel release killlers and terrorists who have slaughtered innocent Jews and they cannot even act righteously in justice over a Jew! I have only prayed for him to be released for the last 15 years since learning of it but his wife and others have prayed for 27 years. The injustice is deplorable but Pollard has been sent to hospital and is very ill. Please Pray for him to be freed and healed.

    I was reminded this morning of the scriptures about Israel when the Lord says he sent the nations to chastize Israel, as has occurred in history, but the Lord says the nations have done more than they should. This is the case of Pollard and it is almost as if he is like Israel being abused over and over again which the nations have no right to do.

    Please Pray for Pollard. This is so sad. Pray for his family and wife who has waited these 27 years for him to be freed.

    • hi Marie Jean

      I put Pollard on my prayer list. He is in an American prison, or a Palestinian one?

      • Hi Marianne, he has been in an American prison for 27 years. I was so saddened to hear he is in hospital. He should have only done 7 years. The government is refusing to let him out because it was info he had taken about the Palestinians. One cannot help but wonder if they have a deal with the Palestinians over whatever sensitive information he had that might implicate the government. It saddens me greatly. So many of us from Israel to America and Canada have been praying for him for so long. Thank you for putting him on your list.

      • Jonathan Pollard Remains in Critical Conditon in Hospital. I am shocked he would come out this way. Somehow it makes me think of Israel. The nations have done more to Israel than the Lord said they should. This is wrong of America and I think somehow it does not bode well for them.

        • What prison is he in? Where is he located?

          • Sorry, been busy babysitting a few days Marianne. Jonathan Pollard is being held in the Butner Prison South Caralina Marianne. He has been kept in solitary in a maximum security prison for his 27 years, and is believed to have spyed for Israel for the Mossad, though Israel denies it and this may have kept him in prison. He embarrassed the CIA. The story is below. He loved Israel and I suppose with embarrassing America, those were his real crimes.
            I suppose I love Israel and rejoice in the Lords’ restoration of His people and knowing Obama (two Bushes and Clinton as well) wants Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria given to the Arabs and probably all of Israel in the end it is a tragedy that reminds me of what is done to Israel as much as Pollard. How many terrorist killer releases have been demanded by America of killers and terrorists in Israel and that walk the streets again killing and bombing in Israel I think is a crime against Gods’ people in His Holy Land. There is great injustice here but, I do not think the Presidents Clinton, Bush’s or Obama are interested in the fact God has regathered Israel and He is rebuilding His Land and Jerusalem for they have no concern or pity for any but the Muslims in and surrounding Israel who are set by scripture to do what they have been doing which is anhialating Israel and the Jews and thwarting the Word of God as the Nations did of old. It bodes not well for any of them.

            The Arutz Sheva Report I read last night says Pollard is very ill.


            Ironically, Pollard in his youth had made no secret of his support for Israel. The youngest son of an award-winning microbiologist, his family and friends have described as his near obsession with “the power of Mossad.” At Stanford University he said he was “waiting for the day when Israel will call upon me.” Nobody took him seriously; many thought he was a fantasist. For that reason the CIA rejected his job application, dismissing him as a “blabbermouth.”

            But the agency also saw that he had an extraordinary gift as an analyst. This talent allowed Naval Intelligence to overlook his other faults.

            His former chief, David Muller, admitted that “despite his stories about his visits to Israel when he claimed to have met with Mossad, he was a genius when it came to breaking down complex data. He was a one-off in every sense of the word. With hindsight we all should have listened to the alarm bells ringing. Pollard had a drug habit. He had huge debts. He lived well above his salary. In every sense he was a prime target for a foreign intelligence service to recruit.”

            No other US spy in modern intelligence has generated such controversy as Jonathan Pollard. Now forty-seven years of age and incarcerated in a maximum security jail supposedly for the rest of his life, no one publicly still knows the full extent of the damage he did after he was recruited in November 1984 to spy for Israel.


            She said that previously Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu had tried to secure Pollard’s release as part of a package deal with former President Bill Clinton at the Wye talks – but failed.

            “But CIA chief George Tenet has let it be known that if Pollard is freed it could be a resignation matter for him,” said Thomas.

            “Tenet regards Pollard as a man who nearly wrecked the CIA intelligence gathering operations throughout the globe,” said Thomas. “He believes that if Pollard is sent back to Israel he could have something useful to do for Mossad,” he added.

            Ross told the Jewish Tribune that the present Bush administration shows no interest in releasing Jonathan Pollard.

            “The National Security Council and the CIA strongly opposed Pollard’s release,” Ross said. “They maintain that Pollard knew facts that would jeopardize national security. But Pollard has been in jail for so long that whatever facts he might know would have little if any effect on national security today.”

            • Excuse the length of this info Marianne, but to know who you are praying for I think this site is extremely good. There was info the Americans had that they did not release as the Kurds to be attacked by Saddam etc. I am putting it here for you and any who would pray for Jonathan. It is very good and gives some truth to the negative and anti-semetic reports that bear little truth in them. Thank you all who will for praying for him.


              • Butner prison is in North carolina, not south carolina, and he is about an hour from me.

                I found the contact information. Maybe I should write, unless that puts me on the government hit list also.

                • Marianne this was in a site from above but it was the address two years ago for anyone to write him. I don’t suppose it matters since it has had world exposure for 27 years but, I am a Canadian so I suppose it is easier for me to speak about support for Pollard on the internet these 27 years.

                  Jonathan has been brutally treated during over 25 years of incarceration. Send him a word of encouragement: Jonathan Pollard, #091-85-016, Federal Correction Inst., PO Box 1000 Clemson Unit, Butner NC 27509. Write also to President Obama, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC 20500. Politely ask him to pardon Pollard.

  114. Herryanto Gani in Padang, West Sumatra Indonesia suffers from lung and liver cancer. Please pray for him. God bless

  115. Hi, please pray for me that I may become financially self-sufficient, independent, self-reliant, financially abundant, stable, prosperous. Once I can bring in money from what I love to do, I will share more with the world. I will be able to take care of my needs and get beyond and be able to give to others more. I really desire to take care of myself financially so that my self-esteem be healthy and I can live in this physical world. Also, please mend my father who has been brought up by parents who lossed their parents by Hitler in the Holocaust. He has much to heal because of this negativity that was brought upon him. He has tried to make me feel guilty for having any amount of Joy. I wanted to die so much in this life, but I have much to contribute, but I need to get independent from him so that my life force returns to me. I pray to God for miracles. Once I am bringing in money from what I love and attracting good amounts of money each day, I will be able to shift my energy to that of wishing to live, in so doing, because I have held such wishes to die, when I get healed, the whole world will benefit because my Joy will be equal to the whole universe. My feeling of freedom will be larger than the whole universe and those in this universe will have to prosper with me and feel joy with me. My healing is very important because I feel that with my healing the world will feel like the Messiah has landed and has healed the world. This is because I have carried so much pain, the pain of the entire Holocaust and more, so when I am freed of it all, the world will rejoice with me. Please pray for my Joy and Financial Independence and acute Freedom. With my eteral healing will come the saving of the world. It cannot be any other way because I have held such a desire to end my life, when I feel Joy again and prosperity again forever, that stays with me forever, the whole world will feel my shift. It will be like wiping out everyone’s holocaust. Pray for me and the world will be saved once I am happy again. For my Happiness will be so Bold that the energy will affect many many galaxies and many universes. Thank You for helping save the earth with the prayers you give me to.

    • dear Lara

      You certainly have my prayers for a more joyful and productive life. I can see how the holocaust would have burdened you and your family. I pray that everyone’s life, heart, and memories are healed, so that you all can receive everything God has for you.

  116. Hi Marianne,
    Please can you add me to your prayer list. I have communicated with you in the past year or so. I went through my marriage breaking up, trying to find myself once again and you were there for me each step of the way. Each time I was going through my low moments I communicate with you and you always put things in perspective and prayed for me. I have graduated nursing school now, I thought I was not going to make it, cause I spent most of the time crying instead of studying and thinking why me. I had to leave my kids at home all the time to go for 12 hour clinicals in the hospital and my ex could careless, since he found a new life with another woman, but I made it through and the experience made me stronger and I realized that all I need is GOD I can make it through anything. I’m peaceful now and I’m going through other stuff I want GOD to help me with in terms of employment and making a better life for my kids and I.
    I hope you are doing well also. I remember you in my prayers all the time. May GOD continue to strengthen you in everything you do.

    • hi catherine

      You have always been on my prayer list, since the first time you asked. 🙂

      I am happy to hear you completed school

      Everything has been a struggle, but God has a purpose in all of it.

      I understand the school suffering, and the long hours. I had to go through the same thing.

      out of the suffering and fire, comes a purified bride, ready to be used for his purpose.

      I pray you get a job soon. Nurses are in demand, and I pray for a work environmental where you can flourish.

      The devil is in each workplace now, so be aware of this. But you can overcome by the blood of the lamb, and the power of God.

  117. Marianne, please add me to your prayer list. I took courses of study for doctorate 2005 to 2007, took the Comprehensive Exams in 2008, and have been unable to get my dissertation proposal approved – I have no commitment and support from anyone at the school as they constantly come up with reasons why the document cannot be approved…they are reading the same document for over four (4) years and this is the same 3 chapters…if they approve them there are additional two (2) chapters – 4 and 5 that must be written and go through the same set of approval process one (1) chapter at a time…the longer I am in this the deeper my debt – hundreds of thousands in United States student loans. This has left me with no time to live and enjoy life because of the frustration with this. I had a 4.0 straight through on the coursework and followed all the instructions with no problem… I get to the last phase and it’s as if they have colluded to dissuade and block me, no matter if I address every single issue they told me I needed fixed in order to get approval and move to the next level. I have been working in his phase longer that I was in school for the courses. Please HELP!

    • hi Joan

      This should not take that long, to have a dissertation evaluated.

      4 years? that is ridiculous!

      What program are you in?

      My committee only took a month to evaluate my thesis.

      I will put you on my prayer list.

      In the meantime, get details of what they want, and get it done.

      Do not worry it if means extra chapters.

      Just get it done, make them happy, and get out of there.

  118. Marianne,
    I have a new Christian that is unlike anyone I have every met before. Witches are drawn to me for healing and deliverance sometimes, because of what I’m used to, are mental attacks, but this girl is being attacked physically as she tries to go to sleep every night. I found your website extremely useful and have been using the prayers that you post here as an effective tool to ease some of these attacks. She has been attacked several time in front of me and family and was possessed at first a few times until I’ve effectively caused it to not be able to enter again, it is still beating her up. She is terrorized every night when she is caught off guard. Can you help with prayer warriors?

  119. yes please payer for me Ronnie Daniel and my wife Dee, for help and to want to make our marriage work for both us!

    • Dear Ronnie

      You and your wife Dee are now on my prayer list.

      May God give you the strength and wisdom to examine your marriage issues, and come to solid, godly solutions.

  120. pray for my husband who is a muslim to know the Lord Jesus Christ

    • dear zena

      I am adding your husband to your prayer requests. god bless you for caring about this. I agree with you in Jesus name.

  121. Please pray for me and my wife to help and be able to work out our marital problems and to stay married and for both of us to get closer to god!

    • dear ronnie

      I am putting you and Dee on my prayer list for marriage healing and restoration. Marriage is a holy thing, a very precious gift from God. May he bring you back in harmony and help you over come whatever is wrong. And may you feel the presence of the holy spirit working in your home each day as well. God bless you for asking for this in your life.

  122. Would like a prayer for help with demons thanks.

  123. Please Pray for The Marcelin Family as they are having family issues and need God’s Love and Protection

  124. Hi Marianne,
    I thank you in advance for the prayers of say for so many of us, and thanking the Lord to have brought me to your website and of the work you do.
    Please pray for my Daughter, Katie to be reconciled with the Lord,Jesus Christ, that all bonds and bindings lose their grip on the female relationship she is into at the moment can be broken and that she will find the right Christian male partner, someone who has a wrong relationship with the Lord. I am asking this most earnestly at the moment in Christ Jesus name.

    • hi Denise

      I added Katie, Chris, Ross and Ailstar and Hamish to my prayer list for the reasons you indicated.

      God bless you for caring enough about all of them to lift them all up in prayer.

  125. Hi Marianne,

    My name is Eli, I left you a message a couple years ago looking for support with troubles in life, thank you for your heartfelt reply. I have overcome many things and learned a great deal. The message I sent you shows up when my name is googled, I wish to ask that you remove it from the forum. Please let me know you received this message. Thank you.
    God Bless,

  126. Please help me to pray for my mother who have had stroke for nearly 5 months now, I am away from home working here in Qatar, please do help me to pray for her fast recovery and also for my father who also have mild stroke, but now he still smoking cigar,and drinking alcoholic drinks.Please help me also to pray for me that everything will be alright here in Qatar.Help me to Pray for my family. Thank you. God bless us all

    • dear Ramon

      I have added you to my prayer list

      That must be very stressful having both parents ill at the same time.

      The Lord reigns in Qatar. He knows your needs, and He will be with you in this situation.

  127. Hi Marianne & all here!
    Please add me to your prayer list…Cindy. In 2009 I lost my closest friend, he died in an instant, in 2010 my mother & in 2011 my father. This past week my fiance broke up, why? He had strict religious beliefs and could not bring himself to even utter “Holy Spirit.'” This came to a head, because the Holy Spirit is my daily guide, so he decided I am…what…evil, I guess. Anyhow please pray for both of us, myself and him! Thanks all. Cindy

    • hi Cindy

      It has been awhile. Yes, I will add this to my prayer list. You are already on it, have been on it for years. 🙂

      I am sorry you are having all this going on. We are on the final lap and on the way to the finish line. Just keep the faith, no matter what happens!

  128. Hi all: I’ve prayed really hard for “G” who suddenly broke off our engagement “due to different religious thinking,” actually he himself admits he is “obsessed” (his word) “and has a wall in his mind” with doubts that we think “exactly alike.” His stuck point is that I have a daily relationship with the Holy Spirit, therefore he fears I am “really Pentacostal.” He states he has OCD and wishes he could stop the obsessions, but can’t. I know OCD doesn’t just stop and medication is not really effective for him. We are both born again Christians, so his abrupt 180 degree turn within 24 hours, about our upcoming marriage, was quite shocking and deeply sad for me. I am beginning to wonder whether he might possibly be under the influence of spiritual warfare, and admittedly that is not common thinking for me. I visited your page here, Marianne, and am wondering if anyone here has any thoughts. Thank you all for your ongoing prayers – how wonderful this site is!

  129. please pray for me and my husband to fix our marriage and find love again, mindy and duane niersmann

  130. please pray for my family our son Anthony 29 has been married to a wiccan witch for almost 10 yrs, they have a 6 year son, our daughter Julia married a young man when we began to find out his lies he gave her a choice, we have seen her twice in 3 years both were very VERY devoted to God before they met these people.

  131. Please pray for Luke Rider and his family for financial stability they need a prayer please and pray for all family in the time of need after hurricane sandy. GOD BLESS ALL

    • dear jerry

      I will most certainly do that . Luke, and the Rider family are in my prayers and on my prayer list, as well as all families hit by this storm. May the Lord provide for them, protect them, and give them His presence during this difficult time. May their finances improve, and may they have above and beyond what they need.

  132. Please pray for my beloved young sister Lucille who has been diagnosed with cancer of pancreas and liver. The prognosis is always terminal and the time is shorft they said so they will do nothing. We are all shocked and have known many that have been healed when given weeks and months and live still ten, twenty years later but it is always so hard. Thank you for your prayers in the next months. If there is one thing I do know it is that where two or more of you agree as touching anything He shall do it. She is turning her heart to the Lord but this has been going on for a year of prayer to Him before she knew this news.

    I thank any of you who take this to heart and pray for her. I am devastated because she is so dear to me, but I have lost those who are so that are not lost but with our Beloved Saviour, and yet she is only just restored this last two years. Ahhh such is the sorrows and blessings of man. Thank you again.

    • dear marie jean

      I am adding Lucille to my prayer list.

      You have my heart and deep concern for this very difficult situation. Let us hope in God’s mercy and special touch at this time.

      I pray for her healing and also that the Lord minister to her in a special way.

      • We are all in agreement for the healing of your dear sister Marie Jean, if the Lord be willing; and pray for your continued strength and comfort throughout this heartbreaking trial.

        Blessings to you!

      • Oh! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Marianne, Richard, all of you, thank you for your prayers. Thank you …Oh so grateful to know of the prayer cover for her….

  133. Need urgent prayer for my husband’s sister. Her name is Joyce. She is 53 years old been battling cancer off and on for several years now. She’s undergoing a medical procedure this morning that she’s had once before that left her in terrible pain. A real horror story. She’s a christian, and is counting on the Lord. Also praying for her husband who is an alcoholic. He’s not been there for her! Pray the Lord moves on his heart.

    • dear Carla

      I am adding Joyce to my prayer list. May the procedure go well, and may the Lord bestow his healing mercies upon her, give her peace and comfort, and lift up her husband to stand by her side and support her during this trial by fire.

    • Yes oh yes Carla…will pray for Joyce too.

  134. Going through cancer please pray

    • dear Avelina

      I am so sorry to hear of your cancer. Do not despair. Do your best, and then trust the Lord to step in where you and the doctors cannot do and succeed.

      Many saints are going through trials and afflictions now. We overcome by the Word of our testimony.

      I am putting you on my prayer list for healing. I will agree with you in Jesus name that this situation will be handled by God personally, and you get the healing, help and comfort you need at this time.

      • Oh yes dear Avelina, God bless you and heal you and wrap you in His Loving arms and carry you through this time. I will pray for you too.

  135. I would like people to pray for my mother-in-law, Allen Schallmoser. She has facial tumors that will be removed shortly and I wish her as little pain and discomfort as possible. She is a truely beautiful person who deserves to be with us on earth as long as god alows.

    • dear anastasia

      I will put her on my prayer list for healing. It must be very painful for her. May the Lord put a quick resolution to this problem, and may he restore her completely.

  136. Please pray for my nephews. They are in crisis. NICHOLAS 9 GREGORY 7 MADISON and Mallijah both 5. My sister honeless right now and so are they. also pray for my sisters salvation and for inner healing for the boys have been thru incrediblr abuse in their short lives. Each of these boys ia special to me and to god. pray the Lord help them tp grow lthru trials anf that my sister gets help for herself even if it means het boys are taken vrom her. I want Lords will. Help us with prayers p. My mom and i will agree with u for nick greg maddie and mallijah sake. My sistrt name is deonna My

    • dear april

      I will add nick, maddie, malllijah, greg and deonna to my prayer list.

      Are they in the same city as you?

      can they stay with you?

      where are they now?

      they need to be referred for emergency help from the county they are in

    • Oh dear April, we will be praying for your sister and the children, so many in need, we will keep praying through. Can you get help for them to get them into a home? Oh so sad…we will agree with you here for their home, healing, love and encouragement. God Bless you all April and give you wisdom to help as you can.

  137. Please pray for me. I have developed multiple health problems over the past few years. I have chemical sensitivity where I have to avoid many types of clothing or hotel rooms or buildings and houses. I also have food allergies/sensitivities and a limited diet. Sometimes I will feel a little better…but then, I fall back into tough health. I just want this condition to be healed so I can concentrate on living a normal healthy life. Thank you and God bless.


  138. Hey Marianne

    I am with Visham for 8yrs now and we have a 3yr old baby boy who is the joy of our lives. We are not married and we lie common law. I am a roman catholic all my 32yrs of life on earth and it is only now i have chosen Christ as my saviour. Visham is a Hindu and he claims he believes in Christ and the bible but his faith say contradictory. He has grown cold. He has found himself with strange women and drinks a lot alcohol. I am praying for many things and I would like your assistance. I want Visham to be delivered from the hold of the enemy. I knew how he was and he is only the way he is now because of the influences of the enemy. I would like for Visham and I to be married and live in accordance with God. I know that God knows my heart even if I can’t find he words to pray, but assistance from a good source is always helpful.

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

    God bless.

  139. Update: I am leaving in three days for Vancouver. My sister has been given 2 months to live by the cancer clinic; they have been so rude. She is under the care and guidance of Dr. Gonzales Alternative Therapy in New York. Please pray for Lucille who is very ill. Thank you, I so covet your prayers…so need the prayers of the saints.

    • dear marie jean

      I am so sorry to hear about your sister. I will keep Lucille in my prayers, and will pray the Lords’ healing presence over her. And I will also pray for strength for the family and that they feel his comfort in this difficult time.

  140. Please pray for me, my family and my business. I have made some business decisions that has the potential to negatively affect my family. I am asking for God to forgive me, have mercy on me and help me to conform my mind so that I will not continue making bad choices and decisions. Thank you and God Bless you.

    • dear Levett

      I am putting you and your family on my prayer list. I think we have all made bad business, or other, decisions at one time, so as they say, to err is human.

      I pray that you get the wisdom and opportunity to correct this decision and to counterbalance it with a better one, so that you can have a good final outcome.

  141. I read one prayer request that started out, with a request to be a good person. I’m not a good person. I completely turned my back on God after I got a good promotion. I ended up getting fired from that job on the ground of sexual harassment. Yea I told a bad joke. Now my family is very close to being homless and things I worked very hard for are either being repoed or sold off to get us through another month. Please pray for my family and I. I need to work, I need a job.

    • dear Rembert

      You are honest in admitting your shortcomings. You are now in a state of regret.

      I will add you to my prayer list for God’s provision, but I have to make sure of something, because you did not actually come out and state it.

      This is for your benefit that I ask.

      Are you ready to turn your life over to the Lord, and give him your heart and obedience? Do you understand how harmful it was to tell that “bad joke?” Do you care about what you did wrong, or would you do it again?

      Do you feel the other person’s pain when you injure them, or do you feel the Lord’s pain over your sins? Do you really feel and understand what sin is, do you hate sin in general and never want to do it again? Do you understand the difference between regret because you got fired, and real remorse over wrongdoing?

      For the Lord to truly redeem your life, you must want more from Him than a job and a place to stay, although many do sincerely come to the Lord in desperate circumstances. If you have reached that point where you want to turn your life around, then the Lord will help you. If you have not come to that point, then we need to talk some more.

      These are difficult times, and I feel for you and your family. I want things to go well for you.

      Here is a prayer you can print out and say each day:

      I will be in agreement with you.

  142. Dear Marianne,
    I am Agnes. I live downstairs and I have a neighbor who lives above me. Since I have been there, I always offer her food stuff etc. However, I notice that when my telephone rings, she runs to listen to my conversation. Then at mid-night she pounds a stone, early in the morning she pounds and burns incense and foul smelling stuff. I was awaken a few nights ago with her standing over the area where my bed is situated pounding stone. I know this in not something good. When job offers come to me, she listens to my telephone conversation, and begins pounding. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will intervene. I have prayed and sometimes to be honest, when I can take it no more, I pound back. Please pray for me.

    • dear agnes

      you need to do more than pray.

      do you live alone? if not, see if you can get a witness to stay over there long enough to prove what she is doing.

      then report her to the landlord…and police for harassment.

      You also need to confront her about her pounding, and tell her to quit or you will file a complaint and have her moved… evicted..or arrested.

      I will pray for you, but you need to let that stupid woman know you will not tolerated her rude behavior….she is most likely some kind of witch, so you can tell her you are pleading the blood of Jesus over you, for peace, and her, for her repentance and salvation. and to get the demons out of her.

  143. Hello Marianne
    Rembert McGruder here 🙂
    You asked me question that I just have to answer. You asked: Do I regret hurting the person. NO! I didn’t hurt anyone. Me and my crew worked every weekend for six weeks, 12 hours per-day for them and 16 hours for myself. I was honest at my job and I spent more time there then with my family, as a matter of fact I have lost my relationship with my oldest daughter and third to the oldest because I missed gratudation and open houses for them because the company would not let me have leave time for the events without being fired. I had had to listen to my Boss who is Indian, talk about how Jesus Christ was a good man , but thats all he was. I set for years listening to how people sex lives went over the weekend. Now the young lady in question had only been with the company to two weeks and wanted the weekend off to see her other boyfriend who was in the mailitary, while she courted two other gentalmen in the factory. I had to jump on her about teasing the men in her company class room, it was so bad the intructor came to me complaining. Yes I said what I said, I repent and it wont happen again. I made American Woodmark millions getting thier quaility up to spec, thier people where they were suppost to be. Teaching them what they were suppost to know. And I am hurt that some little teenage girl comes off the street and starts sleeping with one of my enemies and they team up to get me fired. Up until that day, I was the guy people in the factory asked to pray for them. I spent many days in, out of the way places, with people praying with them. No one even cared that I had a two year old and a new born on the way. I feel like trash! They were telling jokes and I gave in a commented.

    Now what I do regret is bring shame to Christ, my Wife and my family. And I know that every minute of every hour, Gods ways are the right ways and to the best of my ability I will hold those ways and not shame him again.

    • hi rembert

      I am sorry to hear you went through all this. satan is in the workplace now, and it seems like everywhere we turn as well.

      How are you doing now? Have you found another job yet? Can you get some government assistance?

  144. No maam, American Woodmark is blackballing me. I’m the guy that knows all thier processes, policies, colors, mixtures, styles and QA specs. They are working very hard to make sure that I don’t work again. I put in for a job at Dollar General and before I got off the computer they had sent me an E-mail telling me that they were not intrested in hiring me. I have been put on a virtual sexual offenders list. It is really crazy, I have never seen anything like it. I tried to go back to collage at Ivy Tech. I went to class this past Monday, left came home and the Collage had sent me two E-mail stating that I had dropped my classes. I wrote them saying I had done no such thing, that I was in class Monday. I got another E-mail from them today stating that I was actualy dropped for none payment. I wrote back that my Financial Aid has been processed, how could I be none payment? No reply, just dropped. They say it was my fault that I got fired so I cannot collect unempoyment, we have been living off the Grace and God and my 401K, that money was stollen out of my account by Direct TV, they actually said that I had a six hundred dollar television bill and refuse to refund my money. Now we are trying to get to tax time. Oh and you and the other Brother&Sisters really not going to believe this: My wife landed a job at McDonalds, the food stamp office and Medicad told her if she took the job they would drop us from both programs! Reason? The job paid twenty cents over menimum wage….We were both just floored! She had to call McDonalds back and turn the job down, so now she is setting around depressed.

    I don’t mind stating I need to see the power of God right now. I don’t wish it, dream it…I need it.

    And think you for listening, praying and responding, just that has been a blessing.

  145. Hi Marianne. I came across your blog site few days ago and I have been reading some of your articles. They are very helpful. My Christian journey started over a year ago and I have been in various strange things. I am not sure if I am under witchcraft, possession or what but there are many doors in my life that opened to the power of darkness. I lived a very sinful life and it was only for the past year/months that I realized how my life has been in darkness and gone astray. For more than a year now, I have been battling with chronic insomnia and anxiety, which I can say has helped me to examine myself and to keep my faith in the Almighty God and the Lord Jesus. I have been reading the Bible as well. Somehow, I am at peace as compared to previous months. Long story but I won’t be posting them here.

    I beg you to please include me and my family in your prayers. I believe in the power of prayers of the faithful. I don’t know where I can email you but in case you see my email address, can I ask a favor to hit me back where I can email you my name? And maybe other information as well as what I am going through. Thank you so much and God bless you for your kindness.

  146. Hi Marianne. Thank you so much for your reply and your encouragement and comforting words. I sent you a message. It’s quite long (please have patience on my long message). Thank you for your prayers. Blessings to you.

  147. Please pray for me Im breaking up out of a abusive relationship… I have exposed my father n law he has a drug operation and ties to mexican mophia they dont have anything on God He also beat my husband as a child beyond help sadly…

    • dear lindalu

      I am so sorry to hear of this abusive situation. You have my prayers for safety, provision, protection and the presence of God to help you recover.

  148. please pray for me. open my future mother-in law to approve me as her daughter in law.i really love my boyfriend and i pray my boyfriend will love me forever and we are meant to each other. fill my mother in law love for me, please take away all the pain from our heart. i know me and my boyfriend are meant to be. we love each other so much.

  149. Please pray my Husband and I are blessed with a healthy beautiful baby.we had been trying for a while i got pregnant last year but we lost are wonderful blessing at 8weeks.we are so redy to start a beautiful family please pray for us it would really mean alot to us.Thank You

    • dear CClyne

      That is a very sweet prayer request. I will put you on my prayer list for the blessing of a child and a happy family. You both sound like perfect parents.

  150. Please pray for me. I beleive my significate other is encountering a negative spirit and I don’t know what to do. I try to be as positive as I can be but there is always negative energy around. I just want this negative spirit to go away. Is there a prayer I can say to get it out?

  151. Hello, I just want to thank you for all the wonderful prayers on your website, I say them every morning. I need prayer for my husbands repentance and salvation along with my 3 children. Thank you so much. God bless you carol

    • hello carol

      thank you for the nice note. everyone who comes to this site is a blessing to me. May your prayer needs for your husband come true soon and quickly.

  152. Please for me and my marriage…..I lost a baby and having deep depression panic attacks…..lots of money problems. Sometimes ihave wished not to wake up……my husband and I are seperated and my heart hurts soo very badly ……………..thank u……leah bradbury

    • dear leah

      I am so deeply sorry to hear of your losses. Do not give up.

      I will pray for the restoration of your marriage, and the healing you need after losing your baby.

      Please understand that the world is getting spiritually dark, and your baby was spared the evil to come. he is in heaven now waiting for you to come.

      • Thank you I feel so alone in a scary world…….thank you for your response and thank you you for praying for my marrige to get back together…he cried when the baby died and please pray for my money struggles as well…………..thank you leah btradbury

  153. I can’t figure out how this works but here is some of my story. I have been struggling for quite some time. I left an 18 year marriage due to affairs, mental and verbal abuse. It has been over a year that I have tried to get a divorce. I have been dealing with domestic violence that will not stop and is only getting worse. I feel like my entire life is crippled by him and I have been praying for God to save me. He has isolated me from loved ones and continues to try to isolate me from friends and family. He uses the court and legal system and money to control my life. He abuses the 50/50 split in minor children finances to disable me financially by purchases unnecessary clothing items. He lies to my children and manipulates my children to get to me. When I find some one that supports me he pushes them out of my life. I had a best friend that he sent threatening texts and harassing phone calls. He would verbally threaten her well being when speaking to me. House break ins,destroyed property, tires, key broke of in key hole, personal items stolen. He makes verbal threats to kill me and my children when no one else is around. When I can’t take it emotionally and briefly break down he makes me look unstable. I can go on and on with story after story. Recently, I got a boyfriend that is in the law enforcement field and we had to end our relationship because my ex set out to destroy his life. He made up accusations of threats from my boyfriend to him and my ex boyfriend may have to go to court. I had to let this man go because my ex was affecting the well being my boyfriend, his family and his career. He continues to threaten me without anyone to witness or any proof. He continues to use my children to hurt me. I have prayed to God and shed many tears but this is making me weaker and weaker. I do not want to live my life this way for the rest of my life. I do not want this to change the person I am. I feel alone and isolated and beyond help. My life, my relationships, my career, and my children have all been affected by his actions and this cruel form of domestic violence. I could fill a book with everything he has done. Please dear God intervene and make things right for everyone. Forgive me for my sins. sh

    • dear sh”

      get a restraining order against him, and file papers for harassment and abuse. with all the people who have been involved, you must have ONE witness to all this. your ex boyfriend should be able to be a witness.

      it sounds like you need a lawyer, so consult one.

      also contact social services and tell them you are a victim of domestic violence. they should be able to do something also

      you will feel better when you start to fight back.

      In the meantime, you have my prayers for recovery and protection from this sociopath .

      • It is getting closer to the court date and I have been fighting back and I hope I am fighting back hard enough. I still have a substantial amount of preparation that needs to be done by this weekend. Me, my children, and my family/friends need prayers for peace and healing. I still hope that I can establish a life with the man that I now still consider my boyfriend because we would like to carry on a relationship. His moral values and kindess shines through as he has stood by me and supported me. His whole life has been put at risk just because of his love and support for me. His character is that of human being that deserves respect regardless of my relationship with him. My soon to be ex-husband won’t allow peace not matter what it is doing to his children and everyone that is involved in our lives. I pray that Jesus through God intervenes to bring the best possible results and intervene to bring peace and love to our lives. God knows my sins but he also knows my heart. Please pray that carries me through to a peaceful life with my family and loved ones. I need the strength to make it through this rough time and the strength to make the right decisions for me and my family. Please let God see through my soon to be ex-husband and carry me and my loved ones through harm and hurt. I pray for no more emotional pain for all and peace with God for all. Just when I think I can’t carry on anymore I pray but I need prayers to surround me. If it is possible for God to change the ways of my soon to be ex-husband then so be it and bring peace. If my soon to be ex-husband is uncapable of doing right and uncapable of remorse for his actions I pray God stops this evil and brings me and my loved ones peace. With sincerity and faith in my heart dear God please help me and I also pray that everyone joins me in this prayer. Jesus name we pray Amen.

        • dear sh

          I agree with you in Jesus name. Go in the confidence of the Lord, and know that whatever does not get resolved in court, god will handle personally at his sovereign appointed time.

  154. Please pray for Brayden from Washington. He is 4 and has been diagnosed with leukemia 2 days ago, (04-29-2013) He is very brave boy. Today he is undergoing his first bone marrow transplant. He and his family need all the prayers they can get at this point.
    He is the son of a friend of mine. The family is in panic mode right now. Fathers name is Steve and Mothers name is Melissa, There are also 2 older children. The family needs prayers as well so they can remain strong for little Brayden. Thank you!

    • dear Julie

      Little Brayden certainly has my prayers. I am adding him, his parents and the other children to my prayer list. God is a healer, and he does work through doctors, as well as healing directly. this may be a short, or a long process. Tell the family not to give up, but to pray and keep trying. And to give Brayden a little hug for me.

  155. I’m so upset I caught my husband in ahotel room with another woman. My heart is so broken we have been married since 97 and he was the love of my life I hurt sooooo bad I just wanna go to sleep and never wake up I’m in such shock I don’t know what to do……please pray for me I really need it…..m

  156. please pray for me I’m so hurt I found him my husband in ahotel room with anotther woman I’m sooooooo hurt and I can’t stop crying I thought we would be together forever and I caught him in so many lies…..please help me my heart hurts so bad……I just wanna die…my name is leah bradbury and my email adress is thank u

    • dear leah

      I know you are hurt right now. I will pray for your emotional healing.

      But this was something God allowed you to see, so that you would not continue with a man who was not worthy of you. If you had not found out, you would have been hurt even more later.

      Take time now for yourself, and get alone with God. Tell God what is on your heart, and let him heal you. There is someone much better God has for you, and when you are ready , you will meet him.

      but let us also pray that he repents, and sees his sin, and possibly this marriage can be mended.

  157. Hi my mame is leah bradbury and my husband name is daxland shaw I kept my maiden w ccname. I was told thath witch craft and dark magic was put on our marrige to destry it and break ua apart. I already wrote to u about him cheating on me and how we are both broke we both have one foot on the street and we are I differant states I got stuck and we

  158. please I am asking for prayer for witchcraft to be taken off of our marriage. I was told by several people that there are people who don’t want us together and that dark magic was put on our marriage and finances…..even a friend that ha s aphsic gift told me that witchcraft was put on us by peoeople who do not want us to be together….my name is leah bradbury and his name is daxland shaw I kept my maiden name .I’m askig for help to gt all this bad dark magic off us.he has repented for cheating on me and we do want to be together pleasese help thank. U…..oh we both are in other states and can’t afford to et to each other…at one time we both had our own place and a acar and jobs…then all a sudden all yhis bad stuff startes happening and a whole lot of people keep telling me witch craft …I don’t know whhat to do I never messed with any kind of stuff like that so I don’t know anything aboout how it gets on u or off..thank u for listening to my story

  159. Please, can you pray for me, my husband, my children, and my brother and his family? I am terribly lost and broken. Horrible, horrible things have happened, and it may be God’s will, if so, please pray for us to have strength to bear these things, if not, can you tell me what we should pray. I must admit I am not a perfect woman. I am a Christian but I have lost my way at times. I have been a good and faithful wife and mother, a loving friend, sister, and daughter. I am kind and generous with gifts from God of high intelligence and artistic ability. I am guilty of being bad tempered at times though I quickly regret this. I am guilty of sleeping with several men before marrying my husband, him being one of them. I love and am faithful to my husband and always have been. I am the best of a mother that I can be. I occasionally drink, though not to excess. I am guilty of abusing many drugs, not recently, but I have enjoyed cocaine and speed, and feel sometimes a pang of craving, though much less. I am guilty of saying bad language in anger at times.
    I went to college and have always worked hard, and did my best. I am a registered nurse. My husband and I own a small business. We have always been hard working and honest. My dad who died last year married a woman who pretends to be very Christian but has done bad things. She was mean to my dad and wouldn’t let him come and stay with me, or move near….would not let us spend time with each other, subjecting him to needless surgeries. Threatened us to not fight her. Stuck him in the rest home. I offered to break him out, but he said do not make trouble with her. When he died we found she had stolen a lot of property and money from dad and us. She did tell us if we came at her we would be sorry and lose everything. She served me and my brother with papers that we were to sign saying we wouldn’t take it to court. But we did. I discovered she uses an alias and her supposed dead husband and kids are alive but she deserted them almost forty years ago. They did not know she was alive.
    She pretends to be a Christian and has talked in tongues and stuff but she is a liar and thief. She has turned everyone against me and my brother from lying and giving them money. Even with proof of perjury, fraud etc, maybe bigamy….after a year my lawyer says we may as well give up, he doesn’t want on their bad side.
    I have gone from working full time plus a second job, to I fell and tore my self up and cannot walk hardly. This is in one and a half years. I have to take pain meds, and was to have surgery, but now I have contracted a bad infection called MRSA. I have passed this to my husband and we are both ill. We are losing our business that was successful not long ago. We will likely be sold out, and will lose a lot. We love our business and are devastated. We will probably lose our home, which I had already paid off. I am in constant pain, we are sick, and lost. My brother has suffered financially as well. Thankfully he is physically well.
    I can’t have surgery til I heal from MRSA. My husband has it too.
    I think this lady is so mean, with such hate to us, she has practically cursed us or something. I do not know. Every day it seems things get worse. At times in despair and pain I’ve contemplated suicide.
    Please I know my email is so long, and I thank you if you read it, but can you pray for us to heal from our illness, pain, and losing everything? I am so afraid and tired. Please for our peace of mind as well, and the ability to forgive because this hate is more than I can bear. I am losing myself inside, and the gentle part of me is turning cold

    • Michelle

      your step mother is a jezebel witch. In secular terms, she is a sociopath, and predator.

      she is on her way to hell, and it does not matter what she claims about herself. god knows the truth….there is also a demonic counterfeit form of tongues, so it appears that is what she has…..

      the damage she has done is over, there is nothing you can do now about it. you will just stress yourself out trying to reverse what she has done.

      so focus on getting better.

      did the doctor’s indicate how much longer you have until the MRSA is healed?

      it looks like illness caused the financial issues, so I will pray that the illnesses and also the finances have a turn around and improve.

      do not despair or give up. it says in the bible that the devil would wear out the saints, and that is what you are experiencing. the lord is coming soon.

      this whole world is going downhill, and many are having issues like you have, so do not feel alone, or that in some way, you have failed. you have not. you are just living in a sick, fallen world.

      as for this witch you have had to contend with, feel free to hate the evil spirit which rules her, but do not hate the host it live in.

      god will be your reward. we are all leaving this earth soon, and the material things will no longer be needed, so do not fret about them. just each day, give thanks for what you have, ask god to bless and heal you, and tell him you love him, and need to feel his love….

      do not give up… you are going to be ok.

    • Thank you for your prayers. Things are improving, yet slowly. But they are better. My husband’s infection turned out not to have MRSA in it. I healed well enough to have my knee replaced. It was very painful but I expected it and worked hard to regain mobility. Unfortunately about ten days after, I guess my coumadin I was on was too much, and I began to leak blood and serous fluid into my knee, upper calf, and thigh clear up to my hip! My pain was intense….much more than with the replacement, and I was admitted to the small local hospital for pain control over the weekend as it began suddenly on Saturday. Oral medicines including Vicodin, Valium, percocet, flexeril, etc provided no relief and I was out of my mind with pain, losing consciousness even once briefly. I screamed, cried, and begged for death, finally iv morphine provided a bit of relief, but I suffered badly until Monday when I saw my surgeon who removed my staples and attempted to aspirate this blood and fluid unsuccessfully. I was readmitted to the large hospital and it was decided the following day my knee would be scoped and the painful swelling released. There was concern I was not clotting well enough, but my surgeon said no, she has suffered enough, I was given vitamin k. What a miserable wait lol! From the prior afternoon, I hadn’t eaten or drank, and the realization I wouldn’t until after the surgery was not pleasant. I suffered a bit with hunger and a growling stomach, but mostly thirst, by 5 pm right before my surgery I begged anyone near for an ice chip to cool my tongue. I hadn’t known to drink a bunch ahead, but my surgeon felt like it ought be done that day, and not to wait, because of the way it was swollen and the severe pain. When I woke, I was blessed with almost total pain relief! Sure I’m sore, but not like that, it is easily tolerated with being careful and small doses of painkillers. We have found a buyer for our business (we hope please keep praying for us) he is very interested and I think will do well. I decided to place our farm ground upon the market. It is presently in escrow, selling quickly. The proceeds will be split by my brother and I, hopefully our life will be a little easier. I realized I never wanted to live that near our dad’s wife again anyhow. My husband and I plan to work at our small antique business we are making. We look forward to being able to spend time with those who matter, avoid those who don’t, and enjoy a simple quiet life. I pray often that we will be okay and I will heal. I thank God for freedom from the worst pain I’ve ever endured. Once again there is sorrow..our son’s best friend drove drunk, rolled, and paid with his life. He was 19. What a world.

  160. May I please call upon any willing people to pray for our Family?
    My name is WendyG and I was born in SA and lived there for 30 years. I moved to the USA in October 2002 when I moved to the USA to marry Ray.

    My Husband- Ray, Children- (BJ, 6 years old in August and Gregory- 2 years old in August) and I (Wendy)- are going through quite a serious crisis in our lives. Our Youngest was born with his Frenulum (underneath the tongue) needing to be trimmed and was diagnosed late. He also has a high palate. The two problems caused him to not nurse properly- and caused him to have weight gain issues. He ended up having a feeding tube for 6 weeks and was hospitalized for nearly a week. He gained back his weight- but lagged behind again and the dr. blamed me for it. Long story short- I have had a restraining order against me for nearly 6 months- partly because of this. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will urge and convict my Husband to want to have the TRO removed- so we can start to put our lives back together. I miss them all terribly and this is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I long to hold my LOs and reassure them of my love for them. BJ will be 6 years old in a few months and Gregory will be 2 years old a few days before BJ’s Birthday. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will saturate and cleanse Ray of all the animosity that currently fills his heart with bitterness. May he and we reach One Accord, Agreement, Concord, Harmony and Peace in Our Savior- who is Christ, our Lord- the Only Hope for Anything and Everything wrong with this world.

    My Husband- Ray, is in deep need of a suitable job (mostly driving)- and we desperately need a home of our own- soon. We have been living with friends and his family for nearly 2 years. This has caused a lot of stress in our relationship. He was also unemployed for 3,5 years.

    To add to our situation- Ray and I did find some reconciliation for a time- and I think there might be another LO on the way. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will pour Himself out on Ray and saturate him with Godly Love. Ray is not allowing me to even see BJ & Gregory since Christmas Day.

    Colossians 3:12-19 Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord. Husbands, love your wives, and do not be harsh with them.

    Philippians 4:4-9 Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice. Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me—practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you.

    Dear Lord,
    I offer you this prayer, to help me with my current relationship situation. Please take away all the pain and hurt in my heart and especially Ray’s heart. Fill him with love, joy, patience, and understanding. Bless us- so that we may never surrender to whatever challenges that come our way: (TRO already in force for 6 months) and impending separation if Ray has his way- and the job opportunity You have intended for Ray. Our own home Fill our hearts with love for each other, and may You make each one of us realize each other’s worth. Please touch the heart of Ray, fill it with much love for me. Make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. I seek for your mercy and blessing that you may allow us to spend the rest of our lives with each other. Please make this feeling mutual for both of us. Lead us not into temptations. Guide us wherever we go. Always put us in each other’s heart and mind in a positive light.
    May we bestow upon one another forgiveness, trust, loving-kindness, faith, faithfulness, patience, joy, peace, gentleness and self control. May we be redeemed and transformed into who God wants us to be- being completely healed by the Holy Spirit Himself. Make of us New Creatures- with the former taken away.
    Please pull Ray so close to Your Bosom where he can feel Your Powerful Love enveloping and saturating his every pore and may all his anger and anguish be banished away.
    Bless us abundantly.
    Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer. I love you. Amen

    Prayer for a Friend O Lord, Please bless our relationship.
    Our relationship (Ray’s and mine) needs to be nurtured by Your steady soft rain of Love. There is a harshness in Ray’s heart that is ruining our Family. Please soften and incline and turn his heart toward mine. I long for our friendship to grow in Your grace. Please bless our relationship and marriage, and keep it holy at all times. Our Friendship is a gift from You, and we thank You. May our relationship always produce the fruits of the spirit. And may the soft rain of our friendship nourish one another’s hearts forever.

    Please shine your light upon my family (Ray, BJ, Gregory, and I- and our soon-to be Little One). Give us strength to overcome all of the difficulties that we are dealing with now (TRO and impending separation) and reunite us from the separation caused by these and the other problems we are facing- especially suitable employment for Ray and a home we can call our own. Please protect us and help us to find a solution to these issues and may our problems be as minimal as possible in the future.

    O Lord, please bring Ray and I together as we are meant to be. May the love that binds us only grow stronger as we fulfill the destiny you have laid out for us.
    Grant my family (Ray, BJ, Gregory and I) forgiveness for all sins we have committed. May we also forgive one another Lord, as it is sometimes difficult to do. Please give Ray a tenfold measure of love and forgiveness. Prepare him for the news of the LO.
    Bless us
    In your name I pray, Amen

  161. There was a time when my parents had integrity and fortitude, but in recent years they have become idle and are nowhere close to the Lord in spirit. Idolatry and wealth have increased and their awareness and conviction of sin has weakened. They are completely mind-dominated. They have been deceived by the false traditions of the Greek Orthodox church, its vain sacraments and compromised use of Scripture. They do not attend Church to worship God, but more as a masochistic duty betraying unconscious guilt. Their minds are numbed by the service, its interminable choir, praying for the dead and icons everywhere. I hurts me to admit that this is a Harlotrous church because i know how the Lord feels about this.
    Moreover, i know that they have unclean spirits in them, as evidenced by the sound of their snoring, anger and attachment to food, opinions etc… The Lord has given me a role to play in this, but i am unsure whether to separate from them completely and hope he can use me to help them later on. I cannot focus on him while all this business is happening around me and it has hindered my own spiritual development. I am trapped in the same darkness and have become lukewarm in my faith, unable to speak out for fear that it would make things worse. This is a sensitive issue because my two older siblings have very young children and they too are falling under the same curses because of my mother’s foolish tongue and clingy, controlling manner.

    • dear phyn

      do you live with your parents?

      the best thing you can do is find good written information and give it to them….maybe check a christian book store near you.

      knowledge is power, so they first have to have the correct information before they can compare their church experience to what the gospel is suppose to be.

      what you can also do is stop attending the church, if you have not already, and explain why

      be prepared for resistance and arguments.

      pray that the holy spirit opens their eyes, and shows them a better way.

      also do not submit to any form of control…state you will make your own decisions.

      remember, right or wrong, these parents and family are willing to devote themselves to something they have been taught is the right way, so you have to admire them for their faithfulness and commitment.

      at least they go somewhere, and do not stay home, completely rejecting God.

      they think they are honoring god by going to this church…

      .it shows, if they ever get the truth, which is much more interesting, not boring, and not oppressive, that they should become much more enthusiastic and happy for the change, and their life will improve greatly, and not seem so dark and “masochistic.”

      where the Spirit is, there is liberty, and they need the spirit of god to guide them

      if you live there, set a good example…..find some happy gospel music, buy some good christian books on faith, bring in some born again friends….try to liven the place up.

      in the meantime, be patient and pray against all mind blinding spirits, and ask the holy spirit to come into their lives and show them the real Jesus.

      also…print out this prayer and say it each day ….

      I will be in agreement with you.

  162. Thank you Marianne. I will pray that prayer every day, and yes i left the Church. The spirit has shown me several things in dreams, but i have recently driven him away because of indecision and opposing spirits. He has shown me that i am blind and warned that he will come like a thief in the night. I am for anything that changes the status quo 🙂

  163. Yes please pray for me and my husband to be able to get past ihis cheating ways. He has repented and wants us to have a life together I want the same. I’m concerned that he might have asexual addiction and I’m asking you to please pray that evil off of him please please pray that he stop watching pornos and that we can make it together as husband and wife. We have been together since aug 97 I have a lot of my time and life invested in this marriage. His name is daxland shaw I kept my maiden name we also need prayer on finances we r both one foot on the street and we r in other states at the moment because we do not habe enough money to get to each other thank u very much and please I beg. Of u to pray all evil off of us and that we can please make our marriage work we talk everyday and we both want this marriage to work thank u so very much amen

  164. I need pray for my mom that she will feel better n the doctor can find what is wrong with her stomach n that I can have Patient with her

    • dear georgiana

      I will agree with you in prayer that the doctor will find out what is wrong with your mother’s stomach, and that the Lord will help the doctor heal her.

      god bless you.

  165. Hello my name is Dorcas, I am a single parent of three children. My husband died three years ago going on four. Sometimes I struggle being a single parent and being lonely is very hard. I ask God to give me strength in these areas. I want to take care of my children comfortably financially. I desire to go back to school to further my skills. I feel i am at a crossroads in my life and don’t know what to do. I am asking God for guidance and instruction. Pray for me in these areas on seeking God’s wisdom. I know that God is able because He has shown Himself approved.

    • dear Dorcas

      I am putting you on my prayer list for direction, blessings, and most of all God’s protection. You are alone, and will need God’s help to survive the destruction that is coming. this country is in serious trouble, and I get the impression you do not know about it. I really do not think you have time to go back to school, unless it is a short program.

      the economy will collapse, there are foreign troops here ready to take over for martial law, our rights are being taken away, and we are in imminent danger of civil war in this country, and world war 3 with Iran and Russia.

      Christians are considered top on the list for “domestic terrorists” and will be targeted and killed. there is also a large planet like body headed toward earth, and the government has build underground bases to survive it out west…up in the mountains. when it arrives, it will create tsunamis on the coastlines, so you need to get off the coast.

      you can best help your children by informing yourself, preparing for bad economic times, which even the government is doing, and finding allies that you can work with during disasters and civil unrest.

      there is a lot the liberal media will not tell you because it represents the government , not the people. go here and pick up actual news and inform yourself

      I am sending you a prayer to say over your family each day. print it out

      Your greatest advantage in all that is coming is that you depend on the Lord for his help. Man will fail you, but God won’t.

  166. Thank you Marianne, You are so right I believe we are living in the last days. Thank you for your encouragement and prayers. I am definitely putting my trust in God that is all I have. I am looking forward to the prayer you will be sending me to pray over my family. Thank you , I look forward to hearing from you again.

  167. Hi Marianne,

    I am Agnes. I am a nanny for newborns. So i work i people.s home. All these people are wealthy. At nights while caring for the babies there are lots of strange activities. So 2 days ago i told the parents what i observed, theu fired me today. Was i wrong in saying what i observef.

  168. I am a newborn nurse, so i work in private homes. At nights i see lots of strange activities. 2 nights ago the baby did not sleep, and strange noise an d shadows, someone was walking up and down. So i mentiond it to the parents, that they need tospeak to a Rabbi. They got offended and fired me. Was i wrong?

    • agnes

      no. you were not wrong, unless they are NOT religious, and took offense at mentioning a rabbi.

      are they jewish?

      are you jewish?

      if you are all jewish talking to a rabbi would make sense, but their behavior seems irrational. you were only making observations, and showing concern.

  169. I need to be added to your prayer list please … I’m getting ready for an upcoming test for my entrance in nursing school and seem to be very negative about me passing it , I have no confidence … I need guidance , it just makes me very irritable to think I won’t be accepted as soon as I would like.

    • courtney

      You are being put on my prayer list for success and self confidence.. If you have made it this far, you can make it the rest of the way.

      Most tests like that are focused on basic skills, like english and math. They want to make sure you will understand their instructions for giving out medicine.

      So just take a deep breath and study what you need to study. You are going to be ok.

  170. Hi,found you just today. Plesae pray for me ,or send me a prayer that i can use to free myself from debts,debts,debts.

  171. My daughter is 31 weeks pregnant I am worried cause she keeps going into labor. Please put brittany on a prayer list that harmony will be born healthy and my daughter will be ok too. Thankyou and god bless

  172. A friend of my sisters just found out she has cancer; there is no insurance,
    an she is a single mother. Her name is Sharon Griffith,please put her on your prayer list…. thank you

  173. Marianne please pray for my boyfriend to wise up and be a man to move forward in our relationship. We’ve been dating almost 5 yrs and in these 5yrs his family has done everything and anything to break us up. It’s insane. He’s 41 years old and they don’t want him to marry. They want him single forever. It’s a joke. Last year his mother got him a job truck driving over the road and like a wimp he took the offer. He left we never saw each other at all for 6 months. He made no money almost lost his house his grandmother was paying his mortgage. He came back the fall of last year more wise and more mature admitting to me he was wrong and made a mistake , said he had some soul searching to do. We’ve been much closer and they are apalled I’m still in the picture. Now a year later, they started applying for more out of state driving jobs and he actually had the nerve to go on an interview. He knows I made it clear if he leaves this time he’s done with me for good. Pray he will do the right thing be his own man, and make his own decisions and stop being brain washed by stupid fabricated pipe dreams. They are masters of maipulation with him and he can’t see it. Thank you.

    • josie

      I am putting your relationship on my prayer list for strengthening. He must be torn between earning a living and keeping you. He needs to make his own decisions, and not let his family do it for him.

  174. Please pray for my marriage my husband left me. We really need prayer plus we have family together a 3yr old girl and a baby on the way. I found out he has been seeing another woman we have been married almost 4 yrs I don’t want the devil to take my family away. His name is Francisco I will gladly appreciate it if we can get prayer for our family so god can restore our marriage back . Thank you

    • dear maria

      I am putting your marriage on my prayer list for restoration.

      In the meantime, I am sending you some small prayers about marriage.

      Print them out and say them each day and I will be in agreement with you.

  175. Maria: I want you to know I will keep you & your’s in my prayers. I was reminded while reading your request, “…with God all things are possible,” Mat 19:26. It also entered my heart, while reading, to tell you if you get discouraged along the way *wait*, there is a wonderful article here at heavenawaits that discusses the idea of being “passed over” or feeling forgotten by God, when often times He has things planned out so much better than we know, for us! In Isaiah 55:8, He tells us that His thoughts and His ways are not our ways. Hoping you might find some encouragement in there. Meanwhile, please know I am praying for you and all of your family, including Francisco! God bless you all.

  176. My husband lakron Scott need pray 4 deliverance 4 his drug problems.

  177. Need pray for addiction on drugs

  178. Please pray for me and my family and my neighborhood to remove a black cloud over my next door neighbor and rid them of selling drugs to kids Thank you

  179. Please pray for me to get my ex girlfriend back in my life.She should start loving me as earlier.

  180. Please add my situation to your prayer list. A long time ago, I created a soul tie with a man who is now heavily involved in witchcraft. I have asked God to break this soul tie just recently. His coven is now relentlessly trying to infiltrate itself back into our lives. Prior to breaking the soul tie, my husband was having visions in the night of shadow men trying to scare and hurt him. And we had a horrible string of bad things happening. Now those occurrences are gone, and we are trying to move on…but whatever powers and privileges this man had in the occult world must now be decreased as he is trying to spiritually infiltrate us once again. Please agree with me in prayer for God’s covering and protection and that this man (named Joel) and his coven would come to the knowledge of Christ and be saved. My husband and I are covered in the blood of Jesus but he is doing physical damage to our place of living and is drawing circles in our yard for ritual use. I need prayer warriors to agree with me in prayer for protection and for this man (Joel) to be saved and delivered from a lie and a life of bondage.

    • Deb

      I am sending you some prayers to print out and say each day. I will be in agreement with you.

      I am also sending a list of prayers to do an examination of conscience to be sure you have not missed anything that might keep the doors open to curses.

      Also, alert the neighbors and the police as to this threat and report them if you can. they have no right to trespass or damage property.

      also, get yourself a gun. that speaks loudly if they become more aggressive. and put a no trespassing sign in your yard

  181. I want to pray for a friend colleague. She has suffer from breast cancer five years ago. She went through operation, quimo and was cured. Now the cancer is back since February this year. She went through kimo medication and is still fighting the cancer. She is 51, has a husband who is taking care of her. Two children and a granddaughter of 6. She has a huge faith, and the desire to live. Although her sickness she is full of live. I ask for extra prayer for her as the kimo medication does not do the work anymore. She needs to be cured by our God, who’s the one who makes miracles everyday. Her name is Margarita Obispo-Hart. She is from the peaceful caribbean island Bonaire. Please take her health in your prayers so she may live for many more years. Many thanks. God bless you all.

  182. Thank you Marianne. I am thrilled with your answer. The cancer came back in her head. She’s gone throug an eye operation. But we will keep on praying. As only God has the power to heal her. May God blessed you, your family and all your readers. Once again thank you very much for putting Maragarita in your prayers. Have a nice day. Lydia.

  183. May God restore all virtue dispensed through you. I am praying for healing and perfectly suited home for me and my child. We have been living with family one whom shows Jezebel spirit at work. The Lord has silence the enemy Bless His Holy Name, we have assisted financially and spiritually to this household. We have been asked forcefully to leave, now since financially security to some members of this household. I am praying for financial freedom. Praise God for His faithfulness and your obedience.

    • dear grateful

      I agree with you in prayer to find a better place to live, and to have the finances to do it. You have been generous where you live, and I pray that God leads other generous people into your life that will help you start over.

      This is winter, so do not leave until you find a place. if they force you out with a child, you can report them to social services. In fact, I would contact social services for temporary help.

      I hope you find a place quickly.

      I am attaching a prayer for blessing. print it out and say it each day. I will be in agreement with you.

  184. Jamie and I are struggling financially due to his alcoholism he has been sober for more than a month we need prayer to keep him sober keep us strong and that we find our solution to our financial problems

    • tara and jamie

      You certainly have my prayer support. Jamie is very brave to tackle this problem. I pray God gives you both strength to continue so that you can get your finances and your health under control. And may God bless you both, for sticking it out together.

  185. dear Marianne where may i send a prayer request to you please or how may i contact you
    kind regards robert

    • robert

      sending you my email

    • Dear Marianne,
      Need prayers for my son who has been jobless since December 2012. Would appreciate your joining me lifting this situation before the Lord. I am sure that in this time of waiting God is directing all things according to his plan and purpose for his life. Thank you and God Bless

      • dear Maria

        You certainly have my prayers and support for your son. I have children also struggling, so I know how it is. I started adding jobless people to my prayer requests recently, since it is such a problem now.

  186. I pray for financial stability and independence. A job in my career that supports me financially. I pray that the right people come into my life who are able to guide me on the right path. Give me wisdom. And create a faith based and supportive community. I pray for a breakthrough

  187. Hi Marianne. I would like to put my name on your prayer list if it’s still possible??? Please pray for me to help my financial situation get better. I bought a hair and beauty salon in 2010 which got me into debts and i’m still struggling with it. I’m desperately trying to sell it but everyone come to view it but then nothing happens. It’s very stressful for me as I so want to sell it and get a proper job where I can get proper wages you know. Also my relationship with my husband is not going on well. It’s been 7 years now and I’m still trying to break free. I want to divorce but he is just a bully and harass me and every one he thinks I’m having an affair with, he is sick with jealousy and way to controlling, giving me a very hard time. He doesn’t want to move on im tired with this. He even tried to brainwash my daughter and now she hasn’t go any respect for me. It’s really sad. My visa expires this October and I so want to renew it to stay here. I want to settle here and make it a home for me and my daughter. Please pray for me to get my visa renewed. ..thanks so much and looking forward to hearing from you soon
    Kind regards

    • dear shabina

      I am so sorry to hear of your multiple problems. I will put you on my prayer list for finances, visa renewal, and either restoration of marriage or divorce, but somehow your husband’s behavior needs to be corrected. I will also pray that your daughter keeps a balanced view of your marriage situation. it is common for one parent to try to win the child to their side. It is not fair, but it happens, so be proactive and let her know your side too, and that you love her.

  188. I’m struggling with life problems caused by poor decisions. I’ve veered from god and need him now.

    • dear donnie

      Let us pray that God gives you wisdom to help reverse those problems and turn them into blessings. And let us pray that you seek God with all your heart, and you find the intimacy you need with Him.

      I will add you to my prayer list. read the bible every day, especially the will find good prayers in them.

  189. Oh bless! Yes I would love to be on your list of prayers. I’m really stressed out with my visa and everything. But I’m positive. Thanks Marianne xx

  190. Prayer list

    Please pray for my mother. She has lived a terrible life and she is now struggling with a mental disorder and epilepsy. I pray she is happy again one day. Please pray for my transportation to work and that my car gets me to work and back everyday. Also to doctors appointments. Please pray for my grandmother. She has early dementia and even though she has done a lot of wrong in her life, even toward my mom, I pray for her and her health. Please pray for me. Give me strength to make it through each day with confidence and knowledge. Please pray for my anxiety and depression. Please pray for my sister and my niece. Lastly, please pray for everything to be ok.

    • dear Jon

      Your family is blessed to have you to pray for them, and to ask for prayer.

      I will agree with you in prayer for healing, strength, reliable transportation, and encouragement in all you do and are attempting to do.

      you and your family are going to be ok. god knows all your needs even before you ask…..

  191. Please add me to your prayer list. Im trying to get a promotion at work that I really need. Thank you so much.

  192. My mother in law does not like me I dont know why shes against me I love her son and I stand by him through good and bad his in jail at this moment and all I do is stay home with her and talk to him when he calls collect I also go to his visits and every night I write a letter and send it the next morning to the jail I love him and im very faithful to him I dont disrespect my mother inlaw or family period I dont know why she does not like me please pray for all of us my name is victoria , her name is naomi,and my husbands name is gilbert . Thank you from the bottom of my heart I have lots of faith in god and belive that everything is going to be fine for our family

    • dear victoria

      It sounds like his mother is bitter, depressed, and angry because her son is in jail, and would be considered a failure in his life. she is taking out her frustrations on you…..try to point out his good points to her, and all her good points also, like how faithful she is to him, and how she is a strong woman to go though all this…and that you are lucky to know her…and you are willing to be supportive to her also. you all have my prayers.

  193. I need prayer for my mother in law she does not like me I dont know why im a sweetyoung lady Im In love with her son im with him in both good and bad times dont care im not materialistic he is in jail at this moment Im with her all day I help out in everything I respect her n her family I speak to my husband on a daily basis I go to his visits I write him a letter everynight and send them the next day as soon as sun comes up I dont understand what she has against me Ive grown to care for her Iand to be honest my mothet was never there for me so iveactually grown love towards her n iI look up to her like if she was my mother so it really hurts to know she does not like me please pray for us I belive in the lord with all my heart and im a woman of strong faith I belive that everything is going to be fine in jesus name but I also belive we need prayer to make us stronger n he could be released soon from jail in jesus name amen amen : )

  194. Please pray for my dear friend Brian, for direction and for the Holy Sprit to fill him with light and give his strength to let go of addiction and hate and live fully in Christ. Pray for Love to overwhelm him and show him the way the of the Lord so he can turn his eyes from the way of this desperate world. For his safety and for awareness but most importantly pray for his his soul to feel such strong hope that his weary downturn eyes can look up and see a way out of his suffering. He needs love like a storm to pour down on him and his 3 beautiful children Jillian, Conor, and Dean. Please pray for me to not let my want if a romantic relationship to interfere with my decisions around him. Please pray that the Lord give me strength to not become obsessed or over bearing. Pray that He moves in as in such a big way that even the Meth addiction we both struggle with will be trampled and our lives bd filled with live light and hope. Thank you so much! May god bless you greatly

    • dear meta

      I will put brian, his children, and you also, on my prayer list. I hope all you need comes through for you, and you have victory over every trouble that is coming at you.

  195. please pra for my wife shes 58 in a care home with extreme fast parinsonisom in grandvew manitoba

    • dear joan

      I am adding your wife to my prayer list…I know what you are going through…my mom had the same thing….wishing you strength and healing.

  196. Please pray for my son Chris that he doesn’t go to jail on April 21, 2014. That he is freed from his addiction and finds God.

    • dear margaret

      my heart goes out to you. I will put chris in my prayers. I do not know what will happen, but I pray that the Lord goes with him to court.

      I pray that chris be delivered from his addiction, which is a terrible thing, and I know it causes you great stress.

      so I also pray for you to have the strength to hold on, as god deals with chris.

      let us agree together that chris finds god and gets saved soon.

      I am sending you a prayer for salvation for loves ones. print it out and say it each day. modify it as you see fit

  197. im asthma patient plz pray for me recovery

  198. Thank you Marianne. I am going to let go and let God.

  199. Dear Marianne I’m not from an english speaking country but i hope you can understand what I’m trying to say. I’m preparing for some exams for jobs at the moment. And they’re held only twice a year. I failed them both last year, but i was pretty close in the last one. At first i was happy because i knew i was almost there, but then fear crept into my mind and now I’m afraid of taking any further step. And it seems like every time i sit down and try real hard to engage in studies, there’s always something that gets in the way and then I get all distracted. I don’t know if it’s from God or from the enemy. Please pray for me that the Lord grant me the courage that I’ve been asking for so long to carry on, for He has not given us a spirit of timidity. Also pray that i stay close to God so that i know what is from God and what is not and may He talk to me and reveal Himself to me every time i study His word. Last but the most important is that if God has something better for me, may I surrender to His will and let go and thank Him for closing doors. May I choose to confront every difficulty through Christ and with Christ, instead of running away from them. May I know He is always in control in the midst of the storm. May I stop telling God how big is my problem, but instead do tell my problem how great is my God. Thank you so much, Marianne.

    • dear vera

      I will add you to my prayer list for clearness of mind so you can take your tests. You are just nervous. I can understand why since the last time you did not do well.

      sometimes tasks, situations and tests in life really are hard, and we do fail a few times before we get it right.

      so just keep trying.

      you also do not have to limit yourself, because as you said there might be something better for you…..

      but realize that taking this test is good discipline for you…. you are training your mind, for that or for something else….and this discipline will help you no matter what you do.

      do your best, and know that it will all be for the good

      let me know how the test goes…if you pass or not

      • Dear Marianne
        Thank you for praying for me and for my exams. The exams were over now and I am waiting for the results to come in mid Sept. The exams lasted for five days. Each day God gave me His Word and it helped so much for me to keep pressing on, honoring Him and praising Him even though I’m so scared by the exams. God gave me powerful words throughout that five dreadful days. I knew I wouldn’t have made it without Him speaking to me.
        I used to have so many negative thoughts repeated in my head, and that’s why I’m so scared about the exams and not being able to move forward and thought that I would stay where I was forever. But now I know negative thoughts will not help me prosper (and it’s definitely from the enemy to keep me from my destiny) and I know that I serve the most high and supernatural God. So now I am expecting the downpour of His favors and blessings. And I will keep practicing exercising and releasing faith.
        Please pray for me that I will continue exercising faith, declaring and believing God even if I don’t see anything happening.
        Thank you Marianne. And I believe everything bad that’s ever happened to me, God will work it all out for my good. And I am sure I will bring you wonderful news real soon in Jesus’ name! God bless you too. 🙂

        • dear vera

          I am glad to hear you have passed this milestone, and the exams are over. I pray you have done well, and can proceed on to what god wants you to do next.

  200. Hi Marianne, I’m a big fan of your page and love the prayers on it. Please add me to your prayer list for protection against demonnic influences and success in my business. Can you also prepare a prayer I can say frequently. You see I have a business which was doing fine but suddenly sales have dropped drastically. I don’t feel this is normal because I noticed the sales dropped after my Samsung Tab was stolen from my shop. It contains alot of my business information. I feel that there may be demonic influences working against my businesx or perhaps some envious or jealous people that are attacking it. Ihave tried to think of whom I might have offended, but nothing comes to mind. Thank you.

    • dear rosemary.

      I do not see how the samsung tab would affect sales. I could see how someone might get banking information and take money from your account, so maybe you should notify your bank, change passwords, etc. I would discuss the technological problems with someone more knowledgeable.

      It could have just been a theft. If it was someone you knew, then you first have to think, is there anyone you know that would wish you harm? If yes, then maybe something more sinister is going on.

      I will put you on my prayer list for success and protection. I pray that things turn around for you, but also watch the signs of the times. people are predicting the collapse of the dollar, and the economy, so that could be having an influence also.

  201. Please pray for a friend named Danette. Involved in “white” witchcraft. Been witnessing to her and praying for her daily- she is fighting God’s conviction with every ounce of her soul. She is now beginning to enter into the Lesbian lifestyle. Please agree with me in prayer for her salvation, deliverance, and that she would repent and come to God. I need prayer partners to agree with me on this one. Also pray for her friends Michelle, Jennifer, and Elizabeth all of which are encouraging her on the wrong path. Pray that God would reveal Himself to them and that they would accept Christ and turn from their wicked ways.

    • dear prayerwarrierforthelost

      I am adding Danette to my prayer list to be delivered from witchcraft…..also lust, since the others are enticing her.

      I am sending you a prayer against witchcraft you can use as a guide to pray for her. I use this all the time.

      also, continue to use action + faith with her……talk to her and tell her that lesbianism is demonic, and it will put her in bondage.

      and also that white witchcraft is a deception….no witchcraft is good, since it is based on controlling others.

  202. Hi my name is suriya, my husband pravish has been having an affair with a girl sarisha he now is living with his parents. I still love him n want him 2 come back home I need prayer, he is very cold towards me and doent even care 4 our 9 year old son, my email no longer works, can u please contact me via wats app 0734771452

    • dear suriya

      Adultery always destroys a marriage. My heart goes out to you.

      Do you have family support? if yes, get your parents and family to talk to him and his parents. Have them support you and the marriage, to have it healed, and fro him to see what he has done is wrong.

      In the meantime, mix action with faith and prayer. I am sending you some prayers for restoration of marriage and strength. I am also sending some prayers against witchcraft , in case the girl has bewitched or seduced him.

      print out these prayers and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you. if possible, have your family pray with you also.

      I am in america. so it is too expensive to call. do not give up, just keep in prayer.

    • I just emailed you, but the email address did not work. contact me again with your correct information.

  203. Heavenly greeting Marianne,great sevant of the living God,i am from south africa,a poor man of 3 childring&God fear man,unemplyement,struggling&when i say struggling i mean the waist keen of struggling,i mean just to have R100 in my hands is a miracle,i have been sending cv’s&go seeking jobs for almost 12years now without answer,i 32years old now who can hear me,now that i am old,i have nothing in my name,my family making promises to help&turn to disappoint me,i feel lost,please prayer for financial miracle for me just to write for driving liences,that may send someone with R130 000,just to change our life,please contact me on +27747344739 my email may have a problem,

    • dear mr thabo

      I will put you on my prayer list for financial help from God…also, you need to find out why it has been 12 years with no jobs. there is a problem you need to correct, and I pray you find out what this is and fix it.

  204. Please add me to your prayer list. On several ocassions I dreamt of getting lost and not knowing where I was going. also I had a dream about me and my daughter getting shot by soldiers, we didn’t die but we weren’t allowed to pass. I had another dream that my son was shot. I didn’t know where the bullet came from. Nurses came and as they were about treating him I woke up . I also dreamt as I was trying to pass a road bush thorns started dragging my clothes I tried passing another road and the same thing happened I couldn’t pass then I woke up. Also my husband has been in uk for the past nine years and all efforts to get work permit has met with brick wall. God. bless you

    • dear sister mercy

      It seems like your subconscious is warning you of the riots, dangers, obstacles, and martial law to come. I know it will affect the USA but it also may affect your country also. this may be associated with the pending economic collapse in the western world, and anything connected to the american dollar…and possibly some other western currencies.

      where is your husband trying to go to work? visa for which country?

      usually one has to identify the job somehow and get proof from the employer to show cause for a work visa.

      I pray you get the work and help you need.

      prepare for the worst, but pray for the best and God’s protection and provision.

      I will add you to my prayer list for financial help as well as God’s protection

  205. Please pray for me. I got a felony on my record for some I was force to plead guilty too. This has cause me to shut down from good jobs I know that I deserve. Well since I occurred the felony I went to school And got two master degrees and I just received a letter in the mail with acceptance to NURSING SCHOOL. I always wanted to be a nursing and I have mad it this far with not being able to work for 7 year Ans being dog out by my husband living off my school money . can you imagine living in fear like that . well I wasn’t going to take the abuse anymore so I applied for nursing school And I’m going and I WILL PASS TOO!!!

    • dear angela

      I wish you the best in nursing school. be alert there for both good and bad people. pray before you go to school each day, but don’t tell them you are christian. you have my prayers for success

  206. i need a prayer on witchcraft attacks for me and my fiance I need him to commit only to me and stop distructions tha are delaying our wedding to take place like and end his affairs with his co worker as well as my family back home and for us to be free of bondages

    • caroline

      I would delay a wedding until this problem is fixed. I would also reconsider marrying him, since he is having affairs, and is not faithful to you. It indicates that he is not really in love with you.

      I am sending you some prayers against witchcraft, and for resolution of a bad relationship. print them out and say them each day.

  207. Dearest Marianne, I need to be on your prayer list. I have been unemployed since March of this year, everytime I get an interview I just get passed over for lack of experience. I wish to go back to college and finish my associates degree however my intelligence towards mathematics is very low this has always been a problem for me your prayer for me to have that high intelligence come to me will be greatly appreciated. I have been praying for a miracle from God but I don’t think my prayers alone are working in my favor please help me in prayer I truly need this.

    • dear elena

      I will put you on my prayer list. for education, success in getting a job, and to win favor with others. I also pray that god will help you with math. that is a hard subject for many people, so choose your field of study carefully so that not too much math is required.

  208. Hi Marianne, my name is Dorcas
    I need prayer for a job so that I can pay my bills and take care of my family. I am also need healing from high blood pressure and getting my sugar levels under control. the doctor is already saying I am diabetic and I do not want the doctor to put me on insulin. I also want to pray for my three boys. One son wants to go back to school, the other needs total healing on his left hip from hip surgery,that his hip would be strengthened and strong so he can walk completely before he goes back to school. And my other son from asthma and eczema. I really appreciate this website. Thank you for your prayers in advance. You are on my prayer list also. I am praying for your ministry. Thanks again.

    • dear Dorcas

      I am sorry to hear you have so many issues going on. You have my prayers.

      I have heard that chromium picolinate and vanayl sulfate help with sugar levels.

      Maybe you could check with a health food store and get some advice about dietary supplements to take to help regulate sugar and insulin.

      there are also special diets you can go on to help….if you are older you would have type 2 diabetes, which is diet controlled….not type 1, which is insulin dependent.

      I also will pray that your sons get better and achieve an improvement in health, so they can enjoy and live their young lives without complications.

  209. I have a commited relationship with my partner from 2012,now he only found out about his son from varsity years,because the parents of that lady never wanted him to know,so his mom doesn’t want him to marry me except that lady,but he told them he can’t as his life is with me now but he can take care of his son.Now his mom threatened not to welcome me as she will marry the other lady and that this guy is on his own now.He wants us to be together but concerned about their relationship with his mom and sister,I asked him to make them happy by doing what they want for his peace sake,and they had no problem with me before as I was there for him through the stroke,doing his administration,and he is 43 yrs
    Please help

    • dear cathy

      He is 43 years old, and is old enough to make up his own mind. He need to tell his mother to butt out of his affairs, and let HIM handle it. he can do this in a nice way, but he needs to be very firm.

      it is obvious that if he and the other woman had wanted to get married, they would have done this a long time ago….just because there is a child does not mean the parents love each other and should be together.

      they can have a positive relationship over the child, and he can marry you.

      his mother needs to stop pushing him around….and he needs to tell her to let him handle this…..she can still be his mother, but SHE is the one who needs to grow up….

      I can understand the reason she wants to reunite him with a past relationship, but it is over, and she should not threaten him into submission to her to keep an old girlfriend. I think she wants this old relationship so she can be close to the child as well.

      talk to your boyfriend, and tell him he will just have to be firm with his mother because she should not use threats to get her own way…..and she should look forward to new children that may come out of the new relationship.

  210. Please pray for my family. We are going through a bad time. My grandmother, whom my mom and I gave up 6 years of our life to care for her went into a nursing home straight from the hospital without even telling us. She got EVERythjng she needed plus more here. She was always very mean to my mom and I ever since my mom was 12. She let her get sexually abused and did nothing about it at the age of 15. My mom tried to please her and all she wanted was to be loved. My mom developed epilepsy (stress induced) at the age of 13 till 16 and do they came back in 2008 when we started caring for her again aftr my pap passed. We did the right thing. I just don’t understand all this and don’t know how my mom and I will make it through. Please pray for us. (Gina, Jon, Cathy, Jess, addy).

    • dear jon6730

      I am putting you on my prayer list but I have to clarify what the need is now.

      your grandmother is now in a nursing home. since she was mean to your mom, this is a good thing. she is out of your way.

      your mom had epilesy at 13-16….are you saying that her seizures have some back?

      If yes, then just do your best to help your mom, and make sure she gets some medicine. keep a calm environment for her. she has suffered a long time, and now it is time for her to have some peace.

      you are good children…spend time giving her love and help. you are a blessing to her….and pray for her she will feel better.

      attached is a prayer for healing, print it out and say it each day. I will be in agreement with you.

  211. Hello, this prayer is for Marie Ripert who has cancer. The doctors sent her home to. arrange her affairs. I am currently helping her with natural medicine. I would like for God to forgive her and help her to forgive others so she can heal. I know God as being the number one Doctor and HEALER. I would like for God to also help me

    • dear y

      I will put marie on my prayer list. and you as well. I think forgiveness is the hardest thing to do, when many offenses have been made…..I will pray for healing of body and soul.

  212. Please pray for me & for the love of my life, Johnny. He has been going through a divorce & had a meltdown about his 2 sons who wont speak to him. He said he couldnt take it anymore, so he moved back to their home. Please pray that Johnny sees he can have hus sons & still have me. Please pray he comes to his senses & comes back to me. Thank you

    • alison

      It will take time for Johnny to work through whatever is holding him there. there is unfinished business…and the relationship there has to be right before it can be right with you….

      if he leaves many problems behind, then they will continue to bother your relationship.

      Let us pray that he gets the problems solved and can start a new life with you…….I am assuming that this is not a christian marriage.. which leaves him free to remarry…if this is a christian marriage, then he would be committing adultery by being with you.

  213. Prayer Request :

    persecution demonic satanic and dark things done againts pastor Thieringo must stop and mustn’t have effect on him and must return againts those who do that . Fire of Holly Spirit must come on evil and bad things againts him. May Holly Spirit Jesus and God do justice to him .Protection , healing, wisdom, freedom, prosperity, miracles in finances, success and miracles in business, success and miracles in his life in Jesus Name .

    God bless You.

    • dear pastor Thieringo

      I am sending you a prayer against witchcraft and prayer for protection.

      print then out and say them each day.

      I will be in agreement with you.

      god bless you

  214. Hello,
    I am in the need of prayer for my family and myself. I have been unemployed for 4 years now and I need a breakthrough in my new career choice. I want to become a real estate broker but have missed the cut off by a few points. I really want this I just need to feel the faith and encouragement of others. Please don’t forget me in your prayers and I will definitely pray for others. Thank you.

    • dear lynn

      I will certainly pray that you get the job you need…in fact, I pray this for others already on my prayer list.

      just keep studying for your exam…you are close, so a little more work, and you will get it.

  215. Marianne pray for me not sure how this ugly spirit came about of suicide thoughts for my self and other’s children awful and very scary I get anxious, fear, mad, angry I’m on medication now and it has helped some but the thoughts still come ago I want to be set free completely if there’s a root of this or I saw something I shouldn’t what happen to me can you help me. Maria

  216. Maria,

    I suggest you purchase theses 2 books, written by a subject expert. Derek Prince knows about what your dealing with and experiencing.

    Go to Amazon (if you can) and order:

    “Rules of Engagement”
    “Thou Shall Expel Demoms”

    This video (any by Derek Prince) will help you understand the “powers of darkness” that we all are wrestling with in this world.

    Psalm 18 applies to you, now.

    Psalm 25

  217. Please add me to ur prayer list and please be checking on me, I want to pray with you all the time. My husband to be promised to marry me but I can sense some distance between us and I don’t want to lose him coz I love him very much . He lives in the uk and I live here in Africa . I want him for a husband . I need strength , faith and hope especially that we are miles apart. This is my prayer request . My email is

    • dear cynthia

      Having a long distance relationship is very hard, even if the relationship is very strong.

      When do you expect to be together?

      I may suggest traveling to speak to him in person. maybe you can find out why he is distant from you emotionally. but a trip is expensive.

      did he say he would come to you in africa?

      if not, there is not a strong commitment from him, and maybe he is changing his mind.

      he needs to be around you to grow closer to you, and come to know you better.

      I will pray that the best happens for you, and I have to say I am not sure what the best is yet. Only God knows.

      I do pray that you find and receive true love, and that you will be happy.

      it is up to you, the man, and God to determine who will be your true love.

      be patient, but also act to find out what is wrong.

  218. Our son (Abel) 4 months old, has been diagnosed with Williams Syndrome (a chromosome disorder to where he is missing 25 genes) due to this he has had to have a heart surgery and hernia repair. His heart still needs work. We need his arteries to grow and he has reflux and tummy pains ie colic. He may have more issues later we have to keep monitoring him for other problems that go along with williams syndrome. Some of the other issues are 95% have developmental delays and 75% have mental retardation. 5% have normal intelligence, we have been told that we will not know how his mind is until he is about 4 or 5. He is our first baby and is so precious to us. We are so devastated and worried about his physical health and mind… Thank you so much for your prayers!

    • dear leslie

      this is so sad, and special for such a little guy to have such big problems.

      He will get my prayers.. I mention the sick who need healing every night when I pray.

      speak blessings and healing over him every day, in jesus name…and plead the promise, by his stripes, we are healed over him too….

  219. I rented a room where the owners son brioke in my room and raped me then attacked me and the other roommate. Because the police are not helping me, victim advocate only called me once, i lost my job and I am homeless now because of this injustice. Then a “Christian” man who represented himself as that asked to help me as he was an attorney. All he really wanted was sex. Why are people so cruel? I just got a temp job but gave no place safe to stay and need to dress peodessionally. Please help me. It’s been since July that I’ve been trying to survive. Losing hope.

    • jennifer

      what happened to you is insane. why aren’t the police helping you? you and the other roommate are witnesses to the rape crime.

      keep trying to locate churches or a rescue mission to help you, be sure they focus on jesus and helping the homeless. use your current location, as you are using a computer, to do this……

      you have my prayers…..i am far from you so i cannot help you with shelter.

  220. Please add my son to your prayer list he is 2 1/2 and I know god can help. His name is Lionel and he is the sweetest little boy, please pray for him…

    • dear Isabella

      I will add Lionel to my prayer list. What is wrong with your baby?

      I am also sending you some healing prayers. Pick out the ones that apply best to Lionel and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you.

  221. I’m 18 and 7 weeks pregnant. My angel is due on August 18, 2015. I went to the ER yesterday and they found an ovarian cyst that shouldn’t be harmful. But everyday I worry about having a miscarriage and losing my baby. I just want love, support, and prayers for a healthy baby and pregnancy.

    • dear bridgette

      May God bless you and your little angel.

      do not worry about the cyst. I have had one for 20 years and it does not cause me trouble.

      you have my prayers for a good pregnancy and a healthy baby.

  222. Hello and thank you. I would like to ask you to add my nephew Ethan’s name to your prayer list, if possible. He is 16 years old and he has seemingly lost his way. I ask that you pray for his strength and clarity to see the error in his ways, and pray that he moves away from this path of destruction and heartache that he is going down and wants to choose. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    • dear Sha

      I will do this. I am also sending you the prayer for unsaved loved ones. print it out and say it each day. I will be in agreement with you.

  223. Sha,

    As you seek prayer – I suggest reading this article posted within Heaven Awaits.

    The article provides a Scriptural account of the difference between light (righteousness, love, peace and joy) and darkness (evil, demonic confusion known as chaos).

    I believe – by experience – that when you believe (comprehend, knowing full well) that the power of Light overcomes darkness then all things are possible when proclaiming the Word.

    Moses had a staff in his hand and God said simply to use it.

    We have the sword of the Spirit in our hand, which is the word of God. We are to apply the sword – His Word.

    When you pray, apply the Word, believing when you speak the darkness that is oppressing Ethan will be broken. It may take one day or many days of prayer, but the darkness will lift.

    I’m in agreement with your prayers too.

    Psalm 20

  224. Please pray for the good health of my soon to be born son and an easy delivery for my wife. Also please pray for our financial issues to be helped.

  225. My name is marisol im a mother off 3 n a new grandmother of a beautiful little girl, my 22 yr old sonis so lost n is not himself. Im so afraid to get a bad phone call that something terrible has happened to my only son. Please please pray for my lost son, im so hurt n sad:((( God please help my son n help him fight these demons….. A loving mother n desperate for prayer!!! THANK U SO MUCH:(((

    • marisol

      I am sending you a prayer for unsaved loved ones, and will agree with you in prayer for your son.

      print it out and say it each day.

      If you don’t have a printer, then download it to your computer.

  226. God Bless you for what you are doing, may He strengthen you each day.

  227. hi, im legally blind and hard of hearing. i believe god all my life. i need all the prayers i can get from all over the world. i want to see again by getting the stem cells. but it will cost money to do this. what i want is my dream to come true that there is someone who can donate the money or to heal my eyesight. i have what they called usher. please pray for me is all im asking. thank you so much me, bird.

    • jadde

      I admire you for reaching out and making contact, and asking for help. You definitely have my prayers.

      I pray that all help comes to you…from the physical world, like stem cells, and from God himself, who can just speak the word, and you will be healed.

      May the healing presence of the Lord descend upon you, and heal you, and make you a servant for HIM in His kingdom.

      I am sending some healing prayers for you and your loved ones to pray with you for your healing as well. May God bless you.

  228. I would like to put my brother Mark in prayer for his disability benefits. Thank you

    • sarah

      I will agree with you in prayer for his benefits.

      also, to be sure he gets it, he has to make sure his doctor writes a letter to social security saying he IS disabled, and WHY he is disabled, and WHY he cannot do his job….what prevents him from doing it……

      if social security does not see this, it will turn him down…they have nurses and other “assistants” making the decisions, and they do not have the credentials to evaluate records, with understanding of medicine, so they look for key words in the records.

      you also have the option of meeting with a disability doctor that works for social security, if you get turned down, but that letter stating he IS diabled and WHY is critical.. the government does not tell you any of this and MOST people are rejected who apply.

  229. I pray for God’s guidance grace and mercy as I try to rebuild our office give me the courage and strength that I need the day-to-day tasks

    • dear hope

      I agree with you in prayer that all goes well with your new office, and you have all the strength and wisdom to get things done. in Jesus name!

  230. I just want to put my wife on a prayer list. We are currently looking for a job. Also we have an unspoken request. My wife’s name is Patty.

    • hi timothy

      I agree with you in prayer. I hope you find the best job. And whatever Paty needs, I pray she gets it.

      putting all requests under the blood of Jesus….

  231. Please put my friend Marilyn on your prayer list she have some issues with her health

  232. Marianne please add me to your list. I am being sued and could lose my home. My son has charges against and I was praying that he would be freed from them and healed. He had advanced liver disease. Thank you! Amen

    • margaret

      I am not clear. who is suing you? and whose name is the house in?

      please write back

      and yes, you have my prayers.

      if you can, get the title of the house out of your name, or your son’s name, so that the lawsuit does not affect the house.

      maybe a lawyer can help you

      move quickly on this

  233. Please pray for me, I am Christian. I am having what is believed to be neurological problems. It is hard to see a Doctor, I am really afraid for the first time. My family and I are worried I may have MS. I really don’t know what else to say. I am ashamed to be afraid, please pray for me that I will not be afraid. I ask you please pray that God’s will, will be done. If this is what he has chosen for me, he in his infinite knowledge and mercer has chosen. Thank You

    • cody

      there is no reason to be afraid of a diagnosis. it will be worse if you do not find out what is really wrong. we all get sick.

      if you do have MS, then you need to confirm it, so you can do something about it

      god is a healer, and sometimes he will heal supernaturally, and other times he expects us to seek medical care.

      it sounds like you have a bigger problem with fear, than with the physical part.

      you are going to have to trust God…..we all get tested, and go through trials..illness, losing jobs and homes, family strife etc.

      this problems force us to develop our faith, if we don’t, we collapse and fail, and things get worse.

      so please go get yourself checked….take someone with you if that will comfort you….

      knowing the truth is a lot better than living in doubt and fear….

      do not worry so much, no matter what the doctor says, you are going to be ok, because god will go through this with you….you will not be alone

  234. My sister Brandy Butter is in critical condition her liver is not working, kidneys are shutting down and she hasn’t opened her eyes since they did her GI please pray for her and our family we truly need prayers now… thank you God Bless

    • Dear lorilynn

      I will lift up brandy in prayer for healing.

      I am also sending you healing prayers you can say for her.

      print out and say each day, or download prayers to computer, and read from there

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer

  235. Dear Lord please give Melinda comfort and ease her pain. Please answer our prayers dear Lord please heal Melinda her children and family need her. Please Lord in Jesus name amen.

  236. Hi pray that I get one of the jobs I applied for…pray that I get blessed to have a family of my own one day with a man that love me unconditional

    • latoya

      what a beautiful prayer request.

      I agree with you in prayer

      I am also sending you a prayer for blessing to help you focus on the good things ahead.

      print out and say each day

  237. Hello
    thank you so much for putting me on your prayer list. . Im a true believer and I pray every day for others 90% of the time. .I could use some help for my own right now. .. need prayer to get a home. .. please help. ….

    Thank you

    • robert

      get a home? you are homeless?

      I will pray for the home you need.

      may god bless you and provide for you, and introduce you to the right people.

  238. Robert and Latoya,

    May the love and peace of Jesus answer your petitions in a timely manner. In the Name of Christ Jesus we pray.

  239. Dear marriana
    ive been reading this whole jezebel and how it influances a person including the ways in which a person can get it, ive come into my conclusions that im suffering from the spirit of jezebel which my husband has told me so manytimes that i have it but couldnt see,at times i thought he was just being crazy and dramatic but honestly i am being victimse by this spirit which has tortured my life in all aspect of life,meaning relationships,finances,spiritually&mentally,my husband is giving the best support he can give me buy praying for me and with me as i wanna be delivered from this wicked spirit, it is really affecting my life as i frequently suffer from nightmares and spiritual husbands. I am asking for your help in prayer for my total deliverance so i may walk upright in the Kingdom of God
    God bless u


    • bucy

      something does not sound right here….

      are you the jezebel?

      or is a jezebel bothering you?

      why do you think you have the spirit of jezebel?

      what behaviors do you have?

      describe your husband’s behaviors…

      tell me what he says about you.

      tell me this first, then we will talk.

  240. Marianne please add me to your prayer list I believe God will be able to put to an end all of the foundational problems and ancestral problems that I have had since I was born in 1987 so please pray that God will be able to help me out with my being available for purging my records that are kept in the heavens because I am needing God our heavenly Father to step in and reverse all the time released curses that were present in the days of when ancestors walked the earth so please pray for me okay marianne in Jesus name I pray amen.

  241. I need my niece Lexie added please. She had a heart transplant 3 weeks ago. She’s 11. She’s been through so much with the heart not working very well at the beginning, to her lungs and then her kidneys.Now, everything else is healing. But, she has blood clots all over and the doctor’s aren’t hopeful. PLEASE pray for her.

    • dear tangee

      I am so sorry to hear about Lexie. God has gotten her through this much, and He will bring her through the rest. May all those clots dissolve in Jesus name. God can do anything the doctors are unable to do.

      I am sending you some healing prayers. I will agree with you for a complete healing for Lexie.

      god bless you both

  242. Praying for Little Lexie! May the Merciful Lord comfort her & heal her. May her family & loved ones also find all they need right now, in His Grace. God Bless you all.

  243. Hi im Matthew Olson. To start with I believe I have negative attachments(energy vampires)I had a good life but I threw it away for self medication,I have a 11 year old daughter living in in Minnesota due to a devastating divorce.I came back wanting to end it..I went to treatment for chemical 6 yrs later im still in nothing uneducated 36 and im really worried its over for me and my dreams.I need so much prayer .I have never learned to go chase what you want.ive been laying in bed now 5 empty inside.I believe in Christ and prayer and have seen changes in could fix most of my life,and I have had the thought about teaming up with magic or demons to get it.but I could never be able to say yes.I need prayer please a new chapter cause im about done with my book and plan on having my name in the book of life.Thanks Matthew 320_296_8538

  244. Hi my name is amber and I would like to put a very close friend of mine on the prayer list. His name is Shawn Travis Cathey! He is turning his life around and I ask that God show mercy on him. I ask that everyone please pray he does the least amount of time in jail. He has changed his ways and just needs a chance to show God! Please pray for him!

    • amber

      I am sending you a prayer for strength you can use to pray for shawn, and shawn can use also to pray for himself.

      tell him he is on the right path and god will help him continue.

      I will agree with you in prayer for his life

  245. say prayer that my bike sells so i can help me and my wife with our bills please thanks

    • dear wally

      I will pray that the Lord Yahweh provides for you. if your bike is your only transportation, i pray you can keep it, and that god provides help for you bills.

      I hope you see what is coming to this country. I hope you will consider moving away from where you are, to a more rural location, out of the big city. your chances will be better then.

  246. Marianne – If we can, please place an entire county on this prayer list, Lake County, Ca.

    Yesterday afternoon a 5th fire broke out in this county this summer. It started as 40 acres that quickly elevated to 400 acres. Last night it went from 10K to 25K in the blink of an eye. The entire town of Cobb was evacuated. Middletown was overrun, homes, schools, stores, … gone. Hidden Valley Lake and other communities have been evacuated with the fire spreading to two other counties (Napa and Calistoga.) There are no reports of lives lost, however, last night 4 fire fighters were overrun and flown to Davis burn center. As of 6:30am this morning (PST) the fire now covers 45 thousand acres, with zero containment. Some firefighters are calling it a “firestorm” reminiscent of the 1991 Oakland Hills Fire.

    The heavens seem to be responding with a light drizzle of rain and some of the wind has died down. I am one county over so not affected, except for the inundation of smoke, which seems so little to bare, compared with what others are having to endure. Many are pitching in and supporting the Red Cross with food, water, etc. at the various evacuation centers.

    If by any chance anyone from this area peruses these boards on this site, please know you are in our prayers and in God’s hands.

    • denise

      what is happening there is terrible.

      where are people staying for shelter?

      I will lift up the righteous in this situation, but not the wicked,

      I feel the judgement of god is there, but the righteous will be helped.

      • “where are people staying for shelter?”

        The Red Cross has opened up a few shelters, one of them is at the Calistoga Fair Grounds. People can park their RV’s there, some are pitching tents, and many cots have been brought in for those who literally have nothing. Other evac centers are at the Kelseyville H.S., and another at a Senior Center.

        People are pitching in bringing water, food, clothing, etc. Some people barely got out with the clothes they were wearing. Some even abandoned their cars on the roadways and literally ran for their lives as their cars burned. They have had 4 major fires prior to this one. Each fire finding new ground to burn.

  247. Please pray for my financial situation I am in need of a miracle to save my house

  248. Lord God Our Father you are worthy to receive glory and honor and power. You created all things and by You all things were created and have their being. Father you are a God of reconciliation. I call upon you Lord. I Pray that God bring Nick and I closer and back together in a committed relationship. Pray that God help Nick not be afraid of a commitment to me. Pray that God calm Nick’s spirit, mind and soul and help him not be afraid. Lord help Nick to realize that I am not out to hurt him in any type of way. Lord please remove any and every obstacle that is preventing him from being with me in a relationship again. Please Lord Guide him back to me without the sense of fear in his heart or mind. Remove any & all negative doubt he may have about our relationship or me. Pray that the walls Nick is putting up be torn down. I take authority of the lying spirits coming against our relationship. Lying Spirits you no longer have control over this relationship. Help him to see that it was a beautiful relationship, Lord I truly feel that Nick is my soulmate, please guide him back to me Lord. Lord please speak to his heart & mind right now, in the name of Jesus. I am asking for my situation in prayer, believe that I have received it, and it will be done.

  249. i am a BDS second year student i am very tensed and scared about my results dis is d second time i wrote d same exam please pray for me my results will b announced within 2 days

    • Sruthi

      since you already took the test, whatever your score is, is final

      but I pray that your anxiety level goes on, as you wait for the results

      I hope you do well.

  250. Pray for me that God would restore every area of my life, I would be able to have a good job, have energy, exercise, and weight loss, that i would feel the tangible presence of God again and feel his guidance and direction in my life and that God would heal me both in memory, intellect, and that I would not have to be in bed half the time and that would be able to sell my jewelry, go to art and local events, spend time with friends, have a stronger abundantly communicative friendship with friends, old and new and have the abundant prosperous life that God has created for me and that God would help my folks with finances/bills and health and that God will work out the truth and heal the side of family with aunt kelly and my cousins. That God would bring abundance to my relationships at wesley and old friends like Don, Israel, melinda, (and blessings on the lives of kumar and per and phlu where they are) This same blessing of fullness of communication and togetherness and joy be on my friendships with ruthy, greg, debbie, josiah, brian, brooke, and help Jen and crystal and Helen’s Kids david daniel and gigi with school, money for college, better jobs and all the benefits of God in the land of the living and help David be healed make friends and interact with others.

    • linda

      I agree with you in prayer that healing and blessings come to you, your friends and family.

    • To Linda, and to the many others who write in here, … of needs, … requests, … and prayers, … please know that there are many of us who read this Prayer List of Marianne’s, and we as well agree with you in prayer that your needs are heard and fulfilled in the light of God’s blessings. You may not hear from us individually, but know your voice is heard by many.

  251. Please pray for my father, as he is about to have heart surgery. Please pray that God will lay his healing hands upon him. Our family has experienced great tragedy in the last six months. My beautiful, full of life 3 year old son was killed in a tragic accident in May of this year. This has been absolutely devastating for my entire family. And I believe the grief from our catastrophic loss has lead to my father’s broken heart (recent heart problems). Please pray for God’s healing, strength, and peace for my family.

    • erin

      I am so deeply sorry to hear about your child and now your father.

      you certainly have my support.

      I am sending you some prayers for healing,

      I will agree with you in prayer

  252. Thank you Marianne for your prayers and kind heartfelt words.

    Bless you,


  253. Hi Marianne,

    I am requesting prayer for the non-believers in my family to know Jesus Christ and to be conformed to Him. I request that prayer for me as well. I was baptized in April 2011 and it has been the most beautiful and hardest years of my life. But might I say the most fulfilling also. I have been struggling these past couple years in my walk with Christ, and I have felt that God is calling me and preparing me for an amazing ministry in the future. I do not know what that looks like yet though. I feel a strong calling from God and to really know the Lord Jesus. I really want to get back on track for seeking to know Christ as my one true aim and to have everything in my life aligned to His perfect will. I need some guidance and wisdom in this current time in my life. I hope I caught you at a good time and appreciate anything you can do, especially prayer. Stay focused and keep looking up, you are a special daughter of God and I thank you with love for starting this website.

    Thank you for your time and consideration Marianne

    • Colin

      any ministry for jesus is awesome. *:) happy

      I am sending you prayers for salvation of unsaved loved ones

      print out and say each day

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

      do not give up also

      sometimes being around unbelievers pulls us down, because they have a different spirit.

      so encourage yourself in the Lord daily with bible readings and prayer. a

      and try to send little one sentence notes (email, text messages, voice, paper notes) to others that you are praying for them and you want god to bless them

  254. I pray for a happy and safe home for me and my kids. We have been bouncing around from relative to relative for 6 years .
    Please pray for me I find a Spiritual man and life partner just for me. I’m 49 never been married. I long for a husband where I can be a good wife % he a good husband and we put God first and love each other forever

    My name is Pamela. My Boyfriend’s mother is very sick with her heart and may not make it in the hospital. Please pray for him and his Mother. Her name is Sue. Pray for good health and happiness for his mother & him and his little brother please. They lost their dad tp cancer and she’s all they have. Thank you & God Bless you!

    • pamela

      I will keep your boyfriend and his mom, and his little brother in my prayers. for healing, strength, hope, happiness, and that they keep their faith up during this time of challenge.

      May the light, favor and healing presence of God be with them all

      and may God bless you for thinking of them and caring.

  256. Please pray for my brothers Mother-in law who just died this morning Sunday 1-10-16 in California, she has been suffering from brain cancer.
    She is now in the Arms of her Beloved Creator!

  257. Please pray for my young adult son to make better choices and to draw closer to God. Thank you

  258. Pray that i gain Strength and Knowledge please. And God Bles you

    • “We are asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding, so that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to Him, bearing fruit in every good work and growing in the knowledge of God.May you be strengthened with all power, according to His glorious might, for all endurance and patience, with joy giving thanks to the Father, who has enabled you to share in the saints’ inheritance in the light” (Colossians 1:9-12, HCSB).

      Hebrews 13:20-21.

  259. Please play for my mom she need a miracle healing please pray for her her name is violet smith please pray for her

    • violet

      I will lift up your mom in prayer

      I am also sending you some prayer scriptures you can say for here each day

      best to print out and say

      may the Lord heal her quickly

    • Please pray for all of these wonderful people on my prayer list. They have been jobless for some time and are desperately looking for jobs: Tito, Warren, Magnus, Madonna, Chong and Rohan. Thank you and God bless

      • maggie

        say this little prayer each day on their behalf:

        Heavenly Father, I Come before you today to ask for a financial blessing to improve the lives of my loved ones ( name them) .

        My faith keeps me strong, and I know you will provide for me and the people I love.

        Give me the means to do your work, and spread your Love.

        May your provision for them come quickly.

        In your name I pray, Amen

        I will agree with you in prayer.

  260. Thank you Marianne for the prayer and joining me in prayer, I will bring all of them before the Lord daily and believe that God will accelerate and provide them with jobs soon. He is a good God !! faithful and true.

  261. First of all thank you. I will continue to pray but I need your prayer warriors also. I have so much happening in my life that now I’m asking for help. Please put me on your list. Thank you so much…

  262. Marianne I just contacted you asking for your prayers but on the website part I put none because I didn’t want it on Facebook, Will you still pray with me?

    • kathy

      contact me by email and tell me how I can help, what is wrong?

      • Kathy – Although I do not know the particulars of what is happening in your life right now, God knows. He knows you and knows your circumstances. I am praying that you may find peace, and for God’s will to be done.


        “Peace, I leave with you, my peace I give to you.
        Not as the world gives, do I give to you.
        Let your heart not be troubled, nor let it be afraid.”
        John 14:27

      • I’m wondering if this is your private email, Marianne…I can’t seem to find it. thanks, Cindy


      • Marianne and Denise I thank God that I have you praying with me I don’t want to lose my job or get so stressed out that I lose myself. I have been on disability for a shoulder replacement and my job wants me back sooner than I thought I should. I will be going back on the 1st of March but really I’m glad, I have 3 granddaughters and my daughter living with me and I do need to work, Please continue to pray with me as there are other things going on in my life,I just want life to be happier than it is now. Thank you.. I wish this could be private…

        • Kathy – I do not know what exactly is going on right now, but for about the last week and a half, EVERYTHING seems hard to get done, from the simple to the complex. And, EVERYONE seems to be going through this. Whether it is a job, a lack of one, living space, or lack of one. family issues, health issues. Personally I feel like I am in molasses, every things seems so hard and so slow.

          I too must let go and let God, trust in Him, and stay focused in faith. When I feel like I am falling away in faith, I picture myself holding on to the feet of Christ. And I am humbled.

          I continue to agree with you in prayer.

        • Thank you Denise… I feel so lucky to have you in prayer…

        • kathy

          you have our prayers. everything will work out. keep your chin up

  263. The United States fights me to death. I need a prayer request, because I feel foolish about not murdering an FBI Agent. Please pray for me to have a sound mind. I found more than five Most Wanted for murder fugitives, so now I can’t stop warlocks of the FBI from possessing my speach, and from making me angry.

  264. Maryhazel martinez fighting cancer and pregnant please help her beat cancer so her and her baby can survive!

    Thank you!

  265. Thank you Marianne and Denise, I am so blessed to have you in prayer.. Thank you..

  266. Please pray for my children dad
    Reginald Cross he’s in a relationship
    with this girl who’s working voodoo on
    Him to keep him from me and his kids…
    We never heard from him since February 14th.
    I know she’s working something on him cause
    She once told me I will never have him he will always
    Be with her…Please pray that God brings him back to us

  267. Hi there,
    Please add my Aunt Kathleen McFadden to your prayer list. She’s in critical condition in ICU from complication of Cancer.
    Thank you so much and God Bless.

    • dissidenceishere

      I will agree with you in prayer for your aunt kathleen’s healing.

      let us hope for the best, and that god keeps her comfortable during the recovery process.

  268. Please pray for me I have a cocaine habit Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior

  269. Please add me and my friend to your prayer list, we are going through some hard times ,our relationship is over, but the feelings are still there, I need prayer for him to be honest with me, I think he has some addiction problems that has caused problems in our relationship, I want prayer for me and him, to help him understand God is a loving God and forgives us for our sins.

    • donna

      sorry to hear about your hard times.

      you have my prayers for emotional healing, as well as deliverance for him.

      may god bless you both

  270. My name is becky and I desperately in need of prayer s, me and the love of my life are having a lot of ,fights,distrust, we need god desperately

  271. I ask for prayers for my dad that his bone marrow heals and healthy blood starts flowing.

    • donna

      I am sorry to hear of your dad’s condition.

      I am sending you some short healing prayers.

      if you wish, you can print them out and say them each day

      I will be agreeing with you in prayer.

  272. Hi Marianne, My name is Maggie and I live in Kuwait. I come for prayers for my nephew Warren who is still jobless since a year and a half. He is a Mechanical Engineer and is desperately in need of a job. Please do hold him dearly in your prayers as we pray together and believe that God will soon open this door for him. Also Marianne I noticed a lump in my left armpit just 2 weeks back. Please pray that it dissolves in Jesus powerful name. Thank you and God bless you for lifting us up in your prayers. I believe we have a prayer answering God, faithful and true.

  273. Please pray for me! I am having problems financially and physically! My family is family apart and I just feel like giving up.

  274. I need prayer! I’m am currently going through a lot and I just feel like giving up! I stay in a bad neighborhood and every night it sound like someone is trying to break in the house on me and my three babies. I sometimes fear for me and them because things happen everyday where I live,I lost my job and I try to see plates to get my rent money so me and my kids won’t be out on the streets! It seem like everything just came down on me all at once and I don’t know which way to go! Pleassseeee pray for me!

  275. Hello, could you please pray for me to pleAse conceive a baby with Brian. Please. We would do anything for a baby. Please add us to your prayers so that we can have a baby. We have been trying and all we want is a baby. Please, please add me to your prayer list and pray for us. We are good people and in our late 30’s we have no children of our own and want nothing more than to start a family.

  276. I don’t know where to begin my prayer request.I don’t know if i am speaking in the correct manner to God.My prayer goes out to my relationship i had with Gavin Quickfall.Yes God is the only man one should love with all your heart but i am human.Gavin has hurt me so much by being unfaithfull but yet I still love him.God please open his eyes show him my love and please step into his life stop him from having this affair the married woman Ann Diedericks she is using both her husband and Gavin.Help ME PLEASE AMEN

    • charlene

      we can agree in prayer that his blind eyes are open, but if he is having an affair with a married woman, this proves he is unfaithful and guilty of adultery. you may want to reconsider your choice in men….why do you want such a person? he is showing his true colors. you may have a low self esteem, and think he is the best you can do, which is sad, so I encourage you to think more of yourself and find someone better. let us also pray he gets saved by jesus, because if he doesn’t , this adultery will continue

      • Marianne its not that I have a low esteem. There is something deeper then just love I feel. I feel whether my prayers for restoring our relationship is not meant then my prayers for healing him of his sick mind will be answered.I do not know how to explain this.

  277. My son lost his only child and he really needs prayer to help him through these next months his names is William

    • susan

      your son William has my deepest sympathy and condolences.

      he needs a natural time to grieve….I pray he feels the comfort and love of Jesus during this time.

      may the Lord give him strength and direction, and replace his sorrow with gladness again, knowing he will see his child again someday

      the bible mentions the taking away of the innocent, to save them from the time of wrath or trouble…this is god’s way of protecting those that belong to him…

      we expect great trouble in the world to increase soon, and now his child is safely with the Lord, and waiting for his father to join him.

      please tell william I send my love….and comfort as well.

  278. I have been searching for a job that is a better fit for me for over a year. I’ve gone on a few interviews, had some phone interviews and nothing has panned out. I’ve always felt like I was called to this profession and that I was using my God given talents for good. In my current position, it makes me want to leave the profession altogether, which is not a feasible option at all. I want to love my job so that I’m better at work.

    This is negatively affecting myself and my family. Thank you for your prayers!

    • Carrie,

      I felt by ease of accomplishing tasks, success at major projects, and advancing in my HR Profession that I was using the talents God instilled within me over 25 years. Then, in 2009 the Lord took me out of that profession in a dramitic way.

      In 2008-2009, I didn’t know what was going on in my life. It was in turmoil. My employer terminated employment after 8 years in March 2009. They paid for a MS degree, there was a promotion and more. I was published in a couple college text books and a speaker at conferences, including one overseas. No matter. My career came to a brick wall.

      I’d provided council and support for people going through such a tough time like I was going through. My employer and VP of HR didn’t, but provided 6 months severance and said, “good-bye.”

      I had a great resume and began looking with interviews occurring all around the county over the next year, while living with my brother in Iowa. This was a very tough time. Psalm 88 fit me over those many months.

      Then, the perfect professional position came to me. I was recommended for the position. The location was in my preferred city, Tucson. I’m a U of A grad. It was perfect! I made it to the final interview. Didn’t get the job.

      Came to learn over these past years that my profession was not as important to Him as I thought.

      Time is very, very short.

      Prepare your heart.

      Psalm 34

    • carrie

      what i see now is many who are fit for a position, and many who are not, BUT they are there anyhow. the world is less than perfect, and these negative personalities, or unfit personalities, cause most of the problems we encounter on the job.

      I pray that you can overcome these human obstacles and continue to perform according to your god given talents…..may the Lord give you wisdom and perseverance….and much success.

  279. Please pray for me today. I need guidance and support.

    • heidi

      I pray you have victory and deliverance in every way possible for whatever your prayer needs are.

      and a soon answer to prayer

      may the holy spirit guide your thoughts, and may the comfort of the Lord be always with you

  280. Continue to pray for spiritual and mental healing-healing for my memory/intellect, as well as prayers for me to be able to work out and ride my bike regularly for exercise and for wholeness in my life

    • linda

      I will agree with you in prayer for your healing.

      I am also sending some healing prayers you can print out and say each day.

      may your healing come quickly

  281. Can you please ad my name to your prayer list, I need physical healing, strenghth, love from above to help and succed and finish my mission on earth, helping others.

    • elaine

      you have my prayer support. consider yourself added to the prayer list.

      may the Lord answer and meet all your needs according to his richness and glory.

  282. Please add Ari (pronounced rrr reey) he has one last chance one last medicine to try, he is young and a leader within his community, cancer appears to have gotten the best of him, however, I know prayer works, prayer matters and the more people who can pray for him the better the chance of success to be cancer free… Please pray for a quick and speedy healing.

    • gina

      I agree with you in prayer for Ari. may he receive the healing mercies of God, in Jesus name

    • Gina – I, too, as a reader of this web site, agree with you in prayer, that God’s mercy and miracles laid be upon you, and Ari; in the name of Christ, our Lord and Savior.

  283. Well,I know this might be different but am raising grandkids and we have dogs these dogs helped these kids threw alot,we found out today Franky is really bad we about lost him twice tonight we have had him since he was borned he is almost 12 his a inside dog sleeps with the kids my grandkids are 12 and 10 thay believe in God and heaven but it’s really taking a tI’ll on them please pray that God heals him or let’s him go in his sleep are preacher told us God put a heart in animals so he lives them to its just so hard so please if you don’t care pray for Franky and kids and me because every minute counts thank you so much may God bless you

    • jerri

      that is such a pure request, to save the innocent, loving dog for the sake of the innocent children.

      Animals are pure of heart, and gifts of God.

      I am agreeing with you in prayer for Franky’s healing.

      May the Lord have mercy on Franky and give him extra time with the children, to be an aid and comfort to them.

      May Franky be around as long as the family needs him.

      Lord you said you would give us the desires of our hearts, so I claim this for this family, that the “heart” of the family be preserved.

      I cover him with the blood of Jesus, and ask for healing, in Jesus name.

  284. I would love to be on your prayer list. My name is Anita. I have a relationship and my boyfriend has visited prostitutes. I don’t know what to do. I need all the prayer I can get, so that I may make the best decision.

  285. I ask for prayers for my brother (from another mother) Danny Orta of Madera, CA. The drs found a mass by his heart and are going to operate tommorrow, Monday Nov. 7th. I ask that God be in that room to guide those surgeons hands with percise movement. I pray for a speedy recovery and I also ask for patience and understanding for all of us as we know GOD will WILL be done in this and in all instances. I ask for peace and comfort for him, his family and for the rest of us who will be affected by the results ,good or bad. I ask for God’s protection for his wife and all his children at all times.. And GOD tell my Mom and DAD I miss them and Michael too. But God most of all, THANK YOU for the reunification of my little family and for my many ,many blessings and your continued protection. I know that was all you on Ave 15!

  286. Please pray for Ana mcgurn who’s cancer has come back.

  287. Hello, my name is Timothy Brett I live in North Carolina. I need all the prayer I can get at this point. Three years ago I got a Dwi and it has been drug out until tomorrow. Now I could potentially be facing jail time which I have worked to hard to go backwards. With the LORDS help I celebrate 1 year sobriety in feb. Please pray for the courts to have grace and mercy. Thankyou

    • timothy

      is this your first offense? do you have a lawyer? if you cannot afford one, ask for one to be appointed by the court. you have that right

      the delay can be used to your advance, showing no repeat of offense.

      you have my prayers for the court to show you favor.

      if you have been working, get a statement from your employer saying how reliable you are, and how you are needed in your job.

  288. Please pray for me that God heals me while I go through medication withdrawal and I don’t lose my job for being out sick. Thanks

    • lisa

      I pray the Lord keep you strong and lifted up as you phase out of the medication, and that you feel healthy well enough to to go work.

      you are going to be ok it is good that you are removing this dependency from your life.

  289. Please pray for my husband Chuck and myself (Wendy). Please pray that our marriage can be saved.

    Thank you and God bless.


    • wendy

      there can be many kinds of problems in a marriage…

      I am sending you a prayer to fix a broken marriage.

      print out and say daily

      I will agree with you in prayer.

  290. Thank you. Please pray for my
    Daughter Katie that she is able to raise her Trig grade. There is tension within our family over this.

    • jackie

      it sounds like katie is under a lot of pressure from her family 🙂

      keep encouraging her, and get her tutor help if needed

      what is important is that she do her best.

      I was a good student in school, but certain classes were still hard for me

      my waterloo was geometry 🙂 too many theorems I did not know how to use.

      this may be true also for katie

      so I pray for a spirit of peace, diligence, and clear thinking for katie, so that she can do her best at this subject.

      and a spirit of peace for the family

  291. Please pray for my husband Chuck and myself (Wendy) that our marriage can be saved.



    • wendy

      I am sending you prayers for a “broken” marriage

      say daily

      I will agree with you in prayer

      I also pray for restoration of marriages daily, so you will be in my thoughts…so many marriages need healing

  292. Doing a biopsy now that results show it begin that I’m healed for the glory to god

  293. Please pray for my son Shakaii and for me his mother Oshana. Thank You! God Bless You! He has been challenged with lots of Health issues, and is completely worn out from trying to get well for the last 6 years. He’s at the end of his robes and says he doesn’t have any energy left to keep climbing uphill. He sounds and feels completely defeated and he is turning 36 on Monday! No hope left! He needs Divine Intervention now!

    • shakai

      I am sending you some prayer scriptures to pray.

      also, look in psalms for healing scriptures

      I will agree in prayer for your son’s encouragement and healing

  294. Please pray for my life to get back on track.

  295. I’m having relationship problems. Everything has been near perfect from the beginning and so much respect but because of my past, I questioned him when this beautiful other woman asked him out. I got scared and by questioning him, he thought I didn’t trust him and said we can’t be together. We need prayers for the strength our relationship needs to get us thru this. Please fill hi heart with forgiveness so understanding. Remind him of all the joy, love and happiness we’ve had from the beginning without one fight ever or even raising our voices. We were meant for each other. Please pray God joins Tommy and my heart back together as one and join us together for this lifetime in faith and love and happiness. Give us the guidance to to not surrender to any negativity that comes in our lives but to instead keep our hearts joined as one to stand up together to anything that tries to separate us. Please open his heart to the love he has always had for me and make him miss US and come back soon. Please ask God to touch hi she heart today and fill it with love and forgiveness for me. And please bring him back with an even stronger love that develops from this trial we are having. Thank you for your prayers and as God to give me strength and guidance thru this. Thank you and God bless you.

    • cindy

      if tommy reacted that quickly and easily to a question, then he has something to hide, and he used your question as an excuse to cover up his attraction to the beautiful woman. there is some guilt on his part.

      what you need to do is find out if (not from him) if he is dating the other woman. that will tell you where he stands.

      if he is not with the other woman, then open a dialogue with him, and tell him you would just like to forget all this and start over fresh. that you both have invested much positive energy into a relationship, and you know you can have a positive future together. you are good for each other

      I am sending you a prayer for a broken marriage, which can also be used for a close relationship.

      I will agree with you in prayer that this matter gets settled, and you both can have a positive future together

  296. Please pray that my nose will never bleed again

  297. Please pray for my son Henry and I we need a home and stability

    • sandra

      are you homeless now? Are you in a shelter?

      you have my sincere prayers for a home and stability.

      seek local help if you can. I pray those there will help you

  298. I need prayer for my son,who needs deliverance from substance abuse. His name is James Cannon lV

    • rodella

      I am so sorry to hear of your son’s problem.

      god is a healer and a god of deliverance.

      I will agree with you in prayer that James gets a breakthrough soon

      things will happen in god’s timing, so continue in your faith and patience

      and may god bless you also for the love you have shown your son

  299. I am getting a divorce. I’m only getting $800 a month in alimony, but health insurance is going to cost me more than this. I have several chronic diseases including Fibromyalgia, Psoriatic Arthritis, & Osteoporosis. I’m in pain most of the time, & not healthy enough to work. I’m trying to get better. I’m really scared! I pray constantly, but I would very much like to have your prayers, as well. I will pray for you, too. God bless you & thank you so much!

    • Rea

      See if you can apply and get social security disability. you can also get medicaid or medicare with this. it takes a few years, and you have to have an attorney to get approved, so start the process soon.

      Since you are divorced, you can also get spouse benefits if you have been married 10 years or longer.

      I will keep you in my prayers

  300. Please add my family to your prayer list. I need for God to help provide for us the next 2 months. My transmission went out in my vehicle last thurs and its 2500.00 for replacement. My car is my job and source of income. I do home health and i need my car running so i can provide care to my patients and provide for my family. Thank you so much……Sincerely…..Carrie

    • carrie

      I pray that you get the provision of God to sustain you and that you get help with that car.

      I am sending you a prayer for blessing

  301. I need some Prayers. Me and my wife are going through a really rough time right now and I need help as much as I can get. I think she wants to divorce me. I am asking for you to pray that we can work this out and be happy together forever. Please help

    • Please help with the power of prayer. I need it now more then ever.

      • dear vincent

        divorce is a terrible thing. people who want one do not see ahead how lonely and hard their future can be.

        men tend to remarry quickly, but it takes much longer for women, who may never find anyone else. expectations grow lower and the results are not as happy as with their first love.

        remind her of the good times. and the amount of time you have invested in each other. Tell her you want and love her, and you are praying for this marriage.

        you have my prayers and support for a loving reunion.

  302. Please pray that god provides a path for me to escape my current living conditions. Also, please pray for my fathers salvation! Thank you!

    • lundberg

      I am not sure what your situation is, because you did not say, but I will agree with you in prayer to be delivered from all negative circumstances, and receive all the blessings that God has waiting for you. And I agree for your father’s salvation.

  303. My mother Sheree Sue Piscopo was diagnosed with cancer stage for I was wondering if you could put her name on the list and have as many people pray for her to heal and to find a better option thank you bless you

  304. we are going to try karmanos because her insurance is accepted there. Thank you for your prayers and please continue

  305. God knows my prayer for my daughter and myself. Please pray for us!

  306. Please add my sister-in-law Tanya McGee to your prayer list she is having her ankle and foot amputated next week she is in need of healing prayers please Lord Please pray for the surgeons doing the surgery please Lord guide their hands please make her recovery as painless as possible.

  307. Please pray for me as I and my son submit our UK visit visa to go and spend Xmas with my husband. I pray that it shall be granted in jess name.

  308. please put my mom on your prayer list she is 70 years old has to have open heart surgery for the second time to replace 2 heart valves and repair another on.. please pray for her

  309. please pray for a change in my financial situation… I lost my job applied for disability for an illness ..haven’t gotten approved for it… have no money to pay my Bill’s going to lose my house.. and this puts a big strain on my marriagr… please pray for money for me

    • hi heather

      I remember when my mom had open heart surgery in 1980. that would make her 65 at the time. she lived another 20 years. and that was with the technology they had back then. now, it is even better.

      You have my prayers for a successful surgery and a complete healing. and prayers that the Lord himself will guide the surgeons’ hands. she will need some help at home for a while after as well. so make some arrangements now.

      disability is a process that benefits the legal system so lawyers and judges can have jobs. play the game. find a lawyer to represent you. they only get paid if you win the case. they will take 25% of the lump sum when it comes.

      contact a state, county or city, or all, social service agency, or health and human services,and apply for financial assistance, which includes emergency assistance, food , housing, medical, etc.

      stay away from mental health places, unless you are depressed, as depression gets people approved for disability right away.

      you have my prayers, love and concern.

  310. Hey pray for me to get a good job and that i would be called back with a job from the interviews i had. Pray that God would heal me mentally and physically and restore my energy-pray that i and crystal would both find good work, that crystal would get money to repair her laptop and have a much better attitude and healing in her body and relationships. Pray for God’s restoring work in my life so that i can do exercise and do all the activities and i would be able to sleep well. Pray that God would bring reconcillion and restoration to my relationship with israel and melinda and open up the door for renewed communication and relationship not only with them but with don, brooke, ryan and all my friends near and far. Heal my sisters and help them have healthy restored relationships with mom and dad.

    • linda

      it looks like you are off to a good start with your prayers for restoration in all aspects of your life.

      I will be agreeing in prayer for you and your family to have good things come to you: blessings, healing, work, finances, reconciliation, favor from God in all things, etc

  311. Blessings Sis Marriane, I pray all is well with you.
    My husband Mark is very prideful, stubborn, jealous. Two witches are trying to kill him, his mom Norma, Lorethea Lipscomb she wanted to marry him but he didn’t want to marry her.
    They have sent attacks at us for 5 years, we been separated 4 months.

    God blessings always,
    Sheila Wilson

    • shelia

      I am so sorry you are having this problem. I pray for marriages every night. i will pray that this witchcraft is broken and destroyed over your husband, and that all is restored to you.

  312. Please pray for me to have healing in mind body soul and spirit. Heal my body so that i may have undistrubed sleep and have energy to exercise and bike and do things during the day. Heal my mind and my thoughts and all my functioning ( including with long and short term memory) Heal my soul and spirit and have a deep felt presence and connection to God. Help me find and keep a good job that i can be successful at and help others and watch kids and have good classroom management. Help me with any job i get -with all the office work, all assignments, everything i need to do. Help me to do it successfully well. Heal my friendships and bring salvation to israel and melinda and shannon and giles josiah brian andrew cameron per darren norma avery kumar, colin clinton, mame frank daylina ryan amber max melissa and all that need it. Pray for reconcillion with my relationship with melinda and that i would have better communication and fellowship with brooke, don, colin clintion and others. Help israel find work stateside and be able to come home and that i would have a excellent relationship with him. Help heal daylina emotionally, heal her heart and surround her with friends and help her with her apartment situation.

    bring salvation to jason lisa patrick jessica and crystal and jenn and heal lauren in body and spirit and restore her to my family and help her be connected to us again. Heal lisa’s relationship to mom and dad so that dad can see lilly and jack more often and spend time with him and heal jessica’s voice so she can sing again and help her with her work projects. Heal jason and patrick from ptsd and help jason get friends.

    Heal crystal mentally and attitudely and financially and emotionally. help jen with work and have a healthy christ-centered relationship with her boyfriend. help her get the money she needs and help her learn to drive. help her dreams about a bookstore/cafe come true.

    prayers for me to do my art and be able to be flowing with creativity. I would be able to make jewelry, sell it at art shows/on etsy, be in fashion shows like haute, be able to do hobbies like photography, sewing, scrapbooking, cards, clay work, and more. network and connect to other artists and partner with troy, marcia, neva and others for shows. Be able to do exercise and biking and lose weight. Have energy and abundance in finances. Be able to get a good job and prosper in it. Be able to be involved in markets, charity/non-profit events, and go to nature/spring parks and do lots of biking events and have the stamina and energy to keep up for long rides/critical mass rides.(plus be safe not get lost or left behind)

    • linda

      you have many prayers burdens and show so much devotion and faithfulness in presenting your petitions to the Lord.

      I agree with you in prayer, that ALL needs are met.

      and may you receive the healing, favor and blessings you need.

  313. Searching for answers and God to give me a recreated brain for focus and to walk out my destiny!! Also recreate my eyes for 20/20 vision!!

  314. Please put my grandson Art on your prayer list

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