Warning of Garabandal



Between 1961 and 1965 over 2,000 apparitions of the Virgin Mary appeared at San Sebastian de Garabandal in northwest Spain. Four girls aged eleven and twelve were revealed four warnings in visions concerning the future.

*** This is not my post. I got this from another source.


*** I am not endorsing this prophecy. I am just presenting it for consideration. People can make up their own minds.

*** God is still in control.

The four warnings given were (in order of sequence):

The Warning: A worldwide warning is to be experienced by everyone on earth. Its purpose will be to call humanity to amend its behavior and return to God.

The Miracle: A great miracle will occur in the late winter or early spring within one year after the warning.

Signs of the Miracle: Permanent signs of the miracle will remain for all time at a pine grove near Garabandal and other selected locations of Marian apparitions.

The Chastisement: A terrible chastisement will occur during which many will die. Other prophecies indicate that this chastisement will eliminate up to two-thirds of humanity.

One of the girls, Conchita Gonzalez, described the first supernatural event,

The Warning, thus:

The Warning is something that is seen in the air, everywhere in the world and is immediately transmitted into the interior of our souls.

It will last a very little time, but it will seem a very long time because of its effect within us.

It would be like fire. It will not burn our flesh, but we will feel it bodily and interiorly.

The Warning appears like two stars — that crash and make a lot of noise, and a lot of light — but they don’t fall. It’s not going to hurt us but we’re going to see it and, in that moment, we’re going to see our consciences.

The Warning sounds very much like two comets (or comet fragments in this case) will appear to be on a collision course with the earth — or with each other at close proximity to our planet.

Whether they explode and disintegrate or impact one another is unclear. Whatever happens, it will be at a safe distance from us. But up until that point, humanity will be in great fear and dread of the coming “deep impact.”

We are tempted to conclude this because, according to Conchita Gonzalez, The Warning will be “a fearful thing.”

One year later will then come The Miracle, and less than a year later, a global holocaust called The Chastisement.

It is unclear whether conditions of war will already be in progress at the time of the cosmic Warning.

If the Garabandal Warning occurs in 2010, then in early spring 2011, The Miracle will occur, leaving physical evidence of its appearance.

What form The Miracle will take we do not know, but in 1971 Conchita did narrow the months down to March, April, or May, insisting that it will not occur in either February or June.

That brings us then to a period that bottoms out around November 2011 or a bit later for The Chastisement which will also come from outer space.

So, to summarize:

The Warning will be a catastrophe from space that, at the last second, will miraculously terminate far enough away to spare this planet and its inhabitants (we hope).

The Chastisement will be a catastrophe from space that will succeed in causing great destruction to earth and its inhabitants.

This will likely take the form of Planet X as it reaches it closest point to earth, a large celestial object also known by the ancient names of Nibiru and Marduk and the biblical prophetic name of Wormwood.

**** I do not think Planet X itself is Wormwood: Unless it is just some debris that breaks off and hits earth. Planet X is 4 x bigger than earth, and would destroy earth on impact, not just cause limited damage.

Both will bring great terror as mankind watches and awaits.

Marianne’s thoughts:

God is in control, and He is a God of Mercy.

It would be like Him to send a final BIG warning to earth before the Time of Wrath started.

This would be to have people see their sins, helplessness, limitations, and need to depend on God for their salvation.

Many are so stubborn and prideful, that it takes a catastrophe to wake them up.

The idea is to repent of our sins, and God will show mercy on us.

If we refuse, then we go to hell, and it is our own fault.

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  1. […] girls aged eleven and twelve were revealed four warnings in visions concerning the future. Click here for […]

    • No miracle has ever occurred nor ever will, There is always a perfectly natural and logical explanation for everything. Conchita Gonzalez has ‘grown up’ since the 1960’s and now realizes that it would be a foolish thing to excite all the superstitious folk by announcing the date only to be ridiculed when obsolutely nothing happens.

      • Wow, Seymour! I’ve never encountered anyone who is omniscient before! This is a great privilege for me! You are omniscient, aren’t you? I mean, you’d have to be in order to possess any sort of certitude regarding that first part of your comment. Or, was that part of your comment formed out of ignorance and arrogance? Please tell me it’s the former, and not the latter.

        • ahh! I believe that Seymour belongs to the latter part of your comment. I do think Seymour is communist! You see they don’t believe in any super natural.

      • I feel so sorry for you. Did you know that Conchita said that she did not want to be alive when the “Warning” comes. She is fearful of going through that experience. Pray you are not alive when it happens.

      • What’s the explanation of the first appearance of the DNA double helix design which produces almost infinite variation and infinite complexity to magnetically, sub atomicly, chemically, electrically produce and reproduce all life as we know it. All done without a scintilla of intelligence. You couldn’t do it, so don’t tell me you know how this miracle was done. Duplicate it first, using the scientific method, then you can tell me there is a rational explanation for everything . ,

      • Of course no Miracle has occurred -yet. Those familiar with Garabandal knew very early on that the events would not happen for a fifty-to-sixty year period of time, the length that is usually covered by four or five pontificates. And this was known since 1962. This has been documented. There was never a “perfectly logical explanation” as to what happened in that village. It was never condemned. The diocesan report concluded that it was not determined that anything ‘supernatural’ occurred there but there was nothing in the Messages that conflicted with Church teaching. Go visit the Saint Joseph Publications website and peruse the extensive photo and video collection that it has on Garabandal. THEN come back and say that you can find a physically logical explanation for it.

    • There are strong indications that Come Ison (C/2012 S1) may be the fulfillment of the Garabandal Prophecy. Listen closley to Professor James McCanney’s presentation concerning Ison and its possible interaction with Mars or another object in our solar system. He is heard to say that it appears that this event was timed in such a way for the entire world to witness!!!! http://www.jmccanneyscience.com/JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_October_25_2012.mp3

    • I believe the Bishops involved in the investigation of Garabandal have issued their statements that there was nothing of Supernatural Origin in Garabandal. Now, the issue of whether or not supernatural occurrences took place there are firmly, as always, in the hands of Divine Providence.

      I would like to address the issue of how and why Roman Catholics honor and revere Mary, Holy Mother of Jesus.

      Almighty God commanded us all, “Honor your father and mother.”

      Mary is the Mother of Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior. He would be impossibly untrue to Himself (and therefore sinful, which He CANNOT be) if He were to do anything but Honor His Mother, Mary.

      If Jesus Himself will honor His Mother Mary in the same way He commands us to honor our own parents, as He most certainly does, how could we not Honor His Holy Mother Mary as well?

      Mary is THE woman through whom Salvation and the opportunity for all to have eternal life came into this world. Mary is The Mother of Jesus Christ, who is God The Son and The Word made flesh. She is also the Spouse of the Holy Spirit.

      How can anyone who professes to believe in Jesus and the Blessed Trinity, do anything but honor and revere the woman God Himself chose as the person through whom He made His physical appearance in the world?

      Please, brothers and sisters, give these notions careful thought and consideration. Do not be quick to render judgment. Please think, and do not allow the evil ones to cloud your conscience. That is what they want. The evil ones try to confuse us by peppering just enough truth among their lies in order to deceive.

      Please, see Mary in your minds as God the Holy Spirit Itself describes her in the Holy Bible. Examine the prayer Roman Catholics recite called the “Hail Mary,” or “Ave Maria” in Latin. Every word of this prayer…ALL of them…are found in the Divinely Inspired Holy Bible. I believe this is another way Jesus, The Word of God made flesh, honors His most reverent mother.

      In closing, we (Roman Catholics) do Not worship Mary…however, we do, and will continue to, honor her as the Mother of The Most High, Jesus Christ. The Word of God, the Author of the 10-Commandments who commands ALL of us to Honor our mothers and fathers, undoubtedly honors His most holy mother in heaven. Therefore, I too will honor Mary, the mother of my Lord Jesus Christ, through whose sacrifice we have all been given the opportunity for eternal life.

      May the Lord Holy Spirit deliver The Truth, The Peace, and The Love that is our Lord Jesus Christ to your heart and soul, and remain there forever.

  2. I have read all about planet X … I have a book about it in fact… Very interesting to learn lot of things and lot of different views… What’s important is people who have the visions or dreams or messages to pass to everyone else … and be ready… Be blessed everyone. 🙂

  3. This warning resonates so REAL to me. I have read soo much on this topic, but these two young girl’s visions went right to the core of me! God has a plan & he is revealing it. Our part is so simple really, repent, with all your heart, in truth, then see HIM keep HIS promises. Thank you God that your word does not return to you void. Blessings to you!

  4. Waxt to correct myself! There are four girls not two! 🙂

  5. Is there any information on these girls: what has become of them? The fruit in the life in those claiming prophetic insight tells a lot about the validity of their claims. This seems almost too generalized to take seriously, and could be interpreted any number of ways. I suppose it could be accurate, but without more info on the claimants, I’m relegating this to my “wait and see” file.

    • hi cindy,

      I agree with you. I do not know much of these girls. I tend to collect prophecies from different sources, and compare them for similarities. So this is just one of them.

    • I can tell you what happened to them. They prayed to Mary so much, they forget to pray to G-d the Father in Christ’s name as they were commanded!

      • Mary is a creature, not God. Catholics only recognise, adore and worship the one true God, the Blessed Trinity-Father, Son, Holy Ghost.It’s just that she is the greatest intecessor for Catholics, being the mother of Him (Jesus Christ) who is true God and true Man. You cannot separate the Human nature of Jesus from his Divine nature. Whoever prays to and honours Mary is not adoring her as goddess. She is not the end of it. She leads souls to her Divine Son, Jesus, the one true God. If you can ask fellow human beings to pray for you, I see no reason why Catholics cannot ask the Mother of God (Jesus Christ)to pray for them. Please know your facts.

        • Hi John, I always thought this verse was most revealing. It shows us that while Mary was alive she directed the disciples to listen to what ever her son-Jesus-said for them to do.

          This was also Jesus’ first miracle.

          New International Version

          Jesus Changes Water to Wine

          1On the third day a wedding took place at Cana in Galilee. Jesus’ mother was there, 2and Jesus and his disciples had also been invited to the wedding. 3When the wine was gone, Jesus’ mother said to him, “They have no more wine.”

          4“Dear woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus replied. “My time has not yet come.”

          5His mother said to the servants, “DO WHATEVER HE TELLS YOU.”

          • Reference taken from John 2:1-5

          • hi Lyndsey

            That is a good point. Mary referred people to go directly to her son for instructions. Jesus never directed anyone to go see his mom for prayer. Instead, he told people to pray to the Father in his name.

            • Hey Marianne,

              So if Mary is telling us to do whatever Jesus tells us to do, then we need to find out what Jesus told us to do.

              So in the following scriptures we read that Jesus is telling us two things regarding prayer: 1) Jesus tells us to pray in His name and 2) Jesus tells us HOW to pray

              * John 14:13And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

              * John 14:14If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.

              * John 15:16Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.

              * John 16:23And in that day ye shall ask me nothing. Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you.

              * John 16:24Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.

              * John 16:26At that day ye shall ask in my name: and I say not unto you, that I will pray the Father for you:


              “We are sent to Him (G-d) by His own Son”….It means that you come to the Father with the knowledge that your only right in approaching Him is that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and that He Himself (Jesus) has sent you to the Father. It means that you know that you are totally unworthy of receiving anything from God and that the only reason God should grant your requests is that you come in Jesus’ name. It is not a magic formula, but a heart attitude.”

              And then in Matthew 6, Jesus is teaching us HOW to pray…

              Matthew 6 NIV


              5“And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full. 6But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. 7And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. 8Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

              9“This, then, is how you should pray:

              “‘Our Father in heaven,

              hallowed be your name,

              10your kingdom come,

              your will be done

              on earth as it is in heaven.

              11Give us today our daily bread.

              12Forgive us our debts,

              as we also have forgiven our debtors.

              13And lead us not into temptation,

              but deliver us from the evil one.a’

              14For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

              *Its pretty interesting when you look at each part. Such as “our heavenly Father-HOLY is your name” (we are first showing respect and honor to the name of our heavenly father-this should be done each time we approach Him)

              I don’t think we always have to say this prayer verbatim, but I think if we keep the general idea in our personal prayers, as Jesus was trying to explain to us how to do, then this is how we enter into prayer and the presence of our Heavenly Father and through Jesus’ name 🙂

              • I just thought of this….so in a nutshell, Mary told us to go to Jesus and then Jesus told us HOW to go to the Father-in His name! Pretty cool…

                And this is summed up in John 14:6Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. 🙂

                • True, so the bottom line is pray to the Father only. Jesus did not even want us to pray to him, although we can commune with him in our spirits.

        • a christian prays to jesus not his mother mary

    • Conchita lives in the New York area with her husband, children and grandchildren. Jacinta now resides with her husband in California. They have one child. Mary Loli passed away a few years ago after suffering an illness. She and her husband and children lived in Massachusetts. Mari Cruz lives in Spain with her husband and children.

  6. There is something that I have been experiencing lately and I wonder about other believers experiencing it too. There has been a deep urgency awakened within me to pray without ceasing…to intercess and stand in the gap for many people, many places. I feel it within my spirit, that GOD is getting ready to move in an awesome way-and understand what I mean when I use the world “awesome”-a fearful strong powerful way that will cause both great terror and respect for HIM.

    I had a vision in 2006 in which I saw a brilliant form arising into a half stance from sitting on the throne…HIS brightness was such that all I saw was general shape and pure light coming from HIM.

    I felt at that time what I described as awe earlier. In the same vision, I saw doves fleeing in a hurry from the church bells they were setting on. They were as a bird in a cage becomes when something upsets it.

    does anyone understand?

    • hi sharon

      That is one dream I need to think about, some, so this is just an initial impression.

      The half position is awkward- half sit, half stand…if I were to do that, I could not hold the position very long. I would either need to finish going up and stand, or sit back down.

      It also sounds like the doves were startled, (surprised or frightened) by the noise of the bells…..

      the bells have rung….the birds are scared, and Jesus is on his way “up” to what his next position will be – standing.

    • The doves may signify purity. Currently, with the apostasy going on in the Church, especially with the recent scandals of sexual molestations, purity of love in its truest form according to God’s Law,His Commandments, are missing in the hearts of those who lead the sheep. The doves (our souls) have been caged. With His new Kingdom, they will be released; our souls will be free.

    • I have. I started feeling in 2012 deep urgency. A feeling I couldn’t explain and have never had before. That time is speeding up or running out, and that it’s time to choose our sides. I didn’t have a vision or anything. I just know. My son who is 10 now is very spiritual. Older than his years. My deacon said that he feels that he will grow up to be a priest. The odd thing is that the minute the words left his mouth I knew they were untrue. I thought to myslef, my son will not be around to grow up. We won’t be here. Why would he say that. Doesn’t he know? I have never told anyone this, and this was before I saw on youtube all the others saying the same ting. It was before I even knew about fatima, Garabandal, St. Malacy, all of it. so I was completely unprejudiced. I wasn’t even brought up Catholic. i just knew that we were at the end.

      • dear cheryl

        the holy spirit is working in you to help you know what is true. keep listening to him.

      • I too have had a similar feeling that began in 2008. However, I think you do a dis-service to the Holy Spirit by questioning a possible vocation for your son. It is not the end of the world, and the next era of salvation history (which is, to me, the final one) could go on for several thousand years. If God leads your son to a vocation in the priesthood, then you must accept it as a gift from God to your family. I think it’s an awesome possibility.

  7. Doves fleeing in a hurry from the chruch relates as if God’s hand removed his blessing hand from the chruch.. It is a warning sign.
    You saw your vision means you are blessed.. but heed to the warnings to give to others through you.. to share so others can be aware and be ready.
    Eh, experiencing from within.. I can related.. I feel great urgency of awakening and to sow the seeds in others for HIM to harvest.. ( I am not good at explaination 😦 ) And strong sense of warnings are very high and invisible in the engery field that can effect on the blessed and chosen people… To be honest, few months ago… every night.. I went to bed weeping.. not knowing why I wept.. Felt a great sorrow.. and great wrath also.. And now this month.. I feel very different.. very calm.. very ready.. and knowing without knowing how or why. If that makes any sense to you, I hope that helps.

  8. I have studied the Garabandal prophecy, and doesn’t this prophecy sound similar to the prophecy Jesus foretold in the gospels about what would happened before he returned to earth? There would be cosmic disturbances and men would die of fright of what was coming upon the world.. I have my doubts about Garabandal, maybe false prophecy copying the gospel, but maybe not.. I believe these things will happen has Christ foretold, but it will be because He is coming!!! Recall the parable of the ten virgins.. No offense, I just feel safer following Christ the Lord. He is the way, the truth and the life.. We live in a time of many false prophets which purpose is to deceive, so we should guard our hearts in the Lord, and “tests the spirits to see if they are of God” as scripture says..
    God bless!

    • hi C

      Very true. I find that even sometimes, the devil can slip up and reveal his plans. It is wise to know the plans of the enemy, so we can be prepared. I take what is true and go with it, and discard what is obviously false.

    • Many saints have had a revelation of an ‘interim’ period of time known as a new Pentecost in the Church. Even St. Bernard of Clairveaux believed that there would be three comings of Christ: His birth, His coming to us in a Pentecost-like event to the world, and His final physical coming at the end of the world. I believe that what the Garabandal visitations were referring to was the Pentecost-type event, where Christ will appear as an apparition but not in His physical heavenly Presence, and will come to each person living on the earth. This will be a spiritual purification for us (for others, a Warning).
      But again, apparitions are usually reserved for a personal revelation for those experiencing them. The faithful are not required to believe them.

  9. Marianne.

    This is so new to me..sound very scary… Im too humbled about this. I dont know how to react or response to this.. I will keep pray for God s mercy…

    Thanks Dawn

  10. Pray the rosary every day. What a time this is!! I have IRosary on my IPhone and it is awesome!!

  11. I have what I believe to be an internal call to almost constant prayer. Sometimes I awake in the night and feel as though God is asking me to pray. For so many things, for so many sins of people with no repentance at all. There are people who make a strong decision to ignore their conscience because they thing it is a sign of weakness.

    • hi Fred,

      I think the most common problem is laziness and disinterest. People are just not interested. They are busy with worldly things, and think spiritual things are more work.

      • Marianne,
        I think posting here also sends an email. That surprised me. Anyways, I responded to the email.

        • hi fred,

          I am the email genie. You will not always get an email to each comment. Just if you ask a question, or something like that. Sometimes, I leave it to others to respond.

  12. Does anyone pray all four decades of the Rosary daily?

  13. Have you seen the links between Garabandal and 2012?
    Search google news for garabandal, I think it is the first hit.
    It is a book about the so called “end times” from a Catholic perspective.

  14. Ladies and gentlemen .Please be aware that the end is near not for all but for a third of the world population .Fatima third secret speaks of the very same warning i have such secret in my possession and it is not as you all predict but it goes like this in a very cold night 10 minutes to midnight ,the earth will start to shake .You are warned to go inside your house ,close all your windows and doors make sure that you are not able to see outside because the wrath of God is outside and anyone looking at it will die instantly and will go into hell .likewise all those that are outside will also die and be turn into ashes.at home go in your knees in front of a crucifix and pray with your arms extended toward heaven and beg mercy from the Lord.You are to pray the Rosary if you do not have one them get one .you are to have wax bees candle blessed for ti will be the only light during tree days and tree nights .yes it will be the tree days of darkness as mention in the first secret from Fatima .The tremor will last for 8 hours and 2/3 of the population of the earth will die ,only one survives “The very good and the very strong”.your are not to allow anyone into your house except the members of your family ,once you have closed your doors they must not be open again until the earth stops shaking because if you do .You will also die.once the earth stop shaking you can look outside .the water and food that have been in contact with the venon you must not drink or eat or else you will die .in the years coming the angels will come and purify the earth but that only if we are very good and kind .Man has to understand why this things happen .God alone rules the earth .Glory be to God

    • hi rosa,

      I have thought about this, and the only place I see it fit in with the book of Revelation is after the 6th seal.

      At that point there will be a giant earthquake, the sun will turn dark, and the moon will turn red.

      Rev 6:12 ¶ And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

      Once that happens, the wrath of God will begin. Jesus also mentioned the sun and the moon darkening before his return, so this must be the time the saints are taken away by Jesus as well. This will remove us from harm, before the angels of wrath are loosed on the earth.

      Also, to consider, is everything that happens before that…war, famine, pestilence, death, and martyrdom of many saints. So there is trouble before the days of darkness.


      We need to prepare for what is ahead, and realize much occurs before the days of darkness.

    • Sorry Rosa,

      This all sounds a little too much like performance based rituals, etc. to me.
      Whatever happened to relationship, and Grace?

  15. We are so consumed with the material world and so many other worldly things that we have forgotten what life is all about. We have forgotten that we are here temporarily. When I was younger I never thought about getting older, life’s purpose? I look back and I realize that I only existed as many of us did. One day I started to look around me and I wanted to shout out at the world and tell them that all the things of the world are just things’ We take nothing when we leave this world. Party people live for that alone but what are they going to do when they see the truth ? ignore it because it is convenient? or because we deep down are scared? so’ it’s ok to be scared we should be scared, so scared that we may stop to see and think awhile and perhaps begin to change our lives. We continue to be warned and we are not listening. Do we not remember Noah? no one listened they laughed at him. I once thought Oh’ I will deal with things later, well there may not be a later. I see and hear many with all the notions believing in healing stones, tarot cards, put it out into the universe you will get it, it will come to you. Silly people why do we fool ourselves we need none of those objects ideas the truth is God only God can make or take it. Nothing in this world is an accident God makes no mistakes. How about the Secret? what secret? someone decided to make much money by writing a book about believing in something so strongly that you will make it to happen. How foolish we are, God has control. We have a free will but we are not magic and we do not get anything by visualizing or positive thinking, yes be positive that our Lord loves us so much that he died for us that he hears our cries and he continues to forgive us each time we make wrong choices. It is God that we pray to, Pray the Rosary, believe when Our Blessed Mother comes to warn us. If something sounds strange pray over it. We may be fooled with many wolves in sheep’s clothing but let your heart guide you God, Mary, the Saints and Angels will help us to distinguish between what is and what is not the truth. It saddens me to see so much around me and so little time to prepare but many are waiting to deal with things when they come. Guess what people it will happen so quick we do not know when but I tell my children and friends be prepared don’t waste time and leave it until tomorrow. Invite God into your life right at this instance, make your peace with him. I believe in Fatima, Lords, Garabandal and for those who choose to believe that there is a link between Garabandal and 2012 and it being a so called Catholic prospective on the end of times you may not think so after you begin to see for yourself. The 2010 is something that was believed by the indians in Mexico they based all their beliefs on magic, withchcraft remember they sacrificed virgins to the Gods, And yes the devil may reveal his plan and we should be prepared but how do we know that we are dicarding what it truth and not false? I pray much I follow Gods plan I have placed my whole being to his Divine Will and I surely trust in him and his mother and the day will come when there will be no more warning and we will scream. I believe in the three days of darkness why? because God has instilled in me and all of us a great connection to the truth, sometimes scary as it sounds we would be smart in believing before it is too late. Leave behind the lies, and deceits of this world and let us prepare. And if you chose not to believe at least for your sake pray and stop living a lie. Look around, we are truly living already, in the midst of darkness it is only the beginning lets stop talking so much and pray, be prepared. I live in prayer and I live in peace each day. I am a humble servant to Our Lord Jesus, I believe in Mary, in her messages I believe in the Saints, and Angels and I believe that satan can win a soul if we allow it. I chose God. How about you, because think about it in the end we will all die, we will all go to heaven or hell. I chose heaven. We are living a purification process to to get there. May God Bless.

    • Satan has been winning since the French Revolution, the only way to stop him and all what is coming (Wrath of God) is to get back on the right track. 5th Revolution, the spiritual, has to happen before the end of 2012, then we will be OK. More later….

      • hi 5th Revolution.

        I could not agree with more more. Most will be off track by 2012, but we will hope, and work for, as many awakenings as possible.

  16. I too have been sensing a great urgency. I feel it in my soul, my skin sometimes feels like its on fire. My husband is not a practicing Catholic, and has had many reservations about Religions, but oddly, for the last few months, he’s very open to faith. The world has changed so much and is changing rapidly… yet no one except us faithful have noticed. We know where the world is heading to. “We have to prepare to suffer” as my priest told me.

  17. I have also sensed a strong urgency to warn others of what is coming upon the world. It is like a fire burning inside me at times and I have to get out what I should say, and guilt consumes me if I dont warn.. But no one responds. They all think I am crazy or a religious nut. I had a dream around 6 years ago where Jesus came to me. I was in much sorrow over something that had happened in my life and he was there comforting me and consoling me. It was so real! And he talked to me about so so many things, but the strange thing is I cant remember what he said. He told me so many things, and I know he did not talk in vain. But for some reason my memory cannot remember all that he said.. I dont know if this means anything, but I believe it was really him and not just a dream. And I know that he spoke to me about alot and what he says means so much! Any insight of what this might be? I have not quit trying to turn the hearts of others away from sin and to the Lord. I was heavy on it at first, but have backed off a bit, and trying to win as many as I can with love and understanding.. I have to sadly report, it has been few though.. God bless us all!

  18. Yes these Garabandal prophesies are true ,One of the visionaries lived very close to me ,5 miles and she was a daily communicant at mass as long as I knew her . All TRUE ! Please heed the warning and pray with all your heart . The visionary passed away last april . These are very good people they speak the truth and live it as well . All the visionaries and thier families. The signs of the times are all around repent and believe in the Gospel , Jesus loves us all very much and he commanded us to love one another . Great protection is promised to all who pray the Rosary I do know and believe this is true all my prayers are answered and my life is blessed .I will pray the same for you all who read this many thanks and much love

    • Dear Kelly,
      Are u living in Spain? Who is the visionary passed away in April,2010?What do you think about the Medjugorje Propercies?

    • Kelly, you are absolutely right. Garabandal is the sequel to Fatima. Those prophecies will take place. However, remember that we should wait in joyful coming. As long as you readers are doing what is right according to God’s Law, you should look forward to the end of times, not the end of the world, and not worry about the dates, the time, and the season. If anyone knows about Vassula, today’s mystic, who receives dictation from Jesus, Mary, and her guardian angel, Daniel, as well as Michael, the Archangel, you may realize from her messages (True Life in God or tlig.org), that Jesus speaks of Garabandal throughout. It will happen. Just be prepared.

  19. Total fantasy garbage. The time Conchita said the “miracle” would happen has already passed and NOTHING happened. These girls had a very vivid imagination (like all young girls do, especially stuck in a poor village) and read the story of Bernadette and her visions in Lourdes, France, and decided to copy this themselves as they knew it would bring them attention, fame and a ticket out of their poor village -this is why they all left spain to marry american husbands except for one who stayed. We need to stop believing in this make believe garbage and finally realize that no “god” or “blessed mother” can help the world. It is up to US to fix the worlds problems, not some deity in the sky. Wake up and grow up people.

    • Dear Anan,

      I am sorry that you feel the way you do.

      I promise to pray for you and for all who do not believe in God as well as for those who do not yet know our Lord, Jesus.
      May God have mercy on all of us.

      For the sake of his sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

    • Wake up. The Warning, Chastisement and the Miracle will happen. Padre Pio saw the great miracle before he died. Go to http://www.garabandal.us/pdfs/pio_andgara.pdf to read about it. Heavan has no sense of time, that is why it is called Heaven and not Earth. WHen God is ready to make it happen, he will.Have faith in God and I agree with Gina.

    • Do not mock what is Holy. These are warnings and signs meant for us to convert, repent, and believe that God and His mercy and love exists. He knocks, but many continue to not listen. Pray for the conversion of sinners. Pray unceasingly. Pray for peace. Pray for love. Pray for an increase in faith. Pray. Pray. Pray. I have received many signs this year since Oct 2010… fragrances coming out of nowhere, smell of roses, incense… not sure what this means, but I do know we do have a Holy Family of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, Mary, and all the Saints who are praying for us and cheering for us.

  20. 2 Timothy 3
    Godlessness in the Last Days
    1But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them.
    6They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over weak-willed women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, 7always learning but never able to acknowledge the truth. 8Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so also these men oppose the truth—men of depraved minds, who, as far as the faith is concerned, are rejected. 9But they will not get very far because, as in the case of those men, their folly will be clear to everyone

  21. Sorry to ask a question but what does “cut off mean” as in “the Messiah will be Cut off”?

  22. Thanks. If that is the case and the following is true

    “The Garabandal Warning occurs in 2010, then in early spring 2011, The Miracle will occur.”

    Which it is, Then the “Messiah will be Cut Off” At the Jewish new year Sept 2010. IE 62 years after 1948. The tribulation (covenant signed) starts Jewish new year 2011 (year 63) The abomination which cause desolation is set up March 2015 (year 66 and 6 months) and Christ (the Messiah) returns 2016 (year 69) and it’s all over 2017 (year 70).

    The warning occurs in times of trouble, probably Pacific followed by mediterranean tsunami (se Damascus prophecy and apocalypse of Thomas) september 2010 and the warning is in December (prob 21st) 2010. The miracle is april 2011.

    As The Messiah is cut off Sept 2010 the spirit will leave many and a Middle East conflict will result in 2011 (partially due to the tsunami and the realisation that the tribulation is about to start). The Jewish comunity will start to return to Israel in preparation.

    • hi Mick

      I cannot confirm anything, but I think significant changes will start occurring in, and after, the Fall of 2010. What they are, I cannot say yet. I have a Jewish friend that wants to return to Israel, because she is upset about this country. She asked me when she should leave. I told her 2011, just from gut instinct. She is also old, and should travel while she is able.

      • Maraianne

        “but I think significant changes will start occurring in, and after, the Fall of 2010.” This is correct.

        2011 is the correct time for her to return to Israel but many will. Strictly speaking ‘the return of Christ’ will be in the Jewish year sept 2016-sept 2017. More specifically January 2017.

  23. 3Years ago we visited Garabandal.(from the Netherlands). It is the most simple place on eartht. There is nothing in it against the word of God, against the Bible.Since then there was not one day we did not long for Garabandal.It has strengthened our faith. After it my husband fell ill and is losing his strength. Still we hope to go back.However, being realistic: we need not go there as long as we can go to Holy Mass and receive Our Lord there. If I may receive Him tomorrow, be sure that I will ask Him to bless you,each of you, to strengthen your faith.As long as we pray for each other we are not alone.Let us celebrate 15 august, her greatest day. Do not doubt: she prepares your place in Heaven, where we shall meet. So long!

  24. I just read Barbara’s prayers and thoughts about Our Blessed Mothers Day of August 15th and Garabandal …. this was a beautiful post that we should all receive strength and prayer ! >fiat>brian

  25. We are entering a time of great solar activity. The Mayan calendar ends on 12/21/2012. I think that sometime in 2012, the world will experience a solar plasma burst that will greatly affect the earth. True believers will attribute the event to God and engage in prayer. Non-believers will attribute the event to scientific explanation. I think the result will greatly change the world, possibly paving the world for a new world order, with a single government, a single monetary system and possibly a messianic like world leader. Hopefully the Miracle that happens is The Rapture.

  26. With reference to the “sixth seal comment”

    The sixth seal is an overview of the whole tribulation hence it refers to sun going dark and red moon, which doesn’t happen until just prior to the ‘return of Christ’ (during the second half ie during the great tribulation). The seventh seal is the garabandal warning, hence ‘there will be silence in heaven for half an hour’ The miracle has to happen within 12 months of the warning because the chastisement (tribulation) )happens 12 months after the warning. The dec 21 2012 date is the second year of the tribulation/chastisement. The seven trumpets cover the first half of the tribulation until the abomination of desolation (the three woes).

    Question. Does anyone know what the Miracle is supposed to be for? That is, what is it’s intentions? I ask this as it doesn’t seem to have any biblical reference.

    • Steve,

      Since I have not seen anything come to pass yet, I cannot answer anything about the Miracle.

      WE have to wait and see if this prediction is true.

      • The prediction is true.
        The Warning, Chastisement and the Miracle will happen. Padre Pio saw the great miracle before he died. Go to http://www.garabandal.us/pdfs/pio_andgara.pdf to read about it. Heavan has no sense of time, that is why it is called Heaven and not Earth. When God is ready to make it happen, he will.
        Read this as well: http://www.ourladyofgarabandal.org/padrepio.htm

        • Woody

          I give it enough credibility to post it on my site….so I am open minded about it.

          from what I understand, something is to happen on May12, 2011. In Portugal, at 8:30 pm.

          Do you know what it is?

          • Thankyou for posting my note Marianne

            I like your statement “WE have to wait and see” As Thomas did not believe until he “saw with his own eyes” (This is what the warning is for) The May 12 2011, is likely to be the Miracle but I still don’t understand what form this will take.

  27. Coinsidentely enough Mick, the 21 December 2010 is the day of the apostle St. Thomas. (as in the apocalypse of Thomas??)

  28. EBible Fellowship believes Judgment Day is May 21, 2011 and that the End of the World will occur on October 21, 2011.
    Even Jesus does not know when the end will occur, only God the Father.
    I read alot on St. Pio (Padro Pio) who had the Stigmata; Priest and mystic that spoke with Conchita before he died. I believe Padre Pio as he has had the gift of reading souls. Fascinating man.

    • October 21 2011 will be the start of the tribulation.(or end of the world if you prefer). As Mick points out, after Dec 21 2010 all will become apparent.

  29. The reason prophecies are so vague – no specific date, place or event – is that they are either wishful thinking, fantasy or simply jokes for the easily manipulated. If natural disasters occur, then the good, the bad and all others are wiped out in proportion to the pre-existing population. Expecting only the good to survive is unrealistic. So keep living your lives as best you can and stop worrying about scare-mongering prophecies.

  30. We will ALL worry in the years to come. The biblical prophecies are to reassure us during this priod that all is going as it should before the Earth is returned to its natural state of Paradise.

  31. I won’t keep posting but I will just leave you with this for interest. The warning will look like a cross in the sky. This cross is what is referred to as the ‘Restrainer’ in Thes 2. The restrainer that is holding back Christ (Christ cannot return until the restrainer is removed (Thess 2) This is why people have referred to the warning as “breaking Satan’s back”. The cross appears because IT is the restrainer starting to collapse. In subsequent years it will fail totally (the Dragon cast down to Earth by Michael). but Satan’s power will have been broken (and he won’t be pleased) After this Christ will return and conquer satan on earth.

    • Steve,
      There is no indication in the Bible that the “restrainer” is referred to “as a cross”, be it in the sky, or otherwise.
      Many understand the “restrainer”, or “He who now restrains” depending on your Bible translation, (gar mystērion anomia energeō ēdē energeō monon arti katechō heōs ginomai ek mesos
      2 Thessalonians 2:7) as referring to the Holy Spirit.





  33. But thses are quotes from the Bible. (?) and your caps lock is stuck on, try some keyboard cleaner.

  34. Only God knows if all these apparitions are from HIM. I believe God loves us. I believe we only need to live a day in this world to see how bad things are. Something must happen to put man-kind back on tract. The late John Paul II said about two years before he died that the church must go through a purification in order to experience a great SPRINGTIME. JPII knew the TRUE third secrect of Fatima and I believed he wanted to give us a heads up before he went to heaven. Something is coming, whether in 2010
    2011,2012 or just very soon. We believers will know it as a warning, but many will give it only a scientific explanation. Too bad because it may be their last chance before it is too late.
    May we all continue to pray, especially the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

  35. Remember the last words of Pope John Paul 2 , Be Not Afraid

  36. I find this interesting!


  37. Well if The ‘cross’ is going to be seen ‘all over the world’ then it must occur right round the globe. He mentions that it is like a comet. If these global circles cross then what he describes is exactly the same as Garabandal’s warning.

  38. Go out and help the poor, sick, disabled and the week for this is what God wants us to do, to see him in everyone we meet, simple!!!

  39. Then why is 25% of the worlds wealth in America?

    • hi Ben


      1. open free economic society, where private enterprise is encouraged and supported.

      2. Free Public education to allow even the poor to go to school and improve themselves.

      3. Fair labor laws to assure a minimum wage for even the most menial tasks

      4. smart people live in America

      I am not an economist, but those are some reasons that I can think of.

      • Smart people do live in America…but not in Washington-or the White house-they are the exception to the rule! lOL

  40. Read the article: The Warning And Miracle
    at this website: http://www.garabandal.us/pdfs/magazine.pdf. You can save the document for future use.

    The website called: http://www.garabandal.us/home.html. explains it all.

  41. TRUST IN THE LORD!! and if you live by the ten commandments your life and those around you should benefit greatly God Bless!

  42. If there is a comparison to the bible, I would see it this way:

    1. WARNING with time of silence……6th seal…..sun turns dark, and the moon turns red….this completes the 3 /1 2 years of Jacob’s trouble…..at the 7ths seal, there is silence in heaven for half an hour.

    2. MIRACLE……Matt 24…..saints are caught up in the air to meet Jesus….

    3. CHASTISEMENT……Time of wrath of God that follows Jacob’s trouble.

    • Any idea on what seal we seem to be experiencing now? I have always thought maybe the 4th seal.. But then again, I am just speculating.. Trying to discern the times..

    • Also, regarding the warnings and seals: I believe the time is upon us more nearer than we think.. The elite of our country are building underground dwellings/cities because they believe that the solar activity of bursts and etc is sure to take place as they say science predicts it. So these caves they have made for themselves, and to leave the rest of the people to suffer, are for their hiding from the wrath of God, but they dont realize it yet.. They make this no secret, you can watch it on the Jesse Ventura show. “and the mighty men of the earth will hide themselves in caves because they know the wrath of God has come upon them.” This may not have the exact words of scripture, but this is the picture. Thought this was of some significance to these warnings and us nearing the end of the last seals..

      • hi Cathy

        I am not sure yet either. I think at least the first seal ( white horse – false peace) has gone forth.

        If the elite are expecting war by 2012, which is what I heard, then that will be the red horse of war – 2nd seal.

        Leaving whole nations to stave during the famine of the 3rd seal is pretty cowardly, isn’t it?

        Jesus told us to “endure to the end,” so he must expect us to make it.

        • Yes it is cowardly.. Thanks for the insight on the seals.. You can really see things differently from others perspective.. Especially the false peace which is very convincing for our times.. Then again, I do consider what has happened since the time of Christ death until now in history. Some of the historic events since then could be some of the seals.. I think the warnings of Garanbandal could be the last few seals. We just have to trust in the Lord and ask for discernment of our times…

  43. Marianne

    No. The seventh seal covers all of the first six seal period with the trunmpets from the half hour silence (start of tribulation) to the voices in heaven/lightening/earthquake (end of tribulation). The fourth seal (1/3 of stars fall) is halfway though the tribulation and corresopnds to the dragon in the sky (heaven) Or as Daniel put it “the abomination of desolation in the holy place”

    If the warning does not ‘fall to earth’ then it must be before the first and second trumpets as fire and a mountain fall in these. So the warning must be before the 7 year tribulation period (a year before I would assume as the chastisement follows).

    Of course you may disagree.

    • Mick

      The seals are different from the trumpets, which follow.

      What you say is the 4th seal (1/3 of stars fall) occurs later as the 4th trumpet.

      For the most part, I agree with this page….see here:


      Look at the chart on that page.

      See what you think.

      • Thanks great page. This timeline doesn’t syncronise the 1/3 of star falling at the 4th trumpet with satans fight with Michael at mid tribulation point when he is cast down. You can at least syncronise the voices/thunder/lightening/earthquake even as it is referred to 3 times. Once at the seventh seal, once at the seventh trumpet and once in rev 16:18 (after ‘It is done'(rev 16:17)) This ties up the end time, so all that remains is to work out when the first trumpet sounds. But I would claim that the 1/3 of stars at 4th trumpet and the michael/dragon battle sorts that out.

        • Mick

          I do not think satan’s fight with Michael occurs at the 4th trumpet. I think it happens after the 6th seal. This is when the wrath begins. The tribulation (Jacob’s trouble 3 1/2 years) is over

          Rev 6:16 And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:

          Rev 6:17 For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

          I think the trumpets and vials make up the rest of the time.

  44. What did the individual who died for your sins, and rose from the dead say? No sign will be given to an unbelieving generation except the abomination that causes desolation.

    Did Christ say he would send Mary back so you can pray to her? Perhaps, call her the Queen of Heaven?

    Lucifer is very smart, and can appear as an Angel of light. Test the spirits.

  45. Leatherneck,

    Protestant persecution.. You should read the scriptures that talk about the good and bad will remain together until the end and then the angels will separate them. Not us.. Catholics are not bad either. We love the Lord Jesus and His mother, and asking her to pray for us is not different than you asking someone to pray for you. Protestants need to study the Catholic church with an OPEN HEART, and not harden their hearts against what we do for the glory of God and our Savior Jesus Christ.. Then we might all agree once more.. Would you really persecute another person who claims Christ as their Lord? Judgment is up to the Lord if we are right or not.. God bless and may the Love of Christ urge us!

    • Hi cathy,

      The only person that I know who was raised from the dead and ALIVE today is Jesus Christ-not Mary.

      praying to Mary is the same as praying to baal or any other false god. Mary would not want any attention taken away from her son and what he did-she didn’t die for us-Jesus did. Jesus tells us that He is THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE, and that nobody goes to the Father EXCEPT THROUGH HIM…not his mom and not through his mom.

      John 14:6Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

      Ten Commandments
      Exodus 20:3 ¶ Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
      4 ¶ Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:
      5 thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them:..”

      *praying to mary is worshiping a false god
      *praying to a statue of mary or any saint is worshiping a false god; a graven image


      • And the same applies to the pope. He is only a man. And no one should ever kneel before him, ever.

      • Lyndsey, I was a Protestant, once having the same misconception. Now, I am a Catholic. Historically, ‘pray’ meant simply to ‘talk.’ Do you remember hearing, “pray tell” in any of the classic literature(s) we read back in high school? Anyway, we, Catholics, do not worship Mary. We honor her. Who would not respect the Mother of Jesus, the Mother of God, because Jesus is God (Trinity = God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit). We believe in the communion of Saints. There is a Holy Family of Saints up there in heaven cheering us on and praying for us during the spiritual warfare that some do not realize exists. Is there anything wrong about asking someone here on earth as well as in heaven, to pray for us, for our intentions? I hope that helps increase understanding of our Faith.

        • Rachel,

          Why would you become a catholic? Is it that you need some kind of ritualistic act to feel closer to G-d?

          Do you honestly believe that you can communicate with the dead by asking them to “pray” for you while you are here on earth?

          Communication with the dead is an abomination with G-d so why would you do this and why would you choose a religion that supports this?

          • lyndsey

            It is not about rituals.

            I cannot find it now, but there is some reference which indicates that the saints in heaven intercede for us.

            Jesus is the main intercessor, but the saints in heaven join in also, just as we intercede for each other here on earth.

            Whether saints are up there or down here, we are all still the body of christ, and continue in our prayers for each other, until all are saved and in heaven.

            This is not considered communion with the dead.

            The saints in heaven are more alive than we are.

            • Marianne
              Perhaps you should do a section where the Tenets of the “True Church” are discussed. For example; the trinity/divinity of Christ. I know you have a statement of faith, But something that the church must not compromise on.

              For example, we can argue about sabbath being seventh or first day or the importance of keeping the feasts, but we cannot compromise on the fallenness/ sinfullness of humanity. etc.

              Just a thought to make it less hostile for catholics, and others who are believers, but may have wandered off course and lead to the “narrow way”.

              I believe theologians have a bullseye to illustrate this with the center being the core beliefs, with the outer circles leading to less and less critical concepts of the faith and denominational differences.

              • There are 5 categories of beliefs in the catholic church- not all match what Protestants believe:


                1) Deposit of Faith: Holy Scripture AND Sacred Tradition, recognized and deliniated by the Magesterium. INFALLIBLE. Cannot be added to or subtracted from.

                2) Dogma: INFALLIBLE teaching of Faith or Morals, derived from the Deposit of Faith. Propagated by ex cathedra pronouncment of reigning Pontiff or by a ecumenical council of the Church’s bishops in turn ratified by reigning Pontiff. Cannot contradict Deposit of Faith or prior Dogma.

                examples: trinity, purgatory, mary’s assumption into heaven and role as mother of god, transubstantiation, communion of saints, immaculate conception of Mary, infallibility of the pope, etc

                3) Doctrine: NOT infallible teaching of the Church of Faith and Morals. Binding on all Catholics while propagated. Can be altered, modified, abandoned, even condemned. Doctrine RARELY becomes Dogma.

                examples: moral issues

                4) Discipline: NOT infallible rules of behavior, binding on all Catholics while propagated, designed with the intent to keep believers “on the straight and narrow”. Includes Lenten rules of fasting & priestly celibacy. Can be relaxed, altered, or abolished.

                5) Devotions: Private practice of prayers, meditions, and disciplines, in accordance to Church approval. Includes 99% of Marian devotions, belief in approved apparitions or visions (Private Revelation), First Saturdays, Stations of the Cross, etc…

                • Marianne
                  I guess you misunderstood my request. There are certain aspects of the faith that no Christian must compromise on. Not asking for catholic Dogma.

          • Lyndsey, reading about the Incorruptibles (Saints, whose body emits beautiful fragrances, and does not decompose), Lives of the Saints, and the Miracles of the Holy Eucharist is what won me over to the Catholic Faith. (As a Protestant, you never hear about all them.) Their love for God is a wonderful example of how we should lead our lives according to God’s Laws and His Word. All He asks from us is love.

        • Rachel
          Just in briefly looking at your statements above, There are Christians among the Catholic Church, and then there are those who are not, as is true of protestant churches. I agree that we should hold Mary the Mother of Jesus in high regard, But there is a fineline between high regard and worship. Just take care not to cross it. The catholic church still holds to the trinity, and this is a basic tenet of Christian faith. My fear is that as the new world church is formed, they will compromise on this principle in order to get the Muslims involved.

          When we Christians are critical of the Catholic Church, it is the institution of the church, and its hierarchy that make it a faith based on works rather than a relationship with God through the “Blood of the lamb”. Do not let man (Pope) be your guide in your spiritual walk, but rather the Holy Spirit who will discern truth for you. It is only when your faith rests in God, that you will see God,s heavenly Kingdom. The Catholic church is very concerned about building a worldly Kingdom. And this is contrary to scripture.

          • Trust in God with the changes that we may not understand. Sometimes to understand, we have to have child-like faith. Sure, we have had good popes and bad popes. We’re humans, so we’re bound to make errors. But God’s love always prevails though. He has a unique plan for all of us.
            As far as “fine line,” there is a significant difference, especially between Protestant and Catholic. (I was not expecting this to lead to the New World Order discussion.) I experienced it. I know, after years of trying to find the right religion. Trust me, being a Catholic was the last thing on my mind. I think I made the right decision because I continue to receive signs (ie. the heavenly fragrances, mostly roses and lilies), especially in the last year.
            Thanks for the advice on discernment. (Not aware of the Muslim issue – is there a source? a link that supports your statement?) I appreciate your concerns on the Church. As Christians, yes, we are all one body of Christ. Peace.

    • I did not persecute anyone. You should read the Bible, and not just follow what some man tells you. Also, take that chip off your shoulder.

      I did not write anything about your Universal Church. I did write what I believe in.

      You do support freedom of speech don’t you?

  46. I was surprised to see the comments about the Blessed Mother. Unlike my wife, my mother and any woman on earth, there is no comparison to the greatest Woman, Queen of the Universe the Blessed Mother.

    Gen. 3:15 – we see from the very beginning that God gives Mary a unique role in salvation history. God says “I will put enmity between you and the woman, between your seed and her seed.” This refers to Jesus (the “emnity”) and Mary (the “woman”). The phrase “her seed” (spermatos) is not seen elsewhere in Scripture.

    Exodus 25:11-21 – the ark of the Old Covenant was made of the purest gold for God’s Word. Mary is the ark of the New Covenant and is the purest vessel for the Word of God made flesh.

    For unbelievable understanding of the Truth, look up Total Consecration to the Blessed Mother by St. Louis de Montfort.

    Please understand Our Blessed Mother is our quickest and greatest path to Her Loving Son.

    • Jesus is only a prayer away. You don’t have to ask mary to talk to him for you.

      Re: Genesis 3:15, “Emnity” means hostility….hostility between Satan’s seed and Eve’s seed (children)

      Re: Exodus 25:11-21 Is this a metaphor that you are referencing?

      Re: “For unbelievable understanding of the Truth,..” I find the Truth in G-d’s word, not mans.

    • Brian wrote: “Please understand Our Blessed Mother is our quickest and greatest path to Her Loving Son”

      *please tell me where I can find this in the scriputes

    • Actually Brian,
      The original Hebrew word that is used for “seed” in Genesis 3:15 is “zera'” (Strong’s # 02233), and it is translated in the KJV of the Bible, a total of 229 times, in a total of 205 verse’s of the Old Testament

  47. With all due respect, your ignorance of the Catholic churches teachings is not my problem. However, you have taken what I said and twisted it to something you want it to mean. Not what I believe.. As I said before, learn something before you go and put it down and persecute Christians who love the Lord.. Why are you on this post anyway if you dont believe in the Catholic churches teachings? Just to put us all down? because if you are trying to convert us (which we dont need) you sure need to work on your evangelical skills and have the love of Christ driving you.. And the Catholic church is our authority, second to God. Unlike the Protestants, when one of them disagrees with each other, they start a new church. Therefore, that is why there are 5000 different denominations. Farewell and God bless!

    • Re: “As I said before, learn something before you go and put it down..”

      What I have learned about the Catholic Church blew me away. The Catholic Church removed one of the ten commandments-the 2nd one. The Catholic Church changed the sabbath day to be on Sunday (changing dates and laws). The Catholic Church went as far as writing their own bible.

      “God knows that there are still millions of wonderful Catholics ignorantly caught up in this system and in Revelation 18:4, God makes a call for his true children to come out of her. It reads, “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, COME OUT OF HER, my people, that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues.”


    • Christ is your authority, not a Church. Not the traditions of man. Mary, who had other children ofter Jesus, is dead, and can not hear any prayers. We honor her, but we do not pray to dead people.

      Jesus, the word, the son of G-d the Father is alive, and can hear.

  48. To those of you who want to make this blog a Catholic v Protestant posting please find another source to argue or vent.

    There are many people that watch this post for important updates regarding Garabandal.

    • Focas on Christ, not Garabandal. Garabandal is to take your attention away from Christ. Mary, whom we honor, is not the Queen of Heaven. The Queen of Heaven is a pagan goddess. One of Lucifer’s many lies.

  49. Thank you Brian.. I agree..

  50. Interesting how the word of G-d has upset you.
    Hosea 4:6My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…

    If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t have pointed you to the TRUTH. I would hope that someone would do the same for me if I were believing in someone/something that was contrary to the word of G-d.

    The ten commandments are clear. G-d’s word is clear. Anything that is contrary to His Word is not of G-d, period.

    This is not a catholic vs protestant. This is G-d versus Satan and G-d’s word reveals the Truth so that His Children can be led into the Truth by His Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ. Not Mary…Not Paul…Not Peter…. Not Matthew…These people (human beings) were saved by the same means that we are saved-they did not save us-only Jesus can and did do this by his death on the cross and by his resurrection.

    Jesus is our High Priest; our only priest. We don’t have to go through anyone else to get to him. And to get to the Father, we go through Jesus.

    John 14:6Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

  51. “This final quote says Catholics should follow the Pope even if he were Satan himself. Again, I just simply cannot agree with this. Evil should never be worshiped and nor should any man on earth be worshiped as this is a form of idolatry in itself. Only the God head is worthy of worship according to the Bible.

    “Even if the Pope were Satan incarnate, we ought not to raise up our heads against him, but calmly lie down to rest on his bosom. He who rebels against our Father is condemned to death, for that which we do to him we do to Christ: we honor Christ if we honor the Pope; we dishonor Christ if we dishonor the Pope. I know very well that many defend themselves by boasting: “They are so corrupt, and work all manner of evil!” But God has commanded that, even if the priests, the pastors, and Christ-on-earth were incarnate devils, we be obedient and subject to them, not for their sakes, but for the sake of God, and out of obedience to Him.” — St. Catherine of Siena, SCS, p. 201-202, p. 222, (quoted in Apostolic Digest, by Michael Malone, Book 5: “The Book of Obedience”, Chapter 1: “There is No Salvation Without Personal Submission to the Pope”).

    Please don’t be angry or condemn us for these unbiblical quotes above, as they were NOT written by us but by the Catholic Church.

    Most Catholics are unaware of these things because they are not spoken of or taught. The facts about the millions that the Church tortured and murdered are also not our thoughts or opinion, they are a matter of historical record which can be found in thousands of history books. Eg: Look up the ‘Spanish Inquisition’ or read “Fox’s Book of Martyrs.” It is recommended you read it on an empty stomach as the things the Church did could make one feel quite unwell.”

    *the above copy/paste from this website:

  52. Do not look for Christ outside of yourself, he is inside you and Satan’s world is outside. Christ has warned you about blindly following any church as they will falter and you must not. But at least the church’s gave you the Laws of Moses to guide you so far. Christ gave you intelligence to take you the rest of the way to him. Don’t argue, read and work it out.

  53. **This is difficult to watch, but I chose to post it because it is well done and shows the reality of what happened and who it was that suffered…and who should be honored and given our praise and worship for having endured what he did and for us…

    Shadow of Your Cross…

  54. Amazing Love

  55. This page should be about how garabandal fits into biblical prophecy, or if it completely different.

    Both Catholics and Protestants believe in Jesus, and his work on the cross.

    The Mary issue is not the issue here.

    I understand both sides, who don’t understand each other, but that is not the topic here.

  56. In regards to some of the replies on this post that did not pertain to this blog. Just when we think we have everything figured out, Satan will come and sift us like wheat unfortunately. Presumption is one of Satans favorite forms of pride and our downfall. Knowing what our salvation consist of is knowledge every Christian should hold because the scriptures make it clear, faith in Jesus Christ and doing His will. What is unclear and hidden in scripture is for our pondering until God reveals what is true by His means of whomever. Until then we should remain humble servants of the Lord and pray that our faith will not fail, and love Him in obedience and love others as ourselves.. I say this by my own mistakes from past experiences and hope to be of some insight for others… God bless and may Christ love rule in our hearts!

  57. Mariane,

    How can Mary not be at the center of the issue, when it is she the children state gave them the warnings. Was it really Mary that gave the children the above infomation, or Lucifer?

    Test the spirits, and do not be mislead. How are people mislead? By praying to Mary, and not G-d the Father in Christ name.

    • WITH LOVE….I agree. I was thinking about this post today. It is merely a repeat of what is already there in the scriptures. (which one came first).

      It’s as if satan is scrambling around to make himself/his church “appear” credible. If what “mary” says actually happens then OH MY, she must “really” be making appearances and is “real”. Satan is a deceiver…he comes to kill, steal and destroy.

      Jesus also warned us about this. That the false prophet and the AC would give signs and wonders…come on now, wake up!

    • Hi Leatherneck

      I guess your issue is different from my issue. I look at all prophecies, and I do consider the source.

      I have found that there is sometimes an element of truth present in even a false prophecy, where the enemy shows his hand.

      If you look at all the Mayan prophecies, there seems to be a strong element on truth in them, even though they were pagans. People, including Christians, and the governments, now are all waiting for 2012, just because they said it would be the end of the age. And thousands of years later, what they said looks very possible.

      There are new age prophets that can predict next week better than Christians. Even though they get the information from either their own analysis, or from demons, they end up being accurate about the events predicted.

      I think the enemy wants recognition for predicting the truth, so it can be seen as 100% accurate, even though some falsehood may be present. IT will tell much of the truth to gain credibility.

      So what I look at are just the elements of the prophecy, to see how much of it is true, and how much of it is not true. I compare it to the bible, to see how it lines up.

      An example: If a thief tells you he is going to rob you at midnight, will you take him seriously? Or just go to bed, and ignore him, since he is apparently dishonest? Personally, I will not accept him as honest in general, but I will be awake at midnight with the police, to see if he shows up.

      Another example: if you hear a terrorist say he will bomb the stadium nearest you next month, are you going to go to the stadium for an event, or will you consider what he says, and think about it, and possibly avoid the stadium on the day in question?

      Satan has been announcing his plans through his followers throughout the centuries. I tend to take the details so I can think about them.

      It does not change my allegiance to God, or make me admire Satan more. I am trying to be wise, and anticipate what the enemy will do next.

      To me this is not a faith issue. It is an issue of facts. Is the report correct, or not? that is why I posted it.

      I hope that explains my intentions better.

      • I do understand where your coming from Marianne in that we should “know our enemy” per se. I did check out this site that was posted above: http://www.garabandal.us/pdfs/magazine.pdf

        And after reading through it, I will only say that I am concerned that anyone would believe any of it. Using the Scriptures as a reference when reading it, I found a lot of red flags and could see clearly who was at the source of all of it-very distressing that no one else can “see” this.

        At one point, Mary is holding baby jesus and letting the little girls hold him….Mary had 12 stars hovering over her head and let the little girls play with the stars….dates were given to the girls but they feel “compelled” not to give the dates-so we have a warning and a chastisement and the one person that knows refuses to give the details….RED FLAG.

  58. Hey Marianne,

    As we discussed earlier….2014/2015 we have the solar/lunar/tetrad eclipses occuring on Jewish feast days…this could be our time line for the 6th seal as is found in Revelations 6


    Revelation 6:12-17
    And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind. And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?


  59. Sorry to be technical butwhy does the antichrist make a covenant for seven years. Why would someone make a covenant with a set time limit? eg We will make peace… but only for seven years! It doesn’t make sense. Covenant obviously means a pact. So with who and what does the antichrist expect to happen over those seven years where something obviously goes wrong after three and a half.

    • hi Ben

      I do not know, just that God tends to work in 7’s. The book of Daniel predicted a 70 week period. 69 have been fulfilled. There is one week to go.

      This covenant, like all man made agreements, will not last. Daniel does not say the covenant is about peace, only that it is “with many.” Others have assumed that it is about peace.

      Somehow, the antichrist uses this agreement to enter Jerusalem, and establish his presence there. He is not interested in peace, but conquest, so if he promises peace in an agreement, he does not mean it.

      He expects to conquer and keep Israel as land for himself, and take the temple mount as a place where people will worship him.

      It is at the mid – point (3 1/2 years) of the “week” of 7 years, that he commits the abomination in the holy of holies.

      He sets up an image of himself for people to worship.

      This horrifies the Jews who escape Jerusalem, and starts the time known as Jacob’s trouble.

  60. “This horrifies the Jews who escape Jerusalem”
    This is the important bit. I didn’t know that they realised this.

    • hi Ben

      Yes, they will be horrified. This event will remind them of Antiochus Epiphanes, who invaded in 167 BC, committed abomination in the temple, and destroyed lots of the temple and city.


      To consolidate his empire and strengthen his hold over the region, Antiochus decided to side with the Hellenized Jews by outlawing Jewish religious rites and traditions kept by observant Jews and by ordering the worship of Zeus as the supreme god.[citation needed] This was anathema to the Jews and when they refused, Antiochus sent an army to enforce his decree. Because of the resistance, the city was destroyed, many were slaughtered, and a military Greek citadel called the Acra was established

      He profaned the temple in Jerusalem and dedicate it to Olympian Zeus, and that on Mount Gerizim to Zeus the Hospitable, as the inhabitants of the place requested…They also brought into the temple things that were forbidden, so that the altar was covered with abominable offerings prohibited by the laws. A man could not keep the sabbath or celebrate the traditional feasts, nor even admit that he was a Jew. At the suggestion of the citizens of Ptolemais, a decree was issued ordering the neighboring Greek cities to act in the same way against the Jews: oblige them to partake of the sacrifices, and put to death those who would not consent to adopt the customs of the Greeks.

  61. This is an important message you have given. When in Jerusalem, Satan will hypmotise the residents. This is the control he has over them and why Jesus says, don’t even go back to your house … just leave and go to the hills.

  62. I am thinking Satan is letting us know how he feels….”I am god, I am in charge” as spoken through a TSA agent….

  63. Is an increase in exorcisms an increase in demonic activity?

  64. Marianne.

    Here is some more techincal stuff. The time line reference you have given MUST be wrong.

    The Dragon persues the woman for 1260 days (times time and half a time) to stop the man with the rod of iron. This puts the Dragon at the Abomination of desolation. The third of stars cast down by the dragon is the forth trumpet. The sixth seal is the Son of Man appearing (stars fall as a fig tree (Matthew)) as is the sixth trumpet (they hid from the face of the one on the throne). This means that the first three trumpets are during the first half of the tribulation and are the cause of the first three horsemen (seals). This means the first trumpet is the end of 2011 and the second trumpet is the end of 2012. ie the mountain of fire cast down is the Mayan prophecy. This puts the Garabandal warning at the end of 2010. ie now!.

    • The “end of 2010” was back in September on a Jewish Calendar-Rosh Hashanah-G-d goes by the Jewish Calendar and I would guess that all the prophecies do as well.


      • Yes Lyndsey the end of 2010 was in september, but the tribulation uses the jewish calendar ie the tribulation will start in september 2011 (covenant). The warning of garabandal however is just stated as ‘before that’. that is, the warning occurs before the chastisement starts. As the miracle is within one year of the warning (around april) then the warning must be between now and april 2011.

        • Ben

          Read Rev Chapter 6.

          The tribulation, or first 5 seals occur before the warning.

          The sign in the sky (sun and moon), the warning, occurs at seal #6.

          The miracle is the rapture of the saints when Christ returns, to deliver them from the wrath, which is starting by the end of chapter 6.

          Christ returns after the tribulation (Matthew 24) and before what you call the chastisement (the wrath) begins.

          • Rev 6

            And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood.
            And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind. And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.

            This is the sign of the coming of the son of man. Sixth seal/sixth trumpet. This is not the warning described by Garabandal in any form. The two ‘colliding stars’ do not fall and the sun and the moon are not mentioned. The warning of garabandal preceeds this by several years and takes a totally diferent form.

            • Ben said “The warning of garabandal preceeds this by several years and takes a totally diferent form.”

              Here is a thought, perhaps the warning of garabandal is wrong?

              Perhaps the scriptures are right?

              • Lynsey

                That’s what I thought until I threw out the conventional timeline and started the tribulation on earth at the first trumpet. The four horsemen are already on their way in heaven. The trumpets are the tribulation on Earth. Then the Warning of Garabandal makes sense. It’s is the placing of the sixthe seal that is difficult, which is what Jesus said.

    • Ben,

      You have me a little mixed up.

      The first 5 seals have not been fulfilled yet.

      THe son of man comes at the end of the tribulation (6th seal), according to Matthew 24, not during the tribulation.

      Remember, after the trumpets comes the vials.

      Satan falling from heaven and taking a 1/3 of the “star” refers to taking a third of the angels with him. It is not the same as the 4 the trumpet, where physical creation is disrupted, as this is already a past event.

      You have the 4th trumpet before the Jews get a chance to flee. I think the Jews flee jerusalem before the 5th seal, where much martyrdom occurs. God is saving them for a future salvation. If they all die, then Jesus does not have to return to save them.

      I think that the seals, trumpets and vials occur in numerical order, with no over lap.

  65. Marianne

    The seventh seal IS all the vials. “Then the angel took the censer, filled it with fire from the altar, and hurled it on the earth; and there came peals of thunder, rumblings, flashes of lightning and an earthquake.”

    The second trumpet “and the Third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died” Notice only a third.

    The second vial “And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea” Notive EVERY living soul. ie the trumpets have already happened when the vials are cast down

    After the seventh vial “it is done”

    The first five seals are the first five years of the tribulation and of course they haven’t happened yet.

    “The son of man comes at the end of the tribulation (6th seal), according to Matthew 24, not during the tribulation.” No. Jesus says “after the tribulation of those days the son of man is seen” This is referring to the tribulation of satan being cast down to earth (the abomination of desolation) during the sixth seal. ie during the second half of the tribulation the seventh seal (vials) is still to occur at this point so is the “harvest”.

    “You have the 4th trumpet before the Jews get a chance to flee.” No. I have the forth trunpet as WHEN the Jews have to flee (Abomination of desolation). Yes the Jews have fled by the fifth seal.

    “Remember, after the trumpets comes the vials.” Yes because the seventh seal is the vials.

    Revelations is the documentation of heaven and earth coming together. The seals are the occurances on earth and the trumpets are the occurances in heaven during the same time period. They start to come together at the fourth seal when satan is thrown down.

    The seventh seal

    • satan has already been thrown down. If you don’t think he is already here then where in the world is all this evil and suffering coming from my friend?! Think my dear man!!

  66. Opps.

    They start to come together at the fourth seal when satan is thrown down. Should read forth seal and forth trumpet.

    and this … The seventh seal … is just a pasting error.

    • Ben

      I am sorry, but that is so mixed up I can hardly respond. The seventh seal is silence in heaven for half an hour. Nothing happens then.

      Revelation 8:1,2
      And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour. And I saw the seven angels which stood before God; and to them were given seven trumpets


      As you can see, the trumpets have JUST been given, and are about to start.

      There is nothing written that combines the seals and trumpets.

      God listed them separately for a reason. They are different events, not the same.

      There is nothing saying the 6th seal is satan being cast down. He is already here.

  67. But I wrote

    “They start to come together at the fourth seal when satan is thrown down”

    and you wrote
    There is nothing saying the 6th seal is satan being cast down. He is already here.

    Just try drawing the seven years and put the seals and trumpets overlapping the same period and you will see.

    • Ben

      Keep reading the rest of chapter 6

      6:12 ¶ And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

      Rev 6:13 And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.

      Rev 6:14 And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.

      Rev 6:15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;

      Rev 6:16 And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:

      Rev 6:17 For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

      The wrath of God is just starting. People are not dead yet. They are running for cover.

  68. Yes this is right. One question when (in relation to the seals and trumpets) in your timeline is Satan cast down?

    This is going somewhere by the way.

    • Ben

      Revelation 12 states that the devil is cast down after the “child” (Jesus) is taken to heaven. So, he has been cast down for the past 2000 years, and has been warring with the saints ever since..

  69. Rev 12

    ..Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads. 4 Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. .. The woman fled into the wilderness to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be taken care of for 1,260 days.
    7 Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. 8 But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. 9 The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.

    Satan isn’t on earth yet. Until he is revealed during the tribulation.

    • Luke 10:17….“Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.”

      18He (Jesus) replied, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. 19I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.


      1 John 5:19 We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one

      John 12:31Now is the time for judgment on this world; now the prince of this world will be driven out. (Jesus said this before he was crucified)

      (Read cross references here)

      2 Peter 2:4: For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment;

      1 Peter 5:8 Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.


      When Jesus was here on earth, he stated to his disciples that he had seen satan fall from heaven like lightning in Luke 10:18.

      So obviously Satan had already fallen prior to Jesus being here in the flesh on earth. Further, remember Satan met Jesus in the desert and tempted him 3x.

    • “9 The great dragon WAS hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads (present tense) the whole world astray. He WAS hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.”

      *in the above verse you have the word “WAS” as in PAST TENSE
      and then you have “leads” as in present tense.

      The is not referring to a future event-it is referring to a PAST EVENT.

  70. Notics 1,260 days.

    • hi Ben

      for the Child portion to be correct, as well as the 1260 days, the Child could not only represent Jesus, but his church as well.

      So, once the child (church) goes to heaven, there is a war, and the Satan is cast down.

      he is the accuser of the brethren,….he may show up there in heaven some to do this, but he does NOT LIVE up there……he is mostly on earth.

      but once the church can no longer be accused, because it is now in heaven, there is no reason to allow Satan to come forward and accuse the believers.

      Following this logic, Satan is cast down when the church is raptured, and it is time for the wrath to begin.

      the woman Israel is left to escape to the wilderness, but is protected during the 1260 days of wrath.

      Time of wrath = trumpets and vials

      Notice Israel is sealed for its protection in Rev 7

      • That makes sense. I always wondered how Satan was able to go before G-d in order to accuse Job. Satan has obviously been able to go back and forth for some time in order to “accuse us”.

        Job 2
        Zechariah 3:1Then he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the LORD, and Satan standing at his right side to accuse him.

        So evidently, Satan has been accusing us long before Jesus came.

        So it would stand to reason that satan, to even be referred to as “satan”, would have been cast out of heaven prior to Job and Joshua.

  71. Marianne

    “whole world is under the control of the evil one” Yes this is true but he controls from heaven at present.

    “Following this logic, Satan is cast down when the church is raptured, and it is time for the wrath to begin.”

    Yes this is true. and the wrath is the three woes, trumpets 5,6 and 7. The ‘women’ is pursued by the dragon for 1260 days in heaven and times time and half a time on earth (after satan is cast to earth). So the fight with the Archangel Michael starts at the beginning of the 1260 days (beginning of 7 years of tribulation). This will give you a clue as to who the rider of the white horse with a bow is?? It’s The Archangel Michael. The battle in heaven will just appear as earthquakes and wonders and signs in the sky for the first half of the tribulation (see Luke 21:11). These signs and events are what cause the wars famine pestilences on earth. And for some reason the armies circle Jerusalem in response to these signs (they know something). Jerusalem is possibly the only place of refuge on earth for Satan. So leave and go to the hills is the commend.

    Are you with me on this?

    • Ben

      No, you confuse me.

      Why are you only starting the wrath at trumpet 5 (woe #1) ? What about trumpets 1-4? You don’t think they are bad? People are dying.

      I would have never guessed Michael is the white horse.

      I always thought it was the antichrist bringing false peace.

  72. I’ll do two posts cos I only get an hour a day.

    This quote from another site

    “Considering the prophets prophesied a 7-year peace treaty that would be a time of false peace leading the world into the war of Gog & Magog in the Middle East that Yahshua said would be a time of “birthing pains” prior to His return. Considering the Apostle Paul’s words specifically stating it would be called “Peace & Security” resulting in war and the beginning of “travail upon a woman” or in other words the “birthing pains” Yahshua said marks the beginning of the 7-year tribulation!”

    Says it all. Notice the women in Rev 12 “She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth.” This is before Satan is cast down. IE the birthing pains are in the first half of the tribulation. But these birthing pains give rise to the “earthquakes and wonders and signs in the sky”.

    So what are these ‘wonders and signs in the sky’ during the first half of the tribulation??

    • Hey Ben,

      The birthing pangs are NOW and have been for several years. Have you noticed the increase in earthquakes worldwide? The gulf oil spill? 9/11? WWI, WWII? We are on the edge of WW3…..Katrina in Louisiana; Beheadings of Christians for their Faith in other parts of the world-there is too much to even list.

      just read yahoo news and watch your local news channel-it is all there.

      Do you honestly believe that all the “hell on earth” has nothing to do with Satan and the birth pangs that Jesus refered to?

      Did you read the scriptures I gave you which clearly showed that Satan has already been cast out of heaven?

      Jesus himself stated that he saw it happen-past tense-not a future event and this was over 2000 years ago.

      And regarding the “wonders and signs in the sky”, these could be the increase in UFO sightings OR they could be the Leonid meteor shower OR they could be the fireball that hit Wisconsin this past year after Judge Crabb ruled that the national day or prayer was unconstitutional OR it could be Jupiter being at its brightest in the Eastern Sky OR it could be the upcoming Solar and lunar eclipses on Jewish Feast Days in 2014/2015….

  73. Why are you only starting the wrath at trumpet 5

    Because the bible says the woes are the trumpets following trumpet 4 (see rev)

  74. Sorry I misread. You want to know when the wrath is in relation to the trumpets, I’ll get back to you. By the way the “white horse is a sign of righteousness” hardly a sign of Satan??

  75. This will give an insight to the warth question. See last sentence in this reference


    • I agree with the last sentence.

      But you have the wrath beginning at trumpet 5, instead of trumpet 1, AFTER the Time the Lord will return, which occurs at the 6 th seal.

      What makes woe = wrath, when all the trumpets show wrath?

      The white horse is a deception. If it is peace and righteousness, then it should not have a bow in its hand.

      Rev 6:2 And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

      If it was something positive, there would be positive results. But instead, there is war famine and death.

      Look over here :

      How does the “good” white horse fit in with the 2300 days?

  76. Ben;
    A maker of a Prophecy video threw out a very interesting concept I posted
    https://heavenawaits.wordpress.com/goat-ready-to-fly-again/ about the 4 spirits in Zechariah 6:5 and 4 horses of the Accapolyse in Revelation 6

    She says the colors of these horses or spirits have meanings and represents ideologies. An interesting concept. Watch it and see the meaning of the “White Horse”. You might be surprised.

  77. Hi

    Looked at your ref Marianne this quote in the discussion from lyndsey is correct “Perhaps the trumpets are the “Cause” with the bowls/vials being the “Effect”. Yes, the cause in heaven (trumpets) with the effect on earth (Seals).

    “But you have the wrath beginning at trumpet 5, instead of trumpet 1, AFTER the Time the Lord will return, which occurs at the 6 th seal.” No. I have the wrath beginning at trumpet 5 and the Lord returns at the sixth seal BECAUSE the sixth seal is AFTER trumpet 5. The sixth seal ist trumpet 6. I’ll show you why…

    In the sixth seal “every free man and bondsman hides from the face of the one on the throne and the wrath of the lamb… for the day of his wrath has come.

    In the Fifth trumpet… The witnesses give prophecy before the ‘God of Earth’ and are killed and everyone rejoices” This cannot happen after the Son of Man appears in heaven (seal 6). In fact when the witnesses are taken up hither the people start to worship the God of heaven who has appeared saying ‘come hither’ and stop worshipping the God of Earth (do you get who the god of earth is?)).

    Michael has a bow because he has come to conquer satan. “I have not come to bring peace” said Jesus. The white color is not a deception, it is a rghteous war with Satan.

    The tribulation is covered three times in revelation Seals, trumpets and Dragon. Each time the tribulation finishes with “voices thunder lightning and earthquake” See Seal 7, trumpet 7 and rev 16:17.

    This makes the first woe after satan is cast down god of earth) trumpet 5 the second woe is the Son of man appering, trumpet 6/seal6 and the third woe the vials/trumpet 7. IE the three woes are the second half of the tribulation. You wll have to draw it to see. This puts the first four trumpets and seals and the war with michael in the first half of the tribulation. (great and fearful sights in heaven) and causes the famine, war and pestilence on earth. Michael has to remove the restrainer (thess2 2:6) bfore satan can be revealed. Guess which trumpet is the retrainer being removed. “with faith you can cast a mountain into the sea”!!!!

    • Ben,

      The trumpets are not even handed out to the angels until AFTER Seal 7.

      So since the Trumpets are not even handed out until AFTER Seal 7, then this means that Seals 1- 7 are done separately and prior to the Trumpets.

      It is my understanding that the Seals represent the warning of the wrath to come.

      Seal 5 is where we are “caught up”; Seal 6 could be the solar/lunar eclipses on Jewish Feast days in 2014/2015 which would match the sequence of events according to Matthew 24…we have a AFTER tribulation and a BEFORE the “DAY OF THE LORD”

      So the Eclipses in 2014/2015 could be the eclipses spoken of by Jesus as occuring AFTER the tribulation (seals 1-6) and BEFORE “the WRATH” (Trumpets/Bowls/Vials).

      *this is before the 7th seal is opened and after the 6th seal has been opened:

      Rev 6:17 for the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand? (Joel 2.11 · Mal. 3.2)

      Revelation 7 talks about the sealing of the 12 tribes and of those in the white robes who are worshiping G-d “those who came out of the tribulation”-most likely at Seal 5 (Parousia/rapture)

      Revelation 8 starts with the 7th Seal:

      1 And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.
      2 And I saw the seven angels which stood before God; and to them were given seven trumpets. (notice the trumpets are not given until AFTER SEAL 7

  78. Sorry that should say “In the Sixth trumpet… The witnesses give prophecy before the ‘God of Earth’”

  79. Kittii Doherty

    From your ref.
    “Greece –white –false peace”. This could go either way as Michael does not come to bring peace to the Earth.

    “I come not to bring peace, but to bring a sword” (Gospel of Matthew 10:34)

  80. It goes
    (First half of tribulation war famine pestilence) because of:-
    Seal 1 = Trumpet 1 = Michael appears (dragon persues women with child) Fire from sky
    Seal 2 = trumpet 2 = mountain of fire cast into sea (restrainer removed)
    Seal 3 = trumpet 3 = wormwood
    Seal 4 = trumpet 4 = 1/3 stars fall (satans angels cast down)

    Second half of tribulation (the three woes)
    Seal 5 = trumpet 5 = (First woe) Satan is cast down Beast from pit appears.
    Seal 6 = trumpet 6 = (second woe) Witnesses killed by beast from pit. Earthquake and stars fall etc. Son of man appears. Wrath of the lamb, everyone hides. and worship God of Heaven.
    Seal 7 = trumpet 7 (vials) (third woe) Harvest and Final judgement.
    Voices thunder/lightning/earthquake

    I cannot work out where the Rapture fits in (any ideas?). But the Garabandal warning is at the start of all of this, i.e. before the chastisement starts. It is important to realise that all the coming troubles are in our favour.. but still tribulation.

  81. It becomes more obvious when John’s conversation with Christ in revelation is followed. It goes

    “Hello John, I am going to show you what must come to pass in the final days. First I will show you WHAT will happen (seals) and in the seventh seal I will show you HOW it happens (trumpets) and after I have shown you the the final (seventh) trumpet I will show you WHY it happens (Dragon). The reason I am saying this is to warn humanity that the ‘god of the earth’ will claim to be the true god with non above him (Thes2 2:4), but I will come as the ‘God of heaven’ and destroy him for the final time. Beware the God of the Earth in Jerusalem at the Fifth Trumpet/seal”.

    I paraphrase of course.

  82. It wasn’t really a paraphrase of a passage. It was just a light hearted way of explaining what Christ was telling John, and more importantly WHY he told John about the Revelations at all. There is an underlying reason why the new testament was written, and it’s more than ‘believe in me and be nice to each other’ although clearly that is an important message. Christ is saying that we are in danger from something without us realising it. It is a worrying message. If Christ had been explicit about this message (as opposed to cryptic) the new testament would never have been allowed to be published. PS Do you follow the timeline?

    • Hi Ben

      yes, I see what you are trying to say now. I am just not convinced that it is correct. However, it is feasible to do it that way. I would have to go back and re-read Revelation to see if there was anything contradictory to it.

      I agree that Christ was trying to send a message about a severe and dangerous time and situation.

  83. Hi Marianne

    Trust me it is correct. I have checked it a thousand times.

    The message from Christ:-
    Have you noticed how indifferent Christ was to the material world? This is because Paradise is our natural home and the so called ‘material’ world was ‘created’ on top of it. That is why Christ is coming back (finally) to destroy the ‘material’ world so that the Earth will once again be Paradise. You can see why he was so careful about making the message cryptic. There are many here who do not wish this to happen. Depends on your chosen ‘God’!!!

  84. From Mari Loli

    The chastisement will be: “worse than having fire on top of us – fire underneath us and fire all around us. She saw people throwing themselves into the sea”

    First trumpet:- The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.”

  85. Abaddon, “the angel of the bottomless pit.”

    Why does this angel say “do not harm those with the seal of God on their foreheads” at the fifth trumpet and then “the beast from the pit” kills the witnesses at the sixth trumpet?

    • steve

      there are different explanations.

      1. everyone, including believers are going to experience the wrath of God.

      2. the believers are already gone, but the righteous Jews are marked.

      3, the saints that die are those remaining after the rapture by the beast

      4. those newly saved christians and saved jews are both killed by the beast

      not sure what your point is…

    • “the seal of G-d on their foreheads” could be referring to the Jews. They literally wear a “seal”/Box on top of their foreheads when they pray.

    • “the seal of G-d on their foreheads” could be referring to the Jews. They literally wear a “seal”/Box/mark on top of their foreheads when they pray.

  86. Thanks, Those were the conclusions I came to. My point was why are the witnesses killed by the beast when it has already been stated “do not harm those with the seal of God”. I assume the witnesses have the seal of God, but your reply answers this.

    and another thing… Have you worked out who the
    – Rider on the white horse with a bow
    – Man child who rules with a rod of iron.
    – The Son of Man
    – Rider of white horse with a sword in his mouth who rules with a rod of iron.

    is. And in mathhew 24:31 Jesus says “And HE will send his angels with a loud trumpet call”.

    i.e. it’s not Christ

  87. http://www.biblicalstudies.org.uk/pdf/jbl/1900_schmidt.pdf

    • I do not think the link given really proves a concept. It was quite speculative, and made unsubstantiated comments.

      Son of Man has been use to only describe human beings, or those with a human nautre.

      “one like a man” or “a man” has been use to describe angels.

      I do not believe the man in the clouds is the entire Israel nation.

      I do not agree with combining jewish and christian concepts of last days with Tiamat, which is a Muslim term.

      I do not agree with saying Micheal’s prototype is Marduk. Marduk is a false god and demon that pagans worshiped.

      I believe at one point, where the “man” tells Daniel that Michael had to help him, it was referring to Jesus, not Gabriel.

      If Michael or Gabriel appear in scripture, they are identified by name. Their identity is not kept secret. They always reveal who they are.

      The kingdom of God is what the Father grants to the Son after His redemptive act, who then turns it over to the saints. This is the vision in heaven seen by Daniel.

      While it is assumed that Michael and the other angels are involved, it is the Messiah Jesus, who appears at Armageddon, and destroys Satan and his armies, not Michael.

      HE and HIS denote possessor and possessions.

      The angels, as a “possession” belong to YHVH, not Michael, as Michael is one of the possessions (angels). So, the HE who sends HIS angels has to be YHVH.

      I understand you believe the rider on the white horse with a bow is Michael, and it may be.

      But the other horses represent forces and events on physical earth – war between peoples, famine of peoples, death of peoples. So it would be logical that the white horse represents something from the physical worlds as well. in that case, some form of peace or false peace.

      the rider of the other white horse would be the Messiah.

      I think both Michael and Messiah are both active during the last day events.

  88. Rev 20:11″I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and makes war.”

    Rev 6:5 “When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come!” I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand.”

    i.e to judge

    Rev 6:4 “Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make men slay each other. To him was given a large sword.”
    i.e to make war (against Satan)

    The first seals are the Arch Angels Michael, Gabriel and Rapheal. The Son of man is the ArchAngel Michael as is the rider on both white horses.

    Neither do I agree with combining jewish and christian concepts of last days with Tiamat, which is a Muslim term.

    Nither do I agree with saying Micheal’s prototype is Marduk. Marduk is a false god and demon that pagans worshiped.

    But they were describing some battle in heaven in the past. Christ was the first time mankind was told the truth about this material world and the end of it, ie it’s return to paradise. Revelation is entirely about The ArchAngels and yes they are mentioned without being named. eg the man child who rules with a rod of iron.

    I suspect that the ArchAngel Michael has a human form and an angelic form and is present at this very moment on Earth. At the first seal he will reveal himself (in angelic form) and Gabriel and Raphael will follow him into battle to detroy Satan and his material world. It’s just a question of when Michael on the white horse of the first seal appears.

    “Christ was the first time mankind was told the truth about this material world” !!!

    • You can believe whatever you choose to believe.

      I don’t believe that your theory above is correct. The angels are consistently referred to by name throughout the scriptures whenever they are involved. G-d is consistent.

      The angels are not named in the Seals that you reference, so to “assume” that angels are involved and to state it as “fact” is misleading to those who don’t understand Revelations.

  89. In Jewish lore The arch amgels Amitiel (truth) Michael and Gabriel opposed the creation. Lets just say ‘he’ didn’t have planning permission in Paradise.

    “to those who don’t understand Revelations.” Exactly. Understanding Revelation is the key to understanding the bible. “assume that angels are involved”… Who else would be involved. They are ALL angels. That is what the battle in heaven is all about. Unless you think they really are horses. (Horses is an ancient reference to angels).

    This all makes me wonder what the definition of “a Christian” really is these days. Even the rich call themselves ‘christians’.. but a camel has more chance.

  90. We hear now,most areas in the world are under floods and deaths due to it.(Australia,Brazil,Philipeens,SriLanka,Germany……)
    Before that Snow in (…..)

    1.Is there any seal or trumpet tells in the Revelations active now?
    2.Daniel’s Time line of 7 year period started?(First 3 1/2 years)
    3.Fatima 3rd Secretart/Garbandal/Medjugorge Messages becomes reality…..

    • WE could be a pre-tribulation phase, unless this is part of the “black horse” aspect where events will produce famine and death conditions. The first 7-8 months of the 7 year period are not described well in Daniel. We will have to wait and see what is happening by the end of this summer.

  91. I have had this hunch, this message for a second day in a row: “Garabandal will be soon, very soon!” “Garabandal will be soon!” And in Spanish, since that’s my first language. It is a WARNING to me, but do I need to BE there? It’s said that all those who attend will be healed of all diseases and illnesses (count me in), but because we have Internet, TV and satellites everybody around the world will watch it.

    I believe that after going through a couple of websites, the right date for the Apparition(s) will be April 12, 2012. I thought at first that it would happen this year (which it could be) then I came upon this one http://ausmedjugorje.webs.com/miracle.html under St Hermengild. Just a hunch, wanted it out there see if it makes sense to anybody else. I am Catholic, the YouTube videos and the documentaries about the Garabandal girls are incredible, especially the picture where St. Michael The Archangel gives one of the girls the Holy Ghost. It appeared out of nowhere, and hundreds saw that miracle.

    Love the website and I am also devout to Maria Rosa Mystica from Montichari/Fontanelle.

  92. […] posted this on another website here in […]

  93. OMG I messed up. I meant the Eucharist. *facepalm*

  94. This Nostradamus quatraine sounds like the Miracle.

    Very near Auch, Lectoure and Mirande
    a great fire will fall from the sky for three nights.
    The cause will appear both stupefying and marvelous;
    shortly afterwards there will be an earthquake.

    These places are just north of Lourdes in the forest area of South west France.

  95. Just to get some tribulation timings right..

    Apparently only those with the mark of the beast will be able to trade.
    If the Beast 666 comes out of the bottomless pit and the pit is opened at the fifth trumpet, then when in the tribulation is the fifth trumpet?

  96. Marianne,

    I am not sure if you know about the mystic, Vassula, in her True Life in God messages, but throughout – Garabandal is mentioned many times.
    My best to you and all readers. Peace, everyone.

    • hi Rachel

      No, I do not think I have heard of her. But it sounds like you have a blessed life in your faith. The fragrances are really wonderful.

  97. ive studied garabandal since mid eighties,there is no doubt these events are from heaven allowed by god. to many conversions to deny. event like these happen throughout the bible,and through early fathers writings [apostles students]

  98. Well, it’s April 2011. Nothing happened.

    • hi Timothy

      True. Nothing happened. Everything here is based on “if.”

      If the warning was in 2010, then the miracle occurs in 2011…

      but then

      if the warning does not occur in 2010, but 2011, or another year……then we have to wait.

      I am not endorsing this view, just presenting it for discussion.

      I think that there will be some outer space event, but personally, I have no idea what or when. I only say this much because the bible mentions stars ( most likely meteors) and something called Wormwood falling to the earth.

      People talk about Nibiru and such, but I have no idea how big it is or if it will influence anything.

      If this prophecy continues to fail, then Catholics would need to rethink their trust in prophecies like this.

  99. Can anyone help me to goto
    1.Garabandal from Madrid Airport
    2.Then Garabandal to Lourdes(in France)

    Either Bus or Train is better and Cheaper.
    I think no trains are available.
    So anyone who travelled by bus to Garabandal from Madrid?
    How about the Bus fare? Time taken?
    I hope to go to Denmark for a official IT semina in June 1st week.After that I hope to come to Madrid in Spain.I am a Roman Catholic.
    my email = sunimal.it@nsb.lk

  100. I have seen some mention of the warning and a date being 2010 and then the miracle in 2011. It was to my understanding that no date had been revealed.

    I have also seen many comments on uncertainty as to whether the apparitions are of Our Blessed Mother or of Satan and I can understand the concern. The thought crossed my mind as well. My reasoning, however, is that Satan would not bring us closer to God. The visionaries of Garabandal and those in Medjugorje speak of great joy that cannot be put into words when they see Her. It’s like a peace of Heaven they experience in a short period of time. Not to mention the numerous miracles that have taken place by so many of different faiths, cultures and nations. One woman stated that in Medjugorje, right beofore the apparition, it was so noisy and the birds and crickets were so loud. As soon as the apparition began to take place, you could hear a pin drop – no sound.. until is was over and the the noise, birds, dogs, crickets could be heard again – very loudly. Many, many have been healed and rosaries turned to gold… So if this is Satan, well then Satan has converted.. lol

    We should stop this bickering. I don’t think anyone disagrees that God is our Heavenly Father and the Almighty and His desire is that we do not judge one another. Angels have always been His messengers even in the times of the Old Testament so why is that seen as something so unusual these days? Mary never denied God anything, including the resignation of seeing Her beloved Son nailed to the cross. How would any one of us bear something like that? So why wouldn’t He reward Her? She was not an ordinary woman but an extraordinary woman. That is why She was favored by God. She was not like one of us. God can do anything, including making His Mother devine as She was His most faithful servant.

    These are just my thoughts.

    Peace and God Bless

    • hi Elaine

      I agree that the common denominator between Christians is Jesus. I have to stay neutral on Mary, but I do examine each prophecy for its accuracy and value. From what I can tell, the messages do have some merit, and should be considered, whether people believe the source or not.

  101. I also agree with Elaine.

    I have travelled to Lourdes(in France) from Madrid via Santander ,San Sebastian, IRUN and Hendaya. There are direct busses from Madrid to San Sebastian.Irun & Hendaya are boarder towns of France south & Spain north.From Irun to Hendaya by train(SNCF), then Hendaya to Lourdes by Train via Bayonne. From Lourdes to Paris by TGV(SNCF) trains.

    GOD(Allah)–>Jesus(Son)—>St.Mary(mother of Jesus on earth: Imaculate Conception)

  102. sent in by true believer:

    O hi everyone .just to let you know that apparently the warning will take place on 11/11/11. So prepare I was told this by my priest who was send an email .And so he passed to me .In any case it is good to prepare .This warning brings fire within which will not burn the body but will feel very real as if one is burning in hell ,for a total of 20 minutes. it will be like Earth is on fire .You will hear screams from a frightened Earth .Everyone will think that this is the end of the world and everyone at the same time will go into extasy God will be inside of our conscience and will show us the horror of our sinful lives and what we have done to Jesus body and to our souls.Many will die of a broken heart .Their hearts will not be able to take the pain and therefore will expiate .But unfortunate others will not believe on the experience and will do even worst after the warning .Caution here.A year after the warning if we do not amend our lives the great anticipated 8 hour tr
    will start and will go on for 8 hours none stop and the 2/3 of the population of the world will parish,all that is mentioned on the Third secret of Fatima will take place .So please go to the sacrament of penance and receive Jesus in your heart so that He may help you in this hour of torment .May the Lord give you the good sense to prepare

  103. http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=FJ2MC1NU

  104. http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.com/prophecy-at-garabandal-will-now-become-a-reality/

    Prophecy at Garabandal will now become a reality
    Tuesday, May 31st, 2011 @ 03:30 pm
    My dearly beloved daughter we have come a long way in such a short time. That was for a reason. For it was all the time needed to impart My most holy word in a world starving of My love. Still they do not listen. Because they do not want to know. While many of My loyal followers are alert now to the changes coming so many have no interest, whatsoever, in the warnings givens to the world by My Beloved Mother up to now. The prophecies given at Garabandal will now become a reality. Prepare now for this event for you have only a few months left to prepare your souls.

    Please do not fear My daughter for I know that these events have made you sad because you are thinking of your children’s future. The Warning will change everything. But it will present a fork in the road. Mankind, when having been woken up to the truth of the existence of God will then, through his own free will chose one of two paths. The path of salvation. Or the path of damnation.

    Chastisement will wipe out much of the world

    Pray hard that man chooses the first. For if he doesn’t the world will suffer the most severe chastisement with much of it wiped out. Why would My children wish this? Yet, because of sin, man will sadly chose to ignore My promise and follow the path of the Deceiver. I have told you I will not give you a date for The Warning for this is known by only a few chosen souls. For if this date were to be made public people would be tempted to seek redemption out of a sense of false humility. Trust in Me. All will be well children. You are blessed to be given this wonderful gift of Revelation. The world will now seem to become quieter and somewhat strange in the coming months leading up to The Warning. For when it happens , spectacular though it will be visually in the sky so quiet will this mystical experience be that you will be more prepared for this silent encounter with your own conscience.

    Remember the more people that are forewarned of this event the more souls will be saved. Pray pray My Divine Mercy for those souls who will die during The Warning. They need your prayers.

    Your loving Saviour Jesus Christ

  105. http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=KDZWG7NX

  106. note on warning and miracle aspects:


  107. Virgin Mary Calls for day of prayer and fasting to prepare for The Warning Monday, January 30th, 2012 @ 01:00 pm
    This Message was received by Maria Divine Mercy after two separate apparitions of the Virgin Mary – one which took place at midnight January 29 and the second at 13.00 hours on Monday January 30 2012 during which the Virgin Mother appeared very sorrowoful throughout.
    My child while my Son comes now to cover the whole world with His rays of Mercy it is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that many people will die during The Warning.
    Pray, pray, pray for their souls.
    You, my child must ask all of the followers of these divine messages to allocate tomorrow Tuesday 31 January 2012 as a special day of prayer.

    On this day you must recite the Most Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy prayer.
    ……………some more ……………. http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.com/apparition-of-virgin-mary-call-for-day-of-prayer-and-fasting-tuesday-31-january-2012/

  108. I believe Fatima & garbandal messages are true.

    If this above message(30/01/2012) is true then I guess, “WARNING” said in San Sebastian De Garbandal will occur in February, 2012
    or the coming Passover period which will begin on 22/02/2012.
    It says “My child while my Son comes now to cover the whole world with His rays of Mercy it is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that many people will die during The Warning.”

    I observed this site says last year “few months remain”.
    Now we are near the “WARNING” ???

    Marianne & Rosa,
    We have not educated others, neighbours, relations, friends and others to prepare. We have the chance to read the web but others ??? so our responsibility ???
    Your advice please..

    • sunimal

      This makes some sense. Other messages from other sources, religious and secular, indicate the great tribulation occurring by next year, so it would be logical to give a warning soon, before it comes. We should pray and wait.

    • The visionaries at Garabandal said that the Warning would occur when things in the world are at their worst. None of them knew the date of the Warning (except for Mari Loli, but she never revealed it, never spoke of it to the others, and took it to the grave with her). When pressed further on the matter as to when the Warning would occur, Mari Loli said that it would happen when Russia (or the effects of Communism) would take over much of the free world. It would appear as if communism engulfed the world, and that it would be very difficult for priests to say Mass. There would be a great tribulation which would be devastating for the Church. Jacinta, another visionary, said that it wouldn’t just be communism, either, because many people would not be practicing their religion.

  109. I firmly believe in the miracles at Lourdes, Fatima, Garabandal and in Japan. As such I have re-committed my life to the holy trinity. I pray the 15 decade rosary daily and will soon start attending daily mass.

    When you take time to commit your life to our Blessed Virgin Mary and spend your day in prayer, the messages from our Blessed Mother will not frighten you, but will fill you with a sense of peace.

  110. odd commentary from this page….a few hundred years between the warning and chastisement and the tribulation……??


    The Warning is one of many events described in the prophecies of Garabandal and Medjugorje. However, these events of the ten secrets of Medjugorje and of the Warning, Miracle, and Chastisement of Garabandal, all occur within the first part of the tribulation.

    Subsequently, as Sacred Scripture indicates and various Saints taught, there is a long respite from the tribulation.

    Only much later, a few hundred years later, does the tribulation resume with its second part. This second part of the tribulation includes the reign of the Antichrist, followed by the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the establishment of a long era of peace and holiness on earth. And only after that long time of peace does the general Resurrection and general Judgment occur.

  111. Hi, everuone!
    I just wnat to leave these websites http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.com/home/
    to all af you who have posted your messages about Garabandal and The Warning. There are and there have been a few more people receiving messages from God The Father, Jesus The Son and Our Mother The Virgin Mary. You may choose weather you belive or not bacause God gave you the gift of your Free Will and He will not force you to accept Him or His Warnings to this World where everyday everybody keeps on walking direct to hell because people has chosen not to belive, and we who say we belive just try to interpret His messages in our words, God is Allmighty and we will never be able to explain His Will. We ask Him everyday so that His Wll be Done as it is in Heaven here on eath and he is coming to answer our pray, so why then are there so many people who don’t listen?
    Pray the Lord He sends us all His Holly Spirit so we can convert and stop sinning! Let us all pray for the convertion of sinners and for those who say they belive and live giving their backs to the Lord! God Bless You in His Divine Will!

  112. http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.com says “the three and a half years remaining in the Tribulation period commences in December 2012.”
    So ” Warning ” before that or next year after the Great Tribulation starts ?
    Anti-Christ appear after the Warning?

    • sunimal

      From what I understand , the chastisement (tribulation) follows the warning.

      so the warning would be a transition time before the tribulation.

      the antichrist should all manifest himself about that time, maybe right before or after the warning.

      • The Chastisement is CONDITIONAL. It would only occur if, with the Warning and Miracle, the world does not change. Conchita personally feels that the Warning will have such an impact on the world that humankind WILL change. It will be that powerful. Also, the so-called antichrist was never mentioned at Garabandal, but communism was…and many times.

        • although many will hopefully repent, there will also many that will not. the antichrist will still come to power, and be defeated at the end.

          • I am from Sri Lanka. 75 % are Buddhist. We see a great change in the weather. Normally we see the sun in the sky from morning 6am to evening 6pm. But this month more rains, sun will not give light as earlier due to clouds(light dark).
            Floods in most pats of the country during this christmas season as never expected and some people are homeless. So how about the other countries?

            • hi sunimal

              WE had a winter hurricane, which is unusual for america. Also a group of tornadoes across several states for christmas. Both were very destructive.


  114. It is true that there are no such things as “miracles”. There are only natural and supernatural phenomena. The comet (Ison) that will fulfill this prophecy is a natural phenomenon that was set on its course perhaps multiple millions of years ago. The one and only “miracle” is existence itself. The alternative is NOTHINGNESS!!

  115. Comet Ison (C/2012 S1) apperas to be the object that may fulfill the Garabandal Prophecy. Listen closley to Professor James McCanney’s presentation where he says that it appears that this comet was perfectly timed for the whole world to see!!! It will interact with Mars, another planet or perhaps even the sun in a spectacular way.

    There are no miracles….only natural and supernatural events!

    The label “miracle” could only be placed on existence itself, for the aternative is absolute NOTHINGNESS!!

    [audio src="http://www.jmccanneyscience.com/JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_October_25_2012.mp3" /]

  116. has joey received his eye site yet?

  117. Conchita Gonzalez (now Keena) of Garabandal gave a later interview about what she had said about “two stars” crashing together. She emphatically stated that this is NOT what she meant. What she DID clarify was that the Warning would RESEMBLE what she, in her own mind, compared with “alot of light and alot of noise,” but certainly never intended to have this interpreted as a celestial event,such as two stars crashing or exploding. She was only twelve years of age at the time and, with limited knowledge, attempted to describe something SUPERNATURAL. The late Mari Loli LaFleur, another visionary, had a different take on it. She said that she witnessed a “great silence” all over the world, and that we would be alone with our conscience right before God. We would see all the sins we have committed and how these hurt Our Lord, because we will feel them, not only call attention to them. We will feel a deep sorrow for our sins. Two things here: IMHO, what Conchita attempted to describe sounds quite similar to what Saint Paul experienced when he got knocked off his horse. Second, it seems that we are going to experience a prefiguring of what the Church calls the ‘particular judgment’ that each soul must go through at the end of our earthly lives.

  118. @ lonnie: no, Joe was informed by Conchita (during the apparitions) that he would receive “new eyes” so that he would be able to see the Great Miracle when it occurred. He is one of four people whom the Blessed Virgin specifically mentioned who would have their handicaps cured during the event. Also, anyone who is there for the Great Miracle and who is sick will be cured.

  119. …maybe. But we do know that before the antichrist comes (by the way, the Bible never mentions him but does mention the ‘spirit’ of antichrist) there will be a period of peace, and that the Immaculate Heart will triumph. IMHO, the Garabandal events will initiate the great outpouring of God’s grace in the world. Various saints have said that this outpouring will last for a thousand years.

  120. At Garabandal, Our Lady never mentioned the Antichrist, but She DID mention Communism many times. To me, THAT is the spirit of antichrist, and is just as real, I suppose.

  121. I think we are forgetting what Jesus told Conchita in a locution: because of the Warning and Miracle, Russia and many other countries will be converted, “thus everyone will love Our Hearts.” This is a most positive message, and one allegedly by the Lord Himself. It is the period of peace in which the Immaculate Heart will triumph. We must not forget this less-than- quoted locution. And it will happen in the lifetime of many of us! What joy!

  122. From the latest message on 21-01-2013 in–http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.com//
    My dearly beloved daughter, the time for preparation for The Warning is short. This is a time when, no matter how painful the persecution is, you must ignore everything except My Holy Word.
    As the preparations begin, let no one stop you, My beloved followers, as you prepare your souls and pray for those who will die in mortal sin during The Warning.

  123. Here’s something to ponder about our Blessed Mother….

    She is the “Daughter” of the Father, the “Spouse of the Holy Spirit”,
    and the Mother of the “Son”.

    She is ALL THESE! In Revelations, the ancient serpent, frustrated and unable to get to our mother, re-focuses on her Children,….”All those who obey the commandments of God!”

    As would any mother who would do everything in her power to protect her children, would we expect anything less from our Blessed Mother?

    Would God just allow Our Blessed Mother to stand helplessly and idly by while this ancient serpent the devil …attacks her children?

    I emphatically think not!

    In Genesis, 3:15, enmities will be placed between the serpent and the Our Lady!

    • Amen!

      Almighty God commanded us all, “Honor your father and mother.”

      Mary is the Mother of Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior. He would be impossibly untrue to Himself if He were to do anything but Honor His Mother, Mary.

      If Jesus Himself will honor His Mother Mary in the same way He commanded us to honor our own parents, and He most certainly does, how could we not Honor His Holy Mother Mary as well?

      We (Roman Catholics) do Not worship Mary…however, we do honor her as the Mother of The Most High, Jesus Christ, most certainly does!

      May the Peace and Love of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you all.

  124. Where will we see Conchita’s 8 day warning of the miracle?

  125. Conchita lives in the United States with her family.

  126. http://www.garabandal2017.com/prediction-date-and-form-of-miracle.html

  127. the sign in the sky…the warning?

  128. The Warning specified at Garabandal will NOT be a comet, asteroid, or any type of cosmic body. The Warning will be a supernatural event, NOT explained by science. Everyone in the world will see it and will feel it, no matter where they are or what they are doing. It will be like “a fire that does not burn our skin” but we will feel it just the same. It will take place, first, in the sky, LIKE two stars colliding – a lot of light and noise. But then, it will permeate everything around us. Once this happens, we will be all alone RIGHT BEFORE GOD Who will show us our sins and how they have affected our life and the lives of others. We will be shown the consequences of our sins, and we will feel an immense sorrow. This is what the Garabandal Warning has been described as by the four visionaries.

  129. Let us pray each and every day as though it were our last, each in our own way and in our own individual faith to a loving and forgiving father that one day soon, we the faithful, might be raptured home to our blessed heavenly father before he lays his rath upon this evil world. remember that “one day in heaven is like a thousand years on earth” God bless to all and pray for one another.

  130. The warning will happen after conchita announces the date of the miracle. If it happened before, then people would figure it out. It also says that before the miracle, people would stop believing in garabandal. This is the reason why, because the warning would not have happened yet!

  131. Conchita states that the virgin has told her that she is to tell the world 8 days before it happens….. So it is to happen within the lifetime of conchita..

  132. The garabandal warning will happen during the 8 days that conchita uses to announce the coming miracle. If it were before, people would figure it out! That’s why people will stop believing in garabandal when conchita announces the 8 day countdown.

  133. Marianne,
    Is there any sites here, discuss
    1. 3rd secret of Fatima (Potugal) in 1917 =? – by mother of Jesus to 3 girls
    2. Prophecy of the Popes by St. Malachy => Last Pope= ?
    112. Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [i.e. Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End.
    3. Abomination of desolation= ? -Daniel -11:31 “His armed forces will rise up to desecrate the temple fortress and will abolish the daily sacrifice. Then they will set up the abomination that causes desolation”.

    temple =?, abolish the daily sacrifice=?

  134. Hi there,
    My Name is Hannah Gonzales and I was wondering if anybody knows a way to get ahold of Conchita Gonzales. A way to write her or something. If you know could you mabay send it to me. I would appricate it so so much. My Email is kayla1981@yahoo.com.

  135. Seymour, you have cow shit for brains!

  136. Published on Mar 3, 2015
    Conchita Gonzalez, one of the four visionaries who had apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the early 1960s in Garabandal, Spain, was interviewed in English is 1980. Conchita speaks of the Warning and the promised Miracle. More resources of Garabandal at.

    by THOMAS FAHY | SEPTEMBER 10, 2015

    • sunimal

      what i have read and found confusing is the events of the warning, as compared to the chastisement, explained in different summaries.

      both seem to have an event in the sky….

      warning – we are inwardly moved, but nothing bad happens

      chastisement – something crashes into the ocean, creating destruction.

      both get an 8 day notice beforehand.

      is that your understanding?

  137. The 3rd secret of Fatima was not published by Popes from 1917. But all of them knew it. I think , Pope Francis is the last true pope and God will give a special grace to the last human beings in this world called ‘Warning’ or illumination of consciences of Age > 7 . Some times , this has a relation to the collision of 2 comets or Nibiru or Planet X.

    I that after starting the Great Tribulation (last 3 1/2 years) ?
    2017 ? or 2067 ? or 3017 ? Pope Francis Age = 79
    I believe this, as I believe God, Jesus and Immaculate Conception of Mother Mary.

  138. 2.9.17 the warning

  139. https://ronconte.wordpress.com/2017/03/15/reaction-of-pope-francis-if-the-warning-is-good-friday-of-2017/
    The next possible date for the Warning of Garabandal is April 14th of 2017, Good Friday this very year. If the Warning is not this year, and that is a possibility, then it likely will not occur in the sometime in the 2020’s. But since 2017 is the 100th anniversary of the apparitions at Fatima (and for a number of other reasons), this year is not only a possible date, but probable.

    • sunimal

      i have some notes here…

      before warning

      russia invades europe
      china invades asia
      usa invaded and attacked

      son of perdition revealed

      revolution in rome
      pope flees

      not sure how accurate this is…

  140. Russia came to Siriya. China is investing in Asia now. USA is neutral .
    son of perdition ? revolution in rome = Conservative cardinals against Pope’s liberal changes. https://ronconte.wordpress.com/

  141. Pray for Burundi (African country ): Malaria 9 million out of 11 million population : Christian 67% (Roman Catholic 62%, Protestant 5%), indigenous beliefs 32%, Muslim 1%.

  142. Maianne,

    I have 2 sons(13 and 10). Eldest was admitted to hospital last week due to Viral fever. 2nd also had fever. Both could not go to school for their 1st term tests. In Sri Lanka , so many patients(Viral fever, Dengue, H1N1) , road accidents. PRAY FOR US.
    I saw just now several messages in http://www.afterthewarning.com – to expect a change in coming days .

    Difficult times ahead ?

    • sunimal

      i am so sorry to hear about your sons. they have my prayers for healing.

      I hope the hospital can help them,

      pestilence and disease is result of living in a fallen world. we will see more of this in the time ahead.

      I pray the blood of jesus and his healing presence over both of your sons, and a quick recovery for both of them

  143. Pedro Regis-www.afterthewarning.com
    This is the time of Great Spiritual Confusion. .. You are heading for a painful future. There will be great persecution of men and women of faith, but do not retreat. After all sorrow, a Great Time of Peace will come for you.-
    You are heading for a future of pain. Those who are faithful will experience calvary.
    Which is come first? persecution or Garbandal warning?
    On palm Sunday , Jesus became to top as Christ the King. Then Jesus was crucified on Good Friday.
    —————————————–my thoughts as follows——————————
    Similarly, Christianity or Catholicism(good news) will be preached to the world and told to all nations.( ?? How ?? by Garbandal warning? )

    Then POPE will be popular. (like palm Sunday)
    Then Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [i.e. Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. (like Good Friday)(1917-Fatima 3rd secret)The End.

    • sunimal

      I wish I could answer your question. i know things will happen, but I am not sure of the entire sequence of events

      wait and see

  144. God is great.He is the creator .through Him all is possible.Amen

  145. There is no blow to the hope of the faithful with the death of Joseph Lomangino. And the Apparition is true.


    The Beginning of Knowledge

    …5A wise man will hear and increase in learning, And a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel, 6To
    understand a proverb and a figure, The words of the wise and their riddles. 7The fear of the LORD is the begin-
    ning of knowledge; Fools despise wisdom and instruction.…

    Many believed that Joey would receive new eyes. This was a riddle and it is time for the faithful to know the

    1 Corinthians 2:6-16

    Wisdom from the Spirit

    6 Yet among the mature we do impart wisdom, although it is not a wisdom of this age or of the rulers of this
    age, who are doomed to pass away. 7 But we impart a secret and hidden wisdom of God, which God decreed
    before the ages for our glory. 8 None of the rulers of this age understood this, for if they had, they would not
    have crucified the Lord of glory. 9 But, as it is written,

    “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard,

    nor the heart of man imagined,

    what God has prepared for those who love him”—

    10 these things God has revealed to us through the Spirit. For the Spirit searches everything, even the depths of
    God. 11 For who knows a person’s thoughts except the spirit of that person, which is in him? So also no one
    comprehends the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God. 12 Now we have received not the spirit of the
    world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might understand the things freely given us by God. 13 And we
    impart this in words not taught by human wisdom but taught by the Spirit, interpreting spiritual truths to those
    who are spiritual.

    14 The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not
    able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned. 15 The spiritual person judges all things, but is
    himself to be judged by no one. 16 “For who has understood the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?” But
    we have the mind of Christ.


    Joseph means: “He will add”

    Lo means: “The” in Italian

    Mangino has no meaning as it is- it derives from the name: Mancino.

    Mancino means: “Left handed person”.

    Joey’s name and what was said of him is actually a hidden message, a mystery and riddle of God. It is to be re-
    vealed now for, the time is at hand.

    The message in this riddle is: “New eyes will be given to the left handed person.”

    Who is the left handed person? Scripture reveals: MATTHEW 25:40-42 (The Sheep and the Goats)

    …40And the King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine,
    you did for Me.’ 41Then He will say to those on His left, ‘Depart from Me, you who are cursed, into the eternal
    fire prepared for the devil and his angels. 42For I was hungry and you gave Me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and
    you gave Me nothing to drink,…

    The left handed person is he who is at the left hand of God. They are the accursed ones. They give nothing, they
    contribute nothing and their works come to naught!

    They are of the wide path and many follow their wanton conduct.

    The meaning of the flaming square and triangle with the eye. The square means symmetry. Since God is a God
    of order there is balance and symmetry which is of His kingdom. The Kingdom of heaven is going to overthrow
    the rulers of this world and its current darkness. They are going to be given sight of the Lamb on the throne.

    They are going to feel His wrath, THE RETRIBUTION OF THE LAMB= REVELATION 6:12-17.( READ)

    This will occur when the sealing 144,000 of Rev.7:1-8 occurs. This is currently happening and will soon be
    complete. This has to do with the Rev.12 sign that appeared and concluded over Israel. The flaming squareand
    the triangle with the eye, is the Masonic, Illuminati,

    OCCULT symbol . It is on fire because the Lord is going to destroy and cosume them. This ruling body who
    practice this occult garbage are going to receive a BLOW TO THE HEAD! The falling away of many kingdoms
    and their Masonic Rulers is at hand.It is revealed in the Song of Mary, THE MAGNIFICAT. The Bride will be
    preserved= the CHURCH, THE ELECT. This will be an exodus type event, but global. All of which in the end
    is about Israel. In Revelation 6, it says “hide us from the FACE of Him Who sits upon the throne” This is the
    sight given them right before His wrath. All will know the Lamb is God. For those who see the Son, see the Fa-
    ther. This is a terrifying vision, NOT Christ’s second Coming, a terrifying APPARITION!

    WHAT MUST FIRST COME! The first Woe, Rev.12:12.” Therefore rejoice ,O heavens and you who dwell in them ! But woe to you ,O earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you in great wrath, because he knows that his time is short!” Since the Revelation 12 sign has happened, Sept.23, 2017 which concluded over Israel with the rising of the star of Bethlehem in Nov.2017, it is the hour of this prophecy. And it is in this prophecy’s timing that all other scriptural prophecy for this time is to be understood.

    I am not sure if I have enough space here to post what is coming, Every site is different. Therefore, I will end here then continue my reply with another post. God Bless!

  146. All events for these end of days coincide with Mary our Mother fulfilling her work in the Elect. We fully being Christ like. This is the bringing forth in our souls, “The Male Child” who was caught up to God’s throne. Since he was already caught up as the prophecy says , then for sure this is a bringing forth as I said , in the soul. This is done with Mary our Mother through the umbilical cord of our faith “The Rosary”. Though the dragon stands ever before her, to devour her Child, she prevails and accomplishes what is purposed by God. What I am presenting is for now. This is a war= first WOE. Ezekiel 38-39. Rosh=”HEAD” who will head this war or who is the HEAD of the enemies of God’s people. “GOG” meaning: Enemies of God’s people, and rules “MAGOG”= lands ruled by satan. We are given a description of who these will be. “MESHECH”= long or tall and are drawn out by force. They are who are “TUBAL”= forgers of all implements of bronze and iron. I have researched this and bronze and iron were developed in earlier times, and the metals were harvested from the Korean Peninsula: search (Heritage of Japan) iron and bronze implements.

    So, this is the nation of people known for this. They will carry out=be drawn out by force=(force which governs them) and bring about this war. “TOGARMAH”= they are that which is all bone= have no substance= no faith in the God of Israel, OUR GOD! Now we have to look at “ROSH” because this is who actually is the HEAD of these nations who will take part in this war which will be instigated by this nation of bronze and iron implements. “MESHECH” meaning: long or tall- concerning their history and establishment as a people. Not like America. ROSH the head is RUSSIA, the clue is in Ezekiel 38:5-6: 5 Persia, Ethiopia and Libya with them; all of them with shield and helmet: These all have an alliance with Russia. Therefore, military and weapons funding comes by Russia=gets weapons. North Korea does too. All these nations are Islamic or atheist. hence of bones= NO FAITH IN OUR GOD. “GOMER” meaning: (COMPLETION), these nations complete the BONE NATIONS. We know the ancient Persian empire then and today consist of: Eight nations which have coasts along the Persian Gulf: Baharin, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. The gulfs strategic location has made an ideal place for human development over time. Today, many major cities of the Middle east are located in this region. Turkey and Egypt will play a role in this war too. Along with China due to its alliance with Russia.

    Ezekiel38:6 GOMER, all his bands; the house of TOGARMAH of the north quarters, and all his bands: and many people with thee.

  147. “It is possible that the Warning of Garabandal will occur this year, on Good Friday.”

  148. Why aren’t we told . What is the point of it being kept secret. If people were told years ago that on a certain date (specified) it would happen. What about people far away with no knowledge of religion like distant tribes etc. I don’t mean to sound disrespectful at all. I just wanted to know why and what purpose does it serve.

  149. I also had the same view and stopped in building a house in between 2005-2015, imagine that end is near. But I changed my negative mind. Thank God. If we know the exact date, then no progress in this world. Positive thinking becomes negative and people stop in generating children, other innovative things such as phones related mobile banking, Artificial intelligence, Robotics, ect. Jesus also does not know the date and time. Only Father God decide it. Novas time also the same. We should thank god for everything, then doing penance and ready at any time to face against spiritual war by anti-christ.

  150. Illumination of Conscience :



    ( https://calvin.edu/directory/people/larry-molnar )

    Scientists Report Two Stars Colliding in 2022…
    Astronomers have been studying a pair of stars since 2013, and are making a prediction that in 2022 two stars will merge and explode, lighting up the sky for a short time.The exact date is not precisely known, but as the date approaches they predict they will be more accurate. The name of the pair of stars are KIC 9832227 and in the constellation Cygnus.
    Calvin College professor Larry Molnar said, “the two stars are orbiting each other now and share a common atmosphere like two peanuts sharing a single shell. When they do merge and explode, its brightness will increase ten thousand fold, becoming one of the brightest stars in the heavens for a time and be visible to the naked eye.”
    A favorite parlor game up until the Jubilee of the year 2000 was to guess the date of either the Warning/ Illumination of Conscience and The Great Miracle. However, here we are in the year 2018 and no Warning or Miracle. God writes straight with crooked lines. I have found that those who continually try to predict a date are universally wrong. Often it is pride speaking with one trying to show the world how tuned in with God they are. As the saying goes, those who know don’t tell, and those who tell don’t know.
    At the time of the Great Miracle, it was prophesied that people would nearly all fall away in belief about Garabandal. Conchita is supposed to be alive at the time of the events, and she is at the time of this writing 69 years old. As we watch events in the church and the world spiral out of control, heaven will respond in kind to the evil in the world. Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more.

  151. Message given in Spain- Garbandal Warning- Conchita told the author in 1965 when everything would be set in motion:
    “When communism comes again everything will happen.”
    The author responded: “What do you mean by comes again?”
    “Yes, when it newly comes again,” she replied.
    “Does that mean that communism will go away before that?”
    “I don’t know,” she said in reply, “the Blessed Virgin simply said ‘when communism comes again’.”



    ——————prophesies above becomes reality —————



  152. 1.http://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/miscellaneous-messages/2019/05/05-05-msg-to-fr-adam-skwarczynski.aspx

    2. Enemies will occupy the Vatican and the men and women of faith will drink the bitter cup of pain. – 4797 of Pedro Regis on above site

  153. https://afterthewarningto2038.com/how-do-we-know-the-dates.php
    Garbandale Warning
    1.Considering the age of conchita , 2021 has a chance.
    2. USA gay bill is coming
    3. Syria air strikes by US then Iran might attack Jerusalem

    4.Can Russia overrun the world(China,Cuba, North koria ,Vietnam, Parkistan, Kasakastan, Sri Lanka,…)

  154. Garbandal Warning is nearer and nearer says by Enoch – after the warning.Com

  155. ok. also jayna has found a new love, so that is why she is on website less now

  156. To prepare the world for the warning :
    Enoch-after the warning.Com – Message from Mary, Sanctifier to the People of God
    “Little children of my Heart, may the Peace of my Lord be with you all.

    My children, you are going to receive great blessings, gifts and charisms in this Pentecost that is approaching. Gather around prayer, recollection, fasting and penance, so that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit of God may be poured into each one of you, just as it happened to the disciples of my Son. On this Pentecost, the Spirit of God will manifest Himself with all His power upon those little children who remain steadfast in faith and in the Grace of God; praying, fasting and asking for His outpouring. On this Pentecost, there will be a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit to prepare the People of God for the coming of the Warning.

    Rejoice my little ones, for you will receive gifts and charisms, which will strengthen you spiritually, so that you may defend yourselves against the attacks of the enemy of your soul and his hosts of evil. Prepare yourselves then to receive the outpouring of the Spirit of God, which on this coming Pentecost will be poured out in great abundance upon the children of God. Springs of Living Water will gush forth on the five continents; there will be many conversions and after this special Pentecost, the Gospel and the Word of God will be proclaimed without fear. The disciples of my Son in these end times will take it upon themselves to evangelise throughout the world and pave the way for His second coming. Gather yourselves in prayer, fasting and penance, that the coming of the Holy Spirit may find you in the Grace of God; read the Holy Word in the Acts of the apostles, so that on the day of Pentecost you may receive the Baptism of the Spirit, which will transform you into disciples of my Son in these end times.

    Little children, days of famine are approaching on earth. Accept our calls and as soon as possible, if you have financial resources, stock up on provisions, grains, non-perishable foods and plenty of water, so that the famine does not take you by surprise. Whatever little or much you have, you must share it with those most in need. My little children who lack the financial resources to stock up on food, I tell you, do not fear. My Father will give you the daily Manna, for His Mercy is great and everlasting. In the time of scarcity and famine that is approaching, you must pray the Rosary of Mercy of my Son and then the Rosary of Provision given to my little Enoch, with which my Father will multiply your food and will bring to the most needy the Daily Bread. Be warned my children, you will overcome this trial if you trust in Divine Providence and share the little or much with your brothers and sisters. Remember, all trials will be overcome if you put your trust in God and help each other.

    May the Peace of my Lord abide in you, my Beloved children.

    Your Mother, Mary Sanctifier

    Make known the messages of salvation to the whole world, little children of my Heart.”

  157. Message given in Spain- Garbandal Warning- Conchita told the author in 1965 when everything would be set in motion:
    “When communism comes again everything will happen.”
    The author responded: “What do you mean by comes again?”
    “Yes, when it newly comes again,” she replied.
    “Does that mean that communism will go away before that?”
    “I don’t know,” she said in reply, “the Blessed Virgin simply said ‘when communism comes again’.”


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