Sea, Sun, and Moon will go


The sun and moon may not continue in their current function as light sources, and the beginning of this change may occur soon, as the Time of Wrath begins.

The sea, as we know it, will disappear also.


Rev 21:1 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

Rev 21:23   And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb [is] the light thereof.



The scripture predicts that there will be no more sea after Jesus returns! This is amazing.

So either

1. the earth will more or less shrink, so that the land masses come together as one mass. This may be the result of the earthquakes in the Tribulation period, which shake the entire earth.

God will be doing a make-over, and shaking up the wicked at the same time.

Tectonic plates will slide over each other until all land masses have been brought back together. This may well be a restoration of what the earth was like at the beginning, before Noah’s flood. When the water burst forth from the depths, it busted open and separated the plates, pushing the land masses away from each other.

2. all the land masses re-unite so that there is no sea dividing them. Any water is exterior to the large land mass.

A good visualization is presented here.

Sun and Moon

What will happen to them?

Revelation predicts that the sun will darken, and the moon will turn to blood before the time of wrath.

Most have assumed, me included, that this refers to solar and lunar eclipses.

Rev 6:12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

It does not say how long this effect lasts. It would be very frightening to be in utter darkness throughout the time of wrath. Between the dangers, torment, and chastisements, not being able to see anything coming at you is terrifying.

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But one thing that always troubled me was that a solar and a lunar eclipse does NOT occur at the same time.

They are at least 2 weeks to a month apart, or longer, and they are not always total eclipses.

So, the comment that the sun and moon are not required in the New Earth makes me wonder about what else could happen to the sun and moon, that they would change their appearance and usefulness.

What else does science say is possible?


Novas and the Sun

The sun is a star. Stars can die.

In the book, Alienated Planet Earth and the End that Will be coming to Our World, Jonah Immanu says:

It is now believed that once a star has expanded half of its hydrogen, it is in danger of experiencing a nova.

This means that a star the size of our sun, which may have half its hydrogen left, gets brighter and hotter for a period of 7 to 14 days, then becomes darker.

There are about 14 novas a year in the observable universe. Many astronomers believe that our own sun may be about to nova because of the increase sun spot activity. But the increase solar storm activity that was predicted for 1982 never triggered an atomic collapse of the sun.

If our sun ever does experience a nova, as some astronomers believe it will, three things would happen:

1. The sun will first become unusually bright. The light of the sun will be seven times brighter, like the light of seven days.

Isa 30:25   And there shall be upon every high mountain, and upon every high hill, rivers [and] streams of waters in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall.

Isa 30:26   Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days, in the day that the LORD binds up the breach of his people, and heals the stroke of their wound.

2. The sun will become much hotter.

“And the sun was given to scorch men in its fiery blaze. Then men were terrible burned in the heat, and they blasphemed the name of God.” Revelation 16:8-9.

3. The sun will become dark.

“The sun will be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood.” Joel 2:31, Rev 6:12, Matt 24:29.

To read more about the life cycle of a star, click here

clip_image008 ,  copy right permission

How could a “non- eclipsed” Moon become red?

First, let us look at a planet that is already red, and see where the color comes from.

Mars – the Red planet

For most of the planet, the red layer only covers a couple of millimeters and at its deepest, two meters.

The red color comes from various oxides of iron (hematite mostly) in very, very fine particles, and trace amounts of other elements including titanium, chlorine and sulfur.

One possible way the dust was created was by harder basalt rocks, which contain more feldspar, grinding against the softer basalt to create fine dust particles.

All of that iron had to come from somewhere: volcanoes. The best information that we have is that the surface of mars below the red layer is made up of hardened, low viscose lava: basalt. The concentration of iron in Mars’ basalt is higher than that of Earth, which is why Earth is much less red.

And that is why Mars is red.

Now what would happen if an iron laden comet, or other object, collided with, or into, the Moon?

Iron meteorites exist.

We have meteors and comets that pass by the earth and moon at times.

We also have planet X (Nibiru) which is due to be passing by us soon as well.

I do not think Nibiru itself would collide with the earth/moon, because if it did, the entire planet would be destroyed. Nibiru is 4 x bigger than earth.

However, if some “debris” from a passing comet/ Nibiru/ Planet X, possibly having an iron composition to it, were to collide with the moon, the explosion would cast iron ore fragment dust over the surface of the moon, and it would turn red.

The Nibiru path is due to be approaching close enough by March 2010 to make us more aware of its presence. It will take 2-4 years, or maybe a little more, for it to travel around the earth and then pass out of our area in space.


The strange “wings” the planet/star/comet Nibiru seems to have may be gases emanating from the main planet/star/comet.

These gases could also possibly affect the surface of the moon, interacting with elements there, and cause a red color as well.

I guess we will see.


Will the sun and moon darken and become red, due to eclipses, or will the sun become nova, and the moon become red due to interaction with a passing iron laden heavenly object?

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  2. Those are very good.. Kinda remind me whole lot like the movie called : The Knowing … I remember having those vision as well.. long before that movie. I was shown …there will be darken sun or whatever it was.. with broken moon or comets.. coming from there.. I can tell details but it is not right time right now to give full details yet. I will give when time is right.
    Keep up wonderful work, Marianne. 🙂 Many blessings.

  3. Here is a video showing the recently assaulted Jupiter.

    • Abigail

      Interesting …..the impact left a red spot on Jupiter.

      • I know marianne … Jupiter is bleeding!
        A while back and I now can’t find it I’ve read something that some government were also going to bombed Jupiter.
        Maybe that is this impact??
        And if ye will not yet for all this hearken unto me, then I will punish you seven times more for your sins.
        And I will break the pride of your power; and I will make your heaven as iron, and your earth as brass:
        And thy heaven that [is] over thy head shall be brass, and the earth that is under thee [shall be] iron.
        The LORD shall make the rain of thy land powder and dust: from heaven shall it come down upon thee, until thou be destroyed.

      • I have found a link to an historian presenting ‘project Orion’.
        with a video…

      • If you run any decent planetary wind / climate models, if you use Jupiter-like parameters, you can develop large, stable storm systems remarkably similar to the Great Red Spot. You don’t need to invoke any kind of bombing or impact.

  4. How many know that on October 9th 2009 Nasa will bomb Our Moon???
    That will most likely turn things bloody!

  5. If there was a time on earth where we only had swallow seas and no oceans and if the earth was then 1/4 smaller then it would make a day 9hrs. and a night of 9hrs.
    And if the earth was then half the size of what we know its’ circumference at the equator to be 24,902 miles … then it would have made a day of 6 hrs. and a night of six hours …
    That is keeping the exact rotation as we have today….
    Therefore … time is certainly important and relevant to the earths’ circumference
    and if this was so from the creation of Adam then it might in a new light explain
    Adam’s long life … and so forth and so on …
    We could from those records calculate how fast this change occurred.
    Do you understand what I am saying?? or trying to say??

    • p.s. And The Lord will shorten those days for the elects sake …
      maybe implying the beginning of a reversal process??

    • hi abigail

      That time measurement might solve the dispute about the age of the earth, how long man has been here, etc.

      if 1 year then = 4 years now
      if a man 400 years old = 100 years now

      it might be true that the shrinking process will begin during the tribulation in order to shorten the days, so people have less time each day to endure the chastisement. it could also mean he will reduce the total number of days, but those do seem fixed = 3 1/2 years.

      • In Dr. James Maxlow’s hypothesis of an expanding earth ‘terra non firma’ …
        he explains Antartica’ s migration to the present pole … which is presently being pulled away from its’ location … thus the melting as it migrates to higher altitudes.
        Anyways to make a long story short although the Dr. addresses time as to when he deduces from sediments etc. that these migrations occurred he does not address the fact that a smaller earth = a smaller day.
        Claiming that the continent of Atlantis is present day Antartica and Atlantis made its drift some 10 to 12 thousand yrs ago seems to be ridiculous but I don’t entirely dismiss that possibility.
        Science ruled and sustained by governments and the religious institutes
        doesn’t leave much room for breath.
        The Dr. theory although brilliant is rejected and I doubt much that his future studies would be supported financially in this field of geoscience.
        A train can never achieve full speed on these tracks.
        And so we are left with part truths and quite in the dark.
        To me his theories makes sense but needs polishing and involvements with other branches of existing sciences.
        The Universe is expanding and so does the earth and every body contained
        in the heavens.
        How very STUPID to try to muffle and/or ridicule the truth!!
        But what if this expansion is something like our lungs when they inhale and thus expand …??? what occurs when one is then vomited out of the mouth of God??
        Or like an elastic when after being stretched returns to its resting position?
        What if the crust of the earth has been stretched to its limit …
        how elastic is its mantle??
        So many thoughts and no time to answer.
        Speaking of the relevance of time … maybe it is not relevant at all??

        • Abigail

          The Illluminati are a bunch of idiots…fools….like they really are stupid enough to think they will be successful.

          No one is going to ignite Jupiter. If fire falls from the sky, it is because they set off a nuclear device.

    • Are we assuming conservation of angular momentum? If not, then you can make no statement whatever about the previous rate of rotation. If we are assuming conservation of angular momentum, then you need to describe the mechanism which you think caused the Earth to grow – did it increase in volume only or in volume and mass? Each scenario will produce a different moment of inertia.

      HOWEVER, none of this would change the length of the year. If the Earth rotated at a higher rate, we would have more, shorter days in a year, but the Earth’s period of revolution would not be affected by a change in its period of rotation. Your shrinky/growy Earth does nothing to account for Old Testament lifespans.

  6. Watch this video presented by a physicist … Incredible!!

  7. Dear Marianne, I do not have your e-mail address, so I posted some pictures of Moses holding the ten commandments written in Hebrew, I think.
    Do you know how to interpret Hebrew, or someone else who could interpret this Hebrew text? The strange thing is it is written as like you were looking at it through a mirror. I found this glass picture recently in a thousand year old Church in East Sussex, there are many strange things going on in that area, it is heavily accoscated with ley lines, crop circles, and ghosts. p.s hope that you can interpret these Hebrew letters. Billy.

  8. Very good found Marianne. That’s the prove of a coming Nova.

    Isa 30:26 Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days, in the day that the LORD binds up the breach of his people, and heals the stroke of their wound.

  9. One question for you, Marianne.
    If sun turns black and the moon turns blood… I wonder if it is possible related to Nibiru because itself is red planet.. what if it goes around blocking the sun facing the earth.. and causing the moon reflecting blood ??
    Just a thought.. so I am asking for your opinion … It can be another way also. 🙂

    • hi Tamera,

      It is possible that the gases from the planet could affect the moon’s appearance, and make it turn red. Or, if nibiru passed in front of the sun, it would become bright red, and people might think it is the moon, lit up in the daytime.

  10. The sea referred to in Scripture (Revelation) is the Mediteraen, not all the seas of the earth.
    Thats what I was taught, and it does seem more logical.

  11. After reading this article, I felt I must reply, to some of the suggestions offered.
    As regards the sun turning black and the moon turning red, it will have nothing to do with any eclipse, as these are a an ongoing occurance, and have been for a long long time.
    What the Bible describes here is an event, that will be unlike ANY event, that has happened to a populated Earth before.
    I live in Sydney Australia, and I have just experienced a day where the whole city was enveloped in a red haze, that has not been experienced by this City before!
    My car was covered in a reddish dust, from one end to the other!
    By the time I got to work, I could feel the dust on my teeth and in my throat!
    It was an event I will never forget.The whole thing was more than just a little eerie!
    I’m sure this will not be a one time event, as we draw nearer and nearer to the final years of our current history.
    From the Biblical descriptions, it is obvious the Earth is going to suffer a succession of devestating events, (Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and direct hits from both Asteroids and comets) and the like, including more than likely, Nuclear exchange from a multitude of nations.
    How we need to draw close, to the only one who can save us from such a holocaust of destraction, Jesus.
    The dominion of human government is coming to an end.But before it does, it will raise itself up, trying to bring an end to all of the planets woes.All our freedoms will be lost in the process!
    So to all those who know Jesus as Lord ands Saviour, make sure you are awake and not idle, and make sure your lamps have plenty of oil!
    To those who don’t know Jesus, but only know about Him,repent of the lives you have been living and ask Him to change you from within.We have no other means of salvation, not now or for Eternity!Do it while there is still time!!

  12. No wonder that the sea will disappear … we say we worship God who created the heavens, the earth and the sea and all that dwells therein …
    I have news for you … we know not who we worship!!
    If we worshipped Him we would care for all that He created … but who does …
    No let’s all go shopping and buy NEW things and have more garbage to throw away tomorrow … I am so sick of all the destruction that man and his lusts and his greed and his plain ignorance causes every day on every continent!
    Have they no Fear of God ??? No!!!
    But there is a scripture that specifically says that God will destroy those that destroys the Earth!!
    Here is an example …

  13. A lot if misunderstanding of the geographical history of this planet being fused with religion. Not a good thing. Waters springing up to seperate land masses? Water doesn’t have the power to move continents, especially when most of the water is already on the earths surface. If you want to know what Jesus said to Mary once upon a time, read the Bible. If you want to know what changes the Sun, Moon and Sea will go through in the future, ask a scientist; don’t make it up by interpreting the Bible. The sun will burn up, lose gravitational pull and grow bigger, before expanding in a supernova before the resulting gas starts to form once again into a new star. Way before that though, the Moon will get further and further away from Earth (something like less than a centimetre per decade) and so the tides will be weaker. These facts are based on measurements carried out by trained scientist across the world funded by their countries governments with 21st centruy equipment. It is not guess work using books that are centuries old.

    • hi Liam

      The only data that scientists can legitimately offer is where direct observation is involved. This means the rest is a guess or speculation, based on whatever data is available.

      One theory is that the earth used to have all the water underground (not on the surface), and the land masses were fed by underground springs that would come up. If the pressure were great enough under the crust, water could have exploded upwards, and there was a break in the tectonic plates, releasing the pressure. The split in the tectonic plates produced the various continents.

      21st century equipment did not always exist. Before the last 100 years, most had to rely on historical accounts of man’s experiences and observations. So, books that are centuries old are actually valuable, since there was no scientific equipment at that time.

      AS for the future, we again go into speculation. We have to wait and see what happens. But the point of this post is not to predict the future, based on “old books,” but to have man think about the future, and what his response will be.

  14. You have mentioned that water may have once shot up from beneath the earts crust to break away the earths tectonic plates. That is just not possible, let alone complete rubbish. Tectonic plates sit upon molten rock. Not water. Water may be found upto a mile underneath earth, maybe further, but certainly not underneath the crust as you suggest. water primarily exists in the atmosphere and on the earths surface. That has always been true and always will be. Yes, scientists rely on observable data, and with that they can do a lot. There is enough science to keep you learning for the rest of your life, and it is infintely more reliable than anything involving the Bible, so if you want comfort, fair enough, read the Bible, if you want truth, to think about the future and to find solutions to problems, study science.

    21st century equipment has not always existed you say? Maybe thats why it’s called ’21st centruy’ equipment.

    My point still stands, scientists today have the equipment. Another point I was hinting towards is that before the 21st century, things weren’t so advanced, that is true of science and religion, but science has managed to move on while religion tries to encorporate the latest discoveries into an old way of thinking, which just doesn’t work.

    • Liam

      You are basing your thoughts on how the earth is NOW….. you do not know the structure and organization of the earth’s crust and under layers from its first formation.

      No…the pressured under water layer is no longer there…..once it burst through, according to the theory, the bulk of the water did not recede to its origins,except for a small portion. This is where the oceans and seas come from.

      I guess you would have to see a demonstration of the theory like I did to grasp it….. I saw one where I saw all the consecutive movements of each layer, from where it was originally, to where you see them today.

  15. These aren’t just my thoughts. This is knowledge that I have. At the centre of our earth is a huge ball of molten iron. As you get further towards the surface of earth you get less dense and cooler alloys of metals and minerals. Then you get gaseous eements resting on in the crust and atmosphere (hydrogen and oxygen; water). To say that water ever ested below the earths crust is like saying that air bubbles sink to the bottom of the sea. It’s just not possible. Even if you try telling me that the water was in it’s more dense solid state of ice, because even solid ice is less dense than liquid rock.

    We do know how the earth was formed and can say with certainty that during earths formation, it was hot in the middle and cooler on the outside. And given that fact, water can not exist alongside molten rock; how would it get there without being evaporated first, what would possibly cause it to get there, and if it did get there, how come there are no physical signs of it ever happening? There are no clues at all to suggest that what you are saying ever happened, even that it might have happened. And therefor, you are wasting your time with little known, very little supported theories that exist in opposition to very very widely accepted, proven facts. Maybe you feel that actual science is some authoritarian, politically based, untrustworthy entity and you prefer to ‘think outside the box’ to find your own truth, but that’s very egotistical; what can you do on your own that thousands of scientists have failed to do? The answer is nothing. Even scientists think outside the box and develop new theories, but until they develop those theories into proven facts, statistics and laws, they don’t believe ’em.

    • Liam

      THis is just a theory.

      The water layer would have been between the crust and the mantle, above the athenosphere, not below the mantle.

      Water has been discovered, even now, in the mantle itself, so it possible now, it could have been possible back then.

      Note also that under the liquid molten layer is a solid layer of Fe.

      So a superheated solid (4300 C), and a less heated “liquid” (3700 C) can be next to each other, despite the heat.

    • The widely accepted views are fed by organized ‘priest/scientists’ who are no different than those who served Egypt’s Pharoahs millenniums passed.
      A THEO-RY is an expressed concept of who the godhead is. And as such always oppossed
      Go figure … if it is ‘egotistical’ to stand apart from such empirical ego who would define ‘Spirit’.
      The means seems always to serve the set goal!

      • ‘And as such always oppose THE TRUTH.’
        What do you value? Answer this and you would have set in motion the law that says: ‘ The means will serve the goal.”

  16. And yes before I forget … Here is the latest.

    Don’t be alarmed. High above your heads, a zombie satellite is on the loose. OK, actually, it won’t really be a bother to us earthlings. Or at least to most of us. (More on that later.) But the rogue communications satellite is wreaking havoc in Earth’s orbit and does threaten to interfere with signals coming from other satellites

  17. You have a wonderful blog here, Marianne. I think we will have unusual lunar and solar phenomenon this year.

    Blood Red Moon
    “Not the best photo of all time but the ash from Icelandic volcano definitely turned the setting moon red last night.

    And then, dear God, from out of the twofold darkness, red
    As if from the womb the moon arises, as if the twin-walled darkness had bled
    In one great spasm of birth and given us this new, red moon-rise
    Which lies on the knees of the darkness bloody, and makes us hide our eyes.

    DH Lawrence”
    “The night before the presentations of the native people from around the world to the General Assembly, there was a total eclipse of the moon over New York City and the sky was clear. The total lunar eclipse of 1992 Dec 9 was the darkest eclipse in a decade. Months before, millions of tons of gas and ash were spewed into the atmosphere through volcanic eruptions of Mount Pinatubo (Phillipines).”

    There is another total lunar eclipse this December that will probably be darkened by ash. Also, there is an interesting total eclipse of the sun on July 11. It will only be viewable in its totality over Easter, (sun/Son), Island. There is some fascinating symbolism about this event.

    This is interesting, also.

    • hi Ciara

      I think it is certainly possible that the atmosphere and weather may play a role in how the sun and moon will look. Normally, the sun and moon have eclipses about 2 weeks apart.

      The bible mentions a phenomenon which gives the impression of them darkening at the same time. Maybe ash, as you say, may play a role in this.

  18. I ran across this article tonight and remembered this post and thought it might be relevant.

  19. I’m very glad that you have these different sites to go to learn and to see what’s going on in the world.I thank you again.GP

  20. oh,i forgot the tectonic plates very interesting.GP

  21. Wow Marianne, another Nibiru reference I must have missed.
    So two years ago you promised that Nibiru would be here and gone within the following two year period, yet now, two years later, it is nowhere to be found. Perhaps it came and went and NASA missed it too. Or maybe they withheld the info from the public.
    But guess what. It didn’t hit the moon, it never got close enough for a singe=Le person to spot with binoculars and not a single news agency caught wind of anything at all happening.
    Lets face it, the YouTube idiot you were relying on was a fraud. He had no accurate data or calculations. He simply made crap up to see who would fall for it. Well guess what. You did too. And now you continue to rely on more YouTube idiots each of whom has his own story as to where the imaginary object is and when it will wreak havoc on the earth.
    Trust me, as long as people can make a buck selling survival info and supplies there will always be a Nibiru out there and dimwits who never took an astronomy class in college will keep falling for their stories and buying their crap so they can perpetuate the myth.
    I hope God is have as big a laugh at this stuff as I am, otherwise He might be a bit miffed that His people are so desperate for His return that they turn to bozos like these to get their prophetic fulfilment info.
    Remember the saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me?” Just how many times are you going to let yourself be fooled for the purpose of a hopeful sign from heaven?
    This goes to all of you that think Nibiru is real.
    Smarten up people!

    • this is what i said.

      The Nibiru path is due to be approaching close enough by March 2010 to make us more aware of its presence. It will take 2-4 years, or maybe a little more, for it to travel around the earth and then pass out of our area in space.

      it would be close ( so what is close?)….in 2010 and then it would be 2-4 years…is anytime up to 2014…to travel around the earth, and then leave back out again away from us.

  22. O.K., here is what you said:
    The Nibiru path is due to be approaching close enough by March 2010 to make us more aware of its presence. It will take 2-4 years, or maybe a little more, for it to travel around the earth and then pass out of our area in space.

    March 2010 was 2 years ago, and to this day nobody has seen it.
    Based on your time reference – 2 to 4 years, that would have placed Nibiru around the distance of the asteroid belt, just beyond mars. This is easy to calculate since anything orbiting the sun follows the laws of celestial motion – as they approach the sun they speed up and as they recede they slow down. If not, they would not stay in orbit.
    So, 2 years to reach the sun and two years to get back the asteroid belt. Since we are 2 years into this tome frame, the planet should be rounding the sun right now and be plainly visible in the night sky. After all it is 5 times the diameter of Venus, and it is the brightest object in the night sky right now.
    I think you have the impression that a planet can just sit outside our orbit and hide out for years, then just zoom right in in a matter of days and then dart away like a firefly.
    Last month you told me Nibiru was out between the orbits of Uranus and Neptune, about 2 billion miles and over 100 years away. But two years ago you swore it was soon to be visible and only 100 million miles from earth.
    Do you understand that everything you tell me defies the laws of physics? Maybe you should get on board with android and consider that Jesus is on Nibiru right now sitting at a magical cockpit controlling the planets’ movements with His divine powers. At least the YouTube idiots aren’t using that as an excuse as to why the damn thing simply can’t be seen by anyone except themselves.
    You must admit that this must be quite a magical planet to be around for so long without the general public or scientists ever seeing it. Especially considering all the damage it is supposed to be inflicting on mankind when it gets here.
    No, the conspiracy is not within NASA to keep us from knowing about it, the conspiracy is within YouTube to keep the myth alive for as long as possible. Then they can all sit back and have a big laugh.
    ME TOO!

    • you do not have to see something to be aware of its presence….it can be near enough to be felt but far away enough not to be seen.

      I have said I am not the best person to ask on this…

  23. Well, that’s certainly not your scientific side speaking. You should have studied the “Scientific Method.” I’ve learned it over and over in many of my science classes.
    Sounds like you are use a faith-based system of belief here, based on a little bit of bible prophecy and a whole lot of YouTube videos.
    The problem is, I can tell for certain that these are frauds and are intentionally deceiving people. You love of God and His prophetic word is blinding you to this fact and wishful thinking has crept in and allowed you to create a sort of Satanic Verses scenario here.
    At some point I guarantee you this Nibiru crap is going to come back and bite you in the butt.
    I really like you and would hate to see that happen. You don’t want to spend the tribulation wearing the scarlet letters “FP“ (FALSE PROPHET) do you?
    All’s I’m saying is, you can use real things like Apophis and Elenin (although that was a bit embarrassing, wasn’t it?) since they have been verified by the scientific community, which you purport to be a member of. But please don’t try to use mythical Egyptian planets to make a point with the bible.
    That’s all I’m saying.

  24. This Nibiru stuff is a lot of hogwash, and it scares me that so many Christians have got on board to promote it!……Ignorance is not bliss, it is just foolishness!!.

  25. james and glenn

    I am just open to the possibility that such a planet exists. I have no proof of my own, and I just consider what others say. it is an interesting topic, and maybe some truth can come out of the discussion. As i say, i am not the best person to make such a decision. So i let people discuss it.

    I see nothing also. the only heavenly object that fascinates me right now is the bright star in the southwest in the late evening – north hemisphere. beautiful to look at.

    • That’s Venus, as I mentioned earlier. A waning crescent right now, moving between us and the sun. It will get closer but dimmer as we see more and more of the dark side. Look thru binoculars and maybe you can catch the shape. Astronomy is fun, if you take the time to learn about it. Then you can also tell the truth from the hucksters on YouTube. So far, every one I’ve seen is bogus.
      Trust me.
      I’m on your side.

      • Waning crescent?

        no, the one I am looking at is brilliant and is star shaped, with projections coming out around it.

        • Star shaped? Like on the flag? Sorry but real stars and planets (and all objects over 10 mile across) are spherical due to the stresses of gravity. That is basic Astronomy 101.
          Any visible projections are simply optical distortions from the atmosphere or the lenses used to view the object. Even the crosses (+) you see on astro-photographs from big observatories are from the four mounting vanes used to support the secondary mirror of the telescope. The horns of the crescent could look like pointy things when viewed with poor optics but if you are using your naked eye it is likely due to ripples in the atmosphere which are more prevalent near the horizon.
          This perfectly illustrates my point that uninformed observers often have no idea what they are looking at even when they are looking with their own eyes.
          Now android might remind you of the church paintings that show a pointed star image he claims is Nibiru and if he claims that you saw Nibiru I will put a hex on him.
          Anyway, just go to any astronomy site and ask where Venus is tonight and see what you get.
          Unless maybe you’re living on a different planet???

          • I am not saying the star I see is Nibiru.

            But what I am looking at about 8-9 pm at night is huge, and has strong projections coming out, and does not look round like the pictures I can find of Venus.

            I cannot find any pictures of Venus that look like what I am looking at.

            • You kinda missed my whole point.
              Just as the YouTube idiot who narrated the antarctic video didn’t realize he was simply looking at images of the moon because they didn’t look like textbook photos of it, you are expecting Venus to look like something you saw in a book, taken with millions of dollars worth of special equipment. It does not.
              The object you saw looks just fine in my telescope, on a tripod, properly focused. I began taking moon photos with my first telescope when I was six. The drug store never printed any of the pictures because when they looked at the negatives, they did not know what they were, so they sent them back. This is why I had to build my own darkroom when I was nine. You see, I knew what the pictures were of, no matter how badly they turned out. I never tried to tell myself they were something else or maybe a UFO or something.
              Your brain is trying to process the shimmering, blurry image in you eyes and make some sense of it. Its sort of like a mirage – an optical illusion. Your eyes see one thing and your mind sees something else.
              I don’t know if you saw Halley’s comet back in 1986, but without a very powerful telescope it just looked like a bluish smudge. And even with a decent telescope, it wouldn’t look like the pictures you saw because the photos were all time exposures, some several minutes long in order to pick up all the fine details in the tail.
              I learned early in my astronomy career that very little looked the same thru a scope as it does in textbooks. Taking photographs is the best way to view anything. But that is a very tricky task, except for the moon, which is plenty bright. (The sun is harder since it tends to melt the film or the sensor in a digital camera.)
              So on behalf of astronomers everywhere and the universe in general, I’m sorry that nothing looks as good in real life as what you see in books. You will just have to live with that.
              In the mean time, all I can say is God made Venus and put it where it is in the sky tonight. You will simply have to deal with that as well.

              • hey sweetie

                do me a favor. go out tonight and look west about 9 pm. look at the biggest star object you can see, and tell me what it is.

                what I am looking at is not blurry. It is a very sharp image and looks like a star with about 6 sharp projections coming out of it.

                I was not comparing this star to textbook images. I was comparing it to photos of Venus in the night sky on google.

                look how round that looks…..

                that is NOT… NOT….what I am looking at.


                what I see looks more like this….but NOT as big

                so is it sirius?

                • Hi Marianne,
                  Go to this site:
                  “As May 2012 begins, the planet Venus is brightest in the west after sunset. And two other planets, Mars and Saturn, grace the evening sky.”
                  Just don’t expect the planets to look like they do in photos. You won’t see the rings of Saturn, or the canals on Mars and you won’t see the phases of Venus. Not just by looking.
                  Have you ever taken a photo where something in the picture is blurred because it was moving? Have you ever then said, “I can’t understand what that object is, I never saw anything blurry when I took the photo.”?
                  It is a simple case of what-you-see-is-NOT-what-you get.
                  Just because you think you see an object with 6 points coming out of it doesn’t mean that is what the object really looks like.
                  Heard of the saying, “You can’t always believe your eyes!”? Well, this is one of those cases. It is an optical illusion.
                  If you still don’t believe me just go to the site above and tell them what you told me and see what they say. If you are right, you have discovered something new and maybe they will name it after you.
                  Otherwise, you might finally understand what I’m saying.
                  Good luck. 🙂

  26. Has anyone thought of the sun just turning into a red giant, therefore making it get closer to the earth, producing mostly heat (to scorch people) and mostly red light (which is trapped by the atmosphere during day time and does not reach the earth giving it the dark effect) and the moon will have to turn red with it as it reflects the red light that the sun would have produced.

    • hi sync

      yes that is possible.

      god is in control, and is able to do anything.

      it is all his decision

    • Marianne is correct – the sun will become a red giant, then it will go supernova, then become a white or black dwarf. This is the normal life cycle of a star like our sun. This won’t happen for 10 billion years or so, and such an event doesn’t happen overnight but gradually over billions of years.
      Those are the facts, if anyone is interested.

  27. Really interesting article M. Sorry I read it so late. In 2 Peter 3:10 it says: “But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works are in it will be burned up.”
    So it will all happen suddenly, not over time.
    In 2 Peter 3:13 it says: “Nevertheless we, according to His promise, look for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.”
    This earth can not last eternally as it represents sin. We need a new earth without sin. God bless that day when it comes.

  28. The earth is flat we are domed in by the firmament that God put there everything you were taught about space is a lie we have videos of amateur rocket launches hitting the firmament, showing the flat horizen from 73 miles up videos of clouds behind the sun and the moon , videos of people proving flat earth with cameras at coastlines with 180 degree view of the coast,bedford level experiment,and this is what God says about it in the bible genesis 7:11, job 26:10,37:3, 37:6, 37:18, exodus 24:10, ezekiel 1:22-23, 25-26, isaiah 24:16,34:4, 24:18, malachi 3:10, psalm 78:23 and there you have it if you believe in God, yahushua (Jesus ) , and the bible you have to believe the earth is flat and look up the rockets and all the things i mentioned its proof get at me God bless

    • Lets not forget nasa moon landings are so fake shadows going all different directions flag fluttering in a none existant breeze man leaves perfect footprints but the space crafts leave no impression none of them have impressions they get there and grab the “moon dust” claiming it feels like cold wet talcum powder, through space gloves come on pictures of the apollo taking off who took the picture come on guys never went to space ever cause space doesnt exist the stars are placed in the firmament nasa claims we have over 14000 satellites in our orbit right now, in use or not, who cares but no pictures have any satellites in them and wheres the stars come on guys nasa is a lie space exploration is a sham wake up

  29. Well, its hard to argue with someone like Bill. Mostly because he doesn’t believe in facts.
    So there can be no satellites, so there is no such things as satellite phones or satellite TV, which I had for years. The stars are fake, so maybe so is the moon. So there can be no such thing as tides.
    The sun must be fake too — we can see that it IS round… a spinning sphere. And none of the other planets are flat. Oh wait, they are fake too.
    Well Bill, you seem to live in your own little fantasy world. Weird how you computer works worldwide without satellites. Well Maybe be internet is fake. Maybe you are really talking to some big government agency who has been trying to find you for years. They don’t want the flat earth secret to get out or any of your other secrets.
    Board your doors. Don’t go out. Get into your bunker and put on your tin foil hat.
    We’ll check on you in a few weeks to see if you’re still around. Good luck.

  30. Why do these sites always attract people who believe every conspiracy theory, and every alternative Science theory as well?…no wonder a lot of Christians are seen as nothing more than a lot of brainless morons!

    • I have a theory about that.
      I think they are all passionate Christians who know we are in the end times and are looking for signs of the Second Coming. So they scan the internet for any stories that might line up with their interpretation of bible prophecy. Unfortunately most people have an interpretation that requires some ridiculous things to happen, like a single man will take over the world – peaceably, then require everyone to call him god or else they won’t get a world-wide mandated banking chip put into their hands so they can buy and sell things. Plus a one world religion… like that’s ever going to happen.
      So their problem is that these events will never happen and so they will never show up on the nightly news, the only place they can find stories that fit their interpretation are on the web or YouTube videos. Some of the natural disasters that are part of Revelation are now being blamed on mythical planets (Nibiru) and fake asteroids which are predicted at 3 or 4 every year and none of which ever hit us. And they are even willing to believe in them even though that would make them out of order according to the bible.
      But they are so anxious for Jesus to return they revel in any little story that could mark His coming. The lack patience and prefer to jump the gun every time.
      And ask them to listen to reason and they go ballistic. After all, they can prove anything with a good conspiracy theory.
      As for Bill here, I think He’s just plain old howling-at-the-moon mad! 🙂

    • glenn

      do you think this page is a conspiracy theory?

  31. A lot of the replies are!

    • glenn


      because I try to give different explanations that seem reasonable….I might include some possibility that is reasonable but also may end up not being true

  32. Glenn/Marianne,
    I just re-read this article and almost none of the suggested astronomical events are even possible. All the “science” is bogus.
    For example, plate tectonics could not recreate Pangaea – a single land mass – in less than 75 million years. And the “expanding earth” idea is ludicrous.
    The scenarios where the moon could be covered in iron oxide from a passing body is ridiculous.
    And all references to Nibiru are wrong because it doesn’t exist. Marianne wrote, “The Nibiru path is due to be approaching close enough by March 2010 to make us more aware of its presence. It will take 2-4 years, or maybe a little more, for it to travel around the earth and then pass out of our area in space.“ That was 5 years ago and still it is nowhere to be seen.
    I guess she doesn’t realize how fragile this planet is. If ocean currents changed slightly we could suffer another ice age. Without the moon and tides almost no life on earth could survive. Remove the oceans and humanity will die.
    If you take the bible literally you will destroy the earth for human habitation.
    God would have to make special supernatural provisions for anyone to live here.
    I think the biggest problem is that Marianne actually knows almost nothing about astronomy or physics, so when she gathers information from the web for her topics she often ends up with nothing but either conspiravy theories or just plain made-up stories.
    Look at the fancy graphic of the orbit of Nibiru and the specific dates it would be in our neighborhood. It looks so fancy and official, how could it possibly be fake? To the uninformed and gullible, it seems quite believable.
    So really, this entire article is completely unsupported by science or facts. It is one big conspiracy theory in itself.
    And I have to tell you, there are a number of similar articles floating around this site.
    So, Glenn, your suspicions are quite justified. Conspiravy theories abound on this site, just as they abound on the web in general. It seems they have infiltrated many segments of our society today, thanks to the internet.
    Yeah internet… thanks a lot! 😦

  33. I must say I like and enjoy most of Marianne’s postings, but I think she should leave or investigate further a lot of her science ones!.There are a lot of bogus sites out there filling people’s minds with a lot of scientific garbage, which in turn gets picked up by people who really don’t know if it’s true or not.I believe God and His Word, and know that some of it is in poetic form, and can not be taken literally, but there is also a lot of it, that we need to take very seriously!.Jesus didn’t speak into our lives without reason.Satan is real as are Demons, Jesus has risen from the dead, and we can have a living relationship with Him, should we feel the need to do so.He doesn’t force anybody to conform, but He knocks at the doors of our heart on a daily basis.All we have to do is let Him in!

    • glenn

      explain this garbage

      • (From the Nibiru 2 blog):
        Why do you continue to post images of lens effects? Look how bright the circle is. No planet could be that bright in broad daylight. If it is between the earth and the sun we would see only a crescent image and the rest would be dark. To an astronomer used to seeing thousands of planetary photos this doesn’t look the least like a planet. But as a photographer who has taken thousands of sunset photos I do recognize the internal reflection of the sun in the glass elements of the lens. A more expensive lens or the same lens at a different focal length setting might not have produced any reflection al all.
        And you just swore up and down that the Google earth image that was recently uncovered of a tiny red disk was the real Nibiru, somewhere far out in the solar system. Now you say this is Nibiru and that post was a lie? They can’t both be true. You’ve got to make up your mind or people here will think your either fickle or just astronomically dumb.
        So lets say this is real. Go outside this evening and tell me if you can see this huge, bright object near the sun. In fact, there ought to be millions of similar identical photos taken by cell phone cameras all over the world. Something this visible must be seen by everyone on earth, including every news photographer in the world. So it should be all over the news in no time.
        When I see it on my local news I’ll get on board.
        Until then it is just another lie.
        Lets see what Glenn has to say though…

        • the sun is gone in the evening.

          not everything is lens flare

          she moved her camera around and the object remained stationary.

          lens flare should move w the camera

          she saw the object and took a video of it

        • one more time

          put on your eyeglasses this time

          what is the extra object in the video?

          it is not lens flare, which I can see moving with the camera.

          this is stationary, no matter what the camera does

          only 34 seconds in length

          you are so in denial you did not LOOK at the short VIDEO

          shame on you


          one more time

          what is the extra object in the video?

          • For the last time, it is NOT a real object. If it were real every person on earth could also see it with their naked eyes, yet only this woman with her camera was able to see the “object.” It is far too bright to be a planet and it is not being lit by the sun or it would look like a crescent similar to Venus. You are looking at the sun, reflected internally inside the lens. Same crap as all the other “sun” photos. As I said, this effect is too big to be a planet. Consider Venus which you’ve seen in other videos. It is tiny, like a bright star and needs extreme magnification to reveal the planet which has a crescent or half-moon phase. So you already know what a planet between us and the sun should look like.
            This does not. It is perfectly circular and even looks slightly translucent and fuzzy on the perimeter. Exactly what I would expect from an internal lens reflection. I’ve seen them thousands of times. Just go buy a SLR camera (so you can see what the lens actually sees) and point it at the sun. You will see all sorts of things in there that you won’t see with your eyes.
            Look, this video was shot a few weeks ago, so if the object is a planet it will still be there tomorrow and for weeks to come. So go look at the sun and verify for yourself what the object is. Or are you going to claim the object just appeared briefly when she shot the video? Now it is hiding somewhere. In that case it can’t be a real planet since if it were a planet it would have to orbit like one. Otherwise what you’ve got here is a spaceship. Maybe it was refueling with solar energy, then it zoomed away to another galaxy far, far away.
            So there are your choices… lens effect or alien rocket ship. Take your pick.
            But it is certainly NOT a planet.

            • you are fake

              you do not understand photography OR astronomy… you are just making this up

              the lens flare moves with the movement of the camera..

              this object does NOT move with the camera

              you could not explain why the moon was in an unexpected position one night to me either

              did you get your education from comic books?

              the ” you do not believe anything, everything is a conspiracy” approach is LESS than academic

              I already found out the scientific explanation for this strange object, by asking a real astronomer.

              let us see if you can figure it out.

              • OK. I give up, what is it, a weather balloon?
                By the way, if it really there, why can‘t you or I see it? And why hasn’t it been all over the news? They show every comet that passes by. But a giant planet they don’t show at all?
                You need a conspiracy theory to prove it exists and another bigger one to show why only one person on earth could see it.
                Is that how science works for you?

              • P.S.
                I did explain to you how the moon really works and why it is in a different position every day.
                You just failed to understand it. I learned it when I was six, when I got my first telescope.

                • you could not explain anything…. you copied and pasted something from google which did NOT answer the question. after appearing to head WEST over the evening, it was found a few hours later in the EAST… should still be in the WEST but you don’t get it

                  you did not learn astronomy when you were 6. that is BS

                  • I take offense that you claim I know nothing about astronomy. I was an astronomy major in college. I owned the largest telescope on Long Island NY when I was 15. I built my own observatory from scratch with a roll-away roof in my back yard. I was a member of the Astronomical Society of Long Island when I was 16. I was written up in local papers and still have the clippings. So what did you do when you were a kid?
                    I have photographed all 4 of the last lunar eclipses, none of which you even bothered to see. I own ten professional cameras after selling another dozen on eBay when I retired. My cameras range in price from 600 to 2700 dollars. I had my own darkroom when I was eight and a printing business for 20 years, and taught photography to high-schoolers and adults. I even created a board game based on photography. My walls are covered with photos I’ve taken and I have 90,000 more on my Mac. Do you even own a real camera, not in your phone?
                    So go ahead and feel smug that you think you know more about these subjects than I do. Anyone here that remembers their science lessons have already figured out that I know what I’m talking about. You are so intent in believing lies because they fit your theories that you must claim that I know nothing even though you are so in the dark on these topics you can’t understand my explanations and you clearly don’t want to.
                    But there are others here that are listening to me. They understand what I’m saying and they think twice before believing the same old lies from the YouTube community. So disparage me all you want because I know in the end you will be proven completely wrong. Say what you want about me, all it does is make you a liar in sight of the Lord and that is a commandment so you will have to live with it.
                    Why do you and others attack me personally so much? Some say I don’t believe in Jesus. You claim most of my life never happened. How would you feel if I claimed you were a terrible wife and mother? But I never make personal attacks. I only attack lies that others post. I don’t make crap up about the people posting. So why do I and I alone deserve such treatment? It is like a child being confronted with the truth and lashing out in a tantrum calling someone a doody-face.
                    Come on people, grow up and act like real Christians. If you can’t refute my science just agree to disagree. And let the other who are reading decide for themselves.

                    • I am responding to your attacks, inappropriate sarcasm and taunts, and inability to handle some science questions. so you still cannot explain the moon movements or the object in the sky

      • Marianne the site you just gave me to look at is a typical example of cheap pseudo science, and the sort that people gobble up by the bucket-full…..It saddens me greatly that a lot of Christians take a lot of these sites as Gospel, when all they are are bogus sites, which detract from the reality!
        So much time is wasted on Conspiracy Sites, rather than getting on with the current rise of Islam for example, which is far more important and has far more real consequences!

  34. You know what you get when you pile crap on top of more crap?
    A bigger pile of crap! This is NOT flare, it is internal reflection which manifests itself differently from flare. If you were a photographer, you would know this.
    I did a quick calculation on the size of the second circle if it were an object at the approximate distance of the sun based on the relative size of each disk. If the object was at the same distance as the sun, it would have to be 144,158 miles across. But if it were right next to the sun, is would look like a half-moon. Lit on the side facing the sun and dark on the opposite side. So it must therefore be on the opposite side of the sun in order to be fully lit. That would increase the probable diameter to over 200,000 miles or 3 times bigger than Jupiter.
    So how did something so huge sneak into our neighborhood with no one seeing it in person. I didn’t see it and I’m an amateur astronomer. Did it come through an interdimensional rift? Did the sun spit it out? Why can’t we just go outside and see it on any clear day? Where does it hide? Why can it only be seen thru a camera but not with the naked eye.
    And don’t tell me I sure ask a lot of questions for a guy from New Jersey.
    These are all valid questions that if you can not accurately respond to every one of them in a scientific and logical manner, then something is rotten in this video.
    You’ve been posting these things for ten years and the earth has gone completely around the sun ten times since then, wherever this thing was located, we should have easily been able to find it and see it and track it. There must be 50,000 astronomers on the planet. If they can find and plot the orbits of all sorts of comets and asteroid with pinpoint accuracy, why can‘t a single one properly track Nibiru? They all say they can’t find it.
    But I suppose we are safe since it seems to be in a permanent orbit around the sun for the last 20 years, so unless another bigger planet comes along to tear it out of orbit and hurl it towards the earth, it will always be floating around right near the sun forever.
    So it won’t be part of bible prophecy if you believe this video.

  35. Thinking About the darkening of the Sun and the Moon turning Red, Maybe instead of a Solar Eclipse and a Lunar Eclipse happening at the same time (since that’s scientifically impossible) I think that while the Sun is turning into a nova, there is a Lunar Eclipse occurring while either an Iron comet and Water/Ice comet (since just Iron isn’t Red) crashed on the Moon or there is a volcano smoke infront of the Moon.
    That still supports the Sun being 7 times brighter before going nova.
    The heat burning us during the end times might be a gigantic Solar Flare.
    The loss of the sea might be :
    1. Because of the gigantic solar flare’s heat.
    2. Or because of the moon being farther from the Earth.
    When the Sun, Moon and the astronomical objects disappear:
    1. Maybe because God will destroy them.
    2. Or because of the explosion of the Sun and the Moon is taken by another planet since it is farther away from the Earth, and the explosion of the Sun creates both the Solar Flare and a harsh Solar Wind destroys the planets.

    • bird like object above sun

      • I went to the link above and traveled to the article on the location of planet X. It was about the search for another planet out beyond Pluto which has been looked for for over 50 years. Something is out there but it isn’t coming towards earth. It is orbiting at a fixed distance from the sun like all the other planets so it can’t be Nibiru or at least whatever you think Nibiru is supposed to be.
        The sun photo with the flare is just more crap and the bottom photo is the same winged planet artist’s conception that you used on the original Nibiru post except it has been reversed (like a negative) probably in photoshop where it was originally created. I don’t know what you’re trying to prove with these photos but they are worthless.

        • the object is moving. which is why it has been found in different positions.

          your photoshop issue is crap, you want to photoshop everything you don’t believe

          • Show me NASA data on the path of the object. Let me find it in Stellarium. Otherwise you are just showing me the work of You Tube idiots who can produce photos of anything and claim whatever they want about the photo, but they fail to show the math. Just like in grade school, to get a grade you must show your work. These guy can create cool looking images put they can never prove where they are or how they are moving. You would make a terrible teacher and you would end up passing cheaters who don’t really know anything.
            Then they end up a jobless You Tube idiot. And they are still “cheating” trying to convince people that they know what they’re talking about. Those people are dumber than the You Tube idiots.
            Go figure.

            • why don’t you do your own research?

              maybe because you don’t know how.

              I have presented names, references, and you are too lazy to do the research and see what astronomers say.

              so stay ignorant.

              your job is to bother me and waste my time.

              • There is no way to research photos posted by You Tube idiots. They take other peoples photos and add their own commentary to it so they turn stars and nebulae into planets at a whim. They never source the photos otherwise it would be easy to check the photo with the NASA catalogue and disprove what they are saying. You are the person posting their photos so it is up to you to provide any additional tracking info so we can check it out. There are millions of NASA photos available so find one you’ve posted just by looking at it would be harder than finding a needle in a haystack.
                Fortunately for me I recognize most images and I can tell a planet from a star or a nebula. So I’m not fooled like most people into seeing something that is not there.
                As for the SOHO images etc, I have checked on them and they only capture background stars or Mercury and Venus, which many people claim are alien spacecraft sucking energy from our sun which will soon go out. Go figure.
                Go to the NASA web site and type in Nibiru and see what you get:
                NASA’s WISE Survey Finds Thousands of New Stars, But No …
                NASA’s WISE has turned up no evidence of the hypothesized celestial body in our solar system commonly dubbed “Planet X.”
                News | NASA’s WISE Survey Finds Thousands of New Stars …
                NASA’s WISE Survey Finds Thousands of New Stars, But No ‘Planet X’ After searching hundreds of millions of objects across our sky, ..“
                So there you go, straight from the horses mouth. No Nibiru / planet X.
                So stop trying to tell me there are dozen of NASA reports on Nibiru. There simply aren’t. You Tube idiots may claim they have some but as usual they are lying.
                And my starry night program updates itself every time I start the program with all new objects and celestial events including comets. So surely a dwarf star with planets entering our solar system would be added to the database but so far… nothing.
                Sothing you have posted can be substantiated. It is just rumors and hearsay. If a YouTube video claimed Jesus had just returned would you believe it on faith or would you require more proof other than their word? If YouTube said half the US has been guillotined already would you believe it without question? I know you would want to believe it because you are expecting it. But without one word on your local news would you still believe YouTube on faith alone?
                YouTube could stage the entire tribulation and I’ll bet many people would follow it like they are watching world news tonight or CNN. They would thank God that they didn’t get nuked or chipped and that their local stores are still open. Glory be!
                Well that is your current situation. You believe lies and wait for prophecy fulfillment that will never come. You think you are one of the elect that can’t get fooled but you are not. You follow so many conspiracy theories that you are nowhere near being the elect. You are fooled by the slightest things as evidenced by the number of posts on this site that were about events that you warned us about but none ever happened.
                The truth is there hasn’t been a single prediction on this site that has ever come true including Nibiru, yet you continue to post bogus photos claiming they are proof from NASA and yet NASA says difinitively there is no Nibiru / Planet X.
                When will you ever learn?

                • i had no problem finding scientific references and NASA images. apparently you are not familiar with doing scientific research. I can’t teach you that. I learned that in both undergraduate and graduate school. it is part of basic science training.

                  • No, you had no problem googleing Nibiru and finding bogus wesites that purported to have NASA info on them and which did use NASA photos so you were cleverly fooled into believing them. I have investigated almost every link you’ve ever posted and they were all fake with pseudoscience and outright lies on them. The explanations were enough to prove to me that the info was bogus, I didn’t have to go to the NASA catalogue and find the image they were hijacking to know they were lying.
                    Unfortunately, your scientific process does not involve determining whether the articles were based on sound astronomical principles (which you clearly don’t understand) or simply made-up garbage.
                    I just posted what NASA says about Planet X – it doesn’t exist. So how can you say your links can be traced back to NASA? Obviously you’ve never been on the NASA web site or else you would have disproved these You Tube idiots by now.
                    You told me to look it up and I did. I went right to NASA and they said you are lying. No Palnet X. Period. No matter how much research I do I will always end up with the same answers. I go to scientific sources and you go to YouTube.
                    And you claim to use the scientific method… Hmm…

                    • NASA is lying.

                      you are duped.

                      my sources were not from youtube.

                      you are incapable of intelligent thought so you just deny everything.

                      I gave you the names of professional, not amateur, scientists.

                      all you have to do is look up their publications.

            • information already posted. IRIS , SOHO, gemini telescope images, etc, Astrophysics publications on nemesis, look it up. and just look at already posted. I should not have to spoon feed you. How old is your stellarium program? not everything is on there

  36. PnfFan2000:
    Your astronomical assertions are atrocious. Beyond even SyFy. Let me give you some pure scientific facts:
    1:The sun is not about to go nova anytime soon. It is only halfway thru its life span so a nova isn’t probable for another 5 billion years.
    2:Comets are water ice, not iron. If one hit the moon it would not turn it red.
    3: The sun could never evaporate the oceans. It would have to turn all the water to steam and keep that steam in the air so that it would not recondense and rain down and refill the ocean basins. The weight of all that water vapor in the atmosphere would crush all life on earth… right before it boiled them to death.
    4: The moon isn’t going anywhere, and even if it moved farther from the earth it wouldn’t take any water with it. Life wouldn’t exist on earth without our moon. And to have some other planet capture the earths moon is just impossible, if not just silly. Kids stuff.
    Without the oceans life on earth would die. The ocean currents modify the extreme climates and without them (and this has happened in the distant past) the earth could either grow hot like a greenhouse or ice cold under miles of ice. Whatever the bible meant by “the mountains and seas shall disappear” must be metaphors for something else, such as mountains sometimes refer to kingdoms or governments.
    I doubt there will be anything astronomical about the darkening of the sun moon and stars. If wormwood is a large meteor strike or a meteor shower with many large strikes or if a supervolcano erupts there may be enough dust kicked up to darken the earth (its happened many times in the past) it could cause enough crop failures to lead to great famines, also predicted by the bible.
    A knowledge of astronomy and some simple logic can go a long way in trying to figure out bible mysteries. Without them you will only end up in some twilight zone of unreal explanations.
    Which is where you ended up.

  37. By the time is entered Case University as an astronomy major I had read over 150 books on astronomy. Many I bought and I read every one in my school library at least once. I knew so much more about astronomy than the science teachers I was teaching their students astronomy when I was in the 8th grade. And believe me the laws of physics haven’t changed since that time.
    The red object you talk about is a red giant (star) much like Betelgeuse in Orion, just much farther away and not nearly as bright. It is a known object and has been catalogued. If you find it on Stellarium it will give you the basic info and it will not say “Nibiru” believe me.
    And please look into that troll thing. I could use an extra $600 a day.
    Send me an application, will you.

  38. Marianne, (from above)
    First you say you have reports from NASA confirming the existence of Nibiru – all supposedly legit – then you say NASA is lying. You can’t have it both ways. I have gone to the sites of your so-called astronomers and they have all been bogus. Filled with fancy words and theories but no real science. And more than one of them has predicted Nibiru would come several times already and was selling survival videos on the site.
    Plus you’ve never decided which Nibiru is the real one. You’ve posted hundreds of sun flare photos, claims that Nibiru is somewhere under the south pole. That it is part of a red giant system hundreds of light years away and then it is still undiscovered out past the orbit of Pluto. And you’ve posted dozens of clearly different objects that are all supposed to be the same thing. Obviously most if not all of these are false. But you can’t tell the difference so you act as if all of them are true. And you call yourself a scientist? Do you really think that is how a real astronomer would approach the question? Believe everything and then wait to see which one was right.
    Well I’m telling you they are all fakes.
    As for your Mexican so-called astronomer, he is now on record as predicting nibiru will become visible to the naked eye in March and will pass by in April, probably Passover. I posted one of his videos above last month. So I suggest we see if he is really an astronomer or just another You Tube idiot out to fool gullible people like yourself (and John).
    Now, March is half over and I see no signs of Nibiru, do you? When it gets close it should appear larger than the moon, based on its supposed size. There will be no missing it, not to mention the tectonic plates will be moving at freeway speeds according to your experts. We should all feel that.
    All just weeks away. I can’t wait, can you? You can tell me “I told you so” and call me ignorant and a scoffer. I’m putting my reputation on the line here so the wait is on. Science versus YouTube. What a match! It should be very exciting…
    Or nothing at all. 😦

    • NASA has known about nibiru since 1932. the CURRENT spokesman is lying because he contradicts all previous scientists. that is his job to lie. I am referring to David Morrison. that is who you are listening to.

      my “mexican astronomer” was from chile, not mexico. he published in 1999, and he died in 2004, and he did not predict anything about this march. he did not predict an arrival time.

      you cannot see anything, and I don’t care. I know people who can. I know 3 people personally who can see it from their location.

      you are not a scientist…why would I believe you? I believe the long list of PhDs…..not you.

  39. Your Chilean buddy is a real hoot. He makes up so much crap he needs a diaper. I read his dissertation from 1999 and the only “science” in it is a bunch of scientific terms used improperly. He is a charlatan and a fake. His theory is total BS. A real astronomer would laugh at it like I did.
    But here are the posts of several experts on Nibiru:

    All of these YouTube experts (and many more) predict that Nibiru will become visible in March and wreak havoc on the earth (pole shift etc.) in April, 2016. Scientists, investigators, ex-CIA agents etc. Surely these can’t be bogus, can they? All these fancy videos with all these important people can’t be just a bunch of lies, could they? So do you believe these experts or do you think they are all liars? You’ve researched Nibiru long enough to know the truth when you hear it right? So what is your opinion of these people? Real or fake? Which way are you leaning?
    Scared to make a commitment? Or do you agree that there are so many liars out there that you can’t trust anything you see on YouTube?
    I’ll stick out my neck and take a chance that these are all Bozos who are lying to you and don’t know what they are talking about.
    So lets see who is right, me or the Nibiru experts. If as you say, your friends can already see it so it must be very close, and surely they are not liars.
    So offer us an opinion here. True or False. Real or fake. Nibiru experts or just You Tube idiots.
    You decide.

    • jim

      yes I can recognize a fake. you are one

      you are not an astronomer, so you cannot evaluate anyone.

      you are a computer engineer and a photographer, that’s it.

      I quote scientists and you quote youtube.

      I am still open to this possibility and it looks more real everyday.

      experts do not give a date for its arrival, but the bible says it will happen

      so I believe God, not you.

      that is my decision.

      • I do not get my information on YouTube. I only go there to watch the crap you post. I’ve never seen a Nibiru sighting that looked real. Not ever. My knowledge comes from 50 years of studying astronomy. You have no knowledge other than what the You Tube idiots tell you.
        If there really was an expert on Nibiru they WOULD give an actual date. A true expert would be able to calculate the orbit of any object using simple mathematical formulas that have been known for hundreds of years. If any “expert” says it is impossible to determine to tell when some object (including comets and asteroids) will pass by the earth then they are liars. Many of these liars only want to sell survival videos or equipment so they create an imaginary disaster so they feed their lies to people for as long as possible. Putting a date on it only gives them a day they have to close up shop, yet they still end up recycling their garbage over and over again just changing the dates. I’ve seen this happen over and over again including on many of the YouTube videos you’ve posted with do-called scientists.
        And finally, the bible makes no mention of Nibiru or any planet hitting the earth, only a star with a fiery tail which for all we know could be an angel coming to fulfil God’s will supernaturally. After all, how does an asteroid strike potion a third of the rivers? Why not all?
        Its just a thought, but we know a planet won’t crash into us and planets do not carry debris fields with them as you suggest. In fact the opposite is true. Any large planet would have enough gravity to suck in any debris in the area so its neighborhood would actually be quite clean, just like earth.
        But you go ahead and wait for Nibiru if it makes you happen. Maybe it will arrive just before Obama cancels the elections and becomes dictator of the world.
        Yeah, that’s it… that’s the ticket! 🙂

        • Dear Jim and Marianne, I feel like I am watching a tennis match, with both of you volleying for supremacy in a battle of words and information exchange!….Nibiru comes to us via a people who liked to combine myth and memories handed down from past events unrelated to the actual rogue star!…There is definitely another large Planet roaming out there in the outer solar system, and more than likely even two?…However, they are at such an enormous distance away, that even if their current orbits changed, would not reach us for a long long time!….I believe what Scripture says about how our planet will be changed, not via water this time, but by fire.How God does that is entirely up to Him, and in His hands.Isiaah 24 gives us a pretty good idea what we can expect to happen, and the results of those encounters….Ditto for the Gospel of Luke and Matthew. There are a lot of crack-pots using YouTube to push their agenda,and unfortunately an even bigger following you accept it as Gospel. …Christians can do well to ignore YouTube, Nostrodamus, Azrec and Inca Myths, and concentrate on what the Bible has to say on the coming upheaval….We should be looking up, because our redemption draws nigh!

          • wormwood is coming. bible says so.

            when? beats me.

            but it looks like pretty soon.

          • this is not about youtube, although jim says it is so.

            I have merely presented scientists who said it is there, while him denies it as a fantasy.

            i have quoted at least 6 scientists to him, but he ignores that.

          • Hi Glenn,
            Thanks to the support.
            You know if you research the origin of the Nibiru myth you discover the following (from Wikipedia):
            Zecharia Sitchin (Russian: Заха́рия Си́тчин; July 11, 1920 – October 9, 2010)[1] was a Soviet-born American author of books proposing an explanation for human origins involving ancient astronauts. Sitchin attributes the creation of the ancient Sumerian culture to the Anunnaki, which he states was a race of extraterrestrials from a planet beyond Neptune called Nibiru. He believed this hypothetical planet of Nibiru to be in an elongated, elliptical orbit in the Earth’s own Solar System, asserting that Sumerian mythology reflects this. Sitchin’s books have sold millions of copies worldwide and have been translated into more than 25 languages.
            Sitchin’s ideas have been rejected by scientists and academics, who dismiss his work as pseudoscience and pseudohistory. His work has been criticized for flawed methodology and mistranslations of ancient texts as well as for incorrect astronomical and scientific claims.[2]
            So, if you believe the Nibiru story you must also reject the idea that man was created by God, but instead by ancient aliens. Clearly Nibiru is a Satanic myth propagated by the devil to get Christians to abandon their belief in the bible. By cleverly claiming Nibiru is wormwood modern Satanists have been able to fool a vast number of gullible Christians into thinking God blessed the pagan Sumarians with the knowledge of bible prophecy. And not only do believe this nonsense they pass it on to other unsuspecting Christians who are just out there searching for some truth. They deny the scientists and believe You Tube idiots who simply claim to be scientists – and yet their hypotheses are based on nothing but “pseudoscience and pseudohistory.“
            False prophets abound nowadays and I’m here to stop them. Marianne is hopelessly seduced by Satanic forces and may never get free of them but hopefully other like yourself will read the counter story and be able to discern the truth from the myth and lies.
            Carry on, brother.

            • Hi Jim,
              Although I reject the Nibiru Story, that Marianne has posted, she has nontheless done a great job, with so many of her posts to get people/christians thinking about deeper issues. I have found many interesting articles posted on this site, and I thank her for them.I always look forward to any new article, and I always have the right to choose whether to accept them as true or not. I like speculation and I like being challenged by what people have to say…I won’t always agree on what people have to say, but I will always defend their right to say it!

            • jim

              you ignore the scientists who say nibiru is out there.

              and you lie about what I post

              Sitchin interviewed scientists like

              Astronomical Journal
              The Location of Planet X
              RS Harrington
              Us Naval Observatory, Washington DC 20392
              Revised 17 may 1988, revised 12 July 1988
              Vol 96, number 4

              and others, to equate scientific evidence with ancient sumerian legends, to see if it was the same object.

              since you insist on lying about me, I am blocking you until you learn some manners.

              • Marianne,
                You are confusing Nibiru with Planet X, a probable large planet that orbits the sun beyond Pluto. That body will likely be discovered in the next few years. We know its out there but we just haven’t found it.
                If you believe that will be Nibiru, then call it whatever you want and I agree it is real. It is what real scientists have been searching for ever since Pluto was discovered in the same way – mathematically, using real science.
                But if Nibiru is out past Pluto it can’t be orbiting next to the sun so all those sunset Nibiru photos you’ve posted are by default fakes. I’ve asked you for years to decide which Nibiru out of the dozens that are being claimed on the internet you choose to be the real thing. They can’t all be the same object, that should be obvious.
                So if you are going to go with the scientific research on what used to be called Planet X (10) but is no being called Planet 9 due to the demotion of Pluto then I am fine with that and I agree it is real.
                BUT, when it is found you will find it is in a roughly circular orbit, the same as all out other planets so it does not fit the story created by Sitchin. So I don’t know what you will do when that fact is announced because your whole Planet X world will collapse. Plus anything that far away would take hundreds of years to reach earth even if it were coming our way. In fact it may never be photographed before the Second Coming let alone pass by the earth.
                But don’t try to say that the Naval Observatory believes Nibiru to be orbiting right next to the sun. If it were that easy to find everyone on earth would see it and know it exists and no real scientist will agree to that nonsense.
                So if you are truly on board with the Planet 9 scientists then we are in total agreement. We will just have to wait for it to be located and its orbit plotted to see if it is what you are expecting or not.
                Do you agree?

        • bible does not say a PLANET will hit earth.

          it describes wormwood.

          go look it up.

          I have quoted real scientists.

          you have not read any scientific literature at all.

          a star with a fiery tail is a comet, not an angel

          go back to first grade

          experts cannot give a date, because the hand of god is at work.

          god is in control, he can slow it down, speed it up, or make it stand still in space.

          it will come when he decides

  40. The sun is already powering down and they don’t want you to know it. A messenger/angel sent here by God has been working on the sun and moon all summer. He showed me how he does it n i was shocked. Seems like a normal 28yr old but let me in on his secret. I didnt believe him so he showed me. He closed his eyes n his body started glowing, he tgen raised his hands up yo the sun, opened his eyes, n focused on it. When he did a purple line of energy came out of his head n went to sun. He said look for flashes cuz thats angels helping up there. N i kid u not i saw flashes, sun get brighter n darker, etc.. This guy stays hidden though cuz he does not want recognition. That is why the sun looks different, has rings around it, and gives off a blue, purple energy. Remember Christ was clothed in purple silk. Which was referring to purple energy coming in and covering earth before Christ’s return. Well, u see the purple energy coming off the sun don’t you? Blue energy off moon? If you don’t start paying attention and you will. The earth does not need the sun or the moon for light. The earth is supposed to be its own light source n glow from the center like a star. However, bad side came in long ago and started to steel earths energy. The bad side in the sun and moon. There is not supposed to be lines of energy between the sun n moon or through us. Those lines are cuz they are sacking the life out of us and earth. Which is why we have short life spans n always tired. Also why the sun literally kills us n gives us cancer. We all have free energy points in our hearts that bad side figured out how to tap into n steel power. U are supposed to be ur own power source n glow internally like a star. However, in the fall the serpent took control of our egg (power source in us). Started ducking power from us and the earth which made both become dense and physical like a dieing star. Made us start consuming everything outside of us for energy cuz we are like dieing batteries. N all those diff frequencies of energy is what kills us. Christ is coming n he has messengers n angels in physical form here working from the shadows. The earths energy will be fixed which will make it loop into itself for infinity again like an 8. When that happens it will blow sun n moon off its circuit n they will power down and earth will start being it’s own light source again. N humans will follow n realize we are all angels who fell into physicality n supposed to be our own light source. Angels outside of earth will bring earth back to an energy state so we can become who we really are.

  41. Gabe I don’t know what drugs or Medication you are taking, but you need to give them up for the sake of your own sanity!….The amount of BS on this particular Post is just overwhelming!…I am shaking my head in disbelief, that so many people can believe so much garbage.The Media is dumbing us down, and it is working very well!. Gabe’s EGO is the only thing shining bright in his article.I am out of this forum and will leave it to those who are quite happy to believe in Gnomes, Faeries, and Big-Foot!

  42. Are you able to account for nuclear weapons?

    They shine like a thousand suns when exploding, kick up massive amounts of smoke. Those can darken the sky with clouds above the troposphere, where the air movement is more stable. In the medium term it can cause the Sun to darken and the Moon to turn blood red.

    One more: Nuclear weapons also fulfill many other judgmental prophecies in the Bible, both single nukes and the interaction of multiple nuclear detonations.

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