Frogs Predicting Earthquakes?

In the days prior to the gigantic earthquake that devastated Sichuan
province in China, odd swarms of frogs were seen in the streets of cities in
the area, and have subsequently been identified as unusual animal behavior
of the type that is thought by some geologists to precede earthquakes.

Now it has developed that similar frog appearances have been taking place in Bakersfield, California for about two weeks, and nobody is sure why.

Strange swarms of frogs also appeared before the 6.9 Loma Prieta Earthquake in October of 1989.

Check the links below for pictures and videos:

(1) Did toads predict the China earthquake?


(2) Video: Frogs invade Roseville Neighborhood – about 100 miles north of LA

(3) Story: Frogs Swarmed in China Before the Quake–Now It’s California

12 Responses to “Frogs Predicting Earthquakes?”

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  3. maria

    that is wild. Well, keep your eyes open 🙂


  4. This is really getting interesting! Three weeks ago I saw in a vision, I went to a business place like a doctors office to pay some money I owed, very early, even the boss had just gotten there. We stood by a table, few stuffs were on the table, as I handed him the money, he moved something, to my surprise I saw immediately a frog on his hind legs upward with a piece of pineapple in its mouth, also it was light green all over. I was about to leave when every where I place my feet there were lizard like serpents and spiders, however the man took my hand and led me outside. I am trusting God the Lord Jehovah.
    Posted by paulene at 12.25pm June 29 2008.

  5. Help me here, I have two dogs, from time to time they have ticks, however I notice recently quite a number of small ticks even upon my house walls, this has never happened before. Since the subject of pests are in discussion is there any thing you can say on this matter.
    paulene posted at12.34 june 29 2008

  6. Paulene

    I sounds like you are surrounded with witchcraft. Do not worry. It is everywhere now. Just trust Jehovah for protection, cover yourself with the blood of Jesus, and call on the name of Jesus much. The name of Jesus is a prayer in itself.


  7. Paulene,

    It is not natural for ticks to be on walls. They feed on warm blooded animals like dogs. Of course, we can get them outside in the grass or trees too, so there are times they will NOT be on an animal. But I get the impression they have left the dog, and went to the walls, which is not normal. I would guess that they would be a problem if they went from the wall to your body.

    Get some insect spray. Kill them and say the name of Jesus over your house. This is in case, there is witchcraft nearby, which is activating them to seek humans to infect.



    “Wed May 26, 6:16 pm ET
    An economy on the brink. Horrible pollution. And now a “carpet of frogs” to contend with? Greece sure has it tough these days.

    On Wednesday, a horde of frogs caused a two-hour closure on one of Greece’s major highways near the city of Thessaloniki. The city’s traffic police chief, Giorgos Thanoglou, told the Associated Press that the “millions” of frogs were probably looking for food. Three accidents resulted, as drivers attempted to dodge the hungry hoppers. The AP writes that no human injuries were reported.

    Update: AP, which is all over this fast-developing, hard-hitting story, reports that the frogs continue to slow traffic in Greece’s second-largest city — and that they are expected to do so throughout the weekend.”

  9. have you cosidered the NATURE of a frog? It starts in water but metamorphs on “the land” (earth in greek)and internally is cold blooded, not warm. Consider that MAN looks at the outward appearance but GIOD looks at the heart.
    The heart that is meek and teachable inherits “the earth” soil of the soul that can be tilled and planted with Jesus’ accurate teachings about life received first hand from the God of love.
    When people who “appear to live on the land” yet are coldblooded toward God and his teachings…could this be the plague and warnings to guard your heart against such? O God I pray, may you discern and filter truth so that we may not stray from truth….unknowingly. Thank you for your word and teach us to pray, to hear to respond as Jesus did, regardless of the cost.

    • hi kathryn

      That is an interesting interpretation. I never thought of frogs as representing the human spirit before. I pray that people have warm hearts toward God, and not cold ones.

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