Gloria is a friend who died last year from a long battle with cancer.

We had known each other for over 30 years.

May 19, 2017

Short dream:

I am calling Gloria, as she is expecting me to come visit and be with her.

I should have already been there, but there have been delays

I am overdue to see her.

I am trying on the phone to say I will come today, but the day is almost over with, so I will have to pick another day very soon.

End of dream

I have been told by the Lord that once retirement times comes for me, I will not be here. I am now at that time in my life:

You Won’t Be Here

Other dreams seem to reinforce the message:

Dream – Packing Up My  Things

Dream – Final Cleaning

I am on borrowed time right now.

I have not left yet because of obligations I need to fulfill.

My friend Gloria is waiting for me to come see her.

I am not sick, or dying, but my time is almost up.

Maybe this is true for many saints right now.

Heaven will be a beautiful place.

20 Responses to “Dream–Gloria”

  1. I have had dreams ( maybe 3_5 a week) where I am packing up my bags to go home. Most of the time I have been gone so long I cannot fit things BACK into my bags. I cannot wait to get back home. In these dreams I will be flying back.:-) I am feeling we will be gone before the end of the year.

  2. I recently had a dream, though very fuzzy now – I dreamed I had 3 homes, 2 were almost identical and the 3rd was no longer relevant. I had no issue letting go of the 3rd but there was much angst as to which of the first two to let go of. I didn’t want to be making payments on the 2 homes that were basically the same.

    I, too, thought I might be gone from this earth by now, or at least a clearer vision as to what more I might be doing at this time. So I do my best to stay open to the Lord, spend time in prayer, and being vigilant in listening.

    • denise

      that is interesting about the 2 houses…maybe you are being encouraged to get rid of duplicate items that are no longer needed, to make room for future things you will need.

      then the third house became irrelevant, and maybe soon, the second one will become irrelevant also.

      I never thought, when I was young, that I would be thinking of leaving this life early. and now, it seems many of us are thinking that way

      • Yes, I thought my time might be up this last October with the long ago dream I had of “24 Years from today, life will cease to exist as we know it.” And then October came and went without so much as a “poof !”

        I trust in the Lord so I only give all of this as a minor blip on my radar screen. He has something more in store for me, and apparently a few of us.

        • that was the same experience for both of us. I think god interjected a grace period for us…..now we just have to figure out what we are supposed to be doing until the grace period is up

    • 2 houses , one in the eternal realm, our heavenly place. last forever
      one on the earth will fade away.

  3. Hi Marianne,
    Is this the dream some one posted a while back when facing retirement ‘you are referring to being your friend’ I also feel time is near

  4. Very Very interesting comments (esp. about TIME is almost up).

    I’ve had exactly the opposite shown to me by the Lord.

    He’s shown me MANY MANY things that STILL need to be achieved and HE has shown me my roll in some of those events and achievements.

    HOWEVER, let me assure you these times ahead are extremely arduous and tough with much sadness and sorrow BUT with a GLORIOUS outcome at the other end BEFORE ‘HE’ (Elohim) takes me home….

    We ALL have a (different) time to go home !

    • I agree we all may have different times to go home. My friend gloria is already gone. Let us live each day for the lord. And as if it were our last day

  5. Had the same type of dream.the same dream i had a few times.i keep seeing a man coming for me he says he is coming to take me to him.like i belong to him.he says i must get myself ready.this dream has been puzzling me for weeks now.i understand now what the Lord is saying to me.thank u so much for sharing

  6. Hi Marianne,

    Many a times we misinterprete the dreams and visions from God, and end up with the wrong picture and expectation.

    The name Gloria derives from glory, which means distinction, prestige, eminence, as well as resplendence, grandeur, splendour, magnificence, exuberance. All these indicate an upliftment in existence, the perfect and complete (eternal) life. Thus although a person you well know to be deceased was the reference of your dream conversation, her name Gloria is the hidden key.

    For the dead know not nothing, nor do they have part among the living. This Gloria that converses and calls to you is not the deceased friend, but rather, a cal to claim hold of eternal life in Christ. The time for your promotion to glory, (and not through death but rather in life), is already with us. It may seem to delay an year or two, given the opposition by the forces of darkness, but its only a matter of time. The judgment is passed upon each of humanity and as the harvesting angels work upon the earth, we with them shall lay claim of the riches of glory from this earth for our Lord.

    There may be something therefore each one of us require to do and effect even in allowing our promotion to this glory of life.

    We must root up the mountains in faith and from thence the blessings of the Lord to life will descend.

    • I will consider that. Thank you

      • Kindly also consider the meaning of the rest of her name. Mae means mother, and nurturing and possibly water. The Smith is the technic or craft of iron or other metal in particular. And the Faucette definitely related to the control of water. The glory of midwifing the craft of waters management, so to say is the meaning of your deceased friends name, and this meaning would be what you are being called up to to assume, research and educate on.

    • that glory word quicken us !

  7. “Jeremiah 2:13

    My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.

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