Dream – Gathering of Survivors


A small group of about 20-30 people, at least so far.


Dream July 4, 2019

Something has gone wrong.

I am with about 20-30 people, some adults, some children.

We become like a family, and get along well.

This is “Marianne’s group,” as I appear to be the one organizing it.

There is one tall man who is dressed like a cowboy, and happily dancing around. He has black pants on and boots. He is happy to be here.

Time of year -warm weather?  We were outside without coats.

Most seem familiar, as if they knew me before they came to me.

We start outside, looking for old places where I had hidden food underground.

We find a few spots, then cover them back up.

We are in a martial law situation, so we are being careful to avoid scrutiny.

Then I see a wall with 2 pay phones on it.
I am now inside.

The phones are ringing as people call in for help.

Then there is a call that comes in from a small boy, maybe 4-5 years old to maybe 9.

He is in Oregon. (I am in North Carolina, 3,000 miles away)

He is crying. He says he is all alone, and wants to come. I ask if I can call him tomorrow, and he explains he has nowhere to go.

I can see him from where I am. His forehead is marked by the Holy Spirit, and I see he is chosen by the Lord.

I call one of the men and tell him to get the boy here, and do whatever is necessary. It is an emergency for this child to be alone at this time. He leaves to rescue the small boy.

There is a general meeting and I shout “Hallelujah” to everyone, to uplift the others in faith.

End of Dream



It seems to be an EMP or power out situation, as martial law is in effect, and food and resources are limited and under the control of the government.

I see no massive destruction, so structures are intact, and usable.

I do not understand the pay phones as they are outdated, unless it means cell phones are out, and only wired phone lines work.

Anyhow, there seems to be some ability to communicate, in rare locations.

I know someone in Oregon, that I have known for about 4-5 years, and I shared this with him. He seemed to have some circumstances and previous thoughts that confirm my dream may have included him.

I had been asking the Lord what my role was in the last days, besides ending up in a FEMA death camp, which had been pointed out to me in other dreams.

This dream shows me more, which I appreciate.

Helping others is fine with me, and I will have to trust Yahweh God for the provision that will be needed to supplement anything I have, as I currently cannot support that many people.

In the last days, we WILL have tribulation.

There will be some that are prepared, and most will not be prepared.

Coming together in unity and cooperation is vital to survival.

I encourage all to prepare, so that they have a better chance of making it.

Yahshua / Jesus told us to “endure to the end (Matthew 24:13),” which indicates there will be great challenges to overcome before He returns.

For those who are not born again, or “saved,” it is urgent to repent of all sins, and turn one’s heart over to Yahweh God for eternal life.

8 Responses to “Dream – Gathering of Survivors”

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    • Marianne, there have been recent earthquakes off the Washington /Oregon Coast and of course here in Southern CA. Possibly your dream including the young boy was warning about the Big One coming there. We are either in Yahweh’s Hands or NOT.


  2. I saw this a few minutes after it came in to my email. I got a text this morning from the guy who put me up in his old house. He’s a christian who doesn’t want to follow the Lord though he insists he dies does. Because I believe that christians can have demons, something that he’s in very extreme denial about in spite of all the proof, he texted me this morning to tell me I’ll have to leave here on the 20th. I have fifteen days.

    There was no dissension between me and this guy. His sole issue, and he’d deny it to the end, is that he resents and has rejected the Lord and His commands. Therefore whoever reminds him of the Lord in any small way, he will reject them too. This dream caught my eye since it talks about a gathering of survivors. I’ve been in need of such a place for a long time. If anyone has anything helpful or a place to go before the 20th, please let me know. Thanks.

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