Black Foot Prints on my White Carpet


Who made them?

It was early morning about 8-8:15.

I was at my computer in my office.

Two of my household had not been out of their bedrooms yet and the third one was supposed to be at work.

I had a text to her earlier and she did not answer, which is typical when she is busy working.

I heard the door open to the living room, and someone come in.

The door should have been locked at this time.

I thought at first I was wrong about my daughter and waited for her to say something. I think I may have called her name but there was no answer. I thought maybe she did not hear me.

There was no greeting back.

I was not paying attention, and do not remember the door closing.

Since nothing came of the entry, I kept on with my computer work.

Next household member (M) left and went to school for about 45 minutes, and then came back.

Then I got up to get some hot tea.

There were dirty shoe prints on my white area rug in the living room.

The dirt was very black.

I had passed over this area twice before this morning to get tea, and this was the first time I saw dirt.

I had just vacuumed my carpet the night before.

I thought (M) had left footprints and told him to clean it up, after he returned from school.

He then pointed out he did not do it, and the print was bigger than his shoe.

Also there is no black dirt in front of the house, and his shoes were clean.

So I knocked on the other household member (E) ‘s door, and asked him.

He said he had not been to the front door.

He only comes in and out of the back door.

This made sense, since there were no shoe prints from the door to his room.

I got irritated, and vacuumed up the dirt.


Then I began to think more about this.

There was 4 ft between scattered dirt at the doorway and the first shoeprint.

Shoeprint length was large….maybe 12”

Then the stride was big. My stride – toe of one foot to heel of next step is about 10” .

The distance between the toe of the print to the heel of the next print was about 18”.

So the person was much taller than me.

There were only 3 prints coming in.

First print was left foot

Second print was right foot.

Third print was a smudge.

It stopped in front of a picture of Jesus / Yeshua I have on my wall.

No prints exiting the house.


There is no black dirt in front of my house or in the back yard.

It is all green grass.

So, where did the black dirt come from?

Using this formula I found:


H = height of person

L = foot length

And estimating the size and spacing, this person was much taller than me, or the other two in the house.

So I had an intruder.

A big one.

Estimated height over 7 ft tall.

And I did not realize it.



I had been praying last night against witchcraft in my living room.

I had been interrupted several times by (M).

But I continued until I finished.

I felt it was necessary since I feel the enemy is coming after my family, and one is a child.

So I was covering them in prayer.

Then I see these shoe prints this morning.


My conclusion:

Since the intruder walked right in, and the door had been locked, this was something to be alerted to.

I need to be aware of my environment.

I am not convinced that it was human, but whether it was human or not, I cannot prove.

I feel that the intruder came for me or a family member.

But it was stopped by the presence of the Lord in my house, and his angels.

I do not believe it was a coincidence that the last print was a circular smudge, as if the person was turning around to exit, right in front of my picture of Jesus.

Usually, we pray and do not see what happens in the spiritual realm.

I believe, this time I did.

The Lord allowed me to see what was after me, and how it had to leave.

I am deeply grateful to the Lord for his protection.

I pray that others who read this understand how important prayer is.


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  1. could be an astral projection person trying to stop you! PS keep praying against the democratic party!

  2. hmmm, reminds me of when we first moved here, the brother of the person who moved out simply walked past (our) vehicle and right into the house, up the stairs half-way before he heard my voice then proceeded to go back out again-creepy dude. I hadn’t locked the door after my wife had left, I sure do now, but this is a new neighborhood and not like the one we moved from.

    make sure to call an adult before doing anything else to let them know what happened.

    If the footprints are clear, the tread may be clear (construction?) you may also find where they stepped outside (window sill?) before coming in, look for the dirt and footprints outside the home.

    Make sure you have help with you when you go outside.

    • there is no black dirt outside my house.

      the next time I will take pictures and exact measurements.

      he came in the front door, which was supposed to be locked.

    • Make sure the adult is not from your household (although let your kids know), but one that you trust. This is in case you are isolated by the person in some way. Not trying to alarm you either.


      We plead the blood of Jesus,
      Anoint doors and windows,
      sing praises. The latter being the most effect now we believe. We don’t own this house, so whatever was in her before we got here, and, ownership has some to do with it as well.

      Praying for you and your family.

  3. WOW, looks like someone is trying to scare you…Dims and Obama use every trick in the book to stop the truth about them or their activities…or maybe the witchcraft is active… same difference …

  4. If you have a good neighbor, let them know about it as well-you may have a loose vagrant in the area. He probably felt the H spirit in your place and scooted.

  5. Bro we are living in the evil wicked world now. We should cover ourselves with the blood of The Lamb, and keep in constant prayers. There are harassing, frustration and distrusting evil spirits going around which can snatch objects, money and other things be aware.

    I live both in rural and in the city, my blouse, or skirt can disappear in the rural after praying and sending angels of God to look for it, I find it back in my city home after weeks.

    I have been loosing money in my hand bag, after praying fire prayers after some days or weeks the money is returned, in the same spot or another.

    However, all these are evil spirits causing spiritual harassment, frustration and acts of distrust to the people around us.

    We should keep in constant presence, blood coverage of our Lord.

    • I would have to agree with this. I call it “running from the bear or from the bees”. The major harassments like car trouble or health, down to minor things. I used to tell my wife that things got knocked out of my hands, she thought I was exagerating-she doesn’t anymore.

      We call some of the harassments “set-ups”. these are very interesting things. They can range from having something “kick” a sentence out of your mouth you would never intend to say to someone, to having something break that you really didn’t want to see destroyed, by someone you love to make you unnerved or upset-they didn’t mean to do this, the enemy can knock stuff around or create a situation where something gets destroyed. I mention this here for people to see on purpose. Things that are precious to us are of no value in Heaven-I can’t hold on to anything dearly except my love for the L-rd and for my family-and I have to be careful not to exault my love for them beyond my love and duty for Him.

      On the lighter side, i have a lego indy racer car that my son and i put together years ago-this was a fun project and i wanted to keep it. I can’t say how many times it has been taken apart (by my young daughter) the decals have slowly deteriorated, etc., to the point that it may not look like much but i remember that we did this project together. I used to collect figurines, like LoTR action figures, etc. but I learned to let my kids play with them instead of cherishing them above all else. I would get on them for trying to play with them because I knew how fragile they can be-I finally just let them play with them-why not? They love it and i get more joy out of them having fun than cleaning the dust off.

      We live in a very real world where two major forces battle constantly, the closer you get to the L-rd, expect to be rebuffed by the enemy. Satan doesn’t really care if you aren’t a threat to his kingdom, or if he can’t use you to hurt the L-rd.

      • Enjoyed reading your post, Troy. I agree with everything you said. The enemy uses people to steal our joy, and like you said, the closer we get to the Lord, the more we will be attacked. The blood of Jesus is the greatest protection and power we have. Thank You, Jesus!

  6. Marianne, I suffered physical demonic attacks for years, they would jerk me awake in the middle of the night, I could feel it crawling on my bed, actually felt one go through my body (it was terrifying), one night I was choked in my bed by this invisible entity, but I was ready that night. I had been talking to a man of God, who told me to rebuke the demon in the holy name of Jesus, and as I was being choked, I managed to squeak out those words, and I felt it slowly subside away from me. Now, as I have strengthened my bond with the Lord, I haven’t had any here where I live now. However, a couple of days ago, I saw a dark figure scoot by when I was in my bathroom, so I prayed the blood of Jesus (again) over this building. I live in an apartment house, and pretty sure none of other tenants are believers. This building used to be a horse barn, then owner made it into eight apartments. I live in Vermont, and lots and lots of witchcraft, a cult (moonies), atheists, and catholics here. Anyway, I have had to plead the blood over my home several times. Sometimes I play my worship music super loud on my stereo, hoping it will have some effect. I have testified to a few up here, and I believe a seed was planted.
    I think the footprints you found were supernatural, an attempted attack by a demonic entity, possibly. However, since your site is popular, everyone that looks at it isn’t with God. I was stalked and attacked by a stranger 28 years ago, home invasion, and the man has been in prison for 28 years. He was a serial perpetrator, so I wasn’t his only victim. It was devastating, buy I was so thankful we survived. My point is, you should never assume you are safe in your home, and even though I believe we have divine protection, you might want to take precautions. At night, never leave curtains or blinds open. When the are left open and lights are on, everything you are doing inside your house can easily been seen (or watched). Also, always keep your doors locked, even in the daytime. After what happened to me, I highly recommend getting small alarms for your windows and doors. They are pretty inexpensive. Or, a full home alarm system. This might give you a little more peace of mind. Believe me, I know first hand that I don’t want to live in fear, period. I’m posting a link below to a good security site where you can buy all sorts of stuff, in case you want to look at it.

  7. about the same time this happened, I was actually online with someone accusing me of not being saved because I said I obeyed god out of love. He accused me of being under the law and not grace….spirit of strife.

  8. gfit from AL……Be thou my Vision…

  9. We are living in extreme times of Pressure=tribulation. Some people are more acceptable to demons, diseases, depression etc. etc. than others. I heard a Prophet say that you can have two people around a sick person and one will catch the sickness and the other will not. Its what you are afraid of that will attach it self to you.

    This is a true story – There were two identical twins. The went to the same school and both were very bright. But they were Christians and did not fit in with the others. They were made fun and ridiculed, joked at. etc. etc. The one it did not effect. But the other one lost her mind and had to be sent to a mental institution. But they could not help her. Till a Prophet came in and cast the demon out. This was in our day and I know it’s the truth.

    Usely what you “think about the most” will be what will haunt you most.
    And there are a lot of “Wicked and Evil spirits in this world today”.

    CHRONICLES 28:9 for the LORD searcheth all hearts, and understandeth all the imaginations of the thoughts: if thou seek him, he will be found of thee; but if thou forsake him, he will cast thee off for ever.

    Always listen for the “Voice of God” speaking to you. If you know its the will of God then God will supply the faith that you need to Overcome it.

    The Key to all things is never, reject the “Voice of God”. TRUTH will set you free from all things.

    JEREMIAH 17:9- The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?
    JEREMIAH 17:10- I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.

    Seek God with all your heart and soul.

    • at the time it happened, I was on the computer having to deal with a false accuser from this website. he has been sending me multiple emails with railing accusations. he cannot hurt me either. because I have the peace of the Lord.

      • Amen, Marianne. May the Lord surround your house with ten thousand angels, I do believe we have His divine protection, the key for me is to refuse to give in to fear, because every time we do that, we are scoring a point for the enemy…it is his greatest weapon, in my opinion. The power of our Lord Jesus Christ is so much greater than the fiery darts of fear the enemy shoots at us. Sometimes when I feel fear grab ahold of me, I say the name of our Savior out loud, over and over, and fear is gone. Also, Marianne, the last post I wrote I mentioned taking extra precautions in your home, such as alarms, etc. It occurred to me that another advantage to that would be that you would know whether an “intruder” was a human or not. I don’t think an entity would set off an alarm. Just a thought. Thank you for your website and ministry.

    • Thank you for your post. The part about the Lord supplying us with whatever we need if we just trust in Him and have faith is something we have to consider always.

  10. I’ve heard people say “don’t find a demon behind every bush” but those same people condemn their christian brothers for their poverty and say not to pray for patience (or you will get it). They hide behind the Word and are some of the worst sort of examples. not saying this is you tom.

    Our job is to follow Jesus and the H-ly Spirit, not men. I know of young evangelists, now older that have seen the demons, one had a brother that went up against them in his own flesh and spent two weeks in the mental ward for his mistake. the former knew better. Her father was well-known in the entertainment industry ministry.

    It isn’t just a mind thing here-it’s very real. If you are up against the enemy, he will go up against you-you have to be “prayed up” if you will, and have others pray for and support you. He won’t bother with a non-strategic person, although they may burn themselves out.

    If that twin was possessed she was exposed to the demonic directly, or perhaps was offered up to the enemy by a family member. they don’t just get possessed for no reason.

    • I guess I must be doing something right, if the devil is bothering me. I am glad the Lord is on my side.

      I say the prayers against witchcraft at night for everyone on my prayer list.

    • Dear Troy – You know it seems to me that everyone will follow somebody.
      Denominations are a group of men with headquarters telling other Pastor’s=men what to preach and teach and you have to go to their schools.

      Without Holy Men their would be no Bible – The Holy Ghost wrote the Bible through Holy men. Heb. 11 and all other places in the Bible.
      It was Moses that said “he was the most meekest man on the earth” wrote by himself. Oh my he must be a false prophet for sure. But he was not.
      I do not buy into this I don’t follow a man. Everybody follow’s somebodies teachings. Look at the Strong’s – he is just a man.

      But if you say I follow a “Prophet” oh he must be following a man or he is a cult. The 5 Fold ministry. Are Called of God and taught of God with “Thus Saith the Lord. Can somebody tell me where one is today. Thus saith the Lord takes out all the grey area of doctrine. And the multitudes cannot stand it.

      And Troy im not saying this in a mean way whatsoever. When you ask a Christian if they are a Christian. Most will say yes I go to the Baptist church, etc. etc. Well Luther was the Prophet that started that move. Can anybody say amen.

      Jesus was hated without a cause. He spoke Words that would stand for ever. He was not wishy-washy, compromising, But HE had patience and loved the people but would not put up with devils tempting him all the time trying to catch him in a mistake , fault etc. He did reprove the World though. Cause of LOVE –

      Their has to be an “Absolute” Message in our day. Or else its all over for us.

      I repeat I do not write this message with hostility at all. But with a sincere heart. Lord bless you my Brother. Thanks for your post ty

      • Psalms 118:8 – [It is] better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.

        Tom, when I say I follow no man, I do mean that. It is possible you know. You can read someone’s teachings, but where I may give accolades to a good writer, it doesn’t mean I follow him/her-it just means I like the story. in the case of H-ly Spirit inspired writings, I attribute the writing to the L-rd, not to the man, as they frequently go off course and can lead you in circles. I take words very seriously and always with the knowledge that the person giving them could leave the reservation at any time.

        I have neither met nor seen teachings of a prophet, in office of such, (there is a difference) that I can truthfully say isn’t getting their signals crossed at this time. Many others know more about this subject than I do and I would defer to their judgements on the matter.

        I can use myself as an example, it seems better that way. I try to focus on G-d, He is my father, my L-rd and King, He is also my saviour and friend. This being the case, I have always taken the scriptures to heart about trusting in G-d not in men. I wonder if this is what you are referring to?

        We left the church around 10 to 12 years ago. We prefere the company of like-minded believers. I have learned far more in the last 10 years than in 40 years prior in the church. I was raised a Pharisee from 5 years old and it took the L-rd many years to get this out of me.

        I hope this helps

  11. Ephesians 6:10-18
    New International Version (NIV)
    The Armor of God

    10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

    18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

    No armor, no protection-no battle, no need for armor-no glory, no reward. They used to give knight-hoods to people who stood out to be the decisive person to win the victory in battle, not to the one’s who stood safely in the background.

  12. 1. Either it is from the paranormal description of a black shadow standing the usual 7 feet tall with dirty shoes.
    2. The average male stride is 36 inches at 5’10.”
    3. An unknown suspect dirtied your carpet with his dirty shoes and is not talking.

    I believe its the latter.

  13. In regards to demonic activity, I believe that it is because we are seeing a huge increase in Ghost hunting. People, believers and unbelivers alike, have been deceived into believeing that after death, the soul’s/spirits of human beings are some how trapped here and are the cause of many hauntings. But the word of God is clear on this subject in that, when a believer in Christ dies, their soul/spirit departs from the body and goes to be in the presence of the Lord. On the other hand, for the unrighteous who die, like the rich man of the event of Luke 16:19-21, when they die, they depart and are taken to Hades, which is a temporary place of torment in flame where they will remain until the great white throne judgment (Rev.20:11-15)and which is located in the heart of the earth. That being said, there are no human souls/spirits wandering around the earth looking for the light, as though God had no idea where they were or when they died.

    The danger of ghost hunting is that, these people believe that human spirits are here and they seek them out. As soon as a person calls upon a spirit, even out of ignorance, they become a medium/spiritist, which is forbidden by God and separates the individual from him, because it is sin. The other problem is that, once they call upon these spirits, they are opening themselves up to demonic activity. People, for the most part are ignorant of this truth, for when they use a Ouiji board and they call upon what they think are human spirits, they think that by closing the session on the board that they can protect themselves, but they are greatly mistaken. They must think that there is some kind of demonic referee in the spirit realm saying to the demons, “Ok, now you can’t bother them because they closed the session.”

    Another thing that I notice on these shows where people have paranormal activity in their home and where they call in a paranormal team, who then invites mediums in order to find out what spirits are there. To do that is like throwing gas on the flame. Then they try cleansing the house with Sage, candles, salt, letting light in and othert pagan ritualsj, which will have no affect on demons whatsoever. And if they happen to invite a Catholic priest, he then gets out his Exorcism for Dummies book and in comination with the above mentioned attempts to cleanse the house. Last I read, it was by the power of God and the name of Jesus that we are to drive them out with, not with all these pagan rituals and relics.

    Also, those who call themselves mediums and spiritists are deceived as well, for they believe that they have some type of power, but in reality they don’t. It is because they are open to seek out spirits and so it is the demonic beings that are projecting any information that the so-called medium or spiritist receives. These ghost hunters are deceive because they drawn their conclusions that they are dealing with human spirits by what they see, hear and feel, which is totally able to be munipulated by demonic beings. For example, if they see an apparition of a young girl or a soldier or something else, their conclusion is that it is a human being, not realizing that demonic beings can take on any form they desire. They never get to see the man behind the curtain.

    Thanks be to the Lord for he said,

    “I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.”

    “You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.”

    • I agree with that

      I say the prayer against witchcraft each night for those on my prayer list. normally I do this in my bedroom at bedtime.

      In this case I had said the prayers in my living room. I do not know if that created a challenge or what….

      But anyhow, God protects us from things we do not see.

      And this experience made me very grateful for his watchfulness over me, and his protection.

    • Really good dmcal52

  14. We’ve had demonic activity in our home. The home has been in my husbands’ family for 3 generations. 3 generations of abuse and alcoholism makes for some pretty powerful and deep rooted demons. Thankfully, Jesus has saved my husband, we’ve prayed over the house and removed anything that would “invite” them. (My husband had a dungeons and dragons game in the house, nasty violent video games, ect) Seriously though, large objects go flying sometimes, sometimes unexplainable noises our daughter and son have actually seen them, our six year old refers to it as “the scary hand”. We notice a renewal in activity when certain family members come over… then we ask Jesus to call them to His throne again. We don’t battle with flesh and blood… Scary at times but Jesus is the authority!!! Also don’t know if this is an issue at your house but the pornography makers have figured out that porn is far more addictive if there are demons attached to it. They will actually join together with Satanists to invite demons to make the pornography more powerfully addictive. Porn in the house makes for demonic activity in the house. (and nearly impossible to break the addiction with out asking Jesus for freedom from any demonic oppression.)

  15. Very strange. Keep your dog close. Secure your perimeter. Who has keys? Do you need a game camera?

    If, as some here have suggested, this is otherworldly, then pray for G-d to send an Angel to watch over you, and your house. Perhaps, two really strong ones. Plus, ask G-d for strength to face evil. With G-d on your side, you can not lose.

    Marianne, why do you have this web site? Is it so simple as leading others to Christ, or do you have it to make yourself feel better about something? We are all less than perfect. Is there something in your past that causes you to run a Christian website? What would G-d tell you? I have asked myself these things lately, and feel better.

    Renew yourself. Give yourself to G-d the Father once again in Christ name who died for us willingly.


    • Leatherneck, do you give counsel in this of yourself, or have you heard from the L-rd directly concerning this matter?

    • Leatherneck

      I indirectly started this website when I was laid off in 2006. I later retired anyhow in 2010. I was participating in online discussions – questions and answers – about religion and christianity. I soon found I was repeating myself to different people who had the same questions, and I got tired of typing.

      So I had the idea of creating a site with the answers to commonly asked questions. Then to give an answer , all I had to do was give the link, and tell them to read it.

      I had been in the university system for 40 years, and teaching is part of my nature. I also like to write. I wanted to teach others about the Lord, and have them know the truth I knew. I was also very used to atheists in the system, so I was prepared for the unbelieving arguments.

      So the website started out as a resource for teaching. I had no idea it would develop into what it is today.

      God has kept me busy teaching people. He has blessed me with so many ideas, that I had to put them all down somewhere, so the site has kept growing. He has also led other believers here to bless me, along with a few to test me, to keep me challenged. there have been attacks also, but that is part of the territory.

      I understand your military response. my dad was in the military for 25 years.

      I do not have this site “to feel better about something.” I just do it as the spirit leads me. Many times, I wanted to go get a job and have some money for a change, but the Lord had other ideas. he wanted me here, teaching. many times I thought there could not be any more to write about, so I could quit and do something else, but the posts kept coming.

      With this understanding, I keep going. Our country is in trouble, and so is the world. I present information I have, and hope others get saved, or start thinking…..

      this site has now grown where it attracts a lot to it, not all of what comes here or to me is “good.”

      Satan is after the believers, and it is written that he will wear out the saints. If you could see all the heart broken emails I get, you would understand more. So many damaged lives, because of evil.

      And now, if we have dedicated ourselves to our Lord, even the government will be a threat to us. so satan has help now.

      I am not good with weapons like you are. I wish I was, esp after yesterday. But I do have the word of God as my armour. and my faith.

      I will have to be more careful about self defense in a physical way, and also rely on the Lord to repel evil and protect me.

      • A most excellent response from a true warrior for Christ. Your tone, and word usage show your intelligence. Old Knob will attack you with everything it has, and hopefully G-d will send his Angels to watch your back.

        Perhaps, G-d is gathering an Army, and you are one of his Generals for the fight that is soon to unfold with Lucifer’s banishment from Heaven.

        There are many strong warriors for Christ here like DJ, and others.


  16. I seem to remember (and forgive my openness here) in the Asuza st revival meetings that satanists showed up to absorb the energy from the glory of the L-rd. They weren’t there to help the minister-just to take what they could and then mislead others.

    Isn’t it a wonderful thing that this site exists to help those in need of encouragement? Few sites exist like this-how the enemy would like it torn down so he could isolate and go after G-d’s lambs…

  17. Marieanne and all,

    When a Believer is fighting the kingdom of darkness, advancing the Kingdom of Light (intersession prayers, speaking truth, breaking down strongholds, etc), then the Believer is a serious threat to the enemy. What should we expect?

    The Lord allows these events (attacks) to occurs for a reason. One of the reasons is to learn from it, becoming stronger in the Lord.

    The Lord is above all principalities and powers. The Lord gives strength to His people in their time of need. He will never leave us or forsake us. We “know” this message, but must apply it.

    Sharing accounts of spiritual warrior experiences is good, helpful in understanding tactics of the enemy and overcoming.

    I give thanks to the Lord for allowing the intel to be made manifest (dirty foot prints), “coming to get you”.

    Marianne, you got the enemy’s attention and they sent out an assignment to “scare” you. The timing of this event, when other communications on the blog was taking place, is a clue – savvy?

    “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!” Thank you Lord.

    Almost 2 years ago, I was praying against evil spirits that were oppressing a body of Believers, while sitting in the Sunday morning service (church). There is a difference between a body of Believers and room full of people within a church.

    At precisely 3:00 pm on the second Sunday afternoon that I prayed this specific prayer during the worship service – I felt what seemed like 3″ stake plunging into the middle of my back!

    I asked the Lord (in my mind), “What is this intense pain? Is it a deliverance of an evil spirit that is upon my flesh or from the outside?”

    The Lord said in my mind, “Voodoo”.

    I replied out loud, “Great! Voodoo! Oh, this is just great! I got a voodoo attack!”

    The pain in my back was like a one 3″ stake, but when I focused on the pain, it felt 5 sharp points.

    What to do?

    So, I trusted the Lord and the Spirit to help me. I wanting to learn all I could from this experience. Remember, He will never leave us or forsake us, right?

    Then, the Spirit brought to my mind ways to overcome this attack: What to say and how to use my hands.

    Over the next 15-20 minutes, I was walking back and forth, singing hymns, giving thanks (thinking of Apostles in prison), rebuking the devil in the name of Jesus, calling down angels to attack, smashing the witchcraft formed against me while using my right hand/fist to pound my left palm. Then, the sharp pain in the middle of my back left. It vanished as quickly as it came.

    This was a personal attack. It was strategic and targeted at an appointed to time – 3:00pm on the dot.

    It was then that I realized my prayers and spiritual warfare against the enemy within the church were spot on and effective. It was so effective that there was an assignment by the enemy against me.

    Good! Thank you, Lord.

    The next Sunday, I prayed the same prayer again. This time there was one little sharp pin size pain in my back, hitting as I was seated during the service. The voodoo queen was in the room and watching me.

    I smiled (confirmation), and under my breath – rebuked the attack in the name of Jesus. It was gone within seconds. Thank you Lord. I then want back to prayer.

    Since then, two other prayer warriors joined me and we did battle: amounting the doors of the church, praying/walking throughout the building before the service, walking around the building, rebuking and calling for the Light of Heaven to shine down, dispelling the darkness. This was weekly for about 4 months.

    It was tough duty because the leadership of this particular church is under “bewitchment”. The voodoo queen is deep within and close to the top, trusted member of the fellowship. She has “gifts” and works with children.

    There were several other spiritual battles during these 4 months. But, I keep this verse in mind and on my lips:

    “Lord, you are my Light and my Savior, so why should I be afraid of anyone?

    The Lord is where my life is safe, so I will be afraid of no one!

    Evil people might attack me. They might try to destroy my body.

    Yes, my enemies might attack me and try to destroy me, but they will stumble and fall. Even if an army surrounds me, I will not be afraid. Even if people attack me in war, I will trust in the Lord” (Psalm 27:1-3, ERV).

    As for the house – I can attest that this prayer is effective (James 5:16).

    Psalm 18

    • It is good to hear of other experiences

    • regarding your clue savy point.. I was actually online haggling with someone from the website at the time about whether I was saved or not…..when I heard the door open..!

      • Yup. It was ongoing for several days, then the enemy was allowed to make his move. “And now you know – the rest of the story.”

        # 1 God is in control of everything (Isaiah 54:16-17).

        # 2 The Lord will never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5 Deut. 31:6).

        # 3 The Lord is the strength of our life. (Armor of God.)

        Psalm 37

        • 🙂

          I was doing my job, so god did his.

          • Marianne,

            Just want to make a clarification of my agreement with your statement “so god did this.”

            God did not do this (the event understood as demonic), but He allowed this event to occur.

            “In His inscrutable wisdom God chose to make Satan in his rebellion an instrument that God could use for purposes of His own.

            It was C.T. Studd, the English cricketer turned missionary, who remarked: “God has used Satan almost more than any other created being.”

            It is a principle of God’s dealings with us that our relationships with Him are not secure until we have passed through certain tests which He has appointed” (Derek Prince, “Because of the Angels
            The Climax of the Conflict”).


            It is our response to the test (small or Job size large) and being observant of the tester’s tactics (intimidation, threatening foot prints) or just contentious behavior attacking “faith, hope and love” that are important to a member in the Lord’s Army (Joel 2:11).

            Job 1:7-12, 42:1-6

  18. Right on. Keep it up.

    The Lord loves this kind of effort (motivated by love, building the Kingdom).

    This one is for The Lord, heard by His elect and the enemy.

  19. The demonic attacks that happened to me happened because, although I was saved, I had backslid and opened a door for the enemy. Don’t believe in ghosts, and I knew instantly that it was demonic. Then I found out that we can call on Jesus’ name and power and they will flee. When I applied this, it worked. Praise Jesus.

  20. Troy,

    I’m with you but only the last 4 years.

  21. you know, since we are on a weird things happening, Satan, demons week. I would like to post something. A couple of weeks ago, I was sleeping, and some smaqll period of time before I woke up, I was having a dream that I had ( some sort of cool not huge super powers, and inwas plowing through demons one by one, but then somehow I backed into a room and Satan came at me, and as soon as he touched/hit me, whatever it was I remember closing my eyes and praying to Jesus for protection, my body in my dream was laying the same position as I was sleeping in my bed, and I woke up, not sure what happened. I don’t remember but I think I saw a bible in my dream, or maybe it was another dream.

    God is trying to tell me something I suppose, or my brain was just having weird dreams. Not sure. My relationship with God is not the best. Trying to figure it out.

    • All of us are less than perfect, and all of us are on a different point on the learning curve.

      Say your prayers, listen to Christian videos, or talk shows on subjects, and hang in there. G-d loves you, and wants to be a part of your life.

      I enjoyed reading how you plowed through demons. Go for fallen Angels next. Yell scripture at them, and watch them grown in pain. Keep me posted on your fights.

      Second place is first loser.

  22. Hi Marianne,

    I truly hope you are doing fine. Once again, I’m astonished and totally overwhelmed by the power in which the Holy Spirit is moving for the truth, and with you incorporated.

    I have skipped most of the replies you have had about this phenomenon, as well as your immediate reflection on the matter. For always recall that there is nothing to fear when we have God on our side.

    The parable of the black footprints I conceive to represent the landscape of Africa, wherein there is preserved a mystery of our Lord Jesus Christ that is to soon be revealed. That is why the foot-steps are a mystery, are of a black colour for Africa, and stop at the portrait of Christ you have in your house cos the mystery pertains to the wealth of the gospel of Christ.

    From your wonderful and articulate diagrams, there is a directive being given. Just recall the link concerning the Gatundu’s that I posted to you some time back. Just yesterday I visited the first of the location where there is a beautiful waterfall. I would consider that to be the mat at the door front, as by the time I checked my e-mails today, I had already visited the location and observed certain matters concerning the same. Another two footsteps would refer to the next two locations, which by the grace of God I hope to visit in the coming days, and therein I believe the entire picture will come clear when I visit all the four locations. Already I have met with the Lord’s aid over the location I was yesterday, for in the unlikely occasion that we had a cold day by our standards here, there I met a youth basking in the mist of the waterfall and he had a long narration about the location, and of the surrounding regions mysteries, which I believe was what God required of me to learn and search out in due course.

    Likewise recall we now are in August and the time of other definite prophecies is around the corner.

    God bless you and more so may the name of our dear Lord be praised forever and ever, and now so as we are at the annex of great occurrences.

  23. Wow, you were being protected, jesus was just letting you see how well!!!!! He allowed some of the leftover evidence, wish he would have shown you the angel that demolished that demon. I have had heavy running in my house and hearing a sword hit then silence while my bedroom door is shut at night, those prayers are effective i dont care what some poor un saved person thinks!

  24. Hi Marianne,

    Well, in the month of August, certain manifestations have been observed from the Spirit, mostly in a nice way. Let us not be quick to judge the occurrences, until we ask from the Lord what they mean. It is easy to call that which is good evil, and the other way round. For although we may not have witnessed the miracles ourselves, they are even now happening.

    One more thing, I would implore of us all to listen attentively to the direction of God at this moment in our experience, for it is now or never. Do we really have the substance of faith, for faith without action is dead and not alive. And God is Lord of the living, not those who are dead.

    Do consider these matters and pray for the Lord’s guidance.

  25. God bless you and keep you in the palm of his hand Marianne .

  26. I had a dream.. i walked in my room and saw a girl crying and said hes coming for me she was crying, then she said i must close my door, i said no when i look up therw were footprints from the floor up my curtains up to my roof it was black then i woke myself up shouting with goosbumps and couldnt actualy move, and i couldnt sleep further, it was about 04:30 AM.. does anyone know what that means? And the night before a saw a dark figure going from my room crossing to the bathroom

    • marcel

      I would say you have a demonic visitor. rebuke him in jesus name.

      and are you saved by the blood of the lamb of god?

      if not, get saved first…repent of sins, and give heart to god.

      then pray to god for protection, and cover yourself with the name and blood of jesus…tell demon to leave in the name of jesus

  27. Hello,

    I hope you get this message. I just found your page and story about the foot print as something recently has happened to me. About a month ago I suddenly noticed a black footprint that was long and skinny, very high up on the inside of my front door. Later that night I heard two knocks come from my bathroom, I was standing in the hallway on my third floor, just outside my bathroom. It scared me a lot. A week and a half before that, I called the police one night, bc my dog wouldn’t stop growling from inside my bedroom, to the hallway. I had my door locked and called a few neighbors, but he wouldn’t stop so I called the police actually thinking it was possibly an intruder. Well, I don’t think it was a human, I think it was something sent to hurt me as well. I have heard strange sounds, and just last week, as I was showering, I heard the door handle turn in my bathroom. I screamed and jumped out of the shower, leaving the floor soaking wet. The whole thing has really freaked me out, but caused me to pray like never before, and repent of any wrong doing in my life. Anyways, I just wanted to share as we have had similar happenings, and to ask you to say a prayer for me! Danielle –

    • danielle

      you have a spirit bothering you. first issue is where did it come from?

      sometimes, an unfriendly person can send it, either knowingly or unknowingly

      other times, it is due to sin in one’s life which opens the door to oppression

      also, it could be your location. ( you happen to live near demonic activity)

      first thing to do is examine yourself, and be sure to repent of any sins…this stops the permission for it to be there

      treat it like any other intruder…tell it to leave, in Jesus name

      I am sending you prayers for deliverance from witchcraft and other spirits.

      also some for strength

      print out and say out loud so the thing can hear you.

      also play praise and worship music in your house…demons hate that.

      I will agree with you in prayer

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