Finding the White Tiger within

Has God put inside a white tiger inside of you, that has not been released yet?

About 10 years ago, I had a dream.

I was down in a basement of a school, and about to go up the stairs, when I turned and saw the most beautiful, powerful, all white tiger behind me. It was a little startling to see a wild beast at my heels. At first, I thought to give him some of my sandwich, so he would not eat me. I gave him some, but then noticed he was gentle, but powerful. I proceeded to go upstairs, and the tiger remained below.

For the next 10 years, I had been “going up” in my spiritual learning and walk with God, but I had left the tiger in the basement. What seemed to be at first a threat, was instead, God’s power there to protect me. I did not have the wisdom to accept this. Because I feared the tiger, instead of embracing it, and bringing it with me, I had to face many coming battles feeling powerless and alone.

Many people today fear the power of God, thinking that it is harmful, rather than good. Because of some fake “power” things out there, many tend to be leery and unbelieving in any power at all. They prefer to be safe, rather than sorry. But the power of God is real, and is not there to make us look good or bad. It is there to protect us from the enemy. Without God’s power, we will be hurt and defeated.

We need to learn to distinguish between the fake and the real. We reject the fake but embrace the real. It is crucial for our lives, and our spiritual welfare and wholeness.

The white tiger within is beautiful, powerful, quiet, gentle, and holy, calling no attention to self, or showing carnality, but calling attention to God only instead. It is also respectful of our wishes. It will stay behind, and remain uninvolved unless we accept it.

A counterfeit is quite the opposite, so we should be sensitive enough to identify it.

God’s power is offered to us because God loves us and wants us to be safe. He would not offer it unless we really needed it. So, we should really seek out the white tiger within us. His name is the Holy Spirit.

To walk through this life without Him is like walking through a snake pit without protective equipment.

Learn to find your white tiger. If you left Him in the basement of your spirit, then go back and get Him.

Accept Him, and invite him where you are going. Invite him as you go up your own stairs of learning, and in your every day life.

If you do, there will be less snake bites.

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    • Please how do i go about finding the white tiger….i have come across much dark for myself and some friends and it has cost some their lives and will cost more their lives….one is to be a sacrafice ….please i need help…..

      God Bless and be with all…..

      • dear new to my gifts.

        The “white tiger” is the holy spirit, who comes into you at the baptism of the holy spirit, after you receive salvation through Jesus. Have you received this gift yet?

        What is going on around you? Why are people dying?

      • You don’t need a white tiger. Repent of your sins and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.

    • OMG so last night I dreamt of being in a indoor water park and several white tigers were there jumping in /out the water as they please. I was afraid until I realize they were not there to harm me or anyone. So I began to embrace they’re beauty and presence. Soon after mt dream took me to a black cage with several BLACK SNAKES. I got bitten by one on my arm then I seen a huge long black snake with red eyes and red stripe on it’s back and it bit my face. I screamed I then heard a voice say” it has no venom,no power” then I woke up. I recently began going back to church prior to this dream matter of fact yesterday I attended church and had this dream that nighti went to sleep

      • Charlynne

        you have some treachery around you somewhere, because that black snake who bit you is a person under demonic influence.

        Look around you.

        this snake has friends who do not like you either. jealous?

        know that greater is HE that is in you than he that is in the world.

        pray each day that God protect you and put a shield of protection around you, and have his angels guard you.

        pray the blood of jesus over you. I will send you some prayers against witchcraft and other evil things. print out and say each day.

        remember the white tigers represent the power of God….so with that you can fight back spiritually and win…..

        • Thank you so very much. And I believe god revealed who this person is the very next day. I think god has given me a gift of phrofecy because over the past few years my dreams have come to pass in numbers and situations that happen to other people. I grew up in church but I’ve strayed away. But my faith has never left me. Please do and thanx again

          • How weird I’ve recently decorated my living room with tje white tiger completely forgotten about this dream from some years ago until I got this email I seen today saying someone made a comment. Wow I’ve drawn myself to the white tiger without even realizing it

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  3. wow.. can i steal him?
    olga lednichenko mishra

  4. Hi Olga,

    You do not have to steal him. 🙂

    He is a free gift of God, to anyone who wants him.


  5. thanks Marianne,


  6. cool picture

  7. Is the Holy Spirit as a white tiger anywhere in scripture?

    • hi rob

      I cannot find any reference to tigers in scripture. But remember, tigers are not indigenous to that area around Israel, so that would not have been part of the Israelite experience.

  8. Ah, beautiful white tiger… I remember white tiger had been with me when I was little girl.. in my dreams. Only fantastied me the most is that white tiger can change from white to blue then back to white. I nickname it as Tabby. Thank you for insight on white tigers.. I never knew nor realized that it connected in so many ways. Patterns is like puzzles to put together.. invisible wires are everywhere. 🙂


  9. Oops I forgot to mention…. White tiger isn’t out to harm anyone. I used to play with white tiger of mine so many times when I was little girl. So increibly beautiful and gentle… it would make you want to take it anywhere with you. 🙂 Just want to share a small humor on my side, I used to try to pretend to be white tiger to climb on the trees.. and try to play like one of them. LOL.. I know it is childish.. but it is a childhood memory I have in dream with those white tigers. I hope that helps you to have some insight on what and who they are. 😀 Bless you all.

    • Tamera

      the white tiger is a beautiful animal. As a member of the cat family, I can see how it could become a pet to someone.

  10. 🙂 Yup… I am rather cat lover. Only few times I would wish I can read cat’s mind because I had few unusual cats coming to my door for no reasons. I had so many cats came and goes in my life.. Only three times are so unique to me and still a puzzle. Always had cats coming to my door mostly during summer… I had no idea who they belong to. So, I just had so little food left… I spared whole hot dogs to slice into smallest pieces along with bowl water to feed them. And I never saw them again. Those were twice.. and third final one is very strange… we moved to another city.. and one very very old black with almost whitest eyes I ever seen.. came to my rented house.. wanted to stay near me all the time. Until it stopped coming. I understood that it needed my comfort before it died because it had no one.. My daughter found it dead nearby the rented house. It was truly sad to see so many cats coming seeking for food and comfort and love.. and I asked myself so many times ” WHY did those come to me ? They don’t know me.. yet they still come no matter what”… Right now, I am dealing with stubbornest determined young little girl kitty belongs to my older daughter.. I did not want to be bothered.. she would determined to sneak around to try to stay near me as much as possible.. *laugh* sorry I just laugh at myself sometimes because when I am in strange mood wanting to be alone.. NONE would let me be.. Not even my kids.. not even animals or anyone else.. geesh!!
    *smile* When you see animals comes around for no reason, you will know. I get that all the time.. right now I am having insane black jacket wasps right front of my door nearby… SO many of them.. yet none of them sting me… They just gets close and curious… then fly away.. sometimes I would shoo them gentlely.
    Maybe I understand animals better than I do with people.. who knows.. lol lol.. It doesn’t matter.. but glad to share experiences 🙂 Bless you all. And have a great evening!! 🙂

  11. Hi, I’ve not found anything in the Bible that has to do with a tiger. Do you test the spirit and ask God to show you? I’m concerned as a friend of mine said he had a white tiger that followed him everywhere. This is a beast that walks on four legs. Why do you think it is of God? I want understanding regarding this. Please give me scripture.

    • hi Leslie

      God has created many beautiful animals. They may not all be represented in scripture.

      One does not find a tiger in Israel, so that may be another reason the tiger is not mentioned in the bible.

      The tiger belongs to the lion family, and may have similar symbolism. This dream was lovely and peaceful, and the tiger meant me no harm. It seemed to be a source of strength and blessing.

  12. What a beautiful article. After being shown the white tiger twice in meditation yesterday, I was very curious about its meaning. Very interesting replies.

  13. I have a great contribution to this. I am a widow devoted to the Lord in all my doings. I was in a low frame of mind last night and I poke to the Lord with y concerns and slept hugging the holy bible as I always do. I overslept a bit and woke up with the dream of a white tiger in the sky walking towards me and my father who is no longer amongst the living. My son who is 10 year old was out away from me near the tiger, on my allerting him he too came towards me, whilst the tiger was gazing at us from the sky. The beginning of the dream was a white silverish fealy big visible fish that was moving as if in waters in the sky and it suddenly went out of sight as if it went though the sky but the return of it was this white tiger. I believe that it is the holy spirit as I’m a person who has begun to see visions since I lost my beloved husband 1 year ago and got very close to the Lord! I too believe that it was an indication of the power of the holy spirit from above and assuring his protection. May the power of the holy spirit be with you!

  14. Thank you Marinanne for your concern and thoughtful wishes. May the Lord Bless you and your family too with his protection and love.

  15. Another dream which awakened me alost three weeks ago in the morning, was a white dove with red eyes and black uneven wings just flying at a slow pace above me. Can anyone please tell me what kind of a message it would bring about.GOD BLESS!

    • This dream does not sound good.

      Is there anyone in your family or close circle of friends, or even just acquaintances that might be angry with you for some reason?

      It sounds like someone does not like you, or is angry with you, and they wish you harm.

      Do not be fooled by their appearance of peacefulness.

  16. 🙂

    • Dear Marianne,
      Yes, I feel it that the world is criticising me over an experience I had on the 15th of August. I witnessed the image of the Lord with a smiling face and his heart pricked with a thorn that appeared in a photgraph. I took a few copies and started distributing it amongst my near and dear ones. Now I see a great oposing attitude appraching me from my family members. I am not affraid as the Lord my God says that ‘Do not fear for I am with you’ – Isiah 41:10.

      This may have been the black wings.

      God Bless you!

      • dear UPW

        You can sow on god ground, and you can sow among thorns.

        Sometimes people are not spiritually ready for what you have.

        So, when you feel resistance, just quit, and give them to god.

        He will know the right time for them. And then maybe it will be you, or someone else that reaches them.

        It is always harder to witness to family than for strangers to do it.

        Your family knows you, so they think they know you and your limitations, and do not take you seriously.

        But share your story with those who will listen, and just pray quietly for those who won’t.

  17. Thank you. Marianne for yr precious advise.

    God Bless you and your family.


  18. Dear Marianne,
    When I was in bed, I heard a voice saying this. It was repeatedly mntioned twice. ‘The look in your heart says that God is youth in you’. I can visualize what it means, but would like to have your version too.

    Love and Kind Regards,
    God Bless you and family!


  19. Thank you for your valuable contribution, Marianne.

    Shaing the spirit of God that dweels in us, with each other.


  20. a white tiger inside of me makes God no regrates for making me me.
    I will simply be me as He planned I shoul be.

  21. I had a white tiger dream yesterday. I saw two white tigers moving with incredible speed, really running through a jungle. I remember being surprised when one of them bit me. At which point I woke up. What is my subconscious trying to tell me?

    • dear J Pant

      Normally, wild animals in a dream are a good sign, unless they attack.

      I would be careful not to pry into affairs of others. You may find out information you should not know, which will eventually come back at you.

      In business or personal affairs, mind your own business. Otherwise, you may have some reverses that will not benefit you.

      If you find out information accidentally, that you should not know, then keep it private.

      • The tiger is going against all falsehood I notice the letter j in your name but the true savior name is yeshua and we are suppose call on the true name for salvation. But judgement is coming to all falseness. In the book of acts. 4:11,12 tells u more but the letter j was not in existence in the bible days so his name is not jesus. That name is a created name by man.

  22. so i came to this site because i had a dream last night about a beutifule stary sky and i was looking out my bedroom window when a white tiger walks across the roof over to my window it looked me strait in the eye and came half way into my bedroom but never touched me …….could this be god trying to get in?

  23. I was walking my dog the other day and I looked up and saw a white tiger spirit running towards me and then he faded. I was not scared but then I thought to myself did I just see that?

    • hi jason

      maybe the Lord is trying to reach you in some way.

    • GIve not that which is holy to the dogs. Man had created a religous system as twin to the truth. But it not the whole truth. Man have created names of god(elohim) but they are not holy . Just as man created jesus name and call it holy but that is false In genesis man was only allowed to name animals and wife but not the most holy.

  24. Thank very much for this enlightenment, I was just about on the same way learning my spiritual director, when last night I saw the face of this white tiger really close to my face…I move back a distance but I realized his face is so gentle, and what I did after that? I pick up my rosary and put it under my pillow….:)

    Gbu. Yola

  25. I have to say this. I have a white tiger with black angelic wings and dark green eyes, his name is pethro

  26. Thank you for your interpretation.
    I’ve always been a spiritual person, but I lost my faith last year when this world got the best of me..
    I would dream of dark places and often of tigers..
    I always dreamt of 3 tigers, not sure if the number signified anything but that doesnt matter anymore..
    They would come out of corners and follow or walk around me..when the tigers appeared…my dreams would come to a halt
    As if they were distracting me but I always felt safe with them..I did fear them because they were so big and powerful, but I stayed with them.
    A very spiritual christian lady I met last year explained to me that they were there to protect me..guiding me.
    Now that my faith has grown, my dreams are more vivid, sometimes I receive messages for people I know.
    I’m learning to interpret them on my own through prayer and bible reading..
    The tiger hasn’t left, now theres more light in my dreams and sometimes my tiger will be a cub at first and we’ll play for days and years it seems, and he’ll grow by the time I awake.
    It’s awesome
    Praise the Lord for giving us these messages and guidance ❤

    Thank you
    and God Bless!

    • It’s me again,
      after writing this I prayed and read a passage in the bible that to me explains what the 3 tigers’s so funny that this came up..
      “For there are three who bear witness in heaven; the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit; and these three are one.
      And there are three that bear witness on earth, the Spirit , the water, and the blood; and these three agree as one.” JOHN 5:7

      The Spirit is the truth.

      • hi bianca

        I am glad you found a good interpretation of the tigers for yourself.

        God bless you.

        • I have had two dreams in a row with white tigers in them. The first, was a beautiful white tiger, who I was trying to teach to walk a tightrope, and was using a long stick. I was not afraid of the tiger. Then my husband who was driving in a car, I told him to get out of the driver’s seat, and that I would now drive.

          The second dream, the day after, I was riding in a car, and went down the subway stairs in it. I was so scared that it was ruined. I did not intend to do this, I didn’t see the stairs. I don’t know why I was in the subway with a car, just that I had to find my way to some place. I couldn’t control the car because the seat was too close to the wheal, and I had trouble reaching the gas pedal. My heel fell off of my shoe. I got out of the subway, with my friend’s help, and we carried the car out of the subway up a few stairs out to the outside. Then I found myself on a bench, with my 21 year old daughter sitting next to a white tiger that was sleeping on the bench. While trying to glue my heel on, I got some glue on the side of the tiger’s head, and he ran away, as he didn’t like glue. I felt then, I had to find the tiger, or the world would be annihilated.
          Can you help me with the meaning of this?

          • dear Mary

            I can give my impression of the dream. I would suggest you think about it, to consider what else it might mean.

            The tiger seems to represent your true spirit. It is the divine part of you that endures after this life, and the part of you that can conquer all things, with the help of God. All our spirits grow as we are taught the things of God.

            In the first dream, you were being introduced to the tiger, or your higher divine nature. You were teaching it, and felt united with it.

            In the beginning of the second dream, you were missing it, but at the end you found it. You did something careless, and it ran away. Our divine nature will do this, as it opposes any error we may do. In the dream you were going “down” not “up.”

            The world will be annihilated when the divine nature is lost in each person. While you are just one person, each person counts in the collective sense.

            So you need to stay in tune with your divine nature, and seek God and his will in your life before making any decisions. If you stay in line with his will, you will be blessed, happy in spite of any bad events around you, and will receive His protection and provision.

  27. This is just amazing. I have loved white tigers as long as I can remember. Regular tigers are very cool too but the white ones seem to be so much more majestic.

    I had 2 dreams that I have always remembered about white tigers.

    The first was a white tiger jumping out of the fire. We were leaving to go somewhere and I had forgot something inside. I went back to get it and checked the fire again to make sure that everything was closed properly so it wouldn’t burn our home down. I was by myself and this tiger came out of the fire and rubbed against my leg. I remember bandaging his paw that got burned and him purring at the end of the dream.

    The second dream I was in the jungle. There was a vibrant pendant of precious stones…emerald, ruby, diamond, etc. It caught my attention and I followed it. I could tell I wasn’t walking on my own feet but was moving toward this pendant. When I passed by the stream I looked in and I was naked riding on the back of a white tiger (kind of like Lady Godiva). It was the most gorgeous place I had ever seen and the tiger was absolutely magnificent!!!

    What is amazing about these dreams are that I had infertility issues. We had tried for 15 years and had 9 miscarriages. Shortly after these 2 dreams I was pregnant with my first viable pregnancy and had a daughter. When she was 4 months old I found out I was pregnant again which gave us our second miracle another daughter. They are now 2 and 3.

    I don’t know if the dreams had anything to do with “helping” us with our miracles but I like to think they were signs 🙂

  28. Had a similar dream last night….two white one tan tiger..GOD IS FAITHFUL!

  29. The tigers name is Winter guardian of the sleep and good dreams. he also protects the animals of the cold so they sleep. he is a spirit of god though–

  30. when i was young i was playing around my house and next to my house there was berry bushes and while i was going to get some berries i saw a white tiger it was so beautiful and it just walked with ease and it stared at me with its bright blue eyes but once i blinked it was gone i wasnt afraid but utterly confused i didnt put any thought to it until now because it wasnt a dream nor do i live near any place that a white tiger can live at (North coralina) i dont have any physcological problems but i want to if it means anything

    • dana
      I believer you experienced the power of god and a vision. the tiger is the power of the holy spirit. so feel blessed. he was showing you that he with with you to protect you.

  31. Hi, I had been searching for ‘white Tiger’ dream symbol which brought me to this page, i had been going through some change in my life, leaning towards spirituality as had been into meditations and prayers for past few months. last night after meditation i saw 2 white and black striped tiger cubs playing in my courtyard and one HUGE white tiger(which has a feel of a leader tiger) with black stripes walking around like a guard. I went near and touched its fur which seems as white as snow .though there is no threat to by it still i am in awe of its sheer strength and power and also and deep admirtion for it too. Can you interpret this for me.

  32. So what you suggest for me how to embrace this holy spirit? how to move forward taking it along

    • dear RainySunshine

      Are you muslim? The holy spirit is available to anyone, but he requires that you accept Jesus as Savior and Messiah. For some people, this would be a dangerous change in their faith allegiance.

  33. So I was standing in a back yard and standing mext to me was Jesus he was draped in a white robe and he was very tall and he had a full beard just like in pictures and everything. On the floor underneath us were a bunch of dead fish all of the sudden a big beautiful tiger approaches me and just as I was gonna get scared it reaches and gives me a big warm hug tjen a big beautiful horse comes and does the same after that I see a small white lamb standing from afar and we just look at each other for a moment when all of the sudden Jesus looks to the floor and lifts his hands and sais”BREATHE” and all the dead fish come alive and begin to gasp for air as I hold on to Jesus because I was also gasping for air.

    • isabel

      that is a beautiful dream. you experienced the spirits of heaven and the Lord himself. and he gave you a revelation that he is the resurrection and the life, without whom we cannot live or breathe or exist. Jesus will restore life to nature, and to all that believe in him.

  34. I also had a vision type of dream it happened very fast it was God sitting on the very peak of a huge beautiful Mountain and it zoomed it close to where I can see him sitting on a chair at a desk and he just smiled at me and I felt so happy and loved. then it zoomed aall the way out to where I can see the whole Mountain and him at the very top. Then I woke up.

  35. I had a spirtual advisor tell me she seen a white tiger right beside me . Your story was very compelling and I recently found my back to God. So to me this is a Beautiful analogy.

  36. Let me guess: Pure white light? All you have to do is ‘become’ (or become) homosexual, or effeminate & submissive to women, or be born a woman?

  37. i had a dream about white tigers. i was in the wilderness and looking off in the distance there was a man running and tight behind him were a lot of white tigers behind him. he came to a tree that was dead and started to climb it.I could not understand why he would climb a tree see tigers can also climb. it seemed like it took 2 or 3 days before he reached the top of the tree where the white tigers killed him

  38. […] Finding the White Tiger within […]

  39. Amen thank you Lord my God for making all things possible ,I believe in you and I am worthy of you my Lord.

  40. About a year ago I had a vivid dream that I was walking and people around me were afraid of me or seemed scared of me and I couldn’t understand why. This went on for some time. Then I looked beside me and saw a beautiful White Siberian Tiger. I can’t explain how beautiful it was. The tiger was majestic, peaceful, beautiful and awesome all at once. It made you want to be reverent because it was so stunning. It was then that I realised that the people around me were acting this way because of the Tiger which I had never seen. Someone close to me said this represented the Holy Spirit and suggested that it is the Holy Spirit who has been protecting me. I have since looked and looked for a picture of a white tiger who looked like this but nothing comes close because I can’t explain how beautiful it was and how peaceful its eyes were.

    • sss

      I would agree that the white tiger is the holy spirit, who is the presence of God in your life.

      others who do not have this are in sin, and are afraid of what exposure to God would mean to them….giving up their lie of a life.

      embrace this dream as a promise of God that God is with you…remember this dream when troubles come, and it will give you strength.

  41. My white tiger came to me as an adolescent, it was so cool I was dreaming and playing with my black panther and here he came and my black panther named Laurel went to go after him and I looked at him and seen he now belonged to me and told Laurel no he is our family now and they proceeded to get acquainted with each other while I watched until they both came to me and tackled me to lick me to death what an excellent way to be able to meet the new addition of my family! Oh Bain is his name I thought that was funny!

  42. This is all very interesting. I have been trying to research this because last night I had a dream where I was trying to escape a dangerous situation and I turned into a white tiger. I was walking and running in this form and all of a sudden all around me were more white tigers! I eventually turned back into my self after a while but I just thought wow what a weird but cool dream. What could this all mean. Also I had another dream were I was in a forest and out of nowhere this GIANT beautiful lion came out from the trees and I was just staring at its beauty. What could this all mean. Just to keep in mind I am going through some tough times right now in my life. A lot of obstacles and stress. But I do have faith in God. What do you think these dreams could mean?

    • michelle

      beautiful dreams…the lord is showing you the inner strength you have in HIM……the white tiger represents the spirit of God who guides you, and the other tigers are others like you, going through tough times, but under Gods loving care……..your inner spirit will cause you to prevail….continue to trust in the Lord, and you will be delivered from your situations.

      I am sending you some prayers for strength, and for blessing. print out and say each day.

  43. I had a dream were I found a white tiger cub. I picked it up and felt his vulnerability. I was determined to reunite the cub with her mother. The mother tiger had another cub and was looking for the lost cub. I was happy to find them. I know I want to live a more spiritual life and integrate it to all that I do. I became unemployed on January 1st, 2015. I do accept the white tiger into my life!

  44. hello marianne, i had a dream last night about a white bengal tiger, i was on a roundabout near my home town, there was a big machine infront of me recording something on film a game show i think, anyway this white bengal tiger was with me he was friendly felt like a protector, i remember acting like him almost like a child being plauful and wanting to be like him pretending to roar like a tiger and pouncing, it felt like i actually was a tiger but wasnt at the same time i could still speak english, then a women came and attempted to steal the film the machine was recording, an alarm went off and she spoke to me and the other tiger saying ‘oh no thats not good what shall i do?’ i said you better run then the dream ended. it felt nice in the dream tho very peaceful, ive been walking with the lord for over a year now i read the bible before bed and say thanks, i literally cant relax until ive done this. ive also had dreams of casting out demons in jesus name, not had one in a while tho, and ive also spoke in a unknown tongue in dreams and i speak it the same unknown tongue in real life. i have no idea what im saying at all but flows very smoothly almost like another language.

    God bless you and thanks for your time.

    • luke

      I am glad you shared this. the holy spirit is with you, and his power, when you are ready to use what he has for you. the machine was showing you daily events we see in life. soon that will stop and the world will change for the worse. and it will not be good at all. so remember your white tiger. he will still be with you.

      • Thanks for your quick reply much appreciated 🙂 yes the world certainly seems to be getting worse day by day 😦 in times of need i will remember the white tiger and no that he is protecting me and all his other children, stay strong in the faith all, as we have nothing to fear but the lord himself 🙂 thankyou marianne my prayers are with you. God bless.

        Also how will i no when im ready to use what he has for me? will it be in this life or the next? Or i guess this is something only the good lord can answer? again thanks for your time.

        • luke

          you will need the power in this life…..the situation will require it….. it will be a survival issue

          but the power can also be used before that to glorify god….and to prepare yourself for later….

          troops train in peace time, to be ready for war.

          this also applies to spiritual warfare.

          anyone seeing the white tiger will have many battles ahead…prepare b y reading the Word of God and stay in prayer

  45. Hi.I just came across your blog looking up the meaning of a dream I had a night ago. I dreamt I was in a valley with my 2 boys the valley looked like the grand canyon you know Orange dirt with high cliffs and in the middle of this valley was a playground. I was taking them to the playground when I happen to see a tiger running in the opposite direction of where we were. Then I noticed that he turned around and started to run towards my boys and I and that I was trying to get on the playground to safety with my kids. But the littlest one was amused by the tiger and was trying to walk towards it and I was yelling at my son telling him to come here and when I look up I see a white tiger on top of the cliff next to us just standing there. It’s all I remember from my dream and no the tiger running straight to us never attacked. What can this dream mean? I am a Pentecostal Christian and well I’m praying for the gift of interpretation of dreams. Any idea of what this could stand for?

    • elizabeth

      the tiger represents the power of god….for those not familiar with it, it can seem scary….

      but to those that belong to the lord, they have nothing to fear…as your tiger never attacked you.

      power of evil is destructive, but power of god is creative, loving, and beautiful and full of joy

      your small son sensed that the tiger was ok, and ran toward it in a trusting manner.

      what you dreamed was an invitation to experience MORE of the power of god which is available to all christians, but most shy away from it.

      the power is there for your strength, restoration from injuries inflicted by problems, witnessing, and also it is drawing you closer to god in a more intimate way..pray for more of this gentle loving power in your life.

      pray that you and your children, and family all get to experience more of the beauty of the holy spirit, and all he wants to give you

      • Thank you for your reply.
        May I ask how is it you interpret these dreams? Do you have the gift of interpretation of dreams or is it just a conclusion you’re making? No offense just curious. God bless. 🙂

        • I never thought of it as a gift, but maybe it is. I have been recording and studying my own dreams since the 1970s. after awhile, I know what things mean.

          • Well Daniel had that gift and after reading the book of Daniel it inspired me to seek that gift. But hey that’s awesome God willing I receive this talent to help edify myself .

            • sometimes study existing research helps as well…so that you have knowledge + inspiration.

              I started out with a book titled

              the Dreamer’s Dictionary, 1974, by robinson and corbett…. reflects information gotten from prayer, psychology, actual experiences, and medical research. examples given are several nobel prizes based on inspiration and information found in dreams.

              you can also check a bookstore for current books on the topic, or try “Books out of print” if what I suggested is not available.

  46. I found your site today and a interested, as I had a dream last night that included a white tiger.

    I was in a courtyard with several others. Suddenly there is a white tiger attempting to attack people. It went after a small child and the mother snatched her out of the way of the tiger and I realized I am now directly in its path and its looking at me. I am afraid and begin to inch my way toward a cave opening which I see as a place of safety. The tiger begins to run toward me. I freeze and drop to the ground as it pounces on me. As I lay there under it’s weight I make a concious effort to control my breathing so that it does not detect my fear and kill me (all the while my eyes are closed). My breathing & heart rate slow and I realize there is something in my hand that the tiger is interested in. I’m not certain if the object is a toy my dogs play with (a red cloth toy that is shaped as 3 circles in all attached in a triagular shape), or if it my eyeglasses. My eyes are still closed, but my mind pictured that it could be either. I finally open my eyes to discover this is a lion, as it had begun to lick my face and hands. I move just a little to test if it safe, and the lion shifts enough that I am able to get up. I am then petting him and scratching his back and stomache. He now seems harmless and there is a strong sense of love oozing from me to him. However, I am still very cautious and inch my way to the cave, never taking my eyes off him. I enter the cave and people are astonished and asking how I did that. I am in a kind of shock and awe, so their response sort of bounces off me.

    • marsha

      interesting dream, and it matches what other people have.

      the white tiger is the holy spirit – the power of God, which is something you may feel nervous about or around, or afraid of, since you do not understand it well, like most people. it is searching you out, and this is a god thing….since you do not pursue him, he has to pursue you…

      his job is to draw you closer to Jesus, the lion of Judah…and so there was a transfer of tiger to lion in the dream..when you got up, you had experienced the love of Jesus, who is drawing you close to him also.

      you are very blessed to have such a dream..

      from now on, seek the presence of the holy spirit, the power he has is to help you, not scare you, and to protect you and inspire you.

  47. I had a quick dream of a white tiger in a beautiful forest beautiful flowers and it just looks at me. I jumped out my sleep I wasn’t scared just happened haha.

    • annabelljojo

      that is the holy spirit wooing you. he wants you to have him in your life more.

      • I agree, I recently became closer to God, and on a journey on having a deeper connection so it makes sense. It definitely spoke haha and I’m listening

  48. Thank for some awareness of what I should be seeking out with assurance of his most high of my warm spirt his most high created since Im in this made to believe life form I endure in this reality world, to seek the truth and not be corrupted by other lurking powers or false prophets..

  49. I had a dream of a white tiger last night. It was with a woman (who was a spirit of some sort)who seemed very powerful, but I didn’t know who she was. I thought the tiger was going to attack me, but instead it growled and placed its paw on me. The spirit told me the tiger loved me and wanted to embrace me. I was on google looking up “white tiger” and I ran into your blog. God is speaking to me, I am in a spiritual rough patch.. Thank you for posting this.

    • Yorda

      the tiger is the holy spirit protecting you… god and you will find your way out of your rough patch

      I am sending you a prayer to strengthen you, print out and say each day.

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

  50. I had animals in my dream lastnight this morning …I was walking thru the woods with steep hills and came upon a cherry blossom tree and realized there were black bears across the hill i was on so i started to climb the cherry blossom tree and as i was hanging off two a branch with feet and hands a zebra came rushing thru the tree ..i could feel the squish of air as it just went by so close…then as i got down to descent back this path i noticed two horned black goat or moose looking at me so i keep walking and seen rustling in the tall green grass baby black bears? So i jumped another tree only to see a white tiger in the one next to me and another one circling my tree …then i woke up

  51. Hi I just came to this blog after a dream I had. In my dream I was hiding from someone and I ended up in a forest with a tiger beside me. Then I appeared at a place where it had 2 tigers in separate cage. One of the Tigers was white and was staring at me calmly and I wasn’t scared. The second tiger was also calm. But the third tiger that wa beside me was injected and put into another cage right across from the white tiger. I had someone inject him while I was trying to distract him. I feel regret that I put the third tige in the cage.

    • deborah

      the tiger represents the power of god. in your life, it is there to help you, but you seem to be afraid of it, because you do not understand it.

      they are in cages because you want to control or limit what they can do for you. this again is because you are afraid.

      soon, you will need the power of god in your life. let them out of their cages….let the power of god help you when you need it.

      expect miracles in your life…ask for miracles….ask for BIG things…bible says you can move mountains, walk on serpents , defeat demons, and walk on water, or stop tsunamis or floods with just your faith, IF IF IF you trust god and ask in jesus name.

      you need to take BIG step of faith and expect more than what you have been expecting.

      dangers are already on the earth, and bigger ones are coming….to have the power of god work in your life, could save your life….

      submit to god, give him your heart and obedience, and ask, and you will receive.

      danger is coming in the near future to all of us…let god help you

  52. today I had a healing and the.lady told me there was a little girl singing amazing Grace but she also told me she had a white tiger with her now I no what this me amen to the holy spirit. 3

  53. Last night i had a dream that i was looking at a reflection of myself. At first i thought the image was a lion, but then i realized it was a beautiful white tiger. It was only the face, then these bright gold like branches began to grow out all around from the face. I began to become very peacful and in awe of its beauty. I also sensed strength. So this morning i looked up white tigers to see what it meant. And i found this article. It is so on point! It gave me such a clear understanding of my dream. The white tiger is the Holy Spirit in me and the Holy Spirit’s power working through me and changing everything around me. Thank you for your obedience to the Holy Spirit to write this article! God’s Blessing on you!

  54. I ‘dreamed’ or ‘had a vision’ of a white tiger last night sitting on the moon’s surface, not on top of the moon like a round ball with a tiger on top but the ground around it was grayish white and chalky like the pictures of the moon’s surface. the tiger was sitting and it was panting slowly and quietly like when they do when it’s hot. I did not feel any fear. It was facing me but not looking at me. I felt it knew I was there without having to look in my direction. It was a magnificent and beautiful animal. wonder what it means

  55. Immediately after praying earlier I stopped talking to God and listened and waited to see if God wanted to tell me something.

    I never opened my eyes after prayer then stopped and listened. God gave me a vision of a white tiger walk out in front of me. He came in from my bottom right view to the left but stopped where I only could see the back of his head, shoulders, back and partial left leg. He was facing away from me diagonally to the left. Very beautiful, peaceful, victorious, carefree, was not drawing any attention to himself, not a worry in the world.
    Then I thought my imagination is just going wild but continued to listen and look for something real that was from God. (Seek GOD)
    Then this male lion appeared straight out in front of the tiger which was standing in front of me. It was lower than us and walked in dirt as we stood elevated on large rocks. There was jungle scenery behind it. The lion walked from the right to the left looking towards us. Anxiously and eagerly wanting to approach.
    Thank you for your website as it has helped me see that my crazy imagination was in fact exactly what God used to speak to me. I thought I would search for “what does a white tiger mean in the bible” just to see if anything popped up. Boy was I excited to find this confirmation site as were my emotions towards God.
    This to me…is God showing me He is the Lord our God is with me and he stands between me and the enemy protecting me. Power and protection!
    This was so significant, I thanked God and sketched this vision on paper along with recorded emotions and color. Going to ask my artist friend to turn this vision into a art piece that shares Gods Holiness and Glory. Pray specific and ask God for miracles. He wants you to pray for the small things too. Ask him to show himself to you often. Show your love for him by being obedient and believing His word. Get in the word and pray always about everything.

    • dear rusty

      I am happy for you that you had this experience. the tiger is the presence and power of god for those that believe and seek him.

      as for the lion, very similar meaning….I want you to look here in my book, starting at page 71…and you will see more of the lion you met

      scroll to page 71 , (or hit control G) after you are in the document

      and read the short chapter

      Click to access lions_bride_v3.pdf

      the sketch of my dream is here:

      the artist I paid put all the lions in one place, but they were actually spread out, as described in the chapter.

      god bless you and thank you for sharing.

  56. I had a dream last night about a beautiful tiger in front of me, starring at me and something telling me that I must follow this tiger because it will lead me to where I am supposed to be, as I was lost in my dream and didn’t know where to go.
    But the tiger in my dream wasn’t white though, it was an ordinary tiger, yet still peaceful. Don’t know if the colour of the tiger makes a difference?
    Searching through the Internet for what could be an interpretation of my dream, cause in my dream I was searching for the meaning of that exact dream, I came across this article.
    I’ve recently started wondering about God, about what’s real and what’s not. I feel so bad for doubting but I feel like I’m at a crossroads in my life and there aren’t enough signs to point me in the right direction. I feel so lost that I don’t even know what to take as a sign and what’s just coincidence..

    • mariska

      the tiger you saw was still the holy spirit. he is the spirit of peace. the color is not that important. he can appear different ways to different people. I have also seen him as a yellow tiger and a lion.

      he is leading you even if you do not know where you are going. so put your trust in god and you will be ok.

      • FORWARD DANIELGod is working all things after the council of His ownwill:Judge me here, judge me there. How can anyone judge mewhen even I cannot pass a bit of judgement over my life?I do what I do only when God leads me to doing so forthe furtherance of His will and purpose, whatsoever the station’s standard, Godis my judge.The world stands on a truth; Inscribed upon thefoundations of the United Nations’ building in New York, is the glorious truthof Isaiah 2:4. Judge me not.Who knows who sees the truth? The tables of judgementare served with the scripts which are prescribed by God. Israel, Iraq and Egyptare a beautiful trio of fellowship. Egypt speaks Hebrew language and builds anAlter and monument to God: God answers and heals them to this effect. Set thehighway connection from Iraq to Egypt wide. Make it wider than the widestexpressway in the world today. Iraq and Egypt worship God! See how God blessesyou from this effect.Who knows? Who sees? God is my Judge.        

        A Soldier@HisPost,Daniel Akpasop.


    God is working all things after the council of His own will:
    Judge me here, judge me there. How can anyone judge me when even I cannot pass a bit of judgement over my life?
    I do what I do only when God leads me to doing so for the furtherance of His will and purpose, whatsoever the station’s standard, God is my judge.
    The world stands on a truth; Inscribed upon the foundations of the United Nations’ building in New York, is the glorious truth of Isaiah 2:4. Judge me not.
    Who knows who sees the truth? The tables of judgement are served with the scripts which are prescribed by God. Israel, Iraq and Egypt are a beautiful trio of fellowship. Egypt speaks Hebrew language and builds an Alter and monument to God: God answers and heals them to this effect. Set the highway connection from Iraq to Egypt wide. Make it wider than the widest expressway in the world today. Iraq and Egypt worship God! See how God blesses you from this effect.
    Who knows? Who sees? God is my Judge.

    A Soldier@HisPost,
    Daniel Akpasop.

  58. Dream # 27/09/2015
    I had a dream yesterday, can you please help me with interpretation.. I alone is a believer in christ in my home and present facing persecutions from mom and dad…
    I was sitting in sofa and looking outside. Our gate was open wide and i see a gaint white tiger ( was peaceful and powerful) walking royally from our gate and its face was to wards our home giving looks. Mom saw that and ran and closed door, coz in fear she wanted that tiger not to enter our home.. She was seeing it from door holes. Later next day she open the door( by the way our main gate was open in the whole dream)

    • Continuation of dream

      So we knew that tiger would have come to our varanda and gone. When we opened the door we saw that it left its toilet all over the varanda, by which we knew it came inside and left. Later all i remember that this white tiger came inside our home 3 times and walked in the whole house ( i guess in front of everyone)

    • esther

      the white tiger is the holy spirit who wants to invade your lives and bless you.

      but he has a problem, since your mom fears him and blocks him out.

      the toilet is how he is viewed in your house

      the holy spirit comes to all who need him, so this indicates a present need or a future need. he loves all of you…..

      please encourage your whole family to learn more about god, so they will not be afraid of this loving force who wants to help you in your lives

  59. Oh wow,I had a similar dream,I was waking up stairs and a white tiger walk past me,going down stairs.And my waking life I was moving ahead in my life with God forgetting all that he had thought me,and I faced great challenges and obstacles alone.But I can gladly say that as easy as it was to go up those stairs,it was as easy to go down,God is a merciful God.

  60. I need your help in interpreting this dream – Saw a dream late morning, where I see a very beautiful scenic place. It is on top of a mountain and there is an ocean on one side of the mountain. The mountain is lush green and there are a few tigers on the top of the mountain. They are beautiful, orange colored tigers. People from all over the world come to see those tigers. I see buses are parked on the mountain where people have come to see the tigers.
    My house is on top of a mountain which is at a higher level than the above mountain. I can see the above mountain and view from my house. My house has large French window kind of doors. Suddenly there is commotion in the house and my mom is holding Abigail and shouting that there are tigers inside the house. A few tigers have entered my house and they are moving inside the house. My mom is scared that they will attack us but the tigers are quiet and calm and do not attack us. They are just moving inside the house. I am in one of the rooms and the tigers do not harm us at all. We are all safe. They become like pets to us. I am telling mom that we have those beautiful tigers in our house and they are protecting us

  61. I had a dream that I was laying on the floor in a dark place in a sleeping bag. I was so scared, not knowing where i was and then this glowing beautiful creature , a white tiger ,walked up to me , gently layed down next to me and put it’s paw around my waist . I believe it was a sign of protection, because I was scared of my own house at the time . Always felt evil around me . God was showing me that he’s in me and that I don’t need to worry. After that tiger touched me I never felt so safe . It was amazing!

    • desiree

      yes, you experienced the power and protection of YHVH God. 🙂

      cherish the blessing, and it will give you strength in hard times.

      • Hello Marianne,
        I was just reading your responses to dreams of white tigers and my questions were answered. I had just woke up from a dream where I walked outside to find two white tigers on the corner of the roof of my home. In disbelief, I went inside and told my Father to come see for himself. Later I was inside my home and was surprised by white tiger cubs running from under my sofa, my youngest son walked towards the Cubs to play but I had opened the door to let the Cubs outside which they went outdoors but remained in the front. First time I’ve ever had a dream like this, I have really been in touch with my spiritual connection with God as well as reading scriptures to get understanding. So I know there is a connection.

        • theo

          that is amazing. you were awake after a dream? or it was a dream also?

          the power of god will protect your home from a coming disaster that will be above and over your roof.

          the cubs represent the power of god available to those that live in your house…the cubs indicate this power is in you already and needs to grow more.

          if you don’t have the baptism of the holy spirit , ask for it. it will help you pray during the disaster, and you all should pray together

          be alert to any signs of weather or earth changes…if god leads you, prepare to leave quickly northwest until you are out of state. if he does not lead you to do this, then prepare to stand firm and pray until the disaster is over.

  62. That was absolutely beautiful!
    Thank you!

  63. i had a discution with a friend and i remembered that my first memory from my life,i was 4 or 5 years old,it was night and i was in my bed and in front of my bed was a large heater that it transformed into a beautiful tiger and i wasn’t dreaming,it was so real! After many years i’ve remember this and is so strange because in the chinese horoscope i am a tiger! That’s way i found this website because i have been searching the meaning of my vision

  64. Thank you for help to understand the meaning of seeing white tiger in dreams. I also got dream of white tiger sitting at the riverside n protecting me from something around me. I was wondering whether it has meaning or something like that only comees in my dream.

  65. Had a dreaming was scared and started to say the our father prayer but was stopped mid prayer it was right after sex with my boyfriend I was still laying on him then in the dream I looked up and through the roof (which was now glass) I saw a tiger it scared me because it stared directly at me and as my bf kissed me in real life I jumped out my dream. He also said I was shaking that’s why he kissed me. Please tell what that means

    • wordplays

      the tiger is the holy spirit, who is your conscience.

      you are having immoral sex with your boyfriend which is a sin.

      you need to be married before doing this.

      you need to stop the sin, and get married, or leave boyfriend alone – no sex before marriage.

  66. Thank you so much for sharing this. I just woke up from a dream with a white tiger. This has helped me decipher and discern what God is showing me Hallelujah Holy Spirit You are here with me!

  67. Omg, yesterday I had a dream seing a white tiger with stripes in front of my front door. I got scared and shot the door. What does it means?

  68. I had a dream that I was somewhere around a house with a stairway leading down to a river. It was a vivid dream but I remembered it was as if I was looking for something or had dropped something in the water so I was intending to go down the stairs to look for it. When I went down halfway, I encountered two Bengal tigers. I met a normal Bengal tiger along with a white tiger with deep but light blue eyes. The normal Bengal tiger was behind the white tiger. They kept walking up to me especially the white tiger. It was as if the white tiger is preventing me from going down any further. It scared me so I went back up the stairs and did not go down. But when I looked down, I remembered the look of the white tiger especially. I looked back and remembered that the white tiger was looking RIGHT at me. I remember the face and the eyes. But when I turned back around, my mom woke up me for school so I had to wake up but that dream felt really strange to me. I’ve never dreamt of tigers before. What does this mean? Is this a bad thing?

    • Strangely, I felt as if it was a friendly gesture from them. It was as if if I went down there, something bad would happen so it felt like they were preventing it from happening?!?!


    • angela

      going down in a dream is bad,

      going up is good

      the white tiger was keeping you from going in the wrong direction

      he was protecting you

      be careful what kind of decisions you are making, or things you want to do….some may be bad, and he does NOT want you to do them.

      you might get hurt

      it might be something your friends want you to do…so be careful

      the white tiger is the holy spirit of God, there to protect you.

  69. My dream last night involved a white tiger. My wife and I were at what I think was a retreat in the woods in a house. When we left, we were in separate cars, she driving hers, me in mine. After driving on a dirt road through the woods for awhile, I came to the highway. The shoulder was lower than the asphalt, so entry was a little rough. As soon as I got the car under control was when I saw the white tiger, standing by the side of the road, staring at me. It looked as if he wanted to cross the road, so after I pasted him I looked back in my review mirror, worried something might happen to him. As soon as I did that, I realized I was going the wrong way on the highway, on coming traffic. I pulled over and got off the road. I then called my wife to see where see was. Didn’t see the tiger again. The dream seemed to end there.

    • roy

      the white tiger ( holy spirit) was there to keep you from going the wrong way in life, but you passed by him.

      we all do this…we make our own decisions impulsively, and forget to consult god first

      he is there to guide you, to help you make good decisions. he is a divine valuable resource to help you in life.

      ask god for help when making decisions, even small ones, to give you wisdom and insight for a better life.

  70. I knew God was mysterious in all his ways but this is just beyond words to me.

  71. That’s a good analogy Marianne. One query: is it okay to keep pictures of tigers, lions, etc. in the house? I mean, not dragons or snakes, etc. But ferocious animals. Context: Jesus is the lion of Judah.

  72. I love this amd makes sense. Had a dream last night of a beautiful white gentle tiger, sleeping on a sofa in my home (though wasnt my real home but in the dream yes it was). Then i touched her and she woke up with big clear beautiful eyes. After a while she walked away and i followed her. I wanted her to stay but made me understand she is a free spirit. I told her feel free to come to me anytime. Woke up happy, content and in love with her.

  73. Beautiful. I recently had a dream of 2 flying white tigers. They were majestic and beautiful. I had a respectful fear of them as they landed near me. They then both walked slowly away. They flew like flying squirrels and where wrapped around each other before they landed. I’ve been searching for the meaning of this and still not sure, but I loved your interpretation.

  74. I saw a white tiger in my dream but feared to look at it but the tiger was frendly nd was approaching me nd was carring him on my back

  75. Hi. Last night I dreamt about a white tiger in a tree. People couldn’t see him only I could. Then he bit a lady but instead of blood it was fire on her leg. What does this mean.

    • carol

      the tiger is the holy spirit in your life, and in the lives of others.

      he does not come to bring harm, but to bring the fire of God in our lives, so we can be useful to him.

  76. I had a dream after a powerful evening of prayer with holy spirit filled friends.i had a dream and in the dream was a white tiger his stripes were not very pronounced but the more we prayed the clearer his stripes became.i was surprised at the dream,why a white tiger?then i googled it and found this ,thank you it is so powerful,thank God for the revelation.

  77. Thank you!
    I’ve been praying and praying for the Holy Spirit to enter my life these past few weeks. The, two nights ago I had a dream that O was visiting my future mother in law, and there was a white tiger right behind me with his paws up on my shoulders and his face near my head. At first I was terrified, he was very strong and I knew he could kill me in an instant, but then I realised he was gentle and not hurting me. He urged me to leave, so I did.
    I usually have vivid dreams, but rarely with animals. I had no idea what this meant. Until I saw this! And I started crying putt of shear gratitude. The Holy Spirit is with me and protecting me! Thank you Lord! Thank you!

    • josie

      not sure who you mean by “O” unless you mean the former US president. if that is the case, your future mother in law’s politics may become an issue to you. if “O” is someone else, then they are still a bad influence on her.

      you may need to keep a distance and not reveal any private ( esp religious / spiritual or political) information/opinions to her.

      either way, you have the holy spirit to guide you, so listen to him and obey his leadings.

  78. Today I dreamt about beeing home. Then i saw a vampire that was approaching me from distance (about 5m). I simply ran away so he can’t suck my blood. All of the sudden I felt the urge to turn around to see if he was still chasing but no. I saw a white tiger behind me. He was running right behind but it didn’t seem he was chasing me. So I slow down. Then I woke up. I didn’t feel scared at all even though the vampire was chasing me

    • vivi

      the tiger was the holy spirit who chased off the vampire devil; holy spirit was protecting you

      in your prayers, remember to tell the holy spirit “thank you” 🙂

  79. Last night I had a dream of a beautiful white tiger has stood up on its back legs and placed its paws gently on my shoulders and I slowly walk forward while he continued to walk with me. He didn’t hurt me but it felt so real I had a tingly feeling on back. It was an amazing dream

  80. Yesterday when a group of people lay hands and prayed over me I kept seeing a white tiger with flaming eyes coming towards me…was majestic and beautiful and I could see his teeth..I tried to shake of the image but its still vivid in my mind…

    • flavia

      you just met the holy spirit. he comes in that form sometimes. he has work for you to do

      • Hi Marianne,
        Am willing but how do i know what is it he wants me to do.. am so eager to hear him speak and befriend him..please help me.

        • flavia

          pray, study the bible , wait and listen….you may not “hear” a voice, but you will find yourself in situations/problems that you can help with. so prepare yourself and be ready. what happens may not be what you expect, but respond in a Christ like manner, no matter what the situation, and obey

  81. OH MY GOSH I’M SO GLAD THAT I FOUND THIS! I was just praying to God & all of a sudden my mind started to wonder & I just started talking to him about my dreams which led me into asking him why is it that I had a dream about a white tiger staring at me outside of my old church? I mean his look was peaceful, yet powerful. Then he lead me inside of my church (& in which it was a great praise & worship going on) & next thing u know, I dropped down to my knees & started crying. Now I was highschool when that happened & I was suffering from seizures, depression, & bipolar 2 disorder & was really acting out in school so my faith in God was basically little to nun. Then, idk if u wanna call it hallucinations but I started to see that white tiger almost everywhere I went. I was terrified & thought that I was going crazy lol but at the same time, his presence was very peaceful. Now of course, as u said, u didn’t have the wisdom to accept that that was God’s power to protect u, neither did I because that was way before I started my spiritual walk with God & like I said, I had no type of faith. Anyway, fast forward a few yrs later, last yr in the summer I have decided to start my spiritual walk with God (& in which I have never thought that I’ll be doing this. He seriously led me to this new way of living) & that dream still would cross my mind. I sometimes wondered if the tiger symbolized anything but when u said “the white tiger within is beautiful, powerful, quiet, gentle, & holy…” that made me think of Ephesians 4:24 saying “You must display a new nature because you are a new person, created in God’s likeness-righteous, holy, & true.” Without the holy spirit, we would not be able to accept what Jesus has to offer us. I was assuming that perhaps that tiger was an angel lol I still feel like it kinda is, but with ur explanation, I now have a waaay better understanding. I am SO SORRY for this super long message 😭 I just wanted to thank u so much because now I know that I’m not the only one that I guess u can say, had a spiritual awakening from a dream God has sent them. So thank u very much. Stay blessed!

    • yvonna

      I am happy to hear you got confirmation and assurance. may god bless and lead you.

      • Hi, I somehow stumbled on this website by clicking some random images link that was labeled white tiger, I never dreamt of a white tigers but I was really curious of your interpretations so I read every comment, maybe it was about a year ago when I suddenly started referring to myself as a white tiger, Ziny Sasun the White Storm Tiger, this is a character I created in a novel, in which a young man suddenly receives a Gift from God in the form of a White Tiger, I created this character by my fantasies and imaginations, so I started to refer to myself as this character because we do have the same names, in the story this boy grows to be the fastest swordsmaster and with the Gift of the White Storm Tiger he shakes the earth. The last comment from this blog was from 8/24 which is also my birthday which inspired me to write this to you. I don’t know for sure about your interpretations until God really personally reveals it to me, but I would like to ask for prayer, I don’t really know what specifically, so just pray for me not knowing what you will pray. Thank You ^_^

        • hi Ziny

          The white tiger is a positive spirit.

          Clearly you resonate with this, and have written a novel about it. I think that is wonderful.

          You have my prayers for confirmation about your life path, and for further inspiration about the white tiger.

          • Usually the Holy Spirit is revealed as a Dove and when the Holy Spirit comes to people He comes as a Dove and people start to cry, sometimes people even speak in tongues( do you speak or have spoken in tongues?) According to my experiences and research not all big cats are good. A pastor prayed for someone and received a vision from God, the vision showed a black panther on top a tree with deep roots in which was interpreted by Holy Spirit filled people that the enemy was torturing the person based on generational sin. I even had a dream where a mountain lion tried to kill me and jumped at me while I was at a river, so I pushed it with both of my hands and said in Jesus name begone, the mountain lion suddenly was pushed away by a strong power and to its surprise ended on the other side of the river afraid. I know you have a history of interpretation of dreams and lions and from my analysis you always seem to give positive interpretations. I heard a Pastor that had a vision about Gods Love, the vision he received was that God as a Lion hugging him and playing with him. You have to weight everything by the Word of God, the novel I am writing brings people into a world that the love and grace of God are felt with each chapter. I just don’t want to make mistakes, cuz there is nothing in the bible that signifies a white tiger as the Power of God, even Samson who was filled with the Holy Spirit because he didn’t cut his hair shows a scene where he tears a Lion into half just with his hands. Sorry to take your time and bother you about this, just a more clearer answer would be welcomed if possible, thank you in advance.

            • ziny

              there are many things not recorded in the bible. that is why we need to exercise discernment.

              the holy spirit does not HAVE to appear as a dove. he can appear multiple ways.

              go by the context. postive or negative.

              I have had dreams where the father, son and holy spirit appeared to me as 3 lions. others where holy spirit appeared as a man, and this time as a white tiger. notice it was white, not black.

              if something evil is bothering me, it usually appears as a snake or a rat.


              • That makes things much clearer, thank you very much! As I slept in the morning today I had a very clear dream, I saw a plane trying to land but I felt the plane as an enemy, the plane was white as it was trying to land near this Forrest but right before it could land it quickly turned around in great fear, as it made the turn the plane turned black with some strange designs I could not make it out, it kind of looked like a black war plane, from the exact foresty location the plane turned in great fear and then suddenly I saw an invisible Green Fiery Pheonix who would turn visible and invisible as it was chasing the plane away it was like a Spirit, as I stared at it I noticed its beauty and said no one at church would believe I saw this, then as it hovered over me it suddenly spread out a pure lush bright green light over the whole town or city I was in, it was like the Aurora Borilalis, it spread like a circle, then I noticed the sky open up as fiery flames with some sort of portal or fiery tunnel as if fireballs or something was going to attack full force, then I saw another creature kind of like a red dragon but it wasn’t clear, when I saw it my fear at what the green fiery Pheonix was doing changed to pure anger toward the attack from the sky, and I started speaking in anger loudly and kept rebuking everything in Jesus name over and over at the same time all that full force attack could not go past that green circlular auraura and I was surprised that not only me but the whole townish city was unharmed, I had this dream this morning and its been quite a while since I had a dream this clear. I know that green smoke is the enemys witchcraft, its kinda like greenish yellow, but this Pheonix green color was lush and full of life as it burned with fire and it was not consumed, the moment I woke up from sleep everyone suddenly started arguing with me for the most foolish reasons.

                • ziny

                  it sounds like God is protecting you from enemy attacks. positive dream.

                  • Well thank you for your help, I searched online and found out a Pheonix could been possible, there are even some other translations of the bible that have them but even so unless God personally reveals it to me and I know its him revealing it to me then I cannot be certain, I don’t want to be lied and manipliated by fasle dreams, my trust is in Jesus, thank you and farewell, there is a lot of content in this website, some is good other is speculation I will keep browsing over time whenever I get a chance.

  82. Thank you ,
    I just had a similar dream couple of days before , there was a white tiger vines to me from the open window of the heaven , and also I saw there were 2 big birds in another window too …

  83. I loved this. Thank you 💗

  84. Hi everyone God bless you in Jesus name 🙏 I just had a dream of a white tiger and it was a amazing experience. I was walking down this path and heard the bushes shaking around like something was following me every time i looked back it would stop and so on, i thought it was a little house cat at first, that is what i saw at first.

    Then i keep looking back and it stopped.

    So i decided to run just to get out of that situation, but when i ran a for a little i looked back again and there was a Young white tiger coming towards me 😬 at first i was like oh boy what can i do? Anyway it came close and it played with me and played with him or her idk? Lol
    Then i started hugging the tiger and it embraced me, and i did as well and i started to hum a song to it and it Felt so Good 🤗.
    Bye the way the tiger never got aggressive or anything almost like it had no teeth i didn’t feel nothing but tenderness.

    I don’t know what this Dream is all about I’m praying that God show’s me.
    I’m trying to be careful not to visit certain websites because of all the false interpretation of dreams.

    I’m a follower of Christ and put my trust in the Lord.

    Anyway just wanted to share with everyone.

    God bless you all 🤗

    • tony

      my impression is that you had a very symbolic dream where you met the holy spirit himself. he is with you. the holy spirit is very gentle, child like and protective over believers. cherish this experience.

      • Thank you for your kind response Marianne. I believe it was too the Holy Spirit. God is so Good to me i really don’t deserve it.

        His grace is indeed efficient, for in my weakness his power is perfected. 🤗

  85. Hi all,

    I had a dream with multiple white tigers laying on rocks while one was pacing back and forth and even around me. The white tiger was staring at me. Initially I freaked out and felt nervous but the white tiger just continued to look at me and i soon realized that the animal may have been trying to send me a message. The nervous feeling kinda went away but I am person that never lets their guard down so I didnt touch the animal I just Stared back trying to figure out what this encounter meant. I then woke up and told myself to remember this dream so I could do some research on the meaning of this dream.

    Afterwards I fell asleep, I found myself in a park and the grass and pathways were covered in toads. I couldn’t help myself I was scared (I don’t like frogs, snakes etc.) I tried finding a way out of this park full of toads but as I tried finding where to step I would accidentally step on one. On my way! Frogs were still while others leaped around…Soon after I woke up.

    Can someone please help? Thank you all!!

    • R217

      The white tiger is the presence of the holy spirit around you. since there were multiple tigers, this indicates an enhanced presence due to a need for help you have right now. notice there are multiple frogs as well.

      the multiple frogs are demons surrounding you. you have danger all around you. they are there to harm you, and you feel trapped with them and feel you cannot escape them.

      so the dream is to let you know that God is aware of this, and has sent the white tiger(s) to watch over you and keep you from harm.

      also, if you are in a bad situation, attempt to leave the environment/place if you can.

      • Thank you for the response. I appreciate it.

        Wha can I do on my part to accept this help from the tiger(s)… I am in a situation where I want to better myself and life. Of course others have it worse but I just feel lost. I’ve made a plan for myself and it didn’t go as planned. I am learning that things will fall into place when the time is right. Also I have issues with trusting those around me I have a hard time opening up and accepting people. I must add that this past year I feel in my heart that I have grown to just accept people for who they are and give them a chance however there are instances where people around me do things to test me. For instance, testing my trust and betrayal.

        I hope that this made sense. I am just trying to figure everything out. As for the toads could they be the people around me who I feel that I cannot trust?

        • R217

          yes the frogs (which are unclean spirits/ slander demons) are those around you feel you cannot trust. the dream is letting you know you are correct in your feelings

          you are probably having a hard time “opening and accepting / trusting people” because your spirit has detected they really are not trustworthy.

          if some have already betrayed you, that is a confirmation.

          can you leave where you are at, and transfer to a better place?

          • I figured that’s what that meant but wanted some sort of confirmation. As for leaving…I cannot just leave where I am as I have a family however I do plan on relocating to another state soon. Those around me are family and a few acquaintances.

            • R217

              Pray to God that he opens some doors of opportunity for you and family, so you can have a better situation, and more peace.

              also pray each day that He will give you discernment as to how to handle the “frogs” in people. i will agree with you in prayer.

              i am going to send you some prayer guides. you can modify them to fit your situation.

              • I went on a search about symbolism and dreams with white Tigers after i had one and I read through them all and didn’t find a single one that came close to mine. Maybe you can give me some clarity. Because I have always loved white tigers and found them so beautiful and reading that it represents the Holy Spirit is making me wonder. I am a Christian and love Jesus with all of my heart and soul.

                My dream was that I had gotten my face painted as a white tiger ( or so I thought). When I went to wash it off it would not come off and my husband told me it wasn’t paint that it was a tattoo! My entire face was that of a white Tigers face! And while wearing this white tiger tattoo I was trying to comfort and help 3 different people. Which I am an encourager in real life. And at my church I lead an encouragement ministry. And 2 of the people in my dream go to my church and 1 is an unsaved friend from my past.

                • dawn

                  the image of the white tiger on your face, to me, means that you are truly witnessing the presence of the holy spirit in your life to others.

                  this is how you bring comfort to others, as the holy spirit IS the Comforter.

                  some people are one thing on the inside, and someone else on the outside, and this is fake.

                  you are more genuine.

                  what image you present to others is truly a reflection of the holy spirit within you.

                  continue in your work of helping others. you are a blessing to god and others. 🙂

  86. Greetings
    I’m so shocked to hear about your dream because I’ve bee. Trying to find out what a tiger symbolyses in a dream for almost a year now! A few nights ago I had another dream of a tiger and I really don’t know what it means! But the first dream I had of the tiger reminds me of yours! I had dreamt that I was in my old house and there was this dark evil presence in my room, I could feel the darkness and evil so I ran to the living room. And there my glass door was open and I looked through the window I saw next to my house a huge house all white like a castle and there was a tiger on the roof of the house laying looking straight at me! And as I was looking at this tiger a black panther or jaguar came run to the door. I immediately ran to close the door but it was too late it had came in a chased me in my own house! I went through alot of spiritual attacks after that but I just knew in my heart that dream that tiger meant something! A few months later I had a dream where in my room was the portret on that tiger and I got up to look at it and it look like the eyes of the portrait were alive and looking at me and it had a tear run down its left eye I rebuked it in the dream and the Tigers face disappeared and I saw ancient looking godess with swords and bows fighting me and I remember one of them struck me with an arrow from the portrait! After that was my spiritual death I fell in sin again completely stopped praying the letter on couldn’t even come close to the Bible cause I would have pannic attacks or even pray cause it would feel like someone was choking me. It was the worst time of my lie I cried most of the time was deeply depressed wanted to get back to God but couldn’t! I recently found help got deliverance and got much better but had a dream a few nights ago of me going to the field with my friends we parked the car next to a hill I was about scared to get out of the the car but when I did. I saw a tiger on top of the hill looking down at me! I screamed ant ran back to the car to close the windows and my friends came we took of just in time and the tiger chased the car! Please if you know what this may mean let me know I’m really scared of what that tiger symbolyses!

    • marizan

      you are running from the tiger who has the power to help you.

      in the first dream, your house (or life) has evil in it. the tiger is in the white (holy) house ready to help you. you stay in your evil house / life so you get no help and get attacked by demons / black panther.

      next dream. the tiger was crying for you so it could help you but you rejected it. so another demon / goddess came and attacked you and spiritually killed you.

      because you rejected the tiger, you could not go near the bible or feel near to God.

      last dream. you are again afraid of the tiger who ended up chasing the car.

      all 3 times the tiger was there to help you and to protect you. but you run away or reject it. so you get in more trouble

      the tiger is the holy spirit of god. unless you submit to it, you will never get help from demons.

      the holy spirit was sent to earth to help people get free from evil, and to help them connect with god. this is the gift of Jesus who is the son of God. Jesus had the Father God send the holy spirit to you to deliver you from evil in your life.

      but you do not understand this so you reject the holy spirit and run away from him.

      pray to god to bring the holy spirit back to you. and ask the holy spirit to help make you strong, to know about Jesus more as your savior, and to fill you with the power of god. the holy spirit is your helper.

      like the Father god and Jesus, the holy spirit loves you and will keep trying. let him help you. talk to him as a friend. he will teach you much wisdom.


  87. […] Finding the White Tiger within | Heaven Awaits […]

  88. Okay…so I had this dream a long time ago,
    It starts out with me leaving the back door of my childhood home. Snowed covered land, so I’m guessing that it was sometime December. I specifically say December since my birthday is December 14, 1997. I step out, a few feet away from my back door and it’s door frame. I realized that directly behind my house, past my backyard and on the opposite side of my fence were my friends as well as what seemed to be me but we were all children. So everyone is playing in my neighbors backyard, and I stand there smiling while watching everybody playing together. Everybody seemed to be running in a mass, as if it were a football game. After a while of watching everyone play games, I began to pick up loose pieces of snow to mold it into a ball to throw at the others. Soon after, I begin to notice a subtle swinging motion coming from a tall BlackBerry tree which was in my backyard, it overlooked my neighbors yard perfectly. As my eyes traveled up from the swinging movement of the unknown and towards the branch of the tree, I notice the large body of a white tiger. The motion that I saw was the tail of this majestic beast. It sat there on the Branch, While everybody played on the other side of the yard just like what I was doing. I felt a slightly eerie connection with the animal but the emotion that I felt immensely was fear….thinking about which target I should throw my snowball at. I aimed, and adjusted my sights on the tiger instead of warning everybody else. As soon as my launched snowball hits at its rear, it lashes out and runs full throttle at me. Seeing this big cat run full speed….made me scared…frightened. I begin to retreat back into my home while slamming multiple doors behind me that never existed in my “real” childhood home. But the effort was deemed worthless because the tiger ran straight through the doors with no issue or problems. I’m sure that the tiger caught me before I woke up but I went through and closed about four or five doors while running straight through my home. I just need someone to help me decide this dream because I’ve been thinking about it for years. I believe that it’s a wake up call, but I’m not sure….does the white snow and animal represent innocence? Was the white tiger somehow a higher version of myself and I was contemplating my past while being angry at my decisions that I make in the present? Whatever it may be, thank you for reading this regardless….I know that it’s a lot

    • ryan

      The white tiger is a positive thing, representing the holy spirit.

      Out of fear, you attacked it, and ran away, so it chased you.

      Pray and ask God to have a revisit, and to help you understand the love and power that the holy spirit has to offer you, so you won’t be afraid anymore.

  89. How weird I’ve recently decorated my living room with tje white tiger completely forgotten about this dream from some years ago until I got this email I seen today saying someone made a comment. Wow I’ve drawn myself to the white tiger without even realizing it

  90. Thank you for sharing.

  91. Thank you!

  92. I had a dream tonight about I was with a group of animals and 1 was a White tiger Wich for some reason I could talk to the animals and they can talk to me , and all the animals were protecting me from other animals . But the white tiger is was broght my attention because it was like really friendly , and was really happy.

    • manuel

      the white tiger is a symbol of the presence of the holy spirit of god.

      it is in you, so you are at peace with god’s animals.

      you have god’s protection. you are blessed.

      • That’s for sharing ur care ! . But as a feel for all of us and for previous people that lost thier life’s due to animals attack’s . I feel that Some animals due what they due because they are afraid of us and that’s why they atack .

        • Manuel

          You are right. Animals are basically innocent. They act to protect themselves if they feel threatened. But someone who walks in holiness will not make the animals feel this way. And they will be at peace with him.

  93. Thank you!

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