East Coast of America Fault Line



If the New Madrid Fault Line experiences an earthquake, so may the east coast.

Presented are some other maps to study.

See where you live.







Oil pipeline – imagine if that were to explode during an earthquake


Video about New Madrid, FEMA and East Coast


28 Responses to “East Coast of America Fault Line”

  1. Marianne

    they said that the church bells rang up t he East Coast with the last major quake of the 1800’s now we know why.

    Have you noticed how all things God made are some how connected?

  2. Why is it that all these researchers, always give us the “worse-case scenario?” I have lived here in Southern California all my life. I’m 58 now, and guess what? We haven’t had that “Big One!”…yet. According to all the researchers, we are waaaaay…overdo for that one.

    eh! it’ll probably hit tomorrow!

  3. you need a “like” button 🙂 LOL

  4. It is amazing how blind humans can be, how desensitized (perhaps?), just like in Noah’s day, and I’m no different than anyone else, perhaps just a little bit more aware of my own limitations.
    Some ten years ago you could see in Nasa’s site the devastation, the prediction of an asteroid hitting the earth (the stone not cut by human hands that destroy the statue mentioned in Daniel) yet the information have been removed lest the ‘religious’ people claim that the bible is one more time 100% accurate. Thank you for the video and the phenomenal information. Liz

    • Hi “Chrys!”

      Yeah! The American people are so “desensitized” as they are simply “brain-washed!” But then, it’s not hard to brain-wash a population with the average intelligence not greater than that of a “5th grader!” Now is it?

      Like you said, “It is amazing how blind…”

      Another “fact” that might amaze you…is that there are only 545 “politicians” that pass all the TAXES, RULES, LAWS, and REGULATIONS, for ALL three hundred million plus people of the United States of America! AND, as long as “WE, the people…”, continue to allow these 545 politicians to coerce us into believing that they are serving “our” best interest, then “WE” really have nothing to complain about!

      The “true Christians” of the world are a very small minority, I believe many of the people here on this site ARE indeed “true Christians!” AND if “we” were to use ALL our combined resources…I doubt anyone beyond our immediate neighbors would hear us! And of all those that “DO” hear us…very few actually understand…as they are “lost” to this world!

      yeah…sad to say, but it is true!

      But I will continue to “spread the word” as Jesus instructed…nonetheless! For “I” do have faith! “Praise be to God, in Jesus name, I Pray…Amen!”

  5. Does anyone knows what that water around the pyramid in Las Vegas represents (it’s in the insert about the fault line) That pyramid seems like the pyramid in Vegas and there’s a body of water where it should be the “streep” (main road of the casinos in Vegas). TKS. Please let me know.

    • hi chrys

      I had no idea there was a pyramid there until you mentioned it.

      I assume they just like the architectural design.

    • Hi (again), “Chrys!”

      Don’t “read” to much into what “they” do in Vegas…for what does everyone refer to it as? “SIN CITY?”


    • I think she is talking about the pyramid in memphis. It is a convention center or arena or something like that. No “Streep” in memphis last I checked. There is “graceland” though.

    • I grew up in Vegas. When they built it the foundation it actually sank. The entire building. Forgive me for not remembering how much but if memory serves me correctly it was 4 inches or so. People freaked because it they thought it was a mockery of a sacred place. I’m writing this because of the rabbit hole I just went through that brought me here. Big changes are coming. Regardless of beliefs, religion, sexual orientation, skin tone, money, car, job. Sometimes I feel like the earth is about to take a very big breath…and it’s the exhale that will change everything. At that point, the only thing that matters. The only thing that counts. The only reason you are here… was to love. Endlessly. It’s timeless. Be safe and take of each other. It shouldn’t take devastating occurrences to bring people together. Otherwise division would not occure.

      • I apologize. My comment was referring to the luxor hotel in Vegas but on my end it placed my response in a different section. I just hope anyone reads it and knows that we shouldn’t be fighting eachother. Especially over God.

    • I apologize. My comment was referring to the luxor hotel in Vegas but on my end it placed my response in a different section. I just hope anyone reads it and knows that we shouldn’t be fighting eachother. Especially over God.

  6. Throughout scripture it is clear that nothing is written in stone. Prayer, fasting, repentance…all these have the power to change even the laws of nature.

    There is no doubt…NONE…that America is under siege from evil, from anti-Christ. Jesus identified this spirit not as those who question churches or theology…for we are all free to think for ourselves and question things. No, Jesus identified satan as a liar and a murderer from the very beginning. And John said anti-Christ was just what the title implies, the spirit that denies the incarnation of God in flesh.

    It’s important to keep clear definitions in our minds, because there are many clever justifications for lying and murder. People can lie and murder in God’s name. But Jesus didn’t qualify those deeds or the desires and thoughts behind them. Jesus equated the desires and thoughts with the deeds, in fact!

    There is so much apocalyptic horror in religion now and some of it sounds gleeful. There is still much faith on earth, still many tender hearted people who care for others, still much everyday nobility in America and other countries. Why not think on those things as the Bible says to do?

  7. The Creator/Jesus designed and engineered from creation on/ago the trigger-points around the earth, so he could prophesie in a round-about way of what will happen, and things always did. No doubt in 2-3 years we all will witness that a destructive configuration will happen, as sure as it did prior to the great FLOOD. People were informed by Noah, so today. But none gave ‘ear’ to his warnings. Today we will have survivors that begin to believe and many through experience. It is amazing how grown -ups get offended when a different opinion is presented. All they want is politically (in)correct ‘good news’.
    But now the Murdoch Press has been killed-off to radically brainwash the population with exclusive ‘left-wing’ info. to put them to ignorant sleep.

  8. we just had a 5.9 earthquake ! YIKES !!

    • hi buster

      I am on the east coast too. It was felt here.

      This is a warning for people to get right with God. The next one will be bigger.

  9. […] If the New Madrid Fault Line heavenawaits.wordpress.com […]

  10. Dear Marianne,
    This column was amazingly timely in hindsight now .
    People are downplaying this earthquake, but my two sons on upper floors in both DC and Baltimore harbor were quite frightened with swaying floors and ceilings and both had a flash fear of dying with a building collapse.
    A higher magnitude will be devestating and they know it now.
    It is a wake up call.

    • hi Barbara

      I was surprised also. Yes, it is a wake up call.

      Most of us think all the earthquakes happen in California.

      I myself live on the east coast, and it was felt here where I am.

      It would be good to learn safety procedures in case of an earthquake, and have supplies ready in case there are power outages, etc, as a result.

      I am happy to hear your boys are ok.

  11. I live in Va. & also thought most earthquakes wer’e in Ca.That’s why I’d nver wanna live there! And then it happened here On 8-23 and that was my 1st real experience with earthquake,so that really”shook” me!….Didn’t know what it was at first.Sounded like stuff falling on roof at first,then little shaking…then bigger shaking,so I ran to doorway,scared ceiling might fall.That’s the only thing I know to do.after that of course I was shaky,& It also got me thinking,this is like a supernatural thing.A sign of God’s wrath.Just thankful i wasn’t a deadly one that didn’t kill people,like those poor people in Japan! only a 5.8.Baby quake,to Californans

    • hi Emily

      I would agree that God is shaking people to wake them up. This is Elul, a month to do that on the Jewish calendar….next month is Yom Teruah….feast of Trumpets, a call to repentance.

  12. geologic fault areas eastern half of uSA

    Click to access Chapter3.pdf

    includes maps

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