The Peter Pan Jezebel

Are you with someone really nice, but they are nothing but problems?

Male or Female

Immature form of Jezebel, undeveloped, but still a big problem

Has a pre-adolescent mentality

Friendly, adventurous, seeking fun and mischief, but breaks social rules to do this, thrill seeker, likes challenges, does things to see if she/he can get away with it

Socially very agreeable, but actions can reflect rebellion against established values.

Not intentionally malicious, but it has the rebellion tendencies, and will lie. It causes damage this way, through breaking social norms and rules.

Irresponsible, does not admit to wrongdoing unless they get caught

careless, so may get caught a lot

takes risks


Can tell the truth, but can also lie if necessary

sincere liar” – they can sincerely believe what they are telling you is the best thing to say, so that justifies it.

Sincerity is motivated by practical considerations.

May have very sincere look on their face when they are lying to you. May be very sweet about it.

poor judgment, impulsive

May appear independent, but since makes so many mistakes, has certain dependency needs on others to compensate for them

They need the success of others to balance out their failures. This is good for them, but pulls down the other person, burdening them

fantasy thinking. unrealistic

escapist – will try to run away from problems, and “start a new life” with someone who may not know about all the problems, entangling them

actually desires a good life with others, wants acceptance

Has the attitude “the end justifies the means” – example, stealing is ok if it is for a good reason. lying is ok if it impresses a potential mate. Cheating is ok if you need something more than they do.


Poor decisions affect the rights and opportunities for others, does not consider consequences of actions, especially how it affects others.


a. careless with car, ending up in accident, this destroys the only family car. Now others cannot get to work, school, etc.

b. criminal or indecent behavior hurts family reputation

c. does drugs or steals, and gets caught by police, family now suffers as they have to pay for a lawyer, and do without income, or money provided by person.

d. wastes his/her money and does not help with their share of the expenses.

e. drinking while driving – may cause accident and kill someone

f. looses driver’s license for violations, and now others have to taxi them around everywhere. This causes a burden to others. This person may also try to drive with a revoked license.

g. puts expenses on credit cards or causes other expenses, knowing they have no way to pay for them. They let others assume the burden on joint responsibilities.

h. abandons children to the care of others, and goes off to become a prostitute, exotic dancer, or to just to live a life without the children.

Little or poor self control – they do what they desire to do, even if they know it is wrong. Their desire overrides any conscience they might have.

Repeat offender” character type. does not seem to learn from mistakes. repeats mistakes, causing more undue hardship on others. It is like they “just don’t get it” They cannot seem to make the connection between behavior and consequences, and that the behavior is really wrong.

Will first deny wrongdoing, then may admit it, apologizing, but really this does not register in their brain, because they will go right out and do it again.

They make excuses, rather than express true understanding of their wrongdoings.

They can put others at risk

They may conceal their delinquent behavior from a potential mate, and limitations and problems that result from that. This may adversely affect finances, credit, social standing, job status or opportunities.

Promiscuous behavior starts at an early age. Sees nothing immoral about it.

Can be religious, but mirrors spirituality of others. Has no depth of their own. Cannot really relate to God, but may express faith of some sort. Expressing faith may be useful in impressing someone. Faith and religion, to them, is something you “do.” It does not really change your life. They know the right words to say.

If they get rejected by you, they will just re-align with another person who feels sorry for them, and start another life

Dealing with them

They do not want to grow up. Usually, only a series of major shocks will begin to change them in the sense that their behavior might be more under control, and more responsible. However, even with a shock, like punishment, they may go out and repeat behaviors again. There would have to be strong responses to each behavior, and that is more than any one person who is dealing with them has the internal resources for.

If you stay with them, be prepared for a life full of losses, and missed opportunities, and regrets. Compensating for their mistakes will drain you emotionally, financially, socially, physically, and spiritually.

If you break it off with them, it may hurt, but you might be better off.

Pray for their deliverance, and yours. Only God can change a person from the inside. Try spiritual counseling. They actually do not want to be this way.

***If this person is still a child, and you are the parent, you should be disciplining them, and giving them strong moral guidance.

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31 Responses to “The Peter Pan Jezebel”

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  2. I agree wholeheartedly with this concerning children, this is where the trouble starts if it is’nt noticed immediately. Over a period of time, the willfull childish ignorance can wear one down.
    CONSISTENT DISCIPLINE is serious in this regard because children will test you to see how much they can get away with. THE ONLY way children will understand, believe and take in what you are saying/doing is not to change or “give in” to them. Giving in just feeds thier bad behaviour. Prayer and moral guidance and consistent discipline is the only ant-dote. Catch them before it gets out of control

  3. Hi Coreetta,

    What you say is very true. Many times kids get these behaviors from their friends, and not at home, which can drive the parents crazy, trying to stop them. Discipline is hard, since they get positive reinforcement from their friends. But we have to keep trying, and not give up.


  4. This sounds like the mindset and lifestyle of people that abuse the benevolence programs at many a church. If those helping them are not very firm, and fail to deal w/ this spiritual root, they’ll be bailing them out over and over again.

  5. Hi Cindy,

    Very true. Since they are so helpless all the time, everyone gets stressed out doing things for them.

    It is good to guard our own soul energy, and not let them drain us.



  7. Great Blog!……There’s always something here to make me laugh…Keep doing what ya do 🙂

  8. The concept of a male Jezebel is an odd one for me to wrap my brain around. Jezebel (ashtorath) was accompanied by her male counterpart Ahab (ba’al). Ashtorath was a dominating seductress but who had the appetite to kill as easily as to conceive & bring life. Because she dominated, her male companions were emasculated & thereby produced a society of effiminate men & dominating women. I think what you’re describing is the actual Greco-Roman deity known as Pan. He was highly erotic & wasteful. He frolicked in the hills & mountains drinking to the point of excess, having sexual orgies with both men & women, he was capable of inspiring either fear or ecstacy. He was known for liberating one from their normal self. He was androgynous; a gender-bender. He could instill tremendous fear, known as “pan”ic or “pan””damonium” meaning an unleashing of many demons. His festival was celebrated with chaos, drunken ecstacy that liberated people to do things they would otherwise not do. A phallus was paraded around during this festival. Sounds to me a lot like the Mardi Gras or a Pride Parade used by the Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered or Otherwise Questioning communities.

  9. I been married for 7 years and fasting and praying for my husband to be free. Today I feel is the end of my journey because now I know that my husband have the spirit of jetzabel. After I read this article and compare with my husband behavior I just want to thank God for your life because for now own I know how to fight with the enemy. I want to tell yu that your described jetzabel in a perferct way.

    • dear Rivera Patricia

      I a glad to hear you have more understanding of what the jezebel is. I also had many years before I knew about it also. Knowledge is power. I wish you strength to do what is right to protect yourself. Know that Jesus is with you. You will make it.

  10. I was very thankful to find this website! I have recently been accused of being the ‘Jezebel’. My Pastor, my husband as well as our Youth Pastor, has decided that I had this spirit. I find it amazing that they above description is the exact duplicate of my husband. I was very hurt that I would be accused of such a terrible thing, much worse is to actually be guilty! I began searching for help on the internet. Could I really ‘be’ what they accused me of?… If I am, how did I get here?… I have been in my church for 9 years and stayed faithful during some very hard trials. My husband was abusive, physically, emotionally as well as spiritually. He had MULTIPLE affairs ( he admitted to at least 12 different women he had one-night-stands with) and even arrested for soliciting a prostitute! I found out a YEAR after the arrest by ‘accident’ on the internet! They didn’t even notify me! I found this out while we were separated due to physical abuse. He was arrested for hitting me in the face while holding our daughter while in front of our other 2 children. He has been unable to hold a job for an extended period of time, finances are horrible, and we had been evicted 6 times in a year period! (I am a stay at home mother) My Pastor gave me approval to divorce after the arrest & infidelity was proven. I told him that God had not released me to divorce, however we will continue a separation. It has been 2 years since we separated and now I am the one being accused of manipulating my husband! I was also told that the reason my husband did those things (as well as other things), was because I have a ‘Jezebel spirit’… [Please note that my husband was a member of this church as well as an elder & preacher before I met him. I met him when he had ‘back-slid’. He had been married before and much of his behavior was a duplicate then. All while in the same church!] How can you ‘blame’ someone else for YEARS of a behavior that was present & noted even before meeting one another? He has even gone as far as to say that he will replace me and the kids just like he did the last time, he will get a new wife & have a whole new family & never look back! I am amazed at how this can be happening!!! I was truly questioning myself until I found this article!

    • dear Rae

      You need to get out of that church. It is all witchcraft.

      If your pastor is sanctioning your husband’s behavior, then that is evil, and you do not belong around any of those creeps.

      The first thing a jezebel will do is pass the blame to an innocent person, and let the innocent person take the punishment.

      You do not need your pastor’s permission to divorce. Why take advice from a man who falsely accusing you, and promoting witchcraft?

      Jesus was clear on this point. In matters of adultery you are free to divorce and remarry.

      Get away from all those people and find some real Christians to fellowship with. But first, collect your mind, and rest some, so you will be more able to recognize this spirit again when you meet it. It can present different faces, so you need to learn what they are, so you won’t be hurt again.

      Here is a list of posts I did. The orange titles are the introductory pages. The white titles are the full pages.

      THere is nothing wrong with you.

      It is THEM…….ALL of them!

  11. I don’t get it. Are you fighting against this, or promoting it with sexy artwork?

    It’s called emotional manipulation, and it comes down to being a dysfunctional learned behavior.

    • dear Paula

      I think it is clear from the post that I am fighting the jezebel spirit.

      It comes in different forms. I like to take the mask off and portray it for what it is.

      The picture is a visual aid. it represents symbolically in the natural what i am discussing in the spiritual.

  12. Hello Marianne,
    I have a question for you.. I emailed you about 2 weeks ago and I told you about my ex husband who is a TRUE Jezebel and I had to turn him in for some crimes that he committed and he is now facing a lot of time. Well, like I said he keeps calling, and I am not taking any of his phone calls and I have no plans on taking any!!! so lastnight, i got my phone number changed. Because even hearing his voice mails, was draining for me and would send me back into a state of confusion.
    Well, Marianne, I am his payee for his SSI and he will get ONE more check and I feel like it is mine because he took so much from me with the promise to always pay it back. Should I keep it to go towards what he owes me or is that just wrong or go to the jail and put it on his account?

  13. I have a daughter, which is 19, that is dating a guy I feel he is a jezebel. They have been dating for a few months. We found out she is pregnant. They have only known each other for 3 months. She got pregnant the first night. Now he has pulled my daughter and I apart, and saying it is all my fault. Has told lies about his military. Told her if they got married now, then his pay would double. He is not active, just national guard. It wont double until he is active. Then he said it was because he wanted to put her on his insurance, that it was only like 20.00 a month. I looked it up, it is 200.00 a month and they will not cover her until she has the baby. Then he got mad because every time he gave a reason why they needed to get married now, I proved a reason for them to wait. I threw his cell phone at me and said this is why. It was his GI Bill information. Stating where he could transfer any left over money to my daughter or the baby. I asked him if it expired and he said no. Then I said that she wasnt going back to college until after the baby was born so there was not reason there. Every time something comes up, he lays blame on me. My daughter and I were really close and now she doesnt even call or text me. My question is I do not know how to get rid of this jezebel spirit in him, or get him out of her life before she marrys him. They want to get married in like 2 weeks. But I told her she would lose so much right now if she married him. Please help and tell me what to do for my daughters sake. Thank you.

  14. Please pray for me and my 2 young kids, their mother is a Jezebel, she even molests them but since she has charmed the social worker who is anti-male and antiChrist my concerns are reversed – I have been removed from the home through her lies. I am despairing, even my faith is so weak, it is clearly a demon, i think it is familial as she came from a mother who is a harlot, with many evil incestuous relationships among siblings, cousins, etc etc. I was charmed and deceived by her so she could get immigration, only recently has the true nature been more fully revealed to me – i am so fearful for my children’s souls and futures. Please pray for their deliverance and hers.

  15. Thank you for your website and info. Do you have any resources for your information on the jezebel spirit? How did you come up with these profiles? Thank you for your help. I’m doing some research to help a friend of mine.

    • job

      My writing comes from direct experience with different jezebel personalities over a period of 30 years. One experience is enough for anyone, but I seemed to have run into every type there was. Some resulted in defeat, because at first, I had no clue what I was up against, and as time went on, some resulted in victory over them. But in any case, there is great damage done.

      • do you think there’s a connection between a jezebel spirit and some mental disorders such as OCD, depression, manic depression and bipolar?

        • some disorders are biological in origin.

          people with other disorders that you mention are mostly likely victims of jezebels, not jezebels themselves themselves.

      • Hey Marianne! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog post over the past several days. I, too, have been specifically drawn to the Jezebel posts. And I, too, am wondering what resources/information you drew from to outline the “subtypes” of Jezebel. I see that you replied to Job39 that it was your personal experience with Jezebel. However, I’m curious if you had any type of Godly and/or Holy Spirit confirmation that it was indeed forms of Jezebel. Were you led to specific verses in the Bible? This is profound information that has really spoken to me about my current marriage and situation. I would really like to know more details about how or what led you to conclude these subtypes. Thank you for your blog, your voice and offering this excellent information. Please write back, and if you’d like to just email me; that’s fine as well. Thank you again, and I’m looking forward to hearing more about your personal experiences and confirmations that this is Jezebel.

        • mary

          I wish the bible had more to say about jezebel, so I could quote scripture, but it doesn’t

          there is only one mention in the OT, and only one mention in the NT

          there are so many issues and topics the bible could discuss, but it cannot delve into all of them, so it focuses on what the issues are at the time of the writing

          it is mostly discernment on my part, experience, and seeing the similarities between the different types, that put them all under one general heading.

          and yes, the holy spirit helped me see this, so I could protect myself, and share with others

  16. This is all so good and informative, I was actually sitting here contemplating the very question asked above and looked up and saw this and your reply. I am so glad I found this information. Thank you!

  17. Marianna, i have an emergency! I trust you because all you post bears witness with me. I need prayer! The devil is destroying my family! Can i contact you somehow?

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