No One Helped Her


Her heart was already broken before it was cut out by Saudi and Qatar funded zealots.



According to Syrian Truth’s Facebook page, the photo is of a toddler who was living in the Deir ez-Zor Governate in eastern Syria, bordering Iraq.

She was tied up by members of the U.S.-supported “Free Syrian Army” — which is dominated by foreign, Sunni jihadis — and made to watch as her mother and father were killed for being Shia.

As you can see her heart has been cut out and stuffed with cloth.

No need to speculate what was done to that heart.



All I can ask is “why?”

She was chained up to the fence, as she watched her parents die.

Then she was slaughtered like animal.

She was just a baby.


Where have we failed, that innocent children are being killed by terrorists?

I wonder if an innocent child is destroyed like this, what right have I, to think I am more worthy of protection by God than her?

What prevented her protection?

Lack of faith by parents?

Lack of prayers by “good Christians” for the protection of innocent victims of persecution?

Do we share the blame for this horror?

Did we allow it because we did nothing to prevent it?

Or even worse, did we allow it by supporting those who did it?

God has mercy on those who show mercy.

Where is the mercy, and strong defense, of the weak by us, who say we belong to God?

I just cannot sleep tonight.

This poor child’s image is haunting me.

It breaks my heart to look at her.

I am sick at heart.

No one helped her.

No one helped her.

No one helped her.

No one helped her.

Oh dear God…..!

No one helped her!

We all share in her death, because we are guilty of doing nothing to stop this.

Oh dear God!

Forgive us all!

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  1. Dear God, indeed. Marianne, when I was reading your posting of this child and how she was standing there, with her arms stretched out, placed there, forced there, by these savages . . . I could only picture Jesus. Some of us ask, “Why, God?” regarding Jesus’ fate.

    I can only hope, that perhaps this little girl, in some incomprehensible (to me) way, she too was part of God’s plan. That, maybe, just maybe, if this hits main street media, or even not, that the right person / people might see this and be moved to change what is happening there. Perhaps enough souls will carry this image which will haunt them as well, that there might be another way, a clearer vision, of hope, of mercy, forgiveness, tolerance, love.

    And, yes, it makes me sick to the core.

    And, if it was God’s plan for jesus, might it be God’s plan for this little girl?

    When the History Channel ran their mini series this last March / April, The Bible, and it came to Christ’s crucifixion, I cried my eyes out like a baby . . . every time, and each time! I saw a few repeats. It is incomprehensible to me what humanity can do to humanity.

  2. Everything about Islam is of satan, muhammad, koran, islam and muslims..
    They b—–ds make serial killers look tame…

  3. When you look at that picture, after you read the transcript you just feel guttered. While Satan rules this earth it will only get worse. What sickens me is that a Moslem President of the US is financing these atrocities which makes the US guilty before God. If you listen to the language coming from Obama and Reid over the financial shut down, they are like children deprived of their toys, in fact, they are almost at the level of these terrorists, same as the atrocities in the Kenyan mall where they mutilated the bodies. In Pakistan, after killing over 80 Christians in a church the Islamist’s gathered like vultures for body parts. That is truly Satan’s religion, their number is 666 and yet the liberals and liberal press brand them as peace loving? Get real, if you tell the truth of Islam you are a homophobalists? Obama’s goal is the US an Islamic state by 2016. What is happening in Syria will come to the US, either by deceit or force. If you voted Democrat then you voted for Islam, shame on you! The Republicans are only waking up to the destructive power of Obama and the Democrats, see how the liberal press vilify the Republicans.
    I am not into politics but at some stage you must stand your ground before the enemy takes everything you have.
    The elites want WW III, that is when they make huge money. God knows their plans and even tells us how it will end for them (Ezekiel 38 – WW III).
    The elites want a world population of around 100 million, so they feel nothing for life. Islam is their tool for achieving this. Lord help all the Christians especially in the Middle East and Africa as they are in the front lines. God bless you all.

    • Allan,
      I agree with everything you posted.
      Obama is a Muslim. He got elected because people were allowed by Obama’s own Dept of Justice to go to the polls with no ID everyday for months and vote over and over again before the election in every city in America.
      God still loves America, the real America.

      • obama is not a muslim. He is a Catholic Christian and he will save many americans soon from burning in hell forever.
        when he visited Jerusalem he spent time in Yeshua birth Church and not in a mosque. Stop this talk that he is a muslim. He has already told the american people that he is a Christian on Tv. When will you acusers stop?

        • who would you rather listern to man or god? its god who will save us no abama he just a man listern when i say you can not worship two gods worship god he loves all mankind and he cares listen to him not man becaues its god who will help you through all this if your just trust in god he loves you man hates you abamas doing this as he loves power satan loves power turn to god before it to late after all you all worship the same god may god bless you

          Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2013 17:21:11 +0000 To:

        • he has spent more time in mosques than he has in churches….he prays to allah, and says the future does not belong to those who insult Islam

          • judge not or be judged says the lord follow god not man im here to help you to get you to see his truth why are you so bothered about what god abama worships? he will pay as he wants power he dont want god he wants to take away what is gods he hates you god loves you stop this and turn to god let you without sin cast the first stone

            Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2013 18:06:45 +0000 To:

        • Help us Father !

        • Lol. Everything Obama says is a lie. When will you realize this??

      • Chris, let’s not be so quick to say how God loves America as if we are more special to Him than anyone else. He loves Muslim nations as He loves America. Obama isn’t worse than the best American; we all have the same nature. There are greater issues than who’s right and who’s wrong.

  4. yes, this is how our tax dollars are being spent.

    and we will pay for this….all of us…

    we either fight to stop this, or we pay in eternity.

  5. he never leaves us its us who leave god he never turns his backs on us we turn our back on god he was with her in her last hours satan did this not god don’t blame him for something man did got cryed for this child ll the angels in heaven did shes at peace now in heaven again do not blaim god for something evil and what man did god bless add me to facebook

    • dear jeanette

      I would never blame God for evil. it is satan’s fault, and mostly man’s fault for listening to satan, that things like this happen.

  6. this is so sad what thy put that little girl through this is what Satan is during because is time is short like here the cops can kill you even if you have no weapon thy cant just stop you thy kill you here in Arizona just about every night theirs a shooting most cops put them down must with no way of being able to really hurt them no weapons on them thy there always just for what thy due this is what this country of ours is coming to it will come it must its the end times that were in we tuned are back on god and other countries so we are in for the worse time ever what we see happening there we will see here are government closed down the government i fill to hide from what is about to come with all thy ordered thy know some thing and to there surprise so so due we

    • Kathy,
      Here is wisdom, let him that hath understanding count the multitude of the beast: for it is a multitude of Adamic mankind, and he goes in the name of Allah with crossed swords.

      Satan is not the only one with a multitude.
      Rev. 7:9 After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands; and cried with a loud voice saying Salvation to our god which sitteth upon the throne and unto the Lamb.

      Rev. 7:14 These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

  7. thats is so true you are truely a man/lady of god im carrying on the good work of my brother so many years ago satan is a lier listen to god not man if its good it comes from god if its bad it comes from the evil one for jesus said knock the door will be open to you seek and you will find ask and it shell be given to you trust in my father he loves you all

  8. HORRIFYING TERRIFYING TRAGIC_-BRUTAL & INSANE-now you have a Idea what they are capable of-I lived in Jerusalem during Intifada for 2 yrs- when Suicide Bombers targeted Babies Children Old Men- Pregnant Women etc-killed innocent Pinicers & cut if mens’ Penuses- dragged people from their Cars until they died etc!
    TRULY BEASTLY! & no ne cared or reported the TRUTH- I cried NON STOP there! It was unbearable & then they say Israelis-GUILTY of—APARTHEID?
    They are Barbarians!!!!!!!!!

  9. to many of you blaim god for this he was there he crys for his peaple everyday more then your ever no thses peaple who took this little girls life will suffer 10 more for what they did evil lead the to do this when they die they will have a oneway trip to hell they made there deal with the devil when the killed that little girl it will be ok as god will make these suffer who do this as god loves you al so muchl and he cares more then you will ever know

  10. When David’s older brother opposed his presence on the battlefield Davis was seeking an answer to the Goliath problem there, David responded to him, “What have I done now? Is there not a cause?” In my own experience, even now, I see that while most people dislike ‘bad people’, they dislike even more the ‘good people’ who will stand up and do something about all that bad that everyone hates. Today, you can express sympathy for this girl and her family and many who’ll agree with you; but when you decide to act on your sympathy, then your fellow sympathizers may quickly turn into your enemies, and you may find yourself saying with David, “What have I done now? What is it this time? Isn’t it proper to follow sympathetic feelings with corresponding actions? What is so wrong about doing what is right?”

    As Americans here, we lost our way from the beginning. God has always wanted to reform this nation, and we’ve seen these attempts expressed in temporary bursts of light we’ve called revivals. In America, hatred for others is lauded as the greatest achievement, the highest sign of independence. If we hate our own neighbors and are proud of it (!!!), how can we care for people from other countries like this little girl. The men bowed out of responsibility long ago and chose pleasure before business. We have many supposed sympathizers but few who are willing to act, who will say with David, “Is there not a cause? Don’t I have every reason and excuse to do what is right, what I was created to do?” In America, we don’t think it’s reasonable to be paid less than we think we’re worth; how can it be reasonable to think about the welfare of others? What happened to this girl is sad; but thank God that she’s in a safe place now. How safe are people who see things like these (men and Christians first) and don’t act? What will we say when God calls us to account?

    Whether the president is Muslim, occultist, or Christian isn’t as great an issue as whether or not (by active or passive agreement) we find ourselves on the side of anyone who thinks and carries out evil. Like the good Samaritan and like the Lord Himself, good people aren’t simply people who believe all the right things, say all the right words, and feel all the right feelings; good people are people who do good. James said it: faith without works. If we are good people (ie. Christians), then let us do good.

    • I agree.

      Atrocities like this occur because no one is there to stop them.

      in fact, in this case, our country is financially supporting this behavior, so this means we will all be held accountable.

      most of us cannot travel to other lands, but we can start in our own areas, and stand up for what is right…

      and we can voice our opinion and vote against politicians who support evil.

      • Marianne, I believe that the best vote in America against evil is to first practice loving each other. Hatred, John so adeptly defines in 1John, is really a lack of expressive love. In Gal. 5:6, I believe, Paul said, “The only thing that counts is faith EXPRESSING itself through love.” When love lacks, no amount of goodwill or good intentions will stop hatred from manifesting. In America, hatred and jealousy are the highest good sometimes. In churches, rejecting people is almost standard fare. Just like there’s freedom where the Spirit is (ie where the Lord has rule), in the same way, there’s less violence and such where love is. If Americans will practice loving each other, we’ll throw a wrench in the gears which turn toward our certain downfall– the hatred, division, segregation, and ‘cliquism’ constantly pumped into us via the media mostly.

        I also wonder if you could consider substituting other pictures above for this article. It’s not only because the pictures are distressing and depressing but mostly to preserve the dignity (particularly) and memory of this little girl.

        • arendale

          I cannot think of another picture to put there, since this is what I am writing about.

          it is hate, not love, that produced the picture to begin with, and people need to be aware of how evil hate is…..

          I was heartsick when I saw the picture, and others need to be also….it is also a reminder of what hate can do, and we should not ignore it, but work against it.

          My hope was to generate compassion and remorse over this type of situation, and have people move to act the next time they see a hate situation, because if they don’t, they , or their child, may suffer the same torture and death.

          God shows mercy on those who are merciful. And if we show no mercy, then why should God spare us from the same fate?

          to me, the best way to honor the little girl is to awaken people to this evil, so that more like her will not perish like she did.

  11. jesus meet mary who sined a great sin and the peaple throw stones at her my brother picked a stone up and said any of you who has not sined cast the first stone then they all through the stone down and went away jesus then turned to mary and said women do you see anyone around you she said no master he then said then your sins have been forgiven go sin no more

  12. god said if you love me follow me and i will keep you safe whatever you ask of me you will recive if your brother asks for fish would you give him a snake or asked him for bread would you give him a stone? as abraham once said if you go to the left ill go to the right if you go to the right ill go to the left follow jesus in him your find peace my brother preached so many years ago now im picking up were he left of follow jesus and me blessed are the wick for these is the kingdom of god do not judge others or your brothers or you to will be judged for what you have done says the lord come follow jesus and me for in us your find peace

  13. who will follow jesus there is someone in france saying he is jesus don’t listern to him as he is not jesus my brother said may will come in my name they are fulse proverds they tell you lies its being forfeild these things have to come to pass he loves you so much turn from your wicked was follow jesus come back to him all these who have fullen away from jesus as jesus will forgive you blessed are you who moarn for yours will be the kingdom of god what face do you see on the penny? then give to the queen what is the queens and give to god what is gods god love you judge not or you will be judged why do you see the speck in your brothers eye and don’t see the plank of wood in your own eye take the wood out of your own eye then your see clearly to take the speck out of your brothers eye trust me when I say jesus is here and im here to come follow us you will find peace and love here god bless you all

  14. Help us Father !

  15. Jeanette, you seemed a little mixed up in your beliefs. Christianity is judgment. Christians are called to judge. Did Jesus judge, yes He did, when He said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” That is judgment. When you tell someone do not sin, that is judging. When believers tell a non believer, “Jesus is the only way to heaven,” that is judgment. We are called to preach the Word, that was the only commission Jesus gave believers. We are called to reveal the devil and sin, in this case above, Islam. We are to reveal the non believers and their evil, people who hate Christianity, whether it is Obama, Islamist’s, Buddah’s, or athiestists. In 1 Corinthians 5:12-13 we are told not to judge the unbelievers as they have been judged but judge the believers who are living in sin. You show love to a sinner in revealing their sin and leading them to Jesus or back to Jesus. There is no greater love than preaching the Gospel to a non believer because you are preaching “life” to them. Whether they accept life or not is their free choice. I pray you have a clear understanding of judging. God bless.

  16. WOW…..

    I just got blocked from Facebook for the next 24 hours because I posted this article….

    so FB supports violence against children, and to oppose it is a violation of Community Standards!

    • Face book is sold out to the New Age. It will not support the truth about the religion of peace. In the above case it was tribal moon god worshipers murdering each other. Sunni vs. Shia.

      It is the same thing with Afghanistan, and Iraq. Over 50% of the males in Afghanistan have homosexual relations with boys below the age of 14. The Koran supports it, but you will not see it in the Main Stream media, because they do not what you to learn the truth about Islam, or that Homosexuality is cultural, not DNA based. Bestiality, same thing. The Koran supports it, and it supports murder like the murder of this little girl.

      The New Age of lies has brought a curse on the whole world. We all got it coming.

      May Christ come soon. Not soon enough for me.

  17. OMG, what is wrong with “people”???
    – may those bastards burn forever in the lake of fire!!!!

    Poor little girl, I am crying for you rigth now.

    I hope you´re in the arms of the Creator right now, you didn´t deserve that treatment!

  18. im here to show you all how much god loves you all i shareing his word for free thats what my brother did so many years ago all preachers now only preach to fill there pockets with gold and not to share the good news of god he loves you all and cares he told us all sale everything take nothing with you but the clothes on your back do gods will not mans worship the lord your god in him only should you worship.


  20. god is alround us he already here trust in god forgive those who wont forgive themselfs god loves you all do not judge or you to shell be judged say the lord watch and be ready and dont judge your not god so help your brothers dont condem them or you to will be condemed by god god loves you all

    • Judge not, least ye be judged. G-d is letting humans they will be judged the way they have judged.

      Let’s see, moon god worshipers murdering innocent women, and children. How shall I judge that? Ah yes, I know. May those moon god worshipers burn in hell, and if I become a insane murderer of the innocent, may I burn in hell too.

      Does that clear it up for you?

  21. god loves you its not gods failt what man do why blame him for evil that man do the evil ones doing all this why dont you blaime him and not god you with out sin cast the first stone

  22. Jeanette, you are lost in your version of the “love” of God. Yes, God loves us all, He created us. He gave His Son to us to die a sinless death on the cross for our sins, it is through His blood we are cleansed. We become redeemed by faith in Jesus and salvation through trusting in Jesus. But God hates evil. No one is blaming God for the evil in the world only yourself in this confusion of “love” you have. All people who do not accept Jesus are condemned. Jesus called the Syro-Phoenician woman “dogs” (Mark 7:27) and Paul called them dogs also, in modern day terms this would relate to the Moslems (they hate Christians and Jews). It does not mean we hate them, we are called to hate the evil they stand for. Jesus said, “love your neighbour,” who is your neighbour, your fellow Christian. Friendship with the world is enmity with God, who wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God (James 4:4). Pray you understand. God bless.

  23. no its you peaple who who live by what man does you have all forgotten the true meaning of what he said all those years ago you all twisted what the bible is telling all mankind you do not live you life by the bible but by every word of god open your eyes you have all rewrote the bible to what you what to hear worship the lord your god in him only should you worship i take it you are a preached the lords truth for offerings in your church why do you have your followers line your pockets with gold thats not how you should preach his truth you should take money from them but what you should do is give it to the poor and needy not your pockets to many preaches have lost there faith as they have forgotten what my brother has shown them and turned there backs on him he was there all along jesus never turned his back on us its us who turn our backs on him you are like sheep who hae lost your way does not he leave his 99 sheep behind to find the one who is lost put your faith back in jesus not man and live by every word of god the its all be fullfeild right before our eyes watch and be ready when he calls his peaple to come home and be with him in parerdise forever open yours eyes to what gods telling you put god first in your life man shell not leave on bread alone but from every word of god bless you all in jesus holy name .

  24. Theatrics from the pit of hell! If it were possible to confound the very elect! What this gory picture depicts, if true, is what the world has come to. West Gate, If one browses this title will discover, that the incidence in Nairobi Kenya was not just happen chance, but the announcement worldwide of the return of the Azrael-the Angel of death. There was so much more of such a scenario as this one, perpetrated by Global Occultists led by Azrael himself. The Kenyan chapter of the Occultists abetted in this event and eventually collapsed the building to cover up the atrocities that had been mete against innocents. It is reported that the terrorists did escape and this is still the mystery, and they had also managed to kill over eight of the security forces.

    What the world is up against is evil in its highest echelons, while we here are being misled into believing the atrocities are from Muslim terrorists, who are but just the ideal scape goat of the present, as the Arabs were in the evil of slavery. For slavery was likewise a global evil, but it was the Arabs who worked out the gory details of it, while the westerners provided the ready market as well as the facilitation. Likewise in modern day occultism, Islam is the choice vehicle but the whole world is in this evil together.

    When such innocents die in our face, and without vengeance for them, we are left to wonder why God let it so happen. And that is the effect that Azrael is willing for those who fear God, to perceive that they are forsaken, or else the world is, and as such to give up on their faith. That effect sadly is weighting heavily on us, for we are sadly weak in faith, not being conversant with how much the Lord can allow, for indeed He is the resurrection of the dead, and He did say Blessed were they to be who died thereafter a certain period in the Lord, for they were of the seed of heaven. Therefore do not be over weighed by these gory atrocities in the world, but know they are being perpetrated because the time of evil is almost come to an end, and that is why they are doing their ultimate to influence the world against God.

    Do not falter in your faith in God, but instead remain steadfast in knowledge of truth.

    There is also a link between the sign of the West Gate in Kenya, and the atrocities now beginning to manifest all around the world, including the present stand off of the American government. West Gate was the sign to all echelons of Occultists, whatsoever they be called-Muslim brotherhood, Illuminati, Jesuits, Masons and all their retinue, to serve the return of their Master by collapsing the world under chaos. And that is what we are to shortly witness in this world. Children of faith, watch and learn, for now you witness the depths and true nature of evil. In this also do we witness why the Lord of Hosts returns to intervene in the affairs of humanity, and in due process has to destroy multitudes of all those forsworn to Azrael and his ways.

    It is the time we ought to cling on truth like never before

    • Can you give me a link to the West Gate/Kenya thing? Who is Azrael? And yes, there really is a great deal going on in ‘the heavenlies’.

      • Azrael is the given name of angel of death according to occultists, Sikhs and Muslims among others.

        The links to the West Gate fiasco in Kenya as numerous as they are fail to give the true picture of what really happened there, with many questions left unanswered.

        The terrorists likewise managed to kill a record eight soldiers, but none of the bodies of the terrorists are yet recovered, and it is supposed they had a channel of escape, that is not yet established.

        What amazed me is that on just hours into the hostage situation, the soldiers were seen carrying explosives to the building, which begs the question of how they knew they should have to collapse the building three days thereafter. It is evident that the collapsing of the building was mostly a maneuver to hide the ghastly sights left by the demons/Jinns, after they had feasted, and left…. in the plume of smoke which they raised as in another case in India

        It typically shouts aloud of the Occult and sadly there is not one report that links the matter as such.

        • John, as strange as that may sound, I know those kinds of things do happen. There are some reports and pictures of a demon’s face formed in the smoke of the Twin Towers. Some say the sacrifice was to him or something like that. The face definitely was there. The spirit world is totally different from the natural and hard to understand. It doesn’t help that all we are taught is meant to keep us blind to realities that some want to keep hidden.

          • I read an article about a woman who was working as an FBI agent at the time, assigned to the plane crash site (field) in Pennsylvania. As she was working the site, in the smoke she saw and angel rise out of it – and take form! She had been a “non-believer” as she describes it, and quit her job shortly after that.

  25. Jeanette you appear to have either lost the plot or are confused in the Biblical God. Do we also see a hate of preachers from you? Not all preachers line their pockets with gold, probably a very small sect.
    John in the article above has given a good account and I agree. The elite or Illuminati are using the hatred of the Muslems to bring on the destruction of Israel, the West and WW III and bring the population of the world down to under 1 billion initially and in the long term around 100 million. Notice all the World Heritage sites, they are for the “elite” only in the coming NWO.
    Back to the God of the Bible; If you love those who hate God then His wrath is upon you (2 Chronicles 19:2).
    In the Book of Ezekiel 38 God tells us how He will deal with those who come against Israel. WW III, which the Orthodox Jews say will happen in 2015 if not sooner. In that war, the Russian and Islamic armies of the Middle East will be destroyed. We have the Psalm 83/Isaiah 17 war is on hand where Israel will destroy the surrounding countries and reclaim most of its land God gave them but countries have been taking from Israel in the name of a “false peace” especially the US. Remember hurricane Katrina, well it came about within 7 days of the US forcing Israel to give their God-given land of the West Bank to the Palestinians – what peace did Israel get, an Intifada! Thank you President Bush.
    Two weeks ago the Moslems sacked a Christian church in Pakistan killing over 80, they then cut the bodies up for body parts – imagine, they hate the Christians but will use their body parts? You think God is not watching? Pakistan has had a number of earth quakes since this event with over 800 dead!
    Believers are called to pray for our fellow Christians and let God do the retribution. God bless you all.

  26. Horrifying and heartbreaking… My prayers are for those who committed this atrocity. May they find Jesus and follow Him. For those of you who are wondering “why” they would do this, in this manner to an innocent child, there is a reason. In occult sacrifices the object of the sacrifice is two-fold. First of all, there is a reason they terrify the victim before taking out the heart and consuming it. When one experiences fear, endorphins are released. The purpose of terrifying this little girl was to release endorphins. Afterwards, when they consume her heart/blood they get a big dose of her endorphins, a second hand endorphin “high”. Secondly, the purpose is to mock God by sending an “innocent” back to Him. A rebellious way to say “Fine, You took the Garden of Eden away and You let pain in the world? Here’s the result of that God, we will show You what that pain looks like” (Hence why it was the little girl who died/was sacrificed in this manner and not her parents, the younger the better in their eyes). Pure evil in it’s most barbaric form.

    • Occultists do those and worse to their victims. There’s a lot going on in the occult world that’s hidden from the general public, a lot of pain, suffering, and sacrifice. The occult– through especially media, politicians, famous stars, singers, actors, celebrities, famous and trusted professionals like Dr. Phil, national Christian leaders, and presidents– then encourages those of us ‘above ground’ to eat, drink, and carry on our merry lives so they ensure that we’re too busy to ever see anything suspicious. This was what Bush did right after 9/11 when we were told not to worry but to go out and shop and carry on as usual. I still see the origin of all these problems rooted in the hatred that inevitably results when love lacks; in this case, the elite, or whatever you want to call them, are masterfully using American pride (‘we’re better than every living thing on earth’, this pride directly tied to our Christianity by the way), division (cliquing everywhere and segregation among races which the Trayvon Martin case was meant to spur on), and bigotry (Obama was chosen in large part so the NWO could progress its agenda with a black man and catch a latently racist nation in a double-bind which allows the elite to use the racism and hypocrisy of the people against them) against us. A decision to practice love and some humility and to be inclusive rather than Starbucks and iPhone (which I think most symbolize an exclusive, vain, self-absorbed culture) is the only thing that can reverse the curses that came on this nation at the beginning (and which multiply in strength yearly) from the rejection and hatred we showed the natives and the slaves and continue to show anyone (no matter the color) who is ‘different’ from us.

  27. im doing my fathers work what are you doing? i said if i don’t tell gods truth the listern to me if i do then listen dont be scared of gods truth for your lifes as he has a plain for all of you he loves you come pick up your cross and follow god king of kings lord of lords bless you all

  28. yes its true about what you say but do you rather worship god or man jesus loves us all he cares for all mankind great and small but he also said worship the lord your god and In him only should you worship you can not worship two gods worship the lord or man you can not worship both turn back to god before its to late why do you live your lifes by the bible when you should live your life by every word that comes from god god said pick up your cross and follow me

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      I can send you an image.

      it is also 6 am where I am, which means america is in time zone 3 am to 6 am ….there should be more comments when people wake up….

      the only one I knows who is up at this time in america is james….others come in from other countries where it is later there….

      for example someone came in from africa…and their time zone is closer to yours.

      if it is a website issue for you….maybe restart your computer or clear your cache….

      • Marianne
        I am a crazy dude but not that crazy. i understand that not much people have comment anything the last ours but this is the message i see when I look under recent comments “There are no public comments available to display”. I get this on my pc, tablet pc and on my cell phone so it is not about clearing cache. Even if I use fake ip it is the same so it is not my Children who have blocked me either. Someone does not want me from writing or reading on this site. I can not understand who it is since I love Obama and only americans censors (prejudice).

        Life is a bitch and I owned one for a long time ago and lonliness brougt me to this blog and now I am banned. So I guess it time to go back to loniless again. I will miss all the crazy interpretations on the Bible.
        BYE BYE!

  31. Marianne
    Thanks for take time on me but I don´t think you can help me. I am very good on computers and I can see that this on higher level. If you think I am just kidding so please look at the picture that tells you that I am not kidding.

  32. God hear our prayers !

  33. Even the angels are murmuring and sighing with us on account of the incomprehensible evil deeds of men orchestrated by the pure evil one himself; but all things take place in accord with our Father’s will and providence, just as the slaughtering of Bethlehem’s infant boys by Herod did. Did they suffer? I believe not. This innocent ripped out heart went straight to the Lord and is awaiting the resurrection, as are the hearts of all the slaughtered innocent ones throughout the history of the world; and there have been many!

    “Woe”, Jesus said to the perpetrators of the most evil and heinous crime against humankind, whose necks will be dragged down by millstones to depths that will be as incomprehensible as their evil deeds.

    We simply have to hand these matters over to the LORD, for we have not yet the capacity to understand fully His ways, and that of His adversary.


  34. do not judge your brother or you to will will judged says the lord love your brothers and sister do not condem or you to will be condemed you with out sin cast the first stone

  35. OK so the are satanists, we get it. I hate to state the obvious but when the warning of Garabandal comes I could announce the Miracle. Within 12 months and april 8 – 16 th. What is it that Conchita has to offer??

  36. at the risk of compounding the tragedy…this is actually 2 DIFFERENT children 😦
    the girl on the left was chained by the Syrian Rebel Army to watch her parents slaughtered because they were Muslim. there is still some debate as to the gender of the child on the right, but, male or female, Muslim or Christian, wherever in the world they may be…did it matter? they are/were children; virtually babies, and souls innocent of whatever horror their tormentors could possibly have imagined…
    i subscribe to no organized religion (though i was raised Christian and still maintain relationships with members of the church), but i _DO_ believe in God, and i pray that perpetrators of such atrocities as this will meet a fitting end (and eternity)!!

  37. Dear God forgive us all? How will we ever forgive him?

  38. Not everything you read on the Internet is truth!!!!

  39. OH MY GOD, how in the world can anyone be so savage? The people who did this are not humans but SAVAGES. May they burn in hell.

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