Do you have an Ahab?


Ahab is the permissive spirit who allows Jezebel to go wild and out of control. He is the authority figure that she gets her initial authority from. He may seem masculine in some ways, but he is passive toward her. There are some good resources on the web about Ahab, so I am merely referencing them, rather than repeating the information.

Basically, Ahab is a man who has no real male hormones….or refuses to act like a man, and assume responsibility. It almost seems like he was born missing a few body parts. He turns his head to what Jezebel does so he can somehow benefit from her pillaging of others. He is selfish, wimpy, and uncaring, and ignores the destruction. He looks to his Jezebel as his strength, and admires her. He may even think she is sexy, and will offer the souls up of others to stay near her. Maybe she is his wife, or his “lovely” colleague at work. This combination causes pain for others. She is a liar and a slanderer, and he personally does not care about anything she destroys.

Why do some men become Ahabs? They were not born that way! Ahab is a spirit also, and early childhood experiences come into line with this. A weak or missing male father figure, and an overbearing mother figure contribute to this. The man can be very intelligent, and social, but he will have neither the ethical character, nor the interest in stopping injustices. His lack of action produces a comfort zone, and he benefits from the Jezebels’ destructive behavior. He will defer responsibility and authority to the Jezebel, who takes over. The Jezebel section explores the roots of this deviancy, which can also influence the development of the Ahab, as well as the Jezebel.

To really remove Jezebel, you have to remove Ahab first. To insure Ahab cannot return, he has to be replaced with a Jehu, or righteous man of legitimate authority, willing to act. If you do not have this authority, then remove yourself from this duo.

Avoid Ahabs – Watch and be vigilant in new environments for Ahabs. If you find a man in authority like this, there will most likely be a Jezebel around the corner. In social groups, in job interviews, in churches, take notice if you encounter weak passive men. Take this into consideration before becoming involved with that environment. Save your self from much grief.

In the church, Ahab and Jezebel represent the destruction of the individual family, and church family. The church is to be the bride of Christ and the head is her bridegroom, Jesus Christ. Ahab destroys the bridegroom priestly role and Jezebel pollutes the women with rebellion. All becomes flesh. Spiritual purity is gone, and replaced with ego-centric behavior and motives. Are there too many families breaking up in your church? Look for clues like this.

Click here to read more about Jezebel.

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  1. Manipulation, deception, cowardice, laziness, selfishness etc are sins that each individual has to address. Men and women each have to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Christ. When we don’t do that we have no one to blame for our bondage to sin. Timothy was taught the scriptures by his mother and grandmother, no mention of any involvement of his father, so there is hope for children who’s parents are still in bondage to these sins.

  2. You understnd the gist of Ahab. It is a major problem in the USA today, and we are exporting it to other nations. It has caused the degeneration of all moral prinicples under the guise of tolerance. Father YHWH is very loving but HE is NOT tolerant of sin.

    • Rusty, I agree with you. We’re to the point where men even brag about being Ahabs; i.e. susceptible to the Jezebel spirit or/and feminine wiles.

    • Marianne, thanks. The Lord has been telling me, since last year, that I need to be in the company of apostolic (spiritually mature) men. This is something I’ve been praying for and know that I need. Now that I see the Ahab spirit clearly working in me, it makes sense why God has been telling me to that I need apostolic men who will speak acceptance and affirmation into my life. I’ve been having anxiety attacks and know the are from the Jezebel and Ahab spirits working in tandem in my life (Ahab from within and Jezebel from without, often from the heavenly places). I never had such a person in my life, a minister who is male and would take time to help build me up. Male leaders in churches rejected me as they felt I had nothing to offer them. I’m going to need prayer as I begin to search again for strong male leaders.

      • arendale

        what kind of churches have you been going to? maybe I can help get you going in the right direction.

        • I’ve gone to almost every denomination. No church now. Can’t really do church because of the anxiety attacks around crowds. I’m in Eminence, KY. No luck yet. Hoping to be connected to some genuine apostolic men of God. Any ideas?

          • give me a list of where you have been

            • Okay. Also, can you contact me on email. It’s easier than posting here, and my phone also notifies me when I have mail. I’ve talked with you in email in the past.

              I grew up Catholic and then began going to Christian churches. Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship, Vineyard churches, AOG, Apostolic, Adventist, Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalian, Nazarene, Presbyterian, non-denominational, Pentecostal, Church of Christ, etc. I don’t recall them all and don’t think the problem was so much the church I went to as it was timing. I feel like I’m now in a time when things will begin working.

              • Wow,,, what a powerful subject that you all are dealing with. I am an Elder in Monroe La. and the spirit of Ahab and Jezebel has taken over in so many of the churches. I am strongly against that spirit and right now I decree and declare that GOD is getting ready to avenge the saints for such a time as this. I was in a church here and 12 leaders all left there because leadership was out of order and had a pharaoh mentality. It was not until we all left (in 3 months time we all left) that he then realized that he messed up. Not only is Ahab and Jezebel in the church,,, that spirit is also running rampant in the earth and that is a portion why so much is happening all around usTp Arendale,, I totally agree with you also about timing. God works in time, and within a very short while SUPERNATURAL RELEASE and a HOSTILE TAKEOVER, is about to happen. My email add is Saints,,,, be encouraged!!!!!

            • A very enlightening article. How can I pray for my husband regarding the Ahab spirit? Please in-box.

              • Idah

                He has to be willing to change, and understand why he is that way. Then pray that he is delivered from this bondage that makes him so agreeable to aggressive women.

  3. Hi Rusty,

    Thank you for your comment. I hope more men see this, and become the Jehus (righteous men) they need to be to reverse this damage.


  4. I’ve believed for many years, that this spirit is actually at the root of most of what is wrong in the Church, in families, and in society. It is most frustrating to be in a subordinate position to one of these, be it marriage, a job, or in a ministry setting. You keep hoping they’ll step up to the plate, but they rarely ever do, leaving all open for attack from without and within. And when they do, they end up back-peddling to become more comfortable and avoid conflict. It takes lots of prayer, moral support, and submission to get over this.

    • You’re right, Cindy. The Ahab spirit and mindset are at the root of basically all society’s problems.

  5. Hi Cindy,

    I totally agree. Men not being real men has destroyed many families. Victims need to get support from others, have them confront the Ahab, have him seek the root of his problems, and pray together. It will be a struggle.


  6. I think my husband has an Ahab spirit and the Jezebel is his ex-wife. I prayed and fasted for 3 days a week every week for almost 10 yrs. The Lord shaowed me in a dream the man I was to marry and 1year later I met my husband.He was the man in my dream. Now there are issues and I don’t know what todo or how to proceed. He seems attracted to these kind of women. What can I do? Does anyone know/

    • dear s

      I have some questions and I would have to know more.

      You are probably right, if they match the descriptions. Does your husband want to change? Is he faithful to you? If he is willing to change, he is the key the solution.

      He is a passive man, and so is attracted to women he feels has the energy he lacks. He first has to find out why he feels so weak, and allows women to rule.

      In the meantime, try to provide the energy between the two of you, and encourage him to search inside himself. Why is he this way? Was his mother like this? He needs to find the Jehu inside – the masculine leader, positively dominant side of himself.

      write back and let me know. Just respond to the email.


    • It’s been awhile since you posted this but when I read it, I understood your dilemma. I married a Ahab in obedience to God as well and at the end of a harrowing 10 years with the abusive lug, he left me with no money & lots of bruises. That was 16 years ago and I am still healing so deep the betrayals and hurt went..I wished I had married him and wished too I had left him when it was obvious he was choosing to not even try to change with God’s help.
      Remember this: God gives opportunity to men & women in marriage…there are times it is necessary to divorce biblically.
      It sounds like he has soul ties not severed with the ex wife…all the prayers in the world is useless unless HE wants to truly be God’s man.
      In my opinion, he sounds like he likes having two women in his life and has no intention to dissolve either one. I would suggest to you that unless you like living in mistrust and suspicion and sadness your whole life, you will seriously and prayerfully consider separating from him & if that does not improve things, leave him permanently. God bless, dear.

      • the best advice about marrying an ahab is not to do it. it would never be God’s will to marry someone who had already been married before, and divorced. there are always ties to the ex

        • Mmmm, I disagree with this. Never? If a spouse divorces say for infidelity or abuse, are they not free to love and marry again?

          • I’d say ensure the ties are cut first

          • Nicole, not according to God’s words. God says He hates divorce. When they asked Jesus why it was allowed by Moses, Jesus said it was because of the hardness of hearts. The marriage covenant says till death. Divorce does not bring that to an end, I think. Sex after divorce is still adultery.

          • I believe that they can marry again!!

  7. Wow I am glad I came here, Very focused with spiritual discernment.

  8. Thank you Marianne. These articles have given me understanding of my unsaved husband’s 7yr relationship with an employee who has him bewitched. You could be describing them to a T. This material is not taught in my church and warfaring for our marriage is one of the toughest things I’ve ever done as it brings unbelievable spiritual opposition.I’ve personally experienced hostile Jezebel’s intimidation and the reality of Elijah’s irrational fear. It is devastating to watch how she has deceived and emasculated my man through his own passivity in being an Ahab. I believe that no weapon formed against me will prosper and that my husband is sanctified so will continue trusting God for breakthrough and for his salvation. Please pray for us.

    • hi Jen,

      I added you to the prayer list. You need to find a way to help your husband re-discover his true masculine side, and push her away. Get support from friends. Divide and conquer is key to success. You have to confront each separately. Get your girlfriends together and go after the jezebel. Confront her, and tell her what she is. Find her weak point, and use it.

  9. Hi, I wrote in a few months ago regarding this subject and we exchanged emails. I want to thank you for giving me the courage to do what was necessary. There came a situation where his children with his ex wife came to my house and disrupted my entire household and he said nothing. In fact my daughter said he made the comment “women” when I came to him about his children’s lack of respect and his lack of a response. Well the ex-wife I told you months ago would use the children to manipulate him and he would go along with what she said. Well you told me to tell him that his kids cannot come over here and I let him know that. It is the best advice I have gotten this year and I thank you and the Lord so much. Thank you for your obedience to the truth of God’s word and call on your life.

    • hi sharilyn,

      You are most certainly welcome. It is a blessing to see people get free from Satan’s plans, and have the victory in their lives that they deserve. 🙂

  10. Marianne,

    If the Jezebel is a male and is the pastor, who would or could be the Jehu. He is single…

  11. Marianne, I mistyped…
    The question is if the Jezebel is a male and is the pastor, who would or could be the Ahab. He is unmarried and in a mess of sexual sin.

    • hi warrior

      The ahab would be a female family member, someone close to him who has permitted him to be this way…mother, aunt, grandmother…

      unless he is an aggressive homosexual..then it would be his gay partner.

      a Jehu for him would be someone who outranks him in the church…..a bishop, overseer, central office……etc.

  12. I believe my father has the spirit of Ahab. He abandoned my mother while she was pregnant with me. He has been in relationships with two other women since then. He is still with the second one now and she controls everything about his life.
    It has been revealed to me and my mother by a great man on God, a prophetic pastor that she is using withcraft to control him. She is also using the withcraft to frustrate everything I do in my life.
    I also have a half sister who is older that me and she is disabled. She is not the daughter of his current wife. He does not take care for her or care about her well being. He also does not support me and has left my mon alone to raise me by herself.
    I forgot to mention that he wanted my mom to commit an abortion when he found out she was pregnant. So basically God gave him my half sister first and he rejected and abandoned her/her mother because of her physical condition. He rejected me before I was even born because he wanted a male child. God is not mocked because he has been with his current wife for many years and she has not been able to have a child to date. They just recently adopted 2 children and the prophetic pasotr told us that she is doing everything with witchcraft to make sure that I do not become more successful that her children. In all things I trust God because my life is his completely and her plans will not work.
    My father was scared because she had to children. What she does not know is that I would never fight over whatever money or property he leaves behind. That is not for me to fight for.
    I am just working on forgivness of my father because I know that is what God wants me to do. It is very very very hard because I don’t like or trust him. How do you forgive when you want to but your heart has not forgiven the person. If I tell him I forgive him then I would be lying to him and myself. Like I wrote above he is always sorry but he never does anything different. I don’t want God to punish me for not forgiving him.

    • Dear Godsway,

      I perfectly understand what you and your mom have been through. I have also been a single mom for 30 years, and have a similar story. It looks like your mom did a good job raising you. You have turned out fine.

      Maybe this post will help.

      We should stick with God’s standards for forgiveness. If we just forgive people who are not sorry, it is like giving them permission to do what they want.

      Forgiveness should be in our hearts, and ready to share….once the repentance is evident…..but we also do not want to send the message that repentance is not required for salvation and deliverance.

      Your father is a weak man, and he has willingly gotten himself into this, and hurt you.

      Just pray that God sends someone along into his path, and makes him wake up to what he is, what he has done, and pricks his heart enough to make him repent. There is really no way he can make up to you for all he has done wrong to you and your sister.

      Just remember, he is only one man. There are real men in this world who would love to protect you, and care for you. Focus your energy now on men who are more worthy of you.

  13. Marianne,

    I continue to receive and read your blog. We’ve communicated off line as well. As I read some of the posts, I wanted to clarify something and get your input. Jezebel is a spirit, principality, not a person, so isn’t it safe to say that the Ahab and the weakness(es) in a person will create an entry (portal) for this spirit? When I first started to study this, I kept looking at Jezebel as a person and Ahab as a person… It’s all spiritual and the story in the Bible is symbolic… not literal with regard to today’s application. Also, isn’t the spirit of Jezebel the result of weakness, but the true root of the demonic inspiration is Baal and Astheroth… the gods who seek worship? So Jezebel is the spirit that is leashed into the “church” in an effort to get believers to worship her gods… Any clarity you might offer will be appreciated.

    • Dear warrior

      Jezebel and Ahab were real people, and the spirits were just named after them, because they had those behaviors.

      It makes it easier to discuss the spiritual problems if you have a name for them.

      These two people did serve the false gods of Baal and Astheroth.

  14. I just read this article and will be reading more on the Ahab spirit later today. The tolerance and cowardice of Ahab covers males in our society like blankets (at least in America where I live). Masculine weakness toward sexuality is seen as natural (and some males boast about how much they love women– their weakness in lust a badge of ‘true masculinity’ and worth to them), but this very weakness aids Ahab and abets Jezebel.

    I am in the midst of ‘an Ahab and Jezebel disaster’right now (then throw in several more Ahabs, Jezebels, and Eunuchs of Jezebel– all in Jezebel’s network). Most people have told me to ‘make a run for it’, but when I asked God whether to run or stay and war, He said to instead hold my peace (don’t react or respond to [the spirits in Jezebel’s network]) and allow Him to work in the life of ‘the main Jezebel’ (and maybe the lives of the others). I have to admit that as the depths of Jezebel’s heart and activities are revealed, and as I learn more about how Ahab, Jezebel, and Jezebel’s Eunuchs work together, the situation looks more and more like a ‘make a run for it’ situation.

    There are many reasons that His reasoning doesn’t at all seem reasonable. Some are that 1.> I have some weaknesses and wounds yet unhealed that Jezebel can definitely use against me; 2.> I am outnumbered about fifty to one (at least right now; there may be others not faithful to Jezebel and Ahab I don’t yet know of in this church); 3.> you’re normally supposed to vanish from the presence of those who are in willful rebellion and sin; 4.> the main Jezebel is not only my pastor and spiritual head/covering here but is also my counselor (I mean, how much can you divulge to a person who is supposed to be helping you when Jezebel is writing it all down to use it against you); etc. Therefore, I can’t tomorrow lean on the understanding I received today about how to proceed in all this.

    Also, I read somewhere (maybe this site) that Jezebel usually first tries to use sexuality to destroy men or men in authority, then she uses slander (or something worse; I don’t recall what). Well, it’s nice to know I am in the first stage already. My pastor, who I met with today, has definitely been ‘issuing forth’ lust and sexual seduction toward me. She isn’t often overt with it, but she sure gets it across. It happened again today when I went to their home to talk, and she actually tried to put her Ahab husband under (to sleep) in order to give me a ride home by herself. When she came out her room, I asked for her husband instead; she said he was asleep (meaning he wasn’t available); then he came out their room and said he would drive me home himself (he was falling asleep, because she was trying to put him to sleep in order to be alone with me and try to shoot me full of lust). Talking to the pastor today, I was more able to see the unrepentant deception and seduction she is presently operating in. Again, anyone with half a brain would tell me to kick off my shoes and run like the wind away from this situation. However, I don’t believe I should run; I DO acknowledge that I need much prayer covering and ask for prayer for protection from deception, pride, etc. and for God’s Wisdom and Grace.

    • ValleyAnt

      I would suggest not being alone with these people, especially at their house. Do not give place to the enemy. Stay in a group situation, for the sake of your own reputation. You cannot accomplish much if that is gone.

      • I agree. Though most people (everyone, really, at this point) in this church are ‘on Jezebel’s side’, it’s still better to be with more than one person at a time rather than [especially Jezebel alone].

  15. There has been a lot of this on both side’s of my children’s family. Thank’s for the info because I would have never guessed this. I knew SOMETHING was wrong but didn’t have what I needed to understand. Pray for my children and me. We need God’s intervention.


    HANG IN THERE!!!!!! WE’RE ON OUR WAY DOWN!!!!!!!!!


  17. For some reason it is very hard for me to hold on to money, I do tithe gratefully and cheerfully, but money still goes thru my hands like water, I.m not sure what to do any suggestions?

    • Deborrah

      You either do not make enough money, or you spend it incorrectly. If you are in financial need, the church should be helping you, not the other way around. Stop tithing, make a budget, and stick to it.

    • That can be a demon stealing your money … someone probably bewitched you

    • I do know of some people who were bewitched and the person who did it was stealing their money . . controlling them by causing them to transfer their money to their bank accounts.

  18. Hello Marianne,

    Thank you for posting such useful resources for God’s people to be informed and empowered.

    The man who the Lord revealed (and confirmed) will be my husband (as well as his father and brothers) is currently under the influence of Ahab. His mother, an ordained minister and prophet, is under the influence of Jezebel. The family structure is very cultic- with a mandate that everyone stay close and thrives on false righteousness and religiosity.

    The Lord warned me about a dragon before I met this man and has since reassured me that He intends for the whole family to be delivered, starting with the man that will be my husband. For the time being we are not in contact. The Lord instructed me to refrain from contact until complete deliverance has taken place and I trust He will reveal all things in His perfect time. I’m grateful for the insight and foresight of the Holy Spirit and I’m only sharing in hopes that I can recruit others to be in agreement with me for the deliverance of a well-meaning, but very deceived family.

    Thanks again and Many Blessings!

    • hi El

      I certainly agree with the advice you were given. I pray you stay safe and separate until complete deliverance for everyone is accomplished.

  19. So very glad I found this article. I work for an Ahab- type who has a Jezebel for a secretary. She puts on this fake “southern belle” act and acts like she is very concerned and caring to your face but will lie and slander you to no end behind your back. He acts like she does no wrong despite evidence to the contrary. She pits employees against each other and we have all caught on to her behavior except for him.

    As far as he goes, on one hand he appears to be very generous and caring. He is very generous monetarily to his employees and he is respectful to what is going on in our personal lives. For example, if we are ill or are having issues with family, he will not hesitate to give us time off to take care of things. He lends money to needy employees if they are in a financial bind. He and his father, who are very well-off, well-known businessmen both have a reputation for giving you the shirt-off-their-back. The down side of this is that many of his employees take advantage of him and his secretary runs amok and tries to run the show. Being a supervisor, this has called untold hours of extra work of work for us. Although a Christian, he has very poor spiritual discernment which has resulted in many instances of employees being hired who have turned out to be cons or criminals causing many of our business clients to lose trust & respect for the company. Even when we(the other employees who have discernment) see the truth about people or situations and try to warn him, he thinks we are being judgemntal and will not listen to us and every single time this has happened, we have payed dearly.

    His secretary lies, slanders, and pits employees against each other. I think she really gets off on seeing the supervisors battle each other out like roosters in a cock fight. Thank goodness we have all caught on so we now know what to expect and if anything is said against or about each other we go to the other to get the real story. The problem is the new employees don’t know that right at first and she immediately tries to go in and manipulate their perceptions of us employees who have been their for awhile, who she does not like because we see through her and have caught on to her act. For example, we hired a new supervisor who I have worked with and get along very well with. This new person went back to the office and told them how much she liked workng with me, how kind I was to her and the other employees, and that I did excellent work. Well a few days later, our lovely secretary goes to another senior supervisor and tells them that our new supervisor told her in private that I had mental issues, that my elevator didn’t go all the way to the top, and that she did not want to work with me. I kindly confronted new girl who became very angry and upset. She went to my boss in tears and told him she did not know why secretary would say that because she loved working with me. He later called me and told me that he thought the senior supervisor was the one that said it and was trying to start trouble. That supervisor came to me and said that the secretary came to her personally at the office and told her that. She also said she knew that it was a bald-faced lie. We confronted him about it and he denies that the secretary would ever do such a thing and said that she is one of the kindest, sweetest people he knows who would be incapable of doing something like that. He did go to her and ask her if she said that and she replied in this sweet, soft voice “Now why would I do that? That is so immature!”

    She has done this many, many times and each time he refuses to see the truth. He blames everyone else for being negative and judgemental. He does not see the differences between prudent discernment and judging someone. We do not know what to do and are at our wits end!!! We have started to keep a detailed journal of what she is doing. He seems to want to believe the best about everyone because it is the Christian thing to do and will not believe us no matter what facts are staring him in the face and who has witnessed it. We all used to think he was just very naive but we are starting to wonder if he does know what is going on. Personally, even despite his apparent kindness and generosity, I think it is very big character defect and moral failing on his part.

    You’ve heard the saying about how evil flourishes when good people do nothing. He seems to be one of those “good people who does nothing” and we are starting to despise him for it despite his “good-guy” persona.

    • hi stacey

      You are on the right track. Have EVERYONE keep documented records with date, time and action on her. When you get a good list together, go as a group to the boss.

      I had the same situation. I finally frustrated her so badly she quit and moved to another department.

  20. Unfortunately, it is a family owned business with no other departments. He will not set up a heirarchy despite the fact that the business client base has grown so much to justify it. Right now, we have about 150 clients with 3 supervisors. Some of us are working up to 24 hrs straight and some have even had to sleep in their cars because their is very little time for them between shifts to go home. Sometimes we don’t have a chance to even take a bath. Most of this bull is due to her interferance. She claims that the business doesn’t have enough money to hire new employees to train. We could have 500 clients and they would still try to run it with the same 3 supervisors. The secretary and the boss, though not related, are both filthy rich. Our boss is building a new 3 story home but supposedly does not have enough to hire for his business.

    I ran into a former employee a few hours ago and she told me to tell the secretary hi and that she missed her. She said to me, “Miss sue is the sweetest person I’ve ever met!” I didn’t say anything but this is just an example of this woman’s Jekyll & Hyde nature. So, other than quitting, we really have no other recourse. “Sue” has been with them for years. Usually, the pattern is that the supervisors eventually all quit because of her but he doesn’t see it-some to the point of mental breakdown because of her bullying. He always says the same thing after an employee gets fed up and quits. It usually goes like this “I don’t know why so-and-so just walked out like that. I tried to help them out. They told me they were leaving ’cause they couldn’t take her crap anymore. I don’t know why they would say that about her. She’s the kindest, sweetest person I know. I guess people just dont wanna work anymore.” You would think if that pattern was continously happening year after year he would step back and realize there was a problem but he doesn’t want to. I don’t understand it.

    I’m sorry to rant but we are just so at the end of our rope. I hate to quit but I might have to. I just don’t understand how a boss can choose to remain so willfully ignorant of reality. I know my attitude is probably not very Christ-like right now but we are so angry and losing respect for him.

    • stacey

      maybe you can market your skills elsewhere? Can you find some job that is better? There is only so much anyone can take. The boss is an idiot. he is not going to change.

    • Just a thought, but has anyone prayed and asked God as how to pray for this “boss”? It would seem to me that prayer in the area of having his eyes open to the deception would go alot further than getting frustrated with the boss for not realizing what is going on. He has “blinders” on, and he is being deceived. Pray for those blinders to be removed.

      • KD

        You have to read the whole comment thread. He is under the influence of a jezebel. While she can pray for him, she could still be destroyed before prayers are even close to be answered. there will be no change until the jezebel is removed.

        we are dealing with demonic spirits here. unless the host is willing to be delivered, the spirits do not have to leave, and she is in danger of harm

  21. Marianne,

    Very good and accurate info on all pages I have read. However, things are much deeper and more profound than you realize regarding these unclean spirits. Your information is perfect for a collaboration with our site which is building a private global television broadcast network. We will be using both the web and TV and you and your content would be ideal. Our only interest is absolute truth. The kind you will never find in religious establishments like churches. First things first, have the proper foundation in place and use the proper names. Then you will know true power like you have never experienced. The LYYHT is shining.

    • hello Mikha ‘el

      The posts I have written are from personal experience, so I know first hand how nasty and deep the evil is.

      Maybe we could talk more about a collaboration since the time is short. We are almost out of time, so I hope your TV network is about ready to go. We may only have months or days left from what I see.

      Motto for the last days comes from the psalms: trust God, not man.

  22. Dear Marianne
    I last wrote well over a year and a half ago concerning my daughter-in-law (jez) and son (ahab). After what seems like many steps backward and a few forward, we may be a a new starting point. I have been praying the prayers provided on your site and also prayers for breaking generational curses and WAITING…lots of waiting. We’ve had little communication as I refused to allow her to be in the middle of whatever conversation I tried to have with him. My words always got twisted out of recognition and she has always been able to inflame whatever hurts or injustiices he perceives. Which is how he and I got so far apart to begin with. She wrote to me, yet again, but this time seemed to be genuinely concerned about my son’s state of mind after calling me on xmas eve. I thought we had a nice light conversation but as it turned out he was very hurt. Last year, I made it clear that my husband and I don’t do xmas at all but early in Dec. during Channuka we sent a large (for us) check to HIM to do with whatever he wanted (self, family, presents, bitlls,etc). She texted a thank you but my son didn’t acknowledge it at all and months later actually berated me for not sending individual gifts! So this year, I didn’t send anything. I didn’t even send a Channuka card because I was afraid she would see that as a slap in her face. She’s ridiculed me publicly on FB for my beliefs, calling me a cultist and religeous fruitcake. So anyway, in the course of trying to clear up the mess on both sides, she wrote again and I spoke again to him. This time he and I agreed to put more effort in to resolving the confllicts and she actually seemed genuine in her apology for purposefully hurting me, which destroyed my trust. Marianne, as I extend my hand to her, with the awareness of what drives her behavior, and his, how can I protect myself yet be who I am called to be. I want a good relationship with my son and opening the door back up to her seems the only way I can have influence for the truth of the Word. Is there something I should do specifically? I know YHWH has heard my cry and knows the desire of my heart but I also know what I’m dealing with now. Any suggestions or prayers will be greatly appreciated. Thank you and Shalom!

    • hi christine

      Understand that jezebels do not give in…so any gesture you make would be interpreted as you admiting you are wrong and she is right.

      there is no compromise with them.

      you have to oppose any negative behavior, and then state why

      you also have to tell the same explanation to your son.

      your son also needs to understand why he is tolerating such negative behavior out of his wife. you are not like that, so where did he pick up these lower standards?

      your son has to learn to stand up to her and act more like a man as well. he expects you to take abuse, so he can be comfortable. he needs to be told that this will not happen.

      she needs to be put on a leash until she starts acting like a lady, and like she is part of the family, and not an enemy. you have done nothing to her and will not take this kind of abuse.

      if she does not hear the word “no” out of her husband, then someone else need to say it to her.

      it looks like you have been elected.

      your husband , or another male authority figure he will respect, needs to have a talk with your son and teach him to show respect to his mother, and to assert the male authority on his own household. instead of letting this woman run loose over everyone., which makes him look like a wimp.

    • @Christine

      Marienne is right. Stand firm and do not give in to the pressure from your son and his wife to do anything you know you shouldn’t. Don’t participate in ANYTHING that is pagan and offensive to Elohim. Not even in the slightest. Birthdays included. The devil wants you to doubt and question what you know is right in your heart of hearts so he can accuse you before the most high. It is a mind game. The robbery begins there. With firmness, boldness and authority you will be heard and respected, even by the wicked. The devil will mock and ridicule you only when he senses fear, uncertainty and weakness. He is a predator of opportunity and compared to a lion in scripture for a reason. Remember, we wrestle not against flesh and blood so do not look at what you’re dealing with as just your son and his wife. These are incredibly powerful demonic forces that ultimately fear and respect those who stand firm in Yahushua and look wickedness in the eye.

      BTW, what is your daughter-in-law’s birthday? She sounds like a Venus. I’m guessing Libra but need more personality details so I can know exactly what we are dealing with. The zodiac, used the right way, is very much a part of being a Believer despite what the “church” has told you. The world is full of sitting ducks in the devil’s crosshairs because of lack of knowledge. The LYYHT is shining. Shalom aleichem.

  23. Thank you Marianne for your quick response, and also for your input Mikha’el. So far I have made it clear that I will not allow her to speak for him, which is partly why we have spoken so little in 2 years. Her ugliness is and always has been in the form of writing. She will attempt to overwhelm whoever she is after with many, many words, and well written, I might add. She definitely is not stupid or illiterate. I believe I have made clear to my son that I will not tolerate any ugliness, nor twisting my words. If and when I agree to have a lunch or coffee with her and she has ANY problems with ANYTHING I say, she is to make sure, there and then of my meaning so as to avoid my words coming back to me thru my son, twisted and out of context. What is very hard to deal with is he himself doesn’t seem to be able to remember things clearly and in the right order….he’s fuzzy on so much stuff. I think she is very afraid that if he spends one on one time with me, he’ll regain a clear mind and she’ll lose some of her control. I promised my son I would make an effort to extend my hand. I just don’t want to lose it in the process. My lifestyle is now very, very different from theirs as they don’t understand why I’ve chosen to live a Torah observant life and what that actually looks like. It blows my family away to not call myself a Christian anymore and the first thing they say is “Don’t you believe in Jesus?” They have no concept of what it means to live a faith life that is Torah based with my Messiah filling every minute of every day. Marianne, you asked how did my son get the way he is….partly generational curses, sexual molestation from his bio father, and I am a strong dominant personality. Actually I been called bossy (but I prefer “leader” lol) I used to be a shy girl back in the day but I’m old now and confident in who I am, with what I’ve lived thru. I know who I am in Messiah and won’t back down for anyone. My FB looks like a train station…people come and if they don’t like what I teach and stand up for they either hide me, hide my posts or drop me. You said my prayers were all my son had to help him and I believe that those prayers were heard. My Elohim can do anything and He is more than enough to overcome this Jezabel/Ahab combo. Thank you so much for your support. I will keep you posted from time to time on how things go from here.

  24. Hello, I was wondeering something about the Ahab spirit I met my husband in a church that was full of Jezebels mainly the overseer,and her family I had just been born again and knew nothing of different demonic spirits,my husband and I were immediately attracted to one another, however the family of the pastor her daughter,son-in-law,grandchildren were against us being married and tried everything to prevent us from getting married, my husband lived with this familyand was the one who made me aware that jezebel was in the house at the time when they couldn’t convince him to call off the engagement they resorted to belittling him and his musical gift (he plays the piano and was minister of music) when that didn’t work they kicked him out using an excuse that he left something out of place, anyway I didn’t notice that my husband was easily controlled by the overseer until after we were married (come to think about it she was controlling from the beginning I just ignored it for ex: the original date we set to get married she told him that GOD didn’t show her that day so he said for us to change it saying GOD confirms through the overseer first, I came up with a different date and made him aware that this is our wedding and that unless GOD told one of us to change the date I wasn’t postponing again)
    I started realizing that my husband hung onto the overseer every word and she was always right this in turn would result in my husband and I arguing eventually my husband began to see that the overseer was controlling and that he had been the Ahab of that family and in the church we eventually left the church, fasted, and prayed that the Ahab spirit and ungodly soul ties to this church and family be broken getting rid of everything they gave to my husband in the process, and said we are never to return to their church or have any contact with them(this was over two years ago)but then my husband started back talking to his mother who from his own mouth again was very controlling of his father, she cheated,lied,manipulated,belittled him(his father) as well as him I tried everything I could to get my husband to not completely shut the door on his mother (as I felt that if something was to happen to her he would regret cutting all ties to her) but I did suggest that he stop communicating with her so much and look at the life she lived and the example she left for him and quit following her advice which was to leave me because I am 7yrs older than him yet she had a child by someone that was the same age of my husband eventually he would tell me he was and I would always find out he was lying. Fast forward today my husband and I have seperated and he is currently living back with the family he lived with prior to our getting engaged the reason for our seperation is because he wanted us to return to their church I reminded him about what he said and the process we went through to be delivered from the ungodly soul tie to them and that when GOD delivers us from one thing HE won’t send us back to it, my husband said I was wrong, eventuallyI went to the church with him but was able to see that they were still controlling, my husband rejected me,told me I was the one being controlling, that he was tired of listening to me , that I am his hinderence and that he wasn’t leaving, i then warned him that he was developing another soultie to them and that it was worser then the first time, he denied it went along with their church and we seperated I told him I cannot willingly follow him as he follows himself and man, because GOD isn’t in this his mother told him that he made the best decision to go ahead and attend the church and accused me of being tired of serving Jesus Christ and of being married, both is a lie from the pit of hell but my husband believed it.
    Now as I look over the 2.5 years we have been married I can see that I have in some way become like a Jezebel I expected so much from my husband to Love,protect,provide,comfort,etc, and when he couldn’t or didn’t do it I snapped in an unpretty way the thing is he always came back when I realized this error of mine which was last month I repented daily, did deliverence daily,fasted, prayed and apolgized to my husband numerous times now he is telling me he wants me in his life but only if I return to his church and I still can’t do that, I am praying daily and believe strongly that my husband is where GOD didn’t lead him and I am praying for his release as he sees me as the enemy I want nothing more then to submit to him, and would love for him to lead us, but I know GOD doesn’t change so I am just continuing to pray recently we talked and he told me that they were telling him to let go of the marriage my response was why would they tell him to let go of our marriage when GOD hates divorces, I even at onetime confronted this family and asked them why would they not intervene to counsel us when they seen us seperating(it happened at their church) and was accused of being controlling, manipulating, deceitful,and was told GOD in not so many words that GOD sent my husband back to them to be their musician even at the expense of our marriage this doesn’t sound like it was of GOD but contrary to GODS word eventually I left the situation alone “vengeance is mine says The Lord” sorry to go on so long I did try to get my husband to go to counseling and he refused because I didn’t want them but as I said they seen the seperation and did nothing so to me they can’t be trusted but he trusts them more then he trust me , now a brief fyi about me, as a child I was molested, was raised by a single parent who always said she don’t need a man because she is independent my father was an off again on again alcholic and was barely part of my life I was the one made fun of by schoolmates and siblings by the age of 26 I was a mother to 4 and seperated from their father who after 8yrs of dating got married and within 2.5 years we were seperated he was controlling I dressed how he wanted did my hair how he wanted stayed home while he hungout quit jobs because it was what he wanted me to do, I lost myself in the relationship because I thought I was just being a od girlfriend/e by giving in every demand finally I realized that I was never in love with him but thought I was because we had kids together I confused sex for love after seperating I became promiscuous as though I missed out on something being with one guy so long I realized how foolish this was and stopped sleeping around altogether I then as I said became born again, received Christ as Lord met my husband got married and can honestly say that I have no attachment to my ex husband(I seen him this past thanksgiving and had no form of chemistry) I told my husband that if I had known the truth of not remarrying I would have never married him, because he is now considered an adulterator but no one told us what the overseer told me was that all I had todo was pray for releasement from my ex husband and that because I wash saved GOD didn’t honor that marriage anyway so I did just that but after I got married I realized the truth and because mainly because they were all on their 2nd,3rd or 4th marriage they couldn’t say that was the reason without looking like hypocrites, together we repented to GOD and received HIS forgiveness…
    Based on what I have written is it poss ible that I already had the jezebel spirit lying hidden within me but didn’t surface until I met my Ahab and can a man with an Ahab spirit open the door for jezebel also if my husband and I reunite will I become jezebel again even if its a little? I am asking GOD to give my husband a spirit to lead and take his rightful place and what GOD requires of men to be Loving yet take his authority and be the head of this marriage and our family I learned to ask for a jehu or a true spiritual leader… Thank you for reading this and for your advice GOD Bless

    • hi Acacia

      You certainly have a painful history.

      Jezebels need to have power and control. This is either due to pride, selfishness, or injury (like abuse) where a lack of power and control has been experienced.

      The jezebels that you describe in the church and your husbands’ family seem to be due to chosen sin, not injury, because of the well developed damage they have created. they are all in adultery and you need to keep your distance .

      Someone in injury is always trying to get past it.

      Your husband is an Ahab, and will follow the strongest, most dominant female. this is due to his relationship with his mother, not you. he was already that way before he met you.

      his mother sees you as competition in the control of her son, so she is rejecting you.

      It is possible that the neglect and lack of control as a child that you experienced created some injury where a jezebel spirit could possibly enter and lay dormant. But that does not make you one.

      right now, you are outnumbered by highly dominant jezebels, who are going to burn for their behavior.

      BTW, it is typical of jezebels to falsely accuse their victims of being jezebels, this is to deflect attention off their own guilt and behavior.

      many times, confrontation works, if you are strong spiritually, but you are not there yet, being injured yourself, and they can sense that.

      best to communicate with him only, from a distance, and tell him you are praying for him .

      right now, you need to re-collect your self respect and focus on nurturing your kids.

      get stronger spiritually by prayer, and being alone with God.

      you also cannot take back this ahab in the shape he is in, so you will have to be patient, as it will not be an immediate process.

      he will need a disaster in his life to wake him up.

      and you do not need to be affected by this disaster, since you need to protect yourself and the kids.

      know that God loves you and will do what is best.

      so for now, pray for the sinners in your family and his, and put it all in His hands,…then wait……

  25. Hi Marianne….An update…..My DIL entered her youngest daughter in a local pagent and called to ask my help in acceessorizing her, to get her ready. She knows I sew and enjoy doing “girly” stuff so as my first effort at establishing a point to communicate and have a better relationship with my son, I agreed to help. I spent time and money preparing the things for her outfit and all turned out well. Then I called this week to see how the next pagent was shaping up and to offer good luck. That.s when she told me her oldest (17) is back in the hospital for severe depression, suicide and writings that were violent in nature. This family is so sick that the children are paying a high price. My granddaughter hates to go there and cries when it’s time to go there. She calls her mama everyday to come and get her 😦 ……..Please add the kids to your prayers. This situation breaks my heart and of course I wish my son would wake up. He acts like only she has the brains to figure things out and turns to her for advice on everything. It makes me ill. About 6 months ago my first DIL miscarried, which was horribily devastating and the e mail she received from Jez was absolutely evil, blaming her and saying she deserved it. It’s so hard to be on friendly terms with someone who can be so hurtful to another mother but I want that door to my son open. I have yet to have my son to myself for even a couple of hours but I’m going to hold him to his end of our agreement….any advice for me when it does happen? Thank you for your support and an avenue to let off some steam. Shalom!

    • hi christine

      I think one reason this is still going on is because you have not changed your approach from the other times we have communicated.

      Why are you being so nice about this? this just empowers her, knowing that you will do nothing to oppose her.

      I am going to send you some old emails where I wrote to you before.

      Faith and prayer are essential, but without works you will get nowhere, or if you get somewhere, it will be decades later.

      you have to take action.

  26. Marianne,

    ou said to take action here and I am emailing you for help. I am in a crisis and don’t know what action to take. I had emailed you before regarding my husband and his ex, going to court etc. Even though he’s taken some stance he is remaining largely passive about court and in general about his spiritual headship in the home. I have been reading about the Ahab spirit and am convinced, to some extent, he has it. Last week I felt a very strong impression that something bad was going to happen and I needed to ask others for prayer. I’ve kept the situation mostly to myself but beieved God was warning me. I did ask a few friends for prayer and they have been faithful but it doesnt seem to be helping and I don’t understand or know what to do. I have been feeling down and depressed all week. I’ve tried to talk with my husband and he just makes excuses for not being the spiritual head, being a good husband etc. I feel so left alone. I decided today I wasnt picking his kids up from school because she might be there and he had to stop putting me in the middle esp with our toddler son. He came home and went ballistic, threatening me, telling me he slept with another woman, he loves his ex girlfriend more than he’ll ever love me. I don’t understand and I’m devastated. I prayed so long for a godly husband, and truly believed and still do that he was the one. I want a house that loves God and serves God. I want him to have his rightful place in the house but he won’t and we are under such curses and attacks. I have no where to go. I have been praying and binding up spirits day and night and it just goes from bad to worse. Help.

  27. Marianne,
    In response to last communication….I guess I wasn’t very clear in earlier letters. Every ugly thing that this woman has sent my way has been in the form of e mails, aways in writing and NEVER in person. In person, especially in my own home, with my very, very strong husband she would be too cowardly to dare attack me, so that she could then be confronted. She hides her ugliness to make it impossible to stand up to her in front of my son, which I most certainly would have done. When I told my son that she wasn’t welcome in my house, that only made him stay away himself, thereby completely removing any ability to have any counteraction to her demonic influence. The ONLY reason that I would put forth any effort to “get along” with her is to draw him closer, to open an avenue for him to feel he CAN come home without her always being at his side. She will NEVER show out in front of me. If my behavior is at all times above reproach, including whatever I say, it will be far more difficult for her to distort. I have changed how I handle her because of the awareness of what drives her behavior/who I’m really dealing with. I will not ever be sucked into her plans. She is not my friend even if my son wants that so badly. He misses us but it’s his responsibility to set time aside to see us. If they should ever have a bad enough fight that he has to get out of the house, I want him to believe my home is a refuge to think and regroup. That won’t happen if he thinks he’s not welcome because of her. I actually would welcome the chance to have her show out at my home…she would be on my turf, with my husband to back me up. Believe me, she doesn’t want to display her ugliness when he can see it. Even my son is respectfully afraid of that. Marianne, their household is toxic and I feel sorry for the kids. I pray specifically the prayers you have provided but even more than that, I have AWARENESS which I didn’t have before things went so bad. I am determined to keep a door open for my son. I live my life under the protection provided me by faith and obedience to my covenant with YHWH Elohim. My desire is that my son see with his own eyes, clearly what he is married to. Please help me pray for not only his protection but the children in that house. It’s a dangerous place to live. Don’t confuse my “niceness” with weakness. I’m only doing what I need to, to bring change and have the opportunity to once again speak life into my son. Be blessed, Marianne. Thank you for caring.

    • hi christine

      I understand. I am a mom too.

      But something has to change.

      Your son needs to stand up to her, and use his own male authority to put her in her place.

      Right now she is the boss, not him.

      To oppose a jezebel a group approach is best. that way she is outnumbered. the more men are involved, the better.

  28. Respectfully Marianne I could not help ,but notice that you have no problem, genderizing the male ahab spirit.While repeadly reminding us, the jezebel spirit does not reflect any innate female weakness,that women have more than men.Why?

    Your brother(unfortunately) in Christ

    • hi will

      You are right, the ahab and jezebel spirits can also inhabit the opposite gender.

      Most of the time, the jezebel infects the female, and the ahab the male.

      In a male dominated society, the best way for a female to advance is through the support of men.

      But I have seen it the other way around. Example an angry abusive father ( male jezebel) with a permissive wife, who looks the other way while he beats the children.

      Male jezebels are the most dangerous because of their physical strength and political power. The antichrist will be one.

      Male jezebels are “in your face” – direct confrontation. Women jezebels are more sneaky, which means they can do more damage before you know what is going on.

      But this is not to transfer all focus on men. I try to show on different pages that there are different types of jezebels and that men or women could fill the role.

      For simplicity’s sake, while in discussion, I might refer to jezebel as “she” and the ahab as “he.”

      But this definition will change with the circumstances.

      I hope that makes my post more clear.

      Here, the discussion is “ahab,” so I automatically say he, but yes, it could be a “she.”

      The jezebel is the more active spirit, and the ahab enables it with its position.

    • There are four main ‘spirits’ that, in my continual encounters with Jezebel’s company, are related to this whole Jezebel deal and need to be clearly distinguished so that more people have greater clarity and less confusion on this matter: the Jezebel spirit, the Ahab spirit, the Ahab mindset, and the Eunuch spirit.

      1. Jezebel Spirit: I believe there’s enough info. on this one for everyone to know what it is. It is more geared toward the female gender, but both females and males operate in the many faces of the Jezebel spirit. A Jezebel spirit HATES God. (A Jezebel hates God’s authority on the male, godliness, and righteousness: Queen Jezebel is best Biblical example here.)

      2. Ahab SPIRIT: This is where a lot of confusion tends to come in. I don’t believe that women can have an Ahab spirit, because the Ahab spirit is meant to make a person abdicate responsibility, and God gave men primary responsibility on earth. Eve sinned first, but sin entered the world through Adam, because the responsibility to not sin was his. Like a Jezebel spirit, an Ahab spirit HATES God. King Ahab complained about what God wanted of him all the time and rejected God and His words so much so that God set him up to die in battle: read 1Kings 22. (An Ahab spirit hates God’s responsibility on males to walk righteously and responsibly before Him or suffer consequences. King Ahab is best Biblical example here.)

      3. Ahab MINDSET: This is the common male mindset today, and it is a mindset of abdicating responsibility to go first, do what is right, take the lead in spiritual and secular matters, etc. I don’t believe that females can have this either because it is geared toward those who are given primary responsibility: males. While a man with an Ahab spirit will HATE God, a man with an Ahab mindset doesn’t necessarily hate God as the spirit is set against God but the mindset is set against obedience to God’s primary will. It can be hard to distinguish, but the teller is hatred for God and a willingness to work alongside of Jezebel just like the couple in the Bible. A man with an Ahab mindset but not spirit may be tricked by a Jezebel and may defend a Jezebel; but he does it out of passivity and weakness, not out of hatred for God and good. I don’t recall anywhere in the Bible where King Ahab, with the Ahab SPIRIT, was recorded doing good for the people; however, a man with an Ahab MINDSET can do good for others. (An Ahab mindset abdicates God-given responsibility and ‘blames the woman’: Adam in the Garden and Samson are the best Biblical examples here.)

      4. Eunuch Spirit: Both men and women can have this spirit. This spirit looks a lot like the Ahab mindset (and sometimes spirit), but to discern it starts with knowing what a eunuch did in ancient times. Eunuchs were castrated men who were forced to serve usually or only females in a king’s or important official’s court. The eunuch spirit today, in men and women, is a person who is emotionally or/and spiritually castrated (weak, powerless). They can be mistaken for Ahabs because they tend to follow Jezebels. They follow Jezebels not because they necessarily want to but because they don’t have power to resist, and Jezebels are often manipulating and/or overpowering. Having no strength of their own, eunuchs will work for and reproduce Jezebel’s words and will to others, making them sometimes seem to be Jezebels or Ahabs themselves. As eunuchs in ancient times did, people with a eunuch’s spirit do Jezebel’s will… until a Jehu comes. (A person with a eunuch spirit often follows a Jezebel and is often MARRIED to a Jezebel: Jezebel’s eunuchs are the best Biblical examples here.)

      I don’t have it down pat yet, but I have noted a difference in the four types above. In my experience, both men and women can be Jezebels and Eunuchs; but only males can have an Ahab spirit or an Ahab mindset. When a female is a Eunuch, she appears to those who don’t know about the Eunuch spirit to be an Ahab. (Again, an Ahab spirit hates God and works purposely with Jezebel; an Ahab mindset doesn’t necessarily hate God, is passive on responsibility, and very rarely ever likes a Jezebel but often complains about ‘strong women’ and ‘women taking over the planet’.)

      Here is a book by Jonas Clark that’s reader-friendly and clearly delineates among the Jezebel, the Ahab, and the Eunuch (I heard about the Eunuch first from this book): You can read several pages of the book free at that link.

  29. all you people talk bollocks ..get with the program there no such thing, what an how ppl do things is out of there own free will, its an imaginary story that have a relation to humanity

  30. in the bible lot took his daughters to the mountains an nailed them both ..isnt that incest??, he planted his seed in both of his daughters …why dont we talk about that hahaha ..fricken clowns

    • Athan, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and if you truly don’t believe in the bible, in God, and in spirits.. then maybe you shouldn’t be on this site… do some research before you decide to condemn, things are not always what they seem…

  31. I was recently told, after discovering some of my husbands indiscretions that he has a “Jezebel Spirit”, I have been researching this and I find that my husband does have every one of the traits of a Jezebel spirit.. I cannot trust anyone with this, Ive been seeking Gods direction, I don’t know what to do.

  32. My husband is an ahab what can I do.he didnkt listen to me when I’m in tears talking to him.give me some instructions please!

    • dear rachida

      You have to stand up to him, and take charge. He will submit to a more aggressive personality than he is, just to keep the peace.

      • Marianne…Respectfully, I am wondering why you would instruct Rachida to “stand up to her husband”? It is my understanding the Bible instructs the wife to “submit” to the husband. This advice seems to encourage the opposite, and also encourage this spirit to thrive from not being confronted and dealt with. Am I off base with my thoughts?

        • KD

          You have to understand what an ahab spirit is. It is a demon influenced passive – aggressive male that aligns with aggressive women, that has a jezebel spirit, who he enables to do harm to others. A submissive woman gets no respect from him.

          the bible teaches a woman should submit to a godly husband, as he submits to Christ. but in her case, this is not the case. to submit to a husband who submits to satan is a different matter.

          the only way to protect herself is to stand up to him, as this assertiveness is what he will be more attracted to and not harm.

          sometimes he can be seen as a victim as well, as he may have been the child of a jezebel mother, and was attracted to the power his mother had over him.

          so she can pray for his deliverance, but in the meantime, she has to be more assertive.

          • Perfectly said. Still waiting on the month/day you were born Marianne. Feel free to email it to me if you wish.

            • why do you want my birthday info?

              • Interesting response. Most people in this day and age tell their birthday without a second thought. Reading your very accurate responses, I was intrigued on where you fall on the Zodiac and just the sign isn’t enough. Only month and day is the most accurate. It is all biblically based but not widely known due to censorship by the church. Remember, it was the stars that led the wise men to when and where our savior was born. And they were called wise for a reason. The zodiac is very important as a Believer and the devil is very aware of this. That is why we are blocked from its true purpose and function. The zodiac, synonymous with the 12 houses of Yisra’el is fundamental to the creation, order and flow of things. Once you unlock the mysteries of the Zodiac, many pieces will fall into place and spiritual things will become much clearer.

                • marianne
                  If I was you I would not give him what he wants. He call himself prophet. Give us something unique about future and when it happens then we know he is from the right side.

                  • @Adam. Obviously Marianne is wise enough to discern and make her own decisions regarding spiritual things and does not need your assistance and uninvited advice. Considering the importance of the information I requested, I find it interesting that you would try to deter her from giving it. But here is something for everyone here. I prophesied about Obama when he was even pursuing the presidency. I told everyone that he is the anti-mashiyach. His name even signifies this in Hebrew. And don’t get me started on the true meaning of his daughters’ names. I also told people that he would be elected for more than two terms. I was mocked and laughed at. But now people aren’t laughing. They are straight-faced and concerned. Because now there is legislation in the process of being passed while people aren’t looking repealing the 22nd amendment. And they will succeed. I have come to the realization through several prophecies over my life that I am one of the prophets promised in these last days. Whether people believe that or not is irrelevant. Some things are true whether you believe them or not. He who has an ear let him hear these words of truth.

                    • I don´t beleive Obama is AC because the AC will deny that the father has a son and if Obama will do this US will choose a new president.

                • i understand astrology. the bible is against it, and soothsaying, so I tend to avoid it.

                  • The Bible is not against it. That is a lie perpetuated by the “church”. The bible is against divination and soothsaying. Astrology and astronomy aren’t evil when used for their intended purposes. It is how we use things that makes it wicked. A classic lie being taught is that drinking wine is a sin. That is a lie. Drunkenness and strong drink are the sins. If drinking wine was a sin, Yahushua surely wouldn’t have turned water into wine causing people to sin.

                    • do you have a time stamped record of your prophecies?

                      the astrologers are grouped along with soothsayers and magicians in the bible.

                    • I wish I could find them. They were made on YouTube years ago. Ironically, people online remembered and found me on my main web site when they began coming to pass. Now everyone on and offline are watching like a hawk and asking questions. Furthermore, I dont know where you got your information from regarding astrology but it is not scripturlal. Astronomy and astrology are one and the same. Astronomy is ‘scientific’ and Astrology is ‘scriptural’. But either way, believe what you will. One last thing. How is it of the devil when Elohim himself based the foundation of his creation on the Zodiac, planets, stars and movement thereof, told us to use them in the proper manner for the direction of man, and then went as far as modeled the 12 tribes and 12 months on the same astrological House structure? It is not of the devil. Using it to reveal the mysteries of Elohim is for truth and confirms him as our creator. This type of knowledge was promised to us in the last days. Using it to pervert the truth or deceive is of the devil. And that is not how we use it. But since telling me your birthday is that much of an issue, I won’t ask again. But, if I had to guess what you were, and it is difficult for me to do so without more information about you, seeing you and hearing you speak, Based on what I have heard and seen thus far I would say you were a Libra or blend of one.

                    • it is in Isaiah and Daniel

    • Rachida…why are you in tears when talking to your husband? What makes you believe he has the ahab spirit? Some more information would be helpful.

  33. Marianne, can you offer an explanation as to a peculiar phenomenon I have noticed with Ahab-type men? I have worked at 2 different locations through my job over the last yr where I have witnessed this kind of thing going on. I’m not going to be very specific as to the exact type of job I do except to say we do contractual-type work with various clients. This is to protect my identity.

    The 1st job was at a church where I worked for a little over 2 yrs. The assoc. pastor’s wife had an unnatural control over the church-to the point where even the deacons and her husband would do anything she asked without question. An example of this occurred one Sunday when a long-haired male stranger came to visit. He quietly entered the church & sat in the back without bothering anyone. She approached 2 deacons & together they asked this strange man to leave and gave him directions “to a more appropriate church down the road.” The man was so hurt that he forgot his bible & never returned to get it. Several families, after witnessing the incident & confronting the leadership about it, left the church. Some, I think, were asked to leave for daring to question her as to why she did it. Her answer-she stated she thought it would distract the choir.

    Okay, here’s my part in the story. I had, over time, witnessed her bullying an African -american worker. She basically wanted me to throw this man under the bus because she did not consider him “appropriate” for the church atmosphere. I refused. After listening to her come to me & rip into him one too many times, I finally stood up to her & told her I would not do it and that I did not appreciate the way she was treating him & that he did not deserve it. There was no name-calling involved on my part. I just assertively and firmly stated my opinion. About an hr. later, her husband approaches me and screams “How dare you talk to my wife that way! She’s not just any woman, she’s my precious wife!” I could understand why he would react that way if I had made a personal attack & called her names but that is not what happened. I just stood up for the other worker & myself. Another employee, who walked in at the same time the husband was yelling at me later went around telling people that he thought it was “touching” & wonderful “testament of the love of a husband for his wife” in the way he stood up for her. So now I am made into the villain.

    Okay here is the 2nd job, at which I’m still at for now. It is a family-owned business basically controlled by the daughter. This woman consistently abuses and runs off her staff. She has lost numerous clients & has a reputation around town in her line of business as being very unstable. One of her clients even described her as “someone who sucks the lifeforce out of you.” She bullies and demeans her staff(the non-family portion) on a regular basis. Here is a typical scenario: She approaches and lambasts the receptionist who has quietly taken her abuse for several weeks. Receptionist tells her “I’m not going to take this anymore! You are not going to talk to me like a dog.” The daughters husband, whose office is next to the receptionists office, comes out all bowed up, gets in the receptiontionist’s face and growls “How dare you talk to my wife that way!” Basically, the whole family chimes in & supports the daughter. Another one of the many receptionists is out the door & out of a job for demanding to be treated like a human being.

    What I don’t understand is why Ahab men will passively sit around witness their wives bully & demean others on a continuous basis but when someone finally stands up and holds the Jezebel accountable, Ahab will adopt a warrior-like stance & go for the throat of the one who dares to question her & expose her? People on the outside, who don’t know what’s really going on, look at you like you’re the troublemaker and villain. Why are Ahabs so wimpy until you confront Jezebel?

    • laraine

      Ahabs are losers.

      they intially give the power to the jezebel, and then sit back and enjoy the benefits of their wickedness, which is usually more power, money, influence, etc.

      since they are benefiting from the jezebel, they do not care about the victims.

      victims are commodities, to be used, then discarded, if they object.

      • Makes sense. I really think a few of these Ahabs on some level think they are doing an honorable thing by “standing up for their woman.” They confuse people holding Jezebel accountable with someone making a personal attack-2 totally different things. People viewing all this from the outside think, “Oh, it’s so touching the way he stands for his wife against that mean person.” These are the kind of people who confuse Jezebel’s candy-coated front with the real person underneath.

        The preacher’s wife, who I described above, had this innocent persona-soft, sweet voice and doe-eyed demeanor. Quite a few people saw her for what she was though & warned others about her innocent front. Most of these people have since left the church. I can’t tell you how many times I heard comments, especially from some of the church ladies about how they just looooved Miss Martha(not her real name) and that she was such a “sweet ‘lil thing.” Made me want to vomit. The truth is this “sweet ‘lil woman” has caused so much damage & left so much carnage in her wake.

        In the 2nd example, the wife was very upfront & transparent with her nastiness, yet her husband still defended her & thought she did no wrong.

        I have known men who were not ahabs and who stood up to their wives, and apologized to others for the damage she has ’caused. My cousin is one of those kind of men and I have so much respect for them. Unfortunately, most of their marriages don’t last ’cause Jezebel refuses to change.

        Thanks for your response!

  34. Marianne I have one question. What month and day were you born? People have no idea how the divine design of the Zodiak plays into the whole Izavel/Ah’av ordeal and many more things we encounter on a daily basis throughout our lives. The devil is shrewd, cunning and more intelligent than you can imagine and it is imperative that he keeps the masses in the dark about how he truly functions. We are one of the revealing lights through our master and savior Yahushua ha Mashiyach.

  35. I wrote in a few yrs ago. Things are worse now. My husband now goes to visit his kids every chance he gets( staying in her house) it’s clearly not about the kids as 1 is grown, 1 graduates next year and the kids do not pay him any attn when he is there. He hangs on her every word and the txt messages read as follows. Oct. 11,2012 they were talking about her having sex w current boyfriend & no panties. He replied ok my turn w no panties. She said I am single & free . He says I wish I was to enjoy you. I am tired of him. This is just a portion of what I have seen in the past. What should I do? I want a divorce. His daughter is a Jezebel too. He said that if he got life insurance the beneficiary would be his ex wife or the daughter who is close to the ex wife. This is grimy and I am tired of feeling like a sucker. I am a woman of God what is going on?

  36. They are very flirtatious w one another. Whenever she has a problem, he is on the phone. They spak on the phone sometimes for hours, txt everyday unless her alleged current beau is there. They lied about her having married him I guess to throw me off( not!!) he has not worked in 4 yrs. When I express my displeasure at the “friendship ” he says oh we have known each other for 30yrs. He always makes a reference to the amount of time he has known her. He use to say oh we’ve been together for 14 yrs and I confronted him on it and mentioned they had been divorced before I came into the picture and we are married now! So he does not say that anymore now he says we have known each other for 30yrs. Always a reference to amount of time. Does that mean something to the demonic duo? To me it says roots. Deeply rooted evil you are not willing to get rid of

  37. I agree it is forbidden when astrology is used to predict or divine one’s future. It is not forbidden when it is used to explain how Elohim has designed his creation and how he functions. There is more than one definition to the word astrology. The constellations, planets and stars are referenced several times throughout scripture and are there to serve several divine purposes. Understanding the zodiac and Elohim’s purpose and use of it is not forbidden.

    • people also use it to determine who is their enemy and who is their friend, instead of seeing others as brothers in Yashua.

      they also use it to make decisions, instead of using the Word

      • What you say is true about the zodiac having the power to reveal enemies and friends. That is the importance of the cosmos and the role the Zodiac plays in it. The mystery of our Elohim is written in the stars for guidance and as a reminder of Yahuwah’s power, majesty and divine order. That is why the governing bodies of pagan Christianity stripped this knowledge from us centuries ago. And all are not brothers and sisters in Yahushua. Yahushua said, “my brothers and sisters are those who do the will of the father.” Period. Even the enemy knows scripture inside and out and speaks truth. And any wise Believer will deal with both enemy and ally.

  38. @Adam. Whether you believe it or not is irrelevant. You will believe it soon enough. Obama has already denied the son. He is a Muslim posing as a Christian. And this fact has been widely known for years. Furthermore, if you think that the people of the US elected Obama, then you are really in the dark. The people haven’t elected a president in decades. Obama “rose to power” just as the scripture said he would.

  39. Hi, Marianne. I’ve been struggling with an Ahab spirit for all my life. In fact, because of this, the Jezebel spirit has always been drawn to me though I hate that spirit. I also have often been drawn to Jezebels though I didn’t want to, and they’ve tried to destroy me which is what they do. I was abused growing up, and because of the abuse, I didn’t have much luck with women at all. I didn’t have many female friends. Even growing up, my sister treated me like a bum and favored my younger brother which didn’t help at all. So, I’ve been fighting against Jezebels outwardly and Ahab inwardly all my life. This Ahab spirit hates women because of the way women rejected and disdained me. How do I get rid of this thing when it seems stuck inside? Another thing is that my dad operated both in Jezebel and Ahab, and I’ve never been around Christian men who took the time to affirm my manhood, to tell me that it is good to be strong, and to encourage and teach me to break free of Ahab and be the man that God wants me to be. Any help?

    • arendale

      It seems clear that you have already identified the problem and the solution.

      You need to find a good church group that has strong male leadership and women who are decent, sweet, and caring.

      Look around and start visiting churches, talk to the pastors, and find a place to fit in. Do not get a church with a female pastor.

  40. Hello Marianne- I have been receiving the comments on the Ahab spirit and some who struggle with it. I was wondering what you thought about deliverance ministries. I know Christians cannot be possessed but we can be hounded by spirits especially once we give a foothold to them.

    If a person can not get free of the ahab, or any other spirit, would they not benefit from a true deliverance ministry?

    I have been studying strongholds and recently came across Derek Prince and subsequent ministry. I listened to 10 radio broadcasts on the basics of deliverance and quickly realized this is missing in the church today. One thing he mentioned is that we can not be passive wihen expelling evil spirits. Since the Ahab spirit is passive, it would be even harder to expel maybe?

    I am just learning these things now and don’t know much. But I dont think just going to church and being around godly men will rid a person of demons. Jesus had to purposefully expel them.

    What do you think?

    All the best, Nicole

    • hi nicole

      What you say is the ideal solution, but from what arendale is telling me, in his case, he has tried all sorts of local churches and cannot find anyone.

      Sometimes, people live in very conservative areas, and the type of ministry you describe is not available. in that case, one has to work to just find a supportive environment somewhere, and slowly heal.

      the ahab spirit, or any spirit, can be expelled if the victim is willing. Many times, the victim needs a stronger support person to assist in this process. Other times, they don’t.

      there is also the confused notion that because someone has been abused into submission, that they have an ahab spirit. this is not true. an ahab can be a very nasty evil person, and gives authority to permit the jezebel to work.

      in a real victim, there is no such power or permissiveness. I think arendale is a victim, but not an ahab.

      a victim may or may not develop into an ahab……you have to look at their spirit and overall behavior to decide.

  41. Well said, Marianne.

    Nicole, I’ve been learning from the Lord about spiritual things since ’98. Things aren’t black and white, but because we deal with them that way, most people are not healed.(have no relief from their burdens though Jesus’ yoke is easy and His burden light).

    I say it that way, because most Christians don’t learn about spiritual things; they just listen and usually don’t hear (which is why so many aren’t doers; how can you do what you haven’t retained/heard). Therefore, they don’t learn spiritual things which may be taught by a person but can only be explained by the Holy Spirit, and the natural mind (which is where most Christians dwell unfortunately, the mind which reasons and manuevers to not have to live by the Spirit) is not able to grasp or learn spiritual things, because the explanation of the Spirit about the thing of God are a different language than we speak, so to speak. (1Cor. 2:12-14.) One of these spiritual things I’ve been learning is that ‘one size does not fit all’; one explanation doesn’t explain all. It is the ever-unfolding explanation that God gives that fits each situation so that what it is for one person isn’t necessarily what it is for another: “The unfolding (revelation, unpacking, unveiling, explanation) of Your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple” (Ps. 119:130).

    The Lord has, for many years but especially since last year, been telling me that I need to be among apostolic men– i.e. men who actually take responsibility for mentoring and fathering and who won’t push people away as they are trying to make a name for themselves. One of many reasons it will take, for me and many men who never had good role models, spiritual fathers is because genuine spiritual fathers build you up and do everything that is opposite an Ahab spirit or a eunuch mindset or any mindset that is not what God originally created men to be. A genuine spiritual father will affirm you and your identity (which is the very beginning of things; the Ahab spirit, not taking responsibility, homosexuality, and all other kinds of ‘misidentification’ in men and women is from loss of identity), will accept and love you instead of reject or neglect you, and will perceive God’s calling and gifts in you and will bless and not curse or be jealous of them, etc. This mixture in a genuine spiritual father is able to ‘cure’ anyone who is walking in a false identity and wants to walk in their God-given identity. So, God is wise to tell me that I need mature spiritual men, and Marianne was speaking along the same lines. God isn’t about performance but about Grace; deliverance ministries want you to do this and that, cast out demons yourself, take authority yourself, etc. But if they can’t take authority for you, it isn’t right for them to press you to do it yourself and to put the responsibility on you. God takes authority and responsibility on Himself (we have forgotten that Jesus always did this when ministering, never laying responsibility on anyone but ‘taking up our infirmities (weaknesses) and carrying our sorrows (griefs)’) so that we can be free of “laws that are contrary to us”, and everything that is a burden to us (whether it is saying you should cast out demons yourself or make yourself believe enough, etc.) is hostile or contrary to you and is not from Him. As John says, Jesus’ commands (expectations of us) are not burdensome. Only in those that will take the responsibility on themselves will we see God taking the same so that we can be free of this and that. Genuine spiritual fathers take responsibility rather than running from it, and because they are so few, God’s ability to heal and deliver is very rarely seen in its true or raw form (rather than in the form of ministries that say, “Peace, peace” when there is no peace).

    So, while I have traits of the Ahab spirit due to abuse and being forced into a weak place and identity, it will be easily removed not by ‘deliverance ministry’ but by the presence of one or more godly men who will affirm my true identity rather than confirm my false one like so many have done in the past. This is how spiritual things work; it has more to do with rest (obedience, love, etc.) than performance (casting out demons, etc.).

  42. I really love most everything you’ve said here. It was caring, well thought out and deeply poignant. Thank you for being so transparent. I would only say all deliverance ministries are certainly NOT performance ministries. I too hear from the Holy Spirit and have seen deliverance in the name of Jesus work for myself and others. I believe it is very important to honor each others’ paths and be careful not to put labels on what is working for others simply because it didn’t work for you or it’s not right for your situation. I will be praying for you to meet spiritual fathers and to continue to find your true identity in Christ. It sounds like you are well on your way. Many blessings!

    • I tend to speak in an overall sense to save time. I know there are things working for others that don’t work for all. I just hope that those I speak to will depend more on the Spirit to speak to them or explain the truth so I don’t have to enumerate on everything I say. The Bible says many things, but most things aren’t said in it but must be obtained through the Spirit. I tend to write the same way: a broad outline and then leave it to the Spirit to explain. After all, those who want to know the truth will eventually have to get it from Him. He is the One who bears witness to the truth and won’t witness to lies.

      Thanks for your prayers for spiritual fathers. I can use them, and may I be well on my way!

    • amen to that!

  43. While I’m here, Marianne, I want to ask about a new occurrence:

    I live with a friend of mine, and there is a girl who lives here with her kid too in a different area of the house. When I first met her, I noticed that she pretends to be someone she isn’t. It was hard to put my finger on it, because she really plies her ‘craft’ well. But when I went to pray before bed, the Lord began to show me that this woman is definitely using witchcraft, and I suspect she might be an outright witch.

    There are too many telltale signs to list here, but I will list two:

    1. She has a syrupy sweet personality, but her spirit is an emasculating one without one once of doubt. I.e. the spirit working in her is an emasculating one. (Problem is that I’ve been around many, many Jezebels but have never once felt this type of spirit or manifestation in them as in this girl.)

    2. When my friend and I were talking several times and she came around, a real weird thing happened: we suddenly stopped talking. Not only could we suddenly not think of words to speak, but we were literally MUTE (like people who can’t talk). It was like we were babies who can’t speak no matter how they try. The spirit or presence she carries with her put a complete and total and final and abrupt end to our ability to speak.

    This syrupy sweet girl carries a very hostile spirit presence that is very domineering, almost like a male spirit that goes everywhere with her and smashes people out the way so that she can dominate and have her way. Now, I don’t want it to sound like this is ‘a common Jezebel’; there is something different at work here. I’ve been around Jezebels since childhood and never once felt this type of ‘spirit’ in any of them. Where Jezebel is ‘female’, this girl seems to carry both a female and a male spirit with her who entwine and then have different manifestations (the female is the emasculating one and the male is the one that is domineering and takes away your ability to even speak!). It almost seems like this girl channels (or is a doorway) for territorial or higher up spirits… these almost don’t feel like ‘terrestrial spirits’ (demons) but like ruling or regional or terrirorial ones. That’s the feeling I get which is why I’m wondering if she is an actual witch, because she doesn’t seem to be just a Jezebel at all and because she has a weird ability to cloak these spirits in her (I won’t even try to explain that). Any thoughts?

  44. Marianne,
    Not sure where to even start. I am going through a divorce now after 25 years. My husband has never done what God instructed him to do (leave and cleave). His mother has always been in control and wants to control everything in our marriage (he has always aloud this)! I have felt left out and not apart of his real life. He has relied on his mother (he is the baby of three children) and he loves the attention from this. I have said for many years that his mother was a huge part of our problem. He never has really stood up to her and has always overlooked her meddling and her tactics on our marriage, he comes to her defence every time. I know I’m jumping around and I’m not great at writing but I hope you will understand where I’m coming from and I’m praying you can give me some Godly counsel as to how I’m to deal with my present situation at hand.

    As I explained I’m going through a divorce which I do not want and I know that God does not like divorce. I love my husband dearly. We ate divorcing because I have been unfaithful in our marriage which started 12 years ago. I never fell in love but was chasing after it because of the situation in our marriage. He is good provider and a great father but we grew apart and out of the Will of God. According to the word of God, my husband is to be the spiritual leader of our home home and he is a christian but instead it was me. (I’m not sure I can even shorten this to keep it from being confusing)!
    He will not stand up to his mother and continues to allow her to try and destroy my with everything that he put into her hands regarding my unfaithfullness (saying I told you so to I’m going to win this battle-meaning my device making sure she turns my children against me to running my reputation) he is allowing every part of this. He will not take responsibility for her doing this nor trying to help me repair my relationship with my three sons and there wives. We are expecting our first grand baby in November also. We have meet on occasion throughout this process and when he is around her he is so different towards me but when we are by ourselves I see the man I know and love (the gentle kind man) and I know for a fact he still loves me but because he has allowed his mother to continue and even be involved in this divorce case he still doesn’t see the destruction in it. I know that he feels like he has to continue on with the divorce because of all that he has allowed to take place. I know she has the Jezebel spirit because of what I have been studying regarding this and I believe he has the Ahab spirit very passive to what she does. This woman will stop at nothing to destroy (I have seen it to many times with others that she has came in contact with not to mention in my own life from day one)people who know her have been fearing for my safety because she will stop at nothing to watch and see me pay for my wrong. I repented repented and was brought to true brokenness over my sin but she doesn’t care all she wants is control of her son and to watch me suffer and pay (I married two people not one and my!! ) My children twins that are 22 both married and our youngest 19 who lives with his father and my mother-in-law has moved in and she has been a huge part of my own children turning away from me (it’s been almost 5 months now and they still refuse to speak to me). This hurts more than I can explain and yet she is taking great delight in all that she is doing. She thrives on this kind of thing. I am in Christian counselling, have lots of family support as well as Christian friends who are praying for this entire situation. I know that God can restore our marriage and my relationship with my children but I believe that God will first have to remove these spirits. Please pray that God will move soon in this situation due to so many lives being affected by these spirits.

    • Melissa

      I wish you had written sooner. Your adultery has given him legitimate grounds for divorce.

      his mother has moved in with him?

      then you have lost your footing.

      If you were still there, I would have advised you to be very aggressive with the mother and stand up to her, and block her from communication with the family until she showed respect for you.

      but it is past that point.

      You need prayer, yes, but you also need action.

      You need friends and church to stand up to her for you……they will have to be the ones that confront him about his mother…

      Someone with male authority has to tell your husband about the ahab and jezebel spirit and that HE is the ahab in this situation.

      the male authority has to be an aggressive, but positive, strong male figure, a Jehu, so he will have more influence than his aggressive mother.

      only your husband can stop the divorce

  45. Melissa, I agree with Marianne. I wasn’t going to respond to this until I read the whole thing (I read only the first paragraph and stopped, because I’ve seen this thing at work many times, and I frankly hate it). When I read in Marianne’s response that your mother-in-law has moved in with your husband, I returned to finish your post. Your friends who are praying for and with you, there needs to be action. The hard part is acting against the wishes of a Jezebel spirit that tends to intimidate pretty much everyone. When your husband is stolen and your children on top of that are turned against you, God is definitely on your side. However, again, getting people to take more action than prayer is the harder part, because it requires boldness and something else: godliness (i.e. the boldness that comes from godliness). Marianne said a Jehu is needed (she wrote an article about Jehu)– a man who is godly and bold and will confront your husband (and his mom if need be). You need intervention, and many times in situations like yours, prayers alone seem somewhat weak. I pray that your friends will help you and that you all will find at least one Jehu, a bold and godly person, who will enter the fray and bring intervention in the favor of all but your husband’s mom. God bless.

    • Arendale,

      Thank you for your response.

      I wish I could tell my husband and children about these spirits but I know at this time it would only be used against me. I pray for God to send a Jehu to them and to let them all have a Godly encounter and praying for deliverance, healing and restoration of my home and family!!

      As I stated in my previous post there is much more that I’m dealing with… the divorce itself. He has allowed her to be involved and there is a lot of lying, deceit, hiding documents all to keep me from obtaining what is rightfully mine!!

      BTW his sister has the Jezebel spirit as well!

      God Bless

  46. Melissa, Jezebels don’t back down when they don’t have to. Prayer alone probably will do nothing. You have to find someone or people who are godly and bold. I know it is near impossible in our world of everything-is-fine; most people are afraid to take a stand for anything. God rarely intervenes directly in these things. (Even when Jehu confronted Jezebel, he had her own eunuchs kill her.) The situation needs bold people who are also godly. Bold alone and Jezebel will find a way to get the upper hand through playing a victim and intense manipulation; when godliness is integrated into boldness, then it poses a problem for a Jezebel. However, she can still defeat the combination by searching for weak areas in the person’s life. When it comes down to it, it takes a no-nonsense person who won’t be bought or blackmailed or threatened or any of that. The Jezebel spirit is bent on destruction (i.e. thoroughly determined to destroy people and lives and things); therefore, the counter ‘anointing’ for that spirit is a person who is bent on Life, restoration, building people up (sort of like Elijah and his revival of Israel). As you know, there are plenty of hateful and destructive people on earth today and very few who actually take a stand for good. Therein is the problem. Without this goldy and boldness combo (a person as determined to restore lives as Jezebel is to destroy lives), everyone will continue to hide in their prayer closets and pray for God to do something Himself, and most of the time, no change will happen since God works through people as surely as satan works through [Jezebels]. If you read the story of Elijah vs. Jezebel through to Jehu vs. Jezebel, you will probably note why neither Elijah nor Elisha was sent against Jezebel but only Jehu. Jezebel is no-nonsence about destruction (and is a queen spiritually speaking); it takes a no-nonsence warrior (a king in the spirit) to overthrow her successfully (and usually quickly depending on how much Grace the person has). I guess you should pray for God to give you and your friends the courage you need in this situation or/and to send godly and courageous, no-nonsence Christians to aid in the situation.

    • While reading your last post, God has reminded me a very a Pastor whom I know through another church so I’m going to try and contact him and ask if through Gods grace he would be willing to help in this!

  47. Arendale,

    Just as I was reading your last post, God has brought to my mind a Pastor whom I know through another church in my area (I had been thinking that I really knew of no one and that God your going to have to send one with a jehu spirit). I’m going to ask him if he would be willing to help by the mercy and grace of God!!

  48. Melissa, I hope that it will work out for all of you who are not in agreement with the Jezebel or Ahab spirit. Your husband will have to choose either to hide inside his mom (like he’s still a baby in the womb) or step up, take responsibility, and live. For Jezebel, there is only one really fitting word in my opinion (unless such a person repents): “Execute”. God bless, and I hope you have Grace and keep letting Marianne and others on here know how it goes.

  49. My daughter works for a Jezebel possessed female boss and her Ahab higher up boss, she goes thru heel with these two….textbook, how do you push back against this in the workplace? My daughter is born again…how should we pray?

    • adrienne

      It is pretty useless to be in this situation, if the jezebel is really bothering her.

      if they are not directly bothering her, then she needs to kiss their feet and be very quiet, and not disagree with anything they say. in the meantime, look for a better job, and use them for a reference…..she can make up some excuse why she needs the other job.

      if they are harassing her, which means they want to fire her, then she should try to leave discretely with someone else as a job reference.

  50. Hi everyone! I’d like to share a praise report!! A couple of months ago I posted that my daughter was at her wits end with a Jezebel/Ahab mix at her workplace, we decided to fast for three days, no food, just water, tea, and my praise report is that since our fast, the company has been sold, and the weak Ahab senior manager is retiring, and now the cruel female boss of my daughter is very nervous about her future, you see no one likes her or wants to work with her, her fate is yet to be revealed, so praise to the Lord!!! Fasting works!, it breaks the chords of injustice, and God is mighty in battle…take heart!! The battle is not yours but the Lords, keep your hands and hearts pure and you WILL be heard, we are praying for a restructure and her complete removal, let God’s will be done, I’ll keep you posted…blessings

  51. I also beleave that one has an ahab ,when a man has a taste for sexual flesh. Indulging in such can be nothing more but a walking nightmare. Money and sexual crap is the roots of all evil. All one has to do is see. Those who have unblinded eyes shall see . And those who have ears will ear. Seek the truth and you will find it.

  52. My husband of 4 years is an Ahab. Does this make me a Jezebel? I prayed for the opposite kind of man from my emotionally abussive X. My now husband is opposite & we met in church. He is kind & wonderful to me, but I find it so very overwhelming that he won’t make disions. We’ve gone through 4 years of very hard financial times & I desire him to lead, but he doesn’t. I feel forced to take the lead. It’s sink or swim. Or rather like being a vehicle that is about to crash, someone has to take the will. It’s A matter of survival, but this has left me feeling like the head of the house. I’m not comfortable with this role & I don’t want to be a Jezebel. Can you please offer me Godly advice? What am I to do?
    I truly want Godly order in our home.

    • amnon

      I think you need to spend time with him to find out why he is so passive.

      was his mother dominant over him growing up?

      did someone hurt him?

      also have his testosterone levels checked.

      you can also try christian counselors but make sure they are real Christians…there are a lot of fakes out there.

  53. Worried you’re a Jezebel because your hubby doesn’t get involved with paying the bills? Ummm, no, you re okay if you aren’t being abusive….sounds Co dependent to me, get a book on it, talk to a therapist, you’ll feed off of each others dysfunction until you both heal, praise God for revelation thou, God Bless

  54. I think I might have these spirits. I feel so directionless about my life, or what a man really is. But, I feel like I can take control when I use this thing inside and let it take over my emotions, I feel violent and think of nothing but trickery and dominance. Please someone pray with me to rid myself of these spirits and find my true self. whatever it is.

    • dear michael

      it is good that you recognize that something is wrong. Many go through life and never suspect they are under an attack, and this attack is affecting their life.

      an ahab spirit comes in when there has been suppression in your life, many times as a child, by a dominant figure who seems to control you and tell you what to do, think and tell you how to act. normally a parent figure is actually supposed to do this to some extent, to raise you properly, but if it is in excess, then it humbles you too much and you never “bloom” into your own person. the adult could be a parent , or relative or teacher, or neighbor, etc.

      of maybe later in life, you have an aggressive spouse that dominates you, and you are submitting again to keep peace.

      so what results is that you are an adult male somewhere on the inside, but you feel and act like you are still the little boy that has to submit to whoever is dominating you. so you give in. this creates frustration, as you do not want this, and occasionally you rebel against it. hence, the violent emotions come out due to frustration.

      it is hard for you to get a balance on who you really are.

      first go back and identify what happened to you…..whether they are sorry or not, forgive them, and leave judgement to God for anything they did….you may not be able to forgive them in person, but do so in your heart, so that the anger will go away.

      then i would suggest find some good male friends to bond with….reconnect with your man hood… things guys would do…..get free..take chances…..

      any women you associate with socially should be mild mannered and feminine, not controlling…

      you still have a world to discover around you, where you do fit in, so take awhile getting in touch with your inner self….spend some time alone and just think about everything and make some decisions that..from now on….things will be different and better, and your decisions, not others, will dictate how you run your life. put yourself back in control…..

      let me know if this helps…there are prayers I have I give to people, but it depends on how much it applies to their situation…..I think you should do these things first…and pray as you can first….i can give you prayer guides after you go this…I don’t want to burden you with too much at one time.

  55. Michael,

    I had similar issues/problems like you expressed in your reply/comment. It was really bad for me and others around me.

    Marianne advise is very good – doing an inventory, reviewing past practices and seeking forgiveness.

    You must also seek forgiveness for your actions too. It’s about being humble, acknowledging wrongs to Almighty God.

    See Psalms 51 and 40 because David had similar issues that he had to overcome.

    Here is a link to some teaching on what may be oppressing you.

    From listening to this presentation, you can understand the active agents and how they operate. Again, I had similar issues. Today, I know what is going on and what it means to “take every thought captive”.

    The link is an audio file via YouTube – but you can watch other video presentations by the speaker.

    I promise you – after listening to the attached link – you will have the basics to do as the Lord leads you.

    Psalm 40

  56. I need to talk to someone. by email would be fine. I have questions to ask that I can’t seem to get answers for. I would appreciate it very much if someone with the knowledge of the ahab spirit, would please contact me.

    Thank you
    and God bless

    • Katie, regarding knowledge of the Ahab spirit, I just happened to post about it right after your post here. If you need more info., please share your email through Marianne. I have pasted what I posted about this here in case you don’t see it above. I hope this helps:

      There are four main ‘spirits’ that, in my continual encounters with Jezebel’s company, are related to this whole Jezebel deal and need to be clearly distinguished so that more people have greater clarity and less confusion on this matter: the Jezebel spirit, the Ahab spirit, the Ahab mindset, and the Eunuch spirit.

      1. Jezebel Spirit: I believe there’s enough info. on this one for everyone to know what it is. It is more geared toward the female gender, but both females and males operate in the many faces of the Jezebel spirit. A Jezebel spirit HATES God. (A Jezebel hates God’s authority on the male, godliness, and righteousness: Queen Jezebel is best Biblical example here.)

      2. Ahab SPIRIT: This is where a lot of confusion tends to come in. I don’t believe that women can have an Ahab spirit, because the Ahab spirit is meant to make a person abdicate responsibility, and God gave men primary responsibility on earth. Eve sinned first, but sin entered the world through Adam, because the responsibility to not sin was his. Like a Jezebel spirit, an Ahab spirit HATES God. King Ahab complained about what God wanted of him all the time and rejected God and His words so much so that God set him up to die in battle: read 1Kings 22. (An Ahab spirit hates God’s responsibility on males to walk righteously and responsibly before Him or suffer consequences. King Ahab is best Biblical example here.)

      3. Ahab MINDSET: This is the common male mindset today, and it is a mindset of abdicating responsibility to go first, do what is right, take the lead in spiritual and secular matters, etc. I don’t believe that females can have this either because it is geared toward those who are given primary responsibility: males. While a man with an Ahab spirit will HATE God, a man with an Ahab mindset doesn’t necessarily hate God as the spirit is set against God but the mindset is set against obedience to God’s primary will. It can be hard to distinguish, but the teller is hatred for God and a willingness to work alongside of Jezebel just like the couple in the Bible. A man with an Ahab mindset but not spirit may be tricked by a Jezebel and may defend a Jezebel; but he does it out of passivity and weakness, not out of hatred for God and good. I don’t recall anywhere in the Bible where King Ahab, with the Ahab SPIRIT, was recorded doing good for the people; however, a man with an Ahab MINDSET can do good for others. (An Ahab mindset abdicates God-given responsibility and ‘blames the woman’: Adam in the Garden and Samson are the best Biblical examples here.)

      4. Eunuch Spirit: Both men and women can have this spirit. This spirit looks a lot like the Ahab mindset (and sometimes spirit), but to discern it starts with knowing what a eunuch did in ancient times. Eunuchs were castrated men who were forced to serve usually or only females in a king’s or important official’s court. The eunuch spirit today, in men and women, is a person who is emotionally or/and spiritually castrated (weak, powerless). They can be mistaken for Ahabs because they tend to follow Jezebels. They follow Jezebels not because they necessarily want to but because they don’t have power to resist, and Jezebels are often manipulating and/or overpowering. Having no strength of their own, eunuchs will work for and reproduce Jezebel’s words and will to others, making them sometimes seem to be Jezebels or Ahabs themselves. As eunuchs in ancient times did, people with a eunuch’s spirit do Jezebel’s will… until a Jehu comes. (A person with a eunuch spirit often follows a Jezebel and is often MARRIED to a Jezebel: Jezebel’s eunuchs are the best Biblical examples here.)

      I don’t have it down pat yet, but I have noted a difference in the four types above. In my experience, both men and women can be Jezebels and Eunuchs; but only males can have an Ahab spirit or an Ahab mindset. When a female is a Eunuch, she appears to those who don’t know about the Eunuch spirit to be an Ahab. (Again, an Ahab spirit hates God and works purposely with Jezebel; an Ahab mindset doesn’t necessarily hate God, is passive on responsibility, and very rarely ever likes a Jezebel but often complains about ‘strong women’ and ‘women taking over the planet’.)

      Here is a book by Jonas Clark that’s reader-friendly and clearly delineates among the Jezebel, the Ahab, and the Eunuch (I heard about the Eunuch first from this book): You can read several pages of the book free at that link.

      • I just want to add on the dynamics of these spirits-mindsets and marriage– i.e. the kinds of mates that people with these spirits-mindsets attract or are comfortable with:

        1. Female Jezebels tend to seek out Ahab spirit males; their mutual hatred for God and the order set by God in male-female relationships and society make them a formidable and very agreeable couple. For example, the only time we ever see Queen Jezebel in the Bible being ‘nice’ was when she spoke to her husband (about killing Naboth to get his vineyard: 1Kings 21). Outside of being ‘nice’ as a front for others, a Jezebel can actually be ‘honestly nice’ to an Ahab spirit male, because they are of the same spirit of hatred for God and His order and will (e.g. both Ahab and Jezebel despised God’s laws in wanting Naboth dead).

        2. Male Jezebels tend to seek out females who are emotionally wounded or who have a eunuch spirit to marry. Sometimes, Jezebels (male and female) may marrry– a sort of business contract: like attracts like. Mostly, they don’t marry. Male Jezebels need a woman who is weak emotionally who they can get over on and dominate, etc. A male Jezebel will rarely ever marry a woman who is not wounded or a spiritual eunuch.

        3. Ahab SPIRIT men seek out a Jezebel to marry in order to have that intimate partnership against good and for evil in general. I know an Ahab male now who is divorcing his wife, all of it probably due to his relationship (non-sexual) with a Jezebel who is about forty years older than he is.

        4. Ahab MINDSET men tend to seek out either a ‘strong’ or assertive woman who can take up the slack they are bound to leave or an attractive woman whose love for the man will fill up the areas where he lacks love for himself (his lack of love for self stemming from the fact he doesn’t do what men are created to do which is take the godly lead in life and family).

        5. Eunuch spirits in males sometimes seek out a controlling or take charge woman in marriage who will do what the man feels too emasculated to do; other times, male Eunuchs seek out female Eunuchs to marry. Jezebel females generally don’t care too much to marry these types since they don’t ‘add’ to the Jezebel’s image and the Jezebel can get eunuchs as followers at any time.

        6. Eunuch spirits in females often get stuck with male Jezebels in marriage because of the dynamic where a man is supposed to take the lead (this dynamic is lesser with a male eunuch seeking a woman to take the lead since women aren’t originally meant to take the lead). Female Eunuchs may sometimes marry male Eunuchs or males with an Ahab mindset; but they tend to gravitate towards male Jezebels, and male Jezebels certainly seek out female Eunuchs for marriage who they can control and abuse often without the female really being aware of it.

        Jezebels, male and female, are the most picky when it comes to who they will marry, because they have to and need to be in control; Ahab spirit men are second in line with picking who they will marry; Ahab mindset men are passive and are easily tricked by any woman who wants to gain something from them; and eunuchs tend to get picked or chosen much more than they choose for themselves.

        • This is for women with the eunuch trait(s) who’ve married male Jezebels. The below are from my experience in this sphere. I hope this is helpful for some.

          Nashville, TN. 2008–

          I lived in the complex of an Australian singer who operated in both Jezebel and Ahab. Due to this, he was ADEPT at deceiving people. He also ‘drew’ female eunuchs to him. One of them, still married but separated and with SIX kids, said God told her she would marry him. Another female eunuch, older than the Jezebel, shared visions she thought were from God but weren’t. This Jezebel had a ministry, and weak, wounded, weary, confused, rebellious, and fearful people just flocked to him like flies to a light. I learned there how Jezebel (the principality level spirit(s)) speaks to and draws certain types of people to Jezebels and to the ministries of Jezebels. Male Jezebels tend to draw those who need to be comforted. Jezebel in him (or on account of him) becomes like the Holy Spirit to them and so directs them as such toward him/his ministry, etc.

          When it became apparent that I didn’t agree with the ministry, the Jezebel prayed one night in a prayer meeting against me saying, “There is an Achan in the camp… God says the Achan must be killed for this ministry to continue.” He/Jezebel continued, saying Achan (myself) would die by spiritual means (through the power of prayer) and not physical means. (By the way, at this point, I stopped the prayer and said to Jezebel behind this man, ” Come and get me.” Jezebel ran off and left him blubbering alone. Suffice to say, this man lied to pastors about me who came and forcibly removed me.)

          St. Cloud, MN. 2010-

          Five traits that target a person as Jezebel’s potential eunuch:

          1. The Weak. This means passivity, spinelessness, emotional castration, an inability to help oneself. These people are sort of like zombies, and they are the easiest for Jezebel to pick off.

          2. The Wounded. These differ from ‘the weak’ in that a weak person won’t defend themselves but a wounded person may be very lucid, appear confident, and may defend themselves. But Jezebel isn’t deterred by their strength; her focus and point of entry is their woundedness.

          3. The Weary. These people are tired. Life has beat on them and they are close to giving up. They may be strong, smart, businessmen/women, successful, etc.; but they are mentally and emotionally exhausted and are seeking peace of mind. Jezebel can capitalize on this though this kind of eunuch has the greatest potential and probability of giving her a hard time and messing up her program (we see some of these types in occasions like the Jim Jones cult).

          4. The Confused. These people don’t know what they want in life, and often, they’ve had a lot of failures. Confused about direction in life, they are great prey for a Jezebel.

          5. The Rebellious. These people tend to feel that everyone is doing it wrong. They may have been to churches where they were burned, may have given up on ‘the system’, and may hate ‘corrupt government’ and leaders; but their real issue is rebellion against authority, and Jezebel will be able to capitalize on them easily.

          6. The Fearful. These are people who have different types of fear, from free-floating anxiety to irrational fears and phobias. They may have once been CEOs of companies, but their fears have paralyzed them. Like a large bird caught in a thick spider’s web is prey for even a small spider, these people, paralyzed by their fears, are easy– though often unwilling– prey for Jezebel.

          One person can have one or more (usually more) of the above traits. Jezebel is drawn to these people, and these people are drawn (even unwillingly or unwittingly) towards Jezebel, often through principalities in the air working to literally bring them all together in one geographical place (as in Nashville). Here’s a story of a death at the International House of Prayer in October ’12 that shows a classic male Jezebel, the murder of his eunuch wife (look for the traits), the ability of the ruling Jezebel spirit (in the air) to ‘draw people’ to a Jezebel and effect harm on others in the spirit realm through simply prayer (as was threatened to me in Nashville): The full version was carried by Rolling Stone here:

          • arendale

            good points about traits of eunuchs….would make a good post…may I use them?

            • Use the traits by all means. I didn’t experience and learn to discern these things for no reason.

              I want to add this: the Bible says that people perish and cast off restraint where there is no vision (Jezebel thrives where there is no vision). We live in a transitional period between Eli (Ahab) and Samuel (Jehu) ministers. When Eli (passive) ministers rule, the true Word is rare and there is very little vision. Due to mostly Eli leadership today (ministers who are passive about sin and refuse to hold fellow leaders accountable when wrong), many people have no vision and, therefore, are often ‘weak’ (eunuchs), giving Jezebel a further upper hand besides society’s large pool of Ahab mindset men already at her disposal. Jezebel showed confidence (and disdained Jehu when he came to kill her) because though Ahab was gone, she was surrounded by her eunuchs. Eli (passive) ministers lose vision (sight) quickly, therefore, God searches for Samuel (obedient) ministers:

              “The boy Samuel ministered before the Lord under Eli. In those days the word of the Lord was rare; there were not many visions. One night Eli, whose eyes were becoming so weak that he could barely see, was lying down in his usual place. The lamp of God had not yet gone out, and Samuel was lying down in the house of the Lord, where the Ark of God was. Then the Lord called Samuel.”

              When Samuel actively obeyed God and held Eli accountable for his passivity (Eli ministers never rebuke sin in their own fellow leaders though they may rebuke everyone else), the Bible says:

              “The Lord was with Samuel as he grew up, and He let none of Samuel’s words fall to the ground. And all Israel from Dan to Beersheba recognized that Samuel was attested as a prophet of the Lord” (1Sam. 3:1-4, 19-20).

  57. I have a guy friend that is baffling to me. He loves the Lord, service Him, is disciplined, committed to the Lord yet is totally non-confrontational. He has a Jezebel friend (non-sexual) that stalks him and follows him around and stirs up all kinds of trouble anytime this man starts to date someone because she wants him for herself. He does not want her. He ignores her, walks away from her but refuses to be assertive in cutting ties with her. He doesn’t encourage her but doesn’t stand up to her either. He has been talked to by his friends and family about his association with this woman and how he enables her yet he does nothing. She has caused so many problems in her pursuit of him that it has come before the leadership of the church! Is this an Ahab spirit or Eunich spirit or is he just a run-of-the-mill wimp?

    • josie

      he is either a eunuch or wimp.

      an ahab would use the jezebel for his own purposes.

      he needs to get in touch with his own male hormones, and tell her to get lost.

      as long as he does nothing, she will continue.

  58. hi

    On the subject of Eunuchs, Jehu had to be appointed King by Elijah before he received authority to deal with the Jezebel/problems of Judah. He then ordered the Eunuchs to cast Jezebel down the wall. They obeyed the King and immediately tossed the woman out!

    No mamsy pamsy stuff here. Isaiah 56: Vs 2-7 I will give eunuchs a better name that of a man or a women, to the Eunuch do not say that you are a dry tree.

    144,000 whats are coming?

    In my opinion we need to apportion what is due to Eunuchs.

    Matthew 19: vs 12 some are Eunuchs By the hand of man , by birth or by the hand of others, Born again believers are spiritual Eunuchs.

    As it is written
    for we Male or Female shall niether marry nor be given in marriage, but be as the Angels. Amen Lord Jesus, praise be your name

    • jaimie

      good point. I have actually been thinking over doing a post on eunuchs…

      they could be viewed as strong people, not weak ones.

      • Yes very strong set aside for the purpose ahead for the Kingdom
        Of our Lord Jesus will soon be upon us

        God Bless you

  59. I am considering whether to return to a church. The Pastor & wife are lovely beautiful people but it seems very “blinkered” in some areas. In the natural it seems they are in denial. Spiritually,I suspect they are deceived in a couple of areas.
    I feel I was “chased out” of the church by a woman operating under a Jezebel spirit. I was very broken & wounded at the time and felt she was “messing with my head”. She behaved in a super-sweet, sickly, constantly ‘joyful’ manner, gushing, appearing super-subservient to Pastor and super-sweet to me whilst Pastors & congregations eyes were ever on us. She would, however, turn back to me with an ice-cold chilly glare. Once even sticking her tongue out at me (which I now find funny), but at the time I was intimidated and felt emotionally & spiritually intimidated & bullied. In my distress I attempted to explain this to the Pastor who (since evidently) judged me as critical and judgemental towards his beloved friend.
    I started to learn about Jezebel and took my discoveries & learning to be derided again – very courteously – but nonetheless derided. I felt sad, pathetic and completely ‘lost’ in the injustice.
    I experienced “the boom” of darkness through the eyes of this woman that so shook me emotionally that I almost lost my footing. This frightened me but I was just told not to be afraid, the Pastor chuckled, not meanly, just trivially.
    Prior to this I had been very close to the Pastor & wife but was ‘usurped’ by this lady, who has become indispensable in the church. I considered my hurt feelings to be a result of jealousy towards the woman – from me – and so tried to squash my discernment. After three years, I really really do not think the sting is about jealousy but injustice. I am thoroughly convinced she knows exactly when she is being watched, and filmed for videos & even when taking a background position,(as opposed to the fore/front position as a worship leader, the dramatic actions of worship & extended love to others is at best exaggerated and at worst phoney (I don’t refer to her personal worship – am not touching that!). It sort of turns my stomach.
    What completely foxes me is this goes straight over the Pastors head!!!
    I’m staggered at this! He is an Apostle, a Pastor, a Prophet and a highly educated man academically and otherwise seems to have a lot of emotional intelligence – I must say though, as a prophetically gifted, mental health care professional, that his personal self-awareness is low level. I just can’t get my head around this. This Pastor once told me that he has never known the prophetic to be with such precision than at the time when I was moving in my gifting. Now it seems I have zero credibility.
    I perceive the great & powerful ministry that this lovely man has could be minimalised and his full destiny cut short.
    There is also some deception in the wife in one particular area which I won’t go into.
    Both of these lovely people also believe completely that every single dream they have is from God. They think it is absolutely impossible that devils can give them dreams, or that dreams can come from their flesh (fears or desires, conscious or unconscious).
    I feel a Holy Ghost connection with these people and especially with their African culture, I am afraid of appearing rude, disrespectful or perceived as insubordinate. They are neither aggressive nor unkind and are very dear to me. But I feel the ‘bad guy’ here… that and I sometimes feel I’ve arrived at Looney Tunes Island!
    Whilst I was under that church I was hit with several accidents through ‘falls’ and engendered a serious accident that laid me up in hospital for two weeks on my back. Friends from other ministries questioned whether witchcraft was coming against me. The Lord also gave me a word of knowledge about occultic involvement that this woman was in. My Pastor asked me to deliver that to her and I did so whilst being insistent that Pastors wife was present to ensure I did so kindly and correctly. I also had her as a witness to such, so I covered my back.
    One minute I feel I can go back to the church, shut my mouth completely, and just stay loving and serve there ( which I would love). Another time I’m not sure that I’m psychologically strong enough or spiritually strong enough to endure these dangerous ‘games’. I’m open, honest and transparent person, probably too lazy to be deceitful or secretive. I just “can’t be doing with it”!
    But I know my destiny is tied with theirs and I am to receive and give out – having the tutorage & anointing. I have no desire to be at any other church.

    Help! I am fasting and praying as best I can but I would like your perspective.
    Many thanks,
    One Befuddled Sister

    • dear befuddled

      Discontinue going there.

      the pastor is an ahab, and is empowering the jezebel.

      most likely the jezebel and the wife are good friends, and you are being back stabbed

      I do not accept the credentials of the pastor as genuine, since he is complicit in the jezebel’s activity

      move on, and find people who treat you like a human being

      you owe them NOTHING…..

      They tolerate you because you most likely give them money

      tithes and offerings.

      go somewhere and find nice people who love you and have the true spirit of Christ.

    • I agree with Marianne. And that pastor is far from a prophet who would naturally truly detest and oppose the Jezebel spirit (think of Elijah) nor is he an apostle who would very forcefully issue judgments against a Jezebel spirit and rid his church of even the stench of her on a follower of hers visiting or joining the church to get information about the church for her (think of Jehu). It’s pobably another spirit making you feel you should stay there, especially considering witchcraft is coming against you. In my experience, the Jezebel spirit will sometimes do these two things simultaneously: seek to drive you out of a place, locale, or vicinity and also seek to bind you there. Jezebel wants you out because you are her enemy; but she wants you in because (note carefully) as long as you are there, you cannot enter your destiny in Christ. Jezebel is called a destiny thief and fights to prevent people from entering their God-given destinies; she pollutes the prophetic (which one pastor described as being given to the Church “to impart to the people the ability to dream” or to move people into their destinies in Christ) and uses it to turn people away from God and their destinies in Him rather than turn them to God and to their destinies in Him. It appears apparent that you’re experiencing fear (intimidation) and confusion (spiritual blindness, not knowing what to do) which are two foundational weapons of Jezebel and are often proof, especially when together, that you are under he attacks of witchcraft. Elijah came under fear and confusion when Jezebel threatened him, because her words were full of witchcraft.

      I believe that the best thing for you is to separate yourself from that church completely for a season (maybe a month)– a full and complete separation– and THEN seek God’s will. If you’re connected to and attending the church while seeking God, the Jezebel’s witchcraft through the pastor’s covering can affect and keep you in the dark, and an ungodly soul tie with the church and pastor can hinder your fasting and prayers and your ability to hear from God on the matter. One of the weaknesses of true believers is the natural desire to be part of a fellowship, and the weakness can be more pronounced if you have prophetic gifts or a prophetic calling which can make you feel even more isolated from others. Don’t let the need to be in fellowship hinder your devotion; true fellowship is that which you have with like-minded individuals (Ps. 133) as John said in 1Jn. 1: “These things we share with you that you may have fellowship with us, and truly our fellowship is with th Father and with His Son Jesus Christ… If we walk in the light as He is in he light, we have fellowship with one another…” A pastor who compromises with a major anti-Christ spirit like Jezebel cannot simultaneously be walking in the light as He is in the light. Wish you the very best.

  60. I really appreciate what you are saying here, Arendale. You have brought clarity to my own issues with the Jezebel spirit. I especially like your advice to quit the church for a month and then seek God’s will.

    In the situation I am in, I often here the advice to cut ties permanently. I have prayed enough to know this is not God’s will for the situation. Lately, I have been thinking about breaking away for a few months from the person carrying the Ahab spirit who keeps opening the door for these Jezebels. This person has to go on a trip for a few months and normally we keep in touch, but I’ve been praying about not communicating at all, not to hurt them, but to gain clarity. I believe your timely message here is confirmation.

    I also have prophetic abilities and your insights into the stay and go mentality of Jezebel hit home for me. It’s crippling. But now that I have more knowledge I will have more power.

    I’ve been preparing to fast. This is all coming together at the right time.

    Thank you so much and God bless.

    To our befuddled sister- you are loved and among the like-minded here. You will get through. Keep the faith.


    • Thanks, Nicole. I was once in a homeless shelter over which Jezebel had jurisdiction since the owner operated in his spirit. Jezebel then drove the homosexuals there to attack me and seek for two straight months to put me out the shelter with all kinds of false accusations against me to others and to the leadership. Jezebel also wanted me to stay in the shelter or remain homeless, because she has been the main hindrance to getting to my destiny. At this moment, I am in another homeless shelter where two people operating in Jezebel seek to attach to me (this is the effect of Jezebel constantly seeking to divert and derail me from God’s will for me). One who believes that God just wants us to feel good all the time selfishly said that God told him that I am to stay here and help him do ministry. The other is a scheming Jezebel (they both are) who changes colors to fit into any situation and has some strange doctrinal beliefs. Every shelter I’ve been in God had made it clear to me that I’m not to remain there but to be connected to like-minded genuine believers. I’ve never been able to hear His direction, however, on exactly where to go. I believe this is because of Jezebel and specifically witchcraft being sent against me everyday by my occult family. So, I’ve had some experience with how Jezebel seeks to prevent people from being where they need to be while driving them away from where God doesn’t want them to be. I’m realizing that 99.9% of the time, you won’t find a genuine Christian in a homeless shelter as they are basically cursed places where satan basically always has legal jurisdiction no matter how Christian they are. I’d appreciate a prayer for light, revelation, and direction on where the Lord wants me to go.

      • arendale.

        try contacting a “Church of God” or “Assembly of God” in your area, and see if they can help

        • Somehow I just don’t think that’s the way to proceed.

        • Churches that serve programs can’t serve people. I went to a tiny church once In Phoenix, AZ of about nine people. The pastor still sought to build his church rather than build the people up to be the Church and to minister to others. I sort of thought that if this pastor refused to invest himself in the lives of a very few, then bigger church pastors rightfully would have no interest whatsoever in trading in what is easy (church programs and guaranteed income) for what is hard (truly ministering to the church members). I don’t see any interest in human souls in church buildings. If they won’t reach out to their own, why would they reach out to me, someone who is not a part of their church?

  61. Arendale,

    Thank you for sharing. What you shared was very helpful to me. God bless you (Psalm 20).

    Two prayers for you to consider:

    “Almighty God, You tell me that I will seek and find You when I seek with all mine heart” (Jeremiah 29:13, ERV).

    Your Word tells me, “The wise must not brag about their wisdom. The strong must not brag about their strength. The rich must not brag about their money. But if someone wants to brag, then let them brag about this: Let them brag that they learned to know Me. Let them brag that they understand that I am the LORD, that I am kind and fair, and that I do good things on earth. I love this kind of bragging’” (Jeremiah 9:23-24, ERV).

    Father God, in the name of Jesus I pray the Word ~

    “LORD, help me learn Your ways. Show me how YOU want me to live. Guide me and teach me Your truths. You are my God, my Savior. You are the one I have been waiting for.

    Remember to be kind to me, LORD. Show me the tender love that YOU have always had. Don’t remember the sinful things I did when I was young. Because YOU are good, LORD, remember me with YOUR faithful love” (Psalm 25).

    This I know, giving thanks to You ~ “The Lord is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid?” (Psalm 27:1, NKJV).

    Father God,

    Grant me according to the riches of Your Son’s glory, to be strengthened with all might through the Spirit in my inner soul that Christ (my Messiah) may dwell in my heart through faith; that I being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what it is to know the love of my Messiah that I may be filled with all the fullness of You” (Ephesians 3:16-21).

    Father God, I ask that I be filled with the knowledge of Your will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, so as to walk in a manner worthy of my Lord, fully pleasing to Him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of You.

    May I be strengthened with all power, according to His glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy, giving thanks to the You Father God who has qualified me to share in the inheritance of the saints in light.

    You delivered me from the domain of darkness and transferred me to the kingdom of Your beloved Son, in whom I have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.” (Colossians 1:9-14, ESV).

    Blessed be the name of the LORD. Amen.

    • Thanks, DJ. I usually get as far as saying a written prayer once or twice (sometimes I can’t even do it once) before I can’t do it. I have to pray from my own heart, and that’s already hard enough. God knows that I’ve done and am doing my best. The Christians in this place that I’ve met tend to be confused or just wolves waiting for the right person to pounce on. It’s tiring. I’ll keep pressing and hoping for things to break soon.

  62. Arendale, I don’t know if you are comfortable sharing a bit of your story here, but I am concerned as to why you keep ending up in homeless shelters and without a church family. We all go through periods of difficulty. Yours seems to be lasting quite an extensive amount of time. What is your next step to having your own home/apartment? What has been holding you back? Do you have any friends?

    • It’s quite a story, Nicole, and I don’t know if it’s one I’d want to share on an open forum like this. I can, however, give a very brief summary. I was born into a multi-generational satanic family who trained and groomed me to become a leader in the cult. God intervened on their plans in 1998 when He ‘appeared’ to me and began to show me what was going on (I had no idea at the time). The family cult especially began trying to kill me from that time on, and in 2003, when I learned what was going on, I left the family and thought I’d be able to just join a church and find deliverance from the occult. It didn’t work that way. The family was casting spells and doing rituals everyday to prevent my progress, etc., and I had no connection on the other side to stand with me for progress. Have had to walk it out alone; lots of people in similar situations who also lack fellowship. It’s actually very common.

      • god bless you always…and may he always make a way for you

        • Thanks, Marianne. I know God can just intervene sovereignly whenever He wants, but it just seems, when I look at others who suffer, that the issue always comes back to a lack of people who will walk in step with God and be His hands and feet. I strongly resisted this truth for years until 2009 when I humbled myself and asked God why I and so many had prayed for and were praying for me but my situation hadn’t changed to which He replied rather succinctly, “Because those who pray don’t act.” I asked Him the same question again about two weeks later, and He had the same answer worded differently which revolved around the concept of ACTION. Jesus said the harvest is ready but that workers (or people who act) are few. Edmund Burke agreed, and I can’t refute it as fact any longer. But God has done His part without much assistance from others, namely protecting me as He did yesterday when He caused me to pray in tongues in the morning (which, for about four months, I haven’t been able to do). In the afternoon, attacks descended on me wave after wave– the last attack from a so-called apostle’s wife who attacked me bitterly for saying in the past that I was leaving their ministry as I felt it was about self-promotion and not God or people. (It’s like an oligarchy I think the term is where leaders call themselves “fathers” and call their followers “sons”. When I answered a question on their Facebook page, one minister jumped down my throat, accusing me of pride, of having an orphan spirit rather than the spirit of a son and told me that only thenp fathers are to speak and the sons to listen. Red flags in your face.) The day had started well due to the prayer, but after the waves of attacks, I nose-dived and crashed till nighttime. If I hadn’t prayed yesterday morning, I probably would not have survived those attacks. God has brought me out of the cult and protected me for a long time; may He make a way for me into a fruitful place where I grow rather than survive.

          • jesus said to call no man father except the god in heaven.

            the people you describe are nicolaitans….and god despises them

            we should all act on god’s word.

            I keep an eye open for homeless people in order to help them…

            recently saw a homeless woman with a sign…walmart made her move away from parking lot……

            people passed her but I stopped.

            to her surprise, i emptied all the cash out of my purse, which was about $10 and a lot of change… was not much, but I gave her everything i had on hand.

            i tend to keep cash on me or in my car, so in case i see someone, I can help them

            I keep thinking that it could be me sitting there…..but more importantly, that is JESUS sitting there

    • I’m not connected. I have one person I can call a friend, and he’s struggling through his own issues. Everyone else has been a fair weather friend who was often very accepting at the start and then, when they realized my struggle was too big for them (though not too big for God), they slipped away silently and disappeared. Your question seems almost condemnatory in saying that people have problems but that mine has dragged on for too long. People who’re born into satanist families tend to have their problems for life, Christian or not. I know some of them who’ve been struggling for deliverance and healing for nineteen and more years. As I said, this problem is not uncommon at all. God made it plain to me in 2010 that it’s not His will for me to live in homeless shelters but to be established in a home with godly friends, etc. In 2012, He told me that He wanted me in fellowship with likeminded believers. Throughout 2013, He told me that I needed connection with the right people. It’s years later, and I have none of these things yet.

      I’ve had Christians quote to me that it’s basically my fault and that since God is stronger than satan, I must lack faith somewhere. But I’ve had more faith than all of them. One of the most important things I’ve learned through all this is that God does work through people and that to the extent that people aren’t led by the Spirit, God is prevented from working on earth. Paul said that people can’t hear the gospel and be saved unless people are sent to them. What happens if those who are sent don’t go? I have the answer in my own life and observe it in the lives of thousands of Christians. I’ve seen God speak to people to reach out to me, even to ministers, and several of them confessed that He reached out to them to reach out to me; but all of them so far dropped me like a hot potato or just ran. I’ve mostly been amazed at how easy it is for these people to disobey God. God has definitely done His part, and I’ve done mine; we are still doing our part until someone, of their own free will which God does not disturb, says, “Yes, Lord.”

      It’s not rocket science:

      1. We need fellowship,

      2. we can’t be part of a fellowship that doesn’t receive us, and

      3. God commands the blessing in the place of fellowship (Ps. 133), therefore,

      4. the curse and misfortune lie outside the place of fellowship.

      If you want to tell me where I am or might be missing it, it’s probably best that you save both of us the time. I have literally heard it all and have heard all of it; no one has been original. I’m listening only for truth that strengthens (rather than discourages) and makes people free.

  63. Arendale-

    I apologize if my comments came across as condemnation in any way. I assure you that was not my intention. That’s one of the challenges with words especially written. I did use the word “concern” which is sincere.

    I would say two things, however. The first is I’ve worked in ministry for over 15 yrs. Lots of people say they want help then refuse the help offered or take endlessly. I learned long ago healthy boundaries are essential in loving people and not getting burnt out- and that is a two way street as i’ve been guilty of burning others out.

    On the other hand, I too, have wrestled with demonic forces and repeat patterns that sabotage my life over and over. The disciples in the Bible roamed the earth without food, shelter or proper clothing. Christ had no home. And they fought extreme demonic powers. The western Christian world struggles with this reality as they want blessing from their ministry. Have you gotten in touch with Derek Prince ministries. He was a Brit who lived in Africa for many years. He said he saw more demons in America than anywhere in Africa and I believe it. I’ve listened to many of his radio programs for encouragement and help with demonic forces. It’s an ongoing battle. Thus the reason I keep returning to Marianne’s site. No one has got it all sorted here.

    As painful as your circumstances are. Perhaps you are exactly where you are meant to be. At least for this time. I believe you when you say this is common. 36,000,000 people in slavery is demonic.

    Please forgive me if I’ve added to your discouragement. I’d like to help. My website is or You can learn a bit about me there and email me privately should you want to talk more.

    You seem like a very sweet soul and I’m praying for you even now. As I appreciate your prayers.
    God bless you and protect you-

    • Yes, there are people who say they want help and misuse or refuse it. I took someone into my home once who absconded with my bike. There’s a difference, however, between doing what is morally right and following the Holy Spirit’s lead. When we reach out of our own goodwill, we can run out of energy and patience; when it’s of God, it doesn’t fail. The solution for people who abuse or misuse others’ good Graces? “If any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of God.” It’s important to seek God as to what ‘project’ to take on so you don’t waste energy on the wrong one and ignore the right one. I saw a minister do this before: a guy he took in twice abused his kindness by drinking and leaving beer cans all over his and his wife’s home; they put him out then took him back in… This time, while they were gone, he absconded with $50,000 worth of the minister’s collectible coins. The minister and his wife resolved to never again take people into their home but continued to chase and rescue this rebellious guy who for many years just went around getting in trouble everywhere. Then I came along and they preferred to chase a guy who’d abused and stolen from them and whose chances of changing were slim over a person who really wanted help. There’s no wisdom in this unless a person “asks of God” who they are to reach out to. Then when God has spoken, no one had to worry whether or not a person ‘really’ needs help or will abuse their kindness. A lady minister once admitted to me that Jesus told her just what to do to help me, and it was within her means. She then laughed with disdain and exclaimed, “He knows I won’t do THAT!” She only voiced what is in most Christians’ hearts: “The Lord wants me to do this and that, but He knows I don’t want to and won’t if I can help it.” I believe that what God directs us to do is more important than fear of being taken advantage of and boundaries, because he won’t expect more from us than we are ABLE to give (therefore boundaries will be protected) though He will expect more from us than we are WILLING to give.

      I’ve been in touch with Derek Prince ministries in America and have to confess that when a good thing is put in the hands of ‘bad people’, that good thing becomes defiled to the standards of the bad people. I believe this happened with Prince’s ministry in America. They told me they’d send me prayers or something. In America, everything is impersonal. It’s frozen cold in this place; all the warm breezes come in from outside nations like Mexico, Africa, South America, Asia, and the Middle East– nations where people still feel natural affection for fellow humans and care about people outside of themselves. There are definitely more demons in America than Africa. Things are much more corrupt here, and the self-righteousness just keeps it all hidden and even worse. I’ll have to leave this shelter in a few days (I’m not getting with their program which, in this particular shelter, is to make staff feel better by receiving all their life advice and practicing it), so I’d appreciate your prayer. I believe the move is in time, though as of now I have nowhere else to go, because the Lord made it clear that He doesn’t want me here and I don’t have to break away or run away. The shelter is also getting too cold and worldly and is turning more and more into a money machine: eg. this afternoon, today, ‘important people’, including the senator of this state, will come out and be given a tour of the just competed new shelter about fifty yards from this one. We here call it the Taj Mahal of the homeless; it’s pretty ritzy and certainly was NOT built for homeless men. It’s a business and was built for ‘important people’ like the senator, and it works to keep the poor poor and make the rich richer.

      Thanks for your site. I’ll check it out.

      • arendale

        I can relate to what you are saying.

        i talk to people first before helping them. I have pretty good discernment as to who will abuse the help…..

        do you have any job skills where you can get a job and get out of this rut?

        • Yes, I have job skills. They are mostly on hold now since I don’t yet have the documents and ID I need to work (that’s a long story). I can’t yet say I necessarily know who to aid or not to aid; I can say though that I’ve learned that it’s important to exercise discernment and ask God in such situations and in other areas of life. Discernment went out of style for Christians a long time ago, and the fruits of its absence are all around us.

          • what kind of work do you do?

            • Hard question to answer since there’s no kind of work I do per se but instead there’s the kind of work I’ve done in the past and the kind of work I plan to do in the future. I did mostly restaurant, retail, and landscaping work in the past (none of those what I really was interested in) and plan to get into real estate development-management and business management-administration in the future.

              I answered that way because “what kind of work do you do?” is limited as it implies that the work you’ve done is work you’re equipped with skills to do (ie. it implies that it’s what you’re called to do or should be doing or pursuing) or work that you enjoy doing. I’ve had experience in past work I mentioned above but didn’t enjoy it; on the other hand, I have skills for the future work I mentioned above but never used them yet; on top of that, I don’t work right now; so, not meaning to be over-analytical, but giving a simple answer to a question about what kind of work ‘I do’ is challenging. But God knows. Twice in 2012 and 2013, working landscaping and handyman jobs, I told Him that I appreciated the work and money (they paid cash as I had no ID for work, etc.) but that I was always fatigued and weary and unhappy with work. Both times, He explained that it wasn’t wrong for me to feel that way and that I felt unhappy and burdened because I didn’t have Grace for that kind of work and because I was geographically not in the right place; ie. He didn’t fit me with the tools and natural enjoyment for the kind of work I was doing nor was I around genuine believers. He reminded me of what kind of work I’m called to be doing (which includes a lot of management and human interaction, where lots of people are) and said that I’ll have energy and enjoyment in that right place. At this point, whatever He provides in the way of work will have to suffice as the kind of work ‘I do’.

              • maybe you could bridge the gap between the past and future by managing a restaurant , then other businesses

                • My favorite two shows were The Apprentice and The Restaurant (Rocco and his restaurant). I wanted to learn more about managing the actual business of a business since, for me, managing the people is the easy part. I thought that starting off managing a restaurant was a good idea. But as things stand now, I have to let God provide work and can’t simply strike out on my own.

  64. Arendale,
    I would like to help you, if possible. I’m in Northern Ireland. But I’m from America. I know exactly what you mean about Christians not helping. It’s a serious problem. I do know good people in different states who would help. If you feel comfortable telling me where you are, again in private, even just the state, and then I can tell you if I know of any resources there. And then you can decide from there what you want to do. You a re a sensitive and self-aware person. I’m praying.

    • After the Gospels are the Acts of the apostles and believers. God speaks to me of action and practical expression far more than He talks about prophecy. He addresses the here and now more than He addresses things that are for tomorrow (or things that are from yesterday such as His past works). God is our Here and Now, Jesus our Yes and Amen; yet, nothing in His Word seems guaranteed in our day, and you’re more likely to be discouraged than encouraged in Christ. I’ll email you at your site email.

  65. passin on my address

  66. Hi Marianne

    I am a single mother of a 3 year old boy, I believe his father is involved with a woman who has a jezebel spirit and from the description, he now has the Ahab spirit. I was involved with him for 8 years before our son was born and I believe his parents also had a Ahab-Jezebel relationship and contributed to breaking our relationship when our son was born. they are unbelievers and since then I have repented my sin of having a child thru an unequally yoked relationship and I have been single ever since. the father of my child was a very good, highly moralled and devoted person who respected and valued family, but now since he is became involved with this jezebel spirit,,,he is unrecognizable to closest family and friends. she has destroyed his close relationships with his parents and sister and he does not see through her but chooses to defend her. his parents have apologised to me because they realise now that there is evil at work and want him to reconcile with me. that is the awesome God we serve..God did see my pain and brought my enemies to my feet. but I think he is too deeply involved with this woman, there was even a time when he wanted to reconcile with me but she turned him against me and away from our son also, and he can’t even see that she has been unfaithful to him,and seductive towards other men. he refuses to believe anything bad about her and believes she is innocent. she has caused so much of damage to his family, his mom has tried to commit suicide because of the corruption and lies she has brought into their lives, and his mom now reaches out to me because she realises all she has lost and the pain caused.people are telling me that I still need to pray on their behalf for him…but I don’t know how to go about doing this or if it is even my place to do it, because I have rare communication with him and not even sure I would want him back in my life because of all the hurt caused. he has told a family member that he blames his mother for destroying our relationship and now he feels they want to destroy the one he is in now…but he can’t see that the jezebel is even blinding him to the child he was so looking forward to having. he does spend time with him occasionally,but its not the typical father son relationship you would normally expect from him.his entire family including cousins and aunts have told me to keep praying because that is not the person they know anymore and he is definitly deceived. please advise me..because I have also found peace with God and do not want these spirits to disrupt my life with my son.

    • dear 1withGod

      he seems to have a eunuch ( powerless) spirit. an ahab spirit does have power and gives it to the jezebel to use.

      in his condition, you do not need him back, but he needs to be a good dad for the boy.

      so you have to pray for his deliverance as well as his salvation.

      it would help to have a man involved in this prayer effort, and also in a direct communication with your ex. he needs to be told to “man up.”

      for the sake of the child, keep him away from father for now. he might badly influence him.or at least have him come there to visit and have a witness present.

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and curses

      print out and share with supportive family and pray each day

      I will agree with you in prayer


  68. How to know if Ahab Spirit ooperating in our family?
    A irresponsible father or husband can be a sign? Careless and lazy person..
    please guide

    • ankita

      ahab enables the jezebel present. he has authority in some way, but lets her do what she wants, which is usually destructive. read the post again. if you have a jezebel present, there is usually an ahab around giving her the power.

  69. Never knew about these spirits until listening to a video by Tiffany Kameni. I always go on my own to read for my own knowledge. Im amazed with what Im learning. All these years living on earth never knew that these spirits can be attached to you.

  70. Marianne, would you advise not marrying a man with an Ahab spirit. Although he seems kind, godly, sweet and affectionate, he has a close tie with a woman who I believe has a jezebel spirit. He promises to put me first, but I can see he wants both of us in his life – me as a wife and her as a mentor to us. What would happen if I married a man like this? Has anyone here gone through a marriage like this?

    • anon

      I would not advise it. unless you see that spirit leave first. you will have many heartaches until this happens, if it EVER happens. if you marry an ahab, your marriage will be broken by the jezebel. he needs to be delivered first.

      • Thank you!!

      • I married one. I regret it. Granted I didn’t know about these things when I married but sure enough it was sheer hell & he didn’t want to be delivered. We are now getting a divorce after 13 years of marriage & she is still a huge fixture in his life.

        • I’m so sorry to hear that! Did you see red flags during the courting/dating stage. I find that they can be very sweet, but they are very loyal to her too. But then, I realize there maybe an evil/mean side that I haven’t seen. Also from reading here, it seems that even if delivered, they seem to fall back easily to wanting her in their lives…it’s almost like an addiction.

  71. For those who have married a man with an Ahab spirit – was this spirit obvious to you before marriage. I have found men with this spirit to be very nice and kind – almost too good to be true. Has anyone else had this experience and things change after marriage? I’m confused as to why they appear to be so nice…any information/comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • kelly

      he may have seemed that way to begin with, but you were not educated in what to look for, so you were blind to what he was. you have to look also beyond his behavior and see his family and associations, to see and understand their behavior as well. Spend some time reading comments on this page, the post itself, and also read about jezebels. you will see people with compromised morals and lying, and attitudes where things that are wrong are ok.

      • Thank you for the insight – you are right Marianne! Thanks!

        • kelly

          another thing I thought of….there may be things wrong, but he does nothing to oppose this…..this may come across as “easy going and peaceful” but he is actually permitting negative people/events by doing nothing on purpose….a righteous man will oppose evil and sin

          • Yes, Marianne, and compromising the Word of God is wrong. Deception comes in many forms. Thanks again for the insight!

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