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God Be the Glory

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  1. Hi Marianne,
    how to add?

  2. Ofra Haza (of blessed memory) – Jerusalem of Gold

  3. Thank you. Very interesting. Be ready / get ready to meet the Lord!

  4. :-)))) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oNcmrhoZvI

  5. *

  6. This and the following beautiful piece of music
    is dedicated to someone I know whom God has gifted
    with a most beautiful heart.

    • hi rev Williams

      Yes he IS God Alone. This second video made me cry. It is so beautiful. There is a deaf girl on this site who actually looks at the videos and reads the words, so videos with both pictures and words help her worship as well.

      As busy as I am, I also have to be reminded to stop each day and worship HIM. If I don’t, my day is not complete.

      I hope this little worship page helps people who come. I believe the visitors here are putting the best songs, and this will be a quality worship site for many.

  7. With Russian religious Art. Beautifully done!!

  8. Beautiful!

  9. Hi Abigail,

    You are quite right to question the suitability of the images
    displayed on the audio-video presentation : Aria–Acker Bilk.
    This selection was made for the musical content only, but I do
    agree that these images could be a cause for concern for some,
    so I therefore ask Marianne, if she wouldn’t mind, to delete it.

    • Richard I do not question the suitability of the images on the video that you have presented.
      These photos came from somewhere and so I found this very amazing that they were photos taken by Russian astronauts and shown to the vatican.
      They are photos of ‘angels’ … so is the claim.
      And actually I don’t see why that should offend anyone.
      I see no need to push the delete key.
      And I for one do not understand why these images should be of concern??
      If the Universe does not conceal then why should WE???

    • Richard and abigail

      The pictures are fine. They are just photos of outer space, with some nice music.

  10. Abigail,
    There are many things going on in the universe, most
    of which we will probably never get to know about, and
    do not need to know about !! It is no coincidence that
    this extraneous knowledge is sought after by people who
    do not know God, and please give me just one example of
    how a believer in the completeness of “God’s Word” can
    benefit from this knowledge.
    Do you not question whether or not, these unbelievers
    are being used by Satan as a device to get us to focus
    our attention on things which, ultimately offer no
    spiritual benefits whatsoever or if indeed they are real?
    If you feel that you need this “extra knowledge”
    to strengthen your faith, then that is your choice.
    Personally, I do not have any need or desire to look
    beyond scripture, because everything that God desires
    us to know is contained therein.
    If you focus your attention on God’s word alone, He
    will give you the necessary wisdom and discernment
    to deal with and understand the nature of the bizzare,
    and Satanic events which are taking place now, and which
    will increase as we move into the final hours.
    God will deliver His faithful, whatever the nature of
    these events are to be.
    We simply do not need to know the mechanics of these
    events in order to keep our spiritual “motor” running
    smoothly. Now that is what I call FAITH !!

    Since this page is intended for music, I would suggest
    that these comments are deleted in order to maintain
    continuity between the Video selections, if that’s o.k
    by you Marianne.
    Abigail, as it is inappropriate here, to engage in such
    a discussion, I think we should leave it here, unless
    you feel the need to reply.

    God bless.

  11. Beautiful melody, powerful orchestration, inspirational
    words, visually stirring…this is the majesty of God in
    music, words and vision. !!
    I know this(the above)has already been selected, but could not resist forcing the “audience” to accept an encore !!!

  12. Refrain: Walk under the grace, walk with gods blessings, walk with his peace, whatever you do… hear to his words, stay in his near, if you are awake or at rest…

  13. Can i post another german song? Its from Dietrich Bonhöffer, who was martyred 1945 in a nazi-camp.. he wrote this song few days before his death.
    Text: From good mights (powers) loyal and quietly surrounded.. sheltered and solaced wonderfully.. such i want to live with you these days and go with you in a new year.
    Secured by good mights, we await confidently whatever will come.. god is with us at evening and morning and sure enough on every new day..
    Solo: Let warm and bright the candles flame today, which you have brought us in our darkness.. unite if possible us again..we know it- your light shines in the night..
    Solo: When the quietness now splayes around us, so let us hear those full sound.. from the world which invisible splayes around us.. the song of praise of all your children..

  14. Hi Abigail,

    You may be surprised to know that I play that “awesome piece”,
    plus the above three pieces on my classical guitar…well I
    used to before I started coming to Heaven Awaits !!!!

    • I am not surprised at all Richard!
      Actually I did think that it was You playing that awesome guitar.
      I would like to hear it sometime … maybe when Heaven Awaits no more. 🙂
      I like your taste of music.

  15. Hi Abigail,

    Thank you for you kind words. I spent many years arranging popular
    pieces for fingerstyle and classical guitar..which was challenging
    and very satisfying. The piece you heard was written cica. 1880,
    would you believe,by Franciso Terrega,(a Spaniard).and is the most
    popular concert piece, as is Cavatina, above, which I also play.
    The rippling effect, known as the ‘tremelo’ technique, is achieved
    by playing an accompaniment note with the thumb, and during the
    duration of that note, three notes are played with the 3rd, 2nd
    and 1st fingers of the right hand in rapid succession.
    I used the same technique for ‘Feelings’, my favourite song.
    ‘Cavatina’ is my favourite instrumental piece.
    I tend to disregard the lyrics of most popular songs,due to the
    worldly overtones,but I suppose if you are honest about it, you
    can’t seperate the words from the music….so it really comes
    down to a matter of conscience.

    What’s your taste in music ?

    Gos bless

  16. Here’s a good example above…beautiful melody…words that many
    of us can identify with..but nevertheless, wordly.

  17. You must be young Richard … at least young at heart.
    I am old and my heart is torn … and so I must say my favorite music is more dramatic and more filled with emotion than feelings.
    Here is an example …

  18. Hi Abigail,

    No, I am not young…but a beautiful melody is ageless!!!
    I also love dramatic music…so perhaps you could provide
    the best of that…but I am first and foremost a melody man !!!

    • Richard,
      I don’t wish to provide anything … and yes a melody is ageless and soothing.
      I was just telling you my secrets. I appreciate your taste in music.
      I am a lyre and I am being played in my heart by the hand of God.
      Every note to His will.
      And I do like a melody man and a sweat man as you are.
      Music reveals the soul …

  19. Richard …
    We are the instruments of God, as a guitar in your hand is played with ten fingers …
    And so there are ten melodies at the tip of your fingers being played through air and all
    for healing by changing the pulse in your body and in those that HEAR.
    Sound can change the nervous system for instances … and now is used in sonar weapons as well … good and bad …
    “It was through music that a spirit of prophecy would rest upon the prophets (as in Kings II, 3:15). A musical instrument is a vessel containing air (ruach, spirit). The air in the instrument is a mixture of good and bad. On the one hand there is the anxious, depressed spirit – a bad spirit, as we find in the case of King Saul: `and an evil spirit terrified him’ (Samuel I, 16:14). On the other hand, there is a good spirit, as it is written, `Let Your good spirit lead me in an even land’ (Psalms 143:10). This is the spirit of prophecy, holy spirit. But when good and bad are mixed up, it is impossible to receive true prophecy.

    “The person playing a musical instrument gathers together the good spirit, the spirit of prophecy, and separates it from the anxious, depressed spirit. He must understand music in order to know how to sift out and gather up the parts of the spirit and put them together in order to construct the melody, namely the joy, so as to build the good spirit, the spirit of prophecy, which is the opposite of the depressed spirit. He has to move his hand up and down on the instrument in order to channel the joy and bring it to perfection. And when the prophet hears a melody from an expert musician, he receives a spirit of prophecy, the very spirit that the musician gathered in his hand and separated from the depressed spirit. Thus the attendants of the depressed King Saul said to him of the young David: `And he will play with his hand and it will be good for you’ (Samuel I, 16:16).

    “Thus by playing the musical instrument with one’s hand, one sifts out, purifies and elevates the good spirit and separates it from the bad. This is the way to overcome the evil spirit of folly that seeks to spoil and upset the good, prophetic spirit. The bad spirit is dissipated through the joy which comes through the hand of the player. For the root of the power of the spirit of folly lies in anxiety and depression. Therefore the only way to receive a holy spirit of prophecy is through joy – the joy created by the hand of the player, as it is written: `And it was when the musician played that the hand of God was upon him’ (Kings II, 3:15); `and he will play with his hand and it will be good for you.’ The player who has the power of the hand can sift out the good spirit from the bad, and can thereby subdue the evil spirit” (Likutey Moharan I, 54:6).

    The sweetness of the Spirit be with you.

  20. Hi Abigail,

    …It’s now “time to say goodbye” to your torn heart !!!
    May the LORD give you peace in your heart !!!
    You say you are old, but your mind is so sharp, and your depth
    of thought is so profound. What can we do to untear your heart?
    What is causing you this vexation ? Do you feel close to the Lord,
    or do you feel alone. Would you like to share your deep feelings?

    God bless

  21. I’ve always said since my youth that everyday I live a thousand years … and so has been my experience … for I have experienced the world.
    Not many have seen what my eyes have seen …
    My heart is torn and I can not leave it.
    Here is an artist, composer whom I admire.

  22. Abigail,

    You are an exceptional person. For an “old lady”, you do, also
    come across as one with a youthful disposition. I am intrigued by
    your capacity for knowledge, and your diversity of thought.
    How can this be possible for someone so old and torn.?
    What is your secret, that you nearly let slip out ?
    I like the emotive style of the above singer.

    God bless.

  23. Abigail,

    How did dying for Christ cause you to be the person you are now ?

  24. I died Richard … not for anyone … I just simply died.
    Dead, dead , dead is dead.
    Now I live because He Lives in me.

  25. Abigail,

    The only way to interpret your words, is that you medically died,
    and Jesus brought you back to life. Is that correct ?
    If you did medically die, what caused your death, if you don’t
    min me asking ?

    • I died in my sleep the 27th May 2008.
      Not sure how long I remained dead … hours?
      It doesn’t take long for the body to start decaying …

      Sometime in the course of the night, I became aware of the position of my body upon my bed.
      Unlike other times I could not move my body and
      I became increasingly aware that there was NO life in it.
      Then, suddenly!!
      I saw flying and coming at Great Speed from above
      A long fiery cylinder or a roll
      burning as it came
      And it entered through the navel of my body
      And there it burned!

      At that moment, I felt the sockets of my skull
      Hollow and deep!
      I felt a powerful, intense burning sensation all around and in my navel and inside my belly.
      Finally with unquenchable pain I was able to touch my swollen belly with both of my hands.
      At that moment I heard a Great Voice saying in my ear:
      “You are the first kind.”
      “And a thousand shall fall at your side.”
      This is The Truth!

  26. Let all the earth praise Him.

  27. Abigail,

    Who shall fall at your side ? Does the thousand include good
    people ?

    • What a strange question …
      I have no idea the meaning of the words of The Lord.

      • A thousand shall fall at your side …
        Might not even be people ….
        A thousand ?? shall fall at your side.
        But There was no question mark indicating a silence.
        Simply just ‘a thousand shall fall at your side.’

  28. Abigail,

    Why is it a strange question…why should anyone fall on
    account of you ?

    Do you mean that you are prevented from knowing the words
    of the Lord ?
    What is preventing you from knowing the words of the Lord ?

    • Such is the security of The Lord as is written …
      Psalms 91:7 A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it will not come near you.
      No one will fall on MY account Richard.
      And it is a strange question that you’ve asked because psalms 91 should be known by ALL professed Christians.
      Ps.91: 8
      Only with your eyes shall you look and see the reward of the wicked.
      Verse 4 says …’He shall cover you with His feathers
      And under His wings you shall take refuge.’

      May the Spirit of The Lord quicken these verses to you.

  29. Abigail,

    What do you think the fiery cylinder represents that yo described ?

    • It is not a representation … it is the fiery Spirit Of The Living God.
      This is the Resurrection Power of Life of God Almighty.
      I died and now I am typing … therefore I am living
      and it is because of His Power. 🙂

  30. Hi Abigail,

    Have you told anyone else about this experience ?
    If so what reaction(s) did you get ?

    • My family knows and so do my friends and colleagues …
      They believe me because they know me.
      Now you know … and all that I say is true.
      Before God and before man I tell you The Truth.
      You do not have to believe me but do believe
      that with God all things are possible.
      Good night Richard.

  31. Richard and Abigail,

    I think the “thousand falling at her side” indicates that Abigail will be protected in the days ahead, when the dark and dangerous forces take over even more on this earth. As others fall under the danger, and are either influenced toward evil, or die because of it, Abigail will be protected, as she is a believer.

    We are in the times that Joel predicted. The Spirit of God is being poured out on the sons and daughters, to prepare for the final conflict, and to usher in the Messiah.

    I had a similar experience about 10 years ago. It was not a burning sensation in the belly, like Abigail’s, but I felt the Holy Spirit enter me, and move around inside of me. I was physically flipped around on my bed. I was flipped back and forth as he moved, and claimed me as His. I will never forget that. It felt like a giant whale was swimming around inside of me.

    It was an experience, along with other dreams and visions, that I held onto during times of persecution and trial. Even though things looked dark and that I would fail, I had these experiences to strengthen me, and give me the assurance that God was with me.

    When someone has this kind of experience, it is NOT for nothing. It is to prepare them for serious warfare, and possible persecution. Abigail will be able to hold onto this experience, knowing God is with her, and it will help her “endure to the end.”

    • Marianne,
      Some people believe me because they know me … but you believe because you know Him.
      The movement you described I have felt, as He moved within my belly with Fire.
      And I still feel Him in me, at times more so than other times … but still very present.

      When I read your comment this morning, I thought to myself ‘this is the BEST
      letter I’ve ever received in my life.’
      You are truly my sister in The Lord! May God greatly increase your blessings in this world and in the world to come.
      I will always put my hands together for God to give you strength and courage and light every day as we all proceed further in the dark and terrible future.
      As long as I have breath I will pray and give thanks to God for you.

  32. Abigail, are you also known as “gabriel”?
    I had a experience with the spirit a year ago,
    i was also lying in bed, and said: Oh Lord please show me your love.. than my whole body tingled, a warm feeling suffused me, like having a crush, but bigger and better and holier, like divine love! HE lasted for about 30 hours til i fell asleep.
    Which baptism was this? Was this my new birth? The world as i see her has changed since than, now i understand spiritual things, and got wisdom. I understand it as true grace, an undeserved present! And iam wondering why not everyone can feel Jesus.
    (I have to say i did only receive waterbaptism in a chruch-institution as a toddler)
    Love and blessings to you all!

    • I don’t know what you are talking about.

    • I meant “HE lasted for 30 minutes” 😀

      • I’m sorry I didn’t comprehend what you were saying. I thought you were scoffing.

        • No, all what i wrote i meant honestly.. i hate scoffing.
          And my question is if you know which baptism i received?

          Is electsfire.com your website or is it a miracle that you wrote exactly the same?

          • Elects Fire is my website. I put it together dec. 08.
            I need to do a lot of work with it still … in time.
            When The Lord God led me to put the website up I argued with Him and I struggled much but in the end He won.
            I have left it ‘dormant’ because I fear greatly.
            i have seen the devil often and I know my end.

            As to your question let me think and ask The Lord for you.
            I will be away from my desk as of tomorrow for two weeks … at least.
            Hope to be back …

            I am very happy to know you were not making ‘light’…
            because I can’t bear the knowledge of it’s consequences.
            i love you much Silvanus and I desire the best of Heaven for you.
            May you bathe in His Love forever.

            • Hi Abigail… thank you for your nice words and caring.
              Your website calls the reader to repentance, thats a biblical sign for true prophecy.
              I hope you are well on your journey and will be back..
              Abigail, dont fear, please..
              ..easier to say than to do, but the Lord assured us often: FEAR NOT!
              He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world!!
              See ya 😉

  33. He that beleives in me,
    but he were dead,
    yet he shall live.

  34. Dear Abigail,

    This(the above)is especially for you.

    May the LORD fill your heart with love and joy and keep
    you in His protective and loving arms forever !!!

    God bless you.


    • Thank you Richard ,
      Here I came to place this very song.
      And I find it here from you …
      Now that is touching …
      I’ll post mine at the bottom of the page.

  35. That’s what you call Heavenly praise…peaceful and respectful !!!

    • gavriel

      I do not see where they get the name of Yeshua from that note. Even if they use the first letter of each word.

      Can you explain that?

      • “Yarim Haam Weyokhiakh Shetorato Wedvaro Omdim”: Y-H-O-SH-U-A…the same letters. Maybe, this is confusing to you: in hevrew letter
        Waw can be pronounced both as “W” or “O

        • …didn’t finish there…also last letter is Ayin is not
          pronounced, it can be pronounced as “O” or “A” depending on
          the word…so it has exact words as Yeshua/Yehoshua, which are the same name…and Rabbis instructed to decode it exactly like
          that, using initial words…

          Regarding, concept of the sentence: “He will lift up the nation and prove that his law and testament endure”…it is obvious reference to testament of Jesus Christ…

          Begining from year 5766 (2005/2006) Lord Jesus Christ began
          revealing Himself in northern parts of Israel, to Sages in
          Galilee (Tzfat) and even to many sinners in Tel-Aviv…

          • so it is….

            Y – H – V – SH- V- A

            but why didn’t he just say the name, if he was really naming the messiah?

            couldn’t someone just say this was not intentional, and it is just coincidence?

            • V and O are the same letter vav in hebrew…

              It was not his will to write it that was, he
              said that he was instructed by an angel to do so
              and he specified that this is exactly how it
              should be decoded, also he was instructed to
              write it with specific crypt of the letters,
              namely with sign of the crosses – which is
              forbidden among Jews.

              He instructed to open it year after his death,
              because he knew that he would be defamed for this
              by his followers.

  36. Thank God for our troops, who sacrifice their lives for us. May they be safe this Thanksgiving holiday, and always.


  38. http://www.torahtots.com/holidays/pesach/manishtana.htm

    Ma nishtana ha-laila ha-zeh mi-kol ha-leilot?

    Why is this night different from all other nights?

    I am not blind anymore, I can see…

  39. I love singing these songs, and they are just wonderful.
    As the Deer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZv3jzOTE70
    Shout to the Lord: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tblpN1IJtZk
    You are my all in all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zC617kE1maU

  40. btw, I’m not sure why is my avatar image has defaulted on your site. How can it be changed back?

    • I am not sure why your avatar does not show. Mine does. The symbol you see is for people who do not have an avatar.

  41. I guess it is because i’ve logged out and did not login to type in comments. I’ll try change it back, though I can’t figure it out how. Anyway, nevermind..

  42. A beautiful song for all situations, but in this context, portraying
    the idea of God’s need and dssire to fulfill His role as our perfect,
    loving Heavenly Father. Should tear your heart out! God bless.

  43. “Davijale, modi chemtan Upalo”

    “I am tired, come to me Lord” in Georgian;

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