What Does a Currency Collapse Look Like?


What are the signs?

Author: TRUTHER JULY 13, 2013



Dave Hodges

A Changing of the Financial Guard

Today, many important nations are running from the dollar. Countries such as India, China, Iran, Japan, and Australia have signed their own trade agreements and their currency of choice is no longer the dollar!

When the collapse of the dollar occurs, it will literally and figuratively come like a thief in the night, and I do mean overnight!

We are all familiar with the concept of inflation, which is the intentional byproduct of the Federal Reserve.

But I am not just talking inflation, I’m speaking about hyperinflation which is caused by the collapse of the value of the currency resulting in runaway prices.

Here are three examples of how quickly a currency collapse can occur when a nation’s money no longer holds its value:

In Weimar Germany, from 1922 – 1923, prices doubled every three days.

In the modern era, Yugoslavia from 1992-94 witnessed prices doubling every 34 hours.

In Zimbabwe, in the two-year period from 2007 – 2008, prices doubled every 25 hours.

History is replete with examples of currency collapses and they typically follow very predictable patterns in which a nation unravels and social chaos, and many times, widespread violence and even genocide becomes part of the national landscape.

What Does a Currency Collapse Look Like?

Generally, when the currency collapses, a stock market crash is right on its heels.

Because of the repeal of Glass-Steagall, a banking collapse will immediately occur following the collapse of the stock market.

Your life savings will be wiped out.

From this point on, the effect cascades like a roaring tsunami racing across the open ocean.

Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy demonstrated that gas stations will be bone dry within two days following a complete collapse.

Subsequently, commerce will not move.

If you are on vacation like I presently am, you may not make it home.

With no available fuel, the grocery and drug stores will be empty within one to three days.

There will be no food to be had except for that which is decaying in your refrigerator and that in which you can beg, borrow and steal from your neighbors who will also be begging, borrowing and stealing.

If you have an adequate food and water supply, you better have an adequate gun and ammo supply in order to defend your assets.

And when will you sleep? The protection of your critical assets is a 24/7 proposition.

Therefore, having a cooperative survival plan is critical.

Without gas, people will stop going to work.

Corporations will disappear overnight.

Hurricane Katrina showed America that the police cannot be expected to stay on the job more than 48-72 hours as they will be home protecting their families and foraging for food and water like everyone else.

The emergence of former police gangs will become common in an effort to secure the products which will ensure survival.

Therefore, when your home is under attack, there will nobody to call.

Everyone will be on their own.

The elderly and the chronically ill will be the first to die. Too old to defend their assets, the elderly will find themselves overpowered as they will make easy preys of opportunity for the roving gangs.

The chronically ill will have no way to procure their medication and even if they survive the looting rampage which will follow a currency collapse, these poor souls will perish without access to their life-sustaining prescriptions.

The money in your wallet will be useless.

Cell phones will not work. There will be no electricity.

Heating and air conditioning will not work either and, depending on the time of year, the environment could prove deadly to untold numbers of people.

Water treatment plants will stop operating for the same reasons that you will not be able to find a cop during this crisis, nobody will be manning the water treatment plants.

Toilets will back up and diseases will spread like wildfire.

Something as simple as toilet paper will become a prized commodity.

There will be no trash pickup and more disease will result due to the increased rodent population.

Clean drinking water and hunger will become the dominant motivator in society.

Roving bands of looters, turned murderers, will sweep through neighborhoods seeking to obtain these critical elements of survival.

Young women will sell themselves for a can of food for their children. Society will see the widespread loss of human dignity and self-respect.

Infanticide and euthanasia of the weak will become common events because there will be decided efforts to reduce the amount of mouths to feed.

There will be the stark realization that the lights are not coming back on and the ensuing sense of hopelessness will lead to murder-suicides within families and simple incidences of suicide will be used as a means to escape the horrendous circumstances.

Humanity’s Darkest Hour

There will come a time when all the available animals will be devoured and then there will be only one place to turn to for food.

History shows that cannibalism will set in by the beginning of the third week.

Extreme hunger will lead to humans hunting humans as an available food supply.

This will begin to occur within 15-20 days following the currency collapse.

The Government’s Version of the Final Solution

If the establishment military has properly planned, they will move into take control but they will not move quickly.

The more death there is, the fewer people there will be to control.

Government will typically move in with their solutions towards the end of the second week.

The reasons behind the creation of Executive Order 13603 will soon become readily apparent.

You will retain ownership over nothing including food, water, guns, ammunition, your house, your car and even yourself.

If you survive, you will be conscripted to work in some capacity in a specialty and location not of your choosing.

On a positive note following this catastrophe, the debate over the existence of FEMA camps will be quickly determined and your NSA threat matrix score, resulting from their illegal surveillance, will have a lot to do with whether you survive or are executed as an enemy of the state.

There is one ironclad thing that you can count on, food and water will be used to control the people following a currency collapse.

Who Will Help Us?

In short, there will be nobody riding in to rescue the United States.

Despite some rebelling against the dollar, the world is still dependent upon our currency.

When the currency collapses it will pull the rest of world down with us.

The subsequent collapse of global currencies will indeed constitute a major depopulation event and all the elite have to do is wait it out in places like the tunnels under Denver International Airport.

During this time, Americans will truly discover if there really are FEMA camps and what they will be used for.

If people want to eat, they will be enticed to go where food is promised.

*** note: they may never come back home.


Marianne’s Note

The Bible predicted famine and economic collapse in Revelation 6.

In times like this, there is no source of provision except God Himself.

While you can, repent of your sins, and give your life to Him.

Otherwise, you will be chipped by your government, to allow you to eat, but eventually you will die anyhow. 

There will not be enough food to feed you forever, or even short term.

The chip will not save you from the death you want to avoid. 

Those who accept the mark of the beast will suffer in hell eternally.

Trust God for your provision, and Jesus / Yahshua for your salvation from sins, and give your heart to him.

Those who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved.


28 Responses to “What Does a Currency Collapse Look Like?”

  1. when this happens the number one Christian song will be….. “I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb” (Ray Boltz)…. jk : )

  2. Well let me see… Our Borders are overrun 2. Our economy is best described by Custer’s Last Stand 3. Our Government is corrupt at its’ core… 4.Mainstream 501 (c) (3) Christian Church leaders AKA Church of Laodecia are giving themselves over to FEMA AKA First Church of Babylon… seems to me I’ve read this story somewhere before… Oh yeah!!!! this is the same story, just before Israel burned and went into captivity… Yeah I also remember a fella by the name of, Paul. Paul said, God has an order to things and it goes like this: First, Israel; then the Nations… hmmmm, should we move in a closer to the one walks on water and turns it into wine? Should we not consider that we can’t even put our feet on the floor in the morning without stepping into sin. That’s right! Everything we do to feed, clothe, and shelter ourselves is all sin! Why??? Because, the global economic system is the beast manifested in mankind and visa versa! AND, it IS, collapsing, as in NOW!

    O K, let’s back up for a minute…
    Back to the book of Genesis , and lets take a look at God’s to do list. If you notice, God had six things he wanted to accomplish in beginning. Not, in “the beginning” but in Beginning. The Greeks and Constantine messed a lot of the translation, up) anyway…

    Now, what was number 6 on that list? Ah… create mankind! Yes the number of Man, is 6! Not the number of a man!!! But the number by which mankind is known by whom created NUMBERS and Mankind is 6!

    Now before Six there is/was the number 3… What was number 3 on God’s To Do List?

    Lets have a look… And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, on the earth: and it was so. 12And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good. 13And the evening and the morning were the third day. (notice “the fruit Tree has Gender”)

    All of creation was/is yielding seed after it’s kind. Now that is very powerful! That’s right God put things on Auto Pilot and gave mankind the power to Choice and Freewill. That means mankind can make anything we want after his own kind! Question: Does a good Tree bare bad fruit? No, of course not! Now let’s go to the parable of the sower…

    Matt 13:24 Another parable put he forth to them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened to a man which sowed good seed in his field: 25But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. 26But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also. …

    As we can see, another seed was sewn… while we were being deceived and lulled to sleep with Cars, Bars, Wars, Tattoos, and Pop Culture… but that seed too, also has the power to yield fruit and seed after it’s kind.

    Now another important truth about the number 3, is that it represents deity manifested,
    I.E. Father, Son, Holy Spirit; Jesus, the Salvation of God, rose on the 3rd day (Not Easter Sunday) Jonah was in the belly of the big fish 3 days so on and so on. So, in Mankind being Number Six and the Beast is number six (three score, I.E. 666)

    Who is the beast? That’s right! Good answer! Yes it’s mankind of another seed producing fruits like the Federal Reserve, Corporate Administrative Bureaucratic Government; it’s Socialism, Communism, Democracy, and Collective Singularity, and all of it, as one, has the power and the authority to produce its’ own seed; its’ own brand of mankind/ human beings! Yeah, here, read about it right here: https://www.google.com/#output=search&sclient=psy-ab&q=scientists+create+sperm+from+stem+cells&oq=Scientist+create+sperm+cells&gs_l=hp.1.1.0i22i30l2.107600.121815.0.125456.….0…1c.1.19.psy

    …and those fetuses will be born and conditioned to serve their Father, who created them! …and be assured their Father is not our Father, who art in Heaven!

    Now we know the mystery of 666 ( 6 threescore) now we know for sure that this system is going to collapse, and this is no LIE!

    The father of lies, Satan, has everybody looking for one man; a world leader; a president, or a pope, or Alibaba shuandai rondai -tymybowtie in an hundai, or whatever!

    Look around you! God doesn’t make cars that fall apart, or buildings that collapse; or planes that crash; or ships that sink! The Social/Economic/Spiritual infrastructure of the world, that we all serve and even many worship, is not of OUR FAHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN! And that’s why it is going to fail and is failing! Its been failing; in fact, that’s all it has ever done, FAIL!

    Now, here’s some good news for those who just won’t go get baptized and confess the Lamb of God as their Savior. Tell them, it’s OK… you don’t have to get baptized and believe that one man has already paid for all of the sins, transgression and iniquities that you have committed, are going to commit, and are committing every time you breathe. You’ll have your own place in eternity with lots of like minded people, such as yourself. You’ll be among great minds such as Charles Darwin, Carl Sagan, Julius Caesar, many of the Popes and Presidents and other great world leaders, and many of the Mega Wealthy who did wonderful things will be among you; but also people like Charles Manson, Jeffery Dahmer, Adolph Hitler, will be there too… Oh you may not act like them, but you believe like them, because they didn’t think that getting baptized and confessing Christ was a good idea, either!

    It’s time folks to look around and endure to the end. Don’t quit your jobs and sell the house, and head for the hills. Instead let us show the beast who our Father who art in Heaven, really is, and Let our Father who art in Heaven, use each one of us to do just that!

    Holy, holy, holy; Faithful, righteous, and True is the Lamb of God; having all authority given to Him by the Father, our Salvation; our Savior. Amen and Amen!

  3. Frightening if this is the future. I hope there is a rapture before all this happens. I am not predicting it, just hoping. I heard a preacher yesterday say it’s selfish to want to go in the rapture when we should want to be here to “be Jesus” to everyone else. Maybe some of us just can’t “be Jesus” well enough to help the unsaved–my own efforts have failed. But maybe we are “planting seeds” which some will remember during this terrible coming time.
    I do not understand why mankind is destined for such suffering. I know we are sinners but I personally know lots of people whose sins are not bad enough for such a fate, as far as I can see. But who am I–blind? Probably. Anyway, it’s all horror.

  4. 5Fires.just to let you know, Jeffery Dahmer gave his life to Christ, whilst serving his Prison Term.He was bashed to death in prison two weeks after that, and he did not resist his attackers, as he felt that he had no right to live!

  5. Remove Obama and his ilk from office and it will turn around. It is not too late in the game.

    • Jay. It is too late. Obama and his administration has ruined our country and it is a mathematical certainty that an economic collapse will happen, and very soon. Please be ready.

  6. That’s why we need to stack up to live awhile what we don’t have God will make it possable

  7. Well it’s a darn good thing he did, Glen. Praise the Lamb of God!

  8. Here’s my point and case!
    Scientists have created genetically-engineered mice with artificial human chromosomes in every cell of their bodies, as part of a series of studies showing that it may be possible to treat genetic diseases with a radically new form of gene therapy.

    In one of the unpublished studies, researchers made a human artificial chromosome in the laboratory from chemical building blocks rather than chipping away at an existing human chromosome, indicating the increasingly powerful technology behind the new field of synthetic biology.

    The development comes as the Government announces today that it will invest tens of millions of pounds in synthetic biology research in Britain, including an international project to construct all the 16 individual chromosomes of the yeast fungus in order to produce the first synthetic organism with a complex genome.

    A synthetic yeast with man-made chromosomes could eventually be used as a platform for making new kinds of biological materials, such as antibiotics or vaccines, while human artificial chromosomes could be used to introduce healthy copies of genes into the diseased organs or tissues of people with genetic illnesses, scientists said.


    • 5fires

      True, that can be done now. I have used artificial DNA in experiments my self.

      To make it clear, they do not substitute the artificial human DNA into mice. They add the extra DNA into the mouse who still has its own DNA.

      Then when the replication machinery works, it replicates everything in the cell, as long as it is compatible with the machinery.

      Same with the yeast. we insert DNA we make into the yeast, and let the yeast reproduce it, making more copies. then the DNA is used to make proteins that humans need.

      The sequence of DNA can be synthesized now, but when I last worked with it, it was only limited to certain lengths.

      • I’d just like to preface this comment with saying that while I think that most ‘science’ is in fact quite sincere and trustworthy, I think the average person puts too much faith in its veracity. Things like the Large Hadron Collider with its’ ‘God Particle’, ‘parasites’ that ‘mind control’ people, and this science article below all have a stamp of Satanic lies upon them. Because people don’t understand what the end game of these lies are, they walk into these spiritual traps due to their blind trust in science.

        Since the original ‘abomination of desolation’ involved a pig violating the temple, I think it’s safe to say that in the near future there will be some sort of pig violation of the ‘Christian’ temple/ our bodies – ie mixing pig DNA with human DNA (pig-men like orcs) or else something along the lines of this article saying that humans evolved from the mixing of chimps and pigs: http://www.macroevolution.net/human-origins-2.html#.UeKeBW3v9WE

  9. Matthew 24:13
    But the one who endures to the end, he will be saved.

    Daniel 12:1b
    And there will be a time of distress such as never occurred since there was a nation until that time; and at that time your people, everyone who is found written in the book, will be rescued.

  10. Obama has made the US worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, if God does not judge the US then God would have to apologise to Sodom and Gomorrah. As to the rapture, the saints are still here on earth in Revelations 14. When Jesus returns He asks, “Will I find anyone with faith”? In the Book of John Chapter 6, Jesus tells us 4 times when the rapture is (6:39;40;44;54). Do not be deceived by false preachers for that will lead you to not trust the Lord and be “scoffers” in the last days.

  11. Ten kings gave their power to Dragon. Dragon make war aginst the Lamb then they are forced to turn to destroy Babylon Harlot. Dragon (China) is very powerful for Europe (10 kings) gave it their power.

    So there is going to be end to the Babylon Harlot which is divided in the three parts. Islam suggest that it is Iran, Constantinnopol and Rome (MAHDI). Many Chinese generals think it is Finland, USA and Israel for they know what I have got as a blessing from God: Finland shall have 1,4 Billion USD / day, Israel twice that is 2,8 Billion USD per day and USA 10 times that which is 28 billion dollars per day.

    So all I worry is that USA GNP is about 15 000 billion dollars per year. And according to God’s blessing it ought only be little bit over 10 000 billion dollars per year. Is USA too big and too fat?

    • Tapio

      USA seems big and fat, but it ti broke. It will be the first to fall, with other countries behind it. All this fiat money is a lie. If there is no gold to back it up, then it is all fake.

  12. I could be wrong, but I think those who are on board Old Knob’s New Age plan of 7 WTO regions, would not want a total collapse. It would cause riots like in Greece, but globally.

    To me, I think those who worship money would want a big enough problem like debt to cause a inflation rate that causes the dollar to be only worth a third, or 25% of it’s value. Then, taking all 401ks, IRAs to prop up a new currency. Your investments would still be yours, but worth a lot less.

    If the Dragon is thrown out of Heaven for ever at this time, and the innocent removed from G-d’s wrath, then these three events could cause a true global government. Throw in Old Knob’s UFO landing lie to mislead the elect, and we would be at the end.

    A peace for a short time, the two witnesses, the Temple, then the last 3.5 years of the Beast’s rein.

    We got it coming.

    • leatherneck

      Rev 6 indicates a black horse, with inflated prices. this would match with what you said, and so not a complete collapse…..the same currency is used but it has very little value.

      I am wondering how soon everything will be I have had 6 dreams so far about prison camps or soldiers or the angel of death ……most all of them I had this year.

  13. I always kind of figured when the currencies started collapsing, that is when they would introduce the one world currency. You can see all sorts of countries that are on the verge of collapse. Japan, many in the Eurozone, United States… just to name a few. Also, I see a lot of people blaming Obama here. To be quite honest we have to admit it started with FDR. God sent the Great Depression and man turned to the government for security. One of the worst forms of judgment is for God to say, “Fine, do it your way”… and God let this “Christian” nation turn to the government for security. And it’s been a downhill slide ever since with Obama putting lots of icing on a cake that was already there. (I say “Christian” because they picked and chose which values they wanted out of the Christian faith. They weren’t following the entire bible. This nation started out rebelling against a king over money. It says in Romans explicitly to submit to government authority. The United States was founded on The Love of Money and a few Christian values…..they weren’t really acting like followers of Christ if they had that much rebellion in them. The United States was founded on Love of Money and will die by Love of Money. Mark my words.

    • All countries are going to suffer for turning their collective backs of G-d’s orders, and love. Not just the last nation state to be a part of Old Knob’s New Age.


      • All of us are linked together economically, politically: it will all fall. Everything He does is perfect….. it will be mind blowing to see the nations crumble and I pray that He will use it to turn His people with wandering hearts back to Him.

  14. we are told to lay up treasure into the kingdom of God where neither moth nor rust can touch our rewards

  15. when it all collapses and it will I think we will be gone. sin has destroyed
    our country and the world . now its payday .

  16. I’ve been going through prophecies of Raymond Aguilera, and I believe that one which has the number 86 is in regard to the scenario of the economical global collapse. For the last economic collapse of a global power was it that had commenced in Germany in that 1923 time period. 86 years from that time brings us to 2008/2009. A little of that manner of collapse did manifest then, in the USA, which is now the global power as we know. But a lease was provided in the matter, not because of the intervention, but rather because the time was not yet due. Within the appointed time, from August this year, the economic collapse of the USA first, shortly followed by all economies of the world that are tied to it will ensue. With it will come the downfall of the current president. Now whether these matters are being engineered by enemies of the USA or not is of little effect. For the bounds have been crossed, especially when the moral fabric of the nation and world in general is in tatters. For when a nation accepts and ratifies in law the sin of homosexuality, and blasphemes the God of heaven as being homophobic, whatever the name means, and likewise ratifies the murder of the unborn, the Lord will no longer bear with such evil, or ignorance and foolishness whatever the case may be. A president, as with a king has the mandate to provide leadership to the people, whether his tenure and mandate is from the electorate or not. For all authority comes from above, and hence likewise the leadership ought to draw inspiration from the true source of Authority. Democracy is a fallen star, a light that is of confusion as to whence the authority of governance truly originates from. For democracy would suggest this authority to be the electorate, but never has a principle ever fallen farther from the reality than in this case. For all the electorate likewise are answerable to the God of life, their creator and God, and hence, whatever mandate they may seem to proffer to their elected leaders is only secondary, but the primary mandate, authority and source directly is from heaven. A weak leadership as in the case of the present crop of world leaders will not discern this truth, and hence fear the masses and their will for evil or good, more that they fear the Lord God. It is on this basis that they fail to provide leadership and are instead directed by the noise of the masses, and being blind leaders incapable of vision, they direct their efforts to please man rather than God, and thereby abandon their right to authority, and God will not have it otherwise, but all who have so erred are decreed likewise fallen and speedily must be removed from all positions of authority, and even from life itself.

    So much blindness is going around, and lets pray that the Lord may be graceful to restore our sight, for those whose sight is yet redeemable.

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