The Spiritual Death of America

The blood of Jesus (red above in map) is disappearing from this nation. People are falling for lies in this country. Will the failed church support the wrong presidential candidate? If so, it will be the end of America, spiritually and otherwise. Liberal “Christians” are too busy lusting after prosperity teachers, and prosperity politicians, to seek God and His will.

Is God getting ready to lift His protection over us, once again, and for the final time?

***For those who stick their nose up at America, do not be so smug. Either your country is also on the way to this negative point, or it is already there. So read and learn, then do something positive.


Liberals and their methods


Far Left wing liberals are tools of Satan. (There are good, but misguided people also that support this movement, that are also just uneducated about the truth.  They are not included here) Liberals thrive on slander and innuendo. Although some claim spirituality, they are atheists in practice. They prefer evil imaginations, twisted suspicions, and lies to sway simple minds into believing that the “other side” is the evil force, not them. In contemporary language, it is called “B.S.” They, like Satan, their spiritual father, are false accusers. They thrive on hatred.


They pretend to be intellectuals, but they are just liars. Inflated rhetoric and voice modulation can sway ignorant, emotional crowds of people into believing whatever lie the liberal speaks.


Right now, people are getting ready to support someone who goes against everything God stands for, because they are too stupid, and blind, to find out the truth. Whoever promises them money, and benefits, has become god to them. (This does not mean that they get what is promised.) The crowds lack the moral backbone to care about what is right or wrong before God. The scriptures predicted that in the last days, people would have “itching ears,” ready to believe lies. We are now in those days.


Liberals spread the lie that American, conservative whites are “racist,” and do not care about blacks, even though conservatives have a much longer history, by hundreds of years, of civil rights efforts than liberals. Liberals encourage reverse racism with financial benefits. And many blacks are lusting after the money and privileges being promised. Liberals are playing the blacks for fools that will believe anything, and will give up their morals to get the Trojan horses being promised. Liberals just use blacks, and others, to get into office.


Abort your babies, especially if you are black. They are not human after all. It is your “choice.” Murder has become a civil right.


Liberals currently are spreading the word that 9-11 was an inside job – even when Osama bin Laden ADMITTED to doing it. Very “professional” quietly speaking, liberal professors in universities are defending Islam, and saying that since Muslims believe their propaganda that 9-11 was an inside job, then that constitutes the truth, and we should believe “Muslim public opinion” as fact, which is swayed by terrorist propaganda.


Most universities are liberal, and will teach any lie to enhance their popularity, and image as god. Universities are no longer places students can find the truth. Universities just “intellectualize” falsehood and immorality, and make it more acceptable as the norm. Most are atheistic.


Terrorists always reverse the blame, even after they have admitted they were the originators of the situation. But now, blood lust for Christians in government, like Bush, has grown so extreme that people are willing to believe any lie that is fed to them. Anything Christian conservatives do is a “conspiracy.” Liberals take great joy in demonizing Christian conservatives. They put false, evil interpretations on efforts to do righteousness. To them, righteousness is “evil,” so beware.


Liberals in America have no moral values. They are sinful, and even make sin legal. They punish and discriminate against those who stand for the holiness of God and His standards. They drool at every chance to believe or originate a lie. The more evil the lie, the more they believe it.



Obama is an extreme liberal. He even voted to murder a baby who survived an abortion, to “preserve the law.” How SICK. He even supports partial birth abortion, where the baby is allowed to come through the birth canal at birth, but the doctor then sticks a needle into the baby’s skull, and sucks out his brains. But he represents the lusts of this country, which is running too fast to its own destruction. He supports homosexuality, which is a sin, and so does his church. He just tells others what they want to hear. Go ahead, and vote away your eternal salvation.


Islamic terrorists do not have to destroy this country. The liberals will do it for them. The liberal approach to the war on terrorism is “give the terrorists what they want, be nice, become their friends, and maybe they will go away.” The terrorist websites are actually favoring the Democratic party, because they know they will win the war, with them in “power.” Clinton and Pelosy went to court the terrorist states, to flaunt the President, and present themselves as the authority and spokesperson for the USA. This is treason.


Liberals oppose homeland security and the protection of our borders. They voted against the Border Security Bill. Terrorists are free to enter across our borders.

Liberals have opposed off more shore drilling in this country for the last 50 years, forcing us to depend on foreign Arab oil, which funds the terrorism.  Now they are blaming the Conservatives for the price of oil.  They sure have a lot of nerve, lying like that.  If you want your oil and gas prices to go down, force the liberals – now- to stop blocking the offshore drilling for our OWN oil.



God will soon abandon this country, as it is turning godless. Both liberals, and their Islamic terrorist buddies, will both end up in hell for what they are doing, and they will take many believing fools with them.



Church failure supports liberal agenda


Churches are failing to teach holiness and obedience to God. Instead, they are teaching prosperity, the acceptance of homosexuality to increase membership, false prophecy, and other trash teachings, also preying on the greed and money lusts of its members. This drives them into the liberal politician’s arms, who gives them more promises, if they will just turn their heads when immorality is legislated, and put into law.


If churches were really doing their job, “Christians” would not support liberal extremists in politics.


Abandon God, and get some money. The lie is the truth!!! “Everyone” says so. Rebel against government, think only of yourself, and put in the liberals, who represent selfish desires, and the “me first” attitude. Let people suffer in other countries. Keep our money to ourselves, and let others die, and be tortured by dictators. Let those who are starving just starve. Do not work for what you need. Tax those who work, and get the money and stay home.


Do not be fair to those who are qualified for something more than you. Demand the benefit over them, because you deserve it, based on what color you are. Forget that you are just as smart as anyone, and have the intelligence and ability to learn, and educate yourself, and work and actually become someone of value, as God intended.


Life is supposed to be a free ride. Cheat, overtax, and mistreat those who have the money, your potential employers, because they actually earned it, and blame them for being successful and greedy. Hate the rich man, and get his money. Only Christian conservatives are “rich,” and all liberals are “poor.” Ignore billionaires like Bill Gates, head of Microsoft, who is a liberal.


What a bunch of B.S. But B.S. works when people lust after their own desires, and they do not seek God.




Draw the line and step over it


Scripture says to “choose this day which god you will serve.” Either sin is your god, or Yahweh is. If you choose sin, you may gain some benefits in the short term, but you will suffer the loss of your eternal soul.


Churches need to repent. Christians need to repent. Those who support sin supporting, liberal politicians need to repent, and vote against them. The politicians need to repent for the spiritual damage they have done.


If people do not repent, then this country only has a short time left. Then all those promises will mean nothing, because God will remove what you have, and send in your enemies to take away everything you have. And He will send in natural disasters to destroy what they miss.



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  2. OMW, spot on Marianne !!!
    Brilliant for saying it as it is !!!
    here is something you will enjoy !!
    Isa 32:5
    The vile person shall be no more called liberal,

    So from now on when someone calls themselves a “liberal” so proudly.I think well ” the Lord calls you vile”

    Isa 32:6
    For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the LORD, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.


  3. Hi Bee,

    Yes, they are vile.

    Maybe next I should compare the “rainbow nation” in Africa to the “rainbow coalition” in America.


  4. Hi Marianne
    I think that would be a good idea, so people can connect the dots and see Satans movement. I’ll be looking out for that article.

  5. Hi Bee,

    Can you refer me to the best references for the new topic? I will look also.


  6. I’m sorry Marianne, but you’ve got me all fired up this time!!Democrats AND Rebuplicans are two arms of the same evil ANTICHRIST beast. America was not founded as a two-party PLUTOCRACY (Democrats VS Republicans) but that is what the evil men in control (the Illuminati) have turned it in to. Every election, they put their men in place FOR US. They use the televised media which they also OWN to broadcast ONLY those they want us to hear. They have already chosen who they want you to vote for. Voting is just a game to keep us “useless eaters” distracted and deceived into thinking we have some sort of control over the political zoo. All the politicians are sold out stooges to filthy rich men who run the governments behind the scenes. The higher up the politician, the more bought and paid for he is! Nearly all of the former presidents have been blood related to the 13 Illuminati “royal” families. Both Obama and McCain are related to them. Obama is Dick Cheney’s 18th (or so) cousin from a slave and master liason. Nearly all of them were related to one of the 13 Illuminati families which proves that voting is basically futile. This can be easily verified with a little historical research. They have cleverly divided the American people by brainwashing two different groups AGAINST each other: liberal democrats vs. conservative republicans. Both are wrong and both are against the teachings of Christ. Yes the liberals are much worse in many instances but both groups are seriously misled. Hussein Obama is a PAID phony and so is McCAIN. McCain dropped Napalm on hundreds of innocent Vietnamese CIVILIAN women, elderly and children! That is NOT A WAR HERO. That is a MURDERER. Obama is a paid stooge and so is McCain. McCain wants to nuke Iran as soon as he is elected and start WWIII. Just what we need, more bloodshed. It really does not matter who you vote for. Jesus said we are to SEPARATE from this world and that includes it’s politics! Our kingdom is NOT OF THIS WORLD, so why should we “vote” for anyone of this world? All worldly governments are predominantly Anti-Christ. The whole world is under the sway of the Wicked one. 2 Cor 4:4. Jesus said WHOLE WORLD, not “except for the U.S.”. All war is EVIL and is AGAINST THE TEACHINGS OF JESUS CHRIST! Including “war on terror”, which was instigated by paid stooge Osama Bin Laden (paid for by the Bush family and the men who run the US government behind the scene)! I’ve done a lot of research on this and it’s true. The Bush’s were big buddies with the Bin Ladens. Building No. 7 was admittedly “taken down” with explosives which took days to plant in advance. Why can’t people see the big picture? Everyone at the scene heard explosives at the BOTTOM of all three of the buildings. Don’t you find that rather fishy in the least? Also, there are pictures on the internet of Bush Sr. cozied up with the Bin Ladens. Put 2 and 2 together!! All the major wars were started by the international bankers (Illuminati) behind the scenes. Prescott Bush (HW’s daddy) helped to start WWII and was in the same occultic secret society with Adolph Hitler, another paid stooge. The paper trail is there for those who do the research. Don’t let the evil government fool you into their “division” of liberal vs. conservative. THey are either FOR CHRIST OR AGAINST HIM. PERIOD. It boils down to Good vs. Evil. The only One who is good is Jesus Christ. Everthing else is of the world and the devil including politics, BOTH PARTIES. Again, WAR IS AGAINST THE TEACHING OF JESUS CHRIST! Just as much as abortion and homosexuality is against Him! There is no such thing as a “just war”: The morality of the “balance of terrorism” is a morality that Christ simply never taught. The ethics of mass butchery (war) cannot be found in the teachings of Jesus Christ. In Just War ethics, Jesus Christ, who is supposed to be all in the Christian life, is irrelevant. He might as well never have existed. In Just War ethics, no appeal is made to Him or His teaching, nor can it be, since neither He nor His teaching gives any standards whatsoever for Christians to follow in order to determine what level of slaughter is acceptable. When Christ disarmed Peter of his sword he disarmed ALL Christians of their’s. Later on, when opportunities were given for Christians to appease the Roman government by joining the fighting Roman army, these opportunities were rejected, because the early Church saw the complete and obvious incompatibility between loving as Christ loved and killing. It was Christ, not the antichrist “god of war” who America really worships, who gave them true security and peace.
    Today the world is on the brink of ruin because the Christians refuse to put God’s Word FIRST AS IT IS PLAINLY WRITTEN, and because we Christians have been deceiving both ourselves and the non-Christian world about the truth of Christ. There is no way to follow Christ, to love as Christ loved, and simultaneously to kill other people or support it in any way! It is a lie to say that the spirit that moves the trigger of a flamethrower is the Holy Spirit. It is a lie to say that learning to kill is learning to be Christ-like. It is a lie to say that learning to drive a bayonet into the heart of another is motivated from having put on the mind of Christ. Militarized Christianity is a lie. It is radically out of conformity with the teaching, life, and spirit of Jesus. We are not longer under Old Testament Law which was of the flesh. The New Testament calls for Spiritual Warfare, not fleshly war! Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword. (Matt 25:52) Seek peace and pursue it. (Psalms 17:4). Scatter the nations who delight in war. (Psalms 68:30) I am for peace; but when I speak, they are for war. (Psalms 120:6) Love your enemies; pray for those who hate you. (Matt 5:43). If My kingdom were of this world My servants would fight…..(John 18:36) Notice the recurring theme is “love and pray for your enemies” not bomb them! Luke 10:21 says: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.” You might ask, “who is my neighbor?” Read the parable of the Good Samaratin and you will find that our “neighbor” is our fellow man, irrespective of race, class or nationality! America and Israel have two of the most powerful armies in the world, so tell me, where’s the PEACE? Jesus died on a cross after He prayed for and FORGAVE His enemies. We call ourselves “One nation UNDER God” so are we somehow above Him in that we don’t have to follow His example? For though we walk in the flesh, we do not WAR according to the flesh. 2 Cor 10:3

    I’m sorry but I can do nothing against the Truth but for it.
    Love and PEACE,

  7. Marianne, just an afterthought on the above: Could you ever in a million years imagine Jesus Christ standing next to two Roman politicians and trying to decide which one would be the “best candidate” to vote for? Let’s see now, would He vote for the pro-abortion candidate or the pro-nuclear war candidate?
    What did Jesus say about friendship with the world? “Don’t you know that friendship with the world means hostility with God? So whoever wants to be a friend of this world is an enemy of God.” James 4:4 . Jesus said the world would “hate” those who truly belonged to Him, because they seek to please God and not men, (including politicians who serve Satan and not God), and are not afraid to speak the truth. He also said His servants do not entangle themselves with the “affairs of this life, that they might please Him.” 2 Tim 2:4
    The friends of Jesus are those who do the will of the Father, period. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the politicians of this world do NOT do the will of the God in the Bible. They are all corrupt and are “of the world” so how could they possibly be doing the will of God? And if they are not doing His will why on earth should we “vote” for them or encourage them in their evil? Instead of voting, we should be praying! That’s true WARFARE…….

  8. Hi Lynn,

    If it gets much worse, I might just sell my house, and pack my bags, and leave the country.

    blessings and sympathy for all sincere believers

  9. Hi Marianne
    I will ask Robert to help you here, that is his area of interest.

  10. Hi Lynn
    I agree with the whole Illuminate theory you have put out there.
    I just want to correct you on the part where you say there is no ” war teaching from Jesus Christ” There is, the old testament is full of it, the Lord God IS Jesus Christ and He gave Israel all the laws and commandments. That is why you will notice that when Jesus was here He never addressed ” Lord God” as that was Him and He was here, He always addressed Father God or Elias. That is why Jesus never came to change to law as it was His law to start with. He only came to invite the Gentiles, take the place of the blood sacrifice for sin and bring the Holy Spirit. Other than that nothing else has changed.
    The mandate for Israel still stands.
    I think you would find the book which you can get from Amazon called ISRAEL-BRITAIN OR ANGLO SAXON ISRAEL by ADAM RUTHERFORD very interesting.
    You will realise that America is the tribe of Manasseh, the 13 tribe ( hence youre 13 stars) and your brother Ephraim ( England)
    you will understand God’s plan and prophesy better.
    I was also very absorbed in Illuminate stuff but after reading this book and doing some research you will clearly be able to put the picture together of what God’s plan is for you and realise that it doesn’t matter what the Illuminates plan is because God’s own plan is playing out.
    You may just be able to see it clearer and how it will play out with your knowledge.
    In the end of the day we are all going to stand as an individual, in judgment, for who we aligned with and the Liberals are directly against God and His law and will have to answer for that.
    Remember ” It is not them that say Lord Lord but those that do the will of the Lord”

  11. Lynne
    Just another thought.
    in the prophetic books it is Jesus ( Lord God ) who says He will bring nation against nation. Also He did not come to bring peace but the sword.
    REV 6:4
    And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

    There are many more passages.

  12. Hi Marianne Bee asked me to send you stuff on the rainbow nation, here is the official view on it (wikipedia)

    I will send more stuff later, but the main thing to remember is that the anc was trained by the communist party ( we still have the communist party in government)

  13. lol you lucky you can still pack up and leave

  14. Robert,

    I sounds like there may be loopholes you can get through is you act soon, like some countries do not even require a passport to go there. Just be sure to handle your asset issues ahead of time, since you will not come back.


  15. Hi Robert,

    I got your rainbow nation post late. I am also interested in how the whites settled there first, and then there was an influx of black from more northern regions of africa into it later on. ( I think that is what you said earlier)


  16. – found this link will gather some more 🙂

  17. the flip side –

    “Hear O Israel YHWH Our POWER is ONE YHWH”

    “For the children of Israel shall abide many days without a king, and without a prince and without a sacrifice, and without an image, and without an ephod and without teraphim, Afterward shall the children of Israel return, and seek YHWH their POWER, and David their king; and shall fear YHWH and his goodness in the latter days.” Hosea 3:4,5.

    “We AS A PEOPLE, will get to the PROMISED LAND”
    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


    Shalom! Thank you for taking the time to visit the’s web site. The following information sheds light on the identity of the vast majority of so-called African-Americans or Blacks in the diaspora, particularly the America’s and the Caribbeans. This information has been provided by Hebrew Yisraelites for Hebrew Yisraelites in the diaspora and the stranger who seek to return to the Holy One of Yisrael and bond under the righteous Laws given to the nation of Yisrael through Moses. For many reading this information for the very first time, it is our hope that you will be spiritually enlighten to the truth contained herein. This information is not new but has been deliberately hidden and omitted from history books. As you read, I’m sure you will see why.

    “Moreover all these curses shall come upon thee, and shall pursue thee, and overtake thee till thou be destroyed; because thou hearkenedst not unto the voice of YHWH thy Elohim, to keep his commandments and his statutes which he commanded thee:”

    “And they shall be upon thee for a sign and for a wonder, and upon thy seed forever.” Deuteronomy 28:45-46


    While other people claim to be the decendants of the ancient nation of Yisrael, the Creator of Heaven and Earth had it recorded that the SIGN OF THE CURSES SPOKEN IN DEUTERONOMY 28 would be upon the Nation of Yisrael forever as born out by the historical circumstances those decendants would find themselves in today among the nations. That they ( the curses) would identify who today fulfill the prophesies of the curses as spoken by the mouth of Moshe. As the evidence will show, while many people have been enslaved down though history, only one people today bears the mark of these curses in their entirety and have and has these curses upon them as a sign forever until this day.


    The LawKeepers. Co, is a TORAH based organization of Hebrew Yisraelites (not jewish) of so-called African Decent (Black) scattered throughout the diaspora, who’s primary purpose is; to exalt, honor and give praise and glory to the Holy ONE of Yisrael YHWH; DO the Laws given to Moses to give to the children of Israel; and return to the land of our forefathers, the land of Yisrael. Also to assist and act as an advocate for likeminded Hebrew Yisraelites who have returned to their heritage, and who desire to return to their homeland, the land of our forefathers the land of Yisrael.

    We do not embrace the Greek writings also known as the New Testament.. nor its teachings of human sacrifice or a triune Godhead, and do not embrace JC/Yeshua as our saviour following the admonition found in Exodus 20:3 “Thou shalt have no other POWERS before me” and Isaiah 43:11 ” I even I, am YHWH and beside me there is no saviour” We are here to herald forth the truth concerning our POWER YHWH and his “peculiar people” who have been scattered in the lands of their captivity as of this day, specifically to the nation of Yisrael in the “Valley of DryBones” who have lost their identity as a nation.

    We are here to proclaim that now is the time for the remnant to return to our land to fulfill the prophecies concerning the gathering of the nation of Yisrael to our promised land. The land of Yisrael. (Ezekiel 37: 1-28)

    We are not affiliated with Ben Amim, Yahweh ben Yahweh, The Commandment Keepers, or the Israeli Church of Universal Practical Knowledge, or any other group. We believe in ONE POWER the POWER of ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB/ISRAEL and HIS WORD as written in the Torah and Tanakh known today as the Old Testament. Please see our “MISSION STATEMENT.”

    We do not advocate violence against any people or race but seek self determination as a people, to be self reliant and free to honor and worship the POWER of our forefathers in the land he promised, The land of Yisrael, “The Promised Land.”

  19. only in America – it is a saying we have here for all the weird things that seem to happen… only in america 😉

    more from the lawkeepers – retaking isreal by them the true owners of the land

    “Giving ALL Due Praises to the Holy One of Yisrael”

    Our Objectives

    The Primary Objective of the LawKeepers, Co. is to return to our homeland for the purposes of living GOD’s Paths of RIGHTEOUSNESS, build a new community in the Name of the Most High GOD of Israel, and to work together with TORAH Only Hebrew Yisraelites and others out of all nations who desire to help us build this righteous community in the land of our forefathers.

    We intend to accomplish this objective by:

    1. Providing a means, whereby, all TORAH Only Hebrew Israelites will be united under one accord to worship only YIHOVAH GOD in UNITY and RIGHTEOUSNESS according to HIS Book of the Law, as it is written.

    2. Establishing and obtaining financial resources for our community of TORAH Only Hebrew Israelites (and others seeking to follow the Holy ONE of Israel) that will enable us in our resettlement through contributions, free will offerings and donations from philanthropic organizations, foundations, individuals, and funds received from governments to facilitate our resettlement.

    3. Establishing and making available: land, housing, K-12 educational facilities, farms, places of worship, cultural facilities, Health Center, and buildings for investment purposes that will promote the Hebrew Israelite way of life, as well as support and enhance educational excellence among all peoples.


    4. Supporting the interest of Hebrew Israelites who seek to return to YIHOVAH GOD and to our heritage and who seek to disseminate information relative to this ONE GOD, Our GOD of Abraham, our identity, the Hebrew Israelite Way of Life, and our purpose in being* by means of all available avenues including the Internet.

    “This people have I formed for myself; they shall shew forth my praise.”
    Isaiah 43:21

  20. funny how they require hand outs seems like the African Way

    “that will enable us in our resettlement through contributions, free will offerings and donations from philanthropic organizations, foundations, individuals, and funds received from governments to facilitate our resettlement.”

  21. Hi Robert,

    How does the Hebrew group relate to the Boers. I am lost there. Why did you mention them?


  22. Hi Marianne
    You really need to read the Adam Rutherford book for the Hebrew/Boer relationship. It’s too involved and too much to type out here.
    Remember david will have a King on his throne as long as there are stars in the sky and the Jews have no royal family.
    If you follow the genealogy of the Brit royal family they lead straight to David. Also their ensign will be the Lion and the Unicorn, who has that on their flag ? The Brit’s, who is Ephraim brother, Manasseh, the 13th tribe, the USA. You really need to read this book and then do your own research or some things will always be very difficult to figure out if at all.

  23. Hi Marianne. In response to Lynn’s comments above, I can only say that what is happening in this world today has become so evil that it seems almost impossible to comprehend. One has a choice to make here on this earth. One can either choose to accept HIM, or reject HIM. All else matters not. Once our allotted days have expired on this earth, we shall all stand in front of HIM for our judgment. Some to eternal life, some to eternal Hell. There is no ambiguity in God’s Word on salvation. John 3:16 and many more verses in His Holy Word. May HE richly bless you, Marianne for your dedication to bring HIS word to the world.

  24. Hi JR

    What you say is true. Our allegiance to God’s principles is more important than politics, because if His people pray, the politics can either change, or the faithful will be protected from bad politics.

    This is the only post for this week. I had not had time to make an update yet, so thanks for looking, despite my delay. I have been working all week with several friends needing medical help, and helping a website visitor from New Orleans be able to get out of town early so that they will be safe during Gustav. I also went to one prayer meeting, and I have been staying up late all week, trying to get some things done. The week finally ended peacefully. 🙂


  25. Hi, /cynicism on/
    when general individuals hears that it is planned to cut poverty worldwide in half then they think about improving education and food supply and better health care. However the children of the devil in power probably think in terms of lets make war, kill half, rob the rest and then we will have cut poverty in half and our industry has made big money too. /cynicism off/

  26. Let me get this right. The spiritual death of America is caused by liberals, who support abortion, border protection, homosexuality and greed and it will lead to their ultimate destruction. That is what i thought this post was about.

    The part that is confusing is the division between old and new testament and all the other stuff Robert posted.

    Maybe it is meant for another topic or maybe its not.

    Ok Let me try and understand this.

    1. The New Testament was written by Greeks and is false.
    2. The Father the Son and the holy Spirit do not exist.
    3. Jesus is not the savior.
    4. You are here to bring forth your power.

    Robert wrote, “We do not embrace the Greek writings also known as the New Testament.. nor its teachings of human sacrifice or a triune Godhead, and do not embrace JC/Yeshua as our saviour following the admonition found in Exodus 20:3 “Thou shalt have no other POWERS before me” and Isaiah 43:11 ” I even I, am YHWH and beside me there is no saviour” We are here to herald forth the truth concerning our POWER…”

    I just want to understand if I am looking at this properly. The 4 points that were made by Robert seem to conflict quite squarely with other peoples viewpoints and I want to make sure that these 4 points were the points being made by Robert in his post.

  27. Hi Johnathan

    Robert is a Hebrew Boer from South Africa, where the “white” farmers are being murdered constantly by a corrupt black nation. The Boers are loosing their farms every day, as blacks just come in and seize the property. They are more than murdered. They are being slaughtered. Many are trying to escape. This site is a place to come and discuss their feelings and worries. Robert just picked the wrong post, so he is off topic here. But that is ok with me, since I know his situation.

    Robert will speak the theological position of most Jews. With the persecution they are going through right now, this website is a place to come and have a voice.

    I am not here to bring forth my power. I do not have any power. I am not sure if you are referring to me or not.

    The comments about the liberals came from me. I just describe my impression from the speeches I hear on TV, and by the way they vote. I am sort of quoting them in the way they think. I am not supporting such thoughts.

    They have favored allowing unlimited influx of illegal immigrants since the time of Clinton, who opened the borders, and decreased security. This was at the same time he cut back our military 30%, so we could not adequately defend our nation when attacked. They also currently favor giving citizenship to those who are illegally here. This breach of security also allows terrorists to cross our borders. Some liberals are more moderate, and do not support extreme agenda. I am not happy with this kind of political behavior.


  28. Hello Marianne,
    I understood the viewpoint you were presenting in this post and I can see how things can be viewed that way. I don’t agree with everything that was stated but I can understand it.

    More to the point of my question was Roberts off topic comments. They were very interesting and I would like to understand his point of view more clearly. If there is a topic that deals more specifically with this topic i would be interested to know. Are Hebrew beliefs such?

  29. HI Jonathan,

    Every blog is an opinion. I do not quote God as telling me anything. People can feel free to disagree with me, because I will not bite their heads off. As far as politics, I generally try to stay away from it, since religious differences is enough to be different about. I am really more concerned about moral issues, and how politicians seem to respond in general.

    If you look back through the notes from both Bee and Robert, both from South Africa, you will see them give references. Try checking those comments and references, and see if you can get what you need from there. If not, then I can ask Robert if it is ok to contact him to question him more.

    We are all really one family seeking more of God in our lives, and looking for love and acceptance from others.


  30. Marianne, I have to admit that as I read this blog, I was a little surprised at some of the wording that you chose, BUT, I do understand your passion. This election has me very riled up; I have been voting for 3 plus decades and I cannot remember an election that has had the “feel” of this one. I have many friends who feel that Obama is the answer to all of our problems. I am a registered Democrat, but I cannot endorse this candidate. My first thought on this was that there must be some very “die hard” democrates among my friends if they were seriously entertaining the notion of voting for Obama. I have watched both of the campaigns on CNN. I watched the forum that Pastor Rick Warren had at Saddleback Church. I have attempted to stay abreast of all of the issues and the responses from both candidates in order to make unbiased, intelligent decisions, but I am still amazed that people aren’t able to discern the deception and seduction that is so blatant in this presidential election. Obama is a brilliant, articulate man who professes to be a Christian, yet his rhetoric is essentially a lot of “double speak” whilch just translates to me as “double minded”. He is able to use his intelligence and charisma to seduce the undiscerning population and make they think that he has some profound solutions to our problems. My son attends a pretigious college that teaches rhetoric; he is receiving an education much like the one that Senator Obama received, but he has made the very astute observation that any debate can be won if the debator is able to present his arguement in the manners utilized by Obama. He recognizes the language and the voice modulation tactics and has already chosen to look to other resources in order to make a more responsible decision concerning this election. He is actually looking at the specifics of the plans being proposed by each candidate and the expected (and predicted,) reasonable outcomes that are the realities of these plans. He is amazed that intelligent people are unable to see the obvious problems with the proposals of the democratic liberals, not withstanding the obvious assault on Christian belief. My daughter asked me the other day why people just weren’t seeing the truth. I told her that it was because they were caught up in a web of seduction and that they had scales over their eyes and couldn’t discern the danger that was so blatently staring them in the face. It would seem that we have such a clear choice here. We have a candidate who has a great deal of humility and integrity who chose a running mate who is also unafraid to state their belief in God and live in accordance to His laws to the best of their ability. Their platform is one of reform and this country needs reforming, desperately! It seems simple, but it won’t be because the forces of evil are and have really infiltrating the country and this “feel good”, “Have it all at the expense of anyone and everyone”, greed and immorality is what is driving this election so far out of line. I pray everyday for Senator McCain and Govenor Palin; I know that they don’t possess all of the answers, but I believe that they also pray to God for direction and guidance in their decisions, both politically and personally. I have no proof of this, so no one needs to give me a list that disputes my belief. I just believe them when they speak. I see humility and integrity in them that I don’t see in their opposing candidates. Keep praying for the people of this country to seek God in our individual lives and pray for Him to remove the scales from the eyes of those being deceived and seduced.

  31. Hi Cindy,

    I appreciate your views. I want people to know they do not have to agree with me. My mission is more about morality, than general politics. There are those on both political sides that are a disappointment to me.

    This is just a time of spiritual blindness. Sometimes, I just use strong language to shock people to make them wake up. I mean no personal harm. I try not to call people names or anything like that.

    Whoever gets elected, democrat or republican, we will still need to pray for them, because some failures on their part could actually kill us, and this country. I started praying for Bill Clinton when he was in office, and I have prayed for Bush since he was elected. I will pray for the next President as well.

    I have been praying that God allow the best suited president to take the white house. In my petition, I also have to recognize the sovereignty of God, and his decision, even if it is to allow the worst candidate to be elected, to fulfill part of His end time plan.

    Time is running out, and things will have to become more evil, as the Christians are removed.

    We are Christians, and we have little time left to witness Christ to the world. We cannot focus on man now for deliverance from problems. WE need to focus on God only.


  32. I will do some research and see what I can find out about this particular Hebrew faith. It was puzzling trying to understand what Roberts mission statement was about. I went to the law keepers website it wasn’t much help but I did find some information in their forum that I will research more when I have time. I still haven’t found what I am searching for in regards to his post. Some sort of affirmation that they infact believe these 3 Statements.

    1. The New Testament was written by Greeks and is false.
    2. The Father the Son and the holy Spirit do not exist.
    3. Jesus is not the savior.

    Is this common belief among them?

    You are right on when you say religion has enough to argue about without adding politics. It is the religious beliefs of Roberts group that I want to understand. More importantly what evidence supports his groups belief. I do empathize with his plight and what he and his group are going through. I don’t wish to argue with his belief as much as to understand it and its supporting evidence.

  33. Hi Jonathan,

    1. They believe this, but it is evident by each title, that the author is NOT Greek. The Greeks did not know anything and had to be taught. I think the misunderstanding comes from the fact that Paul wrote in Greek so the gentiles could read it, as they did not understand hebrew or aramaic. Paul did the most to scold the Jews for rejecting Jesus….therefore they do not accept the teachings of Paul, or anything else that makes them out to be “Christ killers.” Jews have been persecuted by Christians who called them this.

    2. TO the Jew, there is only one God, who is Hashem, or Yahweh.

    3. They do not accept Jesus as Savior because he said he was the son of God, which implies there is more than one divinity.

    They cannot comprehend or accept that 3 people make up one God, according to traditional Christian thinking. It violates the Oneness principle stated in their Shema, cited daily for the last 4000 years.

    I attend synagogue with some Jewish friends. They like Christians, but think they are foolish and confused. I know how they think.

    Also see this post. Maybe it will help.


  34. Thanks for the info. I will check it out 🙂

  35. Hi Marianne! I wish i could post these pictures to Craiglist! I would get flagged right away! Here in California, it’s much of a liberal state, however jim and i are replubicans…i believe Jesus will continue to devastate this area of the country!!!

  36. Hi Ani

    True destruction of California and other areas will continue, but do remember you are “covered.” You are the tiny “toy” inside of a big God. 🙂

    Like the other post says:


  37. i dont beleive that face in the smoke has any credibily, it looks photo edited.

  38. kyle

    that is Hurricane Katrina…


  39. Well said and to the point. God help us, and help us to minister to those who do not know you.

  40. There has never been a time in U.S. history where such large masses of people have so strongly believed that a man could be their governing savior. This spirit of jubilation and excitement shown to such a leader has been like a mesmerizing stupor that has taken over individuals’ ability to see the reality that no man has such power.
    God is no longer helping to sustain the greatness of the United States. Is it any wonder that we now see some eyes beginning to open and the euphoria of the honeymoon rapidly dissipating? Words like fascism, Marxism, Leninism, socialism, and totalitarianism are being bantered about more openly and convincingly. The kind of democracy the United States has been known by for over 200 years has now passed
    The government and economy of the United States is very near the point of a vacuum collapse where the entire system is going to crush in on itself. All efforts to shore up imploding corporations through government intervention or positive talk on Wall Street are not only going to fail, but these are going to fuel the final catastrophic events that lead to the downfall of the U.S. as a world power. Nations are scurrying to find other means for survival rather than depending on the stability of the U.S. or its currency as they have in the past. China is rapidly and wisely (from their vantage point) dumping U.S. dollars for raw materials all over the world. They no longer want U.S. dollars because they see “the handwriting on the wall.”

    Here is an interesting 51 seconds capture.

    Entitled ‘A Freemason admits Masons control America’

  41. I always knew from the beginning that Obama wasn’t good for our country. He constantly says one thing and then it changes. The man isn’t truthful in the least. My boyfriends family voted for him because he is black and because he promised all this money. That isn’t the reason to have someone voted to lead our country. All this stimulus money he is giving out will leave us high and dry eventually. Our country is dying and it was slow but is now speeding up. The people in this country have lost sight of the truth and believe lies. Our children are being murdered and we only look at it as a convience (spelling). That is so sad! I’m glad that God instilled it in me to know the truth and do everything I can to protect unborn children, although the ones I have can drive me nuts I would never hurt them. It is so sad to see how everything is turning out.

    At first I didn’t know about these postings but I must say I believe it now and I thank you for posting them.

    • hi denise

      I do not think any politician now can promise people money. It does not have the money promised in the stimulus package. The government is broke, and is borrowing from China. China owns us.

      No legislation gets passed without a majority vote in Congress. Considering all the blame that is being passed around, from one party to the other, they should all be quiet.

      None of the mistakes would have been made, if the entire Congress did not agree on them, and make them legal.

  42. Marianne

    Do you know which Country that dont required Passport?? I thought most countries are required due of U.N agreement.

    I dont know about leaveing American you gotta have lot lot of $$$
    to move oversea.. it require lot of time to prepare etc.


    • hi Dawn

      Only the rich can afford to leave. So the rest of us are stuck here. Remember the young boys in the fiery furnace. The Babylonian king wanted them to burn, but Jesus went in there with them, and protected them.

      Sometimes, we have to remain where there is trouble, because God wants to use us to help others. We will be ok if we trust God. If we were to go elsewhere, it might be worse there.

  43. Hi Marianne,
    This is by far the most ridiculous, offensive article I’ve ever read. If we’re going to talk about extreme liberals, let’s talk about extreme conservatives, such as yourself. You oppose abortion, but you execute the murders of clinic workers performing them. Murder met with murder? Well that seems to be exactly what God would want! And as far as universities intellectualizing falsehood, well, maybe if you went to one you would learn to make legitimate points. Liberals are lead by Satan? They are driven by hatred? Your article is driven by hatred. You saying that liberals are driven by Satan is offensive and ignorant. Stop trying to use your extreme evangelical views to portray yourself as God’s little angle. He loves everyone, even your misguided ass. Stop trying to contort his words to create hatred among the two parties, and accept that he cares for us all. Do us all a favor, stop pretending your going to move. Shut up or leave, no one wants to listen to you whine here.

    • dear John,

      Those that commit murder should get the death penalty. That is justice, not hatred.

      Those that support murder should not be elected into public office.

      Yes, I feel hatred. I hate evil.

      Maybe if liberals did not represent evil so much, they would be move lovable.

      You can find this article offensive……well, maybe I find liberalism offensive.

      Maybe if more people were offended at offensive behavior, we would actually get the right kind of change in this country, instead of watching it die from idiots who are destroying our country.

  44. abortion is not a good thing and we shouldn’t be allowed to use abortion as a birth-control method at all.

  45. Something that drives me crazy is how many christians listen to Glen Beck. He’s a Mormon. Dosen’t anyone care about truth anymore. He was featured at a prominent Christian conference I went to last year. Just because he’s talking about the end times a lot of people listen to him and especially “Christians”.

  46. you guys are all sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. People don’t like the TRUTH. They will say and do whatever they can to stop it. The Light of the Truth exposes the darkness inside of them. They just hate the truth and those who speak it. Thanks for this site.

  48. Wow you people are just white supremacists trying to use the bible to cover up your own evil ways of thinking. Yet you wonder why Liberals run shit. You may all go fucks yourselves and then head straight to the hell that’s awaiting you and your doomed offspring.

  49. BTW Marianne your son looks like a ne’er do well drug addict and your daughter looks like a slut that has abortions all the time. Am I right? I know, you should just kill yourself and your family off so you don’t pollute the rest of the population with you mental sickness and STDs. Slut.

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  53. statue of baphomet put in Oklahoma capital

  54. Oklahoma statue is so obvious.

    Then there is the Statue of Liberty in NYC harbor = Babylonian goddess, Ishtar.

    Lady liberty is so subtitle but the same message. The USA is toast (Rev. 18).

    Psalm 27

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