HAMAS in prophecy

When questioned about his return, and the end times, or the “last days,” Jesus gave a very interesting, prophetic utterance to those who were sharp enough to get it. He stated that the sign of the times would be like the days of Noah. He was immediately referring them to Genesis 6: 1-13, describing the condition of mankind before the flood.

These are the key points in these 13 verses.

1. Mixing of the seed of the serpent with the seed of man, which has come to a critical number, so that the seed of the serpent needs to be destroyed. ( see post- The seed of the Serpent). Click here for more

This would mean there would be a large number or a multitude of people whose physical seed had been contaminated with the seed of the serpent.

Gen 6:1 And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,

Gen 6:2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they [were] fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

Gen 6:3 And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also [is] flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.

Gen 6:4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare [children] to them, the same [became] mighty men which [were] of old, men of renown.

2. Violence and corruption covered the earth- we call this terrorism and false witness/slander now

Gen 6:5 And GOD saw that the wickedness of man [was] great in the earth, and [that] every imagination of the thoughts of his heart [was] only evil continually.

Gen 6:11 The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.

Gen 6:12 And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.

Gen 6:13 And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.

Here, I intentionally left in the link to the original Bible verse. Once you get to the original verse, if you will click on the “C” for concordance, you will get the original Hebrew. Look at the original Hebrew for “violence.” The Hebrew word (CHAMAS) is pronounced HAMAS. Hamas means violence and false witness.

so these verses could be also written:

Gen 6:11 The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with HAMAS.

Gen 6:13 And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with HAMAS through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.

Jesus was actually revealing the name of the terrorist group that would be in operation in Israel, which would prompt God to destroy them for their corruption. Remember, Jesus was speaking in Hebrew, not English, to his followers. Jesus knew He was revealing the name of the group who would oppose Israel, and bring in the time of Jacob’s trouble.

HAMAS is a terrorist group that spreads false witness against the Jews in Israel, as well as the Christians around the world. It uses the media well to promote negative propaganda to accomplish its goals.

Wickedness – the Hebrew word is rah, evil, hurtful, vicious

Corrupt – the Hebrew word is shachat, which literally means to slaughter or destroy, ruin, spoil, rotted. Here it says the flesh is ruined. It seems to be referring to a condition (due to corrupt seed?) in the physical body.

3. Noah was NOT contaminated either physically or spiritually – in body or in character/behavior, as others were.

Gen 6:8 But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.

Gen 6:9 These [are] the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man [and] perfect in his generations, [and] Noah walked with God.

Here Noah is described as both just and perfect.

just = tsadeck – lawful, righteous

perfect in his generations = tamiym – wholesome, sound, healthy, complete, innocent

the “just” is describing his behavior, the “perfect” is describing his physical condition.

The others of his day were contaminated with the seed of the serpent, and manifested violence and wickedness. Noah was not contaminated in his seed, and was just and pure.

So there is some connection between biology and behavior here.

4. Conclusion: those that were identified as HAMAS were those that were progeny of the seed of the serpent.

This means those who call themselves Palestinians, today, are being led by the seed of the serpent, HAMAS.

Since it is almost time for the Jewish Messiah to show up in Israel, it only makes sense that the seed of the adversary, Satan, shows up too, to oppose the Messiah’s arrival.

5. Comparing the past with the future


In 37 BC, about 30 years before the birth of Jesus, Herod came to power. At that time, Herod represented, at least symbolically, the seed of the serpent, since He commanded that all boy babies be killed in order to kill the Messiah child. He ruled for 34 years.

***Approximately 5BC, he ordered the slaughtering (shachat) of the innocents. Jesus would have been about 19 months old by then, born in about 7 BC. So about 30 years prior to the arrival (birth) of the Messiah, Herod came into power.


Hamas was founded in 1987, and came into full power in 2006, when it defeated the Fatah party of Arafat. So HAMAS has been in power about 21 years now. This is just interesting speculation, but if HAMAS parallels the pattern set by Herod, this would “predict” that the Messiah’s arrival would be in about 9 years from now. That would be 2017-18.

6. Other data that agrees with this HAMAS prophecy:

The solar cycle will peak in about 2011-2012, which could start the tribulation. which is about 7 years before the 2017-2018 date. (see post on this) Click here for more

4 blood moons are predicted to occur in 2014-2015, which might be the sign before the great and terrible day of the Lord the last 3.5 years of the tribulation. This also coincides with an end in 2017-2018. (see post on this.) Click here for more

Interesting thought. What do you think?

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    • Revelations 2:9, 3:9. Why are these verses never discussed in relation to these conversations. Secular history proves that Hamas was created and propagated for a nefarious and covert political advantage. I’m not disagreeing with the Biblical references you include. But there is so much more that is involved here. The Zionists Kharzi Frauds are not descendants of the true Israel. That is simple history and provable. Evil is intelligent in the ways of deceit, and the Synagogue of Satan by Jesus own words in Rev. 2:9, 3:9 are very clear. And the evidence in our time does prove that the leadership of Israel created, and still to this day use Hamas to achieve their political will upon humanity. Why would Zionist Israel found groups that engage in terror attacks against them? So they have an excuse to tally up the control, so they have an excuse to pass “anti-terrorism” laws that restrict civil liberties, so they have an excuse to up and invade any country they choose on the grounds that they are harboring terrorist organizations, and of course so they can get the funding for all of this from the taxpayers.
      What a scam we are being controlled under. Evil is very deceptive.

      • your comments are irrational because you believe islamic propaganda….

        the MYTH of the “zionist khazari jews” is a huge lie written and propagated by antisemites to justify destroying the jews for no reason.

        HAMA is a vicious, satanic organization just like ISIS which believes in the demonization, and destruction of Israel….it sacrifices its own children to its god just like the ancient canaanites sacrificed their children to their pagan gods. it is full of hate and lies….and you have been dosed with and blinded by their hate.

        Israel is a legitimate state established in a legitimate way…by the willing TRANSFER of property from the British to the Jews.

        No arabs have owned the land since the Ottomans, who were defeated by the British….so this land — ALL of it – including palestinian areas belong to the Israelis.

        • I would like to begin by thanking you for standing up and bringing attention to the horrendous Christian persecution in the world today and for being a godly man who stands up and asks the questions that need to be asked. It is so exciting to have Jewish people come to Christ …..something i have prayed for so often. I am however a bit concerned with your pre occupation with the physical land of Israel. I do not believe that any nation that rejects Jesus Christ has any special place or position over other nations. I do not believe that there is any special dispensation for the people who call themselves jews but who are not because they Reject Jesus. Whoever rejects the son rejects the Father. They don’t study torah but rather the strange God of the talmud and that is seriously a filthy book….. Where its ok for men to have sex with male and female children aged 3 etc! They are in every sense as dead and dying as anyone else who has not received Gods saving grace. The truth is the people who call themselves jews but who are not will be made to bow down before the true jews one day (revelation 2 i think) When God turned His face from them that was it. The veil was torn. They rejected him and all the geneologies of the jews after the destruction of the temple were also destroyed (JOSEPHUS WRITES EXTENSIVELY ON THIS) so nobody who calls themselves Jews today can prove their geneologies. Those who followed Jesus are the true Jews who live by faith and who comprise the Church and the bride of Christ. As Christians we need to stop blessing Israel lest we share in her plagues. God did NOT return the jews to Israel from the for corners of the earth. Zionism did that! I mean why would God tell Jesus be had absolute authority and that all who come to the son the Father will embrace and then he gathers Christ hating, idol worshipping lovers of money and brings then into the promised land after he had sent his son once for all. Ridiculous really. The Bible refers to jews who reject Messiah as ‘of their father the devil’. Why do people who study the Bible and teach on it keep trying to raise this nation up? Unless they come to Jesus they are as lost as Hamas and just as full of violent oppression and yet even the son of Hamas was called out and saved by God and gives his testimony to encourage millions of Muslims to come to Christ and they are coming in huge numbers. The Dave Hunt story of trying to connect the ancient Arabs to terrorist or Muslim groups today is just nor biblical or historically sound. It is loaded with agenda and myth making. And one more thing. A messianic pastor Peter Cohen has been teaching for years that Jesus is in fact the new Israel the true promised land. All who are in Christ will join Him in spirit in the new Jerusalem. The old is flesh and the new is spirit. While Jesus may return to land of Jerusalem when He comes to judge the world there will be no last chance for anyone to get saved. First He came as a servant to save and not condemn. Second to judge with fire. Please let me know your thoughts on this and please feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken.

          • susan

            you are right about some things and not right about others.

            true, that we have to come to christ to be saved, and spirtual israel is more important than physical israel.

            but remember in any physical location, there is a remnant after god’s heart, and if their spirits are open, he WILL reach them and save them, if not already saved.

            your impression of the talmud is false. the business of having sex with children is just fantasy someone made up and posted this slander on the internet, and you picked up on it.

            talmud is just a book of civil law and interpretation of the torah. jews study torah EVERY week in their synagogues. I suggest you visit a local synagogue and ask to see a hard copy of the talmud. then you will see for yourself what the contents are. do not trust internet versions which are out there to deceive people. you will find it very dry reading. like how to pay someone back for a borrowed cow, which falls in a ditch and becomes crippled, and so the owner does not want it back

            also, the jews that actually rejected christ lived 2000 years ago, and they were few in number, probably about 200 people. I have seen the courtyard where jesus was put before the crowd, and only 200 people at the most could fit in there….this is a real number, not a hollywood movie number.

            the fact that most jews are not saved yet is the failure of christianity to spread the gospel.

            in stead of sharing the gospel, christians have condemned jews and called them christ killers, locked them in synagogues, and set them on fire, and turned them into the gestapo and had them killed in death camps……they are legitimately suspicious of so called “christians”
            hitler was a “christian…”

            we have to do a better job of showing them the love of jesus , not antisemitic hatred.

            and there is DNA testing now to show ancestry for real jews….

            I have been to Israel several times…these people are not oppressive..they are very kind to their enemies, but they have been slandered in liberal media and by the palestinians…..I have seen israelis give food, water, medicine and medical care to their palestinian enemies……the palestinians are poor, dumb, and uneducated and believe the hamas propaganda…..they train their children to be suicide bombers…what a tragic scene….

            but back to salvation….natural israel also has faithful people there waiting for their messiah to come ( faithful unconverted jews) or for their messiah to return (saved jews and gentile christiains). God will honor the faithful and bring salvation to those seeking it there….so natural israel still has hope….

            and God does use people , good and bad, for his purpose…..he used the babylonian pagans to disperse the jews, and he used the zionists to bring them home….and they will continue to return home until messiah returns and finishes the job.

            • Amen to that. Let’s not forget us gentiles are grafted in and God choose the Israelites . We love them. Imagine the blessingsthe world will receive when they accept Jesus as thier Messiah. Bless all of you brothers and sisters in Christ.

      • Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 are talking about the so called JewISH people. The Kenites became scribes (1st chronicles 2:55) They were the religious leaders in CHRIST’s day. They were Pharisees, Sadducees, etc That’s why CHRIST told them who they descended from in John 8:44. He knew they were the seed of the first murderer, cain

        • modest

          there ARE real jews , you know.

          and they ARE living in Israel, and WERE living in Israel at the time of Jesus

          nothing justifies the Hamas violence

          that Hamas people, by whatever name they use or have used, have already been God’s enemies

  2. The actual meaning of the word “HAMAS” has an almost overwhelming evil sound to it even to the uninformed in the Hebrew language. Now, with the meaning understood as revealed by your research, HAMAS can be called exactly what it is; evil, violent, and an enemy of the entire world. Those who would try to take more or all of the land that God gave to His people would be of the same demonic cult called HAMAS. God will not be mocked. Israel is the land God gave to His chosen people. There is a day coming when He will judge the nations of the world on how they treated the Jewish nation. Let it be known that the day of His judgment may be sooner than you think. Much sooner!

  3. HAMAS is an obvious danger. The Palestinians have been brainwashed. The bible actually predicts that the Palestinians will be expelled someday from Israel, which will most likely due to their opposition to the coming Messiah.

  4. Chilling and exciting stuff! Also the generation that saw 1948 will be 70 years old by 2018! Keep the information going! Let us always be ready and watch! And have our lamps filled with oil!

  5. Tony,

    Jesus also said the generation that would be associated with the Fig tree (Israel) when it put forth its branches (became a nation again) would also see his return. Our current generation lives about 70-80 years then dies. So this is just another confirmation that we do not have much time left.


    • The current state of Israel is the returned Judean Kingdom’s Remnant, and still awaits the return of the sons of the break-off Kingdom of the North of Israel. It is when this latter portion are added to them that we count the generation that remains to see the Promise. After Judah overwhelms the government over Egypt and frees the true Egyptians there (the Christian Copts), or at least while doing this, the other Tribes return or at least begin to do so, then certain other things occur. (Cf. Isaiah 19, the latter portion that telescopes past the parts fulfilled long ago.)

  6. The Bible also says God will strike down with lightning those who m*e … I’ve even ** during electric storms, but I’m still alive!

  7. VOtenader
    I recognize you from RogueJew. Each person has a set time to die that is established by God. You can either be ready, or not ready. It is your choice, but you still have to recognize right vs wrong, so you can make a good choice. We all will have to answer for any wrongs we have done on earth when it is time for God to judge us.

  8. Votenader
    PS. I do want you to feel welcome on my site. You do not believe as I do, but maybe someday we will agree on more. Feel welcome to look around at the different topics. I might have to edit some of your comments if they have profanity in them , but I will try to make it open enough for you to express your thoughts.

  9. But waiting on people to reach the afterlife to be punished for their transgressions against you RIGHT NOW allows a system to be set up that exploits that belief! And if we sit around twiddling our thumbs waiting for the rapture, what happens when it doesn’t come and we live in a society designed by people who have no cares for our own interests in this material world? Prophesying the end of times is nothing new, and indeed, a foolish idea for one to live by. Essentially, it is making an active choice to relinquish the empowering rights handed down to you and I from the Enlightenment, and passively selling out all who don’t share your beliefs but continue to fight and ensure you still have any rights left. Your specific religious beliefs are a tool used against you by corporate-government hegemony.

    And I can’t believe you censored the word “*.” Should I have said “dropped ***” like it is in the Bible?

  10. votenader,

    It is true that some people just sit around waiting for things to happen. But there are those of us who spend this time encouraging others to be the best they can. In your secular view, you see this kind of effort as enlightenment. The goal is to be positive, and productive, with an effort to be valuable to others.

    Sweetheart, I have dedicated this site to a standard of holiness, to honor God. So, when people come here, I see that they can also operate at this standard, and be positive. So I want you to see that you can also be the best you can here, or anywhere.


  11. A lot of Hamas terror funding just dried up with the conviction of the Holy Land Foundation in Dallas, Texas.

    Just another example of the religion of peace lying to the Infidels about helping the poor. What I would like to know, is why the State Department Hates this country so much, it continues to allow these moon god worshipers into these United States. Go figure.

  12. Hi Leatherneck

    Well, that is good news. I hope they all dry up.


  13. Marianne
    The Concordance actually specifies the word
    “Chamac” (Vs Chamas) However as you stated the pronunciation is Kha-Mase (Hamas).
    Very interesting observation.

  14. Hi showmetheonetruegod,

    You are looking at someone’s version of hebrew in the concordance.

    They are not good at Hebrew. The 3 letter word is reading right to left is CH or H…….M………..then S. then the vowels are added in for the pronunciation. The “CH” really sounds like an H that is accompanied by a guttural sound in the back of the throat. Both hebrew and arabic, both languages derived from aramaic, have this sound.

    The last letter is Samekh..which definitely has an “S” sound to it.

    I do not know why the transliteration gives it an “AC” sound,…that is wrong.

    But it is an interesting observation, as you say. It also shows Jesus was smart. He knew that in the last days violence – HAMAS – would cover the earth. We now have terrorists in every nation, and they are growing.


  15. Hi, sister! I don´t know why the Christians defend Jews and forget the Muslims. mUslim are also a target for the love of Jesus. Jew will go to hell, Muslims will go to hell. Only Christians will go to heaven. Don´t remember that The arabic people are descendent also of Abrahan. The only problem is that they follow the Qu´ran, and didn´t accept Jesus. The Jews are Guilty as Muslims , because they don´t have Jesus.
    Jews are not a different people, after Jesus has fulfilled the laws. The real jews
    accepted Jesus.Hamas is Just a word meaning violence, it is a matter of semantic. The devils are fallen angels, and they have no sexuality.
    The son of God in genesis, were those who was separated to God ( holy people). They took unpure women. They were not angels.
    The prophecy about Arabic people, is in Genesis 16:13. Even Adan was Iraqi. There is to much confusion and preconceptions in this kind of affirmative. We must pray for Muslims and Jews.

    Are the “sons of God” in Genesis 6.2 fallen angels?
    The “sons of God” are not fallen angels and they did not produce some sort of half-man, half-angel type of being.
    Let’s start in Genesis 6.1 and work through verse 4.
    Chapter 6 is telling us of Satan’s further attempt to corrupt mankind.
    There are other attempts in scri pture like when Balaam and Barak caused Israel to sin and 24,000 died.
    As mankind procreated, daughters were born.
    As time went on some followed after God and others didn’t and the truth was being corrupted.
    The “sons of God” is merely an expression for the believing line, also called the “sons of Seth” based on Genesis 4.26.
    In Genesis 6.2 these sons of Seth began to choose wives from the daughters of men from “whomever they chose” out of the unbelievers and they were unequally yoked.
    Remember Abraham had a fear of this when he wanted to choose a wife for Isaac and the wives of Jacob and Esau is another example. The Lord saw this wasn’t good.
    Living long lives was not producing repentance (2 Pet 3.9) and He sets a certain time limit (2 Cor6.2) in Genesis 6.3.
    The Nephilim in verse 4 were the children produced by these parents.
    Nephilim in Hebrew simply means “fallen ones” which implies that they had fallen from the truth with ferocity and impiety.
    This word is used again in Num 13.33 with allusions to the “giants in Deut 1.18, 2 Sam 21.18-22, 1 Chr 20.4-8 and these certainly were not children born from fallen angels but simply people with a “giant” reputation of ferociousness and impiety who had fallen away from the truth.
    These people became famous for their valor, power and rule and certainly the battle between David and Goliath would be an example of this struggle between the truth and those who had fallen away (nephilim) that has been going on since Genesis 6.
    There “nephilim” in the world today, too.
    Now there are several other reasons why these were not fallen angels. First, angels cannot marry or are they given in marriage (Mt 22.29-32).
    Secondly, angels can’t produce children with humans because they don’t have the DNA to do it.
    Mankind can only produce “after their own kind” and that is through the DNA so that should settle this whole issue right there.
    So, in conclusion, Genesis 6 begins to tell the story of how the truth of God begins to get corrupted and believers began to intermarry with unbelievers producing a mixture of truth and error.
    In time mankind was so corrupted that God brought the flood and preserved the truth through the righteous line of Noah.
    Later through the line of Shem (“semites”) the Messiah would be born who would destroy Satan as promised in Genesis 3.15.
    Genesis 6 tells us the story of how God preserved the truth of His Word to save mankind and judged those who had fallen from the truth and corrupted themselves through unbelief.
    Just one question:Are you a Jew born in Christ or messianic?
    May Jesus bless you!

  16. Hamas is full of hate, and is another example of Islams gift to mankind.

    Lucifer tried to change human DNA so the Christ could not come into this world. Noah, and his family were a part of G-d’s true creation called man. The Nephilim are the children of fallen angles, and women. After the flood their spirits wander the earth as evil spirits.

    We see the same thing happening today with UFO alien abductions, and human/alien hybreds.

    The Bible is very clear, and Enoch told us what happened to Lucifer, and the other angels that left their first Estate.


    Whether you are an Obama fan, or not, EVERYONE IN THE U. S. needs to know….

    Something happened… H.R. 1388 was passed recently, behind our backs. You may want to read about it. It wasn’t mentioned on the news… just went by on the ticker tape at the bottom of the CNN screen.

    Obama funds $20M in tax payer dollars to immigrate Hamas Refugees to the USA . This is the news that didn’t make the headlines…

    By executive order, President Barack Obama has ordered the expenditure of $20.3 million in “migration assistance” to the Palestinian refugees and “conflict victims” in Gaza .

    The “presidential determination” , which allows hundreds of thousands of Palestinians with ties to Hamas to resettle in the United States , was signed on January 27 and appeared in the Federal Register on February 4.

    Few on Capitol Hill, or in the media, took note that the order provides a free ticket replete with housing and food allowances to individuals who have displayed their overwhelming support to the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in the parliamentary election of January 2006.

    Let’s review….itemized list of some of Barack Obama’s most recent actions since his inauguration:

    His first call to any head of state, as president, was to Mahmoud Abbas, leader of Fatah party in the Palestinian territory.

    His first one-on-one television interview with any news organization was with Al Arabia television.

    His first executive order was to fund/facilitate abortion(s) not just here within the U. S. , but within the world, using U. S. tax payer funds.

    He ordered Guantanamo Bay closed and all military trials of detainees halted.

    He ordered overseas CIA interrogation centers closed.

    He withdrew all charges against the masterminds behind the USS Cole and the “terror attack” on 9/11.

    Now we learn that he is allowing hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refuges to move to, and live in, the US at American taxpayer expense.

    These important, and insightful, issues are being “lost” in the blinding bail-outs and “stimulation” packages.

    Doubtful? To verify this for yourself: http://www.thefederalregis ter.com/d. p/2009-02- 04-E9-2488

    PLEASE PASS THIS ON… AMERICA NEEDS TO KNOW! WE are losing this country at a rapid pace.

  18. All of you need to watch a series on youtube called the arrivals. To understand islam properly and the deception of the world by the freemasons and the illuminati. Then you will realise that your messiah is actually the one eyed devil himself

  19. Marianne;

    From Islam to Christianity.

    Here’s the son of a Hammas leader; Sheik Hassan Yousef. His name is Mu’sab Hassan YOusef. This interview is done on Memri and is in Arabic with english sub-titles. It’s cool.


  20. Marianne, I respect everything you do on this site, and respect your religion, as a religion, but not the true religion
    You keep refering to taglines from the Bible
    E.G. Violence and corruption covered the earth
    Violence and corruption covered the earth doesn;t necessarily mean terrorism does it?
    And I can do this for all of your quotes from the bible, none of them are direct
    In the Q’uran, every single one of them is direct
    E.G. And it will be the same jews (zionists), who will follow the antichrist, the same jews (zionists), who sawed Zachariah (peace be upon him), in half.
    This quote that I have given is shortened, it is two pages long normally, and I know most of the halfwits who use this site wont be bothered to read it, let alone, understand it

    • Hi Afsar

      I respect you too. Notice all your comments are accepted here, even if we disagree.

      It is a coincidence that Hamas means violence in Hebrew/Aramaic. Sometimes scripture has hidden meanings.

      Remember, MANY people will be deceived by the Antichrist.

      What is strange is that Christians think it is either a European, or a radical Muslim….the Muslims, like you, think it is a Zionist Jew,….and the Jews are not even thinking about the topic.

  21. I just got this in an e-mail It’s so sad to see Kids being taught this. They have no childhood. When my daughter was little it was “Salty the singing Psalm Book” and then there’s been “Veggie Tales”.
    You never hear about this in the media.

  22. New hit song for Palestinian children: When we die as martyrs
    Haaretz (Link) (June 22, 2010)

    An Arabic children’s choir has been racking up views all over the world with the new YouTube hit “when we die as martyrs, we will go to heaven.”

    The song was apparently recorded by the Jordanian-owned production company and television channel “birds of Paradise.”

    According to The Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT), one of the world’s most comprehensive data centers on radical Islamic terrorist groups, the song is a hit on Arabic and worldwide websites and the children’s choir performing it fast is becoming one of the most popular children’s groups in the Arab world.

    In the video clip, which can be viewed on the popular video sharing site YouTube, a young brown-eyed girl sings in front of what seems to be a group of children in pre-school the lyrics “Without Palestine, what does childhood mean?”

    YouTube has already received dozens of spin-offs and remakes of the video, some of which depict Arabic children mimicking the lyrics while others show Jihadists using it as background music.

    Journalist Fawzia Nasir al-Naeem wrote in the Saudi Arabian newspaper Al-Jazirah that “[Birds of Paradise] is one of the most widely distributed children’s song groups in the Arab world, and it seems to have crossed the ocean to Canada and Britain.”

    She added that the group represents a new wave in Jihadist youth indoctrination, as it is child-friendly, as opposed to previous Jihadist programs.

    • culture of death, as commanded by allah……very sad.

    • The Philistines were invaders in what was called internationally Canaan at the time, as Israel were returning to the land allotted their people by Noah generations before – since the children of Arpachshad are the Chaldeans, and the Hebrews a division of the Chaldeans, and the Isrealis a division of them – being the firstborn branch of Arpachshad’s line. There were other Hebrews in that land before Abraham came, when Philistines were themselves invading. The Philistines never dwelt near Jerusalem, but only ever had five cities, and the land was only conventionally called Canaan, but not legitimately. The kings that a particular Canaanite king was said to have killed were likely Hebrew, not Canaanite.

      Later references to the land as Canaan referred to all the territory that had ever been called Canaan at their best possession of the area, for comparison sake with what Israel should have no less than in GOD’s estimation.

      Philistines were not Canaanites, nor Semites, nor Arabs, but Cypriotes that broke off from the rest, and they largely died off long before JESUS Birth. The few that remained became Christians, but they no longer had a state named to them, and had been Judaized before being Christianized. The Canaanites too Christianized, and mainly lived in Phoenicia by the time of the Christian Age.

      In the reign of Hadrian, when Jews were banned from their land, Hadrian renamed the state Palestina after the old legendary enemies of King David, and repopulated the land mainly with outsiders from the North and West. There came to be many Italians, Greeks, Armenians, etc., as well as many returning Jews, and these, named for the newly named Roman state, were called “Palestinians”, after the name not of the people, but of the land. The original name of the Philistines, “Pelesheth”, or “Peleshtim” of many members of that nation”, had no final n, which entered the country name via Greek, loaned to Latin. The Philistines didn’t name themselves in the Greek fashion, and to say one is “Palestinian” is to say you are not the people after whom the name “Palestine” is derived.

      Only the Jews and Christians then can have the priority of using the Roman state name “Palestinian”, not the Arabs that came from afar after the death of the false prophet, centuries later! Where are the traces of the Philistine language? Or even of their own name for themselves?

  23. It just goes to show you that only the Mashiach Nagid is the only solution to this problem. It’s not going to go away. It’s only going to continue to escalate, except for 3 1/2 years at sometime in the future when the World will be saying “Peace and Safety” .

  24. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/carlo-strenger/thinking-out-of-the-box-a_b_650714.html

  25. Wouldn’t it be nice if the kids were singing this song instead of the one above.

  26. Marianne:

    There’s actually quite a few of these videos. I know you don’t like me posting more than a couple, so I’ll encourage everyone to look it up for yourself. I had a friend e-mail me an attachment of a stoning of a women by Muslims the other day. Her grandson is dating a muslim. What do I tell her? Learn about Islam, seek out Arab Christians and get a Bible in Arabic.

  27. Marianne
    I hadn’t really been following this guy “Mosab Hassan Yousef”. I was looking for something else. I guess they were trying to deport him this summer. Fox News was calling him “An Israeli Spy” for 10 years and a convert to Christianity. Here’s the article:

    ‘Son of Hamas’ battling deportation

    by Art Toalston — BP

    SAN DIEGO — Mosab Hassan Yousef, the eldest son of a prominent Hamas leader on the West Bank and author of a globally circulated book recounting his conversion to Christianity, is facing a June 30 deportation hearing in San Diego.

    “I am Homeland Security File #A 088 271 051,” Yousef wrote on his blog in May.

    Yousef, 32, who first sought political asylum in the United States in 2007, acknowledged that the deportation dispute, which began last year, could be lengthy.

    “If [the judge] rules to deport me, I will appeal. And Homeland Security has assured me that, if he rules in my favor, they will appeal. And this insane merry-go-round can go on like that for decades,” Yousef wrote.

    “My concern is not about being deported. It is that I am being forced to stand and defend myself as a terrorist! This is ridiculous.”

    Yousef recounted on his blog and in his book, “Son of Hamas,” that he worked as a secret agent for the Israeli intelligence agency Shin Bet for more than 10 years as a way of countering violence in the Mideast that he had come to regard as senseless. In a 2008 Baptist Press article, Yousef said he became disillusioned with Hamas’ lack of morality and integrity after he was incarcerated at age 18 for his leadership in a Hamas youth organization.

    While a secret agent, Yousef became a Christian, four years after a chance invitation to a Bible study in Jerusalem. He was secretly baptized in 2005 at a beach near Tel Aviv.

    As a secret agent, Yousef said his information “saved the lives of many people” — Israelis, Palestinians and Americans.

    The book was published earlier this year by Tyndale House under its SaltRiver imprint. It sparked appearances on CNN’s “Amanpour,” NBC’s “Today Show” and Fox News’ “Hannity,” among others, along with articles by the Associated Press and in such newspapers as The Wall Street Journal and Haaretz, a leading Israeli daily.

    The book was released in Hebrew in Israel earlier this month and already is near the top of the best-seller charts there, according to publicist Beverly Rykerd.

    An Immigration and Customs Enforcement public affairs officer, Lauren Mack, confirmed to Baptist Press June 9 that Yousef, who now goes by Joseph as his first name, is the subject of deportation proceedings in San Diego.

    Mack said she has received a number of calls in Yousef’s behalf from across the country but noted that the most effective way of registering concern is via e-email addressed to her at lauren.mack@dhs.gov, which can be forwarded to the appropriate immigration officials.

    Otherwise, Mack said, Homeland Security is not commenting on the case because it is in litigation. In a subsequent e-mail, she stated, “… with respect to individual privacy and integrity in the immigration system, ICE is not in a position to discuss ongoing immigration litigation.”

    A San Diego-area Southern Baptist church that has befriended Yousef is working to have supporters on hand for his 8 a.m. hearing June 30 before the immigration judge, identified by Yousef as Rico J. Bartolomei in San Diego.

    Matt Smith, pastor of Barabbas Road, told BP he does not intend to foster “a protest mentality” but wants “as many people to be there as possible” on June 30 as a “respectful and prayerful” way of showing that Yousef is “very loved and accepted” by his fellow Christians.

    Smith said he met with Yousef for coffee on June 8. Rykerd, the publicist, said Yousef is not planning to do interviews until after the immigration hearing.

    On his blog, Yousef wrote, “Yes, while working for Israeli intelligence, I posed as a terrorist. Yes, I carried a gun. Yes, I was in terrorist meetings with Yassir Arafat, my father and other Hamas leaders. It was part of my job. And I passed on to the Shin Bet all the information I gathered during those meetings and saved the lives of many people — including many Americans.”

    Yousef wrote that his greatest concern involves “the weaknesses of Homeland Security,” and he aims to “put pressure on it to make changes that can save lives and preserve freedom.”

    As he recounted in his blog, dated May 22:

    “If Homeland Security cannot understand a simple story like mine, how can they be trusted with bigger issues? They seem to know only how to blindly follow rules and procedures. But to work intelligence, you have to be very creative. You have to accept exceptions. You need to be able to think beyond facts and circumstances.

    “Homeland Security has absolutely no idea of the dangers that lie ahead. For nearly 30 years, I watched from the inside as Hamas dug its claws deeper and deeper into Israel. They started awkwardly, clumsily, but they got good at it. And al-Qaeda is becoming more like Hamas.

    “The strategy of Hamas has always been to bleed Israel. A slow bleeding war to destroy Israel in the long term. They don’t have nuclear bombs, so they send a suicide bomber here, another one there. And over the years, they severely damaged the economy and gave Israel a bad reputation all over the world.

    “Al-Qaeda started with huge attacks like September 11. But bin Laden has learned from Hamas’s war against Israel how to bleed its enemy. Al-Qaeda understands how effective the Hamas strategy will be on American soil.

    “Americans have never experienced anything like this. This country is not ready. Try to imagine attacks by suicide bombers and car bombers, attacks on schools, in shopping malls, in the gridlock of rush-hour traffic, week after week, month after month, year after year, here and there, in big cities and rural towns. No one feels safe anywhere. There seems to be no reason behind the attacks, no pattern. Everyone is a target. Men, women, children, office buildings, private homes, town halls, schools and hospitals. The government is powerless to stop them. Every car and truck you see is suspect. Every suitcase and package is suspect. …

    “I was born and raised in this kind of environment. More than that, I was on the inside of both sides. I am not asking Homeland Security or anybody else for a job or a salary. I am asking them to be humble and listen, so they can learn.

    “Exposing terrorist secrets and warning the world in my first book cost me everything. I am a traitor to my people, disowned by my family, a man without a country. And now the country I came to for sanctuary is turning its back.”

    To those who concur with his concerns, Yousef called for letters to be addressed to:Kerri Calcador
    Senior Attorney
    U.S. Department of Homeland Security
    Immigration and Customs Enforcement
    880 Front St. Suite 224
    San Diego, CA 92101
    Phone: 619-557-5578

    • This guy is a fraud. He only converted to infiltrate the church to start his own movement. I dont trust him. Deport him. He is lie, like a benign cancer that will suddenly transform into a malignant cancer. He is giving his true intentions away.. He said in Arabic that he would not revenge on his father (who is the leader and founder of Hamas), He does not believe in the methodology of Hamas, but does not discount the Hamas Charter (which does not recognize Israel and wants to obliterate the Jews).. He is decieving the Christians and their hospitality.. Beware! Be very aware! Read what he is saying.. all he needs is a few followers and the US is next! Wake up people! The anti-Christ is alive and well.. The end of days are upon us.. do not be fooled!

  28. Notice the horns of the bull on their flags. In the middle is wording I can’t make out, but it is in place of where the star should be.

    In other pagan religions the star is the spirit of the true god of this world. Christians call it Lucifer.

    Now, you know why Islam is so filled with hate. They really worship Lucifer, who is a false god, just like Allah the moon god.

    It makes them tough to love.

  29. What I was looking for yesterday was in the http://www.christianExmainer.com An article entitled by Chuck Colson’s on “Witnessing to your Muslim Neighbors” That’s when I ran across Mosab’s Testimony at this church. I listened to all 11 parts. He has really gotten stronger and bolder in his testimony and gives all the credit to Jesus. He said it was a process. It didn’t happen overnight.

    2007 Prison Fellowship. Chuck Colson http://www.christianexaminer.com

    “With the growing number of Muslim Americans, Christians would be wise to engage in dialogue with our Muslim neighbors. but remember dialogue has to be a two-way street.

    When a family moved in down the street from someone by the name of Katie Jackman, a Christian woman. She decided to reach out to them. When she knocked on their door and introduced herself the family seemed delighted. They invited her whole family to come for dinner. which they did.

    But no matter how many times Katie invited her Muslim neighbor to have diner at her house, and no matter how often they promised to do so, they never actually came.

    Although Katie did not know it, there was a religious reason behind the family’s refusal to enter her house.

    Patrick Sookhdeo a Muslim convert to Christianity who is also an Anglican priest, is the author of Islam; The Challenge to the Church. Dr. Sookhedeo writes that many Christians are confused by the seemingly capricious way in which their Muslim neighbors relate to them. This is because they are unaware of the many Koranic teachings that regulated relations with those outside the faith.

    For example, hospitality and the exchange of gifts is the linchpin of relationships among Muslims, and many Muslims also invite Christians into their homes and give them gifts. But this seldom works in reverse. this is more than simply a concern about eating non-halal food. Sookhdeo writes. “there is also the cultural concept of Christians as being religiously unclean” arising from the discriminatory laws against them in sharia. There’s also the fact that accepting a meal means owing a favor to the host.

    Another problem may be your family pet. Religiously observant Muslims may refuse to enter a home that contains a dog, since dogs are considered unclean.
    As the fits-many Muslims will be eager to give a copy of the Koran to Christian neighbors, but they will refuse to accept a copy of the Bible in return. “Muslims are always on the alert for opportunities for mission, “Sockdeo says, “but they guard themselves against anything that might serve to deflect them from the way of Islam, such as the scriptures of another faith.”

    In their efforts to reach out to Muslims, Christians must beware of taking part in one-sided events that benefit Islam at the expense of Christianity. For instance, a Christian pastor may invite a local iman to speak from the pulpit as part of a cultural exchange. But all too often, Sookhdel says, ” the pattern is that the imam preaches in the church and minister merely prays in the mosque. Muslims view this a a victory. As with the attempted exchange of scriptures, Sookdeo writes. “Muslims will use every opportunity to promote their faith and to prevent the similar promotion of Christianity. “Christians end doing all the learning while Muslims do all the teaching.

    When Jesus sent His disciples out into the World. He warned them, in Matthew 10, to be as wise as serpent and innocent as doves. This is clearly the approach we need to take as we interact with the Muslims among us. Patrick Sookhdeo’s book, Islam The Challenge to the Church will help reach out to Muslims without compromising your faith.

    Because livingly reaching out is something we must do. We are to preach the saving knowledge of Christ to all the world-including maybe especially our Muslim neighbors. But beware of all that may hinder you as a witness”.

  30. What this guy is saying in this video makes sense: “Allah is preparing the way for victory”. Will America be destroyed trying to win a war that can’t be won, like all the other wars?. Wake up people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not a dominionist, a recontructionist, an escaptist. But, I am glad I believe in the Rapture.

    • I support “fighting Allah” as long as it is done in an intelligent and efficient way. Otherwise, we submit to Allah, and allow evil to cover the earth. This would be a sin of omission, failing to do the right thing.

  31. FATAH and Hamas – Bad Apples from the Same Tree!

    Fatah and Hamas have different political background but the same goal. “The Palestinian struggle” is the ‘struggle’ of the forged nation with an anti-Semitic agenda. It was invented by Arab states, with the help of their Western friends, in order to destroy Israel! Until 1964 there was no Palestinian nation and there was no Palestinian state ever!

    Article (4) The Palestinian struggle is part and parcel of the world-wide struggle against Zionism, colonialism and international imperialism.

    Article (5) Liberating Palestine is a national obligation which necessitates the materialistic and human support of the Arab Nation.

    Article (6) UN projects, accords and resolutions, or those of any individual which undermine the Palestinian people’s right in their homeland are illegal and rejected. (The aim is all Palestine – Israel, Judea , Samaria, Gaza and trans-Jordan!)

    Article (7) The Zionist Movement is racial, colonial and aggressive in ideology, goals, organization and method.

    Article (8) The Israeli existence in Palestine is a Zionist invasion with a colonial expansive base, and it is a natural ally to colonialism and international imperialism.

    Article (9) Liberating Palestine and protecting its holy places is an Arab, religious and human obligation. (It is “Arab” – not so-called Palestinians obligation?)


    Article (12) Complete liberation of Palestine, and eradication of Zionist economic, political, military and cultural existence. (See Article 6)

    Article (13) Establishing an independent democratic state with complete sovereignty on all Palestinian lands, and Jerusalem is its capital city, and protecting the citizens’ legal and equal rights without any racial or religious discrimination. (Why do they demand removal of the Jewish population?)

    Article (14) Setting up a progressive society that warrants people’s rights and their public freedom.

    Article (15) Active participation in achieving the Arab Nation’s goals in liberation and building an independent, progressive and united Arab society. (Global Islamic Caliphate! “Arab”, not Palestinian society?)


    Article (17) Armed public revolution is the inevitable method to liberating Palestine.

    Article (19) Armed struggle is a strategy and not a tactic, and the Palestinian Arab People’s armed revolution is a decisive factor in the liberation fight and in uprooting the Zionist existence, and this struggle will not cease unless the Zionist state is demolished and Palestine is completely liberated.

  32. testing

  33. Yes, for over a year now that word ‘hamas” in Hebrew has been jumping at me, specially in Gen 6:11 as it comes right after describing how the fallen angels mixed their seed with women resulting in altered DNA with grave spiritual consequences. I’ve also been studying prophecy and the moon and sun eclipses in connection to the moedim of Yah and it all points to 2017-18 for Moshiach’s return, probably on Yom Teruah, the feast that “nobody knows the day or hour” as it is defendant solely of the appearance of the new moon…
    Great article!

    • thank you Shoshana

      The bible says it predicts the end from the beginning. The spirit of Hamas has been around for a long time, but in the end, it will be destroyed.

  34. Hamas has entered the seed of man contaminating both its DNA and his spirituality. It is not just confined to the Palestinian hamas but seen the world over, the fruits of hamas are always the same: murder, hatred, fear, confinement or lack of free choice, specially women’s. This is why sometimes Yah requested that Israel eliminate all the people from certain groups, including their animals. Fallen angels, often showing themselves as ‘aliens’ have altered the DNA of not just humans but animals as well. Today its done in laboratories such as those Monsanto has producing GMO seed.
    When Yeshua returns with His ANGELS (forget the army of ‘raptured’ humans), He will FIRST clean up house as He did at the start of His first ministry as second Adam. He and His angels will pluck out all the tares (hamas contaminated) and burn them just as He said He would in Matthew 24. Then He will gather His own from the four corners of the earth to do the ultimate going up or aliyah to Yahrushalayim were we will live with Him for a thousand years learning from Him the correct way to follow His Torah .

  35. The word “Chamas” is pronounced Kha-mas, the kh sound is not a silent c. Hebrew is not phonetically the same English and every letter and sound brings its own meaning to the word.

  36. Its the same exact guttural sound used for the terrorist group hammas…

  37. Interesting.

  38. What does anyone make of ISIS, the very violent terrorist trying to establish a foothold in Iraq (old Babylon)? Isis was known as Ishtar to the Babylonians (where we get the name Easter) and was represented there with rabbits and eggs and sometimes a crescent moon over her head. Just saying I find it peculiar that their acronym is that of a fertility goddess…

  39. Indeed I Agree O:-)

  40. Noah,


    Rev. 12:11

  41. Well Hamas is digging tunnels. Isnt there a type of snake that lives underground?

  42. The first three and a half already happened. We are now on the last three and a half. Naturally it started in the Middle East. Hamas or violence has given way to the swarm of scorpions, ISIS. The biological man made weapon named Ebola has been perfected in Africa and now the regime its trying its best to unlessh it in this country and cause a breakdown in the system.
    It all fits with the 2017 prophecy about Yeshua’s return if one uses both Daniel’s timeline and Rav Judah Ben Samuel’s 900 year old prophecy.

  43. Shofar,


    “Seek the Lord, all you meek of the earth, who have upheld His justice.
    Seek righteousness, seek humility.
    It may be that you will be hidden in the day of the Lord’s anger” (Zephaniah 2:3,NKJV).

    Psalm 20

  44. Shofar,

    I think this is what’s unfolding –

    “And it shall come to pass in all the land [earth/world], says the Lord, “That two-thirds in it shall be cut off and die, but one–third shall be left in it [remnant], I will bring the one–third through the fire, will refine them as silver is refined, and test them as gold is tested [Great Tribulation]. They will call on My name, and I will answer them.

    I will say, ‘This is My people’; And each one will say, ‘The Lord is my God'”(Zephaniah 13:7-9, NKJV).

    Psalm 27

  45. Shalom Shofar and DJ,

    The first patient of Ebola in the United Staes died on Oct 8. Sukkot began at sunset on Oct 8th, 2014. The man died on the morning of Oct 8. Of the ten plagues of Egypt the plague of wild animals was the 4th plague. Most of scripture refers to this plague as a plague of flies. (Refer to the links below to understand the meaning of the word arov). Each plague took place within separate and consecutive months. The Plagues ended in the month of Nissan on Pesach. If we count back to each preceding month, starting with the month of Nissan, we find the 4th plague occurring during the month of Tishri, which is now the time of the Fall Feasts of Israel.

    The following articles concerns the details of what the 4th Plague was, which was not flies, but rather wild animals, which is where Ebola came from and was transmitted to man as a pestilence. The articles discuss the accurate meaning of the Hebrew word ‘arov’ which has been mistakenly translated as flies in the Septuagint:



    “So too Josephus”:

    “for he filled that country full of various sorts of pestilential creatures, with their various properties, such indeed as had never come into the sight of men before, by whose means the men perished themselves, and the land was destitute of husbandmen for its cultivation; but if any thing escaped destruction from them, it was killed by a distemper which the men underwent also”.

    I first heard Mark Biltz speak on Ebola coming to the US in the month of Tishri, the timing of the 4th plague, the plague of wild animals. The rest is just additional information on the subject. We will just have to wait and see how all of this unfolds.


  46. Something to consider is that BOTH wild beasts and insects can be correct the beasts could have had the diseases which were transmitted by the insects… Ebola IS TRANSMITABLE BY MOSQUITO, TICK, FLEA any blood sucking insect.

  47. One thing to consider is that the violence that Hamas represents both in word and deed is all part of an orchestrated last day scenario that Lucifer and its minions have been assiduously working on. We are just seeing the speeding up of the last events leading to the last 3 1/2 years of the great tribulation. It is no coincidence that Yah knowing what is about to unfold is sending us signs with the red moon tetrad and solar eclipse for next year. If you haven’t done so already stock up with food and water, etc because things are about to get really ugly. Keep yourself and your family from being vaccinated, don’t believe the media pushing for it; it will weaken you and insert viruses, including DNA altering ones. The object is to weaken us as a nation, make us more complacent, and ultimately destroy us.

    The current administration intents to stay and will probably impose Martial Law using Ebola (aren’t they trying to infect our troops?) or whatever other means they deem necessary. It looks to me more and more that barack hussein obama is the madhi or false Messiah and will do whatever he can to achieve his goal. He is probably the chief terrorist orchestrating ISIS, who is taking over the Middle East like wasps. He is clearly working hard at trying to dismantle the nation and brings us to the level of a third world country that would help him facilitate a one world government and impose sharia type laws. This also happens to fit nicely in a Communist agenda…

    Avi Lipken’s commentary on Obama’s 3 prong plan to turn the Middle East into a Sunni Muslim controlled caliphate “states” “regions.”


    • Shofar,

      The “blood moons” and “sackcloth suns” are a warning of what comes next. Amen!

      You do see and agree that the final blood moon, Feasts of Tabernacles – September 28, 2015 does relate to Joel 2:31-32.

      Yes, we should not put our trust in the government established by Freemasons under the watchful eye Lucifer.

      “Awake O sleepers, arise from the dead (spiritually) and Christ will give you light” (Ephesians 5:14). Amen.

      It is becoming obvious to a few. But, many Evangelicals are still asleep (spiritually) or still searching for answers – when Blood Moons (Joel 2:31-32) are above us. One day soon – they all will awaken (Matthew 25:1-10).

      What? Current administration? Like these are simply politicians.

      Consider the following puzzle, which tells us what comes at the end of the blood moons and sackcloth sun cycle in the fall of 2015 as we enter into 2016 (The Day of the Lord) – which is the 6th day of Daniel’s Week.

      Satan knows what is coming and what occurs from the first seal to the last events in Revelation. He knows how it all unfolds – except for those 7 Thunders. Lucifer and his minions are in for a surprise!

      Satan shared his knowledge of the end of the age with the Freemasons (33 degree attainment) and those within the occult (including da Pope). They are the ones building his kingdom of darkness upon the earth, preparing his seat upon earth.

      So, we can expect the Masons to ever so discreetly display what is coming through their artwork and images – boasting of their occult knowledge (cleverly).

      Here is confirmation of the significance of the ending of the blood moons/solar eclipses (Fall Feasts, 2015) and the next year, 2016, from the Freemasons.

      The symbol of the first Masonic Government is the Great Pyramid with the “all seeing eye of Horus.” Horus is a representation of Lucifer.

      Please read the Latin phrase on the Great Seal of the US with it representation of the Great Pyramid. The phrase in Latin addresses the New World Order.

      The Masonic Founding Fathers (pagan men) selected 1776 as the year of independence, birthing a NWO.

      The Masons applied the date1776 on the base of their pyramid graphic that appears on the Great Seal, which is on the back do the US Dollar.

      The year at the base of the pyramid graphic on the Great Seal is 1776 (MDCCLXXVI).

      Masons long ago called 1776 “The Year of Light.”

      The Great Seal is a calendar from 1776 to the date when their planned NWO arrives.

      The NWO arrives when the capstone (Lucifer) is seated upon the peak of the pyramid.

      Truly, Lucifer is the all seeing eye and he is the god (GOD) of this nation.

      Next, Masons adhered to the Kabbala along with Egyptian pagan/occult rites, rituals and believes.

      In the Kabbala it states:

      “240 years before the seventh millennium (i.e., the year 6000 from creation), the lower waters will rise and cover the entire world, and only Eretz Yisroel [the Land of Israel] will remain, which will float on the surface of the water like Noach’s Ark; they will approach Gan Aiden [Garden of Eden], the place from which the four rivers leave. The people who survive will be completely righteous, and there they will be whitened, purified, and made spiritual.” (Yalkut Reuveini, Shichechus Leket, “Eretz Yisroel v’Chutz L’Aretz,” 6; in the name of the Rokeach–Gali Razyah)

      Not only do Masons know Egyptian occult, they read/study the Kabbala and also how to convert the Hebrew calendar (5776) into the Gregorian calendar (2016).

      Next –

      The height of the Great Pyramid in Egypt is 5776 inches with the capstone in place.

      So now, let’s put this all together, a puzzle in plain sight.

      The Great Seal of the US was designed by Ben Franklin (33 degree Mason) with a Latin phrase identifying the birthing a Great Light, 1776 on the first of 13 levels.

      The building of the NWO began in 1776 by Masons worldwide (US, Great Britain, France, Italy (Vatican), Bavaria (Germany) etc.

      We have a Masonic calendar of the coming NWO with the son of perdition seated upon the pyramid in a future year.

      The Great Pyramid (represented on the Great Seal) is 5776 inches in hight.

      5776 in the Hebrew year is 2016.

      We read in the Kabbala that the number of years before the 7th millennium is 240 years.

      1776 (birth of a NWO), “The Year of Light” + 240 (Kabbala reference) = 2016.

      The NWO becomes operational when the capstone is applied to top or the pyramid and Lucifer (son of perdition) is seated as leader of their NWO, 2016.

      The Masons put the NWO message on the Great Seal of the US. One nation under GOD (god in caps).

      Barry, is the first gay President of the Masonic Government, birthing the NWO as the son of perdition.

      Barry rode out on a white horse, receiving a crown (prize) for peace on Feasts of Tabernacles, 2009.

      The sign in the Heavens of Rev. 12:1-5 was above us on Feasts of Trumpets, 2011.

      Barry will be revealed as the son of perdition one day soon, but he will definitely be seated in place per the Masonic calendar in 2016.

      Summary –

      The last Blood Moon occurs on Feasts of Tabernacles, 2015 and precedes the NWO agenda of 2016 (Great Day of the Lord).

      The year 2017 is significant too.

      1967 (Jerusalem) + 49 years = 2016 (Masonic NWO year and The Day of The Lord).

      Then comes the year 2017, which is a Jubilee year (50 years + 1967).

      God rested on the 7th day of His creation.

      The 7th day of the week is His Sabbath.

      So, we should expect that He also enters into His rest on the 7th day of Daniel’s week, yes?

      Therefore, those who overcome and endure enter into JUBILEE one day after Day of Atonement, 2017.

      By applying the definition of the fig tree generation (1947 + 70 years, Psalm 90:10) and the Jubilee count – the end of the age and His soon coming (Matthew 24) would begin at a day/hour that we do not know within the Hebrew calendar of 5777.

      Best to put on the Armor of Light, the Armor of God and carefully read Isaiah 65.

      Psalm 28

  48. Roman chapter 11.

    Psalm 29

  49. One short correction. Jesus did not speak in Hebrew, he spoke Aramaic

    • I would think jesus would speak hebrew, as the Torah is mainly in hebrew….and also aramaic……and which he spoke when is not certain….but in synogogue and with jews, I would expect him to speak hebrew and with others, like the woman at the well, I would expect him to speak aramaic

  50. I concur with you Marianne. Given that Hebrew continues to be the language in synagogues and that when you translate back to Hebrew the Apostles writings many things make a lot more sense than in Greek and given that when Israel went back they to the land they made a concerted effort to return to the mother tongue then there is a very strong likelihood Yeshua was in fact speaking Hebrew.

  51. Marianne, please declare your interests in determining this blog

    I believe that the Land is for Israel and its the fulfillment of prophecy but I find some of your comments hurtful to palestinans who are their closest arab brothers who are slandered constantly and tarred by one brush for all..
    I find your comments insensitive and unchristian. If you had love then you would be more careful with yr words.

    There is so much to read and i got the long email where you reply to someone and you dismiss palestinian people as ‘dumb and uneducated’..
    It made me so angry that i had to write to you.
    Many palestinians are very educated and are very intelligent ,, the majority of palestinians are muslim and live in poor ghettos restricted with their comings and goings controlled by Israel..Their food and water also ..they have no decent schools and education is lacking because of the predicament; their lives are restricted in all senses and controlled.It is no wonder their hearts are stirred up by hate for Israel which Hamas stirs up. This i advocate is evil and wrong but we know hatred is stirred up by their oppression.
    Hamas stands for Violence and the seed of hatred lies in the Islamic religion. Muslims believe they are the chosen descendant from Ishmaels seed. They are blinded into the falsehood of their religiion.

    The true Messiah comes from from Abrahams seed not of Ishmael.

    Take a step back and see the enemies you declares as Palestinians are people .. Love the people but hate and disregard the false ideology of Islam.
    We should witness and show love , but how can you when you slander them even when they are truly under persecution themselves..

    There is a small Christian Palestinian community as well who have very difficult lives in Gaza and most of them had been living in the land well before it was given to Israel, but alot of their land was taken away with no recourse and Israel bulldozed many homes and alot of pain ensued by insensitivity.. Gaza is a small strip of land, over crowded, over populated and controlled by all possible ways to control the people. When they hear the zionist peoples disregard Palestinians as the evil oppressors when so many have been killed in relation to the small number of Israelis deaths them it builds up a wall of hate and the only way is to fight when nothing else is left.
    If all your things were taken from u and you were reduced to poverty and hardship and control and your children were being killed you would fight .
    So dont marr palestinans with them as the enemy.. they are not dumb ,,they have no education the poor ones living there mainly muslims ones but alot have fled to other places in the world from the oppression and injustices and not from their fault often ..they are blinded by their terrible circumstances.

    You need to clarify the hate comes from the islamic ideology = islam … do not marr the palestinans . It is a war against Islam..We live in the end times and it is a spiritual warfare Jesus and Satan

    I stand up for Israel but alot of christians who have no relation to israel or palestinian think they can judge the situation and then they speak and often are hurtful comments..I think you need to walk in the footsteps of an arab christian living in Israel and see their hardships because you are biased..thank God for the people who spread good relations between israel and the palestinan community..Spread peace and goodwill not slander.

    • penny

      My views are accurate. and truth is not slander.

      truth is also NOT unchristian. there used to be a program in america called “Lie to Me.” it is like they lie, and you want to believe their lies.

      until you wake up, you will be making bad decisions about how “peaceful” they are.

      they are permitted by the quran to lie to the infidel. and other nice things like beat women, rape them, and the children and wage violent jihad.

      one “intelligent, liberal, christian” tried to travel across turkey lately, and ended up getting raped and murdered. if you went to the palestinian territory the same thing would happen to you

      Muslims = islam and islam = muslims. they are to kill the infidel, esp jews and christians.

      there are no arab christians remaining in palestinian territories. they left long ago.

      and any remark about muslim palestinians are based on their hateful, deceitful, and sick behavior. they are taught from age 3 and below to hate and kill jews. and how to fake victimhood. they do it in america and europe as well, they steal, kill, rape, burn and destroy, then claim they are being discriminated against when stopped. they rape children and boys are especially appreciated. this is their “culture.”

      you have fallen prey to their deceitfulness. you are deceived. you are a real bleeding heart for liberal lies.

      palestinians have a death culture and most deaths are due to their own decisions….blowing oneself up for allah is a great honor.

      israel has a life culture and values life, and goes to great extremes to protect its people.

      there is no love in any of them. they kill and destroy, then declare themselves victims, demonstrating a severe pathological victim mentality which is totally false. they victimize themselves. they plant bombs on themselves for allah, and blow themselves up to give the ILLUSION that Israel has hurt them. Israel defends itself, and always warns civilians to get out of the way before any bombing. the arabs are totally brainwashed.

      they have been given educational opportunities and they fail, because their education is not like ours, but focused on initiating violence and the destruction of israel. they have CHOSEN their situation. they use millions / billions of dollars in funding for terrorism, instead of education and improvements..this is their brainless choice….they do not want the good things, and focus on that..they just want to destroy israel.

      they are lunatics, and yes uneducated, by their own choice. they are all mentally ill, so yes they are dumb….and beyond that…because they refuse all intelligent intervention….

      I have been over there 3 times and saw for myself. I walked rather than ride a bus, because palestinians think it is an honor to allah to blow up buses and kill as many as possible.

      god told israel thousands of years ago to kill every one of them, man, woman and child, because they were totally corrupt. if they didn’t the people would be a continual irritant. Israel failed to do this, and now the irritation continues. god knows their hearts better than you do. he even predicted in scripture that gaza would be wiped out and the land would belong to Israel. so that i god’s will.


      if it were up to me, I would bomb all of gaza and obey god, and get rid of all of them

      I do not support any palestinian rights to anything. they long ago lost their rights with their violent and hateful behavior. israel is where they go for free food and hospital care. Israel also sends in food to the territory.

      all palestinian territory is Israeli land, and israel has the right to control the violence there.

      the oppression they claim and imagine is NOT from Israel. they were kicked out of other arab countries because of their behavior.

  52. As you know hamas literally means violence. The seed of Cain or of the tree of good and evil are the tares amongst the wheat who have been on earth before and after the flood. Interestingly in the Book of Jubilees we see that Noah gave Shem the territory now mostly occupied by the children of Canaan which happens to be the same area Yahveh promised Israel. Technically that makes the children of Canaan/Cain the actual occupiers.

    On the other hand, Esau, unlike his brother Yacob, willingly disdained Torah and chose instead to mix his seed with tares thus living up to the root meaning of the name esav. He could have chosen life but allowed hatred and hamas to fester instead. Wherever the children of Yacob are found there will be tares among them trying to choke them taking what was never theirs in the first place.

  53. Wow well spoken but without this signs, you and i can even die before the time and must know Christ today Gos bless you

  54. You can see the spirit of Hamas (chamas in Hebrew, pronounced the same) or violence manifesting in people more and more as the time approaches. There has got to be some serious turning around and repentance now. The church needs to get out of her mother and father Rome.Babylon and leave behind all the lies that it has inherited from names (including christian which were pagans back then), to feasts and day of rest (changed by Rome to suit them) to the replacement theology which necessitates getting rid of Yah’s law or Torah so that Roman cannon could be entrenched. So many pagan non biblical concepts. The Bible was written by Jews largely for Jews under functioning under an ancient Middle East concept of covenant that we do not fully comprehend today. Rico Cortes has some excellent studies on Middle East covenants that I highly recommend.

    There are many scriptures that tells clearly what is going to happen with the nations and individuals going against Yah’s chosen yet He will allow them.
    Yeshua died on top the Mount of Olives on an olive tree with His hands uniting the two branches but both Judah and Ephraim are still unrepentant.

    Why did Yeshua said He came for the LOST sheep of the house of Israel? Cause HE did!! And the sheep is still lost out there baa baaing all over the place. Time to listen to the Great Sheppard and bring our tails behind us cause there is not much time left!

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