Dream – Early Christmas


Children called in early.

Dream 9/4/2016

I get a phone call from Obama, who asks me what I see.

I look around, and I am in the White House.

I see a large group of children who seem to be touring there.

I tell him this, but do not understand at first why they are there.

I get off the phone and watch the group.

They are being given gifts for two occasions.

As I follow them, their tour brings them right into a room in front of Obama.

I realize they are celebrating two holidays at the same time, and Christmas is being celebrated early, along with the other holiday.

End of Dream


We may not see Christmas, as something will happen.

Either that, or it will come, but it will  not be a happy time.

I have heard rumors about this, so I do not know if that affected my dream content.

Actually, I want to make a point that I was not told this was for 2016. 

No date was given me, but Obama was still in the White House. So either it is 2016, or he stays in office, and this is a year in the more distant future.

This dream does seem to connect with these two other posts:



Maybe we should all live as if this is our last year.

And get closer to God, rather than waiting for a negative event to occur before doing so.

see also other dreams ( use white links, not orange):


**NOTE added on 9/9/2016

Second Dream.  I see group of children with “O” who are giving speeches and acting unruly.  They are saying things not true and making negative remarks.  Then I see that “O” is in the front row telling them what to say. He transmits to a device in their ears.

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  2. Maybe the kids represent the next generation and an early Christmas means there will be a double blessing coming out of this election??

  3. Things are about to be shaken up and drastic changes are about to happen around the world. There is to be a separation between light and darkness, the clean and unclean. We must clean up house first in our lives and families. Get rid of xmas, eastar, halloween if you haven’t already, right along with crosses and the trinity, star of “David”, kippa, yoga, chanting and the like. More importantly, lets us examine ourselves to confess and get rid of the unclean in us and give it up to Yeshua that it too will be burnt up. Yahveh will not tolerate in His presence unclean Babylonian/Egyptian/Roman junk that we have inherited along with our attitudes of me first or false piety. Let us embrace Yahveh’s ways of doing things and truly follow whom we profess to love, EMULATING Yeshua and not religion.

    • @Shoshana – I can see getting rid of Halloween, as I did that decades ago, knowing “Satan LOVES Halloween.” But I don’t get what you mean by getting rid of Easter…. and I also do Yoga a few times a week as it does help me with some health issues (I don’t chant) and I know that it works.

      I am not necessarily disagreeing, but was wondering if you can please explain or elaborate. Blessings to all, JanaR

  4. intetesting! I have also heard and read predictions of things to come in Sept, 2016, through December, 2016, including a very unfortunate Christmas or none at all. I feel the darkness of this “age” with all the very recent devastating floods, huge fires, earthquakes & all the personal losses including lives. I can feel the earth reel… I am living like these are our last days with every breath I take. It’s kind of a strange feeling so I pray alot & stay as close to the Lord as I can. I should be rejoicing, sometimes I do and sometimes I am sad.
    In many dreams over the last year I am running from various types of danger, but always a nonspecific visual other than it is dark & feels dangerous, then I wake up. Just not sure what it is about. So your dream about possibly the next Christmas holiday season could be an unpleasant reality, we will see! Thanks for sharing it!

  5. Marianne, I so agree with you, whole heartedly, when you say:

    “Maybe we should all live as if this is our last year.
    And get closer to God, rather than waiting for a negative event to occur before doing so.”

    As many others have said, life at the feet of Christ is not a religion, it is a relationship.

    I do my best to live each day as if it were my last on this planet. I do not cower in a corner waiting for doom and gloom, nor am I looking out a window waiting for a “sign.”

    The signs are here, the time is now. Each night, before I lay my head down on my pillow, I do so knowing I may not wake up – here – and I do my best to end each day without regrets, to own my own mistakes, to forgive where I have yet to do so, and be right with God.

    For some of us, it will come (and go) in a flash. For others it will seem to play out in slow motion.


    How do I stay close to the Lord?

    Proverbs 3New Living Translation (NLT)
    5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart;
    do not depend on your own understanding.
    6 Seek His Will in all you do,
    and He Will show you which path to take.
    It is simple trust, in your life itself, ”take a breath”, your very heart beat, that makes you thrive. Know it is God.

    Oh Lord, as Your very heartbeat, beats in me . . . I am Yours . . . real, complete, perfect.

    This is the real gold that cannot be scarred or tarnished, Your very self in me . . . and it is forever! Jesus, You said, You are the Life . . . in me!


    It’s unbelievable how much of a part, we are, with God Himself! Look and see all that we have, that is there in us. . . that we can attribute to God . . . a whole lot you can say, how about all.

    How amazing that, what makes up, us, is made to interact and interface with everything else. Seeing all the marvelous interconnections, allows us a larger awareness, that it is all, because of God, which allows us maybe, to appreciate Him all the more!

    In fact we don’t even exist without Him!

    That should be a lot of appreciation. God says great value, great Love.
    Our sensitivity to all that is in us, and all what surrounds us, helps our integration (putting it all together) and prevents any disassociation at all . . . this is when we can actually realize the realness of God. . .not only all around us but also actually in us.

    “In us,” think about it. . .really our real, alive God in us?

    Truly we have to associate our life as God’s Life! Not that He gave you life, but He gave you His Life!

    If we somehow come to see how valuable we are and come to really understand this delicate relationship we have with our God. We feel, real appreciation, so much value and worth (God’s Life in me).

    We can come to love our very selves, and the God Who made it so. OH, JUST TO BE ALIVE, with You.

    God is at the very core of ourselves, our make-up, our life- every little cell, molecule, organ and system making us, us. . .the living us !

    Even more. . .our feeling, touching and interacting! It’s all You God . . . Your Life in me which is so valuable, which is in fact is exactly true love itself !

    Our personal relationship with our smallest molecules and tiniest cell is, at the most, taken for granted. And then, so our very important interconnection with our God, is simply absent. MAKE IT REAL!

    Coming to this revelation can allow for some introspection and enlightenment to correct that missing oneness and necessary communication vital to our very survival.

    The discussion of how you deal with the Life and Death becomes very relevant. (I like “with God. . .is forever ”).

    The most incredible fact that our ancestry and hereditary is all God Himself, strong family ties! . . . And maybe you might entertain the possibility that so is everyone.

    Everyone comes from that same family line. After all, that is why no one needs any special acrobatics or procedures to become a child of God. . .the MIRACLE IS WHEN YOU KNOW YOU ALREADY ARE.
    Jesus made it possible.

    Everyone just needs to learn how to tap into this wonderful Truth, Way and the Life. . . God says to believe.

    SALVATION is available to anyone who would SEE.
    Everybody can do it. From the saint to the skunk and vermin!

    Not just who we expect. . .because it is a God thing,
    God says: Love your neighbor as yourself.
    It is easy when we know we are the same, A family.

    God’s Life is really a way of seeing. . . it’s a way of being one with life. It really has nothing to do with doing or not doing. . .it all has to do with just “BEING”.

    Just to be alive gives you the power to be present and to be able to interact with God and His World by the extra-sensory perception knowing it is all about God. His Life, His Family. His World.

    Some family members are born with a higher awareness of God’s Life and the rewarding consequences of knowing it. Their hearts are different. . .they have remained innocent and humble.

    God’s Life is a perception of the reality that is all about what is God’s purpose for His Family.

    How wonderful it would be if everyone could come to learn it. You think it was something so important . . . everyone would just know.

    The world has hijacked and usurped everything with misinformation and half truths and even prohibition of God that so many have been taken away from the family … our job is to tell them to come back . . . that simple.

    But the question is, what if someone refuses?
    Does that really change anything?


    It is just impossible!

    When speaking more seriously about this, God’s Life is a single entity: God doesn’t exist in pieces, meaning each one, you and me, doesn’t actually exist individually and have a life to itself.

    We all exist as a unit, a family,
    Because there’s so many it may seem at times like we ARE ALL BY OUR SELF. . .but nobody is.

    God is in every single molecule and cell . . . otherwise it wouldn’t exist. How can the world say everything is, its self and its own organism?

    . . . of course they don’t believe. SO BELIEVE !

    God said He would draw all back to Him!

    Thank You Jesus!

  7. Very Good Thought . God Bless You .

    Amit lamba

  8. Some thing will happen to keep Obama in office something so bad we’re he is still in office to me it’s a warming from god showing he’s going to be with us Also sense there’s two satin also showing the u be leavers he’s with them it’s a war between the two

  9. The children may be celebrating Christmas and Ramadan because they are celebrating in front of the President. Obama is still present so the elections may not continue. The children…are they refugees coming to Christian America?

    • snowflake

      I do not know who the children or their nationality. they were just there in a large group.

      ramadan for 2016 was in June which is past, so it must be a fall holiday

    • Snowflake, the Muslim holiday you seek may be the Prophet Mohamed’s birthday (December 10th – 11th). That may dovetail nicely with Jesus’ birth in this dream.

  10. At the risk of sounding like a raving lunatic, this is what I glean from your details:

    “I get a phone call from Obama, who asks me what I see.”
    – A telephone call is communications with others but mainly from God. You are contacted by the highest power in the land who asks to witness an event.

    “I look around, and I am in the White House.”
    – The White House is the American version of a king’s palace, the Third Heaven.

    “I see a large group of children who seem to be touring there.”
    – Children are innocents, God’s blessing, heritage and legacies but also those without understanding. “Touring” refers to those given an audience before God, before returning home.

    “I tell him this, but do not understand at first why they are there.”
    – You see dream details. Lack of understanding is a prayer for understanding.

    “I get off the phone and watch the group.”
    – Communication has ceased and now you are to witness these events.

    “They are being given gifts for two occasions.”
    – Gifts are spiritual gifts or coming reward.

    “As I follow them, their tour brings them right into a room in front of Obama.”
    – Children are brought before the highest power in the land.

    “I realize they are celebrating two holidays at the same time, and Christmas is being celebrated early, along with the other holiday.”
    – Christmas and “the other holiday” are spiritual celebrations – one by believers and the other by pagans (I include atheist/secular as pagans because they also worship an object of creation: man, or more specifically, man’s intelligence and knowledge).

    Although President Obama may represent God in this dream by the office he holds and how you were communicated; he is in no way God. His image leaves me to believe this event will be an America-only event.

    God invites you to witness an upcoming event. White House decorations would indicate the time frame of the fulfillment; since Christmas “came early” during the “other holiday” I’m left to assume the White House was decorated with black cats and the sort, correlating with the end of October, year unknown. Also, it isn’t customary to exchange gifts during “the other holiday”, leading me to believe this indicates a time, not a simultaneous outpouring of light and darkness.

    Children are innocent, so combined with the advent of “gifts” they are brought into the Third Heaven to receive spiritual gifts, not judgment. (For example: If adults had been brought before “Obama” I would have thought it would have been rewards of the Saints – Christmas – and judgment of the wicked – the other holiday.)

    Christmas is a Christian symbol for the greatest gift to mankind: Jesus. God will bestow spiritual gifts upon these children. Touring implies they will take these gifts back to where they live.

    Watch for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit as believers exercise their spiritual gifts.

    I pray you find this comforting. Thank you for sharing your dream.

    NOTE: I base dream and vision interpretation on Scriptural references but for symbolism of modern implements I refer to the glossary in Laura Harris Smith’s “Seeing the Voice of God”.

    • ray

      the only gift giving holidays in the fall that I can think of is christmas and channukah

      here is a list of holidays for 2016,

      I have a hard time seeing O as “GOD”

      I did not see any black cats….

      well, I guess we will see what happens.

      • Marianne,
        I’m sure the interpretation is correct according to Scriptural symbolism but your dream may have elements of symbolism very personal to you rendering a different interpretation. For example, if you consider Christmas as pagan, not Christian, then the interpretation may be double pagan influences – Pagan Christmas and “the other holiday”.

        However, it is significant that you knew gifts were given for “two occasions”, Christmas came early and was celebrated with “the other holiday”; what was the other occasion? If you are sure it was “the other holiday” only thing I can think is an “outpouring” of the spirit behind the “the other holiday”.

        The reason I ask is that you may consider President Obama an “undercover Muslim”. If that is the case, is it possible the “other occasion” may be the Prophet Mohamed’s birthday (December 10th – 11th) with the meaning of something disguised as good but is really bad. The children would be the people who believe the President’s words without question.

        The only tangible event that may match this year is Election Day is eight days after “the other holiday” – the “gift” may be President Hillary. This would match the gift to a naive American electorate as both a “witch” and Islam (Huma Abedin) are granted full access to the Executive Branch of government in January of 2017.

        • mad ray

          I can see that as a possibility….the gov is also bent on indoctrinating american children on Islam….and it is being taught in many schools.

  11. in the bible somewhere, it mention the a/c will change the holiday, festival ??

    have a hard time seeing O as “GOD” too,

    “They are being given gifts for two occasions.”- not gifts from God,
    it could come from dark place. or bribe from man

    • q – You might be referring to the Book of Daniel – ???

      “And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.”
      Daniel 7:25 KJV

    • q, if the a/c is Muslim it’s possible the change of time is the adaption of the Muslim lunar-based calendar. The Hebrew lunar-based calendar add a “Leap month” of three weeks is added “seven times in a nineteen year cycle”. The Muslim calendar does nothing to bring their calendar in alignment with seasons.

      This is why Snowflake’s mention of Ramadan in the fall isn’t far-fetched – like all Muslim holidays it “floats”. This is why the Muslim New Year (Muharram) can be at anytime of the Gregorian year. This would definitely “alter the times” while Shariah “alters the law”.

      BTW- I noticed Muharram coincides with Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) this year. That hasn’t happened since 1984 and 1985. It will not happen again until 2051. There are several times it is separated by a day because the Hebrew day starts at sunset while the Muslim day starts at sunrise.

      I wonder at the significance of this.

      • ad ray

        it would be a red flag if O established a new calendar based on the muslim calendar

        • I wouldn’t look for O to do this… he doesn’t have time nor is he the a/c (until he becomes UN Secretary General). However, Islam would fulfill the prophecy of changing times and laws, whenever the a/c decides to implement.

          A conjunction of Hebrew and Muslim new years would be more of a sign of a seed of something happening globally between Judaism and Islam – a new partnership or a new conflict. I may be the onset of something that we won’t witness for years.

  12. I agee with shosana.amen. I come from a country india where we have festivals and sym b ols of everything so called christain not pointing to jesus any ways . Please go ogle and see what the word yoga and other festivals of christain connected with eastern religions. Please stay away which u rnot at peace with god
    jesus is comming for a virgin bride waitng for him

  13. **NOTE added on 9/9/2016

    Second Dream. I see group of children with “O” who are giving speeches and acting unruly. They are saying things not true and making negative remarks. Then I see that “O” is in the front row telling them what to say. He transmits to a device in their ears.

    • Sounds like the Democratic Convention shutting out the Sanders supporters.

      Other than children and “O”, are there further similarities between these two dreams?

      • mad ray

        the ear piece was also an observation in the second dream, but NOT in the first…

        the children in the first dream were initially meeting him…in the second dream, they had been around him for awhile, and had been coached….

        so the 2nd dream occurred later in time than the first one showing more influence.

        right now the dem agenda is to indoctrinate children in adult sex in the lower grades, and to coach them in Islam….this is to manipulate their mindset, and go against the christian values of their parents and society..

        in both dreams, the parents were absent.

        the ear piece in the children, where they could hear what O had to say, and they would repeat his words, is also an issue with the current democratic nominee, HC


        as the article stated, it was obvious she was LISTENING, not THINKING….same is true with the children.

        • Thank you for the specifics. Another similarity I just realized was communication:
          – The first dream has you on a phone with someone; but because you had to hold the device to your ear you had the freedom to separate yourself and stop listening.
          – The children’s earpieces are a picture of continual influence while going about their normal business; they can’t escape indoctrination.

          Hillary’s earpiece raises the hairs on the back of my neck. I hope I didn’t hit that nail on the head when I suggested the gift may be President Hillary.

          The two dreams seem to paint a vivid picture of the Demon-cratic agenda.

      • ps

        I think Sanders would have made a better democratic candidate than HC

  14. Eid al Adha is a moslem holiday in which gifts are shared especially to children. Its on the 11 September 2016. From today.

    Christmas comes early would refer to the next real coming of Christ. Perhaps it begins today. Why?

    Because, if and when the natural calendar is followed, this day in September should be the day of atonement, and not the fixed one in October. This your two coinciding holidays, and they are a sign, that while Obama still is in office, the Christ shall be unveiled.

    Lastly, the ring of fire eclipse was witnessed from central and east Africa, and within ten days of the occurence, a 5.7 temblor has occured within this region, which usually does not witness earthquakes frequently.

    In brief, the writing is on the wall. Wisdom is to watch out over the next several days with anticipation for prophetic fulfilment.


  15. It could be a haunted dream about someone being elected over your will or life. The gifts for two occasions could be to obey the voice of Christ or your own intuitions about who is elected.

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