God Fixed my Air Conditioner


Happy . happy!

My air conditioner was working well, until it started to leak a few weeks ago.

A technician friend came and cleaned out everything, and had it working fine again.

So I thought everything was good for the summer.

It is about 100 F (38 C) here now.

Then this last week, it started leaking again.


The whole system was clean and serviced.

Well, the friend was busy on other calls, so I would have to wait another 6-10 days before he could come back this way.

The water was almost pouring out, so I had to put a container there to catch the water, and then stay around all day to empty the container as it filled rather quickly.

It seemed like I emptied about 10 gallons a day from the mystery leak.


Yesterday, two things happened.

One, I had a friend from Zambia write to me and ask me if I was ok. He had been praying for me.

He lives 7,680 miles from me.

Thank you Sunil! Smile

At first, I did not think about the air conditioner, so I said I was ok, except that it was hot here.

Then I went to empty the container, and saw it was not full, as usual.


Two, the leaking had stopped.

At first I saw the unit was turned off, so turned it back on.

We had to turn it off each night so we would not have to stay awake, and lose sleep, to empty the container

So this was a routine to turn it off at night, and then turn it back on in the daytime.

Then the leaking would continue.

Then I waited all day, this time, for the leaking to continue, and to empty the container.


But the container stayed empty!

The leaking had stopped!!!

I thought back to Sunil’s prayer, and him asking me if I was ok.

I had been so busy helping others on this website , and in my daily life, that I forgot to pray about this leak, which was causing me a lot of work and trouble.

So God inspired someone else to pray for me.

Thank you Lord!

And thank you Sunil for obeying God!

From now on, if something in my house breaks, I am going to pray over it.

So I learned a spiritual lesson, which proves I still having “growing” to do.

I had a good night’s sleep last night, because I was physically comfortable again.



God is interested in helping us not just in BIG things….but in SMALL things too

So PRAY about EVERYTHING in your life.

God can fix ANYTHING that is wrong.

And….. pray for your friends, you never know what might get “fixed.”


Praise to God Almighty!

song of praise:



26 Responses to “God Fixed my Air Conditioner”

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  2. WOW Marianne! Thank you Jesus! He is a faithful God. Our God is a big God and nothing is impossible for him. I actually prayed again this morning, for him to fix your air conditioner and keep you cool during the hot temperatures. I have been praying for him to guide me. The Holy Spirit has been nudging me. Marianne, thank you for all your prayers and for standing the gap for us. I pray that you are always blessed, in Jesus mighty Name. Job 42:10 (NKJV) And the Lord restored Job’s losses[a] when he prayed for his friends. Indeed the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.

  3. What wonderful news! I prayed for you both this morning. All things are possible through our loving God. God bless!

  4. Encouraging. A nasty lady threw out my large suitcase with ALL my stuff except for my laptop yesterday. She bragged about it today at which time I called the police who told me I should sue her. I would if I had time, but I will pray about it. God might return the suitcase to me somehow.

  5. Wonderful news Marianne! God DOES answer prayer and I am a testament to that! I usually don’t tell of my miracle, but I feel compelled to tell it here. Back in the early 80’s when I was 21 I was suffering with a very painful jaw disorder that required expensive surgery to fix. At the time I was a ‘starving student’ who couldn’t pay for car insurance never mind costly oral surgery. For months I couldn’t open my mouth wider than 2 or 3 cms so that almost all my food had to be liquefied or be small and soft. During this time I was living with my mother who was going through a contentious divorce. One night when I got home from visiting a friend my mother was sitting in front of the TV crying. She was watching a Christian program and she said to me pray for my marriage, please. Well, not to sound harsh but I kind of laughed under my breath, because I knew my father had moved on and the fact that he was a very abusive person I figured she was better off without him. I sat down on the couch and started to ‘pray’ for her. As I had my head bowed down I heard the two men praying on the program say, “there is someone out there who has a jaw problem. It’s very painful and it’s going to cost a lot of money to fix it…God is healing you right now.” I heard that and instantly, without thinking said, “that’s me…they’re talking about me”. Instantly I felt a warmth in my jaw followed by the feeling that my teeth were being gently and painlessly moved! It took less than 30 seconds and any and all pain in my jaw was gone! My mother realized that something was happening and she reached over and touched my jaw. Quickly she brought her hand back and said my face was burning hot. I never felt it being extremely hot, nor had any after affects if it was really hot. After those 30 seconds or so the pain in my jaw area was gone. I was able to fully open and close my mouth without any problems and my teeth occluded perfectly! At the time this happened I was a Christian, but I wasn’t living my life for Him. My mother used to call it, “running with the devil and walking with the Lord”. This event really opened my eyes to the unequivocal validity and truth of a Heavenly God….the creator of all and that He loves me so much he would heal me of my pain. Since that time I have walked a closer walk with my Father and have a personal relationship with Him. No one can EVER tell me that there is not a God…I felt his hands in my mouth healing me!!!

    PS. Two weeks after my healing I had a pre-op appointment with my prosthodontics surgeon. He checked, looked, x-rayed and tested my jaw, teeth and bite and said he was AMAZED as he couldn’t find anything wrong! He said I should follow up with my dentist in the next while. I went to my dentist a few weeks later and he was even more befuddled at what the x-ray showed or didn’t show for that matter! I remember he came into the room and said to me that he didn’t have an answer to give me as to why my jaw was ‘fixed’, but I do remember that he did mention something about ‘a miracle having happened’! Praises to God!
    Blessings ~

    • hi elaine

      was that program the 700 club? with the two men being pat robertson an ben kinslow? just curious

      I was in the studio once in the 90s and I got healed.

      and my mother, who was a member, got healed of a collapsed lung in the same way, by a word of knowledge.

      even if that was not the right ministry / program, it was of God, and good that these men prayed for others.

      I enjoyed reading your testimony….it helps to ‘refuel the fire’ so to speak, as this world can make us weary, and we get so tired, we do not pray like we used to.

      praise the lord for all he does!

  6. Isn’t it amazing that our Lord our God knows exactly what we need when we need it. We don’t always recognize it at first. In the moment it is not always so easy to remember.

    Marianne, it is so wonderful to feel so blessed and to be so blessed. Whenever I am in a bind, or difficult situation, when I can remember the simple truth how God is in charge (not me) I know that what I feel is a curse, is actually a blessing. Either because something better comes along or something gets repaired (property or relationship) or that at some point I find clarity in it all.

    We are all a “work in progress” as some would say. I am grateful to be in such loving hands as our Lord as He molds us into His liking.

    • denise

      true… I myself have to “expand” my thinking when I pray, because so far there are a lot of things we could ask for that I had not thought of

      Jesus said we do not have because we do not ask…so we need to ask

  7. Hello Marianne,
    Can you please add my blog “Torah of Yeshuah” to yout links, which includes New Testament in original Aramaic (Peshitta) and Hebrew and various Apostolic Documents, like “Didache”, “Didascalia”, “Testamentum Domini”, “Covenant of Our Lord in Galilee/Epistle of The Twelve Apostles”, “Teaching of The Apostles”, “Apostolic Constitutions”, “Epistle of Bar-Naba”, “Shepherd of Hermas”, “Nazarene Acts of The Apostles/Epitomes (Homilies and Recognitions) of Clement”, “The Divine Liturgy of James the Just” and other works which are unjustly not included in bible canon.
    Thank you in advance!


    • Giorgi

      It is so good to hear from you again.

      I added a link to your site….

      under 3 categories:




      It looks like you have been busy.

      May G-d bless you always.

  8. Thank you Marianne,
    I also posted my Christian version of Shacharit, Mincha and Aravit (Morning, Afternoon and Evening) prayers;
    Christians version of infamous Jewish Amidah (Shmoneh Esreh) prayer and many other liturgies are included in Apostolic Constitutions Books 7 and 8, written by Twelve Apostles themselves, it is a shame that many Christians are unaware of this. “Didache”, “Didascalia”, “Testamentum Domini”, “Teaching of The Apostles”, “Teaching of Simeon-Cephas in the city of Rome”, “Teaching of Addai The Apostle”, “Covenant of Our Lord in Galilee during 40 days apeearence” & “Apostolic Constitutions” are apostolic counterpart of Jewish Talmud existing in original Aramaic, as kept by Syriac Church. They were used by Jewish Christians and instituted by Twelve Apostles and James brother of the Lord, founder of Jerusalem Church. Also, “Book of Enoch” “Apostolic Church Canons: Sirate Tsion (The Book of Order or the Order of Zion) – 30 canons; Tizaz (The Book of Herald or Commandments) – 71 canons; Gitsew – 56 canons; Abtilis – 81 canons;” “I Book of Dominos (I Book of the Covenant)” & “II Book of Dominos (II Book of the Covenant)” were part of New Testament, and are included in Ethiopic Bible. In the last days Holy Spirit will arouse true Christians to use these books and include them in bible canon; If you read them, you will understand why satan removed them from Bible Canon…
    God Bless!
    Yeshua Hu Marya (Jesus is LORD)!

  9. Mr.Marriane I’m really glad your able to have a goodnight sleep, after all the incident with your air conditioner. I’m going through an extremely hard time and I’ve been praying myself. My sister called Me the other day and told sister I’ve been praying for you and God told me to call you. I told her about my situation I’m in she said she had been praying for me and that she would send me some money, I replied no sister the best thing you can do for me is pray for me and my family she replied my entire family prays for all of you. I said thank you Sister prayer is better than gold. I thank for your blog I told my Daughter’s and Sister about your wonderful website know there opening it up as well and they’re so happy just as well.
    Thank You Mrs.Mary
    Blessings to & your Entire Family

  10. Hi Saints, I want to give Jesus all the Praise, Glory and Honor. I have been struggling to get my kids Travel Documents for months. Today I surrendered it over to God and everything went smoothly. He even opened up the queues for us. He is the God of the IMPOSSIBLE. I am grateful to Him and all the Prayer Warriors.

    • It has been a repeating lesson for me throughout my life: Surrender everything to God. There are times I find myself needing or wanting something, or for something to happen, and find myself thinking that what I want or need, in that moment, isn’t important enough to bother God with.

      Christ will give us much needed rest, if we will only come to Him. Even when I don’t understand the moment, by remembering to place everything in His loving hands, my life becomes more simple, and more calm. I am able to stay more present in the moment – not in the past with all the regrets attached to it, nor in the future with all of the fears of what may or may not come to be.

      Surrender to me means more than merely offering love and devotion, faith and trust – We are to surrender all. This doesn’t mean that God will create the situation that we want, we still have to do the work. But I find that most of what I need / want falls into place in my life when I remember to “let go and let God.” And for those times when it doesn’t, I am able to face it with a more joyful heart that flows forth with gratitude.

      “And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.” Luke 9:23 (KJV)

    • amen!

  11. This is such a good testimony to read. My sister phoned me up the other day and she mentioned to me how important it is to tell God the little things not just the big ones. It Is easy to get proud and believe that our little things are too small to take to God (well it is for me anyway) but I’m beginning to see that He wants to be involved in ALL aspects of our lives

  12. this is a blessed story, and one I can Identify with since my A.C. has been giving me trouble this summer, as well….also, its always best to have a Holy Spirit filled friend to pray for your needs rather than your own!

  13. Please God my landlord is supposed to my heat. Please have my heat fixed and take away my anxiety. Thank u

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