Dream – Dow Jones (Stock Market) Drops


Most were unprepared.


July 29, 2018

I and some others I knew, like a former pastor, and did not know, were in it.

The Dow had already fallen to 10,000, then the next day it was 127, then the next day it was 0 to -1

(right now it is over 25,000)

One lady said it would be this way for 3 1/2 years.

Most were unprepared.

Economic collapse, inflation is the third seal.


End of dream



Keep your eye on the Dow, (stock market)


Buy what you need now

Pay off bills on important items like homes and cars. This is good to do anyhow.

Pray and ask God for wisdom

Wait and see what happens


I do not think the stock numbers are literal, but symbolic of a large drop, maybe up  to 10,000 points?  I cannot see the actual market ending at a 0 value.

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  2. Hi Marianne ‘
    Any more on this?

    • grandhall

      no I just had this dream. but the bible tells us in revelation 6 that there will be famine due to high prices, and inflation. the stock market is a sign of the economy. if it stay high, then we are ok. if it drops too much, we could have a depression.

      • Hi Marianne, Love your website. I stumbled upon it when searching for Siener van Rensburg. He used to be friends of my great grandfather and visited my grandfathers parents regularly in Wolmaranstad. Dow at zero percent is very possible if America is wiped out. I am very concerned about this as William Branham had the same vision. However do not be afraid. Our God is in control and we belong to Him. Listen the Lord will tell you what to do.

        • Thank you Inus

          My understanding is that the “corporation of the United States” became bankrupt in the spring of 2020, which explains the “great reset” the global elite want to impose on the world.

          The only hope is to accept the Trump plan to abandon the corporation and re-establish the original United States Republic under the GESARA plan. Then the wealth of the elite comes back to the people.


          • Marianne, as you know. I do not believe that there is any hope in Trump. Unless, your hope is to now have “The Mark of the Beast” enforced. Trump, The Bushes, The Clintons, Biden, and Trump’s idol Hitler all worked, work for the Christian Vatican in Rome, Italy.
            The ONLT TRUE and LASTING HOPE is to now have our faith in Yahweh the Father and Yahshua His Son!
            IMHO, we are now in the final 3 1/2 years, possibly the LAST ONE!
            Yahweh KNOWS!


            • The Bible says to put our faith in Yahweh not man so I do that. But it does not mean I cannot recognize goodness in a person. They were many times when people put their faith in me because that was my job to They were many times when people put their faith in me because that was my job to help them. It did not make me as a God it was just my job to do a good job. So the same is true for Trump. He did a good job. And he is still busy trying to help America

              • Well, Marianne, you can hope so! Personally, I will remember President Donald J. Trump as the first U.S. president to publicly recognize Israel as a nation. Also, he is the one who moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem.
                These were his greatest achievements.
                However, sadly, he will probably be most remembered as “The King of COVID-19.”


                • Trump did not invent the Virus. He just ordered a vaccine to be made . The virus was created by China funded by Obama . This covid-19 Virus Has been around for several years

                  • Marianne, I think so, too! A while back I heard a TV news headline: “COVID-19 May Have Been In CA In Late 2019.” I did not see the news that came with it. However, a number of ladies I knew from shopping at my favorite store became ill. A couple had to go to the hospital. One of them said her doctor told her it was a virus. But he did not know which one. ??? Another became ill in Seattle after taking a cruise. Said she was near some homeless who were coughing. She had to go to the hospital there. Yes. It’s possible the virus was already on The West Coast.
                    One of these women was coughing a lot in the store many times. I even had symptoms for a weekend but then was well. However, for quite a while occasionally I would suddenly cough up a wad of mucous. ??? I never had THAT symptom before. Gee. Now I hope it WAS the COVID-19!
                    Trump KNEW it was planned. Early on he called it a “Plandemic.”
                    It may have been put down on paper as early as 1975. A Web rumor is that it is supposed to last until 2025. This can mean it may with us until Yahshua returns! I HOPE NOT!


        • Hi Inus. I don’t believe that America as a country will be wiped out literally. However, IMHO the once free glorious America disappeared a very long time ago because of the Christian Vatican in Rome, Italy. Many Americans will be changed and dead from COVID-19, COVID-19 nose-jab testing and vaccines! Please DON’T go near them.
          I post publicly about this on Facebook. Along with Bible truth.


          • Hi Jayna, trust that you are well. William Branham had a vision of America being destroyed. But to life is Christ and to roll up the earthly tent is gain. Soon Yahshua will come. The Lord said I must get everything in order this year.2021. Do not fear !
            Kind Regards Inus Pretorius (Born again Boer from South Africa.)

    • grandhall

      I do not think the numbers are literal, but symbolic. I think it means a large drop, so that the resulting value seems like nothing in comparison. I cannot see a final value of “0”

      • this is Monday Jan 14 2019 been keeping eye on stock market been down more then up also thoughts on government closer your thoughts please on both

  3. Google search :

    When did the Dow Jones hit 10 000?
    March 1999 – The once-unthinkable 10,000 is reached. May 1999 – The 11,000 is reached for the first time. January 2000 – The Dow hits its then record high of 11,722.98 – a record that would stand for some six years.Apr 25, 2007
    Who is the Jones in Dow Jones?
    It is easy to confuse Dow Jones with the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). Often referred to as “the Dow”, the DJIA is one of the most watched stock indexes in the world, containing companies like General Electric, Microsoft, Coca-Cola and Exxon.Feb 15, 2018

    • sunimal

      The 10,000 I saw was the stock market coming down from the 25,000 it is at now.

      I do not know the whole history of the Dow Jones (industrial average)

  4. I believe as it is written God will shake everything,but let us help people
    to be that part of the remenent where his glory is coming down and rest.
    Always there is a group of people hungry and thirsty for more.
    Help us to do the job of rescuers not getting rescued.there are people out there who needs our wisdom and holiness lifestyle they are ready to follow if you leave your door open to the needy.
    I am 63 years old and my best time of my spiritual journey is now.if you make an effort to step out from your comfort zone the kingdom of God is in you .i am excited,leave a moderate life you have plenty to give to others.
    Still cooks 3 meals a day gets people esply young adults love to come and eat at home.they love to be disciplined ,they love to hear our experinces,love to learn from us the word of God
    Gods is moulding an end time army.i pray you will get back that anointing on the posts which fan the fire in us.blessings

  5. Marianne, maybe this article sheds light on your dream.


    Two events could precede changing of economy…because the numbers in your dream changed twice. What would be those two events??

    from the article:
    “The Velocity of Money has slowed down dramatically and in some sectors of the economies have gone close to zero. It is much like cutting off oxygen from a passenger jet, where the passengers suffocate. Refer to the Austrian School of Economics describing the Crackup Boom scenario where malinvestments finally collapse.”

    Global prosperity is boosting everyone’s hopes and dependence on paper currency but what will happen when the currency drastically changes to accommodate the global paradigm shift in Europe and around the world?

    After the two events a time of three in a half years of gold only economy.

    • blue lotus

      it did mention zero, like I did.

      the gold won’t work, since most, maybe 98%, will not have gold at all, so there will be no customers for the trade and commerce.

      see ezech 7
      Bible Gateway passage: Ezekiel 7 – New International Version

      Bible Gateway passage: Ezekiel 7 – New International Version

      The End Has Come – The word of the LORD came to me: “Son of man, this is what the Sovereign LORD says to the lan…

      look at verse
      19 “‘They will throw their silver into the streets,
      and their gold will be treated as a thing unclean.
      Their silver and gold
      will not be able to deliver them
      in the day of the Lord’s wrath.
      It will not satisfy their hunger
      or fill their stomachs,
      for it has caused them to stumble into sin.

  6. 8~4~6000 (out of 6000) Sabbath in this Last August
    Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON!
    Will it be on or before the true Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement, 10~20~2018? PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM.
    Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

    The DJIA is still owned by Rupert Murdoch, I believe. It is an average of thirty stocks. The S & P is an average of 500 stocks. I am convinced these averages are now being faked. The whole stock market averages can collapse instantly like they should have done naturally in 1987 and 2008. This possibility has been given a giant boost by president Donald J. Trump. I have started to refer to him as DDT (Dictator Donald Trump). DDT is a powerful insecticide mostly banned now. Maybe that’s HOW he plans to “Drain the Swamp”.
    Please have your treasure waiting in Heaven. Pay cash to not leave a paper trail.


  7. Here is a shot of the stock market today: The Dow was at 1% just like in your dream.


  8. https://www.marketwatch.com/ it was down 600 something its been down all week

    • kathy

      ok thanks..

      • 12~24~2018 The infamous Xmas Eve in these lost LAST DAYS!
        Wishing you ALL the GREAT BLESSING of “NO CHRISTMAS” now and in all future years! HalleluYah!

        There was also a terrible tsunami in Indonesia with who knows HOW MANY deaths? Of course, very little news on the MSM! I am reminded of that horrible one there on December 26, 2004.
        Yahweh HATES all pagan holy days. I believe that He especially hates Xmas because on that day His Temple was desecrated and His sacrifices removed then the righteous Hebrews killed because they would not accept this profane wicked worship. In truth it was actually an early form of celebrating Xmas! You just have to connect the dots which took me a number of years to do.
        Today and yesterday the weather here has been cold and foggy most of the day as if to echo Yahweh’s thoughts about “the Xmas spirit” people are promoting here. Sadly, it’s getting WORSE every year.


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