Horned Humans



This appears to be probably one of the most controversial artifacts in existence, and certainly not one that medical science can easily explain away.

The skull is said to have been discovered in France between 1920 and 1940, but its current whereabouts are unknown. Surnateum, The Museum of Supernatural History, however, claims to have analyzed the skull.

Their analysis demonstrated that the horns were genuinely part of the skull. The analysis concluded: ‘An in-depth examination and X-rays leave no room for doubt: the skull is NOT a forgery.’
It appears that this horned skull was not the only one of its kind.

Giant skeletons of horned men over seven feet tall are reported to have been exhumed from an ancient burial mound in the USA in the 1880s.

It was estimated that the bodies were buried around 1200 AD.

Like the horned skull in the photo, the horns of the Pennsylvanian giants were reported to begin above the eye sockets.

The find was made by a reputable group of antiquarians, including the Pennsylvania state historian Dr. G.P Donehoo, a Presbyterian Church official and two professors; A.B. Skinner, of the American Investigating Museum, and W. K. Morehead, of Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts.

After the discovery which was made in the town of Sayre, Bradford County, Pennsylvania the remains were sent to the American Investigating Museum in Philadelphia, where Skinner was based.

The Museum later claimed that the remains had been stolen, and they were never recovered

Is it simply coincidence that horned giants, which could easily be likened to the mythological Satyr or Pan, were discovered in a town called Sayre?

Without the remains, there is little to go on except the testimony of witnesses, legends and mythology.

Horned creatures have been associated with ‘Gods’ across the world, from Norse mythology to esoteric philosophy.

Baphomet, for example, was worshipped by the Knights Templar; and the Vikings wore symbolic horns on their helmets.

Giants, in the form of alien-human hybrids known as the Nephilim, also form an important element of the Old Testament.

It’s certainly interesting to ponder a possible connection between aliens, mythological gods, and these horned giants.

Another possibility is that if the Nephilim are products of fallen angels and humans, that the horned creatures are the fallen angels, or devils.

What do you think?

Some modern pictures of horned humans.  It can still happen.!!

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  1. Hi Marianne;

    This is an unusual find and I wonder why history has not made more of it.

    With a burial date of around 1,200 AD it was before the exodus from the East to the West.

    Was there another species on this planet that co existed with mankind.

    The horns are physical. If these people were carnivores, as many of us two legged types are, I can imagine that the term devil would apply.

    There are people in certain places today who have tasted human flesh. Other than the fact that they have the decorations and mannerisms of lower castes, they are still considered “people”.

    This is an interesting post.

    • dear Ichabod,

      thanks. I thought it was interesting too. Note that the burial was estimated to be only 800 years ago, and only 400 years before settlers came to America. So who and what were they?

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  3. Hi Marianne, Fascinating! I have read everything I could find just now and all I can say is that it is kind of spooky, hope I don’t meet one!. It’s too bad we don’t know more about them. It certainly supports prayer for God’s protection! I just hope we don’t meet their relatives when we send our 2 ton kinetic bomb to blow a big hole in the moon on Oct. 9, 09… We know there is establised life on the moon. How could that act not upset these moon inhabitants? What are they (NASA) thinking?…Does anyone wonder what kind of reaction there might be? What explanation is there for the people (?) with one horn in the links provided? All I was able to get were images. God Bless All! elle

    • hi elle

      just think. that thing was buried only 800 years ago…..not long!….it makes me wonder if his relatives are still around.

    • Hi elle, i believe when the “Aliens” (fallen angels or demons imho) attack the earth, the false Messiah will “save” mankind… because these demons are his buddies!

  4. it was discovered by a christian minister who obviously didn’t have any vested interested in the existence of such a thing, it was ‘analysed’ by ‘the museum of supernatural history’ and then mysteriously ‘lost’. real atifacts of importance don’t get lost. any genuine find of importance will turn up in real science journals. this, as usual, is bullshit.

    • zrthstr

      Please send documentation for what you are saying. I will look at it.

    • The Smithsonian Institution has many pieces of real artifacts that just “happen” to get ‘lost’ – for example, skeletons of giants. We see pictures from many different places and different years that have the giant human-looking skeleton(s) and the people who found the artifact posing together. Then, if you read on, you’ll notice that either the archaeologist or the funding for the ‘dig’ is from The Smithsonian. Mainstream archaeologists and the like, especially ones who are supported by The Smithsonian, will only accept and validate anything that supports evolution and the history being taught in school. Anything out of that scope is either mislabeled, fake or the one that found the artifact lied. You honestly have no idea of which you speak. Please understand, I gave you one (1) example; there are many more. God Bless!

  5. We know that fallen angels came into the daughters of Eve and this resulted in hybrids, and was the main cause for God to send the flood to kill them off. But that left some resident genes in Noah’s family, to be passed on further. We see that there were later, giants in the land. We also see Jacob’s twin brother Esau covered with red fur, and smelling like a goat. Likely this is why people were warned to not marry close relatives, which would further the chance of continuence of these freaks. We can see that indeed, this has been mostly successful. However, even today there are institutions that house throwbacks. DavWms

  6. Hi David, What are the institutions that house throwbacks? And, what are throwbacks? Thanks, Elle

  7. Hi, Elle… (I like your name, my past best friend’s name was Elli.) The institutions I’m speaking of handle the worst cases of Down’s Syndrome, for example. But they do not limit the patients to only that. These are people who cannot fit into society and are very often mentally handicapped, as well as having unusual physical features.

    Not much is said about these places. We have one maybe 10 miles from me, and very few people even know it exists. It seems the only way we find out about them is thru people who have worked there, and even they are very hushed about it. I only know about it from a worker telling my mom about it, and she told me. DavWms

  8. I feel I should make this clear, that I have no proof that the institutions I mentioned above have true throwbacks. On further thinking of what I was told maybe 65 years ago, I had assumed this is what they were from the descriptions. I never saw them, myself. DavWms

  9. Hi David, I’m glad my name rang a happy note for you! I understand what you are saying. I did some research on human anomallies and found a story of a child’s body that was found in a cave (this is just a brief of the story) she lived 900 years ago! They called her Starchild. What was was striking was the stape of her skull. Notable scientists. doctors, etc. thought she may be alien. But they concluded after much study that her anomally was a human genetic deficiency…Had she lived today she may have needed to be institutionalized, especially 65yrs. ago!.. But we certainly don’t want to make general conclusions. What I discovered is that there are many freaky anomallies in both man, animal and birds all over the world. I wonder what is the root. Do these anomallies stem from hybrid genes in biblical times, such as those not killed in the flood? More investigation when I have the time. Or maybe someone will post a comment with that knowledge! Thoughts to ponder! Blessings! Elle

    • Dear Elle the answer to these anomalies is found in genesis(genes of Isis and more prevalent of ENki(lucifer,Ptah,OSirius)creator of human race(adapa,Adam.also of many animal-man hybrids ex;satyr,centaur mermen ect, to be beasts oslaves and warriors.ENki took genes of austrapthicus And fallen angels and played God.THis also yielded another rough draft we call Bigfoot,CHeck book of ENoch,many books in bible mostly gen and old test ,east of edin,12th planet-SItchin,Michael Tsarion,Steve quale..,EZekiel,.ISaiha.do not confuse nephilim(rap him,naphal,a akin ect)with fallen angels (SAtan and older half bro-LUcifer) with their giant(nephilim)offspring result of fornicating w/ daughters of man.also very important most evidence(physical) has. Been “disappeared” by gov agencies such smith onion see Kinkade Grand Canyon massive cave settlement on Colorado river 1920s inside was 40ft gold Buddha w/cobra head 6appendages 50 domiciles in labyrinth big enough to several elephants each stench of se rent too oppressive barely breathe and impossible darkness!Upon taking all noteworthy artifacts smith onion ordered army cor engineers seal cave!It is all a must read!

      • david

        do you have a link to the

        “Kinkade Grand Canyon massive cave settlement on Colorado river 1920s inside was 40ft gold Buddha w/cobra head 6appendages 50 domiciles in labyrinth?”

  10. I remembered reading about cutaneous horns in one of my past nursing based classes…I found a link that explains what this is.

    I have actually seen individuals with this condition, and they are not limited to growing on the head.


    • hi sharon

      interesting stuff. Also interesting that UV light can activate this condition.

      incidental thought. satan has horns…maybe the light was too much for him also

  11. Hi again Marianne, I thought I would come back for a little while to further talk about a few things that have been mentioned here by different posters. David was speaking about a place that housed people with different physical and mental disabilities/anomolies. I worked at such a place for three years and I saw many heartbreaking things-the most heartbreaking of all
    was the fact that many of the individuals who were housed there were just thrown in the place and forgotten. Just because someone has a handicap, whether it be mild or severe, doesn’t mean that the person is “evil” “bad” or to be feared. It just means that GOD had a purpose and a reason for allowing that person to be born that way. I have two people in particular who come to mind when I make that statement-one little fellow who was born with only a mouth on his face, and another that I cared for personally-I’ll call him Bob. Bob was born with microcephaly-a small head which results in mental retardation. Bob was completely blind, couldn’t speak, and had a hard time eating because of body shape. He was flat, he couldn’t set up like “normal people” Bob was a very small man. I often sat him on my lap to try to hold him upright so that he could eat without choking. I would gather him into my arms in a rocking chair and sing to him before bedtime. He would laugh and try to sing with me, even though he couldn’t make words or talk..I learned a great deal from caring for Bob-that even though he was severely handicapped, he still had much to offer anyone who would take the time to be a part of his world. He showed me how to be content in all things, because bless his heart, he didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. Why did GOD make him that way? I like to think HE took a meek little spirit, placed it into a twisted little body with the intent to teach those around Bob about unconditional love, contentment, and to not be so quick to judge because of outward appearances of others. I will never forget Bob, nor any of the other people that I cared for at that institution..

    I would really think that the reason that most people who worked at a place like that didn’t mention it very much is because the outside world has turned such people into sideshow freaks in the past..these people have no choice in being born like they are.

    • hi sharon,

      It is certainly a humbling experience when I hear stories like the one you just told. It makes me feel remorse for every complaint I have had about my life….when I think how much suffering these other people have gone through. When I think I am not blessed, I really am. I have asked God to show me how to be more grateful, and this story was very valuable to me. Thank you for sharing it.

  12. Hi Sharon, Thanks for sharing your info and heart. After viewing the many pictures my heart was saddened with the burden these people carry. I felt they are not evil people…It is said that Michealangelo painted a picture of Moses with horns, I havn’t seen it. The horn(s) were a symbol of wisdom, strength, etc. back in those times. Many notable figures in history associated themselves with the positive attributes of the horn(s) in that period of history. Whether the real horned people & others with major deformities, like the “tree man” etc. were afflcted by God or some sort of evilness (that God allowed) we don’t know. I agree God is using them for reasons that you mentioned and maybe for reasons we don’t readily know. The wisdom, faith and courage these people must have inorder to live their lives seems to be a miracle in itself.. Thank God for you and all who have taken care of the ones who have to endure this….May God Bless! Elle

  13. a scientific explanation for this occurrence,

    Horned humans are nothing new, the earliest medically documented case dates back to the 1500’s, the London Museum has several human horns in their collection and Robert Ripley made Wang the Human Unicorn famous in the 1930’s.
    Human horn are not actual horns as they are not made of the same material animal horns are. Most often human horns are attributed to benign calvarial tumours, such as osteomas, and an aggressive variant of a condition known as cornu cutaneum. It is also important to note that ‘horns’ can grow anywhere on the human body but that the condition manifesting on the head only is a rarity

    c. http://www.neatorama.com

    • hi keenobserver,

      Interesting stuff about horned humans. With ancient myths of horned devils, it makes me wonder if they were real devils, or people with abnormalities. It also makes me wonder if I have a gene for this myself!

  14. This is all true. And people have to realize that not everything in the history books is accurate or at least the whole truth. And some people in this world would do anything to keep it this way (a secret) because it gives them power. I believe that there are more things out there that would help us understand the history of this planet and show more evidence towards what the bible says, however is too “dangerous if everybody knows because it would make all of us equal. God bless you guys

  15. this should serve as a warning to those who indulge in satanic activity. Its real and its not a joke. The modern life wants to insist that there is no satan and so to make christians slacken. THE DEVIL IS A LIAR!!

    • hi humphrey,

      what you say is true about satan. There is a side discussion here about human genetic abnormalities which produce boned horns in humans. My original intent was to question the genetics of the horn to begin with, ie descendants of a former race.

  16. I’m curious to what the point is here.

    We all KNOW fallen angels, demons, exist.

    The Bible clearly states that demons raped women which then became impregnanted and bore giants.

    Christians are silly. wasting time on horned pictures of demons.

    If you really want to see a demonic spirit or feel one’s presence, work in the field of evangelism, he’ll be at your house daily.

    Unfortunately the church of this Laodicean age cares more about the entertainment of God then serving Him.

    When was the last time YOU led someone out of hell to the saving grace of Yeshua?

    May God have His way with us.

    Actually it looks like that is about to happen, it’s called judgement.

    Mary Kay

    • hi Mary Kay,

      The discussion here is about whether this is proof of a race of demonic creatures with horns, or maybe it is just a genetic mutation in one person.

      The point is, if this is a race of creatures, to make people more aware that they exist. Many people are uninformed, and need to wake up.

  17. Whoever stole this Skull is involved in necromancy. The necromancer surrounds himself with morbid aspects of death, which often included wearing the deceased’s clothing, consumption of unsalted, unleavened black bread and unfermented grape juice, which symbolized decay and lifelessness.

  18. The idea of Satan being horned comes from comingled ideas of the devil and Pan. The Bible makes no such inference. The beast in John’s vision in Revelation has horns, so too does the dragon but these represent authority; they are never used to be descriptive. I think seeing cutaneous growths as horns and therefore nefarious is subjective. There are other people with the condition whos growths resemble fingers or otherwise. Point is, I wouldnt necessarily use these oddities to substantiate any idea or to draw any conclusion about nephilim genes. The Bible doesnt mention them at all by the end of the Old Testamant. It probably meant that they were gone. As far as things in the last day being as the days of Noah, this too, is an inference. Christ only mentioned human activity not demonic. The angels who left their first estate were bound, their seed eventually destroyed.

  19. Good to see you again, Armado. That little was said about the offspring of ‘oddities” does not mean they did not exist, even after the flood. This would mean infected genes passed down thru the offspring of Noah’s family. And this is likely why we were not to marry close relatives, as this increases the chances of a throwback.

    Abraham married his half sister. He didn’t have a throwback, but his son Isaak did, Esau. Esau was the one God said He hated. That means we need to know as much about him as possible. As before mentioned, Esau had red fur and smelled like a goat. He also showed no interest in the God of Abraham. The interesting thing here is that it did not seem unusual for one to be born looking as Esau did. Izaak highly favored him. Might we read into that, that many other “oddities” existed back then, so it was not unusual? Not everything is directly stated in the Bible, and we are left to fill in the blank spots from observing what was said.

    Then we have the giants in the Land. It is hard to think those came about naturally. In these days when an extremely tall person is born, it is found they have defective growth causes. And these modern day “giants” are usaully quite crippled and short lived, hardly warrior-like as the giants in the Land were.

    I think this means we have to more closely consider what Jesus meant when He called some, “sons of satan.” It is likely we all have some remaining genes of the fallen angels, some more than others. And our salvation begins a fight within with “the old man” in us. Just what does “the old man in us mean?” DavWms

  20. Hello David,
    I was taught that the “old man” in us is our sin nature. Others consider this to be “sarks” or “of the devil” of which we are all born with.

  21. Hi, Ian….All I have said is to point back at where our sin nature came from, its roots. Genesis has a lot of info few have looked into seriously, thus our teaching has come up short. It isn’t really necessary for us to search these things out, but it makes for interesting study. DavWms

  22. there a lot of evidence that earth is billion years old…. physical earth and genetic blueprints in animals plants and humans….
    refer to

  23. This is just a shot in the dark guess, but it made sense to me. I was watching a video by Ken Ham about evolution and it answered the question of if people and animals evolve. It gave me a lot to think about, because he proposed that Adam and Eve had a lot of genetic information, and their children as well had plenty of genetic information. That is why being wed to sibblings did not cause mutations.

    Since they had so much genetic information it wasn’t until the tower of Babel and people spread out that information was lost. If 10 people with certain charecteristics went in one direction, those with the best charectoristics for that climate would stay there, and that group of people would only have their DNA to draw from for offspring. The offspring would begin to look less like the people not in their group, and more like the people within, and specism would do it’s work as genetic information was lost. The only way to regain it would be to wed someone of a different culture, or region to put more genetic information into the off spring.

    So people and animals evolve, but not in adding information or developing new appendages as evolution teaches. It is through losing genetic information as groups spread out and do not share DNA. Species, people groups, and defined traits become more prominent within each group as information is lost not gained.

    As information is lost, mutations and less desirable traits can also rise up. For example, Cain and Abel could marry their sisters without mutations, because they had lost very little genetic information, while in Moses time, God said do not marry close relitives. We know now that close relitives have a greater risk of causing mutations in their offspring, and this is because we have less genetic information, and so much as been lost.

    I noticed all your pictures are Asian. Asian countries are known for having high populations, so lots and lots of genetic material would be lost with every generation that interweds with its own people. This would increase the occurance of mutations, and less desireable traits within that population.

    Does that make sense? Again this is my guess, and what seems logical to me. What do you think?

  24. Hi Mary Kay Mason,

    Thank you for confirming what I have known for many years.
    You perform powerful acts in the name of Christ, but you
    speak with a condemnatory and presumptous spirit which can
    only emanate from his adversary. If you should return to
    this page,I would suggest that you come with a spirit of
    love, for as you know, without it, it is likely that you
    may sound like an empty sounding vessel, which means that
    there is more chance of the said person leading someone
    to the saving grace of Yeshua, because she does, indeed,
    have LOVE!!

  25. Wow,I’m amazed. This is proof that the lord is showing more & more evidence to the bible and in few years from now the bible’s stories will be relized by scientist and athenist and the will be a better place

  26. I’m not proficient in English, but i was quite sure that “to know” and “to believe” were two different things. Thank you everybody for making me clear that they’re exactly the same.

  27. It’s interesting when you watch cartoons and you come across portrayals of strange creatures. This example from Voltes 5 of Prince Zardoz is much like the horned skull: normal face with horns.

  28. No matter the color, size, origin, it all comes down to LOVE.

  29. As always, the book of Eli shows us the truth. Such as african black people, russians, japanese, french and american indians came from the one and only couple our lord created.
    It is aslo undeniable that Noah created the ark holding the millions of different species of animals and insects, for 40 days and the days it might have taken for the water to leave (keep in mind the food he should have stored for each couple and his family). Then relocated each pair to australia, the only place you can find marsupials; america, home of the anaconda, swiming, of course, there were no planes at that age. And the rest of animals that are only found in different and particular places on earth.
    So, sirs, America was not discovered in 1492, but thousands of years before by Noah. Also the discovering of the kangaroo, the platypus, and the many other creatures only found in Australia and Australia only. Also took his time to deliver some particular animals to Madagascar, another isolated home of particular species not found in any other part of the world.
    Yes, the biblie is a book we can use to refer to truth facts.
    If god knew lucifer was going to betray him and turn against him, he created him with that purpose, therefore, is responsible of everything that happens thereafter

  30. If you realy think about it there must be something to it here mainly because some of these mutations do seem uniform symmetrical leading almost anyone to belive this is nothing more then a genetic trait. that may have been watered down thro many eons of time or whatever but tha being said I do belive the Nephilim once existed.

    and I wont be to surprised if Demi Gods begin walking amongst us again as in ancient times. I inmagin it would be something like the xmen movies where anyone exhibiting exstrodinary powers or phisical features will have to be killed or controlled, an then killed.

  31. In reply to the comment about demigods walking amongst us again, and the x men movies etc, it is said by Yeshua that “as in the days of Noah” meaning there will be hybrids again – that the Nephilim will be on earth again, and in fact. it was reported on Alexander Backmann’s blog that twice giant Nephilim types have been seen on Mexican highways recently. Also others have shared that in the DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) that demonic “alien like” entities have been working with govts to produce a hybrid suiper soldier – Phil Schneider for one, an engineer who worked in DUMBs was involved in a blue beam project and firefight with aliens / hybrids where most of his coworkers were killed. He was eventually murdered when he went public. Bill Cooper, author of Behold A Pale Horse (free online via pdf), had encounters whilst in both the US armed forces and military intelligence, and again, he too was taken out after going public. On Alex Backmann’s site he has an extensive article on Rephaim (part 1 only so far) that covers horned skulls etc in depth. David Flynn was also a pioneer in much of this.David Ruffino, author of Alien Abduction Phenomenon – How It Starts and How it Stops (may not be exact titular wording) has a website (delusionresistance.org) addressing many issues like this too. I recently emailed Alex to find out when we might have part 2 of the Rephaim article available as I am curious as to whether there will be more info on these Mexican highway giants.

  32. in addressing the whole x men thing, it’s well known, that the Illuminati and their minions, prepare via mass media, the people for acceptance of the next phases of their agenda – it seems the RC church hierarchy is involved in helping in this regard also as Tom Horn & Cris Putnam attest in their latest series online called Exo Vaticana

    • I just cant wait to see it happen. at least in my lifetime sigh.It is worth notating and don’t ask me what chapter or verse but I remember once reading somewhere, that not all the Nephilim where evil. and as such a few survived the flood and only because, god saw grace on these few Nephilim who chose not to be evil. and perhaps where even god fearing?

      I belive there is something in the bible that states. not all the Nephilim where evil.am I wrong ?Ill be happy to stand corrected on this issue. I am very humble person what do you say to some of us that know we are Nephilim? and also know in our heart of hearts that we have God and renounce satan at all cost and fear the all powerfull maker as all of us should except for the end times were in now some of us have barly sined at all.

      you know what best of all when god suits you up in that Armor whether your pure human or not. your made of some pretty sturdy stuff us Nephilim, we’re already half there half god half human = More Power. just kidding and no I don’t belong in a strait jacket.

  33. I recently escaped an attempted alien abduction and captured a photo of a horned being starring out of a portal opening.

    • Ronny dawson do not fear the aliens, I do not belive they mean us harm. they collect genetic samples, in order to create human alien hybrids. and only because there race is dieing. and only because there is not enough genetic varibillity. in there race, most of them are cloned, from a few indivduals. from there race, most of witch was destroyed in petty wars.

      much like we are doing right now. im sure we would do the same thing if faced with extinction. find a compatable race, somewhere in the universe, and create hybrids. in order for the species to live on.I have done much research in this field. and also belive I am an alien abducte.

      alltho I have never gone and got hypnotized to find out all the details. I just Know I have allso had the missing time thing happen to me. when you say you excaped im surprised. because you normally never see them comeing. and you did not excape they got you you just don’t remember.

      could you please explain more of this Horned alien you saw in detail was it Alien or more human?

      • I agree they are creating human alien hybrids. I do not agree they do not wish us harm.

        To me, the lie is to help us. They want to mislead humans away from Christ.

        I do support your right to believe as you wish.


  34. It was definitely alien.I was getting UFO pics and then it came right at me.hovered over the tree,s.i was too scared to run but managed to get a photo of the UFO and later we saw the horned creature starring out of a portal opening.15 minutes later a huge mother-ship flew over my head.I got some amazing camera shots although not high resolution.But good enough to tell its not from around here.One year prior to this abduction attempt we fired a high powered laser in close proximity of a UFO craft.We were performing a scientific test to better understand the crafts origin and propulsion system.Maybe that’s what inspired there interest in me.If they did abduct me i certainly don’t remember it.I do remember it scaring me pretty bad.It was sometime later that we actually noticed the alien in the window if the craft.You really have to zoom in to notice it.The reptilian believers were very excited because that species of aliens is seldom photographed according to them.Main stream media has avoided this story like the plague.I have been working for 2 years to get people interested.I feel that the pictures i captured and the event are to important to be overlooked or kept secret.

    • only you know what you experienced.

    • Thank you for you reply allways a pleasure to meet someone with an open mind and not afraid to think outside the box.but could you elaborate more what race was it the grays ive heard have been more sighting of grays haveing the horns now?

      • The alien in the ufo photographed did not appear to be of the gray species and ive heard it remarkedthat this species is not one commonly sighted.Maybe something new.We not sure if the horn was on its head or part of a helmet.

  35. Lets try to keep things REAL here folk’s! No need to mention NAMES.

    Thank and have a nice day

  36. Wyatt im sorry but until you see a bonna fide UFO. for yourself like tens of thousands of people around the world have from all walks of life. then you dont know, and its very life changing. you dont see the world. or the universe for that matter in the same light ever again. so that being said I mean no disrespect.

    I relise this is a religion oriented fourums and science religion dont mix. granted, but I have a right to my opinion. and that is perhaps we are not the only life in the universe. and god indeed created many a wonderfull aray of beings and diferent races. perhaps god dos’int want mankind to know of the other worlds yet. our race is still to young, immature prone to iraitional behaver. perhaps some sort of ying yang principal. where one force amplifies the other, everytime someone disbelieves, the force of belief, becomes stonger. everytime someone becomes a beliver. the ballance gets reset, and cancel each other out.

    I belive in this Dimension, there must be. at least a equill amount of non belief, as there is belive. in anything extra ordinary, my farther was one of those. I remember telling him you know if you dont belive in God, you don’t Belive there is a devil. you dont belief theres anything after you die. nothing to look forward to. no heaven, no hell just nothing non exsistence. void black non awareness.

    I told my Farther beware if that’s what you belive. then perhaps that’s what you will see, for a very long time. God, will punish you, and I think that’s is probley the big’est argument. that could be started is perhaps, we don’t even know this more then anything else, type of thinking could be angering God big time end times anger.

  37. The horned Skull on the top came from The United States in a town called Sayre. Discovered: 1880s Sayre is a borough in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, 59 miles northwest of Scranton. The exact year is not clear, but during the 1880s a large burial mound was discovered in Sayre. It was reported that a group of Americans uncovered several strange human skulls and bones. The skeletons belonged to anatomically normal men with the exception of bony projections located about two inches above the eyebrows. It appeared that the skulls had horns. The bones were characterized as giant, as they were representative of people over seven feet tall. Scientists estimated that the bodies had been buried around A.D. 1200. The archeological discovery was made by a reputable group of antiquarians, including Dr. G.P. Donehoo, the Pennsylvania state dignitary of the Presbyterian Church; A.B. Skinner, of the American Investigating Museum; and W.K.Morehead, of Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts. It was not the first time that gigantic horned skulls have been unearthed in North America. During the 19th century, similar skulls were discovered near Wellsville, New York and in a mining village close to El Paso, Texas. At one time in history, human horns were used as signs of kingship. Alexander the Great was depicted with horns on some of his coins. In Moses’ time, horns were a symbol of authority and power. Many gods, including Yahweh, have been depicted with horns. According to historical accounts, the Sayre bones were allegedly sent to the American Investigating Museum in Philadelphia. However, the artifacts were stolen and never seen again. Please get your facts straight before misleading people anymore than they already have been. Try checking Old News Paper Articles on Museum right ups. That is the best way to get the truth. Many towns still have their old News archives in their libraries.

  38. nephilim skulls


  39. Marianne,
    Steve Quayle had link in headlines @ his web site tiday about 13 nephilim skulls found in Mexico

  40. The history of the Americas that is taught in schools begins in 1492. People don’t question this false beginning but there are artifacts, similar to the Egyptians found all over the North and South America that date back 1000s and 1000s of years ago.

  41. the rare skin disease ‘cornu cutaneum’ is nowadays treated in an early stage with surgery and chemotherapy. Cutaneous horn
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Cutaneous horn
    Classification and external resources
    Actinic keratosis with cutaneous horn
    DiseasesDB 31351
    eMedicine article/1056568

    Cutaneous horns, also known by the Latin name cornu cutaneum, are unusual keratinous skin tumors with the appearance of horns, or sometimes of wood or coral. Formally, this is a clinical diagnosis for a “conical projection above the surface of the skin.”[1] They are usually small and localized, but can, in very rare cases be much larger. Although often benign, they can also be malignant or premalignant.[2]


    1 Etimology
    2 Prominent cases
    3 Mortality/Morbidity
    4 Treatments
    5 See also
    6 References
    7 External links


    The cause of cutaneous horns is still unknown, but it is believed that exposure to radiation can trigger the condition. This is evidenced by a higher rate of cases occurring on the face and hands, areas that are often exposed to sunlight. Other cases have reported cutaneous horns arising from burn scars.[3] As with many other wart-like skin conditions, a link to the HPV virus family, especially the HPV-2 subtype has been suggested.[4]
    Prominent cases

    Zhang Ruifang, aged 101 (living in Linlou Village, Henan province, China), has grown a cutaneous horn on her forehead, resembling what those who have examined her and her family call “Devil’s Horns.” Notably, this growth has expanded to reach a total of 6 centimeters in length. Another is forming on the opposite side of her forehead.[5]
    Huang Yuanfan, aged 84 (living in Ziyuan, China).[6]
    Madame Dimanche, called Widow Sunday, a French woman living in Paris in the early 19th century, grew, in six years from the age of 76, a 24.9 cm (9.8″) horn from her forehead before it was successfully removed by French surgeon Br. Joseph Souberbeille (1754–1846). A wax model of her head is on display at the Mütter Museum, The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, US.[7]


    The lesion at the base of the keratin mound is benign in the majority of cases. Malignancy is present in up to 20% of cases, with squamous cell carcinoma being the most common type. The incidence of squamous cell carcinoma increases to 37% when the cutaneous horn is present on the penis.[8] Tenderness at the base of the lesion is often a clue to the presence of a possible underlying squamous cell carcinoma .

    As the horn is composed of keratin, the same material found in fingernails, the horn can usually be removed with a sterile razor.

    However, the underlying condition will still need to be treated. Treatments vary, but they can include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

  42. This is very interesting. My first thought was that the ancestors of these people with horns had sex with animals, so the human DNA was mixed with animal DNA. Or maybe their ancestors had sex with fallen angels.

    Back in Genesis, when the fallen angels had sex with women, it really opened the door to other sins: adultery, fornication, homosexuality and bestiality.

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