Case against 2012



I try to be quick about presenting balanced information about opposing views on topics of interest. 

2012 is one of them.

I think personally, that there is disinformation about 2012, but this disinformation will still influence people’s behavior, and world events.

Some things are beyond control, as a planet passing by, or the intensity of a solar cycle.

Other things, such as wars are within our control.

I think the information in the bible can be trusted, and timing cannot be determined until we see certain predicted events come to pass.

Is there a point where the disinformation becomes true, because people believe, and act on it?

Suppose scientists act to counter anticipated weather patterns?

How much of what is said is false, and how much is true?

I think some of what is here may be true, but I disagree with the 30 million years concept.

So, is scientific timing miscalculated, or is it accurate?

Case against 2012:


These are for your review.

There are plenty of arguments favoring disasters on the Internet, so I will not post them here.

God promised that this world would never end.

He did indicate that there would be earthquakes, and upheavals, and a punishment for the wicked.

He did say there would be a new heaven, and a new earth, for the faithful.

The effects of future events, severe or not, depends on our relationship with God, and His Messiah.

Where do you stand?

Since 2012 is soon coming, it is important to consider what it could bring.

Even if you do not believe in what people say, you have to be prepared for the reactions, and behavior, of people who do believe certain things.

It could be a self-fulfilling prophecy, in spite of nothing to back it up, and social disasters could develop due to panic.

If it is as severe as it is predicted to be, then you need to spiritually prepare.

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  2. Israelites had 6 hours left to wait until Moses came down, before they sinned with golden calf.

    2012 is 6 years before 2018.

    • Yeshua also suffered for 6 hours on the cross before he died.

      • Yeshua’s death signifies salvation for mankind, also. So, maybe, there is pattern.

        citing Zohar I, Va’era119a as the source:

        And it is a time of trouble unto Yakov but out of it he shall be saved (Jer.30,7) At that time, all souls in Guph (body) will have been used up, and will need to be recreated. As a mnemonic of this we may use the verse: “All the souls of the house of Yaakov that came into Egypt.. all the souls were 66″ (Gen.46,26) In the year seventy-three (seven years later, in 5773, or AD 2012) all the kings of the world will assemble in the great city of Rome, and the Holy One will shower on them fire and hail and metoric stones until they are all destroyed, with exception of those who will not yet have arrived there. These will commence anew to make other wars. From that time the Mashiach will begin to declare himself, etc. etc.

    • good thought on this but I would say there are all kinds of numbers we can put out there that mean this or that, but we must really looked to the signs and seasons the Word of God give us.

  3. This is interesting.

  4. God promised that this world would never end.
    To the contrary he did! On Judgment Day the earth will cease to exist and as you said, a new one will be created.

    • i would differ with you on this point. actually the greek word in Rev 21:1 for new = new in the respect to freshness and age. no where in scripture does it say the earth will be destroyed. i’ve read many commentaries and seen videos and it refers to more of renovation. interesting topic though, i agree.

  5. i think that this 2012 is really no more than sensationalism. the bible is clear that no man knows the day, nor hour, not angels nor the Son, but only the Father. yes we are in the season of the end, but for it to be said that it will all come to an end in 2012 is nonsense. we also know in the bible, the world will be renovated by fire and we will live here forever. so we know this world will never come to an end.

  6. This happened yesterday in Prague.
    You can also download the photos at a link provided in the description box.
    These are very good photos.

  7. I wonder is this has anything to do with U.F.O.’s ?

  8. yes this is nice

  9. Hi again Marianne, Just a few verses that may enlighten.

    2 Peter 3:10. But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.
    Rev.20:2. And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,
    3. And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season.
    5. But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. This [is] the first resurrection.
    6. Blessed and holy [is] he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years.
    7. And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison,
    9. And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them.

    1) Earth’s SURFACE destroyed by FIRE (Volcanic?), caused from METEOR shower(?) from falling stars.
    2) 1,000 years with Jesus (In heaven – John 14:1-4)
    3) Return to EARTH – Made anew – Devil and those who are resurrected in the SECOND resurrection, try once more to KILL the SAINTS – (New Jerusalem)
    Rev.3:12. Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, [which is] new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and [I will write upon him] my new name.

    2 Peter 3:7. But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

    There are sufficient passages describing the final events, but this earth will PHYSICALLY REMAIN, but the Crust will be broken up and after 1,000 years of cooling, will have a new clean surface for a NEW creation to begin.

    Hope this will clear up a lot of speculation from those who do not look at God’s word on this matter.

    • hi Olaf,

      I agree with that. But some people have assigned the date 2012 to this prophecy, which is what is questioned. How much will be accomplished by that date?

      the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

      This passage from Peter is interesting. It is not mentioned in revelation, or do it miss it?

  10. What do you make of this?

  11. The same?

    • hi abigail

      interesting video.

      I think we cannot make any conclusions, unless we see this on a different day that is not so cloudy…so we can have a better look. if nibiru was this close to be the same size as the sun, then it should be this obvious every day we look.

      • Well yes we can wait for a cloudless day or a day without chemtrails.
        Till then we can just say it is a balloon. 🙂
        By the way this was photographed in London, england.

    • Two things to know. The double sun is an optical effect in the camera. Not that the “second sun” is always exactly opposite the real one from the center of the lens axis. In the second video, at 1:58 into it the video repeats but has been flipped to a negative so the sun is black instead of white. I used to teach photography so these things were obvious to me instantly. Try downloading the video and run it thru Adobe Premiere or iMovie and play it back as a negative and you will see what I mean.
      Whoever put this video on you tube knew what he was doing and was deliberately trying to fool the viewers. I would not trust such a person or anything he is trying to prove.

  12. Here is Alex Collier presentation #2 of 12 videos.
    Most interesting.

  13. Morning 🙂
    Most people in science will deny that Nirbu is coming. And I am afraid that I do agree with Olaf because that is EXCAT what I was shown in dream from time to time in different ways.. Remember the movie in History about Land after People’s gone. It is what will happen.. Yes, we will die.. all of us. Wheather we are ready or nay…. There definately will be meteors, volancos, tsuamsi, ehhhhh, I hate to say it but.. there will be additional to it as ICE also… to change and renew the earth afterwards and before God would resurrect us.

    I am only listening and reading.. nothing more or less. I can give aye or nay..:) 2012 is just a warning that the intensity will be something that shakes people to their souls. And some major major changes that will wake everyone up. But the truth is…
    ABOUSATELY NO, NO ONE KNOW THE YEAR, THE HOUR, THE DAY WHEN LORD of LORDS, KING of KINGS will come except GOD himself. So, I am saying.. Pay attention to signs that Jesus gave us in bible to watch for to know things comes to pass… BUT…do not look for date nor day.. Just go about as normal as possible and keep an eye on signs.. That is all everyone need to do. 🙂
    Sorry if I had to say my piece because eh… I feel a wee bit protective when people begin to believe in wrong things. *smile sheepishly* Pure instincts. lol…

    Happy Holidays and all kinds to everyone with so much blessings. Stay safe and pray always. Big hugs.

    • Hi TAmera

      You always say cute things. I agree. It is smart to discuss and be aware of changes as the time of Jesus gets closer, but we do not really know exactly when he will come.

  14. It is hard to know when everything is concealed.
    There is a gulf between those who knows and those who are led blindly.

  15. And this is what happens to those lost children.
    They are eaten alive by these reptilians.
    Seems to me there also has been a rise in cannibalism.

  16. Now according to Dr. Alfred Webre. we already have teleportation capacities and certain men have already visited 2045 by time travel and it looks good.
    Another point he makes is that our DNA is now being transformed.

    • His background is in education, law and economics….not science…..I listened for about 15 minutes…..he is saying things I know….is there a way you can summarize what he says….? I already know about solar cycle 24

      • This is what wikipedia says of Dr. Webre.
        I know he starts his presentation with solar cycle 24…
        But he expands this fairly quickly and speaks of our Galactic encounter with
        the black hole of the milky way.
        If you are interested it is revealing.
        He has an enormous website and I’ve tried to find the text of his presentation but alas I have not yet been able to locate it.
        Sorry … 🙂
        I do not have the time to transcript his lecture.

        • Well, I guess we can toss out our bibles now. If this guy is right we were bioengineered by space aliens and were not created in God’s image. And forget the second coming, we will all be eaten by the Andromedans and even Jesus will be powerless to stop them. We are all doomed and no amount of praying will ever get us out of this one. Luckily, after were are all captured for food, planet Nibiru will collide with Earth and kill all those sons-o-bichin aliens.
          So there.

          • The first man is earthly but the second engineering is a tad different.
            Hopefully the second Adam also bears the likeness of God.
            (not just an image)
            As for the biblios do not throw it away … unless you are ready to purchase an older version.

  17. Webre mentions ‘The DNA Nebula’
    I have found a fascinating photo of this at …

    • In case I have not made myself clear, there are some scientists who relate the Galactic Alignment with a change in Human DNA. 2012 we will be right at the centre of this super black hole. Now who knows its strength? There are many videos on this subject so I will not post any.
      I think it is each ones’ responsibility to search this out.
      That there will be enormous changes in many fields is an understatement.
      The intelligence alloted to a simple individual on this matter is restricted, by the powers that be.
      As we approach this dreaded date it is important to keep within ones’ perspective the warnings of Christ.
      This materialistic system which we find ourselves under will most likely fold under its own weight.
      It is an ancient empirical system which in prophecy is told to come to an end.

      But although this may fall there may be hope in something better than what man has experience for multi centuries.
      I personally do not dismiss the milestone ahead of us as insignificant.
      Rather I take this seriously and should also every responsible human.

    • hi abigail

      that DNA part is one example of what I would want explained further. Webre is not a scientist, so all he can do is repeat something he may have read. He cannot explain what he reads.

      As for the DNA nebula, it has always been there, and has not affected our DNA yet. Just because something has a certain shape, does not mean anything. It is coincidence that it has a twisted shape.

      I personally do not see any heavenly object corrupting our DNA, so that we all go crazy or follow the antichrist. This would take away our free will, so that our sins are no longer our responsibility. God would not allow that to happen to those he wishes to see saved from the wicked devices of Satan and his crew. I can see Satan capturing people and torturing them, and experimenting on the unsaved, and forever lost, because that is hell. I cannot see something inanimate in space being allowed by God to alter DNA, so that God is responsible for corrupting man.

      I think Webre is just a New Age guy. Time travel was accomplished back in the war time era with the Philadelphia experiment. The result was illness and/or death. 2045 would only look good if Jesus was reigning, and I am guessing he does not say that. If he is saying our DNA is now being transformed by some mystical or universal action, then he is full of baloney.

      • Hi Marianne,

        DNA tranformation could be encoded within our organism, and could be shifted by outside influence (devil and his demons, maybe). You forget also that only 5 per cent of our brain is activated and God purposefully “blocked” the rest of 95 per cent in order to give us free will…

        My point is that more complex forms of DNA or 100 per cent activated brain cannot grant eternity…only God’s gift of us being created in His image can do that!
        If our DNA is transformed and our brain works fully, then our free will is gone, and maybe that is God’s purpose for Judgment Day – we will be able to identify saved ones and unsaved ones with “naked eye”…just thoughts…

        • hi gavriel

          Most people do not understand how DNA works or what effects it, so they believe about anything. My graduate thesis was in the biophysics of DNA and RNA.

          Somatic cell DNA is tightly coiled, nothing much is going to effect it, unless a foreign protein gets in the cell.

          The reproductive cells can be more vulnerable, since they are in division most of the time.

          But even then, only certain things could effect them and it has to be a direct contact as well. Not much is going to effect DNA from a distance.

          EMPs, for example, can effect the body as a whole and create temporary changes, but when it is turned off, the body returns to normal.

          • Light can affect DNA. Could the Russian scientists really have changed a salamander embryo into a frog with lasers?
            Only a journalist… not a scientist.
            Not even a lawyer.

            • Much of what I read indicated experiments that were questionable as to how well controlled they were, or the conclusions indicated a lack of understanding of biology or chemisty.

              There may be some value to it, if the correct assessments are made.

              No, I do not think they changed a salamander into a frog with lasers, although they may have caused DNA damage in the salamander embryo, which made it look less like a salamander.

              Organisms do not use light to communicate. They use chemicals. The partial exception is photoreceptors, but even they convert to chemicals.

              Inside the cell, communication frequently is by chemical groups, or electrons, not photons. It is dark inside our body.

              any chemical will react to light based on its secondary structure. Carcinogens are not unique in this aspect.

              This statement is totally wrong- a dead cell is a dead cell

              that if you blast a cell with UV light so that 99 per cent of the cell, including its DNA, is destroyed, you can almost entirely repair the damage in a single day just by illuminating the cell with the same wavelength at a much weaker intensity.

              There is no light in the body responsible for photorepair. outside light is the repair mechanism.

              Some plant materials, including DNA, can autoflourese. This is because some form of outside light is hitting it.

              Plants capture light and use it to convert it to energy within cell. Transfer of electrons. If they had “internal light,” they would not need to sit in the sun to stay alive.

              This statement is wrong

              Photons (Light) control everything in the cell

              Electron transfer, ATP, cellular process, and chemical functional groups so.

              The writer does not understand that Ethidium bromide binds to DNA, it is the EB that is emitting the light.

              This statement is wrong

              Cancer is a loss of coherent light

              No, it is the uncontrolled replication of DNA, due to DNA damage, and inappropriate proteins activating genes.

              UV light can cause DNA damage, not communication…which is why too much sunlight is bad for us.

              Translucent organisms can absorb light. We can also to a much lesser degree. This is all transient, or temporary, and only lasts while the outside light source is present.

              • It is nice to see you completely refuting the so-called evidence of bogus science. That is exactly what I have been doing all over this web site. Unfortunately, most people who know nothing about astronomy, physics, geology or earth science prefer to believe the idiots with a fancy you-tube video rather than me. I trust your knowledge of biology as I am not schooled in that area. I just hope they give your explanations the credibility they deserve.

  18. Thank you Marianne,

    These are some of the topics that was discussed at the International Exopolitics Conference.
    Let us start with what Webre presented.
    Nasa Science
    Deep solar minimum 2009

    a period of uncertainty

    Solar flares. system collapse–solar-flares-systems-collapse

    Teleportation. and time travel

    Also there was discussions of the Galactic Alignment of 2012.
    Some of its associations with LHC.
    Here below I’ll present a 2008 video discussing this subject.

    • OK, this is total BS.
      I just researched this and it turns out the sun is over 100,000 light years from the galactic plane and moving away at high speed for the next 14 million years. It will eventually cross the plane but I’m afraid it won’t be in 2012.
      Get over it.

  19. Hi Marianne,
    What are your thoughts on the 2000 miles long UFO?
    What are your thoughts on the spacecraft the size of the moon?

    • From what I understand Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, seems to have reported aliens are there. That is enough for me.

      not sure about a 2000 mile UFO.

  20. There is a shorter version on you tube but the photos are not good.
    I find this presentation interesting.
    The nasa photos are good evidence.
    It is a long presentation but worth it.

  21. Yawn…More fringe science. All I’ve seen is a bunch of quacks, hacks and generally weird people. I’m not one to say that person without a degree isnt credible as a scientist but these people strain credulity. Teleporting to 2045? Please. I can GUARANTEE you one thing, by 2045 the Millenium will have already started and only the regenerate will be there.

    To deal with the future without the Lord reigning and punishing sin is to dwell in the imaginary. Scientific journals tend to be biased and aren’t easy reading but they do a phenomenal job with the exposition of information; wikipedia- a site where ANYONE can publish information, not so much.

    There’s a lot of regurgitated falsehood here and very little to do with scripture. Extra Biblical sources are all well and good but if they don’t illuminate the holy writ, they’re pretty worthless. Maranatha.

    • hi armado

      I do not accept new age people who know nothing about science, which includes Dean and Webre. I presented a case here against the earth disaster theory. Were you referring to what i said or what someone else said?

  22. Mayans believed in astrology gods….Why would anyone believe their prophesies were true??/

    • Idol-worshippers have prophets too, Bilam for example.

    • hi ruth

      It is not whether the Mayans were accurate prophets or not. It is what these pagans believed.

      We know that even unbelieving people will act on what they believe and make things happen.

      If enough people believe world war 3 is going to happen in 2012, then they will prepare for , and actually start fighting at that time.

      It is called self fulfilled prophecy.

      Satan is not always smart. He reveals his plans, which gives us time to prepare to fight back.

      The bible can also predict what satan will do…so we use this information to our advantage and protection.

  23. Marianne, I was making reference to the Youtube videos. I love Abigails input but some of these things really are out there.

  24. “Unknown are the Ways of God ” … some videos are fake, it’s obvious !
    Marriane thnks foe the site !
    God bless you all !

  25. Stay with what the Bible says. There is where the real truth always is. God’s word which is unchangable truth never does change . He is the Alpha and Omega . The beginning and the end. He knows every thing. Facts can change but God’s truth never does. God says fear not. Do not worry about tomorrow . Trust in the Lord. If we are close to Him and are walking in his ways we need not fear the future. We know our future will be with him. We know he is the way the truth and the light and he said he is going to prepair a place for us. He said he would and he will. We have our BIBLE and the HOLY SPIRIT to lead us and guide us into all truth. We are a very fortunate and blessed people if we have accepted Jesus Christ YESHUA as our Lord and Savior. All Praise , Honor and Glory belong to him forever and ever.
    God bless you and Happy New Year to you all.

  26. I don’t care what anyone says, I think 2012 will be ten times worse than Y2K!

  27. For everyone who thinks that the so-called galactic alignment is going to cause ANYTHING AT ALL to happen on the earth you must take the following into account.
    The alignment has nothing to do with our distance from the center of the galaxy. That never changes except that as the earth revolves around the sun it varies by 2AU or 186 million miles – the diameter of the earth’s orbit. If that actually mattered then everything is off by 6 months since on the 21st of December we will be farther from the galactic center than at the spring equinox. So the exact date means nothing.
    The Mayan calendar’s long count is based on the precession of the equinoxes – the slow wobbling of the earth on its axis – like a top when it slows down.
    Its all about tilt, not distances. If it had anything to do about the distance, it would have happened over and over again every 26,000 years in the earths history and so far it has never happened once. (The destruction of the planet , that is).
    But just to be on the safe side I would start building a bomb shelter and start growing an underground garden. If I were you.
    You never know.

  28. Hi Marianne and to other contributors…in a nutshell:

    2Pet.3:10-13 tells abt “Day of the Lord”, the 31/2 yrs LAST “thelipsis megale = many tribulations”..around 2nd Coming heavens shall pass away with great nois/bang, elements melt w.fervent heat (get cleansed) and works of men burn up. God cleanses his Barn….after HE makes quick NEW Heavens & Earth.
    Contours and distance certainly have changed. HE changes earth back to former EDENIC conditions (tectonic shift, continents merge back to what it was at time of PANAE. Earth will be flat, former moutains sunk and hills flatten out even etc.

    Genesis chapters 6,7,8, tell of a global destruction, of earth’s geological structure, its political and population and civic life. – AGAIN following scriptures inform us of ANOTHER coming destruction shortly. The ‘Book’/Bible only gives scant sentences but honest scientists doing their comparative research and can tell us more, e.g. HOW it will play out and its effects thereof. THIS is a scenario of the Armageddon time, when GOD’S wrath will be released over the duration of 3 ½ years. In the past, God gave us illustrations about his power over the heavenly stars and planets and about earthly wars with geographically strategically placed nations in conflict with his nation called ISRAEL and today with same
    Again and with people who are for Him or against Him or trying to stay out of it being neutral, what Jesus estimated as “not being with Him“. Only nations names were updated. We therefore can locate where the enemies are. We learn of their methods and only have to watch what the political movements are. Further, the Jewish Festivals teach us the timing, when the various occurrences will most likely take place, so we are not left in the lurch/uncertainties/difficulties, – also we need to be good analysts of what and how it is WRITTEN, learn to recognize and assess any situation in the light of the Bible/God’s point of view and
    law, – become just Lawyers, the Apostle and Gamaliel-taught Leagle Eagle Paul will teach you,- but that on another subject! !! OK fasten your belts the ride begins in earnest:

    Isaiah 24:1-2 “The LORD maketh the earth empty (not total annihilation !), maketh it WASTE and TURNETH IT UPSIDE DOWN – and scattered the inhabitants thereof”. (effects of Nibiru. The Bible calls it WORMWOOD/bitter/Chernobyl….making all waters bitter) ! – people search for safer ground, migrating where undamaged. Rev.8:11 “the name of the STAR/ nibiru !?” causes 1/3 of the waters to become poisoned and many people died because of its bitterness”.
    Isaiah 40:4 “ Every ISLAND fled away…every Valley shall be exalted and every mountain shall be lowered and every Hill or also called ’crooked’ and rough shall place be made straight/flattened” !! ((several Pacific and other Islands are already flooded with high water. People wade in their houses. Their Gov. asked if any other country would help and evacuate them. So far no answer. – Islanders have no mountains releasing water, they pump it from BELOW and now it is almost depleted, thatswhy the ground SINKS and ocean-water covers the ground.
    Rev.16:20-21 “There fell upon men a great HAIL the weight of a talent. It is said 45lb or 75 kg ?…and men blasphemed God because the plague was exceedingly great”….(bombarding the earth !….people’s accumulated wealth and properties will probably be greatly damaged or demolished !…SO money which does not exist for those 3 ½ years. To buy and sell/trade, one must have the mark of the Beast/Satan. If refused one will be executed/killed, Rev.13:14-18)
    Haggai 2:6-7 “and I/God will shake the heavens (its stellar powers) , the earth (that shakes) and the SEA and dry Land…and I will shake ALL NATIONS…..(not what Environmentalists predict,-some enrich themselves by setting up Industries producing useless installations that won’t last long and strangle the population with price increases)
    HABAKKUK 3:7.10,11,17 “I saw the tents of Cushan/ Arabian Peninsula in affliction and the curtains/borders of Midian/Ishmaelite (son of Abraham and Hagar the Egyptian tremble/ are afraid)….
    Thy/God’s bow (heavenly armour blizzard-strikes etc.??/ nature’s missile strikes are obvious, … mountains
    Trembled and the overflowing waters/Rain (river banks burst and un-absorbed waters inundate the land….
    The deep/ Ocean uttered his voice (rumbling mega-high waves roar) and lifted UP his hands/waves on high
    (mammoth waves makes shipping dangerous and causes land inundation) – SUN and MOON stood still in their habitations/ positions (as in Moses’ time and reverse or corrects timing) …at the light THINE/God’s ARROWS (heavenly missiles/armour) and at the shining of THY glittering Speers (visible lightning strikes) bombarding the earth below) THOU GOD didst march through the land (Middle East/Arabia and north Syria, Lebanon…etc in indignation/judgment. THOU GOD didst thresh the HEATHEN in anger (Islamic countries that harmed Israel).
    Heb.12:26 “YET ONCE MORE I /God shall SHAKE the heavens and the earth !” so be prepared !!
    JOEL 3:12-16 “Let the Heathen/Islamic nations be awakened….I will judge them in the Valley of Jehoshaphat/Armageddon…..there I will judge them,…(right at the END,)…The SUN and MOON
    Shall be darkened. (maybe also from nuc smoke but more likely by means of the planetary war clashes ABOVE and absorb ‘war’-dust ? So some scientists. Or God has some other means for the colouration ?
    …the LORD shall roar from ZION/Jerusalem and the heavens and the earth shall shake !! ((this is the Lord’s preparation to demolish all the handi-works of man BEFORE He builds-up/changes the scene of this earth back to the EDENIC MODEL as in the days of Gen.2:4 when God made the heavens and the earth that more or less lasted until the Flood, then became more dim and obscure. (Astrologers in those days left us a few sparse scientific facts in the book of JOB.!! (separate subject)
    Zech.14:2-4 “I God, will gather ALL nations to Jerusalem (international via UN. God works through earthly proxy) (Antichrist who rules at that time wants Jerusalem as his seat)…houses be rifled, women be ravished, half the city is again taken captive….THEN shall the LORD go forth fighting those nations (who were so foolish thinking they can ‘do’ the Lord…HIS feet shall stand on Mt.Olives (a sign of taking on ownership),..the mountain chain shall split and remove northward etc. map available…more scripts also…
    In that day the light shall not be clear nor dark/hazy / ..when the LORD shall be/come King over ALL the earth/globe etc……BUT global heat is coming AFTER the RAINS will have ceased and people will blaspheme God for the heat, at last realizing from where it really issues forth (and not from man’s activities). YES, global warming is coming too but not at the hands of men, but of God, towards the end.
    Rev.16:8-9 tells also that “the fourth angel poured out his vial/judgment upon the SUN; and power was given unto him to SCORCH MEN with FIRE. And men were scorched with great heat, (now we experience a lot of wet !) and they blasphemed the name of God, which has power over these plagues/judgments, and they repented not to give glory to Him”,- and man can do nothing to stop it, not with all the money in the world !. ((wouldn’t it be better to humbly ask for forgiveness and receive it to be saved ??))
    Therefore I am cautious to get into too much debt that cannot be extinguished/discharged. Live so you can be “mobile”. Do not amass unnecessary personal items. So far we are only looking at things happening within this decade. Other downloads are more specific, but learn to trust JESUS. Talk to him in your mind at night, ask for enlightenment and guidance and forgiveness for the wrongs done. We are not perfect, He knows that but what he wants is your loyalty and unashamed stand FOR His Name, when called for, even when your life is at stake. Choosing Him over other dirt-bags will reap you a higher position in your next stage of everlasting glorious life. Fear is destructive, do not give-in to that. It takes a bit time to get used to this new thought, but stick with good friends that help and stick with you. More later, just ask…..

  29. Marianne thank you for your explanations about the DNA, thanks again.
    About 2012 I feel sure this date is not the end. First we must watch for Antichrist to announce himself as god/World Ruler (Obama I thin is only the forerunner ?? ) The A’chr. is called BEAST and reminds of the original one in Eden !! therefore a demonic person see Rev.9:1 where he comes from !
    Next we count 3 1/2 yrs when he abolishes the former granted morn/even sacrifice of the Jews….The 7 yrs start when he introduces himself!!!!! When that happens is anybodies guess.

  30. J.D. STEGALL~~you need to keep up with current events in our world as they unfold as they relate to our Holy Bible…Do you not know that by 2017 the world will be mandated to take the microchip?????!!!!! Did you know right now in Australia they (the superpowers are meeting) are working on a one-world religion!!!!! So which concludes that 2011/12 is the time for the start of the tribulation…

  31. Mr. Richardson, the director of the World Calendar Association, is preparing for 2012, which happily starts on a Sunday and is thus an ideal time to switch to the World Calendar.

    “And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws…” Dan. 7:25

  32. Lota of interesting reading here from the experiences and insights of various brothers and sisters. As for me….I don’t give the ‘hows…whys…whens’ much thought. Time is SHORT when seen along the Beginning to End continuum. I do understand, however, that our glorious and all powerful God can revoke a created thing by a mere thought…..and that He can….and likely already has…recreated the new heavens and earth at the same time he perpetuated ‘the lamb slain before the foundation of the world’….and ‘foreknew’ (knows all…even those who….throughout all time…would choose to become His sons or daughters)and ‘predestined’ those He ‘foreknew’ to become sons and daughters. God’s purposes and plans are perfect. And since they are perfect…they require no adjustments nor alterations. As the ‘subtle deceiver’ was in Eden by God’s purpose and invitation…(as the means of allowing man to experience evil as they had experienced Good with God…in order to fulfill God’s will concerning ‘let us make man in our image….knowing both good and evil’)….all things concerning Life and both the physical and spiritual…are perfect in origin and completion…according to the PERFECT WILL OF GOD. Therein is the ‘peace that passes understanding.’

  33. Hello all. Maybe i can contribute to the discussion a Case FOR 2012 – from David Bay.

    What Is So Special About 2012?

    This is the year in which the ancient, pagan Mayan Calendar changes to a New Age, an age in which a Messiah is supposed to arise. Listen to the official write-up from a New Age website.

    ““It is my great honor and privilege as Master Quetzalcoatl to return to Earth in this overt fashion to spearhead so to speak and bring to your attention the I AM University End of the Mayan Calendar and Countdown Project! As you might know, I Am Quetzalcoatl, Grand Master of the Mayan days … You all know that the Mayan calendar as has been channeled and introduced to the Earth in the Ancient Days from Higher Cosmic Sources, ends in the year 2012 – on December 21st at 21:21:59 pm to be precise. This exact date and time marks the Official Ending of the Kali Yuga or Dark Age and the Official Birth of the Age of the Christ / Buddha / Krishna / Mohammed / Moses, and God! It is December 21st 2012 at 22:00 pm which marks the Official Return or Second Coming of the Christ, Imam Mahdi, Buddha Maitreya, Kalki Avatar, Great Tao, and Messiah!”

    (“Channeled Message of Master Quetzalcoatl on the I AM University End of the Mayan Calendar and Birth of the Golden Age Project!”, I AM University, )

    Notice that this Mayan Messiah, whose name is “Master Quetzalcoatl”, is going to claim to be the “Christ Consciousness Spirit” which inhabited all the original founders of all the major religions since the dawn of Civilization: “Christ / Buddha / Krishna / Mohammed / Moses”

    Then, just to make it all-encompassing, he throws in “God”. The New Age Maitreya the Christ plans to make the same claim! In fact, Master Quetzalcoatl and Master Maitreya will be one and the same person! He will be the Antichrist of the Bible!

    Notice, also, that Master Quetzalcoatl is also claiming to be God, as he uses the Biblical words denoting God, ‘I AM’, the same words Jesus used to refer to Himself as God! But, why should we be surprised, since the Bible prophecies:

    “And the king shall do according to his will; he shall exalt himself and magnify himself above every god and shall speak astonishing things against the God of gods and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished, for that which is determined by God shall be done.” (Daniel 11:36, Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

    I find this use of the words, “I AM” by the demon master behind Master Quetzalcoatl very ‘astonishing’, don’t you?

    Other Ways In Which 2012 Is Popping Up

    Cashless Economy By 2012

    I think the lie of the New Age that Aliens are our creators is not a new one, and that this is one of THE lies of the “great deception” and the resulting “great falling away” of our lukewarm brethren.
    In case of Nibiru, i am pretty sure i have seen him. I have seen in germany now 5 times a light, about a quarter of the sun and about 30 degrees left and on the same height from the sun, which is tried to be hidden behind this fake clouds coming from chemtrailing. I was blessed to look at there as the clouds broke up a little.
    After sunset, for three hours a red gloom remains in the west.
    Maybe someone here can validate this. The cataclysm of Revelation fit perfect on the effects Nibiru is supposed to do, like a polar shift, massive floods.

  34. Ive been thinking about 2012 then I go back to y2k back then it had to due with computers crashing then I thought about 2012 when thy turn over to that date I think thy may crush theirs no date past that from what I read so I think there still may be a y2k out there on the way

  35. Marianne;
    It’s been a while since I posted a video, so I thought I might post one now. I think it’s interesting, celebrities and former politicians like Jesse Ventura are speaking out about future events and political events. I don’t know if you are aware he has a program called “conspiracy thereories”. I’ve heard he uses sensationalism, but he’s trying to get the attention of some who otherwise wouldn’t look at these things. Jesse Ventura is on that You Tube: The Obama Deception and The fall of the Repulbic posted on the George Washington’s Vision web page for those of you who have not viewed it. This is one of 6 parts.


  36. Marianne;
    David Wilkerson wrote about a vision he had and it has never come to pass. I wonder if the timing is now. He’s been called a false prophet, and you know how I don’t like date setters. Here’s the information on the vision. The book is out of print now.

    The first vision God gave David Wilkerson was in 1958, directing him to go to New York City. The second was a vision of tragic calamities coming upon the earth. The message was so frightening, so apocalyptic and discomforting, that Mr. Wilkerson could do nothing but kneel, transfixed. God divinely guided him to write down the vision, and one year later, in 1974, The Vision was published as a book (now out of print). Among the nearly forty books Pastor Wilkerson has written, several of the recent titles have had a prophetic message: Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth, America’s Last Call and God’s Plan to Protect His People in the Coming Depression. These books of warning all center around strong, biblically-based messages of hope.


  37. Marianne;
    Christians are always wondering when and how the rapture will happen. Could it happen when the power goes out like they are talking about in Jesse’s vidoe above 2012? Then they could blame it on aliens Very interesting.

    • Hi Kitti

      I think some things will happen, and will get worse.

      Aliens may not show up until the 5th trumpet.

    • Noah entered the ark during the day right? I think the rapture will be during the day so that there will be NO QUESTION as to WHO is in charge…no aliens…HA!

  38. Wow. I find all this fascinating, if a little (lot) scary. I am a fairly new Christian, and attend a share group every saturday night where we talk/learn all things spiritual. We had an Open Night recently and the topic was 2012. Our belief is that the world won’t end in 2012. The world will not all crumble up and disintegrate like some people are thinking. But we are thinking the rapture will have happened by the end of 2012 and that’s when the tribulation will begin, give or take. I just pray I pass the test and make the rapture. God Bless.

    • hint:(jewish feasts are important to know) 🙂

      Here is an informative read:

    • hi Flossy

      The world will not end in the near future, but there will be much trouble and tribulation.

      It sounds like you are with pre-tribuation Christians who believe that they will be gone BEFORE the tribulation. There is some scriptural justification for that.

      However, there is also some scriptural for believing that the Christians will go through part or all of the tribulation also, so it is best to prepare for that, in case that is true.

      jesus himself said he would return after the tribulation.

      There is also the time of wrath, which I believe the saints will be spared of, and Jesus will return before that time.

      I tend to distinguish between a tribulation period (seals 1-6) and the time of wrath (trumpets and vials).

      But for now, event the government expects serious problems before 2012, so do your best to prepare spiritually and physically. If you are gone by then, then it will not matter. If you are still here, then you are more prepared.

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