Will God split your Red Sea?


Are you facing something impossible that only God can solve? Has all human methods failed? Is the enemy closing in?

There are tests in life that can be solved with the prayers and support of others. These are growing experiences, and help to build confidence.

But there will be a time, when you stand completely alone.

You will know the time, because everyone will either be useless, they will abandon you, or they make it worse.

What does a Red Sea look like?

People will fail you. There is no understanding, there is no compassion, there is no fellowship.

You are in pain, and no one does anything.

You are innocent, and you seem guilty to them.

You are being attacked, and you are condemned as the evil one.

You are wounded, and no one sees this.

You show love, and they hate in return.

You try to fix things, and you are accused of destruction.

You are sick, and no one comes to comfort you.

You seek to make things clear, and others see you as the author of confusion.

You seek to heal, and others scream you are dangerous.

Suddenly, you become isolated, and the only way out is total intimacy with God. And now, He does not seem to be around.

You call on Him, and there is no answer.

You cry out to Him, and there is nothing.

You wait, and there is no change. You despair, and this makes things worse.

The enemy attacks, and you lay and bleed. You pray, and the enemy continues. You ask others to pray with you, and there is no one reliable to pray.

You get worse, because the enemy now has reinforcements. You are being attacked mercilessly as others watch on. They see nothing wrong.

You are left in a pit to die, and no one comes to help.

You are dying, and there is no rescue. This continues, and you die inside.

There is nothing left. You do not care anymore, even about yourself or your life. You now see you have no value. Nothing interests you anymore. Nothing makes you respond. Hope seems useless, but you hang on for some reason.

You look at the Red Sea before you. You are not going to make it.

Why all this?

Satan is doing this to destroy you, and make you submit to him.

God is allowing it, to prove you are worthy of promotion.


What to do

Be willing to wait a LONG time, past all hope. This is to develop faith.

Use the Word of God to find and define your situation. This is to develop character, wisdom and humility.

Serve others who need help. This is to develop faithfulness.

Learn to survive the wilderness of your spirit. Use music, prayer, scripture, and other resources as survival tools. Learn to listen to your spirit, and wait for God’s voice, in your aloneness. This is to build discernment.

Be patient. This is to teach you how to yield.

Deal with your frustrations, and keep them under control with positive activities and thoughts. God will keep his promise to you when he is ready, not when you are ready. Everything is HIS timing. He decides what is important, not you. This is to re-examine spiritual priorities.

Understand your own discouragement. See it as focusing on your own desires, instead of those of God. This is to teach you how to focus on the call of God.

Learn to fight. Spiritual warfare is necessary to survive. The devil will show up in person, or send others to torment you. He will fight you where you are weakest. He will bring others to gang up on you. He can only use things we give him. We are the ones who open the doors, and we have to learn to close these doors and kick him out. Find and fix your weaknesses! They are inside of you. Fight with the promises of God. Fight with faith. Fight with the liberty of the Holy Spirit. He will be your backup. This is to teach you how to use your spiritual muscles.

Learn to see what God sees in the situation and not everything from your own perspective. What are you supposed to learn from this? Look around you. Imagine God’s angels there to fight for you. This is to test your spiritual vision.

Be willing to accept more responsibility, and be the one that others depend upon. Be humble, so God can promote you. Make righteousness and holiness your priority, not your own needs. This is to test your readiness to step up to greater challenges.

Pray always. This is to equip you with the power of God, through self discipline, and communion with the Holy Spirit.


The Red Sea Splits

This will most likely come when it is the last minute, and time has run out. It will most likely take you by surprise, because you have gotten used to not having anything happen. God know the right time for you, and He will watch as you get tested and proven faithful.

Then you will walk through the split Red Sea in triumph and joy. You will look back on your tribulation, and see everything clearly then.

It was all planned by God to promote you to the next level, and to be sure you were ready.

You cannot be ready unless you have been broken.

You were broken, so it would be for his glory, not yours.

And somewhere along the way, you have forgotten your own needs, and you are consumed with His perfect will and heart.

Now you rejoice in serving him, and seeing Him get the glory.

42 Responses to “Will God split your Red Sea?”

  1. […] that only God can solve? Has all human methods failed? Is the enemy closing in? Click here for […]

    • I had a dream a couple of nights ago of entering into the sea up to my neck and returning to shore. This article is speaking directly to me! I am going thru one of my toughest battles, but I have been encouraged to continue into what the Lord has placed before me. I ask that you lift me up in prayer and keep on doing what you’re doing…encouraging believers one step at a time. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for a very good post, currently i feel like this, and although i know these things, thanks for reminding me and lots of others out there


  3. Hi foundthetruth

    Thank you for blessings me with your comment


  4. Hi foundthetruth

    Thank you for blessing me with your comment. I hope any Red Sea you have splits soon.


  5. Marianne,
    this very much describes my current situation. I feel like being pressed against the wall. I am hearing “do, do, do” from people around me but I do not have strength and the few times I did something it ended in disappointment. I have many thoughts running through my mind but no clue as what I am supposed to do. I simply do not want to engage in senseless activity just to be active. That would take more energy than I have left and would add nothing to a solution. I am waiting but waiting is hard when you see the catastrophe heading towards you with full speed. I would never see myself as innocent because who really knows how often he fails and what darkness still is in him. So I am really waiting for God to put a barrier between me and my enemies and make a way through the Red Sea where there was none before. I want to see a solution that can be clearly attributed to Him and not my own efforts.

  6. Oh Lord,this is some serious stuff. This is reminds me of passing out before touchdown! I agree most certainly God shows up when we least expect him. The last thing we want to do in the valley is “sit down”. There is something about Hopelessness that brings hope. Something about the thought of drowning that Jesus brings us up to resurface. The picture illustration is beautiful
    God bless

  7. Dear GYOD

    My prayers are with you for the strength you need. Waiting is hard, especially when, in human thought, we are already out of time. But God has his own timing. I understand what you are going through. I have been through this time of hell myself. May God protect you until he finally reveals what is happening to you.


  8. I think this message is great. I also see people walking away from materials soon. The rich will slowly close in to take your homes, and with that your dignity if you are not prepared for it. I say sell all our stuff, and meet somewhere where we can just praise till Christ comes. Many at that time will come and repent as well…Some beautiful lake with fish in it…where we can set up tents and just pray and live free…from this Satan’s entrapment. We can at least live there in peace knowing the bondage’s are part of what Satan created. Bills, food expenses going high, rent, gas. Without these he thinks we can’t do without…There is a reason why all these prophets didn’t have homes. They were free….We are to be content and to me that is content, and as it is in heaven…if we are living like slaves in depression, oppression, how can we be content. We must let go of these materials that cause us to strife. We have hands and knowledge to grow gardens, we have knowledge to build shelters, tempt….We are to go and pray with peace in our hearts…Food is given by God if one has enough faith to walk that way…

  9. Hi Brandy,

    What you say is true. Jesus lived out in nature. He had no house. No mortgage payments, no house repairs, no car loans. If he wanted food, he just prayed for it. Paul made tents for a living. It was not a materialistic world, which we have now, and they were closer to God then too.


  10. That was really great. Did we write about the same topic by chance? God is so good.


  11. Hi jujubug

    Looks like we both had “red seas” on our minds. We are told that true believers suffer through trials. So, it is natural to wonder how much longer we have to endure something. I think many are having “red sea” moments at this time, because of the sad state the world is in.


  12. Let all stubborn pursuers and pharaohs be comsumed by the Red sea in Jesus name


  13. HI Babalobi

    I agree with you , in Jesus name!


  14. God bless you- This message has given me hope and reminded me that i am not my own and God truly knows what i’m going through. He is ready to promote me in his own time after i past this test. I am hard pressed but not broken! Amen!

    • Hi Mary

      You are never alone. May God bless you and inspire through through your trial. You will make it in the end, and be victorious!

      it will be a type of victory you do not expect 🙂

  15. Marianne

    Interesting topic.. Red Sea Split. I am not sure about this but all I can sa I have broken ten commendments, Im not perfect, Im not good person to God s eyes. I have asked God to forgive me many times..

    I dont have friends , I had very diffucult life but I fought hard to survive. it waw not easy.. I have sinned. you see, I cant lie because of my sins, my flesh and my limited …

    I m not totally purity yet.. but best thing I can do is pray and forgiveness and do my best while I am on earth..

    I will face judgement day it wont be pretty but thats something I need like a Spanking time.


  16. God is a great person

  17. This is one of the best article I have ever read. it spoke directly to my heart and it provides understanding to what I am going through. it has wisdom and undertanding.

    “O rejoice in the Lord, He makes no mistakes…for when I am tried and purified I shall come forth as gold”

  18. Here is an important video to view … for all those who suffer ….
    There is a cure … and so simple … you be the judge.

  19. Here is the description for the above documented film. Copy/paste

    My son has cerebral palsy so this is personal to me. HBOT or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy does cure and reverse brain damaged children and adults. But the USA and UK government have put so much red tape and restrictions on this treatment that it is now hard to find and a lot, well most of the centers in the UK can not treat children, even though HBOT will help them and improve their lives. There is no money in HBOT because you can not patent or charge a lot of money for oxygen. HBOT helps MS Multiple Sclerosis sufferers, carbon monoxide poisoning, brains starved of oxygen, cerebral palsy, downs syndrome and hundreds of different conditions where there has been bran injury or oxygen starvation to the brain. I looked into buying a second hand tank for my son but it is to expensive. It makes me really frustrated when I hear about HBOT as I know it will help my son.

    A lot of centers which offer treatments along side HBOT therapy will not tell you that it is the HBOT therapy which is actually doing the repairs in the brain. So they charge extortionate amounts of money for example amino acid therapy or intravenous drip therapy. When it is the HBOT which is the REAL CURE !

    HBOT therapy should cost about £15 – £20 maximum for a 45 minute to 1 hour session. Some MS centers accept donations.

    Depending on what condition you have most conditions respond well to about 1.75-2.00 ATA.

    A child with cerebral palsy would need about 40-60 treatments either once or twice a day.

    HBOT is safe and has helped deepsea divers who have had the bends or decompression sickness.

    This is a reupload from davidfreels’s channel-

    Description now from there-

    Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is the signature wound of the Iraq War–yet the United States government itself is preventing access to the veterans from accessing HBOT–the most effective tool for correcting brain-injury, so strongly evidenced by this video. Attending physician is Dr. Paul Harch, MD of New Orleans. His web page is-

  20. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get permission to print the opening picture. I wanted to use is as a vision picture (Habakkuk 2:2) to keep my eyes on the mark of the prize of the high calling, salvation and deliverance from the flesh. Freedom from ourselves is the ultimate thing to overcome by holding up the rod of our salvation, the root and stem of Jesse (Jesus = Word) then the waters will part and we can walk on dry land.

    • hi Kim

      I got this picture off the public domain. It did not appear to be copyrighted. You can search for it by just typing in moses splits the red sea, and see what images come up. If you are not using it for commercial purposes, it should not matter.

  21. i am in bible college ,and the teacher taught us that when the red sea was split water was all around and over head.i was always taught that to split means to seperate so how can water be over head?

    • hi benjamin

      I have no idea where your teacher got that idea. If you look in the story, it does not say that.

      if you split anything in half, then there is nothing connecting the two parts, which would then include something “over head.”

      I can see the confusion a little. A strong east wind was used (EX 14), which might give the impression that all the water was pushed in one direction and so it was like a giant tidal wave.

      But the next verse says there was a wall on the right and a wall on the left, meaning the water was really divided in half at that spot.

      The Hebrews were traveling from west to east.

      The wind blew eastward, dividing the water, and actually pushing the people as they walked across, in case anyone was too tired to make the trip in the middle of the night.

      If the wind had been blowing from the north or south, then the wave would have looked like an arch of water, where there would have been something “overhead.”

      So your teacher needs to see that the wind direction helps clarify the structure of the walls of water, and how it must have appeared.

  22. Please pray for me and Mom and brother and sister, I am asking for the Lord to help me remain in a state of FORGIVENESS toward all of them , so that God’s supernatural Power of Love can freely flow through me toward them. Since the death of my Dad, it’s been tough with the attacks. I am asking the Lord stand up for me with them and intervene in a very important situation and Have His Will be done , Thy Kingdom Come! In Jesus Name Amen! Praying Colossians 1:9 to end of chapter for all of us In Jesus Name Amen!

    Thank you Marianne and God Bless you Woman of God !
    Love you Wendy

  23. That was very eye opening and challenging at the same time. My brother sent me this to illustrate his life but we are similar in struggles and desperation in similar ways.
    Thank you

  24. Glory to God!!! Thank you Holy spirit!!

  25. I also had a dream I was walking through the red sea and the water was parted on my left and my right. I felt a sense of calmness and I was not afraid.

  26. Thank you for this. ♥️

  27. Amen! Now I see!!

  28. I found this in 2013 after a dream I had about Moses. This post has helped me throughout the last few years. I keep it bookmarked to remind me that God has a plan. Thank you for this.

    • melissa

      I am so glad the post helped you. we are all going through “red sea” experiences, so do not feel alone. stay strong, and may god bless you and protect you.

  29. Found this while googling pictures of parting a red sea as that is what my situation looks like right now. Grew up in an abusive home, still abused as an adult, fought to get where I am with no support, going through legal battles, fell victim of bad attorneys…$20,000 spent so far, the more evidence I send for the case, the more the denial/rejection. Walked home to another rejection yesterday after waiting almost a year for an appeal, no income or job since January, lost car, job, income, still in recovery for accident, still single, can barely pay rent or get groceries, yet I am smart, educated and never left God…the enemy keeps telling me God doesn’t love me. It feels true when you see those who don’t fear God and do whatever they want get on with life. My life has been painful and I need a break. A great break! Father, are you still there?

    • areyoustillthere?

      the problem is THEM, not you

      you have been attacked because you are one of God’s elect.

      and I understand because I have gone down the same path as you, and I hate bad attorneys as well.

      the enemy, satan, hates the saints, and right now he is wearing us out with attacks

      yes God still loves you, more than ever. look at what you have been through, and you still survived!

      a disaster is looming over this country, which is mostly evil now…god’s judgment. you have not as yet fulfilled your purpose in life, because you have struggled to fit into the physical world, which rejects you……….and you really belong in the spiritual realm.

      when the disaster happens, you will finally step into your divine purpose.

      all the pain you have experienced will give you the understanding and compassion to be god’s servant and help others, you will witness to and share the love and presence of god with others. your “smartness” will pay off, god will use it for his glory.

      I encourage you to not give up, have faith, and pray daily for provision.

      whatever you are doing to survive, keep doing it….

      I will pray for your needs. you are going to be ok.

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