Winter Forecast–Farmer’s Almanac 2016- 2017



For those who are interested.

This came in my email, so I thought I would share it.

Sometimes, I really hate winter and summer.  It is always raining here, about 5 days out of every 7.

It is miserable weather for dogs, that I have to take for walks, and then bring back inside, since the weather is bad outside.

I am always having to change clothes and shoes that are soaking wet.

The wetness is worse than the cold.


8 Responses to “Winter Forecast–Farmer’s Almanac 2016- 2017”

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  2. Looks like the same for you 😟… I’m in mild & stormy. So far absolutely gorgeous weather for the last 2 months, gentle, ocaisional rain at night. But who knows for fall. I see it says Ca is balmy & wet. So far there are triple digit heat days & no wet! Maybe the fall will be wet? We will see!! Thanks for sharing 😊

  3. Guess the winter will be a surprise for me. Alaska (and Hawaii) apparently are not part of the United States…:(

  4. I’ve never really followed the Farmers Almanac all that close, but from what I understand, it has been incredibly accurate.

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