Little Joshua needs his Mom back

Donations needed for a lawyer to help them.

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Marianne’s note:

I am a witness to this horrible injustice. The lies have only hurt Joshua. And now his life is ruined, unless he can see his mother again. He is a baby and only believes what he is told, and this has traumatized him.

He believes his mother does not love him anymore, and has hurt him, which is not true.  Father has schools, therapists, and others instructed not to let mother see her child.  They all comply and make the damage worse.  They only take what he says, and refuse to listen to mom.

Psychological assessment indicates he is in severe trouble, but no one will help, still.  DSS cannot act unless they suspect physical abuse, not mental.

They keep all their activities secret so the mom won’t know anything. She has been through too much heartache and needs her little boy back.

I have had many dreams about Joshua, and I see him in trouble, but no one there to help him.

Mother is low income, and cannot afford a good lawyer to help her.

Her lawyers so far just took her money, then quit before court.  They were not committed to the case.

Now she is in desperate search for a caring lawyer who will defend her.

Hospital reports indicate Joshua is experiencing physical injuries, but it is being ascribed to “seizures.” They cannot find any physical reason for the seizures, so what is causing them?.  I am concerned there is psychological trauma and possibly harm at home. 

There needs to be an intelligent investigation, not what has been inadequately done so far, which is next to nothing by people ONLY willing go by what the father says.

The child cannot speak for himself.  He is always being monitored.

Please help if you can.  I want to see Joshua safe again, and his family situation healed.

Mother has not been allowed to see her son in 5 years alone, and not at all for 2 years.

Our fight for Joshua

Created April 10, 2015

Latisha Stacey

I am starting this page with hope that my nephew can get back to where he belongs and that is with is mom, brother,and new baby sister.  I am going to do everything I can to help reunite them but I can not do it alone. 

5 years ago my sister was visiting a friends house, her friend owned a pit Bull that they had never had any issues with,  that dog bit her son Joshua in the face on the  cheek, of course she sought medical care right away, Joshua did not even need stitches and he was fine. There was no way my sister could have known that dog would bite Josh. 

** Marianne’s note: the dog was most likely playing. the children were running in the house which got the dog excited. Dogs play with their mouths.

At the time she had recently separated from Joshua’s father and the very next week he hired an attorney ,took her to court in Sampson county NC where a Judge took custody of her son from her because of the dog bite and she has been fighting every since. 

She has been through 3 attorneys , the first was through legal aid,the second she paid $3,000 and all she did was continue the case 3 times and then told my sister she needed more money to continue but the 3,000 was all of the money my sister had, about a year later my sister hired a different attorney, her friend gave her this attorney $3,000 and he never did anything with the case and kept the money(they have reported him to the bar association). 

Honestly it seem like the fathers attorney runs the court system in that county. During all of this time the father of Joshua has told terrible lies about my sister and has made my nephew afraid to say he wants to see his mom,taking pictures of her away from him and ripping them up,telling him that his step mom is his mom now ect. 

It is just a sad situation that needs to be stopped, my sister has not seen her son for 2 years now,even though she has secondary custody,

Joshua’s father is in contempt of court and no one in Sampson county will do anything about it.

my sister has recently found out that Joshua is very sick, he is in and out of the hospital and having seizures,she has gotten the records from the hospital that say Joshua has a hematoma on his brain. 

The records also indicate on one of the visits that he came in with a black eye and an abrasion on his scalp. 

we are very worried about Joshua and want to fight to get him back to his mom, his father has gone to extreme measures to keep them apart including moving and changing numbers.

she needs help with this, we need a good attorney that is willing to fight Sampson county, but it will cost a lot of money.

My sister is a good mom, she does not use drugs,drink,or even smoke cigarettes,she has a 3 year old son who Joshua has only met twice and a 7 week old baby girl who Joshua has never met. Please help us fight for Joshua and reunite this family.

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  2. i feel horrible for this mother. These things do happen in life & money is always the bottom line. Something similar happened to me -my ex had all of the money and we had two sons. Even though we had joint physical custody, his family did everything they could to keep my boys from me. Children don’t know any better-they can be bought with trips and material things. I had no money and a good hearted attorney who ended up forgiving me for most of my divorce bill because he knew the family I was up against and knew I wouldn’t win in the end. Thirty years later my boys are no better off having been brought up mostly by my ex and his evil family. Too long of a story for me to write here but I know that God sees all and knows the real story and this is another case of money is the root of all evil. I wish I could afford to give something to this mother. I pray that those of you who can will do so. May God Bless this mother and child.

    • I appreciate your empathy in this.

    • Marianne,
      I am so sorry for Joshua, his mother and the other family members. I remember story from when it first started. I am really sad to hear the recent news & about Joshua’s injuries. As we know a hematoma is usually caused by a “blow” to the head. Of course, it could be due to a “fall” or some other reason to cover up possible physical abuse… I am sadly, too familiar with this scenario & the system that does not support mother’s right or children’s rights. SO many times, in SO many cases the courts seem to be driven by the power of it is “a man’s world”…. The father always seems to prevail no matter the testimonies, evidence of abuse, etc. it’s an evil thing… I have no money or I would help as well. But I do have prayer & will pray daily for Josuha, mom, etc. to receive the funds and justice needed here. I don’t know if the mom knows the Lord (?) but I pray she will be a believer if she is not at this time.
      Thank you for posting this Marianne & I pray someone or many in this world will help… I was just thinking if 300 people only donated &10.00 that would be a good start.. I could do that!! Hopefully, that would increase by 10 fold… I could send the $10.00 cash as I don’t put bank cards on the internet.
      I’m praying for this, please join me everyone…🙏

  3. This kind of situation is apparently very common and widespread. There is a case of abuse in Hampstead, London where the dad of two kids has been accused as ritually and sexually abusing them along with many other adults and kids. The kids’ mother and stepdad took this to the police who, after finding evidence of sexual abuse, then threw out the case and took the kids into custody where their dad– whom the court barred to seeing the kids only once a week– has access to the kids but the innocent mom is not allowed to see the kids. After a ‘secret court’ in which the mom and her friends weren’t allowed, the abuser dad was found ‘not guilty’, and the corrupt judge then accused the children, their parents, and everyone concerned for the kids as being ‘evil, foolish, pedophiles’. The corrupt satanist-pedophile elite of the UK are working tirelessly to cover up all evidence regarding this case, but concerned citizens are advocating for the kids and petitioning for a real and thorough investigation into the kids’ stories. ‘Viewer Discretion Advised’:

  4. I’m sending this to AOS in Facebook in hopes that reaches the right people to pray and believe that all will be done accordingly. God Bless

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