Only God can fix the Stock Market

This is for those self centered people on Wall Street, and in Washington DC, and around the world, also. (Marianne complains in this post)

You are all beyond incompetent. You are hopelessly stupid.

You think you are so great. Well, you aren’t. You are a bunch of idiots.

You have spent your time trusting in your own abilities, and whored after the god of money. So now, we all suffer.

There is only one Person in the universe who can fix a multi-billion dollar deficit, and restore this economy.

Guess who?

It is not Obama or McCain. It is not Arab oil either, or that other idiot from Venezuela.

Politicians, and other money stock market whores are stupid, godless people who have cursed this country with their selfish, moronic Baal worship.

Baal is the ancient pagan god of fertility, crop harvest, and prosperity. Nowadays, we just go by a more civilized, intellectual name: stock market BS.

The average citizen is smarter than they are, because the average person in this country has to balance their budget, or not make it.

They do not also expect to pay unrealistic prices for things, based on what someone says in the media.

Example for the idiots on Wall Street who do not understand true value:

A 5 lb bag of potatoes is $5. Someone says something negative, and now the price is 25 cents. Someone says something positive, and now the price is $200.

How stupid and blind can you be? It is still a $5 bag of potatoes.

Get back in reality!

This country, as well as the rest of the world, who is stupid and godless also, has whored after money and sexual perversion.

Godless homosexuals have sex in the streets now, with permission from a godless, sex, power and money lusting, woman like Nancy Pelosi, and the stupid mayor of New Orleans, turning this country into Sodom and Gomorrah.

It is been ok to murder unborn babies….and now ok to murder them after they are born as well. All because of godless, liberal, sinful, whoring characters like Obama, Kennedy, and Pelosi.

And people who vote for them want to live the blessed life?

What a laugh!

So we brought on ourselves a curse. God punishes this kind of behavior with curses. This is documented in history.

Complain and sneer all you want. You will not change God. He is the man in charge, and you have gotten on his bad side.

If you don’t straighten up, you will continue to wet your pants, and start jumping out of windows.

People will hate you too, since you are stupid, and not the gods you thought you were.

To reverse the curse, people will have to repent – sincerely. Do not fake it.  God is smart, not stupid like you are. He can tell the difference.

Submit to God, and his commandments.

If you do not do this, and get off your egotistical butts, then you have destroyed all of us with your selfish, stupid ways.

You have no faith in yourselves anymore. That is good. Because we don’t either.

Until you honor God with your lives, you will get no help.

Until you repent, and admit how stupid you are, even with the brains God gave you, you will have no success.

We were created (no we did not evolve) to depend on God for our prosperity.

If we blow this relationship, then we do not get any prosperity.

Get the point yet?

35 Responses to “Only God can fix the Stock Market”

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  2. I agree that the stock market crises is one of the many signs and symptoms of the looming chastisement. Just keep watching France, Italy, and Britain. Civil strife, rebellion, etc is also coming.

  3. Hi Brian,

    It says in the Bible that men do not mend their ways, even with signs. May God have mercy on all of us, then. Some things we just have to put in God’s hands, because man does not know what he is doing.


  4. Hello Marianne,
    This is and will continue to be my sentiments. I am constantly bombarded with statements like ” Judge not ” or ” don’t touch God’s annointed. ” The people of this nation as a whole are phony christians and love their sin more than they love God. Hell is waiting. I have backed off. I am tired. They don’t listen. I am ashamed. We are fighting muslims around the world and yet most of Americans are voting for a muslim? And why? For a rebate check, and the promise that they will not have to reap what they have sown. They will reap it as we all will. It rains on us all. I plan to spend time now trying to reach the unsaved. These phonies have been warned.

    In Christ,

  5. Hi Thomas,

    well, I wish i could disagree with you, but I can’t. From now on, we have to use the Bible as our guide, and not how people present themselves. They either honor the Word of God, or they don’t.

    God will protect the righteous. We will have our needs met, in one way or the other.


  6. As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be. Let these words bring comfort to each of our hearts. For Noah preached to his cousins, uncles, aunties and the like, yet known of them repented and were found on the ark.
    Likewise, we peach to family members, friend and love ones, and must continue to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and just as God brought Noah to the other side, He will bring those who are watchmen on the wall with Him.

  7. Hi Rev Williams

    It is a time of heartache….I see people who are doing wrong…and they are so blind….I do not want them harmed…I just want them to wake up…..

    It is hard too, when there is resistance in one’s own family….the time is short…yet there is still blindness.


  8. Marianne, YOU GO GIRL! I am so weary of sitting down at night and watching these morons “run amuck” in this country. I am sick and tired of watching WASTE just continue to happen in every aspect of our society. This morning, I was watching national news and guess what – San Francisco is seriously considering “renaming” prostitution as “not illegal” (I think this is just another attempt to use rhetoric to confuse the real issue) so that they can tax the brothels. They say this will “generate income”. DUH! Their other lame excuse for considering this insanity is that they feel this “legalization” will give their law enforcement officers time to handle more serious offenses. What a joke! I wonder if anyone ever thought to correlate the relationship between illegal drugs and prostitution. I sit and watch and just cannot believe what I am seeing or hearing concerning the state of our country and the people who are “supposed” to be running it. You’re right-they’re running it into the ground. Yesterday, Nancy Polosi was quoted as saying that she is going to try to get an amendment passed that prohibits certain “types of viewpoints” from being broadcast to the public. The inference was clear; liberal broadcast are okay, but let’s shut the mouthS of the conservatives who may expose our agendas. What’s next. I don’t understand why people don’t open their eyes! I don’t understand why their ears refuse to hear the truth. I am so amazed. If I didn’t have God; if I didn’t know that He is still in control (contrary to popular belief by so many who sit up on Capital Hill and on Wall Street and sell their sould to the devil out of greed and lust for power) I think I might crack up from the stress that all of this lunacy is causing. I keep praying for God to open the eyes of the people in this country. I keep telling others to join me in prayer and ask God to heal our land. Do they think this is a joke? Someone will be held accountable for these terrible atrocities. Those who perpetrate the lies will be held accountable. I know people, whom I care about, who just sit and nod their heads in agreement to this nonsense and it truly breaks my heart. There is no accountability for “bad behavior” anymore. There is no standard of morality; nothing is sacred anymore. I get rebuked, sternly, for trying to lead people to Jesus Christ. I’ve been told that I’m stupid; I’ve been called an “instigator” when I’ve called out behaviors that are contrary to the commision that Jesus gave us as his hands and feet. Sometimes, I feel like I’m the crazy person and I have to get down on my face and ask God to help me make sense of it all. You’re right. God is the only one who can fix this terrible mess and what absolutely blows my mind is that it would only require our obedience and desire to TRULY serve Him and love Him. His promises to us are written right there, in black and white, in His Word. But I guess you’ve got to want to hear the Word to hear the promise, don’t you. I thank you for your passionate blog on this. You’re not by yourself; I keep hoping for a spiritual revival before everything goes to hell in a handbasket. Unfortunately, it looks like that’s exactly what is happening in this world we’re living in.

    In Christ, Cindy T.

  9. Thanks Cindy,

    You are right on target. The Pelosi government will discriminate against Christians. All they need is a democratic president to push everything through.

    My other post relates to this too. Christians are about to go through their own version of tribulation, to be tested. We will suffer for what we believe, in this country. We cannot escape this, as other Christians in other countries are suffering persecution and death for their faith. How could we get such an easy break? The answer is that we won’t. It is just not our time yet, but it is coming soon.


  10. I do not get uptight or bothered by any of this. God told us in the Bible that in the last days lawlessness would abound, that the love of many would run cold, many would be offended (inside and outside the church at each other), and it would not be until the gospel is preached to the entire world that the end would come.

    God told me over one year ago that legislation was coming that would be a catylist to put the church to its knees. The stubburn, faithless generation that refuses to step out in faith and take back the land would be forced to humble themselves, so that God could redeem the land. How do you get a massive amount of lawless, offended, money worshipping Christians to pray? You attack their wallet. Like the Isrealites were put into captivity when they would not listen to God, and decided their free will was more important than His rules, he brought suffering on them to bring them to repentance and redemption. This recession is for the church to reach the dying world.

    We have not because we ask not. God wants a body and not individuals. Crisis has a way of uniting people for a cause, and destroying denominational boundries. God is about to let loose revival in this land, and the Holy Spirit will cover the earth as the waters cover the seas.

    We need not fear, God is in control, and this is His will. God is faithful and He is answering the prayers for revival from His people. He is waking up His church.

    I have seen visions of all consuming fire for over a year. It’s coming soon.

  11. Hi Trisha

    Good words..and good for you. I want to be part of this fire.


  12. Excellent rant and I agree with you. God gave us instructions, guidelines, in the Bible on how we were to live. Never would he have condoned borrowing like some do, living off the government hand-outs, rather than by the work of our own hands.

    Children grow up thinking the world owes them a life, a living. They never get out of that “I’m the center of the universe” phase that is normally limited to very young children, before they grow out of it and learn they are part of something bigger and that they have responsibilities also.

    Many in the world, specifically the US because she has been so blessed, never grew up.

    I knew these bailouts would not work. I knew they would not be the last either.

  13. You go girl! I love it when you preach the truth Marianne! The JOY of the Lord is your strength! You put God first (J=Jesus), you make posts like these because you are concerned about the unsaved and others (O=others), and lastly you seem to conduct your writings in true humility and place any concern for yourself last. (Y=yourself)

  14. Hi Charley,

    thank you!! You are a real encourager.


  15. you guys are fucking freaks!!!! god doesn’t care about you right now he won’t change any thing. he cares what you turn out to be when you leave here, the stock market has nothing to do with god.

  16. Hi Mr FYOU

    God will change things soon….within a few years…

    everything is happening now according to prophecy:

    spread of Islam
    wars – terrorism
    next famine
    then death
    then killings
    then sun turns black, moon turns red.
    then the really nasty stuff starts.


  17. The Lord God of creation will not fix what has begun for the inhabitants of earth have reaped what they have sewn. Their trust has been in uncertain riches and they have certainly found themselves crying for help to sustain what they have left. As fools they continue to play this game of legalized gambling known as the Stock Market. The Word of God indicates that their gold and silver will not be able to deliver them in the time of wrath.

    The financial collapse now being exhibited globally is only the beginning, soon famine will sweep across the earth. The time of sorrows has begun yet for those of us who place our trust in Yeshua (Jesus) a time of great joy, for soon we will be gathered to meet the Lord in the clouds of heaven. The inheritance we have sought will soon come, for this earth is the inheritance of the wicked and children of darkness.

    We as children of the light and of the day must remain patient even as the Lord God is patient, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. Those of us who carry the cross and bear the name of Yeshua will suffer while we continue to sojourn in this strange land that is not our home. Let us however rejoice in our sufferings for the servant is not greater than his master, yet we are not subject to the wrath that will come upon the earth to try men.

    While we see the day approach let us continue to preach the gospel being instant in season and out of season, let us continue to do the work for which we were chosen to accomplish. Our concerns are not the carnal things of this World, for what vanity is it then, if a man gain the whole World yet lose his eternal soul. Let us not trust in riches, only in the Lord who has bought us with a great price, being sealed by the blood of the Lamb. We are under the staff of the Great Shepherd, we have no need to fear though the ravenous wolves surround us, he is able to deliver us and destroy the enemy by the brightness of his coming.

  18. hi Rodney

    I agree with you. God is able to fix the stock market, but it does not mean he will. We do not deserve his help, because of our sins.

    Famine is represented by the black horse. Did you see my post from last night.? It was really strange. I looked on google earth and the entire earth was covered with a black blanket of something. I took pictures. finally, a few hours later, it went back to normal.


  19. You’re so angry.
    It seems to me you condemn all those “stupid” brokers for doing as they do, but you are calling them profanities left and right. That’s very hypocritical of someone who considers him/herself to be righteous.

    * Please don’t take this personal

    * I am not stupid people 🙂 WE are not stupid people, we are simply doing what we know best, and a TRUE loving God forgives, doesn’t he? For we are all doing what we know best.

    * Evolution is also in the mind.

    * …and so this is just my very humble opinion. I am not trying to imply that my ways are the right way to live by.

    • Hi Victoria,

      Yes, I am angry, but for the right reason. I do not mean anything personal against you either, or against any one individual. This is a massive problem.

      There is too much greed, dishonesty, and selfishness in the business world.

      They made the mistakes, misrepresented themselves for gain, and have seized bailout money while their victims lose their lives and starve.

      The investors are cheated, while the brokers and companies make big salaries.

      The investors lose, but everyone still makes their commissions for doing a bad job??

      When you lose money for someone, why would you think you deserve any reward for that?

      The strangest irony is for an investor to pay capital gains tax on money that is no longer there.

      There is no God on Wall Street. Otherwise, business dealings would be more honest. If God was on Wall Street, the businesses would put the clients first, and not themselves.

      I would really like to see a move of God on Wall Street.

      God only forgives if people are truly repentant, and do not continue in sin. If they continue in sin, then there is no grounds for forgiveness. God does not forgive people who are not sorry.

      While this country was started and prospered without any such a financial structure, this is what our economy depends on now.

      Unless we are successful in the immediate future, which starts today, China will own America in the next few years.

      I pray, that if you are in this business, that God gives you the guidance you need to heal this situation. And once successful, you give Him the glory.

  20. Hi Marianne,

    Has it ever dawn on you that we have already entered in the ‘judgments’ of God?
    How many are void of understanding?
    Esteeming the valueless above the ‘PRICELESS’.

    I know that the downfall of the economy is a judgment of God.
    They have coveted as they were led to.

    No ! No! The Lord will not heal ‘the stock market’.
    It is the bowl of wickedness!
    It is the bowl of thieves and of gangsters.

    • abigail

      I never said God would fix the stock market…only that he is the only one who could do it…if he wanted…and we have not seen that happen.

      • I am sorry if it came across as though I was accusing you Marianne,
        I most certainly was not.

        • abigail

          I did not take it wrong. It for others reading our comments.

          I understand your zealous, passionate nature. 🙂

          • Thank you …
            The weather here has been awful …
            Last night in the midst of a funnel cloud.
            My dogs know that something is up.

            Today it looks eeeeery out there.
            Maybe more storms and tornadoes…


  22. BUT, Your IRA’S and 401K’s ARE STILL At RISK Of Government Confiscation!

    The Labor and Treasury department, along with the Obama Administration ARE MOVING FORWARD with The Nationalization-Confiscate IRA’s and 401K’s.

    Why do they Want Your Retirement Accounts?

    The-YOUR equity will be used as collateral; in an attempt to balance the Trillion Dollar U.S. Deficit.

    This will be done in an effort to once again make the United States credit worthy to China and other buyers of our debt.

    The Most Recent meeting held on September 14th and 15th, between the Labor and Treasury Departments outlined the Course of Action.

    The agenda is called “Lifetime Income Options for Retirement Plans”.

    The Federal Government will Control an estimated $3.613 Trillion Dollars in IRA’s and $2.350 Trillion Dollars in 401ks.

    Your Equity will be placed in U.S. Treasury Bonds, that will Pay out an estimated 3% annually.

    One major clause is that upon retirement, the value of the Your Retirement Account will be placed into Annuities. Once an individual Dies, the Value of the Account will Automatically become property of the Government. The Program will be Structured much like Social Security Accounts (the biggest Ponzi Scheme ever created).

    The Only way Government would get away with what will be “The Largest Heist Known To Man” is by Allowing or Creating a Major Financial Market Meltdown!

    An aging person who sees his or her Retirement Account Drop 50%-60%in a matter of Days…. Is More willing to take a Conservative Approach… Even if it means “Government-Guaranteed Income”.

    The move toward Nationalization of IRA’s & 401ks will Initially be Offered as an Option. Those who are Unwilling to accept Government Run Retirement Accounts, will be Stripped of their Current Account Tax Benefits..

    You’ll be Forced to Pay Taxes on your Holdings, Automatically Wiping Out One-Third of your Wealth!

    This will Take place After the Stock Market Drops an Estimated 40-60%!

    If the Following Indicators are Right… A Stock Market Crash is imminent!

    Unsustainable U.S. Debt

    Real un-employment continues to Rise

    Housing market continues to Drop

    Failing Banking System (2-7 Banks Fail Weekly)

    Lower Quality of Life (1 in 8 Americans are now on Food Stamps)

    A Massive Crisis is Brewing!

    Remember The Government Phrase: “Never waste a good crisis”

    It’s True, we’re Running Out of Time; making Wealth Protection, that More Crucial..

  23. Is this a Catholic Priest? He Sounds like a Baptist minister.

  24. that’s what you believe in guys. if you can’t take the heat, stay out of it. you are not God. do not act as if you are the righteous people in the world. if God is true then he should have made this world a perfect place. stand on your own. anyway there are so many religions in the world. let one serve his own God and live the way they live. you are not superheroes. see you in the day of judgment. everyday is a judgment day. as if you can’t survive it. you have a lots of thoughts. save yourselves holy people. PROVE THE WORLD YOU ARE ALL SO RIGHT. GOOD LUCK.

  25. You are so hateful towards people who don’t hate you. You have lost touch with what is an opinion you came up with and what is reality. Everyone has the right to choose what they do with their life, should these people be doing the wrong thing, let them. IT IS NOT UP TO YOU TO RAISE YOURSELF ABOVE OTHERS AND DECIDE WHAT GOD THINKS!!! In living with this attitude you are on a slope to being worse than them. Love is the way of God, try to help these people individually, don’t hate and attack them. This is the devil working through you you see, filling you with hate, but disguising it as being linked with God.
    Try to approach all situations with love and always question your own motives. Are you jealous of the help they got? Are you missing out on something someone else is getting?
    I hope this helps you live a life more filled with love, hate will make you die earlier. Look it up. Spread it around. The more people who go around hating each other for being different or for getting advantages the more time we spend killing ourselves and eachother. We’re here once, you’ll be dead or in hell thinking “Why did I spend so much time making a website about hate and hating the stock market? well I’m in hell, the devil got me. tricked me into behaving like him, hateful, i had a website and everything.

    • dear Friend

      It is not really hatred. It is anger, but justified. So many people have their retirement or life savings in the market, hoping to have a secure place to invest.

      And it seems like every piece of transient news, totally unrelated to the market, affects the market anyhow.

      For example, one day the market went down just because Kadaffi sent out troops to fight the rioters. That has nothing to do with us. The basis for transactions is not realistic. Much is based on whim. Many of the stocks are inflated.

      This is what happened under CLinton. We thought we were enjoying prosperity, but instead the stock values were dishonestly inflated. So when the corrections came, many people lost their money.

      If the proper and honest value of each stock were really used, and held to, based on true profits, we would not see so much volatility.

  26. oreoooooooo


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