USA is Mapped for a Problem – Dream


I see lines drawn where a problem might be.

In my dream, my doctor, who voted for the current President, is acting in his position, and drawing blue lines on the USA map.

Inside the blue lines is an area of concern.

The red circle has some special interest. I thought it was Denver at first until I looked on the map, and the red circle seemed to be higher up (more north) on the map than Denver.

I may not be completely accurate about the location of the red circle.

I am told that I and another person will be called to fight first, because we have nothing to lose (older, less family depending on us, or single)

I can see younger soldiers getting ready to respond next.

The blue lines drawn seem to reflect the Mississippi river area.


This is a simple dream. There were no other details.

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  1. the only thing I can tell is the circle seems to be remote. There may not be enough information to determine anything or it’s purpose may be hidden

  2. This is a long shot, but what first came to my mind and I checked maps, is this could be regarding the Keystone pipeline. The red circled area is Wyoming, South Dakota, and Nebraska. Some of the lines follow the projected path of the Keystone pipeline. The red circle covers the Ogallala Aquifer.

    And, yes. I believe there will be a fight.

  3. Yellowstone Caldara? Plus, fault lines?

    I’m confident with America leading the New Age way with tax monies, we got it coming.

    • Yellowstone spooks me, it is a very restless part of the earth, and it is growing, some say, at 3 inches a year. Doesn’t sound like much but the caldera is about 34 by 45 miles wide. In March of this year a 7 quakes hit around the caldera in a zipper like fashion. When it goes, so goes the planet.

  4. I actually draw the same map 8.2.2004 AD about ten years ago when there was Apparition of Christ. I did not know what it means either. But then I read from news that drugs are free in Colorado. And there are plans that they will be free for other North-West states too. So it may be about war against drugs.

  5. Yellowstone is to the West of the red circle, but the red line encompasses Yellowstone. I thought the Ogallala Auquifer was larger than just the circled part. But that could be a center of disruption. The blue lines could be around an ash spread if Yellowstone erupts.
    I believe from other maps I’ve seen (not clear ones) that Yellowstone is in the upper Left corner of Wyoming and extends into Montana. Other volcanoes in Idaho and Washington are showing either earthquake activity or magma rising.

  6. I hope it is not yellowstone….the whole country would go down, in one way or the other…

    • I think everyone has a good point…I do think the whole country is going down, some how, some way…just a matter of time.
      Stay in close relationship with Jesus, not just bible study or churchdom. Ask yourself and others where are they w/o church or bibles, because you
      may find yourself in a disaster or fema camp or like Paul in prison….its about relationship….Jesus is calling us…blessings!

  7. RFID chip in hanna, wy

  8. I live near that area. All I can think of is first of all is a remote, semi arid region and VERY sparse population. Very harsh unforgiving terrain (google “badlands”, “sandhills” and you will get an idea). It is mostly used for cattle production and a little farming.

    Second, there are quite a few dams and reservoirs in that area. Not tons but we really rely on them since it is so dry here.

    Third, there are a lot of “cold war relics” in this region. Old abandoned missile silos and the like. Farmers use them for grain storage now.

    Finally, I think about all the coal shipped out of Wyoming west goes through two railroads that are in that region. One would be BNSF and the other would be Union Pacific. ( What I DON’T see included in the circle is the HUGE railroad hub in North Platte, NE.) If someone wanted seriously interrupt the nations rail roads THAT would be a target)

    P.S. I don’t know if you could find it online but Ted Turner owns a ton of land in the sandhills and no one knows exactly why. Some say he has a fear of not having drinking water someday and this land sits on the Ogallala aquifer.

  9. The coal that goes east… sorry tired!!

  10. Amen.

    He is our Ark.

    Psalm 25

  11. You say “I may not be completely accurate about the location of the red circle.”

    I think it was Yellowstone you were trying to mark.

    Nostradamus says “At forty-five degrees the sky will burn”
    that’s 45 deg lat, But not for a while yet so don’t panic. You are supposed to welcome the end aren’t you?.

  12. Maybe it’s not a physical problem? Maybe a spiritual war?? I can tell you that spiritually the region in the red area and the High Plains in general is a spiritual desert of legalism filled with Pharisees. Out here we are only 2 generations out from the pioneers, one generation out from the old German POW camps (most of which when released stayed and found work as farm hands and later farmed for themselves.) The self-sufficiency and lack of reliance of God is off the charts here….but church attendance is high.

    You mention a personal relationship with Jesus at church and you’ll get the strangest looks.

    There is more full on Satanism here than one would think or like to admit…

    We have just as much if not more corruption in our politics than any big city you care to mention.

    Honestly, if I want to go to a Spirit-filled worship service I have to drive 4 hours east of here.

    That area is like ground zero for “bible believing good people” who know nothing of the love of Christ.

    It may not seem like legalism and being a Pharisee would be a huge problem but it is the method that the enemy used to kill Christ and the enemy is still trying to kill the Message today.

    Within the blue lines lies the “bible belt”. We pride ourselves on being good citizens, good behavior and moral laws. Jesus is not in the picture for most “believers”.

    It’s a spiritual cesspool out here….

    • you may have a point there…

      strange, the symbol V usually stands for “victory”

      colors blue and red…..reminds me of the red list and blue lists that DHS has

      • My husband and I look at going to church as “infiltrating the system” and sneaking the Message in, with Love. I’m concerned about what impact “church” will have on my kids. My oldest can separate the legalism and sees the “church” as a mission field. My two youngest, I don’t know. It’s bad here. You mention the DHS list. I honestly believe that I will be reported by a fellow “believer” someday. Nationality comes way before Christianity here. Patriotism is rampant, God is a second place to our nation by far and they don’t even see it.

        • pray for the protection of god over your family….

          and as the hebrews in egypt, pray that destruction “passes over you” when all the betrayal starts.

  13. The dream is “spiritual” – in my interpretation and opinion.

    Devil’s Tower is just about in the center of the red circle. Some will now think aliens are coming as some remember the 70’s movie – “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.

    The blue lines point to New Orleans – a center of occult magic and voodoo.

    Others could see the red circle as a drop zone for Russian troops. I don’t think the Russians or any troops are the problem or concern.

    There will be trouble for those working under the powers of darkness.

    Psalm 27

  14. What is the significance of the red line on the Missouri-Mississippi watershed along with the circled area?

    Revelation 6:12-17: “I looked when He opened the sixth seal, and behold, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became like blood. And the stars of heaven fell to the earth, as a fig tree drops its late figs when it is shaken by a mighty wind. Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved out of its place. And the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men, the commanders, the mighty men, every slave and every free man, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains, and said to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! For the great day of His wrath has come, and who is able to stand?”

    This causes me to think the caldera will blow.The Missouri and lower Mississippi rivers would carry mud to New Orleans, disrupting shipping to the upper Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. If the shock wave wrecked the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway, the central part of the country would be completely isolated except for air travel.

    Prevailing winds would carry debris to the rest of the country within the blue area, disrupting air travel much like the Icelandic volcano disrupted European air routes.

    However, airborne debris wouldn’t be an immediate concern if the middle of the country sank into the aquifer.

    Thanks for sharing your dream map. This may eliminate Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and the Dakotas as possible end times bunker sites.

    • dear mad

      I know about the caldera but never thought of it as the cause of the 6th seal. so good thoughts on that.

      I have a feeling this disaster will strike when the US forces Israel to divide its land and give more land to its enemies….

      I REALLY hope the saints are not here when this happens, or if they are, they are taken away by the Lord at that time….otherwise the saints will die in such a huge disaster.

    • I hope you are correct, Mad Ray. From what I have read and programs I have seen, if Yellowstone’s caldera blows, as it has done in the past, it will affect the entire planet. Though not from the immediate blast, eventually those of us on the west coast will be choking, air travel will be haulted (perhaps some remote parts of the planet might still take to the air – – – for a while anyway.) Who doesn’t die from the blast (about 100 mile radius) will eventually choke, and those who don’t choke, will starve as the crops and cattle will die off.

      If / when it does blow, perhaps it will be smaller than those who study it suggest.

  15. Just a coincidence

  16. Dave,

    Thanks for posting that movie clip – I was going to add that particular movie to my reply but not able to do so at that time.

    I even remember the date I that was with me when watching the movie. She was not impressed with me but I did sing at her wedding a few years later.

    There is no doubt Devil’s Tower is the item within the circle (according to Marianne’s dream and the location on the map).

    She said the circle was above Denver – which is Eastern Wyoming not even close to Yellowstone. Don’t get side tracked by Yogi. This is much bigger than Yogi.

    Oh – the wicked will be in for a surprise. They still think they will prevail, dealing with the area of concern as the doctor said in Marianne’s dream. They do have reason to be concerned and it is not because of Yellowstone.

    Notice she mentions the doctor voted for Barry.

    Barry was picked for the position he holds by the same group that does all the work behind the scenes. Marianne’s reply provides a link, dropping a name and giving some insight to their work of darkness – it is in plain sight.

    Where do you move to escape God’s wrath, as if Yellowstone blowing up is a problem to overcome?

    Try thinking and acting (by faith in Christ) like an Israelite in Egypt during the plagues. Especially the 9th Plage and then what occurred on Passover.

    Keep positing escape and hiding plans and act like a foolish virgin.

    If I was in metro NYC today – I would be making plans to move/escape ASAP.

    Why do we ignore that pending catastrophic event that will occur before any US volcano blows it top? That is the next event on the horizon, confirmed over and over.

    Anyway, let’s return to drinking blood topics and other macabre.

    Psalm 25

  17. Well, I was trying to spell macabre correctly and remembered a classical work by Camille Saint-Saëns, Dance Macabre.

    I really enjoy Dance Macabre and the video seems to match the Young Blood page you posted recently.

    Here is another more pleasant Camille Saint-Saëns classical piece applied to a very cute, funny movie – Babe.

    I liked the animal characters in the movie – especially the duck.

  18. It is indeed a parable a little hard to decipher. Looking at it, first there is the aspect of your doctor that you say voted for the current president now doing the president’s job, but its not clear if the aspect of voting for the president was part of the dream, or an offside piece of information you just happen to possess. It matters because a doctor is one who ought to seek the well being of the patient. Thus a doctor doing the work if the USA president refers to the most powerful office on earth as they say, which with God no longer belongs to the presidency of the USA, but to those who seek the well-being of the planet and of all creation. And certainly the aspect of voting for the earth destroyers is an oxymoron.

    Do not marvel that there thus exists an office higher and more esteemed than that of the US presidency, or any other monarchies of earth. For in the days of John the baptist it was so declared that of all born of woman til that time, none had been greater than that John, yet he that shall be least in the kingdom of God, is greater than that John.

    Now in regard to the blue lines and the red circle, what is it but that they indicate the headwaters called Pison. For out of Eden flowed a river and as it entered the garden which was in the east of Eden, it parted into four heads of waters. Not into four rivers, as ordinarilly peolple mistake the parable to mean, but into four bifurcations of waters sources that circle the entire planet. The western arm is it that includes the source of the White Nile at Jinja of Lake Victoria, and traverses the west of Africa along the water sheds of the River Niger and the Senegal. It then crosses the Atlantic along the plane from which all the storms if Europe are born and enters the North America at approximately the location of New York, traversing the USA approximately along the plane Marianne has indicated in blue, but more accurately runs from Manhattan to Seattle. Along this plane lies the life line of the North America for it holds the water sheds and aquifers of all the major rivers of that continent, the Missisippi, Colorado, Missouri, and whose defining aspect is that Ogalala aquifer smack along the plane of the head waters known as Pison in the ancient times.

    The headwaters called Euphrates has often been mistaken for the river of thet name, but in actual sense indicates the Mt Ararat, being the source of both the Euprates and the Tigris, and the same plane runs south along the source of the White Nile in the Ethiopian highlands, likewise crossing the Gulf of Aden Eritea alonf the towns of Masau, which incidentally is the Hopi title if the Great White Brother of whom they credit the creation of the earth.

    Of the other two heads of waters I will skip for now, save to ibdicate that its simply just basic natural geography. For it is known that from the earths point if observation, the sun osccilates from a certain latitude in the north to another extreme in the south each year and as such cuts a plane of optimum solar and water dynamism both in the world oceans and seas, and in the continents. This median plane than runs from New Zealand to Seattle contains within the two head waters that bisect the north to south head waters at the bifurcation point in some locale in the heart of Africa and close to the equator.

    Now this is the parable of the tree/system if life upon the pkanet earth, and the same was gurded by the system of cautions against good and evil. Any natural ecosysten, or any system for that matter has to have its life source and cautionary measures against interfering with the life source, lest the entire system would eternally fail. Thus too was the pkanet called earth designed, with the watersheds of earth and that global system of the earths life source/water system referred to as the tree of life. For without water, the manner if life designed for the pkanet earth cannot be. To protect the tree if life, a secondary system of cautionary geographical regions was put in place, which regions would keep the system of life from human interfetance. Man could not reach the tree of life before first going against the cautionary measures whose real intent was to protect the tree of life from being interfered with. Unlike what most interpreters if Genesis over time have done, partaking of the tree of life unworthily would only culminate in the annihition of all life force from the planet, which means eternal death. Thus was the great reason why nan was kicked out of Eden lest he would strech his activity and partake in his destructive and poorly informed choice of activity that would have meant the demise of not only man but also the planet itself.

    Travel in time for six millenia, and once again humanity is at it again. Having entered all the forbidden regions, the immediate lower extremes of the water sheds now for an odd century, the encroachment even has partaken of the tree if life, not nurturing it but unworthily partitioning and abusing its structure , to the end that sooner than latter, the system will ultimateky and globally fail/malfunction resulting if not in the total demise of the planet, then in massive casuslties.

    The scenario of this world water systems goes deeper than just the physical aspects. For the evil spirits have since the fall of man continually and unceasingly lied ti man that he may likewise destroy his home planet, as the did theirs, that being on equal footing, they being the elder may reign over man, rather than that man should fulfil his part of the covenant and be made to reign over all that belongs to God our father.

    Thus it is so that the demons have planted their strongholds in the similar planes as those that concern the tree of life, that they may decieve man to destroy that system too, that would cause the judgement of God in their favour, or that out of envy they would just want to see the end of man.

    That I belive is the point of contention that the Spirit intimated to you in a simple dream as you narrate of maps and lines and an ongoing war for which you are now called to wage your part. Remember well that the war is if the Lord and all we gave to do is to trust Him and to follow his daily commands as regards this eternal venture.


    • where did you get all this modern eden river mapping?

      so how do the blue and red lines fit into this?

      • To one is given the gift of propecy, to another that of knowledge. Real knowledge can only be retrieved from observation of nature, and from Him who created the same. These are the authorities only I may quote and for me they proove more than sufficient.

        As to what the tree if life, and Eden has to do with your dream of blue lines and circled red area on a map of the USA, it is my humble observation that they mark the head waters if Pison in its farthest extreme, and you would do well to bear that Pison means spread out, according to Strong’ s hebrew.

        A few other words in hebrew I did check out, water and truth. These you well know are Mayim and Emet, and the mystery of them both coincides with the same names Ma¡ and Ma in the tongue of my ancestors. In mayim, the key letter is mem that happens to be the middle leter of the hebrew alphabhet, and it is the mem that denotes the water

        In Emet, the name is made of three letters, the aleph, the mem and the tau. At one point Pilate enquired of Christ what truth was, and indeed this is one of the most troubling questions in the course of world destiny. The aleph denotes the beginning and source who is none other than God. The mem denotes water that indeed closely ties with life and the tau denotes the marked point of the intersection of the four courses of the rivers that bifurcated from the point at Eden. This tau indeed has usually been symbolised by an X Or + symbols which both derive from the intersection of the spiritual planes of the river of the waters that enable physical life on the planet to thrive. This indeed is the tree/Tau of life that was in the midst of Eden.

        I checked up Genesis with Strong’s hebrew assistance, and indeed the original hebrew or whatever language the book was first written in does imply a different presentation than that which the interpreters gave given. To eat for instance does also mean in the hebrew root to devour, burn, destroy as does the word consume. To touch also does mean the similar as placing ones hand onto something, which implies subverting the original purpose to another of he that touches.

        Also eastward in Eden implies not a direction but a time frame, that God had planted the garden prior putting the man that he latter created into it. The trees also that God had allowed man to consume of were they that have their seed in themselves, and apparently both the tree of life, and that of knowledge of good and evil did not fall into this category as indeed they never were as such trees but referred to the intersecting of the waters of earth being the tree of life, and along side of it the intersection of the plane of heaven and hell with that of earth. Both the door ways are linked also to the world water systems and they both were never to be consumed, as Eve witnessed to the Serpent that the tree in the midst of the garden was not to be exploited, consumed nor even laid a hand on.

        The first however, the gateway of the cosmos being open would allow the Serpent into the earth, and thus the Serpent decieved our first parents into breaking this certain taboo, whose way was to either kill or die. When they had done this, they realised that they were naked, that is they became disappointed that their action had not borne them the anticipated effects but rather they had become worse of. For before they had been naked and knew it not, which hebrew means they always had been prudent and thus had suffured no losses nor disadvantages.

        Renarkably, the Genesis after mentioning the tree of life in the midst of the garden, and that of knowledge of good and evil also, follows with the description of the river and its four direction bifurcation. This implies that the tree of life is it that is thus described. The Pison means widely spread out, as indeed it is from the Nile head waters in Africa all the way to the headwaters of the rivers of the North America . Gihon means spurting out and is the south plane reaches from the sources of the Congo, and all rivers if southern Africa including the Orange river in South Africa . Hiddekel means along a straight plane, to that if Pison incidentally but to the oppisite direction, which traverses the Indian Ocean, the actual plane of origin of the monsoon winds that feed rain to India and Asia, and whose extremity cuts across Australia on all its head waters and chief lakes all the way to New Zealand. East of Assyria does mean east in a straight plane according to Strong’s Hebrew, and not necesarilly of the dominion known as Assyria. Of the Euphrates not much can be added.

        On the Pacific side, the same is true of the planes, and there is of necessity the nadir point that the same planes meet again.

        Now man was cast out of Eden lest he stretch his hand and activity to consume and destroy the system of nurturing life on earth, and by thus doing bring life to an infinity point, which is to say total annihilation. God is ever pro life, and so is His law. Thus as man had sought to rectfy his mistake and mitigate the effects of his onslaght against the taboos that had safeguarded nature by covering the effected regions with fig trees, it was God who saw man’s predicament and provided him succour and protection against the evil spiritual realms. Likewise to mark the way of the tree of life, and to protect it from the hand of man, monunent that sorround this locale were planted in the form of hills that surround it in all directions, each bearing both a name and function that ought to remind humanity of caution against the tree if life. Further too, a flaming sword turning in all directions , in Hebrew implies enchantment of death was co-instituted all around to ever destroy all the generations of humanity that was to seek and cause damage to the tree of life.

        It is this enchantment that ought to be greatly feared, for as they speak of adverse weather effects,it is that man has gravely damaged the tree of life in his ignorance and tendancy to evil, and thus the enchantment, as in times past, is creating occasion for the preservation of the life support system of the planet, though this often would mean massive human casualties of all sorts, the good, the bad and the extreme ugly.

        Its also the sword if the Lord bathed in heaven, the mystery of the Crux constellation and the land form on earth that it corresponds to according to the Alpha Rogito- earth heaven duality principle, whose reference point of study is the constellation Orion and in particular the belt, to the pyramids of that land and its land forms. Incidentally Misri, which is Egypt means example in Sanskrit, and this example is preserved so as we may learn of it and from thence resolve the rest of the comparison of the heavens to the earth.

        This is the truth as abiding to the law and the testimony. My ancestors were the first to return to Eden, and for millenia livef in harmony with the tree of life. They were the appointed keepers of the tree of life, but the time as was to be dawned, when the ancient wisdom was forgetten, and the enemy of the taboos of caution against nature, with his technology of annihilation was to eventually ravage the entire world and especially foolishly consume the tree of life even at its most sacred point. Now for a century or so has this enemity against the safeguards of life been ongoing, ‘uthu-ngu’ and what is it but that the enchantnents placed in ancient times once again at the appointed time should come to force, as in all past known world wars, calamities and whole course of fearful and dreadful effects to be meted mainly at the destroyers of the earth and life, but unfortunately also may involve the ignorant innocents.

        So the picture is as broad but what the Spirit showed you was of your country’s part of the deal. Judge you in light of this information how the civilisationthat claims to be greatest ever has dealt with the tree of life if only within its borders and you will witness how devoid of wisdom man generally has been.

        Do not forget we are at the ebb of the sixth millenium, whence all these things must be fulfilled and the glory of the Lord be unveiled.

        Of ‘this modern map of Eden’ suffice to bring you to remembrance of an ancient covenant, that He that is All in all was to send us the Spirit of truth, that was to guide us to all recollectins and discovries of all that is truth.

        Sorry on the spelling errors, its cos I presently have to use a touch phone as other internet is unavailable in my present location, and I’ve been pressed to reply to this post ever since I came across the same.

        Much blessings to you all.

  19. Maybe the dream that you had is not for the negative, but for the POSITIVE. I know some people will not believe what I am about to say, but please listen with YOUR HEARTS and not with your brains because this is not logical and man’s FINITE thoughts will not be able to perceive what I am about to say. I will pray for you. For those who have ears to hear let them hear. THIS IS GOD’S EARTH, not Satan’s, and NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO IT UNLESS THE FATHER HAS ORDAINED IT. All of this rapture and tribulation talk is NOT NOW. Not saying that none it’s not true, because a lot of the things on this blog are true, but it’s just not for now. I know that’s hard to believe because you’ve been hearing this ALL of your lives, and before, I used to believe in it too, but it’s NOT for now. God gave man a 6,000 year lease on the Earth. He goes by the Jewish calendar which is based on cosmic events. We are in the Jewish calendar year of 5774. There is still another 236 years left on this lease. That means that everyone living on the Earth right now and probably the next 100 years will die a natural death, not be caught in the rapture or die in the tribulation. Satan’s main tactic is FEAR. He loves for people to concentrate on this stuff because they put FEAR into people. People have been so focused on THIS that they are about to miss out on what is to come. Our Father is about to take back is Earth. There is about to be GREAT HARVEST that is about to take place. The FATHER is about to RETURN MOST OF HIS CHILDREN, out of 7 Billion plus, BACK TO HIM. He’s about to take over businesses, churches, organizations, governments, WALL STREET, and anything else you can think of, IN A MIGHTY WAY. It ALL belongs to him anyway and He created it. Heaven is about to sync with Earth. Open your eyes! Why do you think that God has been exposing everything and everyone? Businesses, governments, etc. Why do think the Earth is reacting through the weather and the earthquakes? Because it’s shaking the CURSE OFF OF ITSELF. God is going to break the curse that was put on when Adam fell and He locked the gates to the Garden of Eden. The TRUTH is about to REVEAL ITSELF and THE FATHER for who HE REALLY IS. Not the way RELIGION has presented him. Over the next couple years, watch what happens with the things of the Earth. Watch him use the younger generation for his GLORY because what he is about to do is going to be so different for the older generation that they’re going to develop the SPIRIT of PHARISEE and NOT ACCEPT THE TRUTH when it comes because it going’s to be a new way to WORSHIP Go. Everyone on Earth will have to RECKON with the truth: The message of Jesus and the kingdom of God, NOT the church of God. There’s a difference. He’s going to raise up a new president someone that’s unknown right now that will lead the WORLD back to him. In 7 years, this world will be 100 percent safe and everyone will be prospering, there will not be Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Atheist, or any other religion, there will be NO SICKNESS. He’s about to unite all 7 billion plus of his children on the Earth. There will be no doubt as to who God REALLY IS, it will just be a choice of whether you will follow him or not. Satan and whoever CHOOSES to follow him will have to flee into the mountains and caves. People in the Kingdom of God are about to take over cities, businesses, governments, etc. where NO evil will be able to stay. There will come a point where there will be NO DEATH on the Earth because things are going to be SO PERFECT. Watch God transform the minds of people, even you, such as he’s done with myself. He will open your eyes to the truth. Watch yourself become more a spiritual person and less religious and all of these rules and regulations that have been created by man will no longer matter. You will begin to LIVE LIFE more abundantly and all these things that religious people have told is a damnation will no longer seem right to you. It won’t be about a church, a pastor, a priest, an elder, a bishop, etc. It’ll just be about our PERSONAL relationships with him as A FATHER to us. The whole world will be his kingdom. Evil will have to conform to us, not vice versa as it has been. Demons conformed to our brother Jesus, he didn’t have conform to them. We have that same dominion over the dark spirits, the weather, the ground, and everything else in the Earth. This will be restored back to us once the curse is broken which is very soon. God sent ALL 7 Billion plus people to the earth with a purpose and the best thing that you can do is to live out your purpose. If that’s being a computer engineer, an electrician, a beautician, a doctor, a lawyer, a ceo, or whatever then so be it to HIS glory. Most all occupations on the Earth are in the kingdom. Don’t see the Father through anybody else’s eyes, not even a pastor. There are many avenues to having a relationship with him. Not everybody’s path will be the same. And let’s not judge how someone else’s path to Him maybe different from ours. God created diversity. In his kingdom, our differences unite us, not separate us such as in Satan’s kingdom that he has set up. But don’t worry, his time is almost up and God is about to KICK HIM OUT of the second Heaven. Watch out for the lightning! I love you all my brothers and sisters and I hope that you won’t judge me, but have an open heart and begin to look at the positive in what God is doing and not the negative.

    • dear shannon

      I agree that someday this world will be a better place, but in the meantime, the book of revelation predicts the world will become completely evil, and under a beast that will do everything to destroy the saints.

      No man cam bring this world to world peace and perfection now, only Jesus can, not a president.

      The idea of a one world religion is new age, where there is no hindu, christian , jew etc. the idea that all paths lead to God is a deception. there is only ONE way to the Father and that is jesus… one else died for your sins…..and the father will listen to no one else on your behalf….and no one else is equal in their teachings to Jesus….I hope

      If someone has told you that a new president will come and do all this, the be alerted. the teaching that in 7 years we will be safe because of a man in office is parallel to the reign of the antichrist, and should be suspect.

      you have my love, but be sure you look to NO man for the kingdom of god to be established on earth.

      all leaders now are in allegiance to the new world order, which is satan’s kingdom.

      read the book of revelation, and see the trouble to come soon…prepare yourself….jesus will come from on high and destroy the evil and the earth, and physically cleanse it before any new kingdom is established.

      • I’m sorry my sister, Marianne, but you misunderstood what I said. I know that Jesus is the only way to the Father, but he uses people to build his kingdom. He used Paul, the disciples, he’s using YOU. That’s what I meant. The Father is about to use a new president to lead the world into a different time period and unfortunately you are highly mistaken. The problem with some is that they skip right to the book of Revelation and don’t read the rest of the Bible because everybody likes to think that they understand Revelation when in actuality they don’t. God has a timeline in Heaven that sits behind his throne. That timeline consists of a dot with labels of different ages that take place on the Earth. That dot is currently on “KINGDOM AGE”. “PERILOUS TIMES”, such as the times of the Tribulation are far a ways off. Please get to the know the Father and the God that you serve. He’s not a God that is trying to trick people up and catch people unaware. He’s much more merciful than that. The antichrist is not on the Earth. You won’t even be here when that happens. You would have already went home to be with the Lord. Do not take these negative things that are happening on the Earth as signs of the Tribulation. The Father says Israel shall be a praise in the Earth BEFORE he returns. That has NOT taken place yet. And God has to give all humanity the chance to come to him. That has NOT taken place yet. He say we all will be able to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. That HASN’T taken place yet. The church is more divided than ever before. The Father says you only know IN PART. And unfortunately, you only know the end, but you need not be concerned with that because you WON’T even be here. But it’s not really my job to try to convince because SOMETHING BIG IS ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE that WILL convince you and the Father will change your mind set on this. MARK MY WORDS. Remember that I told you that. The only NEW WORLD ORDER that’s taking place is HEAVEN SYNCING WITH EARTH. And remember who REJECTED JESUS. THE JEWS, HIS OWN PEOPLE because they REFUSED to BELIEVE THE TRUTH. But all others of the world who had no idea about God ACCEPTED him. Please do not allow the spirit of Pharisee to consume you that if the truth slapped you in the face you still wouldn’t believe it. Please take a look at your relationship with The Father and ask him to show you who he REALLY IS and what he’s REALLY about to do. You obviously have a spiritual gift, but you only know in it part. I dare you to just ask him and not amiss, but with a sincere heart about what’s taking place in the world right now and he’s working through that and I promise you that he will begin to open your eyes on this. You help Satan in spiritual warfare when you put all of this FEAR out here into the world because the rapture is not now, neither is the tribulation. That’s not for another 200 some odd years. What kind of a God do you think we serve? A God that wouldn’t prepare his people before he comes. The rapture means to be caught up IN LOVE. There is not a lot of love on the EARTH right now so it can’t take place now. The Rapture will only take place when the job is COMPLETE and WE ALL LOVE EACH OTHER. The job hasn’t been completed yet, not by a long shot. And God is not a God just for the Christians. He is a God of ALL people. We ALL came out of Him in heaven before he sent us to the Earth with a purpose and we ALL are supposed to return back to Him. Unfortunately Satan is successful at getting A LOT of people off of their path. Jesus is ALREADY here on the earth and he’s revealing the truth to those who are “spiritually sick”. He is about to destroy the evil on the earth, that is right, but not in the sense that you think it is. It’s not in the form of the rapture or the tribulation. WHEN THIS SOMETHING BIG HAPPENS, which is very soon by the way, the LOST are going to be the ones who accept the TRUTH and not the so-called “church”, because that’s exactly what happened to Jesus. We need to pray for them, the Lost, not speak against them. Our war is NOT with flesh and blood, but AGAINST PRINCIPALITIES. You might as well unpack your bags, sister because you’re not going anywhere. You will live out your natural life until the Lord calls you home. So you might as well LIVE LIFE more abundantly while you’re here. HIS YOLK IS EASY and HIS BURDENS ARE LIGHT. I love you my sister and I know that one day you will know the truth and accept it.

        • Excuse me, but you don’t know me, and to say I have the spirit of a pharisee and that I need to know who the father is, is not acceptable. I allow different views on here, and allow people to disagree if they want.

          I allow myself the same privilege. I have an informational blog, and do not support fear for any reason. We are to keep watch and keep ourselves informed, so that we are not deceived.

          Where are you getting your viewpoints from?

          I do not mind difference of opinion, as long as it does not get into personal remarks.

          Who is this “savior” president you are sure about?

          I agree that the presence of the Lord is on the earth, but the evil is increasing as predicted by the bible. I think the future will reveal itself. We should always be ready to leave, no matter what the world events are.

          • Hi,

            If your posts above were not sarcasm, please clarify and tell us also of the intent.

            Secondly, of the time line that is a dot behind God’s throne currently reading kingdom age and perilous times, how do you know of it, or did God contract you to place the dot behind his throne? Never heard of this dot.

            And lastly, fear God and give glory to him….. Fear is not always negative, for even prudence is based on fear of the outcome of making wrong choices. In Eden, God himself instituted fear when He advised our progenitors not to eat of a certain tree, lest they die. Death was the undesired effect of their imprudent actions, not a threat, but all the same an outcome to be feared and avoided.

            So if this blog in any way has advised fear against wreckless living, how would that be assisting Satan, rather than God’s ca

            Your opinions on the times we are in require to be substantiated, for else they sincerely are estranged from the law and the testimony.

          • Marriane, The war you are called to wage in regard to your dream above is evident. The dream encodes subjects that the opponents certainly would rather ever remained undeclared. Test the spirits. Do not be easily provoked to divert from the topic of the dream map and what it possibly refers to. For the time if that component of truth is now.

            • thank you. I notice that it is a pattern, that whatever I post, people will get off the subject anyhow….people are free to do that, although it would be nice if they would stay on topic. 🙂

        • shannon

          here is a study of the hebrew calendar error

          god bless you

  20. I’m not personally attacking you. You’re my sister. There’s no reason to get angry because only Satan gets angry at the truth. And no, I’m not calling you Satan. I never said that you had the spirit of Pharisee, I meant for it not to allow it to consume you so much to the point that you will believe a lie and unwilling to believe the truth because it’s so different from what you’ve been hearing that you call it a lie. And I get ALL of my revelation from The Father himself because I have a RELATIONSHIP with him and he reveals things to me in the same way as he reveals things to you, through the Holy Spirit. It’s the same thing and he can reveal these things to you as well if you ask of Him. I never said anything about a Savior president. What I mean is, the president is the leader of the Free World, and he has influence over what happens in the whole wide world. The Lord is going to RAISE UP A PRESIDENT that HE HAS ORDAINED AND APPOINTED and is GOING TO USE (same way he uses you and the same way that uses me or a pastor or whoever) to LEAD PEOPLE BACK TO THE JESUS. And it’s not just the president alone; it’s all of God’s people who are going to help the lost come back to Him. I can’t believe that you’re arguing with that. As a child of God you should want this and not want for people to continue in darkness. We have to have compassion for people instead of casting them to the devil. God will use WHOEVER he has to use to RETURN ALL of his children back to Him. We should all be walking in the spirit of TRUTH and that’s all that I’m going to say because the burden of proof is not on me, but the Father. He will reveal it to you soon. I know that he will and you will accept it as Truth. Love you all of my brothers and sisters and keep an open heart to the truth.

    • I am not “consumed” with false concepts. I study the current events in light of bible prophecy. I find this interesting so I write about it.

      I would like to see a pastor president, but I will believe it when I see it.

      I am not casting anyone to the devil. People in this country have made their choices, I have not made the choices for them. My job is to encourage people to repent, and offer them biblical truth…so they can wake up to the mess in this country and what their eternal destiny might be if they don’t repent.

      I do not see any future president taking over after this one, since the country is facing judgment, but would welcome the relief of another chance… this time, over 60% of this country is far left liberals, and they are going to vote the same way they did the last time.

      the only thing that MIGHT change their minds is a major disaster, which is pending, but we will see what happens. the bible indicates that people will not repent….The father knows each person who will be saved and not saved. when the last person has come over to christ, the end times will begin.

  21. Disease moving north from the south. At present, respiratory illness is spreading. I suspect due to illegal aliens being moved north. This is but the beginning and I believe part of a global agenda to bring chaos to the world.

    Watch for Hospitals and schools to be harmed to the max first. Then, families with loss of work being fired ext…

    To me, G-d is allowing Old Knobs last push to make the world worship him. Many will be called to witness for Christ and be murdered.

    I’m not sure what to think of me as I believe it good and just to drill evil men center mass.

    Judge: Son, why did you shoot that terrorist 15 times?
    Jarhead: Sir, that’s all the ammo I had.

  22. Yellowstone is worrisome,,,Magma expanse under Yellowstone supervolcano more vast than thought

    • rhonda

      there does seem to be some activity in that area…hope it does not get worse

      • 11 Grand Canyons worth of magma . . . holy moly. Quite the update.

        I wonder how much fracking might be contributing to the displacement of, or pressure on, the magma chamber below Yellowstone.

        The fracking locations (i.e. Oklahoma) might seem far away, but as stated, the chamber is much more expansive than originally thought.

        My brother and his wife are resident volunteer rangers during the summer months at Yellowstone (they are there now.) I trust they will stay safe. It is over due to explode, according to the scientists and tracking information from the past. And, I know, God will “release the zipper” at His own choosing and timing.

        • Denise,
          As a student of geology for 25 years I can tell you with total confidence that no fracking at any distance from the Yellowstone magma chamber would contribute to a volcanic eruption. Only the natural expansion of the magma chamber pushing it near to the surface where the overburden of rocks can no longer contain the magma would be able to start the eruption process.
          Just don’t go up there and poke it with a stick. 🙂

  23. Marianne,
    This area is sparsely populated as is a lot of the region around it. However, if you research the Minuteman missile system, you will find that there are hundreds of underground missile silos in the area that currently house ICBMs. The government has long been financially burdened with this ‘antiquated’ system and has been brainstorming inexpensive ways to ‘back-out’ of this program. The best proposition so far, removes the nuclear warheads and abandons the rocket fuselages to rot in place. Oddly enough they have already begun this process on a limited basis, just to see what happens. They have discovered that the fuel is leaking from the missiles as these systems require constant maintenance to keep that from happening. BUT, they see that as acceptable considering the extremely costly alternative.
    I’m not personally an EPA fan or protagonist but this rocket fuel has been leaking into the aquifers for quite some time now, although it currently is such a small amount it is almost untraceable. Imagine their delight with being so brilliant, they must be breaking their arms slapping themselves on the back.
    Amazingly we are a long way off from Armageddon, but the Cataclysm is just around the corner. When that happens Marshall Law will be declared and the roads in the area you circled will be impassible.
    I need you to imagine hundreds of ICBMs rotting in their silos in this region, which of course will ruin the water.
    So Marianne, there is your answer.
    Stay with God and God bless us all for the coming times will indeed be truly troublesome.
    P.S. Yellowstone will will never blow, but it is the reason for the Cataclysm.

    • fred

      thanks for that info on ICBM storage

      I was thinking maybe the water had something to do with it, but your info makes this more possible.

      the area seems to be in the middle of nowhere…..

  24. I’m new to this site as of yesterday. When I saw your map above and read (most of) the posts here, I knew I had to comment on three fronts.

    The first is DutchSince’ youtube from 17 January 2016 ( Your blue lines on the upper map sort of follow the North American Craton described by DutchSinse. Check it out.

    The second is a dream I had, and then thirdly, a comment to it’s possible correlation to your above map. Here’s the dream:
    Dream – Deception & Waters Rising

    In the morning hours, I dreamt I was either in China, or the Chinese were here in America. (I think it was the latter.) They had teams of “salesmen” going about seeking to sell property, particularly land with about 15 acre parcels, but more importantly land that has water on it, such as lakes, ocean, rivers, streams, and springs! Their message was that waterfront property was going to unexpectedly and suddenly increase in value, and now was the time to buy!

    I had a suspicious feeling they were lying, and then took a walk on a parcel with an elderly lady who was excited that she was “investing” in land. I guess we were walking on the land she bought, which had a dilapidated house on it with overgrown vines and a circular asphalt driveway.

    As we walked I pointed out a water puddle near the house and said “See that ripple there on the surface of the water?” It was within six feet from the home’s foundation. “Yes”, she said. “That is spring water coming up from the ground!”

    Then I had a word of knowledge from The Lord, that the reason the Chinese were selling these lands was because the water table was rising and would soon cause them to be under water and become worthless!

    The elderly woman understood and cried because she spent all her money on this soon to be worthless land. -End of dream.

    For whatever it’s worth, I don’t know. But these things stuck with me:
    1) Deception in the marketplace,
    2) Possible future vast depreciation of land values,
    3) Possible future mass flooding (Who doesn’t want waterfront property?),
    4) Possible Chinese market influence. (The financial markets are already being affected by China.)
    5) Now and in the Days to come, we are to rely heavily on what The Lord is saying, rather than what we are told to “believe”.

    So regarding the “third” front I wanted to speak to…
    When I saw the words “Mississippi Watershed” on the 2nd map above, I immediately saw a possible correlation of my dream to your map dream, but with the understanding of possible rising water table being the point. Then with John’s lengthy discussion of the 4 waterheads, it really drove the point home. He said (paraphrased) there’s an underground waterway that flows between Manhattan and Seattle, but comes up at the Ogallala Aquifer.

    So, what if tectonic plate movement caused both magma AND water to get pushed upward to the ground surface. If the North American Craton were to have a mass movement, could it’s action cause both volcanic and water to spring upward? Could we see middle America become a sunken garden?

    • mdsmitty

      my impression growing over time is that some single event at the circle will occur at the same time the mississipi is damaged in some way.

      watch news about the animals there…..this is near yellowstone….animals can sense things, and have been known to try to vacate the area in the past.

      there have been some prediction made by various people that the middle of the USA and both coast lines will be damaged by earthquakes and floods.

      this is thought to be due to the splitting of jerusalem, or a covenant formed among nations against Israel, which causes a chain reaction in the spirit, god moving to punish USA.

      at this point, the usa will be split in half along the new madrid fault line, earthquakes in california, and a tsunami on both the east and west coasts as a result of an asteroid hitting in the atlantic, and the canary island volcano. hard to explain that in all one sentence.

      the asteroid will hit on a fault line that connects to other fault lines, and there will be a chain reaction.

      the government knows all this

      the chinese have already been given the west coast by our evil un-american government…and they will come in and claim the property, killing anyone who survives. all the ports there are owned by chinese now, for example.. so you are right, the chinese already act like it is their land. they are ready to attack usa and take all land from the americans either before or after the earthquakes.

      people don’t know it, but all public land, like national forests, etc, already belong to the united nations….not america.

      this is treason…which is not a surprise, since the recent bengazi hearings proved the government allowed us citizens to die, to conceal a weapons run to ISIS terrorist rebels in syria.

      russians will also invade after the damage, unless there is WW3 before hand, which will be a reaction to what US gov does to russia.

      you are right as the flooding will also come from below, as the earthquakes will disrupt the land, allowing water to rise up, and add to the damage a tsunami would contribute on the west coast as a result of the asteroid impact.

      this is what jade helm 15 was about…to prep for martial law, and to try to shoot down the asteroid as it approaches to break it up. they have missiles (ICBMs) positioned along the expected path now. these are not designed for local war, but designed to go into space.

      anyone who lives too near either coast, including me, are at danger of being killed.. I live within 50-100 miles of east coast.

      god will protect believers but also many others will die, because it is their time.

      the part in my dream about the doctor who voted for this president implies something… the circle area, and along those lines may very well be planted nuclear devices, to cause explosions and further increase the damage….to kill off americans and pave the way for the chinese and the russians.

      those in the “us gov” are not concerned about this treasonous relinquishing of US land to foreign govs…..and the war to come…they have prepared, with taxpayer money, underground bunkers, which are 5 star in quality and luxury, so that they will escape all the trauma as americans die.

      but god is not mocked, all those hiding in the DUMBs will be killed by god, as predicted in REV and Isaiah.

      so i agree w your dream that the chinese are here to deceive…and take americans for granted.

      america and jerusalem has god’s name carved into it with fault lines ( valleys). when america acts to destroy jersualem by giving it to its enemies, the name of god will be removed, ripped, from amerca as punishment.

      when the asteroid hits, the caribbean plate will activate the pacific plate, and the 3 other major fault lines in the usa, rocky mountains, madrid, and east coast.

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