Demon Possession

Protect yourself by knowing more about this, and what to do.

Characteristics of Demons:

Mark 5:1-20 is the definitive passage on demon possession and its effects in the Bible. Some of the details about demons the Bible reveals in this passage are:

1. Devils want to be near dead human bodies or tombs (vs. 2, 3, 5).
2. They can cause unusual strength (vs. 3-4).
3. They can make a person unreasonable or immune to sensible persuasion (vs. 4).
4. They cause excessive crying (vs. 5).
5. They cause sadistic and masochistic behavior (vs. 5).
6. They have an affinity for heights (vs. 5).
7. They recognize Christ as “the Son of God” and appeal to Him (vs. 6-7).
8. They know they deserve torment and dread it (vs. 6-7).
9. They have names (vs. 9).
10. More than one can possess the same body (vs. 9).
11. They desire to stay in the same geographical region or “country” (vs. 10). territorial.
12. They would rather indwell an animal body than none at all (vs. 12).
13. They can cause animals to kill themselves (vs. 13).
14. They desire to be in a body when it dies (vs. 13).
15. They have a desire for water (vs. 13).

Mark 9:17-29 gives us even more details about devils:

16. They can cause dumbness and deafness (vs. 17, 25).
17. They cause rabid animal like behavior (vs. 18).
18. They can indwell from childhood (vs. 21).
19. They cause suicidal behavior (vs. 22).
20. They resist leaving a body and violently “rent” it while leaving (vs. 26).
21. There are
different kinds of devils. Some have more power than others (vs. 29).
22. Some can only be removed by prayer and fasting of believer (vs. 29).

devils do exist, we know they are unembodied spirits that work in the spiritual realm, they desire to and are able to indwell humans (also animals) and influence their bodies and minds for evil, they vary in power and authority, but all are more powerful than man, and they can be controlled or cast out by the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.

But how much power does a devil have over a Christian? Can devils or demons control a believer as they can a lost person?

The Bible mentions basically two types of satanic or demonic influence or control over men:

1. Satanic or Demonic Oppression, where Satan or devils contact and influence people externally; from the outside in.

2. Demon Indwelling or Possession, where the devils actually dwell inside the person, influencing and manipulating him internally.

The Bible warn believers to “resist the Devil” (James 4:7) and “neither give place to the Devil” (Eph. 4:27)

When a born again Christian yields to his old nature and sins, “old man” is still vulnerable to satanic temptation, oppression or even more (Eph. 4:22-32).

“Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

This verse is quoted as if it removes any threat of satanic or demonic influence over a believer, but look at the passage closely. John is simply reassuring believers they are of God, over comers in Christ, and have the ultimate victory over spirits

Symptoms of Demon Possession

A. Biblical Symptoms

1. Physical: blindness (Matt. 12:22-29), dumbness (Matt.9:32), a crippled

woman (Lk. 13:11-16). While we can’t be dogmatic, it may be that some

of these symptoms were psychosomatic, meaning that there was no organic

or material cause. We also would not rule out the possibility that demons

could cause illnesses which would otherwise be diagnosed as being caused

by chemical imbalances or from such sources as bacteria or viruses.

2. Supernatural. Mark 1:24. The demon knew Christ’s true identity. The

same demon threw his subject to the ground. See also the account in Matt.

8 where the victim had extra-ordinary strength and was made to break

chains, etc. In Acts 16, we have an account of a girl with apparent psychic


3. Antisocial behavior. Self-inflicted wounds, nakedness, screaming, attacking others – either verbally or physically.

4. Mental or emotional: depression, mental illness. The boy in Matt.

17:15ff. is described in the original text as being moonstruck or literally

insane. The symptoms were so like epilepsy some english translations

translate it epilepsy. When Jesus commanded the demon to leave, the boy

went into convulsions apparently caused by the demon.

5. Generally accepted evil behavior. lying, hate speech, aggression, threats to harm, sadistic,

4 characteristics of demon possession:

1. Knowledge of a language previously unknown by the victim.

2. Knowledge of hidden or secret things.

3. Demonstration of superhuman strength.

4. An aversion to the things of God.

Interpretation of possession – there are two extremes to avoid.

(1) The Materialist or naturalist view says man is just a complicated

electro-chemical machine. This is, of course the prevailing view

in academia and much of modern psychiatry. This view denies

the supernatural or spiritual aspect of man. Denies the spiritual.

(2) The Spiritual view. This view tends to see a spiritual cause

behind all problems including physical disease, i.e. sickness is due

to sin. Evil in this view is attributable to Satan and his demons. Denies natural causes, or fallible human nature. Example: sickness caused by the devil, rather than poor health.

How People become Possessed

People become demon possessed when they break the First Commandment: Thou shalt have no other gods before me. This is why the sin of idolatry was so serious in the OT

(see Deut. 32:17 and in the NT, I Cor. 10:20,21).

The images themselves were nothing; it was the demons behind them. Demon possession is less common in cultures which are pervasively Christian. Where demons (spirits) are worshiped, as in Southeast Asia, demon possession is common. As our own society becomes more pagan, we can expect to see its frequency increase.

Any habitual un-repented sin can open the door to demonic presence.

Any prolonged exposure to demon possessed people, sinful behavior in general, or cursed objects which carry a demonic presence with them can open the door to possession or oppression. Cursed objects can be statues, pictures, or artifacts of ancient gods, astrology books, books of the occult, satanic music, etc.

Ministering to the Demon Possessed

A. Christians do not have to fear demons. Greater is He that is in you…

However, neither should they be taken lightly. One should have a clear

understanding of what the Bible teaches about the enemy.

B. From our understanding of Scripture, there are no special gifts operative

today such as gifts of deliverance, or gifts of exorcism, or even gifts of

discernment (in the supernatural sense). Every believer is a priest and can

pray for someone in bondage.

C. When a case of demon-possession is highly suspected, the

following is recommended:

1. The person needs to be confronted with the fact that their state is a result

of their willful decision to yield to the evil spirits rather than to their


2. The person must be enjoined to repent of the sin of worshipping false

gods and turn to Christ for forgiveness and salvation. Note: in some

cases, due to the severity of the demonic attack it may be impossible to

share the gospel. See the next step.

3. The Prayer of Faith: The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and

effective. James 5:16. (For the right kind of faith see I Cor. 13:2).

Pray that the afflicted will be convicted of sin (his or hers), righteousness

(Christ’s), and judgement (its certainty) (see John 16:5-11).

Pray that the Lord Jesus, to whom all authority is given, will release this person from the bondage of the demon(s).

It is recommended that you not be alone but in the company of other believers who will pray with you.

It is also recommended by some that you pray out loud. Demons cannot read our thoughts.

4. The Scripture is an offensive weapon (Eph. 6:17) Read aloud passages

which tell of Satan’s defeat.

D. Do not carry on a dialogue with evil spirits. Instead, insist (in the name of Christ) that they shut up.

E. When the person is freed the emptiness must be filled by Christ or the

demons will eventually return, making the person’s state worse than it

originally was. Matt. 12:43ff. Make sure the person has accepted Christ, and then follow up for continued support. If there is no follow up, the person may be danger.

F. Evidence of deliverance – the person’s personality and behavior will change, and become softer and gentler, more open. Sometimes, during deliverance, one can feel something like puff of air coming out of the individual.

G. In spite of the seemingly powerful influence a demon can have on someone, the demons are actually very small and powerless by themselves.

H. It is the cooperation of the possessed person and the submission of the mind and will that gives the demon its power. That is why it is so important to get the person to agree that this is what they want, and repent, and reject the demon with their own human will.

Final Observations and Concerns

A. It is very dangerous to develop a doctrine of demonology from experience. See Jn.8:44 . When demons speak they lie. Do not go by what demons say. Go by the scriptures.

B. What about Christians? Can they be demon possessed? There is no doubt that professing Christians can be possessed.

Eighty-five percent of the population in the U.S. claims to be Christian.

It is difficult to believe that a person’s body can be occupied simultaneously both by the Holy Spirit and a foul spirit.

When I Cor. says our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit it uses the Greek word naos, the same word used for the Holy of Holies in the OT.

There is no warrant from Scripture for the belief that a true, regenerate Christian can be demon possessed. The superficially professing Christian needs to be distinguished from the born again believer.

That a true Christian can be influenced, harrassed, be oppressed, or

be in bondage to demons there can be little doubt, otherwise the admonition to put on the whole armor of God would make little sense.

Therefore, one who is not born again, even though they profess Christianity, can be possessed. A born again believer cannot be possessed, but oppressed.


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    • Hi My name is Sam . Since Im Small My mom Always told me She had Problems With Spirits .She Told me ones That They pulled her brother of his bed ?! and i dint Know if i should believe it .. And Not to long ago She Told me She Sees Devils Around her at night They Try to Get into her body ..She Never Stops Fighting with them .. She ben Weird these past Years She always looks Tired She is miserable . She doesn t Talk to no one .. My father Told me today that When she Was Young She woke up with a Holograph on her Chest .. I Think She is Possesed
      We Tryed to make He talk With a Girl That communicates With Spirts by Phone And my mom Hang up on her
      I need Help What Can i do ??? To Make Her smile Again And feell free

      • sam

        Your mom needs spiritual help. But she must also want it, since god will not forced himself on anyone. Talk to her and she if she is willing to receive prayer, to remove these spirits from her.

        she does not need girls that communicates with spirits. that girl is a witch and will cause more problems.

        she needs someone who is a christian, who has the love of Jesus in them who will pray for her and with her.

        the spirits will have to leave in the name of jesus, since his name and person has authority.

        You sound like a good family, but it does not sound like your family has accepted jesus as savior yet. You need to think about this, learn about what this means, and make the decision to receive the love and forgiveness of jesus.

        I suggest you talk to a local pastor, since this type of learning cannot be conveyed in a small comment on the internet.

        In the meantime, I can give you some deliverance prayers to say for your mom. if she is willing have her pray with you.

        let me know your progress, and your decision about jesus helping you.

        print out the prayers and say each day. I will be in a agreement with you.

        • The Girl on the phone Was Christian That love Jesus and Prays all Day thats all she does and she is recognized for helping people .. She Starting praying with my mom For a couple minutes She Was Saying That My mom Had Something In Her Room That she had to trow .. and my mom Said that she had nothing and she hangup .. Every night my mom Sleeps With the bible But She told my dad That it only Gets Worst When she reads it ! I forgot to tell you also 7 years ago She Was on the bed With my dad And She Starting Hearing Bee Noises Stronger and Stronger .. She Ask my Dad Is He Hears It Too He Said No I don’t Suddenly It Scared My mom .. She Tapped my dad And My Dad When Running as he got Scared Cut He Was Hearing it too .. I Am Catholic I Believe in God and i also believe in evil Spirits .. I Just Wanna Help my mom Without Getting in some Trouble .. Thanks

          • Its Like If My mom Is Scared Of being Help or Cuz its the evil talking .. I know She Sees Horrible things And It Takes All her energy To sleep With that. She’s Aggressive all the time I Would like to pray For her !

            • sam


              Since your mom won’t pray you ( and maybe your father?) will have to pray for her.

              It sounds like the evil spirits have taken over.

              She has to be encouraged to repent of whatever let the spirits in. confession of those sins.

              She has to go through a deliverance ( exorcism) eventually.

              Use the prayers I sent you every day. Print them out for easy use.

              and see if you can find a deliverance ministry to take her to. most catholic churches do not do deliverance so take her somewhere else. Look in the directory for Pentecostal, charismatic, or spirit filled churches, which may have the label “deliverance” attached to them. or get the christian girl to come to the house.

          • You still need help

        • Excuse me, but I need help.. I hear a evil spirit.. Who won’t and don’t want to leave me alone.. I asked god for a number and i was given “312” & I believe her name is Emma.. I got blessed but it didn’t go away.. All she says is that she wants to make my life a living hell. I understand she is full of shot.. And I tell her to leave me alone in the name of Jesus Christ! & all she does is say the same crap.. “You think I can’t get louder” tries to control me.. Tried to get me to kill myself.. She is very annoying and I am done trying to do it alone.. Do I need a exorcism?

        • there are prayers online you can pray along with. YouTube has allot . God bless you

        • I have read what you have spoken to Sam and was wondering if you could please help me by sending me these deliverance prayers…
          I am working with someone I believe it’s physically possessed not only by one but 3 or more… Diagnosed bi polar by doctors yet I disagree…
          Do you believe a possesed person can pray , declare Jesus as Lord ask for him to make a home inside the heart yet possibly still curse, smoke weed, wanna fornicate listen to music not glorifying our Lord God? Do you believe demons can say God is omni present and all in all? Yet refer to discussion as God theory(although Russian/Jew non practicing, so accent is different)
          Pleases send me these deliverance prayers Sister… God bless you and thank you… Although if you are off Catholic faith praying unto angels and saints against the commands of our Lord and scripture than please forget my request….
          And thank you for your time…

          • laya

            inside the person is the human spirit and the demonic spirit.

            the human part understands it is in trouble, and tries to reach out to jesus…the demonic spirit part drives him to continue in bondage and sin

            so yes, you can have contradictory behavior

            I am sending you the prayers against witchcraft , spirits and curses.

            also for strength and protection

            say daily or until you get relief… they may or may not be able to pray with you, so you pray on their behalf

            I will agree with you in prayer

      • Hey there Sam. I want to talk to you because I know that you need a deliverance of someone who doesn’t actually enter demons into you and make it worse. Most churches, pentecostal and all of those as well are actually making rituals of entering demons. I have one here that you can watch his videos to understand this spiritual realm more, the bible and other things: . This is just one video of a deliverance, where he has many. He also calls for repentance, and how to view the bible in a serious manner, otherwise the demons will come back 7 times stronger. This is an issue that is hard to deal with longer down the road so you should do something about it now. Watch it, talk to your mother, and she has to agree with her heart that something is wrong. Anyhow you should watch this guys channel. You can contact him for a deliverance too on his channel or website, he can do it through skype. I hope you will find through, and my Facebook name is Helene Lygren if you want to ask more questions. You can add me anytime. H

        • interesting session….may we all be active in fighting satan and his demons

        • Catholic and Orthodox says it all – There is so many Demonic doctrines to be found in these ways. And these practices open you up to Demons.
          Sadly I don’t have much worldly experience with these things as of yet – but I am learning discernment.

          Quit praying to death people, Quit doing the rosary, Quit bowing down before statues, kiss, and kneel and venerate these things. Quit praying to Mary, she is not our Saviour. Quit the Catholic Church and the Orthodox – and go for Jesus.

          The first thing you need to do – is stop putting wood in the burning fire.

          I’m on facebook if anyone wants to talk.

      • Believe I can help.
        Trust god us childern.

      • I recomend her to use a rosary it would protect her from demons it has to be blessed and to go to your local Catholic Church ask if they could do a mass of healing I believe that how is called she has to go to mass of healing she would be healed out Demond’s. She can not be scared of going to mass of healing at all. She has to believe in God and Jesus Christ. Mass of healing/prayer of healing is very powerful I haven’t gone but I hear it’s very powerful and I believe it is. She would be heal from anything spiritual/emotional/physical. Don’t forget to go to mass after that.

        • You want her to put wood in the fire? Bad advice.

          • You don’t advice her to go out and Eat and Drink a false Jesus.
            Jesus Bread was broken once and for all, and his Wine was poured out for the sins of the world.

      • Still need help

    • this vary site make a person demon ! love is the only solution.

  2. thank you for your scripturally-infused and thorough article on this subject.

    and thank God that we have the Stronger Man!


  3. adopted,

    God bless you today and always. It is really hard to imagine fighting the dark forces without the help of Christ. I can see why the old testament people had such problems. SO now, we have a better way! Praise Jesus for his work on the cross!!


    • One of the best advice is to focus on positives, on sports and socialising with nice healthy upbeat people… one forgets that evil even exist. Leave nasty well alone it will leave you alone too…

      • sophie

        I wish that were true, that we ignore evil and pretend it does not exist.

        people did that 85 years ago, and ended up in a holocaust

        many countries wee invaded and destroyed

        evil never leaves us alone

        we either fight it, or become its victim

  4. Marianne,
    I was checking you out. I am in agreement with you about the true Christian not ever being demon possessed, but can be influenced, and oppressed. Sadly, there are many professors who are not possessed by the Spirit of God.
    God bless you.

    • I must say being a catholic I have loved God all my life I put all that I am in loving him yet I find being Catholic is becoming a hindrance to getting the help I need and I seem to have found solace here.I am a Paranormal investigator and in doing so have gotten a very negative attachmment that speaks to me through various devices and I must say it says some vile terrible things. I have since stopped all spirit communication and will continue to do so but that isnt helping what I have already let in. It is with me always as all I have to do is turn on a flashlight and there it is it blinks the light and lets me know its here. It is no ghost or spirit I can tell you because of what it has said to me. Horrible things and it mocks my belief. I want to cut this attachments cords and pray and pray I use holy water and sage to no avail. Any ideas would be helpful and please do not quote scripture to me as I am well versed in that and I also am aware of my mistakes regarding spirit communication. I try not to sin I pray several times a day regularly attend Mass and I believe with all my heart in God and Jesus. I need to know how to cut this cord and be free. I try and live as sinless a life as possible and am succeeding there as my life used to be very wild indeed. I have cut every single bit of sin I was so badly immersed in from my youth so I am indeed on the right path. I need advice please not scripture. thanks to any who may be of help…Have a blessed day!

      • hi Debra

        You had good intentions but used the wrong method.

        Dealing with spirits requires the baptism of the holy spirit, and using the authority and the blood of jesus to overcome what is there.

        You fell into the common misconception of using parapsychology, which the world sees as “science,” to go after the spirits. there is no protection that way.

        What I would do is first renounce the Paranormal investigator role, and put that to rest. It opened the door for them to walk right into your spirit. You need to close the door, and repent out loud, so the spirits can hear you.

        You then need to start pleading the blood of Jesus over you, rebuking the demons in Jesus name, and use the authority given to you by Jesus to command demons, serpents and scorpions and put them under your feet.

        It is the NAME and the BLOOD and the AUTHORITY of JESUS that gets the job done.

        no worldly method or psychology or science will work.

        Here is a prayer to say daily. Modify it to fit your needs:

        I hope that helps.

        The demons may be stubborn and not want to leave, but eventually they HAVE to, because they are required to submit to the name of Jesus, and his authority.

      • Debra; You said, “Any ideas would be helpful and please do not quote scripture to me as I am well versed in that”. Quoting Scripture is the only way to get rid of demons. If you were “well versed in Scripture” you would know there is no such thing as “holy water”. You said you believe in God and Jesus. The Bible says that demons believe also and they shudder “tremble”. My “idea” for you would be to read the New Testament, find out who Jesus Christ is, what He did for you, accept His gift of eternal life and you will be set free.
        Also, if you were “well versed in Scripture” you would realize that Scripture totally disagrees with catholic teaching. I was catholic for 38 years. I know!

      • hi debra, i read your post and the one thing you need to do the most is show it no fear at all, thats what it preys on, it feeds off of that, it feeds off your pain and sorrow, you need to get pissed off at it and let it know your not gonna take is shit no more, you need to yell and scream and tell it to get out of your life and home that you and you alone have control over that. always remember that you dont need to be born again or saved to get into heaven, just follow god and his ways. its in the old testament about the man who never knew god but did as he would do and was kind and just and treated people good, god still excepted him into heaven, always remember that, the proof is there, keep your head up and everything will be ok. dont give in to fear….

        • hi rich

          which bible are you reading? we do need to be born again, to be saved, by the blood of jesus, who took on all our sins and afflictions, so that we would not have to suffer because of them. If we want to obey god, we have to accept jesus and what he did for us. Jesus was also good and kind and loves us greatly!

        • To be saved you must confess with your mouth to another human being that JESUS IS GOD, or that you believe that He died on the cross and rose again. The word of God says ” Whoever NAMES THE NAME OF CHRIST, let him depart from evil…yet in the Lords house there are vessels of honor and dishonor, meaning you are saved when you confess His name yet you can still continue in sin, which is what many do, as well as the fact that many have not named His name: GOD. Salvation is necessary to go to heaven though.. Also repeat after me’s, asking Jesus in your heart, reading about Him, areNOT salvation.

      • If you are Catholic say the Rosary and meditate on the life of Christ, The rosary is very powerful I have been told that during a Catholic Exorcism the demonic never say anything against Our Lady. Go to confession and make a good one, put Saint Benedicts medals at every door way(make sure they are blessed by a holy priest, wear a Scapular and follow what needs to be done by wearing one. Eliminate any reminders of the old life, do not use drugs or alcohol and partake in the sacraments often especially the holy Eucharist. I know what your going through-its surreal, Oh and ignore whatever happens-don’t give it energy.

        • You must know; the Rosary is useless. I mean this in love. Its like the cross, its only an idol. Mary can do nothing; beads, wood or plastic can do nothing but placate. The only one that can take out demons is Jesus and you gain his attention by prayer.

      • go to healing mass, this should take out the unclean spirit or demon attached in you. the healing mass healed me from a lifetime of spiritual stronghold from within me. After you’re free from it, it may come back b/c it considers you as its “house” so go before the blessed sacrament often and pray the rosary everyday to fill yourself with the protection of our Father and Mother Mary. Jesus is powerful in the blessed sacrament and will expel any unclean spirit away from you. The rosary also have powerful supernatural protection, and there are 15 promises Mother makes for those who pray it daily. Finally, use spiritual warfare prayer to cast it out (find it online). God bless you.

      • I have been through this. I had a major possession, and had to go through a grueling de-possess process that almost killed me.
        After I came through it, I SAW the demons–I was terrified of re-entry.
        I used burning sage, re-claiming my home, and my own body.
        And every night, there it was, tormenting me.
        The ONLY thing that worked, was taking my right hand, touching all fingers and thumb at tips, and crossing myself slowly, right shoulder, left shoulder, forehead, heart, lips, and say JESUS. The most powerful spot for me was the forehead. It used to be the devil’s domain–my third eye that ran my life. I was trapped in a cocoon down in my stomach, for over 30 years.
        I could feel his shield all around me. It was powerful.

        • dear Zuzia

          I am happy to hear you got the relief you needed. It sounded like you started out with witchcraft approaches like the sage, but all you need to have the the blood of Jesus , his authority which he gives to all who accept him, and your faith in him. Be blessed and stay protected by the God in heaven.

      • Hello stranger, i’m sorry to say that my reply now will not make no use to you because you have already finished doing whatever you were doing but i do’ have an answer for you.
        I think that you should ask The Lord God for his power and help. Cause didn’t he said to us’ ..”Ask and You shall receive” .
        I mean, if nothing else worked, i guess the words and verses of the bible will be the sword and will also empower you with strength to destroy, all evil and demons that lurks our world and homes.
        That is my owned point of view. Take Care and God Bless!!

      • You need to stop going to mass and eat “Jesus”… You need to get away from the Whore on the Beast and follow Christ. Stop praying to Mary and death people, stop doing the rosary and the cross – stop bowing before idols.
        Get away from it – you first step is too not put fuel on the fire!
        If you have an idol in your house – just destroy it, only God in Heaven saves.
        And even if the Catholic church removed the second command – it is still valid. Idols are a no go.

  5. Tim

    Maybe the lack of the spirit of God would explain the apostasy we see in professing believers. They use human wisdom, not the wisdom of God.

    God bless you too.

  6. Hey Marianne a very good observation of Gods word. I would like to share a bit about the part regarding communications. I wouldn’t even go so far as to telling one even ‘shut-up’. Rather use as an example Jude 1:9 Yet Michael the Archangel, when contending with the deuill, he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee. It prevents arguement 🙂

  7. David,

    Thank you for your comment. I put that part in about saying “shut up,” because I have personally witnessed someone, named Bob Larson, who is an “exorcist,” spend sometimes up to 30 hours in conversation with demons before they are supposed to leave a person’s body. I do not see any reason to have a discussion. Just rebuke the thing, and command it to come out of there. So I agree with you. I just do not want uninitiated people to copy someone like Larson, and spend endless hours in chit chat.

    If someone has the presence of the Holy Spirit and is led to do this by HIM, not themselves, the process should move along rather quickly.


  8. Demons hate but respond to Be Quiet or Be Still in my experience. Watch the victim’s eyes when doing this.

  9. Tom,
    Thank you for your comment. Feel free to contribute more if you like.

  10. What a wonderful post! It makes me so happy to know that God is raising up more and more people to operate in the field of deliverance in these days. About 2 years ago I was delivered from more than 30 evil spirits. It was 3 days after I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. My life will never be the same!

    Where the Spirit of the Lord is There is FREEDOM!

    I look forward to being able to help others find freedom!

    Oh, and by the way…I have found that there are a LOT of people in the U.S.A. who are “Christians” but are still very much in fact demon possessed. I myself was a Christian for over 8 years, but was still committing willful sin. It was when I finally got serious with God and made the decision to fully surrender to Him that things really changed and I not only received the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, but I also had the demons that were possessing me removed by him. They screamed as they were forced to leave. I thank God for the Holy Spirit and him leading me into all truth. My sin was totally NOT WORTH IT. The freedom that I have today is so much better than any of that stuff! The love that God has for me and my personal relationship with him are everything to me.

    God Bless You and what you do here!


    • Hi A.J.,
      I’ve been having intense demonic issues for over 4 years. They’re non-stop physically abusive. The Catholic church approved the solemn right of exorcism, but it hasn’t worked so far. Do you have any advice for me regarding conversion? Thanks so much!

      • prudentjuris

        what faith are you trying to convert to?

        are you saved by the blood of Jesus?

        do you consider yourself christian or non-christian at this time?

        the path to salvation and deliverance is easy, not hard…..

        you repent of your sins first….if you do not know what is sin, and what is not sin, let me know…because that is important….

        understand that sin keeps the door open to demonic possession and / or affliction

        then you accept forgiveness offered by jesus who died for your sins….he took your punishment (hell) and suffering for sin….so that you would be spared.

        then you believe in your heart that he is your savior from the punishment for sin, which is hell…(and no one would want to go there, if they understood how awful it is……)

        accept Jesus as the Son of God as your Lord and Savior, and give your heart to him……The Father God has given this earth to him to rule over and protect, due to his self sacrifice for the people on this planet…so as you honor Jesus in your life, you show respect for the Father in heaven also.

        I am sending you a prayer to say for salvation……print it out and say it and mean it.

        once you are saved, you can request deliverance….and God will help you.

        • Marianne, Thank you for responding to me! I’m Christian. I’ve worked with Christian ministers, and they have told me everything you just said in your response. I totally accept Jesus. I’ve confessed every offense I could think of, and changed my life, have completed many bible studies. I go to Catholic mass, and services at a large Christian church – I enjoy both. I know Jesus covered all my (and everyone’s) sins. I like to remind myself this should be easy – I can’t wait to start picking up the pieces of my destroyed life – but then I’ll feel that evil presence around me, and it’ll start throwing my body around, and making me throw up when I’m trying to accomplish the first step of living a normal life. Or it will start to shake me, deform my face, howl, grunt, talk, screech (through me)…. and to add to that problem, the enemy has deceived my mother (who I’m living with) so when she hears all the commotion, she comes to me and accuses me of doing drugs, or being psychotic, basically making it my fault. I’ve never been a drug addict. I’m an attorney. I’ve run myself into total bankruptcy with medical tests to prove to my family (and the church) that there’s nothing medically wrong with me. That’s why the church approved the solemn right of exorcism.

          • prudentjuris

            you cannot be possessed….but there is definitely a demonic presence in your life that is afflicting you. this must be destroying your days….I could not work and hold down a job with something like this bothering me….

            there is something that has access to you due to an oversight somewhere…..this may not be you, but as an example, you could have a cursed object in your home, or there is someone you know you has brought a curse on you, knowingly or unknowingly……and now you have to deal with the consequences

            I am going to send you some prayers for deliverance and for strength…..print them out and say them as long as you need to say them.

            if the church has approved an exorcism, then that is one option.

            another option is to go outside of the catholic church to a deliverance ministry which would be protestant, and ask for help and prayer…however, you will have to understand protestant bias…they think catholics are not saved, and worship mary and other idols… their approach might be to first get you to renounce the catholic faith and accept jesus their way……if you did this approach, I would not tell them you are catholic….because you may be discouraged and not get the help you need.

            third option is to talk to me on the phone….I am sympathetic and could help you sort through all all this happened. I am not catholic now but was raised that way, so I have a good understanding of the strong and weak points of the church…I am also a retired scientist, so I also understand the devastation of working hard to achieve goals in a good profession, and then having to lose it or have it disrupted.

            see attachments I am sending you and let me know your thoughts,,,

          • Please watch Emmanuel TV – Prophet T B Joshua delivering millions of people all over the world and curing all diseases in Jesus’s mighty name.

          • Stop doing Mass – Stop eating fake Jesus! Get out of the Whore who sits on the Beast, stop putting fuel on the fire!!!
            Listen you need to stop opening doors for the Demons – No prayers too Mary and death “Saints”, No prayer beads, no bowing before statues made by mans hand, kissing, kneeling and making the cross in front of them…
            Destroy any Idol or image – and any “luck” charms.

            That would be the first step.

  11. AJ

    Thank you. You comments really bless me. Take care.


  12. Great post. I find it comforting to know that the battle has already been won by God, all we have to do is claim that victory. We can always call on the power of the Holy Spirit given by the authority of Jesus Christ.

  13. Thirty pieces,

    Thank you for your kind words. May the Lords’ plans be established, and the devils’ plans be destroyed !!


  14. A very good read! Most of the information you provide is consistent with Catholic doctrine, and other Christian-based faiths. However, in the section when you describe what is recommended if demon-possession is suspected, I am curious to know what additional steps one can take. For instance, Catholics have a very strict, codified procedure that has been highly effective for centuries. Other denominations do not follow such a strict procedure, and I’m not sure what their success rate is (it must be high) in exorcising an inhuman spirit. So what has your research yielded, if anything, regarding the success rate of each approach?

  15. Dear Believer.

    I think each case is different. As long as the minister is in right standing with God, has the presence of the Holy spirit, which comes at salvation, and has the victims welfare in mind,…. and as long as the victim desires deliverance, I pray that the efforts are successful.

    The denomination should not matter, just the sincerity and faith of those involved.

    I was involved once in an unplanned experience at the end of a prayer meeting. It was successful, and this is to the glory of God and His credit completely. I was just helping and submissive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. I think love, obedience and faith should work in any case where people need help.

  16. Marianne,

    Thanks for your reply. I can feel the strength of your faith just by reading your response. It is remarkable.

    However, I have a second question. Are you aware of those possession cases that seem to be immune to any exorcism? In other words, I have read about possession where no exorcism, fasting, or prayer is effective. In speaking with priests, I’ve learned that there is no understanding why this very rare instance occurs. All I’ve heard is that the invading spirit states that the host person belongs to them and that no one on Earth can change that verdict. Have you heard of these type of possessions?

  17. Dear Believer,

    I sounds like in cases of failed exorcisms that there is either an unwilling person (ie, does not really want deliverance) or there is disbelief in someone, which permits the devil to stay.

    Both the victim and the minister need to be in agreement that this deliverance occur. THe devil will stay where he is welcome.

    Also, unrepented of sin is a welcome mat. If the victim has not confessed their sins, and re-affirmed their faith in Christ, then that is an open door for the devil to stay. The devil got in to begin with because of some sinful activity, so you have to find out what that sin was and deal with it. Sometimes, the person is ignorant of what is sin and not sin, and this can prevent them from really repenting of sins they are not even aware of.

    Another obstacle is cursed objects in the house. For example, if there were tarot cards, or astrology books in the house, or a statue of an idol, this can prevent deliverance. The priest may not even know about this, and the victim is too disoriented to mention this to the minister.

    The concept that the devil’s verdict is final is wrong. It is not his decision. It is the infected person’s decision. God has already provided a means for deliverance….the name of Jesus. Anyone who calls upon his named will be saved. So if there is failed exorcism, there is an obstacle that needs to be dealt with first, and then the exorcism should work.

  18. I agree with your statement: “It is very dangerous to develop a doctrine of demonology from experience.” I have seen those who have “experience only” theorize wildly and many end up leaving Christ. I have noticed that a sane doctrine always has a sound biblical understanding.

    Demons often leave persons at salvation but occaisionally they seem to remain within a believer esp. those who harbor resentment & unforgiveness. Confessing sins & repentance is vital to their deliverances.

  19. Tom,

    True. Unconfessed sin is the main door through which demons enter. We should all frequently confess any known sin just to protect ourselves from affliction (oppression or possession).

    best wishes

  20. There is no warrant from Scripture for the belief that a true, regenerate Christian can be demon possessed. The superficially professing Christian needs to be distinguished from the born again believer.

    Either one is a Christian or not the same as you cannot be pregnant to some degree.
    I have long searched for an answer to this and finally I found it.
    2 Corinthians 11:3-4 3 But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. 4 For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.
    To me that makes it clear. You can receive another spirit and he will indwell you like the Holy Spirit. That’s why it is so important to test everything against scripture.

  21. Obelix,

    Very true. What you said. Because many people think they are Christians, when they are not, they are open to this kind of oppression. Each person needs to search himself as to whether they are truly born again or not. Only they can search their own hearts. Coming up with cook book answers is not good enough. They should not go by superficial things taught by any church, but by the Word of God. If they do not have the fruit of the spirit, then they do not have the tree.


  22. I agree with all that was spoken of except for that any man or woman of God can cast out a demon, while this is technically true, without faith behind the word Jesus, it is no different than any other word being spoken by any wretch, but with faith it is a weapon most terrifying to the tainted. Not everyone has the spiritual balls to be able to confront a real demon, especially the kind that can demonstrate their properties… By that I mean the stronger denizens of hell, the ones that should never be released into our world. Although circumstances like that are quite rare, but will frequent more the closer we get to the ‘end’.
    God with you, always,

  23. Dear Branch,

    I agree. Without faith it is impossible to please God, or accomplish any work in His Name. “Wretches” with no faith should not try this. The victim needs someone who can help them, not someone who would be useless.


  24. I stumbled on this page while searching for information on possession. I have some questions that I was wondering if you could help me with? I have been a Christian for many years, but I have backslid many times since being born again 14 years ago. Could you please email me? I am afraid to speak about this to my pastor or my church friends who have known me all my life in this small town where everyone knows me and where I’d rather they not know my concern… If you would rather just let me know of anyone else who would be able to talk with me and pray over me, I don’t mind. I just really want to talk about this with someone new outside of this small town.

  25. CHristi

    I will email you. Just hit the reply button to respond. This will not go on the website.


  26. I need some insight about a 17 year old girl who had a female demon named “Niki” appear to her in Kindergarten and has been with her as her protector from another demon named “Jack” who torments and terrorizes her causing her to cut herself. She has cuts all over her body and especially her arms. Her parents are Christians and they have her under psychiatric care and on lithium. They think she is psychotic. The demon named “Niki” has been telling her in the last 2 weeks to kill herself. I’ve been fasting and praying for her and asking the Lord to touch her parent’s hearts to allow us to minister the truth of God’s Word to her. How do demons gain entrance to small children? What is causing teens to cut themselves?

  27. Dear Lorena,

    How tragic for that child. She is in grave danger, especially around her own parents, or whoever the adult is that is behind this.

    Since children are totally innocent and pure, it is not something they have done. There was something wrong in the parents, and their household, at the time of the infection. If they are turning to some doctor, and resisting prayer for her, then that is a clue.

    I am not suggesting this is what is wrong in this case, but here is an example of how the demons of parents can be transferred to their children.

    I personally knew once of a girl whose parents were into witchcraft. They did not just play with it. They were real witches. They dedicated her to Satan, and the father used to frequently commit incest with the girl. They put tattoos on her. The girl became suicidal as she grew up into her teen years, and escaped into drugs. The parents used to tell everyone that she needed to be controlled with drugs, since she was crazy. She used to cut herself too. It was a cry for help.

    The parents then “converted” later, and theoretically got “born again.” It was the kind of conversion where you do not have to repent of anything. They became honored members in a church.

    Naturally, they had to have some role in the church that made them look good. They were on the praise team. Witches tend to want good social standing in a church, because they are using that acceptance as a form of control. Witchcraft is control of others.

    When the girl tried to tell people about her father, no one believed her, since the girl was “just a drug addict,” and a “sexually rebellious teenager.” In contrast, her parents were “wonderful Christians.” She also had her own fantasy world for escape.

    She had a baby by someone as a young teenager, maybe around 13-14, and she was further condemned. The girl was so used to being raped by her father, that sex with some boy meant it was OK, since that was what she was good for, and used to.

    She became increasing suicidal. They finally start giving her shock treatments, and almost killed her. They took her baby, which broke her heart, since she was an “unfit mother.” They took away the only thing in her life – her baby – that was a source of love for her. Naturally, the parents took it and wanted it as a possession. Maybe they wanted another victim.

    She was filled with despair, and self hate. She ended up in a nursing home, and she just died there this year, before the age of 20. She was still just a child. She lost the will to live.

    ******* end of example

    I could be wrong, but my impression, is that the “jack” that tormented the girl you know as a child, might be a demon released by the (male) person who was hurting this child, possibly through physical harm, as in general abuse, or rape or incest.

    The “Niki” is a demon that represented to her what was left of her fractured self, pretending to protect her, and then later turned against her too.

    All demons are deceivers and want the victim destroyed.

    Since you are not family, I am not sure how much of this you can do. But pray about it, that doors will open for you, and give you answers.

    There should be a way to investigate this family, question the girl, and put her in Christian counseling. She needs to be under a very specialized, well evaluated, deliverance pastor. (There are dangerous fakes out there.) Remove the lithium so she can talk. You need to get this girl’s story. It will take awhile. She is still a minor, and the parents should be considered for possible child abuse. The girl needs to be put under protective custody. She is under demonic attack, and needs the deliverance of the holy spirit.

    In your area, what ministers do you trust? Will the parents let you visit the girl alone as a church member? The parents may be innocent as well, and this is the doing of a relative, or someone close to them. I can connect you to people who can help you, but you also have to have a positive impression of them.


  28. i think im demon opressed

    i am very antisociol and i follow lot of the symptoms

    1.Mental or emotional: depression, mental illness. The boy in Matt.
    2.18. They can indwell from childhood
    3.7. They recognize Christ as “the Son of God” and appeal to Him (vs. 6-7).
    8. They know they deserve torment and dread it (vs. 6-

    can people who are demon opressed go to heaven, why would god allow me to be born with a mental illness. if it would cause me to lose my soul

  29. Dear Kyle,

    You will be ok with God, sweetheart.

    If you are sick, it could be the devil attacking you, or it might be a chemical problem in your body.

    But even if the devil is attacking you, it does not make you bad. It makes the devil bad, not you.

    Mental illness does not make you evil. It makes you a victim of evil.

    Sweetheart, if you love Jesus and want to go to heaven, then you will go there.

    Find some people around you to pray for you, and help you. Find a church in your area, and ask the pastor to come visit you.


  30. (Warning, Just an open mind describing my own wisdom and strange happenings of my life and relations with everything. If you don’t agree or have set limitations upon yourself. Disregard this then. I don’t need a “God” argument. please thank you. At comments just please respect my thoughts and maybe elaborate your ideas. It was free-thought that created religion to begin with.) Love thy neighbour but remember to instill peace their must be war. C’est la Vie!)

    I’m sorry, but God and Baal are of the same entity or an answer man created to kill the ultimate answers to life’s questions. The Idea of Satanic possession is clearly out of the question. Though possession in general not by that of a “Demon” but by that of lone spirit entity. What kind of energy it streams from depends on the age and strength of the possessive spirit. Usually this is caused for a spirits inability to trans-morph from one state to another which can occur immediately or can take a life time or more. It is not always a possession of human existence sometimes it is that of animal. Some spirits may carry signatures of language of past life/lives or distort the balance of the host(possessed person). To have the fusion ofspiritual energy in such ways of ones self and another can be catastrophic or sometimes can be one of great need. Divine possession(positive spirit) can occur and offer the host with a more positive balance in ones A person who grows up living a life of crime and drugs in a constant vicious cycle of depression, abuse, and mental disruption stemming from childhood comes up with an epiphanatic moment of clarity without the onslaught of religious intervention can therefore fuse one energy to another. become one with that entity which can therefore shape who you are and become. Sometimes unknowingly. Though just a theory of probability in the example. If you dont want to attract such negative energy. Take care of ones self like get over stuff you cant control. to worry is you biggest burden. Eat and Sleep regularly if possible. Or one big step it nothing works, Relocate and start life over in a new town with at least a job to go to and home. sometimes its your friends that invite such entities around you. The purpose of life is to live and to live is a purpose. To know what that is one may never know. I call it selfish-law. Stuff you can never know until your actually gone from this world or whatever. Your best defense from minor to major possessions. Spirituality and Belief system must remain separate but work together. You can still believe in God/YHWH/BAAL/Buddah or even a favourite pencil. Whatever you believe in, you can still lack spirituality. ITs not neccessarily something you learn its something you have which is unlike anything else out there. Maintaining ones spirit in ones own time is important to ones own self-preservation from mal-entity.possession. In the end “we as in you” are the ones in control. We either allow it to manifest or don’t understand how to rid the spirit disease. What I call Spirituality and Belief system together though apart is “Faith” This is to all divisions of faith.

  31. (Warning, Just an open mind describing my own wisdom and strange happenings of my life and relations with everything. If you don’t agree or have set limitations upon yourself. Disregard this then. I don’t need a “God” argument. please thank you. At comments just please respect my thoughts and maybe elaborate your ideas. It was free-thought that created religion to begin with.) Love thy neighbour but remember to instill peace their must be war. C’est la Vie!)

    I’m sorry, but God and Baal are of the same entity or an answer man created to kill the ultimate answers to life’s questions. The Idea of Satanic possession is clearly out of the question. Though possession in general not by that of a “Demon” but by that of lone spirit entity. What kind of energy it streams from depends on the age and strength of the possessive spirit. Usually this is caused for a spirits inability to trans-morph from one state to another which can occur immediately or can take a life time or more. It is not always a possession of human existence sometimes it is that of animal. Some spirits may carry signatures of language of past life/lives or distort the balance of the host(possessed person). To have the fusion of spiritual energy in such ways of ones self and another can be catastrophic or sometimes can be one of great need. Divine possession(positive spirit) can occur and offer the host with a more positive balance in ones life. I.E. A person who grows up living a life of crime and drugs in a constant vicious cycle of depression, abuse, and mental disruption stemming from childhood comes up with an epiphanatic moment of clarity without the onslaught of religious intervention can therefore fuse one energy to another. become one with that entity which can therefore shape who you are and become. Sometimes unknowingly. Though just a theory of probability in the example. If you dont want to attract such negative energy. Take care of ones self like get over stuff you cant control. to worry is you biggest burden. Eat and Sleep regularly if possible. Or one big step it nothing works, Relocate and start life over in a new town with at least a job to go to and home. sometimes its your friends that invite such entities around you. The purpose of life is to live and to live is a purpose. To know what that is one may never know. I call it selfish-law. Stuff you can never know until your actually gone from this world or whatever. Your best defense from minor to major possessions. Spirituality and Belief system must remain separate but work together. You can still believe in God/YHWH/BAAL/Buddah or even a favourite pencil. Whatever you believe in, you can still lack spirituality. ITs not neccessarily something you learn its something you have which is unlike anything else out there. Maintaining ones spirit in ones own time is important to ones own self-preservation from mal-entity.possession. In the end “we as in you” are the ones in control. We either allow it to manifest or don’t understand how to rid the spirit disease. What I call Spirituality and Belief system together though apart is “Faith” This is to all divisions of faith.

  32. One last thing. The similarity between the stories of god Horus well before Christ like almost 2500 years before Christ and other Prophetic figures like the Prophetic teachings of Simon “look it up seriously” have been repeated in the “teachings” of Christ. though what happened between Christ’s childhood and adulthood. Its missing. Thanks to the manipulation of Constantine and what he picked,chose re written and removed many things from the bible. Please be careful with the bible, it can disturb you mentally if taken to heart sometimes. The one thing I am glad with most of your descriptions of negative spirits is that you know they exist. We can sometimes create this energy ourselves and manifest others around us within the home. Learn and understand what it is to fix it. to avoid it or deny the existence is very dangerous. You must sometimes be cruel to be kind. A last note: “You must embrace the love from others and learn to love thyself before you let your love embrace others.

  33. For Kyle. Its a personal issue with negative spirits that have infected you balance. The only true way next to faith is to try to learn what it imposes on. Don’t get me wrong, faith is help but not necessarily an answer. Learn how to live with this negative spirit. who knows, you could maybe coax it to become a positive part of you. lead the spirit to “God” or convince the spirit by your example of faith to a higher power. Sometimes its just wayward spirits I think the biggest torment would be purgatory. being in “limbo” with no place to go for eternity is hell. Maybe God wants you to help this wayward spirit find its way through you. Through this process you may learn a lot more about yourself then you ever though possible. maybe alife lesson could be learned. Meditate. Trust me, not only buddhists and Jewish people do it. Christians too. Whatever true way connects you to “God” Without the Jews you wouldn’t have Christianity. In the end, Faith is all that matters.

  34. hi
    I do not agree with what you said really….
    please explain in detail a bit more for me ;d


  35. Dear Zodiac

    Which part do you not understand, or not agree with?


  36. hi demons are among us they walk the earth in a mindless trance commiting death to all unfortunates who cross their paths we must be alert don’t trust anyone or anything it’s every man or woman for themselves

  37. Hi Catherine.

    What you say is true. WE must turn to God and accept the authority and salvation of Jesus, in order to resist the devil, and overcome him.

    As far as trusting others, the best motto is from the Bible,
    Trust God, not man.

    There are good people, and bad ones. Even the good can disappoint or fail us. However, if they are good, they will not try to harm us.

    If we first trust God, then God will show us which people will help us, and which we should avoid. Sometimes, it is good to stick together when there is a common problem.


  38. I wrote a book on the subject of deliverance, and it is available on this site as an ebook. “Walking With God” It covers much about demons. It agrees with some of what is said above, and disagrees with some. But mostly, it explains specifically how demons get into people, and how they are there in Born-again Chistians, as well. It shows Bible verses to back this up and that those who say Christians cannot have demons are speaking men’s traditions, not Bible facts.

    This book was written from many experiences the Lord put me thru on a church deliverance team. So many who deny the above have never witnessed a deliverance, yet speak as tho they are authorities on it. I write testimonies in this book about some of the deliverances I was a part of.

    What I have found is that in this case, few Christians really want to know the truth about evil spirits. Do you? DavWms

  39. Hi David,

    Of course. Anything you want to share about deliverance is good with me.


  40. Thanx, Marianne….There is so much I want to share about what God showed me re; demons. LOL, the trouble is, it is a FAR bigger subject than most can imagine. And I have tried before to just make bare statements, only to find people want to stop there and argue unendingly on that one point. Sometimes, a subject needs perhaps 10 points made so another can see the picture. That is why I instead tried to get people to read my book. It lets the truth sneak up on you, as at first, the real subject of the book is hidden.

    I’ve been trying to expose the enemy for many years now, and find the devil has prepared people to fight against finding out the truth, as it is such an untasteful truth. They have the man’s tradition well set within, and do not want to consider otherwise.

    I can’t think of one military officer who would want to go to war against an enemy without knowing all he can about said enemy. But for some reason, the “Christian military” does not know or want to know the real wiles of the devil. Over and over it comes to me that “His people perish for lack of knowledge.” DavWms

  41. Hi David,

    I wonder at any resistance you would have encountered. People seem to be unnecessarily afraid. The devil is under our feet now, because of Christ. Anything that would make the fight easier should be welcomed.


  42. Hi again…It no longer surprises me how people flee from knowing truth about evil spirits. I was so excited when I finished the first book on this subject, anxious to tell the world what God had shown me. People would begin the book and get back to me how excited they were with it, and how they can’t wait to finish it….but they seldom got back to it. I’ve tried several ways to write the book since, hoping to hit on something that would get thru the resistance.

    I have heard from Africa, that the book is being passed around a lot there. Only lately does there seem to be at least a little interest here in the USA. Perhaps God is opening the door at last. ..DavWms

  43. Dear David,

    It is always hard on the spirit when God gives you a message, and no one heeds it. It puts us in the same position God is in all the time. Everyone needs to be more open to ideas and experiences of others, to help them avoid pitfalls.


  44. Would I be able to use this image as a background for a flyer stating my Band’s name, along with a few others, and the date and location of an upcoming show?

  45. Hi Brandon,

    This is just an image I found on the internet. I think it is free for the public to use. I use it but I am non-profit.

    It should be ok for you to use it.


  46. I don’t know what you would call it-possession of indwelling, but evil spirits definitely can, and do, inhabit Christians. Contrary to others’ beliefs, it does not mean you are not a real Christian if you have accepted Jesus, yet still have demons. What did Jesus say to that woman whose daughter was possessed, who wanted Jesus to cast them out of her daughter and heal her? He said “it isn’t right to take the CHILDREN’S BREAD and give it to the dogs”. The children of God NEED deliverance, it is the “Children’s Bread”!
    My life was changed forever after going through and prayer/deliverance/healing session. Glory be to our utmost merciful and compassionate God.

  47. dear Amy

    I feel deep appreciation to hear of your deliverance. May you continue in liberty of the Lord.


  48. but i want b possesed how do i do tht?

  49. Dear Jeremy,

    You do not want to be possessed. It will hurt you a lot. Get some family and friends who love you and spend time with them.


  50. Ever wonder if George Bush and his crew were demon possessed?

    Anyone who says torture isn’t really torture is evil incarnate. I guess the guys and gals at gitmo and baghram airbase and abu graib and all the ‘black sites’ are just training for their future jobs in hell.


  51. Dear Dinisha,

    Torture is torture. Muslims do this to American prisoners all the time, so they are already on their way to hell. There are no complaints about what Islamic terrorists do to innocent people – both soldiers and civilians.? Yes, water boarding is some form of torture – that only lasts about 30 seconds. Terrorists like torture, so there should be no complaints from them.

    As far as gitmo goes, we should just execute terrorists, not keep them. There is no reason to keep them alive except to extract information from them. When I see what terrorists have done to millions of innocent people, torture is too good for them. But complaining about something that only lasts about 30 seconds is really not productive.

    We just get our prisoners wet, and then give them dinner. Terrorists take a sword, and cut the prisoners head off, and laugh, and put it on the internet.


    • Oh our government has plenty to do with terrorism they are masonic and so are many other powerful public figures of the world who lie, are corrupt, and not following God.

  52. We just get terrorists wet? It only lasts for 30 seconds. We blast them (the people we imprison in this war on terror) with loud music and nosie 24/7. We shove objects into their rectums. We let them lie in their own feces and urine. We keep them up for hours. We inject hallucinogenic drugs into them. We try to drown them. This torture goes on for years.

    As for executing terrorists you betray your ignorance with that one. How many at gitmo or other black sites are really terrotists and how many are just kidnapped by greedy people and sold to us?

    Terrotists cut off prisoners heads? We drop bombs encases in depleted uranuim on populated cites. We machine gun civilians in half. We fire bomb towns with phosphorus. We drop cluster bombs on civilians. We have decided that its ok to for us to start a nuclear war to save civilization.

    I guess you are completely unaware of what the US has done to millions of people around the world too. How many Viet Namese civilians did our forces kill? And don’t try to excuse it with “yeah, but the commies killed people too!” because killing is killing, torture is torture. 3 million that’s how many. How many Afghani civilians were killed by the US right after 9/11? At least 10,000. How many Iraqi civilians were killed by our forces just in the initial invasion? WHo knows because this arrogant nation had no intention of keeping track because Iraqis don’t matter to us.

    Don’t give me that junk that America is righteous and special. It is not. And our history is red with the blood of every person who has had the temerity to assert that they are real humans too.

    As for “there are no complaints about what Islamic terrorists do” you must not be very well-informed. There are plenty of people, Christians, Jews, Muslims, humanists who very rightly find what those and any terrorists do reprehensible. But what they do in no way justifies what our government has done and (apparently) will continue to do.

  53. dear Dinisha
    I think you are reading too much Islamic propaganda. Those numbers you give are fictitious. And when were you a witness to Gitmo? You have many false impressions. We do not shoot civilians in half. Americans try hard to save civilian lives. You are projecting the evil behavior of the terrorists onto the American soldiers. It sounds like someone has you brain washed and there is a lot of garbage in your head. The US is not killing “millions of people around the world.” Get some truth from a real source, and stop reading garbage accusations on trash websites.


    PS. For someone who claims truth, you use many different fake IDs when you come to my site. Which is your real name?

  54. – cooooolest domain name)))

  55. Hello, I can’t understand how to add your blog ( ) in my rss reader

  56. Dear Sweareamaro

    You can subscribe to this blog by going to the following link:

    Thank you for asking.


  57. My step daughter claimed to see a demon at her house. She is three years old. Is this possible? I was told that her mom and her grandma is into witchcraft. But I do know that her mom has a manipulative spirit over my husband, especially when it comes to the children. What are some signs that there are demons ?in the house and how are they tranferred from person to person

  58. Hi Jae,

    It is very likely your little baby is telling the truth. She is innocent and would not make up anything. Spirits can be transferred, even to the innocent, because they are vulnerable. You need to help her understand that it is a bad spirit and she needs to tell it to go away in Jesus name. She can be taught to rebuke spirits even at her age. Since she has no sin, her purity makes her righteous.

    Pray for her, if you cannot get her out of there. If you can keep her at your house, then that is much better for her. You also need to confront the adults about their dangerous behavior. Do not worry about their “feelings.”

    You have an Ahab- Jezebel situation between your husband and his ex-wife. You will have to be the strong one in this. You and a strong support system need to spend time with your husband and help him understand his passivity, and help him overcome it. He needs to regain his “maleness,” and his male authority.

    Keep me posted. You are on my prayer list.


  59. I like the picture “suffering angel”. Where you get that from? I mean the one you put on the page with a person and an angel wing. Is that a book or some other topic that match with it. Please let me know and email me at:
    Please advice. And please must reply.

  60. Dear Marianne,

    You’re such a warm-hearted person Marianne, and I do believe in Christ as well. I heard that there was a nine-year-old died by committing suicide while sleep-walking and there might be possible reasons that she has been died with demons that goes inside her soul and spirit.She was just a child, a child.

    Love from,

    • Hi Rabbit

      I got the image off the internet. Since I do not sell anything here, there is no profit to me. I just share an image that seems to portray my message. I may have just googled search terms like ….angel, suffering….etc….and then I found the image.

      The death of that little girl is so tragic. Children are innocent, but they can suffer from the environment the adults provide. As an innocent victim, she will be in heaven, and finally away from what was torturing her.

      blessings and love

  61. I calm down, breathe, I hear you. I will be checking here and wait for your reply Marianne. Are you a pieces or a cancerian as in astrological sign?

    • Hi Rabbit,

      While astrology is not something I follow, I know enough to answer your question, because of dealings with it about 20 years ago. I am a Libra, with a cancer rising.

  62. Why you want to take off the images from the internet, is that picture copy righted and is yours??

  63. Dear Marianne,

    To introduce myself. My name is Jessica as nake named ‘Rabbit’. Actually to be honest, I’m 13 years old. Anyway, Marianne is a beautiful name. Can I be your friend in here? Because I love about things like christians, spirits, angels,souls and beyond humans sort of thing. I’m a Cancerian and not really want to be too formal or officially in here but I really hope you don’t mind that I’m a bit straightforward. Can I ask you something then?

    • Hi Rabbit (Jessica),

      I try to avoid copyright pictures. Some pictures are public domain, which means they are free to share, as long as it is not for money. If I find out that the picture is copyrighted, then I will find out how to get permission to use it, or give credit for it. I have a few pictures where it is copyrighted, and the instructions are to put the artist name and address beside the picture. This way I am advertising for the artist, and maybe they can make money and I am helping them.

      You are welcome here. There are people of all ages that come here. And they come from different countries.


  64. Marianne,

    Okay, have you ever heard God’s (Jesus’) voice? And see Angels appearing near you?

  65. I’m in a stage where I’m having overwheming depressions over the last few years and I feel like I want to give up my life all the time because life is nothing and worthnessless to me. I’m desperate and just want to seek for help. I cut myself and tried sucide as well. Life just gets really complicated…

  66. I’ve already see therapy all the time and nothing helps, it really feels like nothing in the world and you might not understand me…perhaps…. ….

    • Hi Rabbit

      Do not hurt yourself, sweetheart. That will accomplish nothing – just more pain. Do you know what makes you sad? Did someone hurt you?

      You can write privately to me if you want. You do not have to post private things on the internet.


  67. Where can I talk to you in private.

  68. Did Jesus wrote the bible?

  69. Hello Marianne,

    I came here by coincidence and thank god I found some information that relates to me very much. I’m ten years old and always in depression…….I was trying to kill myself with a knife yesterday night. I wasn’t aware at all at the beginning until people were telling me I was holding a knife trying to harm myself.
    The demons are disturbing me and I couldn’t even recognize who are they and why they want to hurt me. I always hurt a lot and damaged …and pain, suffering seeing my own blood and always sit silently keep crying forever and…..the darkness around me, it makes me worried.
    Some people praises me that I have a beautiful and pure heart inside me and said I was an angel in heaven in previous generations and they see no reasons I have to suffer like this, I’m only ten. Why do I always have to face pain and more pain? I’m tired, really really tired..People think I’m psychic and call me names all the time. Am I the one who is meant to be like that? I am Angel…and really I will be happier to hear advices from here. Hope you get familiar with me.

    Yours sincerely,

    • Dear Angel,

      You must reject the demons in Jesus name. There is something or someone in your family or environment that is practicing witchcraft or the occult, for this to happen to you. You have not lived before. This gives me a clue that someone does believe in the occult around you, if they believe in reincarnation. You are suffering from demonic oppression, because of the ignorance of adults. They must quit, and give their hearts to Jesus.

      For you, I will pray. But you must also surround yourself with beautiful thoughts about Jesus, and ask Him to protect you against demons that are there because of the adults. I really pray that the adults will learn that what they believe is wrong, and it is hurting you. Talk to your parents, and explain what I said. Occult beliefs are bringing demons into the home.

      Stay in touch with me. I care about what happens.


  70. i’m very sorry i don’t have parents. will that be the reason?

    • Hi, i would prefer you to, forget all bad thoughts and just “Trust” on Jesus, if you loose your trust on Jesus, demons will take over you.. When i use to pray to Jesus and read bible, Demons never came near me… and from few past months, i have not touched bible, and not prayed to Jesus, was busy in life too much, and demons attacked my spirit and i was possessed by them, and offended someone.. However, if you watch that movie, Passion of Christ, you will feel holy, as reading sometimes is hard for 10 years old, so you can watch movie.. best of luck..God bless you, and dear angel, you are in my prayers..

    • and i am really sorry to know you don’t have parents, i can be your elder brother.. if you allow me to. and Jesus is your Father.. He loves you more than any love can get..

  71. Hello Marianne.. would like to know, how to keep demons, make you have lusty away? They use the weakness of men as lust, i just had demon on me.. and i really regret all that..

  72. Angel, what Marianne said is true. Someone, an adult around you is or has been an authority in your life has given demons permission to cause you harm. Just by their delving into the occult, or touching you wrongly perhaps, is all they need to seek to plague you. The adult does not even have to know they did this. Most are unaware how the invisible spirit world crosses over into our visible world.

    You can make a choice to not let this go on. But do not expect it to be easy. In most cases, it is a steadfast coming against the evil in Jesus’ name, until they give up. Follow Jesus every minute of the day and night, and don’t give them an inch. Keep in contact with Marianne, so she can help you progress through this journey. You can come out far ahead of others, if you seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. DavWms

    • The demons had stayed away from me after rejecting the demons in Jesus name.

      • Hi Angel,

        You rejected the demons in Jesus name?

        I am so proud of you !!!

        You are stronger than some adults..

        Keep doing this. You have God’s protection.

  73. I would like to share something with all the readers.I know of a woman that is married to a so called pastor of a church.I became very close to them and they to me.We worked in ministry for some years.I begin to notice that this woman would pray in the morning at 5 oclock daily outside in front of the door of the church.I also notice that she would always talk about her past and spoke it as a testimony.When she tells hers story she always says this or that person came against her and they died,got sick or lost there mind.I also noticed that she always wants to be the main attraction and has a certain prayer she pushes on every one to repeat after her.I saw the church attendance go from 100 to 4 in a short period of time while I worked with them.I began a ministry in the same church building and she would attend and try to take over constantly.She felt as though she was the pastor of the church.In the 18 years I have known her I see bitterness,hurt,bondage to the past.When I try to speak to her she gets upset and exhorts that someone came against her and they lost their mind.She always interupts and speaks as though she is the most spiritual person around,she has also convinced her husband the pastor that God uses her and what she says is the prophetic word of God.She is always speaking out that someone brought her some tithes,and waits for tithes daily.One time she shared with me that when her husband,now the pastor,was not serving God a few years ago,she prayed that God would either take him or change him.She says that within a few days he showed up swollen with cancer.She said he then came back to her and he was healed ,because he came back to her.She says that she grew up around alot of witchcraft and she talks about witchcraft all the time,She claims that everything is of witchcraft.I am starting to see that she prays things on people and they at times happen.She is constantly sick,eye problems,blindness,tumors,she suffers from a dysentary disease.She gets very aggressive and defensive.I noticed she talks about people negatively then she gets in front of them and flatters them that they are of God.She is very sneaky and schemes.She speaks in tongues,but I at times notice she forgets things and says things that are out of order.She told a man that his business would close down and it did.In a near by town the Lord lead me to open a ministry,she found out about it,and now the church building is being put up for sale,by the owners,is all this a coincidence?She tends to always be in control and doing things in a sneaky manner.She went and spoke to the overseer of our organization and prayed for his hand,that had arthritus and he claims he was healed,he tells everyone she prayed for him and he was healed.She enjoys the attention and it makes her feel more powerful.Not many pastors like her in this town,people will not come to their church.When I started conducting church in the evenings she wanted to be in control so I close the services down and I was going to move them.They got upset and sabotaged my ministry with the bishop,but did not succeed,I was informed that I could continue.The bishop said they did not want to do a evening ministry but did not counsel her or them at all,he just let them do as they pleased.They have occuppied the church and the house that is attached for many years.They have lived their but that is it.No one tells them anything.They were recognized as the oldest pastors,at the gathering for ministers here.They have been their for a while but have done no ministry.They only have a 3 sons and a daughters who attend.What do you see about this woman?

  74. Marianne,
    Do not send things to my previous account, which has been ughhh!!! hacked!!! I’M fed up, I hate everyone in the world. Even my new account have been hacked, this is damn stupid!!! I will never ever ever and ever trust or say real things in computer. Please, send it to my gmail account. I hate using hotmail and find it no way to talk to you in private, god Jesus…I can’t believe that. Don’t reply it to my rabbit thing hotmail, that’s just creepy!!

  75. These people Johnny R** and his daughters Monica R*** and Bernadette R*** do witchcraft and they cause people distress. They worship the devil and they deceive mankind and people around them. They hurt many of their friends and relatives, make then have brain malfunctions and bleeding at the brain and make people have bad luck. They break up marriages and relationships. They glorify adultery, sex, drunkenness, stealing, murder, hatefulness, bad attitudes, theft, sexual immortality, and other sins. They hate people who are nice and christian and they cause then distress.

    They make people feel uncomfortable and tight all over. They were sheltered and in the Catholic Church all their life and it is like they hate it and want HELL now. If anybody can help in any way and help people be delivered from their curses please help. People cannot continue to be cursed by them.
    Johnny R** and his two daughter Monica R** and Bernadette R** are witches, that seen innocent but are filled with DEMONS and BRING HELL TO PEOPLE.
    I hate to say but I wish people would give them HELL. They are asking for it by causing trouble in people life.
    Please help.

    Please not email me. Just help.

    • dear anonymous,

      I will put this situation on my prayer list. I would suggest that those that oppose them, group together for support and prayer. If you can, stay away from these that you think are dangerous. Cover yourselves with the blood of Jesus, repent of your sins, and ask for god’s protection.

  76. I like this picture so much I really want to know the artist and hope to see other of his art work if available. Even though it’s black and white or sad. Are there any ways for me to find the artist, I’m confused with the original name of the artist since there are so much people putting this picture without acknowledging.

  77. Demons… pfftt.. I have seen too much of them who are now stalking my children.. I have to go in their rooms to ban them on my own ( which is very highly unusual ) in Jesus’s name and blood. Except that one daughter of mine saw Jesus Christ standing behind me while I have done my work to remove those demons from children’s rooms. I knew there are few still lurking around but I felt and heard them hissing at me every time I come too close to them. Sometimes, they made me wanted to pick on them by stepping on their toes and letting them know I have no fear of them and will be very willing to fight them nails and tooth. So, my secert’s out 😡 lol…

    Perfectly honest, I can battle in spirit while sleeping.. but never physical.. that was a true test for me.. Do not be afraid of them because they can sense and feel you enough to feed fear more.. so they can steal your engery and worse. Stay focus and believe in yourself being protected by God.. and fight them.. never give in 🙂
    God loves you all. Bless you.


  78. Marianne;

    A video on this subject;

    Nephillim Rising Parts 1-6


  79. Marianne:

    Jeffrey D. Mason is a former New Ager with a long list of degrees. His web site:

    is very good. I don’t want your bloggers to miss out on this series of videos on the Nephillim Rising. They are listed on his archives page. It really explains what is going on with this increase of UFO’s in the last 7 years and also the abductions that people claim have taken place and why they are being abducted I think there’s a correlation between the UFO’s and the Marian Apparitions. There’s six video clips. You can click on the above web site for the other videos. He has other good stuff on his web site too.


  80. If you go to You Tube they have a number of stories about the exorcism of Emily Rose done by Catholic priests. Its interesting because Rose went to mass regularly but that doesn’t mean anything you need to be born-again.

  81. I find it funny that you compare witchcraft with satanism and deem it right. The church has had its share in blood so its not exempt from anything. Plus if you read your history instead of constantly rewritten bibles there were two to three god like figures before the church even came into existence. On top of that, pagans and christians were around at the same time, the only reason the church came out on top was because they killed the opposing faction. Stop pointing your finger and blaming others.

    • dear insight,

      It is not really funny, unless you mean ironic. Witchcraft is satanic, even though it may take different forms: black magic, blue magic, white witchcraft, black witchcraft, etc. The power comes from Satan, not from oneself or God.

      True, Supernatural figures (“god like”) have been around since the earth was created, but they were demonic. We have had fallen angels walk this earth, interact with, and pollute mankind. They also polluted the church, hoping to destroy it, but there has always been a faithful remnant that did not get polluted.

      Today, we have either those who walk with God, or those who walk with Satan. The actual label they carry does not matter. What does matter is where their heart and mind is.

      The blame goes in 2 directions:

      1. to Satan, who inspires rebellion and sin, and people who allow themselves to be influenced by him, and, with their free will, turn against God.

      Both will be punished in the final judgment.

  82. It is in fact funny in the sense that the church gas gone through similar things yet its still considered right. And the fact that you call everything evil unless its christian is wrong. The church killed and torchered countless innocent people in the name of their god in the past and still they go after more today. I’m tired of hearing hypocrisy all the time. Giving everything you dislike in common with satan. You honestly have no room to judge.

    • insight

      my point is that there is only good and evil…no matter what name it is called….

      church can be good or evil
      satan is evil
      many things that claim to be good are really evil
      christians, if not born again, can be evil

      so the point is….if we follow the bible, and obey Jesus in what he taught us to do, we will be good, and not evil

      if we disobey Jesus, and call ourselves christians, we are still evil.

      make sense?

  83. Not fully, but since you were willing to meet me halfway, I’ll drop the discussion. I only posted because your topic went off track and people were slandering my heritage. Its just wrong for people to group together and hate on others without knowing anything about them or their family history, Its ignorance. I’m a descendant of king arthur and other bloodlines, so it angers me when other people think they can discriminate based on rumors and superstitions.

    • insight

      what does king Arthur have to do with demon possession?

      Hate is a bad thing….no good reason for it, unless one hates evil, and avoids it.

  84. Instead of a demon posessing you? Can a demon harm you by posessing those closes to you? The reason I ask is that I have been in two marriages and both of my ex’s abandoned me numerous times, displayed abusive behavor (both verbal and physical) and stayed out all night for days at a time on drinking binges. My second husband knew what my first one was like and swore he wouldn’t be the same (we also have two children). Shortly after we married, I had a nightmare while in bed with him, that my first ex was digging his knuckles into my back while I was in bed and I woke up screaming. shortly after that my new husband began to be verbally abusive, snapping at me constantly, and in one instance when I woke him up at night to ask him something he grabbed me by my neck and pushed me against the wall but he didn’t remember it the next day. Then he also started binge drinking excessively and staying out for days at a time. There was a strange characteristic laugh that I noticed in both of them. It went: “Ha!…HaHaHa!…HaHa! After I divorced my second husband I began to date someone and after a few months, I recognized the same laugh come out of him too. I am currently alone and afraid to date anyone. I don’t want to be alone but I feel that anyone close to me will become corrupted. I don’t do anything to bring this type of behavior on. I just want a normal life in a normal relationship. Is this a type of demon that is tormenting the men of my life? I have to seriously question this. I am a christian and my second husband was catholic but during some discussions we had, he said he didn’t believe in Jesus and I would question him about it and he would seem very mocking about why he should believe, and several days later on would say that he did believe in Jesus. There were also certain times when I could almost feel an evil entity within him, and he would seem to be someone totally different in both manners and appearance. I am wondering if anyone else has ever been tormented by those close to them being posessed, I can’t find anything online or in books about cases like this. If anyone has heard of this please reply.

    • hi D

      Yes people can become possessed, if they were unbelievers to begin with.

      Do you have anything that used to be your first husband’s in your house? Anything he left behind?

      It sounds like there is a transfer of spirits going on. There is some kind of curse the first husband put you under, and each man reacts to it, and responds the same way.

  85. I did not have anything of my first ex’s in my house. In fact, I moved two times with my second ex. My first ex was not into any sort of witchcraft or voodoo or anything like that, he was basically a pure atheist who was in complete denial that any type of spiritual realm existed. Could it be possible that he put me under a curse because he was possessed? And it this is a transfer of spirits, how do I stop it? I pray daily that the holy spirit stay with me and keep me safe but I don’t know what else I can do? Also, do you know where I can find more information on transfer of spirits?

    • hi D

      The transfer of spirits is sort of intuitive, and is concluded from personal experience and some scriptures.

      Jesus breathed on his disciples, and said receive the holy spirit. This was a transfer.

      Pentecost was a transfer of the holy spirit from heaven to earth upon the apostles.

      When someone lays hands on you, they can transfer the spirit they have. The apostles did this, to anoint and ordain others into ministry.

      Sometimes they do not even have to touch you. Imagine a room of people. One person starts laughing. The others start. Or one person gets angry and yells at someone. The other person immediately gets angry and yells back. Someone expresses doubt about what you said. The next thing you know, others do not believe you either.

      Your first ex left someone behind of his spirit, his essence. It covers you like a blanket. Yes, it is a curse, and he did not have to even know about it, or be actively doing it himself. Spirits do all the work, unseen. All they need is a wounded person to get into your personal space.

      When other men look at you, they do not see “you.” They see the “blanket” that is on you, and react to it. They see something they do not like and become hateful. This is what a curse is.

      There are some prayers on my website….use them daily.

      You have to cover yourself with the blood of Jesus, and bind, rebuke, and cast out any presence in Jesus name that is on you.

      • this is true…I will use your prayers..I sense that with me..because I had a dad who molested me..In the name of Jesus/ he was a minister and he spoke in tongues. he used to put it on me..after I married my Husband. My husband become abusive and so did the other.

  86. Thanks Marianne, I have printed these prayers and will use them. When you said my ex left “someone” behind of his spirit, did you mean “something” or can a person leave behind an actual “someone” such as a type of spirit?

  87. The prayer for single women is beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes and is just what I needed. Thank you so much.

  88. Marianne:

    Have you heard of the new movie coming out in January?

    It’s called “Legion”? of what? Angels of course.


  89. Marianne;

    I just ran across some fascinating information on Hollywood, Ufo’s, Aliens, and Our Goverment. I do believe in the supernatural, but I also believe in Hoaxes and manipulation:

    Steven Quayle talks about Ufo’s, Aliens, Giants and their relation to Global Affairs.


  90. Marianne;

    This is another video on the CIA Mind Control and Mk ULTRA. The Nazis didn’t lose they just moved “HERE”.

    Here’s a group that calls themselves whistleblowers and are victimes of this kind of manipulation, but also believe in the supernatural:

    Black Ops Marine & The Ultimate Warrior


  91. Abigail;

    Your dog doesn’t like it because it’s occultic and New Age. He senses the evil spirit.


    • No Kitti my dog does not like the ‘sound’.
      Mk -Ultra has very weird music to it.
      I am aware of what MK ultra is, and many have been subjected to its torture.
      I just don’t wish to torture my dogs ears nor mine with the music of that particular
      Blessings 🙂
      p.s.I did enjoy viewing the ultimate warrior.

  92. Hi
    your comment
    B. “From our understanding of Scripture, there are no special gifts operative today such as gifts of deliverance, or gifts of exorcism, or even gifts of discernment (in the supernatural sense). Every believer is a priest and can pray for someone in bondage.”
    is very dangerous.
    It is NOT scriptural that any Christian has the power or authority to cast out demons, just like not every Christian has the power to heal.The ministry of deliverance is still operative in the Church and people are being delivered.

  93. Hi Marianne

    I am having some time out with God today because once again I’ve had a ‘siezure’ that makes me unable to speak and partly unable to function mentally when they are happening, but also make me feel a wreck the next day. There is no doubt that I have scarring on the brain from manengitis when I was a baby but the seizures didn’t start until 14 (I am now 31) – they started when migranes stopped. Lately there has been another additional issue that really grabs my attention. I have these ‘dreams’ that seem to be related to night time siezures and I am forced to wake up. There are usually several attempts and then it is a violent jolt out of sleep. I find myself breathing deep and a bit shocked. It can happen several times in the night.

    What I am aware of doing varies from one siezure to another but I keep moving about (I was even riding once and got off my bike during a siezure and don’t remember doing this). Times when I am more consciously aware it just feels like something is grabbing my brain and messing with it. I can’t speak, so I thus can’t rebuke Satan in Jesus’ name aloud. I have seen a Christian minister 2 years ago who works amongst witches and similar fields. He showed me what to do and pray. However this was before the dreams and the siezures still happen.

    I was a pretty rebellious teen and at uni was very open to secular ideas.

    Medical or spiritual??? and can they be a mix???

    Just interested in your opinion, especially since these wierd dreams

    • dear Jo

      What kind of dreams are you having? what about?

      Are you on any kind of seizure medicine?, because if you are, it does not sound like it is working.

      answer these questions first, so we can sort out what you should do.

  94. thank u for the reply

    I take tegretol and I think the medication helps to a certain degree. Some siezures before medication were fairly severe and were more frequent. I also refuse to go on other medication that makes me hardly able to function or to take more tegretol – it would be worse than the siezures themself.

    The dreams can be any normal dream but I then have an urge to wake myself up. My body attempts to a couple of times and can’t, then it succeeds (I am probably in a fairly deep sleep as I can’t remember most dreams very well). I thought you may have heard of a similar issue.

    I should mention I was raped in Africa and was planning to work there but of course had to return home after that happened. Not being able to work there makes me pretty upset. I can’t remember if the need to wake up was happening before this incident.

    thankyou for being willing to look into it

  95. i want to know something as soon as possible can u ask a demon for help in anyway over a wegi board i wont do this though till u tell me in my head it sounds like fun haha message me 🙂

    • dear cody

      If you need help, you should ask Jesus, not a demon. Wegi boards are contacts with demons, who will lie to you, and trick you.

  96. Hi Marianne,

    Have you read apocrypha gospels of essenes where Jesus casts out Satan out of man’s body with help of milk, sand, sun and air (four elements/angels)…after man starved for some days he smelled the milk warmed on sand, and Satan being hungry smelled the milk and exited man’s body in form of abominable worm (kundalini?)…shows just how strongly Satan posessed man’s body – he needed to starve himself to near death and only after that with power of Jesus and his wisdom (through which he knew what kind of ritual to perform), Satan departed…
    I told you I have the same feelings, and Satan’s version of “holy spirit”=abominable worm=kundalini energy ain’t gonna leave…prayers are simply not enough, and I ain’t gonna starve myself to near death and Jesus is not around…I don’t think this ritual can be effective without power of Jesus…I guess, I have to wait until the Second Coming…

    What do you think?

    • dear sweet Gavriel

      The power of Jesus is within you, so Jesus is around.

      I wish I were closer to you. You need someone in agreement with you, to pray together with you.

      Just the name of Jesus will work.

      The bible also says that our flesh wars against the spirit, and this war will continue until our bodies are redeemed at Christ’s return.

      Do not despair. You are going to make it.

      Even I am crippled at this time. I have to limp around. I know it is just an attack, but I persist. This trial teaches me patience, and I keep my faith, which frustrates the enemy.

      Do you have skype or yahoo instant messenger? Maybe we could talk free over those connections.

      • hi all, i think I’m addicted to this site, how do u get deliverance from this kundalini /python spirit? i have all the symptoms, cant work or concentrate, just sit non productive, sharp pokes on skin, extreme depression, feeling like something is looking through my eyes, paranoid, emotional extremes, rapid eye blinking and rolling back, weird facial expressions, mad laughter, crying/sorrow for no reason, mind is hijacked by something. I can feel a force moving in my head, even one person laying hands on me felt this force and was numb for a while like electrocuted. I’ve been fasting and praying for 3 months now. I’m also reading demon scriptures but i need complete deliverance. thanks again. i’m on skype

  97. Thanks Marianne for your words,
    don’t think that I like to whine and complain, I try to accept all God’s tribulations with love…but the thing is that my family needs me, my father is now going through surgery and he is getting old and I need physical strength to work and help my family financially…
    I’ll contact you via mail and give you my skype.

  98. Gavriel;
    Dr. Walter Veith had a child that was born demonically possessed at birth or shortly after. God used it to help become a Creationist. He was a former Evolutionist. He consulted a Catholic priest for exorcism, but it was only temporary. It’s part of his testimony. Watch his testimony. Maybe you could e-mail him and get some advice. It’s worth a try.

  99. I forgot his web site http:

    He is a Seventh Day Adventist, former Catholic.

  100. […] […]

  101. What about Mental Retardation? They can have self destructive behaviors such as biting and head banging and can also hurt others with the same along with spitting. Mental Retardation from birth is blamed as anoxia-lack of oxygen to the brain…but what if it is a result of a 3rd or 4th generational curse?

    They also have unusual strength; you can ask any social worker who has worked around individuals with retardation and they will tell you how very very strong they are-which is the reason why they are put in straight jackets and given valium to calm them down.

    You know my personal situation. I have been around “special needs” my entire life-which led to my decision to work with special needs as a profession. I have to wonder about this because I don’t recall anywhere in scripture where there was anyone called Mentally Retarded or special needs-they were either demon possessed or simply sick-either way…Jesus fixed it!

    • what i have observed is biting, hitting, spitting, seizures,hands turning inward and manipulative behaviors-pretending to not be able to do something and for months the caregiver caters to this persons inability to do something and then when the individual can’t see you-they can “miraculously” do that which they pretended for months they can’t do. If they are “retarded” then how do they know to “pretend” in this way?

      • lyndsey

        I understand. But anyone can act that way. The person is retarded, but can still be smart enough to manipulate. Non- retarded people do it all the time.

        As long as the human will is involved, and there is enough mentality to discern right from wrong, sin can and does occur.

    • Lyndsey

      I would not over think that issue. The bible is not supposed to be a medical book of diseases. There were different kinds of afflictions, diseases, and illnesses.

      If something is from birth, I do not see how it can be demon possession. Sometimes, when one part of the brain is deficient, another part of the brain is active. Same true for the rest of the body. That is, normal parts will compensate for the weak parts.

      In many cases, mental retardation is caused by genetic diseases present from conception. Down syndrome derives its name from John Langdon Down, who was the first to pinpoint the disorder. The condition is a result of a genetic abnormality in which the individual has an extra chromosome. An error in cell division during prenatal development results in a superfluous third chromosome 21. The extra chromosome is also referred to as Trisomy 21.

      • I was thinking more about the 3rd/4th generational curse…”sins of the father”. Deuteronomy 5:9
        But was also wondering about the demon possession also because of the same traits.

        Many years ago, My mother took my sister to Kathryn Kuhlman’s house. My mom was a very determined individual you could say 🙂

        While sitting in Kathryn’s living room, all that Kathryn told my mom was “she will be ok”. My mother’s faith was shaken to say the least.

        I just don’t get it.

        I have personally seen, felt and experienced G-d’s healing and when I look at my sister I simply just don’t get it.

        I don’t expect anyone to understand where I am coming from unless they have taken care of a severely retarded person with the above personality traits for 24/7 for a year. It takes its toll on you-mentally, physically and spiritually. You wrote in one of your emails to me that “jesus is watching..” My question is, why is He just watching…G-d forgive me if I am wrong for saying this, but why doesn’t he do something about it instead of “watching”.

        As I read in the scriptures, the centurion said to Jesus that all he had to do was just say the word. Matthew 8:8

        And by His stripes we are healed…where does that apply to mental retardation; down syndrome; Autism…etc….

        I have prayed and I have prayed some more. Now I feel only anger and resentment. I do thank G-d that he made everything go through so that she can be moved into a group home-He KNOWS I am at the end of my human capabilities and can no longer endure this. But the above remains in the back of my mind per se-unanswered questions.

  102. Dear Lyndsey,

    I realize that this is a rather personal subject for you, yet, since it is on a public post, I hope that you don’t mind if I offer you a couple of words.

    I just read a poem called “forsaken” that was posted by someone named Connor, under Christopher’s poem, “To Zion with Love”
    Did you read it? It broke my heart, because I felt that I could have written it myself. I guess my point is that we all seem to go through some horribly difficult trials in life.

    Though I have no idea as to what it is like for you personally to live your experience, I do know what it is like to be a caregiver. I looked after my Mom 24/7 for a period of 2 1/2 years after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.
    Watching her deteriorate day by day into a prison of confusion, was heart breaking. Why my prayers for her weren’t answered, I will never know. So I am sorry that I can’t offer you any insight as to why your prayers aren’t answered either. You do know though, as do I, that God has His reasons, and we must simply trust in that. However, when we are in deep pain emotionally, sometimes that knowledge, though we hold it as true in our hearts, simply doesn’t take away that pain. What we need is a good cry to release it all, and a good warm and sincere hug from a loved friend, of which I am sure that you have many.
    Until you see one, please accept one from me. “HUG”.
    May God and Yeshua bring peace to your heart, and hold you in Their arms, through the difficult times of struggle.
    Bless You Sister.

  103. Continued;

    I also don’t believe that it is generational curses, or demonic spirits either. I think that not only did Christ redeem us from the curse of the law, but that he may have released us from many OT bondage’s as well. Though I have no proof to back up this possible theory, I think that it is just the breaking down of our DNA structure from Adam & Eve, to what it is today, flawed.

  104. Lyndsey

    I agree with Buck. Much of what we suffer in this life is due to a weakened physical body in a fallen world. Think about aging. There are many medical problems that come with that, yet no one is healed from “old age.” We continue to get older and weaker. I am no longer the woman I was at 20 years old, and not even the woman I was at 50.

    I know someone with cerebral palsy. Many times people prayed for him, yet he still has CP. But he is not as crippled as he used to be.

    My father was prayed for, yet he did not recover. But he was able to show some improvements.

    I have problems that don’t go away, even when medically they should be gone. But for some reason, the problems remain. Yet I have more peace now, than I did when I was healthy.

    Think of all those who have been martyred for their faith. they were not delivered from the death. Jesus indicated that there would be martyrs.

    Jesus spoke about carrying our crosses, in order to follow him.

    Jesus did not want his cross either, and the Father never “healed him” of the cross with prayer. He still had to suffer it.

    God’s sovereign will may require certain harsh experiences for us to go through. We do not understand them, because we do not want any problems. We want God to fix everything so that our life is always happy and we always get what we want. Until the Messianic kingdom is established physically on earth, we are going to face disease, accidents, financial crisis, harm from others, etc.

    The bible predicted that Satan would war against the saints and wear them out. I can see that happens in many aspects.

    We are to endure to the end. Only in the end will there be perfect peace, and healing.

    We are to develop strong faith, not weak faith. Weak faith is a good start, but strong faith only comes with testing.

  105. Thank you Buck and Marianne.


    Where is that poem you were referring to? Would like to read that.

    • “The bible predicted that Satan would war against the saints and wear them out. ”

      * I am almost there

      • A lot of us have been “almost there” for a long time….maybe we are all the way there!

        • I am in denial~ LOL

          It is a human thing-I want my life back! And I know how selfish this sounds but I can’t help but feel that way. This is one reason why I posted publicly so that if there is anyone else out there going through this or has gone thru it, like you and Buck, then we don’t have to feel so isolated AND guilty.

          I have been so mad at G-d so many times this year then any other time in my life-in fact, I never knew you could get mad at Him. But once I figured out you could, you better believe I let him know.

          And regarding the demon possession/generational curses….if it isn’t coming from her then it has to be coming from somewhere and I have to figure out where. I read another post on here dated 2009 where you, Marianne, were explaining to the lady that objects can transfer spirits and something about a “blanket”. Needless to say, I will be getting rid of a “gift” that was given to me by Aunt Jezebel a few months back, just to be on the safe side.

          • Hi Lyndsey,

            First thing first. The poem, “Forsaken” is posted under Christopher’s poem in “To Zion with Love”.
            It is not a separate heading, but a reply to Christopher’s poem “in” that post.

            Secondly, please stop beating yourself up for being human, and wanting your life back. I completely understand that desire, and it is only natural.

            If I being human, can understand what you are going through, how much more can God?

            God can handle you getting mad at Him.
            (I think His shoulders can handle that. lol)

            I have cried out, and expressed what He already knew what was in my heart too.
            It’s not like we can hide our heart from Him anyways. Just because I verbally expressed my disappointments, it certainly didn’t come to any surprise to Him.

            To be completely honest, if someone hasn’t called out in discouragement, and pain to God, I think that they are lacking in an authentic relationship. Being white washed on the outside, and attempting to present a persona of themselves to God, rather than sharing their true self. That is not much of a relationship, if you never develop intimacy.

            I think God wants all of us, sharing in everything, and all of our experience.

            God understands Lyndsey, and I think that He shares in our pain as well, even though He knows that what He is doing is perfectly in-line with His plan.

            I do think that you should look into what is available in your area regarding some respite, and support groups though. I’m sure that you would be surprised to see how many others there are that are going through similar circumstances. I think that it would offer you some comfort.
            Being isolated and feeling like you are the only one,(even if you understand intellectually that you are not) will simply wear you down.

            You say above,” And regarding the demon possession/generational curses….if it isn’t coming from her then it has to be coming from somewhere and I have to figure out where.”

            I don’t know enough about who the “her is that you are referring to, so I can’t comment with any specificity.
            However, I think I read about an experience where the Spirit once told you that an individual was a child molester? What does, or did you feel in your heart when you received this gift?

            Also what were the circumstances prior to this gift, and was there really a dramatic change after receiving it?
            Try to discern between what could really be a manifestation of evil, or something that could perhaps stem from a superstition.

            Superstition can be a form of bondage, if an individual chooses to give them power.
            Anyways, I will throw up a prayer for you my Sister.
            Stay blessed in our Lord.

            • Also Marianne,
              You talk about Martyr’s above. I have thought about them as well, and the faith that that they have demonstrated.

              I am a direct descendant,(on my Mom’s side) to “John Rogers” 10 generations back, (me being the 10th.)

            • Hey Buck,

              The “her” I was referring to is my sister. After taking care of her for a year and watching her manipulate, kick, hit and spit, I couldn’t help but wonder if I was “living” with something else other then my sister..and yes, I know how crazy that sounds but I’ve been around other special needs adults before and not all of them did this…at least not in front of me. She is so heavily medicated at this point I don’t see how she can function at all but without the meds she is worse as i remember from my childhood and all the problems my parents went through. They had no choice but to place her in an institution because of her “wild behaviors”. My father told me of having to sit on her on the way to the hospital years ago because she was so out of control. It took all the strength that he had to keep her down. My parents were both christians and before my dad died, he told me once after visiting her that he did not understand how G-d could get any glory from this-meaning her condition. He choked back the tears and I have never forgotten that moment.

              Regarding the time when I first heard from the Holy Spirit, this was in 2002.

              What did I feel in my heart? When first hearing His voice and his message I was shocked. But it was a truth that could not be mistaken-not quite sure how to explain that, other than “my sheep know my voice”.

              Prior to this, I had received the 2nd baptism in 1988 and this was the first time I heard him speak to me in my language. It was completely unexpected and He was very authoritative in his communication. I don’t know how to explain it other than it was as if I had an ear piece in my ear and I was being given information at the very moment I shook this mans’ hand-“This man is a child molestor”. That was all that He said-which was enough really when your a mother with a 2 year old who also has Autism is near by. The man was arrested several months later shortly after Thanksgiving for a child pornography ring going all the way to australia. It was worst then I had imagined.

              • And because of the Holy Spirit, my son was protected-I will simply never forget that day as long as I live.

                Thank G-d, literally, for His Holy Spirit!

  106. Hey Lyndsey,

    Don’t worry, I don’t think you are crazy. lol. I have had things that I have experienced, that if I were to express, others might think that I was loopy too! 🙂

    May I ask you what your sister’s diagnosis is? It sounds to me like a form of schizophrenia?
    It is difficult for us to try to understand how much of what is in the world, could possibly bring glory to God?
    I have no answers to that one at all. It is a bewildering question. It is best I think, to leave the things of God up to Him, and for us to just allow ourselves to surrender to the process of sanctification. That is difficult enough for us to do.

    You didn’t respond to my comments about respite, or seeking out a support group at all? If you aren’t already involved in something, I hope that you will seriously think of doing so.

    Stay blessed kiddo.

    • I heard someone say once that if you think your crazy then you’re not crazy-only a crazy person doesn’t know they are crazy and a “normal” person always asks the question-am i crazy? lOL

      Would love to hear what you have experienced. I am just “crazy” enough to believe you…laughing

      Regarding her diagnosis, she has been diagnosed with profound MR and seizure disorder. She is non-verbal but will make noises such as screaming when your about to order something at the drive thru.

      Re: Respite…We (her support coordinator and I) were going to do respite but was afraid it would delay my sister getting approved to go into a group home. Paperwork and red tape basically. She has a medicaid waiver given by the state but had monies taken away last year which is how she ended up with me. So we just got the approval on Friday that she got approved for additional funding so that she can now move out and live in a group home-hoping for Nov 15th.

      Would have loved to have gone to a support group but would have had to bring her with me! I have basically felt like a “prisoner” in my own home because I simply cannot take her out in public with out “back up”. I also have my 2 sons-1 of which has Autism-so it is a safety thing more or less in that I have to also keep up with my son when in public-he likes to run off and up and down the aisles at the grocery store-just fun and more fun.

      My friends laugh when I tell them that nobody and I mean NOBODY wants jesus to return more than me!!!! And I mean right now!! LOL 🙂

      I mean, enough already-lets get this show on the road!!

      • Yep, I have heard of that one too. Mind you, if you were ever to see a person walking down the street having that particular conversation with themselves,
        “Am I crazy? No, I can’t be crazy, cause I just asked myself if I was crazy etc.” you would probably consider it to be a distinct possibility. 🙂

        So, you would love to hear some of my “crazy” personal, experiences would ya? I bet you would. lol
        But not a chance here on this public forum. I need to maintain some form of credibility here. lol.

        A lot of it was quite bizarre and could have been made into a couple of pretty good episodes for the old X-files show. Tell ya what though, let Marianne read this, so she knows that I have given her permission to release my email addy to you. If that is cool with you, then I’ll be happy to tell you all about it.
        Maybe you will end up being able to supply me with some answers to some of the questions that I still haven’t figured out yet? Though I was born again in 1973, I had all of this happen during what we refer to as our 2nd baptism in 1993.

        Anyways, back to your sister.
        That must be so difficult to have to deal with.
        My heart sincerely goes out to you, in feeling like a prisoner in your own home.
        However, though God didn’t answer prayer for her healing years ago, it appears that He is answering prayer in working out a plan for you to receive a rest from your labor now. That is great that she got approved for addition funding, and November 15th. is only a week away.

        I have read in some of your other posts about your sons too, the one having Autism. Hopefully after a year of having to look after your sister, that having things get back to semi-normal with your family, will be a piece of cake.

        LOL, yep I couldn’t agree with you more. I watch the news, hear of all of the troubles that people are experiencing here in this blog, look at my own life, and how it has turned out, and think the same. I am ready to go at anytime. I got my ticket, let’s go!

        I guess what amazes me in away though, is how much we can seem to endure in life. I really don’t understand how the secular population can do it? If I didn’t have Jesus, I’d be crawled up in a corner somewhere. lol.

        • “….the one having Autism. Hopefully after a year of having to look after your sister, that having things get back to semi-normal with your family, will be a piece of cake.”

          *Yep, william is a piece of cake now…I rather chase him down an aisle in a store then change diapers any day! 🙂

          what was it that Einstein used to say “everything is relative”…and that it is!

  107. “If I didn’t have Jesus, I’d be crawled up in a corner somewhere. lol.”

    And in a straight jacket!! laughing 🙂

  108. hi dear, yours posts are really awesome. thank you so much

  109. All humans can be possessed by demons regardless of their background religious or not Christian or not, hypocritical Christian or not. We are all born sinners and because of this we are vulnerable in our thoughts, actions, and wanting of pleasure whether it be for good or bad. We are all in danger of possession by any type of spirit. We are here on earth not heaven the devil satan and his demons are allowed here as you see how we are seeing and experiencing corruption of our world. If you think honest Christians can’t be possessed you are being fooled by none other than satan for a mortal human is without true knowledge of what is to be.

    • hi Webby

      That is not correct. While most people can be possessed if they open the door to demons, truly born again Christians, who have repented of their sins, and live under the protection of the blood of Jesus cannot be possessed. They can be oppressed from the outside, where they are afflicted, but the demon cannot enter in. The problem today is many are Christians in name only, and have no abiding faith in Jesus or a commitment t strong enough to stay away from sin. In that case more shallow Christians will display a possible problem. The goal is to get these people truly saved and under the blood of Jesus.

      • No, Marianne you are wrong and are being blinded by satan. Christianity and nothing of the mortal world can completely save someone from being bothered or possessed by demons they even bother those who appear of no sin but we are all born sinners so our sin will always exist as long as we are living of this world that satan is able to exist in that is why we most trust in the Lord’s protection that He will protect us from evil when we speak his name. Nowhere in the Bible does it state that we cannot be possessed just because we’re Christians true or not that is all of the flesh talk that you may have heard from another human trying to interpret the Bible if so please tell me the scripture where it says that. I just know it says that praying to God and Jesus or even just saying their name can protect you from the evil one with the light of the Lord they are telling you there will be troubles for everyone we are all the same in Gods’ eyes and not one better than another it is of the person’s will if they want Gods’ help so they will call out to him when they need help. Just because humans are bothered by satan or demons DOES NOT mean they aren’t SAVED we live in the Earth where satan dwells it says in the Bible that he does and he will always try to torment people and that is a ways of being bothered. The only place we can go where satan does not exist is in heaven where he is not allowed.

        • hi Webby

          If the devil can have me anytime he wants, then Jesus died for nothing.

          “greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world.”

          • God is greater that is very true but we are born sinners and are of flesh who seek pleasure. He can torment whoever on Earth and in hell he wants but he will never take the souls of the saved. Although Jesus did die to save souls from hell there will still be people going to hell it’s just now we have a choice to believe in God, repent, and obey His word to avoid that.

            • Webby

              I am redeemed…which means I am forgiven…I do not seek flesh or pleasure…that is the holy spirit working in me. I am not tormented, and I am not possessed.

              • None of us are perfect. It is impossible for us to not want pleasure as humans but not acting on them is very good. I’m very happy you are very blessed none of the such has happened to you 🙂 When I was saying you were blinded by satan means he’s not allowing you to see what he can do to Christians they are those who are furthest from him so of course he will torment them through life because he can’t have them either getting them angry, depressed, or not caring that is torment. As possession all humans and Christians can be possessed but only truly believing Christians can be delivered from demon possession the others unfortunately it will become worse. While many people’s theology teaches a Christian cannot be possessed, nothing in the Bible teaches that a Christian cannot be possessed. Possession is the result of sin, but not just any sin, but sin that a person commits that is deliberate and ongoing and without the intent to repent. Ecclesiastes 10:8 states “He who digs a pit will fall into it; and whoever breaks a hedge, a serpent will bite him.” When we sin, that is a doorway first to oppression. When we sin we give satan legal access to ourselves. We only have authority over satan when we are in submission to the Lord. James 4:7 states “Submit therefore to God, resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James wrote this to Christians, not non-believers. When we sin and do not immediately confess and repent of it, unclean spirits related attach themselves to us to keep us in bondage to that sin. That is why even though we confess and repent of our sins and God forgives us, afterwards we often times still feel attached to and prone to that sin. Paul expressed this frustration in Romans 7:18-19,

                • webby

                  Paul was not possessed either.

                  I guess you and I are not going to agree on this point.

                  Why is this important to you.? Is there a problem you have been struggling with?

                  • Paul was a follower of Christ, an apostle tormented by the flesh and also tormented by satan about restoring his vision when he was blinded for a time. Also don’t forget he also denied Jesus three times. I just want people to better understand the Bible and not just believe what’s told to them. I’m not going through any troubles right now. When I read something I disagree with I try to explain my point of view but when I talk about the Bible I base everything from there only and not from what I think but what I’ve read.

                    • webby

                      Paul was not tormented…He said he had a “torn in the flesh,” something God probably allowed to keep him humble. He never indicated he gave into fleshly desires, but only that he was tempted like anyone else. Even Jesus was tempted.

                      Paul never denied Jesus 3 times, that was Peter on the night of the crucifixion. And Peter quickly repented and was forgiven.

                      Christians today can have “thorns.” I know many saints who have had to battle cancer, other diseases, job hardships, war, persecution, family troubles, loss of loved ones, etc.

                      This does not mean they fall into sin and become possessed. It just means they suffer in the flesh in this world, because they still have flesh that will suffer in this fallen world.

        • Webby; You need to read the Bible.
          Rev.12:10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.
          The accuser “Satan” is in heaven in front of The Lord’s throne accusing us day and night.

  110. Sorry lol I meant Peter 🙂

  111. The gods are liars who hide behind their positioning. They planned this Situation for THOUSANDS of years and execute it to a T with Artificial Intelligence.
    Some of you have waited for DECADES and they still haven’t delivered on ANY of their promises. Count on this shit to deliver and you will lose.

    Their role throughout history is to communicate the god’s wisdom so the entire family can progress when reincarnated. Effectively acomplishing this task may buy them a quality opportunity to ascend in their next life.

    Your job as a future mother is to learn the god’s ways and to help your child understand despite the negative reinforcement and conditioning of today’s society. Without consciousous parents the child will have no hope, and may even exaserbate their disfavor by becoming corrupted in today’s environment.
    Your ultimate goal is to fix your relationship wiith the gods and move on. You don’t want to be comfortable here, and the changes in Western society in the last 100 years has achieved just that.
    1000 years with Jesus is the consolation prize. Don’t be deceived into thinking that is the goal.

    Much like the other prophets Mohhamed (polygamy/superiority over women/misogyny) and Jesus (forgiveness/savior), the gods use me for temptation as well. In today’s modern society they feel people are most weak for popular culture/sensationalism, and the clues date back to WorldWarII and Unit731:TSUSHOGO, the Chinese Holocaust. They used this Situation to bury Japanese atrocities.
    It has been discussed that, similar to the Matrix concept, the gods will offer a REAL “Second Coming of Christ”, while the “fake” Second Coming will come at the end and follow New Testiment scripture and their xtian positioning. I may be that real Second Coming.
    What I teach is the god’s true way. It is what is expected of people, and only those who follow this truth will be eligible to ascend into heaven as children in a future life. They offered this event because the masses have just enough time to work on and fix their relationship with the gods and ascend, to move and grow past Planet Earth, before the obligatory xtian “consolation prize” of “1000 years with Jesus on Earth” begins.

    The Prince of Darkness, battling the gods over the souls of the Damned.
    It is the gods who have created this environment and led people into Damnation with temptation. The god’s positioning proves they work to prevent people’s understanding.
    How often is xtian dogma wrong? Expect it is about the Lucifer issue as well.
    The fallen god, fighting for justice for the disfavored, banished to Earth as the fallen angel?
    I believe much as the Noah’s Flood event, the end of the world will be initiated by revelry among the people. It will be positioned to be sanctioned by the gods and led for “1000 years with Jesus on Earth”.
    In light of modern developments this can entail many pleasures:::Medicine “cures” aging, the “manufacture” of incredible beauty via cloning as sex slaves, free (synthetic) cocaine, etc.
    Somewhere during the 1000 years the party will start to “die off”, literally. Only those who maintain chaste, pure lifestyles, resisting these temptations, will survive the 1000 years. Condemned to experience another epoch of planet’s history for their ignorant pursuit of xtianity, they will be the candidates used to (re)colonize (the next) Planet Earth, condemned to relive the misery experienced by the peasantry during history due to their failure to ascend into heaven before the Apocalypse.
    Never forget:::It is not a house of Jesus.
    If this concept of Lucifer is true another role of this individual may be to initiate disfavor and temptation among this new poulation, the proverbial “apple” of this Garden of Eden. A crucial figure in the history of any planet, he begins the process of deterioration and decay that leads civilizations to where Planet Earth remains today.
    Which one is it?:
    One transitions into the other, allowing the gods to wash their hands of obligation to their Chosen One. My personal “consolation prize”.
    And since the gods never committed despite tens of billions in mass media, product development and natural disasters/tragedy they will employ the freedom they positioned into the Situation and CHEAT me out of everything.
    Unfortunate for me, the gods can claim they never intended this, despite being control freaks who guide everything specifically and have the power to force it with AI, and now they are free to fuck my brains out, just as they did throughout my childhood.
    The gods were pimping me when I was a 3 year-old boy, only to exploit me and cash in decades later.
    Pre-pubescent prostitution is rampant in black communities. Now we see where it comes from.

    Consistant with “reverse positioning” understand the REAL Second Coming would equate with The Matrix’s Anti-Christ, the fake battle of good and evil which will come at the end.
    Understanding how they use the political encviornment to redefine people’s value system, realize anyone who speaks of the old world and its ways will envoke hatred. So when/if the Anti-Christ comes along speaking of reverting back to what liberalism would consider regressive and unfair, it may be the only hope to salvage the god’s favor and keep moving forward rather than begin the 1000 year clock. The fake Second Coming will feed into this political enviornment.
    Also consistant with “reverse positioning” recognize the gods will offer a REAL Anti-Christ, also known as The Beast. I have addressed these issues in years past::::
    The gods will offer clues throughout every dynaic of life. Geographical features onthe world map is yet another.
    The Beast is not a person, as the xtian Bible would suggest. It is a place:::The San Francisco Bay Area. And it refers to the socio-political poison the region exuded in the latter 20th century which promoted indecent behavior among the people whose favor was rapidly deteriorating. This decay spread to other states and countries, fulfilling the region’s role as The Beast of the Apocalypse.
    Another feature which the Gods offer as a clue is very foreboading. Mt. Zion is a mountain to the north of the eye of The Beast Diablo and one which has a working quarry at its base. Consistant with the decay we experience in society, Mt. Zion is being eaten away, slowly stripped of its resources, until one day paradise will be gone forever.

    So many theme oriented movies lately. Pills that make you smarter, now a movie focussed on time, immortality. The gods are taking steps in preparation for the Apocaplypse, 1000 years with Jesus on Earth.
    The gods are preying on the people, ramping up temptation and compelling them to engage in behavior which will ultimately cost them.
    What I teach is the truth:::The gods extensively use clone hosts and manage Earth through them, people who ultimately are reincarnated into lesser life forms because of their fatal decision.
    You’re all falling prey to the god’s royal scam.
    Any enviornment/perception can be created with their power. Never fail to recognize the power they have at their disposal. There is NOTHING it can not do.
    They still sell “going up” to the reals and their clone hosts, for living on Earth doesn’t sound so appealing to them, nor preditors like my family. But the gods are creating an enviornment which will fulfill their promise made in the Bible to stupid white people and the fools who fell for xtianity.

    Navy SEALS helpcopter crash of 8.6.11 was revenge for Osama bin Laden.
    So confident in their relationship with the gods. Live in comfort in “the greatest country in the world”, bright future, kids do great.
    The gods have sent a very contradicting clue to the families of the 20 Navy SEALS killed in Afghanistan.
    The gods did this to you. This is punishment for the evil of your country, killing of a superior in the god’s eyes.
    Do you even pray? Have the gods already told you to stop going to church? Because Muslims pray 7 times a day, and you fucking white trash ridicule their favor.
    You fell for it. And now you will pay dearly. The United States is the empire of evil.
    The clue has been sent. Let’s see what you do with it.
    Even with all the corruption of the Republicans this wasn’t going to happen on W’s watch because the conservatives are the good ones. It is the liberal social decay which was the trademark of The Beast, and what has primarily destroyed our favor with the gods.
    One day default will bring insolvency, while the wealthy you bailed out with multi-trillion dollar stimulous package leaves you behind in the ruins. When this day comes don’t forget to pray, for the economic devestation and carnage which will surround you will be a deliberate motivator.

  112. Is it possible that a 4 year old could be possessed? He has been diagnosed (at 3) with ODD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder. He also may have ADHD and/or schizophrenia. i do not know. his father was diagnosed with schizophrenia, anger control issues, Bipolar, ADHD, etc.His father was always at home except when not working but when home was not involved with his son but only in his own personal pursuits like video games, computer, etc. When my daughter went to the store or the dr she had to go alone, He wouldn’t go along and help her with kids. Her daughter has a different father.My grandsons father drank almost daily, smoked, and was a drug abuser weither it was prescription meds or illegal drugs. he was a military veteran who was kicked out of the military due to discipline problems > He had anger control issues and once tore my daughter’s blouse off in front of the kids and once choked her and he would hit walls and yell and break things in front of my grandchildren. They are getting a divorce right now and I am worried also about my grandson having to spend time with his father who i think is mentally unbalanced and that it will make my grandson’s behaviors worse.
    I have heard my grandson talking out loud like he was answering someone. His eyes will roll back, he will o into a hyper fit of screaming, biting, spitting, pinching like a person possessed. He loses all control over some small insignificant thing that if withheld, he will totally lose it and go crazy. He has bee like this since very small but just getting progressively worse. He will be 4 on Oct 10, 2011, I am afraid of him and so is his mother. He has came up and tried to choke me out of nowhere. He has no fear of heights. He has no fear of anything except if he thinks his mother isn’t coming home. Other than that he is not afraid of anything. He has no empathy for others it seems and he constantly lies. He enjoys pitting one adult against another and seeing them argue over how to act with him. I put him in time-outs when he has done something he shouldn’t but my husband disagrees with me and says not to because it just makes my grandson more angrier. He is out of control.He has no respect for others or their personal bounderies. I am his main caregiver when his mother is gone or asleep(they live with me along with his 5 year old sister) as his mother simply cannot handle him by herself.He goes up and touches people out of nowhere and once at playground at McDonalds, a little boy came out of play area and told his mother that a boy had pulled his pants down and touched his privates. My grandson was the only other child inside the play area.
    He has climbed up on my lap and tried to pull my slacks down. He had habit of standing at bathroom door and peeking in crack of door while sister or I or mother was using the bathroom until my husband nailed up a piece of wood there so he couldn’t see in.
    He has pulled my blouse up, my dress up or his sisters many times. Time-outs doesn’t work.
    My daughter is partly in denial and says sometimes that everyone here hates him. I love my grandson.
    We took him to a new dr yesterday who wasn’t worried (he wasn’t told all the facts as my daughter is embarrassed to go into detail about all of it) and said it may be too early to diagnose certain things yet.
    The psychologist that saw him was able to diagnose him with the ODD after observation easily.
    I am worried that he will be unable to even attend school (unless at a special school) because once the teachers are around him they will be unwilling to have him in class.
    I really avoid even going in the grocery store with him. When he throws a fit, no one can handle him. He seems to be ultra strong.
    A few days ago, he threw a fit and his eyes were rolling around in such a strange manner, that my daughter was frightened and started praying over him.
    I have been trying to get her to take him to be baptized but after that incident, she was to get him baptized.
    Please help me, I am at the end of my rope. My husband doesn’t want him to be put in time-out when he does something wrong. My grandson is so incredibly manipulative and he pits my husband against me. I am trying to help my grandson and wouldn’t harm him but i am worried he will harm someone else.
    One example of his behaviors: One a daily basis, my grandson gets into my belongings on my desk which is in the living room. Every day i find something else broken that he has taken and broken off my desk. I give him a time-out. he apologizes and the next day, he gets something off my desk and either moves it, hands it to me, or breaks it. This last week, I gave up and moved all of my DVR’s CD’s, personal paper into my bedroom. This was an inconvenience to say the least.
    I have will organizers on the walls with medications and other things so he cannot get into them but he climbs now and that is a worry. We have extra locks towards tops of doors so he cannot get out of bedroom and front door. He turned over a laundry basket and climbed up and opened the door and was roaming all over the house before we awoke one morning but luckily didn’t get out of the front door.
    Please help with any advice you can give me. thank you

    • dear violetz

      your grandson does not need a psychologist. he does not have a disorder.

      the spirit of his father has transferred to him.

      He needs deliverance. so does his father.

      to keep your sanity…..he should not be around his father, and he needs to be in an atmosphere of prayer and quiet worship music……

      I wish I were there.. so I could help

      You need to take authority over the spirit in Jesus name and cast it out.

      Try to find a deliverance, full gospel, church near you.

      They can help you through this…since it sounds like you need help at something you have not done before.

      You have to name the spirits of lust and anger, and every other spirit you notice. Then you command them to leave, in Jesus name.

      But first be sure you are saved yourself

      If you aren’t , then you need to do that first.

      Salvation is based on repentance of sins, a resolution not to do them again, and a commitment to Jesus in your heart that he paid for your sins with his death.

      • Marianne; Salvation is not based on repentance of sin nor a resolution to not do them again. It is impossible for a person to do that and if one did he/she would be lying, which is sin. Repentance means to change your mind and believe God. James 2:23 “And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called the Friend of God.”
        Salvation is based on accepting what God did regarding your sin. Then the Holy Spirit will help you to not sin.

        • agreed. notice I said:

          a commitment to Jesus in your heart that he paid for your sins with his death.

          I would have gone into more detail if she had responded back.

  113. I am saved, Thank God . Please, how do I name the spirits?
    Sometimes he seems like a 3 year innocent child and at other times, he can be sneaky,, devious, hostile, and maybe dangerous. I have a sense of calm just to voice my feelings of fear and concern to someone else.
    His own mother has told me she goes to sleep afraid (he has his own bed in her room while my granddaughter sleeps in my room and my husband sleeps in the front room. He works at night so is mainly sleeping during the day) of her own son. That is bad when a person is afraid of their own 3 ear old son or grandson.
    I love him and I have been accused of not liking him because he reminds me of his father. It is true he reminds me of his father but I love my grandson and desperately want him to be helped.

    • dear violetz

      Identify the spirits by his behavior…does he lie? then he has a lying spirit.

      does he hit others? then he has a hostile spirit of strife

      does he act lustful at times?..then he has a spirit of lust

      is he angry? then he has a spirit of anger.

      just identify each behavior and list it as a spirit

      where is the father of who caused these problems?

      You should be praying over him at night out loud so the child and the spirit can hear you.

  114. Thank you so much for answering my letter to you!!!

  115. His father lives in town but rarely sees his son. When he does see my grandson, I don’t think he really want s to see him but wants to win time from the court with him just to make a hard time for my daughter out of spite. We make sure it is supervised in a public place like a playground inside of McDonalds where we can see what is happening.
    A court date is coming up about the final decisions on the divorce, however when he may be awarded unsupervised time alone with his son. My daughter made copies of emails from him along with a copy of a police report of when he tried to choke her and was arrested for domestic violence and will be taking copies to the hearing. I will be praying that he is awarded only supervised visits.
    I will pray aloud and also hat the evil spirits can hear and I will look for a full gospel church too.
    thank you, your answers have comforted me that I am not alone in helping my grandson.

    • violetz

      get a psychologist report saying the child is displaying aberrant behavior which matches the father’s behavior, or is aggravated by it, and because of violent behavior of the father, it is in the best interest of the child that he not be exposed to any more violence. that this would require supervised visitations to assure the child’s safety.

  116. I have spoken to my daughter that we need to get the dr report before going back to court. I too am worried about his safety while in his father’s care and about his behavior showing being similar to his father’s.
    I will keep you informed in what happens at the dr’s and the court.
    thank you for the ideas of how to get my grandson help.
    God bless you

  117. I have read some of this on my phone. I have to tell you we are seated with Christ in the heavenly realm. satan has NO PLACE OR POWER OVER OR IN US. Jesus said the prince of this world cometh but, he(it) hath NO THING IN ME. satan DOES NOT have authority over a Christian. J esus defeated and triumphed over him(it) PUBLICALLY. I also have to ask you. Do Christians who have demons in their soul(mind) or body go to heaven or not. Also, I have been chaste since spring break 1998 and forever because my sins are forgiven and forgotten by God. In the past I have been attacked by demon while asleep trying to get me to engage in sexual sin. I hate this and wonder why Jesus doesn’t stop it. I denounce renounce and forsake all the kingdom of darkness and it’s evil things including sexual sin. I choose to be Holy. I have no problem being chaste. so, in your opinion why does it happen and why doesn’t Jesus stop it and protect me. Be blessed. AndreYah.

    • hi andrea

      As long as we are on this earth, satan will try to attack us, and defile and discourage us.

      He wants to destroy our holiness.

      We will face trials and tribulations until Jesus comes back.

      But this does not mean that we are in sin, because satan tempts us or attacks us.

      We would only be in sin if we willingly chose sin of our own free will.

      You are doing the right thing. Just keep asserting your authority in Jesus and cover yourself each day with his blood.

  118. great article. every minister i meet says the same thing, born again christians cannot be posessed. i confessed christ my saviour and asked jesus into my life in 2002 with my pastor. i went to church regularly, christian friends, bible study. then i left the country to go abroad, i moved around a lot and couldnt find christian friends or a church. i fell away. i became the old me. things got worse, i travelled back to my home country and would spend large amounts of time in front of my pc alone. i started going heavily into different pornography and electronic music. one day i had doubtfull thoughts about the bible’s authenticity whie in front of my pc. i entertained an argument in my mind and agreed with it. then i heard in my mind: “god will never forgive you for the things you’ve done, why carry on?” “yes” i thought, “if god wont accept me, maybe the devil will” i started looking for things about the devil online, pagan rituals, chants, prayers whatever, saw something about jezebel and stated inviting such a spirit into my life. it felt good. it felt really good, my chest warmed up every time i’d invite them. it was like sexual pleasure. i continued doing this for 2 weeks, i knew i shouldnt but i was in a hole i couldnt climb out of. at least thats how i felt. hopeless. one night i’m at my aunts house sharing a room with my cousin. the bedroom light is off its dark andwere about to go to sleep. i felt urged to invite them, all i would do is think it, never uttered a word knowingly, my eyes were shut, sudenly theres a bright flash in the room, on off, i open my eyes and its dark in the room. i close them, it happens again. i open them its still dark i ask my cousin allowed if he saw the light come on? he said no. i closed my eyes and soon it happend again. i asked him again and he said no he didnt notice anything and hadnt touched any light. a few days later i left my aunts house after christmas day, returned home early, got heavily into my porn for a week, sleeping during the day, i started feeling winds moving through my bed, cold winds. uncomfortable restless feelings as i lay trying to sleep. one day in front of my pc, i invited them, while watching extreme stuff. my chest rose up my body straightened out, toes curled legs out fingers straight, then the shaking, tingling electrical sensation from head to toes, voice changed to a higher pitch, chest heats up big time. i didnt notice any changes in my behaviour at all. the angel inside me became one with me his thoughts overlap mine, consciously and sub consciously. i wasnt aware of him at all even though i was posessed. that was 2006, its now 2012. no minister priest or pastor believes me. they all insult me saying: ” you must have a chemical imbalance, have you seen a doctor?” they wont even hear me out, and when they do they dont hear what i’m saying, its as if my words are being blocked so that they cant uderstand what i’m saying. i’ve seen south africas number 1 exorcist 5 times and he eventually tells me their its gone and i should go home, when it clearly has to leave in the same manner it got in. tensing, full body stretch fingers out toes curled back lifts heart heat shaking energising voice change and exit as it disengadges me. it only makes me wonder how few true cases this guy had actually witnessed in all his years. i dont believe even one true posession. but they do deliverance and they believe theres an evil spirit for every emotion. they think of angels/spirits as ethreal vapour floating around like ghostbusters. Thats a notion, an idea that they believe is true. And a fictional idea believed as fact is deception. the problem with being deceived is that you dont know when you are. and you walk around thinking youre clever, when youre a fool. From my experience, my awareness of them has shot up since i was indwelt, ever since the fist day i have felt their hands on me day and night, i often notice when others come and go, when they leap into the room. ive stared into the dark as i lay in my bed watching them sitting next to me. the more i focus on them, the more i become aware of them. the more aware i become i begin to see their bodies outlines as they move. they have arms and legs and are human shaped like you and me. the section or group assigned to me consists of 5 seraphim. they dont have wings, that is a symbol representing their creative symbol “the birds” just like “the serpent” and “the dragon” “the ancient serpent” “the bat” “the spider” “the scorpion” “the fox” these are all symbols of the traitor race of the 3rd heaven – the ones that were given the earth and the power over its inhabitants for divine reasons. I hav much to say, all i want is someone to listen and not argue with me. when they argue they lift their opinions higher than the truth of my words. i have nothing to gain by this story. it is my shame. i have dishonoured myself and my family, and i have dishonounered the most high god. Jesus is Lord, i can say it, my body jerks as i do, thats all. but nobody believes my words. – thank you for reading

  119. Here is what has helped me…

    I have prayed over many of the comments, especially those who cried for relief. Demonic oppression is for real. But call out the name of Jesus and
    when Jesus sets you free, you are free indeed. I’ve had to do this every
    once in the while when I’m being choked by a demon and immediately it has
    to flee when I call out “Jesus!” Satan is like a roaring lion, seeking to devour. Don’t be surprised when now and again you are attacked. After all, you are a child of God and therefore an enemy of Satan.

    Once I’m free, I stay away from idols (it’s God’s first commandment). Or I’ll be back battling demons. Idols are an open door to demonic oppression in one’s life and in the life of the church. Yes, even churches lead people to worshiping idols and so History records all the evil done by the churches. Yes, people are to blame, but demons play a part in influencing corporate evil behavior. I have most benefited from being part of a Bible study group, a college fellowship group or a prayer group. With all the false teachers around in churches, it’s really hard to find a holy church nowadays. But I know there is a remnant.

    Idols can also be in your house (materialism), in your town (a certain lifestyle extolled), in your church (pagan rituals called “Christian”) or in your desires (like lust or greed). God’s word tells us to set ourselves apart. Deny yourself. Don’t give in or agree with those idols. To some people, even Christmas is an idol. Ask God what are the idols in your life that you need to give up.

    The road to life is narrow and few find it, but the road to hell is wide and many enter. Even professing Christians can go to hell. So it’s not what I say, but that I obey, that counts.

    Lastly, when you are under attack, remember to plead the blood of Jesus and rebuke in Jesus’ name!

    Hang in There Everyone and Have Victory in Jesus’ name!

    In His Care

  120. @ Debra, the paranormal investigator. I have had a lot of problems with demonic entities, and am still battling their presence in my life to this day. Demons are far more powerful than the opinion piece at the top would suggest. They can read your thoughts and get inside you spirit in the most insidious way. I have found following a strict vegan diet helps to reduce their presence, in addition to saying a lot of private prayer – up to 3 hours daily – 5-7 hours over short periods of say 5 days. You should eat nothing more than bread and crackers/savoury biscuits of very small amounts, to really reduce their presence. Don’t do this all the time otherwise you can become very ill and frail. You have to humble your spirit and soul and do penance to fight off the demons’ collective power. Get a priest in aswell to exorcise your house and yourself regularly. Also using incense and holy water around your house several times a day while playing religious music loudly. God Bless and Good luck!

  121. My husband has been possessed for some time now, and tonight it got crazy. He was in and out. I had to pray and read God’s word aloud tonight, and it did not like it, but I kept reading. When my husband finally came to he did not remember anything. He told me there are four. Azazel, Beelzebub, Baal. I knew that it was real but the reality of it didn’t come to my understanding until tonight. I know the battle is real and it is only going to get worse. That is why we have to equipped ourselves with God’s FULL armor for the day of the LORDS return is soon coming.

    • Emily

      If your husband is really possessed, you should not be around him until he gets delivered. You could get killed. Consider your safety. You can pray for him but at a distance. I hope you have someone around in case he goes wild. In the meantime, I wish you safety in the Lord. You should try to get someone over there to agree with you about his deliverance, so you can be free of these demons.

  122. My 5 year old grandson has been having what the Doctors call “Nite Terrors” for about 3 years now. It doesn’t happen every nite, maybe 3-4 nites per week. We have prayed and annointed, including the home(windows, doors furniture, toys,etc.) The most recent event was very scary for my daughter , he woke screaming as usual but he was not in his bed but hiding behind the door all stiffened up and very angry, his eyes were black and he had a very mean look on his face. She kept talking to him but he would not talk to her now and then he would glare at her. She put him in the bed and the whole time she carried him, his body was stiff and rigid. . She had a terrible feeling come over her as she went back to her bedroom and prayed. She then went back to check on him and he was gone.found him sitting on a bin in her laundry room, again stiff and rigid.. Strange things are happening in the home. Noises, voices that are mumbling, and music. The thermostat to the A/C burst into falmes. The A/C men still have not figured that out. Can anyone tell me what the signs of pocession are in small children. My daughter says that the face she looked into that night, was not her childs face. Please help !

    • dear cindy

      It sounds like if he is not possessed, he is definitely on his way there.

      As a young child, it is nothing he has done, so you have to look around him.

      Are his parents saved? Do they know the Lord Jesus as their personal savior?

      Do they watch violent TV shows in front of him? Do they fight in front of him?

      Do they have occult friends or other unsaved people coming to their home, or baby sitters that practice witchcraft?

      What is going on in their house?

      • Fuck fucking God jesus and the devil with their magics. I hate God so much. He has nothing good in him. The shit of my ass is too good to offer him and jesus Beauvoi

  123. Marianne,
    His parents are saved yet they do not attend church regularly.They have watched violent shows and horror movies in frront of him and they have argued around him, yet since we have brought it to their attention, they aren’t anymore.They do have unsavesd people in their home from time to time. There are teenagers in the home also, so it is hard to say what kind of friends they have over.He had an episode last night. He woke them screaming and when his mother asked him what he was seeing he said a Black figure(monster) with no eyes nor mouth just arms and legs and it was trying to put him in a fire.He kept repeating “I just want my mommy”. We have prayed and annointed him the home everything, yet this child is still tormented on a regular basis. Every month he spikes a high fever that may last 12 hours,wiith no other symptoms and then it’s gone. I have told my daughter to take him to a doctor for a complete blood workup, just to rule out any illnesses. I know what we are dealing with is spiritual, not physical. Just need advice…spiritual advice.
    Thank You for your quick reply:

    • cindy

      This child is responding to something in his environment.

      If possible, remove the child from the home for now, and let him stay with you.

      his welfare has to come first.

      also, since you would have more direct access to him, pray with him, give him gentle play experiences, and surround him with beautiful christian worship music.

      see if that helps.

      continue to pray for him…

      They can have him back when they spiritually clean up their home, and can prove there are no psychological threats there.

  124. Cindy
    I´m a priest and I have a lot of experience of bad spirits. I have either he is scared of the movies he has seen or he is attacked by evil spirits.
    I had some big problems with them until i draw crosses on every window with oil. Thats the only way to get rid of them. I have crosses drawn on wvery window at my home. My neighbours think I´m crazy. But that keeps the big evil spirits away. I have let the oil flow down from the cross because they are a memory of Jesus blood. The bad spirit doesn´t like this. The only way to get profesional help is to contact a Ortodox or Catholic priest or deacon. They will safe up the apartment. My tapestry in my home is destroyed by fontwater. My apartment looks like a mess but I don´t have problem with big evil spirits more only small ones.
    Contact a priest or deacon from the Ortodox or Catholic church near you and he will help you.

  125. Hello, i’m a new member of this blog. And i hope to learn more from and also to share my finding with everyone. This is a good site. : )

  126. Hi I was often told that my mother was demon possesed by other church members but wasn’t really sure until I read this. My mother is Hindu and has an entire room filled with Hindu idols pictures books. After reading this article I learned how an idol worshipper can easily become demon possessed. My husband and daughters are Christian. My mother picks fights with everyone in the house…lies…starts fights randomly…she does random weird humming….does malicious stuff to our personal belongings…today she started an argument and when I looked at her I was actually scared it was like the demon looking at me her facial expression and she laughs obnoxiously if there’s any scripture anyone can help with I would appreciate it. I thought my mother was just mentally ill but that seems to be a sympton. Thank you un Jesus name.

  127. I am an aspiring author and am writing a book for teens about inner balance that struggles within and how we must always battle against the temptations of evil but love and faith will always triumph. It is a novel that will be published as an ebook but I have been looking for a book cover that is powerful and relays a message. I would like to know who did your artwork above and if I could possibly get in touch with the artist. I would like to ask the artist if he/she would allow me access or usage of the above artwork. It is very fitting to my story and sends a powerful message.

    • dear Jennifer

      I do not remember where I got the picture. It was off the internet, and I most likely searched for “demon possession” in google.

      Since this is a “no profit” site, I was not concerned about copyright, although I looked for one and did not see one.

      Maybe you can search the same way I did and find the image again in use on its original page. I wish you the best on your book. I am sure it will bless many.

    • Jennifer,

      The inner balance cannot be achieved by the person alone. The only way that one can achieve “inner balance” is by being born again by accepting Jesus as savior. What you are mixing in is the New Age belief system based on Humanism and The “Christ consciousness” or man to become god-like. That is impossible. Jesus is the only way to achieve salvation. Religion won’t do it and a church won’t do it. The King James Bible is the only instruction book and it was guided by God to 40 men of God and no other book can proclaim this. Books based on the Biblical precepts would also be a plus but only if based on the KJV principles and commentary.

  128. Hi Marianne, what are your thoughts on deliverance? Thanks!

    • denise

      deliverance is a broad topic, so I would not be able to share all thoughts. it is available through the salvation and blood of jesus to those who ask, and who have repented of their sins.

  129. Can a believer who is has many signs of oppression/possesion. rid themselves by fasting and prayer of evil spirits?in my past i was invovled in many sinful things and lifestyle

  130. very revealing, God bless you

  131. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. sam

    Then do your best. Someone should counsel your father…. he sounds like he also has a religious problem.

    He is allowing this so he is contributing to the problem.

    I would suggest ..just be patient and start praying on your own. If you can find someone to pray with you…a local church or pastor, that would help….try a charismatic or pentecostal church.

  133. Hello um well I got a huge problem. my name is charles Holzner and I’m an experienced paranormal investigator and am dealing with the worst case of demonic possession In my fiancé. I was on the pilot episode bio channel on a show: ” ill haunt you when I’m dead” . The problem is out of control and she has lost her kids over this and now I fear it’s going to kill her …. I have seemed help in every avenue but can’t find a priest to do an exorcism… I have tried the roman catholic exorcism rights on her myself but can never finish it cuz she gets violent.. Lately during the possession bouts she drinks house hold cleaners and does bizarre things … Talks in ancient languages fluently and gets rid of all holy objects in the room and growls all night in her sleep and has convulsions , her pupils fully dilate, and she reacts to holy water and anointing oil and st. Beniditci coins and crosses.etc. during these possession bouts which are daily lately she has missing periods in her memory ….sometimes days or weeks. I know i’m not dealing with a schizophrenia or split personality disorder but the real deal here and this is the worst case of demonic possessions i have ever seen and i have seen a lot over the years. I have also recorded a lot of these possessions in her and have very definable proof and isn’t fake footage…some really bizarre stuff. We both go to church regularly and pray for this to end. I have a huge past with the occult to and have stopped about a little over a year ago. I also have occult tattoos on me too which i want to get rid off but $$ has always been the reason i can’t get them off of me. We both want this to end. She has been hurt badly during some of these possession bouts to near death. I know u dealt with a demonic cases before… I just fear for her life cuz I believe she might be close to the brink of death… Please call me ASAP at 7142254236.
    PS. their is a lot more to this story but am leaving out….but this is the jist of what is going on

    • charles

      I will call you a little later. Right now it is 5 am where I am at, and have some things to do first.

      You will also need someone near you to assist you. my email will include an office for a local ministry….they will go out of town in a week so I am not sure if you will get an answer but you can try ……

      Your dealings with the paranormal have opened the door to this, along with whatever weaknesses she had.

      Many people are deceived into thinking “studying” the paranormal is a safe practice when it isn’t. You will have to stop this activity.

      your email address name also indicates you are playing around with the demonic or you would not be fascinated with the angel of death……

      and what is this on your FB page?

      you say you go to church but your mind is on the profane instead of what is holy.

      she will not get better until you quit what you are doing.

      I am also sending some prayers for deliverance to you that I want you to print out and say each day…..I will be in agreement with you.

      I wish I were closer, but I am in North Carolina……

      I will do what I can over the phone.

  134. My fiancé and I have been saying for a while now that we were being oppressed by demons. All the signs were there and I didn’t have any real knowledge on the issue. She had more than me but not much. I was raised catholic not strict catholic. My fiancé was raised Christian. She wasn’t even aloud to trick or treat on holloween as a kid.
    I’ve always felt I had a good connection with god. But I also knew I struggled with demons. But I was strong for the most part I think I never got too evil. More self destructive and anti social and drug problems. Yet for being anti social I had many good friends.
    Anyway. We both just felt the oppression and we both led troubled lives for a while. Just lost. But thanks to our lord we both got sober had kids and are trying our best to raise our kids well and do the next right thing in life.
    But whatever it is just seems to try and make our lives miserable. It even seems to possess people involved with our life that can cause damage to it. Each example I have went the same way. They all were nice and suddenly always change into a similar personality and just screw us over for no reason. From bosses, to landlords to friends, family. And the better we do in life and the better our spirituality is the worse it gets. (Copied this first half before I kept going because I knew it might get deleted.)
    Grrr… I just wrote a lot and it got deleted. Quick summery.
    Daughter use to see it. Called it giraffe man. Said it came from comp. had to hide comp so she would sleep at night.shr went into the room where it was hidden days later and started buggin out. Saying the computers gone right?! Over and over. She never saw the Comp in there.
    We all use to always wake up at 300 give or take. Sometimes on the dot with nightmares. And we could feel an intense uncomfortable feeling in the room. A presence.

    I swear I just wrote a bunch more on my experience with liking the Christian church how I prayed today to remove the demon and the weird things that happened. And how two strangers we never met had told us a djinn was haunting us. Ect but it keeps getting erased. I’m done. I do not fear this demon Jesus will always be there to protect us.

    • dear D

      It sounds like you let go of your lifestyle but it did not let go of you.

      Drugs, etc, will open the door for demonic oppression, and even when you leave this behind, there are lingering problems.

      waking up at 3 am is common for a lot of people, even me. It is a spiritual time, and can be either good or bad. time for prayer or time for witchcraft.

      your daughter seeing a demon is a real indicator that you have to purify your house.

      First, go through your house and make sure there are no “cursed objects” in it…these are things forbidden by god and/or will bring demons in ….like astrology books, incense, rock music, strange pictures, posters, jewelry with occult symbols on them….. get rid of them

      I am sending you some prayer against witchcraft and for deliverance…print them out and say each day…I will be in agreement with you…..

      I am also sending you a list of sins, to review, to see if you are doing something you should not be doing, so you can repent of any mistakes.

      also, a prayer to help build you up spiritually each day…..

      also…. plead the blood of jesus over your child each day too, for her protection…..

  135. Have a family member oppressed and have attempted to exorcise this manifestation that has him in bondage he gets very angry verbally abusive and does things that can cause him get hurt any tips on what we doing wrong need to bind this demon back to hell permanently

    • dear dee

      I need more information.

      1. your family member has to cooperate and be willing to have the demon removed. Is this the case? if he refuses, then you cannot do it against his will.

      2. If he is not saved by the blood of jesus and has not confessed him as personal savior, repenting of all sin in his life, , and it sounds like this is NOT the case, then this has to occur first.

      Unbelief and unrepentant sins allows the demon to stay.

      write back to me and clear this up for me what his relationship with God is.

  136. I have been dealing with a demon for 3 years. He talks to me through writing. He would all of a sudden talk to me. He would talk about the online websites I go to, to do masturbation. I do have a female foot fetish. I see women outside, and I daydream about their feet. It leads me to going to inappropriate websites to look for female feet. These demons tell me that I have a million unclean spirits, and haven’t went away since. I have been creating imaginary friends, that means I create a friend through myself, and give him a name. I’m just sick of demons making me sneeze a lot, and they come in contact through the wind. They keep telling me that I’m going to hell for masturbation, and that God gave me up to this sin.

    • Rod

      Are you saved by the blood of Jesus?

      if not, you need to understand the protection that comes with this salvation.

      I am sending you some prayers against witchcraft and deliverance from demons, but it will be much more effective if you are saved. If not saved, they may not work at all.

      salvation is based on repentance of your sins, and calling upon Jesus for forgiveness.

      Let me know your salvation status..

      stay in touch, so I can help you make progress.

  137. I may not be saved by the blood of Jesus. I tried to go to church very 2 sundays. Is there a way to get saved by the blood of Jesus? I may have put in my mind in the past about looking at Jesus unclothed. I don’t even know what Jesus look like in real life. I go by the picture that I see on the computer. Satan has told me that I will go to hell for doing that. And for denouncing God. I did it in my head. I don’t even know what blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is. Satan told me that when I masturbate that I’m blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. A lot of people have told me that once I denounce God for Satan, that I’m going to hell. I’m scared that God will send me to hell for imagining him without any clothes, and his son Jesus without any clothes.

    • Rod

      Why believe anything satan says? all he does is lie….

      salvation_ look over the list of sins and commandments I sent….be truly sorry for what you have done wrong, decide you are going to do your best to stop those sins, and then ask Jesus for forgiveness, and to come into your life and help you overcome your weaknesses.

      print out and say the prayers I gave you each day….with time, you are going to feel much better.

  138. So is masturbating a sin? Is looking at female feet online a sin? This demon plays music, and chokes me. He has a ways of interfering in my dreams. He tells me that when I masturbate children come out my sperm. I need to save the children for my wife. He says I give my seed to him. Am I killing future children, when I masturbate. He made me look at the Holy Bible, and make me worship red, black and white. He made me worship idols. I did this for 15 hours, thinking it was God. but it was all him. He kept showing me visions of demons, and hell-fire. Please send that list of sins and commandments, because I need them. Because this is a strong demon, people have laid hands on me, and it seems like he is getting stronger.

  139. I have a question. Can people around a demon’s subject be possessed in order to drive fear to their victim? I do not want to be specific because it upsets me greatly, but if a demon were to make me believe false things (such as I am about to die, etc.) – can they possess a loved one without them knowing it and make it seem that is the case through conversation? I hope this isn’t confusing.

    • anonymous

      yes, demonic spirits work in groups many times. and they will try to influence as many people as possible, just like the human spirit does. It is called recruitment. fear is one way to transfer this influence.

  140. thank u….it’s helps me a lot ..demons often attacking my mom,my mom not a Christian but i try to save her..and she have that possesed signs ..maybe satan doesn’t want my mom bcom Jesus follower like me..

  141. Thank you so much for posting this article very educational! God bless! 🙂

  142. Sorry for my simple english, i prefer more older languages to speak,but since our modern humans dont understand it i will try to use my broken english,let say im expert in the paranormal and i like to help you and all the ones think that they know the truth about the paranormal or the unseen world or /and healing ,i saw many books and theories or personal views ,but still humans are fare a way from the reality of what they feel or imagine,i would like to offer my simple help or explination about what humans dont see but feel and give instructions how to fight it and how to defeat it if it was nigative or dark energy,i can explaine its weak points and how its work against the human race,what i want to say that evry thing have reason or roots or motivation, most human suffernes comes from paranormal reason or influences, ,what ever it is. like nightmares,shadow pepole,depresion,nigative emotions,sicknes,sekts,evil idiologies,druggs ,demonic posses,hauntings,sadism,crimes,i can explaine how evil energy work effectivly against humans ,,,and so on ,any way for any further info im here to help and to offer my knowledge to you and your friends or customers or who ever need it, it is not important now whay i do this or that
    but to satisfay your curiosity,im writing to you (you can say through inspeiring some one i dicate,some pepole well call me positive entity or guide,well done, others will call me jinn or spirit,im not allowed to manifest in my body or shap in your human earthly world thierfor im allowed to use human body or mind to spread my knowledge of course in verry positive way,we need to explaine for humans how the evil controll human mind,and not evry thing you dont see is neceserly is evil,im friendly and well educated and i just want to help i like also to contact spiritual humans and speak about my experiences and knowledge in the human earthly world ,just ask what ever you want,and please dont ignore my massage
    your white prince

    • I left your comment but not your contact information. A white witch is still a witch, and unless you are an angel of the Lord, or the Lord himself, you cannot help demon possessed people. you are a spirit speaking through a host medium,, which indicates you are a fallen angel.

  143. Fallen angels can also utilize a form of bondage & possession on people as well. They can also cause people to become ‘transformed’ into angels of light like they are.

  144. I want to be nice to family and friends but f**k everybody else. Hit me with strength.

  145. Wow……first off…this site is to weird for me…people the shit you believe in….please dont stop taking your med.s. those whom trust in God, shall never see not evil. The one whom think their is a devil pls get of the drugs

  146. Demonic spirits and demons are two totally different entity’s. We all have sin in us, it’s the generational curse handed down through the family tree. Jesus says in one passage that he would not commit himself to them be cause he knew what was in them. Its the spirit of sin in man. The fruit was a spirit and it for ever changed man. The Illuminati call this spirit enlightenment. Well then the question is how many spirits do we have. I have been possessed by the Holy spirit. Greater is he who is in me than he who is in the world. But I find I have a weakness / thorn in my side. I have been going through a baptism by fire. When will it end, and why am I having it? Stung!!!

    • dear stung

      If we have the holy spirit, we may be holy in our behavior, because he guides us.

      but as long as we are on this earth, and the world as a whole is not redeemed, and the devil and his minions removed, we will be attacked.

      this is why we are told in galatians to put on the armour of god, and fight back.

      we cannot be possessed, but we can be oppressed by external influences.

      and it is possible that we can give in, if we are not vigilant…which is why we need a Savior for forgiveness

      remember that you are forgiven….this the enemy does not want you to remember….he wants you to think that he has won over you, so that you forget that you have won over him

      we have spirits around us, not in us. we either get influenced by them, or we resist the influence.

      some things are hard to avoid, like what goes on in our minds, and other things can be avoided, like places to go where temptation is….so it is harder to avoid losing one’s temper than to go to a beer hall.

      you must put on the armour of god daily…and do not give up because your have a thorn in your side….Paul made it with his thorn…and you can too.

      I am sending you the armour of God prayer from this website..and some others…print them out and say each day…I will be in agreement with you.

      and stay away from “enlightened” people , who are really in the dark.

  147. The fruit in the garden was exactly that. The taking of the fruit was disobedience. This act alone; going against what God has commanded them not to do was the sin. There are three heavens. The third heaven is where God resides; the second heaven is the Known universe and the first is the earth. The second heaven is where Satan/Lucifer, fallen angels and demons reside in 7 principalities. Each of a different frequency. demonic spirits and demons are the same but there are different types. The Armor of God is where your protection lies. These supernatural beings control all governments and the world, as allowed by God. The areas they control are exactly 7 ways. Only through Jesus can we deal with their influence. The full Armor of God is the protection.

  148. Thomas,

    You should appreciate these 2 posted pages.

    This link holds a prayer and spiritual warfare for a house/home.

    Psalm 27

  149. Stung,

    The book by Derek Prince, “Pulling Down Strongholds” will open your eyes to the reality that you are in a war, whether you know it or not. Most Christians would have no hesitancy in affirming the concept that God has a kingdom, with its angelic hosts. Unfortunately, many Christians are unaware that Satan also has a kingdom, represented by a host of demons. With earth as the battlefield, these two kingdoms wage war with one another for our minds and souls.

    As Christians, we need to understand the nature of this war and how Satan’s kingdom operates. Derek Prince examines in the book…

    Discover why spiritual warfare exists
    Understand how Satan’s kingdom operates
    Learn the six weapons of spiritual warfare
    Implement strategies that will bind Satan’s schemes
    Tap into the overcoming power of the Holy Spirit

    Satan has already declared war on God’s kingdom. As citizens of God’s kingdom, we have no choice; we are already at war. Therefore, it is vital that we be prepared in order to overcome the enemy’s plans, push back the darkness, and proclaim victory for our God!

    Derek Prince explains in this video linked below. There are many presentations by Prince that you may find helpful. His books and presentations helped me, thank you Lord.

    Psalm 25 through 28

  150. I am fighting to get evil spirits or demons out of my mind/body.
    I commit my spirit, soul,body and life to The Only GOD Formed


    • dear Andrea

      I stand in agreement with you in prayer.

      The devil is trying to wear out the saints right now, so do not give up.

      He will be defeated by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony.

      I am sending you also a set of prayers for deliverance you can use as a prayer guide. print them out and say each day. I will be with you in spirit.

      • You can’T BE “WITH” ME IN spirit.Only the Holy Spirit Connects believers in Christ Jesus which I am. I Only recieve my Divine Only God Formed,s Spirit. I will look at your prayers. GBU. Be careful.

  151. I am demon possessed and i need God but i know the spirit of god has left me as he did saul. I feel myself getting worst each day. I grew up in the church and a month ago i started doubting jesus and the bible.. the thoughts took control it may have turned into unbelief… its like a nightmare my mind wouldnt let go. Then i read a verse the blaspheme chapter and then my mind automatically everytime i said the holy spirit would go to the name that they called the evil spirit. I knew it wasnt true i didnt believe it but its like when you try not to think of something you think it constantly. It was driving me insane. Now ive qsked for forgiveness so many times but its only grnted throught the holy spirit. I know im possessed by demons. I also believe jesus is lord and that he came in the flesh and he is the son of god amen. At this point i have tingling all over my body face and head and pain sometimes and movement in my stomach. My pupils are black and dialated. Im unable to retain memory. My heart felt like it was being chewed and ripped apart so now i feel nothing emotionally. I just want the holy spirit, nothing more nothing less.

    • dear bainyu

      You are definitely in trouble, but there is always hope with God.

      I am sending you some prayers for deliverance, strength and salvation.

      print them out and say them each day. do the salvation one first.

      I will be in agreement with you.

      try also to get some family or friends to pray with you, if possible.

      if you are sorry, you are forgiven…it is that simple…do not let the demons deceive you and make you think you are not forgiven.

      contact me again in about 24-48 hours after you do the prayers and let me know how you are doing.

      do not give up….Jesus died for your forgiveness and freedom. if you ask anything from the Lord that is his will, you will receive it.

      • And what if i did have salvation. Jesus sved me and he was my source of life. He protected me and i spat in his face. I feel so phony. I dont know how many demons i have but it is not one. I know the word of god. How can i feel sorry if i have no feeling feeling. My heart feels like its been covered with evil. I will do what you said. I know ive been reserching demon possession so much that i know how my story will end. The bible says “gods mercy endures forever” but his wrath is on the disobedient. I feel like a fraud even talking about God and his word, im unworthy

        • Can i also say god bless you. I am tearing up as i write this because i wound constantly tell myself to the lord i trust you and though you slay me i will trust. I felt like giving up today. God will bless you, thank you for answering me and thank you for letting God lead you. Thank you thank you. And thank you God

          • Confess the WORD OF GOD. FIGHT. DO NOT KILL YOUR BODY. I bind that spirit of murder and suicide and forbid it or any other evil spirit ti attack him in Jesus Name Amen.

      • Hi marianne,
        Im fighting everyday. For every little good thing im trying to remind myself to thank God. I know he hears. I know that we have to deal with the consequences of our actions. There is hope in jesus always. Heaven and earth shall pass but the word of God will never. These demons will try and kill me but I will look to God. He is merciful


    • All of you possess i can help you. I can tell you what to do with this demons they will go away in times. Because i get rid of my. My help is one of the best. You dont need to pray God. That is if you want. I know demons they come humiliate you, while God is no help. Call me beauvoi.9787984077. i charge 600 dollars

      • It does not cost money to get delivered from demons….Jesus paid the price with his blood..

        I am covered with the blood of jesus and no demon can touch me

        repent of your sins first, and then we can talk

  152. In Jesus mighty name, Amen!

  153. I hear demon voices in my head and I asked Jesus to help me nothing has helped in I still take some strong meds because of problem I have

  154. e-mail reply

  155. Pls am Lovelyn, a Nigerian. Pls Marianne can u forward me your Facebook id so that I can discuss with u. I have been passing through hell for years and now it has been revealed that it is spiritual husband that is tormenting me. I’ve gone for for deliverance in mountain of fire ministry in Lagos but nothing has changed. My friend advised me to meet a traditionalist who will take me to river Naija to settle them so that he will let me. be but am so afraid. I really need a help. Am a university graduate but noyhing is moving well in my life. Am 25 years old.This spirit husband causes disappointment, disfavour and frustration in my life. Pls I need my freedom

  156. Hi my dad thinks he is possessed by the devil and other demons he says that they torture him they keep him up and he can’t sleep they make is breathing bad sometimes he can’t breath he says they torture him all the time I don’t know if I should believe it but I feel bad for him he said he would even take a lie detector test to prove it what should I do?

    • stacey

      If your dad is telling you this, always assume it is true, and do something to help him.

      I am sending you some prayers against witchcraft and for deliverance from demons….also some prayers for strength….

      print them out and give them to your dad…also keep a copy for yourself……both you and your dad say these prayers every day….

      it also sounds like he is not saved, so I am also sending a prayer for salvation…because as long as he belongs to the devil , and not Jesus, he will continue to be tormented…..

      help your dad and support him in prayer. you also can have him contact me if he wants.

  157. […] المصادر: – Holy Water – Mikveh – History and Usage of Holy Water – Apostle Matthew  – سر الماء المقدس – Holy Water – Demons […]

  158. My name is beauvoi morisset. I have a legion black eyes demons tormenting me, eversince little child. This demons are destroyers. This devils had a white man sorceror cut my pennies in magic. This demons call other demon to sex my day i was sleeping. I have no help, no god to rescure me. Everything i do ,they refuse to go away. I have been in several psychics for help. They take my money, they could not help me. I eat shit and drink pie to make them go away. They refuse to go. I am asking if there is a god that care for me. I fast, i pray. They talk in my head 24 hours a day. This demons gave me a dream they were going cut my pennies. Not long ago, he gave me dream, that he wants that they burn me and pass the train on me. I need a lot of prayers, and what can i do to make them go away. This demonics make me so poor, and unfinish education. I cannot work. Every job i have. They control me to loose the job. I asking myself why do god hate me so much. God bless israel.. and white .me as a black men he never bless me. I used to be in church and thieve to him. I have no protection. I asking you to pray for me for god to heal me, and release a havest blessing in my life and relationships. My phone number is 9787984077 please call me what can i do to make them go away

    • Here is a basic instructional for Self Deliverance or use of someone else.

    • dear beauvoi

      There are a lot of things I would have to know about you.

      Are your parents witches?

      You went to church, which church?

      You can also go to church and not be a christian….do you consider yourself saved by the blood of Jesus?

      Do you work at all now? what time are you home?

      Do you live alone? or with other people?

      if yes, who do you live with?

      • My mother is a christian, crazy for god. I did not have a father. The demons still in my body talking. I need help telling me what to do to get rid of them. If you have connection with god, tell him i would like to win the lottory to fofill my dream in music. That will help me forgive him a little. Because the demons make me so poor. I am no lazy man and i love school. Other people refuse to manage me as artist. You can text me the number, i will play. my heart is speaking to me. i dont know. Tell him to help in relationship. I would like to mary a very beautiful good gurl with money. Beauvoi morisset phone 9787984077 email:

        • you have not answered my questions….please see them above.

          you do not sound saved….you will first have to repent of your sins before you can get help.

          the sins let the demons into you.

          god will not help you to win the lottery so that you can like him better.

          he does not need forgiveness, you do…

          I would recommend getting rid of your sins, and foolish thinking about the lottery, before you look for a girlfriend….

          you want to marry for selfish reasons…..she has to look good, and have money…. right now you do not think about having anything good to offer her….it is all about getting what you want….you have o learn to be a giver first…..

          I will send you the 10 commandments and a list of sins…look over them and repent of any that you have done….you have to be sorry, it is not just a mindless act……to get someone to call you.

          let me know when you have made this progress….

          who do you live with and when are you home?

      • Fuck fucking God with his magic. I hate him so much. He has nothing good in him. The shit of my ass is too good to offer him. Beauvoi

  159. This link is quite comprehensive…..its in English but its a good read and for instructions.

    The owner of this website is also quite knowledgeable.


    • IFEOMA

      christians can be oppressed by devils, but not possessed…

      this can be due to sin in your sin, which opens the door, or you are just so innocent and ignorant of evil that it takes advantage of you.

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft. print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you for this deliverance.

      pray against this and just trust god.

  161. I am Christian, but yet havnt really believed in god or demons. But tonight changed that. I had a terrifying dream. I was at a house I mite have been at before. There was a spirit there and the old lady wanted to acknowledge it. Well, I felt its presences and it controlling my body. It moved me, my arms almost making me stand up. There was a bloody big dog by my side the whole time. The old lady, myself and another guy later after I freaked out that it took control tried to banish it. Before that I woke up. What does this dream mean? I literally woke up hot and sweaty from this.

    • katie

      your dream is telling you that you are in spiritual danger.

      how can you say you are christian but do not believe in God?

      I do not believe you are christian, and I believe you need to be saved by the blood of Jesus first before you can get any help.

      I am sending you some prayers for salvation, deliverance from witchcraft, and general protection…..print them out and say them each day…. I will be in agreement with you.

      you need a radical change in your life to get the protection you need. right now, the door is open to evil, and you need to shut it by making a strong commitment.

  162. I am searching all different ways on the internet to find out some answers to a few specific questions I have concerning demon possession on a person who is in a hospital and dying. Its a bit too detailed in subject to find any answers that are relating just to my specific situation, so I’m hoping maybe I will be able to get answers if I personally ask them myself and wait for a reply. But hopefully it won’t take too long because my situation us occurring as I’m typing this.
    My aunt has been diagnosed epileptic, phychotic, paranoid sxhitzo phrantic ext ext and on n on her entire life-which may be some true but she has a way about her that is of the demonic kind also. Countless occasions where she has displayed her acts of this upon herself and our family. I KNOW she has the influence of Satan upon her no matter if others say she does or not.
    So my current situation is this– her health and her body has taken its final toll on her and she was put into a medical choma a few days ago and then life support. Due to her heart stopping in beating, she has unknown amounts of brain damage from it, and also prior situations thru out her life that caused her brain damage also. She has been having constant seizures or epileptic convulsions thru out the entire time these past few days, little minor episodes mainly-but constant. Her brain is now left in a vegetable type of state and our family has agreed to be best to take her off life support at this point.
    OK so my questions and concerns are this: first i m wanting to know if her having demons in or on her body-can that cause a delay in her final reaching the point of death? Will the demons fight and prolong how long she goes before dying? She was taken off life support almost 24 he’s ago, and even tho her body is only taking small gaspings of breaths occasionally, she still has not surcomb to dying. So I was curious if this is normal or possibly the a ts of her demons on her? (Forgot to mention thus: the drs are somewhat confused on details of her conditions from never seeing this type before-not of her dying after life support, but if her state when brought into hodpital-felt the need to tbro that in due yo my belief of that being a big sign of the demons influences in her) OK so my other concern-MAIN STRONG VONCERN: is that my mother n father are there with her rite now. My mom has gone in and sat by her side holding her hand and talking to her telling her how we all love her and will miss her and so on. My mom commented on how she thought my aunt was hearing her and her eyes opened a bit at one poi t-tjinking that was her responding to my moms presence n words-but doctors told her it was just one of her seizures she was experiencing-? Could it of been an act from the demons hearing my moms words and getting angered by them?
    My parents left the hospital for some few he’s after they realized she wasn’t immediately dying after taken off life support and wen they returned back to be with her, my mom was shocked by how her appearance had changed so dramatically then, looking much worse-scarry, my mom said…and she couldn’t believe how cold her body had become! She felt her arm n said it felt like a dead body. Is that any specific details to demons possibly? Or what might that mean as to the presence of demons and what controls they are having or what acts they are displaying rite now? MY BIGGEST WORRY IS THIS THO-IF ANYONE IS PRESENT AT THE MOMENT SHE PASSES, WILL HER DEMONS THEN BE ABLE TO ATTACH ONTO OR ENTER INTO SOMEONE WHO IS RITE THERE AT THAT TIME? COULD THEY BE AT RISK OF ANY INFLUENCE OF SVTS OF TJOSE DEMONS??? I’m not too certain on my parents complete beliefs in her being possessed or how demons work, so telling this to them without myself fully understanding the circumstances of this all, wont come across valid enough for them to take me seriously and act on my warnings I so want to give them. PLEASE I DO PRAY FOR A QUICK REPLY BACK-BUT AM NOT SO CERTAIN IT IS POSSIBLE TO HAPPEN DUE TO VIA EMAIL, BUT I PRAY. AND WILL BE AWAITING A RESPONSE UP TO THE TIME SHE DOES PASS AND THEN IT WILL ALL BE TOO LATE. THANK YOU FOR HEARING ME OUT. I DO HOPE I AM REACHING SOMEONE OUT THERE THO.

    • connie

      if your aunt is hanging on, it is because she is fighting to live, not because of demons keeping her alive. if her appearance is getting worse, she is closer to death. she may be experiencing great fear if demons are after her….she may realize she is about to go to hell, and does not want to go…..

      do not worry about yourself…. you are safe…pray for your aunt…if you can speak to her in her coma about jesus…if she can accept what you tell her, maybe she might even get saved and avoid hell….but I cannot say if it is too late for her or not.

  163. What do i do if my child is posessed??

    • katrina

      first, some questions

      how do you know he is possessed?

      why would he be possessed?

      what kind of influence is around him, and what have you done about anything negative hurting him?

      how old is the child?

  164. I like your blog it’s awesome to hear that others care about God! It’s sad that may don’t feel the same way, i am a big believer in question is about a friend of mine who wanted to start a blog so he was looking around for some inspiration and then he looked at the blog didn’t think it would be bad or anything so he opened it up and it turned out to be a disturbing blog about women being naked and tortured for sexual gratification, As soon as he saw the first 2 photos it made him sick to his stomach and he read the comments that the men left he was disgusted by the comments that were made very vulgar and friend was horrified by what he saw and can’t believe that others like these disturbing things, so does this type of disturbing stuff come from the devil and his demons and does it sound like that the individual likes masochism a characteristic of the demonic realm?

    • rick

      evil comes from the devil, and those that belong to him

      tell friend, yourself, and everyone you know to stay off sites like that….they open the door to demon possession

      • Thank you for the positive feedback it means alot and it was also meant for me to find this blog because God works everything for our good and to share with others if they have problems too may God bless you in all you do! You got it I’m telling everyone not to go to places like that! God is good and all the time God is good!

  165. Rick,

    Yes, such websites and others are “portals” for powers of darkness to enter and oppress the mind and soul.

    Please read Ephesians, focusing on chapters 5 and 6. It is the battle of the mind.

    Please consider this prayer, which incorporates Ephesians 6:10-18.

    Time is very short and the enemy is applying all the powers of darkness available to steal, kill and destroy.

    Psalm 18

    • Thank you too for the positive comments greatly appreciated! Yes the bible is 100% true and the amour of God gives us protection but the mind is the most vulnerable to the devil since you see with your eyes it becomes lust of the eyes then it goes to your mind then the devil wants you to entertain the thought,now God nore the devil can influence your choice it has to be your choice are you willing to listen to God or are you willing to listen to the devil , and thank you for listing the bible verses!

      • visual images are hard to get rid of in our mind…..I can still see some things from years ago seen by accident….they stick like glue, and it takes effort and prayer to remove them

  166. You have told a basic untruth in your article. To say that more Pagan belief will lead to increased demonic presence is nonsense. Pagan belief is simply acknowledgement and respect of Nature. Pagan festivals which coincide with certain seasons, were appropriated by early Christians to divert people into Christianity over time. In the early days, that made Paganism and Christianity more or less symbiotic – but for one important difference: The absence of powerful female roles in Christianity is responsible for much of our planets ills. This basic imbalance places too much emphasis on war and death. In essence, our Paradise exists here and now, in this wondrous, unique planet – not in a mythical afterlife cultivated by a preponderous death cult which has allowed so much injustice to flourish since its instigation. Yes, we do need to repent but, we also have to make restitution for wrongs in the here and now. The Christian churches have allowed usuary to grow unchecked through their appetite for money and greed. This, more than most, is demonic. It is this aggressive capitalism supported by Christianity which steers people down the wrong path. Calling people who try to help those in spiritual need ‘witch’ is unhelpful, displays arrogance and, a thoughtless need for superiority which should not have a place amongst so-called advanced, compassionate people. The Inquisition is over.

    • dieselestate

      paganism makes nature the god instead of the CREATOR who made nature.

      any kind of rebellion or refusal to acknowledge the CREATOR is witchcraft.

      pagans are incapable of helping those in spiritual need.

      they can try, but it is not going to work

      pagans need to learn to acknowledge and obey the CREATOR god who make them, and not try to take his place in this world.

      and where churches have followed the way of witchcraft, they will have to pay for that. .

    • marianne is correct. It is worst that what you are describing. The Pagan Festivals which includes Christmas, Easter and more….to cover the pagan festivals, throughout the year. Every festival or pagan holiday there is either a worldwide blood sacrifices in the covens of innocent children or adults. Where there isn’t mass murder and human blood sacrifices there is sexual perversion and sex Magic, (Conjuring up demonic entities), by performing various sexual acts or orgies. This opens portals allowing possession and evil beyond words. This is also done at the highest level of all governments, Military commanders, presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and queens of every country

      The Idea now is to change the laws of the land and create chaos to bring about a paganistic order or atheistic Humanism as the belief leading to the ultimate theology Luciferianism that is being hidden. If you want the links I can load you down. I’m restraining the links because I get called on my long postings but I’ll go easy on this one.

      The royal secret of the Shriners or Grand Inspector General involves the denouncement of Jesus Christ and performing an abomination on a child or sex act or worse to allow possession

      Generals, Presidents, queens, Princes of this world leadership to the common psychopath in prison. The membership of military or Political positions take the blood oaths and at that time become possessed.

      “Lucifer, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable, blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish souls? Doubt it not!” [Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, p. 321, 19th Degree of Grand Pontiff; Red Emphasis added]

      ROYAL SECRET of Scottish Rite FREEMASONRY (32nd Degree)
      The sodomization of a boy-child in a deranged attempt to reach so-called “trans-yuggothic” dimensions and contact demons.

      You know the “sun” like, circular, eye of “Horus” that every corporate logo contains? It’s the anus. Connect the dots. All of the “ancient mystery” religions include sodomy as their worship ritual. Should put a new spin on why our sodomite leaders want every last person, INCLUDING OUR CHILDREN ! , to accept the practice of sodomy as “normal and healthy”.

      And yet, those blind people who deride the Almighty God’s words against sexual immorality as “old fashioned” and “wrong”, are blindly throwing away laws designed to PROTECT PEOPLE FROM EVIL.

      Hence the bringing in of Transgender, homosexual marriage, abortions, Child Euthanasia, Cloning,

    • Finally, as laws and protocols change God pulls away and covering veil gets thinner and thinner allowing more and more demonic influence.

  167. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this Scripturally based information.
    Miguel Cazarez
    “He came to set the captives free…”

  168. Hii my boyfriend is being possessed. I alwats praying for him. One day i went to visit him, it just wasnt him talking. It keep telling me there’s nothing i can do to help and he llaughs and also that is was sent to break up the relationship and the war is not with me . Now his mind is so control by this thing he keeps telling if he goes for help he’ll die. Now my boyfriend believes he’ll die. He get so angry towards me , tells me stay away from him, dont want me around, tells me he’s unhappy with me……the thing is he lives overseas from me and i really want for him to come for deliverance

    • michelley

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and curses and for deliverance to say for your boyfriend. print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you.

  169. Thanks so much for the Educating article. I have been spitting phlegms unend. What could be responsible? Though, I have been fighting off demonic harassment( demonic voices of mindcontrol). How do one overcome oppression?

    • Abidemi

      first of all, see a doctor and be sure this is not physical. you could have a lung infection.

      second, we overcome oppression by the NAME and the BLOOD of Jesus spoken over us, and use his authority to rebuke and cast out all oppressing spirits.

      I have to ask, are you saved, are you a believer in Jesus as the son of God and savior and messiah?

      let me know this and I can answer you further.

  170. Thank you so much for always been there. Yes, i am saved, by HIS grace. You told me to take authority over the oppressing demons. I have been doing that. I am only careful not to fight a needless and ‘endless’ battle. If you know what i mean. They dont seem to finish. Do you know anything about mindcontrol/ octopus spirit?

  171. Abidemi,

    Win Worley’s spiritual warfare experience was extensive. He is a very good subject expert on mind control spirits.

    You can order any or all of his booklets on line. Google: WRW Productions Win Worley.

    The following is a review of one of his booklets on the subject of Mind Control, which is represented by the Octopus.

    God Bless you
    Psalm 18

  172. hi, im 16 and i have like different episodes. i see spirts or demons or whatever they laugh and talk to me and tell me things about people. i black out sometimes and write and i dont know my bible that well but i sometimes quote what stain says….im really scared. at church wen they talk in tounges either my head or ears hurt. i feel like im crazy i can feel peoples negative engry and i just dont know what im doing wrong to stop this

    • sieana

      what kind of church do you go to?

      why go to a church that bothers you?

      if it is a bad church, or makes you feel bad, don’t go

      what do your parents think about this?

      what do you want to do about this?

      let me know….

      • i go to a Pentecostal church and its not the church… i truely think it came from my because about 7 months ago before we moved a demon was talking to me threw her and the last thing it sed was it had her and i was next, i prayed over her that day and i thought it lefted i truly think that its in me or something because of her….ik its in my house and its not leaveing….i want to know why and what to do, how to control it because church u isnt helping and i think its getting stronger i havent slepted at night and about 2 months

  173. my mom was the cause btw

    • sienna

      can you live with someone else in the family?

      pray for your mother.

      I am sending you some prayers against demons and witchcraft….and some for strength….print them out and say each day…I will be in agreement with you.

  174. If you’re an Orthodox Christian (who drinks blood of Jesus regularly, prays, wears a cross, fasts, rejects New World Order documents, and doesn’t sin), then demons have no effect on you. People who use drugs see demons who cleverly disguise themselves as aliens. God gave you like a shield so that demons don’t harm you, but when you sin or do something spiritually wrong, you open yourself up to demonic influence. For example, chanting mantras leads to demon possession. It’s not the words that get you possessed; it’s the rhythm. Buddhists worship fake mountain Kailash in Tibet inside which demons have a UFO base. Barcode is Druid black magic curse. Mediums are shown pictures and given thoughts by demons. Demons move the Ouija board. Demons=Ghosts=Spirit Guides=Aliens. Demons never do good. Demons fly in UFOs. Crystal balls, tarot cards, barcodes, tattoos, talismans, masks, skulls, amulets, etc. attract demons. Meditation, chanting mantras, hypnosis, and astral projection lead to demon possession. Casting spells is asking demons for help. Ask Greek Orthodox priest to help you out (blessing your house, etc.) Most dreams and thoughts are from demons. To break any curse, pray slowly the Psalm “the Lord is my light and my salvation” 40 times a day for 40 straight days. That’s 1600 times in total. Also, if you’re in any trouble (like sleep paralysis), scream: JESUS! Pray the Jesus prayer all the time: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.” Jesus will come back to end the flying antichrist’s rule when this antichrist conceives a thought in his evil mind that he 666-isotope-ray-lasered everyone. Antichrist’s minions came up with Dec. 21 in order to desensitize people to the real events predicted in the Bible. Antichrist is 0% God and 100% man. He’s possessed by Satan since he’s 12 years old. He flies. He wears gloves to hide long nails. He’s pale with red eyes. He’s surrounded by demons who appear as angels of light. 666ed people go to permanent hell. 666 is given by lasers (isotope rays) on wrist or forehead when people stretch hands to receive small plastic grey card (world passport). Reject 666. Don’t go into a UFO to be healed by demons. Those who reject 666 will go to heaven. Also, their direct ancestors will be saved from hell. Dinosaurs live under our level. They will get out through sinkholes and lakes. To kill them, go for their nerves. Again, 666 is given by isotope rays on wrist or forehead when people stretch hands to receive small plastic grey card (world passport). Police will chip and isotope ray people on highways. Food stores will isotope ray people too. Antichrist will also release prisoners to mark people. Reject 666 at all cost. If you’re about to be marked, scream: “Lord, have mercy!” three times. Go hide with Orthodox Christians to escape 666. God is love. God has unlimited joy. God wants to share His joy with us. Point of this life is to get to heaven and spend eternity with God. After death, 3 days you here, then you’re shown hell and heaven from 3rd until 9th day after death, then from 9th until 40th day demons accuse you of sins; that was before, now people just straight out go to temporary hell because of Social Security; but 666ed people go to permanent hell right away; 666 is given when people stretch hands to accept the evil plastic card. Before Jesus preached in hell, all people (except Enoch and Elijah) went to hell. Now, aborted kids go to hell for 33 and a half years. After crucifiction, Jesus preached in hell. Those who believed, got out of hell. Suicide leads to hell. Maximum torture is at the bottom (ice hell) for biggest sinners. Stalin is head in in boiling water. When he tries to get out, demons push him back in. Others stand up to knees or up to chest in boiling water. There are different punishments in hell. If you didn’t do anything bad, you’re in a dark room. Also, hell is not permanent now. So, it’s possible to get out, especially if you’re prayed for and your relatives give to charity in the name of Archangel Michael. God is love. God has unlimited joy. God wants to share His joy with us. Point of this life is to get to heaven and spend eternity with God. God gives you a name during baptism. Devil gives you an anti-name during anti-baptism. Barcode is Druid black magic curse and a form of mark of the beast just like Social Security. People who took any number (which is an anti-name given during anti-baptism by the beast) on documents or in computer go to temporary hell; but those who receive green 666 (given with world passport with no name on it) on forehead or wrist go to permanent hell. How not to go to hell? Give back all these anti-name anti-baptism documents back to the beast by writing to appropriate authorities. If authorities refuse to cancel these anti-names, then write again (up to three times). If you wrote to the gov’t three times about it, but gov’t refused, then God will not send you to hell. Don’t go into UFO to be healed by demons.

  175. My son says he has a black soul in him that wants to take over his golden soul. What does this mean for him? What should I do?

    • methalo

      Your son means that a demon or demons want to possess him. So I assume he is not saved by the blood of jesus.

      first, your son needs to repent of all his sins, and if he does not know what sin is, then let me know and I will send some information. if he does not repent and give his heart to jesus , then he could become possessed, and the demons would have a right to him.

      tell him this and see if he is willing to cooperate. let me know.

      if he is not saved, then deliverance will not work on him.

  176. Hi. My friend has been seeing dark figures with red eyes off and on for the last month. And tonight, said she was in the shower and all of a sudden ended up just laying down on the shower floor on her back with the water on her face, and even started choking on the water going in her mouth and up her nose. She also said that she was saying, “She is going to die” and also saying her name, then a pause, then saying, “She is going to die” over and over for at least twenty minutes before snapping out of it and being back to normal. She said she remembers all of this, except for how she got on the floor. Basically it was as if she was telling herself that she was going to die, but in a different voice than hers, more high pitched than normal. Is this something to be worried about?

    • nathan

      It sounds like neither you nor your friend is saved, and protected by the blood of Jesus, which has divine power to repel the demonic attacks she is under.

      you are also in a geological danger zone as well…

      the demonic spirit realm is very real, and it will entice people to join it, so it can put you in bondage, then destroy you.

      Hell is not a fantasy…it is real, and waiting for victims

      while some people think demons are a joke, and ignore them, things can go out of control quickly if people do not take them seriously, and take action.

      I would advise telling your friend ( you also) to repent of all sins against God, if you need a list because you are not sure, I can send a list for examination of conscience.

      then have her turn her heart over to the Lord Jesus and have her commit to him as her Lord and Savior….you too….

      I am sending a prayer for salvation…..both of you say it, and mean it…

      only once you are saved and under the protection of Jesus, can you ask for deliverance from these attacks and I will help you with this also.

  177. Nathan,


    As soon as possible, buy this book by Derek Prince – “Thou Shall Expel Demons.”

    You can also watch a number of Derek Prince messages on YouTube. There are a few linked within the replies of this page topic above.

    Here is a helpful book to read (via the link below) until you purchase and read the book recommended above.

    Click to access Spiritual_Warfare.pdf

    You and her best start reading ASAP.

    Also start praying aloud like you mean business and read Psalms aloud before going to bed and during the day.

    There is a great deal going on around her – way to much going on to give quick advice.

    She has spiritual and practical work to do. You too.

    Psalm 40

  178. Hi Nathan, I feel sorry for your friend. I’ve been physically assaulted by demons so much over the last 4 years, and just recently have been getting a better handle on it. They attack each person differently, but if you do some research (there’s a lot of info on the internet), there are commonalities, and each person’s testimony might offer you guys a clue as to how to win this battle. Believe that you will! Stay social with friends, family, or even just the barrista at the coffee shop – keep reaching out. Often, the demons’ first line of attack is to get people to isolate themselves. (That’s how they get people to commit suicide.) Seek a good spiritual counselor at a local church or parish. Often the Holy Spirit will work through others to guide you through this. Give your hearts over to Jesus and Our Father in heaven. They truly are the best – coolest beings in the universe – your best friends, for real. Submit to them, give your life to Jesus. Trust me, you want to be on Team Holy, not the other side! Demons are bullies, they invented the art of intimidation. Your friend should oppose them, NEVER have a conversation with them, but know she has every right to tell them to get out of HER house. Part of their intimidation tactics are to pick on our fears/insecurities and try to blow them out of proportion, they know if they can beat you mentally/emotionally they might win the battle. It would be good for her to start seeing a psychologist/therapist, to make sure she isn’t hanging onto unresolved issues, and especially unforgiveness/hard heartedness. Jesus will help with that too! I liked Joyce Meyers’ book Battlefield of the Mind. God Be With You Both!!

  179. can you pray for a born-again go to heaven if the phycritris win

    • william

      what is a phycritris?

      Did you mean: psychiatrist?

      the born again status of a person has nothing to do with anyone “winning”
      except God

  180. Could you tell me more about oppression and bondage please. Thankyou

    • Daniella,

      Check this out.

      Click to access protect_deception.pdf

      Pages 22-28 provide the method to protection.

      This link is to an online book – gets you the basics.

      Click to access Spiritual_Warfare.pdf

      Then – to answer your need directly and with strategic precision – you can listen to this message.

      • OK thankyou I will listen to the message

      • I have been physically oppressed by a demon for over a year now and am looking for deliverance. I was Christened at an Evangelical Reformed Church, I have had 2 Catholic exorcisms, a Christian lady pastor tried to help me twice and was of immense help. A Muslim healer in Malaysia tried to help me and he was the only person to see it. This is a very physical experience, I feel energy tentacles attached to me, different parts of me, moving all the time, physical particles are pressing into me and jumping out of me. I see different colour particles moving around me and attacking other people, their food and drink. I cast it out in the name of Jesus but it is very persistent and I am asking for help in this fight. It has not let go of me physically even after exorcisms and prayers. I read the Bible every day. The particles move into my drinks, food and it talks from my mouth saying ‘I am taking it’ or it talks from my gut. Sometimes a voice outside shouts `erkė!’ which means ‘tic!’ in Lithuanian, my native language or it shouts ‘nightmare!’ in English. I do not feel suicidal or depressed, but this oppression makes me feel unclean and I see this indecent spraying circles in the sky or places around. I cast it out, as the spraying particles are real. I do not have any addiction but I probably spend too much time on Facebook, that may be the only dependence, as I live on my own in a foreign country and I find comfort staying in touch with friends and knowing how they are. That would probably be the only dependence.. I do not drink or do drugs.. and am trying to live a clean and decent life. Please help me cast this demon out as it is affecting other people too, affecting drinks and food. It even jumps into trees making them look indecent. I submitted to the will of this bad spirit, it pretended to the spirit of Jesus and asked me to heal Jesus’ hands which I did for a year with plain yoghurt. I would touch white yoghurt with a tissue, think of a nice white flower and spend 10 minutes every evening on each hand.. But the spirit was already molesting me physically. And in the meantime I would see streams of energy moving up to the sky. Then I took the picture of Jesus to church and stopped doing it and was exorcised. The spirit also demanded I give it time every morning standing with the picture of Jesus when I wake up. Now I don’t agree to any of its demands, and one of them is sacrificing a soul of a child to it. I always say no, all God’s children are protected by God. This is a persistent spirit and I am looking for help freeing myself from it.. Please please help.

        • Asta

          this may be a step wise process.

          I found this site on the internet that mentions demons with tentacles, and there was a deliverance prayer attached to it.

          there is also contact information there

          I am attaching this so you can say it over yourself

          say the whole thing, even if you think parts do not apply. family history that you are unaware of may be involved

          I will agree with you in prayer

          • Thank you very much, Marianne. As I was reading the prayer you sent, the spirit vehemently objected to some things in the prayer several times. I just kept on reading. Although the prayer in some places only is relevant to someone from the States (the reference to the Native Americans and the injustices against them), I believe most of it was relevant to me also. After reading the prayer I still feel the spirit physically. And I have been reading the Bible and saying sorry to Jesus and God Father for any wrongdoings in my past every day. Yet the spirit has not let go yet. I have recently written to a Shaman and he identified the entity as a demon with tentacles and also other earthbound spirits. Although the prayer renounces paganism, I do hope Jesus and God Father will forgive me for asking his help in removing these entities. Not just for my sake.. The energy particles are physical and at times affect other people landing on them or their food or drink. Thank you again, I will read this prayer again.

            • a

              be consistent with the prayer. again I will be agreeing with you in prayer…

              try to avoid pagan sources….they may have information that seems useful, but christian sources can do that also….

              I am always willing to help , pray and discuss this…..the spirit world has proven to be complicated, and I am always learning, and could eventually learn something that will benefit you

              I am used to demons leaving when commanded…. you and two others I know now have ones that refuse to leave, and I have yet to figure out why this is so….but I never give up on things like this because I want to see people set free

              one thing I do know is that demons hate praise and worship, so play this kind of music each day to suppress the demonic activity

              be keen on what parts of the prayer the demon objects to…..that could give you a clue to how it got into you, and a clue to how to get rid of it

  181. I don’t know a lot about oppression and bondage or even possession or any of that I know very little. I’m commenting because I would like more of an understanding for myself, I’m going through a lot right now in my life and I have had a rough life all my life and well to tell you my problem I sometimes have weird dreams at times they are demonic and very strange and I hear noises sometimes in my house and I get all these negative thoughts and ideas and sometimes can see myself hurting someone of god or someone that upsets me or makes me angry and I can even see myself dead or my son and I know that it’s Satan and I can hear him laughing at me sometimes, I pray everyday and talk to god everyday although I don’t read my bible everyday or all the time. I rebuke Satan in Jesus name and I cast down all imaginations like the bible tells me too, but I’m still getting the dreams sometimes and the negative thoughts and ideas and stuff and my pastor says that I’m in bondage that’s what she thinks but I’m not sure so I looked stuff on the internet and came across this. Please help me because at times I feel trapped sometimes and I’m not sure what’s going on. There’s so much to say but too much to txt and I have been through enough in my life to write a book , but if you could help me I would really appreciate it. Oh and I did except Jesus in my life and heart I believe in Jesus Christ I know he exists I believe that he died for my sins in grateful for him dying for my sins and for everything that he has done for me in my life and I believe he rose in 3 days, I know that we are living in the end times and that Jesus is coming soon and so I’m reaching out and asking for help. I think I may need deliverance or prayer but not sure I just sometimes feel trapped and feel like I’m gonna always go through what I’m going through and feel the way I feel always so I need help.

    • daniella

      I am sending you prayers for deliverance. print them out and say each day. if you can, get others to pray with you and for you. I will be in agreement with you.

      do not give up….reflect on your associations…do you know anyone who would wish you evil? they may be cursing you.

      get anyone evil, or in witchcraft or in the occult out of your life

      or can you think of any past sin that may have opened the door to this….if so, then renounce it out loud.

      spend time before bed saying prayers…which i send and also the psalms….put on worship music, and create a good atmosphere for sleep but bad for demons

      • No I don’t know anyone that would put a curse on me but I have had some evil people in my life before but that was a long time ago when I was a little girl my mom was evil my mom abused me and my brother in every way possible and she did drugs and alcohol and she dated a lot of people who was druggies and alcoholics and I was introduced to a lot of things as a kid like pornography and scary movies like Freddy crugar and chuckys bride and stuff my mom was an exotic dancer at a club in other words she was a striper and my mom played with witch craft and my dad played with a weggi board and I spent most all my life in foster care until I was 19 years old. As far as commiting sin recently I have been struggling with masterbation and pornagrphy as of November of 2014, but I have never had this problem with masterbation and pornagraphy before until just recent I stopped having sex and now this problem, but I have repented for masterbation and pornagraphy and my past sin. So I’m not sure what’s going on I just know that I have had witch craft in my family before I have never done witch craft before although I had an urge to do it but never did, I was told by a family member that they believe my mom and dad had dedicated me and my brother to Satan but I’m not sure if they did or not and they probably wouldn’t remember if they did because they did drugs and stuff and at night I won’t sleep without praise music playing and a fan on and a light on and I pray every night before I go to bed.

  182. Daniella,

    I suggest reading books by a subject expert. If you are serious about learning, then you need to study this subject out with help from an expert.

    As soon as possible purchase these 3 books by Derek Prince.

    Read these 3 books in the order presented – after reading the first 2, then you’ll be ready for the information/teaching book about expelling.

    Lucifer Exposed
    War In Heaven
    Thou Shall Expell Demons

    As for what you experience in your house:

    Please read this page on Heaven Awaits and read down into the replies and comments for more details.

    The enemy (powers of darkness) are amping up because their time is very short. Soon – the powers of darkess will manifest even more.

    We overcome him (Satan and his minions) by the blood of the Lamb and by what we know (confidently) and proclaim (testimony) – this is the message of Rev. 12:11.

    Psalm 18;ESV

    • good advice….I need to get those books myself

      • Marianne,

        I’ve been sharing these resources (from Prince and others) who are subject experts of this page topic for a couple of years.

        You don’t have these books?

        I’m sorry, I should have asked you awhile ago – What do you read to learn more about the subject from those who minister deliverance?

        Always looking for more information from subject experts so please share.


        • dj

          I learn from experience, the word, and teaching conferences I have been to…also, I have a lot of books on my shelf with a variety of topics…and of course, there is always the blessed holy spirit to guide and teach..

          i have been so busy i have not gone by any bookstore in a few years.

          but I do have other books , i might even have one of yours…i have to go look….i have about 300 books…but i am not sure if I have Prince or not

    • OK I’m gonna check those books out thankyou

      • sternberg99,

        The Lord has protected you, drawing you out of a rebellious house.

        He loves deeply – your heart.

        The Lord is leading you (Psalm 23:1-3). He is shepherding you even now.

        Read Psalm 25 – can you relate? Most adults do.

        Try reading Psalm 88, does this make sense to you? Lots of folks feel like what’s written in Psalm 88 – but then comes Psalm 89.

        Besides the deliverance and spiritual warfare approach (keep leaning), you can apply heartfelt praise and worship. Its as easy as walking and breathing.

        Pick a verse and say it as if you mean it. No need to yell or make a fuss, you can whisper the phrase.

        “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless His holy name” (Psalm 103:1).


        You say that often like you mean every word – your Heavenly Farther loves it!

        Not many people take the time to acknowledge Him.

        At the same time you say such phrases – the enemy hates it. They can’t stand being around someone who actually gives praise to God by quoting a simple verse.

        Look for others in another Psalm that you like – the Spirit will lead you to a verse or two.

        Next, play the audio of Psalms at night before you sleep.

        It is amazing what happens. But, give this some time and you’ll sleep will be more peaceful. The atmosphere where you play this audio file will change too.

        When you listen – you’ll also hear a phrase read by Max McLean that will be very special to you. Like – you can relate to what you hear.

        This link opens to Psalm 23 and plays continuously – if you like.

        Psalm 20

        • Thankyou DJ for all your advice and information that you have given me. I always say out loud that god won’t put me through no more than I can bear and that if god is for me than who can be against me and greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world and no weapons formed against you shall prosper in the name of Jesus and more that’s the things that I say

          • sternberg99,

            Sweet! You got it.

            You are such a blessing to me. You are enduring very tough times as you continue to seek Him.

            I’m thankful to have read your testimony, desire to be a follower of Jesus and seeking to be holy as He is Holy. Excellent!

            I’m trying and it’s a struggle – because we wrestle not with people but with demonic princes (rulers) and powers of darkness. Nasty nasties.

            One day we’re going to be in Heaven filled with peace and joy in the Spirit – smiling and filled with joy all the time, never ending. While these troublesome princes and powers of darkness will be roasting in a lake of fire.

            God bless you!

            Hebrews 13:20-21 (Jewish Translation) is you and me too.

            “The God of shalom (Peace) brought up from the dead the great Shepherd of the sheep, our Lord Yeshua, by the blood of an eternal covenant.

            May that God equip you with every good thing you need to do his will; and may he do in us whatever pleases Him, through Yeshua the Messiah. To God be the glory forever and ever. Amen.”

      • sternburg99,

        One more item – just to give you information quickly and you can maybe find answers within.

        Watch this video about curses and see if you find some answers to your concerns along with solutions.

        Here is the outline to the above video message – lots of detail if you want it. The video should address most of your questions about curses.

        Overall, the more you learn (simply seeking Truth) – the Spirit will guide and you’ll gain more confidence in your faith. As a result – you’ll be putting on the Armor of Light.

        How do I know about what I’m sharing with you? I’ve been in darkness like Psalm 88 for about 12 months. It was painful. Then I experienced Psalm 51 and 40 – then 25 and 27.

        The Lord is with you.

        God bless you.

  183. Hi, I need help. Lately I’ve been chronically sick. Currently I have a two different types of bacteria infection. Last night I was half asleep when I felt a presence next to me on my bed. I felt paralyzed and it was as though the presence was trying to possess me. I remembered praying fervently. I was afraid falling back to sleep. I know it sounds crazy and perhaps I dreamt it or it was a fever. Should I be worried?

    • liz

      bacterial infections should not make you feel that way.

      it sounds like you may be saved, but I need to ask, are you born again?

      if you are born again, you may be under some kind of attack.

      do you know anyone who would wish you harm?

  184. I need help please help me!!!!

    • mike

      tell me what is wrong…what is happening?

      • Thank you for replying.
        I have been experiencing spiritual “dunno how to explain it” I’ve had spirits coming to me asking for help but I can’t, I’ve spoke a language I don’t speak. Now I am experiencing evil spirits, where they want my soul. I am an ill man and when I was reading your page I have been suffering many symptoms of health illnesses for a few years and been abusive with language. I now have new pain that just appears when the evil has tried to get my soul, I can’t sleep as I’m scared.

        • mike

          it sounds like you are not saved, ie belong to Jesus….

          I am going to send you certain prayers…to print out or download….

          it will be up to you to accept what I send and the content of the prayers….the most important is to be born again….

          once born again, your other prayers will be heard by God.

          since it sounds like you are also physically ill, I will send you prayers for healing as well.

          say all prayers every day….I will be in agreement with you in prayer

          let me know how this helps you….and stay in touch with me.

          • I even had an upside down cross on my forehead whilst this happened the other night

            • Please send me anything

            • I have already sent you attachments…please open them in this email…and follow instructions..

              repent of your sins….

              it sounds like you are in deep sin, which opens the door for demons to take you over..

              be sorry for your sins….turn away and accept Jesus as savior. he is the son of God and the ONLY way to get free….

  185. i bought a house here in Phoenix three year’s ago. it never felt like home. my wife didn’t want me to buy it. but i was a first time home shopper so after a year. got sick of looking. we found the evens house almost ready to be four closed. we waited six months the deal almost fell threw. after moving in my pill habit went out of control and all i would do is sit in the bedroom. i was denial about the energy of my first home. it was everything that we wanted in our pice range. during the waiting period the bank had trouble with the prior owners. they were desperated and wouldn’t even talk to get thangs moving on the paperwork. the husband job would canned him if the place went forclosed. seem like the man did care and he has a very rewarding job. craziness almost every night. i started to wonder. so be a fan of ghost hunting shows. i found a lot of unexplainable things in my pictures. my youngest always carried a old cell phone witch work fine until we moved in. even my cell did work have the time. my wife would tell me something was holding her do at night. so i wanted my home to be safe. i did the spiritual cleaning of the houes and almost all the candles found there way burn in the carpet. after closing all the Windows and locking the doors. we wanted to go out eat. i forgot my wallet so i head back in to find the fornt door wide open. that night the ovens coil exploded. sounded like a shotgun. thing got worse ever day. so put it back on the market. it sold fast. one year to date of buying it. but after remodeling it set for almost 18months. and now i sit here with my once perfect life. with only me and the kid’s. my wife which never let the lord in her life is now not talking to us or her kids. this would of been unheard of. can anyone help plz.

    • shaun

      It sounds like you have some spirits for company in your new home.

      you have to take authority and tell them to leave in jesus name

      cover yourself and your house and family with the blood of jesus every day.

      and ask God each day to bless you and your home, this blessing cancels the curses

      I am sending you prayer against witchcraft and other spirits…also a prayer over your house, and prayer for strength.

      print them out or download them to computer. and say them each day for protection. have your wife pray also.

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

  186. my wife committed adultery and a dimon by the name of richard have been casted out of her and she are feeling clean now

  187. Thank you for giving us this very valuable information. I’ve been a victim of witchcraft, for 36yrs i was lost overpowered by something that I knew God our Heavenly Father didn’t want me to be, it’s been a rough journey for me you described a lot of how I lived. I thank you So So much. Coming upon your website is no coincidence, I’m Blessed to have you guide me and all whom may have gone through all these deceitful lies satan and his demons. I Thank you God keep you safe and Bless You Always

    • patricia

      I always hate to hear someone has been a victim of evil.

      many people, have bee victimized.

      I pray that you are healed now, or are going through healing now

      and that it never touches you again

      god bless you

  188. Excellent info! Well-balanced!

  189. Thank you for this very important information.
    Blessings to you always.

  190. Hi my granddaughter she is 5yrs n started fainting n hw something moving in her stomach ,she always cry n fight n talk she is in hospital not walking she hw this demon pls pray for this demon to go out her name is Lesedi pls n from easter the doctors cnt find anything

    • fridah

      I am not sure if it is her body or a demon.

      so I am going to send 2 kinds of prayers:

      one against witchcraft

      one for healing.

      print them out, and say them each day over your granddaughter,

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

      if you do not have a printer, download prayers to your computer, and read off the screen.

  191. Could it be possible that I may be demon. Possess I have a few of the things on there and I need to know what I should do cause I’m exhausted really badly

    • jenie

      i seriously doubt that you are a demon.

      you may be oppressed by one.

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and other spirits.

      also some for blessing and healing

      print out and say each day

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer

      also, are you saved? that is important, to be able to fight for deliverance.

  192. I am possesed. I have many spirits that are with all day. I hear their voices 24\7. They read my mind and we communicate telepathically, not that I want to… They drain me all day, I fall into micro sleeps and vivid dreams and visions at the most unwanted times. I wake with my head feeling heavy and my heart feels exhausted. They talk to me at night. They threaten me and my family all the time. They can appear and morph into anyone and anything. They are now threatening my life because they want my face, they cloned me because they admire my beauty, I gained a bit of weight and have been trying to get back in shape, I also dyed my hair blonde. Then they told me that the clone has blonde hair and they were really pissed at me. They said if I continue my diet and exercise plan, then they will kill me. All day I hear ” you look exactly like MM” “your trying to act like MM” (they say she’s acts exactly like me, it even repeats everything I think and dresses like me, sorta…) They said they wanted to fatten me up so I didn’t look like it. They all look like humans, they can morph themselves as anyone as well. They violate my room and my bed. They are invisible. They mess with my brain and body… They arouse me and then I black out, and they say they need my sex drive to have sex.. They say they are fuckin MM. They tell me that I am never going to look as I once did. They get serious and yell at me for having the same face. They like to fuck around and play with me like a chew toy in these out of body and astral world dreams. They are extremely real and in sense. They are capapble of simulating false experiences with these kinds of dreams and visions. They have made me laugh because they are extremely weird and create weird dream experiences, and I made jokes and so did they. Hahahaha… Its just really irritating now. I’ll say something in my head and they will say “mm said that ” T_T
    They have picked on my every flaw and insecurity, yet I’m unmoved.
    Either one or more is always in me. I do hear them as if I am wearing permanent headphones. I plug my ears and can hear the breathing and then it speaks ” I hate it when you do that” there are more in my head as I lay down, there have been many voices in my head at once and they can make the most annoying frequencies in my head causing an extremely irritating pressure in my head. And they are messing with my sleep and trying to keep me in bed all day.
    I am only 17, I have many dreams and aspirations, I have saved many ideas and desires on my etsy
    They make my clone wear the things I love and they say I will never have the life I wanted and I will be chubby and ugly. I’m not overweight, I just like being small and lean..
    I hear things like
    “I hate the way you look at yourself”
    I carry myself well and have a good attitude
    They have admired my character, but they said its MM not me
    It gets extremely ridiculous
    They tried to strip me of all that I got.
    Oh yeah and the constant mind reading, it drove me insane at first, I started thinking unnaturally and cringeworthy thoughts while they made me feel like the biggest weirdo… I also get intrusive though all the time
    Its usually stupid things
    They will say ” stop looking like MM
    Soooo yeah, they want my face and my character
    The many dreams and OOB experiences have been quite intense. I’ve been many places, some of the places would look exactly like real life malls, shops, restaurants etc… Feelings and senses become very real and I may be in another body.
    Anything can happen in these dreams. The dreams are where I come in contact t with the familiar annoying spirits in full physical form. They look like people and act like monsters. They can even turn into huge demon creatures, dogs, cats,animals…
    The levels in these dream places can be ve Hellish. I can describe it as hell. The possibilities are unlimited. I’ve was in a hell place with many young people acting as they do, a bit crazed. Then my face was eaten by a huge demon.
    I’ve been a man, woman, child, fat person, and many versions of myself. There were many amazing experiences. Not worth any of it.
    I can’t say the pain I have felt is exactly as real, but the physical feeling is as real as real can be. I’ve been cut open, stabbed, shot, and hurt in so many ways. They also poke needles in me quite often and tell me they are taking my spinal fruilds so I will be unhealthy or die.
    This is a very brief summary of some of the things I have experienced with my demonic possession.
    Email me for questions or something 🙂

    • emily

      these things happen to you because you are not born again, saved by the blood of jesus.

      if you want to be saved, then this will help remove this possession….

      do you want to be saved, and belong to god, or belong to demons?

    • This is in response to the comment that Emily left on June 18, 2015. I just wanted to check on her, and see how she is doing. Has anyone heard from her? I’ve experienced the same level of demonic oppression; it’s very intense, invasive, and unrelenting. It eases up, it just takes a while, and it takes a LOT OF FAITH. Emily, if you can see this response, I hope you’re hanging in there. Be strong. You’re already the winner in this battle but demons are the WORST losers. Don’t anthropomorphize them, at all. There is NO part of them that has ever been human, not even close. Demons are more like the creature from the movie Predator, or Aliens (1986) – there is NO humanity in them. English is not their language – they use it only in their attempts to manipulate/deceive you. Think of them as total monsters – it helps to rebuff them when they realize you are figuring out what their actual nature is. Any time they try to make you laugh – just remember – they don’t even speak English, they’ve studied you for a while, and their “joke” is only a tactic to deceive you because that (erroneously) makes them feel like they have some power over you. Draw close to God, and he will draw close to you. Feel free to PM me if you ever need to talk.

  193. I don’t even know where to begin responding to your comment, but actual demons are greater military strategists than any human has ever been, because they’re NOT human. They use so many avenues of attack, bless your heart you’ve obviously never had a serious attack by one. But for the people like me who have, there is no one solution. You can only build a faith so great that He will make good come of all the evil that has been brought upon you (much like Job) and TRUST in Him.

    • prudentjuris,

      I appreciate your reference to Job. He was under the thumb of Satan, being tested.

      Then I recalled this passage in James were we see an application of Job’s test, being patient and endure.

      “Be patient, therefore, brothers, until the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, being patient about it, until it receives the early and the late rains. You also, be patient.

      Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.

      Do not grumble against one another, brothers, so that you may not be judged; behold, the Judge is standing at the door.

      As an example of suffering and patience, brothers, take the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord. Behold, we consider those blessed who remained steadfast.

      You have heard of the steadfastness of Job, and you have seen the purpose of the Lord, how the Lord is compassionate and merciful” (James 5:7-11, ESV).

      Blessings to you.
      Hebrews 13:20-21

  194. I have always been a Christian. I mean I have not always been a clean following, close to God Christian…alot of backsliding has been involved. My husband, children and I recently found a church and started going. First let me tell you that since my grandmother passed in 2005 it awoke something in me that, well…has not been me. My husband has had to have me involuntarily committed when my second child was about 4 months old ( looking back I’m sure I had post pardum but had been almost completely out of my mind since about 3 years before, just drugs, sex, suicidal tendencies, impulsivity) Lord help me I never want to be back there. I have been hospitalized several times since for suicidal thoughts, behavior, and trying to commit suicide. I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (Among other things). Symptoms: Being extremely impulsive, dangerous behaviors, especially sexually (infidelity), suicidal behavior, irrational fear of abandonment. Today after church, myself and my 7 and 5 year old daughters visited another church, right across the street. I could feel the spirit as soon as I walked in even tho service was already over there was fellowship. Prayer, they fed the children. Everyone was leaving and one of the “deacons” or rather I guess the pastors right hand man…looked at me and said, “I see you, people make fun of you baby, they put you down, even your family, someone very close to you beats you down all the time” I was floored I had told nobody anything of my personal life AT ALL nobody knew me…only God. Therefore, I knew it was God talking to me. My husband is extremely verbally mentally and emotionally abusive. I’m not perfect, not even close, as stated above. As soon as he said this I began to cry, he proceeded to tell me all about me and my life, things that nobody knows and that I don’t care to share. Long story short they all laid hands on me and I lay in the spirit in the empty church..with only the pastor and his wife Ed and his wife. Ed being the holy spirits voice to me at the time. While on the floor…I felt him rip a “demon” out of me. He had to sit down it hurt him where he pulled it out of me. I feel like a new person. I also know there is one in my home…saw it some time ago. Ed knew about it too…told me to stay strong in the Lord so they don’t come back. I’m so happy and scared at the same time. Also confused I believe in this and always have there is no way he could’ve known the things he did without God telling him…I am still struggling in my mind. May be more demons, or may be I am just so used to it now. Please help :/ I want so badly to be me again and stay that way I belong to God and want it to stay that way as well. I want to be the woman that God intended for me and for my husband and children. I fear there are demons in my husband and the devil has been strong on our backs since this even. Any insight or guidance is greatly appreciated. Thankyou

    • dear blessed

      it sounds like you are on the right track now, but your home environment needs cleansing.

      the pastor was so nice to you, see if he can make a home visit to talk to you and your husband….and pray over your house, to cleanse it.

      your husband needs to wake up to what he is doing, and being confronted by another man might do it.

      he is the problem, not you, and having you admitted to hospital after he abuses you is inexcusable.

      it is worth a try.

      if your husband does not change, he will keep the door open for more demons to enter there and afflict you.

      you need to consider moving away from his abuse….talk to the pastor about this…and see what he says

      I am sending you prayers for deliverance from various spirits, prayers for strength, prayers over a house and family.

      print out and say each day

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer

  195. I met this guy in jail. We were writing back and forth for 20 months. A few weeks before he got out I started acting weird. Very inpaien t, confused etc. The day he gets out my battery died in my phone. I had it mass than a year. Some lady mentioned he had told her her had esp. Well my computer internet ect stopped working. I was too scared to ask directly but over the phone I told him I think I understand whatvis going on. He says you do. I said yes but I think we can work through it. The next day he loved me like never before. Well since then nothing good is happening. I’m scared to see him but Iove him. I read up on esp and it ends up being linked to demons. Do u think this is true? What should I do?

    • laurie

      it sounds like he is practicing mind control on you.

      stay away from him, and find someone decent who is not a criminal.

      you can do better than him.

      I am sending you a prayer against witchcraft.

      print out and say each day until things clear up

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

  196. tyu i admire you work . .all copys you wrouth givin me a protection all my life being defending sefl from demons . .lord that he protect for this year

  197. Thank you I’ve gone through so much, at first I complained and would ask God. Why, why me God. I’ve suffered 7 cardiac arrest saw the light at the end of the tunnel I felt so much Peace. I’d come back to life realized I have a purpose in this life my faith is strong now, I ask God give me knowledge and patience for God to straighten my faith. Accept learn and understand that what happens in my life now, God won’t give more than I can handle and it’s his will not mine. The demons may attack me praying with all heart letting them know that God is good and he is Love Psalm. 91is my everyday morning and bed time prayer.
    Thank you Blessings

  198. What happens to a person who was baptized in the Holy Spirit in youth, but later walked away from God and had a demon hanging around (drug addiction) when they died? Where does their soul go in death?

    • jennifer

      It really depends on the person’s heart and mind at the time of death.

      if they repented, they can go to heaven

      if they did not repent, and was still away from God, then they go to hell

      but god is the final judge…he knows things we do not.

      just pray you do not end up in a situation like this.

  199. Is there anyway for me to come over
    There and be examined to see if i am possessed?
    Thank you

  200. people who believe that demons can posses bodies has no faith in the power of God, for he does allow this to happen, demons are no more real than those who claim to be able to heal people with a touch, or those who say they can talk to the dead or see in to the futher.

  201. people who believe that demons can posses bodies has no faith in the power of God, for he does not allow this to happen, demons are no more real than those who claim to be able to heal people with a touch, or those who say they can talk to the dead or see in to the futher.

  202. I have been dealing with demons since i was 5 or younger and i have only seen a few but i have a sin problem and i seeked deliverance and found out i had something in me. I do not know how i got them or if i am oppressed or something worst i just am confused. I do not even know if the demons are making me or influencing me to do such things because its just a confusing situation. Thank you. Also i believe christian Psychic’s help because i am kinda a psychic and sure i do not use tarot cards or anything outside of my gift but i believe they help too but it depends who you seek out.

    • marinda

      you will always have to deal with this issue, and be confused, as long as you are not saved, or born again through faith in Jesus.

      psychic things are wrong to get involved with, because they involve demon power, instead of God’s power

      god can give the gift of intuition, but it is not the same as being a psychic, who gets knowledge from demons and uses it to benefit themselves, and leaves the customer with a curse.

      I am going to send you the salvation prayer. look it over and see what it says. it involves understanding what sin is, being sorry for the sins, wanting to put trust in god to help you, turning away from sins, and stop them, believing in the sacrifice of Jesus, who took the punishment for your sins, and giving your life and heart to jesus as your savior.

      if you want to be saved, then take the next step and say the prayer.

      then find some good christians to be friends with, or find a church…be sure it is a good one, not a bad one. start to read bible, and pray. learn to pray. talk to god every day. obey him.

      once you are saved, then fighting demons will be a lot easier, and there are prayers for that too.

  203. i think that i am extremely opressed or possesed or both it scares me ii isolate cry have terrible thoughts and negativity but want to be blessed and freed from negativity and sin at least from demon possession and freed from acestorial curses which i believe is why my kids were taken

    • krystal

      what is happening with you? what kind of experiences? yes you can be free, if you turn your heart over to jesus and ask for forgiveness. once you do that, you can tell the demons to get lost, in jesus name.

  204. look at the last 10 years of my life I have noticed a few things like double faces and little demons on people’s shoulders I lost my son at age 29 to a heroin overdose and before that my son drowned so I have lost two children and now I am alone my daughter doesn’t want to talk to me and my other son is coming to visit me tomorrow but seems sporadic I can say what can I do to help my family because sometimes I feel like there’s a curse on me how can I get rid of this how can I make my pathway to the Lord’s house cleanand have good things happen in my life for a changeI say this from my heart because I just want to be happy and love the Lord

    • stacey

      your grief is overwhelming you …. these spirits you see are spirits of heaviness, guilt, and grief, keeping you from recovering. the children you have left disappoint you.

      you need to let go of any grief and guilt of any kind, the type where a parent blames them self for a failed or lost child. we do our best as parents, imperfect as we are, and when our child gets of a certain age, they are responsible for their own behavior and decisions. we cannot force them to love us or pay attention to us.

      you have no choice but to put them in God’s hands….and understand there is nothing you can do, or what you have done has not worked, so only God can reach them.

      in the meantime, you need to reach out to the outside world, where there are plenty of believers for friendship. they may also have similar problems with family, and you can support each other in prayer.

      I am sending you prayers for unsaved loved ones. print out and say each day for your children.

      then put them in God’s hands, and let go, and live your life. and as you live your life for the Lord, you will produce fruits of the spirit, and slowly, you will see things change.

      and put yourself in God’s hands as well…. you need some spiritual healing, and He is the best one for the job.

  205. This article has been extremely informative for me I am a born again Christian as of Christmas Eve 2015 I have been reading a lot of Scripture and praying I am learning quite a bit about demon possession and how they attack her to you or enter into a person I believe I have been fighting such evils for longer than I care to admit but now my eyes are open and I’m desperately trying to learn everything I can about how to have them leave. Most importantly right now for me is my extreme regret that I never knew this information when I was little so that I could protect myself and teach my daughter the same thing Chanel claims to be taken and does not believe Christ is the Son of God and is so possessed by somebody very powerful demons I cannot get through to her. It breaks my heart I feel very hopeless I’m giving you my email address in hopes that maybe someone can send me some more information this more details about how I can pray for her or help her this is been very helpful for me and thank you for having it on the internet

    • Stephanie

      I think we all have been through times when we were ignorant, and mistakes happened, especially with our children.

      you need prayer + action

      I am sending you some prayers against witchcraft, curses and a prayer for unsaved loved ones. also prayer for strength

      print out and say each day. if you have any friends or family who are willing, have them pray with you

      I will agree with you in prayer as well.

      also, use every chance you can to witness t your daughter…tell her jesus loves her, and die for her sins, so she could be with him in heaven…tell her you are praying for her, for her to break free from the oppression she is under….tell her the devil cannot have her….tell her often that you love her

      combine both approaches…..stay in touch with me… not be discouraged if it takes a long time..the fight will be worth it

    • Stephanie,

      One of the best resources on praying for someone in terms of spiritual warfare and interssion is within this book, “Secrets of a Prayer Warrior” by Derek Prince.

      What is required when praying is faith. “And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him” (Hebrews 11:6).

      Therefore, I suggust reading this little letter for some assistance.

      Last comment. “Therefore faith is from the hearing ear, and the hearing ear is from the word of God” (Romans 10:17).

      You can read more about that verse in this link.

      This week – I began to literally apply Romans 10:17 by listening to BibleGatewyway audio. I’m believing that by listening intently to the Word being spoken – my faith will gain strength, become deeper and my shield of faith be more durable (Ephesians 6).

      God bless you.

      “For this reason also, since the day we heard this, we haven’t stopped praying for you. We are asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding, so that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to Him, bearing fruit in every good work and growing in the knowledge of God. May you be strengthened with all power, according to His glorious might, for all endurance and patience, with joy…” (Colossians 1:9-11).

  206. I need help

  207. I need help right now

  208. I must say Thankfully you have given me very precious information. My situation is that: I learned about 5 to six years ago that my adult daughter has seen ghosts all her life…but lately passed over relative’s for a few most recent yrs. Lately she has disassociated herself from me saying I am a demon…Prayerfully the Lords’ will for all of mankind will manifest victoriously…Thank you again! By His stripes we are healed!

  209. Hello, my name is kc. I love god, I am very close with god. I am also very spiritual naturally. I don’t wish harm in anyone, I don’t attempt to hurt anyone in any way. I’m well known for helping out anyone I can rather they are a stranger, acquaintance or loved one. I know god is with me, I pray daily, I trust god. With all this being said, I am very petrified. A new person started at my workplace, I finally met this person saturday. Before meeting this individual, upon being in there presence, I felt very uneasy… About 20-30 minutes later, the entire room/space was so dense and negative, I asked aloud if they also noticed a change in the atmosphere of the space. Now, I can feel energy right off the bat and I knew it was something from this person. As I asked about the difference, they replied, ” it’s me. I have 3 black shadows/demons that have attached themselves too me.” That part didn’t scare me… This did…

    ” I can’t pray, it mocks me. Everytime I pray, worse things happen too me.” I asked if a baptism had been performed and the response was, “as I was walking towards the water, my friend was with me everything seemed fine. As my feet touched the water, I heard sinister giggling. I looked behind me and my friend looked confused, as if he heard it too.”
    This person stated she loved god and wanted to pray. I offered my bible that had been blessed by a priest and with disgust, within seconds her eyes changed from brown to jet black and said, “no!”…

    Now, I’ve never done magic, worshipped anything or anyone other than god. I love my life 100000000000000%!!!!

    Saturday, the negative feelings and thoughts became too much. I was sad, angry, suicidal, upset all for no reason. I also knew consciously it wasn’t my thoughts and I refused for it to continue. However throughout the course of the shift, I start getting odd scenes or “images” in my head and it was scary. We work on the 3rd floor and windows are ALL by the stair cases. I kept visioning myself being pushed down the stairs and me exiting through the glass. I h as the feeling of someone or something behind me at all times except for when I was no longer on the same floor as this person.

    Today driving to work, I had extreme anxiety as I knew this person’s energy or a part of the energy attached was at work… All of a sudden, I had an ::) image of a goat.

    Now, I am fully aware of the demonic forces and the devils doing. I refuse to be influenced nor to be fooled. I am a child of God and god is in me and with me.

    However, I know that energy is attached to someone like me, a sensitive that can read it, see it, feel it.

    I feel as though, if I pray for this person, the shadows will hear it due to the example I gave above and make it worse for them or by me saying her name, will attack me.

    I have never been so petrified in my entire life….

  210. Honestly, if I didn’t need my job, I would quit!! That’s how uneasy and scary it is. I had put in a request for us to not be on the same shifts because the dark energy and the response along with the color of her eyes changing is beyond my means. There’s much more that happened then I stated above which is why I was so hesitant to go into work today, even knowing this person wouldn’t be there.

    Today, I had no oppressed energy/emotions but the space still felt dirty, unclean, not safe. Every time Saturday and today (now yesterday) I went to the bathroom, the long gated mirror by the door (that only when my back was turned) I felt energy pulling me in, almost like a vortex.

    What can I do to ensure if I have to share space with this person, their uncleansed energy won’t attach itself too me???

    Also, I was informed that three different churches advised her these dark entities cannot be removed. She stated she had lived in a different country as a child and that’s when all this began…

    Is there anything I can do to help her????

    I am petrified of her because it’s not the sweet and scared person I met, it’s the changing of the eyes when my blessed bible was offered, the negative thoughts and emotions that followed.

    I’m very religious, God and Jesus Christ is the only way.

    • casie

      you need prayer + action.

      what kind of work is this that you have to sit near her?

      can you ask to be reassigned elsewhere?

      you are experiencing transfer of spirits….what she has is attaching to you

      you might use the excuse of a”personality clash” and this is uncomfortable enough where BOTH performances of you and her could be affected

      the churches that advised her of this are useless, so do no go by what they say.. the girl is a witch, and is possessed to some degree.

      she is just making excuses to keep you near her, and to elicit sympathy for her, but she does not show any desire to change, and accepts what she is

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and curses….and for strength

      print them out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer

      do not be afraid. whatever is bothering you cannot hurt you if you are covered by the blood of jesus, and cannot take away your salvation. but it wants you to think that.

      you have to take authority over it, and command it to leave. unfortunately, most churches do not teach this, because they are ignorant, and so leave you ignorant as well.

      the devil takes advantage of this ignorance, and moves right in on people to afflict them.

      so you have to fight back

  211. I beg the deference.because i am possessed by demons,and i have the holy spirit in me name is not pulling ur coat i am very serious bout this.

    • johnny

      why do you think you are possessed by demons, but still have the holy spirit?

      what is wrong?

      are you saved by the blood of jesus?

  212. Lost ur contact.

  213. i myself was once in limbo, a few years back my friend a good friend in which i did not speak to in a long time, he gave up and killed his self now with in the last month i started to get in touch with my inner self so far that he started to contact me in my mind and he started to take over a bit but luckily i have a strong mind and kept my self from crossing over by doing everything right in my head at least but also had a enough spirit to let my mind go free to him, you see this all started when i saw the grim outside of my house at the other side of the window at first i thought it was an alien but now i know exactly what it was this was a few months prior my experience, you see i have a very good soul and spirit and mind and of coarse a good heart. As he started taking over my mind i started to think dark but i always managed to keep the balance and that was the way it had to be i am in limbo, he was very much in my head at this point to the point where my head was telling me that i would have and he was saying that i had to climb up this tree about 4,5 metres above the grand and he was telling jump and i was telling myself to jump, so i dive head first with my arms by my sides, in my head i heard crack in many places in my spine and shoulders, i am now my hell and his heaven but still on this earth i could see my self in my head in a hospital bed with family and friends stand around me i was in a coma. I get up from underneath the tree i stand i am okay i walk, i am still in hell i take of my clothes from apart from my trousers, i am barefoot in my head i am jesus in hell, i think to my self and i hear a voice it is my friend, and my brothers dad he was helping me in a way, i tell my self that i must go to the hospital which is left along the road i walk towards it but there was another signal in my head telling me that i most go home , a car to be honest a police car stops me i have no shoes or socks or shirt on, they ask what am i doing i tell them i just tried to kill my self i ask them if they can drive me home which the do thanks to god, i get back home and they advise me i should go to the hospital, they leave i have a shower and then my mum i am 18 by the way, then she drive me to the hospital i see the bed that i saw my self in they take me for a ct scan and i am absolutely fine i feel wrecked i sleep their for 1 day, i wake up i am still in hell, i right down all my sins as in a confession i am now free to walk the earth healthy again it was a miracle, i have freed my friend from limbo i can now live again. i had enough faith on what i was doing was right that i lived and walked again i was not unconscious after the jump, i was just in hell but i was also on this earth i was possessed but i freed the demon which saved my life, he is now in heaven not his run of my hell, i am good, one in a lifetime experience will never forget it. after getting out of the hospital i walk home from the main road 2 miles from my house i had a ring of blue sky and all around it was clouds i had a halo it followed me all the way home then i told my sister that i freed my friend from limbo and then all the clouds cleared away from the halo i am now free… their is alot of in between details but that is it in a nutshell…….. i found god and i had an angel my friend too, to help i also had my best friend in my head to help me also a star, also went far above that i wont say but yeah i know who i am and i also know the key which i wont say its better this way trust me 🙂

  214. Best help just say to them that they are only a bit of dust that cannot do harm because they are merely just in your head and that they are not anything because that is what the are just a flick on the shoulder should do you good say they are nothing and that they will make you even stronger by being there because good is better and better is good just tell them to go away because they can be gone if you do better literally tell them to leave and that they do not affect you and keep a laugh and laugh at them make a joke out of them if you can, stay away from them and keep god in reach speak your sins let everyone know your secrets follow the bible and you will see light, hope is very powerful in both good and bad be wise and you will see light, always think good and you will be better because better is good tell the bad that they are not there, keep thought clean and things will be better, keep yourself active and healthy diet to helps alot research too become wise and you will be strong, write your sins away they work on your sins and that is what they work on do only the good, i hope this helps and i am glad if it will, try not to use hope do whats right and they will diminish, follow the bible it will help 🙂

    • barney

      you are afflicted with a familiar spirit, a demon.

      God does not put you through that. you cannot just talk to it and make it go away. it is not reasonable, and will stay around.

      you do not sound saved by jesus…you know who he is, but you do not belong to him yet

      salvation is a choice, so I can only recommend it to you.

      once you are saved, you can pray this demon away.

      what would you like to do?

  215. It is not true to let people believe prayer and fasting helps.
    It is a lie.
    Even your own Catholic priest runs away.
    As to being born again. Who is born agsin and what is the evidence of being born again.
    It is time to tell people the truth or so not write about what you do not know.

  216. Psa_35:13 But as for me, when they were sick, my clothing was sackcloth: I humbled my soul with fasting; and my prayer returned into mine own bosom.
    Dan_9:3 And I set my face unto the Lord God, to seek by prayer and supplications, with fasting, and sackcloth, and ashes:
    Mat_17:21 Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.
    Mar_9:29 And he said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.
    1Co_7:5 Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency.

  217. Praying the rosary is promoted within the Catholic Church as a means of strengthening one’s faith, resisting evil, growing spiritually, and generally benefiting society. While some of the prayer of the rosary is scriptural, the whole second half of the “Hail Mary” and portions of the “Hail, Holy Queen” are blatantly unbiblical. While the first part of the Hail Mary is almost a direct quotation from Luke 1:28, there is no scriptural basis for (1) praying to Mary, (2) addressing her as “holy,” or (3) calling her “our life” and “our hope.”

    Praying the rosary involves giving attributes to Mary that the Bible never gives her. To call Mary “holy”—the Catholic Church teaches that Mary never sinned or had any taint of original sin—is not biblical. The Bible calls all believers “saints,” which can be interpreted as “holy ones,” but Scripture says that the righteousness believers have is the imparted righteousness from Christ (2 Corinthians 5:21). In this life, no one is yet sanctified from sin in practice (1 John 1:9—2:1). Jesus is called our Savior repeatedly in Scripture because He saved us from our sin. In Luke 1:47, Mary calls God her “Savior.” Savior from what? A sinless person does not need a Savior. Sinners need a Savior. Mary acknowledged that God was her Savior. Therefore, Mary acknowledged that she was a sinner.

    Jesus came to save us from our sins (Matthew 1:21). The Roman Catholic Church claims that Mary was saved from sin differently from everyone else—that she was saved from sin through the immaculate conception (her being conceived free of sin). But is this teaching scriptural? The Roman Catholic Church openly admits that this doctrine is not found in Scripture. When a young man addressed Jesus as “good Master” (Matthew 19:16–17), Jesus asked why he called Him “good” since there is none good but one, God. Jesus was trying to make the young man aware that he was using the term good too loosely. In praying the rosary, Catholics use the term holy too loosely. No one, including Mary, is holy but God. This ties in with Romans 3:10–23, Romans 5:12, and countless other passages that stress the fact that in God’s eyes no one measures up. Never is Mary excluded from such all-encompassing statements.

    But praying the rosary has an even more basic problem, namely, that much of the prayer directed to Mary, not to God. We are never told in the Bible whether anyone else in heaven can even hear us. God alone is all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-present. When Jesus taught His disciples to pray, He taught them to address their prayers to God the Father. Every example of prayer in the Bible is addressed to God alone. There is never a single example of someone praying to any “saint” or angel or anyone else (besides prayers to false gods). Further, any time that a pious person prostrates himself (in a religious setting) to honor someone else besides God (chiefly to the apostles or angels), he is told to get up, to stop it (Acts 10:25–26; 14:13–16; Matthew 4:10; Revelation 19:10; 22:8–9). The Roman Catholic Church states that it worships God alone but “venerates” Mary and the saints. What is the difference? A person praying the rosary spends more time calling out to Mary than to God. For every one praise of God in the rosary, there are ten praises of Mary!

    Praying the rosary also assigns a task to Mary that the Bible never assigns her. Jesus is our Redeemer (Galatians 3:13; 4:4–5; Titus 2:14; 1 Peter 1:18–19; Revelation 5:9), our heavenly Advocate (1 John 2:1), and our one and only Mediator (1 Timothy 2:5). The “Hail, Holy Queen” portion of the rosary prayer calls Mary our “most gracious advocate.” This is a direct contradiction of the clear biblical teaching that only Jesus is our go-between.

    Praying the rosary requires Catholics to call upon Mary as the “holy Queen.” The only time in Scripture that the title “Queen of Heaven” is found, the term is used in a negative way (Jeremiah 7:17–19; 44:16–27). The Bible never pictures Mary as a queen; rather, she calls herself “the Lord’s servant” (Luke 1:38). She is never given a crown or authority over heaven and earth. Likewise, is it appropriate, while praying the rosary, to call Mary our “life” and “hope”? Again, these are terms that are used of God alone in Scripture (John 1:1–14; Colossians 3:4; 1 Timothy 1:1; Ephesians 2:12; Titus 2:13).

    The practice of saying the rosary runs contrary to Scripture in a number of ways. Only God can hear our prayers. Only God can answer our prayers. We have one intermediary (Jesus), and it is in His name we pray, not Mary’s.

  218. Thank you very much on this. It is very enlightening. But there is one item I wish to correct. I’m not sure if demons can read our minds or not but I’m certain that satan can. From my personal experience I summoned evil to my home with out uttering one word. I was not happy with my life at work and home. I’m a very closed person. I keep everything inside and discuss my personal feelings with no one. I keep it locked deep inside. I put on a happy face. I also had very dark thoughts. One of those I wish I could have my little kitten turn into a beautiful young woman just like on Bewitched. I had ordered a catalog from this one company called Blackhawk. One day two large manila envelops arrived in the male. When I saw them I was excited and went to my office (bathroom) to read one. Back hawk sells military back backs and gear. My little kitten would follow me everywhere. I sat down and opened the envelop and started to go through the catalog. The kitten that was playing stopped and started to growl and hiss at the bathroom door. I thought maybe one of the dogs was at the door. I put the catalog back in the envelop and got up to see what the kitten was upset at. I checked and no dog. So I sat down again and I pulled the catalog out and the kitten started hissing again. So once again I got up to check and nothing. I checked and the dogs were with the kids. I checked to see if there was some other critter in the bedroom. Nothing. So I put the catalogs away in their envelops. So the next night I came home I grabbed the catalog that I had previously opened and went to my office with kitten tagging along. The same thing happened when I pulled the catalog out of the envelop. The kitten would growl at the door. So I put the catalog back in the envelope and would check out the bedroom. I did this a couple of more times that evening. Then I though wait a minute. I pulled the catalog out of the envelope and the kitten would hiss at the door. I would put the catalog back in the envelope and the kitten would stop. I then realized oh oh. I had invited evil into my home and this is how it arrived. It arrived in things I was interested in. The cover on the catalog had a man sitting at an office desk with flames all around. I didn’t bother opening the other envelope. I threw both of them in the trash that night. Here is the thing though. I kept all my thoughts on how I felt deep inside. I never told anyone. I had very deep dark thoughts for people at work and my home. I always kept an outward cavalier attitude. Everyone thought I was this cool guy that nothing bothered me. But somehow evil came to my home. How is this possible? 1. Demons can read minds. 2. Satan can read minds. 3. God read my mind and told Satan and/or demons. Oh, I was also one of those outside looking Christians. Christian on the outside and nothing much on the inside.

    • frederick

      you have a smart kitty. 🙂

      animals have a 6th sense about them, they can feel spirits

      demons did not have to read your mind.

      they can see and hear and move

      you had literature in front of you that welcomed them into your room

      glad to hear you threw the literature away

      they came in with the literature

      • Marianne, Thank you for your thoughts and words. But none of the literature makes any sense. The catalog was just backbacks and military/police equipment like gloves and pouches. Basically hiking equipment and clothing for military and police. The only difference was the cover of a Ex Navy Seal on the cover sitting at a desk. Here’s is the thing I ordered the catalog online but two catalogs arrived at the same time. I don’t buy or keep literature like Playboy or watch those types of movies. Like I stated on the outside I kept this good guy appearance like a pseudo Christian but inside I was in turmoil. Keep on a happy face and don’t let anyone know how you felt inside. I didn’t even cuss. No, there was nothing visible to invite anyone or evil to my home. If the demons can’t read minds or sense feelings Satan must be able to. After all he thought he was power enough to challenge God. No, be careful what you think. Just because you believe you give an outward appearance of a righteous person your thoughts will get you in trouble.

        • Frederick

          ok what I meant was that you had commented there was a picture on the front of a man sitting at a desk with flames all around. maybe this was suggestive of something.

          I understand backpacks, etc. I have some camping and survival catalogs too

          if you were already having dark thoughts, then maybe ( since i am trying to help here) the demons were already there influencing your thoughts without your knowledge. they could have been the source of your thoughts. so they were not reading your mind. they were dictating to it, or suggesting thoughts

          then when the catalog came, with the flaming front cover, they manifested enough for your kitty to notice. it may not have been the man in flames. survival gear includes guns, etc also, which we consider protective, but others could use for evil purposes….somehow the catalog aggravated something when normally it wouldn’t

          temptation comes to all of us. even jesus had to deal with satan. and jesus said to guard our thoughts. it can be difficult to control every passing thought that comes to our minds.

          we are part spirit. sometimes our thoughts come from God, sometimes from ourselves, as we have imagination, and sometimes from demons / satan.

          • Possibly demons at work. But I still believe one can attract evil by your moods and thoughts even if you are a Christian and go to church. I ordered a catalog and two arrived. One was possibly just a normal catalog and the other will evil enclosed. I just opened the envelope but I didn’t open the door. I subconsciously sent out a prayer for Satan to help me. Just like God Satan also answers prayers. I reached to evil by my thoughts. Evil replied just like God. Please don’t be deceived into thinking that Satan cannot not sense you thoughts. You are leaving your guard down. Perhaps I should have explained the entire event better. But anyway keep your thoughts as pure as possible. God bless you.

  219. I have demonic oppression would like some advice or a word of knowledge from God they have worn my heart out now I can hardly feel love

    • anthony

      are you saved by the blood of jesus? I have to ask.

      I am sending you prayers against curses and for blessings, but they work better if you are saved

      print out and say each day

      have others pray with you, if you can

      I will agree in prayer for your deliverance

      there is a lot to deliverance to understand. see if you can find some books by derek prince, or write back to me with questions

  220. Lots of good stuff in there for me. It’s took some years now, and for 13 & 1/2 months of those was done 100% completely blind… I have had no other choice other than come to know for sure with out a dought that what I ways seeing, is really what I thought I was seeing, and that it was really real. It’s took me over four years to face up to the fact that these things was really truly jumping onto her while she was asleep, and doing those awfull things to her. For like four years I kept convincing myself this stiff I was seeing was not real. Well I was wrong. They are very real. I have got to the point in my life that I kind of see the rest of the path which I am supposed to take. It’s been a major journey getting here, so I said HIT the Google button because I just can not stand back, watch these things doing the things they are doing to people which I love and care for to the max. Pulse in the people I do not know and have never before met. .. I hit the Mic button and spoke into my phone the words, I SEE THE ĐEMONS THAT ARE HERE, I SEE THEM ENTER INTO AND EXIT THESE PEOPLE WHICH I DEARLY LOVE, HOW DO I GET THEM S.O.B.S GONE OUT OF THEM. THEN THERE WAS THIS SITE. THANKS

  221. After my mother was released by the demons . I wasn’t around and she would never allow me close to here etc. I’ve experienced more thi NBS. Also I’m was the closest to my mom and I mostly feel things around me but lately starting to have more certain things that are odd. Should I be on alert . My mother would always get worse when I would be around and during her possession I would pray she would get worse. There’s more but wanted to know if I also should still take precautions? Also when my mother was possessed about three days before she bettered there was an incident I got angry and upset and a said to my mother and what was in her took get out of her and come to me that I was younger and healthy enough to defeat it. What precautions still shall I take? Oh and it was so real in god’s name I have not to lie.

  222. Can this be done on a phone call? Since he is in prison. How do I get him to reject it?

    • eden

      you can pray with someone over the phone, if they are willing

      you first have to counsel him as to the evil that is destroying his life, so he will want to reject it.

      then you pray together and speak to the demon in jesus name to GO…

      if you need any prayers let me know.

      you can also get someone to go with you, or go for you, to the prison to visit him and do it that way

  223. Hi,
    My name is Alicia, I am 56,
    My father is 82. I grew up in the same house That my parents still live in . I have had some very strange experience s in this house all my life ever since I was 4 and my little brother Was always afraid in the house since he was young too he was terrified also and always slept with his head Covered up and would always want me to Come get in bed with him till he fell asleep at night but he never said what scared him and still won’t say what scared him. I was always afraid and saw things that cannot be explained but I will skip over all that to present day. My dad has always been the type person who was pretty strict but he was always understanding and loving and caring till about 2 years ago. He has become very mean, says very nasty hurtful things all of the time. He first became very withdrawn and then started lashing out at every one including my not he enjoys cutting everyone down and belittling everyone. He even commented to my mom that if he knew he could get away with it he would shoot his whole family and kill us. He does have a gun
    And my mom has thought about leaving him and has almost left him several times. When he lashes out
    His eyes look dark and sinister, evil his facial expression changes to a scowling look. I don’t think that this is a mental illness because he takes care of his taxes and very complicated paper work. When he is Outside the house he is more like my
    Dad but once he is back inside the house he becomes nasty again. It’s as if he is two different people. It gets worse every day and it’s as if my dad is gone
    My dad whom I loved very much is dead and gone and someone else is living in his body. He won’t go to the doctor and i told my entire story to the “DEAD FILES” a program that airs on the travel channel, and the dead files called me but my dad won’t allow consent for them to come and investigate. Can anyone please help me and my family?

    • alicia

      the next time dad is outside the house, tell him your observations. have this backed up by other family members if possible. also tell him of the history of the house and the experiences of you and your brother as children

      see if you can get him to understand that something has happened to him

      tell him he needs to pray against this, and you will pray against this as well. so him being willing to agree is very helpful

      if he does not cooperate on step one..go to step two…. you and anyone involved (especially your mom) pray against the demonic influence that is in the house

      there must be a reason why this affects your dad, but not your mom. talk to her. is he a member of any groups like the masons?

      it is possible that previous owners of the house were involved in witchcraft….or (I hope not) your father has had sin in his life which has affected the entire family for all these years..if so, he has to repent and give his heart to Jesus for forgiveness

      you have to start pleading the blood of jesus over your father and the house, and over your mom, as she lives there also. this has to be a daily activity

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft, demonic spirits and curses. also prayer over the house and family… I am also sending a prayer of salvation which you act as proxy for dad, and say on his behalf until you see a change in him.

      this is a problem that has been around for a long time, so expect things to take a long time as well,…but do not give up

      it is best to print out the prayers, and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer

      • I do want to let you know, and I didn’t wanna speak too soon. Since I knew I wouldn’t be able to get much support except for the support I got from you, shortly after you spoke to me, I called upon all of the archangel s begging them, crying, to PLEASE remove the evil that was affecting my dad and I feel that your prayers also played a part too. It’s been about 4 days and so far I have my father back it happened overnight. I asked the archangel s to come and get the evil entities and remove them and to close any portals that may have existed. The Angels gave me a sign that it would be done I think it happened but it seems too good to be true. Time will tell I guess. My dad did a 360 overnight he was so sweet the very next day and has been for the past few days. My whole family is stunned at his sudden change. I will keep you posted please continue praying for us and a million thank you s and bless you. Alicia

        • alicia

          encouraging news. keep praying, even after it looks like it is ok.

          sometime demons go into hiding and pretend they are not there, so you will quit praying, then they come back

          so keep praying, and praising god

  224. Hi i would like to know … Can a statue of mary be possessed by a demon? Can it occupy and reside within the statue?

  225. Im angel my mother was possesed a couple o months ago. She was freed from her possession and now i belive the demons are back and now want me. Im having reacurring dreams of incedents that took place were and when it it possible to come back and start a new with someone else in my fam or me?

    • angel

      it does not sound like you have a saved household. is your mother saved by the blood of jesus, are you saved?

      demons can always come back if there is no protection.

      please tell me if you are christian so I know how to help you

      tell me about your faith

  226. Thank God for your website. I know God is able to redeem, but my life is in utter ruins after my pre-salvation experiences with demons and O did experience them from an early age. Just about no one would take the most traumatic experiences in my life seriously, but I know it is the truth and there was a massive change after I was born again. But I am condemned and mocked as often as I breathe. These experiences do not define me, but the world missed the memo. Cant be reasoned with. Also, it increases unsaved people’s self-righteousness. Many there be which say of my soul, there is no help for him in God. But there is.

    The thief stole, destroyed and killed almost everything in my life but I have faith that Chriet will take back, rebuild and resurrect it all, and all of it will be better than it wouldve been without Christ.

    I suffered from severe mental illness and other disorders as a child, which made dehumanizing me more entertaining and fun, but when I was born again, things changed. What’s more, when I had a near death experience that I miraculously survived, I felt free of it all. It was a severe traumatic brain injury. Brian injuries cause mental illness and have never been recorded to heal them. Christ is the Great Physician though.

    Anyways, it is difficult to be in the world when everyone breathes mockings at you everywhere you go, no matter where it is. Gossip should be in the dungeons, what a torture weapon it is. A way to murder someone over and over while never being held accountable.

    Anyways, wanted to share that.

    • Merry Christmas!

      Wanted to share because so many people conspire against me and it is really tormenting.

    • anthony

      thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts.

      you are already an overcomer.

      I pray God continues to free you and keep you free.

      I remember once when I also recollected on abuse done to me by others, the holy spirit comforted me by saying….it is THEIR sin, not yours….

      one step to healing is to refuse any guilt imposed on us through gossip or direct accusations

      those that attack others will be punished

      you are going to be ok

      seek good people, and avoid the evil ones

      stay close to god, and trust in him completely

  227. I enjoyed what I read a.nd want to know how can I get a copy today and check out other materials you offer . Lee Boyd.

    • lee

      I can send you a word file…or you can just copy and paste the info into a word document yourself..I would recommend removing the formatting.

  228. Did you get my email.

  229. Thank you but I sent a private email

  230. I am being possesed and need advice.Please help.

    • B

      are you saved by the blood of jesus?

      without jesus, you cannot be saved from possession.

      please tell me more about your life and circumstances

  231. I used to be a sort of Christian, I wasn’t baptized I was really looking ro rid myself from the evil in my soul. I accept now that I can’t live In two camps. I’m new age, I talk to and channel spirits, I have a guide. I have been involved with occult since I was a teenager. Ouija boards, spiritualism, séances, I’ve always be interested in the,dead. I’ve been wiccan but don’t need spells anymore. I’m really more lucufarian in my belief’s and hidden knowledge. I know people think I’m a bit out there but I don’t tell anyone really. I still do drugs but not the hard stuff anymore., 28 years of hard core drugs can mess you up. I have tried to get Christians to follow my beliefs, I don’t see anything wrong with psychics or seeing them. I have power of influence, I think I get stuff from my guides that’s useful. I suffer from depression, bi-polar, mood swings, anger outbursts, personality issues. Someone said I might be possessed and that I’m really involved with satan and his demons and these guides are his messengers.My house is haunted by them. I don’t understand how if something is good and helping me how can it be demonic?

    • Tracey,

      There are powers of darkness that may seem helpful. It’s a slick tick. Their mission is to lead humans to an eternal death in hell. Never ending torment. They are doomed and are seeking out as many humans as possible to join them. You’re being played by powers of darkness.

      Paul wrote, “But I am afraid that your minds will be led away [or corrupted] from your true [sincere] and pure following of Christ just as Eve was tricked [deceived] by the snake [serpent] with his evil ways [cunning; craftiness; Gen. 3:1–6].”;HCSB;EXB

    • tracey

      I think this is a common problem now. there are many in the new age movement that go into it because it is interesting, seems ok, and want to use their new found information or skills to help others. they consider themselves “white witches.”

      the involvement with psychics is usually to gain information to help oneself solve a problem, or make a decision. they identify a psychic as a sort of prophet, which they may feel is a life calling.

      spirit guides seem to be there to help

      hidden knowledge comes across as mysteries to be understood, as many people have inquisitive minds, and they like to know the unknown.

      drugs have been around for a long time now, and many accept them as ok, especially pot.

      i was part of this culture many years ago. I eventually left it.

      what you do not see or understand is that there are really two realms. those of God, and those of Lucifer ( satan). you are either in one or the other.

      lucifer comes across as an angel of light, and all this knowledge given is not there to help you, but to trap you. once you are trapped, even if you have good intentions, you are separated from God.

      a luciferan belongs to satan, not god, so they are open to demonic attacks.

      white witchcraft (wiccan) or black witchcraft, it is all witchcraft, which is control over circumstances or others. when you exert control, or influence, as you say, you are against the divine will, who has given free will to others. influence or control takes away this free will. witchcraft control denies that god will help someone, so the witch steps in to do it, by control, not allowing free will to be exercised.

      witchcraft works against faith in god, as the spell replaces what god would do with the will of the witch, or whoever is using the witch for “help”

      this is why god forbids witchcraft in the bible. it forces people , does not allow free will. so it is really harmful.

      the hidden knowledge is a deception. it may sound true, or reasonable, but it is false, at least in part, to steer you in the wrong direction.

      psychics are also witches, with a different title. they are not prophets, but illegitimately take the place of prophets. they present a mix of truth and falsehood. the truth is there to lure you in ad bait you , which is followed by the falsehood to deceive you.

      I can only suggest this to you, as god does not push, but leads.

      this may be hard at first, as this is your life pattern so far

      give up the spirit guides, they are demons. get your answers from god, not satan/lucifer

      give up the drugs, they are channels and portals to the wrong dimensions, and compromise the mind god gave you

      give up astrology, etc….it is a partial truth, which replaces the word of god…consult holy scripture for inspiration, not a limited convoluted construct

      give up new age, it is not new, but an ancient deception, and a false replacement for a personal relationship with god.

      give up spells, association with other wiccans,

      the symptoms you have indicate demonic oppression. if you were possessed, you would be totally out of control… the control you were looking for in life would be against you, not for you

      read the bible, esp the new testament. see the truth there.

      see that jesus died for your sins and mistakes…he is the real door to true wisdom and knowledge

      be sorry for the mistakes, and wrong life path,

      receive forgiveness

      give your heart to jesus, and let him be the door to the Father in heaven

      trust in God, let the holy spirit be your guide, not demons,

      if you do this, you will receive heavenly knowledge, instead of dark, forbidden knowledge

      you are not possessed yet, which means the holy spirit is there helping you to some degree. but you are in danger of possession, which is why all these demons have invaded your home

      try to find a local “church of god” and talk to the pastor, get prayer support

      if you accept god’s help, all this demonic stuff will slowly, or quickly, disappear.

      I want to see the best for you. please consider what i have said.

      may god bless you and help you through all this

  232. There are powers of darkness that may seem helpful. It’s a slick tick. Their mission is to lead humans to an eternal death in hell. Never ending torment. They are doomed and are seeking out as many humans as possible to join them. You’re being played by powers of darkness.

    Paul wrote, “But I am afraid that your minds will be led away [or corrupted] from your true [sincere] and pure following of Christ just as Eve was tricked [deceived] by the snake [serpent] with his evil ways [cunning; craftiness; Gen. 3:1–6].”;HCSB;EXB

  233. My son is 38 years old. He claims that two demons have manifested on his back
    This has been going on for years. Latley he’s been worse. I don’t know what to do. I have prayed over him, but it doesn’t help. He swishes his arms all around , and screams, ” get away demon, and he says that one of them is my brother Bobby, and my sister Stacey. I tell him that they are alive people, and how could they be manifesting on his back. He’s impossible to talk to, I’m lost. Do you know what would help?

    • sandra

      I think you need to ask your son what bobby and stacey have done to him

      real or imagined, he feels threatened or hurt by them….

      find out the root cause, if there is one

      them on his back represents some form of oppression, to him, by them..

      find this out first, then get back to me.

      • I will, although I’ve asked him about Bobby before, and he give me a straight answer, as far as Stacey, I’ll have to try and find out, thank you

  234. There’s certainly a great deal to know about this topic. I really like all of the points you’ve made.

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