Prayer Covering for Your Life and Family


Contributed by Mari.


Dear Heavenly Father, I pray this prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind, rebuke and bring to no effect, all

division, discord, disunity, strife, anger, wrath, murder, criticism, condemnation,

pride, envy, jealousy, gossip, slander, evil speaking,

complaining, lying, false teaching, false gifts, false manifestations, lying signs and wonders, poverty, fear of lack, fear spirits, murmuring spirits,

hindering spirits, retaliatory spirits, deceiving spirits, religious spirits, occult spirits, witchcraft spirits (including Jezebel, Delilah and Apollyon) and spirits of antichrist.

I bind all curses that have been spoken against me.

I bless those who curse me, and pray blessings on those who despiteful use me.

I bind all spoken judgment made against me and judgments I have made against others.

I bind the power of negative words from others, and I bind and render useless all prayers not inspired by the Holy Spirit;

whether psychic, soul force, witchcraft or counterfeit tongues that have been prayed against me.

I am God’s child. I resist the devil.

No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I put on the whole armor of God.

I take authority over this day, in Jesus’ name. Let it be prosperous for me, let me walk in your love, Lord.

The Holy Spirit leads and guides me today, I discern between the righteous and the wicked.

I take authority over Satan and all his demons, and those people who are influenced by them. I declare Satan is under my feet and remain there all day.

I am the righteousness of God, in Christ Jesus.

I am God’s property. Satan you are bound from my family, my mind, my body, my home and my finances.

I confess that I am healed and whole. I flourish!

I am long lived, stable, durable, incorruptible, fruitful, virtuous, full of peace, patience and love.

Whatsoever I set my hand to do shall prosper, for God supplies all my needs.

I have all authority over Satan, all demons, and beasts of the field. God, I pray for the ministry that you have for me. Anoint me, God, for all you have called me to do for you.

I call forth divine appointments, open doors of opportunity, God ordained encounters and ministry positions.

I claim a hedge of protection around myself, spouse and children throughout this day and night.

I ask you God, in the name of Jesus to dispatch angels to surround me, my spouse and my children today, and to put them throughout my house and around our cars, souls and bodies.

I ask angels to protect my house from any intrusion and to protect me and my family from any harmful demonic or other physical or mental attacks.

I ask this prayer in the name of Jesus


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  1. HI,MARI,


    • God bless you. I hope it helps you greatly.

      • Regarding the: “The Daily PRAYER COVER”

        The prayer “Daily Prayer Cover” was originally written by hand in a spiritual trance by my sistah friend’s mom! NOTE: “SHE WAS UNDER THE POWER OF THE “HOLY SIPRIT” AND WROTE THIS PRAYER BY HAND!!! She did not see this prayer for over 10 years after! She was used by “THE HOLY TRINITY”. So please note that as you past this on to the rest of the world (Mari) and yes YOU ALTERED the original prayer in this posting!!! HOWEVER, you could have only received this prayer from someone else. The original prayer was posted many years ago! GOD BLESS ALL WHO READ AND SHARE THIS; with all praise and credit going out to GOD! Plagiarism is very hurtful because people take credit for amazing work they did not DO!!!

        • Ms Dyamond

          there are many prayers on the internet that sound alike.

          if this is not identical to your sister’s friend’s mom, then it is a different prayer

          there is only so many ways to say something.

          if the holy spirit is the author of any prayer, then it is he, not the person, who can claim a “copyright.”

          the word of god is not for sale.

          it is freely given, and freely received.

          there is no plagiarism if nothing was published anyhow.

          this is a website devoted to the glory of god.

          no one gets “credit” except god for whatever is written here

          I have written over 860 posts, and I do not mind people sharing the material.

          that is because the material came from God, not me, and I do not commercialize God or act like the posts were only done by me, and god had nothing to do with it.

          when Jesus walked this earth, he freely gave the word, and commanded his apostles to share it. the repetition of the gospel led to it being spread all over the world…..and jesus never came back to complain that someone plagiarized him.

          something given directly by god to man does not belong to man to claim as his own. it is to be shared.

          maybe you should read over this prayer, and consider the words about strife, criticism and jealousy…..

          from what you say, this mom was only a scribe….it was never her work, nor could she ever claim any possession over it, or “credit”

          here , no one is claiming “credit” for this prayer, and was shared with this site to help people.

          apparently it is not the same prayer anyhow that you are thinking of

          • Glory be to God almighty, i was led by the holy spirit to look for a powerful prayer on the internet and this is what i got. Last night i had a dream in which praying something of the kind.
            So in short this is indeed a holy spirit inspired prayer. Brethren let us enjoy what the good lord has freely given and glorify his name.
            Thank Jesus, Mari thank you too
            Stay bless.

            • Noor

              God bless you also.

              stay strong, and go forth in the presence and power of the Lord, who lives inside of you

              greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world!

            • It made me cry , I’m going through a lot with my family and I’m at the end of my rope I just can’t take IT anymore

              • Valerie, don’t give up! God is going to see you through whatever you are going through if you just hang on.

                • I, my name is Michael, I understand your not knowing if you can hold on or not. Where the attacks on you and your family seem as if you are stuck in a destructive loop. You have the ability and power to stop or change the direction of your course. Anything spiritually charged is either from good or evil. Why would the evil one place these behaviors on you and your family. Because you belong to God, they can not change that so they try to cause riffs that are emotionally charged and whisper bad thoughts to you to disrupt all the goodness God is bringing your way.
                  First, instead of trying or hoping that God will change others ways to fit your desires is probably not in your best interest. I believe God is speaking directly to you to ask ,, “Do you trust me?” And if the answer is yes, then the next simple step is to verbally surrender it over to Him without question and tell Him that you love Him. Then walk and talk like a new person that ZGod has blessed you to become. Tell your partner you love them unconditionally. Why? Because God always loves you and forgives you unconditionally from anything we could ever manifest even unto hate and murder. We surrender all of our baggage so God can work His miracles for each of us. You do not know from when and where God Dave’s anyone else but you. He has waited until now for you. So does the long haul of your hopes and dreams pan out in being able to just love and work with the one person your heart still loves, which requires you to be strong, happy with your self and then to give like unto a child so that they benefit from your unconditional love, or do you require things from them to make you happy. If you want to be with them because your love for them completes you. Meaning, giving to them is what your love truly is and when they come back or create better behavior towards you, that is what they give freely, without counter measures requiring them to change to your standards. Love is beautiful and can also suck. If you get more out of a relationship where what you want them to do becomes demanding then from what they can freely give, it’s no longer a relationship but a form of a business or partnership where you pay something for something with an expectation of needs being met simply plays out as a purchase contract and not what it used to be, sharing freely and loving for all the reasons you fell in love. If you can keep your focus on what you fell in love, then you remain always the same, and others change. Giving freely can cost a lot, because if the other party doesn’t give the same way you do then the moment you begin to measure your differences rather than ask for nothing, and give freely of yourself, you have just put a price tag on your expectations.

            • Amen many years later this is appropriate for my family I will say this prayer daily

            • God bless you and this beautiful prayer you have wrote or found. I’m trying to get over the death of my darling wife and love of 47 years. Sometimes I don’t know how I’m still going but I have a son and this has changed him. Stays in his room and sleeps. Our beautiful jerman Shepard dog who spent 10 with yrs at my wife’s side can’t seem to get thru her loneliness. She won’t stop running around and looking for my lovely wife. All we have is our faith and I refuse to give into Satan’s lure to mess up my life and the small family we are. Thank you for the loving prayer.

              • dear Bob

                I am so sorry to hear of your dear wife’s passing. You, the boy and the dog are all grieving, and this is normal.

                Focus on all the good memories to help pull you through. Focus on the fact that she is with the Lord now, and she is waiting for all of you to come and be with her. Focus on all the love she left behind and all the love you 3 have for each other. Continue to do all the things she would want you to do.

                Do your best to carry on with your lives, while grieving and allowing your hearts to heal naturally and spiritually. I wish I could give you all hug and reassure you in person.

                You are all going to be ok. Just bring your pain to the Lord and trust Him to comfort you, until you all see her again.

          • Very well said.

          • Amen sistah 4 sharing God’s words @ no charge. All these televangelists who use God’s word 2 build wealth & live a “rich man’s life” are going to be punished by God when he returns. Jesus never said, “I’ll tell you how to …. If you donate to my ministry” or “I can help you become financially free in God’s way, but you have to give me $30 1st (when u can buy the book on Amazon or in a store 4 $15& for a donation of $100 or more, I’ll show you how you can prosper” Sure, it’s costly to go to other countries & live as a missionary w/o working, but God says he will provide your needs. Its not right 2 charge some1 2 hear the Gospel. As a result, Poor older people give their Social security $ so these Greedy people can have,not 1, but many mansions,eat Filet Mignon regularly & travel the world living a 5star lifestyle. So anyone that’s charging to hear/share Gods word or profit off it, you’ll be punished by God 4 it upon his return. He provided $ Jesus & his disciples & he’ll provide for you. I’m still in beginning stages of learning God”s word & new 2 the influences of the Holy Spirit. Its SO AMAZING WHEN YOU START HEARING HIM SPEAK BACK 2 YOU! WITH MY CURRENT SITUATION, THIS PRAYER IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING 4 BECAUSE I DIDNT KNOW THE WORDS TO SAY. I PRAYER THIS PRAYER & THE 1 OVER A HOUSE MANY TIMES/ DAY SINCE I’VE FOUND IT. AGAIN, THANKS 4 SHARING IT. REGARDLESS OF WHO WANTS THE CREDIT OR GETS IT. YOU SHOULD FIND SATISFACTION IN KNOWING YOU ARE PLAYING A PART IN HELPING OTHER CHRISTIANS FIGHT SATAN & HIS EVIL FOLLOWING SPIRITS POSSIBLY ALL OVER THE WORLD. IS THAT NOT REWARD ENOUGH? WE DON’T SEE THE ACTUAL EFFECT OF THIS PRAYER BECAUSE IT DEALS W THE SPIRIT REALM WE CAN’T SEE, BUT WE CAN SEE THE END RESULT IS ONGOING PROTECTION FROM THE LORD &HIS WARRING ANGELS. PLEASE KNOW YOU HAVE A REWARD IN HEAVEN WAITING FOR YOU & GOD WILL GIVE YOU THE CREDIT YOU DESERVE OR YOUR GRANDMA. NO GOOD DEED GOES UNREWARDED. RIGHT?

          • Amen ! God is good !

          • AMEN SISTER.

          • Marianne, Michael here chiming in. I am a TV Producer and hold two degrees in writing. You are correct. The Holy Spirit is the author. The Holy Spirit must align with God and Christ which is to be given freely. Man serving man copywrites his own words. As when the Pharocies charged Christ as a blastphemous human because he was the Messia, So in that act they were positioning Satan over Christ and all of Gods word. So Jesus replied ” Can Satan cast himself out of himself? ” Then he is a house divided and couldn’t have any authority. So, before putting a price on anything, especially if God inspired it, then I suggest caution of your own walk. You could be declaring yourself owner of Gods things. A simple note daunt by (persons name), inspired by the Holy Spirit. I for one am glad someone shared this because the person sharing this and especially inspired to write this is now in position for Godly rewards as “fruit” of their salvation. Remember why count worldly ownership of things when God’s rewards are by far worth more than all the riches on earth. The healing we get from your and her sharing is the work of God with our work (standing firm), and if we are healed what more proof do you need it was for everyone. Now reap the riches God rewards you and everyone who touches this and every other prayer.

          • Beautifully said!!

          • Please pray for the Martin-Holloway family.We are battling for our family and values against this world of pain.Oh Jesus we need you Now!

            • dear kiki

              you definitely have my agreement in prayer for your family.

              I am sending you a copy of the prayer on this page, so you can print it out and say it as much as you need to / desire.

        • Are you seeing and feeling what’s happening and please don’t leave me on my own i know jesus is here please contact me asap amen xo to i need to travel with community of god x

        • All credit to God I have experienced this and when I was done I only knew that the Holy Spirit was on me. Talking in tounges while people look in dismay. It was the HOLY SPIRIT inside me . PLEASE pray for me I need a double portion and need a supernatural healing of my mind to cast out all that dwells within me. PRAYER works I need extra help I tormented and have seen shadow people and dark mist come over me. PLEASE prAy for me. Doug Brown in texas

          • doug

            what do you think is causing this torment? how did it start?
            I am sending you some prayers for strength and blessing.

            I am also sending you prayers against witchcraft and curses
            in the prayers, there is a space to include any spirits not mentioned, like shadow people, etc.

            print out prayers and say each day
            I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

            feel free to contact me
            do not feel alone. many saints are being attacked right now.
            hang in there

            • What a good prayer to help lift someone up who may begoing trougno matter how it’s said these are God’s words ! and no one can or should attempt to take ownership over the words o hour Father above. The he devil stays busy o tell you . Thanks for he uplifting prayer.

            • Hi Mari
              Can you possibly send me some material on how/what should be said to do a deliverance?

              • katrina

                I can send you some prayers, and I will, but there are whole books written on this to prepare you spiritually.

                look for deliverance books by derek prince

                best to print out prayers and say each day

                I will agree with you in prayer

          • YOU AREN’T CRAZY. THOSE SHADOWS R VERY REAL! I CONSIDER IT A BLESSING FROM GOD 2 BE ABLE 2 SEE THEM CUZ @ LEAST KNOW WHERE THEY ARE & THEY DONT TAKE ME BY SUPRISE. I’ve had what I call “the shadow man” following me my whole life- every since we used to play Ouija board in our teens. Can’t tell you how many near death experiences I’ve had, but God has a purpose 4 me & has graciously kept me around. I just took the scenic route before I decided to search that purpose. WHEN I’VE ENCOUNTERED THIS SHADOW, I START SAYING JESUS’ NAME OVER REPETITIVELY. ANY EVIL HATES 2 HEAR JESUS NAME – INCLUDING SATAN, BECAUSE HE’S ALREADY DEFEATED THEM & THEY KNOW IT! TRY IT &WATCH THAT SHADOW DISAPPEAR OR @ LEAST IT’LL MAKE THEM PUT DISTANCE BETWEEN THEM & YOU. Also, ask the Holy Spirit into your heart every day just like we are supposed to ask Jesus CUZ THEY R 3 DIFFERENT PARTS OF OUR 1 AWESOME GOD. I DIDNT KNOW THIS UNTIL RECENTLY & IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE. When you ask him, THE HOLY SPIRIT GIVES YOU COURAGE & TAKES THAT FEAR AWAY & HE’S THE 1 2 HELP FIGHT OFF WHAT WE CANT SEE OR THAT WHICH SOME OF US CAN SEE.

        • The bible has been altered too. How are you going to pick that fact to pieces?

        • If the prayer was given by the holy trinity then you do not “own” the prayer. It is very selfish to deny someone this protective covering prayer because you consider it plagiarism.

          • Marianne, hi Mike Whipple here. First and foremost Happy Holidays to you and your family. I thank them and Bless them for sharing you with us little ones. Your input and guidance is light when darkness airs.

            I am asking for some guidance here. I’m Mike who chats here with you a lot. Stood up against satanist and several witches a year ago now I get things crawling all over myself. I’m a happy grounded guy but am under an attack for my life. I do well then it comes like a home invasion in the night. Relentless, sexual in wired touches or waves of evil rolling over my body.

            I’m good, love life and God is really showing me much. But when I say in His name and cover myself with his precious blood. It’s good for 20 seconds then gets worse. I take care of someone ill and disabled, I feel as if God is either feeding me to them or I need to stand firm while standing firm asking His will be done. It’s been a year. Please pray about it and if God shares some info with you would you pray for my safety, steadfastness, and peacefulness. I’m missing something.


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            • michael

              I love you Michael , and I know the Lord loves you more., because he died for your (and my) deliverance and eternal destiny, something I am unable to do.

              I can give an example from my life, which may help explain things… how innocent we can be, and curses come anyhow.

              In my younger days, which are no more, I grew up in the 1960s, where everything was love and peace, and astrology was a big thing….still is, I think. I used to read about it, and use it to make decisions, and consulted psychics because I thought God had made them “prophets.”

              Astrology was so full of information, and it seemed so true. But God had forbidden it in scripture, and I did not know it because I was ignorant of scripture. I just went by what others did, and since everyone else said it was ok, and they were nice people, I just went along.

              After a few years, I had a dream where I was met by about a dozen dark hooded figures. Because they were in my way, I was not able to leave the room I was in.


              what allowed this situation to happen?

              The astrology , since it was forbidden by God, unknown to me, allowed a door to open in my life for witches and the occult forces to answer. This plagued me for almost 30 years. I was always being attacked by witches in my personal life and employment. It was a constant challenge to fight back, or just get hurt, and to start over,…..over and over again.

              Finally, I came across the scriptures forbidding the astrology and occult, and I burned my books, jewelry, etc. I repented. I had always been a sincere hearted person, who had terrible luck, and was tired of being victimized. So, I never had an evil heart, I just did not know or understand how dangerous the occult could be, and the doors it opened.

              The doors are what is important.

              Although ignorant and sincere, I had broken God’s law, and this opened the door.
              There are universal laws, which the demons know, and if they are broken, they have legal access to us.

              Sometimes it is something we do, sometimes it is something others do, which influences us.

              The key to victory, then , is to CLOSE the DOOR, and STOP the legal access.

              What society says, or the government says, or our friends say, is irrelevant. They can change laws in society, but they cannot change God’s laws. It does not matter if the behavior seems harmless…it is still forbidden. God knows the reason behind all his laws, and we have to respect that.

              If we make mistakes, then we have to correct them.

              As wonderful, and loving person as you are, and yes, called by God as well, you have told me you have had something in your life that was forbidden.

              You mentioned that you were gay, and had been that way your whole life.

              While I do not know how this started, you need to shut the door on this, or the demonic attacks will get worse. You innocently thought this was ok, just like I saw astrology and psychics (“prophets”) as something good.

              No matter how much something appeals to us or benefits us, if it is forbidden, it will open the door, and make our life miserable.

              I am attaching some scriptures to show you. These are eternally relevant scriptures.
              Read over them, and reflect on what they say.

              I feel God has a ministry waiting for you, as soon as this door closes. And God will use you in a mighty way.

              13 “ ‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads. Leviticus 20:13

              22 “ ‘Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable. Leviticus 18:22

              9 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men

              10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10

              2 But since sexual immorality is occurring, each man should have sexual relations with his own wife, and each woman with her own husband. 1 Corinthians 7:2

              8 We know that the law is good if one uses it properly.

              9 We also know that the law is made not for the righteous but for lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful, the unholy and irreligious, for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers,

              10 for the sexually immoral, for those practicing homosexuality, for slave traders and liars and perjurers—and for whatever else is contrary to the sound doctrine

              11 that conforms to the gospel concerning the glory of the blessed God, which he entrusted to me. 1 Timothy 1:8-11

              26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones.

              27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

              28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done.
              Romans 1:26-28

              love and blessings

              • Oh, that’s just my event summary I replied with. I trust you with the details and am humbled a really ok with all input. I’m in a very special place in my heart and mind, like never before. It’s odd but I do trust it. In fact, I asked God to use humor because humor is a lesson learned by a smile. I prayed over this and when I apologized to God and Christ. I know I’ve been so off on things and I’m sorry he had to die for my behavior. In my heart I saw Jesus kind of looking at his nails, saying, “I’ve see worse”. It took a moment but I laughed, because it was followed by “can u get over yourself Michael?” Really, So I said, how about when this is all over I take you out to get your Nails done,,,,(thought I took it a little far, then this hit me out of no where,,,”you’re still the other white meat”,,,it hit me and I laughed so hard I had tears… it brought me back to my grounding. I still ask if that was him… and still get,,,,yes Michael

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        • Yes this prayer is powerful. I was having problems with a lady who says she is a white witch she is head of housekeeping at a nursing home where i work part time. she took an instant dislike to me ever since i started working their three months ago. she does not want me working there full stop and i know it’s because i am a believer in Christ. Last week she tried to cause a rift between me and another staff which backfired and i know in my heart that it was due to me saying this powerful prayer morning and night. Thank you. Dawn

        • We shall go to the book of Romans 16:1 to 16:27 and read this thoroughly.
          I picked up THE BOOK and turn to any page asking Gods Will be in it. A I open on my 18th day of sobriety struggling with alcoholism.
          Romans 16:1 started as i kept reading it is proof That God is hearing out requests, prayers, and giving us strength though his knowledge and processing you through the word he set for for you. I have almost his the 30 day mark on my sobriety as my path continues, Prayer such as this is a reminder to keep inspiring me to keep on seeking and learning the power of prayer, the very next night on the 19th day of my sobriety my AA class spoke and touched on everything I had read the night before.


          On a separate note. or the prayer of protection and to the person sharing it in giving peace in a prayer to themselves and to others, i THANK THEM.

          Anyone who has hatred OR argument, and is persecuting for arguments sake obviously is not ready to receive the protection prayer for healing and uplift neither do the ones who use criticism for sharing a blessed prayer for we are all who pray making the devil angry, and right now with his little tiny powers under GOD is using and abusing others as a vehicle streamlining thru internet of negative people who are coming through with negativity and argument for arguments sake; they who are the ones we should pray for. for they are the ones to be abducted by the will of evil and I am blessed to see the right from the devil himself’s works through others. If this prayer offends you then hows your life working for you?

          You madams’ and sirs’ who are commenting for arguments sake are the ones we pray for and against, this is negative criticism and of the direct copyright of the devil. YOU ARE COPYRIGHT FROM THE WORDS AND ACTS OF THE DEMON HIMSELF.
          I forsake all that wrote against this prayer. We who believe are protected from these demonic spirits and i rebuke them in the name of the Lord,. The devil does not like prayer; Believe that.

          Words written that enlightens and inspires us, frees us from our own
          conflict; has the right to shout it from the tops of mountains if they wish, write it down, and use it as it helped them and share it as it may heal and help others, all and anything that comes from the pure hearten asking for divine intervention of all protection and asking for
          GODS POWER has all rights to divulge and interpret it.

          God has commanded that we share him with others, those that are asking for protection can and should do so at anytime and since this nation is all about the literacy on the internet we are a nation of stream through technology with computers connecting to one another spreading our energy everywhere; the monument of persons it travels to and through gives it more power to the prayer because we can pray this armful prayer together.

          Those ones simply argue on here is like a vapor in the wind. Little people the Devil is using you and seeking you right now to abuse his powers thru you. No how do you feel being used and abused for the evil works of the one who is in the fire himself cast down working against God and powerful beauty everyday all day to anyone and everyone.

          Unity, keep on praying together, and those that despise i pray for you also. May God protect and heal those that cannot see the beauty in this prayer or in life with fulfillment of a higher power Such as GOD our Creator. Freedom is a beautiful thing, freedom of speech, our rights, freedom of choice, our human rights.
          The door is there for those who came for us. You Lost to the will and power of this prayer just as simply as you walked into divine intervene; you may walk on out; as i seek prayer for you.
          Misery is still outside these walls of protection right oustide. We will still be here praying and feeling comforted.
          (Choice is yours)

          Inspiration and Knowledge is free. So is Prayer. God is Free all you have to do is believe, stop judgement and just feel the weight being lifted off your shoulders, as mine did reading this protection pray above all of us.
          (choice to feel)

          Loitering people. You have no power here walk out the same way you walked in and God Bless. I will pray the darkness off you foolish folks, who has anguish and are not free.

          That is a beautiful prayer in which i stumbled upon due to Gods way of using people with the right words for others to find in a time of need and catches them maybe in the nick of time, were they needed it the most. Doesn’t matter who wrote it, it is on the Heart and you shared it graciously. May the Angels Protect all.

          As God is our sanctuary for all his word is our keepsakes and satisfies us children of God, as our Shepard and to those who are unfamiliar to the inspiring and clarity you will receive from book of Psalms. I encourage all to read from start to finish, Proverbs, Job, and Solomon are great to read there after. the ones seeking clarity and have open mind to it will bewildered by how real the word of god and how powerful he really is to each individual who seeks him therefore your story and interpretation will not succeed others interpretation and how it affected this. Poetic Book of Psalms.. be in his grace receives abundance from these books. it has a different energy an interpretation for everyone who reads it, it is a magical book for all who read it will gain their life through this book of Psalms. Spiritual Gifts through God.
          We shall go to the book of Romans 16:1 to 16:27 and read this thoroughly. I picked up the book and turn to any page asking Gods will be in it. A I open on my 18th day of sobriety struggling with alcoholism.
          Romans 16:1 started as i kept reading it is proof That God is hearing out requests, prayers, and giving us strength though his knowledge and processing you through the word he set for for you. I have almost his the 30 day mark on my sobriety as my path continues, Prayer such as this is a reminder to keep inspiring me to keep on seeking and learning the power of prayer, the very next night on the 19th day of my sobriety my AA class spoke and touched on everything I had read the night before.


          On a separate note. or the prayer of protection and to the person sharing it in giving peace in a prayer to themselves and to others, i THANK THEM.

          Anyone who has hatred OR argument, and is persecuting for arguments sake obviously is not ready to receive the protection prayer for healing and uplift neither do the ones who use criticism for sharing a blessed prayer for we are all who pray making the devil angry, and right now with his little tiny powers under GOD is using and abusing others as a vehicle streamlining thru internet of negative people who are coming through with negativity and argument for arguments sake; they who are the ones we should pray for. for they are the ones to be abducted by the will of evil and I am blessed to see the right from the devil himself’s works through others. If this prayer offends you then hows your life working for you?

          You madams’ and sirs’ who are commenting for arguments sake are the ones we pray for and against, this is negative criticism and of the direct copyright of the devil. YOU ARE COPYRIGHT FROM THE WORDS AND ACTS OF THE DEMON HIMSELF.
          I forsake all that wrote against this prayer. We who believe are protected from these demonic spirits and i rebuke them in the name of the Lord,. The devil does not like prayer; Believe that.

          Words written that enlightens and inspires us, frees us from our own
          conflict; has the right to shout it from the tops of mountains if they wish, write it down, and use it as it helped them and share it as it may heal and help others, all and anything that comes from the pure hearten asking for divine intervention of all protection and asking for
          GODS POWER has all rights to divulge and interpret it.

          God has commanded that we share him with others, those that are asking for protection can and should do so at anytime and since this nation is all about the literacy on the internet we are a nation of stream through technology with computers connecting to one another spreading our energy everywhere; the monument of persons it travels to and through gives it more power to the prayer because we can pray this armful prayer together.

          Those ones simply argue on here is like a vapor in the wind. Little people the Devil is using you and seeking you right now to abuse his powers thru you. No how do you feel being used and abused for the evil works of the one who is in the fire himself cast down working against God and powerful beauty everyday all day to anyone and everyone.

          Unity, keep on praying together, and those that despise i pray for you also. May God protect and heal those that cannot see the beauty in this prayer or in life with fulfillment of a higher power Such as GOD our Creator. Freedom is a beautiful thing, freedom of speech, our rights, freedom of choice, our human rights.
          The door is there for those who came for us. You Lost to the will and power of this prayer just as simply as you walked into divine intervene; you may walk on out; as i seek prayer for you.
          Misery is still outside these walls of protection right oustide. We will still be here praying and feeling comforted.
          (Choice is yours)

          Inspiration and Knowledge is free. So is Prayer. God is Free all you have to do is believe, stop judgement and just feel the weight being lifted off your shoulders, as mine did reading this protection pray above all of us.
          (choice to feel)

          Loitering people. You have no power here walk out the same way you walked in and God Bless. I will pray the darkness off you foolish folks, who has anguish and are not free.

          That PROTECTIVE PRAYER is a beautiful prayer in which i stumbled upon due to Gods way of using people with the right words for others to find in a time of need and catches them maybe in the nick of time, were they needed it the most. Doesn’t matter who wrote it, it is on the Heart and you shared it graciously. May the Angels Protect all.

          As God is our sanctuary for all his word is our keepsakes and satisfies us children of God, as our Shepard and to those who are unfamiliar to the inspiring and clarity you will receive from book of Psalms. I encourage all to read from start to finish, Proverbs, Job, and Solomon are great to read there after. the ones seeking clarity and have open mind to it will bewildered by how real the word of god and how powerful he really is to each individual who seeks him therefore your story and interpretation will not succeed others interpretation and how it affected this. Poetic Book of Psalms.. be in his grace receives abundance from these books. it has a different energy an interpretation for everyone who reads it, it is a magical book for all who read it will gain their life through this book of Psalms. Spiritual Gifts through God

          PSALMS 16:1
          ALEPH. Blessed are the undefiled in the way, who which walk in the LAW of the LORD.

          PSALMS 16:2
          Blessed are they that keep his testimonies, and that seek him with the WHOLE HEART. BLESSED

          Whatsoever I set my hand to do shall prosper, for God supplies all my needs.
          Good Night and God Bless.
          Good Night and God Bless.

      • Yes it did. I like to read it. It shows me how to pray. God Bless

    • Thank you!!!! Very powerful I needed this as our family had been under spiritual attack for a long time and we’ve been believing God curses are not just broken but destroyed!!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!! Amen!!!!!!

    • Amen these prayer are powerful prayers that, God has inspired someone to write . to share, with others. We can not keep it to our self , when god bless us with these, gifts he has in stored in us. We all have the gifts of the spirit. In us you have to ask God, the Holy Ghost & Jesus To Show you if you are not sure……

    • Our family every family that reads this needs it❤️

  2. Thank you so much Marianne.

  3. Hi Marianne and all,

    I have an amazing testimony to share:

    In each home that I have moved into I would always pray and ask G-D to Bless our home and I would take authority in J-s name and command all evil to leave and pray that no evil will enter. Interesting tho, is that this time, when moving into my father’s home, I went further and asked G-D to protect our entire property and that no evil would be allowed to step foot upon it. This was in Oct 2009.

    Long story short, yesterday afternoon while talking with my sisters’ support coordinator, Karen, (my sister has special needs and Karen monitors her care with her provider), karen told me that my sisters’ provider (one of the staff that works there that was supposed to cover one of her caregivers on Saturday and didn’t) said to her in regards to coming to our home and I quote, ” I can’t come NEAR that house let alone INSIDE that house”! Isn’t that incredible!!!!

    The background info on my sister’s provider is that there has always been problems with them for the past 13 plus years in that they have lied several times to cover up their mistakes regarding her care. I know from talking with people I know who are hired as caregivers under this provider that they have had several consumers die under their care due to neglect and then told to lie about what happened so as again to cover themselves.

    I have been praying for years regarding this provider. And the scripture that comes to mind is this “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord”.

    Needless to say, as my sister legal guardian, I am in the process of changing providers-she has now been accepted by none other than “Jewish Family and Career Services” Ha!. I just thought this was truly quite interesting that this individual stated as such to our supppor coordinator…but not surprised knowing what little I know of how they operate which is mostly lies. And who is the father of lies?!!! hmmmmmmm

    • I’m curious why do you not completely spell out God and Jesus?

      • michelle

        GOD is sometimes not spelled out as an act of respect…..

        it comes from a jewish tradition of being afraid of mispronouncing the name, so they just do not write it out

        jesus name is usually spelled out

  4. And of course now I know that our “security system” is working! LOL Thank you G-D!!

  5. Marianne, Thank you for loving others (thru God) to do what you do so well—There are many who have an ear to hear, eyes to see, and many just need someone more “tangible” at times to help us to better increase and understand our spiritual walk with God.
    Thanks so very much, May God continue to Bless You.

  6. I just NOW praued this prayer. My children and I and also my grand children have suffered for years. I just know Jesus MUST have something better for us. Sweet fellowship-all being saved-enjoying each other-loving-giving and a peaceful safe refuge-these are what I ask for.

  7. This is a powerful prayer, it touches all bases of the spiritual and physical realms regarding personal protection, peace of mind, and trust on the power of god for ourselves–regardless of all situations and circumstances. So many do not believe in the spiritual battle within the world. For me, it is becoming more and more evident in ALL dealings with people, places and things. It is to the point where ignoring the fact that even ANY basic conversation with anyone is spiritual–can prove detrimental. Its like Satan is on the move—very quickly–he is giving orders to people on every side of whomever he and his demons are attacking at any one given time. The power of discernment is extremely crucial these days—Frim large to small we must consult God in all our ways, thoughts, words, and actions–lest we be caught up in a demon scheme or plot. People who are unsaved–seem to feel that more and more they need to plot and scheme to save themselves from there sufferings (usually economic or related to such) Unsaved people are blaming those who fear not, and worry not, and depend on God—they may even feel somehow they are being punished because of the “saved” people or by the saved people. Yet, they refuse to turn against their evil ways, nor make any attempt to believe in the Lord to save them from their troubles. Hence, an intense spiritual battle!

  8. Marianne and everyone else;

    At church today they told us about a movement that is spreading across the country Here’s the web site. Pass it on:

    Has anyone read the book or knows about: “Praying God’s Word”. I’m always complaining I can’t write or speak. If you know God’s word, you don’t have to. You memorize it, personalize it and pray it back to God. Here’s the book by Beth Moore:

    • you just pick out scriptures that apply to your problem and say them out loud.

      glad to hear of a useful movement in the church.

  9. David Wilkerson Today

    TUESDAY, JULY 6, 2010


    In Jeremiah 5, God pleaded, “Run ye to and fro through the streets of
    Jerusalem…seek in the broad places thereof, if ye can find a man, if there be
    any that executeth judgment, that seeketh the truth; and I will pardon it”
    (Jeremiah 5:1). The Lord was saying, in essence, “I’ll be merciful, if I can
    find just one person who’ll seek me.”

    During the Babylonian captivity, God found such a man in Daniel. And today,
    more than ever in history, the Lord is searching for the same kind of godly men
    and women. He seeks faithful servants who are willing to “make up the hedge” and
    “stand in the gap,” works that can only be accomplished through prayer.

    Like Daniel, such a person will be found with God’s Word in his hand. When the
    Holy Ghost came to Daniel, the prophet was reading the book of Jeremiah. It was
    then that the Spirit revealed that God’s time of deliverance had come for
    Israel. As the revelation came, Daniel was provoked to pray: “I set my face
    unto the Lord God, to seek by prayer and supplications, with fasting, and
    sackcloth, and ashes: and I prayed unto the Lord my God” (Daniel 9:3–4).

    Daniel knew God’s people weren’t ready to receive his restoration. Yet, did the
    prophet lambaste his peers for their sins? No—Daniel identified himself with
    the moral decay all around him. He declared, “We have sinned…to us belongeth
    confusion of face…because we have sinned against thee” (Daniel 9:5, 8).

    God strongly desires to bless his people today—but if our minds are polluted
    with the spirit of this world, we are in no position to receive his blessings.
    Daniel made this powerful statement: “All this evil is come upon us: yet made
    we not our prayer before the Lord our God, that we might turn from our
    iniquities, and understand the truth. Therefore hath the Lord watched upon the
    evil, and brought it upon us” (Daniel 9:13–14).

    Would to God we would examine our own walk with the Lord and let the Holy
    Spirit show us areas of compromise. We would do more than pray for a
    backsliding nation. We would be crying out, “Oh, Lord, search my heart. Expose
    in me all of the spirit of the world that has crept into my soul.” Like Daniel,
    we could then set our faces to pray for the deliverance of our families—our

  10. Here’s some more information on

    • I love Charles Stanley. He is a very sincere and humble man. I hope people follow his advice.

      • I agree with you. Charles Stanley is a great godly man. In our house we watch him, even our young teens watch. He has a calming voice and is so full of God’s wisdom.

  11. marianne i pray on my own can you agree with me in prayer re my family.. i pray the above prayer thank you so much. will these prayers still be effective if i am a lone parent/ie praying alone

  12. hi Tina.

    yes, I would be happy to agree with you in prayer. I just added you to my prayer list. My the Lord watch over, protect, and guide you family at all times. May only blessings come your way, and all curses blocked. in Jesus name.

  13. thank you marianne god bless you

  14. Don’t Give up!

  15. How can I print out just the prayer section of this page and not all the other comments as I am running out of printer ink?
    Could you please send me the prayer in an email so I can print it our and keep it by my bedside?
    Thank you.

  16. Dear Mari,
    I love the prayer, but stopped in my tracks when I read the part about protection from religious spirits. Can you explain that part to me please? Thank you so much.

  17. my parent keep on fighting and the most is my mum who suffer she got depression so do i. my house is no more good to leave sometime parent make children suffer.
    i did nt ever want to celebrate i got job problem i want to do a business but this didnt realise

  18. so many people…believers and non-believers need the love of Jesus so badly. Pray for all to experience and know the love and forgiveness of the Lord!!!!!

    • very true

      • Hi Mariann my name is Beverly, I would also like to placed on your prayer list I do go to church but I haven’t been in two weeks because they’re a few things I’m struggling with first I have four adult daughters which our relationship isn’t what it should be also I’ve been praying it gets better I’m also raising a great niece of mine since the age of 3 months she will be 18 in September I don’t receive any finicial help for her an I’m really struggling my work hrs have almost been cut in half I feel like I’m on the verg of a breakdown I pray all the time I try hard to do the right thing an love people an treat them right but everything just keep going wrong am I cursed…what can I do

  19. Thank you Mari for such a beautiful prayer. May you and your family continue to receive God’s blessings. In Jesus name, Amen.

    Ms. Deborah

  20. You have no idea how appreciative i am i found this prayer! Just what i needed and plan to pray every morning! God bless you

  21. please for my family because we suffering from financial problems and family problems please add me in your prayer list and also please for my elder sister as she is suffering from marital problems. thank u

    • dear rinna

      I am putting you and your family on my prayer list for finances, and marital solutions. May goodness and the presence of God come to all of you quickly.

      print out the prayer on this page, and say it each day. I will be in agreement with you.

  22. Dear marianne Thank u very much for adding me in your prayer list .I’m married and have 2 children My husband had a business since three years totally shuttered , often I’m falling sick without reason ,I feel like somebody have a evil eye on my family. since i was married one or the other difficulties arised in my life,life threatening sickness came and went in my in-laws house, since my husband was a only bread winner, faced a lot of financial problem.Inside I’m suffering a lot. I was seeking help and prayer. I am so thankful for giving this prayer.
    So meaningful and i removed a print out and daily I’m praying God bless u and your family.

  23. Thank you so much. GOD bless you.

  24. This is a beautiful and empowering prayrt. I will only remind you of one thing, in the book of Jude vs 9, it is writen that the Lord rebuke the satan not us. we have power and authority over the things of the spirit, but only God HIMSELF can rebuke the satan.

  25. I prayed this prayer twice and things started changing this morning.

    • dear lexy

      that is wonderful to hear…..I knew someone with your name from my childhood. did you ever live in virginia?

      • Hi Marianne,

        I have never lived in Virginia. Thank you for this wonderful prayer. I have also used the prayer against witchcraft control. The man I love is being munipulated, whether witchcraft is being used. I am not sure. Thank you again.

    • Amen…….. the power of the blood of Jesus our almighty father.
      Thank you for this lovely pray i have been looking for a pray like this for awhile now. please add me and my family to the pray list please so that we may all be baptized by the holy spirit.
      Thank you
      (Mumbai, India)

      • maya

        that is a lovely prayer request. get alone in prayer, and pray earnestly for the holy spirit to visit you. do not give up if it takes a long time. sometimes, there is some blockage due to our own weakness or understanding, but if we persist, he will come. I agree with you in prayer for the wonderful presence of the holy spirit baptism. remember he is a person, not a thing.

  26. This is almost the identical prayer I pray over my family every day.
    In Jesus name amen

  27. Love this prayer! I pray this over my family every morning! Would u add me and my family to your prayer list please? We r having financial difficulty. I am trying to believe that god will provide my wife with a job and a promotion for myself. Thank u god bless

    • dear joel

      yes I will put you on my prayer list, and agree with you in prayer for your finances. I wish you the best and hope something comes in for you very soon.

  28. Powerful prayer indeed

  29. Dearest Marianne, Good Morning from Germany and God Bless! I am very thankful for having found this Prayer at 4:00 this morning. I am married with 3 children and last night after going to bed at approx. 2:45 there was a huge crashing sound that woke my husband and myself. Something had fallen and it was loud. Anyway, I turned on the light and saw that both of my Bibles had fallen from the shelf. Lots of other things there but only the Bibles. I was so startled and then I felt the urge to seek via internet a prayer to bless my house. Then I found your prayer that is extremely fitting in every sense. I said it right then and there along with Psalm 91 and again when I woke up at 8:00. Please pray for my family and myself that our financial hardship passes quickly and our 19 year old daughter that she finds Jesus.
    Thank you

    • dear sharon

      I will certainly add you to my prayer list for spiritual protection and finances, and salvation for your daughter. these are hard times and the enemy attacks in various ways.

      perhaps this bible incident indicates a negative presence in your house due to something your daughter is doing. do a survey of your house and check for cursed or forbidden objects…like occult books, jewelry , inappropriate sexual material, etc….and get rid of anything like that…explain why to your daughter….if she has anything….also evaluate her friends which may be bringing dark forces into your home.

      but at the same time be assured that to place your faith in God means that all will end well….and also you may check house and visitors and find nothing wrong ….

      I have an unsaved daughter as well, and know the heartache….do not give up….this is a good time of life for her father to use his influence to bring out the best in her.

      I am sending you also a prayer against witchcraft that you and your husband can say together …I am also sending a prayer for blessing… print this prayer and that one out and say them each day….I will be in agreement with you.

      • Please my kids family and I need your prayers. We have been going through the hardest times of our life’s in the last 3 years. Please send a copy of this prayer to my email ! Thanks so very much

  30. Dear Marianne, you are truly a God Send! I have no such objects and neither does my Daughter( I just checked her room from top to bottom) How would I go about getting my house surveyed? My Daughter has just 1.5 years left to get her degree and she just wants to PARTY:-(
    I will anticipate the prayers from you and start them ASAP. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Dear Marianne,
      I am taking it all to The Lord in prayer daily, but it is difficult to watch your child go down a dark path and do nothing. Praying is all of a sudden difficult for me and I really have to force myself to do it daily. Please pray for me to remain focus on my prayers.

      • sharon

        she is 19 years old. her party behavior is not unusual, but it does have a dark side. get your husband to help you focus…have other family and any church relationships also help and agree with you.

        I heard once that our actions can be prayers. do things each day and tell the Lord that you are offering up that action as a prayer….simple things like washing the dishes, doing laundry, cooking meals…..say I do this for my daughter as a prayer…

        also, establish some ground rules…she has to be in by a certain time….you expect good manners from her….if she breaks them, have consequences….

        and TELL her she is going to the dark side….do not be silent…tell her that you are praying for her..let her know she is wrong.

        take heart….also you are not doing nothing….you are praying, having your husband influence your daughter, and you are going to let her know she is on the wrong path but you pray she will come to the Lord…..

        and let her know that Jesus loves her, and wants to bless her with love, good friends, and success in school, but mostly with life in heaven with him.

  31. […] Prayer Covering for Your Life and Family […]

  32. So blessed by this prayer declaration

  33. Thank u this prayer makes me feel that God is greater I have faith in the our Lord

  34. Hi Mari,thanks for the pray,please pray for me & my family,i hve thro alot in my life,lost my mum when i ws young,never known my dad,lost my grandma in 2011 who ws a mum to me,lost a job in 2012,got separated frm my hubby in 2013,thn gt back together,got pregnant then lost my child ths July,through doctors neglience and weird circumstances tht happened on tht fateful day,please pray wth me.

    • rachel

      you have been through a lot in a short period of time.

      I am attaching a prayer for you and your family to print out and say each day, along with a prayer for blessing.

      I will be in agreement with you on this.

      I pray God provides for you and brings restoration into your life.

  35. Amen and thanks i got the blessed.

  36. thnkx for wanderful prayer i hope God will be with you all the time.God bless u

  37. Dear Marianne. God bless you.
    Sorry for my English. I did your pray. Nothing is impossible in god. Please pray for me and my family. For my wife Ruth and she will be patient and sweet, not nervous. She is always fighting. For my job and petitions to God, He knows about that.I’m from Honduras. Thanks a lot. Blessings.

    • dear fabricio

      your family is in my prayers.

      There are many things in life that cause stress, and make people nervous and upset.

      we need the peace of God in our lives to help us, and to keep our families strong.

      I am sending you the prayer for the family. print it out and say it each day…I will agree with you in prayer.

      God bless you and do not give up. Things will be ok.

  38. Thank you so much for this prayer it is so powerful thank you

  39. My husband of23 years has financially and mentally abused me systematically with no remorse or conscience I can’t get through to him it’s like no one is there not to mention the physical abuse everything about me is open to him though everything is secret about him to me he uses my name without my authority and if I question him he becomes intimidating. His mother told him to leave my daughter and I that it’s not too late for him to start a new family. All I ever wanted was honesty in my life from my partner, despite the financial and intimate lack that this marriage has provided I feel his mother has done witchcraft on him to nut see the truth and to destroy our marriage my daughter and I suffer from depression we can’t go on anymore I hate what I’ve become to cope with everything. How can you deal with someone who has no conscience please help me death seems better

  40. Hallelujah God I claim it hallelujah God I received it I believe it

  41. Thank you for the powerful prayer. Help me pray for protection over my life and my family. I have been receiving threats from people that are claiming to want to destroy me or rather to kill me. I refuse all these threats in Jesus Name and I know God is watching over my life and protecting me. Thank you for your prayers

    My email address is

  42. I have also recently lost my baby in April this year. this is the 2nd child i have lost my first born passed away just before he turned 6mnths. Help me pray for restoration so that when i fall pregnant again i will be able to hold my babies and see them grow. Help me pray to take back what the devil stole from me in Jesus’Name

  43. AMEN

  44. Thankyou Marian. Just what I needed. God bless u

  45. Thank you for this powerful prayer Marianne. I just prayed it 20mins ago and I felt the power that I had when saying it. I am often up between 12 midnight and 3am to pray because I am tormented by a weird thud from the roof. This happens at all the houses I move to. Usually, if I move to a new house, the noise/sound is not there for a few days but comes maybe after a week. It usually happens when around 12 midnight or 2am or 3am!! Today when I said this prayer when I heard the sound, the sound despaired but seemed like now something was trying to enter through my bedroom door.

    I would also like to ask you to pray for me to overcome my debts. I have been trying for the past 4yrs to go back to work since my business has not been doing well but either I get rejected or I am not responded to. Lastly, pray for my marriage as my wife has filed a divorce against me for very flimsy reasons. Sad thing is, she never discussed this with me but was shocked to receive court papers.

    Thank you in advance.

    • dear thabo

      I am glad it helped you. I am sending you a copy to print out and say each day. also a prayer for a broken marriage and another against spirits and witchcraft. I will be in agreement with you.

  46. Very powerful prayer, thank you all

  47. i and my partner are being seperated from each other due to two different states.we both love each other a lot and want to marry but our family are unable to understand our emotions. they have seperated us.please pray for me and my partner to reunite again and we both get married to each other and live a happy life together.
    we both are in pain.please help us.

    • dear hrisna

      I will agree with you in prayer for the reunion of you and your partner. I pray that the holy spirit of God will open the eyes and hearts of family so they can see your feelings, and help you. I pray the presence and healing of God over this situation, and that your pain stop as God grants you the desires of your heart.

      • Hello madam please send me a copy of this prayer my name is Adama Bangura, Gibrilla Bangura is my husband name and Joseph Bangura is our son’s name please agree with us in all areas of players

  48. Marianne… please pray for my family… my brother is going through a nasty divorce. His soon to be ex wife & her mother are trying to spread false statements against my brother and my family. I would like you to add my family to your prayer list. I believe there is witchcraft and demons they are using against my family. I’m very scared they are trying to break my family apart. Please pray for us!

    • amanda

      I am sending you the prayer covering for your family, as well as prayers against witchcraft . print them out and say it each day. I will be in agreement with you.

      also take ACTION to counter anything they say, get proof,and witnesses.

  49. dear Marianne.

    i am totally disheartned now. please ray for me and my love to reunite again. i need him back into my life we are seperated by our parents as we both belongs to two different caste.we both love each other and want to marry.please god bless this relationship with a miracle god.bless us that we both get married to each other soon. may our parents understand our feeling. i am not able to handle this pain god. i am getting shattered…please pray for me…please

    • hrisna

      We have communicated before about this. some things take a short time, and other things take a long time. just trust God, and put all this in his hands.

  50. Thanks for such a powerful prayer!

  51. Amen.

  52. Daughter is in hospital,healing of kidneys..God bless

    • dear Leola

      you have my prayers for healing of your daughter….I am going to sending you some healing prayers as well. print them out and say them daily until she gets better. I will be in agreement with you. May God bless you and your daughter.

  53. i feel the power of God, relieved from every thing that troubles my family after reading this prayer.Oh! praise God and please pray for my family

  54. This morning prayer was very helpful thank you so much god bless

  55. God bless you all. Thank you for that powerful prayer. I pray God blessings upon this site in Jesus name. Amen!!

  56. please send me prayer’s of family, marriage protection dayly or weekly.(am on a ship)

  57. I liked this prayer, thank you for posting it! God bless you!

  58. I love this prayer…

  59. Prayer for daily reading

  60. Awesome!!!!

  61. Please pray for Joe Miller Jr. Resorted his health from dementia, Parkinson disease and other issues. Pray for me Linda Miller for restoring my health and to be strong and other issues.
    I’m asking these prayers in Father God’s son name Jesus Christ. Amen.

    • dear linda

      I am sending you some prayers for healing.

      print them out and say them each day.

      I will be in agreement with you for both you and Joe.

      May God bless you and heal you soon.

  62. God bless your house,heart and your spirit for this prayer.

  63. This is a very powerful complete prayer..
    Thank God for it..

  64. God i just ask that u bring my family back together soon god i lost the love of my life and i just ask the u make us a hole again in and also plz look after my kids and bless the on a day today bases. Amen!!!

  65. Hello I just pray your wed site, I’ve been searching for warfare prayer and I had one, then the enemy attack me my head with server pain ? I know this pain wasn’t a migraine I usually have those to keep me from getting anything done threw out the day, I know ! So I ask my husband to pray over me it sort of help I tell it to go away in Jesus name Iam not giving up Iam having a problem with a person that I believe she practice witchcraft next door very dangerous she has done a lot of damage in my life and sending illness to my children and husband so now Iam fed up Iam riseing in Jesus name . Pray for me that God remove her far away.

    • cathy

      I am sending you the prayer against witchcraft and one for strength. print them out and say each day.

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

      if you have a chance to talk to her, tell her you are covered with the blood of Jesus, and you believe she is doing something and need to stop. you are praying against all witchcraft in Jesus name. if she does not stop, god will punish her

  66. Thank you, I place a note on my door telling her that she comes to my door I don’t want to talk to her because she lie anyway and I need to some deep truth about her and my husband if there was any kind of friendship w those two it hurts I believe she at one point had something going on she hates me and us so so very jealous I been awaken in the morning by her presence I need strength to endure this battle and her jezebel spirit my husband thinks I’am wrong but then why do we fight over her being around us in the weekend she is bad and marriage she always watching my affairs and my husband likes to go out to the back yard and clean his pool and she open her kitchen window to be looking out or hear her voice it brother me a whole lot I’am 54 and my husband is 57 and we constantly have this nagging problem with her she control his will I see how can I stop this doesn’t god realize how I feel about this I believe I have a stronger spirit then him his weakness is women and that women is younger like 44 she haves a paying job and I don’t yet I’am very intelligent I use to work in the medical field I need you so very much I don’t have a true women of god to help me love Cathy

  67. I need prayer to free my sisters Carmen Ruin of evils things and free her.she talks to herself all day and she call it Los muchachos this does not exist.and she smokes 75 cigarette daily please Jesus free her from that evil and returned her mind back to normal

    • carlos

      your sister carmen is possessed with demons. Los muchachos are the demons.

      they make her smoke the cigarettes also

      she must be saved by the blood of jesus and delivered from the demons.

      is she willing or does she know what is happening?

      is she willing to receive prayer?

      do you know how this started?

      talk to your sister and see if she wants help

      I am sending some prayers for deliverance against witchcraft and other spirits ( some control cigarettes also) and a prayer for unsaved loved ones.

      print them out and say each day.

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

      also write back and answer questions for me, thank you.

      • Thanks very much marrianne she I should not accepting any help.she said she is fine me and my mom are going thru hell with this problem is day and night.wr need a miracle ASAP

  68. Pra y for me and my family.

    • barbara

      you have my support in prayer. since you did not mention any specifics, I will regard it as an unspoken need. God knows what it is. may god bless you and answer you quickly

  69. Bless my whole family

  70. Hi Marianne, this is my first time visiting your blog. Please pray for me. My ex- sister in law has been working witchcraft and black magic against my family for years. She is constantly blocking my finances and also is causing injury and harm to me and my family. She has literally almost destroyed me financially. I had always thought that she was my good Friend until my brother informed me one day that she told him that she hated me. He asked her why and she said that she didn’t know why . My brother didn’t relay this information to me until a year after she had said it. I was really confused because she was always calling me for financial help and I would help her. She would.invite me to family functions also. We even attended church together at one time and we would talk about The Lord quite often. I finally asked her if she said that she hated me and she just laughed. I thought that maybe my brother was lying to me because he had been incarcerated for many years and sometimes he wasnt honest. They got back together and my brother told me that he went into her closet one day and found an altar full of candles. She then confessed to my brother that she is a witch. I feel as though she has what they call a jezebel spirit operating in her. I stopped communicating cold turkey. I did not answer any if her texts or fone calls. I had not heard from her in over a year until she text me happy mother’s day last week. I did not answer the text this time either. I had always helped her because she has a son with my brother.. satan has been using her relentlessly in attacking me. I am so overwhelmed and distressed. I don’t understand why God is allowed her to continue to harm me physically, financial and emotionally. I have done nothing but good towards her

    • chess

      your main problem here is that you do not know your authority in Christ and do not know about spiritual warfare.

      God has provided a way out for you but you are unaware of what you have at your disposal.

      first know that the church is infested with witches…pretending to be christians, so they can get with believers, lead them astray, have children with them for satan, and control the families and the church.

      your brother who married her needs to wake up….both you and your other brother have to talk to him and expose her for what she is….I am guessing your brother who is married to her is a passive male, who lets her do whatever she wants….he needs to man up and take charge.

      now, prayer + action

      she needs to be told that you are covering yourself with the blood of jesus and if she continues, god will destroy her in his timing.

      the witch needs to be confronted, exposed, and told to repent or she will go to hell for what she is doing.

      all her curses are being broken, in jesus name, and she has no power againt the blood of jesus

      others are going to be told, inside and outside of church, that she is a deceiver and a practicing witch, they will be warned against her, so they will pray against her also….she will be opposed by the powers in heaven and by the powers of the saints below.

      you just need to be educated….

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft….for strength, and for blessing.

      print out and say each day, you will see where you mention her name in prayer…..

      also mention your brother in prayer, because he is lost if he is married to her, it does not matter if he goes to church….

      only an unsaved person would marry a witch.

      So I am sending a prayer for unsaved loved ones…

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer….

      prayer is important….the witch has gotten away with all this because no one opposes her…so this is what you must do..

      in the natural realm, tell her off and expose her

      in the spiritual realm , pray against her

      be relentless until you get a victory….do not give up…it may take a long time but look at what you are losing already by not fighting back.

  71. Can I get into yr mailing list. I also need prayers for a job as I m a single parent with 3 children. Lost my job of 23yrs last Dec. M struggling daily. Also for my eldest daughters salvation. Tq very much. I just prayed this prayer and felt brighter at home.

    • joy

      I used to have a mailing list but it got too big to handle.

      I ask people now to subscribe to the website.

      there is a button at the top of the page.

      I am sending you the prayer for unsaved loved ones, and the prayer for blessing.

      print out and say each day….if no printer, then download to computer.

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

      do not give up.

      I have been where you are now in life.

      it may remain hard, but god will help you

      you are going to be ok

  72. I really enjoy this prayer it really helps me spritual it best to pray it everyday so it can feed you spiritually to believe.

  73. Amen

  74. Please pray for my husband for he keeps on saying bad credibility about me and building up his ego at my expense…why is he so happy to tell lies to others about me, he is so happy to be proud that in our marriage he cheated me and almost leave us because the family is fond with him even though he has a family and because the mistress’ family is rich that he can go to other country….i wonder what happened to the husband i usually married with….please please pray for my husband leonardo vilog jr…he dont have any respect left for me…he always says that money is the most important in life….he is also fond of watching porno….Oh my God, help us.

    • dear rowena

      he is telling others lies about you to cover up his own cheating and lust problems.

      defend yourself to the family. tell them he is cheating and watching porno

      or find SOMEONE to support you, get them to talk to husband

      husband needs to be confronted about his behavior…..tell him he is a cheat and his porno will send him to hell….tell him satan has him, not god….and he needs to repent or he will die in his sins and go to hell

      tell him you will pray for him

      then leave him in God’s hands, and let God deal with him..

      I am sending you prayers for deliverance from lust , witchcraft and other demonic spirits that could be affecting him…..also a prayer for unsaved loved ones….and also the prayer on this page for families

      print them out, or download them, and say them every day.

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer

  75. I agree

  76. This prayer is what I have been looking for my husband and I are going through a lot right now he wants a divorce and I don’t my husband is addicted to sex and he is even ready to live a life from his wife so he can do the things he want to do

    • dear Rosalind

      it seems like everyone is going through something right now. the enemy is attacking families, especially.

      I agree with you in prayer…and I am sending you a copy of this prayer so you can print it out and say it each day for your family

      do not give up!

  77. Hi, wonderful prayers; What are some more prayers, and prayers for healing, and demonic attack. Thanks!

  78. Thanks finaly l found a prayer whch overs everything feeling bleesed

  79. Thanks finaly l found a prayer whch overs everything feeling blessed

  80. I am an unemployed single mother of 2,I live with my pension mother in her house she does everything for me,recently since December 2014 I keep having dreams of her passing away,and I can’t handle itm please help me so she can get protection from death,I ask to be put on the prayer list. I have also been praying day and night for protection and I am also looking for a job and nothing is coming my way.send me this prayer

    • thami

      the thought of losing a parent is scary to most people, so your anxiety is understandable.

      maybe your anxiety influenced your dreams.

      if you think it is a forewarning of your mom’s real death, then maybe it is god’s way of preparing you, so you CAN handle it.

      you did not say how old your mom is…..but remember life is a gift, and dying is not the end of life, but a transition to the next life.

      if your mother born again? saved by the blood of jesus? focus on that if she is not saved. are you saved?

      your relationship with god and HER relationship with god is more important than anything else in this world.

      if this relationship is good, then you should have peace, no matter what happens in the future.

      I will pray that you get the job you need to continue on with your life, and that death does not come to your mom in a bad way, or in a way that is not in line with god’s will.

      death is something we all have to face some day, and being ready to meet our Maker is vital for everlasting life, and for peace of mind until it happens.

      your need for a job is also important for this life, and I pray that something good comes soon for you.

  81. God bless you this is just the prayer I was looking for but I want you to put me and my family on your prayer list I have been going through some health challenges in my kidney in the last three years I need your prayers for healing and protection of my family as well as my finances thanms

    • dear Abubakar

      I am glad the prayer for the family helped you.

      I am sending you prayers for healing and for blessing and spiritual strength, and this prayer for family as well.

      I suggest printing all the prayers out and say them each day….download them to your computer if you do not have a printer.

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

      I pray your kidneys get better soon by the power of the Lord Jesus., and his Father God in heaven.

      also, that you get the financial help you need….

    • I just sent you an email but the address was not good.

  82. Me and my family belongs to christinity but I can’t please God help me

  83. Lord please forgive my sins and lord I wanna be a missonary

  84. Is the first time am visiting your blog. I think God directed me here today cos i feel to low. My neighbors gossip all day about me. I happened to have one of them as my best friend and i realized she talks behind my back and is very jealous about me and my family. I also know she practises witch craft for her business to prosper. I believe in my Gog and i know he shall come in for me and fight all my battles I love this prayer and i hope its gonna help me and shield me and my family. Kindly add me into your prayer list. Ruth

    • ruth

      it looks like it is time to break connections….sad people have to be that way…

      remember you cannot control other people’s behavior…they are responsible for what they do…

      I would however, tell the witch you reject what she has done, and tell her to repent before God or she will go to hell, which is NOT a picnic in the hereafter.

      tell her also that you are covering yourself with the blood of jesus every day, and nothing she does against you will work

      I am sending you some prayer guides….against witchcraft and for strength…print out and say each day

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

  85. I pray that God protect me against all wickedness odds enemies demonic possession demons forces out here in New York city 153#90 Rockaway Boulevard Jamaica queens New York and please keep them lying Hindu psychics away from me

  86. This is a strong powerful prayer . Many people suffer silently not knowing that any demonic attack can reversed in praying this. There’s power in the name of Jesus Be blessed

  87. I’ve been worried focused can’t focus or rest I’ve been under attack in my health finances family husband children and been feeling like i want to just give up but i know i can’t can you pray for me cause i feel like I’m fighting a loosing Battle i feel like the people who are close to me don’t understand me Jesus help me get myself and life together

    • nakia

      you feel like you are losing because you are alone in your battle….

      but if god is on your side, you are not losing…

      so do not give up

      I am sending you some prayers to print out and say each day.

      I will agree with you in prayer for your finances, family and health

      god bless you and help you….

  88. Hi I wanted u guys to pray for my lil niece she 15 16 and she’s goin thru a difficult stage in her life please pray for protection comfort strength love mercy guidance

    • arely

      you have my prayers, support and love for your niece. I pray whatever is bothering her resolves quickly and she finds the peace and healing of god.

  89. Pray for me and my husband for healing from all sickness. Thank you. Jesus Christ.

  90. God bless you all

  91. God bless you all that posted this!

  92. Thanks for the prayer ,please send me prayers for physical healing, financial healing, blessings and spiritual strength for my family and myself. God bless you

  93. Amen


  95. Thank You so much for this prayer. I will pray it over my family and pets. Our home, our family as well as pets have been under attack and I fear I’m losing ground.
    Tracie R. Perez

  96. I like this prayer very much cause the words are very powerful to help someone like me who need a break througth.

  97. Powerful Prayers am so blessed reading them and am going to share this prayers with my congratulations. God blessed you

  98. thank you for the prayer.its really touching.

  99. I have loved this prayer, it has inspired me, i gonna pray it everytime thrice a day to change people and teach them that God is there for those who have hope and trust in Him. So that they must know God’s will.

  100. I thank God for this prayer,our prayers are already answered,if we read Daniels 9,10,11,it took Gabriel three full weeks to reach Daniels,why because. the enemy was in the path way,we don’t have to keep asking for God to repond to what we have prayed for,We need to pray for the Negative force to get out of the way.God has answered what ever you have ask him for.the enemy is the hold up.Father God in the name of Jesus Christ,Demons I bind you in heaven and earth to get out of the path of my blessings,that my father has bless me with,I don’t belong to you,and my father give good gifts,I’m heir to the kingdom to an Awesome God.

  101. I feel as though my life is being attacked especially at work but the God I serve surronds and protects me at all angles… In Jesus name Amen ….Praise the Lord

  102. Praise thee lord amen amen amen, no weapon but gods spiritual weapon, stands for the fight the good fight.. of faith in this battlefield

  103. I’ve prayed & I believe, trust that there gonna be change in my life. God bless!

  104. This prayer is very powerful. I really like the words, very strong words.

  105. I got a call from this number s . 813 .also it happens with my brother too this evening .I need your prayers

  106. Great Prayer ! Mari I want you to pray for me and my father we often fight over some which I think are important please pray that we stay in peace and follow gods path and I may also get a job.

  107. Great Prayer ! Mari I want you to pray for me and my father we often fight over some which I think are important please pray that we stay in peace and follow gods path and I may also get a job.

  108. I was surprised at how similar this prayer was to what I have been praying nightly already. Recently I became conscious of the spiritual battle going on around me n felt it was a real possibility that Satan was influencing certain individuals in my life the desire to speak harm into my life so I am grateful for the assistance in fluently being able to identify the correct spirits that needed bound as I couldn’t think of all on my own. Thank you Jesus for this prayer, for the power in Jesus name to weave a net of protection around even my kids that are not with me. Thank you Jesus for speaking thru this child of yours and helping us have the words we need. In Jesus name amen

  109. I thank you for sending me the holy spiritual prayer of Lord Jesus.Please send me more and more Amen

  110. Thank you for a powerful prayer in Jesus name Amen

  111. A beautiful site. Thank you so much.

  112. thanks

    • Mari, Hi what advise or prayers can I pray for my children to end whats going on intheir lives?? Ruth

      • perpetual

        I can send you the prayer on this page. I do not know what is going on with your children, so start with the prayer i send you

        print out and say each day

        I will agree with you in prayer

  113. l love you Jesus for everything, you have done for me in my life, and I thank Almighty God the Creator Of Heaven And Earth, Praise and Glory to him Forever and Ever,And to Jesus Christ Our Saviour And Reedemer,May Jesus give us the ability to follow our daily lives according to the Commendments, and obtain the laws Of God , and Specialy maintain The 4th Commendment, and preserve it holy, and not break the word of The Most High Almighty Holy Of Holy God, May Jesus Bless us All.

  114. Awesome prayer! This inspired me so. Thank you!

  115. This is a Wonderful Holy filled prayer and since I have been praying it wonderful things have been happening! Doors are being opened for me, my family is coming together and there aren’t as many spiritual attacks!! GOD IS WONDERFULLY AMAZING!!!!! Thank You Jesus for inspiring the person who wrote this prayer!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!* AMEN!

  116. This is an incredibly strong and faithful prayer. I am currently having problems with siblings in family and hope the lord hears my prayer. Release my family of all mal intentions, from all wickedness but most importantly from Satan. For he is to remain beneath us and always remain that way. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ our one and only savior , Amen !

  117. For a powerful prayer to protect me and my husband and children grandchildren to fight of evil power that puts against us. The evil in my marriage home work place

  118. I love this prayer , its definetly powerful , and lately i need all the prayers possible .. (:

  119. Powerful prayer. Mysterious things have been happening to me last one year. Losing a job under unclear circumstances, my teenage boys refusing to come to church which they loved all their growing years, financial insecurity, tension in the fiamily, friends keeping away from me with clear display of jealousness before the job loss. Its been tough but I keep my trust in the Lord. I know His plans for me are to prosper and not harm me. I am waiting and already in a victory mood. I am about to testify Gods goodness, mercy, grace and faithfulness. I believe in each and every word in this prayer. Breath of heaven is in me. May you be blessed.

  120. GOD Bless you for this powerful prayer. The LORDS hand be over you and your family. Thank you for helping and saving so many souls. There’s no one greater than GOD. We break every yoke of Satan that has a hold over our families and our lives, its crushed under the foot of JESUS CHRIST and cast into the fire of hell. Let there be a hedge of fire around every family and Angels be with them as they continue their days ahead. GOD BLESS ALL

  121. Pray for Kadijha Mangum to be able to walk away from prostitution. She feel ashamed and hopeless like she can’t go back to a normal life. She is afraid to ask for help because she has been trying to make it on her own so no one can say what they did for her.

    • jeremia

      It is so good for you to be concerned for her. prostitution is very dangerous. she could get killed.

      she must have some basic life skills she can use for a different job.

      tell her to put herself in God’s hands, and let him take care of her

      he will make a way, where there seems to be no way.

      it also sounds like she needs to be saved, born again, with Jesus as her savior and Lord. and messiah.

      I will pray for her deliverance, and the courage to walk away from what she is doing, and for her financial security

  122. I so need this prayer for all of my family. Having faith and agreeing God answers:)

  123. I believe and receive i Jesus name Amen

  124. I really enjoyed the prayer.It is an awesome prayer and very touchin.God bless you and your family.

  125. Excellant prayer it covers everything thank you very much.

  126. I prayered this prayer tonight and sent out Warrior Angels to protect my family. This year has been a year of destruction and loss and heartache . No more my family needs peace , joy and healing. I thank you God in all that has happened that you are the constant factor. Now help me to be a worthy matriarch in the protection of my family. As my Mother interceded for us let me have the strength to carry on that intercession in Jesus name I pray this .

    • Hi Shirley, just read your comment. May God Bless you and your family. I like to stand on Psalm 103:4. It says: Who redeemeth thy life from destruction. Confess that your life and your family’s life has been redeemed from destruction.

  127. So powerful….This is such a blessing to me.

  128. Thank you so much for that prayer my husband is having a difficult time at his job the lord lead me to this pray please keep my family in your prays we need it

  129. I pray this prayer everyday but please say a prayer for my family anyone who wouldnt mind , i will pray for u also , thank you and god bless

  130. MayGOD praye for all at u in your home in da name of Jesus Amen

  131. Dear marianne,I have been dealing with witch craft prayed over my finances love life prosperity for over 10 years I was told this I have In park position for years can you put me and family on your prayer list that god removes all blockage hindering spirits and all witchcraft from my life and due to jealousy.
    Also protection from all assaults.

    Thank you,E.E.

    • evette

      I am sending you prayers fro deliverance from witchcraft and other spirits, curses. also prayers for blessings, to cancel curses. and the prayer on this page

      print out and say each day

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer

  132. Hi Marianne. Do you have any specific prayers in dealing with generational and or ancestral curses? I really need them desperately. Thanks

    • chess

      I have a prayer against witchcraft i am sending you, plus a couple of others

      there are places to add in specific spirits or issues like curses

      print out and say each day

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer

  133. Hello pastor . my life is in very depression mode I want to marry one guy name vikrant due to some bad circumstances he is not able to marry me please pray that the lord should do miracle in his life and lord should show him my importance and he should come and marry me. I really requires your prayer

    • Ribica

      I do not know what the circumstances are. if he wants to marry you also, then I pray that God helps you overcome the problem.

      but it also sounds like he does not think you are important, from what you say. so, in that case he cannot be forced to marry someone that is not important to him.

      I pray that the correct thing happen.

  134. Dear Heavenly Father, I pray this prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind, rebuke and bring to no effect, all
    division, discord, disunity, strife, anger, wrath, murder, criticism, condemnation,pride, envy, jealousy, gossip, slander, evil speaking,
    complaining, lying, false teaching, false gifts, false manifestations, lying signs and wonders, poverty, fear of lack, fear spirits, murmuring spirits,
    hindering spirits, retaliatory spirits, deceiving spirits, religious spirits, occult spirits, witchcraft spirits (including Jezebel, Delilah and Apollonian) and spirits of Antichrist. I bind all curses that have been spoken against me. I bless those who curse me, and pray blessings on those who spiteful use me. I bind all spoken judgment made against me and judgments I have made against others. I bind the power of negative words from others, and I bind and render useless all prayers not inspired by the Holy Spirit; whether psychic, soul force, witchcraft or counterfeit tongues that have been prayed against me. I am God’s child. I resist the devil. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I put on the whole armor of God. I take authority over this day, in Jesus’ name. Let it be prosperous for me, let me walk in your love, Lord. The Holy Spirit leads and guides me today, I discern between the righteous and the wicked. I take authority over Satan and all his demons, and those people who are influenced by them. I declare Satan is under my feet and remain there all day. I am the righteousness of God, in Christ Jesus. I am God’s property. Satan you are bound from my family, my mind, my body, my home and my finances. I confess that I am healed and whole. I flourish! I am long lived, stable, durable, incorruptible, fruitful, virtuous, full of peace, patience and love. Whatsoever I set my hand to do shall prosper, for God supplies all my needs. I have all authority over Satan, all demons, and beasts of the field. God, I pray for the ministry that you have for me. Anoint me, God, for all you have called me to do for you. I call forth divine appointments, open doors of opportunity, God ordained encounters and ministry positions. I claim a hedge of protection around myself, spouse and children throughout this day and night. I ask you God, in the name of Jesus to dispatch angels to surround me, my spouse and my children today, and to put them throughout my house and around our cars, souls and bodies. I ask angels to protect my house from any intrusion and to protect me and my family from any harmful demonic or other physical or mental attacks. I ask this prayer in the name of Jesus. AMEN

  135. This is a very powerful prayer.

  136. This prayer is so powerful and true. You have created freedom with the knowledge of the Lord. Praise God

  137. Amen and amen.

  138. Please Mariannne I need you help I am hapoy by name from germany please I need help on some prayers for physical battle I was in malaysia i ran from there to hear after six month the trouble just like the same problem that chase me from there rise up hear again some group of amen seaching for me fellowing me but they have not being able to get hold of me because God is fighting for me since 3 months now I can not walk alone without someone goes with I report to police but they said nothing has happen yet so they can’t do anything please I need help I believe this is a attact only please help. Me if you know or any physical prayers thanks

    • happy

      there are different prayers you can use, but you need something simple to say, so I am giving you psalm 91

      Psalm 91

      1 Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
      will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

      2 I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
      my God, in whom I trust.”

      3 Surely he will save you
      from the fowler’s snare
      and from the deadly pestilence.

      4 He will cover you with his feathers,
      and under his wings you will find refuge;
      his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

      5 You will not fear the terror of night,
      nor the arrow that flies by day,

      6 nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
      nor the plague that destroys at midday.

      7 A thousand may fall at your side,
      ten thousand at your right hand,
      but it will not come near you.

      8 You will only observe with your eyes
      and see the punishment of the wicked.

      9 If you say, “The LORD is my refuge,”
      and you make the Most High your dwelling,

      10 no harm will overtake you,
      no disaster will come near your tent.

      11 For he will command his angels concerning you
      to guard you in all your ways;

      12 they will lift you up in their hands,
      so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.

      13 You will tread on the lion and the cobra;
      you will trample the great lion and the serpent.

      14 “Because he loves me,” says the LORD, “I will rescue him;
      I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.

      15 He will call on me, and I will answer him;
      I will be with him in trouble,
      I will deliver him and honor him.

      16 With long life I will satisfy him
      and show him my salvation.”

      print this out and say it each day. you can also find other psalms like this one, if you feel you need more.

      I will agree with you in prayer

      may god keep you safe.

  139. I ask for Prayer fore and my family we are under demonic attack I have been praying and asking God to brake this curse that have come apond us please also I ask your ministry to pray for us as we keep on praying and trusting God in Jesus name I pray amen!!

    • dear jenny

      it is good you pray in Jesus name. remember also to plead the blood of jesus over your prayer requests as well.

      I am going to send you the prayer on this page for family, some prayers for deliverance from various spirits, prayers for strength and prayers for blessing.

      print out and say each day.

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

  140. My mother and never have gotten along.. It’s worse now that we work together.. She’s been losing her memory and getting sick.. And it seems I’m the one that upsets her.. She is an alcoholic.. I am her only child.. My family thinks I don’t love her because Im distant because of her abusive way with me.. Her and my family constantly throw The Bible in my face..” Ur not honoring ur mother.. And u claim to be so saved.. ” They talk against my pastor.. My church.. My tithing too much and always say.. “I don’t see the change in you.. You claim to be so saved.. ” I thought my mom was someone I would have to pray for and keep chasing God.. But now I’m confused.. I’m to take whatever she throws because she’s my mom? Take the abuse.. Change myself but understand she is who she is? Im wrong but she’s my mom? I could go on but I would be all year.. I need a prayer for us. For her love for me and my 2 kids to return and my heart not to harden towards her.. To make me us love each other and trust and forgive each other.. Please..

    • ebony

      you do not have to take abuse….tell your not so holy family if they were real Christians, they would get your mom into an alcoholic treatment center, not live in denial, and force you to take abuse from someone who is mentally ill.

      talk to your pastor and ask for prayer support and help.

      in the meantime, stick up for yourself and kids. your mom is WRONG. so tell your mom she is wrong and tell your family she is wrong, and get some help getting mom into treatment. you can honor your mom by seeing honestly what her problems are, confronting her about them, and doing something about it to help her get better.

      you can love and forgive her but you are not her victim.

  141. Excellent prayer covers everything that needs to needs to be covered.

  142. I love it is a wonderful prayer

  143. Thank you for this powerful prayers. I feel blessed.

  144. I love it.

  145. Hello Everybody,with God by your side you are save in what ever you are doing in Jesus Name i pray(AMEN)Am Rev mrs Goodness, The GENERAL OVERSEER OF HOPE OF GLORY MINISTRY. Scripture says in Matthew 4:4 — “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” It is in the word of God that gives life. It is the word of God that guarantees health. It is the knowledge of the word of God that brings wealth. To be void of the word of God is to live an empty life. This is why RHEMA FOR LIVING was inspired; to teach you the ways of God and to help you grow in your relationship with God so you can effortlessly enjoy a life of all-round success.for prayer and cancelling you email us( you looking for child you have been married for so many years no child email us for prayer because God is that giver of Child we Join you in prayer, you are look for Husband ,Job, your business is not moving well, look, Are you sick God is the great healer so you email us ( so that we can join heads in prayer and the God that Riae me from The Death we be your God that we answer and solve all your problem in Jesus might Name i prayed (AMEN)

  146. Powerful prayer.. Thank you!

  147. I read the prayer and it was very nurturing and intriguing and I feel relieved thank you and God bless you all in the name of the father son and the Holy Ghost

  148. Send more prayer too my email

  149. Prayer for children was touching

  150. Hi Mari. Our life was turned upside down 2 years ago when my husband lost his job and hasn’t found one since. We have a beautiful 9 year old daughter and want to give her the beat education we can. I can’t help but think someone has cast an evil eye on us. I will start saying the prayer given by you in faith that our life will turn around. We are sick most of the time and there are arguments.

    • debbie

      what does your husband do for a living? maybe he could try something else?

      most marriages end due to financial problems, so do not feel alone that you are experiencing strife

      plead the blood of jesus over your life each day, and use the name of jesus when you ask god for help

      I am sending you a prayer for blessings…print it out and say it each day

      also one against witchcraft if you think that is involved. you do not have to use the whole prayer, just the parts that apply to you.

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer

  151. Ok this is getting better !!!!! I posted earlier this morning about how i felt a breakthrough. I was just assuming that it was more spiritual. well I have been concerned about this winter because work has been be honest I have no idea how we were going to make it. I am self employed and if I do not keep busy through the first 6 months I have no money to put up for the slow times which of the bout 4 months. here it is October and I barely have enough to make it one month without pay. so this morning after prayer and posting my little testmony I got a call for a really huge account that will get us not only through this year but into the beginning of next year. people please read this you need to get on your knees and bind that devil. pray this prayer in Jesus name. I’m telling you the power of God and knowing what to pray is amazing!!! God Bless each and everyone of you as you struggle in this world !!!as a living testimony I’m telling you it really works to claim prayer over your life and problems .hallelujah to our king !!!!

  152. This is powerful. I love God so much

  153. Loved this prayer thank you father for everything words can’t explain how wonderful you are you are far beyond amazing in so many ways shapes and forms thank you father

  154. I ask that God forgives me ,husbandDoug, children family and friends from all sins. And protect us from all evil an demons. And keep us togather, and loved. I ask that God heal us from any sickness and keep us in good health. I ask we keep all of are five senses. In Jesus name Amen

  155. Awesome and powerful prayer……..God less this ministry….

  156. Dear Mari, just found this site right now and have said this prayer.My son and I have just moved into another house and I have been feeling uneasy, irritable and depressed for the past week. I am also a commission based worker, and I am not being very successful in my job. My son also suffers from low esteem, he is very intelligent has completed is studies in IT but he is very withdrawn and does not feel good about himself . My fiance Leonard, who is far away, also wants to come down and for us to start a life together but there is always some obstacle. Please add me, my son Saiyush and Leonard to your prayer list, we need peace, love and happiness
    Thank you and God bless,

    • shamila

      It is possible that the people who lived in the house before you were negative individuals, and left spirits behind in the house.

      I am sending you a prayer for your house, to make it a safe place.

      also a prayer for general blessing for your life. and a prayer for family

      each day, reject all curses in jesus name, and declare them under his blood, null and void, destroyed, defeated, never to come back, but replaced with blessings from god

      also print out prayers and say them each day

      I will agree with you in prayer

  157. What a great and powerful prayer. I want to remember this and say it daily over my family. Praise Jesus forever. I love you Lord.

  158. Thank you for the prayer and for my Family extended and original. I would hopefully complete any false hopes that might come from this situation.

  159. Dear Marianne,i always wish to know how to pray with this spiritual words of prayer,since may this year have been passing through difficulties in my Bead Making business,have been so worried that have not sold anyone since i bought them to crate stlyes and it has never been so.Immediately i entered the church this morning the Holy Spirit ask me to type this prayer point: God please bless me,my fiance,my family and business,i was surprised to see such prayer covering my prayer point.Thank u for that and please add my business to your prayers.

  160. Please pray for my family and take all the bad luck away in the name of Jesus bind that ugly devil and stop the gossip jealousy lies and disharmony … Help our finances to flourish dear lord we are suffering I ask this in Jesus precious name .


  161. This was what I needed today! Thank you!!!!!

  162. We really needed this prayer

  163. Hi please help my wife is very of nerves pain in head

  164. Thank you so much for this prayer, it truly touched my spirit and I believe God led me to this prayer because he would not let me exit this page until i read it. God Bless you and your family

  165. Amen

  166. Amen,you are of much help

  167. May the Lord bind the tougues and the hands of anyone trying to harm me and my sons in any way. Also i pray the Lord to remove these people out of our lives. We don’t want them a part of our lives anymore. May the Lord grant us peace and love in Jesus precious name Amen!

  168. […] Source: Prayer Covering for Your Life and Family […]

  169. Thank you

  170. The prayer was everthing i hoped for thanx

  171. I believe this prayer will change things in my life – I am a child of the most high God – I believe Donny & all his family WILL be saved in 2015/16. And they will serve the Lord forever. We will serve GOD all the days of our lives
    Holy Spirit. Thank you for knocking on my door of my Heart forever grateful ….in Jesus name Amen

  172. This prayer is good for me God bless u.

  173. wow thank younfor this prayer

  174. I need the Lord to take hold of my finances and guide my steps I need you right now Lord in my life around me at all times. Amen praying for a financial break through

  175. Wow !! This was truly spoken by the HOLY SPIRIT, Thank you😀

  176. In Jesus name Amen!!!!!!!

  177. Brethren l am under the influence of witch chraft, l received straight mark in my body every day. If there is something to do please rush for my help.

    • ogbu

      you do not sound saved, born again through jesus death on cross

      you need to be saved to fight witchcraft

      I am sending you prayer for salvation.

      understand what sin is and be sorry for sins. trust jesus as your savior, and give heart to god.

      talk to a local pastor of christian church, and pray with him.

      after that, you can pray for deliverance from witchcraft

  178. I like this prayer and have purposed to make it my early morning daily blessed and keep sharing and spreading the word of God,your reward is in heaven

  179. what a wonderful prayer, may all that is in it be made possible in the might name of Jesus. Amen and may God bless us all.

  180. Awesome i need and seek God everday

  181. I was attacked by a demon for the first time tonight. It is 5:15 am and I still haven’t slept. I have school in 1 hour. Jesus Christ protect me

  182. Jesus Christ protect my loved ones. God protect the loved ones. Holy lord protect my family and loved ones. AMEN

  183. Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, God protect and save my loved ones and families souls. God, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ protect my loved ones. AMEN

  184. Thank you sooo very much for this prayer. Very much needed for myself and family. God Bless I will pray this prayer daily and see the manifestation of Yahweh’s Blessings in our lives. Again thank you and God Bless.

  185. These are important things to pray upon. the light shall awnser you depending on when you want it. I pray this same prayer with you in the presence of light. Amen

  186. I just want God to continue to bless you all,I jus want to be filled with the holy spirit, i look forward to your prayers,they are inspiring, amen

  187. The Lord has been good to me and my family. its only two weeks ago when i was summoned by a native doctor claiming to have had a vision about my late mom, my past and that of my brother. it bothers me alot. may the Lord protect my loved ones and cover us with the precious blood of the lamb. Amen.

  188. Amen!!

  189. My family has been attact in 2014 ,and my daughter has a friend that try’s to control her and he don’t do anything for a living.
    I pray for 3 years about this relationship and hasn’t been change.
    Help me pray ,that she would find herself.
    I don’t think this is real.we are Christian family that love the lord.

    • karen

      I am sending you a prayer for strength, and against witchcraft spirits and other spirits…..for you to print out and say

      I will agree with you in prayer for your family

      also… have your husband and her / your friends talk to your daughter about respecting herself, and finding a better man

  190. I always wale up expecting a slap in the face from the devil now that I read encouraging sayings of truthfulness it opened y mind that I shall fear No evil look up for word of god
    Thank you Jesus
    Albuquerque New Mexico


  192. This prayer is powerful can u please go ahead nd pray for me to get job nd my sister to be healed hiv/aids please…she take treatment very well bt she keep on losing wheight nd she is suffering to walk…its 3yrs now please

    • hellen

      I am so sorry to hear about your sister. Does she know jesus as her personal savior?

      for her to receive physical healing, she must be spiritually healed first….by having a good relationship with God, and repenting of her sins.

      I am going to send you a collection of little prayers you can say for your sister

      print them out and say them each day. have her pray also.

      I am also sending prayers for financial help

      I will agree with both of you in prayer.

  193. An awesome prayer of power and glory to god he is my fortress and my refugee in him I trust!!

  194. This is the Prayer my family, my children & I need. Dear God Thank You so much for the prayers you are giving us!

  195. By gods grace only this world stands praise the lord

  196. Need prayers for marriage.

  197. I Like the stripular im going to say these every night Thank You Jesus

  198. Help me God now

  199. Thank you

  200. We have nobody but the lord Jesus to protect us in this evil world.

  201. Amen

  202. Protection prayer

  203. I am so moved by this prayer. It brought back memories of my stride to do God’s will. Thank you I Amen. Amen. Amen!

  204. Excellent prayer. Thank you

  205. Thank you.

  206. Powerful Prayer!!

  207. Amen

  208. Thanks in d name of Allah. May Allah continue to guide n bless us all. Ameen

  209. Thank you for sharing this prayer. I’ve been followed my whole life by what I call “the shadow man” – every since we messed w the Ouija board as teens. I’ve had several near death experiences, but the Awesome God we serve wasn’t ready to take me &spared my life. I’ve always prayed every time I’ve seen this shadow man , but my daughter has been scratched while we were sitting in living room 2x & had visible marks come up on her legs. I didn’t see him for about a year til last summer. Then I started seeing him everywhere in my neighborhood, but he did not come in my yard cuz I started saying Jesus name repetitively & he’d disappear. Well, 5 mos ago i started noticing major theft in my hood & reported it to police. Next thing I know, I’m being followed by the 100s of members of Mexican Mafia 24/7. Well the theft turned into taking over residents houses & replacing them w mafia members . The local police wont do anything & the FBI doesn’t believe me . NO THIS IS NOT MADE UP. IT IS A LIVING NIGHTMARE. GOD IS THE ONLY REASON I’M STILL ALIVE. IT IS THIS REASON I SEARCHED FOR A PRAYER FOR MY FAMILY & HOME. I SAY THIS PRAYER & THE 1 YOU HAVE FOR A HOUSE MANY TIMES/DAY. IT IS WORKING & AS I’M SPEAKING IT, I FEEL THE POWER OF IT MANIFEST INSIDE ME & AM LEARNING MY AUTHORITY OVER THESE NOW 1000S OF EVIL SPIRITS. THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN FOR SHARING THIS BECAUSE I DIDNT KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY, BUT YOUR WORDS ARE WORKING FOR ME.

  210. Sweet

  211. Just pray this prayer
    Love the prayer
    God bless you Mari

  212. What a strong powerful prayer. The prayer gives me so my strenth which i right now need. I also feel my family and i are protected. Thanks be to God!

  213. thanx,this prayer will change my life.i really like it,may God bless u

  214. Been truely by this prayer. Thank,you

  215. Thank you in the name of Jesus for that prayer. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY IN JESUS NAME AMEN!

  216. I love this prayer and pray it every night before I go to sleep. Praise God.

  217. I needed this so much. I am saying psalm 109 now..I. Am so tiired of been afraid of these evil threats. The most powerful weapon we have is God and Prayer. Today I use those weapons to guide us and protect us and to help fight this evil spirit. I will protect my spouse,my children,my family and all else.

    I pray for aLl those people,families who are going thru these same difficulties because of evil spirits forced upon them and who are praying with hope to find that peace and live without this fear. How cruel can anyone be!

    Their evil are not a part of us and should be destroyed. We are Gods children and noone but HE has the right to giveth and taketh away.

  218. l like this words, its impact is healing all round. l am thankful & trust his words come to manifestation. amen.

  219. […] Source: Prayer Covering for Your Life and Family […]

  220. All glory to God and thx you lord 4 showing me this prayer amen & Amem

  221. Thanku for such a powerful prayer covering for my family and spiritual family. God is always on time and He know that I really needed His protection tonight may He alone get the Glory Amen!?

  222. Ty Jesus😃ty for this …all people need this to cast out r enemy …with Jesus we r saved amen

  223. I have prayed this prayer knowing by the faith I have been heard Amen

  224. I needed this Thank you.

  225. Thank you for this beautiful prayer

  226. It make me feel gud sometimes all i need

  227. Praise my Lord Jesus Christ for He knows all things and all His promises are true. Let my life praise Him until the very last breath of life leaves this body and when in His presence I will praise Him for all eternity.

  228. Amen

  229. My name is Siphiwo Isaac Bingo from Johannesburg South Africa.
    Thank you sir Man of God for these prayers
    There is a lot of demon activity in my neighborhood and these prayers are helping me to rebuke all these evil spirits in Jesus Christ name .
    Thank you.

  230. Powerful prayerpoints send me more pls

  231. I, MORINE Barnes 25 B202BB black English parents Jamaican have been stalked by my jealous NEXT DOOR neighbour it as caused me Chronic Schizo Affective Disorder Schizi Schizi Schizoprehia previously Chronic Depression. It as been addressed by CMHT Health Professional who have discharged me to my GP Prison Brawl off work sick with STRESS National Debtline. I got 30kg STRESS to lose diet and exercise. I pay my bill planner up budget benefits off work sick with STRESS ends don’t meet with a job. I pray The Debt Removal Prayer. Lord, i confess i have nade mistskes, and have accumulated too much debt and now I cannot imagine overcoming it without your help. Please Lord, I beg you to intercede on my behalf. Provide me with Finance to be able to breath again. Please forgive my sins, Lord. Walk with me and help me do make the right decisions throughout my life. In your name I pray. AMEN. MORINE Barnes 57. Donald 58, Myola 36 & Rommel Edwards 34. Graham 90.

  232. Amen in Jesus name. Thank you so much for tthat powerful prayer. I’m making it apart of my daily prayer, and I have sent it to friends and family.

  233. God bless you this prayer I touch and agreed with you for me and you yours and mines family AND ALL BELIEVERS in JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH.AMEN

  234. Thank you FATHER for Answered PRAYERS. Amen

  235. Hello Mari, what a wonderful prayer! Thank you so much for this prayer, it has truly helped me through some difficult times! For that I am truly grateful!

  236. I have been in a spiritual battle against hundreds + demons. I am using this
    and other warfare prayers while my familyis psychologically, physically, attacked allday and night. I have been in battle praising God and Christ and by the blood of Christ. That if i want more, I must be more. The stop for an hour or so then kick in at times i can count about a hundred.

    I jokingly tell Christ (my brother too), if i ever get through this with his healing love, When i meet up in heaven, ill take him out to get his nails done. He jokingly referrs to me as the other white meat. Yes, he has a sense of humor. In thisquiet moment, after asking to talk with me through this, i realize, while these demons are attacking me, i tell them (in between prayer orders,) i want you to know that God just spoke to me and said to tell you, be advised while they sttack God is digging a ditch to cast them in. Yes this is real. Tailor your relationship with God in a way that is characterly intimte. For me id dont yell, use humor. Try telling “what is transparnt, cruste, stinks like a bad case intigestion and road kill and sounds like golf shoes in a dryer? Demons in my blender”. They have no idea haw to respond!

    • michael

      It is good you have such a strong attitude.

      All the true believers are getting attacked right now…so know you are in good company

      satan’s time is short now, so the attacks are increased

      I agree with you in prayer.

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and spirits in case you want to use them

  237. I just pray the Lord forgives me and my children for all of our sins. I pray Lord protect us(my spose,children,family,and all love ones)from any physicall ,mental,emotional harm. I ask that God keeps his angles around us. And put us (kids) back togather and the Lord keeps us togather. I ask the Lord to always surround us with love(especially my children) Give them the help and courage they need.I am asking the Lord to provide my children what they need. I ask the Lord In JESUS NAME I ask that the Lord please heal my children mind, body and soul. This world has so many evil people in it, its stressful just to think about going to the store. Lord my heart is heavy . I ask that you make away for us too be able to take better care of our family finically also. I ask that you please increase our income. LORD please bring us closer to u. I m askingshow us the direction we must know and when you do so put it in our hearts to k ow its comi g from u

  238. Please pray for my family We have been spiritually attack especial my son. Please pray God will protect him body and mind from attracts.

    • kim

      i am sending you some prayers against witchcraft spirits and curses. and some for protection and strength. best to print out and say each day. I will agree with you in prayer.

  239. Hi, great loving healing day to you and your blessed families. One way is to take back control of uour jome and family. See the miracles in them, share with them moments they really made you chuckle when kids. Remind yourselves the miracle of their birth. And in that same motherly love so did God give life to you. Share with them moments how your mother made you feel loved and something she did to chase off those things that scare you. Fear is not from God. We are human, ok, uou are scared, you are also. a Mother, like Mary was the Mother of Christ. She had scared moments too which is why shes going to reach out to you. Before you leave in the morning if you do or when you get up and before bed. God says Love is the armour that breakd strongholds. You are a mom. Dont ask for it, thank God its already done. Finally, for you tell it that God is already diggind that pit of fire for their eternal demise. My family and I have just called peace, strength, Angels, The Sacred Virgin Mary, and know you yell st whatever is attacking and declairyour surhority over it. Last thing. If you can, ask an ordained person to do a house blessing. A prayer to any spirits (referring to Indians), thay might be trying to express something. May we live in peace with you. That actually helps. You are STRONG. I too have been going through that. I tell them, the more noise you make the more you prove God is here. They grt frustrated and normally leave. Of you want to share more about whats going on in detail, if it helps, well help each other by sharing.

  240. A very powerful prayer, outlining all areas of concern in my life. I thank you. May God bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ… Thank you again

  241. And I want you to pray for my daughter praying for angels to protect her house appraised for my granddaughter she had like it’ll protect your proof that it left a paper jam with mine for mental problems or paper house around Oliver how to pay for the demonic spirit to leave their home their bodies and pray that the monies. Allies all of our house

  242. I am going to give to my friend and family It is the best PRAY that I have read thank you
    May the Lord bless you and keep you Psalm 121:1-8 my blessing to all my brother and sister thank you Lord

  243. I have come upon a demonic attract the devil want to bring me to disgrace my make me to mental attack. It trays to fourse my séances out but I kept my ground and be still but with silence I repeats the word of god in my mind ana each time they come they go.I saw this prayer on the internet I am so bless to have this prayer it is the prayer I want to pray. Happy to know god had his people he had use to help other who face evil attacks
    I love this prayer I write it out and tape it to my phone the first I repeat it my Head begins to feel better.I know I am delivered .more blessing. Thank god for delivering me as I speek

  244. Thank yu so much for this prayer it really touch me, and I cry bc I been enduring so much emotional abuse it’s really bothering me i feel like giving up but im holding bc god has a plan for me and my life..but i thank and God bless yu…

    • betty

      I am always sorry to hear of people have been hurting so much.

      do not give up.

      put it all in God’s hands, and he will carry you through your hard time

      may you experience the peace, provision, and comfort of God on a daily basis

  245. I been trying to find out what are ,whom can help me to break this hateful,selfish attacks
    . desperate,and tried.

    • cynthia

      I am sending you some prayers against spirits and curses.

      best to print out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer.

      • Thank you very much, I’ve been really trying to find out,how I can r who could help me ,put n end, to this ungodly ,hateful, curse.please and thank u.

  246. I received it is done in the name of Jesus Amen thank you God

  247. love this….Thank you abba papito for this awesome prayer blessing.

  248. Amen! I love this prayer it is a powerful prayer. I would love to have some powerful prayers sent to my email or a prayer book from you that have prayers in it for all occasions. God’s blessings! Sandra

  249. There is another longer version of this prayer I read everyday I really like it and truly believe in it


  251. I truly believe and have all faith that this prayer is what I was looking for. I believe that my wife is being tortured spiritually about our marriage. I believe the enemy is lying to her about reconciliation. I’m requesting prayers from anybody that may read this. Thank you so much

    • kyle

      I will agree in prayer with you about your marriage.

      She may be under a negative influence from others, or from the supernatural.

      I will send you some prayers for marriage, and against curses and the demonic

      look through them and see if they apply to you, or modify them to fit your situation.

      best to say daily

  252. I’m ready to let go this black cloud, that has been flowing through out my life ,n into sprit of own I love on this earth and God Please answer my Prayers n continue. …among with amazing color and set aside free my blood in God I Pray, have mercy among.those who prey,on the happy, peaceful full GodsJoys,I love our God….always n though,heaven and earth. THANKS FOR HEARING PRAYERS, C.BAUL,WILMINGTON, DELAWARE.


    • bkathryn85

      the prayer comes from a compilation of concepts in the bible, not from one source. the list of sins is throughout

      the no weapon formed against you shall prosper comes from Isaiah 54:17

      the authority of jesus is from new testament

      so the whole prayer is a summary of our rights through jesus, as he commissioned us to follow in his footsteps and do what he did

  254. This prayer has covered everyvarea of my life thank you jesus for bringing this prayer to me at this trying moment in my marriage and life.ameen thank you jesus

  255. thanks for the prayers

  256. A wonderful strong prayer that gives strength comfort and peace -godbless all who read it and choose to keep up the prayers of protection all famines need this -a huge thank you to the person who put it the website godbless you xx

  257. Thank you for this powerful prayer

  258. Thank you for your lpray you can in form me of more prayer and information on prayers.

    • patricia

      what kind of prayers do you need?

      • i need to start a pray group and I need guidance on. A bible study group pray I can I start off to do it I want to write a introduced letter to tell them we are going to start by praying for aweek for one another ?

  259. This is beautiful

  260. This is the only place i trust without question and am both sorry for and thankful that there are others with understanding. This is strength pure and simple.

    I have been under attack physically for over a yesr. It feels like not quite set sticky jello slowly wrapping around you. I had spells put on my family because we stood up against dozens of satin worshipers and a couple of registered sex offenders who kept sending their 12 yaarl old son to smash things, break things holler horrible things and parents taking pictures of their troubled boy as he forced his way into our home (im gay and fifty nine years old. Private but giving person. God asked us (we are disabled), to stand up against this one on one. I did and was under assault fou 14 months 24 hours a day. The only time i get a break is while i sleep as if protected. I stood up against two satanic families and vodoo creeps next door. People with skulls in their dashboards, tatoos of satanic rituals. I didnt weaken, God kept me standing. This kid was backed by them doing all this. Imagine taking pictures in your window when he slams your patio door open and runs to windows for them to take pictures. I never even knew wjo they weree. Then to hear them ssy hes been used as a caregiver and molested. Reslly, so a registered sex offender has moral policing over a gay family who was a vop, with the fire dept, FEMA and several other agencies for volunteering with nothing, but then suddenly i hire a 12 year old??? Then physical demonic attacks began. And continue even though we moved. Case management suggested it so i feel it looked week. Dont ever give up. I tell them “The worse you get the closer i know God is with me. You can and will not win. I will be there to watch your demise. And yes i get it even worse. Why am i so important? Because one single hope, one single moment of praise is so strong they must come in hundreds and still loose. You are not alone. Let yhis be the place we all stand with each other

  261. Hi and good day,, prayers of breaking spells voodu, witchcraft, anything attached to my family. It is as if someone put a financial hex on us. There were apparently people with candles and rituals all around us placind possible spells. Lots of silly accidents. Theres the psychological war and to get these oozing demonic touches gone once and for all.

    Its important in these circumstances that everyone have support where churces walk away. They seem to laugh at it. This would only be psychological warfare except others react to whats around me i ask God to protect others from this spreading.

    Lastly this cuts of half sentences my thoughts were expressed completely not sure how it got chopped.

    Put protection on this site so one anothers events dont grow.


    • michael

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and curses. and for blessings

      best to print out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer that this all comes to an end soon.

  262. Thank you for being in agreement with me and my family.may the Lord bless you and keep you and family covered in the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  263. Thanks for this prayer, truly my enemies are in my own house. I am going to say this prayer often to remind myself that God knows what is going on, he said it, I bind evil from me in his name. I will not fear the devil, I have my sword and shield, I with my father is ready to do battle!

  264. Thank you for this prayer is what I was looking for

  265. Thank you for posting this prayer from the Holey Spirit. The word of God is very powerful and it is helping me tremendously through a most difficult time for my family.

  266. Amen so shall it be upon me and my house hold in JESUS name I pray.amen

  267. What a blessed, well spoken prayer! I prayed this prayer this day for my daughters, their friend’s, their husbands, present and one still to come and their friends husbands. I repeated this prayer for my family members near and far, for my unborn grandchild. I prayed special for a nephew of mine and a little two year old who I speak and declare protection over in Jesus name! Finally I prayed this very direct word of agreement over and into my own life. In Jesus name, I think and bless God for you and your prayer!

  268. Thank you for this prayer and blessings, it has enriched my life, I am blessed and saved thank you God for being in my life, I ask for you forgiveness and your love for me and my family here and abroad now and forevermore amen.

  269. Pray that Gods will be done.

  270. In Jesus name Amen. I have a speacial prayer for this young man I meet a few days ago he is a nineteen year old artistic young man that cant care for him self and is alone . I pray for him and all children ,adult, minor that my be like this. In this shape or just need you . This young man really touch my heart. I ask you o Lord please protect, and heal him. Please send him some relief and some that will love him and care for him IN JESUS NAME AMEN

    • gladys

      You have my support in prayer for this young man. it is very sad that he is alone. he should have family around. I pray that god meets all his needs, according to his riches and glory

  271. I liked this prayer . And I’m sure there are more . But I’m going to make an effort to read it every morning. God Bless.

  272. Very powerful and inspirationl prayers. Feel like my day and myself and loved ones become filledvwith the Holy Spirit and protected byvthecHoly Sirjt after praying this prayer. Thank you.

  273. I thank God with this prayer, my life is changed, god blessed me. At work sales are proving. Thank God my Job is save! My Position is save. I’m the leader. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow all the days of my life.

  274. Loved this Prayer’ it’s a Prayer to b Prayed everyday. God Bless

  275. This is a very touching prayer. it really touched my heart. please can you send it to me?

  276. As I prayed this pray my 1 year old who is asleep her she woke looking startled but went back to sleep then her right foot started flinching please pray this stops what ever the reason is

  277. Very poweful prayer .ive made it everydays has worked wonders in my life thank you God bless

  278. Thank you si much for this prsyer.may god please bless you in jesys name Amen.

  279. Thank you for this prayer

  280. Hi Marianna, Mike Whipple here
    I sure appreciate your blog and posts. Your responding to my comments have allowed me to grow. In fact I too started a blog here called “God is Alive and Well”

    Its a place to share what’s up in ones life, what has troubled one and a way to encourage each other in our walk.

    I do have a question. I have always believed that when you confess Jesus as Lord, Believe God raised him from the dead thou shall be saved.

    But the more I read Christ says “I am not here to make it easy for man but to make it difficult”.

    Then only Holy Believers will enter into heaven. I stood up to Some nasty Satinists that began attacking me. God said to me that I was placed there to stand up to them. I did, for over a year, sharing about forgiveness and that children are most precious. I was thennand continue to get attacked daily and all night every night. I say the more you attack the more I know God is close by. But it seems God is allowing them to continue nightly. I stood up to over 30 of them. Everyone of them wore all black, sat outside my house doing incontanations and my family was attacked repeatedly. So do you know what the bottom line is on going to heaven? And why after standing up to them all alone am I not protected??? Thanks! Oh, and my finances have been hacked repeatedly. But I do not fold.

    • michael

      we are not required to do spiritual warfare by God to go to heaven, but evil will show up anyhow.

      demons are everywhere, just like bugs are

      god only permits evil in the sense that we do.

      you have to learn to fight back

      you made some mistakes in allowing it to begin with, because you did not know what to do.

      most believers are not taught how to do spiritual warfare which is why it is easy for satanists to attack. there is no resistance…..

      never allow anyone to threaten you. you have to use civil law and spiritual laws.

      you should have called the police and reported them for threatening you. this is called “communication of a verbal threat,” and a crime

      the police would have come and dispersed them, giving them the message if they came back, they would go to jail…..but since it does not sound like you did that, they just continued, assuming you were afraid of them, and this made them feel bold enough to continue

      you say you “stood up to them,” and I am not sure what you meant…if you meant you went out and forgave them, that was the wrong approach at the time.

      now it is time for damage control….

      if you have any contact with them now, let them know that this situation will no longer be one sided, as you are fighting back with the power and blood of Jesus.

      the bible says

      James 4:7 King James Version (KJV)

      7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

      How do you resist?

      with prayer….and any confrontation needed..

      do not start any physical fights, but boldly tell them you reject their efforts, declare their curses null and void, and destroyed by the power of God. and this is by the authority and blood of Jesus, and you do his in the NAME of Jesus. every knee has to bow to that name, and that is your demand. you and your family will be praying daily to destroy their efforts, and you will continue until they cease. if they persist, god will destroy them as you are under his protection now.

      you get the protection when you claim it.

      it has been there for you but it is like having money in the bank….god puts it there for you, but you have to go and claim it , and take it out.

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft, curses…and for protection…and for blessings….

      best to say every day….pray with your family as a group if possible

      I will agree with you in prayer

  281. This prayer is very powerful. Thanks be to God. Amen and Amen

  282. God bless you. Thank you for this prayer mike shaw

  283. Hi and a deeply appreciated thank you to you.
    I did call the police twice and made my point clear. I did claim all protection. There is a child abduction there and God asked me to stand. I didn’t know about it I didn’t ask for it. I refused about 25 different times, then it was all over me and my home. I complied and stood over a year by myself. Whenever I asked pastors and clergy all but one laughed and left. Even my own church.

    The police spoke to them and came back and told me I was the problem, that they are all sweet innocents and I chase then away. What???

    So, I moved and it followed. I walked down to the local store last night and a satanist was in a blue Nissan (I got pix and descriptions, filed a report, he was sitting outside the store with focus on a cell phone a laptop in his lap and another laptop running on the seat. Scrolling were what I think are credit card authorizatiib numbers and debit card identity theft. Its exactly the way my accounts have been broken into. I stand every moment of every day. But I don’t understand this. God has been there in miraculous ways all my life. I do say these prayers most dYs and cast out with full authority 20 plus times a day. I’m dealing my mind back to glorifying God every minent.

    Any advice if u have already been doing all that?? I’m not frazzled or angry, I’m in great spirits. But I think they are trying to kill me and my spouse.

  284. Hi, wow! Thank you for your spiritual honesty. I need that. I agree. I never disagreed. I went to war against them asking for protection and always stating I am Mike, nothing more or less. Then in the name of the blood and power of Jesus, son of God, Lord over all, I rebuke you and call any and all angels, I ask and call Michael the Arch Angel and all other Armored Warrier Angels and giant angels to come and spread your wings in honor of saving lives, protecting children and call to bear all truths according to Gods Will. I am only a meet man. I am truly nothing. If God has called this then let his will be done. IJCN.

    That’s all I did over and over. Always declaring I will do this but I don’t want to.

    • michael

      I can see this is tiring for you, but you have the right attitude and approach

      change your account numbers…if identity theft is detected by bank or credit card company, let them prosecute

      have your wife agree in prayer with you..

      I pray against witchcraft daily, so I will agree in prayer with you as well

      reject all curses in jesus name, sending them back as rejected, null and void, and destroyed by the power of Yahweh God.

      put satan under your feet daily also

      do not give up

    • You are a real blessing. I learned witchcraft uses demons, I also saw dwarfs hiding just past my windows. When I would walk on my carpet I felt jigger bugs (evil) jump up on my ankles (still feel).
      I would get bit sharp as an injection then feel liquid flow up my insides. I rebuked always and praised God.

      Now I still feel like jello ooze up my ankles and legs then feel warm nasty Essex filling my lower legs, hands and arms. Once they turned black. I never gave in. I have used Holy water, rosaries but it seems to have little effect. But I treat it like it does. I did however get into a couple of legal arguments with God, during all of this I always proclaim. God, Christ, Michael, no matter what I do or argue to you about. That is my response to this thing. I honor my Heavenly Fathers House and will stand with angels and defend it with my life. I don’t mean what I say and do. Its not my heart. Did God turn away from me? Did I go too far?? Its hard to hear him, through all the noise.

      • michael

        follow the instructions I gave you, and say the prayers I sent to you,

        pray until you mean it

        god is not the one who turned away….so get busy and find your way back to him.

        and forget the rosary, focus on Jesus, not Mary

  285. Amen. Father I had. Open heart surgery and my caratedartery done. Almost year to day My Son. A. Marine. Was. Killed (Murdered)

  286. Amen. Father I had. Open heart surgery and my caratedartery done. Almost year to day My Son. A. Marine. Was. Killed (Murdered). I. Need. Pray. I. Have. No. Job. Anymore. I worked. For. FEMA & Insurance Claims since. I was. 27. Say. Can’t. Work. Last. 8. Months. Lost. Farm. Job. My. Oldest. Son. My. Grand. Kids. My. Middle. Son. Divorced. My. Middle. Son. She. Don’t. Want. Us. To. See. Them. I spent. My. Whole. Life. Helping. People. And. This. How. I. Am. Paid. Back. For. My. Kindness

  287. Amen. Father I had. Open heart surgery and my caratedartery done. Almost year to day My Son. A. Marine. Was. Killed (Murdered). I. Need. Pray. I. Have. No. Job. Anymore. I worked. For. FEMA & Insurance Claims since. I was. 27. Say. Can’t. Work. Last. 8. Months. Lost. Farm. Job. My. Oldest. Son. My. Grand. Kids. My. Middle. Son. Divorced. My. Middle. Son. She. Don’t. Want. Us. To. See. Them. I spent. My. Whole. Life. Helping. People. And. This. How. I. Am. Paid. Back. For. My. Kindness

    Heavenly Father, I pray this prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit.

    In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind, rebuke and bring to no effect, all

    division, discord, disunity, strife, anger, wrath, murder, criticism, condemnation,

    pride, envy, jealousy, gossip, slander, evil speaking,

    complaining, lying, false teaching, false gifts, false manifestations, lying signs and wonders, poverty, fear of lack, fear spirits, murmuring spirits,

    hindering spirits, retaliatory spirits, deceiving spirits, religious spirits, occult spirits, witchcraft spirits (including Jezebel, Delilah and Apollyon) and spirits of antichrist.

    I bind all curses that have been spoken against me.

    I bless those who curse me, and pray blessings on those who despiteful use me.

    I bind all spoken judgment made against me and judgments I have made against others.

    I bind the power of negative words from others, and I bind and render useless all prayers not inspired by the Holy Spirit;

    whether psychic, soul force, witchcraft or counterfeit tongues that have been prayed against me.

    I am God’s child. I resist the devil.

    No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I put on the whole armor of God.

    I take authority over this day, in Jesus’ name. Let it be prosperous for me, let me walk in your love, Lord.

    The Holy Spirit leads and guides me today, I discern between the righteous and the wicked.

    I take authority over Satan and all his demons, and those people who are influenced by them. I declare Satan is under my feet and remain there all day.

    I am the righteousness of God, in Christ Jesus.

    I am God’s property. Satan you are bound from my family, my mind, my body, my home and my finances.

    I confess that I am healed and whole. I flourish!

    I am long lived, stable, durable, incorruptible, fruitful, virtuous, full of peace, patience and love.

    Whatsoever I set my hand to do shall prosper, for God supplies all my needs.

    I have all authority over Satan, all demons, and beasts of the field. God, I pray for the ministry that you have for me. Anoint me, God, for all you have called me to do for you.

    I call forth divine appointments, open doors of opportunity, God ordained encounters and ministry positions.

    I claim a hedge of protection around myself, spouse and children throughout this day and night.

    I ask you God, in the name of Jesus to dispatch angels to surround me, my spouse and my children today, and to put them throughout my house and around our cars, souls and bodies.

    I ask angels to protect my house from any intrusion and to protect me and my family from any harmful demonic or other physical or mental attacks.

    I ask this prayer in the name of Jesus


  288. In the mighty name of Jesus

  289. Yes, well put. I don’t normally use rosaries, it’s not something I am familiar with. I do read and recite those prayers as well as Eph. 6:11-19 thanks for that.

  290. Please pray for me!

  291. Pray for me i have west problem after low am vary young

  292. So power full xx

  293. God bless you, Marianne! Thank you for being a vessel for God’s word! Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is AWESOME!

  294. I think Marianne is right .

  295. Thank you lord Jesus for this prayer 2016 by

  296. Love This Prayer So Much I Will Be Reading The Every Night.

  297. I needed to find this prayer today. I said it and believed it with all of my being. I now feel a huge sense of relief. Thank you and please keep me in your prayers.

  298. I really need God to intercede for this family of mine. Amen

  299. Hi Marianne two people have prophecy to me that I have great calling from God. How can I discover this ?

    • donia

      EVERYONE has a great calling from God. this is to spread the gospel

      Do what is easy and natural for you to do, and that is your calling.

      For example, it is easy for me to teach and counsel people, so that is my calling.

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  301. Very powerful prayer.

  302. as I feel things moving on my roof.after saying this prayer I am not scared anymore.amen to god.thank you god

  303. I really enjoy this prayerso and it fill my heart with peace and joy.

  304. Since we moved we have a very small network of friends, please share this campaign if you have time. Thank you so much for your help!!!

    • dear ray

      I am very happy to do what I can.

      I am always willing to help a vet.

      This is being posted on Facebook, and I will make a post here on Heaven Awaits as well.

      Check also with your local VFW for legal assistance and advice.

      God bless you, and may resolutions to problems come quickly

  305. Amen

  306. Amen thank you Lord i received it

  307. Amen!!!! this prayer really covered every area that needed prayers.

  308. I need my father two please come in two my life and children life and family life and to our hearts with the holy ghost in the name of jesus .

  309. I like this prayer, it covers everything and is certainly important and helps me with praying.I is a powerful prayer.

  310. Blessed

  311. Pls pray for Protection over my love ones.

  312. The spirit led me to this powerful prayer I wait with expectency knowing that God is able. May the Lord bless you abundantly. Thank you .

  313. I need a copy of this prayer .if you can send me le mail thank you so much a.nd god blessd you

  314. I need prayer for my daughter for,she has,alot of anger.I can understand why she is going through a divorce .Help her to love herself so she can love others

  315. thanks for everything may God bless you all. pray for all my activities

  316. Amen, email address

  317. This prayer is so rich,thank you, it can break every strongholds, God bless you.

  318. Wow wonderful pray.Bless u and yours.

  319. This is very a very powerful prayer.

  320. Thank you for such A wonderful site that is so inspiring and such A Blessing to me, I in the process of Starting. Ministry to reach. Peoole with the word of , God, I have A mission and vision to Obtain Gods work,

  321. Lord father i need u right pray for my family my home my surrounds me a job. Health my life

  322. Beautiful !! The holy spirit was with the person who wrote this …

  323. this is what my sister and i have been praying each day to put on the armor of god as you wake each day and nothing will stop you from haveing a wonderful day with our lord god jesus amen

  324. Power in this prayer amen

  325. Thank you for daring this prayer

  326. What an inspired prayer

  327. Thank you, this is the exact prayer that I need.

  328. Amen

  329. The prayers you have posted by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit have been helpful to me to say the least. My family has been going through such a trying period in our lives. My husband and I are the only ones saved in this household, but hubby is struggling in the mist of all the worldly influences .
    I know there is a lot of demonic activity here and I hope for God’s intervention because no one else believes in the Lord to stand with me in prayer. For me it feels like a lonely place though I. Know Jesus is always with me. These prayers gave me hope and strength from the Lord, this morning .I’m glad to have found them.
    Thank you for posting.

    • connie

      sometimes it does feel like you are alone, but you aren’t.

      I pray you feel the presence of the Lord in your home, and things turn around for you

      • Marianne, would you pray I get this witchcraft attacks. I feel sharp cutting drilling cuts through toes even through shoes. God is showing me things it’s all good

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  330. Awesome thank you

    • Marianne, what you wrote was heartfelt and came from a place similar in effect. It’s difficult or worse trying to maintain positive ness, keeping your aim true (heart strings) having energy and stamina along with faith and conviction while taking on the days events plus the harassment then others reaction by negative affect. I read about Peter’s letters thanking God for the news of the people’s faith and stand. Then I stand firm and love my way through. So I do opposites sometimes. When the enemy expects a battle, instead of sending things back 10 fold I use humor (I asked God to bless my humor in effect and know my true heart in tactical presentation. So I bind (with a heavenly seal, I ask for the same blood of Christ that I use for protection to bind to the first binding then fill those donuts with love, forgiveness and HOPE, with a molecule of a memory of one moment it was everything in heart to be an Angel and be honored and lived by Hum. (Been in that bad place a long time), peace with what put in the binding spheres allows a one moment calm with God if they could or would want to shed their bad for peace and hope again with Him. Not one way another would know about. I’m trying to throw them off with my truth rather than with expected exchange. Its for my peace and to dispense from a place of forgiveness. Let God decide how that goes. But it gives me breathing room to reposition myself. What r your thoughts on this???

      I use the blood of Christ but it seems as if they are immune to it. Or trying to convince me I have no value. See, never saud I had value, I surrender my will so God uses his value. They are strategically hitting the wrong target.


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      • michael

        follow scriptural guidelines and put your trust in GOD

        • Yes, I know it will be great!! I tell them (by speaking to Christ), the more you harass, the closer I know God and Christ with a powerfully suited with a newness to the Armor and this brilliant new blue color I’ve never seen before, and that God has presented me through Christ a white horse with this brilliant blue winged and armored horse of truth and faith who is my ride of salvation. I am armored in likeness I think I’m going to do battle here but I’ve got an ARMY, not about me but along side of me , protection I never knew. It’s quite beautiful. It’s real Marianne, you have it too. That’s what they hear and see and they tremble. So my walk although shaky at times is out of unconditional love. I’m learning as I step in sinc with those beautiful footprints walking in solitude along the beach. This is God thanking me for my faith.

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  331. I pray with full confidence in God and self, for the papie to hold me tightly in his arms has I continue to regain and stay self has I was and am. Thank you father all mighty for all you do for me and my original soul, self for ever and ever. Amen.

  332. Amen. Please pray for addicts. My son daughter n law others. God please be witg and toych my unsaved loved ones. Christ name Amen

    • To Marianne, Michael here, if I got into a legal court dialog at one point, after asking permission for this legal challenge. (I amdislexic so take any page and toss letters into the air and where they land is what I see in effect. I trust you muchly, so here goes. I feel Gods love and am in spleander and in love with being alive or in death glorify him. I feel my place is secure, but not sure in human form. I asked him permission to argue my case (knowledge), with him to learn kind of like in a court. I got yes. But I was passionate and honest but really came up with legalities. They were intergalactically deep and felt true as far as debate. About human sexuality, about how to change about why demons were angels but do bad he wiped them out of heaven made them invisible gave them power then sprinkled them in my back yard. Why if something went wrong, (isn’t that a mistake?), if the beginning with Adam and Eve happened more than once ( look up Adam and Lilith, who is now a powerful demon), because when she was told to have babies with Adam she said “I don’t think so). So isn’t that also an error. If I do something a second time it’s because I made a mistake, I’m just trying to learn legalities of something perfect making potential mistakes). What happens to those who take it that way he made us with minds I supposed he wants us to use. Maybe it was taken as blasphemy. Ok what parent tells their kids I love you want the best then send demons to kill steal and destroy. There not my pets I didn’t make them. So if we err (sin) even our children and their children could be cursed even by God (or by the first parent). I’m just trying to ask questions to move fed. I think he knows it.

      Then recently I got this, I said yes to the debates and wow indeed. Maybe you are a legalistic too. Satan can bring to me legal points for permission to attack. But I put the leash on him quite tautly. Yes he is attacking you by the Witches, Satan worshippers you stood up to including the sex offenders I asked you to stand up to. I put my spirit in you and everyone else who accepts Christ. It is truly a beautiful thing. I let him challenge so as you believe and accept I am in you and SUBMIT, yourself to me then the next door opened is whatever you ask for according to my will I shall do. But you each must walk through that door.(that’s exciting). So in summary, Satan has petitioned God for the legal rights to attack and God saw that would lead me to this discovery. God is everywhere, by being deposited within us like a program app for a computer. Rebooting is a good thing,,,(I accept Christ and all that is blessed with it). He has programming within us even the hunger for that growth. We open doors as often as we want. He DOESN’T allow anything bad from Satan or his followers spirit or human) that isn’t reversed as you open new doors. That’s what I believe he is trying to teach me. Any thoughts. Happy New Year


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    • sal

      I agree with you in prayer

  333. This prayer is so powerful. I am so glad that I found this and I’m sharing it. Believe with all your heart, mind and soul this is real!

  334. That fit my situation to a t I love it

  335. I pray for protection from enemies that are blood relatives and not.

  336. Help me pray. My partner is showing no more interest in our relation i am lost for word’s . He believes in other people than me and we have come a long way. His mother Agatha doesn’t like me and i am in continuous struggling. Help please help me. My name is June and he is John Marcus-taylor.

    • june

      you say partner, not husband. you are not married?

      I am trying to figure out the relationship status.

      it may be that he really has lost interest in you, or the mother is influencing him against you

      if the relationship is over, there is not much you can do but face the reality of it

      if you managed to heal it, the mother would still come against you, unless you can sway her

      it may be that god has something better for you, and you should not try to force this relationship

      I will pray that God lets you know if this is the best relationship or not….if it is what he wants for you, then let him heal it

      if it is not the best for you, then let him open the door for someone better

  337. Awesome prayer that covered everything i am going through be blessed continuously!!

  338. Hello, I really thank you for this prayer in Jesus name.

  339. Thank you for sharing this powerful daily prayer. Im taking this to be part of my daily prayer and devotional. Thank you and blessings to you Mari

  340. Amen my son is very sickly he has a virus in his lungs. It is started to turn into Phenomena. Please i ask for your prayers? In JESUS’s name Amen all the glory to out Father

  341. Hi, I’ve been in your spot before. Pneumonias and other medical issues. First and foremost surrender yourself (its freeing believe me), give your concern over to God, in fact give all your troubles with this concern. You will feel released and more calm. Your stand with God comes first so talk with him like your best trustful friend. Share everything about your situation. Then thank him for Christ already paying for his healing then CLAIM, the healing as if it already is done. Take that authority like a reciept to the bank and demand any demons of illness disease pneumonia off of your child and take the position of authority God gives you and stand strong, then stand firm. He will come around. You will be changed forever. God bless you and give you the punch to deliver this blow to the illness.


  342. I love this prayer

  343. I feel lost and alone, like I should have made different choices. I pray for my family and myself. I try to forget about mistakes.

    • robert

      you cannot focus on your past mistakes, unless it is to learn from them and grow smarter and stronger

      Lot’s wife looked back and turned into a pillar of salt.

      I have made mistakes too. we all do. dwelling on the regret just immobilizes us.

      satan loves to remind us of the past, so ignore him

      I am sending you some prayers to help you refocus

      say daily until they get into your spirit

      I will agree with you in prayer

  344. I needed to hear this prayer tonight, especially the power of protection from people who mean physical harm. I will be praying this every night, thank you for posting, God bless you all xx

    • Marianne have you noticed how similar the attacks all are, well practiced. But God knew this so we have one stop protection. Here is how it’s going for me. Some days are much better and others a push out of bed. They feel like little fingers tickling through the bed then if I don’t wake up in full attack mode my mind (half asleep) gets pulled into their story. For each second I take its gets stronger and dozens much re then its like syrup drips from my tear ducts and catches that part of the nostrils where a feather makes you sneeze. Itching off of specific nerve ending off my nose by my lips. Itching like I can not describe. By then if I don’t catch it, and stop it (requires an upright standing against them) or the next thing is feeling vibrations timed exactly inbetween t my own body engines rhythm shuffling in like a deck of cards into another when shuffling. If I don’t give it to God in that instant it turns into rape. That’s nightly now for a year. I’m ok, but it’s the (as if a screen was placed in my eyes) like at the eye dictor. If you can’t see clearly they put a screen of dots in front of your eyes and I see devil etches everywhere in anything. It’s not crazy far from it. God revealed to me when this all started what was going on. It’s sad that now the heaviness is trying to stronghold. It is obvious. My family feels it even our cats fight more and the never did that. The thing is what helps me is. I say “oh you scorpions, as it is written God has given us the power and authority to stomp on you.” Step away demons and take your place. I command all of heavens available arsenal and warrior angels and warrior horses (very big indeed), giant angels and white darts (which are tiny weapons of bright white light and angels) to descend into this hodgepodge of evil and destroy. Then I command (after surrendering myself to God of course), all demons to attack each other in confusion in jealousy, in fear and turn all attacks back into themselves and let the ranks fall apart with being deaf, dumb blind and mute. And let all witchcraft, demons, dwarf demons, shadow demons, satin worshippers, voodoo, hoodoo, and those who marvel in this event and let humans be brought to their knees, revealed to the masses who they really are and all truth to what they do. Bring forth your righteous judgement on them in public. Show them what mercy you have only after they confess to righteousness and take responsibility for all they have done. And you Satan, you are bound endlessly to all infinity, one million of each second rebound over and over and are deaf dumb blind and mute. Let every demon attacking become sealed in you with torment of your fears. You will not be released until we are released. God says you lost a long time ago. God be praised and release all of Gods plans in glory.

      Just FYI

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      • you are in a real battle. I pray it ends soon.

        • Its not as bad because my heart my spirit my body is in line with Christ. My love is true and when all else fails, I go for a walk and talk with God and look around and claim 109 things I see, hear, feel, taste and smell around in nature and sing a song in praise of him and twice, I got a double rainbow within moments. I feel a lite tap on my shoulder and see a double rainbow ;which at first is odd) but then my heart hears,,, its two because the brighter one is your disabled family member who you put first in all things. The top faded one is you keeping yourself as protection and represents being his caregiver and is faded because you always want him to be seen, and adored, not you. So I get kinda tearful and in a pretty good place. I’m not going anywhere, even now as I’ve been knocked on, bitten and the likes am in s pretty good place cause I know that if they are here, they themselves prove that God must be real and it also proves they are desperate because their days are almost over.

          I hope you get my love filled heart.

          One last thing. I pray in a way like I’m taking a reciept to get my free grace forgiveness and protection. (Isn’t it interesting that the last I typed falls in line with there’s a Father, Son and Holy Spirit), just comparing. But anyway, I claim protection already bought and paid for, like you don’t plead for your dinner after you already have it when paying for it?? That’s all I mean. I’m by myself in an assisted care place now for my family member. This is teaching me to control my mind, but once I pull back from the worthless thinking being installed, I pray Thanksgiving for the grace I am receiving. I claim that even if this is horrible, I am being blessed by learning how to focus, trust my faith and in Crist abd my father has an office in heaven, he has judged and found it right to walk me through the other side. I’m happy, not sad.

          Thank you for letting me share.


          Any thoughts

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        • Hi Marianne, I just re-read your response and scripture about being gay. I am moved and I have asked God to remove it, that I surrender completely as you did your astrologers. This is one huge mountain. It’s against everything I lovingly became. I have helped in disasters, been a volunteer police officer, volunteered with the Red Cross and other agencies never asking for anything and would be upset slightly if they offered anything. I have a degree in television being worth $500 per hour and do not charge for writing producing and airing any PSAT or commercial or documentary or any other shows and never will. I’m not qualifying just sharing there are some really loving and caring gay people out there. Confession time. My partner Bruce my whole universe, I barely ever looked away I am still in love with him. He supported anything I ever did. He was abused sexually by dear old dad. Who when I confronted about it telling him that Bruce became a fine man despite his destruction. He laughed and replied “what son”. So this is where it all began. Bruce talked to me when I was ill and in a coma. I’ll never share what he said but has held me together for a very long time. Then when these Demonic shadows and spirits came along I had to stand between them and my family. They started raping Bruce so sleep was no longer an option for me. I tried night after night for a year.!he (once I placed a line in the sand between him and me told him no more. I’ll love you forever I’ve never demanded anything if you because I promised you I’d never be anything but your foundation to stand from because I’ll be standing with God. Now what will it be. The sex with demons or your family. I said when we were married that I gave you exactly half of all my love. Because the other half is for me and the rest of my family. Then warned him that be very careful here. Bruce if you give yourself to them they will know every word every experience we ever had and will begin attacking me for my life for you all to destroy. What have you to say. ….time stopped in that moment. His eyes turned black and he giggled and said I choose them. That was the day he died in my heart. I stood my ground asking Fod to protect us. He began taking off having sex with hundreds male and female while I laid next to him in bed and he continued having sex with spirits and bragging how it hurt me. U swore I would never give up and told him and everyone his heart is pure he will come home. He owes me nothing cause my love was given freely. I loved him so much that if he was happier somewhere else I just wanted him happy. I warned him they were not doing this cause he is cute, the cost will be cancer. It was. So I took care of him loved him he said how sorry he was I said No!,,you owe me nothing, you gave me all the love I needed each and every day. He died in my arms and so did my three Corgi dogs. I was aloe.

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        • That’s where it all began. Then I took God on asking why angels so evil he cleared them out of heaven why place them in my back yard. Then I heard he sent us to kill you but then said no, take what he loved the most. His partner then he will be alive and dead. I said God why if the world was fit to hold 500 million are there 2.4 trillion. I got gay people like in animal kingdom are the natures way of slowing it down and we adopt the children the straight people don’t want. I was so angry …God did you send your night crawlers out to slither into my home and kill me by killing my family. Marianne, do u see the struggle I was in? I worked it all out and knelt before Christ saying I deserve worse than they have done I am at your disposal. Change me or please let me die. I’m so sorry Marianne as you were. I have always felt being gay was in my heart natural as what you seek for your significant other. My whole life was built around loving and nothing more. I was attacked all last night. I’m in a good place just want it resolved. This should end my long emails

          Love you much

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          • you are going to recover

            • I’m good just where I was. And sorry for misspells some r me most r spellcheck. For everyone who comes here thank you on all our behalf. You have patience of a universe😁😁😍😍

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            • Marianne, they are trying to convince me there is nothing I can do and can molest me all night and day. I made a huge mistake in my grief. I went from feeling numb to anger. I didn’t just loose my partner to sex demons and then to his death, and corgi dogs dying. Last year, when they were attacking me with witches casting spells and voodoo groups dancing outside our windows at new night, I was being molested or raped and couldn’t stop it, I told them to show me what they did to my partner that so easily took him away. I didn’t really mean it cause who would mean that but I was mad so I challenged them. (I was without sleep taking care of disabled family 12 hours getting an hours sleep then the fight would begin by shadows and glowing eyes then being held down and being done as they did him. I’ve been able to break from them mostly but lately after a good break they buzz into my back (spine and neck), into my legs like bee stings then hot liquid flows in those veins. But now they sexually attack for hours or even many days at a time. Always whispering see, he is feeding you to us cause your faith is worthless and you have no loyalty .

              That Bruce was so easy they come after me and my whole family for spirt. God gave me to them for spirt. So I have to really strain to descend anything at all. However if that was true, then why can I speak in tongues in a couple of languages. Marianne, in trying to gather my spiritual weapons. I count on being able to speak in tongues as about the only gift I was given that proves I am saved. Please advise me of this legal stand. I have repented asked to change me inside (It was you that helped me see the truth. I want more than anything to walk in the spirit and let my body comply with the will of God. So why am I having to fight going to bed, waking up, taking a shower. It seems to wait for when I am physically in a moment that I’m too busy to intervene and sharp stabbing in my spine, legs or intense itching around my nostrils and tear ducts.

              I’m confused when I pray protection prayers and they leave but jump back and in tears at times I praise God while being attacked and nothing happens while being raped. The suggest he watches. None of this is mine. It was dumped on me with my partner. I always thought loving unconditionally and forgiveness being given and praising God would have protected me. I stood through all of this all by myself. Where is my protection. I can’t do this forever. So my question is: my ability to speak in tongues in prayer while this is happening, does that prove I am saved and in good standing or is it one more gray area that may or may not be true when these demons and witches drive their steaks through my heart directly while I’m trying to figure out what I need to plead for, list things I surrender over to God an the endless things like a check list of must do’s before help is given or I must start all over with each and every moment of attack. I need help here. I’m stuck. Please help me clearly define what I’m not doing or what the spirit inspires you to encourage. I’m studying and reading and watching Joyce Meyer as well as others. I’m giving, helping, being joyous. Positive even while being attacked. Why would a parent not protect their child when the child may not make it. But the attackers are former family of the parent. Both are invisible, and seem to have a rhythm. God knows what I need, I plead with him to reveal to me or discern to me or speak to me or hint or anything st all. Waiting is harmful so I step back and praise God to step in so I’m not blocking his war.

              Sorry I’m just in another night where it’s trying to start Gain while I’m asking for help. As soon as I have a grip I won’t bother u so much and help others. I’m tired getting ill and really love God and Christ. I’ve given everything of myself to God where do I go from here.

              What is your input regarding speaking and praying in tongues if God is feeding me to them as they hint.

              I really need this olive branch.


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              • I think you are so worn out, you are passively praying, instead of aggressively praying,

                get some rest, then fight back with the prayers, do not just “say” them

                you belong to god, in spite of what they they

                • One thing I do know, in quiet moments God brings our paths to cross. Because it was convenient, no, because my tired but loving heart has relied on and grows stronger each day because of you. Yes, I’m sorry to say, I’m slightly exhausted but I promise you I’m all here with a clear mind and a whole lot of “dug in for the fight. For your info, I had a long talk with God this night. The Holy Spirit said, Yes Michael you put up a strong fight, and I know your human form gets close to crashing. But know this, every promise made to you will be kept, your journey is exactly in per portion to what rewards God has set in Heaven. Michael, I know loosing your family almost broke your kind spirit. Your Spirit is being restored, and so is his. And yes you do know what unconditional love is. I am the Lord thy God and I will always know you by your footsteps as I walk with your spirit.

                  Sorry, it’s how we talk. Now for some rest, it’s been two days in combat.


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                • Marianne, we are living in an assisted care home for Kevin’s needs. We have made many friends here. We love them very much. Shirley and family just stopped by to say Shirlie’s husband Gerald (who is the smiley face everywhere his wheelchair takes him). I have a special love for him because he always yells out how much he likes my happiness. He is in a coma upstairs tonight. I just told the family that I wanted to come up and read a passage or two and bless his journey with all the love heaven has to share. And to request God to send one or two angels of peace and warmth to stay by his side then to hers when he passes. Any advice!michael

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        • Hi, Michael here. For spiritual growth

          I wanted to share this with you. I feel strongly the Holy Spirit is engaging me to share with you. Not to press you but to thank you for all of your input. I must start with encouraging you (without knowing myself) to begin each day with a prayer for protection of your family due to the nature of this content. Also, your reach is far and wide😀. There is a lot of activity attaching in and around prayers (not nice kind) placed there by those trying to break the spirit of those you and we are helping. It’s just expected. You have your own protocol, just know ❤️

          I was attacked all day long and all night long and even now. It feels like purring from a cat when you pet them, only it splits and hits its entrances like my neck spine area, skins, face etc. but the purring burns and feels like needles. Come from within the bed and anywhere else I go. (Attached to me). It’s a jeering vibration offsetting your own body’s buzzing so it can easily shuffle into you like a serial,,,well u know. I got no help from God, (yes I am). He told me this is my training . The end times are at hand and evil knows it’s no real time left. (I do not declair a time frame), but they are loosing many many back to God so there seems to be a movement (I do not have personal knowledge of myself, it’s what I’m being told right now). You my dear are truly loved by Him. Which is probably why I get such joy in sharing with you. You set the bar high so we are getting full Armor (he is saying please use a capitol “A” in Armor.) so I am. I fought like a one man war all night and day. Not asking where he is in all of this, but His Wird that says Put on the whole Armor of God, so you can stand strong against the devils schemes, for our conflict is not between flesh and blood, but against rulers, authorities, principalities and evil doers in dark places both here and in heavens), put in the whole Armor of God so that you may stand strong, then STAND FIRM, in the day of darkness. He told me he was showing me I am loyal, I am rooted spiritually, than this is how you tell anyone what STANDING FIRM is and means. Even though you (or in this case, I), are praying, speaking in tongues and about ready to hit God in the head with a whooping cushion, I find myself instead praising him saying, I don’t always know where you are specifically, but I am right here and ain’t going anywhere, and he showed me angels were also watching to see fighters come from every walk of life. I think he meant me..?

          I’m hating every moment but he says share with her, she will amplify it. People are getting attacked not because the are necessarily bad, but instead have been called out by God to fight and represent heavens best. Marianne, its about us!! And GODs covenants to us. He is saying we are waking up from a deep sleep. I don’t pretend to know any of this myself, I was about to give up. Even when I feel about to give up he says,,, not in that Armor you won’t. I suddenly actually felt Spiritual Armor on me. He is honoring this. But Do NOT give up do not give up. Stand strong (fight with all your night …challenge authority, ((I felt Satan in my room I actually did. God said, see you have no fear,,, I gave you that. You are nearly ready,, for what,,, nevermind not ready for that. I truly hope this makes sense. Send protection prayer, place a claim of protection on it because real change is happening through you to us. You don’t even need to know he said. Oh, and. With a smile, you have full authority to use prayers (even your own), they only get blessed when they are shared. Well, off to another day.

          Your turns, Michael

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          • I appreciate your sharing of your struggle…it keeps you from becoming isolated in it, and so keeps you stronger…god is with you

            • Happy weekend. I asked God to let me have a good night and day rest. I keep getting intensely painful darts into my feet shins and legs. But able to sleep at least one night. And took Saturday off. I hope you might share some more scripture with me on protection against satanic, witchcraft, demon infiltration, mind altering voodoo and hoodoo attacks and spiritual lenses which filter ones eyes slightly (like at your eye doctor who places a screen of little holes through a black filter so it ascues ones interpretation of shadows to influence weather you see a shadow or a demonic impression. It’s all psychological warefare

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            • Hi Marianne, while feeling rested now back under this buzzing attack here is what God showed me in these last few moments that were by no human design opened up directly to these verses. Please allow these verses to be written as spiritual covenants from God. How do I know?? I prayed last night and asked for a fresh covenant between not just him and myself but for the good spirited people who connect here for strength. My first response was to feel a chill, hoodies or goosebumps to most, and heard, see I gave you not one but two days of complete rest. Marianne posted how tired you are, she spoke for me, see I lead those to those who hear my voices. You love her and her family like I love you and your family. We are not being attacked because we are week, listen to people’s comments. We are going through a huge time appointed SPIRITUAL Awakening by a God who called us here for your help and his actions. We always have the already sufficient in Christ’s, sufficiency. Here is what refreshed covenant I just received. You will laugh in spirit I am.

              Psalm 92 God’s Love and Faithfulness • Declare your faithful love in the morning • And Your faithfulness at night • With a 10 string harp and the music of a lyre (Being joyous always thanking him for you love of family. (Being joyous and in love with Him awakens and renews your love of your life your family your days. It pulls back lies of the enemy and puts on the whole Armor of God. Would the created of you ears not let you hear, would the creator of your lips not let you speak?? Then use what He gave you and act in love and faith in accordance). That’s a declaration of protection I never saw befor like that.

              Psalm 93 God’s Eternal Reign The Lord reigns! He is robed in majesty The Lord is robed, enveloped in strength. The The world is firmly established; it can not be shaken. …..93:5 Lord, your testimonies are completely reliable (for me His covenants are unbreakable) whatever He and we agree is unbreakable in bond and commitments by him. Can not be destroyed (OMG…Oh my God!!!) Psalm 94:12-23 Psalm 95

              I wanted to share how uplifted I am today.

              Thank you

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            • Marianne, I was reading your segment about the reading you got by Nostradamus and about numbers and other things. It brought back a memory for some reason. Please forgive me if it makes no sense. Let me know if you have any input.

              Many years ago a witch and warlock came up to me and started talking about my name being 21 numbers and some other things that lead them to express that I am powerful indeed in that realm. That I would be a very high priest. It never made sense until now and all of this. See in standing against these devil worshippers I saw and caught against the highest priests in purple and black and red but there is while and gold also. All I know they were protecting this sex rung of sorts. I took them in by order and destroyed them, several of them including around the world who were tied in lairs in running protection of people in authorities places. I took them on with many demons and I mean many. I was taught how to destroy them. Performing 7 dismemberment to their spiritual bodies. Again I refused until they jumped me in my own home. I had to fight I was ordered to. One was 9 feet tall with a whore with him calling other sexual spirits over to my window. I got so enraged spiritually I did as instructed with this incredible sword. These were in my dreams but found myself suddenly awake and fighting for real. I was being instructed in techniques of fighting along side of angels. Why me I kept asking. Because you love unconditionally and can separate hating one from hating the behavior. That I was in a battle beyond my total understanding. I am sane and grounded but this is where it all started. That’s a set of memories I forgot until I read your stories. Not saying I relate to you but am amazed at my awakening. Do you have any thoughts bout or thoughts?? So does what I’m going through making a little more sense???


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              • makes sense

                • By the way, I sat with Shirley and her daughter and family while sharing about God is with all of them now and always. The love we feel is only because of the love he shares. His promises are all in tact, and everything he entered into as a covenant is never shaken. I spoke some scripture some experiences I had loosing someone after 18 years, and asked God’ special promises he has for those passing with family. Where he is headed is a beautiful place God prepared a very long time ago. It’s more likely he will feel sorry that you all are here and not yet with him. He actually reached for her hand and shook his head yes. She smiled and cried. I would have given my life just to let her see the image I had in my heart of him agreeing. So, with family approval I ended with a prayer of love and strength for her.

                  I always take me out of the equation so God snd she with her husband are the only focus.

                  I don’t believe he will be here tomorrow.

                  Thanks for your input as always.

                  This was harder then the attacks. I asked God if I had any right to involve myself with all that’s going on. He said I knew the answer to that.


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                • Marianne do you have any understanding about this:

                  When laying in bed I hear pecking and and ripping like a small animal is tearing something apart. Then I feel this very in merging buzzing and a forceful word nsertion of something in me. Immediately after my eyes see darker demonic images, and another vibration in private areas and legs. This is followed by pins and needles all over my body. I (in my mind, just for a second picture me on a slab table being sexually tortured where buzzing feels tingly but under that they slice up my organs. Sometimes I hear the buzzing like a tightly wound spring that buzzes intensely then I feel a slow sexual blowing into my spine then I can not catch my breath. I only have 24 hours in my day. I say every prayer you have to offer (there goes two hours, then another hour of reading another two hours of watching Joyce Meyers then rebuking another several hours. I give it to God along with surrendering my will. My spirit is good but this must stop?????

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    • Marianne, okStb

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  345. I Pray favor over my life. My husband life and over my children life



  348. Wonderfull I use this prayer everyday and ad words like grandchildren and our church body god is great.

  349. I will speak to god more and more. I’m am unworthy to even speak his name but he cares and loves me so much . I wish I was a better person and stop judging others. I love you Jesus x

  350. Awesome prayer

  351. Amazing prayer, I will apply it to my daily routines

  352. Thank you God

    • Hi Marianne, if I am rebuking, binding and faking my control of surrendering to God, and still being smothered by this ooze and starts with buzzing and tapping from pillow and bed then into me, should I keep repeating Psalms 91, along with other Psalms, Romans, Ephesians and commanding all demons to Christ, and evil works by Witches, Warlocks and voodoo/hoodie, bound, sealed along with Satan being bound and underfoot where I should surrender my will and self to God for I trust him (I honestly do even more during these events (nightly). Enough?? Honestly, I want to keep a journal so people here and other places going through this like me can have further steps and supports available to them. That’s why I stayed in touch. Not just for me but to pay it foreword. I trust God and love life greatly. But feel stuck. So this is where u go from Standing Strong against the devils schemes, but now surrender myself and will, happy to do it. I’m keeping this to weekly or so with your ok, so I can hone in on skills.

      Great job in all your postings and happy Valentines to you and family.


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      • michael

        you should not be faking anything…surrender to God

        bible says, first submit to god, resist the devil, and he will flee from you

        • Oh, geez Marianne, good,I’m sorry, once more my spell check untitled what I typed ( …”taking my control… meaning I’m doing everything preceding, or I’m doing all of the following.) “I agree, I sight standing strong and then firm.”

          Your time (as well as mine) is important, if I am to stand I might as well dig in and give it something… sorry about that.

          Would you respond in that light verses taking the position of never “fake it,”

          Also, your opinion on this about (in thought vs by prayer ).

          God says : “don’t even think about” sin , for what you think of so have you done. No distinction will be made. What you have in your thoughts so have you done.

          Marianne, so if that is the case and God has another situation that even when our bodies do not respond to our thoughts ( self control).

          Then, wouldn’t it be equal, in that when fighting spiritually, standing strong and firm, if my thoughts are aggressively returning fire, even though not spoken, shouldn’t it count as actually being done? I mean all things being equal? I’m working through a strongman hold on me. I’ll only ask if I just can’t seem to make progress in an event.

          Thank you so much for help??❤️

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  353. I love this prayer

  354. Wowza. Very powerful prayer. I thank God. And I thank God for you! Thankyou for putting all that word together. This is a POWERFUL warfare prayer!

    • Marianne, good day to you. For your info only, I hope this one is private. You may want to check out the wowzer comment response to a recent post. It is a deliverance website moderator. I have been reading some of the battle readings from them and their website. I immediately got this buzzing download from my computer into my hand and it burned. It’s funny that one day later they are checking your site out. I called for protection for closing down the buzzing downloads. (These are what I have been being trained by God about that do not respond well to casting out. They are relentless and methodical. Not meaning anything other than make sure nothing attaches to your very kind and living website. Just care a lot as you have been helping me walk the walk. Their website uses the Wowzer comment a lot describing how good they are at performing cast our sessions. They are knowledgeable about all of your teachings as they seem to copy a lot of teachings word for word. It could just be me being cautious😀 But you have spent good time with me. And that is worth caution but living in faith.


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    • It was RH….”Wooza”” they used that phrase in their site. Will fwd the site. Not using your personal input but from another site like yours in great detail claiming incredible casting outs a deliverance site. It was strange they came to your site one day after I looked at theirs. The thinking behind that is a little suspicious timeline wise. They use the same format, claiming their experiences and always using “Wooza” in each claim. Now one day after I was looking at their site and I claimed protection on my visit, they are commenting on your site as a new visitor. Just after what I’ve been through it’s suspicious in intent. I’m just covering all bases to protect those I have visited. It may be nothing, but their teachings are rather close to yours.

      All is good, just protecting.


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  355. Thank you for this prayer. May the Lord continue to bless you and teach others.

  356. Thank you Jesus! I’m in 100 percent agreement with this prayer! Wow!

  357. I believe this and I am in total agreement! In Jesus name amen! Amen! AMEN!

  358. Such A Powerful Prayer, Because It Is The Word Of God. I look forward to praying this prayer often.

    • Hi Marianne, a second part to the last I wrote to you. For everyone here at this site. Stop looking at the detail of the devils work. That includes worrying about the next step or how much worse it can get. I accepted that Gods will is simple. Listen to the thoughts God is whispering through to you. If you keep looking into the darkness, you will end up living in darkness. You are where God knew you would be. He is saying to me to share. Stop watching the devils horror show. He didn’t gain on you but by working on it one day at a time. God gave us all the full sufficiency of Christ’s sufficient. In other words all things Christ could do God says I put that in each of you and Christ commanded this of us like a General to his troupes. Start by declaring full authority of this to God in full view of the mess around you. Let the evil hear your praise of this authority. Praise God for his protection, believe he has the control and declare you now release it all to him. This is the first day of getting your life back. The sun will begin to shine as you renew your thoughts to seeing the sunrises and begin to feel the warmth on your shoulders. He is delighted in us all. Who do we choose to listen to? The report of the Liar, or the proven faith and restoration of God. That is the moment of change. The rest is walking daily in faith by saying this daily. “God, I don’t know what the darkness is attempting to do this day, but all I know is how much you love me and my family today. I will keep my thoughts on your good plans for my day, to bask in the rightness and receive the fullness of all blessings you have for me today and through me for others this day. Thank you for restoring my place with you and I hereby proclaim I trust you have my back protected this day. Now, we may need to allow ourselves to loose some things we have been holding on to in order to move foreword for bigger and greater things He has inspired for all of us. That’s true faith and is very powerful. I ask God each and every day to bless others through me each day. Today, it’s to each of you. Let my spiritual fights I have fought, and grown through be a blessing and true strength for each of you today. “Put on the whole Armor of God”.

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      • michael

        I am proud of you, you are growing in wisdom!

        you might like this.

        see attachment

        • Wow thank you, I promised myself I would not accept anything less than success. I also experienced this in my declaration of my stand. God, when you spoke the universe, the stars and life into existence, you only said it once and it was completed even to the individual grains of sand throughout all universes. With that said. If a pizza delivery driver can pick up a pizza and deliver it just as fresh as the moment it was made than how much more efficient and final is Gods spoken words. Otherwise we would all be taking lessons in sermons as ” so Sayers the pizza driver””… but we don’t. Therefore I proclaim within my rights and ultimate responsibility to you oh Lord, I will not speak pleases at the devils whiles over and over any longer. I get quite mad at the repeated In the name of Gnlhrist or “As it is written” over and over, but will instead declare it but once with full authority. Why, because God has never had to speak something twice. And it was good. So instead of repeating over and over, my faith has it at only once, then I glorify you God from that moment being completed. My spiritual pizza was delivered. I mean, why should any word; declaration; decree; or any Word spoken by God be able to be watered down when the evil one acts like his word I’d growing over Gods in power. A lie can never grow but into its self, meaning it will never have authority over truth. I’m learning a lot. I still get attacked but much less and now authority over it is apparent. That’s why I’ve stayed in touch. I want to help those in battle know. When we speak Gods word or anything Christ ordered it can Only have the Full unpardonable affect just as when God spoke it the very first time. I hope your patience with me now begins to pay off for your hard work. That’s how I feel about you


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        • Oh, I couldn’t find the attachment?

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          • it was at bottom of email

          • That’s My King
            The Bible says
            He’s the King of the Jews
            He’s the King of Israel
            He’s the King of Righteousness
            He’s the King of the Ages
            He’s the King of Heaven
            He’s the King of Glory
            He’s the King of Kings
            and He is the Lord of Lords
            Now that’s my King!
            David says
            The Heavens declare the glory of God
            And the firmament showeth His handiwork
            No means of measure can define His limitless love
            No far seeing telescope can bring into visibility the coastline of His shoreless supply
            No barriers can hinder Him from pouring out His blessing
            He’s enduringly strong
            He’s entirely sincere
            He’s eternally steadfast
            He’s immortally graceful
            He’s imperially powerful
            He’s impartially merciful
            That’s my King!
            He’s God’s Son
            He’s the sinners’ Saviour
            He’s the centrepiece of civilisation
            He stands alone in Himself
            He’s august
            He’s unique
            He’s unparalleled
            He’s unprecedented
            He’s supreme
            He’s pre-eminent
            He’s the loftiest idea in literature
            He’s the highest personality in philosophy
            He’s the supreme problem in higher criticism
            He’s the fundamental doctrine in true theology
            He’s the cardinal necessity of spiritual religion
            That’s my King!
            He’s the miracle of the age
            He’s the superlative of everything good that you choose to call Him
            He’s the only one able to supply all of our needs simultaneously
            He supplies strength for the weak
            He’s available for the tempted and the tried
            He sympathises and He saves
            He guards and He guides
            He heals the sick
            He cleansed the lepers
            He forgives sinners
            He discharges debtors
            He delivers the captives
            He defends the feeble
            He blesses the young
            He serves the unfortunate
            He regards the aged
            He rewards the diligent
            And He beautifies the meek
            Do you know Him?
            My King is the key of knowledge
            He’s the wellspring of wisdom
            He’s the doorway of deliverance
            He’s the pathway of peace
            He’s the roadway of righteousness
            He’s the highway of holiness
            He’s the gateway of glory
            He’s the master of the mighty
            He’s the captain of the conquerors
            He’s the head of the heroes
            He’s the leader of the legislators
            He’s the overseer of the overcomers
            He’s the governor of governors
            He’s the prince of princes
            He’s the King of Kings
            And He’s the Lord of Lords
            That’s my King
            That’s my King!
            My King
            His office is manifold
            His promise is sure
            His life is matchless
            His goodness is limitless
            His mercy is everlasting
            His love never changes
            His word is enough
            His grace is sufficient
            His reign is righteous
            His yoke is easy
            and His burden is light
            I wish I could describe Him to you
            He’s indescribable
            He’s indescribable
            He’s incomprehensible
            He’s invincible
            He’s irresistible
            I’m trying to tell you
            The heaven of heavens cannot contain Him
            Let alone a man explain Him
            You can’t get Him out of your mind
            You can’t get Him off of your hands
            You can’t outlive Him
            And you can’t live without Him
            The Pharisees couldn’t stand Him
            but they found out they couldn’t stop Him
            Pilate couldn’t find any fault in Him
            The witnesses couldn’t get their testimonies to agree
            And Herod couldn’t kill Him
            Death couldn’t handle Him
            And the grave couldn’t hold Him
            That’s my King!
            He always has been
            And He always will be
            I’m talking about
            He had no predecessor
            and He’ll have no successor
            There was nobody before Him
            and there’ll be nobody after Him
            You can’t impeach Him
            and He’s not going to resign
            That’s my King!
            Praise the Lord
            That’s my King
            Thine is the Kingdom
            And the power
            And the glory
            The glory is all His
            Thine is the Kingdom
            And the power
            And the glory
            For ever
            And ever
            And ever
            And when you get through with all of the forevers

            My King
            The Bible says my King is the King of the Jews. He’s the King of Israel. He’s the King of Righteousness. He’s the King of the Ages. He’s the King of Heaven. He’s the King of Glory. He’s the King of kings, and He’s the Lord of lords. That’s my King.
            I wonder, do you know Him?
            My King is a sovereign King. No means of measure can define His limitless love. He’s enduringly strong. He’s entirely sincere. He’s eternally steadfast. He’s immortally graceful. He’s imperially powerful. He’s impartially merciful.
            Do you know Him?
            He’s the greatest phenomenon that has ever crossed the horizon of this world. He’s God’s Son. He’s the sinner’s Saviour. He’s the centrepiece of civilization. He’s unparalleled. He’s unprecedented. He is the loftiest idea in literature. He’s the highest personality in philosophy. He’s the fundamental doctrine of true theology. He’s the only one qualified to be an all sufficient Saviour.
            I wonder if you know Him today?
            He supplies strength for the weak. He’s available for the tempted and the tried. He sympathizes and He saves. He strengthens and sustains. He guards and He guides. He heals the sick. He cleansed the lepers. He forgives sinners. He discharges debtors. He delivers the captive. He defends the feeble. He blesses the young. He serves the unfortunate. He regards the aged. He rewards the diligent. And He beautifies the meek.
            I wonder if you know Him?
            He’s the key to knowledge. He’s the wellspring of wisdom. He’s the doorway of deliverance. He’s the pathway of peace. He’s the roadway of righteousness. He’s the highway of holiness. He’s the gateway of glory.
            Do you know Him? Well…
            His life is matchless. His goodness is limitless. His mercy is everlasting. His love never changes. His Word is enough. His grace is sufficient. His reign is righteous. And His yoke is easy. And His burden is light.
            I wish I could describe Him to you. Yes…
            He’s indescribable! He’s incomprehensible. He’s invincible. He’s irresistible. You can’t get Him out of your mind. You can’t get Him off of your hand. You can’t outlive Him, and you can’t live without Him. Well, the Pharisees couldn’t stand Him, but they found out they couldn’t stop Him. Pilate couldn’t find any fault in Him. Herod couldn’t kill Him. Death couldn’t handle Him, and the grave couldn’t hold Him.
            Yeah! That’s my King, that’s my King.

            Seven Way King
            My King was born King. The Bible says He’s a Seven Way King. He’s the King of the Jews – that’s a racial King. He’s the King of Israel – that’s a National King.
            He’s the King of righteousness. He’s the King of the ages. He’s the King of Heaven. He’s the King of glory. He’s the King of kings and He is the Lord of lords. Now that’s my King.
            Well I wonder if you know Him. Do you know Him? Don’t try to mislead me. Do you know my King?
            David said the Heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament show His handiwork. My King is the only one whom there are no means of measure can define His limitless love. No far seeing telescope can bring into visibility the coastline of His shore of supplies.
            No barriers can hinder Him from pouring out His blessing. Well, well, He’s enduringly strong. He’s entirely sincere. He’s eternally steadfast. He’s immortally graceful.
            He’s imperially powerful. He’s impartially merciful. That’s my King. He’s God’s Son. He’s the sinner’s saviour. He’s the centrepiece of civilization.
            He stands alone in Himself. He’s august. He’s unique. He’s unparalleled. He’s unprecedented. He’s supreme. He’s pre-eminent.
            Well, He’s the loftiest idea in literature. He’s the highest personality in philosophy. He’s the supreme problem in high criticism. He’s the fundamental doctrine of proved theology. He’s the carnal necessity of spiritual religion. That’s my King.
            He’s the miracle of the age. He’s the superlative of everything good that you choose to call Him. Well, He’s the only one able to supply all of our needs simultaneously.
            He supplies strength for the weak. He’s available for the tempted and the tried. He sympathizes and He saves. He’s strong God and He guides. He heals the sick. He cleanses the lepers. He forgives sinners. He discharged debtors. He delivers the captives. He defends the feeble. He blesses the young.
            He serves the unfortunate. He regards the aged. He rewards the diligent and He beautifies the meek. Do you know Him? Well, my King is the key of knowledge. He’s the wellspring of wisdom. He’s the doorway of deliverance. He’s the pathway of peace.
            He’s the roadway of righteousness. He’s the highway of holiness. He’s the gateway of glory. He’s the master of the mighty. He’s the captain of the conquerors. He’s the head of the heroes. He’s the leader of the legislatures.
            He’s the overseer of the overcomers. He’s the governor of governors. He’s the prince of princes. He’s the King of kings and He’s the Lord of lords. That’s my King. Yeah. Yeah. That’s my King. My King, yeah.
            His office is manifold. His promise is sure. His light is matchless. His goodness is limitless. His mercy is everlasting. His love never changes. His Word is enough. His grace is sufficient.
            His reign is righteous. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Well. I wish I could describe Him to you, but He’s indescribable. He’s indescribable. Yes. He’s incomprehensible. He’s invincible. He’s irresistible. I’m coming to tell you, the heavens of heavens cannot contain Him, let alone a man explaining Him.
            You can’t get Him out of your mind. You can’t get Him off of your hands. You can’t outlive Him and you can’t live without Him.
            Well, Pharisees couldn’t stand Him, but they found out they couldn’t stop Him. Pilot couldn’t find any fault in Him. The witnesses couldn’t get their testimonies to agree. Herod couldn’t kill Him.
            Death couldn’t handle Him and the grave couldn’t hold Him. That’s my King. Yeah. He always has been and He always will be.
            I’m talking about He had no predecessor and He’ll have no successor. There was nobody before Him and there’ll be nobody after Him. You cant impeach Him and He’s not going to resign. That’s my King! That’s my King!
            Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory. Well, all the power belongs to my King. We’re around here talking about black power and white power and green power, but it’s God’s power. Thine is the power. Yeah.
            And the glory. We try to get prestige and honour and glory for ourselves, but the glory is all His. Yes. Thine is the Kingdom and the power and glory, forever and ever and ever and ever. How long is that?
            And ever and ever and ever and ever. And when you get through with all of the evers, then, Amen.

  359. Awesome prayer!

  360. My family is under attack but GOD WILL

  361. Dear Lord help my little sister get better & watch over her at all times. That she is in good hands & dose good. That she gets to come Home soon to the family. Amen.

  362. Amen I am thankful Jesus is othe throne

  363. Hi Marianne, my family are going through financial problems and family fights. My grandma was diagnosed with a high grade brain cancer. I will pray this prayer every day. Please add me onto the prayer list as I am the only one in my family that is praying this special prayer. I believe God will remove all evil above me and my family. God bless

  364. It’s important that you know, first you are selected by God to go through this because he is using your situation to walk you into a period of growth . Not just for you but your family and for anyone who will r ead your post, You are strong. If you have or will say God, I accept Christ as my Lord and savior, then God gives you His Holy Spirit. Meaning, Christ’s Spirit now lives in you, and you have all the authority over all demons and all nastiness that the evil one may lie his way into and around you. You are now the full and total authority of all things around you.
    So take full authority over everything below you. No demon, spirit or curse can hurt you in any way. Why?? Because God says to you: you are my family, if I feed the fowl in the sky, why would I not take care of my children?? Own your authority

    • good words, michael

      • Oh, thanks. I asked God to change everything about myself. I turned 60 on March 18th. I feel complete and in PEACE, he is so very real. And as for you, you know so much I can barely keep up with all of your posts. Who r u, 😜😜😋😋😀

        You give peace to everyone who visits your site. I have surrendered my life to God, he keeps telling me I am ordained and will save many lives. I say if that is true, it’s because of Marianne. He says YES indeed. I walked up to this woman and said, God is asking me to offer you one blessing, what would that be. She replied from her wheelchair, “well, I’m a diabetic, I would like to get my numbers 145 or less. Each and every day she tells me her numbers were the next morning of that blessing were (145), exactly the number she asked for and they stopped giving her shots for diabetes because her numbers continually remain normal. They keep asking how this happened. She says, Michael asked God to bless me and He did

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        • michael

          that is sweet. our biggest work is still ahead of us

          I am no one… I am a faceless entity on the internet, so that God gets all the glory.. the posts come from Him, and it appears He has lots to say…. 🙂

  365. INDEED! The less I have to say the more he speaks. Where does this come from, hehe

    • “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” psalm 46:10

      in other words, “be quiet so I can talk”………GOD

      • Here’s something that I like:

        Failure is the opportunity to start again better informed.

        Henry Ford

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      • Marianne, here is something I started to type then God inspired within me and just overflowed to share:

        Hi, my name is Michael, I’m no one of any importance, but today in my journey, I was inspired to share with all who come to this website and specifically, this prayer of protection, that, you have come to the right place.

        I was under spiritual attack for two years or more. I couldn’t do anything without the evil one influencing bad outcomes one after another. Then one day I asked God to lead me spiritually somewhere that would be the spark, (or Big Bang), out of that situation. Come heck or high water. To use my situation to lead others away from darkness and back into the light and begin seeing changes and joy in their lives from my own experiences. That prayer led me to Marianne’s Prayer she shared. It doesn’t matter who penned it,

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      • (Continued…), because God is the only author. First, stop counting (focusing) on the darkness. God says, please know, I do hear your prayers, don’t be sad, as you are and always will be in my heart. If I have built you a room in my many mansions in Heaven, why would I not prepare you in life? I am not the author of fear. I have given you the clear mind of Christ. Fear comes from condemnation (guilt).

        When I applied these steps, little by little, piece by piece and day by day God changed my focus. He said, show me 10 things per day that bless you. Go on a walk with me and pick flowers, trees and grasses that please you and I will bless them. Then I got why. Three things are happening. My faith is being restored, my focus changes to see the God given blessings in my life. He is showing us that simply put. The flowers, trees, even the grasses reach to heaven for their needs without hesitation, without fear, condemnation always finding their way to Me. So shall you. He blessed the things I showed him so there was a direct connection from me through the grasses and trees to Him and back. He was healing my spirit and mind. This began a change that is in progress today. He helped me put on the whole Armor of God in that moment. Do I have days I’m attacked, yes. But my focus is not on that. God says, everything I put my hands to do shall prosper. It took a lifetime to be in that situation. God says, it didn’t happen over night, but piece by piece, moment by moment and day by day. When you feel attacked, give it to him and as he is saying now to me. My only request is you praise me and walk with joy in your day. I am healing you already piece by piece. Why, because I am blessing you, not in darkness but in your journey into the light.

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  366. […] (Source: Prayer Covering for Your Life and Family) […]

  367. Lord cover me and my children by the blood of Jesus lord please bring me and my children closer to each other lord bless me to find my own home for me and my children something that I can afford lord bless me with a financial increase lord cover my fiance Cedric cage by the blood of Jesus lord please bring him home to me and my children and his cover me rhashida mccalope Mercedez miles Makayla miles jakayla tibbs Orlando kado Jr Cedric holliday ce’vion holliday Cedric Hawkins by the blood of Jesus in Jesus

  368. Powerful indeed

  369. Please pray for my girls Natalie and Nicolina my husband and myself Lisa please pray we stay healthy and happy and me and my husband are trying for another baby for over a year please pray with us that GOD Will bless us once again and for my girls I pray blessings over their life and protection and live a healthy happy life until their last breath as well as me and my hubby in Jesus name amen.Love Jesus forever and always and I thank him for all he has giving me and blessed us with and what he will still bless us with and what he has already bless us with amen thank you Jesus for this amazing life xoxo please keep us in your prayers

    • lisa

      that is such a sweet prayer request…

      yes, I will agree in prayer for all your blessings to continue, and also to increase, which includes another baby 🙂

      may the Lord always keep you safe and under his wings

  370. I find this prayer to be uplifting & comforting. All I ask is for myself, spouse & children to be blessed & protected by the blood of Jesus Christ. In Jesus name. Amen. What a powerful prayer

  371. LOVE it

  372. Hi! I just want to be a subscriber of the Catholic Church like to be free of spells, bad spirit and curse, because I prove to myself that Canada is very different country. Pray for my safety.

    • digna

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and curses.

      also for strength

      say daily

      I will agree with you in prayer.

      • Hi Marianne, please give me your thoughts. This is beautiful but strange. What does God tell you on this. I did some things God asked me to do. Return rent to own furniture so that we could afford more medical care for my family. I also ask God to bless me in meeting someone who plays tenor saxophone (I played 12 years then lost instrument in moving also asked Him to find a band or a way I could enjoy playing with a band again) I met a woman who had high blood sugar and is disabled.i felt deeply inspired to give her a blessing from God. Anything her heart wanted. I thought I was out of my mind. But I asked her what she wanted, and she simply stated “well, my blood sugar has been pretty high for a while. I’d like it to come down to a good number like, 145 maybe. I said, it pleased God that you chose 145. Bless her and show her your love. (My mind said,,, please somebody STOP me!) then the next day I go for a walk, with my family member.we took a wrong turn. Ended up in front of a yellow house with a barnyard door wood stained golden brown. Out of it I heard s tenor saxaphone playing rather well. In front was a complete living room set of furniture for free. I said hi, told him the story, took the furniture home and he said to me, you know, I belong to a band would you like to see? Yes!!!

        Then as I pulled the carts of furniture into where I live, Nancy came up to me telling me…”oh, guess where my blood sugar numbers are this morning? Where, I asked,, “they were at 145,Michael, God really loves you and works through you. Even though you deny it’s through you.Every time you say something, I can see in your eyes you are not sure, but your smile says, oh yes He is. Her blood sugar has been low since.

        I am under attack still, God finally revealed to me that when I stood up against a whole three generations of witchcraft, voodoo, hoodoo, warlocks, sorcerers, wizards and sexual spirits, God saw you stood on your own. They attack because I offered them all and demons one way out, period. God offered through me, he will honor my request that I asked. (God, you showed me that all the demons and Satan were so beautiful, didn’t speak but harmonized so beautifully, that you even stopped to listen. They were the most beautiful of all even slightly over humans. (From God I didn’t know this). That I (me), offered to offer them one spark of hope, that if they came to God one at a time foe repentance, he would hear their plea one by one and protection would be over them (demons, witches, warlocks, voodoo and hoodoo wizzards, sex demons and the worst of all. I offered that, said I wanted no protection so they could spiritually see I had nothing to gain and everything to loose. Why, because my partner gave himself over to demons sexually cause he was abused by his father and turned away from me and they tried to kill me once. I loved him unconditionally (needed nothing from him but gave my stand to him and life to protect him. He finally came home then got cancer and died in my arms in 13 weeks. The demons came after me and I stood my ground or my unconditional life be for him would have been for nothing. I stood for them one time day by day over a year only to clear a path for God to change everything universally. That is my story. It may make everything else I’ve shared make sense. I get attacked by witchcraft and voodo/hoodoo because I asked God not to protect me in my offering them all that. I am no one, its about correcting the universe. Not by me but by God through me.

        My heart is so good, I feel love like never before. I am learning spiritually as fast as I read. And I get revelation for everything in between.

        Marianne, I’m doing this for everyone not for myself. It’s where I’ve been led. Could use your God inspired thoughts??

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        • michael

          I think you are growing spiritually.

          before you were tormented.

          now you are at peace

          god is going to use you more and more to help others

          • I’m always understanding how much you put up with me, but it’s you that helped walk me through it all.

            I still feel like someone (voodoo?), blowing a negative energy around me and much is a wierd attempt to break my spirit. I just say God, I don’t want this, please take this off, but please be clear, if it’s your will for me to continue going through these attacks, then all I can say is, I praise you, I’m blessed because you share with me that, they are a defeated foe, and you acknowledge I have some strange compassion for their tormented hearts (both human and demonic.) And I really don’t know why I’m going that way??) I thank God for the attacks so it changes my focus from torment to healing, for them, myself and others. God tells me to say what’s on my mind so I say…” the more you attack, bite, sting or stab my body (40 or 50 times a day or night), that all you are doing as a defeated foe, is prove God’s existence and that if He created you and you can do this, then how much more does He provide for me (no matter what you try,) you loose even more, cause you are proving God’s existence by your very nature. Or, no matter what you do or say, your only outcome is that you prove zGods love exists . If you live, how much more, and greater is his Love. I worry how much they attack, but he keeps telling me that He will never let them go beyond where their attacks help keep me motivated and focused. All that in the last few months.

            All being alone, but dozens of people here say my being here walking my walk really changes their outlook on life and they actually feel God’s presence. Peace in my heart like I never could have imagined??

            Ok will give you a few weeks break.. 😇😬 Michael

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            • you have a lot more patience than i would have…..I would be grumpy 🙂

              • May I ask, I want to share all this from a blog site like yours , because this must go somewhere. You are an Olympic Gold winner in ability and knowledge. I can barely post from a bloggers stand point. Do you have any input or suggestions in how to start??

                Mike ❤️❤️💕💕😜😜😃

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                • go to

                  there is a spot where you can click on it and start a blog.

                  wordpress provides the template for you, you have a choice in how your page looks.

                  once that is done, follow the menus to write a page or a post

                  good luck!

  373. I asked God this morning to give me a prayer and he led me to this one thank you my sister or my I believe that no matter how long it takes God will answer my prayer for financial blessings in the gifts in me that’s been buried in me for so long to begin to manifest so that I can glorify my father back with them
    Pray for me.
    God bless you.

  374. I have FAITH “GOD ” knows my HEART. I’m HUMAN AND YES SOMETIMES THERE’S doubt. I Say to myself PLEADE “GOD” Make me STRONG, let not let that devil come inside of my SOUL. Any one reading this. PLEASE PRAY WITH ME

  375. Love this prayer

  376. Amen thank u lord

    • Hi Marianne, I’m still under attack every single night and now day. This glue like invisible jello (sounds crazy but I’m using my own means of description. Even finances and timing of things off. But ok I give it to God declare his will be done and if I must walk through this thing to honor him I don’t want to do it but for wherever this goes and helps I surrender my will and replace it with his. I even feel heavy movement in my bed like s dog crawling across. My three Corgi dogs died and I wonder, but I get no no no, Then morning comes and I feel God , then I feel real peace. It almost seems as if God is playing a gams showing Satan look you can taunt him but he will not break. Is that silly??

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      • you and old Job from the bible have a lot in common….

        • I’m growing by leaps and bounds. My dislexia is gone (what???, yes he took it away.) every single reading is daily exactly what I’m asking. But the other side is I’m in a real fight. I am not afraid of him or his cronies. I stood at Gods throne once and under some kind of loving forgiveness, said God I don’t suggest I know anything, but when I knew I loved my partner so unconditionally, I knew even with cancer and going out for s year he would return because you told me he would. Right or wrong, I knew you understood that love, I know you loved these demons when they were angels. You said, their voices were the most beautiful choir sound so perfect, that you stood still to listen. I don’t know much past that, but I believe. My partner gave himself over to them sometime after he got a diagnosis of non survivable cancer. He was molested every night by them. So I’m supposed to forgive unconditionally. I wanted to help return to God what he lost. It must have been as horrible and much more than my deep loss. So I asked permisdion to offer the demons a way home to him one at a time remembering what he lost. I wanted God to know I could lose my life doing this but it was no longer about my life but my serving Jim. I got yes. I re asked 20 plus times. So over the next year, I offered peace, I am nothing, no one? But in the quiet of all existence, if any one of them asked to speak with HIM (which is prayer),?only God would hear and would clear the minds, intent, remove evil in that call only once each and would if accepting repentance ( my description),?that one by one would know a new heart. All private, all outside of our understandings that’s what I’ve been going through. And God is blessing me intenssly but I am attacked by others and witch craft and hoodoo and voodoo , but I’m in great spirits. I feel Fred of guilt. That is the deepest truth I was not to share until now.


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          • bible says to resist the devil…so do your best

            • Yes, I am. God is revealing himself in everything. He shared with me recently, His breath he inhales and exhales to speak something into action is the same as answering our prayers. So in that delight I thank Him, that all I need is the thought and receipt of one breath of His Holy breath which spoke all life into existence, even being given is all I need to know His protection is there. He says, they have permission to do these things as it will show your faith is strong and He knows my spiritual heart does reject the devil. I think God is alive and well. I don’t know Job yet.

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  377. Please pray for my husbands addictions and crictisisiom toward his wife and pray for my husbands alcoholism and drinking cigarettes hangouts in the Streets and our twin Babies on the way for there securerity and health and I carry them to term, and our marriage

  378. Marianne, I just found your page and prayer today. This prayer is amazing and based on your responses you are very wise and trustworthy.
    Can you (and your readers) pray for me? I need for the spirits or spiritual people that are not concerned with the holy spirit and those that don’t call me by my real first name of Patti to leave me alone. Also, I need protection prayers to only let a single man with a love for Jesus the Messiah to be allowed to pursue me because I do want to be married to a righteous man. I have been praying for a husband for many years but I no longer go to church on Sunday for many reasons. I read my Bible daily. (My parents never have bible discussions with me but only watch TV in their retirement years and get mad at me for always being on the internet for my friendships.) I really crave a live discussion too.

    • patti

      have you tried some christian dating websites? just a suggestion….

      plead the blood of jesus over yourself daily, rebuke and bind all spirits in jesus name, declare their power of no effect, null and void, and destroyed by the power of God, and command them to go

      I am also sending you the prayer on this page to say daily as well

      I will agree with you in prayer for protection against negative spirits

  379. sir iam kakkerla pramod from india sir iam suffering with severe evil spirits problem and severe demonic powers problem in head sir since 2 years iam suffering sir my parents taken me to many doctors and astrolagers sir they spend 3 lacs on me sir but there is no use sir with my problem my father got heart surgery sir my wife leaved me sir with all this problems i did a sucide attempt sir one person saved me and said few words about jeus and said this webadderess sir now iam in iccu sir doctors did all the tests and said in my body total nerves are completly week and they are in disorder sir they given powerful injections sir but there is no use sir doctors said with in 12 hours if any improvement we can give further treatment they said sir if not 50 50 chances to live they said sir if my father knows this his heart will stop sir i will catch your legs sir iam the only son to them sir i didnt have energy to send message also sir may be it ismy last reqest to god sir i depend upon you sir i dont know any other prayer reqest sir plz pray for me sir

  380. Love this complete covering for life & family. Spiritually uplifting.

  381. Thank you

  382. I love this..It covers my prayer to a t..Love u jesus amen..

  383. Thank you for the words to pray. It do my mind good knowing that I believe in what being said to the Most High God in faih in His Son the Christ.

  384. This prayer helps me a lot, and I love it

  385. I’m ask for prayer for me and my family my husband walk out of me and my two kids life back in November 2016 and came back in December and stay until January 5 2017 and he txt me and said if u don’t leave I will so he left and haven’t been back since no more that to pick kids up to spend time with them then in February 2017 he filed for a divorce but we haven’t went thru with it yet I don’t one a divorce cause I feel the devil have my husband and the evil spirits cause he seem confused sometimes like he want to be here but he very confused it something cause I never out of the 18years we been married seen him this way cause he is a sweet easy going person think it’s someone tell him to stay away from me cause I never put child support on him and he still pay bills here so I’m asking for prayers cause I know the God I serve is amazing God cause my husband is a Deacon at my church but he haven’t been to church either that’s why I know it’s somethings ain’t right with him. The reason he said he left cause of my mouth which everyone disagree about things and the second time he came home it wasn’t no excuse for him to leave cause God knows I did everything in God power to no make no mistakes I didn’t fuss about nothing.. But in my heart I feel like there hope in Jesus name I feel I feel like my husband is lost and confused…

    • michelle

      for court, tell them you are contesting the divorce, because he is having mental problems and does not know what he is doing. tell the judge, or the lawyer if you have one, what you told me

      talk to your pastor and see if he will help counsel him

      try to find out more about where he is living and with whom, if anyone

      if there is another woman involved that would explain things, she may be a a jezebel

      I am sending you some little prayers to heal the marriage

      also prayers for unsaved loved ones, as he sounds backslidden

      say daily

      I will agree with you in prayer

      • This prayer is so powerful it’s very touching I can feel the spirit. In Jesus name Amen

  386. Please pray for my family. Iam being bothered by something every night for the past two years. I love your prayer and will say it daily with. My family.

    • elizabeth

      I will agree with you in prayer

      if you wish, you can contact me by email if you need to share more details

      otherwise, I will keep you under the blood of jesus

    • I want you to know that God is truly with you. It seems as you are about to truly turn to God for your needs attacks happen. We tend to think we are being punished for our lives, when it’s more likely it’s is because we are about to change in many good ways. The attacks are games and suggested tortures for their mind games. Give them no room. Declare out loud to them that this is your home, your family and that God has the outcome of this won for your family. And, that they are a defeated foe, they know their time is short so they are under attack themselves. Christ died for you, to take all of this for you. God is there yesterday, today and all tomorrows fit YOU! Really. I too have been going through as you for two years. But I am growing by leaps and bounds. Maybe what is about to happen with God is so good, they are freaking out so they attack. Let them hear your joy in life, God says laugh with your loved ones. They can’t handle that. Tell everyone how much you love them and by that live I say, if God gave his Sons life for you, then how much more does he have for you this day, be strong, claim your victory claim your place in Heaven. God already made a place for you in Heaven, why wouldnt he also clear the pathway for you too 😃

  387. Thank you Jesus for this prayer

  388. I am blessed and highly favored in jesus name

  389. I am blessed by the family prayer

    • Hi Marianne, it’s so cool and slightly scary, I get what I ask for in physical things probably God showing me he is there. I include Him giving me only those things that walk me in zinc. But those darn sexual and physical attacks are beginning to hurt. I deny them and speak various prayers (most of your attack mode prayers). What’s weird is they help block but don’t always stop the attacks. I’m confused (at this juncture it’s been three years). You know my partner of 18 years was molested by his dad and used, it messed him up later in life. When I asked him to choose between his demon sec and us (me and our three corgi dogs), for one year he choose them. With him next to me I prayed while they tormented him. He finally repented and came down with cancer. He died in my arms 13 weeks later as I walked him over to zGod. Now I’m coughing a lot for no reason. I don’t know where this goes. The torment is hearing whispered in my mind (He was easy, now it’s your turn, God doesn’t want you). So I get rainbows when I ask for a sign, places and things come through obviously an act of unconditional love from God, but neither the prayer of the precious blood of Christ, nor surrendering all ancestral, and my own sins has changed anything. All I can do for now, is now in awe that he must have something heavenly huge for me, or I am lost and no way home. I speak of his grace to anyone who opens their heart. I would rather pass away surrendering to Him and give all my love and loose, Thanatos to have a million years without him with all the riches of Heaven, all 7 of them.

      Michael Sent from my iPhone


      • michael

        you and one other person I know are stuck in deliverance. she is a believer and a fighter against the evil, but she has this snake like thing inside her that refuses to leave. we pray and tell it to go in jesus name, but it just says no and stays….this has been going on for a year, maybe longer. she has been to many churches and asked for prayer…..does not work….she seems to have gotten this “thing” from family member possibly her husband, like you may have been exposed to what your partner had. I am at a loss and will try contacting someone to see if t hey have any insights.

        • FYI, I lay in bed to rest or knap, then vibrations start in the bed, from pillows slow blowing smokey feeling on scalp, ears, intense itchy slithering in nostrils and lips and tear ducts. Then the forceful touching begins. I believe it’s an all out sexual stronghold by witchcraft, demons and sex demons. They want to break my walk with God. Yes I get tired (it’s been two years now, getting worse), but something else within holds my spiritual love in place reminding me God is here. (But evil suggests, see you lost God he doesn’t want you look he’s watching and won’t help). I’m calm but want to kick spiritual butt. God I believe is giving me a spiritual feeling that I’m doing fine, I will come out on the other side rewarded. So it’s just enough to help me hold in another night. I constantly feel like jack hammers pushing their way through routes into places in my body, brain, spine and lungs. Into private areas and I’m praising God while this happens.
          I’m good, just tired and want to sleep.
          You help a lot😇❤️. You are a strong hold that helps me. I won’t give up, but there are moments I worry about dying. Not so much for me, but kevin my family of 30 years is disabled and he gets attacked too. God has this, but they are saying God hates me and gave me to them as fish food. Oh really?? Not my God😇😇

        • Don’t know what this is, but frequently during an attack, the strongly suggest it’s my partners spirit leading the attack because the have claimed they tried to get him to kill me when he got crazy before he died of cancer. Just boring useless soap opera stuff. God shows me he is there off times of attacks but nothing really happens during attacks that suggests He is helping. It’s hard to hold on to faith when the parent is watching as the child is tortured. And still praise for how much we are loved. I’m not giving up, by Marianne, what would be done if we watched our children tortured. I chalk it up to my limited understanding, expressing my concern but followed up with “I trust you even in the fears, lack of direction this is going” it’s difficult when miracles happen in daily events but not (as it seems) during these events. One last thought. It’s interesting “snakes” were mentioned. I dreamt of a spiritual fight against demons, and several thousand came at me all at once. It was I who sent snakes into their snouts and eyes pouring burning venom in their eyes and throat. Why would I dream that I am winning huge battles against 100 or 200 thousand at a time??

          • light has no business with darkness….I do not think we have much longer here on this earth

            • Marianne that’s kinda what I thought.i feel like I’m in two worlds. Marianne, I tell you things because I love you and your spiritual love of all life that stitches fabrics of time, space and spirit quite beautifully. I have no idea why I’m going through this. In the past three days ( review your own last few days and assess anything parallel with this),, what starts out as a deep vibration within the $3,000 mattress (sorry, let demons buy there own beauty rest plush back loving support mattress),, it now is loud. I place a bowl of water on another plate on the mattress and vibrations in the water match what I’m feeling. This morning, it was so loud my cats (3), all startled to it, and I heard a voice box voice which said “how’s that” in a computer sounding voice. Next to my ear. Again the cats reacted. Now three times I laid down in bed, I hear a deep vibration and picking sound within my pillows and pillow top of the bed, like pulling on threads. Then I feel slow sexually stimulating buzzing on exact nerves from low and center spine underneath behind legs, toes everywhere (well you get that sad point). , that simultaneously buzzingly bore along nerve lines to reach nerves in my guy area, toes tickling on nerves edges of lips and nose area as well as tear ducts feeling as if tickling is followed by demons inflating themselves inside. Each taking place to stay.

            • Marianne, (this is just sharing for helping each other), but, as stated, the buzzing from underneath now feels like they got full authority to finish whatever they are doing. But I am always sensing God relaxing me in the thought, resist, be calm and give your true heart out loud to God. With tears in my eyes I do what comes by love of God anyways. But here’s the strange thing, I hear myself asking God to forgive anyone I ever hurt or cursed or derailed by being gay, doing drugs (back then), that take all off of everyone, and forgive them so that they have full salvation after being forgiven for anything they did outside what they would have done before anything done through me. (I have no idea why I’m saying that). It stops instantly, but regains a few moments later. I feel God say it’s the sign of the time, l, that I have so much love for everyone. I’ll tell you this only to you. It’s so strong it seems as though it’s almost over.
              I told God a year ago or so, that I know slightly how he felt about his perfect angels when instead of speaking, their voices sang perfect pitch and harmony instead of speaking. God himself stopped what he did just to listen. But in the transgression and removal from Heaven, I told him (in tears), loosing Bruce (18 years of every day being in love for the first time…us), his voice, winks, beautiful “I love you so very much with kisses in the morning each day, ), was music to my ears and I too would stop just to hear it. I told God that I can’t bring him back, but to show Him how much I’m grateful for crossing my partner and my patches, I’m so deeply moved and grieving, I would offer those who fell from Heaven, an opportunity to return to God, fully restored and in tune with no further memory of bad, to show God what it meant if my partner could do the same. I got a yes, meaning I’m moved by that thought, your life would be in danger, I said that’s the point, I’m not asking for anything, but God, millions of years,,, what a reunion if evennone said yes. Set up to where it would be one of them with a moment with God, to see, with no other especially Satan to hear. I spent that year, with them being presented to me in groups (rather large) groups. Until the offer was to all. They didn’t know what to do. I was challenged to the max. I asked God to not protect me beyond a certain point so no favors shown, that what I was doing showed great pain, bruises and scars as to show I am not asking for anything, so that offer was real not delusion. I’ve had hundreds of cuts, three claw scratches and illnesses, but not killed. That’s what I’ve been wanting to tell you. That’s why God shows me rainbows, miracles happen on demand, healing that he asks me to do happen. I’m sorry for holding back this part. Demons took Bruce away, so I had to start forgiveness there abruptly, with love, forgiveness and show God I would love to return (if even just one), back to him. I know I would want to go home after all of that,,, do I looked at them as if, by the grace of God, there go I. What would I want someone to do if I were one of them for that long of time. Sorry for being long winded

            • Hi Marianne, God bless you and always keep you. Well, I know I’ve shared some pretty heavy things with you. It’s because you make so much sense to me, God really blesses me through your walk too. After I got that off of me, I’ve felt much more peace, God shared this with me.
              Michael, I’ve never left you, you have not turned on me, but stood firmly and relentlessly in love, as I stand with you. These attacks are not you loosing ground, but me changing you within the tumultuous environment. She understands, doesn’t always know what to say but prayed for you with deep love and respect for your stand. You are growing. You are very angry for loosing your loved one after 18 years of being with him. It hurt so bad that your stand was allowed to fight through that anger. Now, feel peace and renew daily and know I am the Lord thy God. I fashioned a pathway for you and walk with you. And to Marianne and everyone else here, walk with them too. Be at peace and know I am with you.

              Just wanted you to know😀

              • god bless you and hang in there

                • Hi Marianne, wow, the flip side of daily walk. I’m getting everything I need as it’s needed. Even to the point a woman who was a counselor therapist all her life, noticed my deep attention on the elderly people at my bingo (assisted care), I have bad eyesight but stood up and I saw each number on each card on everyone playing (about 20+) people playing spreadout all over the large room. I was helping them see numbers they were missing, and many people said they were struck that I could see everything in the room when I can not read a street sign. She said my love and care for people was beyond reasonable. Like Christ was in the room (her words not mine). I always ask God to bless people through me. We are short on money to run things here, three people came up to me yesterday and just gave me over $500 dollars because something really touched them through my walk. Then Kevin needed a certain medicine not available, and a woman ask if we needed the very medicine we needed (she didn’t need it any more). I just wanted you to know the other side of the attacks. (Which happens all night long). I learned to tell them I’m bored and thank them for proving God’s love exists. Oh, and just wanted them to know, the more sexual attacks they try, I turned it off (God isn’t letting them in that area anymore or my believing and standing up to them is showing some strength. Thanks to your encouragement.

                  Now, I would love to interact with you about the dwarf star (planet “X”) that everyone can see up in the morning and evening sun rises and sets. I’ve even noticed it over the past six months. Apparently it is here now. Around our sun. We have been having swarms of earthquakes even at Yosemite Park. (The one volcano that would erase the USA. Please follow this on UTube and NASA. They have known of this event coming for over. 50 years. I asked God about it,,, all I get is, he is working through people like us to love, comfort and encourage each of us to believe and walk in the knowledge that we all have everything within us to handle anything thrown. Something about rapture having been put or set aside hour by hour day by day. If we all turn to Him, it’s a non issue. This is real and happening now. I have no forethought about any of this, so hour by hour, day by day makes the spirit inside me want to reach everyone to just listen to God. I realized by revelation, that we have grown far from hearing God because we try to know our future, God told me that is playing God, he can not or will not speak to us there. We tend to focus on our past, He also said, I have already acted for all of you back there, you can not hear me there either . But go for a walk and tell me 10 things that you see blesses you and why, then you will hear my heart, my will, my love and you will know hope. I am in your moment. That’s the secret. If we look foreword or behind us we are out of reach of him.

                  All my love Mike

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                  • i have heard a lot about planet x but I have never seen it

                  • I’m going to pray about this Situation. We are to stay focused daily on the words of God and the return of Jesus. If someone has a demon and they are not born again they need to see someone in person to be baptised. That comes from the bible. Heaven awaits has been kind to pray for us and I thank them for their prayer.

  390. How can I get this prayer in a card or picture?

  391. Marianne, sorry, I’ve been holding that in for over a year. Thank you for letting me (one time), to get that out.
    I had a break through with someone who was being tortured. Locked in an endless loop of stories of distrust, anger of people places and things. I tried to speak about ;if he gave his only ego ten Son, how much more does he want to give you in life to be successful. And if He has reserved a room for you in Heaven, how much more is he already preparing the very stability of the path to your place in Geaven). God told me to talk with him. I said no thanks, he is spiritually locked. Yes, talk with him. I have no words for that. Besides he is a former counselor, knows the phrasing of the game to manipulate it. He said yes he does. Again, but God, he talks so much Bout suicide, only complains bitterly, he has more demons than I can count. Yes he does. I will give tou the words. So I did, while speaking with him, all of a sudden I noticed several other people now listening. He challenged me, tried to reverse council me and even demonically tried to rebuke me. I broke in and said, you can not rebuke Fod, for he gives you the breath to speak your mortal words. Then I asked God to deliver him. Two days later (yesterday), he came up standing up straight from arched over from disability, but locked in by evil. He was standing tall, reached out to shake my hand and thank Ne for speaking to him. He proceeded to tell me he went up to the nurses here (assisted care facility). And thanked them for all they are doing. Then finished by saying he spoke to God, and now changed his outlook from everyone being incompetent and stupid ;cursing them), to knowing they are in place to help him. I said, in. Short prayer, now God unlocks and blesses you and then to work all needs out. He licks himself in his room normally, afraid of interacting, but came to BINGI hour (I recently started), and socially enjoyed himself. Just wanted to share with you how God is blessing us and dealing with demonic influences even in conversations we don’t want to have but eventually heed to God’s will. U wanted to say thanks for helping me get there. I always ask God to bless you and keep you. And I do agree, something is going on. Because what I shared with you was put on me, I didn’t ask for it. In fact there’s no way I would or could have ever thought anything up anywhere close to that in my own. Happy Fathers Day to your family!

  392. This prayer is powerful i love it teach me to pray notified an feed me with your prayers

  393. This is a powerful pray. I’m asking for pray for my family I’m asking God to give us the will power to be stronger and don’t let the devil take our pride and joy from us and I’m asking the lord to send my husband back home to us cause he confuses I can see it cause we been married for 18 years and he left us but never stop paying bills here but when he come by he will not come into the house I don’t understand what’s wrong but I’m asking In Jesus name to build my husband up cause I know he is lost right now.

    • michele

      he may be under demonic or witchcraft influence.

      I am sending you some prayers to say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer for his safe return and deliverance

  394. This prayer is the perfect say’s it all it speaks on Everything and I thank you in Jesus name.

    • Marianne, are you having current event dreams?? Mine are very colorful, intense and take me places I couldn’t make up. But I feel everything is under some calming control. I am getting thoughts and feelings like my place is very clear even though I do not know my path directly. It’s seeming like I may have some control in events around where ever I am. (I have no idea why), I’m learning spiritual things so fast (God wise and timeline). Does any of this make any sense to you??

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  395. May my wife ortencia Thomisee.and her mother father siblings and all of my childrens yakimble Toris jr quon trell paul Tc and asley and all my kids mothers and siblings. And my Dad and my siblings and all my brothers and sisters in chris be bless and covered in the blood of jesus with an hedge around in the mighty name of jesus christ amen

  396. This is a very powerful prayer, one to say every (day) morning. We children of God are blessed and prosperous, no evil formed against us shall prosper in Jesus name AMEN. God is LOVE!!

  397. Prayer for Noe and Clarcia. They have made trouble for me and my hub. They don’t no Christ. And very unforgiving people. She’s hav2 a lung transplant. In California. Pray everything goes well. God Bless

    • Cris

      I will agree with you for their healing and salvation, and that the transplant goes well.

      • I just wanted to share with Marianne and her family that I am an ordained nondenominational reverend in the State of California for life without price, and without question of specific beliefs and am not required to pay any tithe, donation or offering of any kind now or in the future. I do not attend Catholic church as the only person we are to call father is in heaven. These are the words in the bible. I am available for healings and do not wish to see any disease, harm or soul destruction. I may be called upon for touch prayer witnessed by others in the name of Yeshua, Jesus, Messiah or any name that appears in the bible. Healing is available to any man, woman, child or animal if a medical professional cannot help. I do not charge for services but I need for people to be brought to me or transported to me. Whoever needs help will not be denied or discrinated for healing including LGBT community as healing needs to take place especially in this community that is being pursued by the enemy. Translators are required if English is not fully understood. I am not paid for food or housing through any organization and am a volunteer for my family. I don’t allow false witnesses. (Others who witness this should fully persecute those who do this kind of harm.) I am here to support Marianne and her family.

        • Marianne, that is really kind in offering help to those who need it. My pastor does not believe in anything I’ve been going through, even after attending that church for 20 years. But I’m not quite sure exactly what it is he does. Mike (LGBT) community

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            • Marianne, I have read scripture where it denies God tests us “I can not be tempted by evil, and can not test man with evil” God is sharing this with me, please chime in if inspired to do so, as it also says God led them into the dessert to see (test) their willingness to follow their own promises in obedience. He provided everything but it appeared to be a place with little to nothing for sustenance. Would they still keep his commandments. Then what I got was, the commandments were there to prove they could not completely obey them. It was to show them they still needed God in the end. But I also got, Now Michael, as when you put on new clothing or weather garments, are they not tested by the winds, rain, hail and hot sun just as you are? Those are not my tests on you, but I will use them to help show you your level of growth, and where you also need to grow. I am the Lord thy God, I can use both good and bad to turn things around For You all, that I may be needed, relied upon and glorified. Not to your destruction, may, but to your growth, understanding and delight in you and I becoming as one. Who you cast your line to (trust, love, belief and partnership to), so do you become one with as in marriage. All sin is forgiven, stop feeding the Evil one in any guilt or sadness that is casting your line to doubt and fear. I am NOT the God of fear, sorrow or guilt. Just as your young children make mistakes and learn from mild punishment, is that not out of Love, do you not want everything for your child, therefore I also for you??? Do not give in to temptations, I will help correct each of you my wonderful children. As I love you, so love each other. You are the brothers and sisters of heavenly places, play with one another, go forth and live as a child in JOY! Stop worrying, stop frowning and gnashing your teeth. It pains my heart to hear your pain. As you comfort your children and one another please just know, so am I healing and comforting yours. I am the Lord theme God, my patients is for your growth. Life tests, I lead you through, be in good cheer, love with no bounds and I too will also love and guide you.

              That’s what he just spoke in my heart to share.

  398. Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen and Amen. And I just want to Thank You Lord Jesus. Amen

  399. Thank you for this prayer it is a healing prayer, and it relaxes the mind.

  400. AMEN

  401. Powerful!

  402. I encountered a male witch while I was dining one week. He told me he was a witch after I asked something about his hands and his said he was born that way. I don’t think he cared about Mr. Trump’s remarks on tv about the witch hunt. He was actually quite proud of it. I was very much dismayed about my food being delivered by a witch but I never got sick. I did give an empathetic ear to his discussion because sometimes when I witness there can be a change of heart. What really is heartbreaking about witnessing to those you really care about whether they are a stranger, family, friends or a love relationship is that there are going to be disagreements or people that will never come to know that true love. He ended up going to another section after telling his story to me but never left the bill. He could have either been thanking me for listening to him in a nonjudgmental situation or setting me up for a nonpayment walkoff from the food bill. I walked up to the host stand and asked for my bill and received it and tipped the standard tip and left. The man doesn’t know it but I prayed for his healing and finding the truth with Jesus through his love and forgiveness in my own privacy. (I do this often and never know whether a person has been healed or found Jesus but I know I always feel good about the situation.)

  403. In Jesus name.

  404. Thanks for the prayers, I ask you continue to pray for my family and minstry.

  405. I prayed this prayer right on time I’ve had some demonic attacks k.

    • Hay Marianne, Michael here. Well, here I go with God. I’m picking up where I left of so many years ago. God has been working in my heart to teach again (ministry), and intensely about holding communion here at our assisted care facility. 3 people passed away this week that I barely got to know. I know Christ, I I believe I know them too. I’m finally clearing all of my own stuff, giving it all to Him, and he is blessing me blessing all the things I need. I’m still getting attacked. During the night I feel slithering itchy things all over, even between my fingers like webs. God keeps reminding me that He is using my life experiences to help others in the same situation. He will not let it go past this point. It keeps me focused and open to God within the realm of my faith. It’s not Him, it’s being allowed for reasons I do not understand. I have people speaking to me about God. I’m expecting a full house. I’m not even nervous. I love Christ so much, I miss Him if I can’t take time each day. I am learning by leaps and bounds. If I ask for something I get it. Who am I, in nobody, just want to help others with all my heart. I just wish I had more time in my life to do these wonderous things. I’m teaching my first sermon on living in peace. How we need to know our place in Christ and Christ within ourselves. To grow from being children of God which is great of course, but into sons and daughters of God by becoming the peace makers in the world. For us humans, one of the most challenging things to have to do. So much for winning every conversation any more,,,😬😬😬😬🤑🤑. I’m changing Marianne, I’m learning quite fast, my dislexia is no more some how. I’m here to help daily anyone wanting to share as you know. Do you know what God disclosed to me? That the devil is so hosed! God is taking not just the good things and making them great, but he is also taking all the things Satan has pulled on everyone past, present and future and in through all time will end having been brought from bad evil events to really great outcomes in the end. He can not win as everything he tries to do, in the end will have also been used by God in working all things to good. That is part of the knowing our place in Christ. Because when we have that, we can begin to live in peace daily, and begin to actually enjoy our lives because we are connected, making changes as needed which changes these kind of evil activities and we become stronger in Christ. People begin to see us happy. Not needing to change every circumstance into our private outcomes but to transform ourselves to where we are stable in all circumstances and the outcomes don’t mean as much. I hope all this makes sense. It’s kind of crazy, but it’s happening to me and I’m feeling so much stronger and excited in each day. This all started communicating with you. It honestly did. God bless you. I’ll drop a line to let you know how Sunday services go.



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    • carol

      I am sending you a copy of this prayer. may god bless and protect you.

  406. Awsome

  407. Pray for my households, house peace and children. Job restoration in Jesus name.

  408. I thank Almighty God knowing He is
    in control of ALL that is happening in my life.
    He hears me, he loves me unconditionally.
    Take control over my mind, my thoughts and
    My life and the lives of my family are in
    the palm of His Hand.
    Thank you for such a powerful covering prayer
    I will add this prayer daily to my prayer
    list. By glorifying God Almighty with a thankful heart of gratitude, knowing He hears my prayers. Thank you for sharing this gifted anointed prayer with the world. Amen🙏🏻

  409. Praise God!!

  410. Did great job, thanks

  411. Thank you so Much for this prayer I’ve been looking for this kind of prayer for a long time. May God continue to bless you and your ministry, your family.

  412. Great Prayer, much needed. Thank You

  413. Thank you for this prayer and I ask of you to please pray for me and my kids for peace and that we get done where to live in Jesus name Amen

  414. Oh ty Lord for blessing me with this prayer, i was looking for an anointed prayer, and you lead right here, i really needed this , i will be praying this prayer everyday for me and my family , and all of my brothers, and sisters, in Christ of this whole world, and ty Lord for delivering this powerful prayer to all of us on here.AmenAmenAmen

  415. Amen thank you JESUS

    • So, I know you are aware of the attacks but they are fewer and further apart than they were. Although they work hard to direct my dreams and somehow I seem to be very much aware of it cause somehow I take a stand and change the story. God has always told me that if I don’t like what’s going on turn the page. It will be blank for me to write on my own. Which proves if they are following me then I’m still in control and they know it. I hope others learn this too.

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      • you are stronger than most people

        • Was that a picture of Rocco I saw? If it is how handsome and loving his eyes are. I had three Pembroke Welsh Corgis for 15 years. They loved each other so deeply when the first one passed, the other two did a week later. Thanks for sharing

          • mike

            yes that was rocco. he was an australian shepherd

            • Hi Marianne, if you would have told me that the attacks would die down and stop I wouldn’t have believed it. You know, what God was saying all through it was I didn’t allow this to take you down I allowed it to build you up. He reminded me that I prayed to Him God, this has cost me way too much already, please if ok take this off of me, but if you see me making it through this and having rewards in heaven as long as your will be done (I trust it), and I can help others then no matter what I cry or scream don’t let me out of your plan. He said, and that’s what I’ve done. Look how much stronger you are. Look how passionate you speak of my kingdom. Listen to the encouragement you bless people with they are listening. God is telling everyone going through this, I allowed it only to strengthen you. Not to torcher you but to let the Evil see you are mine. It’s not God testing, it’s the Evil one. No one will be lost in these if they just say out loud God I trust you let your will be done. And that’s why you mean so much to me Marianne

        • Marianne, so I’m comming out from two weeks being quite sick high fever pneumonia and was in no mood for Satan’s attacks I declared him off limits to me and bound him and all affects from his demonns or else I put a reverse curse on him for even thinking of it. I sent all pins, needles arrows and flaming versions back into him with no ability to fight it. 100 fold per thought or attempt and they would burn inside him to his weakness. Not brave just had enough. Some how it worked. So now that I’m almost back to normal I get dreams but I have control in them and shut them down and it works. So finally I’m asking God what He would like me to do and clearly with joy and love and full forgiveness I felt His presence within me and around me, he asked if I was feeling better. He said thank you for always saying (even in high fever), sorry I’m on the side, but it’s enough to just know you are here anyway. He said that means more than I know. I didn’t ask Him to help he said even though I was miserable and out of it, I didn’t need to see Him, knowing He was there was everything. I held my own I also but a block on Satan that was approved by Christ. Then He said, tell the world, I am with them in every way there is to be. The inspirations and desires to call on Him he is placing in our hearts to come back home, or to finally answer His calling. He is warming our hearts for a world growing cold. He is telling me to tell the world, He hears our prayers, He already is working on the things we need. He is changing the paths off 100 people to meet our needs. That all of this I’ve gone through is because I do believe without question and people listen to me when I speak of His works with me. He asked me to call people back home. That’s the gift I got for New Years

      • Thank you so much, God bless you

        Only The Strong Survives

  416. Thank you God almighty for blessing us the this powerful prayer, in Jesus name AmenAmenAmen!!!

  417. Very strong prayers . I would like to keep praying this Prayers for this family. Amen

  418. I’m thanking the most high God this morning in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Please pray for me n my family in Jesus name Amen.

  419. Hi I would like for you to pray for me n my family for peace and love to abide n for God to provide for us also for God to save my job n to save me from the people at work whom are fighting against tnx in advance have a blessed day. Thanks for this powerful prayer

  420. I always return to this page. The Lord is my Rock!

  421. This prayer helps me get through the day.Its powerful, and relaxing.

  422. Powerful prayer! I recite everyday!

    Thank you!

  423. Thanks for the message,it was on time i needed that prayer,it showed me how to war for myself and family thanks I am baptized may God bless you,

  424. Indeed God will intervene in my case, thank you for the encouraging prayer and for breaking all the you lol es me Amen.This world is so cruel but I know Jesus reins

  425. Im crying when reading this prayer I feel
    the presence of GOD,HOLY spirit,,even though idontknow more in English,GLORY TO GOD GOD BLESS US ALL.pls prAY for me, in JESUS NAME.

    • rufina

      I first read this while I was still in hospital, so there was a delay to answer you.

      you have my prayers for many blessings.

      remember God loves you.!!!!

  426. I trust and believe in the prayer . By faith my prayer has been answered and im victorious. I believe my daughter . son , mother and my siblings have been delivered from the bondage of satan. I m confident that by faith , right now they are surrounded by the dispatched angels and the blood of JESUS against all evil. Gods name be exalted forever

  427. This prayer has truly helped me I am going through a difficult situation and it has really helped me thanks so much

  428. Please I beg you pray for me and restore my marriage of 23 years, without my wife my life and joy is gone.

  429. Please I beg you pray for restoration of my marriage of 23 years, my life is over without my wife.

  430. Amen

  431. Hi Mari. Such a wonderful and powerful prayer. Than
    k you. I saved it so I can read it when I need it. God bless you for sharing it.

  432. what part of the marijuana plant is the cbd derived from

  433. How To Get Free Internet With Food Stamps – As you already know that everyone can use the internet

  434. This prayer is very powerful and it helps me to get my emotions when something happens. I read it one or two times and I am calm ☺️ This is a wonderful prayer.

    • Dear don. I am so glad this has helped you it has helped me also so which is why I’m sharing it. God bless you and your family and I hope you continue to have the peace that God wants for you.


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