Wings of Babylon

•February 8, 2017 • 3 Comments



The wings of the 4th beast of Daniel and Revelation are important to interpretation of prophecy.


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Calling on the NAME of the Lord

•February 2, 2017 • 13 Comments



So, which name did they use?


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EMP Watch Alert

•January 12, 2017 • 34 Comments


febcme_sohoc2_bigThis is a confirmation of what I was told early this morning.


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World’s Greatest Sin

•December 28, 2016 • 11 Comments


image.pngWhen humanity has gone this far, it is not worth saving.


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End is Near- TimeMagazine

•November 8, 2016 • 8 Comments


clip_image002_thumb.jpgDate on Magazine: November 14, 2016


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Vet and His Family Fall on Hard Times

•November 7, 2016 • 1 Comment


image.pngThis Vet stood in harm’s way for us.


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Dream – Nuclear Winter?

•October 30, 2016 • 1 Comment


image_thumb.pngEverything was grey, and it was raining.


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