Different levels of faith – where are you?


There are different levels of faith during spiritual growth.  Each one has a test….and with each successive higher level, there is less support from God….Finally God does nothing for us at all, and we suffer and lose the battle…..but do we still love him?  Do we still trust in him?

There are various levels of faith:

1. Weak Faith – Everyone begins here. Weak faith considers circumstances. It constantly limits God and His benefits. Wrong teachings are an influence here. It cannot see the Spirit, the power of God, or that God can do all things.

2. Temporary Faith – As we grow stronger, we receive the Word of God for awhile, and believe, but then fail when tests come. (Luke 8:15)

3. Active Faith – Faith without works is dead (James 2:14-26) We need to do more than just believe, since even the demons believe and tremble. The apostles acted on their faith, preached the gospel, and did good works.

4. Strong faith – This is a faith that staggers not at God’s promises. One refuses defeat, and will not take no for an answer. The person speaks out loud to the devil, rebuking him, and releases God into action.

5. Great Faith – has a great expectation, that just hearing the word is enough for the request to be granted. As in the centurion, who said “you only need to speak the word, and my servant will be healed.” He did not even ask Jesus to come. His words were enough. (Matt 8:10)

6. Unfeigned faith –(genuine) – It knows no hypocrisy. It does not brag or put on a show. (2 Tim 1:5) Very childlike, trusting and innocent, and is well founded in the Word of God.

7. Perfect (divine) faith – Absolute confidence in God’s own Word and Being.

This will be tested with fiery trials.

While other levels of faith receive some support, and encouragement from God, this level takes what is learned from earlier levels, and endures to the end without apparent support.

Tribulation will come. Suffering will come.

Good works continue, in spite of persecutions.

We no longer care about our own needs. We forget who we are, and only desire to serve His purpose, and have His needs met.

Prayers are spoken, but there is no answer, yet one continues to hold on and believe.

There are wars, and one loses the war.

There is sickness, and there is no healing.

There are problems, and they are never resolved.

One does good, and it is called evil, and is punished for it.

One is faithful, and is betrayed by others.

One is generous, and loses everything.

One is alone, and no one comes to comfort.

One blesses, and is cursed and rejected in return.

One calls out to God, and does not receive an answer. One feels abandoned.

You are afflicted, but there is no deliverance.

Where are the promises, and the answers we have been waiting for?

But will that person respond by abandoning God?

This is the level of “the cross.”

There is no reward in this life at this point. Suffering seems to be around every corner. Will we endure to the end? Will we be faithful, without helps, and rewards, and interventions from God?

This is the point where we could lose our lives for the gospel.

Are we ready? Will we die for Him?

Is our love enough? Is our faith great enough? Have we died to ourselves yet, where HE is the only One that matters any more?

Have we forgotten who we are yet, and can only think of Him?

The faith God is looking for is NOT the faith that comes, because he helped us, or rewarded us, to encourage us.

The faith he is looking for is the faith that continues to trust and love, when God has seemed to turn away, and there is NO reward coming at all.

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  2. Wow! You nailed that one good for sure,we must Trust Him in All things.
    Love in Christ

  3. hi pttyann

    Hey, great to have you here.!!


  4. This seems to be the way it is, Marianne. The warm fuzzies we so enjoyed earlier in our walk no longer occur. We learn that love is not a feeling, but is how we carry on under these later circumstances. It becomes a walk without any encouragement, with only what we learned about Him in our earlier walk to carry us onward. And we don’t even know what “onward” is.

    We find ourselves unwelcomed by those still in the early stages of gaining faith. We seldom find another with whom we can talk openly, for they do not want to know the hard facts. While I have found a few who know these things, they are distant from me, so there is absolutely no face-to-face fellowship. It is a very lonely walk, and the still small voice of the enemy has much to say to try to turn us away from following a seemingly distant God. It becomes a constant battle in the mind to not be convinced we are not loved by our God.

    I suspect many are coming into this place, and the word must be got out for them to understand this is normal. This, so they don’t have to spend much time wondering if they have been abandoned by God. …DavWms

    • DavWms, you hit the head of the nail in this place and stage of faith. I hear you very loud and clear. I am experiencing all of what you have said and it so true that we have to rely on what we have learned in the other stages of faith to help us in this stage of faith it’s like taking a final exam. There is a tremendous amount of warfare in the mind. Thank you so much for the confirmation and encouragement. thstruggl

  5. Hi David,

    I once had a thought when I was about 17 years old. I had just read the book of revelation. I decided that if a person really went through a terrible tribulation in their life, that they would not have to experience the Great Tribulation to come. After a lifetime later, I still believe this.

    Level 7 above is the only way to achieve this. We all need to get to this level of experience, not for our own glory, but for our own spiritual survival.


  6. that was great encouragment! u are a great preacher.

  7. Marianne: i thought i rated in another category, but apparently not, i rate in number 7. With some missing of course! But nice to know that i made it!!!

    thanks for this!

  8. Hi Ani

    Welcome to the twilight zone (level 7). It feels like that sometimes, since everything keeps going wrong, and the divine purpose may be hidden from us.


  9. I am not yet at “the highest” Level, maybe 3 or 4 (?)..
    Why does Yahweh not anymore speak to one at Level 7?
    Why do you loose this such important connection than?
    That is so sad!!

  10. Hi Silvanus,

    I think what you said applies to most people. Remember Jesus was a “7.” WHen he hung on the cross, he felt abandoned by the Father God. The connection was there, but it was unspoken, and the evidence looked the opposite from what was true. Yahweh did not speak to Jesus while he was on the cross.

    But, at the point of total desolation, pain and agony, with NO deliverance from the cross, Jesus was at his closest point to heaven. Jesus said to pick up our cross and follow him.

    When we have completely abandoned this world, to follow Jesus, and obey God, then we will feel the pain of this world hurting us, but we have reached heaven with our sacrifice of self. Yahweh may or may not speak, but he is close to us.


  11. Is faith in the unseen illogical and unscientific?

    • perfecionist gal

      Faith is the evidence of things not seen. It proves itself. This may seem illogical and unscientific to some, but when it proves itself, then it is logical.

      • After all there is no difficulty in our understanding the nature even without the unification of these forces. When it goes by a definition “faith”, it’s arguably illogical and it’s definitely unscientific.

        • Faith is not supposed to be blind and illogical. If you know someone for a long time, and they are good to you, you have faith in that person. So if they tell you a story, you trust them, and believe them, because they have always been trustworthy before. This is logical.

          If someone you do not know tells you a story, you do not know if they are telling the truth, because you have no history with them. You do not know if they are an honest person or not. So, if you trusted them, it would be blind faith, and this wold be illogical, because you have no reason to believe them to be true.

          It is the same way with God. He has always been honest and true. He keeps his promises. He is good to us and blesses us. He never lies. So, to believe him when he tells you something is logical, because you know him to be true.

          • Well, I don’t know where to find the answer since it’s
            the bottom of the question. But I think it’s still a
            valid way of knowing. Knowledge based on faith beliefs
            cannot be “proved” scientifically or logically.
            Some people rely on faith more than others to “know”
            things and some people disregard faith as a
            legitimate way of knowing.

  12. Where are you getting this from? There is no mention of levels of faith in the Bible.

    The Bible does not teach people to rebuke the Devil personally. You are to resist the Devil and he will flee. If you were wise you would state “The Lord Rebuke You” and not of your own accord.

    James 4:7,8 NIV
    Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. 8Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

    Jude 1:8-10 NIV
    In the very same way, these dreamers pollute their own bodies, reject authority and slander celestial beings. 9But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not dare to bring a slanderous accusation against him, but said, “The Lord rebuke you!” 10Yet these men speak abusively against whatever they do not understand; and what things they do understand by instinct, like unreasoning animals—these are the very things that destroy them.

    If you read the Psalms they don’t jive with what you are teaching here.

    I would say from experience that as you mature as a Christian you should feel closer to God in spite of your circumstances. There are good times and bad times. To say that God stops delivering you at some point is false.

    For a good look at suffering and faith read the book of Job.

    Also, consider the life of Paul in the New Testament.

    Psalm 34:17 NIV
    The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them;
    he delivers them from all their troubles.

    Psalm 34:19 NIV
    A righteous man may have many troubles,
    but the LORD delivers him from them all;

    Psalm 37:39,40 NIV
    The salvation of the righteous comes from the LORD;
    he is their stronghold in time of trouble.

    40 The LORD helps them and delivers them;
    he delivers them from the wicked and saves them,
    because they take refuge in him.

    Psalm 97:10 NIV
    Let those who love the LORD hate evil,
    for he guards the lives of his faithful ones
    and delivers them from the hand of the wicked.

    2 Timothy 3:10-13 NIV
    You, however, know all about my teaching, my way of life, my purpose, faith, patience, love, endurance, 11persecutions, sufferings—what kinds of things happened to me in Antioch, Iconium and Lystra, the persecutions I endured. Yet the Lord rescued me from all of them. 12In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, 13while evil men and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.

    2 Corinthians 12:9,10 NIV
    But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 10That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

    • Hi Contender,

      Jesus commanded us to cast out devils in his name. SO we have the authority to do this, if we just obey and have faith.

      This post came from some notes of a lecture I attended. The parable of the sower who sowed into different types of ground, representing different levels of faith, had different results.

      • yah it’s true GOD given us to authority to cast out the evil spirit if believe in JESUS and if you a BORN AGAIN….

  13. http://www.goodnewsdispatch.org/erwin.html
    This seems like the best thread to post Gayle Erwins’ Web Site.
    He may not be the most dynamic speaker but he makes some very excellent points!
    Grace and peace,

  14. I think I have been through 1-7 and now I am back to 0 starting over.I am sort of mad God right now, I cant help it, it’s just how I feel. The battles I have been through have been so intense and severe the only thing I had to hold on was the promise and now I dont see it anytime soon, I am just existing with all these needs not being met. Humans cant go around with out there needs not met forever they will eventually lose their minds, go insane or something. Sometimes I feel like God tricks us to do his will.I have no choice but to continue on, but I am not feeling all those lovey dovey things that you say you must feel to have perfect faith, I think that is kind of phoney and nonrealistic.

    • Hi Rachel.

      You are discouraged, but do not give up. You are just getting to the point where you will finally discover that all you need is god. The bible says to seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you. Many things that we think we need, we don’t. But since they are needs others have and they get satisfied, we feel left out, and neglected.

      There are dry periods in a believer’s life ….. you will not hear from God…..and you will think your needs are not met…..but what is happening is that you are redefining what needs are really important…..

      you will get through this…we all go through this….there is a light at the end of the tunnel…just know that these dry periods can go on for years…..but something will eventually happen, and it will then be over.

      • When my father died on Feb 5th of this year, I went to O! I couldn’t understand it…it troubled me more than I could express. I felt Gods’ silence!! I remember standing over my father’s body and thinking, “Where are you”. At home, I was trying to explain what happened to my 7yr old and in the middle of it I thought “why am I telling him this, what if this is something we have all made up to help us get thru such a painful experience and I certainly don’t want to lie to my son! It was horrible…I expressed my feelings to a close friend and what she said to me helped me to come back. Her words to me were “Remember that which you know to be true”. The only thing I knew to be true at that time and was my first thought was the HOly Spirit. The ONLY thing I knew to be true at that moment in my life was remembering that I had received the Baptism in the HS 20 years prior. The evidence of that moment was being able to pray in another language. There was no way I could speak these different languages and this alone is what brought me back to the realization of God and His existence.

        It is my prayer that everyone experience the HOly Spirit as Jesus promised they would if only they would ask.

        Now I would say my faith is back up to 5 and 6. I say 6 only because I can be “child like”/Naive sometimes. If there is a difficult situation at hand I will just say, Well, I will ask my Father (Heavenly Father) to help….and the responses I get are “Huh? and oh yeah…and then laughter”. I am so serious but they think I am kidding I guess…why wouldn’t I ask Him to help….there is only so much we can do and then He can do the impossible (that’s another really cool story).

    • Well, well, well, do YOU have another option WITHIN YOUR OWN FRAIL HUMAN POWER that could work out your situation for gooood? Pls share & pass it on asap! In the mean time, it is God’s WILL, NOT yours that can, could, would, should, make all the sensible, logical, sense! So wake up and smell the irrefutable, prophetic, unfailing, promises of God! Somewhere beneath the bitter snow now, lies the ‘seed’ that will blossom to the beautiful ROSES…in the spring time! It is a SURE BET! As such, with a ‘stronger mustard seed’ FAITH, on that level 7(illustrative purposes), you are on top of Kilimanjaro, and in the Guinness book!!! Keep the faith s.t.r.o.n.g.e.r !

  15. if you have the faith as a mustard seed (very small) you will do the works i do and even greater

  16. Wow, excellent. I am blessed by this.

  17. marianne
    This is the first time that I have heard of levels of faith. I have always believed that we are saved by faith alone, not by works. This is the concept of justification by faith. What comes after this justification is the process of sanctification through grace. What I believe the ultimate goal of this sanctifying proceess is is that we learn to love G-d unconditionally. In other words not for the health and wealth or any other benefit it brings us, but rather to love for the sake of love, because G-d is love. We love Him because he first loved us. This I believe is what communion with G-d is, and what is the created order before the fall. In that respect we become a new creation thru G-d’s grace.
    I find your levels to be accurate with regards to sanctification thru grace. But it is not within our own abilities that we climb this ladder, but rather it is by G-d’s leading that we grow as Christians. We cannot truly love G-d unconditionally till we put no conditions on His love. That sounds rather simlistic, and infact the definition of unconditional, But there is hope in this process, becoming a new creation in Christ. It is a battle of wills and motives for loving G-d. Our love is insufficient until we can love him unselfishly.

  18. Marianne
    Here is what I have come up with, regarding the Sermon on the Mt. and our spiritual journey.
    1. When we admit our wickedness and inability to save ourselves, and come to the cross on our knees; We are “poor in Spirit” (Matt. 5:3) These beliefs lead to our salvation (Justification by faith). Once we are saved, we are called to be “salt and light” in a wicked world (Matt 5:13-16). This means we are to show the fact that God has transformed us and our lives will begin to reflect this, and are told to give the glory to God.(verse 16)
    Eventually, as we are letting our light shine, we begin to take credit for this transformation our selves. Our pride creeps in and we become judgemental. In order to grow in our sanctification process, our actions should “NOT be seen by others but by your Father…” (Matt 6:16-18)

    2. When the Lord deals with our pride, and knocks us down off the pedestal we put ourselves on, we “mourn” for it seems as if we have lost our selves. But when we realize it is our own sinfullness that “exalted” us, it leads us to repent, and we receive the “comfort” of the comforter which is the Holy Spirit. (Matt 5:4) In other words we have moved from doing Good works, thinking we will earn God’s respect and Love to realizing that our good works motivated by our own effort only lead to more sin. The specific instruction for those whose faith is at this level, Is to not “Abolish the law”, which many do when they reach this level, But to be led by the Spirit to obey the Law, not our own efforts.(Matt 5:17-20). This is the only way our “righteousness (Can) exceed that of the scribes and pharisees”. Theologically this is known as “instant Sanctification”. This is awork Done by God for those he has chosen to serve him.(see Acts 20:32, Heb. 2:11, 3:1)
    The second set of instructions tells us to lay up treasures in heaven, as once we receive the Spirit, our heart is still yearning for the things of this world. (Matt 6:19-24) This then begins the process of “progressive sanctification”, or being Sanctified by the Holy Spirit. (See John 17:17, Romans Chapter 6)

    3. Eventually, our sanctification process leads us to a point where we are largely “Obeying the Law” and becoming more Christ like outwordly. In other words we are becoming “Meek” or more self controlled empowered by the Spirit. (See MacArthur notes for Matt. 5:5) The first instruction for those who have achieved this “obedience” is that we must not only deal with the outer Obedience, But also deal with our sinful emotions and passions. Jesus uses the example of our Anger to express this,(Matt. 5:21-26) equating our Hatred for someone with Murder, as this is the emotion that leads to murder.
    When we learn to deal with our emotions of hatred, we learn to Love one another with a pure Love which comes from God. Inevitably, when we deny ourself in this way, it leads to anxiety of worldly needs. Because we are “laying our treasures in heaven.” This anxiety is overcome by trusting that the Lord will provide for us (Matt. 6:25-34). When we learn to trust in God to provide for us, we are no longer “children of the Faith”, But become “Young Men” (See 1 John 2:13, 2:17, 2:28)

    4. We now “hunger and thirst for righteousness”, God’s righteousness not our own. (Matt 5:6, see also Romans 10:3-4). Our faith has now Mtured by God’s grace to the point that we are no longer swayed by “the things of this world”, and know “how” to walk with God and cannot be deceived by false doctrines. (see eph. 4:14-16) Now in our walk with God we must learn to deal with our flesh, and the desires thereof. Jesus uses the example of “lust” to illustrate this. (matt.5:27-30) Note the struggle we face with the flesh, being told to “pluck out our eye, or sever a body part that leads to sin”.
    When we overcome the flesh, our temptation is to “look down” and condemn those who have not overcome. We tend to Judge those who are less mature in the faith, and not as far along in this sanctification process. Hence the instruction of judging others. (Matt 7:1-6) Verse six is the key in understanding this. People who are less mature or not saved at all will turn your condemnation against you and attack you for it. If we can overcome this desire to judge others we learn to show Mercy on those who are less fortunate.

    5. This leads to the fifth beatitude, “blessed are the merciful”. (Matt 5:7) Our judgement leads others to sin, while our mercy leads others to God. Jesus uses the example of divorce to demonstrate this. (Matt. 5:31-32) Not divorcing a wife or husband who does not live up to our expectations spiritually or physically is a supreme sacrifice and act of mercy. In the end your sacrifice will be a testimony to that person that is profound beyond words. (I speak from experience on this one).
    For this Jesus tells us to “ask and it will be given” (Matt. 7:7-10) not might be given. In other words, when we make the sacrifice, for others, they will turn their lives towards God, and towards their spouse, for they shall see the Purity of our heart, when we having all sorts of reasons to divorce but do not.

    6, hence the sixth beatitude is Purity of heart. (Matt. 5:8) When we are “pure in heart”, our actions mirror our desires. We sacrifice for others for a true desire to see them come to Christ. Jesus uses oaths to illustrate the honesty we aquire by his grace. (Matt 5:33-37) We no longer need oaths to prove that our word is Good, for our motives are no longer out of line with our actions. Our yes is yes, and our no is no. We then can say truthfully, and with a pure heart that we desire to be with the Lord and to walk with him constantly.
    When we can say this, we ” enter through the narrow gate”, and are truly mature in the faith. (Matt. 7:12-14) for we can see God. (See 1 John 2:13, 5:13ff, 5:20) Now our goal is to come to “know God in his fullness”.

    7. 1 john 4:13 states that “fathers know him who is from the beginning”. Matt.5:9 says “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be CALLED sons of God. This is when we become Christ like. The specific instruction for this is to on retaliation. (matt. 5:38-42) Though it is not condemned to show wrath for others sins against us, we are commanded to turn the other cheek, as God could have destroyed us for our sin, but instead chose to “turn the other cheek”, and send his Son to die for us. (read Gen 6:5-8, and anywhere in the bible where God dealt with the Israelites) To withhold wrath which is righteously deserved is a charateristic of God which has led to our redemption, and our ability to peacefully exist in communion with God.
    Matt 7:15-20 Then talks of healthy trees bearing good fruit, and unhealthy trees bearing bad fruit. This should not be seen in connection to the general fruit of the spirit which all Christians can produce when led by the Spirit, But these fruit are produced on healthy trees. These fruit are a sign of spiritual maturity. The false prophets spoken of are “INWARDLY ravenous wolves, whereas mature Christians have a healthy tree (purity of heart) producing the fruit. When it says all trees bearing bad fruit will be cut down and thrown in the fire, this refers to the false prophets. These are the ones that appear as if they are mature in the faith and are not. Those that have the healthy tree in them, will inevitably be persecuted by those false prophets for “Righteousness sake”.

    8. hence the next beatitude, Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake”. (Matt. 5:10) for theirs is the Kingdom of God. (this is not Just a gurantee of entry, but of possesion thereof. I will go further on this later.) Jesus says we are to Love our enemy, and pray for those who persecute us. (Matt. 5:43-48) This is how God Loved us, while we were yet sinners, and enemies. This is the perfection we must attain to be Christlike, and the righteousness we are persecuted for. The authorities of the apostate churches are busy punishing their enemies, and when you speak up against this they will persecute you for it. They will mock you for turning the other cheek. This is doing “the will of God” as mentioned in matt. 7:21-23. Those who are denied entry, though they prophecy and do mighty works are these false prophets.

    9. This love for our enemies will eventually lead us to be tried by these false prophets and put to death for them. Matt 5:11. This is the mirror of what Jesus did on the cross, and is done for others (The needy, Matt 6:1-4) This is to be Christlike to the extreme, and the reward though un mentioned here will be great. To elaborate further on this, if we Look at Jesus’ new commandment, (John 13:34, 15:12-13) we are called to lay down our lives for our friends, as Jesus did for us, But we are also called to love our enemies as well. The example of Jesus on the cross, and to an extent Stephens stoning, and their willingness to for their friends, led to the salvation of the enemies as well. In the case of Christ, Salvation was brought to all men, The gentiles included who executed him, in the case of Stephen, his sacrifice led to the redemption of Saul, who had ordered his stoning. (acts 7:54-60) Stephens last words even echoed Christs, saying; “Lord do not hold this sin against them”.
    Thus, this sacrifice which some will make for our faith has a twofold purpose. We are called to do it for our friends, (whatever the result of that sacrifice might be), But we will also do it for our enemies as a testimony to them, that they may be led to Christ through it.

    1 John is a similar exposition on the our spiritual maturity, and just about every book in the New testament mentions our suffering fo the faith, and that we are to rejoice when faced with it. Romans 8:14 says “For ALL who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.” Whatever “level” you are on, in your walk with God, so long as you are walking by the Spirit, and being sanctified by the spirit, you are an “heir” of the Kingdom of heaven. Do not let others to tell you otherwise, as this is a deception of the false prophets, which will one day accuse and mock you for doing God’s will.

    May God be glorified.

  19. AND Amen

  20. Part 2
    As I said above these nine levels of our faith are indicative of our walk with God. The first three are as Children of the Faith, the second three as Young men of the faith, and the final three as fathers if the Faith. (1 John 2:13-15)

    When we repent and believe, we are rewarded with entry into the Kingdom of heaven. Matt 5:3 But this is also the reward for those who are persecuted for the faith. Matt 5:10 Is there a difference between these two rewards is the question. In verse 4 Jesus does not talk directly of the comforter, but only says “comfort” will be the reward. This is because he has not yet revealed to the disciples his death, and the coming comforter. In the same way, this is why he does not distinguish a difference on the rewards for the Kingdom of heaven. Romans 8:12-18 however does give the distinction. Verse 12-13 talks of overcoming the flesh. verse 14 talks of becoming sons of God led by the Spirit. This is the reward which Moves us form the young man stage of faith to the Mature faith (Matt5:9). verse 16-17 then says “The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, 17. and if Children, then HEIRS-Heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, PROVIDED WE SUFFER WITH HIM IN ORDER THAT WE MAY BE GLORIFIED WITH HIM.” Verse 19 says “For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of GOD.
    going back to the final three beatitudes, The reward for the peacemakers is receiving the title “sons of God” for enduring persecution for righteousness sake, we gain not just entry into the kingdom, but become heirs to that kingdom. and for facing trial and death for our faith, we are “glorified with him”, the him being Christ. As paul puts it “For I consider that the suffering of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.” (Rom. 8:18)
    God has promised blessings for those who continue walking with God, If we should be chosen to suffer as Christ suffered, then we should Rejoice and leap for joy, for the reward in heaven is great!! We earn none of these rewards by our own efforts, but by our submission to the will of God. For it is his love flowing through us that allows us to accomplish these beatitudes.

  21. Christianity is masochism.

  22. I love this.-FAITH

  23. I didn’t know there were different levels of faith. I always thought that a person either had it or didn’t. It is very hard to keep the faith when prayers go unanswered and there seems to be no end to the pain. Anger sets in, then once the anger is gone there is nothing there but sadness. If these are tests sent to test one’s faith, then they feel almost impossible to pass. Logically I know that we should keep the faith no matter what. It’s just easier said then done.

    • hi stargazer

      In secular words, some people have more confidence than others. Having confidence and having faith is similar.

      This is due to experience, which includes both what seems like failed prayers, as well as answered prayers.

      At each level of experience, it is a struggle, and it seems like we have failed, and are sad.

      It is only after you have endured for a time, and then finally look back, that you see the difference.

      If you are talking like you do, you have been through a lot more than others, and can help others because of what you have experienced. You might see yourself as not much, but those that need your help will see you as stronger than they are.

      the ladder up in faith includes a lot of struggle and discouragement.

      do not give up. you are faithful even when there is no answer. that means a lot to God.

      he does not judge us on how well he answers our prayers.

      he judges us based on how faithful we are when he does not respond.

      • Awesome!! I know it was the Holy Spirit that led me to this blog. I am at a level 7 with some serious health issues that seems to be unusual and out of the norm. I am in a position where I have no option but to trust. It’s a lil scarry but I know that I have to go all tye way. No turning back or giving in to the situation. There are promises that He made to me.

  24. i just learnt something new! Can’t wait 2 step upp my faith 2 the next LEVEL

  25. But wat i dont understand my brother/sister is this,why wud God neither answer nor come to one’s rescue.Is there any particular reason why?If i see my son being beaten up by other kids in the street will it be the ryt thing not 2 come 2 his rescue?Will it be alryt 2 watch him being trempled upon & even as he cries 4 help i turn my back to him & expect 2 see him walk thru the door to his room 4 a good nyt sleep?Wat lesson will i be tryin 2 teach him?I knw this happened 2 Jesus,but Jesus was God Himself He cud handle it.And yes it also ha
    pped 2 Job but wat lesson did he needed 2 learn,i mean this guy was a righteous man already as the noble says.So pliz if u may help me there,all i need is help 2 understand.

    • dear Piniel

      I cannot answer how god thinks. Usually, when we think God is not answering, it is because we are either being tested in our faith, or not responding to the situation correctly. Either way, this can be a painful experience. Exactly what happened that you feel God did not respond?

  26. Personally, using a ‘faith0meter’ is like evolution. The premise is evolving to a state of ‘perfection’ and thus, there is no further gain that can be achieved. Once you have ‘evolved’ into a perfect specimen, that’s it…no more evolving or change/growth spiritually. Once full evolvement is obtained it becomes stagnent…even less than lukewarm. Only Jesus Christ, the Devine in human form was perfect spiritually. No man while on earth will achieve spiritual perfection IMHO. That sounds like the New Age cult who state they will become god (lucifer’s false promise the sequel) through ascension while on earth. Men are sinners and will continue to sin while on earth. Only way man can obtain perfection is after he received his glorified body, but; at that point… he is no longer a man.

    • hi deborah

      I agree to some extent on this, but also feel that every level here is obtainable by humans. the holy spirit is given to us to do “greater things than Jesus did.” according to Jesus.

      how we limit ourselves is up to us. it is not a matter of perfection, but a matter of how much we use what is given us by God. I think the apostles were good examples of all levels of faith, especially the higher levels.

  27. Blessings Marianne (hope this finds you well again)

    Romans 1:20 (KJV) For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

    just conveying that if you study the falsehoods of the theory of evolution, you will find it proposes an eventual peak of perfection, which you similarly convey thru your #7 perfect (divine) faith.

    I would just caution anyone to believe they can achieve full god-status in the flesh…not to say that we cannot perform miracles of the spirit. Yes, the disciples had strong, powerful faith; yet they still longed to BE with God, knowing he has the authority over them. And right up to their last breathe, calling out for His grace.

    • hi DebOrah

      Thanks, I am trying to get better. I am reading all the comments, whether or not I actually respond to them.

      The faith meter is just to present a concept. We can see where we stand, and how we can improve.

      Jesus said, without him we can do nothing, so we are not evolving into perfect creatures on our own, but working for a closer and closer relationship with Him, who has the perfect faith.

      • You sound very tired Marianne. I hope you are well and I hope everything has gone well with your surgery. Recovery seems slow in coming and can be draining for serious matters in the first weeks but it will soon pass and strength will come to you. I pray you heal well and quickly.

      • Marianne 🙂

        Yes! Yeshua is perfect!@ and He perfects us, we do not perfect ourselves; as you say Marianne…’without Him we can do NOTHING!”
        Now we are on the same page sister!

        We all desire the ‘day’ when He will perfect us and we no longer doubt the measure of our faith. I can see that your ‘concept’ given is for the ‘purpose’ of bringing others closer to God through faith and that alone is a wonderful act. Developing a relationship requires daily attention, least it fade away. Never stop seeking Him least we ‘fall away’.

        I am grateful for the fellowship you have provided for all who walk through the door you have provided. I interact with so many types on the internet medium, for one example; the New Agers… that perhaps I feel the need to question most things. Of course, my science background nudges me also.

        Having a dialogue, regardless of variance of beliefs/opinions/life experiences, is something I view as very positive; that can result in any or all parties becoming witness to something ‘new’.

        For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. 🙂 matt 18:20kjv

        ps…^^^^^^SEE? He is Here! yayyyys!!!!! JOY JOY JOY

        You have to excuse me, I know I am a new face here, but sometimes my silliness shows and just know it is a result of my JOY!!!!!! The Holy Spirit that lives in me loves to laugh!!!!!

  28. HI Marianne,
    This is off-topic and I apologize for that. You can hide this msg after you read it. I noticed you are linked to UBM ministries. Please be careful because it is no longer a spiritually healthy or biblical place. I can send you several testimonies of elders who left due to sin and a Matthew 18 issue. It is now truly a cult and I’m still healing from my time there. If you listen for a while, you’re going to need some deliverance from a lot of spirits!

    I’ve been blessed by the Jezebel teaching…and noticed the link after checking out your blog.

    Keep them in your prayers but be careful not to sit under this ministry, even via the internet.



  29. links: http://www.apostasywatch.com/Wolves/WolfReports/DavidEells/tabid/94/Default.aspx

    apostasy watch- wolf reports- David Eells. Praying for his restoration to the Body of Christ.

  30. I have an interesting book called Meher Baba and the God-Intoxicated… It documented varous “masts” (spiriutal masters) of india in the early 1930s – 1940s…. Was very intersting… many were inside ashrams, simliar to asylums but he made a life traveling to these ashrams looking for indiiduals who were not inherently insane, but spiriutally advanced and noted the similairies between the two. My favorite type was the “God-Mad” type… described something like an individual so dedicated his spirit typically breaks in fervency or from unprepared contact with a spirutal master… I would ponder that some that may seem insane perhaps are very spiritual

    • typically the ones higher up… if in trouble.. have a hard time finding help… they are typically on their own, as good hearted people either don’t go that far, are afraid to go far enough…or something…or aren’t powerful enough… eventually these ones understand they are mostly on their own, and try to overcome…

    • very true

  31. the words of encouragement of faith is very supportive and my life at this time thank you

  32. One must always remember that faith is a gift from G-d, and is received upon the hearing of the Word, growing as we lean on the Word, and all the promises Yeshua had claimed for us.

    Pray for your faith to be increased; read the Scriptures aloud over your life, and your faith will deepen and grow.

  33. Love your post. I am now following your blog. Thank you for sharing the word.

  34. Thank you all for sharing it has led me to think about what I’ve asked others “would you still love me if I couldn’t do a thing for you?” nothing physical, financially, emotionally, or spiritually? It’s just that the its my Higher Power asking the question leaves me feeling ……. I can’t even describe it right now.

  35. Then again, should we accept this test of Divine Strength from God as an Honor?

    • kaykay

      if god did not test us, we would not be able to grow in faith….to pass is a blessing….I do not know if it would be an honor or not.

  36. Wow this is what I needed to know all along. I wonder if you can send it to my Email and some teachings if you have one.

  37. Hi. Here i have been bumping into walls trying to figure out the way the walk. 20 years and several blessings blown out of the water becase i didnt know what faith was and to stupid to ask
    I didnt understand, that i didnt understand.
    Thank you for your post.

  38. God is good 😊.

  39. Woow! I never knew God expects this divine type of faith from us . bless u

  40. Bless u more

  41. I have, personally, experienced and grown throught to the 7th level of faith you talk about. God, however, did warn me that the tests are coming. He will test me, but not like silver….. In the firy furnace, like gold.

    When He is testing you, not supporting you, invisible to the eye… Be assured HE IS THERE, He has just changed position for YOU. Like the Israelites, He led from ahead, but when their worst moment arrived, Dead Sea infront, Phaoroh behind, desert on either side….God was not there where they could see Him and follow Him. He was invisible! He moved position and was behind them – between them and the enemy. They were not abandoned!

  42. Yes, this journey climbing the steps of faith is HARD and terribly LONELY. Very few people understand. In addition, I have found that God tests – tests in fire like silver – THEN He tests you in the FURNACE like Gold. God pre-warned me through His word and a praying pastor, about this Furnace test. He has a huge task for me, huge, lonely….says He has to test me as “He cannot defame His Name”. It is a God-given project that I must bring to fruition and He has to be able to TRUST me. It is painful, very lonely but AWESOME.

  43. Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus…Now, may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Messiah, Lord Jesus. He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it (1st Thess. 5:16-24).

  44. This is so discouraging it’s not even funny. Post this or not. I looked for help and couldn’t find nothing in this way to put us down.

  45. N,

    “This is a faithful saying:

    For if we died with Him,
    We shall also live with Him.
    If we endure,
    We shall also reign with Him.
    If we deny Him,
    He also will deny us.
    If we are faithless,
    He remains faithful;
    He cannot deny Himself.”


  46. i love this page

  47. Whoa I think you just scared the pee out of my I mean you did a very good job and you nail it

  48. I understand why we think that at the highest level of faith there is a total lack and God steps back, but I disagree that He leaves for good. There are meant to be many descents, as we ascend up the ladder of heaven, BUT after these descents, there is always an ascent. Each descent goes deeper it’s true, and each one must be worked through, but if we know the covenants and the principles that get us out of these descents then we can get back into the grace at a much higher level than we experienced and lived in before. The problem comes in not knowing what the covenants and principles are that must be lived to get out of the fall. There are seven principles, 7 covenants, and it is all progressive. The type is given in the Creation pattern of when God created the world. Each of these days is a type of the principle we must live to ascend from the struggle that we are facing. Each time we go through a struggle we should have had a grace period before it to show us and give us faith to achieve the next level of grace we are seeking and ascending to. God does not leave us for good. He only steps back to see if we will DO the covenants and commandments we made before this life. At the highest level of faith, there is perfect union, AFTER the descent and ascent. It is throughout scriptures and especially in Isaiah. God wants us to know that there is rest on the 7th day, not abandonment. After the rest there is a descent but it is meant to end. Even Christ’s descent ended. If that is all there is, no one would be willing to make the trip. God wants us to be united with Him. He says He will never leave us. “Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” Heb 13:5

    • 7 Elevations of Wholeness

      I do not see 7 covenants in creation, except for the rest on the 7th day, so what is each one?

  49. Creation is a type or a pattern that God uses to teach us with. He created the earth with this same pattern and is teaching us how to create with it also. When we do the covenants and the principles that are attached with each day – then we can create like He does – with purpose and power. The forming of the earth is a type of the principle and covenant of faith upon which we all build. We made the covenant to walk by faith before we were born – in our per-earth lives. We promised and covenanted to live by faith – even if we don’t’ know God, we all still covenanted to live by faith – not knowing like we did when we were with God in heaven. When we confess God with our mouth we are reaffirming that covenant and are “saved” by our faith.

    The earth having the water separated from the earth is a type of the principle and covenant of repentance, baptism, and obedience. When we are washed with the blood of Christ and all that is dirty is taken from us, we then start our covenant to follow Him. Can you see the covenant of baptism represented in the earth being separated from the water? Washing and making clean?

    The covenant of baptism leads us to the promise to obey the Holy Spirit. This is represented as the type of the light being separated from the dark. Again a separation is happening. In this separation, we gain the promises of God to be made whole and holy when we follow it’s promptings and love. That is the promise we receive from the covenant of the holy Ghost being given to us to guide us – We enter into God’s loving protection.

    That leads us to the covenant of sacrifice that is represented by the fourth principle of seeds being planted in the earth. Christ is the Good Seed and has given His life for us. The whole earth is planted with life and love because of His sacrifice. We gain the power to overcome as He overcame (not to the same degree obviously) and still with His help and love because our sacrifices will be smaller and are only made sacred because of His sacrifice. This law is the pivotal law of becoming empowered over those things that stop us from becoming more like Him. The law of sacrifice and the covenant we make to keep that law are very powerful. We sacrifice all the time. This whole life is based on the law of sacrifice. We do not understand it because it looks different for us than it did for the Israelites. But it is still a present day covenant we make and must keep.

    When the animals are put on the earth the Law of the Gospel is typified. Once we have received the Good News we covenant to take it to all the earth. To share what we have and be stewards over those less fortunate. Adam was made Lord over all the earth and given stewardship of the animals at this time. It came with a covenant to share what He had been given. This is the covenant of service.

    The type of Adam and Eve being created and married by God in the garden is a type of the covenant of marriage. We are to love and give to our families and eventually all the earth the way God does as He treats us as His family. We are to love with Charity – the pure love of Christ.

    The last covenant is the is day of rest God instituted. It is what we receive when we have done the other covenants of the creation. We enter into God’s rest as the children of Israel did in the wilderness and as He provided for them – food, protection, and rest from the 400 years of bondage. Then He gave them a promised land. They were in His care for many years but then fell from it again because they stopped doing the covenants – they were saying but not doing them. (Hebrews, Ezekial)

    As long as the people do the covenants they are protected and have peace and communion with God. They are taken from grace to grace – and God communes with them. If we have found that God isn’t with us any longer it is not because He is abandoning us and testing our faith alone. It is because we are not doing the covenants of the creation pattern that keep Him in our lives and hearts the way He could be if we were doing them. When we hit a wall it is to tell us to do something that we are not doing. Not because He is testing us – although maybe He is also doing that. There are 53 places in the scriptures and in the body that I have found this pattern repeated and witnessed of. Even Christ Himself taught this pattern. He wants us to become like Him and return to Father. The creation pattern and the covenants of each day are the keys. Does that make sense? Feel free to ask me any other questions.
    Karen Prier

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